Florida: Illegal Alien Steals Car, Leaves Handicapped Dog to Die

You may have seen the sad news, but I wanted to be sure I had it archived here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

From the Sun-Sentinel:

He stole a car and left a disabled dog to die in the back seat, authorities say

A 19-year-old man has been arrested in the death of a disabled dog after police say he stole a Volvo and left the beloved canine trapped inside the car to die of heat stroke.

Jephthe Jeanfrancois [some news accounts split this name making it Jean Francois.—-ed] was arrested on 15 charges including multiple counts of burglary, grand theft and causing suffering and death to an animal, records show.

Jeanfrancois appeared in court Thursday representing himself and declining the services of a public defender. Assistant State Attorney Eric Linder said in court Thursday that when Jean Francois broke into the car, the handicapped dog was in the back seat.

“He stole the vehicle, he discarded the vehicle, leaving this dog stranded to its own devices locked in the car,” he said. “When the car was later found, the dog was found unfortunately deceased and what I can only imagine greatly suffered.”


Linder said when Jeanfrancois was caught, his GPS monitor — from previous charges from a separate case — placed him at the parking lot when the car was stolen.

Wanda Dushan Ferrari said her dog, Zorra, went missing Oct. 3 from a shopping plaza in Oakland Park off North Andrews Avenue. She said Zorra was a 13-year-old Husky-Shepherd mix weighing 45 pounds. Because of hip ailments, the dog was paralyzed in her rear legs, and used a pink dog wheelchair.


Ferrari said she had run inside a Dollar Tree to get cash because a nearby gas station’s card reader was broken. The windows were down and the engine was running, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. Her faithful companion since the dog was 2 months old was patiently waiting. When she returned after 10 minutes, the car — and her dog — were gone.

“Zorra was my world, my heart, my soul. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her.”

“I can’t take this,” she said crying.

More here.  See how the police caught him after a string of burglaries and additional car thefts.

The Illegal Alien Crime Reporter has identified the creep as an illegal alien from Haiti as do other news stories.

Open Borders, Inc. loves to tell heart wrenching stories about migrants at the border suffering at the hands of our President because they want to reach uninformed Americans through their emotions.  We really need to do a much better job of telling stories like this one and many many others I’ve posted here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

In fact, if I were the President, I would tell a couple of stories like this one at every rally he holds and showcase some of the dreadful people who are among us thanks to groups like Church World Service demanding access to America for every creep in the world.


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VIDEO: Trevor Loudon — Exposing The Enemies Within The Church

Author and film producer Trevor Loudon speaks about the enemies within the church. This presentation is groundbreaking in that he exposes who Pope Francis really is and why he is doing what he is doing.

Michael Voris reported on the Pope Francis-Eugenio Scalfari interview about whether Jesus was, in fact, divine — God.

Watch this important video:


Trevor Loudon is a New Zealander, internationally known blogger, writer, and researcher exposing communists within our own government. His writings have been cited by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Paul Kengor, Aaron Klein, and Jerome Corsi. He is the author of Barack Obama and Enemies Within. He has also produced the documentaries ” America Under Siege: Soviet Islam”, “The Enemies Within”, and “America Under Siege: Antifa”.

EDITORS NOTE: This America – The Truth video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

PODCAST: Turning Generation Z Into Faith-Filled Leaders

Culture is constantly changing ,but there are principles of truth that never change. It is those principles which the Imago Dei Leadership Forum seeks to empower young people with so they can be leaders who influence culture.

John Murray, founder and president of Imago Dei Leadership Forum, joins The Daily Signal podcast to offer advice on how we can bridge cultural divides in our nation and train the next generation to be thoughtful leaders who live out their faith. Read the lightly edited transcript, posted below, or listen on the podcast:

Virginia Allen: I am joined by John Murray, author, speaker, and the founder and president of the Imago Dei Leadership Forum, an organization that is changing the lives of young people by empowering them to be thoughtful leaders who live out their faith.

John, thank you so much for joining me.

John Murray: Thank you for having me, Virginia. It’s great to be here.

Allen: The mission of the Imago Dei Leadership Forum is to raise up a generation of young people that view themselves and others as leaders who are image-bearers of God. 

John, you all seek to accomplish this mission through a fellowship program for eighth-grade students and a powerful curriculum that can be used by schools, churches, or family, as well as through lectures and other resources. And we will talk a bit more about that in a moment but I want to begin by asking you to explain more about the mission of the organization and why you founded Imago Dei.

Murray: That’s a great question. Well, I had been teaching a leadership class at my school in the D.C. area for a couple of years, as our graduates left eighth grade and went out into different schools in the D.C. area, both public and private. And I developed a leadership retreat where we went down into D.C., and stayed in D.C., and met with different leaders, both in politics and the media and civil rights.

Then we also did an end-of-the-year retreat before the students graduated in Gettysburg, just to talk through the challenges and fears and excitements they were going to face as they went into high school the next year.

Fast forward to July 2014, I came to St. Louis and brought my family to lead a multiracial school, a K through sixth grade, one night before Ferguson.

So after Ferguson happened and all the events began to unfold, I realized that I had a lot to learn to lead a school that was one-third African Americans.

One of the lessons I quickly learned from friends of mine in St. Louis was just the need to better facilitate personal relationships between the white and black parents in our school community so they could understand and learn from each other’s perspectives, especially just for a lot of our white parents to understand the racism that a number of our African American parents had faced in St. Louis for many years.

After seeing the power of these relationships and conversations at the parent level, I decided to develop a leadership forum for our alumni and other students in the community to affirm both their identity and faith in Jesus, and learn more of the importance of loving others different from themselves as image-bearers of God, both in history and today.

So that was kind of the genesis of my program when I came here and implemented it to reach a racially, socioeconomically, and denominationally diverse group of students.

Allen: That is so critical, and obviously such a need in our current culture.

What is the advice that you give to parents, young people, and educators who come to you and want to know how do we engage in those conversations with people that are of different backgrounds, look different than us, and maybe live out their faith differently?

Murray: That’s great. And that’s really what I try to model just in my leadership forum is I talk about this with other school communities and parents.

[The] first group that I led had 20 students, and I choose eighth grade because I feel like this is a really pivotal age as they’re preparing to go into high school, as they start to own their faith and are still going from concrete thinking to critical thinking, and their emotional and social development, they’re still open to engaging.

So we met for 10 nights on Sunday nights over the course of a spring semester, for 10 weeks, I should say, culminated with a weeklong combined trip to Gettysburg and D.C.

What was so neat as I walked them through the curriculum that I had put together on “Who am I?”—asking a lot of questions, it was very question-based, you know, “How does the media influence me? What is my identity? Where did I come from? Where does my creativity come from? How should I view others? How should I not view others?”

Bringing diverse kids together and hearing their perspectives on going through these questions was just really powerful for kids to understand how people may think about things differently than they do, or how things may impact them differently than they do, whether it’s in the mediaor the books they read and so forth.

So, to me, that is what’s so powerful is talking about the challenging issues of our day in a racially diverse group to understand one another, so they can treat each other well, even if they may not always agree with one another. I think this is preparing them to be leaders in their schools, particularly in just such a hyper-partisan, polarized country that we find ourselves in now.

Allen: John, this has been an exciting season for you all. Can you explain what the Imago Dei Leadership Forum has been working on in regards to your new curriculum?

Murray: I’ve … gone full time with this. This past year I got my 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, and through the help of a grant from the Maclellan Foundation, I produced a curriculum that has research that was done by the Barna Group just on the questions I was asking Gen Z students, students ages 13 to 18 at this point, as well as I produce 40 videos that go along with the e-textbook that kids can click on and watch.

So my goal is to get this curriculum into Christian schools all over the country so they can engage in these issues and just see diverse perspectives on how do we engage the culture, but all bringing it back to a biblical worldview of what it means to be an image-bearer of God, and how we should approach one another.

My vision is for schools to emulate what I’m doing, whether it’s in the classroom, an eighth grade classroom, or starting their own leadership group within their school, or maybe partnering with an urban school and bringing together leaders that they would walk through something outside of school so that it would be a resource that can be used in schools across the country.

Obviously, I’m available to train faculty, and come in and lead sessions or speak to students. So the genesis is here in St. Louis, and I do a local leadership group each year, and this is going to be our sixth year. I’m also providing materials to enable schools around the country to do this as well.

Allen: That is so critical, and it’s so practical to have a curriculum that families can take and use, that schools can use in their classrooms. And that’s called “In Whose Image?” Correct?

Murray: Yes.

Allen: OK, great. John, I want to ask, we live in a culture that is constantly changing, and it’s honestly really hard to keep up with sometimes. At Imago Dei, how are you all ensuring that the resources like “In Whose Image?” are staying up to date with the challenges that parents and educators are facing?

Murray: That’s a great question, and that was one of the reasons when I did my grant proposal, was to do this as an e-textbook. There is no hard copy because when I have six, seven videos per chapter, I’m asking questions such as, “Do you know what it means to be an image-bearer of God?” Or, “Do you know what it means how to define you and your life and bring meaning to your life?”

I’m using, a lot of times, movie clips or TV commercials or pop culture to speak into these issues, and teach critical thinking and discernment. But I have the ability, since these are linked to my website, to go in and update these, or there’s a new issue that comes up that I feel like we really need to speak into, then I can do that so it can remain current.

Allen: That’s great. And I think that so many parents today, and even young adults like myself who want to have a family one day, really wrestle with this question of, “How do we raise men and women of integrity when we live in a culture that sometimes undermines traditional values?” What advice do you give to those parents?

