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Introducing Non-Binary Nitwit Thu Nguyen

In Worcester, Massachusetts where that great work, Webster’s Dictionary, 2nd edition, was produced, a “non-binary” Vietnamese-American has just now nailed her colors to the mast of antisemitism, a pathological condition that often presents as hatred for Israel. No doubt that belief helps make her a real American, just like Henry Ford and John J. McCloy and George Lincoln Rockwell, and akin to all those students on campuses from sea to shining sea who scream their desire to see Israel disappear, to be replaced by a 23rd Arab state.

Thu Nguyen – “They” — describes themselves (don’t worry, I won’t keep up this pronoun absurdity) in her campaign literature as “a proud Vietnamese refugee, an artist, an auntie, a youth worker, and the first non-binary candidate for Worcester City Council At-Large.” She came to America “at the age of one when her family immigrated to the United States as refugees. Thu grew up in Main South and graduated from Claremont Academy and Clark University.”

Nguyen has said she “wants to be a part of starting to build a safer and stronger city through diversity and inclusion.” Of course. Why didn’t her opponent think of that? Diversity and Inclusion. And Equity. Let’s not forget Equity. What a splendid idea. How original, how deeply wise, and yet how simple withal.

More on this bizarre non-binary bigot and her want of sympathy for the hostages just rescued from the terror group Hamas can be found here: “Massachusetts Politician Slams ‘The Zionist and Genocide Loving People,’ Expresses Outrage Over Israeli Rescue Op,” by Jacob Frankel, Algemeiner, June 11, 2024:

While many people celebrated the rescue of four Israeli hostages from Hamas-ruled Gaza over the weekend, a member of the Worcester City Council in Massachusetts appeared to express outrage over the operation.

Councilor-at-Large Thu Nguyen — a self-described Vietnamese refugee and “the first non binary elected official in Massachusetts” — is pictured on the Worcester City Council’s website and their social media accounts wearing a keffiyeh, a traditional headscarf worn by Palestinians that has become known as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian cause and opposition to Israel.

Nguyen took to Instagram to share two posts on Nguyen’s Instagram page. The first post falsely accused Israeli forces of killing “hundreds of refugees” as they rescued the four hostages on Saturday. The post did not mention that the hostages were being held by civilians cooperating with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. The Hamas-controlled health ministry claimed that 274 Palestinians were killed during the operation, although experts have questioned the reliability of casualty figures from Gaza. Israel said the casualties from the raid were “less than 100.”

Hamas has a long record of exaggerating the numbers of “innocent civilians” killed by the IDF. There was the “massacre in Jenin,” where original claims of “500 civilians massacred” ended up being reduced to 52 dead, 45 of whom turned out to be Hamas members. And there was the supposed killing of “500 civilians” in an Israeli airstrike on the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza. It turned out that there had been no Israeli airstrike, but rather, a rocket launched toward Israel by Palestinian Islamic Jihad misfired, and landed in Gaza, not on the Al-Ahli hospital, but in a parking lot next to the hospital, killing not “500 people,” but about “50 people.” How many of those were “innocent civilians” is not known.

Thu Nguyen accuses Israel of killing “hundreds of refugees.” What “refugees”? The people living in Gaza are not refugees. And where does this figure of “hundreds” killed come from? It comes from Hamas, that first claimed 70 “civilians” had been killed by the IDF during the hostage rescue, then upped that number to 110, then to 210, and 240, before finally settling on the positively phantasmagoric figure of 274. The IDF says there were fewer than 100 Gazans killed. Israel has as long a record of telling the truth as Hamas does of telling lies. I believe the IDF’s figure. And of those fewer than 100 killed, how many were members of Hamas, killed in a terrific firefight with the IDF rescuers?

The second post shared by Nguyen promoted the myth of widespread sexual assault of Palestinian “men and boys” in Israeli prisons and referred to those in Israeli prisons — many of whom are there for terrorism-related offenses — as “our friends.”…

Thu Nguyen apparently wants us to believe the charge that Israeli guards sexually assault the Palestinian “men and boys” in Israel’s prisons. This charge is so preposterous that not even Ken Roth or Francesca Albanese has dared to make it. But apparently Thu Nguyen finds it believable.

What is next for this rebarbative creature? She no doubt hopes to rise higher, and to become the first non-binary Congresswomen, representing the 2nd Congressional district of Massachusetts, and a member — that’s glory for you — of the Squad.



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