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Biden Challenges Trump To Audience—Free Debates On His Friendliest Networks

President Joe Biden proposed two dates to debate former President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, with a list of guardrails including no live audience, according to The New York Times.

Biden suggested that Trump and himself face off in two televised debates, one in June and one in September, though the president said he will not participate in an event put on by the Commission on Presidential Debates, according to the NYT. The president also said he did not want to debate in front of a live audience, rather his team wants the debates held in a television studio to avoid the reaction from in-person viewers.

“Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. Since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal, I’ll even do it twice,” Biden said in a Wednesday debate message.

“So let’s pick dates Donald, I hear you’re free Wednesdays,” the president continued, alluding to Trump’s court appearances.

Later Wednesday morning, Biden said that he “received and accepted” a debate invitation from CNN scheduled for June 27, before telling Trump, “anywhere, any time, any place.” Trump accepted the invitation as well, setting the stage for the first debate in the general election.

Biden then announced shortly before noon that he “received and accepted” a debate invitation from ABC scheduled for Sept. 10. Trump also accepted the ABC offer.

As a part of their debate dates proposal Biden also only wants networks that hosted the 2016 Republican primary debates and the 2020 Democratic primary debates in 2020, the NYT reported. Those networks include CNN, ABC News, Telemundo and CBS News.

“There should be firm time limits for answers, and alternate turns to speak — so that the time is evenly divided and we have an exchange of views, not a spectacle of mutual interruption,” Jen O’Malley Dillon, Biden campaign chair, said in a letter obtained by the NYT.

“A candidate’s microphone should only be active when it is his turn to speak, to promote adherence to the rules and orderly proceedings,” she continued.

The Biden campaign also wrote that they wanted to keep the forum to two candidates, excluding independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, the NYT reported. If the debates were handled by the Commission on Presidential Debates, Kennedy has potential to reach the 15% polling threshold, the qualifying number to be on the stage. Kennedy did announce Wednesday evening that he “will meet the criteria” to participate in CNN’s debate before the deadline.

“I look forward to holding Presidents Biden and Trump accountable for their records in Atlanta on June 27 to give Americans the debate they deserve,” he said.

Trump responded to the proposal, agreeing to the time of the event, in a statement on Truth Social.

“I would strongly recommend more than two debates and, for excitement purposes, a very large venue, although Biden is supposedly afraid of crowds,” Trump wrote. “That’s only because he doesn’t get them. Just tell me when, I’ll get there. ‘Let’s get ready to Rumble!!’”

Outside of the forums proposed by Biden, the former president said in a social media post that he agreed to attend a debate on Fox News set for Oct. 2.

The Trump campaign had been calling on Biden to debate the former president after the president admitted in an interview with Howard Stern that he was interested in debating. 

“I don’t know if you’re gonna debate your opponent,” Stern said.

“I am, somewhere. I don’t know when, but I’m happy to debate him,” Biden replied.

Trump responded with a message of his own on May 9, telling Biden to set up a debate.

“Let’s set it up right now,” Trump said in a video message on Truth Social. “I’m ready to go anywhere that you are.”

The Biden campaign justified their decision to ditch the Commission on Presidential Debates, citing concerns about the original dates proposed, the Washington Post reported. The campaign also voiced concerns over the ability to get candidates to stay within the rules of the commission, the letter reportedly read.

“The Commission’s model of building huge spectacles with large audiences at great expense simply isn’t necessary or conducive to good debates,” Dillon wrote in a letter obtained by the Washington Post. “The debates should be conducted for the benefit of the American voters, watching on television and at home — not as entertainment for an in-person audience with raucous or disruptive partisans and donors, who consume valuable debate time with noisy spectacles of approval or jeering.”



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More Than 40% of U.S. Voters Believe Second Civil War ‘Likely’ in Next Five Years: Poll

It will be too late by 2029. And if bloodshed can be averted, it should be.

Once they steal 2024 again, red states should secede from the communist regime in D.C., a national divorce. We cannot live under the boot of tyranny.

We cannot live as slaves to the communist regime. We cannot live in the shithole cities that were once jewels, that have been systematically destroyed by the Democrats. And the Democrats certainly don’t want to live among us, the good, the kind, the decent the rational.

They want only to steal our hard earned pay, our production, our property, our freedom.

The left states would eventually fail without the producers to fund their madness. Only then perhaps, could we come back together. But if not, good riddance to bad rubbish.

More Than 40% of U.S. Voters Believe Second Civil War ‘Likely’ in Next Five Years: Poll

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – More than four in ten prospective voters in the United States believe that a second civil war in the country is likely within the next five years, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Thursday.

Forty-one percent (41%) of respondents believe that a second US civil war is likely in the next five years, the poll report said. The figure includes 16% of respondents who believe that a second civil war is very likely, the poll report said.

However, nearly half of respondents, 49%, believe that a civil war is not likely within the next five years, including 20% who believe it is not likely at all, the poll report said. Ten percent (10%) of respondents are unsure, the poll report added.

A greater proportion of respondents believe that a civil war is more likely to occur if US President Joe Biden is reelected than if former US President Donald Trump wins the White House — 37% and 25%, respectively — the poll report said.

Thirty percent (30%) of respondents believe that the outcome of the 2024 presidential election will not impact the chances of a civil war, the poll report said.

The poll surveyed 1,105 likely US voters from April 21-23. The poll maintains a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points with a 95% confidence level.



Horrifying Scenes Out of Athens, Greece: Muslim/Leftwing Lynch Mob Hunt Down Jewish Tourists

Biden Regime Hid Hamas Dead Hostage Proposal From Israel

Armed Muslim Migrants in Amsterdam Beat Jewish and Pro-Israel Students

The DOJ Doctored Crime Scene Photo of Mar-a-Lago Raid

RNC, Trump Campaign, and RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition) Release Video Contrasting Biden and Trump on Antisemitism

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FLASHBACK: Biden Admin Worked With Islamic Group Now Backing Campus Protests On Vaunted Antisemitism Strategy

In an earlier move to address antisemitism, President Joe Biden’s administration worked with an Islamic organization that is now backing the anti-Israel, anti-America protests overtaking college campuses.

