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Beware of the Pentagon’s New ‘UFO Whistleblower’ Digital Form

The Pentagon has failed its 6th annual audit at a cost of $180 million tax payer dollars to process.

Once again the Pentagon cannot account for billions of tax payer dollars. But is this money really missing ?

Perhaps it is buried in the so called black programs funneled to contractors like the Skunk Works (Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs) (ADP) or even the Area 51 contractor EG&G thus the money is still hidden from Congress.

Don’t forget the salary of the pilots and the jet fuel used for flying the Janet flights into Area 51 every day. Let’s see that flight crew and passenger log book list and monthly expenditures. It’s classified higher than Jeffery Epstein’s flight logs.

But with that said the Pentagon has initiated a digital form (see link below) authorizing current or former government employees, contractors or military service members like myself to blow the whistle (ie) report knowledge of any U.S government programs related to “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena”.

Or as we call them in Florida UFO’s.

All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)

Now let’s analyze this new so called UFO transparency whistleblower form created by the Pentagon via the AARO.

This department under various names over the last 60 years plus have been hiding from the American people the location of advanced extra terrestrial technology, alien bodies and back engineered space craft since 1947 or earlier. My opinion.

This new government whistleblower form is pure fecal propaganda and is a massive red herring to keep Congressional investigators and Senators like the honorable Marco Rubio off their backs.

It’s also a form created to test those folks holding this UFO knowledge to see who can and who cannot keep these secrets.

The Pentagon running this program is called the AARO and they state that classified information cannot be submitted through this whistleblower portal.

They also state filing false information can be punished by big fines and or imprisonment or both.

Now remember all UFO technology and it’s residual back engineered knowledge is classified way above Top Secret. It’s even classified higher than our Nuclear Weapons technology at Los Alamos laboratory’s in New Mexico.

That means this form is totally useless and if anyone does file an accurate report let’s say about the UFO incident in Roswell NM in 1947 or Kingman Arizona it will be immediately designated as a false report and off to jail you go after the government dismantles your life branding you a nut case fines you and suspends your passport.

Ask Physicist Bob Lazar about his experience after he reported to the media in Las Vegas when he back engineered a propulsion system on a UFO at S4 in Nevada in 1989.

But this digital form satisfies the wants and needs of the July Congressional House Oversight Committee investigating UFOs. I mean UAPs.

If members of Congress or the US Senate really want to expose the truth about this Extraterrestrial advanced technology they should all charter a plane and fly to Area 51 in Nellis AFB Nevada then ride the bus south to S4 for 15 miles and take a tour of the UFOs being held there. My opinion again.

If you don’t hear from me again after sending out this useful information which hopefully protects my friends who are in the “know” then so be it. Then you know I was right.

When I left the US Navy in 2002 I signed a non disclosure agreement regarding my security clearance thus I will not disclose what I know.

I like my life the way it is. But I do warn folks who work on this advanced technology do NOT fill out this digital Pentagon form. There are other ways you can report your UFO knowledge and stay alive and or out of jail.

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