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FLORIDA: Leaders of Local Organizations Criticize Inclusion SPLC List of Hate Groups

What a baseless crock of lies by the socialist/communist Southern Poverty Leadership Center which go unquestioned by leftist Gary White and the far left Lakeland Ledger. To feature anything the SPLC would say or stand for as credible is to lie. The SPLC is a shill for the left and has no credibility. Non-profit my a*s — they have shifted millions in donations to off shore accounts making their leaders rich.

See the factual article below about the SPLC corruption which White, as usual, fails to mention in his left slanted “reporting.”

Whenever the SPLC accuses a group(s) of being a “hate group” you can bet the group(s) mentioned are Truthful, Godly, Conservative, middle class supporting, law-abiding, Constitution following and/or whose actions are in the best interests of our country.

Both the Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) and Florida Moms for America are both such groups who are obviously “over the target” of these socialists in order to be mentioned at all.

NOTE: The SPLC reports lists 114 organizations in Florida.

Leaders of two Polk County organizations reject their inclusion in a list of extremist groups.

Gary White


The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization with a leftward orientation, recently released its annual Year in Hate and Extremism Report. The online document includes a “hate map,” listing entities from each state deemed either hate groups or anti-government groups. Citizens Defending Freedom, a conservative nonprofit based in Polk County, appears on the list, as does Florida Moms for America, identified as based in Winter Haven. The SPLC labels each in the category “general antigovernment.”

The SPLC, an organization founded in 1971 and headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, describes anti-government groups as “part of the antidemocratic hard-right movement.”

“They believe the federal government is tyrannical, and they traffic in conspiracy theories about an illegitimate government of leftist elites seeking a ‘New World Order,’” the report says. The SPLC says the category includes “sovereign citizens, militias, overt conspiracy propagandists and constitutional sheriff groups.”

Robert Goodman, executive director of Citizens Defending Freedom, dismissed the label. “I find it absurd that Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) would be categorized as anti-government,” Goodman said by email. “CDF’s mission is based on preserving the principles in our government’s founding documents. The United States government is the first in the world ‘of the people, by the people, for the people,’ and our mission is to preserve that for our generation and all generations to come.”

CDF arose in Polk County in 2021 and has since formed chapters in other Florida counties and in Georgia, Texas and Michigan, with chapters coming soon in Virginia and Pennsylvania, according to its website. The nonprofit promotes a brand of conservatism tied to evangelical Christianity.

It is the second consecutive year that the group has appeared on the SPLC’s “hate map.”

Report lists 114 in Florida.

The report applies the “hate” or “anti- government” labels to 114 organizations in Florida, though many are county chapters of a single group, such as CDF and Moms for Liberty. The map includes the Polk County chapter of Moms for Liberty, a conservative group known for seeking the removal of certain books from school libraries.

Since its founding, CDF members have attended meetings of the Polk County School Board to criticize mask requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic and to advocate for the withdrawal of certain school books, some of which they deem pornographic.

CDF filed a lawsuit against Polk County Public Schools in March, alleging that the district had violated state law and its own policies in handling challenges to library books. The suit is still pending.

Citizens Defending Freedom has promoted advocates who share conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election, among them Michael Flynn, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general and former security adviser to former President Donald Trump who resigned amid reports that he had lied about having conversations a Russian ambassador to the United States. Flynn pled guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI but was later pardoned by Trump.

Flynn, who has promoted QAnon conspiracy theories and claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic was fabricated for political reasons, is listed as a guest speaker at CDF’s August gala in Dallas along with Charlie Kirk, the controversial founder of Turning Point USA, a student-oriented conservative group.

Moms for America is a national nonprofit founded in Ohio in 2004 to combat a “dramatic cultural shift in America led by radical feminists,” according to its website. The organization opposes the teaching of Critical Race Theory, saying that public schools are teaching children to hate America and indoctrinating students on theories of sexuality or gender orientation.

