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Tulsi Gabbard As Trump’s Running mate

Tulsi Gabbard, a former U.S. representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district and a decorated military veteran, has emerged as a fascinating potential candidate for the vice-presidential spot in Donald Trump’s administration. Her background, unorthodox political stances, and broad appeal marked by a unique blend of military experience, legislative understanding, and a distinctive foreign policy stance offer a compelling narrative for her potential role in the Trump administration.

Tulsi Gabbard’s political career has been marked by a strong focus on legislative achievements that resonate with a broad spectrum of constituents. During her tenure in Congress, Tulsi Gabbard demonstrated a multifaceted approach to governance, focusing on several key areas:

Environmental Advocacy: Gabbard cosponsored the Coral Reef Sustainability Through Innovation Act of 2016, aiming to promote coral reef research and conservation through federal grants. She supported green energy policies, including transitioning to near-zero greenhouse gas emissions and 100% clean renewable energy.

Affordable Housing Initiatives: Addressing Hawaii’s high cost of living, Gabbard focused on affordable housing issues, highlighting her commitment to economic development and social welfare.

Health and Food Policy Advocacy: Gabbard was a leading advocate for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food, earning recognition from Food Policy Action for her efforts to improve the nation’s food system and fight against the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act.

National Parks Conservation Support: Gabbard was honored with the “Friend of the National Parks” award from the National Parks Conservation Association for her support of the National Park System, underscoring her commitment to preserving the natural and cultural resources of the United States.

Gabbard’s legislative achievements reflect her dedication to serving the needs and interests of her constituents, showcasing her commitment to environmental protection, economic development, and social welfare.

Military Experience and Foreign Policy Stance: Gabbard’s distinguished military career and experience in the United States Army Reserve have shaped her unique foreign policy views, setting her apart from mainstream Democratic or Republican positions. Her service in Iraq and Kuwait has given her a deep understanding of military operations and strategy.

In this regard, her interactions with the Trump administration have also been notable. Gabbard has met with President Trump and has been critical of specific policies while supporting others.

The potential impact of Tulsi Gabbard’s inclusion in the Trump administration must be considered. The speculation around Gabbard’s possible candidacy for the vice-presidential spot in the Trump administration is intriguing. Her ability to appeal to women, military personnel, and Democrats presents a unique opportunity for the Trump campaign to broaden its support base.

Gabbard’s calm and logical approach could balance Trump’s aggressive style, potentially mellowing his rhetoric and making his administration more appealing to a broader range of voters. Her background in Congress and military experience could help reshape the administration’s policy and public engagement approach.

However, Tulsi Gabbard’s relationship with the World Economic Forum has raised serious concerns among conservatives. WEF is a globalist organization established by Klaus Schwab.

Gabbard’s willingness to support authoritarian regimes under certain conditions has both been criticized and contributed to her distinct foreign policy stance.

Gabbard’s foreign policy views are characterized by a critical view of “regime change wars” and an advocacy for a more diplomatic approach to international relations and a focus on environmentalism. She has shown a willingness to support authoritarian regimes in certain contexts, such as her meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which was controversial due to her defense of his authoritarianism and his use of force against civilians. Additionally, she has expressed support for brutal authoritarian repression in places like Egypt in the name of counter-terrorism, placing her outside of the mainstream of American progressives.

Gabbard was scrutinized for a 2017 meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom the United States government blames for deadly attacks against Syrian civilians during the country’s civil war.”

“Gabbard endorsed independent senator Sanders’ run against Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Gabbard ended her presidential candidacy in March 2020 and immediately endorsed Joe Biden.

Here is a long list of  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s (2013-2021) Congressional Report Card.


Is Tulsi Gabbard picture-perfect? No, she is not. Can Republican voters trust her should she become a VP nominee? That’s the question that is still lingering. But, hypothetically, let’s assume Trump chooses her as his running mate; what should we expect?

In a hypothetical situation, Tulsi Gabbard’s potential can be seen by some as a game-changer for the Trump administration. Her selection as Trump’s vice president could bring many benefits, including unifying the Republican base, appealing to a broader range of voters, and balancing influence on Trump’s more combative approach to governance.

“Tulsi Gabbard’s odds of becoming the 2024 Republican vice-presidential candidate surged with a leading bookmaker after Donald Trump said she was on his short list during a Fox News town hall on Tuesday.”

