New York Lawyer in terrorism case: ‘Finding unbiased jurors will be tough because of Trump’s comments’

New York City? This unnamed lawyer thinks that New York City has become a seething hotbed of frothing Islamophobia because of Donald Trump? 9/11 didn’t do it, but a few remarks from The Blowhard-In-Chief, and they’re building a concentration camp on Roosevelt Island?

This lawyer shows the utterly ridiculous lengths to which the Muslim victimhood industry is willing to go in order to deflect attention away from the grim reality of jihad terror. Minh Quang Pham, a convert to Islam, is accused of supporting al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, and his lawyer is whining about Donald Trump. If this legal eagle really wants to know who is responsible for “inciting public fear of Muslims,” if there really is any such fear, the names Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Syed Rizwan Farook, Tashfeen Malik, Nidal Malik Hasan, and a host of others like them spring to mind. But talking about them won’t get Minh Quang Pham sprung.


Minh Quang Pham

“Lawyer in terrorism case says finding unbiased jurors will be hard because of Trump’s comments,” Associated Press, December 30, 2015:

NEW YORK – A lawyer for a man accused in a New York terrorism case is arguing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration into the United States will make it difficult to find unbiased jurors.

Minh Quang Pham is expected to go on trial in federal court in February. The Vietnamese man has pleaded not guilty to supporting al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

A 2012 indictment accuses him of traveling from the United Kingdom to Yemen in 2010 and receiving training from al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

Pham’s lawyer argues in court papers Trump’s statements have become “a rallying cry inciting public fear of Muslims.”…

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Trump: Mr. Right Now — Cruz: Mr. Right

My 87 year old black dad is a baby conservative. After several years of me printing out my articles and mailing them to him, Dad finally realized his loyalty to Democrats was not only misguided, but was actually destructive to blacks. Thus, I have become Dad’s Conservatism coach.

He phoned me with a chuckle in his voice, “What do you think about Donald Trump?” Dad was referring to Trump’s comment about restricting Muslims from entering our country for awhile.

Despite my efforts to guide him to conservative media, Dad still gets his news from the MSM; a fan of Don Lemon at CNN. Consequently, Dad has been taught by the MSM that all opposition to Leftists implementing their liberal socialist/progressive agenda is racism or hate.

While on the stepping machine at the gym, one of the TVs was on CNN. CNN featured numerous panel discussions purposed to portray Trump as a racist ignorant SOB for suggesting a temporary ban on Muslims entering our country. The truth is there is historical precedent for Trump’s proposal. It is a common sense precaution to protect Americans. Still, the MSM foolishly hoped Trump’s Muslim ban proposal would be the final nail in his presidential hopeful coffin.

I told Dad that despite the MSM’s best efforts to destroy Trump, his poll numbers continue to skyrocket.

I offered Dad a parable. Imagine that you were starving. A gruff burly un-bathed biker comes along and gives you food. You would ignore the biker’s rough-edges and foul odor, right? Dad said, “Yes, I would say praise the Lord.” I said, “Dad, the American people are starving for a renewal of America’s greatness.” I recited a list of Obama’s lies and anti-American policies. I informed Dad to how voters have been betrayed by Republicans, reneging on their vow to push back against Obama’s lawless implementation of his socialist/progressive agenda.

So along comes Donald Trump promising starving Americans a feast of renewed American greatness. Starving excited voters with forks in hand ready to eat, crossing all demographics, have taken a seat at Trump’s table. I explained to Dad that Ted Cruz is Donald Trump without the slightly unpleasant smell. Please do not get me wrong folks. I am not dissing Trump. I am merely interjecting a bit of humor. I would enthusiastically give Trump my vote if he became the GOP presidential nominee.

All I am saying is Ted Cruz is a true conservative who offers all the boldness, fearlessness and promises of Trump but with presidential gravitas and moral authority.

Confronting the arrogance of Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch, Cruz has once again proven he will take no prisoners when standing up for liberty and the American people.

In a nutshell, despite the most recent Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino in which 14 Americans were murdered, Lynch has decreed that she will throw anyone in jail who dares to speak badly about Muslims.

The first of several outrages that popped up in my mind is how Lynch and Obama have ignored Black Lives Matter’s bold clarion call to blacks to kill cops and crackers (white people). Hundreds at a BLM rally marched down a NY street chanting, What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” 

Well, my man Ted Cruz immediately jumped into Lynch’s case. Cruz scolded Lynch and Obama.

We see Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, promising in the wake of this terrorist attack – does she come out and say, ‘We’re going to track down the terrorists and kill them’?

No, she says prosecute anyone that has the temerity to stand up and speak against radical Islamic terrorism.

Well, let me tell you right now, radical Islamic terrorism is evil.”

Then Cruz jumped into Obama’s case – addressing his absurd arrogant accusation.

Mr. President, there is not a moral equivalence between radical Islamic terrorists and Christians and Jews.

One has a philosophy from day one of murdering those who they consider infidels; the other preach love and forgiveness and standing together as one humanity.

And let me say beyond that in the United States, we will not enforce Sharia Law.

And Madam attorney general, if you wanna come prosecute me for executing my First Amendment rights, come and get me, I’m right here! 

Folks, if that doesn’t get your blood going and have you standing up and cheering, nothing will. Cruz’s rant was bold, and yet, dignified, morally straight and presidential.

Donald Trump is Mr Right Now. Sen Ted Cruz is the real-deal Mr Right; prayerfully our next Mr President.

Poll: 61% Believe NRA’s Firearms Policies Make America Safer

In this News Minute video from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Jennifer Zahrn reports that a Rasmussen poll released this week found that 61 percent of Americans agree that the NRA’s position on gun rights protect them.

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Al Jazeera Reporter Endorses Terrorists

Why is Ahmad Zaidan, Al Jazeera’s Islamabad bureau chief, tacitly endorsing a terrorist organization?

In an op-ed for Al Jazeera’s English website on June 2, entitled “Nusra Front’s quest for a united Syria,” Zaidan writes that the Islamist militant rebel group in Syria is distancing itself from Al-Qaeda and “positioning itself as the natural heir of jihadi ideology.”

The Al Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s offshoot in Syria, is one of the largest, most powerful and best-organized rebel groups fighting the Assad regime, and in December 2012 it landed on the U.S. State Department List of Terrorist Organizations. Officially designated as an alias of Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra was branded for the more than 600 attacks it had claimed responsibility for since November 2011, many of which had taken the lives of innocent Syrian civilians. Recent victories as part of a rebel coalition against the Assad regime in the northwest province of Idlib have further bolstered Al Nusra and strengthened the group’s leadership position among Syria’s anti-government forces.

Zaidan’s bias in favor of Nusra is clear almost immediately, when he notes that when he was covering Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, his “hosts” from those two terror organizations never offered him more than “simple tea and bread for breakfast,” whereas his Al Nusra hosts had generously laid out a “dozen dishes” for him. However, his appreciation of a wider range of breakfast options quickly turns to using his position as a leading reporter for the most influential news network in the Middle East — and the larger Muslim world — essentially to act as a mouthpiece for Al Nusra.

Ahmad Zaidan, Al Jazeera’s Islamabad bureau chief, is shown here reporting from Damascus, Syria. (Image source: Al Jazeera video screenshot)

Zaidan recounts and quotes extensively from a separate interview conducted by Al Jazeera Arabic on May 27 with Al Nusra’s leader, Abu Mohammad al-Jolani, to emphasize differences between Jolani’s leadership tactics and those of Al-Qaeda under Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Zaidan writes that Jolani “defies al-Qaeda’s legacy of going after minorities,” highlighting a promise from Jolani that if the Alawites (an offshoot sect of Shia Islam to which Syria’s ruling family and many of its supporters belong) were to abandon the Assad regime, they “would be welcome” in a new Syria.

Jolani, according to Zaidan, also promised that Druze communities in Syria would be protected; as a result of that statement, he has received support from Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Lebanese Druze.

The problem with Zaidan’s translation of the interview with Jolani from Arabic to English is that he leaves out a critical caveat that Jolani made regarding protection of the Alawites, considered by many Sunni Islamists, including Al-Qaeda and Al Nusra, not to be true Muslims, but apostates of Islam. A Guardian article, reporting on Jolani’s interview with Al Jazeera, accurately translated Jolani’s relevant quote as: “If the Alawites leave their religion and leave Bashar al-Assad, we will protect them.” [Emphasis added.]

Zaidan seemingly manipulated the original quote to obscure that Al Nusra is, in fact, not tolerant of other religions or religious minorities, and that only religious conversion would allow Alawites to remain safely in Syria under Al Nusra leadership.

Also absent from Zaidan’s characterization of Al Nusra as more tolerant than Al-Qaeda, is any mention of Syria’s significant Christian minority, which makes up about 10% of the population.

The Guardian article, however, does translate Jolani’s remarks on Christians; his words are far from accepting. The Guardian paraphrases Jolani as saying that “in a future state ruled by Islamic law, the financially capable would pay ‘jizya,’ or tax reserved for non-Muslims.”

Zaidan’s misleading translation and editing of Jolani’s interview reveal more than bias: they demonstrate a violation of a basic principle of journalistic ethics: not to manipulate quotes from sources in a way that fundamentally changes their meaning. Zaidan has done just that — and to support a terrorist organization, no less.

Many who commented on Zaidan’s article noticed his deceitful omission. Journalist Evan Hill, who speaks Arabic and has covered the Middle East for both Al Jazeera and the Guardiantweeted, “Is it me or does Zaidan leave out the part of the Alawite quote where he said ‘give up your beliefs’?”

Having less-than-subtly revealed his support for Al Nusra, Zaidan continues sounding off as an unofficial media spokesman for the group. He cites “recent leaks” that Al Nusra leaders have decided to leave “the al-Qaeda umbrella and operate exclusively as a Syrian party aiming to establish an Islamic State,” although a public announcement of such a break has yet to happen.

According to Zaidan, “[S]uch a move, whenever made, would not only satisfy Nusra’s followers,” of which Zaidan certainly seems to be one; it would “also pull the carpet from under the feet of ISIL.” In other words, as his article’s subtitle, “Nusra Front is positioning itself as the natural heir of jihadi ideology,” makes clear, Al Nusra sees itself as the group that will upstage the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) to control Islamist jihadi ideology in Syria — hardly a comforting alternative to Assad and ISIS.

The Middle East — especially Syria and Iraq — needs a great deal of humanitarian aid just now; what it does not need is competition between brutal, seventh century-styled Islamic states. Nevertheless, Zaidan seems to be of the opinion that the way to take down ISIS is a competing caliphate.

Certainly, the half-hearted U.S.-led strategy for fighting ISIS has thus far failed to produce any promising signs that ISIS is on the retreat — especially since the loss of Ramadi in Anbar province last month. Leaving terrorist groups to duke it out, however, has also failed to end the conflict.

The excuse Zaidan offers for his support of Al Nusra is that the international community — as well as any non-Islamist rebel forces on the ground in Syria — have failed to help citizens under siege from the Assad regime, and that these failures have led to increased sympathy among the population for Islamist rebel groups who “exercise real power.”

