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85% of Republicans and 40% of Democrats believe Middle East refugees pose a major threat to U.S.

cost of illegal immigrants…get this! 40% of Democrats agree!

I love how this is written.  The Reuters reporter says only 40% of Dems have the same fear.  Holy cow, that is a lot of people! Consider also that 74% of plain vanilla Republicans also worry about the resettlement of Middle Eastern refugees into their towns.

I would have guessed the Dems would be a far lower percentage than 40% (so does that mean there might be inroads into the Democratic electorate for Trump?).


Supporters of Donald Trump, the presumptive U.S. Republican presidential nominee, see refugees arriving from Iraq and Syria as one of the greatest threats to the United States, according to a study released on Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

Eighty-five percent of respondents who said they supported Trump saw the refugees fleeing the Islamic State militant group as a threat, compared with 74 percent of Republicans overall, said the study.


Only 40 percent of Democrats viewed the refugees from the region as a major threat.

The Dems must be told over and over again that Hillary will continue the Obama push for more and more Syrian and Iraqi refugees to colonize America!


Islamic State recruiters arrested, worked at Moscow airport and for Russian intelligence

North Dakota State legislator signals interest in suing feds over refugee program

Hungary to hold referendum on refugees this fall

ACLU of New Jersey asks Christie to NOT withdraw from federal refugee program

Saudi Arabia threatens the United States — America’s Response Should Be: “Go to Hell”

The Thomas More Law Center’s Richard Thompson posted the following on The President’s Blog:

Saudi Arabia has threatened the United States that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars worth of American assets if Congress passes a bill that would allow families of the 9/11 victims to hold Saudi Arabia legally  responsible for their role in the 9/11 attacks.

The Saudi threat is economic extortion.

Our response should be swift and clear — “Go to Hell.”

Instead, the Obama administration is lobbying Congress to block passage of the bill.

It’s time that the American people know the full story of Saudi Arabia’s complicity in the 9/ 11 attacks – the most horrendous surprise attack in American history.

It’s time that the American people know exactly what our government did to protect Saudi officials residing in America from FBI investigations.  The families of the 9/11 victims have a right to know.  See New York Times article here.

It’s time the American people know how our own government intentionally covered up Saudi Arabia’s role in the 9/11 attack.  See New York Post article.

Joint Terrorism Task forces say virtually every road leads back to the Saudi Embassy in Washington as well as the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles.

Yet, time and again terrorism investigators were called off.

As a first step the American government should declassify the 28 pages of the 838-page congressional report on the 9/11 attacks.

According to recent news articles, some leaked information reveals:

  • A flurry of pre-9/11 phone calls between one of the hijacker’s Saudi handlers in San Diego and the Saudi Embassy.
  • The transfer of $130,000 from Prince Bandar, the then Saudi ambassador’s, family checking account to another hijacker’s Saudi handlers in San Diego.
  • Days after 9/11, the FBI evacuated dozens of Saudi officials from multiple cities, including at least one of Osama bin Laden’s family members who was on the terror watch list.
  • According to FBI agent Mark Rossini, “The FBI was thwarted from interviewing the Saudis we wanted to interview by the White House.”


National security expert: Saudis no U.S. ally

How U.S. covered up Saudi role in 9/11

Saudi Arabia Wars of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

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European Nationalist Party Leaders: Mass Muslim migration greatest threat to Europe

More Invasion of Europe news….

French far right leader Marine Le Pen, left, and Firebrand Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders attend the press conference of the second day of a 2-day convention of European nationalists, in Milan, Italy, Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. The rally is being billed by organizers as the first congress of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last year. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

Photo caption: French far right leader Marine Le Pen, left, and Firebrand Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders attend the press conference of the second day of a 2-day convention of European nationalists, in Milan, Italy, Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. The rally is being billed by organizers as the first congress of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last year. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

The Associated Press reported yesterday on a meeting in Italy of Europe’s so-called “Far Right” parties.

Here is what AP reports (emphasis is mine):

MILAN (AP) — Sharing the stage with leaders of other European populist parties, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said Friday that Europe’s nationalist parties are ready to step in and clean up when European structures fail under current immigration and monetary policies.

Le Pen spoke at the end of the first meeting of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last summer. The 36-member parliamentary group is the smallest in the European Parliament, but includes some parties gaining strength in the polls in their home countries.

At a news conference, Le Pen along with populist leaders from host Italy, the Netherlands and Austria expressed their common view that Europe’s borders must be closed to mass migration from the Middle East and Africa and said that sovereignty over such policies must be restored to nations. They cited both the threat of terrorism and the strain on budgets.


Also attending the Milan event Thursday and Friday were leaders of nationalist parties from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

Le Pen said the parties represented on the stage in Milan “are part of the future”….

Blankley book

Tony Blankley was prescient….

Tony Blankley, God rest his soul, predicted this in his 2005 book, ‘The West’s Last Chance.’  He said the day would come when famous nude statues across Europe would be covered so as not to insult Islam.

She (Le Pen) also said a decision by Italian officials to cover ancient statues depicting nude figures in deference to the visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was “ridiculous.”

More at AP here.

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See my previous post about angry Swedes taking revenge.


