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VIDEO: Tucker Interviews Andrew Tate’s Brother After House Arrest Release

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson interviewed Andrew Tate’s brother, Tristan, after their release from house arrest in a video released Sunday.

The Tate brothers were released from house arrest in Romania Friday as they face human trafficking, rape and criminal gang charges. Carlson previously interviewed Andrew about the emasculation of men and the criminal allegations they faced in mid-July.

Tate told Carlson of two women, one being his personal assistant, who were thrown in jail for the same 92 days as the brothers simply for knowing the Tate brothers and allegedly being part of their so-called “organized criminal gang.” Tate said the women were victims of “psychological torture” by Romanian officials to force them to make up false crimes committed by the Tate brothers.

“And essentially, when I look at the way these two women were treated, they were locked in prison because they know us. They’re attacked by their own, one is my personal assistant, so she knows everything I do. She does airport pick-ups, pays my electricity bills. And every week or so they had the keys dangle in front of them, ‘Ready to tell us about Tate’s criminal activities now?’ And they said no, [and] stayed in prison.” 

“Next week, ‘You ready to tell us about the criminal activities of the Tate brothers?’ And the problem is they can’t have told the police about criminal activity I take part in because those criminal activities don’t exist,” Tate continued. “So I see it as a method of psychological torture.”

Tate said rather than condemning his arrest, he is angry about the two girls who had been placed behind bars for charges not pertaining to sex or criminal gang activity. Tate said, “Human trafficking” is a “very loose law” which lacks a true definition in Romania.

He claimed the arrest and charges were about “attacking” his brother by charging those close to him for his message on the downfall of masculinity in society.

“Attacking me is a way of attacking [Andrew] and attacking my personal assistant and her friend. I think it was a way of hoping you were gonna turn these women into prosecution witnesses essentially. To lie and say that we did crimes,” Tate said. “It’s about Andrew and his message. That’s all it’s about.”

Tate said he enjoyed being imprisoned because his relationship with Andrew strengthened while in jail. A Court of Appeals in Bucharest released the brothers from jail in late March and granted them house arrest.

He told Carlson he does not blame Romania for his arrest and refuses to sue the country’s government. He is currently unwilling to publicly predict who may have targeted him and have him put in prison.



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