Amid the Israel-Hamas war, anti-Israel protesters across America have set up encampments on college campuses, overtaken buildings and refused to comply with orders to disperse. Others have replaced the American flag with the Palestinian flag. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a prominent Muslim advocacy organization, has voiced its support for the encampments while condemning police interference.

Last year, the White House consulted CAIR while developing the country’s first-ever national strategy to combat antisemitism. The Biden administration has frequently touted the strategy when discussing antisemitism, particularly as the campus protests have intensified.

Back in May of 2023, the organization was first chosen by the Biden administration to help “launch a tour to educate religious communities about steps they can take to protect their houses of worship from hate incidents, such as instituting appropriate security measures, developing strong relationships with other faith communities, and maintaining open lines of communication with local law enforcement,” an archived version of a White House fact sheet reads.

But after Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, the White House moved to cut ties with CAIR due to remarks by the organization’s co-founder and national executive director, the New York Post reported. The organization’s name was later scrubbed from the fact sheet in December 2023.

“The people of Gaza only decided to break the siege — the walls of the concentration camp — on Oct. 7,” Nihad Awad, CAIR’s co-founder, said in November. “And yes, I was happy to see people breaking the siege and throwing down the shackles of their own land and walk free into their land that they were not allowed to walk in.”

“We condemn these shocking, antisemitic statements in the strongest terms,” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates previously told the Post after the remarks were circulated online by the the Middle East Media Research Institute.

After going silent for nine days, Biden finally gave remarks on the protests plaguing U.S. institutions this week. In his brief and unexpected remarks, Biden condemned violent and unlawful protests, but added that the National Guard shouldn’t intervene.

CAIR hit Biden for the remarks, criticizing the president for failing to condemn police trying to break up the encampments. The organization has weighed in on a variety of protests occurring at schools, generally in a supportive manner.

“To make matters worse, President Biden’s vague, both-sides speech failed to specifically mention and condemn the violent attacks that pro-Israel rioters and law enforcement officers have launched against students protesting the Gaza genocide at UCLA and other schools across the country,” CAIR National Deputy Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell said in a press release.

The president has continued to face backlash to his handling of the Israel-Hamas war. Some has even come from within the president’s own administration and campaign staff.

In November, a coalition of State Department staffers petitioned the president to demand that Biden call for a ceasefire, something at the time the administration was against. A series of anonymous staffers on the president’s campaign staff petitioned in January, arguing that Biden is complicit in genocide.

“It is not enough to merely be the alternative to Donald Trump. The campaign has to shift the feeling in the pits of voters’ stomachs, the same feeling that weighs on us every day as we fight for your reelection. The only way to do that is to call for a ceasefire,” the January letter states.



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Biden Admin Scraps Menthol Cigarette Ban Amid Fear Of ‘Angering’ Black Voters

President Joe Biden’s administration is delaying its potential plan to ban menthol cigarettes after concerns about the political implications ahead of the 2024 election.

The administration planned to announce Friday that it will delay its decision on the rule, people familiar with the matter told the WSJ. While the administration plans to argue that it needs to consult more outside groups on the implications of the rule, there is no current timeline to revisit the issue, the sources told the WSJ.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Sec. Xavier Becerra confirmed the news in a statement Friday afternoon, saying the potential ban “will take significantly more time.”

The WSJ noted that the potential decision comes after the White House weighed the health impacts versus the political implications of “angering” Black voters before the 2024 election.

While the Biden administration was weighing the rule, GOP strategists and retired law enforcement professionals previously told the Daily Caller that moving forward with such a decision could hurt Biden politically. The experts told the Daily Caller that the ban could cost the president a number of black Americans’ votes. Once the ban was first suggested in April 2022, it polled as widely unpopular in several swing states, including Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada.

“Black voters overwhelmingly backed Joe Biden in 2020, but polls show they aren’t nearly as excited to back him in 2024,” a national Republican strategist told the Daily Caller. “The data shows menthol cigarettes are overwhelmingly preferred by Black smokers, so some may perceive this ban as an unfair attack on them. At a time when polls show Biden is in an incredibly tight race, I’m surprised he would risk upsetting such a key constituency by banning menthol cigarettes.”

The Biden administration was previously expected to announce its plans moving forward for the ban in December 2023, though three administration officials told the Washington Post that the rule be delayed because of the “pressure during an election year.”

“This would be devastating,” David Margolius, director of public health for Cleveland, previously told the Washington Post about the potential delay in the ban.



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Biden Reportedly Has No Plans To Address Inflation With Policy Changes Before Election

President Joe Biden reportedly has no plans to address inflation with policy changes ahead of the 2024 election, officials told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The issue of inflation and how the Biden administration will address it has resurfaced after the consumer-price index (CPI) increased to 3.5% in March, a figure that is higher than what was anticipated, according to the WSJ. While the White House issued a statement touting how the administration has done “more to do to lower costs for hardworking families,” the president and his aides are reportedly not planning to make any policy changes to address the rising issue, officials told the WSJ.

Instead, the White House is reportedly planning to continue to tout the president’s efforts to lower prescription drug prices and house costs, the WSJ reported.

“Our agenda to lower costs on behalf of working families is as urgent today as it was yesterday,” Jared Bernstein, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, told the WSJ. “We’re just going to keep our heads down and continue fighting to lower costs.”

As the 2024 presidential election inches closer, the president and his allies have abandoned the use of “Bidenomics,” the branding coined to promote Biden’s economic policies, according to an Axios analysis. The president has not used the term “Bidenomics” since Jan. 25 aside from a speech he gave in North Carolina in March, Axios reported.

Democrats and other allies of the president reportedly once urged the White House to tone down its use of the term, with some fearing that the branding wasn’t hitting with the American people, Politico reported.

“With all due respect to the president, to the White House, this is not so much about them as it is the people who are benefiting by the policies that they came out and demanded,” Democratic Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford told the outlet. “We have to do a better job framing this not so much for one person — for the office of the presidency — but for the people.”

The White House reportedly was shown data on how the American people received the term, according to Politico in 2023.

