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Hamas forces Israeli hostage to reveal two others are dead in ‘guessing game’ video

Further righteous escapades of the darling of the Left, and of Muslim, Christian and atheist Jew-haters everywhere: Hamas. How have the indoctrinated bots screaming for Israel’s demise have so thoroughly deadened their conscience?

The idea from Hamas’ standpoint is, as always, to “strike terror in the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60).

Hamas uses Israeli hostage to reveal two others are dead in latest sick propaganda ‘guessing game’ video

by Ronny Reyes, New York Post, January 15, 2024:

Hamas forced a female Israeli hostage to reveal the deaths of two fellow captives as part of a sick propaganda video “guessing game” that the terrorists teased over the weekend.

Noa Argamani, 26 — who became the face of the hostage crisis when video showed her being kidnapped from the Nova music fest — appeared Monday in her third Hamas clip to reveal that Yossi Sharabi and Itai Svirsky had been killed in captivity.

An apparent extended version of the video also circulated on social media and included horrifying images believed to be Sharabi and Svirsky’s bloodied corpses being put into body bags. The images of the men’s corpses have not been officially verified.

Argamani said in the latest footage that she had been held in a building with her fellow two hostages by Hamas’ military wing when the site was hit by an Israeli airstrike.

“It was bombed by an IDF airstrike, an F16 fighter jet,” Argamni said in the video, which lasts 2 minutes and 33 seconds. “Three rockets were fired. Two of the rockets exploded, and the other didn’t.

“We were in the building with Al Qassam soldiers and three hostages: Myself, Noa Argamani, Itai Svirsky, and Yossef Sharabi,” she added.

“After the building we were in was hit, we were all buried under rubble. Al Qassam soldiers saved my life, and Itai’s. Unfortunately, we were not able to save Yossi’s,” Argamani ​said.

“After many days​ …​ two nights, Itai and I were relocated to another place. While we were being transported, Itai was hit by an IDF airstrike. He did not survive.”

​As in previous propaganda videos featuring hostages under duress, Argamani condemned Israel’s bombardments in Gaza and levied all the blame against the I​srael Defense Forces.

“They died because of our own IDF airstrikes,” she said. “Stop this madness and bring us home to our families. While we are still alive, bring us home.”

The Israeli Ministry of Defense accused Hamas of once again carrying out “psychological abuse” with the release of the propaganda videos….

Argamani can be seen on now-viral video being abducted from the Nova rage in Israel on Oct. 7 screaming, “Don’t kill me!” from the back of a motorcycle….

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