Swedes pushed to the brink, attack migrants in Stockholm

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Los Angeles Unified School District closed after ‘credible threat’ from ‘foreign country’

Hmmm. Which foreign country has a concentration of “right-wing extremists” that could have sent this threat? If this threat comes from jihadis, did the LA school district have students draw Muhammad, or provoke the poor dears in some other way?

Los Angeles school terror threat

“LA schools threat ‘came from foreign country,’” ANSA, December 15, 2015:

(ANSA) – New York, December 15 – An email threatening Los Angeles schools arrived from a foreign country, investigative sources told ABC News on Tuesday. LA School Superintended Ramon Cortines said the threat was explicitly aimed at “students at school”.

Meanwhile in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Chief William Bratton said officials there received the same threatening email and assessed it as “not credible”.

School districts throughout the country were targeted by the threatening email, De Blasio and Bratton said.


Italy: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” attack soldiers at Rome cathedral

Germany: Convert to Islam arrested for supporting jihad terror group

VIDEO: Knife-brandishing Muslim threatens Donald Trump

This video is certain to convince ol’ Trump that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and that he should, as Bah Ebou demands, show some more “respect.” Or else.

If Trump is circumcised, will he change his mind about Muslim immigration?

WARNING: Strong language, high emotions, and a certain paucity of calm, rational argumentation.

Video thanks to Tea Partyer.

RELATED ARTICLE: Some Muslims in U.S. irritated by Obama’s call for them to root out “extremism”

EDITORS NOTE: Will U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch arrest this Muslim for violent talk?

Gallup: More Americans Say Federal Government a Threat

The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution is there for a simple reason: Our Founding Fathers wisely understood that even a national government of supposedly limited powers could overstep its bounds and infringe upon the rights of the people. In the landmark Heller decision, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized that the Founders considered the Second Amendment a failsafe that would provide the people with the means “to oppose an oppressive military force if the constitutional order broke down.”

Whatever else can be said about the efficacy or integrity of the government these days, America is fortunate that its people still have ample means to seek peaceful redress of grievances. Yet a new poll shows that the Founders’ concerns about the overreaching tendencies of centralized power remain on the mind of many U.S. citizens. Gallup reported on Monday that the share of Americans saying that the federal government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens” has risen from 30 percent in 2003 to 49 percent today.

Those who believe the government poses a threat say that it does so in a wide variety of areas, ranging from the feeling that the government wields too much power in general, to numerous specific concerns. Gallup notes, however, that “[t]he most frequently mentioned specific threats involve gun control laws and violations of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, mentioned by 12% who perceive the government to be an immediate threat.” That was a greater percentage of Americans than those expressing concern over government surveillance of Americans’ email and phone activities, Obamacare, and encroachments on freedom of religion and other First Amendment rights.

Gallup also reports that during the four-year gap between its 2006 and 2010 polls, the share of Democrat and Democrat-leaning respondents believing the government posed a threat decreased from 59 percent to 26 percent, while the share of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents holding the same opinion increased from 24 percent to 63 percent. For that reason, Gallup concludes that party affiliation tends to determine whether a person perceives a threat, with Democrats more likely to having felt threatened during the presidency of George W. Bush and Republicans more likely to having the same opinion since Barack Obama took office.

However, Gallup’s numbers show that adherents of both parties are more threatened by government power under Obama than they were during the Bush administration. Comparing responses from the two parties by averaging the results of the four polls taken during each administration shows that Democrats are four points more suspicious of government under Obama than Republicans were under Bush. The poll also shows that, overall, Republicans are more threatened by the government under Obama than Democrats were under Bush.

But make no mistake.  Any way you break down the numbers, a growing number of people of all political persuasions see the Obama administration as a threat to our freedoms.

Gallup’s take-away from its polls is that “the persistent finding in recent years that half of the population views the government as an immediate threat underscores the degree to which the role and power of government remains a key issue of our time. . . . From the people’s perspective, then, a focus on the appropriate role for government should be at the forefront of the nation’s continuing political discourse and should be a key point of debate in the current presidential election campaigns.”

The United States is unique in its commitment to an armed citizenry. It is also unique in the level of personal freedom and self-determination enjoyed by its citizens. We don’t think that’s a coincidence. We also don’t think it’s any surprise that more Americans are feeling concerned about a government that increasingly signals it doesn’t trust them with their fundamental freedoms, including the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

One solution, of course, is provided by Article II of the Constitution, which details the manner in which Americans are to elect their president. We again have the opportunity to exercise that sacred freedom next year. Candidates on both sides of the aisle have already begun articulating their views on the Second Amendment, and gun owners should be paying close attention. If Americans again elect an executive who does not hold the trust of the people, we will have only ourselves to blame.

Georgia: Note left on Soldier’s Car, “Mohammad will show no mercy on you”

Last September, an Islamic State spokesman said: “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever […] including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be.”

“‘Death to you coward child killer – Mohammad will show no mercy on you: Chilling note found on serviceman’s car in Georgia promises revenge on U.S. military,” by Belinda Robinson,Dailymail.com, July 24, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

A chilling note was left on a serviceman’s car blasting him for being a ‘coward women child killer who Mohammad will show no mercy to’.

The warning was placed under the front windshield wiper of the vehicle after it had been parked near Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia on Wednesday.

The note, which was unsigned and had the heading ‘untitled’, promised revenge for U.S. military involvement in the Middle East – saying ‘attacks will come full force’ and ‘death is to come to you’.

