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Tlaib paid $170,000 to ‘Muslim American community activist’ who claims Israel is ‘apartheid state’

Israel is not an apartheid state, as numerous governments have acknowledged after Amnesty International’s libelous report. Israeli Arabs are part of the governing coalition and hold positions at all levels of Israeli society. Tlaib, not surprisingly, is perpetuating dangerous falsehoods.

Tlaib has paid out $170,000 to firm of anti-Israel activist who supports defunding the police

by Houston Keene and Cameron Cawthorne, Fox News, February 8, 2022:

The campaign of “Squad” Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., has paid out $170,000 to an anti-Israel activist who has called Israel an “apartheid state” and has called for defunding the police multiple times.

Tlaib’s campaign has paid $147,000 to Unbought Power LLC, a political consulting and advocacy firm run by Rasha Mubarak, since March 2020. Tlaib’s leadership PAC, Rooted in Community Leadership, which lists Mubarak as a “treasurer,” has paid Unbought Power another $23,000 since October 2020, according to Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings reviewed by Fox News Digital.

Mubarak, a “Palestinian Muslim American community activist,” has a history of making anti-Israel statements online and calling Israel an “apartheid state.”

“These aren’t clashes— it’s an ongoing occupation. These aren’t evictions— they are forced expulsions,” Mubarak tweeted in May of last year. “This isn’t a conflict— it’s settler colonialism, it’s ethnic cleansing, it’s oppression, it’s apartheid.”

“Say it loud. Say it clear. Palestine will be FREE,” she continued with the hashtag “#SaveSheikhJarrah.”…


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