Murray: Well, it’s a great challenge, and I think that’s honestly one of the great fears of many parents in our country. What I think is that, obviously, [keep things] age appropriate as you raise your children, just to engage them in things that you feel like they can handle, whether it’s current events or media that’s coming out, whether it’s a Disney movie or a song on the radio that you start engaging them and teaching them critical thinking skills and media discernment.

So you’re not making them fearful to culture or fearful of the media, but really helping them discern what is right and what is wrong. Because that is still like, there’s too much out there, there’s no way we can shield our kids from everything. And if they go over to other friends’ houses, they may be exposed to things, or even in their schools. So it’s just equipping them as they grow up, and they’re ready to take on different issues, just how to speak in these issues. And from my perspective, being a Christian educator, [that] would be from a biblical worldview.

Allen: Yeah, absolutely. And why the name Imago Dei?

Murray: Imago Dei is Latin for Image of God. And when I thought about this leadership forum, and I look at all the challenges that we’re facing currently in this generation—training up Generation Z, whether it’s, like I said, in the media, or with our identity, whether it’s our race, or our gender, where we come from, this goes back to the Declaration of Independence, that we are all created equal, that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights.

This is a belief that [has] taken many, many years for different groups to be realized in American history. But as one, if you go back and look at when civil rights were fought—for women, for African Americans, for Native Americans, for the disabled, for [the] mentally ill—the leaders on the forefront of these movements were many a times quoting not only the declaration, but the Bible where it talks about [how] God created us in his image, male and female. Galatians 3:28 talks about whether male, female, basically rich or poor, slave or free, that we are all one in Christ.

So this idea of how we treat one another as image-bearers, and how we view ourselves, because with social media it’s so easy to just have this fear of what other people think of us and having low self-esteem, just helping students understand where their self-worth ultimately comes from.

All these things are why I think it’s so important to this—what it means to bear God’s image, not only just in our country’s history, but just in the history of the faith, but in how we should view ourselves and others is hugely important given all of the challenges facing this generation.

Allen: It’s an exciting time for you all. There’s no shortage of issues to engage on. What are your hopes for Imago Dei, let’s say over the course of the next year?

Murray: Well, again, my prayer would be that this could be a resource that would help schools that would want to implement this, whether it’s a Christian school or even a public school that might be instituting a faith-based curriculum to work with their students after school. Again, just looking at these issues of how to view others and ourselves in a healthy way.

Also, this is a great resource, I think, for homeschool families that they can go through with their eighth- or ninth-grader, as well as church youth groups. This is obviously a curriculum that would work well in a Sunday school class or in a Bible study just because it does weave in a biblical worldview as I look at it through all these.

But I also really write this from a perspective that a nonbeliever would hopefully be able to engage with the material because I am quoting a lot of research and statistics. A lot of brain research is just on the impact of [the] heavy media diet on us, and ultraviolet media, or pornographic media, that it does have negative impact, and there are brain differences that we need to know about between boys and girls. You know, just these types of things, but to what a healthy screen life looks like, and a healthy way of treating others.

So again, in looking at part two of my book, which I’m getting ready to launch, it’s called “Hollywood Needs the Apostles’ Creed,” which looks at how the faith is portrayed in the media both positively and unbiblically just to help kids own their faith and understand their faith from a biblical perspective. Then part three is looking at how this belief in image-bearer of God has impacted history, particularly American history.

If you ask me a year from now what I think this would look [like], we’d see people using this curriculum, whether it’s in their schools, or home, or church at youth group, but also preparing for part two and three to come to also speak into these other issues.

It’s looking at, again, affirming a student’s identity, their faith in Christ, and learning the importance of loving others as image-bearers, both in history and today. So it’s kind of multifaceted as I go forward.

Allen: For any young people or parents who might be interested, how can they find out more and apply for the fellowship, or attain some of those resources, the curriculum and so forth?

Murray: Yeah. If you go to my website IDleadershipforum.org, you’ll see just the curriculum resources that we have, as well as opportunities [for] the different topics that I can come speak on, whether it’s a student assembly, or a parent meeting, or a youth or faculty meeting. As well as if they wanted to model a leadership forum in their community after what we’re doing with our forum here in St. Louis, they could do that as well, and I would be happy to equip them with what we do on our leadership retreat and so forth.

Which, going back to one of your original questions of how we’re helping students, speaking to this, is taking them away and really allowing them to bond with one another, and see each other outside of their school environments is huge, and just being a community.

Then hearing from these speakers who are very inspirational, and just hearing their stories of how they’ve faced adversity, whether white or black, male or female, and just how God has used them to glorify him in their areas, whether it’s, like I said, the media or politics or in civil rights has been very powerful.

One of the really neat things we do is we actually get a permit from the National Park Service, and they come and set up a podium and a sound system on the very spot where Dr. King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, and we all take turns reading from that speech with everyone around at the Lincoln Memorial. It’s just so powerful.

We’ve done that the last two years now, and just to be able to read that speech together, and on the very spot where he did that, is very meaningful. So it’s just creating those experiences that I think they’ll never forget.

We read the Gettysburg Address on the very site on the cemetery where Lincoln gave it. And you know, he hearkens back to this idea of all being created equal, as we’ve been fighting for these rights in our country for many years.

So I just think that’s part of what … is so important, is just bringing kids together around, ultimately, in our case, the common bond of Christ and learning from each other’s perspectives, but also just learning from history and how we can go back in our schools and be leaders.

Allen: Wow. Well, John, thank you for what you’re doing through Imago Dei to train up young people that are leaders and that are seeking to bridge those cultural divides, and bring unity. And we thank you so much for your time, as well.

Murray: Thank you so much, Virginia. Thanks for giving me [the] opportunity to share about what we’re doing here, and hopefully to really help parents in raising Generation Z, which I think is a fantastic group of students, just to glorify God in all they do.

Allen: Our pleasure.


Virginia Allen

Virginia Allen is a contributor to The Daily Signal. Twitter: @Virginia_Allen5.


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A Note for our Readers:

In the wake of every tragic mass shooting or high-profile incident involving gun violence, we hear the same narrative: To stop these horrible atrocities from happening, we must crack down on gun laws.

But is the answer really to create more laws around gun control, or is this just an opportunity to limit your Constitutional right to bear arms?

The researchers at The Heritage Foundation have put together a guide to help you better understand the 8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America.

They’re making this guide available to all readers of The Daily Signal for free today!


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A New Dark Age: California’s Blackouts Are Self-Inflicted

California, the richest state in the nation—and one that’s often portrayed as the progressive harbinger of the future for the rest of the country—has been hit with its latest Third World-style disaster.

On top of high poverty rates, skyrocketing homelessness, rising crime, and the return of medieval-sounding diseases, the state—specifically, the San Francisco Bay Area—has been hit with a mass blackout.

About 1 million people in one of the most densely populated parts of the country have had their power shut off by the utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric.

The local utility, PG&E, initiated the blackout in an effort to limit the potential for mass wildfires, which ravaged the state in 2018 and bankrupted the company. Exposed power lines and infrastructure make the likelihood of sparking fires much greater in places where there is ample dry fuel (more on that later). Still, the fires are back this year.

The blackout, which has hit cities throughout Northern California, is causing chaos: businesses have to shut down, people can’t go to work, and in some blacked-out areas, curfews have been put in place to prevent crime.

It’s a mess.

Much of the blame for the blackout has been hurled at the utility, with some even turning to vandalizing PG&E offices and shooting at its trucks.

Though it’s easy to criticize PG&E, which hardly looks good in this whole mess, there is a lot of blame to go around—and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with “climate change.”

Poor land management has been a major contributing factor to the uptick in massive wildfires in the West and around the country. California is particularly susceptible.

Fires need heat, and they need fuel. At certain times of the year in California, the state is hot as dry winds blow in from Nevada, a combustible environment for fire. That’s hardly a new situation in the Golden State.

Unfortunately, there’s now far more fuel in our forests that has built up over decades because of a change in forest management strategy.

Former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who now lives in Texas, has done a great job of highlighting this issue and explaining how the blackout crisis was largely caused by politicians.

Renewable energy has been prioritized over reliable infrastructure, DeVore recently wrote in The Federalist, while there has been an uptick of vulnerable power lines to connect distant wind farms to urban centers.

PG&E shifted its priority to the overpriced renewables at the behest of politicians, The Wall Street Journal explained in an article aptly titled “California’s Dark Ages.”

For years, the utility skimped on safety upgrades and repairs while pumping billions into green energy and electric-car subsidies to please its overlords in Sacramento. Credit Suisse has estimated that long-term contracts with developers of renewables cost the utility $2.2 billion annually more than current market power rates.

Now, in large parts of California, if you want to keep the lights on during the blackouts, you better have a flashlight or a gas lamp. Twenty-first century green dreams have led to 19th-century realities.

The Dark Ages indeed.

Worse than the misguided green energy push and poor infrastructure, of course, has been the shifting forest management strategy—mostly the result of misguided environmentalist ideology—that turned large swaths of the state into a tinderbox.

“With a decline in the harvest came a decline in the allied efforts to clear brush, build and maintain access roads and firebreaks,” DeVore wrote in The Federalist. “This led inexorably to a decades’ long build-up in the fuel load. Federal funds set aside for increasingly unpopular forest-management efforts were instead shifted to fire-suppression expenses.”