“I don’t like it, either,” Democratic South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, previously said about the use of “Bidenomics.”

The president’s former chief of staff Robert Klain reportedly voiced his frustrations with the White House communication strategy, according to audio exclusively obtained by Politico. Klain reportedly argued that the president needed to spend less time focusing on infrastructure projects and more time talking about the economy, Politico reported.

“I think the president is out there too much talking about bridges,” Klain said, according to Politico. “He does two or three events a week where he’s cutting a ribbon on a bridge. And here’s a bridge. Like, I tell you, if you go into the grocery store, you go to the grocery store and, you know, eggs and milk are expensive, the fact that there’s a fucking bridge is not [inaudible].”

Klain then added that he thought there was some benefit to touting infrastructure projects, though he was generally skeptical.

“He’s not a congressman. He’s not running for Congress,” said Klain. “I think it’s kind of a fool’s errand. I think that [it] also doesn’t get covered that much because, look, it’s a fucking bridge. Like it’s a bridge, and how interesting is the bridge? It’s a little interesting but it’s not a lot interesting.”



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White House Announces Plan To Protect Bureaucrats From Being Fired By New Trump Admin

President Joe Biden’s administration announced its plan on Thursday to protect bureaucrats from being fired by a potential second Trump administration.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) finalized a rule that protects employees in the civil service by preventing the removal of their status and protections involuntarily, according to a press release. Under the new rule, an administration wishing to shift federal employees to a new category making them easier to fire would have to go through an elongated process, a move meant to be more time-consuming for a future president, Politico reported.

“Career federal employees deliver critical services for Americans in every community,” OPM Director Kiran Ahuja said in a press release. “This final rule honors our 2.2 million career civil servants, helping ensure that people are hired and fired based on merit and that they can carry out their duties based on their expertise and not political loyalty. The Biden-Harris Administration is deeply committed to the federal workforce, as these professionals are vital to our national security, our health, our economic prosperity, and much more.”

The rule is widely viewed as a response to an executive order signed in 2020 by former President Donald Trump, Politico reported. The executive order targeted federal workers, removing protections from some employees and make it easier for the president to hire and fire them.

The executive order took some entrenched bureaucrats “in positions of a confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating character” and put them in a different category considered “Schedule F,” making them easier to fire.

The OPM rule quotes this language directly, even referencing “Schedule F.”

The final rule advances “policy goals,” the press release states, by “clarifying that the phrase ‘confidential, policy determining, policymaking, or policy-advocating’ positions—a term of art to describe positions that lack civil service protections—means noncareer, political appointments. This rule prevents that exception from being misapplied to career civil servants.”

“Schedule F,” the OPM press release stated, would have rid employees of their civil service protections which ensure that employment decisions are “based on merit, not political considerations. ”

The final rule is set to be published in the Federal Register on Thursday, the press release stated.

“This rule is about making sure the American public can continue to count on federal workers to apply their skills and expertise in carrying out their jobs, no matter their personal political beliefs,” OPM Deputy Director Rob Shriver told reporters, according to Politico.

In addition to Trump’s executive order, conservatives have pushed the importance of remaking the federal bureaucracy, and Trump allies have indicated it could be a key priority in a second term. In 2023, a majority of political donations made by federal employees went to President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats, a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis found.



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White House Shoots Down Mike Johnson’s Plan To Link Ukraine Aid And Liquefied Natural Gas Reversal

The White House said Tuesday that it would not entertain a compromise with Speaker Mike Johnson to connect an aid package for Ukraine with a reversal of the Biden administration’s moratorium on approvals for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals, according to Bloomberg News.

Johnson reportedly suggested that such a compromise could be a workable solution for both parties to take care of high-priority items on their respective agendas, but the White House has made clear that the deal is dead on arrival, according to Bloomberg News. The right flank of the House Republican conference has opposed a new major aid package for Ukraine, while the White House is doubling down on its LNG exports pause after environmentalist groups showered the Biden administration with praise for its Jan. 26 decision on the issue.

“The president has been clear that House Republicans should pass the bipartisan national security agreement that already passed the Senate as soon as possible to get Ukraine the aid it urgently needs to defend itself from Russian tyranny,” the White House said in a statement, according to Bloomberg News. “The president supports the pause on pending, additional approvals of LNG export licenses to evaluate the economic and climate impacts on consumers and communities.”

The Senate passed a $95 billion aid package for aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan in February, but the House has yet to approve the bill and send it to President Joe Biden’s desk. The president has called on House Republicans to pass the foreign aid bill on numerous occasions, including during his State of the Union Address in March.

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News, Johnson intimated that he was thinking about linking the two issues together in a single piece of legislation when the House returns to Washington after its spring recess.

Johnson reportedly floated the idea to connect Ukraine aid and a LNG pause reversal to Biden during a one-on-one meeting in March, according to Bloomberg News, which cited an individual with knowledge of the situation. Reuters previously reported that some in the White House were potentially willing to reverse the moratorium depending on what else was included in the compromise, but White House officials disputed that claim.

Climate activists — including the confrontational outfit called Climate Defiance and a 25-year old TikTok influencer — lobbied the Biden administration to impose the LNG moratorium ahead of the decision to do so. The pause will not reduce global emissions, but instead empower natural gas production in places like Russia and Qatar, energy sector experts previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The climate lobby and its activist voters are poised to be a key bastion of support for Biden in the 2024 race, with several organizations already endorsing his reelection campaign or declaring their plans to spend big to stave off former President Donald Trump’s potential return to the White House.

The White House did not respond immediately to a request for comment.





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Biden Lied About Beau Exchange With Robert Hur During Angry Press Conference, Transcript Confirms

President Joe Biden lied about an exchange with special counsel Robert Hur regarding his son Beau during an angry press conference following the release of Hur’s report last month, a transcript of their five-hour interview confirms.

Hur’s report detailing the president’s handling of classified documents made several notes about Biden’s memory, including that he forgot the date of his son’s death and when his vice presidency began and ended. Biden held an unexpected press conference a few hours after the release of the report, criticizing Hur for questioning his late son’s death. The president, however, was the one who raised the date of his son’s death, according to the transcript the Daily Caller obtained .

