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Somalis arrested in Clarkston, Georgia a long-time haven for ‘refugee diversity’

President Trump may be admitting new Somalis to the U.S. every day, but at least the Administration is arresting those here illegally.

No time to say much about it, but want readers to see this story from Georgia (hat tip: Joanne):

Federal immigration authorities have started arresting Somali nationals in parts of DeKalb and Gwinnett counties that have long been havens for newcomers, including in Clarkston, according to African advocacy groups.

Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry welcoming new mosque!

The arrests came after Somalia’s U.S. ambassador recently told Voice of America his embassy has learned that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning to deport about 4,000 of his countrymen. ICE confirmed that, as of last week, there were 4,801 Somalis in the U.S. who have been ordered removed. The vast majority of them are not being detained.

Until about a year ago, according to ICE, U.S. authorities could not get travel documents to deport people to Somalia, which has endured persistent deprivation and violence. Since Oct. 1, ICE has deported 237 Somalis, according to federal figures through April 1.


Omar Shekhey, the executive director for the Somali American Community Center in Clarkston, said as many as 10 Somalis have been arrested in Clarkston, Stone Mountain and in Gwinnett this week alone. He worries they could be deported to Somalia, which is now in the grips of a deadly drought. Those who have been arrested have been in the U.S. for many years, Shekhey said.


Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry said he is looking into ICE’s activities in his city, adding he is worried how the arrests could impact the relationships between immigrants and refugees and local police.

See my previous post on Somali deportations, here.

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Citizen on President Trump: ‘I think he’s doing a lot, every day I’m turning on CNN to see what he did & who he pissed off’

They may not be protesting in the streets, but voters in towns seeing their communities transformed by refugees almost overnight, support Donald Trump’s efforts to rein-in immigration from certain countries.

No time to thoroughly analyze both reports, but here is a bit of the story from Lewiston, Maine where many residents are happy with President Trump’s temporary slowdown of refugees from certain countries.  I don’t know this guy, but he speaks common sense, and I know exactly how he feels about watching CNN!

From Maine Public Radio:

Somali refugees in Lewiston, Maine. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

I think he’s doing a lot,” says Jim Nelson. “Every day I’m turning on CNN to see what he did and who he pissed off.”

Nelson says he voted for Trump and he’s happy he did. He says doesn’t always like how the president acts, but that Trump is quickly fulfilling campaign promises.

That includes the president’s recent travel ban, which affects immigrants from seven countries, including Somalia.

“This country was made on immigrants. I mean, that’s exactly why the United States exists. We’re a melting pot. We can’t lose sight of that,” Nelson says.

But he says he’s truly mystified by the local protests sparked by Trump’s order.

“On the front page of yesterday’s paper you got this little girl crying, and she’s a Somalian (sic) and she can’t see her grandmother, and ‘Oh, my God.’ You know, she can’t see her grandmother for six months. What about the people that got blown up down in Florida? What about those people? They can’t ever see their people again.” Nelson says.

More here.

We have a huge archive on Lewiston, see here.

Faribault, Minnesota:

Here is the Minneapolis Star Tribune about reactions in Faribault, another small city being overloaded with Somali refugees.  By the way, the population of Faribault was 23,594 in 2014, and Lewiston was 36,299 in 2014 (it had lost 293 residents since 2010, wonder why?).

FARIBAULT, MINN. – In her years of selling burgers and omelets in the heart of downtown Faribault, Janna Viscomi has seen changes she never expected.


For Viscomi, the new travel ban ordered by President Donald Trump that suspends refugee resettlement for 120 days and blocks entry for 90 days for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries comes as mostly welcome news.


Jeenie-O plant which employs Muslim refugees

“I think slowing things down would be good,” she said this week, taking a short break after the lunch rush. “I don’t want to see families separated, but in the other regard, there needs to be somebody saying, ‘Hey, Let’s breathe here. Let’s breathe.’ ”

Reporter then describes pro-immigrant rallies in big cities. (Faribault is Trump country as was Lewiston on November 8th!)

Yet in other places, such as Faribault, the move has been welcomed by residents who feel the cost and pace of immigration is too much too fast. Trump won Faribault’s precincts with 50.4 percent of the vote in November, compared with 41.5 percent for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Faribault, like other small- to medium-sized cities throughout Minnesota in recent years, has seen its mostly European ancestry make room for new arrivals from Cambodia, Laos, Mexico, Central America and Somalia.

And, of course, like much of Minnesota we see Somalis are supplying the cheap labor for BIG MEAT!

In many places, it’s the food processing plants that draw immigrants eager for work. It’s no different here, where the Jennie-O Turkey Store operates.

Continue reading here.

See our previous post on the welfare costs of refugee resettlement.  Somalis are among the greatest users of welfare including benefits provided at the state and local level.

So next time you are tempted to say that you want your meat to be cheap, remember it isn’t! Your tax dollars for refugee welfare subsidize the meat industry!

Ten cases of Muslim refugee Islamic terror arrests and convictions in the United States

I’ve been procrastinating about writing this post, because it required work!

I had to go back through my over 2,000 posts on refugee crimes, here, and pull out Islamic terror cases involving refugees. I chose ten, not for any other reason than these ten below are at the top of my mind. And, I think ten is enough to counter the disinformation campaign going on.

For good measure, I have also added (below) a few spectacular crimes involving Muslim refugees.

But, I have to do it (to write this) because clearly the refugee industry has sent out talking points that I am seeing parroted many times each day which pretty much go like this: no refugee has committed an act of terror in the US.  LOL! And, maybe that is because many were arrested and convicted BEFORE they could do anything!

And, let me ask you, when evaluating the fact that you (as a taxpayer) paid for a refugee’s opportunity to come to America and in some cases below even paid to raise the refugee to adulthood, does it matter for your anger level that he/she planned to kill Americans or planned to kill some innocents somewhere else in the world?  So when the refugee advocates make a distinction about the location of the wannabe jihadist’s target, it’s a difference without a distinction to me!

Here are ten that come to mind:

  • The Somali (Mohamed Osman Mohamud) arrested on charges he planned to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon was a refugee.  See here in 2010. He was arrested as he planned to detonate a bomb.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud

  • Two Iraqi refugees were convicted on charges that they helped Al Qaeda in Iraq and may have killed American servicemen there.  They lied on their refugee applications. Best coverage of 2011 case here by ABC News.  The entire Iraqi flow to America had to be re-screened that year!
  • In 2012 Abdullatif Ali Aldosary (an Iraqi refugee) set off a bomb at a Social Security Office in Arizona. Sentenced here.
  • As successful asylum seekers, the Boston Bombers were refugees who had benefited from America’s generosity. One of many stories here about the 2012 deadly Boston Marathon attack by the Tsarnaev brothers (Chechens).
  • In 2013 Fazliddin Kurbanov was arrested in Idaho and later convicted on terrorism charges. Kurbanov is an Uzbek refugee. See here.
  • In early 2016 an Iraqi refugee (Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan) living in Texas was accused of planning to bomb a local popular mall, see story at Newsweek.
  • In September 2016, a Somali refugee went on a stabbing spree at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Learn more here about Dahir Adan.  Knife attacks are signature terror acts for devout Muslims.
  • Also in September, the Chelsea bomber, Ahmad Rahimi, was arrested and we learned his family came to the US from Afghanistan and were given asylum.  We need to be paying more attention to these asylum seekers since they enter the country completely unscreened and their numbers are on the rise. Story at CNN.  Once granted asylum they are given all the same rights and privileges as the refugees we fly in.
  • And, we can’t forget the most recent successful attack by Somali refugee slasher, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, at Ohio State, see here.