While this is an accurate, although overly simple, assessment of the situation in Syria, it hardly seems a sufficient reason for Zaidan, as a leading reporter for a major global news network, with unparalleled media influence in the Muslim world, to endorse the cause of a terrorist organization.

To Zaidan, however, not only is the current situation in Syria reason enough to throw his support behind Al Nusra, it is also a reason to chastise the United States for not having already gotten on the group’s bandwagon. Comparing Al Nusra to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Zaidan writes: “Washington used to depict the PLO as a terrorist outfit — but then took a U-turn.” Zaidan’s use of the word “depict” is telling; to him, Al Nusra is not a terrorist group; rather it is unfairly being labeled one by the United States.

Instead, he suggests that the U.S. should repeat history and change its tactics toward Al Nusra. However, this change would entail the U.S. supporting a group that does not believe in religious tolerance even among Muslims; that views Christians as second-class citizens, and that uses terrorist tactics, including the attempted use of chemical weapons, in its fighting against the Assad regime, just as the regime has done.

Zaidan draws another parallel to support Al Nusra: between Al Nusra and the Taliban in Afghanistan. He notes that the group was “once the main target of the US military, but is not currently designated as a ‘terrorist organization’ by either the UN, UK or the US.” Finally, he reminds his readers that Washington no longer brands “Hezbollah or Iranian Quds Force’s Qassem Soleimani” as terrorists.

Zaidan argues that since the United States has changed relationships with these current or former terrorist organizations, it should take another extremely dangerous militant Islamist group off its terrorist list.

However, Zaidan’s comparisons should raise concerns about whom the Obama administration designates as terrorists — or even chooses as strategic partners: If these groups are not America’s enemies, who is?

Zaidan proceeds to call the Obama administration hypocritical for supporting “alien” Shia militias “fighting on behalf of Baghdad,” but not demonstrating the same support for “Syrian fighters — such as those who make up Nusra’s ranks” waging war against Assad. Again, Zaidan’s argument should give the White House pause as to whom the U.S. is partnering with in Iraq. Iranian-backed Shia militias, while they may be committed to fighting ISIS, can hardly be considered long-term partners for a stable Iraq.

In his closing thoughts, Zaidan makes a half-hearted attempt to mention the importance of “tolerance” and “build[ing] bridges” in Syria, although given his support for a group whose goal is supposedly to convert everyone to its extremist brand of Sunni Islam or force discriminating taxes on them, honest reconciliation does not seem to be a priority for him.

More alarming than Zaidan’s support for Al Nusra and his editorial dishonestly is that Al Jazeera allowed this article to be published. Zaidan is entitled to express his opinions, regardless of how unsettling they might be. This was, after all, an op-ed piece; the disclaimer at the bottom clearly states that the views presented in the article do not represent the views of Al Jazeera. So while Al Jazeera should not have censored Zaidan for the content of his piece, it was irresponsible and unethical to have published an article that, through deceitful editing practices, grossly misrepresents Al Nusra’s ideology.

As for Zaidan, whatever sympathies he may have for Al Nusra, his loyalty to the ethics of his profession and his responsibility to his readers evidently do not outweigh his loyalties to a terrorist organization.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council website.

BUSTED: Grover Norquist sponsored Terror Rally

A newly discovered document proves that Grover Norquist, top GOP money-man, sponsored on October 23rd, 2000 an anti-Israel pro-HAMAS and pro-Hezbollah rally in front of the White House in Lafayette Park. The rally was run and led by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi who pleaded guilty to financing terrorism and conspiracy to assassinate then-Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.  Al-Amoudi is currently serving a 23 year sentence in federal prison. Al-Amoudi who is co-founder of the Islamic Institute with Grover Norquist is seen on video in the Oct 23rd rally screaming his support for al-Qaeda and Hezbollah both of which are specially designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO).

The newly discovered DOCUMENT FOUND on the Islamic Institutes website in their weekly Friday brief demonstrably proves that Norquist’s organization was the organizational and CONTACT body for the EVENT dubbed: “March and Rally in Washington Against Israeli Aggression,” and states:

On October 23, 2000, there will be a march and rally in front of the White House in Washington, D.C., to protest Israel’s aggression against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its escalating use of violence toward the Palestinian people.

The march and rally are being organized by the National Task Force for the Crisis in Jerusalem (NTFCJ), a coalition of national American Muslim organizations of which the Islamic Institute is a part. The march BEGINS at 11:00 a.m. at Freedom Plaza, and will move to Lafayette Park in front of the White House where a rally will BEGIN at 12:00pm.

It is highly important that the Muslim community in the U.S. demonstrates a show of solidarity by attending this event. A strong presence will emphasize the call of American Muslims for peace and justice in Jerusalem and Palestine. Buses are being chartered nationwide to bring supporters to Washington.

For further information, CONTACT the Islamic Institute via phone or e-mail, or the American Muslim Council at (202) 789-2262.

MEMBERS of the NTFCJ are: the American Muslim Council, the American Muslim Alliance, American Muslims for Jerusalem, the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Islamic Circle of North AMERICA, the Islamic Institute, the Islamic Society of North AMERICA, the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Muslim Student Association.

When asked by Glenn Beck if he (Grover Norquist) sponsored the event Norquist replied that it was a mistake by and intern and that his organization, the Islamic Institute, had no DIRECT involvement or planning of the rally – a DIRECT contradiction of the Organizations weekly brief.

Clearly the Islamic Institute was the primary sponsor, primary planner, primary organizer and primary leader of the anti-Israel in October of 2000 and in possible violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2339A – Providing material support to terrorists.

The United West has completed a comprehensive counter-influence operation on Capitol Hill and now takes a few minutes to reflect on the successful program. Join Tom and Mark as they share some “inside” thoughts and processes which help viewers and listeners understand some elements necessary for defeating the Muslim Brotherhood in America!

On Monday April 13th and Tuesday 14th, 2015 Muslim Terrorists walking around the United States Congress demanded that our elected Representatives change federal law thereby making it harder to investigate Muslim terrorists. I know, crazy stuff, but it is happening right in broad daylight! THANK Allah that we at The United West are experts at investigating Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and exposing their influence operations for all Americans to understand and properly respond. To accomplish this we are launching a five-part investigative series entitled: “Muslim Terrorists Lobby 114th Congress.”

Our four part series focuses on what the Members of the 114th Congress should do when the terrorists ENTER their offices. And what is that? THROW THEM OUT THE DOOR! Why in the world should an elected Member of Congress give any time to KNOWN terrorists who have a written agenda that includes destroying the essence of the Capitol building in which they are meeting! Watch this show as it is FULL of critically important information to help all Americans properly, professionally and legally DEFEAT this Muslim Brotherhood political influence operation.

The One and Only Way To Defeat Islamic Based Terrorism

SAKR ShariaThink of the following words for one second only and then give a one word description of the first thought that enters your mind:

1. Nazi
Now for the second word:
2. Hitler
Now for the third word:
3. Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bomber)
Now for the fourth word:
4. Child Rapist
The fifth and final word:
5. Islam

I have given this little test to several people over the last few years. The vast majority of them respond with a very negative description for the words Nazi, Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and Child Rapist.

The response is quiet different when they describe with one word Islam. Ten years ago, when I first began giving this test, people were told to describe Islam in one word. The typical responses were: Misunderstood, Religion, Mohammed, Middle East, and Shariah. The responses of people who have taken the test in the last year has grown to a more harsh description of the word Islam, but not to the point of being as harsh as the words Nazi, Hitler, McVeigh, or Child Rapist.

In order to defeat Islamic based terrorism the mindset of people must change their thoughts and descriptions of of the word Islam to be similar to their descriptions of Nazi, Hitler, McVeigh and Child Rapist’s. This can only be accomplished if the American and world media, politicians, senior law enforcement, teachers, corporations, Christian and Jewish leaders, and the American president begin branding ‘Islam’ as what it truly is: violent, dangerous, filthy, evil, Mohammed the Child Rapist, and the major threat to the free world.

During my four decades of studying the Middle East, the Arabic language and Islam, I went through various phases of my descriptions of Islam and it’s founder Prophet Mohammed. The primary difference between the vast majority of people and myself is that I rolled through the phases at a much faster rate. I went from thinking Islam was a religion of peace, to describing Islam with the most vulgar terms humanely imaginable. My description of Islam came to a head about two years before the tragic events of 9/11. I began calling Islam for what it is (vulgar and disgusting) and did not hold back.

My change about Islam and Mohammed was not made lightly and without vast amounts of thought, first-hand research, and absorbing thousands upon thousands of manuals, books,
audio recordings, and videos produced by Muslims and Islamic leaders across the world. In essence I did not rely on self described experts of Islam and terrorism. Instead I became self educated basing my thoughts on what Islamic leaders were advocating to their followers worldwide. I visited several countries throughout the Middle East, visited mosques in the Middle East, and went to the front lines in 2003 when Operation Iraqi freedom started. I interviewed hundreds of Muslims while in the Middle East (to include members of Islamic based terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda).

Since my return to America I have conducted research inside the Muslim Brotherhood National Headquarters in Washington D.C. (CAIR National). I have conducted first-hand research in over 275 mosques in America.

Contrary to what Islamic leaders and organizations such as CAIR say that Islam is a very complex and complicated ideology to understand, the understanding of Islam is rather easy. Billions of Muslims across the world claim to have worshiped, studied and understand their religion. Millions of Muslims to this day can’t read or write, and have very little schooling of any type. The conclusion is it does not take a genius to understand ‘true’ Islam. The only qualification you must have is to begin with an open mind and study everything Islamic you can get your hands on.

The violent actions of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups is based solely on what their Prophet Mohammed taught over 1400 years ago. The teachings of Prophet Mohammed are taught in every mosque, Islamic school, and even in our public schools. Islamic leaders are very firm on their stance that Prophet Mohammed is the example for all of mankind to follow.

Prophet Mohammed in actuality had the same qualities of Adolph Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and the same immoralities as evil child rapists across the world have. Mohammed taught the hatred of Jews and Christians, the use of violent force to convince people to follow Islam, and he was a rapists of small children during his 50 plus years of life.

Based on my current descriptions of Islam and Mohammed, I have been labeled an Islamaphobe, hater, racist, and war monger. The truth is I respect and love anyone who is a good person and has no thoughts about killing innocent people, destroying Israel or any country that supports Israel, and more importantly I love and respect any person regardless of race, religion, or culture who advocate and promote the love and caring for the children throughout the world. Contrary if you put plans in place to destroy the free world by using force to meet an objective of forming an Islamic caliphate worldwide and under Shariah law, then you have incurred my hatred for you and your ideology. I will use what little power I have to attempt to destroy your ideology.

I close by stating the media, politicians, Jewish and Christian leaders, and the American president must start a campaign to BRAND Islam as violent, dangerous, immoral, and an ideology that abuses innocent girls and women. The world is on the brink of disaster due to the ideology of Islam and the lack of world leaders to describe Islam just as they would Nazi, Hitler, McVeigh, and Child Rapists. Islam has all of the horrible qualities and is 100 times more dangerous than the disgusting Hitler.