Rather than pushing Biden about the date of Beau Biden’s death, Hur questioned the president on where work-related papers were being kept following the conclusion of his vice presidency in January of 2017.

“Well, um … I, I, I, I, I don’t know. This is, what, 2017, 2018, that area?” Biden began.

“Yes, sir,” Hur responded.

“Remember, in this time frame, my son is — either been deployed or is dying, and, and so it was — and by the way, there were still a lot of people at the time when I got out of the Senate that were encouraging me to run in this period, except the president. I’m not — and not a mean thing to say. He just thought that she had a better shot of winning the presidency than I did,” Biden began. “And so I hadn’t, I hadn’t, at this point — even though I’m at Penn, I hadn’t walked away from the idea that I may run for office again. But if I ran again, I’d be running for president. And, and so what was happening, though — what month did Beau die? Oh, God, May 30 —”

“2015,” Rachel Cotton, a White House lawyer, interjected.

“2015,” an unidentified male confirmed.

“Was it 2015 he had died?” Biden asked.

“It was May of 2015,” an unidentified male reiterated.

“It was 2015,” Biden responded.

“Or — I’m not sure of the month, sir, but I think that was the year,” Robert Bauer, the president’s personal lawyer, weighed in.

During his post-release press conference, Biden blasted Hur for asking him about his son’s death, despite the report revealing that did not happen. “How in the hell dare he raise that?” Biden told reporters. “Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damn business.”

During the Hur interview, the president went on to ask when former President Donald Trump was elected, and several speakers correct the president when he asks if it was November of 2017. The unidentified speakers tell the president that he left the vice presidency in January of 2017, which is why the year is coming up.

“OK, yeah,” Biden confirms. “And in 2017, Beau had passed and — this is personal …” the president continues, appearing to forget the year of his late son’s death again.

In his report, Hur noted that Biden willfully kept classified documents, but declined to pursue charges. The special counsel justified his decision by citing the memory lapses and adding that the jury might see Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

The White House rebuked Hur, calling the report “flatly wrong,” “inappropriate” and “politically motivated.” The special counsel is now set to testify in front of Congress on Tuesday about his investigation.

The transcript provides new insight into a number of key moments from Biden’s interview with Hur beyond the Beau and vice presidential exchanges.

Biden repeatedly throws his own staff under the bus, as he did during the post-report press conference, failing to take personal ownership for the mishandling of classified documents.

“I don’t want to hold them responsible or get them in trouble, but I believe they were the ones who were packing up … and were deciding, you know, where, where things were going, to the best of my knowledge,” Biden said of his staff. He added he had “no goddamn idea” what was in one set of files shipped to his house.

The president claimed to not recall or struggled to recount certain details he was asked about on a number of occasions. Biden said he had no memory of a comment he made about a 2009 memo to then-President Barack Obama about surging troops to Afghanistan. Biden had told the ghostwriter for his memoir that he found the memo amongst classified documents downstairs.

“It has nothing to do with the investigation, you’ll understand why this is sensitive,” Biden said. “The president thought that I knew a lot more about Afghanistan than he did, and other members of the administration.”

Biden added that the memo was handwritten because it would have taken him five times as long to type it. In a separate exchange, Biden remarked that Obama didn’t want him to run for president in 2016 because he believed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a better chance of winning the election.

Despite claiming that his staff was ultimately responsible for moving around classified documents and moving items in and out of his residence, Biden displayed a highly-detailed knowledge of the architecture of his home and said he participated in moving his belongings in and out as well.

“I’m a frustrated architect,” Biden said, while explaining that his home had seven different types of molding. “In order to try to convince me not to run for Senate for the 19th time, my wife said, ‘Look, you don’t run, I’ll pay for architectural school for you.”

At one point, Hur remarked that Biden had “a photographic understanding and, and recall of the house.”

Biden also stated “I remember moving boxes, literally physically moving them, with help, one side to the other so I could get the Corvette in that garage on the left.”

At various times during the interview, Hur had to implore Biden to answer his questions rather than go off on unrelated tangents. Biden once blew past Hur’s attempt to re-focus the interview to explain to him how the torque on electric cars worked, complete with “car noises.”

“You step your foot on the accelerator all the way down until it gets about six, seven grand,” Biden said. “Then all the sudden it will say ‘launch.’ All you do is take your foot off the brake.”

Biden then made a car engine sound, according to the transcript.

The president also digressed about solar panels in Angola, investigators finding swimsuit photos of his wife amongst his documents and the archery skills he displayed on a trip to Mongolia, according to the transcript.

Nevertheless, the White House reacted defiantly to the release of the transcript Tuesday morning. It was delivered to Congress by the Department of Justice just hours before Hur was slated to testify about his findings.

“You can’t make this up. On page 72 of the transcript, it is not President Biden who admits to “misremembering” things from just moments earlier. It’s the Special Counsel himself,” White House spokesperson Ian Sams tweeted, after retweeting a number of other posts defending the president from Hur’s claims about his memory.



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‘Unprecedented’: KJP’s Worst Fears Appear To Be Coming True

Karine Jean-Pierre has turned over her spotlight to Admiral John Kirby in an “unprecedented” way as the White House barrels toward a pivotal election season, a Daily Caller review of briefing data reveals.

Since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, Kirby has been a mainstay at briefings alongside Jean-Pierre to answer reporters’ questions about the foreign conflict. Though Americans have indicated the war is not their top concern, Kirby has remained at the briefings — only missing five through January until Feb. 27. Of the briefings he has attended in 2024, 19 out of the 22 total held, Kirby has fielded questions for almost the exact same amount of time as Jean-Pierre.

As of Feb. 27, Jean-Pierre has spent about 11 hours and 31 minutes at the White House press briefing podium this year across 22 briefings. Kirby has answered questions for just under nine hours and two minutes in 19 briefings. In those 19 briefings when Kirby and Jean-Pierre were together, the press secretary spoke for just shy of nine hours and 11 minutes — almost a perfect fifty-fifty split with her counterpart.

