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10/7 Testimony: The murder of Inbar Haiman

Inbar Haiman, 27, was murdered after being abducted by Hamas on October 7th from the Supernova music festival where she was volunteering.

When Hamas attacked, Inbar first hid under a stage with friends and then took cover under a bush where she was found by a pair of Hamas gunmen armed with knives, who hauled her out and placed her on a motorbike.

Eventually, her family and boyfriend received a video posted by Hamas on Telegram, showing Inbar bloodied and beaten, surrounded by four men.

She was murdered while in captivity, and Hamas is still holding her body hostage!

We must not forget this beautiful soul, taken far too early by such monsters.

Bring Inbar home so that her family, and all of Israel may mourn her.

EDITORS NOTE: This Newsrael News Desk column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.