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More examples of the dialectic attack on our basic rights and some rare, really good news!

Dialectic Attacks

This is a really good look at one of the most annoying forms of dialectical attacks against whatever target they have in mind. In this case, the attack is specifically the leaping levels of abstraction. The left has done this for decades now in order to move or reallocate blame from a group, that could be said to be responsible for an issue, to one that they wish to destroy. They do this by messing with the various levels of taxonomy. One example would be how Islam kills a crap-load of people in the name of its religion, and the wily leftist will blame religion altogether for it, as the goal of the Marxist is to replace God with the state and religion with the never ending dialectical revolution of destruction. See? They move up the ladder one rung from which religion, to all religions. Or for example, a certain demographic of humanity may beat women or be more violent in general and the leftist will blame men overall.

We see this a great deal especially in the past few years. The inverse of this trick is where the leftist will accuse a non-leftist of doing it with the trope: “So what you’re saying is..”

Below, in the left’s attempt to ban all means of self defence or force equalizers in the hands of the public, they are now going after a certain brand of ammunition. The reason being of course, once you can ban a brand of ammo for being used in a crime, you can ban all ammo used in a crime and hey presto! only the state will have access to force multipliers.

Stephen Coughlin: Communism is only the dialectic attack on Western civilization

Some great news!

We interviewed Jesse around May of 2022. Please watch this video for the back story on this.

.Discrimination charge filed against Michigan salon after owner’s comments on gender identity

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A hair salon in northern Michigan is facing a discrimination charge from the state’s Department of Civil Rights after its owner posted on social media earlier this year that anyone identifying as other than a man or a woman is not welcome at her business.

The department claims in the charge filed Wednesday that Traverse City’s Studio 8 Hair Lab violated the state’s civil rights act in a Facebook post in July from its owner, Christine Geiger, by unlawfully discriminating against three claimants.

The post, which is no longer available, read, “If a human identifies as anything other than a man/woman please seek services at a local pet groomer. You are not welcome at this salon. Period. Should you request to have a particular pronoun used please note we may simply refer to you as ‘hey you.’”

A hearing will now be scheduled before an administrative law judge, who will issue a recommendation after hearing the merits of the complaint, according to the civil rights department. The recommendation will then go before Michigan’s Civil Rights Commission to either adopt or make their own ruling.

Some people still imagine that communism is somehow, an alternative economic model, as opposed to what it actually is. An actual war on reality itself as it is understood by Socratic thinkers. Economics was just one of the prime vectors of attack by communists in the 20th century. This century it’s culture. In the story above, we see another excellent example of this. A woman who owns a business which is singularity geared towards helping men and women achieve greater and greater displays of reproductive fitness, refuses to deal with people who pretend to be something that does not exist. As a consequence, she has charges against her for not indulging the fantasies of what are inevitably communists or their pawns.

Video evidence confirms Hamas using Al-Shifa hospital as Base, contrary to the propaganda.

Met Police admit they lost London to Muslim protestors.

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