The full message, all in lower case, reads: ‘dear american soldier, death to you coward women child killer and all the american military / Mohammad will show no mercy on you / attacks will come full force / death is to come to you.’

It appears to be a reproduction of a warning that has been posted to military Facebook pages, MyFoxAtlanta reports.

Cobb County Police Department is investigating who put the note on the car.

They said that the victim may have been targeted because his license plate identified him as a service member….


Belgium arrests two ex-Guantanamo inmates on jihad terrorism charges

Kerry warns Israel: Stopping Iran’s nuke program would be “a huge mistake”

Earthquake and Volcano Threat for U.S. Increases

In a rare letter to Mr. Craig Fugate, the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Orlando, FL based Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), has disclosed that we are about to enter a potentially catastrophic period of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the United States.

The letter was signed by SSRC President, Mr. John Casey, and delivered to FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C. today. In the letter, Mr. Casey outlines how the ongoing dramatic reduction in the Sun’s energy output will not only plunge the world into a decades-long cold epoch, but at the same time bring record geophysical devastation in monster earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These cold climate periods called “solar hibernations” or “solar minimums,” are well known phenomena in the solar physics community. The SSRC has done important pioneering work in the field of solar- climate modeling and has established itself as a leader in climate prediction and the study of these hibernations of the Sun.

Citing new research included in the SSRC’s semi-annual Global Climate Status Report (GCSR) to come out on Wednesday, the letter to FEMA’s Craig Fugate contained an important warning for all major earthquake fault zones and volcanically active areas. The research focuses especially on the increased threat for the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) between St. Louis and Memphis.

This new threat information is contained in one of several papers in the June 10 edition of the GCSR paper authored by Mr. Casey and Dr. Dong Choi, Director of Research for the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC). The paper shows that the NMSZ is due for another calamitous quake between 2017 and 2038. Dr. Choi and Casey show that for four times in a row since the year 1450, a major quake strikes the NMSZ when the Sun has gone into a hibernation phase. This scientific revelation is what Choi and Casey believes solves the puzzle of when the next major quake will strike the area. Geologists have studied the NMSZ for many years using traditional approaches. Casey and Choi say it is the combined research from the fields of solar physics and geology that provides the best opportunity to date to estimate when the next devastating NMSZ earthquake will strike. Other scientists agree with their opinion.

For this singular reason Dr. Choi and Mr. Casey have strongly recommended to FEMA Administrator Fugate that all high risk earthquake fault zones and areas with a history of volcanic eruptions in the USA take immediate precautions to mitigate what they describe as a “period of unparalleled geophysical lethality and destruction.”

Mr. Casey adds, “The very strong correlation between these solar minimums and the incidence of catastrophic earthquakes worldwide is an impressive display of how interconnected we all are to our natural world and the cycles of the Sun. It would be foolhardy to ignore in particular, the history of major earthquakes in the NMSZ and the fact that at the bottom of every solar hibernation for the past 600 years, that area has seen devastating earthquakes ranging from M6.8 to M8.0.

“While we address the New Madrid risk in this press release and in the June 10, 2016 Global Climate Status Report, the coincidence of major earthquakes with solar minimums is not limited to just that area of the U.S. That is why our letter to Administrator Fugate was a nationwide alert. The ~M9.0 Cascadia quake and tsunami of 1700 was at the bottom of the coldest solar hibernation period which was called the Maunder Minimum. The Great San Francisco quake of 1906 was at the bottom of another solar low point – the ‘Centennial’ Minimum as it is called at the SSRC. This strong association of solar activity and the worst earthquakes and volcanic eruptions could represent the ‘missing link’ for geophysical disaster prediction.”

Dr. Choi (Australia) also supports Casey’s opinion by saying, “The extensive research done in this area is clear in its implications. When the solar minimums arrive, the worst recorded earthquakes and volcanic eruptions strike. The last solar minimum for example, saw the largest series of earthquakes in human history in the NMSZ and the largest recorded volcanic eruption at Mt. Tambora in Indonesia. These events occurred within a few years of each other during the coldest period in the Sun’s last hibernation in the early 1800’s.”

Click Here to Download The Letter to the FEMA Administrator

Thinking About China

Napoleon Bonaparte purportedly said “Let China sleep, for when China wakes, she will shake the world.”

Cover - China ChallengeAs Thomas J. Christensen, the author of his recently published “The China Challenge: Shaping the Choices of a Rising Power”, reminds us, “For millennia China was arguably the greatest civilization on the planet and for many previous centuries its most powerful empire.”

China is no longer an empire, but it remains a huge nation geographically and huge in terms of its population.

From the website worldometers.info, we learn:

Christensen is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Currently he is the William P. Boswell Professor of World Politics and director of the China and World Program at Princeton University. After reading his book, you might well conclude that there is little about China and Asia he does not know.

We are mostly dependent on various news stories about China to have any idea what is occurring, but the fact remains that just as the U.S. has its optimists and pessimists, conservatives and liberals who influence policy the same exists for China, so a lot depends on who is being quoted. Generally, though, it is only the top leaders who are. That means we are getting the Chinese “party line” and the occasional general or admiral warning against any aggression.

