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Epstein Accuser Virginia Giuffre ‘Never Saw’ Trump ‘Participate’ In Anything Involving Jeffrey Epstein, Docs Show

Prominent Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre said former President Donald Trump did not partake in deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes, newly unsealed documents show.

Giuffre sat for a deposition in January 2016 as part of litigation between Guiffre’s attorneys and former Epstein defense attorney Alan Dershowitz that was settled in April 2016, the New York Times reported. Giuffre cleared the air on whether Trump witnesses sexual abuse of minors, according to a newly released transcript.


“I don’t think Donald Trump participated in anything. That would have to be another assumption. I never saw or witnessed Donald Trump participate in those acts, but was he in the house of Jeffrey Epstein. I’ve heard he has been, but I haven’t seen him myself so I don’t know,” Giuffre testified.

Trump’s name appears on Epstein’s flight logs and his last trip with Epstein appears to have taken place in 1997, the New York Post reported.

Johanna Sjoberg, an Epstein victim deposed during the litigation, recalled going to one of Trump’s casinos and said she never massaged Trump, a transcript of her deposition released Wednesday shows.

“Did you ever massage Donald Trump?”

“No,” she replied.

The court documents from Giuffre’s lawsuit against Maxwell began to be released Wednesday after federal judge Loretta Preska ordered in December for them to be unsealed. Maxwell is currently in prison for sex crimes she committed alongside Epstein.

More documents are expected to be released on a rolling basis by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Former President Bill Clinton, disgraced Prince Andrew, deceased model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, deceased pop singer Michael Jackson, deceased physicist Stephen Hawking and business mogul Tom Pritzker are among the marquee names in the court documents.

Epstein died in August 2019 as he awaited trial for sex trafficking charges.



Investigative reporter. James Lynch can be reached on Twitter @jameslynch32.


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Release Of Jeffrey Epstein Associates List Delayed

The disclosure of a list of more than 150 associates of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is being delayed due to an appeal from a Jane Doe.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York will not be publicizing the list until at least Jan. 22 after a judge granted the Jane Doe a 30 day extension, NewsNation confirmed Wednesday morning.

U.S. District Court Judge Loretta Preska granted the Jane Doe an extension on Dec. 21, but the court document did not become public until Tuesday, the day after the list of Epstein associates was originally scheduled to be released.

The Jane Doe, number 107 on the list, believes she could suffer from physical harm if the list of names is released because she lives in a “culturally conservative” foreign country, her attorney told the judge in a letter.

“As Doe 107 has previously stated, she lives outside the United States in a culturally conservative country and lives in fear of her name being released,” her attorney Richard Levitt stated.

Preska’s order on Dec. 18 does not appear to mention Jane Doe 107, a detail noted by Levitt in his request for an extension. She now has until Jan. 22, 2024 to submit an affidavit to support her assertion that her name becoming public puts her in harm’s way and provide details about the hate mail she has received.

Levitt is also allowed to turn over additional support for his client’s fear of physical harm.

The release of the Epstein associates list is connected to prominent Epstein accuser Virginia Guiffre’s long running litigation against Epstein’s partner Ghislaine Maxwell. Former President Bill Clinton is expected to unmasked when the list becomes publicized, ABC News reported.

Maxwell is serving a 20 year prison sentence for conspiring with Epstein to abuse minors. Epstein was found dead in August 2019 as he sat in a New York City jail cell awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges.

Jail cameras did not record Epstein’s death, which has been officially ruled a suicide.



Investigative reporter. James Lynch can be reached on Twitter @jameslynch32.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.