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Pro-Hamas hunger strikers at Yale have drag queen speak, he doesn’t condemn Hamas

These people’s balloon never lands. Let Tifa Wine/Ryan Persadie visit Tel Aviv and see what happens to him there, and then make his way to Gaza City.

Facts, however, seldom trouble the left.

Drag performer speaks to anti-Israel Yale hunger strikers — without condemning homophobic Hamas

by Olivia Land, New York Post, April 20, 2024:

A drag performer spoke to anti-Israel hunger strikers at Yale University about higher education being a “capitalist necropolitical machine” — but failed to mention that Hamas is anti-LGBTQIA+ rights.

“No matter how many equity seminars you hold, how many DEI committees you form, how many land acknowledgments you produce …we know that educational institutions are crafted as corporate legacies of entrapment, confinement and ideological regulation,” drag performer Tifa Wine told the hunger strikers Friday clad in a [sic], according to a video from independent reporter Stu.

The performer — wearing a red cape and jumpsuit with a keffiyeh scarf — went on to lament the “genocides and dispossessions” that “made Yale University … possible as a capitalist necropolitical machine” as she addressed the crowd at the New Haven campus’ Beinecke Plaza.

When not performing in drag, Tifa Wine — also known as Ryan Persadie — is a visiting instructor of gender, sexuality and intersectionality studies at Connecticut College, according to his online profile.

On Friday, the Yale hunger strikers were on their sixth day of forgoing food as part of their demonstration to push the university to divest from weapons manufacturers affiliated with Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip….

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