For number ten, I’m lumping the dozens of wannabe Somali refugee jihadists (mostly from Minnesota) who have been identified and/or convicted of wanting to leave the country to fight for al-Shabaab or ISIS. See here Several like those in that recent case, were convicted.

Now, here are some horrible crimes I’ve reported over the years!

Esar Met, listens to proceedings in Judge Judith Atherton's court room, at the Matheson Courthouse in Salt Lake City, Thursday, January 9, 2014. Esar Met is accused of killing 7-year-old Hser Ner Moo, who disappeared on March 31, 2008.

Esar Met

And remember not only did you pay for the refugee’s trip to America and his welfare when he got here, but now you will pay for (in many cases) their lives in prison.

It is hard to rank murder cases, but for me the top of the list is a horrible rape and murder of a Christian refugee child in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2008.  The Burmese Muslim murderer (Esar Met) is now incarcerated for life. The child was the youngest child and only daughter of a Burmese Christian family.

In 2013 a Somali refugee in North Dakota was sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of a native American family he had become involved with.

In this case in 2014, an Iraqi refugee murdered his wife (she was going to leave him in 2012) and he penned a fake note trying to pin the murder on Islamophobes in the neighborhood. He was found guilty here and he wasn’t too happy about it! Even CAIR had gotten involved when he tried to pin the murder on Islamophobic Americans.

And this is an awful case from Colorado where a gang of Iraqi refugees brutally raped a local Colorado Springs woman—“the worst case in Colorado history.” Diana West did a great investigative report on the story, here, at Townhall.

And, if you have never seen the 2009 Roanoke, VA kidnapping story, don’t miss it here!  No one ever accused these refugees of being too bright! By the way, these guys only got about 5 years so they are probably out roaming Anytown, USA right now. I doubt they were deported.

I’m sure I have more, but I want to move on to other news today.

Here is an idea!

If your town is having a public meeting on whether to ‘welcome’ refugees, you know the pro-refugee team will be there with their talking points. Maybe print this post out and take it along to counter them.  Or, better still, dig into some of these cases and be prepared with maybe even a poster with photos and talking points of your own!

And, when they tell you that refugees bring economic benefits to communities, ask if they are factoring in the costs of crime/trials/incarceration!


Refugee agencies nervous about what’s ahead for program under Trump Administration

Refugee reports for your winter reading pleasure!

Nashville refugee/immigrant conference disrupted by protestors!

Senator Sessions’ immigration aid chosen as White House Senior Advisor

Canada: Privately sponsored Syrian refugees do better than government-supported refugees

Jihad At Ohio State, A Multiculturalism Perk

Jihad broke out on the Ohio State Campus Monday morning when an 18 year old Somali refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, decided to mow down as many students as possible by running a car over a curb into a group of helpless pedestrians.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he emerged from the car with a butcher knife slashing up to nine people before being shot dead by a heroic police officer. Wonder if Black Lives Matter will have a problem with this shooting, since the suspect was a person of color?

Fortunately the only death was that of the perpetrator, Artan, the third year logistics management student, who left Somalia in 2007 with his family. According to an NBC report, “ he lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident of the United States,”

Those injured were taken to local hospitals, eight were treated for non-life threatening injuries, and one was in critical condition following the horrendous attack.

All the predictable signs of main stream media reporting that normally accompany an obvious jihadi attack were evident from the get go. For example: the suspect was not named, the motive for the attack was unclear, and the investigators will look into it to see if it might possibly be a terrorist attack.

It is interesting that an article from PJ media just came out before Thanksgiving predicting this kind of attack with a vehicle and a knife. The article references an Islamic State Magazine called Rumiyah that gives explicit instructions for lone jihadists. The article states,

“Vehicles are like knives, as they are extremely easy to acquire. But unlike knives, which if found in one’s possession can be a cause for suspicion, vehicles arouse absolutely no doubts due to their widespread use throughout the world,”

In addition,

“It adds that cars are one of the ‘safest and easiest’ weapons as well as ‘most successful in harvesting large numbers of the kuffar [disbelievers].’”

I wonder if the FBI will even be knowledgeable about this magazine? Chances are not very likely as agents were certainly blinded to important intelligence gathered by Phil Haney about links to Mateen after the Orlando jihadi attack in which 50 people were killed.

But we can all rest assured that our DHS Secretary Johnson will be right on top of it as he leads his FBI agents to take part in this investigation. He will most likely try to find any other reason besides one linked with Islam as the motive for today’s vehicular attack. The signs already scream Islamic terrrorism.

The Latern, a local on campus newspaper just happened to interview Artan back in August. He was upset that there were no prayer rooms for Muslims at Ohio State. He said,

“I wanted to pray in the open, but I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads so they’re just going to have it and it, it’s going to make them feel uncomfortable.”

You can bet that if Obama says anything at all, it will totally skirt the fact of the jihadist’s refugee status. No, he’ll focus on social media that isn’t being controlled when it comes to what is printed about Islam or say something about how there better not be any backlash on the Muslim community.

Counsel for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) will certainly come out for a presser to push the victim-hood of Muslims in this country and will blame the poor Somali for going “crazy” after being so afraid of Donald Trump and his hideous policies that will certainly harm the Muslim population.

We’ve all been here numerous times. We know the left and Islamic playbook.

And once again we, the sane Americans, will look on yet another Islamic terrorist attack on our soil as a result of having multiculturalism stuffed down our throats, having to stomach immigration policies that continue to force a non-Western people into the hearts of our communities. Many of the Islamic immigrants do not share our love of freedom but want to force their ideology on us no matter what the cost to Americans’ life or limb.

From the sound of Artan’s admission, he wasn’t comfortable here. So was this the best country for him and his family to be brought to? Or would another Muslim country have suited him better?

Mike Gonzales, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, states this in a recent article about saving our national identity,

“multiculturalism poses a clear and present danger in the age of international terrorism because it makes life easier for radical recruiters. We all need to be part of something bigger than ourselves, especially young men. If we no longer imbue our people with patriotic fellow feeling, someone else will come along with another message.”

And that is what is happening over and over again. These young men infused with the Islamic ideology are wanting to prove themselves as something of worth. They see our country as an enemy and they hate us. They are simply taught this if brought up in an Islamic country, and we aren’t teaching about our great and amazing heritage of freedom in the school system

Sadly, it didn’t take long for the young Artan to prove to Americans that they should have had suspicion when looking at him. He has played out in reality what the media may have been saying about him, possibly that just as Hunington’s Clash of Civilization’s states,

“Relations between groups from different civilizations however will be almost never close, usually cool, and often hostile.”