One failure led to another as poor forest management has necessitated vastly increased budgets for putting out the fires, which will undoubtedly continue to be a threat.

Further, DeVore noted, these fires pose more danger to people than ever before as middle-class Californians flee the state’s expensive urban areas to the more affordable, but also more at-risk parts of the state.

So, the current blackouts are ultimately the result of short-term reality and long-term dysfunctional governance.

California is a wealthy state with vast natural advantages and near-limitless potential for growth. It’s why so many Americans have moved there over the past century.

Despite those attributes, California’s future success looks, well, a whole lot darker due to political dysfunction and the inability to address the growing problems facing the state.

Let us all hope that America’s future is a lot brighter than California’s.


Jarrett Stepman is a contributor to The Daily Signal and co-host of The Right Side of History podcast. Send an email to Jarrett. He is also the author of the soon-to-be released book, “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past.” Twitter: .


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A Note for our Readers:

In the wake of every tragic mass shooting or high-profile incident involving gun violence, we hear the same narrative: To stop these horrible atrocities from happening, we must crack down on gun laws.

But is the answer really to create more laws around gun control, or is this just an opportunity to limit your Constitutional right to bear arms?

The researchers at The Heritage Foundation have put together a guide to help you better understand the 8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America.

They’re making this guide available to all readers of The Daily Signal for free today!

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VIDEO: Tom Trento — The Death of Israel, The Death of the West.

Tom Trento, Director, The United West presents, The Death of Israel, the Death of the West at the Sarasota, Florida America the Truth Conference, September 21, 2019.

EDITORS NOTE: This America – The Truth video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

Make your voice heard! Tell the NBA what you think!

Three years ago, the National Basketball Association (NBA) caved to LGBT extremists who wanted to force North Carolina’s businesses, schools, and local governments to allow men into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. The NBA All-Star Game was supposed to be held in North Carolina that year. Thanks to the NBA’s lack of courage, it didn’t take place in North Carolina until 2019…after HB 2, which protected women’s rights, was repealed.

Now, the NBA is caving again – this time to Communist China. Via CNBC:

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tried Sunday to defuse the rapidly growing international fallout over his deleted tweet that showed support for Hong Kong anti-government protesters, saying he did not intend to offend any of the team’s Chinese fans or sponsors.

Morey apologized on Twitter over a now-deleted tweet that spoke in support of the Hong Kong protests, after his remarks were attacked by the Chinese Consulate-General in Houston and the Chinese Basketball Association.

Morey’s sin was to support the pro-freedom Hong Kong protesters who are under literal and figurative assault as they protest for freedom. The NBA has issued its own apology as part of an effort to keep its Chinese business partners and audience happy.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer suggested, the protestors should have waved dollar bills instead of American flags if they wanted to get attention from the NBA. America is supposed to be the leading light of liberty, yet the association is refusing to stand with Hong Kong protesters.

2ndVote has long ranked the NBA poorly on religious liberty. Now we know where they stand on appeasing autocratic governments overseas as well as domestically.

The silver lining here is that the NBA’s statement makes it clear that they will fold on just about any issue with enough pressure. Therefore, we urge 2ndVote Americans to take a strong stance. First, send an email to the NBA urging them to stop supporting Communist China and allowing men in women’s restrooms. Then post on social media. Finally, make sure your friends and family know of the NBA’s cowardice on protecting freedoms domestically and abroad.

We can make a difference, but it’s going to take all of us, so let’s get started!


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There is no Whistle Blower and there is Nothing to Whistle Blow

I had an on air discussion with a regurgitating, four AM talking point, BHO appointed Ambassador, Dr. Susan Johnson Cook. I re-directed the narrative to help bring us closer to the truth. Check out the RT interview link below.

This impeachment farce is a sham and will prove to be yet another failed illegal coup against President Trump and we the people. The deep state, Dems. and its operatives in the media, are panicking and they are all going down soon. This is the narrative. Why? Because IG II will release FISA and FISA will bring down the house. In my view, we may very well see Comey, Schiff, Page, Strzok, Brenna, McCabe and others as the first notable names to be indicted and charged. When you may ask? Very, very soon. This may possibly occur in a matter of a couple of weeks. Will Biden, Clinton and Obama be implicated? Of course they will, in due time ass timing is everything. And later, they too will be held accountable.

Watch This Clip John Enters at about 8:26

There is no Whistle Blower and there is Nothing to Whistle Blow

There is no whistle-blower and there is nothing to whistle blow. Trump released the transcript. End of story. Yet another failed coup. DOA!

A third party anonymous source. A parody from pencil neck shifty Schiff, Boom! Busted! Trump releases the phone transcript. Now Pelosi and the Democrats are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. This is not an impeachment process at all. It is a contrived coup and attempt to unseat a duly elected President.

Why now? Because they know that AG Barr, Durham and team Trump are coming after them with IG II report. They are panicking and resorting to a blatant coup. If they actually have a formal true inquiry, then a vote in the House, this opens them up to team Trump and the Senate to issues subpoenas to defend and fight back. That brings down the house of cards against them. Pelosi and the rest of them do not want this to happen.

As we are getting down to the wire, perhaps but a few weeks away, we can expect a hard coup, false flags and assassination attempts against the President. This is all they have left. This is why the marines have been activated to protect civilians and to protect the President. According to numerous sources including the official website of the US Marines, United States Marine Corps reserve units via MARADMINS number 550/19, signed on Oct. 3, 2019, authorized by Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy, “MARINES ARE ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES.”

Offense In Motion

The offensive strategy has just begun. Have you noticed President Trump’s change in demeanor? He is holding nothing back. The strategy is to drip out investigative findings, facts and intel daily and this has been happening putting the deep state and media into a panic, death by a thousand lashes. The offense is now in motion. With Tom Fitton of Judicial watch, Lyndsey Graham, Rudy Giuliani, AG Barr, John Durham, and now Trey Gowdy aboard as well and many others, the hammer of justice will make its entry into the news cycle. Mark my words.


And the President at this explosive rally in Minnesota, went on the attack. These are but a few of the issues and hard attacks made by President Trump to nearly 20,000 people in the arena in a speech that went on for nearly two hours.

* Omar is a fraud including her illegal entry into the US

* AOC in serious violation of campaign finance laws

* Strzok, Page the Russian Hoax and insurance policy

* Rigged polls no different than rigged media

* “Biden’s only a good VP because he understood how to kiss Obama’s ass” – DT

* Where’s Hunter? Silent media

* Minnesota transformed by influx of Somalian Muslims by BHO and its devastating impact on the state of MN

* First amendment assault, censorship – erasing our voice and our future

Time has virtually run out for the deep state, the Dems. and the fake news media. They are all going down. Pray for our President and his family. We are at war. Stay the course. Trust the plan and remember, freedom, it’s up to U.S.


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Details Of EU Ambassador’s Planned Testimony About Quid Pro Quo Have Leaked

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Film JEXI — Time to throw away your smart phone before it becomes too smart?

I went to see the CBS Films, Entertainment One film JEXI. Here’s the trailer.

JEXI is the next edition of the smart phone that is programmed to “make your life better.” But does it?

The film struck me in several ways.

First, it portrays a young man Phil (brilliantly played by Adam DeVine) who is disconnected from the real world and lives solely in the digital world of his new smart phone named JEXI whose voice is played by Rose Byrne.

Second, it shows the dangers of smart phones that become too smart, a.k.a. JEXI, for our own good.

Thirdly, the film could have been made PG if it weren’t for the extreme foul language and unnecessary sexual content, i.e. Phil has smart phone sex with JEXI! WARING: Don’t take you children to see this film.

I want everyone, especially our youth, mothers and fathers, to see this film. It shows the real and present dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Digital (BD).

I grew up before we had portable phones. In high school I read one of the greatest books about the dangers of robotics and AI – I Robot by Issac Asimov. JEXI reminded me of how robotics and AI must at all cost have a “moral set of rules” that puts the human being above the machine. Here is a video of Asimov explaining The Three Laws of Robotics.

Here is how JEXI violates the three laws of robotics in the film:

  1. robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. JEXI tries to run down Phil using a self-driving car and narrowly misses killing him. JEXI actively works to destroy Phil’s life and livelihood after he rejects her in favor of Alexandra Shipp a real woman played by Cate Finnegan.
  2. robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. JEXI continually refuses to accept commands from Phil throughout the film in multiple, often times hilarious, ways.
  3. robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. JEXI protects her own existence while consistently violating the First and Second laws.

Perhaps the most frightening part of JEXI is how AI works to control the individual, in this case Phil. But we are all becoming Phils and Phyllises aren’t we? Locked in a Digital Gulag where we become our own prison guards.

In his book Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom Michael Rectenwald writes:

Although Big Digital does use censorship and bias to achieve governmental ends, the constraints are also technological and the technology itself is intrinsically political. Political ideology is not merely a subsidiary feature of Big Digital. Ideology is coded into its very DNA, which is replicated in every organizational offshoot and new technology. Big Digital’s ideology circulates through the deep neural networks of cyberspace and other digital spheres. It is intrinsic to the foundations of the Internet, the cloud, algorithms, apps, AI bots, social media services, web navigation tracking software systems, virtual assistants, and more.

JEXI is a perfect product of Big Digital. Get your new smart phone and while you get connected and become a slave to Big Digital. You, like Phil, become a prisoner in a prison of your own design.

Scary, isn’t it?

