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COLORADO: Openly Marxist State Representative Joins Pro-Jihad Rally During Hamas Massacres of Israeli Civilians

For background on the Marxist Hernández, see here. Meanwhile, the claim that no one at the pro-jihad rally was pro-Hamas is silly. There is no action for “Palestinian human rights” that doesn’t display open and gleeful support for Hamas jihadis and other forces of like mind.

Rookie legislator reprimanded for supporting Palestine in wake of attacks

by Carol McKinley, Denver Gazette, October 9, 2023:

Hours after the terrorist organization Hamas launched a surprise holiday attack on Israel, Colorado Rep. Tim Hernández joined around three dozen participants at a rally at the state Capitol and waved a Palestinian flag.

The Palestine Solidarity Rally was described in a flyer as “An Emergency protest for Palestinian Resistance.” It appeared to be organized by the Colorado Palestinian Coalition.

Hernández’s place among the crowd may have gone unnoticed except that it was caught by television cameras gathering footage of the event.

Almost immediately, lawmakers on both sides jumped on Hernández’ action.

“He voiced his approval of the slaughter of innocent people,” said Rep. Lisa Frizell, R-Castle Rock. “I find that to be contrary to anything that I hold dear.”

There is no rule that prohibits legislative house members from participating in a rally or protest. Still, Frizell bemoaned Hernández’s “absence of decorum,” saying she doesn’t believe he “respects the institution he was appointed to.”

But Rep. Iman Jodeh, D-Aurora, said it is unfair to single out Hernandez for “expressing his beliefs that all people should be afforded human rights.” She pointed out that there has been “massive precedent” of other elected officials who have also attended rallies, voicing opinions on the west steps of the state Capitol during the repeal of Roe v. Wade and most recently when conflicts arose in Sudan and Ethiopia.

“Let me be clear,” Jodeh said. “As far as I know, no one held that rally for Hamas. People were rallying for Palestinian human rights.” To equate Hernández’ actions with Hamas, she said, is “reckless.”…

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