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It Begins: Young Muslims ‘Invade’ Suburban Neighborhood, Terrorise Homeowners

I first read a story about this a couple of days ago and wondered if the scary incident involved Somalis, but the word ‘Somali’ was absent in the written account and it wasn’t until a reader, Dede, directed people to watch the video that we learned our first instincts were correct.

I’m telling you, the lengths to which the media goes to hide the truth when it involves refugees of a certain ‘religious’ persuasion is stunning.  Why on earth leave the key piece of information people need out of the written news report!

Here is the story (do you see the word “Somali” in the text?). Now watch the video (this is a screen shot in case they remove this from the video).

I guess we should be grateful that at least the broadcast version of the story used the ‘S’ word!

This should be on the national news!

Just envision this happening in your neighborhood!

How are Americans ever going to be prepared and proactive if we don’t even know what is happening in the next city, let alone the next state!  You know, I tell people in Maryland what is happening in Minnesota and they don’t believe me because they haven’t seen it on Fox News!  Ahhhhhh!

This is exactly what Phyliss Schlafly has pointed out here:  the second generation Muslim migrant to America isn’t assimilating!

For new readers: We probably have a hundred posts here at RRW on Minnesota as the state which has ‘welcomed’ thousands and thousands of Somali refugees.  Here is just one post from last year to help you get up to speed on ‘Little Mogadishu!’  Just remember! Somalis didn’t “make their way” to Minnesota, they were resettled there for two decades by the US State Department and three major contractors: Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and World Relief (additional contractors have moved in since).

The ‘youths’ harassing homeowners were born here or came as very small children!


Obama more than halfway to goal of 10,000 Syrian Muslims brought to US this year, Michigan tops the list

Vermont Health Dept. hiding data on active TB cases in refugee population there

Rutland, Vermont Board of Aldermen to vote Tuesday on allowing refugee referendum on ballot

Dear Welcoming Community, is your school system rolling in dough?

No tears for US Bishops on news of another ACLU lawsuit against them

Remind me again, why are Somalis our problem?

Invasion of Europe news….

I told you just last month that we are admitting 750 Somalis a month to the U.S. right now adding to the well over 100,000 you have been supporting with your tax dollars for decades.

And, here we learn that thousands more are bailing out of Somalia and heading north to Europe. The spring migration has begun!

Map 2016 Europe

But, what is the number one reason for the mass migration of Somalis out of THEIR country? It is due to the corrupt government and lack of jobs (not first a fear of al-Shabaab!).

From Bloomberg:

“Some say it’s because of insecurity, but others rationalize their departure due to rampant unemployment,” the head of Somalia’s immigration and naturalization department, Abdullahi Gafow Mohamud, said in an interview.

That’s the case for Ali Hassan Abdi, who graduated from university two years ago and hasn’t found a job. The 25-year-old says endemic graft — Somalia is ranked joint-bottom with North Korea on Berlin-based Transparency International’s global Corruption Perceptions Index of 168 countries — is “the number-one cause of mass migration.”

So tell us again why we need to be moving the population of Somalia to the American heartland?

See the latest Somali US terror trial, here.

All of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ news is here.


Top language of refugees entering the US since 2008 is still Arabic

Breitbart: UN chief tells us what the Syrians really want!

Have Reno’s elected officials seen document setting up refugee plan for their city?

Cargill caves: Will allow Muslim workers to reapply for jobs in 30 days

It all boils down to the fact that ‘Big Meat’ doesn’t want to pay higher wages and so they have become completely dependent on refugee labor.  In the meantime, they are changing the face of rural America.

Cargill workers

Fired Somali workers could soon be back on the Job as CAIR has Cargill by the short hairs.

We reported the Ft. Morgan Cargill plant’s woes here as Somalis walked off the job with demands for special accommodation for prayer breaks.

Now here is the news that Cargill has changed its re-hiring policy to get many of those fired Somalis back to work. (While having given CAIR an opportunity to press for sharia workplace compliance!).

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Cargill will change its hiring policy — allowing employees to be potentially rehired 30 days after termination, not 180 days — in response to a walkout by Somali workers in Colorado.

After a dispute over Muslim prayer time, about 150 employees at Cargill’s sprawling Fort Morgan, Colo., plant didn’t show up for work for three days — grounds for termination. They were fired. Some of those workers claimed they weren’t allowed to take prayer breaks, while Cargill claimed that it was still following its policy allowing the breaks.

Minnetonka-based Cargill said in a statement Friday that it will change the hiring policy at all of its North American beef plants, allowing former employees terminated for “attendance violation or job abandonment” to be considered for rehiring 30 days after being fired. The workers would have to reapply for their jobs.

“We believe the change in our beef business policy related to how quickly a former employee may be eligible to reapply for positions at our beef plants is a reasonable update to something that’s been in place for quite a few years,” Cargill Beef President John Keating said in a statement.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been representing many terminated Somali workers, said it welcomed Cargill’s change in hiring policy, though it criticized Cargill’s prayer break policy as ambiguous.

Now see at the very end, the admission that ‘Big Meat’ is changing America by changing the people.

They can get away with cheap wages as long as the federal government (and their resettlement contractors) continue to bring them fresh refugee laborers every year.   While they get away with paying low wages, you supplement the refugee family’s income with welfare payments!  What a business model for the meatpacking industry.

Over the past few decades, U.S. meatpacking plants — including in Minnesota — have increasingly relied on immigrant communities for labor. About one-third of Cargill’s workers at Fort Morgan are immigrants, or come from immigrant families from Africa, and are predominantly Muslim. Much of the rest of the workforce there is of Hispanic descent.

Read it all here.

Here is an interesting map showing Cargill meatpacking and other facilities in North America.

To learn more about how refugees have changed Fort Morgan, click here where we have an extensive archive going back several years.


Toronto Imam: Muslims should hire only Muslims; do business only with Muslims

Lara Logan, UK Rape Gangs, and Europe’s Muslim Mob Sex Assaults

Germany — The demonstrators chanted, “Merkel muss weg” — “Merkel must go.”

FBI Arrests Lead Islamic State Recruiter in Minnesota

The FBI have arrested a man they said was the ringleader of an Islamic State recruitment cell in Minnesota.

Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, 20, is one of 10 men of Somali origin from Minnesota who have allegedly been plotting to join the Islamic State. Nine were arrested while one made it to Syria. The latter has been there since May 2014 and is believed to be helping recruitment efforts aimed at Americans.

Warsame was allegedly the leader, or emir, of the group.

Last summer, a federal grand-jury investigation followed 20 to 30 Somali-Americans who were believed to be considering joining ISIS in Syria.

Al-Shabaab has also recruited from Minnesota’s Somali community in the past.

CNN investigated the radicalism in Minneapolis-St. Paul last March:


Ohio Hospital Worker Charged For Calling to Behead U.S. Soldiers

Canadian Islamic School Linked to Calif. Shooter, ISIS Recruits

Are We Defeating ISIS?

ISIS Execution Video or Is It? See What Happens Next…

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, the ISIS ‘Emir’ in Minnesota. Photo: Screenshot from video.