Moms for America’s website posts videos featuring such conservative figures as Tucker Carlson, Erik Prince and Sebastian Gorka. The group has a political component, Moms for America Action, that issues candidate endorsements.

Rebekah Ricks of Winter Haven is the former president of Moms for America’s Florida chapter. She is also running for the Polk County School Board, challenging incumbent Sara Beth Wyatt. Ricks said that she was aware of the SPLC’s inclusion of Moms for America on its “hate map” for several years.

“I don’t think that’s an accurate description,” Ricks said after hearing the SPLC’s summary of anti-government groups. “I personally believe in working on legislation to change the things we don’t like and policies that we don’t like. So that is what my main goal is. And as far as running for the School Board, also, if there are things in the county you don’t like, you want to make sure that there’s change.”

Ricks said that her role with Moms for America largely consists of tracking proposed state legislation related to education and trying to influence lawmakers.

“I guess they can say whatever they want,” Ricks said of the SPLC. “It’s free speech, right? I mean, that’s their opinion. I just think it becomes rather dangerous rhetoric to start saying anyone who doesn’t agree with you is anti-government. I think that’s a bad precedent.”

How the list is compiled

Maya Henson Carey, a research analyst with the SPLC, said that both CDF and Moms for America fall under an “anti- student inclusion” subgroup in the anti- government category. Such groups “attack public education” and “push this narrative that public schools are trying to indoctrinate and sexualize children through this radical Marxist agenda, and their tactics for doing that is book banning, the anti CRT operation, the attacks on the LGBTQ-plus community and some really even call for abolishing the Department of Education.”

Carey noted that PEN America, a nonprofit that promotes literature and free expression, listed CDF among three national advocacy groups that are “particularly prominent in pushing for book bans.”

Conservative groups and their allies, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, deny that efforts to remove certain titles from school libraries equate to book banning.

Carey said the SPLC gathers information from various sources, including local tips, to decide which groups belong on its “hate map.” Analysts monitor websites, social media and podcasts to see what messages the groups are promoting.

Though the SPLC did not place Citizens Defending Freedom and Moms for America in the “hate” category, they appear on a list of Florida groups that includes United Skinhead Nation and Stormfront, a white nationalist outfit.

Conservative groups regularly denounce the SPLC, an organization that arose from the civil rights moment in the South. Alliance Defending Freedom calls the SPLC “a far-left organization that only targets the right” and alleges that the “hate map” was created as a fundraising tactic.

The SPLC has faced lawsuits over its labeling of such figures as Ben Carson and has sometimes revised its lists after challenges.

Carey emphasized that the SPLC is a nonprofit that cannot engage in political advocacy. She said the definitions of hate groups and anti-government groups do not mention political parties.

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Should SPLC List Its Own Employee Union as a Hate Group?

After weeks of silence from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on Hamas’s October 7 terror attack that killed more Jews than any event since the Holocaust, the SPLC employee’s union released its own statement via X, formerly known as Twitter, claiming to stand “strongly in solidarity with the Palestinian people.” The statement may cause the SPLC union to meet SPLC’s own criteria for an anti-Semitic hate group.

“What we see in Gaza is the violent imperialist desecration of a people — the beginnings of a genocide,” alleged the SPLC union, which claimed to stand for “anti-oppression and decolonization” and accused Israel of “occupation” and “apartheid.”

“How is Israel occupying Gaza? They’ve turned the keys over to them. There aren’t any Jewish people living in Gaza,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, host of “Washington Watch.” “They were forced out. They had to leave their homes, their businesses, and they gave complete control lock, stock, and barrel to Hamas — well, to the Palestinians, who elected Hamas as their leaders.”

“They’re simply rewriting history,” responded Jewish Rabbi Yaakov Menken on “Washington Watch.” “There are no Jews in Gaza except for [dozens of] hostages, right? Those are the only Jews allowed in the country.” The SPLC union made no mention of the hostages taken captive by Hamas.

