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ISRAELI INVESTIGATION: 2020 Election Fraud by the Democratic Party and U.S. Supreme Court

As America approaches the 2024 Presidential election it is important to understand this Israeli investigations post-election update of the unconstitutional activities of the Democrat Party and U.S. Supreme Court during the 2020 elections.

Below is an Israeli investigations summary, based on the video below, by Israeli journalist Amir Tsarfati on the U.S. 2020 elections fraud on the un-Constitutional activities of the Democrat Party and U.S. Supreme Court in the 2020 Elections- Special Report with a summary.

Please share it with all people as public knowledge based on firm evidence and not on any ideology.

Amir Tsarfati: Post—2020 Elections  Special Report

by Amir Tsarfati and Pastor Mike, Nov 2020

Amir Tsarfati investigated the following and used also an investigation of an Israeli journalist who investigated it.

Following are Israeli investigations about lots of un-constitutional activities of the Democratic Party and U.S. Supreme Court in the 2020 US elections, described in this video  with a summary of key findings:

Democrats created a system to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and made it easier to change criteria where every single enveloped would be counted, which allowed them to count ballots sent after election day, by people who left the state, without ID and a signature on them, ballots of dead people and ballots without a name-

Dems prepared before a huge bank of DEAD people and kept them in a separate room.

When the real results started coming in from Florida and Texas and they realized Trump had a big lead on Biden of hundreds of thousands of real votes, they realized they were in real trouble and moved in all the fraudulent ballot votes and even started to create fake ballots on the spot, in the counting room.

They released bulks of ballots that were 100% Biden, they started using the engineered fake ballots from the other room and from trucks that started to download TENs of MILLIONS fake ballot envelops-

This happened at 4 AM in the morning and the Republican observers were asked to leave the room

We have a testimony of a woman on it, from that counting room, who said:

“At 4:00 AM vans started coming in. Ferrari came in and boxes were unloaded and immediately were rushed into the counting room. This is when the Republican observers were literally kicked out of the room”.

The governor and Secretary of Pennsylvania said to all their operatives “Whatever it takes, Trump cannot win this state” and the head of the postal service (all three were Democrats) instructed all his people that any envelop would be counted, even if it was sent after elections day (all the above were unconstitutional acts).

In October 2020 the US chief justice made an unconstitutional decision by allowing the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to bypass the legislators and do those illegal actions.

Beforehand, they appealed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to ease the regulations and allow to count even ballots without a stamp, with no ID or signature- with nothing.

In this case, the Chief Justice of the USA made an unconstitutional decision by allowing the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (with Democrats majority) to do those without going to the legislature in Pennsylvania.

In this case, the USA Supreme Court, in a very odd manner, did not give opinions and explanations. This unconstitutional US Supreme Court created unconstitutional election orders and executive orders.

Dems allow counting ballots three days after election day.

Thousands of people in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania that do not exist or do not live there, voted.

They released bulks of ballots that were 100% Biden,

By using these banks of illegal ballots on Nov 4, it made the voting of 2020 elections not important: 100 MILLION Americans already SUPPOSEDLY VOTED with the illegal ballots.

We caught them on cameras for the following:

At 4 AM in the morning, Boxes were entered from coming-in trucks and it was moved to the counting room immediately (caught on cameras). They threw away ballots for TRUMP after they already separated them ahead of time (they were not allowed to do that).

It was a huge blue wave and not a red wave.


Amir Tsarfati

Amir Tsarfati served in the Israel Defense Forces achieving the rank of major. In 2001, Tsarfati founded a non-profit organization called “Behold Israel“, which is focused on reporting current events and developments and has since expanded to an international ministry with extensive in-person teachings and conferences, and online resources.

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