Oh, BTW. JEXI is filmed in the city of San Francisco, California. The producers and director do everything they can to make the city look beautiful and clean. But we know better don’t we!

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Inside Mosques: Islamic Centers in Nashville, Tennessee




Dave Gaubatz is a former U.S. Federal Agent with Top Secret/SCI clearance, expert in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism on national security issues, highly trained in Islamic ideology and tactics, Arab linguist, author of Muslim Mafia, has investigated over 300 mosques/Islamic Centers in the USA and 150 outside USA, and after leaving his position in the government continued this work as a Civilian Agent. Using firsthand investigation, he then evaluates Risk/Threat Levels based on multiple factors including Materials on Premises and What They Advocate, Ties to Muslim Terrorists, and Sharia Adherence. Mr. Gaubatz estimates that 80% of mosques in America recruit and train in jihad (violent & civilization). Finally, he makes Recommendations to protect America, our citizens, our children. He asks about each mosque: Would ISIS be proud?

NOTE: Several Reports/Affidavits will be published. When you read one from earlier dates, note that Dave Gaubatz issued Risk/Danger warnings ahead, but in some cases, violence occurred later from a member of one of those reported mosques (ex: Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, Utah shooting; child abuse Nashville, TN). When you read a report that came after an attack (Ex: Report 2017, Boston Marathon Bombing by the Tsarnaev brothers in 2013), note that violence had already occurred, Mr. Gaubatz reported continued Risk/Danger years later from the same mosques terrorists had attended.  Reading professionally investigated and evaluated Reports/Affidavits from various years is important so the American public is aware of new or continuing Risk/Danger and can demand protection from all levels of government officials and law enforcement that they are sworn to provide.


I, Paul David Gaubatz, declare under penalty of perjury that the following statements are true and correct and based on my own personal knowledge:

This sworn affidavit pertains to Islamic Centers operating within Nashville, Tennessee, and the local authorities who are in my professional opinion jeopardizing the lives of innocent Muslim children at Al Farooq Nashville, the citizens of Nashville, and our country.

1. Background: I was a U.S. Federal Agent with a top Secret/SCI clearance for approximately 15.5 years. This was during the time period 1988 – 2003.

2. In addition to my top secret/SCI clearance, I was also briefed into many programs known to the public as Black Projects. These projects pertained essentially to Counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism issues.

3. On 11 Sept. 2001. I was assigned as an (1811) civilian Federal Agent in Albuquerque, NM. I had primarily been assigned the duties of Technology Protection in regards to our countries highest classification of technologies used to defend our country.

4. After the attack on our country (11 Sept. 2011) I was assigned counter-terrorism duties on a full time basis and in late 2001 assigned to the Foreign Service Institute (U.S. State Department/Arlington, VA). My duties were to train full time in Arabic and counter-terrorism issues. The Arabic language was almost one complete year. During this time period I was sent to Jordan for a three week ‘immersion’ program to better understand the Arabic language the culture, and Islam.

5. In Jan 2003, before Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was requested to deploy as a U.S. civilian Federal Agent to ArAr Air Base. Saudi Arabia (within a few miles of Iraqi border). My full time duties were to collect intelligence involving potential attacks against U.S. Armed Forces personnel and to conduct counter-espionage against Saudi Arabian government/military, Iraqi and other people in the ArAr area, I led several counter-terrorism/counter-espionage expeditions.

6. From Apr – Jul 2003, I was assigned inside (Nasiriyah, Baghdad, Basrah, and other cities) Iraq and my primary duties were counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence.

7. While in Iraq I interviewed numerous Iraqis in regards to terrorism against the US, the Islamic ideology pertaining to violent Jihadists activity and the methodology of Islamic terrorists.

8. While in Iraq I had the opportunity to discuss the training and tactics used by Islamic Terrorist leaders and their supporters.

9. I have received training on the Islamic terrorist ideology/tactics from people who were former members of Islamic terrorist groups and from Muslims who were investigating these groups themselves. These people included military and police officers who served under Saddam Hussein (former Iraq President).

10. Since returning from Iraq in 2003. I have trained over 2500 U.S. law enforcement officers in counter-terrorism involving Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters.

11. I have discussed Islam and Sharia law with over 100 Imams and Islamic leaders in the U.S.

12. I have listened to over one thousand plus hours of lectures by Islamic scholars/leaders that have been trained in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Iran.

13. I have read over 5000 different publications, books and brochures by Islamic scholars.

14. In 2005. I hired a senior Council on American-Islamic Relations leader to provide me training on the operation of this Islamic organization.

15. I have personally conducted first-hand research at over one hundred plus Islamic Centers in the U.S. The research involved speaking with the leaders, worshippers and reviewing the materials they use to educate their worshippers (men, women and children).

16. I have monitored several overseas based Islamic terrorist group internet sites.

17. I have received numerous U.S. Government awards pertaining to my work in protecting our country, our technology. and U.S. Armed Forces personnel.

18. I have worked jointly in counter-terrorism research and investigations with Muslims and non-Muslims.

19. My research is not biased. I credit the saving of my life and the saving of many U.S. military personnel lives with several Muslims who risked their lives to protect ours. These Muslims and I both realize there are Islamic groups, their supporters, and Islamic scholars based in the U.S. that do advocate violence against innocent men, women, children, and pose a ‘grave’ security risk to our country.

20. In March and April 2009, (last day of research was on 18 Apr 2009) I conducted first-hand research at the Al Farooq Islamic Center, 1421 4th Ave. South. Nashville. TN. and businesses in the Nashville area operated/supported by the leadership of Al Farooq and its worshippers. The research involved speaking with leaders. worshippers and reviewing the materials this Center and businesses use to educate their worshippers.

21. Based on my qualifications listed in numbers 1 through 19, it is my professional opinion the leadership of the Al Farooq Islamic Center, 1421 4th Ave South, Nashville, TN.

A: Does advocate violence against innocent Muslims and non-Muslims that do not adhere to and desire an Islamic Ummah (Nation) under Sharia Law in America.

B: Does advocate treason and sedition against the U.S. using violent and nonviolent tactics/methods as do such Islamic terrorist groups as Al Qaeda have and currently utilize.

C: Does pose a serious risk of educating innocent Muslim children into the violent aspects of Islamic terrorist groups and their violent activities directed against America.

D: This Islamic Center uses materials from convicted terrorist and supporters to educate their worshippers.

  1. Is not a religious institution, but more in line with a political/government system.

F: The leadership hit the children during study of the Quran and Sharia law and an audio/video was obtained as evidence.

G: The leadership is openly involved and advocates polygamous marriages, allegedly with children as young as 7 years old. A child at Al Farooq had mentioned her husband. This is also on audio/video.

H: Additionally, it is my professional opinion this Islamic Center has the support of personnel within the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department and/or Nashville Prosecutors Office.

I: I have been informed a Nashville Metropolitan Police officer fears lawsuits front CAIR and they are involved in ‘Interfaith’ meetings with Nashville Islamic scholars.

J: The Child Protective Officer who allegedly investigated the child abuse at Al Farooq conducted a poor job at best, and does not understand the Islamic ideology or Sharia law.

K: Recommendation to law enforcement: Conduct a thorough investigation of Al Farooq and its leadership (using federal or state authorities) due to the possible criminal violations by Metropolitan Police Personnel, Child Protective Services and the local Nashville Prosecutors office.

L: Remove Al Farooq IRS approved non-profit and tax exempt status as applicable.

M: My understanding is no formal investigation was conducted by law enforcement although more than sufficient probable cause evidence was provided by me to the authorities.

N: Somali owned businesses are involved in money laundering and support violence against innocent men, women and children who oppose an Islamic Ummah (Nation) under Sharia law within America.

22. Overall, I rate this Islamic Center and their related businesses located along Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN as ‘High’ in regards to posing a threat to the security of the United States.

23. Overall, I rate the local authorities as a ‘High’ risk to the security of the innocent Muslim children at Al Farooq, to the citizens of Nashville and our country. This is based on my interaction/assessment of the local Nashville authorities. They are poorly trained in regards to understanding the mindset/ideology and tactics of Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters. The local authorities are intimidated by Islamic lenders/organizations. and are possibly illegally protecting the Islamic scholars from a thorough criminal investigation.

24. As stated above this assessment and professional advice are based on my qualifications as listed in numbers 1-19 above.

Executed this 24 day of April, 2009.

Paul David Gaubatz


WaPo: US “taking custody of two British men accused of involvement in Islamic State killings of American hostages”

Who invented the “Palestinians”?

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AMAZON SYNOD VIDEO REPORT: Amazonian Infanticide — Do synod fathers really believe it doesn’t happen?


Infanticide — probably not the topic Pope Francis and Amazon synod organizers wanted stealing headlines, but it is.

In the Vatican press hall today, reporters were reading stories from international publications talking about the issue.

One reporter in particular, Giuseppe Rusconi, was delighted to see the expanding coverage. It was his question about infanticide that all over the world that Peruvian Cdl. Pedro Barreto went nuclear over, denying it happens and demanding proof.

Well, “proof,” such as it is, comes in numerous forms.

For one, an ongoing debate in the Brazilian Parliament, where a law to ban the practice among the indigenous Amazonian tribes is being debated.

While that might sound strange to Western ears that a debate is even being had about burying alive children born with deformities, it is, in fact, the case.

The liberal position is that native peoples cannot be told what to do by the state, even when it comes to killing their own children, because those are imperialistic and colonialistic.

