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New Concerned American Voters Super PAC Launched to Support Rand Paul for President

WASHINGTON, PRNewswire/ — Concerned American Voters, a political action committee supporting Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, launched today with millions of dollars committed and 40 full-time field staff in the key primary state of Iowa, President Jeff Frazeeand Senior Advisor Matt Kibbe announced.

“Once in a while, you discover a presidential candidate who has the potential to change the political conversation, to elevate key issues in voters’ minds, and disrupt and transform a tired Republican brand,” said Kibbe. “Once in a lifetime, maybe, you will have an opportunity to support a transformative candidate who can do all of these things, and win. Rand Paul is that candidate.”

Kibbe is the former president and founder of FreedomWorks, a national community-building and grassroots advocacy organization of more than 6 million Americans who are passionate about promoting free markets and individual liberty. Frazee is executive director of Young Americans for Liberty and previously served as the national youth coordinator for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign committee.

Concerned American Voters launches with millions of dollars in funding pledged so far.

Concerned American Voters is building campaign infrastructure by organizing Rand Paul supporters nationwide and in key primary states, including Iowa, where it has 40 full-time field staffers and has already knocked on the doors of more than 60,000 voters. The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows Rand Paul tied for the lead among Republican voters nationwide. Polls consistently show he is the Republican most competitive against Hillary Clinton, with independents breaking 45 percent to 37 percent for Rand in a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

“Our strategy to elect Rand Paul will maximize the potential of the new rules of politics, which are shifting power away from political insiders and establishment favorites, towards more authentic candidates willing to reach directly to voters,” said Frazee, Concerned American Voters campaign director. “By focusing on grassroots organization, e-marketing and proven Get Out The Vote tactics, Concerned American Voters will give Rand the edge he needs to win the Republican nomination and the general election.”

Frazee added, “The Internet cuts out middlemen, party bosses, lobbyists and bundlers looking for a quid pro quo. This is the dynamic that allowed then-Senate candidate Rand Paul to beat Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked successor in Kentucky in 2010. It’s why Senator Mike Lee was able to defeat 18-year incumbent Republican Senator Robert Bennett in Utah that same year. And it’s how Rand Paul will win the White House in 2016.”

Concerned American Voters has recruited a proven team of professionals who have successfully organized grassroots activists for both the ideas of, and the candidates for, liberty – on the ground and through sophisticated social media targeting online – for years. In addition to Frazee and Kibbe, Concerned American Voters’ leadership group includes Senior Development Advisor Terry Kibbe, who brings 18 years of experiences as a fundraiser for various nonprofit and political causes; Chief Operating Officer Edward King, the former national youth director for Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign; Senior Tech Advisor Steve Oskoui, the founder of Austin-based Internet advertising network Smiley Media; Senior Data Architect Mike Topalovich, the founder of cloud-focused technical and business process expert collective Delivered Innovation; and Senior Tech Strategist Martin Avila, the co-founder of political technology firm Terra Eclipse.

For more information on Concerned American Voters, visit ConcernedAmericanVoters.com.

Ambassador John Bolton’s Super PAC Announces First Independent Expenditure Critiquing Baffled NH Congresswoman Ann Kuster

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Ambassador John Bolton’s Super PAC today released its first advertisement featuring troubling video of New Hampshire Representative Ann Kuster (NH-2) avoiding questions about the Benghazi tragedy and stating that Benghazi is not part of the Middle East.

The digital ad buy is for an initial $30,000 and will run for at least two weeks throughout New Hampshire. To date, the Super PAC has raised a record $3 million and has over $2.5 millioncash on hand.

The ad features Congresswoman Kuster at a town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire, responding to a constituent’s question about House Resolution 36, which at the time would establish a select committee to investigate and report on the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi with, “I don’t have it … It’s a Senate … We’re certainly not here to talk about it. We’re here to talk about the Middle East.” House Resolution 36 was indeed in the House of Representatives, subsequently the House set up a Select Committee on Benghazi.

“That she unable to address her constituents’ questions about the Benghazi tragedy is shocking at best,” said Ambassador John Bolton. “Having a basic understanding of the Middle East and America’s security concerns in Benghazi should be a fundamental qualification to be in Congress and Ann Kuster should know better. New Hampshire deserves an informed representative who isn’t afraid to take a lead on both domestic and foreign affairs.”

The online ad is expected to be viewed by tens of thousands of New Hampshire residents and found across online news sources in NH including the Union Leader and WMUR websites. This is the first of what will be many independent expenditures by the John Bolton Super PAC to ensure that American security is a central factor in the 2014 midterm elections. The Ambassador has not yet endorsed a Republican candidate running in the primary election that is scheduled for September 9, 2014.

In addition to the John Bolton Super PAC, Ambassador Bolton’s PAC has already contributed to U.S. Senate candidates Tom Cotton (AR), Joni Ernst (IA), Terri Lynn Land (MI), and Mitch McConnell (KY), along with U.S. House of Representatives candidates Martha McSally (AZ-2), Barbara Comstock (VA-10), Adam Kinzinger (IL-16), Robert Dold (Il-10), and Mike Pompeo (KA-4). The combined money raised for the two PACs is $4 million to date with nearly $3 million cash on hand.

About John Bolton Super PAC: 

The John Bolton Super PAC will aim to make America’s defense and national security significant factors in federal elections through independent expenditures, campaigns, and issue-oriented education. The Super PAC will not make contributions to candidates, parties, or PACs.