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“Muslim Warriors” populate United Nations camps that U.S. gets it’s refugees from

Last week the Washington Examiner published a lengthy piece by Jonathan Foreman entitled, ‘Does foreign aid really do good?’ It addresses in great detail what we already know—mostly ‘humanitarian aid’ is a waste of money!

We take the majority of our Syrian refugees from UN camps!

I urge you to read it all, however, below is one section I wanted to highlight because: the U.S. State Department is taking the vast majority of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) refugee referrals from those camps— Zaatari is one of them.

BTW, I see a lot of misunderstanding in the mainstream media. We will not be taking very many of the migrants who have invaded Europe (except perhaps a few from places like Malta where we are breaking the law by bringing their illegal aliens here).  The majority of our refugees are first “screened” by the UN elsewhere—like in Jordan.

Last I heard the UNHCR had 17,000 in a pipeline to America.

Remember, UN camps for Syrians are populated primarily by Sunni Muslims (ISIS and Al-Qaeda are Sunnis).  Therefore, we are taking mostly Muslim Syrians and not the Christians.

This is what caught my eye (emphasis is mine):

There are many other examples of conflict being fomented and prolonged by those housing and aiding refugees, accidentally or deliberately. Refugee warriors, as some have called them, operating from the sanctuary of camps established by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and others, have created mayhem everywhere from the Thai-Cambodia border to Central America and the Middle East.

Sometimes aid agencies have allowed this to happen as a result of ignorance. Sometimes it’s a matter of Red-Cross-style humanitarian ideology taken to the edge: a conviction that even the guilty need to be fed or a belief that providing security in refugee camps would be an abandonment of neutrality. And sometimes it’s because those providing aid are supporting one side in a conflict. The U.S. and Western countries did so from Pakistan during the Soviet-Afghan war.

For decades, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan allowed or encouraged Palestinian refugee camps to become bases for guerrilla and terrorist activity. This should make it clear that the aid world’s traditional ways of dealing with refugee flows are inadequate. Even purely civilian camps such as Zaatari, the sea of tented misery in Jordan that houses a million Syrians, quickly became hotbeds of radicalism and sinkholes of crime and violence, not least because they are unpoliced and because they are filled with working age men with nothing to do.

Read it all here.

They are leaving Zaatari!

There is an AP story yesterday about how ‘refugees’ are leaving Zaatari.  Some are going back to Syria and some are headed to (you guessed it!) Europe.


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Zaatari known as hotbed of radicalism and sinkhole of crime and violence.