Islamic based terrorism cannot be defeated by air-power, boots on the ground, diplomacy, or even by using nuclear bombs on Islamic terrorist camps around the world. As long as our American president,the media, so called counter-terrorism experts and others describe Islam with nice words such as Islam has been hijacked, only radical Muslims commit terrorist acts, and that the Prophet Mohammed is a man to follow, then we will in our lifetime be condemned to a life of misery, fear, and violence in the name of Islam.

Keep in mind that if you express your views as I have, you will be labeled as a hater and racist. You will be attacked from the left and right, Islamic terrorists, and even your American president will label you as the primary threat to world peace.

If you love America, Israel, the free world, and innocent children, then you will put them ahead of your own safety and comforts of life.

World in Chaos – Obama Clueless

After last night’s State of the Union address, it’s official, President Obama and his team of “brilliant” advisers live in a DIFFERENT UNIVERSE!

Are we crazy or does it seem that our President is the Captain of the Titanic polishing the brass as the screaming women and children are sliding past him into the freezing North Atlantic.

Though many soft-headed lefties judge the validity of the President’s remarks by the brightness of his choppers we here at The United West call see past the radiance of his smile, a smile that bespeaks the instability of Mr. Obama, his team and the mess they are creating world-wide.

On today’s show we look at the terrorist attack in Israel, the fall of Yemen and bold face lies of President Obama’s brain, Valerie Jarrett. Helping us navigate these tremendous waters are two experts from Israel, Michael Ganone and Arie Egozi.


“Palestinian” stabs 12 in Tel Aviv bus jihad attack

Valerie Jarrett explains why Obama won’t say “Islamic” terrorism: there are other kinds of terrorism, too

Obama’s SOTU: “We continue to reject offensive stereotypes of Muslims”

Why we’re losing against Islamists

As we reported here, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has contacted our U.S. senators advising them not to vote for restoring crippling sanctions against Iran. I reviewed recent history to find a similar case — with little success. I wish someone would give a little advice to Prime Minister Cameron that our foreign policy isn’t exactly a place for his influence. Maybe the good British PM should pay attention to what’s happening in his own country.

As reported by the UK Telegraph, “A convicted al-Qaida terror fundraiser with links to the Paris attacks is residing in the UK after using the Human Rights Act to prevent his deportation back to his native Algeria”

“Baghdad Meziane, who was jailed for 11 years in 2003 for running a terror support network, has successfully staved off Home Office attempts to deport him – despite the Government’s repeated insistence that he constitutes “a danger to the community of the United Kingdom.”

Meziane was a close associate of Djamel Beghal, a convicted terrorist who mentored two of the Paris attackers while they were in jail together. The pair lived close to each other in Leicester and Meziane, 49, once supplied Beghal with a false passport allowing him to travel to an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. The Home Office has attempted to remove Meziane, a father of two children born in the UK, for almost six years following his release from jail in 2009. However, it has been thwarted by Meziane’s claim that his deportation would breach his human right to a family life and that he might face torture if sent home.”

Folks, this is why we’re not going to be able to win this fight against Islamo-fascism, Islamic terrorism, and jihadism — we ain’t got the stomach, the intestinal fortitude.

How is it that a “Human Rights Act” could be used by a convicted and imprisoned jihadist fundraiser? What about the human rights of the victims of the actions he sought to fund?

I repeat, what in God’s holy name is going on, Mr. Cameron? Of course, we in America must ask the same of our own President Obama who is releasing terrorists back onto the battlefield. And of course the two of “youz guys” want us to go easy on Iran. Is there something in the tea you’re both drinking? Lay off the fruit-flavored stuff and go back to the Earl Grey.

Seriously, can someone explain to me this situation? Why should we be concerned with the family situation of a known al-Qaida terror fundraiser? What care do Islamic terrorists have for the families of those they kill? And here we are facing an issue with his deportation?

You see, this is why I’m concerned with giving ID cards to illegals here in the United States. And remember it was the progressive socialist left who went apoplectic when I advanced the idea that any Imam, Cleric, or Mullah — anyone found supporting an Islamic jihadist in America should be deported.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The featured image is of Baghdad Meziane.

Islam’s Struggle Against Cartoon Terrorism Offline

Western terror labs have finally produced a weapon so horrific that it has shaken Islamic world to the core, making over a billion people from Morocco to Indonesia fear for the survival of their freedoms, morals, beliefs, cultures, governments, and the very life itself.

The new weapon of terror, the so-called “Cartoon,” is capable of delivering an equivalent of one million Hiroshima bombs, resulting in a horrendous mass destruction like none seen on Earth before.Ahmed Jihad of the Qatar-funded charity Make Bombs, Not Cartoons sadly stated that “This is the end of a tenuous peace between Muslims and Infidels, with only the occasional beheading, open market suicide bomb, or fiery suicide plane mission.”

Howard Dean and John Kerry launch investigation to determine the extent to  which Bush knew about the cartoons prior to their publication.

“I see no way to combat this horrific infidel weapon other than by balanced, fair, and rational hostage-taking, bomb-throwing, and embassy-burning, based on strict Islamic law and mutual understanding of our common goal, which is the Islamization of Earth,” Mr. Jihad added. “These methods have proven efficient in dealing with the West in the past.”Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have been clandestinely working on the “Mother of All Erasers,” in an attempt to control the budding menace of cartoon proliferation.

“You can kill one infidel with a sword, but if he has already published a Mohammed cartoon, the cat is out of the fire, so to speak. With our new eraser technology, we may stand a chance at eliminating the cartoons before the damage is done,” said Rabid Habibi, a member of People for the Unethical Treatment of Infidels.

People for the Unethical Treatment of Infidels: Stop cartoon proliferation before it destroys this wonderful green planet. of ours!

French, German, and U.K. politicians have already promised to deliver any wayward cartoonists to the proper authorities for beheading.

Said English foreign secretary Jack Straw, “We stand with our Islamist brethren on the precipice of an escalation from the current calm discourse to a world in which cartoons are free to offend willy-nilly, resulting in the need for retaliation against infidels on a broad scale. We in the West understand this, and will do our part to maintain the peace.”

In the U.S., Howard Dean and John Kerry plan to hold special hearings on the matter, and are proposing a bill criminalizing the depiction of all Islamic religious figures.

A probe is underway to determine the extent to which the Bush Administration knew about these cartoons prior to their publication.

Ohio: Muslim “armed with knives” attempts to stab police at Columbus airport

He tried to stab a police officer. A search of his car turned up “suspicious items.” The Islamic State recently called upon Muslims in the West to attack police, and we have seen Muslims attack police recently in Canada and New York City. “Man armed with knives killed by police at Ohio airport: cops,” Sasha Goldstein, New York Daily News, January 8, 2015 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

41-year-old Ohio man armed with several knives tried to buy a plane ticket with a fake ID before being gunned down by police after lunging at an officer with a blade outside the Columbus airport, police said.

Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed had parked illegally outside the ticketing terminal and was acting bizarrely as he tried to buy a ticket to an undisclosed location Wednesday afternoon. He showed off a woman’s ID to try and make the buy at one point before he was rebuffed, cops said.

Airport police called a tow truck to remove the illegally parked vehicle from the departures lane just before 1 p.m. Wednesday when Abdul-Rasheed returned.

“The man initially spoke with the officer then suddenly produced a knife and lunged at the officer, attempting to stab him,” the Port Columbus International Airport said in a statement. “The officer fired at the suspect, who momentarily dropped to the ground and then got back up and continued advancing towards the officer. A backup officer responded at which point the suspect quickly moved towards him with the knife forcing the officer to retreat backwards towards the terminal entrance where a third officer was positioned. The third officer shot multiple times, striking the suspect, ending the attack.”

When cops searched Abdul-Rasheed’s body, they discovered “additional knives.” Police called in a bomb squad to investigate the car and a search turned up “suspicious items,” officials said.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video, police said. The shooting remains under investigation.

The disturbance caused some delays of just over an hour and an area of the ticketing lobby was closed off as the car was searched for explosives.

Police haven’t described the man’s motive….

Yes, what could his motive be? It’s totally baffling!


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Was the Perpetrator of the Sydney Lindt Café Terror Attack “Mentally Unstable”?

Neither the late Katrina Dawson, 38, mother of three and a rising star in the Sydney bar or regular patrons thought anything out of the ordinary having a morning coffee at the Lindt Café in Martin Place, the heart of the city’s business and financial district. Neither did the other patrons, whether they were regulars, Christmas shoppers or tourists. At 9:42AM Monday, December 16, 2014 a bearded man wearing a head band with an Arabic inscription, clothed in a long white tee shirt entered carrying a blue bag causing terror. He extracted from the bag a pump shot gun and a Hizb ut-Tahrir black flag with the white inscription of the Islamic Shahada, “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.” He then asked the terrified patrons to stand against one of the windows with hands pressed against a window facing Channel 7 across the way holding the Shahada flag.  The 16 hour standoff ended when police Swat teams entered early Tuesday, December 16th amidst exploding flash bang grenades and semi-automatic gunfire. This occurred after a sniper reported “hostage down.”

The perpetrator of the hostage taking was self-styled Muslim Cleric, 50 year old Man Haron Monis, who was eventually  shot dead.

Unfortunately Ms. Dawson and Lindt Café manager, 34 year old Tori Johnson, were killed. Johnson had tried to seize the perpetrator’s weapon. Five others were wounded including a policeman whose head was hit by shotgun pellets, the others suffered gunshot wounds. Earlier in the hostage standoff, two patrons and three Lindt café workers escaped when the perpetrator nodded off.

The shock was that this could happen in broad daylight and according to Australian PM Tony Abbott, it was “the worst terrorist incident in 35 years in Australia.” The largest terror event was Australia’s “9/11” that occurred in Bali, Indonesia on October 10, 2002. 200 Australians lost their lives when an Indonesian Al Qaeda affiliate bombed a popular tourist nightspot. Hundreds of Sydneysiders poured out expressions of mourning with memorial floral tributes placed at the Lindt café site praying to comfort the loss of Ms. Dawson and Mr. Johnson and those injured in the explosive shoot out that ended the hostage stand off.

Monis, the perpetrator, was an Iranian national who had been given asylum as a political refugee in 1996 by Australia. He was a self-styled Muslim cleric who ran a so-called spiritual health center. He was notoriously well known to Sydneysiders. He had been the subject of more 40 charges of sexual assault. He was free on bail but facing charges as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife, 30 year old Noleen Hayson Pal by Monis’ companion, Amirah Droudis, a convert to Islam who left her Greek Orthodox faith. Monis’ ex- wife was stabbed more than 30 times and lit on fire in the stairwell of an apartment complex in April 2013. Ironically, Monis might have been thwarted from his lethal spectacle in Sydney, had he been remanded to police custody.

Monis had, in earlier years, raised the public ire of Australians for letters sent to the families of Australian soldiers killed in the Afghanistan war, accusing their sons of committing genocide against civilians. He was sentenced to 300 hours of community service for this action. One deceased Jewish Australian soldier’s family was told in their letter from Monis that “Jews were no better than Hitler.”