Don’t get hung up on screening! It’s the 2nd generation Muslim migrants we must worry about

There is so much talk about the screening process for Muslim refugees that I’m afraid we are losing sight of the fact that it’s the second generation (can you say San Bernardino slaughter) that we should be concerned about.

Realistically, how are we going to stop those Islamic terrorists (to save our children and grandchildren)?

There is only one way and it starts with halting all Muslim migration to America and then it requires a ruthless surveillance of all those in here already (like it or not!  Trump is right!) until any vestige of the Islamic supremacist mindset is stamped out.

This week’s issue of the Weekly Standard reminds us of the huge US Somali population (growing by the hundreds each month), that has been the seed community from which ISIS, and before that, Al-Shabaab has been drawing its new recruits.

From the Weekly Standard (Minnesota Men indeed!).  Hat tip: Judy

If you get your news from the headlines, you can be excused for thinking that “Minnesota men” pose a special risk of taking up the terrorist jihad at home and abroad. As the Wall Street Journal reported this past April, for example, “U.S. charges six Minnesota men with trying to join ISIS.” The “Minnesota men” featured in such headlines are almost invariably drawn from Minnesota’s swelling population of Somali Muslim immigrants. The state—mostly the metropolitan Twin Cities area—is home to 35,000 such immigrants, the largest Somali population in North America.

Starting in the 1990s, the State Department directed thousands of refugees from Somalia’s civil war to Minnesota. As Kelly Riddell pointed out in the Washington Times this past February, in Minnesota these refugees “can take advantage of some of America’s most generous welfare and charity programs.” Riddell quoted Professor Ahmed Samatar of Macalester College in St. Paul: “Minnesota is exceptional in so many ways but it’s the closest thing in the United States to a true social democratic state.” After a dip in 2008, the inflow of Somalis has continued unabated and augmented by Somalis from other states. If it takes a village, Minnesota has what it takes.

Continue reading here as the Weekly Standard chronicles several important cases in Minnesota.

And, do you know why the number dipped in 2008?  That was the year that the US State Department basically said ‘oopsie! we admitted thousands of Somalis illegally who had lied on applications to get in.’   Consequently, the resettlement of Somali families was put on hold for a couple of years!

How many Somalis have we resettled?  And, why are we still bringing them in by the thousands each year?

So, how many did we admit in the last 25 years or so?  Go to this post we wrote in 2008 (and updated through the years).

In the first six weeks of FY 2016 we have already admitted another 827 Somalis (surely the number has passed the 1,000 mark in recent days).

You must call your US Senators and Member of Congress today, tomorrow and maybe early next week!  It is not just about the Syrians!!!  And, it’s not just about making sure the ones coming in are ‘screened’ when evidence tells us it’s not mom and dad who we should fear, but their children as the second generation is not assimilating, but become more devout (aka radicalized!).

Action Alert:  Call your members of the House and Senate at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vigorously oppose the Refugee Resettlement funding contained in the Omnibus Spending Bill that will be voted on by 12-11-15! Please call by this Friday, Dec. 4th.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of a combination of undated photos showing Somali nationals, from left, Mahamud Said Omar, Abdifatah Yusuf Isse, Salah Osman Ahmed, and Omer Abdi Mohamed. Nine people convicted in a government investigation of terror recruitment and financing for an al-Qaida-linked group in Somalia are to be sentenced in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis. Authorities say more than 20 young men have left Minnesota to join al-Shabab since 2007. AP Photo/file.

Widespread Fraud in U.S. Somali Muslim Family Reunification Program

In an otherwise whining piece about how the feds are too slow to admit family members of refugees, at least this Frontline ‘news’ story admits that thousands of Somalis entered the U.S. fraudulently resulting in a 4-year closure (in 2008) of the so-called P-3 family reunification program of the US State Department.

You should read the whole long article, but here (below) is the segment on Somali fraud (btw, none of those who got in here by lying were ever deported).

For our thousands of new readers:  We covered the discovery and aftermath extensively, here.  The fraud was originally reported at the Wall Street Journal in August of 2008.

The nine major federal resettlement contractors fought tooth and nail to keep the State Department from requiring DNA testing.

Frontline on DNA testing:

Even if those restrictions are loosened, refugees applying for family reunification will face another hurdle to clear: DNA testing.

The inspiration for this requirement was born in East Africa, where more than 1 million Somalians have been displaced from their country by civil war and famine. In the mid-2000s, the U.S. was providing refuge to about 10,000 Somalians a year*** — many of whom went on to apply to the family reunification program to bring over relatives.

Immigration officials suspected that some were inventing “ghost children,” and filling out applications for children not related to them. There had even been some reports of brokers who sold the ghost children’s slots for profit, according to a U.S. Department of State official who spoke to FRONTLINE but asked not to be named.

So in early 2008, the State Department launched a pilot program to determine the extent of fraud by testing relationships using DNA.

In the initial pilot of 476 applicants in Nairobi, Kenya, only 16 percent were genetically related to every person they said was in their family. Another 39 percent tested false for at least one family member. In the remaining 45 percent of cases, applicants either refused to participate or didn’t show up for the test.

Officials interpreted these results as proof of widespread fraud. The P-3 program was suspended, and did not reopen for more than four years.

This stunned refugees around the world, many of whom had spent years waiting for P-3 applications to be approved. Most were told to apply for an alternate visa, but it was even more restrictive than P-3 and soon had a multi-year waiting list.

There is much more, read on.

We admitted 8,858 this past fiscal year, (9,000 the year before that!):

As the UNHCR is sending Somalis back to Somalia from its Kenyan camps we admitted 8,858 Somalis to the US in FY2015, here (many from the Kenyan camps!).  Somalis are the third largest ethnic group admitted to the US this past year.

Go here to see how many Somalis entered the U.S. through the Refugee Admissions Program since its inception.  Notice some of the biggest years are in the George W. Bush Administration.

Why are we still admitting Somali refugees after three decades?


Lutheran lobbyist says 100,000 Syrians is a responsible number for FY 2016

Think Progress has Rep. Brian Babin in its crosshairs….

Erie PA: Impoverished refugees to get special federal savings plan (you pay for it)

Colonizers on Greek island of Lesbos: Do you have wifi?

Gatestone: Sweden close to collapse

Is Europe being colonized? Yes! Let’s call it what it is!

As colonization of Europe continues, thousands of Germans take to the streets to fight the Islamic tide

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Somali refugees in Dadaab, a massive UN camp in Kenya. Photo courtesy of The Guardian. According to the FBI here is no way to thoroughly screen the refugees we accept from the UN any better here, than those we are accepting from UN camps in the Middle East.

Minneapolis: Muslim refugee accused of raping 10-year old

Ahmed Hersi Abdi has a long criminal record. So, why wasn’t he deported?

So typical of the mainstream media, nothing in the title that would tell you anything, just some random man.  This is exactly what Ann Coulter tells us in exquisite detail in her latest book—immigrants accused of crimes are not identified as such, they are simply men (or women). One has to look closely to learn more.

