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Idiotic comments from State Dept: Foley beheading not about the U.S. [VIDEO]

Just a warning. Before you watch this video, make sure you don’t have anything in your mouth.

I’m thinking that when Obama referred to the “JV team” back in January he was talking about his own collection of knuckleheads. I’m amazed you don’t hear more laughing from the press corps when his spokespeople get in front of the cameras. Where did he find this group of cub scouts?

And now the latest from Marie Harf — who infamously claimed that Bergdahl’s platoon mates were lying and had no idea what they were talking about. Take a gander her at comments regarding the beheading of James Foley.

As reported by CNS News, “Deputy State Department spokesperson Marie Harf on Wednesday condemned the beheading of American journalist James Foley by Islamic terrorists, but she also stated that the ISIS threat “is not about the United States and what we do.” Harf spoke after President Obama told the nation that “governments and peoples across the Middle East” should come together in a “common effort to extract this cancer, so that it does not spread.” He then went golfing.”

Ms. Harf, if beheading an American is not about America, then what is it about? Maybe ISIS is upset Germany won the World Cup? Or perhaps ISIS is angry about global warming and how the world community isn’t tackling the situation? No, you’re right, when an American gets beheaded, it has nothing to do with America – even though the beheader himself said it was because of what America has done.

Look, I’m not making this up. Watch the video! But I’m warning you – make sure you don’t have anything in your mouth.

“I think ISIL wants to make this about the United States and our actions. And I think what the President was trying to say was that this is not about the United States and what we do. This is about countries in the region coming together to fight a shared threat, and this is not about us.”

Who the heck is this about when an American is beheaded Ms. Harf? When someone tells you they’re going to kill you, have you choke on your own blood, and blood will flow in your streets, i.e. American streets, it is about YOU, and you can’t dismiss this because you won’t confront the threat. You can’t just wait and “hope” that you can convince others to join you. It is the responsibility of the president of the United States to protect the citizens of the United States and not lead from his own behind.

Regardless of what the enemy expresses, the pursuit of political correctness remains a central theme to the Obama administration. “ISIL does not operate in the name of any religion. The president has been very clear about that, and the more we can underscore that, the better,” Harf said.

Excuse me young lady, these monsters are doing exactly what is commanded to them by Mohammad. Perhaps you should read about the breaking of the Treaty of Hudabiyya, the Battle of the Trenches, or read his letter to Byzantine Emperor Heraclius.

Trust me, if I were ISIS watching American news and these comments by Harf, I’d be totally inspired to swell the ranks of my jihadist fighters and continue to march towards my goals and objectives, because clearly there’s nothing to stop me.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the voice of foreign policy and national security in your federal government – your tax dollars Harf at work. If we can’t do better than this, we are indeed screwed. Folks, in plain southern lexicon, this sucks!

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com.