“There is no precedent for this. Press secretaries always bring guests, right. It’s like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna have the OMB [the Office of Management and Budget] guys brief you on the budget and talk to you about that.’ That’s normal,” Sean Spicer, one-time press secretary for former President Donald Trump, told the Daily Caller. “That’s as old as the job. But this idea that you have a co-press secretary is unprecedented.”

Some other names have made appearances at briefings and gaggles, either alongside Jean-Pierre or Kirby: deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations Ian Sams and a few other policy-specific officials from the administration.

But none have appeared nearly as often as Kirby, who Jean-Pierre was reportedly concerned might usurp her as press secretary when she first got the job. Biden “awkwardly” added that Kirby would be joining Jean-Pierre’s team when the president gave her the press secretary position in 2022, leaving her “upset and confused,” according to Axios.

Jean-Pierre’s appointment was lauded as historic and powerful when she got the job — she’s the first black press secretary, and is also a lesbian woman of immigrant parents. From the beginning, things have reportedly been rocky, though — Biden also allegedly said that Jean-Pierre didn’t need to worry because she’d “have an admiral looking over your shoulder,” a comment that was not received well by the new press secretary.

Amid the tension between Kirby and Jean-Pierre, the latter’s top deputy, Dalton, is reportedly ditching the White House for a gig at Apple.

That leaves a clear path to the top job for Kirby. He has told some around the White House he’s interested in the position, according to Axios, but other White House officials denied those accounts.

When it comes to gaggles, Kirby has appeared at more as of late, speaking at seven of them between the start of the year and Feb. 16 for a total of more than an hour and seven minutes. The pair has attended four gaggles together, with Jean-Pierre answering questions for more than 41 minutes.

“I don’t think the dynamic is awkward to begin with. I think they did it under the presence, under the guise of national security and foreign affairs. But the reality is, Kirby has really taken over a lot more, for obvious reasons,” Spicer said. “The press secretary should be able to handle all of the issues and it’s pretty obvious that there’s a level of competence that just doesn’t exist.”

The White House previously attributed Kirby’s frequent presence at briefings to the war in the Middle East, adding that he will be featured less once it subsides, the New York Times reported.

The White House and the National Security Council did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Kirby’s attendance at the briefings has dipped slightly. Spanning from Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel until Jan. 5, 2024, Jean-Pierre had only held one press briefing or gaggle on Air Force One by herself, according to an Axios count. Jean-Pierre was always accompanied by Kirby or even on occasion National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

The national security council spokesperson has continued to attend the press briefings alongside Jean-Pierre specifically because the president enjoys it, Axios reported. Biden has reportedly asked the spokesman to personally brief him and also travel with him on both domestic and international trips.

In devoting roughly half their briefing time with Kirby in attendance to foreign affairs, the White House is granting a disproportionate amount of air to issues voters say they aren’t as concerned about. Americans have indicated that they are more interested in domestic topics, with immigration now the top issue among the populous, according to a February Gallup poll. Twenty-eight percent of Americans say the issue is their main priority while just 3% say foreign aid and issues overseas are the most important to them.

The next top concern was government, as 20% of Americans voted it their main worry, the Gallup poll showed. “Economy in general,” inflation, “poverty/hunger/homelessness” and “unifying the country” followed in Americans’ most important issues.

With Kirby focused on issues falling into international affairs, Jean-Pierre remains the public face of the administration on most domestic issues. Biden’s poll numbers on many of those issues are struggling, and some have wondered if she is long for the job. Her predecessor, Jen Psaki, departed the post just shy of the 16-month mark.

Kirby’s performance has been better received by some observers.

“Sometimes I’ll tweet out, like, ‘this was a good job by Kirby.’ I’ve had a number of [Republicans] tell me that Kirby gets it. I mean, I actually think he has the respect of Republicans. And so therefore, they listen to what he has to say and they find him to be a credible messenger. I don’t think anybody respects Karine,” Scott Jennings,  a longtime GOP adviser in Kentucky and veteran of numerous campaigns, told the Daily Caller.

“And so if you’re a White House, and you’re trying to communicate to the larger world and also the people in Washington, you know, your chief messenger has to be credible and respected. I think Kirby has achieved that.”

“I can’t remember a time when this has happened. I mean, it seems to me they give Kirby all the important things to talk about. And they let her talk about the rest,” Jennings told the Daily Caller.

Thomas McGiffin contributed to this report.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.

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Forget Basement Campaign — It’s Been A Whole Basement Presidency For Joe Biden

Critics of President Joe Biden have begun dusting off the “basement campaign” allegation now that the 2024 election cycle is in full-swing, but a low-profile, press-free campaign would fall right in line with how Biden has conducted his entire presidency.

During Biden’s run for president in 2020, the now 81-year-old was criticized for running a “basement campaign” as he often stayed in his home studio for media appearances and had limited, low-attendance rallies. Now, as the 2024 election approaches, similar critiques are bubbling after Biden ducked out on a traditional end of year press conference and opted out of a prime-time Super Bowl interview.

Going on his fourth year in office, Biden is averaging about 11 press conferences a year, according to data compiled by the University of California at Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project. Biden’s average is the lowest since former President Ronald Reagan, who held office from 1981 to 1989, and averaged 5.8 press conferences per year.

The parallel between Biden and Reagan is not a coincidence, historian Barbara Perry, co-chair of the Presidential Oral History Program at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, told the Daily Caller.

“I think it’s more than coincidental that you have these two presidents with an aging factor. And I don’t mean to say that he’s non compos mentis and he’s going down. I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying I do think it’s more than coincidental that oftentimes as these presidents get older, they want to do these kinds of pressers less. Prior to that would be the third and most elderly president was Eisenhower, who was well known for having trouble with his syntax,” Perry told the Daily Caller.

“I just think that’s part and parcel of what happens when you have older presidents, that to be on the hair trigger and be able to respond immediately to let’s face it, and I think this is the role of the press is to press and ask pressing questions instead, sometimes may even be hostile or at the very least, be pointed, and ask presidents to explain what they’re doing and why they’re doing things and to be controversial,” Perry continued.

