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Empire State Building Honors Country That Was Involved in 9/11

“Even Osama bin Laden was allowed to pass through Qatar.”

After Islamic terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, the Islamic terror state responsible for saving the mastermind of the attack bought 10% of the city’s surviving major skyscraper

Now, the Empire State Building is bowing to its Qatari masters.

Here’s a section of the 9/11 Commission Report which addresses the Qatari role in 9/11.

(Ramzi) Yousef (one of the key figures in the World Trade Center bombing) was captured in Pakistan following the discovery by police in the Philippines in January 1995 of the Manila air plot, which envisioned placing bombs on board a dozen trans-Pacific airliners and setting them off simultaneously. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed—Yousef’s uncle, then located in Qatar—was a fellow plotter of Yousef’s in the Manila air plot and had also wired him some money prior to the Trade Center bombing. The U.S. Attorney obtained an indictment against KSM in January 1996, but an official in the government of Qatar probably warned him about it. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed evaded capture (and stayed at large to play a central part in the 9/11 attacks)

The 9/11 Commission Report is a bit cagey about specifics, but there were news reports that went into more detail.

American officials say the FBI and CIA just missed capturing the al Qaeda leader believed to have organized the 9/11 attacks — and now believed to be planning a new attack against Americans — because it appears he was protected and tipped off by a member of the royal family in Qatar, Abdullah Bin Khalid al-Thani.

In 1996, the FBI tracked Mohammed, under indictment on charges of terrorism, to Qatar’s capital city, Doha, and was within hours of capturing him.

Cloonan, who was the lead FBI agent on the case, said a specially equipped government executive jet, complete with blacked-out windows, was standing by to transport Mohammed.

“We had located Khalid Sheikh,” Cloonan told ABCNEWS. “We were prepared to fly the plane in and to take him out.”

But Cloonan says Mohammed was tipped off shortly after Qatar officials were told of the plan and headed for the airport.

The FBI then wrote a stern letter to Qatar after the Clinton administration nixed a plan to just grab KSM.

The C.I.A. officer believed, however, that if the United States officially asked for the assistance of the Qatar government, Mr. Mohammed would be tipped off, since it appeared that he was living in Doha under the government’s protection.

Back in Washington, counterterrorism officials at the National Security Council said they shared that worry. Senior counterterrorism officials already knew about the past support for Islamic extremists by one Qatar official, Sheik Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, Qatar’s minister of religious endowments and Islamic affairs. This was the same official who had repeatedly allowed Arab extremists who had fought in Afghanistan to live on his farm.

White House officials agreed with the C.I.A. about the inadvisability of going directly to the Qatar government for help. So they began considering a plan to grab him secretly.

At the request of the N.S.C., the Pentagon developed a plan calling for the military to snatch Mr. Mohammed. That plan was taken to the Deputies Committee, an interagency group during the Clinton administration that was made up of high-ranking officials from major departments and agencies, including Justice, Defense, State and the N.S.C. But Pentagon had devised a plan on such a large scale that it was was rejected, according to former counterterrorism officials. The only alternative was to go to the Qatar government…

But Qatar never paid a significant diplomatic price for its support of Mr. Mohammed. About the only rebuke it received was a private one in the form of a stinging letter from Louis Freeh, then the F.B.I. director, to Qatar’s foreign minister.

One government minister is believed to have harbored as many as 100 Arab extremists — including many veterans of fighting in Afghanistan — on his farm in Qatar during the mid-1990’s. There have been reports that even Osama bin Laden was allowed to pass through Qatar.

These days, Qatar is in the headlines over its backing for Hamas, but it’s always been a state sponsor of terror. And yet it’s bought up so many of our political elites, that none of them dare to speak out against it.

After the Taliban betrayal and Oct 7, Qatar is still treated as an ally, rather than the enemy that it is, and Al Jazeera like a news organization instead of the terrorist propaganda network that it is.

A regime with ties to Al Qaeda, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood is getting the Empire State Building to shine its lights.



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