Monis, while originally raised as a Shia in Iran, recanted his sect and allegedly recently converted to become a Sunni Muslim. He could be seen on the streets of Sydney in a Sharia compliant gabila with white turban, and girded in chains parading with handmade posters accusing New South Wales police and prosecutors of violating his human rights. Monis’ lawyer, Manny Conditsis said he may have been “unhinged about the prospect of more jail time” and had “nothing to lose.” Conditsis defended his late client’s allegations of being tortured while in custody, found him extremely fundamentalist but “not a jihadist.” Conditsis contended the only reason that Monis walked free until trial was the alleged poor case the New South Wales prosecutors put on in court.

Monis, in his new role as a Sunni extremist wanted to create a spectacle. He seized the opportunity to carry out his jihad against the innocent patrons and staff at the Lindt Café in Sydney’s financial district. He had nothing to lose; he was free awaiting a court appearance in February of 2015.

After all, if ISIS could behead Muslims and infidels, more recently Christian children, in Syria and Iraq, then Monis could kill his infidels in Sydney’s Martin Place. ISIS had urged local Jihadis down under to follow in the way of Allah.

Tolerant Australians fearful of retribution against the country’s estimated 500,000 Muslims established a ride sharing social media message, #IllRideWithYou. Prime Minister Abbott, who called Monis “mentally unstable,” said:

It was an appalling and ugly tragedy. This is a very disturbing incident. It is profoundly shocking that innocent people should be held hostage by an armed person claiming political motivation.

CBS Newcited earlier efforts by Australian counterterrorism officials concerned about an ISIS spokesman specifically targeting Australians:

Australia’s government raised the country’s terror warning level in September in response to the domestic threat posed by supporters of the Islamic State group, also known as ISIL. Counterterror law enforcement teams later conducted dozens of raids and made several arrests in Australia’s three largest cities – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. One man arrested during a series of raids in Sydney was charged with conspiring with an Islamic State leader in Syria to behead a random person in Sydney.

In September, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani issued a message urging attacks abroad, specifically mentioning Australia.

There were the usual cries of “lone wolf” by Australian and US counterterrorism experts and news commentators. Former CIA deputy director, Michael Morell, a CBS news contributor on national security, said social media facilitated the directives from ISIS.

Against this background we reached out to renowned forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Welner, Chairman of The Forensic Panel, to present his professional assessment of  the Sydney Lindt Café terror episode. He has been the lead examiner in a range of highly complex and high profile criminal and murder cases, including the Guantanamo military tribunal that convicted Canadian Al Qaeda operative, Omar Khadr.

Dr. Welner is sought out in particular because of his ability to go beyond the customary bromides served up following major disasters and deaths and complex legal proceedings, including terrorist events. Readers are familiar with our recent interview of Dr. Welner on jihadist recruitment in American prisons in the October NER.

Watch this recent CNN interview with Dr. Welner discussing whether mental illness motivated  the Sydney terror incident and the assassination of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn by a convicted felon:

We reflected on Australian Prime Minister Abbott’s depiction of Sheikh Monis as “mentally unstable” and wondered what insights Dr. Welner might have into the evidence now available of the Lindt Café tragedy.

Jerry Gordon

Jerry Gordon:  Dr. Welner thank you for consenting to this interview.

Dr. Michael Welner

Dr. Michael Welner:  My pleasure, as always.

Jerry Gordon:  Australians are  grief stricken over the tragic hostage standoff with loss of lives and injuries on the  early morning of December 16th at the Lindt Café in downtown Sydney. It was perpetrated by an Iranian political refugee, a self styled Muslim cleric, Man Huron Monis, killed in the police action. Australian PM Tony Abbott suggested the perpetrator Monis was “mentally unstable” was that the case in your professional opinion?

Dr. Michael Welner:  The first thing one has to establish in such questions, is:

1) What is the nature of the crime; and

2) How do the perpetrator’s actions relate to his customary behavior and his customary ideas.

Monis declared his allegiance to and influence by ISIS with the first words of his announced hostage-taking, after calmly sitting with other patrons and staff in the Lindt Café without any remarkable behavior. The hostage-taking had little to do with the Lindt Café and more with what was across the street, Channel Seven. This brought Monis instant hyper exposure that then drew in the coverage of other competing news networks, and with that, international news. Monis’ demands principally related to attention from the Prime Minister and acknowledgment of his actions in the name of ISIS. Sheikh Monis (as he was known by other Muslim elders in Sydney who identified him as such) neither killed, demanded money, nor the release of prisoners, nor his own safe passage. After a long standoff in which he injured no hostages, he began falling asleep whereupon he was attacked by a manager who was himself killed by Monis’ gun as they struggled for it. Police intervening in the ensuing chaos then reportedly killed Sheikh Monis and one other hostage.

In October, Canadian Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot an unarmed Canadian soldier outside a war memorial in Ottawa. Martin Rouleau-Couture ran over an Army officer with his car in Quebec. Both incidents happened soon after ISIS called upon Muslims to take it upon themselves to attack Canadian military and police without seeking the input of others. Both Bibeau and Couture could not get travel permits to leave Canada in order to fight for ISIS in the Middle East. This holiday season, France has seen multiple high-visibility lethal attacks from ISIS loyalists on French Christmas shoppers, again following public calls by ISIS spokespeople for individuals to kill others around them. These incidents reflect killings in which lone killers, without apparent logistic support from an organization, initiated abrupt, murderous attacks. Australia similarly drew exhorting from ISIS spokespeople to Muslims residing there to kill others around them.

Sheikh Monis’ crime, on the other hand, did not kill abruptly. Although his own writings demonstrated a recent pledge to loyalty with ISIS, his was a spectacle crime without murder for many hours. More importantly, Monis’ had a long history of dramatic and attention seeking public behaviors advocating against Australia’s military participation in the Afghanistan conflict. He wrote bitter and angry letters to families of dead Australian soldiers, tasteless to the end of earning him prosecution and conviction. He chained himself in public and claimed to have been tortured by the authorities in connection with his political “peace” advocacy. And so Sheikh (a term meaning a respected elder) at 50 was well known to Australian law enforcement and to media – and had attracted over 14,000 followers on Facebook.

Monis also had a string of sex assault accusations against him by women who claimed he lured them with services that bore no references to his devout Muslim faith. At the same time, less than a year before the Lindt Café hostage incident, he was arrested for collaborating with his girlfriend on setting his ex-wife on fire and killing her. So Monis’ outlandish behavior went beyond the props of whatever Shiite or Sunni garb he donned and touched risk and death to others.

Mental illness is only distinguished as illness because the thinking and behaviors it affects is unwanted and unacceptable to that person when he is in a healthy state.

Monis’ behavior was entirely consistent with a highly attention-seeking personality who reveled in the spotlight that his letter-writing brought him and the platform he assumed that brought him so many followers.

That Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott deemed Monis mentally unstable was intellectually and factually dishonest. Monis neither evidenced any history of psychiatric hospitalization or treatment. Moreover, his criminal history, like the hostage taking, was deliberate, premeditated, organized, and agenda-oriented. A mentally unstable person, especially following the ISIS-Western murderous proxy script, would have walked into an establishment and killed as many as possible before being himself destroyed. Monis’ actions and history in Sydney demonstrated that he assumed the ISIS designation with aims at a show-trial in which he could emerge as a fluent spokesperson for Islamist entitlement to murderous attitudes toward the West. In my professional opinion, Monis was willing to die, but took a risk that he could ratchet up the drama and emerge an even more visible Muslim activist.

The Prime Minister’s use of the term “mental instability,” without specific evidence for same, followed the same marginalizing of Monis as a “self-styled” Sheikh and “self-styled” peace activist. But other Muslims referred to him as Sheikh, and he had many in his ideological cohort, including a devout Muslim girlfriend who lectured in recorded tapes on his website and was willing to engage in femicide in a distinctively Muslim style (immolation) with Monis.

When we otherwise deem behaviors and thinking mentally ill because the rest of us find them unwanted and unacceptable, we use the term “mental illness” the way the Soviet Union once did. Namely, if the state disapproves, it’s mentally ill. While that may serve public policy, it has nothing scientific behind it and is easy to abuse. Worse yet, it stigmatizes the mentally ill because we have more fears of stigmatizing another population.

Gordon:  Monis had a history of prior multiple charges for sexual assault arising from his so-called spiritual healing practice. Some years ago, you published pioneering research into drug-facilitated sex assault, which you pointed out to be a crime of those who were otherwise integrated into the community or socially successful professionals, be they colleagues, business owners, and even health care professionals. What in your opinion motivated his record of violence?

Welner:  Sexual assault in which an offender gains access to victims under false pretense is antisocial behavior perpetrated under cover of law-abiding legitimacy. It differs from those assaulters who dispense with ruses to entrap prospective victims and simply attack or rape targets with weapons or brute force to restrain them. But it is rape nonetheless, and the victim no less violated. The conviction of Jerry Sandusky and allegations against Bill Cosby (if true) illustrate that people can be sexual predators even as they are role models to others.

Sex assault investigation and disposition remains a complex problem, especially when evidence can be eliminated. An articulate perpetrator of bearing can explain away an encounter, particularly when he has a wife or otherwise submissive partner to vouch for his alibi. Alleged victims can be opportunistic and when not, may still be dissuaded by the consequences of their exposure. Even those who stomach the fortitude to endure the skepticism and proving grounds for sex assault complaints are sometimes crushed by prosecutorial decision-making that essentially protects a seemingly respected perpetrator. One such example is the college football star Jameis Winston, who only this week again eluded discipline even as he testified that he interpreted “moaning” as consent.

Avoiding prosecution, for those who are good talkers and have clever modus operandi, proves to facilitate their re-offense. High degrees of recidivism may be seen in such perpetrators. And so Monis’ history of sexual assault may not only reflect his expression of his fantasy life, but an entitlement borne of his success in avoiding accountability for violating others.

Gordon:  We have witnessed many spectacular honor killings that have occurred in the West, including America. Do you consider Monis’ and Droudis’ crime in that category and why not?

Welner:  Wife burning is too common a crime among Muslims to be dismissed as a by-product of mental instability. It is a common misconception that femicide occurs in Muslim cultures because of actual or perceived dishonor, whatever non-Muslims feel about its criminality. However, the “honor killing” explanation is no different from any defense of justifiability – the claim does not make it fact.

Femicide is far more a manifestation of how women are devalued in many Muslim cultures, especially in countries whose legal systems protect perpetrators who claim “honor killing” as a motive. The prevalence of femicide in Muslim societies is in direct relationship to societal attitudes that the lives of women do not matter. In reality, femicide among Muslim households is no more related to “honor” motives than it is the “exploding stove” that is implicated in femicides in which Muslim men cover murders of their wives as accidents. The silence of the international feminist movement to this reality (as well as on human trafficking) illustrates the cowardice of its core.

What is notable about this case, however, is the partnership of a dominant ex-husband with his Muslim-convert girlfriend (Droudis was born Anastasia Droudis, and converted from the Greek-Orthodox church). Just as Monis was a “spiritual advisor” able enough to lure women to being vulnerable to be preyed upon, so he was capable of seducing a recent convert in the form of her absolute loyalty to him to violent criminality toward a rival. That Droudis defends Monis now is testament to her allegiance to him. That Droudis, a woman of no remarkable violent criminality, was implicated as the prime mover in the femicide speaks to Sheikh Monis’ capacity to manipulate.