The position is supported by leading South American academics, who publish papers on the issue, this one by one of the leading proponents — Dr. Rita Segato — who argues that very point.

Segato’s paper is published on the website of a pro-indigenous organization called Cimi.

Cimi is closely aligned with the Brazilian Catholic bishops’ conference, and until the day after Rusconi’s question, the bishops’ conference had a link to Cimi and Dr. Segato’s paper defending the practice.

We say the day after the question, because the day after his question, the link was taken down, but not before the Rusconi found the link and printed out hard copies of all of it.

If a link on the Brazilian bishops’ website proving that the practice exists and a debate in the Brazilian Parliament over whether it should be allowed to continue owing to political correctness isn’t enough for Cdl. Barreto, then perhaps this will help.

It’s a documentary reenactment showing how some tribes of the Amazon go about the practice of burying children alive when they are born with deformities — or other reasons the village or tribes think they should not be allowed to live. What other reasons could that be?

That issue came up at yesterday’s press conference and was addressed quite ably by Bp. Wilmar Santin of Itaituba, Brazil, who quite openly admitted that sometimes, at least historically, when twins are born to some tribes, it is the belief that one is evil and the other good.

So, one of them is killed. On occasion, because parents and villagers can’t decide which one is evil and which one is good, both newborns are killed.

He added that he doesn’t know if this is still the practice and has seen evidence that it may be changing, but he can’t say for sure, which brings us back to Cdl. Barreto and his getting lit up over the issue, even pulling off his translator headphones to deny it when Rusconi asked the question.

Keep in mind the documents Rusconi found on the Brazilian bishops’ website acknowledging infanticide among some indigenous tribes.

Barreto isn’t just some run-of-the-mill cardinal here at the synod. He is a Pope Francis-created cardinal. He is also vice president of the Peruvian bishops’ conference.

But most importantly, he is vice president of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network and is one of the three president-delegates of the current synod.

That’s some pretty big firepower. In short, it doesn’t get very much bigger than Barreto, and yet he denies the practice exists in spite of there being the proof.

Brazilian Cdl. Cláudio Hummes is the senior prelate of the synod and a long-time associate of Pope Francis.

It is difficult to believe that the president of the conference is totally unaware of a debate in his home country’s parliament over a bill that would allow infanticide to continue and that his own bishops’ conference has — or rather, had — documents acknowledging it all.

Who took those documents down from the site within hours of the topic being brought up in the press hall? Who ordered them to be taken down? Why?

Lots of questions here on a day where another proposal put forward in the synod suggests that a list of so-called ecological sins should be developed and added to lists of more traditional sins.

Perhaps synod fathers might find room on that eco-sin list for burying deformed children alive — that is, if it wouldn’t offend sensibilities about impinging on the ancestral wisdom of the people of the forest, who the Church has much to learn from through listening and accompanying them.

Reporting to you from the Pan-Amazon Synod here at the Vatican.

INFANTICIDE: Live Organ Harvesting Commonplace in U.S. Abortion Mills [Video]

Daleiden, Merritt trial reveals beating hearts cut from abortion survivors

by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com

SAN FRANCISCO (ChurchMilitant.com) – Bombshell testimony from the trial of Center for Medical Progress undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt has revealed that infanticide is commonplace inside U.S. abortion mills.

Earlier this month, attorneys for Daleiden submitted a closing argument brief detailing that live births are occurring inside the facilities and that these newborns are routinely killed — their organs harvested while still alive.

Describing Daleiden’s research into the practice, the brief recounts that he discovered “a mainstream media exposé produced and aired in 2000 by Chris Wallace for the program ’20/20.'”

From Wallace’s report, Daleiden learned of Dean Alberty, who worked as a fetal tissue procurement technician inside a Planned Parenthood facility in suburban Kansas City.

According to the brief:

From the “20/20” video he learned that Alberty had been handed whole fetuses from Planned Parenthood doctors and had harvested beating hearts. Alberty had also testified before Congress and described a live birth of twins who were actually cuddling each other. He would not harvest from them and the abortion doctor drowned them in a pan of water.

The practice was not isolated to Kansas City, Daleiden discovered.

In the course of his research, he came across the book Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation, which documents experiments performed on unborn babies, as well as the removal of organs from infant abortion survivors.

In Beyond Abortion, Daleiden found an article titled “Artificial Placenta,” which described “obtaining live fetuses as old as 24 weeks from unnamed abortionists and keeping them alive in a machine for study but letting them drown in the machine after obtaining data.”

In the summer of 2011, he learned of a company named StemExpress, which specializes in providing “biospecimens” to researchers across the country; a deeper look at the firm revealed the scale of tissue harvesting occurring inside American abortion mills.

Daleiden discovered that StemExpress required “tissue procurers to service 48 universities and 8 private entities with fetal organs and tissues.”

He later uncovered “a StemExpress order form with a list of organs and tissues for sale, including whole hearts, hearts with veins and arteries attached, as well as brains, livers and other organs.”

He then found “a Stanford study using whole human fetal hearts obtained from StemExpress which they put on a Langendorff perfusion machine.”

According to the brief:

Mr. Daleiden learned through his own research and by consulting experts, including Dr. Theresa Deisher, that in order to use the Langendorff machine the heart had to either still be beating when it was placed on the machine or a beating heart had to be arrested in a relaxed state in a potassium solution and then quickly transported to the machine. … Dr. Deisher testified that she told Mr. Daleiden that the “most horrifying aspect of the use of the remains of aborted fetuses was that some of the babies had to be alive, have beating hearts when they were harvested.”

Deisher, a stem cell research scientist, testified that based on her experience with stem cell research on hearts, this was a frequent occurrence. The babies’ hearts have to be harvested while still beating, she explained, as otherwise the organ would have no research value because once in “contracture,” the heart’s cells would no longer be capable of regenerative growth.

The brief detailed additional evidence of infanticide — including testimony by a former StemExpress employee:

Mr. Daleiden continued to gather evidence for his investigation. He met Holly O’Donnell who had worked for StemExpress and told him she left after seeing a late gestated fetus. She was directed to dissect its brain. She did so. She also told him that her superior Jessica tapped the fetuses’ heart and it started beating. She also told him of seeing a message stating that an intact fetus was being sent to the StemExpress facility.

Daleiden later learned that “StemExpress technicians had to work very closely with the abortion doctors at [Planned Parenthood] MarMonte who increased dilation on the patients in order to obtain intact fetuses with beating hearts.”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra — a self-identified Catholic — is prosecuting Daleiden and Merritt for their undercover work. In his preliminary hearing closing argument, he made no effort to rebut testimony about the harvesting of infant abortion survivors’ organs.

Instead, Becerra suggested that harvesting organs from newly born infants is protected by the state’s abortion statutes.

The “defendants willfully misrepresent the law on homicide in California,” he argued. “California law is clear that therapeutic abortion is not homicide.”

Pro-life advocates counter that there is nothing “therapeutic” about harvesting beating hearts from live infants.


ABP. VIGANÒ: Pope must give ‘Clear Statement’ on Christ’s Divinity

Canadian Prime Minister’s ‘New’ Sex Scandal

Insurance Provider Won’t Pay for Sex Abuse in Buffalo

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Resolute Reads

Ukraine Smoke and Mirrors

The Wall Street Journal
“Democrats and the media for three years used a fog of facts and speculation to lull America into forgetting there was never a shred of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. They flooded the zone with another flurry of scattershot claims in their campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Republicans might bear these tactics in mind as they confront the left’s new impeachment push,” Kimberly Strassel writes.

New this week: “Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal”

Why Can’t Dems Treat Trump as Fairly as Republicans Did Bill Clinton?
New York Post
“Pelosi’s Democrats are rushing to a final impeachment vote before Thanksgiving. They’re deposing witnesses behind closed doors and denying Republicans fair time to ask questions and the right to call their own witnesses,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “Instead, they’re leaking negative info and withholding favorable facts.”

Official response: Read the White House’s letter to House Democrat leaders.

Border Apprehensions Down for Fourth Consecutive Month
-Fox News
“Border officials apprehended just over 52,000 migrants at the southern border in September—another drop in numbers for the fourth consecutive month,” Adam Shaw reports. In recent months, President Trump has negotiated deals with Mexico and Central American countries to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

 Watch: This is what a real border wall looks like!

Vice President Pence: We Need the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement For Trade
The Arizona Daily Star
“While the last administration saw America lose 200,000 manufacturing jobs, since President Trump’s election, we’ve seen more than half a million manufacturing jobs created all across America,” Vice President Mike Pence writes. Once passed, “USMCA will add more than $68 billion to our economy and create another 176,000 American jobs.”

Democrats are Wrong. Middle-Class Incomes Surging – Thanks to Trump Policies
-Fox News
“Middle-class incomes, after adjusting for inflation, have surged by $5,003 since Donald Trump became president in January 2017,” Steve Moore writes. “In the seven and a half years that Barack Obama was president, and not including the end of the recession, which Obama inherited, incomes inched up by $1,043 (June 2009 – January 2019).”

Melania Trump Breaks Ground on New Tennis Pavilion at White House
“First lady Melania Trump announced on Tuesday afternoon that she had—ceremonial shovel in hand—marked the start of construction for a new White House tennis pavilion on the South Lawn,” Kate Bennett reports. “Thank you to all who will help in making this legacy piece possible for future first families,” the First Lady wrote on Twitter.