While no Jews are allowed in Gaza, Arabs are allowed in the rest of Israel. In fact, Arabs comprise approximately 20% of Israel’s population, and they enjoy full rights as citizens. The inhabitants of the Gaza Strip “had their own government [Hamas], and they’re the ones that have facilitated this terror that is now running Gaza and has spilled over into Israel, attacking innocent civilians,” said Perkins. If there is a system of “apartheid” — race-based segregation — it isn’t carried out by Israel.

“Palestinian Lives Matter. Palestinian families matter. Palestinian histories matter,” the SPLC union protested.

“Just calling Arabs Palestinians is racist and exclusionary,” Menken replied. “It says that Jews are not Palestinians, where that’s kind of inverting 2,000 years of world history. Ever since the Romans applied that European, colonialist name [‘Palestine’] to the Land of Israel, it was primarily Jews who were known by that title. So, the whole thing is fiction from beginning to end.”

“We support the ongoing call for a ceasefire and an end to the occupation,” continued the SPLC union. “We hope to move toward peace and freedom.”

“Exactly what does a cease fire mean in this context?” asked Menken. “It means allowing Hamas to regroup and rearm without releasing the hostages — so that further atrocities can happen. It’s very clear that what they’re after is not peace, but actual barbarism.”

In a speech Friday, President Biden stated, “Hamas — its stated purpose for existing is the destruction of the State of Israel and the murder of Jewish people.” A note found on the body of Hamas terrorist encouraged him that “the enemy is a disease that has no cure, except beheading and removing the hearts and livers.” Since Hamas will never accept peace, the SPLC union’s call for a ceasefire implicitly applies only to the nation of Israel.

By denying Israel the right to self-defense against an adversary devoted to their destruction, the only peace the SPLC union can “hope to move toward” would be one succeeding the destruction of the state of Israel. This is also implied in their use of the word “freedom,” evoking the chant at pro-Palestinian rallies, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” National Review Online Editor Philip Klein argued that anyone who utters this phrase “is advocating genocide,” as it implies the elimination of Israel and the killing of millions of Jews — half the world’s Jewish population, in fact.

Biden went further, “Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people. Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, and innocent Palestinian families are suffering greatly because of them.” Yet when the SPLC union chanted, “Palestinian Lives Matter,” “Palestinian families matter,” they were blaming the nation of Israel, not Hamas.

“Anybody who really cares about Palestinian Arabs would not want them under totalitarian rule,” urged Menken. “In Gaza, they can’t choose what to believe. They can’t choose what to say. They can’t choose whom to marry. Everything is controlled for them by Gaza’s rulers.” He said Hamas is “not promoting the rights of Palestinian Arabs or anything good for them. They’re just promoting further killing of Jews and Christians.”

The SPLC union added one final absurdity to their statement, “Already, the horrors of Gaza have fueled aggression in our own country in the forms of attacks against Muslims and Sikhs, and outbursts of antisemitism.”

The cause-and-effect hypothesized here is pure fantasy. The triggering event for increased threats against Jews and Muslims was not “the horrors of Gaza” but “the Hamas attack on Oct. 7,” as the left-wing New York Times said earlier this month. (Sikhs, meanwhile, are a religious group based in India, with no connection to the land of Israel, and recent anti-Sikh attacks bear no particular relation to the events in Palestine.)

A review of recent anti-Semitic incidents further undermines the SPLC’s theory. Left-wing activists glorified Hamas’s terrorist paratroopers. Activists tore down posters showing the Israeli hostages captured by Hamas. Mainstream media immediately accused Israel of bombing a hospital, when the U.S. intelligence community now assesses “with high confidence that Israel was not responsible for the explosion at the hospital and that Palestinian militants were responsible.” Most anti-Semitic incidents seem to be inspired by radical Islamic militants, including a former Hamas chief who called for a worldwide “Day of Jihad [Holy War].”

Much of the anti-Semitism was expressed on university campuses.