Charismatic and highly publicized offenders do quite well in attracting females – sometimes especially after they have become notorious. This includes even rapist murderers, in my experience. The Droudis-Monis relationship, after his publicized arrests for highly insensitive letters to the families of fallen Australian servicemen, speaks to this area of penologic and forensic interest.

Gordon:  Monis’ lawyer stated that his client was unhinged about the prospect of serving more prison time for his role in his ex-wife’s murder and thus had nothing to lose. Was that a motivating factor in your professional opinion?

Welner:  Consider the source: Monis’ criminal defense attorney would be expected to portray his client in most sympathetic terms. With that caveat, it is true that a person confronting the possibility of lengthy incarceration is under tremendous stress. A person who is habitually attention seeking will do so in times of trial and lowest esteem.

It is also true that Sheikh Monis’ history, as above, is that of a highly manipulative character. He may also have calculated, quite cleverly, that expressing his allegiance to ISIS would have been diversionary enough, especially if he were party to a show trial following the Lindt Café hostage crisis. The murder trial for his ex-wife would have been swept away and dealt with in abeyance. Given Monis’ history and his actions, I think this is the more likely scenario, especially since he did not kill anyone until a struggle ensued and aimed to resolve the crisis from his end without violence but rather his own international celebrity-seeking. I consider this a street-smart calibration of how the broader media and general public reacts to Islamist threat with peculiar denial and adamant attempts to make the aggressors feel as comfortable as possible.

I am reminded, in this regard, of my experiences in the American criminal justice system. Sex offenders are routinely regarded as the lowest humanity among criminal defendants, and judges have conspicuously less consideration of their civil rights. Murderers are far more protected in my experience. Those who are capital murderers, or those eligible for the death penalty, attract an unusual level of legal talent to defend them or to handle their appeals. But nothing compares to what I have seen with al-Qaeda among the American law community.

Al-Qaeda defendants attract pro-bono defense from the top law firms in the United States. It is the height of tragic-comedy to see how these firms and their Jewish and Christian lawyers, who would be slaughtered by the defendants if they had half a chance, fall over themselves to defend terrorists with every fiber of their being. Some of these attorneys now occupy the most influential positions in the Department of Justice. History will prove that fiascos like the Bowe Bergdahl case happen because of decision-makers with worldviews that are completely at odds with the national security interest. And in that vein, I have counseled sex offender defendants who have approached me, whose guilt was obvious and so I could not help them, that the justice system would show them no compassion — that (with tongue-in-cheek) if they declare allegiance to al-Qaeda (or ISIS) that they will have the most exceptional legal talent doing everything they can to help them regain their freedom. There is something in this whole Sheikh Monis story that reminds me of this perverse state of affairs in numerous Western justice systems. Monis may be the first prominent criminal defendant to have been outlandish enough to commit himself to such a stunt. I am frankly surprised that I have not yet seen it otherwise.

Gordon:  Monis had engaged in street theater in Sydney garbed in Sharia compliant gabilas trussed in chains saying that he had been tortured while in custody. Is that typical behavior for someone convicted of violent crimes?

Welner:  No it is not. Violent crime carries with it a variety of motivations, from financial predation to revenge to sexual opportunism, for example. Violent criminals are not typically driven to call attention to themselves. Such a personality is one whose attention-seeking has been useful enough to him in other instances to have reinforced this behavior, particularly during times in which he otherwise faces substantial life challenges.

Gordon:  Monis and his companion Droudis had been engaged in a campaign of scurrilous letters sent to the grieving parents of Australian soldiers killed in the Afghanistan conflict. Were they motivated by Islamic doctrine or self promotion to draw attention to a reprehensible cause and for what gain?

Welner:  There are many ways for one to express opposition to the Australian military role in Afghanistan, and many Muslims and non-Muslims do so. For those motivated to write, there are an endless supply of media outlets and other public forums in which their ideas can be aired and can influence others. The fact is that these letters were likely far less obscene than what one finds in the comments sections of relevant news articles published on the internet; or, what folks tweet. Furthermore, considering Monis was hoping to influence others, the quality of his correspondence would never have influenced their recipients.

Compassionate appeals to mourning families to reconsider their politics would never have resulted in criminal prosecution. Americans recall Cindy Sheehan and how her grief was massaged by antiwar activists, along with Ms. Sheehan’s own pathological need for the public eye, into photo-ops to embarrass the President waging war. But even a man like Monis, sophisticated enough to tout himself as a peace activist, used the vector of his contact with grieving families to mock and to maximize their pain. What gives?

It was, in my professional opinion, the stunt of having engaged grieving parents that was more important to Monis than the letters and their content. It was all about the spectacle.

Gordon:  Droudis and Monis also sent a letter to the parents of a fallen Australian Jewish soldier likening him and all Jews to Hitler. Is this a reflection of primal Islamic Antisemitism or morally reprehensive behavior to attract notoriety?

Welner:  It is neither. Jews are, sadly, reflexively defensive to others who draw parallels of Jews and especially Israel’s behavior to that of the Nazis. The comparisons require complete ignorance of history, which most Jews do not have, at least of this generation. However, Jews are afflicted as a general rule with self-doubt. Leftist Jews in particular identify with their aggressors the way a very sick rape victim blames herself for the attack.

No doubt some leftist Jews in Germany during Hitler’s rise did as much to the end that they convinced themselves, at least until they were in line waiting to be gassed, that Nazism had some basis in legitimate grievance. And more recently, the capitulationist attitudes of some Israelis, even in the face of thinly-veiled and sometimes undisguised Palestinian irredentist desires to exterminate every last Jew from the area, reflect the same pathological self-doubt.

Nazi-comparison imagery is routinely utilized by Palestinians, their advocates in the Arab World, among anti-Semites in the European-dominated intellectual circles and even among those self-loathers in Jewish intellectual circles who seek the approval of the aforementioned. It transcends hatred. Rather, this is done because invoking Hitler is an effective rhetorical device to manipulate the self-doubt tic that is the sad pathology of the psyche of so many Jews in positions of intellectual and political influence, including in Australia.

Gordon:  Australian and US Counterterrorism experts say it is difficult to monitor the behavior of what some call lone wolves but we choose to call Islamikazes. Is that a legitimate excuse or does it constitute evasion of responsibilities to monitor Islamic radicals in Western countries?

Welner:  It is difficult to monitor the activities of a person who keeps his own counsel. That is why ISIS does just as William Pierce did when he popularized the idea of the lone wolf among American white supremacists. He advocated the “leaderless resistance” among those who did not share news of their violent criminality with others, and therefore would create no witnesses. I once interviewed Joseph Paul Franklin, who was the template for Pierce’s writings on the topic, for many hours and so I understand the mentality of the lone wolf well.

Monis had long associations with Islamist groups. He was indeed on the radar of responsible intelligence agencies as far back as 2007. But he dropped off. So the argument that an intelligence service is incapable of tracking radicalized persons is false. What is happening, however, is a strong push among intelligence services, particularly those who are influenced by infiltrators from the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the United States, to reclassify seditious Islamist organizations as peacefully motivated, and with it removing their adherents from scrutiny.

The Edward Snowden revelations made it clear that the United States and Western countries have massive capabilities to monitor the activities of private citizens, and that they do. It is true that the decision of a solitary actor as to when to strike is harder to track. But other cases such as the Boston Marathon bombings, in which the United States was reliant upon Russian intelligence to solve a crime on its own soil, introduce the question of whether intelligence agencies miss what they refuse to look at. The current mayor of New York famously dismantled the NYPD anti-terrorism monitoring of local mosques, a component of an NYPD that many American intelligence professionals quietly acknowledged as the most effective anti-terror intelligence unit in the United States. So the facts are that a certain evasion is taking place.

What is unclear is how meaningful that evasion is. If terror incidents happen that could have been avoided, this idea gains traction. Until that happens with greater frequency, however, we will not know whether we are witnessing an evading of intelligence responsibilities or our leaders are simply assuming a lower profile in intelligence gathering.

With that said, the readiness to die for the cause of Islam is different from Kamikaze tenets of selfless loyalty to Japan, where it originated. Islamist self-destructiveness is cultivated among young males, sexually repressed and manipulated with promises of 72 virgins. This is precisely why Islamist self-destructiveness and ISIS recruitment have been more successful with late adolescents and young adults. That is an age of conflicted sexuality and faith, and of vulnerability to messianic indoctrination of ultimate reward. It is another reason why I do not experience the 50 year old Monis as suicidal for redemption or gratification’s sake. He obviously was partaking of this world, or he would not have earned himself the sexual assault charges. And those of devout faith do not behave this way. So while he may well have been devout, his was the faith of other pontificators like Anwar al-Awlaki and Osama bin Laden, who were old enough to have relegated beliefs about 72 virgins and martyrdom to a yen for hookers when one had freedom of movement and pornography when holed up in Pakistan.

Gordon:  Former CIA deputy director Mike Morrell, who is a CBS news contributor on national security, points to possible direction by ISIS though social media as a probable cause for Monis’ behavior. Do you agree with his assessment and if not, why?

Welner:  Sheikh Monis himself made it clear from the outset that he was acting at the behest of the ISIS movement. To argue otherwise is to essentially adopt the position that when Maj. Nidal Hassan was running around Ft. Hood yelling “Allahu Akbar,” he was merely clearing his throat.

Gordon:  What suggestions do you have for the New South Wales, Federal Australian police and US federal and local law enforcement counterterrorism echelons to prevent a possible repetition of a similar event?

Welner:  Canada has demonstrated sage policy in this regard. Denial of the presence and influence of terrorism, and its recruitment within the Muslim community, has to end. Canada is able to respect its very free and vibrant Muslim population while holding it accountable for actively resisting rejectionists aiming to get a foothold. Seditious Islamist groups who masquerade as peaceful interlocutors have no standing with the Harper government, unlike in America, where CAIR bullies media and lawmakers alike.

It is also imperative to engage the national Muslim organizations to collectively denounce domestic terrorism as unwanted, embarrassing, and reflective of Islam in a humiliating way. If the Muslim communities vomit out the terrorist element from within, because of how it creates suspicion of Muslims as a whole, public safety is maintained.

To say that terrorism is not part of Islam today is an obvious lie. It is out of control overseas, and even in many parts of Europe, but it doesn’t have to be seeding in the United States or in Australia. For Islam itself to denounce it with ferocity, as has happened in Egypt since Morsi’s ouster, would properly marginalize terrorist elements and prevent their gaining influence.

This is no different from how we deal with racial hatred toward blacks in the United States. No one is dishonest enough to pretend that racial hatred of whites toward blacks does not exist. Rather, this prejudice is so forcefully denounced that there is a huge social disincentive to be open to racist attitudes, whatever one’s vulnerability. Islam in Australia and in America has to deal with its terrorist adherents in the same way.