China did not begin to awaken as a modern nation until after the death of Mao Zedong, the founder of the People’s Republic of China, a Communist with a capital “C.” Christensen notes that, while keeping its political ideology, the leader that followed him made a “peaceful transformation launched under CCP leader Deng Xiaopping in 1978 and the collapse of the superpower Soviet Union thirteen years later that made China appear to stand tall again among the great powers.” The transitition was to a capitalist-based economy.

These days the Chinese and the Russians are making efforts to achieve areas of cooperation and, in particular, their militaries. They hold drills together for common defense strategies.

Christensen believes that “China’s return to great power status is perhaps the most important challenges in twenty-first century American diplomacy”, but to put that in context he points out that “China’s per capita income is only one fifth that of the United States” and “though a true trade superpower, many of its exporters are controlled at least in part by foreign investors.”

“Still, the pessimists do not give enough credit to the sustainability of U.S. leadership in Asia,” says Christensen. “For example, they often underestimate the value of American’s unparalleled network of allies and security partners.” You can be sure that the Chinese leadership does not.

They also have, as one would expect, concerns about U.S. military power in their area of the world, but they feel the same about Japan and South Korea as well. “China is not currently an enemy of the United States,” says Christensen, nor is it likely to be for a long time to come.

“It does not need to be contained like the (former) Soviet Union. Nor should China become the kind of regional or global adversary that we have faced in the past, although that outcome, unfortunately, is still a distinct possibility.” That possibility depends on China’s leadership now and in the future. For now they are concentrating on their economy and are likely to do so for many years to come.

Chinese Money“China’s economic clout is real and growing rapidly, especially since the 2008 financial crisis. China has been the main engine of growth for the world’s economy since that time and, by some measures, has become the world’s number one trading state.” There is only one reason why the U.S. has not yet recovered from the financial crisis and his name is Barack Obama.

I suspect that Obama is held in disdain by the Chinese leadership despite all the public handshakes. For one thing, China weathered the financial crisis far better than the U.S. “One of the burdens the new Obama administration inherited in early 2009 was a China bearing a mix of cockiness and insecurity that would negatively influence its policies in 2009-2010,” says Christensen and as the U.S. foundered in Afghanistan and Iraq “American power inspired less awe.”

“Sometime in 2012, the ‘Asia pivot’” of the Obama administration “would be jettisoned in Washington for the more subtle ‘Asia rebalance.’” If you get the feeling that the Obama administration has no real China policy or one that will have little influence, you are right.

With regard to China, It likely does not matter what the Obama administration does for its remaining one and a half years in office.

Various scholars and diplomats will continue to keep a watchful eye on China and most surely many corporate leaders and U.S. entrepreneurs will do so as well given its huge population as a marketplace. It’s already a great tourist destination.

Napoleon was right.

© Alan Caruba, 2015


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Globalization as Imperialism

“Risk of War”: China Repeatedly Warns U.S. Surveillance Plane Over Artificial Island

ISIS: The Threat to America — an interview with Erick Stakelbeck

51u4HXtekULWhen we reviewed Erick Stakelbeck’s latest book, ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery and the Hellish Realities of Radical Islamwe wrote:

Tens of thousands of young Muslims across the ummah from Minneapolis in the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Russia and even China have been drawn like bees to the holy beehive of the self-declared Caliphate which espouses Islamic purification through ethnic and religious cleansing.

Stakelbeck addressed an important question about why the large unassimilated Somali émigré community in Minneapolis has become the U.S. hub for Al Qaeda and now ISIS recruitment. The shift of Somali émigré young men from traveling to Somali to join Al Shabaab to join ISIS occurred in the last two years facilitated by the ease of travel to Turkey to enter Syria and the attraction of building a Caliphate based on pure Islam.

On April 20, 2015 six Somali émigré young men in their late teens and early 20’s were arrested and indicted by the U.S. Attorney in Minneapolis for material support to the Islamic State or ISIS. According to the WSJ report:

All six charged Monday had been arrested Sunday. Four appeared in Federal Court in St. Paul, Minnesota—Adnan Farah, Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, Hanad Mustafe Musse and Guled Ali Omar—with their court appointed lawyers. Two others appeared in a San Diego court—Mr. Daud and Mohamed Abdihamid Farah—where they were arrested after driving from Minneapolis. They were ordered held pending a detention hearing.

A seventh Abdi Nur was separately charged as a recruiter as he successfully traveled to Syria to join and fight for ISIS. It is believed that email exchanges and calls with Abdi Nur, who successfully traveled in May 2014 to Syria may have provided the evidence for the charges in the indictment of material support for terrorism. The FBI was able to connect Nur who were indicted, Daud and Yusuf, because of a police report of an accident involving the vehicle driven by Yusuf.

Somali émigré Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud from the second largest Somali community in the U.S., Columbus, Ohio was indicted on federal terrorist charges following his return from Al Qaeda training in Syria. The indictments announced by the US Attorney in Minneapolis capped a 10 month investigation. The Wall Street Journal report on this latest development, illustrated the resourcefulness of those indicted. Some used student loans to purchase airline tickets to travel to Turkey to enter Syria and join ISIS. The two detained in San Diego were caught trying to enter Mexico from which they intended to travel to Turkey and hence to Syria. Two had traveled by bus from Minneapolis only to be arrested at New York’s JFK Airport.

