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Patriots, the Sex War and Faith Crimes

The battle over gay marriage continues with some patriotic Americans opposing the Christians.


FAITH CRIMES: How courageous Christians practicing their religion are being persecuted in Obama’s America

The rising persecution of Christians worldwide is, of course, one of today’s most heart-wrenching and consequential trends, with daily reports of Christian believers being murdered, tortured, kidnapped, raped or sold into slavery.

But there is another story of growing Christian persecution, which – if not as terrible in scale and severity – is even more inexplicable. That is the rapidly expanding marginalization, demonization and criminalization of the free practice of the Christian faith in the United States of America – a nation uniquely founded upon religious liberty.

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Highlights of Whistleblower’s “FAITH CRIMES” issue include:

  • “Faith crimes: Why Christians are being persecuted in Obama’s America” by David Kupelian
  • “Indiana meets the Borg: How LGBT ‘cultural Marxists’ are gaining control of businesses” by Scott Lively
  • “Dobson: Christians soon to be ‘hated minority'” by Bob Unruh, on experts issuing dire warnings regarding the Supreme Court’s “marriage” decision
  • “The criminalization of Christianity in America” by Joseph Farah, who shows how immigrants used to flee religious persecution and flock to the U.S. – but now it’s here too!
  • “Pagan fury against a pizza parlor: Turning a Christian-owned business into a ‘face of hate,’ by Robert Knight
  • “Communists join attack on Americans’ religious freedom” by Paul Kengor, on how same-sex marriage offers a sledgehammer for destroying the family, marriage and faith
  • “Obama’s morally confused prayer breakfast lecture” by David Limbaugh, on the president’s penchant for demonizing Christianity
  • “Obama takes swipe at Christians again”
  • “How about a campus ‘safe place’ for Christians?” by Phyllis Schlafly, on progressives’ efforts to shield college students from “scary” free speech with cookies and Play-doh
  • “Haters’ end goal: Wipe out Christianity in America” by Star Parker, who says today’s “homosexual campaign is not about freedom,” but about “de-legitimization and annihilation” of the nation’s founding faith
  • “Christians’ long retreat in the culture war” by Patrick Buchanan, who surveys the modern culture war and concludes: “Thus does biblical truth become bigotry in Obama’s America”
  • “Franklin Graham decries ‘anti-Christian bias’ in America”
  • “Crackdown on Christians triggers exodus from military: ‘They’re starting to wonder, is this going to be a place where I’m tolerated?'” by Greg Corombos
  • “First Amendment at stake in same-sex marriage case” by Cliff Kincaid, on ominous warnings spelling out dire threats to America’s system of self-government
  • “Rush Limbaugh: ‘Anti-Christians’ aren’t new, but are feeling ‘totally confident’ now”
  • “Battering religious freedom with abortion: The ACLU mounts another attack on Catholics’ pro-life stance” by Robert Knight
  • “Hillary: We must change the ‘religious beliefs’ of the nation”
  • “Republicans cower before ‘Big Gay Media'” by Cliff Kincaid, on how the LGBT movement transformed from a request for tolerance into a drive for cultural conquest
  • “‘Gay marriage’ activists target archbishop: ‘We can expect increasing pressure on Christian leaders who hold to biblical morality'”
  • “Puffed-up leftist tyranny punishes dissenters: Freedom of thought and religious expression are at stake” by David Limbaugh
  • “Christians go on offense: ‘This president is escalating his attacks on our freedom of religion'” by Bob Unruh
  • “War declared on Christians: What’ll you do?” by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who says: “With the exception of a handful of Republicans, our House and Senate are AWOL”
  • “Time for left and right to join in ‘torch-and-pitchfork’ protest” by Scott Lively, who says what the elites fear most is authentic populism

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