Her legislative achievements, military experience, and distinct foreign policy stance make her a compelling candidate for a vice-presidential role. The benefits of her selection, including her broad appeal and potential to influence the administration’s approach, warrant serious consideration.

In short, her candidacy remains speculative, and further developments will provide more insight into the direction of the Trump administration. Gabbard’s unique blend of experiences and perspectives could significantly influence the Trump administration’s policies and approach to governance, setting a new precedent for the role of vice president in American politics.

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Tulsi Gabbard Rips Mitt Romney During Hearing For Accusing Her Of ‘Treason’

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard testified at a weaponization subcommittee hearing on Thursday, ripping Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney for accusing her of “treason.”

“Senator Mitt Romney accused me of treason, a crime that is punishable by death under our laws,” Gabbard told the committee. “I challenged him to back this serious allegation up with evidence. What was this based on? There was no response, no explanation, no evidence and certainly no apology.”

The allegations of Gabbard’s “treasonous” behavior stem from a tweet the former representative shared expressing concern that reported biolabs in Ukraine, if breached, could result in “deadly pathogens” being spread throughout the world. Romney responded to Gabbard’s video with his own tweet, saying, “Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.”

Gabbard, who was a member of the Hawaii National Guard, continued her testimony by pointing out that those kinds of accusations are often shrugged off and dismissed as politics.

“That may be easy for some of you to say, but for somebody who wears the uniform, this is serious. It’s serious not only to me but to my fellow service members and veterans. Every one of us making a decision that at some point in our lives to raise our right hand prepared and volunteering to lay our life down for this country,” she stated.

Gabbard left the Democratic Party in October, claiming it was “controlled by fanatical ideologues who hate freedom” and further stating that the party would actively work with the corporate media and Big Tech to silence anyone who questioned their agenda.

The new House subcommittee that heard her testimony is investigating claims regarding the weaponization of the federal government, specifically “the politicization of the FBI and DOJ and attacks on American civil liberties,” NPR stated.

“When those who dare to challenge the establishment targeted by this powerful conglomerate of government, corporate media and Big Tech weaponizing all that they have against the people for their own selfish gain, it has a dangerous, chilling effect on free speech, and it sends a very powerful message: if you dare to challenge us, we will come after you,” she said to the committee. 

“The more we allow this to happen, we start looking less and less like a democratic republic and more and more like a banana republic,” she added.





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Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Kari Lake For Governor Of Arizona

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who recently left the party, endorsed Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake late Tuesday.

Gabbard made the endorsement just days after announcing her departure from the Democratic Party and praised the Trump-backed candidate for her stance on border security, energy and public safety. Gabbard participated as a featured guest speaker at an Arizona Young Republicans event on Monday in support of Lake’s campaign.

“For too long, establishment leaders from both parties have sought to enrich themselves, play games, and build up their power while ignoring and even enabling the suffering of millions of hard-working Americans,” Gabbard said in a press release. “Kari Lake is a leader who puts people first, fighting for border security, energy independence, public safety, and other policies that actually make life better and more affordable for the American people.”

Gabbard credited Lake for standing against the “elite cabal” of “propagandists” in Washington and the media. This language mirrored her announcement of her departure from the Democratic Party, in which she tore into the party for being an “elitist cabal of warmongers” who divide the U.S. by race and “anti-white wokeism.”

“Kari Lake isn’t afraid to call out the elite cabal of permanent Washington and the Military Industrial Complex and their propagandists in the mainstream media. I look forward to supporting Kari Lake ahead of these critical midterm elections,” the statement concluded.

Lake received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement in early August during the tight primary against fellow Republican Karrin Taylor Robson. Lake is a strong Trump supporter who centered her campaign around the results of the 2020 presidential election, which she claimed were fraudulent, and security at the U.S.-Mexico border. A previous CNN segment called Lake a “rising star of the right-wing” and “proud spreader of lies” about the 2020 election.

A recent Arizona Public Opinion Pulse poll found that Lake is narrowly leading her opponent, Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, 47%-44%. The poll was conducted on October 4th – October 6th, 2022 and surveyed 674 Arizona likely voters with a 3.77% margin of error.



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‘Elitist Cabal’: Tulsi Gabbard Announces She’s Leaving The Democratic Party

The Italian right turns against anti-Semitism: The right has faced up to its unmentionable past, while Jew-hatred spreads like wildfire on the left.