This is the latest story of how the U.S. humanitarian refugee program, controlled by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, flooded this major Midwestern community with 100,000 East Africa Muslims. Many of them failed to assimilate into American culture with radical Mosques recruiting dozens of native born jihadists to fight and die for first al Shabaab in Somalia and now for ISIS in Syria. We have written about this repeatedly since 2008. Somali refugees came to the Twin cities with the assistance of voluntary agencies  paid by the State Department and Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement to process them, provide cash assistance, Medicaid and receive a green card  leading to eventual citizenship. All while many of these Muslim émigrés rejected American values, instead seeking to impose their Sharia law on the host non-Muslim community.

Erick Stakelbeck aired his version of this story, March 17, 2015 on CBN’s The Watchman“Minneapolis- the U.S. Capital of ISIS.” Stakelbeck knows the Somali émigré terror recruit story and how our humanitarian refugee program played a major role in creating the radical Muslim environment in these communities that indoctrinated and recruited these youths. He visited the areas that have the look and feel of Mogadishu in Minnesota. He spoke with frustrated Somali community and former law enforcement officials about the futility of trying to divert these youths from a likely dead end that have befallen dozens who preceded them. He delved  into what attracts these young American Somali and other Muslim émigrés and converts to follow this delusional self destructive jihadist cause.

There have been Mexican and U.S. intelligence reports of possible ISIS presence in Mexico adjacent to the West Texas and New Mexico borders. Late in April 2015 there was a general intelligence alert by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Safety Administration. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, issued a statement saying the Obama administration “is far behind the curve in scaling up programs to counter domestic radicalization, and it has struggled to explain to Congress whether it has a strategy to combat terrorist travel.” He went on to say:

The potential for ISIS infiltration into the U.S. is great, especially from Europe, which U.S. extremists are using as a transit hub to join ISIS and al-Qaida.

Against this background we invited Erick Stakelbeck for an interview about the ISIS threat to America:

Mike Bates overlooking Kotel and Dome of the Rock Mosque on Temple Mount 3-2014.jpg

Mike Bates

Mike Bates: Erick Stakelbeck, welcome to Your Turn.


Erick Stakelbeck

Stakelbeck:  Thanks Mike. Great to be with you.

Bates:  And joining me is Jerry Gordon, senior editor of The New English Review and his blog The Iconoclast.  Welcome, Jerry.

JBG headshot 1-26-14 SMALL.jpg

Jerry Gordon

Jerry Gordon:  Glad to be back, Mike.

Bates:   Erick, what is the difference between ISIS, ISIL, and the Islamic state?

Stakelbeck:   You know, Mike that is a great question. When I was writing this book, ISIS Exposed, my wife actually said, “Hey, include a distinction in there, because I’m confused about it.” Here’s how to break it down. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Most people use ISIS.  President Obama, interestingly enough, uses the term ISIL, which means the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Now, Mike, here’s the significance. When you call it ISIS, you’re just giving it Iraq and Syria. That’s bad enough. But when you include ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the Levant is a huge area.  It’s not just Iraq and Syria. It’s Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and, yes, Israel. So when you call ISIS, ISIL, you’re actually empowering them and giving them more territory than they actually hold. So it’s a head-scratcher why President Obama would use the term ISIL.

Bates:  Well, I don’t have to scratch my head. I think I know. It’s because he’s not a friend of Israel and he wants Israel to be ultimately controlled by ISIL. Speaking of President Obama, most of the world first learned of the Islamic State in 2014. When did the President first learn of it?

Stakelbeck:  Mike, at least he knew in late 2012, early 2013, the stirrings were there. ISIS was gaining territory by a lot of victories in Syria, number one, and building their ranks, number two. Foreign fighters from around the world were flocking to Syria to join up with this group. At, the end of the day, in December 2011, President Obama, against the advice of all of his top generals, withdrew every last US soldiers from Iraq. Mike, once he did that, you had Al-Qaeda in Iraq expanding, despite being crushed by the troop.

Soon as the US troops left, Al-Qaeda in Iraq rose from the ashes, and began a wave of suicide bombings and assassinations of Iraqi leaders. All of a sudden, they were strong again in Iraq. They spread their tentacles next door into Syria. Now you have the monster that we have today, ISIS. President Obama gets intelligence reports across his desk every day. He knew. But in my book, I document how people on both sides of the political aisle were warning him. Former diplomats, military leaders were warning him, “Look, this group, ISIS, it’s gaining in strength.  We need to do something.”

Then in January 2014, ISIS roars into Fallujah, where our troops expended so much blood and treasure in the battles there. Shortly thereafter, President Obama went on national TV and called ISIS the “JV team of terrorism.” So a lot of responsibility for this lies squarely with him.

Gordon:  Erick, tens of thousands of foreign Muslim young men and women have been attracted and left their countries, including the US, UK, and other around the globe, to join ISIS. What is so compelling about the Islamic State?

Stakelbeck:  This is a great point. I think, number one, it is the ideology. ISIS has a well-defined jihadist ideology behind the success they’ve had. They now control 35,000 square miles of territory in the heart of the Middle East. That is an area the size of Great Britain. Not only that, they’ve declared a caliphate, a global Islamic State.  That is what every Islamist has wanted for the past century. Now ISIS is doing it in a bold and audacious way.