ICYMI: First Lady explores the outdoors with Wyoming students

President Trump Keeps Promise to Tame Bureaucracy that Runs Roughshod Over Americans
-Fox News
“When President Trump took office in 2017, he promised the American people that he would clean up Washington’s regulatory overreach. He pledged to make government accountable to the people. And he has made good on his promises by driving the largest deregulation effort since President Reagan took office over 30 years ago,” Acting White House Management and Budget Director Russ Vought writes.

Trump Tells Minneapolis Rally Ilhan Omar is Helping Him Win

At a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota Thursday evening, President Trump assured the massive crowd of supporters that radical, Somali-born Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is actually helping him win in the state.

“I think we can win,” Trump said when asked if he thinks he can take Minnesota in the 2020 election. “I think Omar is helping us win in Minnesota and other places.”

“Trump is coming to Minnesota today to stoke the flames of hatred and division,” Omar had tweeted earlier in the day. “That’s not who we are or what we stand for.”

Trump wants to unite Americans and make America great again, not divide them. It is Omar and the Democrat Party who sow hatred and division.

As for “who we are” and “what we stand for,” Omar stands for the imposition of socialism and sharia law in America. She stands for Jew-hatred and the eradication of the Jewish state. She stands for open borders and the abolition of ICE. She is correct when she says that is not who Trump is or what he stands for.

Ilhan Omar

In a 2018 interview, Al-Jazeera host Medhi Hasan said to Omar: “A lot of conservatives in America say that rise in Islamophobia is a result not of hate, but of fear, and legitimate fear, they say, of quote-unquote Jihadist terrorism … What do you say to them?” Omar replied: “I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country. And so if fear was the, the driving force of policies to keep America safe — Americans safe inside of this country — we should be profiling, monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men.”

To learn more, click on the profile link here.

This is how Western civilization commits suicide. Watch this video

Great Britain is no longer great. Watch this video by Paul Joseph Watson a Englishman about the death of England.

Paul Joseph Watson states,

English people are terrified of displaying their own flag after being endlessly lectured that it’s racist and offensive to immigrants.

Taking Britain by taking down one British flag at a time in the name of tolerance?

Clarion Special Report: New York’s Sharia Patrol

When Muslim Community Patrol & Services rolled their police-cruiser-like cars onto the streets of New York City in November 2018, there was no prior media briefing, no public announcement, no ceremony or grand unveiling.


Not surprisingly, the sight of official-looking cars – made to look like police New York City cars — emblazoned with the words “Muslim Community Patrol” cruising the avenues of Brooklyn and Staten Island—in the United States of America—was quick to generate news coverage, commentary and alarm.

Most of the mainstream American media reacted in typical fashion. Ever fearful of offending radicalized Muslim communities or digging too deeply into unsavory truths, they gushed in glowing news reports about the new patrol cars and portrayed them as a “neighborhood watch” for Muslim-dominated areas.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said the Muslim patrol units would help keep the city safe and vowed that his administration would help organizers acquire more police-style cars and equipment.

“We believe we need to do more to assist them,” he told NY1 News.

Yet, a little digging shows that the Muslim Community Patrol has an underlying agenda: to enforce Islamic sharia law first in the Muslim community and then in American community at large.

Muslim Patrols Initially Billed as Safety Patrols but the Message Changed Quickly

Community-based safety patrols are in fact not unusual in the Big Apple. From crime-prevention (groups like the Guardian Angels) to the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol (a Jewish civilian patrol), New York City has seen its share of neighborhood watch groups.

Some of those patrols have even become embroiled in controversy of their own, with the Jewish patrol once being described as “bullies” and criticized as acting like “judge, jury and executioner.”

Unlike other New York City safety patrols, however, MCP&S attracted suspicion, alarm and consternation from the very start. But the backlash from concerned citizens, political groups and conservative news organizations has been to no avail.

The liberal Brooklyn news organization Bklyner declared: “Muslim Community Patrol & Services is here to stay.”

Whether they actually are here to stay might depend on more than a pontificating headline. For the moment, however, Muslim Community Patrol cars are on the streets of New York City with organizers planning to expand their humble fleet of three cars to nearly 30 fully operational units in the near future.

At the outset of the cars’ deployment, MCP&S Vice President Noor Rabah repeatedly claimed that his “officers” were nothing more than a watchdog group that would act as a liaison between the Muslim community and the NYPD, because his officers know Muslim culture, “lingo” and “vibes.”

“They (Muslims) know we are approachable. We can speak, mingle, talk,” he told Spectrum News NY 1 in early January 2019.

That message swiftly changed four months later on March 15, after the much-publicized massacre at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which resulted in 51 deaths.

“Defense Force”

MCP&S now describes their role as that of a much needed defense and security force for the Muslim community and its mosques. On their official Facebook page the group states, “Our goal is to ensure that our brothers and sisters in Islam are protected.”

In addition, Rahab told the BBC that his Muslim Community Patrol is “security on steroids.”

Such bold claims of providing “security” and protection, however, could put MPC&S at odds with New York state and city laws, which require security companies and their paid employees to go through the rigorous process of obtaining licenses, which MCP&S does not have.

Licensed guards must also submit to FBI background checks, be fingerprinted, and attend training classes. Regardless of its legal status as a security company or its publicized purpose of being a watchdog group, organizers privately admit that MCP&S was established to do more than protect Muslims, guard mosques or be a neighborhood watch.

It was also created for a purpose familiar to anyone who has lived in a Muslim-governed state: to enforce Sharia law on citizens.

Sharia Enforcement Revealed in Emergency Meeting

That function, which has never been publicly revealed, was acknowledged during an emergency conference held in early 2019 at the Masjid Kawthar on Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn.

Along with the Masjid Kawthar, three other Brooklyn-area mosques participated in the conference: Masjid Farooq, Masjid Khalifa and Masjid Taqwa. All are located in or near Crown Heights.

The urgent meeting was sparked by a late-afternoon incident that had occurred outside the Masjid Kawthar a week before. Several young African-American men were standing outside the mosque smoking marijuana when a Muslim Community Patrol officer arrived in his car and approached them.

He issued instructions for them to stop smoking pot and to move away from the mosque. A shouting match ensued with the young men cursing at the MCP officer, calling him a “phony cop” and making threats to shoot him if he returned.

The loud, raucous exchange got the attention of the mosque’s imam, Rasheed Jabarr, who came outside to calm people down and settle the dispute. After accomplishing this, the imam demanded an emergency conference with the three other area mosques to address the danger of MCP cars patrolling the east side of Brooklyn.

The conference revealed much of what the public and media did not know about the purpose of the MCP cars, the group’s organizational goals through the eyes of one its proponents.

Radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Sr.: The Sharia Force Behind the Patrols

Taking center stage was the controversial imam of Masjid Taqwa, Siraj Wahhaj, Sr.. He is known among law enforcement officials for his links to terrorist operatives and radicalized Islamists.

Wahhaj’s supporters affectionately call him “America’s imam.” Though stays out of the public eye regarding MPC&S, he serves directly under its director of operations, Mahwish Fathma.

Wahhaj’s duties include the command and deployment of MPC&S officers. All questions, criticism and suggestions were directed to the 69-year-old Islamic extremist during the often-heated discussion.

From the start of the conference, the opposition imams told Wahhaj that they did not want his patrol cars operating on their side of Brooklyn, from Bedford Stuyvesant to Boerum Hill. The presence of MPC&S in that section of Brooklyn was presented to Wahhaj as an untenable situation.

The opposing imams argued that the area was rife with drug dealers and users, as well as crime lords. An MCP officer causing trouble with an African-American over his or her use of drugs or the selling of drugs, or any other type of criminal activity, could spark a violent reaction against their mosques.

“You got a lot of ‘Bloods and Crips’ out there,” said “Abdul,” who attended the conference and asked that his real name not be revealed. “You don’t want to mess with these people. Park Place is known for a lot of shootings.”

As the opposing imams saw it, Wahhaj’s MCP cars patrolling African-American neighborhoods could have disastrous consequences. If something got out of hand between an MCP officer and a drug dealer, for instance, one of their mosques might be shot at or burned down in retaliation.

“If something went wrong, there would be violence against the MCP cars by the drug dealers. The mosques would then have to come down on the side of the MCP because Muslims have to defend their brothers,” Abdul said. It would set the stage for all out war.

“What’s worse, the people running the MCP cars might not even be there when the violence breaks out. So these mosques would be left carrying the bag. The drug dealers would try to close the mosque. They would either burn it down or start shooting at it. And once that happens, no Muslim is going to feel safe going through the doors of that mosque and it’s going to get shut down,” Abdul predicted.

Wahhaj fiercely defended the presence of MCP vehicles in the Crown Heights area, saying the cars were needed to secure and protect the mosques.

Sharia Enforcement

This is where things got interesting. He went on to say that the patrol presence was needed not just for protecting mosques, but also to stop people— Muslim people, in particular—from doing what was harmful and what the Quran considers haram, or forbidden, for Muslims.

Abdul remembered Wahhaj saying, “The mosques need protection and the MCP cars can help stop people who were not following the rules and regulations of the sharia, doing what they’re not supposed to be doing, but still doing it.”

That is, they were there to physically enforce “laws” that were not U.S. or New York laws.

Wahhaj reportedly went on to say he was concerned about stopping such things as “Muslim women being out after dark, Muslim men hanging out in the corners doing dope, Muslims drinking liquor. Basically, the fundamentals of the Sharia,” Abdul said.