In this case it is pretty easy to figure out he is an immigrant because this man is Somali and as such is a refugee (the vast majority of Somalis in the US came in through the UN/US State Department refugee admissions program, or he is here illegally).

Here is the new news at KSTP ABC 5 (hat tip: Mark):

So where is Omar Jamal (the Somali community mouthpiece, huge archive on him here) rushing to his defense.  We first heard about Jamal in 2008 when another rape happened in a St. Paul apartment complex hallway and he immediately went to the defense of the Somali rapist. (Unfortunately the Minneapolis Star Tribune has taken down its story about Jamal and the 2008 hallway rapist.)

A Minneapolis man has been charged after police say he raped a 10-year-old girl in the hallway of an apartment complex in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood.

The assault happened Sunday, Oct. 4, on the 1600 block of South Fourth Street in Minneapolis, which is Riverside Plaza.

The child said a man followed her onto the elevator and that they got off on the third floor. The man extended his hand, and when the girl shook it he refused to let go, according to the complaint. He then raped the girl in the hallway, police say.

Witnesses said they heard screaming in the hall and saw a young girl crying, so they flagged down an off-duty police officer.

The girl was sent to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.

Based on the girl’s description and surveillance video from Riverside Plaza, the suspect was identified as 34-year-old Ahmed Hersi Abdi of Minneapolis. He was later arrested in St. Paul.

Read the whole thing.  There is no mention of him being deported at any time in his lengthy criminal career (heck the police knew him well!).  Lucky taxpayers, we paid for his resettlement, surely his welfare and now we will get to pay for his long imprisonment.

Why are we bringing in more Somalis?

As the UNHCR is sending Somalis back to Somalia from its Kenyan camps we admitted 8,858 Somalis to the US in FY2015, here (many from the Kenyan camps!).  Somalis are the third largest ethnic group admitted to the US this past year.

No matter what the feds promise, they can’t screen the Somalis any better than the Syrians!

Maine: African Muslim Refugees Charged in Brutal Murder

Except apparently it was so brutal that the case (and the autopsy) has been sealed from the media for at least a week! Or, why else would it have been sealed?

Diversity is strength alert!

The story is here at World Net Daily:

Authorities in Portland, Maine, have arrested three Somali-American men in connection with the brutal killing of a man inside his apartment, then moved quickly to seal the case from public view.

Police arrested Abil Teshome, 23, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, on Thursday. All three are charged with the murder of 49-year-old health-care worker Freddy Akoa.


Mohamed Mohamud, one of three suspects charged in the killing of Freddy Akoa in Portland, Maine. Credit/Portland Press.


The killing “wasn’t random in nature,” said Police Chief Michael Sauschuck, indicating the alleged killers knew their victim.

The U.S. State Department, in cooperation with the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, has sent 1,379 Somali refugees to Maine since 2002, with 1,010 of them going to Portland, according to the State Department’s refugee database. Records prior to 2002 are not kept online, but the U.N. has been sending Somali refugees to the United States since the early 1990s with the full support of the U.S. Congress, despite the fact that hundreds of them have turned out to be jihadists or criminals.

There is much much more from reporter Leo Hohmann who tells us about how the case is sealed for at least a week from media review.

By the way, my first thought, when I saw the original news yesterday, was that the case involved rival gangs fighting over drugs, but the victim, Freddy Akoa, another immigrant (most likely a Christian, but we don’t know that yet), was by all accounts a successful middle-aged man (with a loving family) working in the health care industry.

Readers often want to know how we know if someone got into the US as a refugee.  For some ethnic groups we don’t know, but virtually all of the Somalis in the US and those in Maine are here as refugees or the children of refugees.  Some may have come illegally, but the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department is responsible for the vast majority of Somalis in your towns and cities.  By the way, the accused have not been publicly identified as Somalis yet, but the names of at least two of them are common Somali names.

Hohmann also reports on the bill introduced recently by Rep. Brian Babin of Texas which seeks to suspend the refugee program until questions about the cost and impact on national security have been examined.

Continue reading here.

Maine the welfare state!

We have written a lot about how Somalis got to Maine with the help of Catholic Charities, the primary resettlement agency in the state. Here is a post from 2009 about how Somalis were attracted to Maine welfare.  For years that post was one of our top most-read posts.

The primary resettlement agency in Maine is Catholic Charities.  However, we don’t know if the accused arrived in Maine with the help of a resettlement contractor or were secondary migrants who were resettled somewhere else in America and then moved to Maine to live in one of the Somali enclaves there—in Portland or Lewiston.

Learn about one of the leading figures in Portland promoting more African resettlement for Maine, here.

See our very extensive archive on Maine by clicking here.  There are more murder and crime stories in the archive.

In addition to refugee resettlement, Maine has become a desired state for asylum seekers to head to as it is one of the few states that gives welfare to those seeking asylum who have not yet been granted permission to stay.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Osman Sheikh, 31, one of the African Muslims in court.

Veterans of Foreign Wars concerned about Economic & Social Costs of Somali Immigrants

If you had no idea what was going on in St. Cloud, this story from the St. Cloud Times would not be very useful to bring you up to speed!

You might want to first start by reading our post from Thursday, here.

Union organizer, Jane Conrad, did some serious backpedaling after first planning a rally against a local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars for our readers elsewhere in the world!) that hosted local citizens wanting to hear about the economic and social costs of resettling more refugees in St. Cloud, MN.  As we reported, she and a faculty member from St Cloud State University were clearly aiming to intimidate the Granite VFW Club for daring to allow diners to speak freely over their meal.  There is more at WND, here.

Obviously, quickly seeing the error of taking on a venerable veterans group, she and her Somali supporters moved their demonstration down town.  You can read all about their tiny rally here at the St. Cloud Times where Conrad claims they are protesting a Minnesota citizen, Bob Enos, for talking about sharia law.

You might think Enos was some two-headed monster to listen to Conrad.  I wonder did the Times reporter seek comment from Enos?

Here is Mr. Enos giving a thoughtful presentation to a local government body recently.

Meanwhile the Times, other than a few photos tacked on at the end of the ‘news’ story, doesn’t tell readers about the huge and friendly gathering of veterans and friends supporting the VFW (which remember was the original target of Ms. Conrad and Professor Mark Jaede).

And, what a coincidence the St. Cloud Times also published a pro-more-Somali-refugees opinion piece at the same time!

SC Times columnist Patrick Henry, who previously said this, is trotted out for the occasion!  How convenient is this timing!

”Minnesota’s 5th District Rep. Keith Ellison’s taking his oath of office on Jefferson’s copy of the Quran was a quintessential American moment…..the portrait of America as a Christian nation is groundless.”

Guess we know where he is coming from!

I have no time or energy to rebut yesterday’s opinion piece by Patrick Henry, retired executive director of the Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research who has zero understanding of the finances involved with federal refugee resettlement grants and contracts and that is precisely why Mr. Enos’ call for serious fiscal studies is vitally important now.

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry, St. Cloud Times columnist.

Here is how the St. Cloud Times opens its ‘news’ story today:

A group of St. Cloud-area residents took to the stairs in front of the Stearns County Courthouse to protest an anti-immigration speaker who visited St. Cloud earlier this week.

