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VIDEO: The Assassination of Donald Trump

rick ross kill tump songPaul Joseph WatsonInfowars Editor at Large in London, United Kingdom,  posted a video titled, “The Assassination of Donald Trump.” Watson states, “The establishment wants someone to assassinate Donald Trump.”

When Watson speaks of “the establishment” he is speaking of the political elite from both the Republican and Democratic party, the media, individuals on social media and even global terrorist organizations.

What makes Trump the most hated candidate for political office in my lifetime?

Trump is hated because he is loved by the people. I have written that Trump began his political career running a campaign, that campaign turned into a movement and is now an insurgency. An insurgency which threatens political correctness.

That attack on political correctness is a threat to the political status quo. To understand read Raynard Jackson’s column, “Trump’s Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party” to understand.

Please watch Watson’s video and pray for the safety of Donald Trump, his family and the freedom of Americans to gather in support of Mr. Trump.


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