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Columbia University: Posters appear featuring skunk with Star of David, ‘Skunk on Campus’

The combination of Leftist and Islamic Jew-hatred is creating a particularly threatening environment for Jewish and pro-Israeli students.


The National Socialists called Jews “vermin” and presented their mass murder of them as a purification of Germany, and of Europe in general. The people behind these posters aren’t far from that.

“Antisemitic poster of skunk with Star of David plastered across Columbia University: ‘Villainizes Jewish and Israeli students,’” by Aneeta Bhole, New York Post, February 6, 2024:

An antisemitic flier depicting a skunk in the white and blue of the Israeli flag and a Star of David has surfaced on Columbia University’s campus, sparking outrage among the Jewish community.

The poster “villainizes Jewish and Israeli students on campus and fosters an increasingly hostile environment,” according to the Anti-Defamation League for New York and New Jersey, who blasted the Columbia administration for not taking action to stop it sooner on X.

The skunk depiction has been likened to Nazi propaganda posters used during World War II — which dehumanized the Jewish community and compared them to vermin.

“That skunk poster evokes classic antisemitic tropes that are instantly familiar to anyone who has seen Nazi propaganda,” the director of programming and strategy at End Jew Hatred Michelle Ahdoot told the Post.

The post was highlighted by Shai Davidai, an Assistant Professor at Columbia’s business school.

“This poster seen today on campus depicts all Israelis as skunks. If any other group was depicted as animals, the school would have already called the FBI to investigate,” he wrote on X.

“What’s next? All Jews are vermin? Columbia University – what the f*** are you waiting for?”

A Columbia University spokesperson told the Post that the posters were found on campus this past week and were deemed “abhorrent and antisemitic” by the administration.

“As soon as the University learned of them, they were removed and a report was filed under the University’s anti-discrimination policies,” a statement from Columbia continued.

It remains unclear who made the poster which reads — “Beware! Skunk on Campus. Brought to you in collaboration by Columbia University and the IDF,” referring to the Israel Defense Forces, who are currently battling Hamas in Gaza, causing tensions between Muslims and Jewish people to rise around the globe….


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