Jane Conrad, a field representative for the East Central Area Labor Council, planned the rally after Bob Enos, of Willmar, appeared at an event booked at the Veterans of Foreign Wars speaking out against refugees and Sharia, the Islamic law.

“We know we have issues in our community and we know they exist, but we don’t need people coming in and mixing it up and creating more problems,” Conrad said. “You’re welcome to come in and be a part of our community, but don’t create division.”

Worried that some citizens may be confused that Conrad and her group were speaking out against the VFW, Conrad made it clear they support troops and veterans and were strictly protesting Enos.

Enos, oh right!  It is all about Enos!

Develop alternative media!

I guess what I am trying to say to all of you:  It is time, past time! for the citizens of St. Cloud to develop their own alternative media.  And, this applies to all of you in ‘Pockets of Resistance’.  You do not have to depend on the local biased newspaper to reach like-minded people.  I started RRW when my local paper wouldn’t publish FACTS about refugees and the cost to our community.

One of the first things I would post at your new publication are the financial facts about Lutheran Social Service of MN that clearly Patrick Henry has no clue about!

Write a website or a blog to put out your research and your opinions!  Maybe find another small newspaper that is willing to publish your information.  Definitely use conservative talk radio.  Put papers like the St. Cloud Times out of business, or at least begin to diminish their readership!

Or, consider this!  Concerned citizens in Twin Falls, ID  (a pocket of resistance) are printing up literature and taking it door-to-door to get around their own biased press!

This post is filed in our new category Pockets of Resistance’ to help all of you better understand the tactics that will be used against you and how to counter them.


Mothers of Children Killed by Illegals Demand Democrats Censure Luis Gutierrez

Huntington Park, CA: City Council Appoints 2 Illegal Aliens As Commissioners

U.S. To Issue More New Green Cards In Next Ten Years Than Populations of IA, NH and SC – COMBINED

EDITORS NOTE: The city of St. Cloud is a UN/U.S. State Department preferred resettlement site right along with Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota.

ISIS: The Threat to America — an interview with Erick Stakelbeck

51u4HXtekULWhen we reviewed Erick Stakelbeck’s latest book, ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery and the Hellish Realities of Radical Islamwe wrote:

Tens of thousands of young Muslims across the ummah from Minneapolis in the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Russia and even China have been drawn like bees to the holy beehive of the self-declared Caliphate which espouses Islamic purification through ethnic and religious cleansing.

Stakelbeck addressed an important question about why the large unassimilated Somali émigré community in Minneapolis has become the U.S. hub for Al Qaeda and now ISIS recruitment. The shift of Somali émigré young men from traveling to Somali to join Al Shabaab to join ISIS occurred in the last two years facilitated by the ease of travel to Turkey to enter Syria and the attraction of building a Caliphate based on pure Islam.

On April 20, 2015 six Somali émigré young men in their late teens and early 20’s were arrested and indicted by the U.S. Attorney in Minneapolis for material support to the Islamic State or ISIS. According to the WSJ report:

All six charged Monday had been arrested Sunday. Four appeared in Federal Court in St. Paul, Minnesota—Adnan Farah, Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, Hanad Mustafe Musse and Guled Ali Omar—with their court appointed lawyers. Two others appeared in a San Diego court—Mr. Daud and Mohamed Abdihamid Farah—where they were arrested after driving from Minneapolis. They were ordered held pending a detention hearing.

A seventh Abdi Nur was separately charged as a recruiter as he successfully traveled to Syria to join and fight for ISIS. It is believed that email exchanges and calls with Abdi Nur, who successfully traveled in May 2014 to Syria may have provided the evidence for the charges in the indictment of material support for terrorism. The FBI was able to connect Nur who were indicted, Daud and Yusuf, because of a police report of an accident involving the vehicle driven by Yusuf.

Somali émigré Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud from the second largest Somali community in the U.S., Columbus, Ohio was indicted on federal terrorist charges following his return from Al Qaeda training in Syria. The indictments announced by the US Attorney in Minneapolis capped a 10 month investigation. The Wall Street Journal report on this latest development, illustrated the resourcefulness of those indicted. Some used student loans to purchase airline tickets to travel to Turkey to enter Syria and join ISIS. The two detained in San Diego were caught trying to enter Mexico from which they intended to travel to Turkey and hence to Syria. Two had traveled by bus from Minneapolis only to be arrested at New York’s JFK Airport.

This is the latest story of how the U.S. humanitarian refugee program, controlled by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, flooded this major Midwestern community with 100,000 East Africa Muslims. Many of them failed to assimilate into American culture with radical Mosques recruiting dozens of native born jihadists to fight and die for first al Shabaab in Somalia and now for ISIS in Syria. We have written about this repeatedly since 2008. Somali refugees came to the Twin cities with the assistance of voluntary agencies  paid by the State Department and Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement to process them, provide cash assistance, Medicaid and receive a green card  leading to eventual citizenship. All while many of these Muslim émigrés rejected American values, instead seeking to impose their Sharia law on the host non-Muslim community.

Erick Stakelbeck aired his version of this story, March 17, 2015 on CBN’s The Watchman“Minneapolis- the U.S. Capital of ISIS.” Stakelbeck knows the Somali émigré terror recruit story and how our humanitarian refugee program played a major role in creating the radical Muslim environment in these communities that indoctrinated and recruited these youths. He visited the areas that have the look and feel of Mogadishu in Minnesota. He spoke with frustrated Somali community and former law enforcement officials about the futility of trying to divert these youths from a likely dead end that have befallen dozens who preceded them. He delved  into what attracts these young American Somali and other Muslim émigrés and converts to follow this delusional self destructive jihadist cause.

There have been Mexican and U.S. intelligence reports of possible ISIS presence in Mexico adjacent to the West Texas and New Mexico borders. Late in April 2015 there was a general intelligence alert by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Safety Administration. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, issued a statement saying the Obama administration “is far behind the curve in scaling up programs to counter domestic radicalization, and it has struggled to explain to Congress whether it has a strategy to combat terrorist travel.” He went on to say:

The potential for ISIS infiltration into the U.S. is great, especially from Europe, which U.S. extremists are using as a transit hub to join ISIS and al-Qaida.

Against this background we invited Erick Stakelbeck for an interview about the ISIS threat to America:

Mike Bates overlooking Kotel and Dome of the Rock Mosque on Temple Mount 3-2014.jpg

Mike Bates

Mike Bates: Erick Stakelbeck, welcome to Your Turn.


Erick Stakelbeck

Stakelbeck:  Thanks Mike. Great to be with you.

Bates:  And joining me is Jerry Gordon, senior editor of The New English Review and his blog The Iconoclast.  Welcome, Jerry.

JBG headshot 1-26-14 SMALL.jpg

Jerry Gordon

Jerry Gordon:  Glad to be back, Mike.

Bates:   Erick, what is the difference between ISIS, ISIL, and the Islamic state?