So success breeds attraction, number one. Number two the ideological message, jihad, caliphate also breeds attractions. Number three, ISIS is a different beast because of their use of social media and propaganda:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. ISIS and its supporters around the world send out 90 tweets per minute. That’s astounding. Their propaganda and their social media arms are controlled by Westerners who were born and raised there who know our culture and know exactly how to connect to an English-speaking audience. Not only that, ISIS spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on these slickly produced propaganda videos that look like a Hollywood action flick.

The days of Osama bin Laden in a cave in front of a green screen droning on in Arabic for an hour are long gone. ISIS is on the cutting edge. They’re very savvy. And on Twitter they use Hollywood movie references, hip-hop music references, anything to connect with young people here in the West. And they’re doing it to great effect. At least 180 US citizens have traveled overseas to join the caliphate, and up to 5,000 Western Europeans, Brits, French, Germans, have left to go join ISIS. And the fear is, obviously that one day, they will return home.

Bates:  Where does ISIS get its funding? This is not a cheap operation.

Stakelbeck:  No. This is the richest terrorist movement in history, Mike, and they get their funding in a few ways.  Number one, just old-fashioned conquest. Look, when they conquered Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq back in June 2014, they seized the Mosul Central Bank, with over $400 million in assets. And, again, when they seize a town, a city, a village, they demand tribute from the conquered people. That’s an Islamic tradition. They demand tribute. That’s another way.

Then you have the illicit oil trade where ISIS is very active in the oil black markets in Turkey, Iran, and Lebanon. They’re making up to $2 million, maybe even $3 million a day with this black market oil. Remember, ISIS has seized oil fields in Syria and Iraq. Another way they’re doing it is by seizing antiquities in places like Nineveh. Now they destroy these ancient biblical sites, but they also take some of the antiquities, and they sell them on the black market as well.

Last way they’re doing it, there is something called the golden chain in the Persian Gulf region. That is where these wealthy folks in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and the Emirates fund jihad around the world. And these individual donors are pouring money into ISIS as well.

Gordon:  Erick, in your book, you draw attention to US folks who depart for the Islamic State. You call Minneapolis “the hub” attracting those individuals. Recently, we had like seven Somali émigré young men who were indicted in places like Columbus, Ohio, San Diego, and Minneapolis. Why is that the case?

Stakelbeck:  I think, number one, Jerry, the main reason that’s the case is because Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Twin Cities in Minnesota are a nice place to live. They have the largest Somali Muslim population in all of North America. Some 100,000 Somali Muslims live in Minneapolis and St. Paul. That will probably shock a lot of people. The problem is they’re not assimilating. They are not integrating. I spoke to Somali community leaders there who said, “Look, we have a big problem because they’re not becoming part of the American fabric.” This has been the fear when you’re letting, mass numbers of immigrants into the country and they’re not assimilating, you have a big problem. We see this in Western Europe where we have many more Muslim immigrants coming to Germany, France, Britain, they’re not assimilating. They’re setting up almost self-segregating enclaves – I’ve been in these neighborhoods – where they don’t feel British.

They don’t feel French or German, and I fear we have a similar situation going on right now in the Somali communities in the United States. You have a pipeline going from these communities in Minnesota to Iraq and Syria.  You’ve had dozens of young people – US citizens – traveling overseas to join the jihad out of Minnesota. If they return home, you have battle hardened and battle-tested, radicalized, fanatics in your midst.

The Mall of America, the largest shopping mall in the United States is right outside of Minneapolis. So you have the potential for some real damage. When you mentioned the seven Somali young men arrested recently, an Obama administration official said, “We have a terror recruitment problem –” I’m paraphrasing – “in the Twin Cities.”

Bates:  Erick, is the US government doing anything to prevent the return of these jihadis to the United States after fighting with Islamic state? Are we doing anything to stop this threat from entering the US at either the Southern or Northern borders?

Stakelbeck:  Mike, nothing on the southern border. As to what the government is doing anything to prevent it is unclear.  Jeh Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security chief, said recently that we already had about 40 US citizens return who were fighting with ISIS overseas. They’re back.

He said, “Look, we’re trying to monitor them, but you can’t know what everyone’s doing.” This is the Department of Homeland Security chief. So, can people slip through the cracks? Absolutely. Think back to Paris in January 2015 where two brothers had trained with Al-Qaeda in Yemen. They returned to France and they carried out a horrific terror attack there. That can also happen here.

Our system is not foolproof, and people can come back and slip through the cracks. What I would do if I knew someone left to join ISIS – and our government knows who’s going in many cases – is revoke their citizenship and do not allow them back into the United States. It’s as simple as that. “You are no longer a US citizen.  You’re not welcome in this country. And if you do try to enter this country, you’ll be thrown in jail.” That is the logical solution.

Bates:  Isn’t that a constitutional matter? I realize  that ISIS, isn’t a nation, but if they take up arms for another nation, we can revoke their citizenship legally.

Stakelbeck:  ISIS is declared a state, so in their eyes they’re a nation. As to your point about the border, Mike, one of the most chilling passages in my book was a conversation I had with a former CIA clandestine service officer. He told me, “Erick, the thing that keeps me up at night is the possibility of an ISIS jihadist carrying a, a biological or a chemical weapon over our southern border, or our northern border for that matter, and setting it off in a US city.”

You know, it’s been 13-1/2 years since 9/11, and that southern border in particular is more wide open than ever before. And you can’t sustain yourself long term as a nation state if you refuse to secure your borders.