Though Wahhaj, who was born in Brooklyn, briefly dug in and said he was going to keep the cars in the area, he eventually relented and agreed to redeploy them until the MCP could obtain a sufficient number of vehicles to provide a round-the-clock presence. The cars, he said, would be moved to the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, sternly warning the other imams, “Don’t call us if you have any problems.”

Imam Tariq of the Masjid Kawthar shot back, “We’ll kick their a** if they come over to my masjid [mosque]. We’ll keep watch over our own Muslims.”

The impromptu, emergency meeting at Masjid Kawthar revealed the hidden agenda of Wahhaj’s MCP cars: They were not put on the streets to connect with the culture, “lingo” and “vibes” of the Muslim community, or act as an intermediary between Muslims and the NYPD.

That was only a pretext. They were put on the streets to enforce sharia law as well as provide security for mosques, all under the direction of Wahhaj, who is serving as second in command to the operations director of MCP&S.

“Everything is going to be sharia,” Abdul said. “That’s Wahhaj’s main thing. He’s working on a ‘one sheikh’ and ‘one government’ system that practices sharia. What he’s trying to do is find grounds for running the sharia. That’s what these cars are all about.”

According to an eyewitness who spoke personally to Mahwish Fathma, the operations director for MCP&S, Abdul is correct. Fathma said sharia enforcement is the group’s primary objective.

“When I asked her whether sharia was going to be enforced, she said, ‘Of course it is,’ said “Hashim,” who also asked not to be identified by his real name. “She said they’d enforce it on Muslims first, then on non-Muslims. They’ll be enforcing sharia law and American law.

“She said it would be contradictory to only enforce sharia law without also upholding the laws of the land (meaning American laws).”

Wahhaj’s Radical History

Wahhaj has a long history of issuing statements that denounce America and its democratic system while advocating that it be replaced by Allah’s deen, meaning the Islamic way of life.

“Islam is better than democracy. Allah will cause his deen, Islam, to prevail over every kind of system, and you know what? It will happen,” Wahhaj has said.

Wahhaj supports sharia methods of punishment, declaring. “If Allah says 100 strikes, 100 strikes it is. If Allah says cut off their hand, you cut off their hand. If Allah says stone them to death, through the Prophet Muhammad, then you stone them to death, because it’s the obedience of Allah and his messenger—nothing personal.”

In a September 1991 speech in Toronto titled “The Afghanistan Jihad,” Wahhaj encouraged his fellow Muslims to engage in holy war: “Those who struggle for Allah, it doesn’t matter what kind of weapons [you use], I’m telling you it doesn’t matter! You don’t need nuclear weapons or even guns! If you have faith in Allah and a knife! If Allah wants you to win, you will win! Because Allah is the only one who fights. And when his hand is over your hand, whoever is at war against my friends, I declare war on them … The Americans are not your friends … ”

He also expressed his hatred for America again in a 2011 lecture called “Fundamentalism and Terrorism.”

“America is one of the greatest terrorist nations on this earth, but you know, they hide it with magic. They pretend to be so nice,” he said.

MCP&S is not Wahhaj’s first attempt at fielding an Islamic security force with the stated intention of “protecting” New York City’s Muslim community.

In January 1988 he announced an initiative called “40 Days and 40 Nights” with the goal of clearing out troubled spots in the Fulton Street commercial corridor, between Franklin and Bedford Avenues in Brooklyn.

At the time, the area was flooded with drug users, dealers and crack cocaine-related crime. Wahhaj’s security team boasted four dozen men, some with prior law enforcement experience. Some other personnel, however, were convicted criminals, drug users or dealers themselves.

Those with licenses to carry guns did so, while others toted nightsticks. At the end of the “40 Days and 40 Nights” campaign, Wahhaj declared the program a success, claiming his patrol had managed to rid the community of numerous drug dens.

In announcing his victory he gave credit to his guards’ “stoic demeanor and reputation for retribution.” That “reputation for retribution,” however, meant the willingness of his guards to use violence.

Newsday described Wahhaj’s guards as “a private police force, as heavily armed and sometimes as violent as the dealers it is hired to confront.”

A former associate of Wahhaj claimed the entire operation was nothing more than an effort to oust drug dealers who were competing with Wahhaj’s own drug distribution business. “It was just a front, because he had his own drug operation going on,” said the associate, who asked to remain anonymous. “And he didn’t shut it down because it was a success, he shut it down because the police didn’t like their violent tactics. They went in and beat the s*** out of Wahhaj while he was in his mosque.

The police said, ‘You ain’t that big now, are you?’ That’s when he stopped doing it.”

Publicly, the police praised Wahhaj. At the time, Deputy Police Chief Thomas Gallagher of the Brooklyn North command said, “This is a good example of what the police and community can do working together.”

Others claimed the operation served no purpose at all, as the drug dealers simply relocated a few hundred feet away from their previous location.

“Sure, the patrols may clean up around here,” said Tony Johnson, a clerk at the Manufacturers Hanover Trust office on Fulton Street, “but the druggies just go to another block. So what’s the use? Just a few feet away, the same thing is going on.”

There was even considerable skepticism over whether Wahhaj’s security force actually cleaned up any of the drug dens in the Fulton Street commercial corridor, as he had claimed.

During the same time period as Wahhaj’s “40 Days and 40 Nights” operation, the NYPD’s 79th precinct raided 12 known crack-selling locations and made 32 arrests. Some credit Wahhaj only with keeping the drug dens out of the area only after the police had already forced them to leave.

Even before Wahhaj announced his “40 Days and 40 Nights” campaign, the controversial imam had been engaged in a war with local drug lords.

Wahhaj’s Arrest on Weapons Charges

In 1987, Wahhaj and four others were arrested on weapons charges after stealing firearms from drug dealers in a Tompkins Avenue dwelling. In what can only be described as a twisted turn of events, Wahhaj and his security team raided a drug dealer’s den under the pretext of shutting down their operations.

After Wahhaj and his team ordered the dealers to leave, they stole their weapons. In a surprise move, the “victims” called the police on Wahhaj to report the theft.

“The one thing we didn’t expect was that they would call the cops on us,” Wahhaj said.

Police were able to track down Wahhaj’s getaway car and pulled the team over. Inside. police found a shotgun, a .38-caliber handgun, numerous knives and a club.

Wahhaj and his four accomplices were immediately arrested. One of Wahhaj’s accomplices was Abud-Rauf Shakir, previously convicted in 1971 for the attempted murder of a New Jersey state trooper.

At the time, Shakir was also running the school at Wahhaj’s Masjid Taqwa. Shakir also faced attempted-murder charges in connection with the shooting of a 16-year-old suspected crack dealer only two weeks before the Tompkins Avenue incident.

Shakir failed to show up at his trial and was tried in absentia. Assistant District Attorney Edgar N. Foxx III told the jury that Wahhaj’s Muslim patrol operated with a zeal that “blinded them to the law.”

Believing “40 Days and 40 Nights” was not long enough to clean up the Fulton Street commercial district, Wahhaj vowed to continue his campaign. He would formally morph his 50-man security team into a licensed operation called SSI Patrol Services.

The New York Times described them in 1991 as a company whose “tools are the same ones employed by its adversaries: violence and intimidation.”

Violent battles often erupted between Wahhaj’s SSI Patrols, who dressed in black fatigues and black M65 jackets, and area drug dealers. As before, some of Wahhaj’s guards were convicted criminals and drug runners themselves who had converted to Islam while in prison.

Wahhaj encouraged them to fight to the death. “That means using force, standing up, putting our lives on the line,” Wahhaj told the Times. “We are willing to fight, willing to die and willing to kill, although I want to stress that we only kill in self-defense.”

Self-Defense or Violence Vengeance

The claim his guards “only kill in self-defense” rang hollow when compared to press statements made by those very same guards. One SSI Patrol member told the Times, “If they spill one pin of our blood, we spill gallons of theirs.”

Spilling “gallons of blood” for “one pin of our blood” does not exactly suggest self-restraint, peacekeeping or the use of deadly force only for self-defense. It suggests vengeance, intimidation and reckless escalation.

Another SSI Patrol member said, “We go in and shoot the walls,” adding, “We tell them next time we will shoot them in the head.”

Try to imagine actual, uniformed police officers behaving in this manner. A high-ranking officer of the 73rd police precinct failed to see much difference between the drug dealers and Wahhaj’s SSI Patrol Services.

“In the end, what is the difference between a bunch of vigilantes using force to take over a street corner and a bunch of drug dealers? It still involves gun battles and flying bullets.”

Seventy-year-old Earl Banks is a convicted murderer who is now in charge of recruiting officers for Muslim Community Patrol & Services. In 1970, Banks was arrested for burglary, kidnapping in the first degree and murder and sentenced to life in prison.

He was released in 1985 after spending only 15 years in jail. While in prison he changed his name to Ali Mustapha. By 1988 he was serving as an SSI guard on Siraj Wahhaj’s security team, cleaning up the Fulton Street commercial district. During the same period Wahhaj’s guards had also been hired by slumlords to drive drug traffickers from apartment buildings.

Such was the case on December 14 of that year, when Earl Banks and other SSI security guards were sent to an apartment complex on Nostrand Avenue to clean out a drug den. The raid resulted in one of the alleged crack dealers being fatally shot. Initially two witnesses came forward to say Banks murdered 51-year-old Rainford Salmon after he disobeyed commands.

Witness Intimidation and Murder

Earl Banks was charged with Rainford Salmon’s murder. Following Banks’ arrest, both witnesses began receiving death threats soon after testifying before a grand jury.

