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VIDEO: President Trump’s inspirational speech to our troops in Iraq

President Trump and the First Lady spent Christmas with our troops in Iraq. While there he made important statement to our forward deployed soldiers.

President Trump made these key points:

  • ISIS is destroyed.
  • Regional nations must step up and take responsibility for security.
  • America shouldn’t be doing the fighting for others. They must also pay the price.
  • America is no longer “suckers.”
  • Our soldiers are the greatest in the world.

Here is his full speech.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column with images and video is courtesy of the White House.

Gold Star Dads and Killed-In-Action Warrior Sons

QUESTION: Is President Obama the worst Commander-in-Chief who ever led the United States of America?

You don’t have to actually answer that silly question. In fact, today we feature two Gold Star Dads who lost their warrior sons to the failed, flawed and incoherent military policies of the Obama administration.

Join use as Greg Buckley Sr., tells the story of how his son, Lance Corporal Greg Buckley Jr., was executed in a green-on-blue attack while Greg was working out in the gym on his base in Afghanistan, just days before he was leaving for home. In-studio to participate in analyzing this tragic failure of our government is Billy Vaughn, father of Navy SEAL, Aaron Vaughn, who was also killed in action due to the failed ROE (Rules of Engagement) of the Obama Administration.

Though these Dads have been through hell and back, they now want to help organize other Gold Star Dads to pick up the (cultural) fight against Islamic Jihad and carry on where their hero sons.


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Gary Sinise gives freedom back to ‘freedom providers’

As a Vietnam veteran I was moved by the movie Forrest Gump. Forrest was a shining example of a man who served the nation. Captain Dan, played by Gary Sinise, was a shining example of one man conquering his wounds of war with great courage and resolve. When Mr. Sinise took up the cause of our wounded heroes I was inspired that someone in Hollywood in the great tradition of John Wayne and Bob Hope would step up to the plate and stand with our men in women in uniform

Below is an uncut interview Mr. Sinise did with Greta Van Susteren on his ongoing work to help those who are protecting our freedoms. Mr. Sinise helps provide Smart Homes for wounded veterans and one grateful vet surprises Gary with a call in thank you.

How can you help? Go to GarySiniseFoundation.org.