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Maryland: Marxist Teachers Union official makes list of wealthy Jews she calls ‘gluttons and thieves,’ blames Trump

“Fear is leading to censorship. I hope this person gets anti-imperialism and joins us in the struggle … No war but class war!”

No Marxist should be getting anywhere near our schools, but today they’re in control. Meanwhile, this hate-filled creature epitomizes how the Left’s identification with the “Palestinian” jihad — which they cast as a struggle of the brown oppressed against the while oppressor — leads to open Jew-hatred.

Teachers Union Official Compiled List Of Nearby Wealthy Jews, Calling Them ‘Gluttons And Thieves

by Luke Rosiak, DailyWire.com, December 4, 2023:

A Maryland teacher is on leave while the school system investigates her for a string of anti-Semitic social media posts that included creating a list of wealthy Jews in her county, claiming they horde wealth while contributing nothing to society, and calling for “class war.”

Angela Wolf is head of the English Language Development department, which caters to immigrant children, at Takoma Park Middle School, in the most leftist enclave of liberal Montgomery County. Though she was temporarily removed from school, she remains a board member of the Montgomery County Education Association, one of the largest teachers union locals in the country representing 14,000 staff.

Her Facebook posts included a drawing of an Israeli tank pointing a tank’s gun at babies in a hospital NICU, and saying “enemy in sight!” As the war wages against the Hamas terrorists who murdered over 1,200 Israelis on October 7, she has posted frequently against Israel. On November 16, she commended “bus operators at Dulles who refused to transport Zionists to the pro Israel rally,” adding that “their solidarity with the victims of Israeli genocide should be commended.”

On October 28, she shared a post saying, “It is not a war — it is a slaughter. Israel determined to make Gaza uninhabitable.”

In December 2020, well before the conflict in Israel, she wrote:

Four of the five of the billionaires she named are Jewish except Saul, who happens to have a common Jewish name.

In response to criticism, she claimed — referring the the group of people with names like Rubenstein — that she had “no idea these billionaires are Jewish or that my word choice had an [sic] historic significance for the Jewish community. The diatribe against these two words has turned the discussion into a fallacious attack … People are angry at teachers or a particular politician or the poor. I have read no attacks on the 1% … who have NOT ‘earned’ ‘their wealth.’”

She said “they use their accumulated wealth to further their own interests” and blamed their hoarding for students falling behind while teachers unions refused to work because of COVID. “There should be little question that staying home should NOT equal mental health crises for kids and communities angry because school staff also need to be home,” she wrote.

When someone else criticized her for her anti-Semitic posts, she responded by calling former President Donald Trump a “scumbag” and said, “Fear is leading to censorship. I hope this person gets anti-imperialism and joins us in the struggle … No war but class war!”…


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