In order to do that, however, governments cannot pretend that Islamist terrorism does not exist, or is relegated to the “mentally unstable.” It is noteworthy, for example, to point out that the Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed in Egypt, even as its loyalists maintain high positions of influence in the White House and State Department. The EU has removed Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations. Yet Europe’s lawmakers are under no illusions; they, like localities across Syria and Iraq, have opted for surrender out fear of the Islamist bully. This will only accelerate the foothold the terror organizations gain in their countries, be they through formal presence or more ideological foothold among rejectionist populations who refuse integration and demand governance by Islamic law.

Gordon:  Given your development of the Depravity Standard, how would you rate Monis’ crime, and why?

Welner:  The Depravity Standard would appraise the Monis hostage taking in comparison to other kidnappings. Apart from the timing of events, to seize as many as possible, the Monis crime distinguishes itself for its intent to terrorize – referencing the risk of destruction elsewhere – and carrying out a crime to show off. Otherwise, there are comparable cases, for example that in the Nariman House in Mumbai in 2008, that manifested far more evidence of depravity.

The Depravity Standard, which appraises the severity of a crime to inform criminal sentencing and release decisions, is informed by 25 different examples of intent, actions, attitudes and victimology. The items being researched are incorporating public opinion across a variety of demographics to refine the weight that would be attached to crimes such as the Sydney hostage taking, relative to other kidnappings. We invite your readers and all members of the general public to contribute to shaping future sentencing by participating in the Depravity Standard survey research, at Your voice counts and this landmark project figures to influence future major crime justice, as well as even knotty issues such as those before the international criminal courts.

Gordon:  Dr. Welner thank you for presenting your professional views on the Sydney terror episode.

Welner:  You’re welcome.

EDITORS NOTE: This interview and column originally appeared in the New English Review. The featured image is of Sheikh Man Haron Manis: long assuming the stage even before Sydney Lindt Café terror. Source:  AAP Image/Dean Lewins.

New York Daily News: “The hijab is hot!”

This fatuous New York Daily News puff piece and the even more repulsive project it covers both glorify a primary vehicle for the oppression of women. It’s also remarkably ignorant: there are three photos accompanying the article, and all three show women wearing niqabs, not hijabs, yet the article and the project organizers speak only of hijabs. The article also sounds the predictable victimhood chords, as we’re told that one of the project organizers got yelled at as soon as she donned a hijab.

But what about the women who have not just been yelled at, but threatened and even murdered for not wearing one? Women and girls such as:

  1. Aqsa Parvez, whose Muslim father choked her to death with her hijab after she refused to wear it;
  2. and Amina Muse Ali, a Christian woman in Somalia whom Muslims murdered because she wasn’t wearing a hijab;
  3. and the 40 women who were murdered in Iraq in 2007 for not wearing the hijab;
  4. and Alya Al-Safar, whose Muslim cousin threatened to kill her and harm her family because she stopped wearing the hijab in Britain;
  5. and Amira Osman Hamid, who faces whipping in Sudan for refusing to wear the hijab;
  6. and the Egyptian girl, also named Amira, who committed suicide after being brutalized for her family for refusing to wear the hijab;
  7. and the Muslim and non-Muslim teachers at the Islamic College of South Australia who were told that they had to wear the hijab or be fired;
  8. and the women in Chechnya whom police shot with paintballs because they weren’t wearing hijab;
  9. and the women also in Chechnya who were threatened by men with automatic rifles for not wearing hijab;
  10. and the elementary school teachers in Tunisia who were threatened with death for not wearing hijab;
  11. and the Syrian schoolgirls who were forbidden to go to school unless they wore hijab;
  12. and the women in Gaza whom Hamas has forced to wear hijab;
  13. and the women in Iran who protested against the regime by daring to take off their legally-required hijab;
  14. and the women in London whom Muslim thugs threatened to murder if they didn’t wear hijab;
  15. and the anonymous young Muslim woman who doffed her hijab outside her home and started living a double life in fear of her parents,
  16. and all the other women and girls who have been killed or threatened, or who live in fear for daring not to wear the hijab.

When is the New York Daily News going to run a piece on them?

“The covered-girl look is great, say two Upper West Side artists who think NYC women should give the hijab a try,” by Justin Rocket Silverman, New York Daily News, October 13, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Hall):

The hijab is hot!

That’s the message two Upper West Side artists want to spread by encouraging women around the city to put on the veil and snap a selfie.

“Women who wear a hijab by choice are in complete control of their sexuality,” says Saks Afridi, who started the #DamnILookGood campaign with project partner Qinza Najm. “Here in New York, it’s very brave for a woman to wear one out in public.”

Najm had started wearing a hijab around New York City as an experiment, just to see what it would be like. Though she was raised in Pakistan, she and her family members do not wear the traditional head covering worn by some Muslim women. But one day she put on a hijab in her Lower East Side art studio and went for a walk around the neighborhood.

“Someone started screaming at me to ‘Go home!’ ” Najm recalls. “I was surprised because I figured people in New York would have more tolerance.”

She spent the next week wearing the hijab around town, and encountered more angry New Yorkers on the streets and subways. This aggressive reaction to a garment that’s quite common in many Muslim cultures prompted Najm and Afridi to do the project.

They launched it at the DUMBO Arts Festival last month, where hundreds of women put on the head covering and posed for selfies, posting them to sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #damnilookgood.

“A selfie suggests you are feeling confident and good about yourself,” says Najm, who put her hijab back on for the project and posed with the other women.

The hijab project is called ‘an exercise in tolerance,’ aiming to help people see what it’s like to wear one. #DamnILookGood The hijab project is called ‘an exercise in tolerance,’ aiming to help people see what it’s like to wear one.

Almost none of the women who participated in the #DamnILookGood project had ever worn a hijab before.

Some, like Erin Zeitler, 25, from the Upper West Side, had always assumed that women in hijabs were being forced to wear one, and not doing it as a fashion statement.

“It was mind-opening to put one on,” she says. “It was like looking at the world through someone else’s eyes.”…


Beheadings, Amputations, Eye Gouging, Sharia, Jihad: Witnesses Describe Horrors As ISIS Seeks To Overtake Kobane

Islamic State (ISIS) states its Quranic justification for the enslavement of women and sex slavery

The UK has effectively given up trying to stop jihadists from being created

FrontPage Mag: The Diversity of Islam? A Response to Nicholas Kristof

Sam’s Club donates $2,500 to Tampa, FL mosque named after military wing of Hamas

The Florida Family Association in an email alert states, “Sam’s Club donates $2,500 to a mosque that was named after the military wing of Hamas, directed by a man [Sami Al-Arian] who pleaded guilty to raising support for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), has been a member of ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] and hosted CAIR propaganda events.”

According to FFA, “A Florida Family Association supporter happened to look up at the wall behind the checkout line at the Sam’s Club located at 2021 Brandon Boulevard in Brandon, Florida.  He saw a large photograph of a check made out from Sam’s Club in the amount of $2,500 payable to the Islamic Community of Tampa located in the top left prominent position on the wall.  Florida Family Association snapped a cellphone photograph.”

check to tampa mosque from sams club

For a larger view click on the image.

Photographs indicated that no other non-profit organization received more than $500.


Sami Al-Arian, self-confessed funder of terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

Did Sam’s Club and parent company Wal-Mart know the following when it gave this store’s largest non-profit donation to the Islamic Community of Tampa?

  • The Islamic Community of Tampa is also known as the Al-Qassam mosque.    The Military Wing of the Palestinian Hamas is called the Al-Qassam Brigade. reports“The mosque, according to Sami Al-Arian, was named after Izzedin al-Qassam.   Al-Qassam, a Syrian killed fighting the British mandate in 1935, ‘is the main source of inspiration for the Islamic Jihad movement’ Palestinian scholar Ziad Abu Amr wrote in his book, Islamic Fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza. ‘The Islamic Jihad’s supporters have elevated him almost to a saintly status.’” 
  • The Hamas rockets fired at Israel are named Qassam rockets.
  • Sami Al-Arian was indicted in February 2003 on 17 counts under the Patriot Act for allegedly being the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).   In 2006, Al-Arian pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to make or receive contributions of funds, goods or services for the benefit of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and was sentenced to 57 months in prison.
  • Sami Al-Arian refused to testify before a Federal Grand Jury regarding other Jihad activities. U.S. District Judge James Moody ruled that Al-Arian must testify. A Virginia District Court held that Sami Al-Arian had no legal basis to refuse to testify. The court held him in civil contempt, and imprisoned him on November 16, 2006.  Sami Al-Arian was released from prison on June 27, 2014 after the United States Department of Justice dropped charges.
  • Sami Al-Arian served as the Chairman of the Islamic Community of Tampa.
  • The Islamic Community of Tampa has been a member of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and derived their tax exempt status from ISNA.  Sami Al-Arian’s letter written on Islamic Community of Tampa – Masjid al-Qassam stationery stated “We are an affiliated member of the Islamic Society of North America(ISNA) and derive our tax exempt status under 501 C 3 of the IRS code through them.”  Click here for report regarding concerns about ISNA.
  • The Islamic Community of Tampa hosted a propaganda event for the Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR Florida) in February 2012.  Click here for a report regarding concerns about CAIR.
  • More information regarding Sami Al-Arian and the Islamic Community of Tampa mosque can be read at and at

Florida Family Association prepared an email to send that voices concern to Sam’s Club officials and parent company Wal-Mart officials regarding Sam’s Club financial support for the Islamic Community of Tampa. If you wish to send your email, please click the below link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to communicate concerns to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart officials.   

List of Terror Attacks for the Past 30 Days — POLL: Guess what religion is responsible?

There are politicians, law enforcement officials and members of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security who want to ignore the reality of terrorist attacks and who actually carries them out. To help you and them understand better the who, when and where terrorists attack the following list is provided. Note: This list does not include terror attacks in non-Muslim nations (such as the recent beheading in Moore, Oklahoma).

Question: Who carries out the most terrorist attacks — A.) Jews, B.) Christians or C.) Mohammedans?