Ironically, the SPLC defines anti-Semitism as a feature that “undergirds much of the far right,” although university campuses are often hotbeds of radical leftism. “The same people who are oppressing Jews on campus are the ones pushing Christian organizations off of campus,” said Menken. Perkins agreed, “Anti-Semitic behavior is the canary in the coal mine … when it comes to religious freedom.”

Speaking of the SPLC, their definition of “anti-Semitism” includes “efforts to subvert and misconstrue the collective suffering of Jewish people,” as well as “racialize” and “vilify” them. Surely their employee union qualifies under this definition.

The SPLC union’s Palestinian solidarity statement made no mention of a brutal terrorist attack against Jewish people in Israel that involved more than 1,400 lives lost, more than 200 hostages captured, and untold amounts of burning, rape, destruction, and suffering. “Over here you have people justifying rape on a mass scale that also included crimes like beheading, not only beheading soldiers, but beheading babies,” said Menken. That sounds like subverting and misconstruing Jewish suffering.

Adding insult to injury, the SPLC brands Israel as oppressors, imperialists, and occupiers — not to mention committing genocide — all because they dared to respond to this unprovoked barbarity and fought back against an extremist group pledged to annihilate them. That sounds like a vilification campaign.

Why did the SPLC union side with Palestine — actually, Hamas — instead of Israel, when any honest observer knows Israel is the aggrieved party? According to their statement, because “SPLC Union is and will always be rooted in the legacy of anti-oppression and decolonization led by Black and Indigenous leaders.” (On a side note, do Jews not count as indigenous to Palestine, having been there 3,500 years?) In other words, it comes down to skin color, and Arabs have a slightly darker tint. That sounds like an effort to “racialize” the Jewish people.

Elsewhere, SPLC defines a “hate group” as an “organization that … has beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” It sounds like their employee’s labor union attacks and maligns the nation of Israel solely for being Jewish.

Not that the SPLC’s hate group definitions or designations should be taken too seriously. It’s notorious “hate map,” which lists mainstream conservative organizations and just about anybody it hates, has been linked to at least one anti-religious terrorist attack of its own — against Family Research Council in 2012. And the organization lost even more credibility in 2019 when its founder Morris Dees faced “complaints of workplace mistreatment of women and people of color” — a discrimination scandal which led to the ousting of all its (predominantly white) top leadership.

“Logically, a ‘hate group’ should be defined as one whose members 1) actually say that they hate a particular group of people; and/or 2) engage in or condone violence or other illegal activity toward such a group,” an FRC issue brief explained in 2012. “The SPLC, however, uses much broader criteria,” acknowledging that “alleged ‘hate group’ activities include constitutionally protected activities such as ‘marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.’” Furthermore, SPLC “do[es] not distinguish between racist or violent groups and legitimate organizations that participate peacefully in the political process — tarring all with the same label.”

The SPLC union’s Palestine solidarity statement was constitutionally protected speech under the First Amendment. In America, people have the right to be wrong, and to let others know how wrong they are. The fact that the SPLC union’s constitutionally protected statement could conceivably be grounds for putting the organization on their employers’ own “hate group” list — if they were so inclined — only serves to further undermine the organization’s credibility and expose its bizarre definition of “hate” for the fraud that it is.


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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Protests at Moms for Liberty Summit Fueled by SPLC ‘Hate Map’

Moms from across the country have gathered in Philadelphia this weekend for a jam packed Moms for Liberty Joyful Warriors National Summit. The event will be headlined by former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), and other political luminaries — but the real stars are the moms in attendance.

They are the moms who chaperone school field trips and wait with and for kids at the school bus stop. They are the moms who volunteer to run school fundraisers, wipe down lunch tables, tie shoes, read stories, and drive carpool. They are the moms who object to dirty and divisive books in the school library. They are the moms who donate backpacks full of food for the kids who might not get a good meal at home over the weekend. They are the moms you know from your neighborhood, your church, and your school.

They are the moms Southern Poverty Law Center put on their “Hate Map” this year, putting a target on the backs of all moms across the country.