Gordon:  Erick, we’ve had recent intelligence reports indicating that ISIS camps may have been established in Mexico near the US border in Texas and New Mexico. How much of a threat is that?

Stakelbeck:  I’m trying to verify those reports.  I talked to one source who was kind of skeptical. He said, “Look, if the Mexican government knows that there are ISIS camps in their country, what are they doing about it, or why hasn’t anything been done about it yet? This is obviously an imminent threat if these camps exist.” That is an interesting take on it.

It has been a little tough to verify. You know we had one report from Judicial Watch, with a lot of unnamed sources. A lot of times you use unnamed government sources. But unnamed, Mexican officials? That is the kind of report where absolutely like you; it raised my eyebrow big time because the southern border is a massive concern over possible ISIS infiltration. But that kind of report is one I would double and triple check, verify and footnote extensively because that is a serious allegation. Would I doubt it? No. The southern border is so porous and you have these drug cartels that control the Mexican side who have no allegiance to anyone other than the almighty dollar.

Would they work with Islamic terror groups? Absolutely. Have they worked with Islamic terror groups? Probably. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. And eventually, God forbid, if terrorists enter through the southern border, our government will have some tough questions to answer from the American people to say the least.

Gordon:  The other folks who have had experience on the southern border are the Iranians. A few years ago, we had the story about a drug cartel hooking up with an Iranian American in Texas involved with an attempted assassination of the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

Stakelbeck:  The Iranians, Jerry, this is another facet. If I look at the two-headed monster that we’re confronting right now in the Middle East, ISIS and Iran, to me, Iran is the bigger threat long term and possibly short term, depending on when they acquire the bomb, a nuclear weapon.

The Iranians, through Hezbollah in particular, have an extensive network throughout Latin America in our hemisphere. Now in terms of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, why should every American care? Right now Iran is not only developing nuclear weapons, they’re developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, ICBMs, that could reach the United States.

You only develop ICBMs for one reason, to mount them with a nuclear warhead. Now why would Iran do that?  Why would Iran be developing missiles that can reach the United States? It’s simple, because they still consider us, although the Obama administration’s tripping over itself to embrace them and work with them – the Iranian regime considers America the great Satan. Just two weeks ago, the Supreme Ruler of Iran led chants of “Death to America,” in a rally in Tehran.

If we think Iran has changed its spots, we’re kidding ourselves. We have a bull’s eye on our back coming out of Tehran.

 Bates:  Why didn’t the Obama administration stop ISIS when they left Syria and went into Iraq when they were on the open roads and could have easily been taken out? And combined with that, do you advocate the United States military putting troops on the ground to stop ISIS from advancing?

Stakelbeck:  Why did  the Obama administration do nothing? Because he’s a do-nothing guy, in general. He’s  watched as the Middle East has burned. If you dig deeper with President Obama, he’s more focused on domestic things. He wants to fundamentally transform America in his words. Sadly, he seems to be succeeding in at least some ways. It’s almost like an operation of chaos around the world over the past six and a half years. However, I don’t think he’s naïve.

The Middle East is on fire, and he sees America and Israel as forces not for good, but for bad in Middle East.  We have been imperialist occupying powers that have oppressed Muslims around the world, and now we’re getting our just deserts. We are trying to level the playing field, and he seems content to hand over the Middle East and North Africa to radical Islamists. I think that’s pretty clear. Whether it is the Muslim Brotherhood or the Iranian regime.

And all that will happen is for him to manage the ISIS problem until he leaves office. To answer your second question, we don’t need a heavy footprint on the ground, but we do need some ground presence. Think back to 2001 in Afghanistan where we had US Special Forces, the CIA, on the ground working with the Northern Alliance. They routed the Taliban.

We can do the same thing today in Iraq and Syria. We don’t need tens of thousands of American troops. What we need are our elite forces on the ground leading the way. We have the Kurds who are fierce fighters, who are pro-American, who want to get in the fight. We have  Syrian Christians. We have some Iraqi tribes that don’t like ISIS. All of them are begging for leadership from the leader of the free world, and we’re MIA.

Again, it doesn’t take a heavy footprint. We could lead the fight. They’re not – they can’t do it themselves. But we need some kind of US ground presence. You can’t do it through limited air strikes alone. If you’re intention is truly to crush this group – and make no mistake, we need to crush ISIS like the German and Japanese war machines were crushed during World War II before this movement metastasizes any further. It is already spreading throughout the region and it is here in the west.

If we really wanted to crush ISIS, if we’re serious, we need to do it now. I don’t think we’re serious. I don’t think the West is serious. I think we’re going to be in for some serious trouble down the road and, God forbid, maybe in the short term because of our lack of will. This is a Winston Churchill moment. The only man, in my view, who is answering the call, is the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Yet the West, instead of embracing him, siding with him, is shunning him.

Bates:  Yes, that is a shame. Many more questions, not enough time to ask them. The name of the book is ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam. It’s written by Erick Stakelbeck.  You can learn more at www.ErickStakelbeck.com. Erick Stakelbeck, thank you for joining us. Jerry Gordon and I will continue the conversation.

Stakelbeck:  Thank you for having me.

Bates:  Erick Stakelbeck touched on a large growing émigré Muslim population in the United States. Why is the Obama administration admitting such a large number of Muslim refugees?