In addition to snubbing press conferences, Biden has participated in fewer interviews with media outlets than his predecessors, according to NBC News. Since his 2021 inauguration, Biden has done 86 interviews with media outlets, NBC tallied. Former President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama trounce Biden’s numbers, each doing 300 and 422 interviews, respectively, at the same point in their presidency.

When Biden has done sit-down interviews with the media, his administration has often chosen to go the non-traditional route, sometimes avoiding hard-hitting journalists in favor of celebrity personalities. The president has done interviews with the Weather Channel, CBS News’ 60 MinutesRyan Seacrest and comedian Conan O’Brien.

In 2024, Biden has already foregone media opportunities. Biden turned down a prime-time Super Bowl interview for the second year in a row. His campaign then claimed that they wanted to give Americans a break from politics during the game, CNN reported. The NFL, however, is notoriously political, playing the black national anthem before the U.S. national anthem while players don helmet stickers reading “End racism” and “It takes all of us.”

“We are being less traditional because less people get their news from traditional mediums than ever before,” a Biden campaign official told CNN.

This year’s Super Bowl was the most-watched program in television history.

After giving an address on border initiatives being debated in Congress, Biden promised reporters on Feb. 5 that he would be back sometime during the week to answer questions. That same week the president unexpectedly gave a press conference to address a special counsel report that had been released that day discussing the president’s physical and mental state. It was widely panned after Biden mixed up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico and snapped at reporters who asked about his age.

Biden again promised to take questions from reporters following remarks on Ukraine funding stalling in Congress. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed further questions about the president’s promise.

“On Tuesday, President Biden, he said, ‘I’m not going to answer your questions today. I will answer them tomorrow and the day after,’” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre during a press briefing. “What was he talking about?”

“Well, he was outside yesterday, and he took questions from some of you,” Jean-Pierre responded, referring to when the president told the media he was giving them up for Lent. Biden also continued to repeat “Happy Valentines day” as he was asked about a mysterious national security threat.

“And what about today?” the reporter followed up.

“Today I don’t have anything to share beyond what you all know, don’t have anything to add on his public schedule,” Jean-Pierre followed up.

Mark R. Weaver, a GOP strategist, pointed to the quick-witted nature of press conferences as a reason Biden may be conducting less of them.

“It can be a little bit like playing ping pong. So in these gaggles, the reporter can serve the ping pong ball towards him, and he can hit once back, but he can’t hit the next shot or the next shot. He’ll walk away before he does. So [for example a reporter]  will say ‘Mr. President, why are the prices still so high?’ And he is able to give a first response he will say ‘Well, that’s because the Republicans in Congress’ right, so we can get a first response out,” Weaver said.

“But then the reporter will follow up ‘no, Mr. President, you did you know, you did this policy, you forgave student loans and and that change this monetary policy, what do you have to say about that,’ and then he’ll mumble and walk away. He can’t hit that second shot,” Weaver continued.

The White House dismissed questions about the president’s lack of press interactions during a February press briefing.

“The numbers show that President Biden has engaged in about 33 news conferences.  Compare that to Obama’s 66 and Donald Trump’s 52 by this time in their presidencies.  Can you explain why the President isn’t doing more?” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre on Feb. 12.

“We’re always going to try to find ways — obviously, outside of press conferences as well — t0 — for the President to be out there. And we have found some nontraditional ways.  We think it’s important to try and meet the American people where they are,” Jean-Pierre responded.

“As far as press conferences, we’re going to try and make sure when it’s the right time for — for those to happen, certainly we will — we will do so. But it doesn’t mean that this President does not engage with — with the press corps — with the White — White House press corps or with other reporters, journalists out there who have different — different ways with communicating with the American people as well.  We think that’s important too,” the press secretary continued, pointing to the amount of times Biden takes questions from reporters while on the road.

Biden does appear more willing to speak to the press when it is spontaneous, whether that be during trips or following a speech.

As of Oct. 17, 2023, Biden has engaged with the press 492 times in an informal “gaggle,” which is more than any other president aside from Trump, the Washington Post reported. The president is averaging about 131 interactions with the press per year as of Feb. 20, according to the American Presidency Project. The number is less than Trump, though far more than Obama who averaged 25 exchanges with the press per year.

Perry recounted a time she attended a December 2022 event at the White House and had an opportunity to speak to the president. Biden’s strength, Perry noted to the Daily Caller, is more personal, unexpected interaction.

“About 10 to 15 years, slid off his face between standing on that stage looking kind of tired and coming down and talking to each person standing behind the velvet rope line. And so I do think that part is a shame that to the extent that he is not out as much as maybe he would have been as a younger person meeting and greeting and pressing the flesh because that is his strength,” Perry told the Daily Caller.

While doing fewer press conferences, the Biden White House has still made an effort to meet the Americans through social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok, the Washington Post previously reported. Throughout his presidency, Biden and his administration have leaned heavily on social media influencers in an effort to reach a younger crowd, though some argued to the outlet that the medium allows the White House to control the president’s messaging more.

“I think we should also point out that the press these days and in part may be trying to keep up with social media, may be more confrontational than at other times in long past,” Perry noted. “I mean, certainly the press was confrontational with Reagan, they were confrontational with Nixon, and I would compare him to someone like Trump, who really disliked the press. I don’t think Joe Biden dislikes the press, I think he probably misses the days when he could go toe to toe with them.”



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


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Reporter Asks James Biden If Hunter Smoked Crack In The White House

Biden Weighing Enacting Harsher Asylum Rules — Even After Claiming He Couldn’t Without Congress

Biden Dog Commander Bit Secret Service Dozens Of Times More Than Previously Reported, New Docs Reveal


The Invasion of America Continues Through Floodgates of Biden Regime

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Biden Throws Staff Under The Bus, Lashes Out At Reporters In Rare Press Conference After Special Counsel Report

President Joe Biden gave a rare, unexpected press conference Thursday night in which he blamed his staff for mishandling classified documents and snapped at reporters’ questions.