They are the moms who endure being threatened by government officials who demanded that the Museum of the American Revolution kick moms out of the venue. Naturally, Young Communist League, ACT UP Philly, and other radicals heard the dog whistle and sprang into action.

Moms for Liberty attendees must walk through a gauntlet of threats and vile chants just to gather in fellowship at a national summit. This is the real reason for their inclusion on SPLC’s Hate Map. This designation is a signal to radical activists to target their fellow Americans. And don’t forget the SPLC’s radical protest insurance policy: Learning for Justice. Just in case the Hate Map is not enough, SPLC seeks to infiltrate schools across the country with polarizing radical sexual and social justice messages in an attempt to warp the minds of the nation’s children. Moms at the Joyful Warriors Summit are onto them, and insist: we don’t co-parent with the government or progressive political groups.

The rights to speak, to gather, and to protest are basic rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Polarized politics in America today means citizens don’t protest the government’s abuse of our rights as often as we protest our fellow citizens. This kind of division is dangerous when it is based on hate fueled by groups like SPLC and the shock troops they activate. I mean, what national parents conference is complete without protestors tearing up a Bible?

When we see social media posts about this event, they are likely to capture the antics of protestors outside or the much-admired speakers addressing the summit. But I want to make sure you hear from the moms who are there to be together in solidarity. Because at this event, as in life, the moms making things happen in your corner of the world are not necessarily the ones in front of the camera.

A great example of this is my friend Amy Snead, the Moms for Liberty chapter chair from Bedford, Virginia. She shared pictures and described the energy. “The interactions inside this building are joyful and positive. People are networking, getting to know each other, and there is a lot of excitement. There is a unified effort among people who believe the United States is the greatest country in the world and want to work to maintain that. We are laser focused on our mission to defend parental rights at all levels of government. This is truly a nationwide movement with moms leading the charge.”

Meanwhile, outside, there is blaring music and Bible shredding — to “defend democracy.”

California mom Kelly Schenkoske, a presenter at the conference, said, “Being at the Moms for Liberty conference is an honor and an encouragement. I have met wonderful people who care about families and children. What an honor to meet people from all over the country who, despite the hostility they face, continue to stand and lovingly speak up for the protection of children and teens. Outside the conference, I was met with screaming and hostility. These individuals do not know us, and they do not know me. But I was taught to love them and so … despite their words, I have nothing but compassion for the protestors. I am grateful that we live in a nation where we get to speak freely. They have a right to protest, and we have a right to gather and speak as well. What a beautiful gift it is to have freedom.”

Rhode Island mom and Education Center Fellow Nicole Solas shared this: “Don’t be fooled by the woke mob raging outside the Moms For Liberty Summit 2023. Inside the Moms For Liberty Summit the atmosphere is rejuvenating. Mothers like myself eagerly share our stories about advocating for our children’s education and the retaliation that invariably followed. We offer advice and support, laughs and hugs. We don’t all know each other but we know we are all fighting the same war on children and that makes us the same. We stand bravely in front of bright lights and cameras knowing the media will spin our straightforward words into a web of lies. We sit somberly in breakout rooms learning the horrific extent to which our children are sexualized by comprehensive sex education, dehumanized by racialized curriculum, and propagandized to hate America. And then we brainstorm ways to collaborate and defend the liberty of our children and our country. At the end of the day, the hate mob outside is just noise. Inside the summit, we hear very clearly what we have to do, and we remain steadfast.”

America owes a debt of gratitude to Moms for Liberty founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich and they moms they lead. We pray for your safety, the success of this event, and the continued faith-filled work of the Moms for Liberty convening this weekend in Philadelphia. Next week moms will be back at work in our schools, churches, and neighborhoods, doing the things moms do best, with love, faith, and determination.


Meg Kilgannon

Meg Kilgannon is Senior Fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council.


