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Muslim Terrorists Lobby 114th Congress on 4.13.15

YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! On Monday, April 13th and Tuesday, April 14th there will be real live Muslim Terrorists walking around the United States Congress lobbying our elected Representatives on Muslim Brotherhood Advocacy Day in an effort to change federal law thereby making it harder to investigate Muslim terrorists.

I know, crazy stuff, but it is happening right in broad daylight!

Thank Allah that we at The United West are experts at investigating Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and exposing their influence operations for all Americans to understand and properly respond. To accomplish this we are launching a five-part investigative series entitled: “Muslim Terrorists Lobby 114th Congress.” Our show today focuses on the Muslim Brotherhood sponsoring organization, United States Council of Muslim Organizations and their direct involvement with Islamic terrorism.

We will reveal who these organizations and individuals are and what must be done to counter their anti-American activities. Tune in, sit back and get ready for the ride of your life!