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Trump to Deliver National Security Address at Veterans for a Strong America Event

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. /PRNewswire/ — Donald J. Trump will join Veterans for a Strong America (VSA) Chairman Joel Arends and VSA board members, dignitaries and supporters for a major national security address aboard the battleship USS Iowa Tuesday, September 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California on the eve of the CNN presidential debate focused around national security.

Arends, a decorated veteran of the war in Iraq, said, “Donald Trump is a long standing supporter of veterans and the military and we are honored that he has chosen our organization and event for his major national security address.”

The “Make America’s Military Great Again” event will focus on topics of concern for our veterans, the military, and their families. Public opinion polls show that national security issues are among the top concerns for all age groups of Americans. VSA’s 500,000 supporters nationwide are particularly vocal about reforming a broken and corrupt VA Health Care system, rebuilding our military after six years of drastic budget cuts, defeating ISIS and preventing the rise of a nuclear Iran.

Arends continued, “Donald Trump has stated very clearly he supports an American military that is so powerful it will be challenged by no one, and that he equally supports caring for veterans when they return home by providing them with the healthcare and treatment they deserve. Mr. Trump knows what America’s military and veterans community needs and he is prepared to fight to achieve it. It’s an honor to host Mr. Trump for this historic address.”

Jonah Goldberg, AEI fellow writes, “There are many reasons the non-politicians — Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina — are doing so well, but near the top is the fact that they haven’t internalized the language of political consultants and pundits.”


Veterans for a Strong America is an Iraq and Afghanistan veterans organization dedicated to mobilizing Americans to communicate the importance of a robust national defense and to ensuring that America remains a strong nation by advancing liberty, safeguarding freedom and opposing tyranny.