Stakelbeck:   You know, Mike that is a great question. When I was writing this book, ISIS Exposed, my wife actually said, “Hey, include a distinction in there, because I’m confused about it.” Here’s how to break it down. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Most people use ISIS.  President Obama, interestingly enough, uses the term ISIL, which means the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Now, Mike, here’s the significance. When you call it ISIS, you’re just giving it Iraq and Syria. That’s bad enough. But when you include ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the Levant is a huge area.  It’s not just Iraq and Syria. It’s Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and, yes, Israel. So when you call ISIS, ISIL, you’re actually empowering them and giving them more territory than they actually hold. So it’s a head-scratcher why President Obama would use the term ISIL.

Bates:  Well, I don’t have to scratch my head. I think I know. It’s because he’s not a friend of Israel and he wants Israel to be ultimately controlled by ISIL. Speaking of President Obama, most of the world first learned of the Islamic State in 2014. When did the President first learn of it?

Stakelbeck:  Mike, at least he knew in late 2012, early 2013, the stirrings were there. ISIS was gaining territory by a lot of victories in Syria, number one, and building their ranks, number two. Foreign fighters from around the world were flocking to Syria to join up with this group. At, the end of the day, in December 2011, President Obama, against the advice of all of his top generals, withdrew every last US soldiers from Iraq. Mike, once he did that, you had Al-Qaeda in Iraq expanding, despite being crushed by the troop.

Soon as the US troops left, Al-Qaeda in Iraq rose from the ashes, and began a wave of suicide bombings and assassinations of Iraqi leaders. All of a sudden, they were strong again in Iraq. They spread their tentacles next door into Syria. Now you have the monster that we have today, ISIS. President Obama gets intelligence reports across his desk every day. He knew. But in my book, I document how people on both sides of the political aisle were warning him. Former diplomats, military leaders were warning him, “Look, this group, ISIS, it’s gaining in strength.  We need to do something.”

Then in January 2014, ISIS roars into Fallujah, where our troops expended so much blood and treasure in the battles there. Shortly thereafter, President Obama went on national TV and called ISIS the “JV team of terrorism.” So a lot of responsibility for this lies squarely with him.

Gordon:  Erick, tens of thousands of foreign Muslim young men and women have been attracted and left their countries, including the US, UK, and other around the globe, to join ISIS. What is so compelling about the Islamic State?

Stakelbeck:  This is a great point. I think, number one, it is the ideology. ISIS has a well-defined jihadist ideology behind the success they’ve had. They now control 35,000 square miles of territory in the heart of the Middle East. That is an area the size of Great Britain. Not only that, they’ve declared a caliphate, a global Islamic State.  That is what every Islamist has wanted for the past century. Now ISIS is doing it in a bold and audacious way.

So success breeds attraction, number one. Number two the ideological message, jihad, caliphate also breeds attractions. Number three, ISIS is a different beast because of their use of social media and propaganda:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. ISIS and its supporters around the world send out 90 tweets per minute. That’s astounding. Their propaganda and their social media arms are controlled by Westerners who were born and raised there who know our culture and know exactly how to connect to an English-speaking audience. Not only that, ISIS spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on these slickly produced propaganda videos that look like a Hollywood action flick.

The days of Osama bin Laden in a cave in front of a green screen droning on in Arabic for an hour are long gone. ISIS is on the cutting edge. They’re very savvy. And on Twitter they use Hollywood movie references, hip-hop music references, anything to connect with young people here in the West. And they’re doing it to great effect. At least 180 US citizens have traveled overseas to join the caliphate, and up to 5,000 Western Europeans, Brits, French, Germans, have left to go join ISIS. And the fear is, obviously that one day, they will return home.

Bates:  Where does ISIS get its funding? This is not a cheap operation.

Stakelbeck:  No. This is the richest terrorist movement in history, Mike, and they get their funding in a few ways.  Number one, just old-fashioned conquest. Look, when they conquered Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq back in June 2014, they seized the Mosul Central Bank, with over $400 million in assets. And, again, when they seize a town, a city, a village, they demand tribute from the conquered people. That’s an Islamic tradition. They demand tribute. That’s another way.

Then you have the illicit oil trade where ISIS is very active in the oil black markets in Turkey, Iran, and Lebanon. They’re making up to $2 million, maybe even $3 million a day with this black market oil. Remember, ISIS has seized oil fields in Syria and Iraq. Another way they’re doing it is by seizing antiquities in places like Nineveh. Now they destroy these ancient biblical sites, but they also take some of the antiquities, and they sell them on the black market as well.

Last way they’re doing it, there is something called the golden chain in the Persian Gulf region. That is where these wealthy folks in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and the Emirates fund jihad around the world. And these individual donors are pouring money into ISIS as well.

Gordon:  Erick, in your book, you draw attention to US folks who depart for the Islamic State. You call Minneapolis “the hub” attracting those individuals. Recently, we had like seven Somali émigré young men who were indicted in places like Columbus, Ohio, San Diego, and Minneapolis. Why is that the case?

Stakelbeck:  I think, number one, Jerry, the main reason that’s the case is because Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Twin Cities in Minnesota are a nice place to live. They have the largest Somali Muslim population in all of North America. Some 100,000 Somali Muslims live in Minneapolis and St. Paul. That will probably shock a lot of people. The problem is they’re not assimilating. They are not integrating. I spoke to Somali community leaders there who said, “Look, we have a big problem because they’re not becoming part of the American fabric.” This has been the fear when you’re letting, mass numbers of immigrants into the country and they’re not assimilating, you have a big problem. We see this in Western Europe where we have many more Muslim immigrants coming to Germany, France, Britain, they’re not assimilating. They’re setting up almost self-segregating enclaves – I’ve been in these neighborhoods – where they don’t feel British.

They don’t feel French or German, and I fear we have a similar situation going on right now in the Somali communities in the United States. You have a pipeline going from these communities in Minnesota to Iraq and Syria.  You’ve had dozens of young people – US citizens – traveling overseas to join the jihad out of Minnesota. If they return home, you have battle hardened and battle-tested, radicalized, fanatics in your midst.

The Mall of America, the largest shopping mall in the United States is right outside of Minneapolis. So you have the potential for some real damage. When you mentioned the seven Somali young men arrested recently, an Obama administration official said, “We have a terror recruitment problem –” I’m paraphrasing – “in the Twin Cities.”

Bates:  Erick, is the US government doing anything to prevent the return of these jihadis to the United States after fighting with Islamic state? Are we doing anything to stop this threat from entering the US at either the Southern or Northern borders?

Stakelbeck:  Mike, nothing on the southern border. As to what the government is doing anything to prevent it is unclear.  Jeh Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security chief, said recently that we already had about 40 US citizens return who were fighting with ISIS overseas. They’re back.

He said, “Look, we’re trying to monitor them, but you can’t know what everyone’s doing.” This is the Department of Homeland Security chief. So, can people slip through the cracks? Absolutely. Think back to Paris in January 2015 where two brothers had trained with Al-Qaeda in Yemen. They returned to France and they carried out a horrific terror attack there. That can also happen here.

Our system is not foolproof, and people can come back and slip through the cracks. What I would do if I knew someone left to join ISIS – and our government knows who’s going in many cases – is revoke their citizenship and do not allow them back into the United States. It’s as simple as that. “You are no longer a US citizen.  You’re not welcome in this country. And if you do try to enter this country, you’ll be thrown in jail.” That is the logical solution.

