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Free Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips

An important message from the editors of Frontpage:

It’s clear: They’ve been jailed for telling the unwelcome truth about the state of our elections today.

In yet another of the Left’s increasingly brazen miscarriages of justice, Monday, November 7 will mark a week since the leaders of True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, were imprisoned in Houston for refusing to disclose the identity of an FBI informant. But as is always the case with the Left, there is much more to this case than that: the imprisonment of Engelbrecht and Phillips is part of the Left’s efforts to cover up its own election crimes. Engelbrecht and Phillips are deeply committed patriots; the Freedom Center was privileged to help Catherine Engelbrecht launch True the Vote in its first promotional video, which was filmed in David Horowitz’s living room with David as its endorser.

These are heroic individuals on the frontline of the battle for American democracy, and now that they’re directly in the Left’s crosshairs, they should be supported by every patriot.

Engelbrecht and Phillips have maintained, quite rightly, that whenever they have acceded to demands to reveal their sources in the past, the Left has doxed and harassed those sources. It’s also quite clear that this legal harassment that Engelbrecht and Phillips are experiencing right now is designed to distract attention from and obscure what they’ve discovered about severe vulnerabilities in our elections process. Once again, Leftists are covering up their own misdeeds.

The Texas Tribune reported last Monday that Engelbrecht and Phillips will “remain in jail until they release the name of the man.” They’re bearing up well: on Wednesday, according to Gateway Pundit, “Catherine delivered an audiotaped message from prison to thank all of her and Gregg’s supporters for their ‘prayers and kind messages of support.’ Engelbrecht announced that they are appealing their cases to the Fifth Circuit Court and are praying for a good result. She also asked that Americans remain focused on the upcoming election and encourage everyone they know to vote. She ended her message by saying, ‘God bless America. And I’ll see you soon…’”

We hope so. They’re in prison now as the result of what they discovered about the 2020 election, and their release would be a small measure of justice amid the monstrous wrongs that were committed during that election and are still being committed today. The Texas Tribune notes that Konnech, an “election management software company,” filed suit True the Vote, claiming that its allegations against Konnech’s founder and CEO, Eugene Yu, “led to personal threats to him and his family and damaged his company’s business.” This is a familiar Leftist tactic: when exposed or even simply criticized, claim that the negative coverage has exposed you to threats of violence from the unhinged “right-wing extremists” that loom so large in Leftist propaganda but are so hard to find in real life.

What’s really going on is an attempt to cover up what Engelbrecht and Phillips have discovered. “In podcasts and interviews,” the Tribune reports, “Phillips described a dramatic night in early 2021 in a Dallas hotel, where a man he later identified as Mike Hasson revealed what True the Vote has said was hard evidence of Konnech’s alleged influence on the 2020 election.” True the Vote found evidence that Konnech “had stored American poll worker data on a server in China.”

Meanwhile, the charges that True the Vote have made against Konnech have been demonstrated to be accurate by an unlikely source: the Los Angeles district attorney’s office. Eugene Yu “is facing felony charges of grand theft by embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office said Yu and Konnech violated the company’s contract with Los Angeles County by illegally giving contractors in China access to data that was supposed to be stored only in the United States. Yu has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, arguing that even if the charges are true, they aren’t criminal. Los Angeles prosecutors have acknowledged receiving an early tip from Phillips.”

So True the Vote uncovered evidence that China had access to American elections data. That’s the real reason why they’re in prison today, and why it is such an immense injustice that they are. Just as Leftists have woven an elaborate fantasy of a January 6 “insurrection” in an attempt to defame, discredit and destroy Donald Trump and his supporters, so also they’re doing everything they possibly can to keep the full truth about their chicanery in the 2020 election from coming out. One supporter of Engelbrecht and Phillips summed it up succinctly: “This is what tyranny looks like.”

Yes, it is. And it must not stand. Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips must be freed immediately, without being required to disclose the name of their confidential informant. The American people are watching Joe Biden’s Justice Department closely, and more and more people are realizing that there is a two-tier justice system: one to protect Leftists such as Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton, no matter how serious their crimes may be, and another to persecute patriots who still believe in the promise our free republic offers. Attorney General Garland: End this injustice now. Free True the Vote.


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Catherine Engelbrecht v. United States

Catherine Engelbrecht’s testimony at House of Representatives hearing on the IRS targeting her and True the Vote.



Unfortunately, Americans have lost faith in the integrity of our nation’s election results and fraud and law-breaking has become all too common in our electoral system. We hope to change that perception. True the Vote is a citizen-led effort to restore truth, faith, and integrity to our elections.

True the Vote is an initiative developed by citizens for citizens, meant to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. We promote ideas that actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation.

We are working to restore integrity to the American system of electing its leaders. With True the Vote, we have, “deconstructed the entire process, focusing on educating voters, examining the registry, recruiting, training and mobilizing election workers and poll watchers, training how to collect data all along the way, then use the data to shape government action and legislative agendas to support desperately needed election code reform.”

Our government was built upon the belief that election results represent the true will of the people and our election processes were always intended to be supported by citizen volunteers. We are helping stop corruption where it can start – at the polls.

Our initiatives include:

  • Mobilizing and training volunteers who are willing to work as election monitors
  • Aggressively pursuing fraud reports to ensure prosecution when appropriate
  • Providing a support system for our volunteers that includes live and online training, quick reference guides, a call bank to phone in problem reports, information on videotaping at polling places, and security as necessary
  • Creating documentaries and instructional videos for use in recruiting and training
  • Raising awareness of the problem through strategic outreach efforts including advertising, social networking, media relations, and relational marketing
  • Voter registration programs and efforts to validate existing registration lists, including the use of pattern recognition software to detect problem areas

Based in Houston, Texas and headed by Catherine Engelbrecht (President), True The Vote is staffed by volunteers all across the country. Essentially, True The Vote is you and me. Every day Americans interested in the integrity of the elections in the home district.


Palm Beach GOP Chair: Don’t talk about Allen West

Jack Furnari in his BizPac Review column “GOP boss: Don’t talk about Allen West voter fraud or other ‘oddball issues’” reports, “[Palm Beach County Republican Party Chair Ira] Sabin told me he doesn’t want his board members to publicly discuss ‘voter fraud, birtherism, the St. Lucie County voter fraud suit’ or any other ‘oddball issues’ he deems off message.”

Furnari notes this can lead to conflict as his vice-Chair is part of the St. Lucie County law suit. Furnari notes, “[Vice-Chairman Michael] Barnett is one of the lawyers litigating the True the Vote lawsuit against St. Lucie County Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker over the irregularities in Allen West’s loss to Patrick Murphy, and that’s one of the banned topics.

True the Vote is a non-partisan grassroots organization that focuses on election fraud. Lou Ann Anderson from Watchdog Wire – Texas reported, “Former Florida Congressman Allen West narrowly lost his November re-election bid and St. Lucie County was a standout locale in terms of alleged voting irregularities.  To protect future election integrity, Houston-based True The Vote is suing the St. Lucie supervisor of elections. In a recent video announcement, True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht emphasized the importance of learning the truth.  “The sanctity of our elections is too important to let this slide,” she said.

Watch True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht’s video announcement of the lawsuit:

Anderson reports Engelbrecht additionally noted, “We the people have a right and a responsibility to demand answers when our election process fails.  And that’s what we’re doing.  Demanding answers.”