Gordon:  When the congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980, they gave the keys to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees who establishes allotments for providing asylum. The State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services administers it with the consent and approval of Congress. These humanitarian refuges may receive an eventual US citizenship. So we’re put in the quandary when émigré Somali Muslim young men are caught and arrested for joining ISIS.  They are US citizens and received all kinds of benefits under the Refugee Act. The total program cost for the US refugee program at both the federal and the state levels is staggering.  It is estimated at more than $12  to $20 billion a year. And remember there are more refugees on the way from Syria.

Bates:  Man, talk about a Trojan horse.

Gordon:  Absolutely.

Bates:  The enemy is being allowed in the gates. Thanks so much for joining us. If you want to find Jerry Gordon online, he’s the senior editor of The New English Review and his blog The Iconoclast. You can find him online at www.newenglishreview.org. The name of that book that we were discussing earlier, ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam by Erick Stakelbeck.

Listen to the 1130 am WEBY interview with Erick Stakelbeck of CBN’s “The Watchman,” here and here.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review. Also see Jerry Gordon’s collection of interviews, The West Speaks.

Americans among 12,000 Muslims from 50 countries waging jihad in Syria

Where did these Americans learn their understanding of Islam? We all know, on pain of charges of “Islamophobia,” that no Muslims in the U.S., none, agree with the Islamic State, or want to bring Sharia Westward, or have any desire to restore the caliphate. None, you greasy Islamophobe. So how did these Americans come to misunderstand Islam? Were they reading “Islamophobic” writings that they mistook for the genuine article?

“Americans among 12,000 foreign fighters in Syria: US,” AFP, August 21, 2014:

Washington (AFP) – Some 12,000 foreign jihadists from 50 countries, including Americans, have gone to fight in Syria since the conflict began, the US State Department said Thursday.

A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, estimated that more than 100 US citizens have traveled or tried to travel to Syria to join the conflict.

They have traveled to join radical groups including the Islamic State (IS), militants fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria who have expanded into neighboring Iraq.

“We think that there are approximately 12,000 fighters from at least 50 countries in Syria — foreign fighters, including a small number of Americans — that may have traveled to Syria since the beginning of the conflict” more than three years ago, said deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf.

“They may all not still be there,” she said, without revealing an estimated number of Americans.

US officials have been unable to identify an organized recruitment effort aimed at US citizens, as is the case in Europe.

Washington has publicly stated that Western fighters pose an especially dangerous risk, especially when they return to their countries of origin.

In late September, President Barack Obama is scheduled to host a Security Council summit with other heads of state focusing on the acute threat posed by foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq.

During his August 12 visit to Sydney, Secretary of State John Kerry said that Washington and Australia agreed to take concerns about the threat posed by jihadist foreign fighters in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere to the United Nations.


California: Black convert to Islam killed waging jihad for ISIS in Syria
Hagel: Islamic State “an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it’s in Iraq or anywhere else”
Islamic State threatens jihad mass murder attack in Chicago
Hamas-linked CAIR’s Nihad Awad: “Israel is the biggest threat to world peace and security”
Kentucky Catholic church paints ن on door in solidarity with Christians persecuted by Islamic State

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of demonstrators chant pro-al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as they wave al-Qaida flags in front of the provincial government headquarters in Mosul, 225 miles (360 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, June 16, 2014. (AP).

ACTION ALERT: Presentation on Islamist Supremacism in Tampa, FL on January 16th by Dr. Jonathan Matusitz

On Thursday, January 16th, 2014, Dr. Jonathan Matusitz will give a free presentation titled “Islamist Supremacism in America” in Tampa. Dr. Jonathan Matusitz is an Associate Professor at the Nicholson School of Communication, University of Central Florida.

The presentation will begin at exactly 6:30 p.m. at Mulligan’s Irish Pub, 10550 Regents Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33647. This presentation is open to the public.

Dr. Jonathan Matusitz will cover the following:

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Islam Not Just a Religion: Also a Political System & Global Movement
Understanding Sharia
Islamist Threat to America – At the Local Level
Islamist Threat to America – At the Academic Level
Islamist Threat to America – At the Political Level
Solutions to Stop the Islamist Threat to America

Terrorism & CommunicationABOUT DR. JONATHAN MATUSITZ

Dr. Jonathan Matusitz (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 2006) is currently a tenured associate professor in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He studies globalization, culture, terrorism and health communication. On top of having 95 academic publications and over 100 conference presentations, he taught at a NATO-affiliated military base in Belgium in 2010. Originally from Belgium himself, he moved to the United States in 2000. In 2012, he was honored with a prestigious teaching award by the College of Sciences at UCF.

In 2011, Dr. Matusitz’s research was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court. His most recent book, Terrorism & Communication: A Critical Introduction, was published in 2012 by SAGE. His research methodologies include qualitative interviewing, content analysis, semiotics and theoretical analysis.

Dr. Matusitz has taught the following courses at UCF: Terrorism and Communication (COM 4416), Intercultural Communication (COM 4461), Conflict Management (COM 4462), Group Dynamics (SPC 4426), Nonverbal Communication (SPC 4331), Organizational Communication (COM 3120), Communication and Human Relations (COM 3011), Communication Research Methods (COM 3311), Health Communication (COM 6025), and Honors Fundamentals of Oral Communication (SPC 1600).