The president delivered remarks Thursday evening in response to a special counsel report on his handling of classified documents. Biden’s address comes after Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded his investigation by declining to press charges despite stating that Biden had, in fact, mishandled classified documents.

Biden pinned the findings on his staff. “I take responsibility for not having seen exactly what my staff was doing,” he said.

“Things that appeared in my garage, things that came out of my home, things that were moved, were moved not by me, but my staff, but my staff,” he continued.

The report noted that during an interview with Biden, he forgot when his term as vice president began and ended and when his son Beau had died. The president shot down claims that he had forgotten his son’s death and responded to language in the report that characterized him as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

“I don’t need anyone to remind me when he passed away,” Biden said.

Once Biden opened up the press conference to questions, reporters began peppering him with inquiries about his memory and mental acuity, which had become a major point of debate after Hur’s report was released. Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden, “How bad is your memory?”

“My memory is so bad I let you speak,” Biden said. “My memory is fine. Take a look at what I’ve done since I’ve become president.”

Biden reached his most heated when another reporter began to ask a question about the American people’s concerns about his mental state, a premise which is backed by vast amounts of polling.

“That is your judgement! That is your judgement! That is not the judgement of the press!” Biden shouted back at her. He then mistakenly referred to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the President of Mexico.

Documents relating to U.S. foreign policy in Afghanistan and handwritten notebook entries concerning sensitive national security matters were recovered by FBI agents at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, estate. Hur cited the DOJ policy surrounding prosecuting a president to justify his decision not to press charges against Biden.

The classified documents span from Biden’s career in the Senate all the way to his vice presidency with former President Barack Obama. The handwritten notes Biden took during the Obama administration frequently covered materials from daily briefings and National Security Council meetings.



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President Of Left-Wing Group Behind Trump’s Colorado Ballot Removal Visited Biden White House Multiple Times

The CEO of the left-wing legal group behind former President Donald Trump’s removal from the Colorado ballot went to the Biden White House multiple times last year, visitor logs show.

Noah Bookbinder, president and CEO of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), visited the White House twice in 2023, visitor logs from January to September 2023 indicate.

He first visited on Jan. 6, 2023, the two-year anniversary of the 2021 Capitol riot, to watch Biden award the Presidential Citizens Medal to law enforcement officers who responded to the unrest, a CREW spokesperson told the Caller. The visitor logs appear to confirm Bookbinder’s attendance at the event.

Bookbinder began working for the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in March 2022 as part of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC), according to his bio on the DHS website. His name no longer appears on the HSAC membership list.

Bookbinder appeared at the White House a second time in March for a presentation by the HSAC’s Openness and Transparency DHS Subcommittee, the CREW spokesperson said. White House visitor logs indicate that Bookbinder was also among a group of individuals who met with Commerce Department official Maya James.

Bookbinder did not discuss the Trump ballot case with Biden officials during either visit, the spokesperson added.

Records of White House visits from October to December 2023 have yet to be released. The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

CREW orchestrated the legal challenge to Trump’s ballot eligibility in Colorado, culminating in a 4-3 state supreme court ruling in December disqualifying Trump from the Republican primary ballot. The left-wing organization fundraised off the Colorado decision immediately after it was announced.

Colorado’s supreme court ruling is based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment disqualifying individuals from holding office if they have engaged in insurrection. Democratic Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows made similar arguments when she issued a ruling later in December that barred Trump from the state’s primary ballot.

Trump is the clear frontrunner to win the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, according to the RealClearPolitics state and national polling averages.

The former president has not been charged with or convicted of insurrection.

Trump and the Colorado Republican Party have appealed the Colorado decision to the U.S. Supreme Court and has appealed Bellows’ ruling.

Trump remains on the Colorado primary ballot while the legal challenge proceeds.



Investigative reporter. James Lynch can be reached on Twitter @jameslynch32.


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Peter Doocy UTTERLY SMOKES Joe Biden during LIVE Press Briefing


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‘Double Down On Bidenomics’: We Asked Political Insiders What Joe Biden’s New Year’s Resolutions Should Be

With a fresh year ahead and the presidential election in sight, both Republican and Democratic strategists have suggestions for what New Year’s resolutions President Joe Biden should make.

Biden is exiting 2023 with floundering poll numbers that show the president has a low approval rating and is trailing in hypothetical matchups between him and former President Donald Trump both nationally and in key swing states. In an effort to turn things around — or to keep the president on the same decline — Republican and Democratic strategists suggested Biden play into his age, focus on Bidenomics and stay “calm.”

“I think using his age, you know, ‘I’m old, but that means I’m seasoned and wise in the ways of the world. I offer calm. The Republicans offer chaos.’ I think that’s the best contrast he can make,” Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist, told the Daily Caller, when saying Biden should make it a resolution to stay composed throughout the year.

During 2023, concerns about the 81-year-old’s fitness for office have risen in the polls, partly due to various repeated debunked stories and slip-ups. A majority of Americans believe that Biden is both mentally and physically unfit to serve effectively as president, according to a November George Washington University and YouGov poll.

Biden committed several mishaps throughout the year, including once praising the “Congressional Black Caucus” while giving a speech at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s annual gala. While honoring the 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Biden claimed that he was at Ground Zero the day after the terrorist attack. The White House failed to provide evidence to back up Biden’s claim, instead pointing to a trip to the site the president made several weeks later.

Leslie Marshall echoed Bannon’s resolution, encouraging the president to play into his age and harness it through the election year.

“Some people will be like, don’t don’t highlight his age. I’m sure they tell him ‘Mr. President, jog up the stairs.’ You know what I’m saying?” Marshall told the Daily Caller.

“We all trip, I don’t care what age you are. Make light of it. Use it. Use it to his advantage,” Marshall continued.

Aside from concerns about the president’s age, Biden and his administration have faced backlash for their messaging surrounding the president’s economic policies, more commonly known as “Bidenomics.” While the White House continues to claim the economy is improving, even saying that Thanksgiving in 2023 was one of the cheapest ever, the American people are not convinced. Seventy-five percent of U.S. adults said in September that the economy is in a “fair” or “poor” state while sixty-one percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Democrats previously warned the administration that the messaging was not working with some even begging the White House to drop “Bidenomics” out of fear that the aggressive push of a booming economy may be upsetting Americans who are struggling.

