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Elle Fanning Says She Lost Out On Movie Role At 16 Because She Was Labelled ‘Unf*ckable’

Famous actress Elle Fanning revealed she lost out on a movie role when she was a young girl because the makers wanted someone more overtly sexualized.

Fanning spoke at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Comedy Actress Emmy Roundtable in late April and recalled the incident that occurred when she was underage. “I’ve never told this story, but I was trying out for a movie. I didn’t get it,” Fanning said. “I was 16 years old, and a person said, “Oh, she didn’t get the father-daughter road trip comedy because she’s unfuckable.”

Fanning noted that this was a troubling thing for her to hear, and explained that the role she had auditioned for at the time was a father-daughter road trip comedy.

“I didn’t hear from my agents because they wouldn’t tell me things like this — that filtration system is really important because there’s probably a lot more damaging comments that they filtered — but this one got to me,” she said.

The famous actress is all-too-aware of how detrimental that was to her well-being, and how inappropriate that comment was for anyone to hear — let alone a child.

“Yeah, it’s so disgusting. And I can laugh at it now, like, “What a disgusting pig!” she said, adding that “there’s so many stories like this”

“I was always immensely confident, but of course you’re growing up in the public eye, and it’s weird,’ she said.

Fellow actress Sheryl Lee Ralph was stunned to hear the story, yet commented that it was an all-too-familiar occurrence in Hollywood. 

“I liken fame to a machine. You can stand outside of it and look, but once that door opens and you get in, it takes you up on different levels. It’s a different experience,” Ralph said.

“If you don’t have a firm foundation of who you are in this industry, it will eat you up. One day, you might look in the mirror and not know who the hell you’re looking at. I’ve seen that happen over and over,” she said.



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