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The Secular Left has Truly Lost it’s Collectivist Mind

It has been said that sometimes things or situations are most bleak just before the end of the storm.  If one looks at the world today it is easy to assume, either the windy gales of history will soon their velocity.  Or we could soon be in for a heap of hurt.  I choose to believe, that even during this dark age of decimated morality and the global economy leaning toward the brink of utter collapse, things will surprisingly recover.  That will happen to the delight of those who desire true Liberty and Justice for all. To others who prefer secular humanism and progressive government control from cradle to grave disappointment shall be their lot in life.

One thing is for sure, the lunatic left always has a new answer for every time the question is asked, how low can you go?  This time, the depravity of the left is highlighted in a recent article written by Matt Barber for CNSNews.com. In his enlightening column, Mr. Barber points out that anti-Christian and anti-man writer Valerie Tarico (who also hates women who either love or like men) that Christianity was going down.  In a December 21st headline Tarico wrote “why is rape so intrinsic to religion?”  she insanely asserts that “God raped Mary.”  Barber also correctly pointed out how Tarico and I will add “the left in overall” will try and fool the public into believing they are against religion in general.  But as per usual, if they communicate long enough, their singular focus of hatred toward the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be exposed to the fullest.

The feminist twit even had the raw nerve to suggest that the Biblical account of Christ’s conception “really roots all the way back to evolutionary biology, and men’s need to maximize their gene.”  (Whew what a nut job)  The mindless gibberish of individuals like Valerie Tarico are the result of a decades long mission to fundamentally change America from a Judeo/Christian Ethic oriented constitutionally limited republic into an anything but God loving Patriotic society.

Unfortunately, many have forgotten or never knew that the unalienable rights of the individual are far more important than the desires of the tyrannical imps who populate government.  One of the things that I quickly noticed long ago was the blatant disregard and discrimination against Christianity. In addition there is liberal discrimination against anything that was inspired by or influenced by Christian principles such as the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Leftists like Tarico fully understand that America was founded on Christian underpinnings.  It is most unfortunate that the left views personal liberty, property rights, opportunities for anyone to reach their God given potential, the right of self-protection, etc. as impediments to their goal of overseeing the destruction of this exceptional nation.

They will use anything or any useful idiot like Al Sharpton, to reach their goulish goal.  The progressives have foolishly been allowed to dominate every aspect of society.  Whether it’s government schools, the liberal church, the media, entertainment, influence on the family and business.  From the looks of things, it seems as though the left has it all locked up in their deviant war on America.  They are convinced that it is their right and duty to abolish God, prosperity, the pledge of allegiance, prayers at football games, American military prowess, legitimate authority, private property, a private sector medical industry, the keystone pipeline, and it goes on and on.  Individuals like Valarie Tarico, who hate men because we simply exist are the premier practitioners of   discrimination, prejudice and bigotry, that they pretend to be against.  Worst of all, they even hate God and tell bald faced lies against him.  But despite the blatant disregard for that which is good, by the liberal haters of the idea of a blessed United States of America, I am firmly convinced that the progressives will ultimately lose their stranglehold on our republic.

Those of you familiar with my syndicated radio commentary have for years heard me expressing my sincere belief that America will be renewed as the sweet land of liberty envisioned by the founding fathers.  As “We the People” repent for allowing our republic to fall far from grace.  Despite the fact that the collectivist left is basically on one accord in their effort to destroy our country, This nation will be reborn into greatness as we pursue and receive Providential guidance, just like those who sought the face of God and gained the wisdom and power to establish the greatest nation in the history of the world.  May God bless America and May America bless God.