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A Bold Plan to End Inflation in America!

Wayne Allyn Root’s advice to President Trump

Trump supporter and savvy political analyst Wayne Allyn Root sees Javier Milei as a role model for Trump in his second term, since Milei turned around inflation in Argentina in just a few months.

How? By drastically cutting the primary cause of inflation: government spending!

Wayne’s plan for Trump:

Cut 15% of all government agencies except the military, on day one. Rinse and repeat in 6 months.

Say “You’re fired!” to 15% of government employees and bureaucrats on day one. Rinse and repeat in 6 months.

Eliminate two of the worst failures in our bloated federal bureaucracy: the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. (To which I’d add quite a few others…)

Say “You’re fired!” to the 86,000 new IRS agents, saving us $86 billion and lots of headaches for We the People.

And instead of welfare for illegal aliens, deportations.

Make us energy independent again by canceling all green energy hogwash regulations and championing “fossil fuels”—the cheap, reliable energy that made us so prosperous to begin with!

Read Wayne’s article and the learn rest of his great ideas here.

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