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“Lost In Space” Transgender Colonel Pushes Pronouns To Win Wars

Why do we wonder why there is a recruiting crisis in our military?

It’s simple, our military is no longer focused on winning wars, like Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram, it is focused on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity — DIEing not fighting.


Transgenders are mentally ill and should not serve in our Armed Forces—period.

“Lost In Space” Transgender Colonel Pushes Pronouns To Win Wars

It is sad to think that a nation once as strong as ours could fall so quickly under such a ridiculous agenda

By Milt Harris

This isn’t the first time I have written about the current state of our military, or about Space Force Colonel Bree Fram. Fram is transgender, a man pretending to be a woman that has somehow managed to get into this position of power. By promoting someone like Fram up the chain of command, the military is disregarding that this is form of delusionary mental illness. This is condoning the denial of both biology and science for no other reason other than to be politically correct. The result has been a softening of our forces and low recruitment rates in at least three out of four military branches.

The military has not only errored in accepting this farce as normal behavior, but they have also promoted it as though it is customary. The U.S. Armed Forces has used everything from animated cartoons to an enlisted drag queen in recruitment videos. Then they bemoan the fact of low recruitment, acting stupefied as to what the problem is.

This isn’t a mystery. Combine a society that is becoming more and more divided by liberal leftists teaching hatred of country and moral debauchery at every turn, with a military command that has swallowed the Kool-Aid, and you have a disaster forming in the shadows of what used to be the Greatest fighting force in the world.

Wrong beliefs can become a societal virus and the LGBTQ movement has become one. The left now demands that you not only accept the lifestyle of these deluded individuals they expect active participation, otherwise you will be labeled as homophobic and bigoted.

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