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The LGBT Agenda is to Destroy America by Sterilizing Our Youth

Sterilizing American youth, the newest line of effort for destroying American people, culture and history.

BREAKING: DOJ sent a letter to all states THREATENING doctors who won’t chemically neuter or surgically castrate patients w/gender confusion.

America First Legal sued to stop HHS from carrying out this vile threat:

AFL Sues to block radical Biden edict forcing doctors to provide unethical transgender treatments, erasing biological sex from medicine

WASHINGTON, D.C. — America First Legal sued the Biden Administration on behalf of a class of doctors, seeking to prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from forcing medical professionals to provide unethical transgender-related medical services.

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act prohibits “sex” discrimination in any health program or activity that receives federal funds. Three months ago, HHS announced that it will “interpret and enforce” section 1557 to prohibit: (1) “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation”; and (2) “discrimination on the basis of gender identity.” But nothing in section 1557 prohibits discrimination on account of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity”—and nothing in this statute requires doctors and health-care providers to deny biological reality by providing “gender-affirming” healthcare.

HHS’s interpretation of section 1557 threatens every medical provider who refuses to bow to the demands of homosexual and transgender activists. It allows anyone to file a complaint against a doctor who refuses to provide services or referrals that violate his ethical or religious beliefs, and if HHS determines that doctor engaged in discrimination based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” that doctor would face significant consequences—including fines, penalties, and lack of access to patients who use federally-backed insurance plans (such as Medicare and Medicaid).

AFL is proud to represent the class of doctors in this case to stop the Biden Administration from using the government as a cudgel to advance its radical anti-science, anti-medicine, and anti-religious-freedom agenda.

Statement From America First Legal President Stephen Miller:

“In perhaps no area is it more dangerous and destructive to erase biological sex than the field of healthcare. Treatment, medicine, pharmaceuticals, surgery, and other care must comport with biological reality and anatomy—or the results can be irreversibly damaging, even lethal. There is no plausible reading of this statute that would, or ever could, compel doctors to treat biological males as females or biological females as males. By any definition, this Biden edict is unlawful, unconstitutional, and medically unconscionable. This Orwellian decree denies science, denies medical reality, denies objective academic truth, and endangers patients, children, and the whole medical profession. If we wish to maintain our status as an advanced and civilized nation, then we must safeguard the medical profession from radical woke ideologies enforced through raw government power. Doctors must be free to follow their medical conscience and to follow the medical science. America First Legal will vigorously, passionately, and relentlessly fight this Biden edict in federal court—and we will fiercely defend the rights of medical professionals and the scientific integrity of medicine itself.

Read the full lawsuit here.

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CLICK HERE to read the PDF – 4 page DOJ letter.

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VIDEO: Elon Musk Says Wokeness ‘Wants To Make Comedy Illegal’

Elon Musk dropped the mic on the woke mob with some powerful comments.

“Wokeness basically wants to make comedy illegal, which is not cool,” Musk said. He immediately followed it up with, “I mean, Chappelle, like, what the f**k? Trying to shut down Chappelle? Come on, man. That’s crazy. So, do we want a humorless society that is simply rife with condemnation and hate, basically?

During an interview with the Babylon Bee, the founder of Tesla and arguably the most interesting man on the planet argued that wokeness is a disease looking to kill comedy.

You can watch his comments in the clip below.

For those of you interested in watching his entire interview with the Babylon Bee, you can fire that up below.

As I’ve said before, with every single person who joins the anti-woke and anti-cancel culture movement, the closer we get to winning the war.

There are already some big names who have spoken out, including Aaron RodgersCharles Barkley and Joe Rogan. However, Elon Musk is the biggest of them all.

He’s the richest man on the planet, and he has the kind of influence that could start legit wars. That’s what happens when you’re worth $278 billion.

Now, he’s using his influence to remind people that it’s okay to laugh, tell jokes, enjoy comedy and to remind people that the woke mob should be ignored at all costs.

Members of the woke mob and people who support cancel culture are bitter losers who haven’t accomplished anything in life. Instead of trying to create interesting things and elevate people, they like dragging people down to their level. It’s not a big mystery what’s going on.

Props to Musk for keeping it real and being honest about the goals of people who are woke. Again, with every person who speaks up, we become one step closer to ending this nonsense forever.



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