Bates:  Isn’t that a constitutional matter? I realize  that ISIS, isn’t a nation, but if they take up arms for another nation, we can revoke their citizenship legally.

Stakelbeck:  ISIS is declared a state, so in their eyes they’re a nation. As to your point about the border, Mike, one of the most chilling passages in my book was a conversation I had with a former CIA clandestine service officer. He told me, “Erick, the thing that keeps me up at night is the possibility of an ISIS jihadist carrying a, a biological or a chemical weapon over our southern border, or our northern border for that matter, and setting it off in a US city.”

You know, it’s been 13-1/2 years since 9/11, and that southern border in particular is more wide open than ever before. And you can’t sustain yourself long term as a nation state if you refuse to secure your borders.

Gordon:  Erick, we’ve had recent intelligence reports indicating that ISIS camps may have been established in Mexico near the US border in Texas and New Mexico. How much of a threat is that?

Stakelbeck:  I’m trying to verify those reports.  I talked to one source who was kind of skeptical. He said, “Look, if the Mexican government knows that there are ISIS camps in their country, what are they doing about it, or why hasn’t anything been done about it yet? This is obviously an imminent threat if these camps exist.” That is an interesting take on it.

It has been a little tough to verify. You know we had one report from Judicial Watch, with a lot of unnamed sources. A lot of times you use unnamed government sources. But unnamed, Mexican officials? That is the kind of report where absolutely like you; it raised my eyebrow big time because the southern border is a massive concern over possible ISIS infiltration. But that kind of report is one I would double and triple check, verify and footnote extensively because that is a serious allegation. Would I doubt it? No. The southern border is so porous and you have these drug cartels that control the Mexican side who have no allegiance to anyone other than the almighty dollar.

Would they work with Islamic terror groups? Absolutely. Have they worked with Islamic terror groups? Probably. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. And eventually, God forbid, if terrorists enter through the southern border, our government will have some tough questions to answer from the American people to say the least.

Gordon:  The other folks who have had experience on the southern border are the Iranians. A few years ago, we had the story about a drug cartel hooking up with an Iranian American in Texas involved with an attempted assassination of the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

Stakelbeck:  The Iranians, Jerry, this is another facet. If I look at the two-headed monster that we’re confronting right now in the Middle East, ISIS and Iran, to me, Iran is the bigger threat long term and possibly short term, depending on when they acquire the bomb, a nuclear weapon.

The Iranians, through Hezbollah in particular, have an extensive network throughout Latin America in our hemisphere. Now in terms of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, why should every American care? Right now Iran is not only developing nuclear weapons, they’re developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, ICBMs, that could reach the United States.

You only develop ICBMs for one reason, to mount them with a nuclear warhead. Now why would Iran do that?  Why would Iran be developing missiles that can reach the United States? It’s simple, because they still consider us, although the Obama administration’s tripping over itself to embrace them and work with them – the Iranian regime considers America the great Satan. Just two weeks ago, the Supreme Ruler of Iran led chants of “Death to America,” in a rally in Tehran.

If we think Iran has changed its spots, we’re kidding ourselves. We have a bull’s eye on our back coming out of Tehran.

 Bates:  Why didn’t the Obama administration stop ISIS when they left Syria and went into Iraq when they were on the open roads and could have easily been taken out? And combined with that, do you advocate the United States military putting troops on the ground to stop ISIS from advancing?

Stakelbeck:  Why did  the Obama administration do nothing? Because he’s a do-nothing guy, in general. He’s  watched as the Middle East has burned. If you dig deeper with President Obama, he’s more focused on domestic things. He wants to fundamentally transform America in his words. Sadly, he seems to be succeeding in at least some ways. It’s almost like an operation of chaos around the world over the past six and a half years. However, I don’t think he’s naïve.

The Middle East is on fire, and he sees America and Israel as forces not for good, but for bad in Middle East.  We have been imperialist occupying powers that have oppressed Muslims around the world, and now we’re getting our just deserts. We are trying to level the playing field, and he seems content to hand over the Middle East and North Africa to radical Islamists. I think that’s pretty clear. Whether it is the Muslim Brotherhood or the Iranian regime.

And all that will happen is for him to manage the ISIS problem until he leaves office. To answer your second question, we don’t need a heavy footprint on the ground, but we do need some ground presence. Think back to 2001 in Afghanistan where we had US Special Forces, the CIA, on the ground working with the Northern Alliance. They routed the Taliban.

We can do the same thing today in Iraq and Syria. We don’t need tens of thousands of American troops. What we need are our elite forces on the ground leading the way. We have the Kurds who are fierce fighters, who are pro-American, who want to get in the fight. We have  Syrian Christians. We have some Iraqi tribes that don’t like ISIS. All of them are begging for leadership from the leader of the free world, and we’re MIA.

Again, it doesn’t take a heavy footprint. We could lead the fight. They’re not – they can’t do it themselves. But we need some kind of US ground presence. You can’t do it through limited air strikes alone. If you’re intention is truly to crush this group – and make no mistake, we need to crush ISIS like the German and Japanese war machines were crushed during World War II before this movement metastasizes any further. It is already spreading throughout the region and it is here in the west.

If we really wanted to crush ISIS, if we’re serious, we need to do it now. I don’t think we’re serious. I don’t think the West is serious. I think we’re going to be in for some serious trouble down the road and, God forbid, maybe in the short term because of our lack of will. This is a Winston Churchill moment. The only man, in my view, who is answering the call, is the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Yet the West, instead of embracing him, siding with him, is shunning him.

Bates:  Yes, that is a shame. Many more questions, not enough time to ask them. The name of the book is ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam. It’s written by Erick Stakelbeck.  You can learn more at www.ErickStakelbeck.com. Erick Stakelbeck, thank you for joining us. Jerry Gordon and I will continue the conversation.

Stakelbeck:  Thank you for having me.

Bates:  Erick Stakelbeck touched on a large growing émigré Muslim population in the United States. Why is the Obama administration admitting such a large number of Muslim refugees?

Gordon:  When the congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980, they gave the keys to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees who establishes allotments for providing asylum. The State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services administers it with the consent and approval of Congress. These humanitarian refuges may receive an eventual US citizenship. So we’re put in the quandary when émigré Somali Muslim young men are caught and arrested for joining ISIS.  They are US citizens and received all kinds of benefits under the Refugee Act. The total program cost for the US refugee program at both the federal and the state levels is staggering.  It is estimated at more than $12  to $20 billion a year. And remember there are more refugees on the way from Syria.

Bates:  Man, talk about a Trojan horse.

Gordon:  Absolutely.

Bates:  The enemy is being allowed in the gates. Thanks so much for joining us. If you want to find Jerry Gordon online, he’s the senior editor of The New English Review and his blog The Iconoclast. You can find him online at www.newenglishreview.org. The name of that book that we were discussing earlier, ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam by Erick Stakelbeck.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review. Also see Jerry Gordon’s collection of interviews, The West Speaks.