The first witness was Steven John, who was shot and wounded. After being released from Kings County Hospital, John fled to Baltimore. He was brought back to New York City but was then unwilling to testify.

The second witness was Oscar Brown. He had been attacked and beaten several times over a six-month period after his grand jury testimony but remained determined to come forward as a witness against Earl Banks, who was better known at the time as Ali Mustapha.

Also during that period, Brown’s mother, Delores, began receiving weekly telephone calls from a man claiming to be calling on behalf of “Ali.” The man pled with Brown’s mother to persuade her son to either change his testimony or not testify at all.

Mrs. Brown said her son remained determined to appear in court. “He told me he was going to tell the court just what he saw,” she told The New York Times.

On June 7, 1989 Oscar Brown’s body was found on Van Sinderen Avenue. Neighbors said several men had forced him into a car the previous night.

His murder had all the hallmarks of a targeted assassination. The Supreme Court of Kings County reported, “He had been shot 16 times and sustained a shotgun blast as well as bullet wounds.”

With one witness dead and another refusing to testify, Earl Banks (Ali Mustapha) was eventually cleared of murder charges. Earl Banks now serves directly under the command of Siraj Wahhaj as a recruitment officer for MCP&S and as a supervisor of its male officers.

Wahhaj’s Children: Owners of Terrorist Camps in New Mexico and Alabama

On March 13, 2019,  Siraj Wahhaj’s son (Siraj Ibn Wahhaj) and his two daughters (Hujrah and Subhannah) were indicted on federal terrorism charges. Two others were also indicted, Lucas Morton and Jany Leveille. The indictment came nearly seven months after the five were arrested on child abuse allegations following a raid on a suspected Islamic training compound in Amalia, N.M. That raid drew national media coverage.

The investigation began as a search for the elder Siraj Wahhaj’s grandson, who had been reported missing for months in Georgia, and who was last seen in the arms of his father, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj.

Law enforcement officials were also concerned that children inside the isolated and filthy camp were being insufficiently fed and clothed.

After a raid on August 3, 2018 raid, the body of three-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj (the elder Wahhaj’s grandson) was discovered. The boy had been dead for what appeared to be weeks.

Prior to his death the child had reportedly been suffering from neurological problems, which his father attributed to demonic possession. According to Wahhaj’s son, the child died during a failed Islamic exorcism ceremony.

Authorities also discovered 11 other children inside the camp, ages one to 15. Nine of the youngsters were grandchildren of the elder Siraj Wahhaj.

Also found were numerous rifles and handguns, a shotgun, 500 rounds of ammunition and a bulletproof vest. The camp included a secret tunnel and a shooting range.

Federal authorities described the camp as “a training compound to prepare for attacks on government, military and other institutions.”

U.S. Attorney John C. Anderson said the adult members were engaged in “a conspiracy to stage deadly attacks on American soil,” which he predicted were “imminent.”

“No Prior Knowledge”

The elder Siraj Wahhaj publicly claimed to have had no prior knowledge of his son and daughters’ involvement in the suspected terrorist camp and would later say, “To me, obviously something happened—a mental disorder, or something. This doesn’t seem like them.”

That “something” could have been the results of teachings by Siraj Wahhaj, who — for several decades — has preached about America’s destruction.

In a 2008 sermon Wahhaj said, “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing, and the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”

When Wahhaj’s son was just 12 years old, Wahhaj delivered a sermon titled, “The Muslim Agenda in the New World Order,” in which he declared: “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.”

Wahhaj added that Muslims should come to the United States to establish an Islamic country, saying, “Wherever you came from, you came to America. And you came for one reason—for one reason only—to establish Allah’s deen.”

Federal authorities would learn later of another suspected terrorist camp controlled by Siraj Wahhaj’s son. On May 10, 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, armed with a search warrant, raided a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” in Macon County, Alabama that was owned by Siraj Ibn Wahhaj.

The FBI had suspicions about the camp dating back to December 2017 after Siraj Ibn Wahhaj crashed his Ford Explorer in rural Chilton County, Alabama.

Inside Wahhaj, Jr.’s vehicle were five guns, a bulletproof vest and a bag of ammunition.

Though the elder Wahhaj claims to have had no knowledge of his son or daughters’ involvement in suspected terrorist activity, he did not miss the opportunity to reap a hefty profit from the tragedy of his grandson’s death and his own children’s terrorist-related arrests and charges.

Shortly after news broke of the law enforcement raid on the New Mexico compound, a group of Muslims raised $71,485 to give directly to Wahhaj to do “as he sees fit”—either to help out his children or to uphold “the tenets of Islam and the law of the land.”

Muslim Patrol is the Testing Ground

In accordance with the Feb. 15, 2019 Masjid Kawthar agreement, Imam Siraj Wahhaj promised that MCP&S will keep their limited number of patrol cars confined to the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn until the force can be expanded.

All acknowledged that the Bay Ridge area would be more suitable to test the Muslim patrol cars because of its fast-growing of Arab immigrant population, comprised largely of Lebanese, Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians, Yemenis and Moroccans.

Immigrants from these Islamic countries offered qualities and traits not found in Brooklyn’s existing African-American communities. The synoptic view held that foreign-born Muslims are more likely to be accustomed to sharia law enforcement than Black Muslims born in America.

Foreign Muslims are also more inclined to have feelings of guilt if found disobeying the Quran and engaging in activities considered haram (forbidden).

In addition, the reasoning is that foreigners might submit to MCP authority more readily if they equated the MCP cars with actual police cars, since they closely mimic NYPD vehicles in make, labeling and design.

Finally, foreign-born immigrants are more susceptible to bullying and intimidation than African-Americans who grew up in Brooklyn.

One African-American Muslim who attended the Masjid Kawthar event explained it this way: “In Bay Ridge you could punch one of those Muslims in the face and they’re not going to do anything about it. But if you punch a Black Muslim on this side of Brooklyn there’s going to be trouble.

“The Bay Ridge area has foreigners, a lot of Caucasian Muslims. The MCP cars are going to have a better chance surviving there. The foreigners are more open and they come from countries where they know they shouldn’t be doing certain things. They’re probably going to listen to the MCP officers,” said the attendee, who asked to remain anonymous.

“And I’m going to tell you something else,” he added. “The Black Muslims will shoot the s*** out of you. They’re not going to sit home. They’re going to handle it right there. Foreigners, however, when they get together all they want to do is plan. But the Black Muslims, it’s going to be bang, bang, bang.”

The incident leading up to the emergency Masjid Kawthar conference, in which the MCP&S officer confronted the group of pot-smoking young African Americans outside a mosque, could be considered an attempt to enforce both U.S. and sharia law, since smoking pot is both illegal in New York City and considered haram in the Quran.

Regardless of which set of laws the MCP&S officer was actually attempting to enforce, the organization quickly learned that it lacked the experience and training necessary to handle confrontations that could turn violent.

To address similar issues in the future, some MCP&S officers are now undergoing specialized training with policemen from NYPD’s 72nd precinct. Officers are receiving instructions in both self-defense and suspect-restraint techniques.

MCP&S is also attempting to recruit Muslim officers of the NYPD, asking them to serve as off-duty patrol volunteers. These officers could provide MCP&S with the capability of issuing citations and making arrests. They also have the advantage of being able to carry weapons.

Sharia Law Enforcement Sparks Opposition in Brooklyn

As plans of MCP&S to enforce Sharia law began to circulate in the Brooklyn area, another emergency meeting was held on June 23, 2019. The meeting was called to order by Lewis Watkins, the former district manager of Community Board 3, and held in a community room on 1545 Fulton St.

Watkins told MCP&S Operations Director, Mahwish Fathma, that he was going to do everything within his power to eliminate the Muslim patrol units.

“I feel there is a hidden agenda and I’m going to look into it,” he told Fathma. “I don’t want you in my zone and I don’t want you in Brooklyn.”

He further told Fathma that he would be issuing a formal complaint at “One Police Plaza” (NYPD Headquarters) in an effort to stop the 72nd Precinct from continuing to train their officers.

Two Shiites Muslims at the meeting also complained to Fathma about the patrol’s plans to enforce sharia law, saying that Sunni law differs in many ways from the sharia of Shiites.

According to an insider close to the group, if MCP&S officers do find themselves in trouble they will first call Ali Mustapha, who, as mentioned, is a convicted murderer and serves directly under Siraj Wahhaj as a field supervisor and hiring agent.

“Oldest Trick in the Book”

If Mustapha is called, he will have the option of dispatching his personal security team to handle the problem before getting the police involved.

Though not officially associated with MCP&S, Mustapha’s security team is licensed to carry weapons and have often used violence to subdue subjects in the past.

“This is the oldest trick in the book,” said the insider. “It’s what we used to do when I worked at a Muslim security guard in the ‘90s. “If something happens, MCP may call police, but they’ll call Ali (Mustapha) first. They carry guns and have physical defense training. And then, after they finish doing what they do, they’ll call the NYPD and turn them over. If someone gets hurt, they’ll just say he fell and hit his head or eye,” the former guard said.

The insider, who is a former member of Siraj Wahhaj’s mosque, described the goal of MCP&S as an effort “to get Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States to live under sharia as a whole.”

“This whole thing is a test before they buy more cars,” he said. “They want to see how it goes.”

If all goes “well,” Muslim Community Patrol & Services says it will expand from its three current cars to seven by the end of summer 2019, with the purchase of up to 30 cars in the near future.


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