“I hope he resolves to double down on Bidenomics,” Sean Spicer, host of the Sean Spicer podcast and former chairman for the RNC’s Temporary Committee on Presidential Debates, told the Daily Caller.

“Keep up the good work with oil and gas production in the United States,” Mike McKenna, GOP consultant and MWR Strategies president, told the Daily Caller.

Other GOP strategists suggested that Biden secure the border or take action against members of the administration who protested the president’s pro-Israel stance.

“Fire all the kids who work for him and protested him on his own front lawn,” Scott Jennings, a longtime GOP adviser in Kentucky and veteran of numerous campaigns, told the Daily Caller. “Fire. Them. All.”

Since Hamas launched a terrorist attack on Israel, Biden has committed his support to the country throughout its war on the terrorist organization. Biden’s unwavering support of the country has come under fire from members of his administration and allies within his own party. Several members of the Biden administration gathered outside of the White House on Dec. 13 to protest the president’s backing of Israel, the Hill reported.

“President Biden, your staff demands a ceasefire,” a sign held by staffers read.

Others thought the president should take notes from the front runner in the 2024 presidential race.

“President Biden’s New Year’s resolutions should be reinforcing the policies from the Trump administration,” Hilton Beckham, communications director for America First Policy Institute, told the Daily Caller. “Reinstating America First principles that empowered citizens economically, ensured community safety, and fortified our porous borders would be a step toward regaining public trust and steering our country back on the right track — away from the chaos created by the Far Left and their destructive policies.”

While seemingly everyone in politics has input on how the president should spend 2024, Biden weighed in Saturday on what his New Year’s resolution is.

“To come back next year,” Biden said while vacationing in St. Croix.

Among serious resolutions touching on hot topics, some offered a bit of humor when suggesting New Year’s resolutions for the president.

“[Biden should] resolve to finally learn which direction the Oval Office is, so when he’s done reading prepared remarks in billboard sized fonts, he doesn’t change directions like a presidential roomba,” Mark R. Weaver, a GOP strategist, told the Daily Caller.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


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Double Standard J6 Peaceful Protest vs Pro-Hamas Insurrection in D.C.

The Double Standard is alive and well among law enforcement in metropolitan D.C. when compare what happened to protestors on J6 where hundreds were arrested vs these pro-Hamas protestors where only one arrest was made.

White House security breach leads to zero arrests after rioters get special privileges

The Secret Service has reportedly made no arrests despite pro-Palestinian “protesters” vandalizing the White House’s gates over the weekend.

Only one person was arrested during the “insurrection”-like riot that beset the White House on Saturday, but that arrest was made by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), according to Fox News.

“During the event, several minor incidents of property damage and vandalism were reported to police. One adult male was arrested for Destruction of Property in the 700 block of 17th Street, Northwest. In addition, MPD is currently investigating acts of vandalism that damaged the McPherson Square Metro Station and several police vehicles,” the MPD said in a statement.

As for the Secret Service, a spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that no arrests have been made. This despite all the damage done by the so-called “protesters.”

“Protesters could be seen vandalizing the White House fence and wrenching at the gate, and antisemitic graffiti was left on several buildings along the protesters’ path through the city,” Fox News notes.

Indeed, video and images posted to X showed the demonstrators spray-painting the White House gates red and defacing them with blood-red handprints as they came dangerously close to a breach in a scene reminiscent of the 2020 insurrection that was inspired by the death of Minneapolis criminal George Floyd.

Case in point:

Read full article.

©2023. Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.


Watch Chilling “Hamas-In Their Own Voices”

Houthis ‘declare war’ against Israel

CNN Suspends Ties With Journalist Who Went Along With Hamas As They Slaughtered Jews

Biden Admin’s Regulatory Overhaul Is Poised To Burden Americans In The Name Of Fighting Climate Change

President Joe Biden’s administration finalized guidance Thursday likely to burden Americans with costlier regulations to fulfill administration priorities such as combating climate change.

Biden’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is enacting new guidance that would require regulators to consider priorities like inequality and climate change when analyzing the costs and benefits of regulation. The White House argued the guidance is necessary so that regulations are issued with up-to-date analysis and information.Critics, however, argue the new guidance would lead to costlier regulations in the name of the Biden administration’s agenda.

“Adjusting how cost-benefit analysis is conducted in a way to make it easier to issue heavy-handed and costly regulations is unwise at anytime, particularly when Americans continue to suffer under punishingly high inflation,” Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford stated, according to The New York Times.

The new regulations will in practice allow for stronger climate regulations by factoring in the projected economic costs of climate change and global warming, according to the NYT.

The regulations are based on Biden’s January 2021 “Memorandum on Modernizing Regulatory Review,” which accounts for contributions to progressive policies when considering proposed rules.

“We write to express our opposition to the proposed revisions, which are seemingly designed to fast-track progressive policies that do not have a majority of votes in Congress necessary for passage into law,” Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and a coalition of Senate Republican committee ranking members wrote in a letter pushing back on the memorandum.”

The rules are also based on an April “Executive Order on Modernizing Regulatory Review,” according to the White House fact sheet on the final guidance, which the OMB pointed the Daily Caller News Foundation toward.

The order references regulatory moves that likely would lead to “adversely affect[ing] in a material way the economy, a sector of the economy, productivity, competition, jobs, the environment, public health or safety, or State, local, territorial, or tribal governments or communities” and takes “equity” into account.

Americans may also bear the regulatory cost for other nations because “effects occurring beyond the borders of the United States can result in benefits and costs that accrue to U.S. citizens and residents,” according to the fact sheet.

The OMB’s White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) finalized the regulations.

“This updated guidance will help agencies more accurately estimate the impacts of their regulations and thereby enable them to craft better regulations which, in turn, means lower costs for consumers; cleaner food, air, and water; less fraud and exploitation; increased workplace safety; more innovation; and a stronger economy,” the White House OIRA fact sheet asserts.

The White House did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.





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