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Leftist Freed After Double Murderer. He Converts to Islam, Commits Double Murder Again.

Who could have seen this coming?

Just think of leftist policies as fires and activists as arsonists who keep claiming that they’re trying to put out the fires by pouring more gasoline on them. Or think of them as human beings completely lacking in common sense and any concept of consequences. And that’s how you end up with the same old story told and retold again.

The Wednesday in January 2017 when Steven Hawthorne walked out of Stateville Correctional Center, criminal justice advocates hailed it as an ultimate triumph: He was a free man for the first time in 33 years after being sentenced as a teenager to life in prison for the double murder of an alleged neighborhood bully and a bystander.

This would not have been a triumph to any sane person.

At 16, Hawthorne shot and killed two men and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He was released in 2017, after serving 33 years, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled such sentences for juveniles was unconstitutional.

That was Montgomery v. Louisiana, one of a string of unconstitutional nonsense decisions which wrongly claimed that certain kinds of imprisonment violated cruel and unusual punishment. The ‘Montgomery’ in question was a 17-year-old cop killer.

You can thank Roberts for that decision. It was partly rolled back by the new conservative court majority.

Back to Hawthorne though…

Over the next three years, Hawthorne was seen as a successful example of integrating former prisoners into society. He earned a certification for fixing heating and cooling systems. He volunteered at the Bluhm Legal Clinic at Northwestern University, where law students worked to help free him. He was also a big brother figure managing a transitional housing for formerly incarcerated men, a role featured in a Tribune article in 2019.

And you’ll never guess what the double murderer did next.

In February 2020, he was arrested for gun possession. In January, he was arrested after police found five firearms, including an AR-15 rifle, during a traffic stop, according to court records.

Now his run-ins with the law have taken a violent turn. Cook County prosecutors accuse Hawthorne — a former shining example of successful inmate reentry into society — of committing a grisly new double homicide of an ex-girlfriend and her new beau.

Part of the violent attack on April 16, that ended with the woman’s head being crushed with a large rock, was witnessed by the woman’s children, a 3-year-old girl and 5-year-old twins.

What the already politically incorrect story has to tread gently on because it would trip all the woke meters, is that Hawthorne converted to Islam and changed his name to Mustafa.

The imposing 6-foot-3 Hawthorne, who had taken the first name Mustafa, was well respected by the former inmates he helped reintegrate into society and the staff of the charity where he worked.

In fact, he’d made such an impression with his hard work and willingness to pitch in, officials at the Inner City Muslim Action Network, a charity and advocacy group, had begun shifting him toward more community organizing and policy work instead of the more grueling reentry work.

The allegations left his former boss, recently elected 5th Ward Ald. Desmon Yancy, who supervised Hawthorne last year as a former administrator with the Inner-City Muslim Action Network, “shocked and devastated.”

Shocking. Did he learn nothing from the peaceful teachings of the Koran?

Now at age 55, Hawthorne faces a possibility of returning to prison for the remainder of his life for an alleged attack so violent, he was covered in blood when a Chicago police officer tackled and arrested him.

Time to campaign to free him again. Think of what a role model he could be when he’s released after committing two double murders, turns his life around and then kills two other people.

Truly, it would be peak social justice.



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