Please add your answer in the comments section.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2014.09.23 Pakistan Mirpurkhas 1 0 An Ahmadi doctor is brutally murdered in his clinic by Sunni extremists.
2014.09.23 Pakistan Peshawar 5 29 A child is among five people disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide blast.
2014.09.23 Iraq Sadr City 18 41 Sunnis slaughter eighteen Shiites with a car bomb.
2014.09.21 Pakistan Punjab 2 1 The caretaker of a mosque is among two people gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2014.09.21 Cameroon Tourou 19 0 Boko Haram machine-gun nineteen civilians at a market.
2014.09.21 Egypt Cairo 3 6 Fundamentalist bombers transform three police officers into a puddle of blood.
2014.09.19 Iraq Tikrit 12 7 Women and children are among a dozen killed when suspected Islamic State militants mortar a residential neighborhood.
2014.09.19 Lebanon Arsal 2 0 IS militants fire an RPG across the border and kill two Lebanese guards.
2014.09.19 Afghanistan Baghlan 6 12 Six people outside a mosque are sent straight to Allah by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.09.19 Iraq Karradah 9 18 Sunnis set off a bomb outside a Shiite mosque, laying out nine of their sectarian rivals.
2014.09.19 Iraq Kirkuk 10 14 Mujahideen bombers murder ten people outside a shop.
2014.09.19 Cameroon Ganse 4 0 Four civilians are riddled with bullets by Boko Haram.
2014.09.19 Libya Benghazi 2 0 A blogger and his friend are shot to death by fundamentalists.
2014.09.19 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite banker is shot to death in front of his children by Sunni radicals.
2014.09.19 Iraq Mahmoudiyah 3 10 Terrorists kill three people with a car bomb at a parking lot.
2014.09.18 Mali Kidal 5 3 Five peacekeepers are disassembled by fundamentalist bombers.
2014.09.18 Iraq Baghdad 23 50 A suicide bombing is one of three blasts in Shiite districts that lay out two dozen innocents.
2014.09.18 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A university professor is shot to death after being charged with blasphemy for his liberal views on women.
2014.09.17 Libya Benghazi 9 30 Nine others are killed when Ansar al-Sharia attack an airport.
2014.09.17 Nigeria Ungwar Ganye 2 0 A pastor and one other person are murdered by angry Muslims.
2014.09.17 Nigeria Fadan-Karshi 12 4 A dozen villagers are burned to death by Muslim terrorists, including the wife of a pastor.
2014.09.17 Iraq Baghdad 5 20 Five civilians are taken out in a series of Jihadi bombings.
2014.09.17 Iraq Tarmiyah 8 16 Eight Iraqis are exterminated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.17 Iraq Tikrit 7 0 Seven local cops are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.17 Pakistan Sarki 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by Lashker-e-Islam.
2014.09.17 Iraq Ramadi 7 5 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates on a bridge, sending seven bystanders on to Allah.
2014.09.17 Nigeria Kano 17 34 Two suicide bombers slaughter seventeen innocents at a teacher-training college.
2014.09.16 Egypt Rafah 6 2 Six local cops bleed to death following a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2014.09.16 Afghanistan Kabul 7 20 A suicide bomber kills seven people.
2014.09.16 Iraq Fallujah 7 27 Two children are among seven killed in two separate attacks by Mujahid terrorists.
2014.09.16 Turkey Bab al-Salam 7 24 Terrorists set off a car bomb at a border crossing.
2014.09.16 Afghanistan Herat 6 6 The Taliban shoot six local cops to death.
2014.09.16 Nigeria Fadan Karshi Daji 33 4 Funlani terrorists massacre nearly three dozen villagers.
2014.09.16 Iraq Duluiya 7 0 Seven woman and children are exterminated by an ISIS rocket.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Pishan 1 0 One person is killed when fundamentalists open fire on an anti-polio team.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Tal 1 2 One other person is brought down by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.15 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian who refused to convert to Islam is beaten by the Islamic State and then executed.
2014.09.15 Afghanistan Baghlan 1 7 A Taliban bomb planted along a city square leaves one dead.
2014.09.15 Iraq Baghdad 3 15 Three residents are obliterated by a Mujahid car bomb.
2014.09.15 India Poonch 1 5 One person is killed by Muslim bombers.
2014.09.15 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three young people are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Swat 3 0 Three villagers are shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
2014.09.15 Yemen Jawf 25 0 A clash between Sunni and Shia leaves over two dozen dead.
2014.09.15 Afghanistan Shahid Hasas 1 0 A cleric is beheaded by fundamentalist rivals.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 3 0 Two brothers and their father are murdered in their home by Sharia advocates.
2014.09.14 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Rivals storm the home of a religious figure and murder five members of his family.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Spinwam 3 0 Three border guards at a remote post are pasted by a Religion of Peace RPG attack.
2014.09.14 Mali Aguelhoc 1 3 A peacekeeper is murdered by Jihadists.
2014.09.14 Nigeria Bokkos 5 0 Two children and two women are among five Christians shot to death by Fulani shouting praises to Allah.
2014.09.14 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Muslim ‘separatists’ kill a 50-year-old man and injure his wife on their way back from market.
2014.09.14 Nigeria Tunari 20 40 Fulani mercenaries attack a Christian village en masse and slaughter over twenty residents, mostly women and children.
2014.09.14 Iraq Zab 1 0 An engineer is publicly executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Bara 2 0 A married couple are killed just outside their home by Taliban fundamentalists.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Sunni leader is shot to death by Shiite radicals while sitting outside his store.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite cleric is shot to death by Sunni radicals while watering his lawn.
2014.09.14 Iraq al-Jumasah 8 0 Eight Iraqis are rounded-up and executed by the Islamic State for ‘plotting against Allah’.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Nasir Bagh 1 0 A prayer leader is shot to death for leading police in worship.
2014.09.13 Iraq Ghadeer 3 1 Three members of a Christian family are taken out by Sunni bombers.
2014.09.13 Nigeria Ngom 25 16 Twenty-five people are machine-gunned at a market by Boko Haram.
2014.09.13 Syria Aleppo 1 0 A British aid worker is beheaded by the Islamic State after being forced to read a statement blaming his own country.
2014.09.12 Libya Benghazi 1 0 A mosque preacher is gunned down by suspected rivals.
2014.09.12 Afghanistan Badakhshan 6 3 A half dozen Afghan soldiers are disintegrated by a Taliban bomb blast.
2014.09.12 Iraq Rashid 4 0 Four brothers are beheaded by the Islamic State for crimes against religion.
2014.09.11 Iraq Karbalah 3 12 Sunnis blow up a bus stop in a Shia area, killing three commuters.
2014.09.11 Iraq Diwaniyah 6 16 A half-dozen people in a commercial district are laid out by a Mujahideen car bomb.
2014.09.11 Pakistan Orangi 2 0 Two Shiites are brought down by Sunni gunmen. One was a doctor in his clinic.
2014.09.11 Iraq Baghdad 13 41 Two vicious bomb attacks leave thirteen dead.
2014.09.11 Iraq Najaf 5 12 Jihadi bombers strike a restaurant, taking out five patrons in mid-bite.
2014.09.11 Pakistan Tank 1 0 Religious extremists murder a peace committee member outside his home.
2014.09.11 Thailand Pattani 4 5 Muslim terrorists spray a government building with gunfire, then throw a bomb inside.
2014.09.11 Philippines North Cotabato 2 0 At least two people are riddled with bullets by Bangsamoro Islamic gunmen.
2014.09.11 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Militant Muslims beat a truck driver to death.
2014.09.11 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven men are beheaded for speaking out against the Islamic State.
2014.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 14 35 Mujahid bomber blow up a pet market, killing over a dozen people and several animals.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Sharifabad 1 0 A Shiite businessman is shot to death at his shop by sectarian Jihadis.
2014.09.10 Iraq Barzak 14 0 Fourteen dead Yazidis are found executed by caliphate terrorists. The victims include children.
2014.09.10 Iraq Zumar 35 0 Yazidi women and children are comprise most of the thirty-five ISIS victims found in a mass grave.
2014.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 Six people are obliterated by a Fedayeen suicide blast.
2014.09.10 Iraq Mosul 31 0 Thirty-one police officers are executed for refusing to cooperate with the Islamic State.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A prominent Sunni scholar is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite activist is gunned down by Sunni radicals.
2014.09.10 Egypt Ansar beit al Maqdis 1 0 A person is kidnapped and beheaded by Ansar beit al Maqdis.
2014.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 5 9 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out five Iraqis.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Damadola 1 0 A guard for a polio team is murdered by fundamentalists.
2014.09.09 Syria Damascus 5 22 Sunni militants send mortars into a Shia suburb, killing five people.
2014.09.09 CAR Ngakobo 13 0 A priest and three members of his congregation are among thirteen massacred by Muslim ‘rebels’.
2014.09.09 Syria Ram Hamdan 45 5 Islamic State suicide bombers blow up a house hosting a meeting of rivals, killing up to forty-five participants.
2014.09.09 Libya Benghazi 5 7 Five local soldiers are murdered by Majlis al-Shoura.
2014.09.09 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Sectarian Jihadis shoot a blind man and his nephew to death.
2014.09.09 Yemen Qattan 4 6 Four people are laid out by a Religion of Peace suicide bomber.
2014.09.09 Nigeria Baza 24 14 Two dozen Nigerians die during an attack by Boko Haram.
2014.09.09 Iraq Amerli 6 0 Several Sunnis are beheaded by Shia militia.
2014.09.09 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five women are kidnapped and beheaded by the caliphate for ‘acting against the religion of Islam’ by telling fortunes.
2014.09.08 Iraq Dhuluieh 17 71 Islamic State members pump machine-gun fire and a bomb into a market, killing at least seventeen.
2014.09.08 Somalia Mogadishu 12 27 A dozen people are blown to bits by a Shahid car bomber.
2014.09.08 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 6 Three people are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.07 Syria Aleppo 3 9 ISIS gunmen fire point-blank into a bus, killing three passengers.
2014.09.07 Syria Aleppo 5 30 Five civilians are killed when Islamic State rebels send mortar shells into their neighborhood.
2014.09.07 Pakistan Sargodha 3 7 Three people lose their lives when Religion of Peace rivals fire into a Sufi shrine.
2014.09.07 Yemen al-Baida 2 0 Two traffic cops are sprayed with bullets by al-Qaeda.
2014.09.07 Iraq Miqdadiya 2 2 Two children are extreminated by a Mujahideen mortar round.
2014.09.07 Nigeria Mbar 4 0 Four members of a church are murdered in two attacks by Muslim extremists.
2014.09.07 Nigeria Michika 60 0 ‘Scores’ of young people are rounded up and then forced on to the ground to have their throats slit by Islamists. Elderly people are also shot at close range.
2014.09.07 Iraq Mosul 40 0 Children and a female politician are among forty people reportedly executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.06 Libya Warshefana 12 10 A dozen people are killed when an Islamist alliance sends shells into a residential neighborhood.
2014.09.06 Pakistan Karachi 1 7 The Taliban attack a naval dockyard, killing a sailor.
2014.09.06 Nigeria Gulak 100 0 More than a hundred innocents are thought to have been slaughtered during a two day binge by Boko Haram near a Bible college.
2014.09.06 Lebanon Arsal 1 0 Another captive is beheaded by caliphate terrorists.
2014.09.06 Pakistan Azizabad 2 0 A prominent Shia and his bodyguard are murdered by Sunni extremists.
2014.09.06 Yemen Jawf 20 22 Twenty others are reported killed during a sustained assault by Shiite militia.
2014.09.06 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A Sikh is shot to death is shot to death outside his grocery store.
2014.09.05 Syria Ashara 1 0 A youth is executed and crucified to punish other residents calling for an end to the caliphate.
2014.09.05 Nigeria Borno 2 0 Two family members are murdered when they refuse to turn their 13-year-old over to Boko Haram.
2014.09.05 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Three women are among six executed by the Islamic State, which include several doctors.
2014.09.05 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two members of the Shia community are gunned down by sectarian Jihadis in separate attacks.
2014.09.05 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 0 A female polio worker is shot to death in her home by suspected fundamentalists.
2014.09.05 Iraq Ameriya 3 9 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out three people.
2014.09.04 Iraq Mosul 14 0 Fourteen young people are abducted and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.04 Iraq Sulaiman Bek 35 0 The bodies of thirty-five truck drivers, kidnapped months earlier by Sunni militants are discovered in a mass grave.
2014.09.04 Iraq Karrada 6 17 A half-dozen innocents are slain when fundamentalists set off a bomb near alcohol shops.
2014.09.04 Iraq Baghdad 11 32 Sunnis detonate a car bomb amidst a row of shops and restaurants in a Shiite district, killing eleven.
2014.09.04 Iraq Tikrit 7 17 A suicide car bomber lays out seven Iraqis.
2014.09.04 Nigeria Kawuri 30 0 Pro-Sharia extremists massacre over thirty villagers.
2014.09.04 Afghanistan Ghazni 18 154 Fundamentalists set off a massive truck bomb outside a government office, killing eighteen.
2014.09.03 Afghanistan Kunar 7 0 Seven local soldiers are ambushed and killed by religious radicals.
2014.09.03 Pakistan Mardan 1 0 A Sikh is stabbed to death in a suspected sectarian attack.
2014.09.03 Iraq Ramadi 16 0 Sixteen people near a university are kidnapped by the Islamic State and executed.
2014.09.03 Iraq Fallujah 5 13 Mujahideen kill five civilians with a rocket barrage.
2014.09.03 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A 32-year-old policeman is brutally shot to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
2014.09.02 Egypt al-Wefaq 11 2 Eleven police officers are blown to bits by a fundamentalist bomb blast.
2014.09.02 Syria Taftanaz 1 0 A second American journalist is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2014.09.02 Libya Banghazi 20 36 At least twenty others are killed by Ansar al-Sharia.
2014.09.02 Nigeria Eggon 55 100 Muslim ‘mercenaries’ attack three villages and murder over fifty residents as they also torch a brewery.
2014.09.02 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 40-year-old Shiite is assassinated in his store by Sunni gunmen.
2014.09.02 Nigeria Bama 120 35 Over one-hundred more victims are reported killed during a second Boko Haram attempt to overrun a town.
2014.09.02 Iraq Fallujah 3 17 The caliphate sends artillary shells into a neighborhood, killing three residents.
2014.09.02 CAR Nana Bakassa 5 5 Muslim rebels shoot five villagers to death.
2014.09.02 Nigeria Bama 2 0 A targeted Islamist attack on a family home leaves two members dead.
2014.09.02 Daghestan Makhachkala 5 0 Muslim militants shoot five people to death and stuff them in a car.
2014.09.02 Pakistan Waziristan 1 0 An off-duty soldier is murdered by al-Qaeda.
2014.09.01 Iraq Bayaa 13 45 A pair of Jihad car bombs produce thirteen dead Iraqis.
2014.09.01 Syria Aleppo 31 0 A university professor is among thirty-one people executed over a 10-day stretch by IS Jihadists.
2014.09.01 Egypt Sinai 4 0 Ansar beit al Maqdis behead four more captives.
2014.09.01 Nigeria Madagali 350 0 Over three hundred Christians are reported killed when Boko Haram invade a series of villages.
2014.09.01 Yemen Shibam 3 0 Three men are tortured and killed by al-Qaeda.
2014.09.01 Iraq Bartala 1 0 A Christian is tortured and killed by the Islamic State after refusing to convert to Islam.
2014.09.01 Iraq Hawija 6 0 Six Iraqi policemen are executed in cold blood by caliphate terrorists.
2014.09.01 Nigeria Bama 59 0 Nearly sixty are reported dead following a Boko Haram attack on a large town.
2014.09.01 Sudan Kalma 2 4 Two women are killed and four children injured during an armed attack on a refugee camp by the Islamic Republic.
2014.08.31 Syria Aleppo 1 0 A Dutch national is beheaded by ISIS.
2014.08.31 Iraq Jalula 4 24 Four Kurds are left dead following a suicide bombing.
2014.08.31 Pakistan Sialkot 3 0 A man ‘honor kills’ his wife and two daughters after consulting with other family members.
2014.08.31 Yemen Shabwa 6 2 Two Shahid suicide bombers take out a half-dozen human beings.
2014.08.31 Iraq Fallujah 3 13 Three civilians are laid out by Islamic State mortars.
2014.08.31 Somalia Mogadishu 5 12 Five others are killed during a sustained al-Shabaab attack on a prison.
2014.08.31 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Militant Muslims shoot a man twice in the head.
2014.08.31 Libya Benghazi 10 25 Ten people are killed when an Islamist militia showers a civilian airport with rockets.
2014.08.31 Iraq Ramadi 37 38 Thirty-seven Iraqis are reduced to pulp by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.08.30 Lebanon Arsal 1 0 Another captured Lebanese soldier is beheaded on video.
2014.08.30 Iraq Yousifiya 11 24 Eleven Iraqis at a checkpoint are exterminated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.08.30 Afghanistan Jalalabad 6 33 A Shahid suicide bomber disassembles six other people.
2014.08.30 Afghanistan Robaat 12 5 The Taliban stop a bus carrying workers, force them out into a line and machine-gun them in cold blood.
2014.08.30 Nigeria Borno 14 215 Boko Haram militants spray machine-gun fire into villages while yelling praises to Allah. At least fourteen are killed.
2014.08.30 Nigeria Gamboru Ngala 40 0 At least forty more Christians are found hacked to death ‘like chickens’ by Boko Haram.
2014.08.29 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A Shiite and a Kurd are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2014.08.29 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 8 30 A brutal terror attack by the Islamic State leaves eight dead.
2014.08.29 Yemen Lahj 2 0 al-Qaeda gunmen murder two local officials.
2014.08.29 Iraq Wahda 6 0 Six headless victims are found following the liberation of a town from Islamic State.
2014.08.28 Iraq Hillah 4 0 Four guards at a hospital are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2014.08.28 Thailand Pattani 1 2 Muslim terrorists murder a teacher with a bomb.
2014.08.28 Syria Raqqa 7 0 Video emerges of caliphate militants shooting seven kneeling hostages.
2014.08.28 Syria Raqqa 250 0 Video emerges of two-hundred and fifty captives marched into the desert and machine-gunned by the Islamic State.
2014.08.28 Nigeria Bauchi 2 1 A suspected Boko Haram attack leaves two dead.
2014.08.28 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven people are executed on orders of a Sharia court.
2014.08.28 Pakistan Awaran 6 7 Six members of a minority religious community are shot to death in their place of worship by suspected Sunni fundamentalists.
2014.08.28 Lebanon Arsal 1 0 A captured Lebanese soldier is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2014.08.27 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 A TV personality is assassinated by suspected Jamaat-e-Islami .
2014.08.27 Pakistan Korangi 2 0 A doctor is among two Shiites shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.
2014.08.27 Iraq Habbaniyah 7 2 Islamic State militants kill seven Iraqis with a mortar round.
2014.08.27 Iraq Ramadi 6 0 Six family members are killed when religious radicals blow up their house.
2014.08.27 Afghanistan Aqcha 1 4 Young children are among the casualties of a Taliban bomb attack.
2014.08.26 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 A mosque imam is beheaded by the Taliban.
2014.08.26 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five men are executed with shots to the head after being convicted by a caliphate court.
2014.08.26 Iraq Baghdad 15 37 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out fifteen innocents in a Shiite district.
2014.08.26 Iraq Abbasi 12 0 A dozen Iraqis are laid out in a row and machine-gunned by the Islamic State.

