Obama: America’s clear and present danger

Yesterday President Obama repeated former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi outrageous claim that “unemployment benefits stimulate our economy.” There are economists — left-leaning –who will say people receiving unemployment benefits will go out and buy things and therefore boost the economy and job. If that’s the case, then why not just the government print money and gives us all a stipend to go out and spend it?

Pure and simple, liberal progressives are advocating for wealth redistribution and trickle up poverty. They believe instead of having tax, regulatory, and monetary policies that enable a thriving free market system, we should expand the welfare nanny-state.

It’s purely political, and not as President Obama tries to persuade, moral. The goal is to create such a state of depravity and hopelessness for a broad swath of Americans who are forced into the desperate state of grateful dependency upon Obama and his ilk.

It’s the textbook Alinsky tactic of demonizing the opposition as heartless, uncaring, mean and evil. And hapless Republicans fall for the scheme, as six Republicans in the Senate joined Democrats voting for cloture on the extension of benefits, instead of having a press conference immediately following the President’s staged act and calling him out.

Conservatives must demonstrate the “emotional” message of the liberal progressives is empty, It is a message aimed at enslavement of the indomitable American individual entrepreneurial spirit into a collective vision of shared misery.

It is a failed message, not of empowerment but rather abject servitude to government. It punishes the productivity of hard working Americans and redistributes their earnings in order to create and expand a dedicated voting electorate.

How else can you explain the exorbitant growth of poverty, food stamps — and if you believe unemployment in America is truly 7 percent, there’s some real nice farm land just west of me here in Palm Beach Gardens.

Yesterday, President Obama clearly admitted that going into year six of his presidency, he is a failure. Because If the economy is recovering and unemployment so low, then why do we need to extend unemployment benefits as an emergency? Every year this “emergency” seems to arise.

The progressive socialist economic vision for America resembles our inner cities — look at Detroit, look at the several California cities on the verge of collapse — heck look at the State of California.

Far more troubling is the liberals who don’t want to participate in these failed city and state disasters flee, but in migrating they take their failed ideology with them. Florida beware! Thus, like locusts, liberal progressives in their disingenuous nature and belief in spreading the wealth actually spread desolation, depravity, destruction, despondence, and eventually depression.

Consider the recent piece in Rolling Stone advocating America’s young people support communism, social utopianism, and the idea that there should be guaranteed work for everybody, Social Security for all, universal land ownership and, a public bank in every state.

Then why should anyone go to school and get an education? Just sit back and await your entitlement. There’s only once place where you find those five points — in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, and promoted by progressive administrations in America.

I once had the privilege to travel through “Checkpoint Charlie” and see the other side, in East Berlin. I saw the emptiness in the eyes of the people. The horrible state of the roads and buildings. The lack of choice and the facade of prosperity and the great divide created — this is what we fought against, and now we want it here?

President Obama is a frontman, a well selected salesman for an ideology that has never been successful anywhere in the world. He’s just another in the long list of Marxist/socialist “cool” sounding despots who have given us mass graves and national collapse.

Progressive socialists are banking on the ignorance and despair of the people, and the inability of a coherent message from an opposition that fears demonization.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, President Barack Hussein Obama represents a clear and present danger to this Constitutional Republic we call America. And we have only two options as a nation: take a stand or perish.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com.


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