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Orlando Weekly and Hamas-linked CAIR hit CPAC for speaker who opposes jihad violence and Sharia oppression

First, smear opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression as “anti-Muslim.” Invoke the discredited far-Left smear propaganda organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center as if it were an infallible and impartial authority on what constitutes a “hate group.” Present the SPLC’s smears without any substantiating evidence, as if they were unquestionable fact. Throw in the word “extreme,” so as to abet the growing campaign to portray all dissent from the far-left agenda as terrorism.

Then drag in the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), identifying it only as a “civil rights organization,” without bothering to inform your readers that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.) CAIR chapters frequently distribute pamphlets telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement. CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates. CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush in 2017 called for the overthrow of the U.S. government. CAIR’s national outreach manager is an open supporter of Hamas.

Note also that Presler isn’t even set to speak about anything related to Islam or jihad. Hamas-linked CAIR and far-left organs such as Orlando Weekly, or at least its reliably fascist writer Matthew Moyer, want to hound anyone who stands against them to their deaths. If you oppose jihad terrorism, Hamas-linked CAIR won’t just come after you if you ever speak about this in a public forum. It will come after you no matter what you’re doing, and try to intimidate event organizers, in this case CPAC, to drop you for your transgression of Sharia blasphemy provisions. If it were up to the left and Islamic supremacists, their critics would all be unemployed and unemployable, starving to death on the streets (at best). A few years ago I was invited to address an education conference in California that had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam; the hate-filled fascist “Islamophobia” propagandist-turned-real estate agent Nathan Lean got the weak and ignorant Catholic bishop Jaime Soto, under whose auspices the conference was being held, to cancel my appearance. (I spoke at the conference as scheduled, in a venue outside the bishop’s purview.) And also a few years ago, the Washington Post discovered that the Qur’an-burning pastor Terry Jones was driving for Uber; they duly got him fired. I don’t approve of book-burning, but it is not illegal in the United States, and the idea that a man must be hounded forever and prevented from making a living for views that dissent from the left’s reveals what Leftists really are.

So it has been clear for years that if you dissent from leftist orthodoxy, you must be destroyed. Not just “debunked” or “discredited” in your field, but also prevented from doing everything else, so that the only option you have is to die.

This smear of Presler is also ironic in light of the fact that when it comes to the jihad threat, CPAC, like all establishment conservative organizations, left the building years ago, barring all discussion of the actual nature and magnitude of the threat, and opting instead for comforting religion-of-peace fictions. This hit piece on Presler must have the cowardly Matt Schlapp quivering under his desk.

“CPAC speaker called out for anti-Muslim sentiments, and that’s only scratching the surface of this year’s spectacle,”

by Matthew Moyer, Orlando Weekly, February 25, 2021:

Another speaker on the lineup for the conservative mega-gathering CPAC is getting some unwelcome spotlight for anti-Muslim statements and activity, and this is only scratching the surface of the extreme ideologies being trotted out at this week’s event in Orlando.

On Tuesday, civil rights organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on CPAC organizers to remove Scott Presler from their conference lineup.

CAIR points out that Presler had been involved with “ACT for America” from 2017-2018 as an organizer. The Southern Poverty Law Center has characterized that organization as “an anti-Muslim hate group because it pushes wild anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, denigrates American Muslims and deliberately conflates mainstream and radical Islam.”

More recently, Presler was in Washington, D.C., for the Stop the Steal rally and even called the Jan. 6 insurrection the “largest civil rights protest in American history.”

Preslar is scheduled to participate in a group session on Saturday afternoon titled, ironically, “Front Porch Politics: How to Talk About Issues Without Starting a Back Alley Brawl.”

“CPAC organizers should immediately drop anti-Muslim activist Scott Presler, who has actively worked to promote conspiracy theories about American Muslims and Islam,” said CAIR Director of Government Affairs Department Robert S. McCaw. “Presler’s reported role in supporting the January 6 insurrection is enough to disqualify him from being offered a credible speaking platform.”…


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