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‘Softer On Radical Islam Than … Republicans’: Tulsi Gabbard Condemns Democratic Party For Attacking MAGA Movement

A former Democratic Representative joined Fox News host Jesse Watters in condemning her party for calling former President Donald Trump’s supporters “anti-American” Monday evening.

“NBC News suggested Trump voters are a bigger threat than al-Qaida on 9/11. How did the vice president of the United States respond? That she will defend against all enemies foreign and domestic,” Watters said. “That was a declaration of war. Make no mistake. The Democratic Party, the media and obviously the FBI have designated the Republican Party as a terrorist group and believe it’s their patriotic duty as Americans to extinguish the threat.”

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a former presidential candidate, denounced the rhetoric from her party, which has escalated since the Aug. 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by Trump. Liberals celebrated the raid, while conservatives accused the Biden administration of an “abuse of power.”


“I, like some of my fellow service members, I enlisted because of those jihadist attacks on 9/11, to support and defend our constitution to protect our fellow Americans and to go after and kill those who attacked us on that day,” Gabbard said. “And it is despicable and outrageous to hear these people, to hear these people say the things that they are saying, comparing our fellow Americans to terrorists. Actually worse. They literally said they are worse than al-Qaeda terrorists.”

“This just shows how far they are willing to go,” Gabbard continued. “Pushing our country to the brink of civil war. Demonizing, targeting our fellow Americans as worse than al-Qaeda terrorists. All to hold on to their power. That’s all they care about.”

President Joe Biden recently targeted supporters of former President Donald Trump in a series of speeches as campaigning for the midterm elections took off. In Maryland, he said Republicans who backed Trump of embracing “semi-fascism” during an Aug. 25 fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee and also denounced Trump’s supporters as a “threat to democracy” during a Sept. 1 speech in Philadelphia.

“There is one thing, Jesse, I want to tell you. I do agree with them…There is a domestic threat to our democracy. It is a very serious one. But it is not in the hands of a few powerless Americans who are pissed off and frustrated that our government is failing us,” Gabbard said. “It is the threat coming from some of the most powerful people in our government, some of the people that I have talked about in the Biden administration, the national security state apparatus that’s being weaponized against our fellow Americans again because they voted against the president or because they disagree with his policies.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.





‘There Is No Limit To What They Can Do To You’: Tucker Carlson Sounds Off On Biden Labeling Trump Voters ‘Fascists

Lawyer Says Dozens Of Trump Supporters Served With Warrants, Subpoenas Seeking 2020 Election Communications

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‘Intentionally Tearing Us Apart’: Tulsi Gabbard Says ‘More And More Democrats Are Pushing’ Racial Division In America

During an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, Former Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said that “more and more Democrats are pushing” the racialization of American politics and it is “tearing” the nation apart.


“Unfortunately as we see too often, more and more Democrats are pushing this racialization,” Gabbard told host and Daily Caller co-founder, Tucker Carlson. “They are pushing more fomenting of anger and hatred and divisiveness that really is destroying us. It’s causing more suffering and more harm to the American people and the fabric of our country and undermining these values that our country was founded on,” she continued.

The former Democratic presidential candidate said this division can be seen “in how everything in our the country is being racialized: that this is an intentional strategy to tear us apart based on the color of our skin because they think that there’s some political gain to be had from it and don’t care at all about the destruction that they leave in their wake.”

Gabbard argued that “voters need to reject” the strategy just as they “choose leaders who do put the American people and our country first, who share that objective from both political parties.” She also said Democrats and Republicans must share one absolute political objective: doing what’s best for the U.S.

The former congresswoman pointed to the recent gubernatorial election in Virginia as an example of Democrats dividing Americans, and argued that candidate Terry McAuliffe “represented that fomenting of divisiveness, this racialization, and Virginia voters rejected that.”

As the Virginia election results were broadcast on Nov. 2, some members of the left-wing media said the Republicans were winning because of “white supremacy,” despite the election of Winsome Sears, a black woman, who is now the lieutenant governor-elect in the state.

“[White supremacists] are dangerous, they’re dangerous to our national security because stoking that kind of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hardcore stuff,” Reid said.

Gabbard has also specifically criticized Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters for using race to “divide” American voters. She has also said Biden’s immigration policy is failing and that he should reconsider reintroducing some of former President Donald Trump’s policies to end an “open border.”



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