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VIDEO: Kerry Slone on guns, liberty, and the absolute right to self defence

“I absolutely believe that there is no reason under any circumstances, any human being should be denied the human right of self-defense that we have in the United States guaranteed to us under the Second Amendment.” — Kerry Slone

In a powerful and moving interview with RAIR Foundation USA, domestic violence survivor, human rights advocate, and founder of ‘We the Female,’ Kerry Slone shares her harrowing experience and her subsequent journey towards advocating for Second Amendment rights and self-defense.”

WATCH: A Survivor’s Stand: Kerry Slone on the Unassailable Right to Self-Defense

Approximately 13 years ago, Kerry Slone endured her final episode of domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. This incident led to his arrest, but the subsequent legal process brought further dismay. Kerry recounts sitting beside a female prosecutor who, to her shock, reduced her ex-husband’s felony domestic assault charge to a Class C misdemeanor and offered him a diversion agreement. Despite her willingness to testify and visible injuries, this decision highlighted a legal system seemingly indifferent to her plight.

Her ordeal didn’t end there. Post-arraignment, law enforcement advised her to hide for a few days, anticipating a high risk of further violence. This suggestion starkly contrasted with empowering her through self-defense, exemplifying the system’s failure to protect victims effectively.

This experience marked a turning point for Kerry, as she realized the inadequacy of the legal system in protecting victims. Reflecting on this, she states, “This restraining order that was just issued to him means nothing. And even the law enforcement officers knew that it meant nothing.”

Slone’s path toward advocacy gained momentum five years ago when she publicly opposed Washington State’s I-1639 gun control initiative, potentially limiting firearm purchases based on medical records. Her firm stance on the universal right to self-defense was encapsulated in her assertion, “I absolutely believe that there is no reason under any circumstances, any human being should be denied the human right of self-defense that we have in the United States guaranteed to us under the Second Amendment.”

This advocacy led to the creation of ‘We The Female,’ a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women in self-defense and fostering a sense of confidence in their right to protect themselves. Slone’s efforts go beyond mere advocacy for gun rights; they represent a broader endeavor to shift societal attitudes from victimhood to empowerment and self-defense stating, “It’s our responsibility to be better trained than those that wish to do us harm, period.”

Slone firmly believes in the absolute right to self-defense as enshrined in the Second Amendment, challenging the conventional expectations of a domestic violence survivor. She critiques red flag laws and restrictions on firearm ownership for convicted felons, emphasizing the need for better training and a reformed justice system over restrictive gun laws. Her stance is clear: the right to bear arms is a human right, crucial for self-defense, especially for those who have faced abuse.

Furthermore, Slone criticizes how the media and cultural narratives often use domestic abuse survivors and children to further gun control agendas. Instead, she advocates for a change in approach, emphasizing the empowerment of potential victims through self-defense capabilities.

The work of ‘We The Female’ is critical, as it operates on donations and proceeds from firearm training sessions, providing essential resources to women, particularly single mothers and domestic violence survivors. Slone’s unwavering commitment to this cause has her traveling across the country to educate and train women in self-defense.

Kerry Slone’s story is a powerful testament to both bravery and resilience. Her journey from surviving domestic abuse to becoming a vocal advocate for Second Amendment rights and self-defense rights challenges conventional views and calls for a reevaluation of the justice system and societal attitudes.

Support ‘We the Female’ – Empowerment Through Action

In the United States, the statistics on intimate partner violence are deeply concerning, painting a picture of a widespread issue that affects countless lives. In this challenging landscape, ‘We the Female’ emerges as a beacon of hope and a driving force for change. This organization, founded by Kerry Slone, plays a crucial role in empowering those affected by such violence, offering education, support, and training in self-defense.

As ‘We the Female’ continues to expand its outreach, the necessity for resources grows in tandem. Every contribution plays a significant role in sustaining and growing their vital program. Contributions, which are tax-deductible, help them empower individuals on their journey toward personal security.


I am domestic violence survivor and I have experienced this personally. 13 years ago I was beaten so badly by my ex-husband that when I was finally able to call 911 after he left my home, he was charged with felony assault and DUI. After I finally got the chance to call for help, it took 10 minutes for the police to arrive at my home, even though there was a police station 5 minutes away. I’m lucky to be alive today. The Emergency Room Doctor who treated my injuries told me that I would die if I had any further contact with this man.

I made a decision to not be quiet. I decided to fight.

I did not want to live as a victim. I met with the FEMALE prosecutor assigned to the case, and told her I was willing to testify against him. She looked at me shocked and asked “Are you sure?”  Most domestic violence victims don’t want to do that. I looked her straight in her eyes and said “I most certainly will; I refuse to stay quiet.”

Those Felony Domestic Assault charges were eventually dropped to a misdemeanor. Why? Because he didn’t actually use a weapon to assault me.

Because of these charges being lowered, he was given a diversion program…a slap on the wrist …even with a violent criminal charge and a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, they let him go.

Fueled by his anger, he used this freedom and took a part-time job delivering pizzas in the evening so that he could stalk me.

The system that was supposed to protect me had failed. Just like it has failed countless other domestic violence victims all over the country.

I’m fortunate enough to be alive, to stand here to speak for those that can’t because they are still hiding from their assailants, or are dead because the system failed them.

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