* Honor killings appear on the list, but are not included in the counter

Sorry, America Cannot Defeat Islamic Terror Groups

Americans have big hearts and for well over 200 years Americans have been patriotic and would stand up for their country whenever and wherever the threats against us exists.  Times have changed.  We now have millions of people in America who have no allegiance to our country.  We have millions of American citizens who will support Hamas and ISIS before they would even think of supporting their own country.

When I write articles such as this and make strong statements like, ‘We Can’t Defeat Islamic Terrorists”, it is based on my experience in analyzing threats against our country for over 3 decades. This is what the American government paid me to do.  When we wrote our intelligence reports we did it in a bullet statement style.  There was no room for beating around the bush.  We provided our analysis based on the facts we had.

I have not changed the way I analyze Islamic terrorist intelligence I have obtained.  We have media actors and actresses who can and will entertain the public for hours on end.  They get paid, I do not.  I belong to no organization, corporation, and I am no longer under the rules of the U.S. government.  This is why I call it like it is and often have been criticized from the left and front simultaneously.

For many years I have been stating the only way we can win a war on Islamic terrorism, is to target the Islamic ideology instead of putting our resources into fighting dozens of Islamic named terror groups around the world.  We need to begin stating Islam was founded by a child rapist (Mohammed). Islam is violence, hatred, and intolerance and nothing has changed in Islam for over 1400 years.  What we see done daily by the Islamic State (ISIS), Al Qaeda, Boco Haram and others is the practice of pure Islam as Mohammed desired.

We can kill every Islamic terrorist and almost immediately millions more will fill their places.  There must come a time when innocent people around the world will cringe when anything Islamic is mentioned.  The Islamic ideology must be considered no better than Hitler’s ideology.  If this ever becomes a reality we then have a chance of saving America Islamic.

I am sure most readers are confused as to why Saudi Arabia and four other Sunni dominated countries are attacking their own (ISIS).  First they are doing so for Islam and not America. The answer is within the thousands of Islamic books produced each year by the Saudi government.  Essentially these countries fully understand the ISIS Muslims can never be defeated by simply killing individuals.  To them the ISIS terrorists who die in Syria and Iraq by their hands are doing so for the betterment of the Islamic ideology.  Saudis and the others know Islam will survive for thousands of more years as long as Islamic terrorist groups are the targets of the infidels, and not  the ideology itself.

Think about this.  Would any of the Sunni countries attack their brothers in Syria and Iraq if the U.S.told them the true enemy of America and Israel is the Islamic ideology and killing ISIS members is only the beginning.  The destruction of Islam itself is the final goal of America.  These Sunni countries would have never agreed to stand by with the U.S.  The Saudi’s know the ISIS members are simply collateral for the overall survival of Islam.


A screen shot from ‘Flames of War.’ The American narrator of the film is on the far left.

Please keep in mind the very basics of Islam being carried out by groups such as ISIS are also the beliefs of every Muslim who practices Islam.  The Muslims in America who attend mosques services in America are taught:

  1. Islam is the only true religion (ideology)
  2. Prophet Mohammed taught Muslims that all Jews and anyone who supports the Jews are enemies.
  3. A caliphate covering the entire world is the ultimate goal Islam.
  4. All of Sharia must be adhered to for a Muslim to be a true Muslim.
  5. If a Muslim picks and chooses which parts of Sharia law to adhere to, that person is an enemy and apostate of Islam.

Destroy the Islamic ideology and the world will have peace.  Destroy individual Islamic terrorist groups and we will lose the war.  Will Obama or any politician openly denounce Islam itself?  The answer is no. Will any counter-terrorism group leader in America ever say the Islamic ideology is the enemy.  No. The only fact that will come is that America will crumble in the very near future.

Sad, but true.

EDITORS NOTE: To understand the Islamic State and how it is practicing Islam please watch this video titled “Flames of War” produced and distributed by its Mohammedan followers (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES):