The Boston Globe calls for Journalistic Jihad against Trump

Last Friday (Aug 10th), the Boston Globe called on the American news media to produce editorials tomorrow (Thurs, Aug 16th) denouncing what they describe as President Trump’s “dirty war against the free press.” The Globe claims they have already recruited dozens of major metropolitan dailies, as well as several smaller weeklies. Locally, I’m sure our Tampa Bay Times is chomping on the bit for this one.

I am confident tomorrow’s papers will be loaded with aspersions against the president, who will be cast as a Nazi dictator trying to suppress the news media. There will be a lot of whining, cat-calling, and some rather unfortunate comments made. In the end, the press will have finally come out of the closet and shown its true colors as to their feelings about the president. It won’t be pretty. Now, instead of random attacks against the president, it will be an orchestrated effort, which will finally be put on display for all to see.

In the end, this temper tantrum is going to hurt the press as they will lose further credibility with their readers and cause them to lose more subscribers. By forcing a confrontation, the press is ultimately asking the public to choose sides, thereby further dividing the country, for in the end, people will be asked to determine if the press is “the enemy of the people” or if it is Mr. Trump, and I’m afraid they are not going to like the answer they receive.

Here are some realities:

First, the news media has already lost the trust of the people, which has been eroding over the last few years. People realize news is important in order to be good and responsible citizens. A new Knight-Gallup survey shows Americans believe the media has an important role to play, but they do not see that role being fulfilled.

Second, the public understands money drives the press, thereby making it sensational. As such, it appears the press is shooting itself in the foot as newspapers continue to close, subscriptions plummet, and TV viewership declines. As a recent Pew poll reports:

  • The average audience for the evening newscasts for ABC, CBS and NBC decreased by 7% in 2017, down to 5.2 million, compared with 5.6 million in 2016.
  • The average audience for morning news programs from ABC, CBS and NBC also declined over the past year, down 10% in 2017, to about 3 million.
  • The average audience for the four news magazine shows aired by the networks – ABC’s 20/20, CBS’s 60 Minutes and 48 Hours, and NBC’s Dateline – declined in 2017, down 12% from 2016.

All of this means, they are losing the trust of the American people.

As an aside, Pew also reports the news media is more trusted in Europe than it is in the United States.

More importantly, Pew reports 78% of Americans say the news media should never favor one political party over another. Yet, this is precisely what has become of the American news media.

And third, look for a major push back from the Trump administration following the August 16th editorials. I’m sure the president will Tweet his displeasure but look for some other major changes, such as:

  • The White House could distribute news through written press announcements only. After all, if the press is not honest with the White House and often misinterprets the news secretary, why bend over backwards for the press?
  • The White House could insist on granting press credentials only to those who belong to The Constitution First Amendment Press Association (CFAPA). This pledge is a sort of Hippocratic oath as applied to journalists. The CFAPA pledge means they will conform to ethical standards.
  • We must remember the press has no “rights” to be in the White House, that it is a a privilege instead. This could result in some changes being made, such as holding a press briefing outdoors, not in the comfort of an indoor facility.

There might also be some possible libel lawsuits or other drastic measures. One thing is for sure, if they want to fight him, Mr. Trump will not let the challenge go unchecked.

Bottom-line, the news media is playing with fire and will likely earn a black-eye as a result of their editorials on Thursday. By announcing their intentions publicly, they only confirm what a lot of people already know, that the press is out to get President Trump at all costs. Their timing couldn’t be any more obvious, just before the midterm elections. What they do not realize though with this president, he is not afraid to do battle with them.

So, is there a war on the news media? Yes, definitely, just as there is a war against President Trump. While other presidents have taken the abuse, Mr. Trump has elected to fight back, and the press doesn’t like it one bit.

Anybody who believes the press is fair and impartial is taking it in the arm. Journalistic integrity is a myth. The rhetoric is already so vicious by the liberal press that drastic measures are likely in the offing. Since the press is not honest with the White House and often misinterprets the news secretary, why bend over backwards for someone whose mission is to destroy the president?

The one sad thing about all of this is that honest and professional journalists will be hurt in the process.

It will be interesting to see how the press fires upon Fort Sumter tomorrow. Expect cannonade in return, certainly not a flag of truce.

Keep the Faith!

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When The News Becomes The News

I had the opportunity to attend the Trump rally in Tampa Florida on July 31, 2018, wow! If you have never attended a Trump rally I strongly suggest you do. The camaraderie, energy and love with nearly 20,000 people waiting for and listening to President Trump is extraordinary.

The dangers and risks to this movement are real and present but the pendulum has shifted, we are winning.

Thanks to a friend and fellow activist, my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America”, at this event in Tampa, was placed in the hands of Eric Trump. This spawned a book campaign meeting on Saturday that will lead to major inroads for 2019 and beyond that may contribute to our movement to MAGA.

You know we are winning when the news becomes the news. Thank you President Trump. You told us at the RNC that “I am Your Voice“, well indeed you have spoken for us, thank you sir. Let’s touch on When The News Becomes The News, shall we?

Jim “The Cry Baby” Acosta

Trump has played the media like a fiddle from day one when Megan Kelly (before she crashed and burned after going after Trump), asked Trump the kick off question at that debate that led Donald Trump to answer by saying, “Only Rosie O’Donnell”. Donald Trump continues daily to antagonize the Fake News media at his rallies, interviews and tweets by simply calling select media outlets and individuals for what they are, Fake News.

While at the rally before President Trump took to the stage (what a night), Jim Acosta went live on CNN and the entire arena welcomed him by crowding the media platform and chanting in unison “CNN SUCKS“. What a wonderful thing. You see there is a common observable fact, that many who are dealing with darkness and lies who go after this great, amazing, brilliant and brave president end up crashing and burning. Kathy Griffin, Megan Kelly, MSNBC, CNN, Hollywood and so on. You get the picture. So cry baby Jim Acosta gets his head handed to him not only at the rally, but also by Sarah Sanders when he addresses Trumps’ view of the Fake News.

We are winning and the battle has just begun. Get out and vet, then vote the for the right Republicans supportive of President Trump’s agenda in this primary and mid-term. The president is relying on you and me. And remember when your children and grand children ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom it’s up to us. Vote. Volunteer. Get some skin in the game. Let us not waste this miraculous opportunity to save America. Everything depends upon what we do right here, right now.

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VIDEO: Dana Loesch Vaporizes Jim Acosta’s Hypocritical Tears

“Acosta is upset that someone yelled CNN sucks. Imagine how he would feel if his network set up a public lynching of him. As they did of me… many in legacy media stopped prioritizing advancing news and truth in favor of advancing themselves and their political agendas.” —Dana Loesch

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VIDEO: Ex-Muslim Woman Warns, “Do not vote for Abdul El-Sayed For Michigan Governor!”

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdul El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist.

El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.

Farrah Prudence is an ex-Muslim. Loomer sat down with her and asked her about El-Sayed. According to Farrah, El-Sayed is Sharia compliant and his policies pose a direct threat to women in America given his devout practice of Islamic law, which is inherently misogynistic.

LIES OF THE SOROS-BACKED IMMIGRATION LOBBY: Why Americans should worry about their dishonest agenda.

The George Soros-backed American Immigration Council is the latest group hell-bent on “resisting” commonsense immigration enforcement in the U.S. Several in this group are, themselves, practicing immigration attorneys who should know the truth about the dangers of open borders policies in communities across the U.S.  However, however, many lawyers at the American Immigration Council gloss over facts and, instead, promote dangerously false information about the legal aspects of the immigration issue.

One such example of the white-washing lawyers at the American Immigration Council is Joshua Breisblatt, the group’s Senior Policy Analyst and an immigration attorney with an extensive background in immigration law and the lobbying efforts mounted in the Halls of Congress to push the open borders agenda.  His bio notes that he had worked for Former Congressman Harry Mitchell of Arizona. Breisblatt penned an outrageously deceitful article on the group’s website titled: “USCIS Is Slowly Being Morphed Into an Immigration Enforcement Agency.” 

The article begins with these three paragraphs:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued new guidance to initiate deportation proceedings for thousands of applicants denied for any immigration benefit. This policy change will have far-reaching implications for many of those interacting with the agency, but also signals a major shift in how USCIS operates.

USCIS was never meant to be tasked with immigration enforcement. Their mandate has always been administering immigration benefits. With its distinct mission, USCIS was created to focus exclusively on their customer service function, processing applications for visas, green cards, naturalization, and humanitarian benefits.

The new USCIS guidance instructs staff to issue a Notice to Appear (NTA) to anyone who is unlawfully present when an application, petition, or benefit request is denied. This will include virtually all undocumented applicants, as well as those individuals whose lawful status expires while their request is pending before USCIS.

In other words, Breisblatt opposes the Trump administration’s sensible policy of removal (deportation hearings) for illegal aliens whose applications for immigration benefits are denied.

Generally, such applications are denied if an alien is ineligible for the immigration benefit – for whatever reason.  But the main reason many denials of benefits is that the alien committed immigration fraud by lying on their application.

In fact, it appears Breisblatt objects to the necessary adjudications process altogether, referring to it as simply “processing applications”were providing service for the aliens being the key issue.

What Breisblatt and the American Immigration Council advocates for, instead, is a policy where fraud would be encouraged and enabled.

I wrote recently wrote about how the Trump administration’s New USCIS Mission Statement Puts Americans First, is making America safer.

I am intimately familiar with the adjudications process.  Early in my career with the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) I was assigned in the mid 1970’s for a one year period, as an Adjudications Officer- then known as an Immigration Examiner, to a pilot program to combat immigration fraud by interviewing aliens and their U.S. citizen or lawful immigrant spouses who had filed petitions to provide the aliens with lawful immigration status.

The program was created when a sudden and massive influx of applications for lawful immigrant status flooded the New York District Office.

It appeared that many of the “loving couples” were likely not living together but had entered into a sham marriage wherein the U.S. citizen or lawful immigrant petitioning spouse was paid to marry the alien.

When major discrepancies were discovered during the interview (the husband and wife were interviewed separately) the case was immediately assigned to a team of INS investigators.  If the couple conceded that they were not living together, the illegal alien was immediately taken into custody and was put before an immigration judge within a day or two.

In cases where the couple denied committing fraud, a team of INS investigators would conduct a field investigation.  If evidence was found that the couple was not living together, the alien was arrested per an administrative warrant and held for a deportation hearing.

Within just a few months, the number of petitions that were filed plummeted as the aliens came to realize that if they would face consequences for committing fraud.

Immigration fraud involves several federal laws such as 18 U.S. Code § 1546 which includes this excerpt which notes that immigration fraud committed in connection with terrorism carries a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison:

Whoever knowingly makes under oath, or as permitted under penalty of perjury under section 1746 of title 28, United States Code, knowingly subscribes as true, any false statement with respect to a material fact in any application, affidavit, or other document required by the immigration laws or regulations prescribed thereunder, or knowingly presents any such application, affidavit, or other document which contains any such false statement or which fails to contain any reasonable basis in law or fact—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 25 years (if the offense was committed to facilitate an act of international terrorism (as defined in section 2331 of this title)), 20 years (if the offense was committed to facilitate a drug trafficking crime (as defined in section 929(a) of this title)), 10 years (in the case of the first or second such offense, if the offense was not committed to facilitate such an act of international terrorism or a drug trafficking crime), or 15 years (in the case of any other offense), or both.

This is certainly an extremely serious crime.

Yet the American Immigration Council would have you believe that the best way to deal with immigration fraud is to just approve all of the applications so that we don’t add more cases to the already overflowing backlog of applications for benefits or clog the overcrowded immigration courts.

Incredibly, Breisblatt provided a link to an official document issued by the Immigration Ombudsman of the administration of George W. Bush, that purportedly supports his claim that previous administrations opposed the issuance of NTA’s to illegal aliens whose applications for immigration benefits were denied.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  That document includes this excerpt:

Recommendation to USCIS that its policy on issuing Notices to Appear be standardized to provide that NTAs be issued and filed with the immigration court in all cases where, as a result of adjustment of status denial, the applicant is out of status.

For the government, failure to place a removable alien before an Immigration Judge creates a perception that the government tolerates violation of immigration laws;

For USCIS, if an NTA is not issued, (a) an applicant can file a new adjustment of status application which must be processed; (b) along with the new adjustment application, an applicant can also file for employment authorization. Thus, some applicants who are ineligible for adjustment of status can continue to file for it and receive employment authorization despite the knowledge that they will be denied at some point;

For applicants who wish to have an Immigration Judge review their adjustment application, USCIS failure to issue an NTA precludes such an opportunity;

For the public, USCIS failure to issue an NTA to a removable alien can be seen as neglecting a duty to ensure compliance with the immigration laws; and

For ICE, DHS’s enforcement branch, retaining removable aliens in USCIS processing prevents a true assessment of the number of cases pending and, thereby, precludes accurate resource planning and allocation.

As an INS special agent, I spent years investigating immigration fraud.  Indeed my very first fraud investigation led me to uncover a terror plot in Israel.  Fortunately, working with the Israeli National Police and the FBI a bombing at an oil refinery was averted.

The second largest contingent of federal agents who are assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) are immigration law enforcement agents because international terrorists generally commit multiple immigration law violations- often beginning with visa fraud and/or immigration benefit fraud.

The official report of the 9/11 Commission staff, 9/11 and  Terrorist Travel focuses considerable attention on the issue of immigration fraud and included these statements:

“Once terrorists had entered the United States, their next challenge was to find a way to remain here. Their primary method was immigration fraud.

Terrorists in the 1990s, as well as the September 11 hijackers, needed to find a way to stay in or embed themselves in the United States if their operational plans were to come to fruition. As already discussed, this could be accomplished legally by marrying an American citizen, achieving temporary worker status, or applying for asylum after entering. In many cases, the act of filing for an immigration benefit sufficed to permit the alien to remain in the country until the petition was adjudicated. Terrorists were free to conduct surveillance, coordinate operations, obtain and receive funding, go to school and learn English, make contacts in the United States, acquire necessary materials, and execute an attack.

Last month I wrote an article, Trump Administration Opens Office To Find Naturalization Fraudsters in which I lauded the same efforts that American Council on Immigration adamantly opposes.

Given their backgrounds, these far-left American Immigration Council lobbyists clearly know the risks that immigration fraud creates in American communities and to average Americans.  Yet, they are determined to obfuscate the truth and leave our nation vulnerable to Immigration Fraud: Lies That Kill.

Efforts by these opponents of fair and effective immigration law enforcement are succeeding in sparking subversive protests across the United States, under the banner of “Occupy ICE.”

From Portland, Oregon to New York City and towns and cities and states in between, demonstrators have been convinced or, more properly conned, into resisting immigration laws that protect national security, public safety and the livelihoods of American and lawful immigrant workers.

For those who think they are demonstrating compassion by obstructing immigration law enforcement, a bit of advice is in order, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


Dem’s latest genius idea: Pay illegals.

Democrats Electoral Strategy: Open Borders and Let Non-Citizens Vote

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine. The featured image is by Fibonacci Blue.

Trump and Senators Offer Plans to Reorganize Bureaucracy, Drain the Swamp

President Donald Trump’s administration released a plan June 21 that, if enacted, would impose some order on the sprawling administrative state—something that is long overdue.

Decades of ceaseless expansion of the size and scope of the federal government have created a bloated and inefficient federal bureaucracy, replete with agencies and offices with overlapping functions.

The Rube Goldberg-esque structure of the federal bureaucracy is not only expensive, it thickens the web of government red tape, makes government services less efficient, and makes mission failure more likely by splintering simple jobs among diffuse agencies.

Trump’s plan would begin the long process of rearranging the overgrown federal bureaucracy by grafting together agencies that do similar work and pruning away offices that have outlived their usefulness.

More on the specifics of the reorganization plan can be found here.

However, while the president directs the executive branch, its structure is largely the product of Congress. Through the legislative process, it creates departments and agencies, establishes their responsibilities, and determines their funding.

While Congress sometimes delegates authority to the president to determine how staff and funds are deployed or even how an agency is organized, major shakeups require congressional action.

Details of the Reforming Government Act

That’s where legislation introduced June 27 by Sens. Ron Johnson,  R-Wis., and James Lankford, R-Okla., comes in.

Their bill, the Reforming Government Act of 2018, would give the president the power to draw up a broad plan for reorganization—the specifics of which could go far beyond what his administration has already proposed—to be considered under expedited parliamentary procedures in Congress.

If the legislation passes, the president could draft a plan to create, abolish, or move entire departments of the federal government (or sub-units thereof). Agencies that have overlapping functions—for example, the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Food and Drug Administration, which also inspects food—could be merged.

Government services spread across dozens of agencies could be consolidated into the most appropriate agency. Financial education programs, for example, are currently operating across 20 agencies, and job training programs are even more diffuse, spread across 40 agencies.

There are literally hundreds of similar examples of overlap, fragmentation, and duplication that a reorganization plan could address.

The only limitations the Johnson-Lankford bill imposes is that the president’s reorganization plan must be “efficiency-enhancing.” That means that any plan would reduce the number of government agencies and save money, while preventing the merging, abolishing, or moving of independent agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Election Commission.

Once the president formulates a reorganization plan, the proposal would go to Congress for fast-track consideration.

Like other bills, the plan would first go through committees in both the House and Senate. But unlike other bills, those committees would only have 75 days to read it and provide their recommendations to the Congress at large. Once the 75 days lapse, the reorganization plan would leave committees for the floor automatically—with or without the committees’ recommendations.

After moving to the floor of Congress, debate would be limited to 10 hours, and then members would cast an up-or-down vote on final passage of the resolution. At no point along the way would amendments be allowed. Essentially, once a president formulates a reorganization plan, Congress has two choices: Take it or leave it.

Why This Is the Right Approach

Johnson and Lankford are wise to want to empower the executive branch to develop a government reorganization plan, instead of asking Congress to take on such a heavy lift.

Incidentally, they are not the first legislators to suggest such an approach—Sens. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., and Mark Warner, D-Va., introduced a similar bill in 2012.

The president, along with his or her White House staff and political appointees in the departments are more deeply embedded in, intimately familiar with, and prepared to diagnose the ailments of the administrative state.

Past Congresses recognized the president’s comparative advantage in proposing and carrying out executive reorganizations, and from 1932 to 1984, the U.S. government enacted 93 separate executive reorganization plans. But, in 1984, Congress let this executive reorganization authority lapse.

Aside from expertise, there is another reason it might be better to leave reorganization largely in the hands of the president. Members of Congress—each of whom serves on a number of committees that oversee one or several departments—often have incentives to fight any reorganization plan that lessens their own influence.

While all members of Congress might agree that something must be done to pare back the sprawling federal bureaucracy in principle, each individual member of Congress is likely to adopt a NIMBY—“not in my backyard”—attitude to any concrete proposal that lessens the size and strength of the agencies under his or her committee’s or subcommittee’s jurisdiction.

The Promise of Reorganization

The Johnson-Lankford bill might be a popular way for members of Congress to meet their constituents’ demands to “drain the swamp.”

To be sure, this Congress has already done much to help the president cut back red tape. Using the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to strike down new federal regulations, it kept 16 costly Obama-era rules from going into effect. Prior to the 115th Congress, the Congressional Review Act had been used only once.

Reforming the structure of government is at least as pressing as checking its excesses. After all, the tangled, obscure, and almost impenetrable nature of the administrative state is what makes the swamp analogy such a popular description of Washington.


Portrait of John York

John W. York, Ph.D., is a policy analyst in the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics at The Heritage Foundation.

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With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

We are looking for a select few conservatives to become a Heritage Foundation member. With your membership, you’ll qualify for all associated benefits and you’ll help keep our nation great for future generations.


EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla. who has introduced legislation with Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., that would give President Donald Trump wide latitude to restructure executive agencies. (Photo: Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom)

VIDEO: American Media, Soviet Tactics

The job of a journalist is to report facts, add context where necessary, and leave it to the consumer to decide what he thinks. In this video, James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, explains why fewer and fewer people trust modern-day “journalism.”

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Reporter files assault charges against Maxine Waters after confrontation on Capitol Hill

Source: Bizpac Review, by Samantha Chang, June 27, 2018

Journalist Laura Loomer filed a police report accusing Congresswoman Maxine Waters of assaulting her when she did to Waters what the California Democrat urged liberals to do to Trump aides: Confront them in public.

Loomer tweeted: “I filed a police report w/Capitol Police against Maxine Waters. Yesterday when I confronted her on Capitol Hill, she ASSAULTED me. She hit my hand, then she swatted me in the face twice w/her papers. I’m pressing charges.”

Loomer chronicled the alleged assault on video and blogged about it at Big League Politics.

The brouhaha erupted when Loomer asked Waters why she incited her supporters to confront Trump aides and not allow them to eat or do anything else in public without being bullied by an angry mob.

Loomer approached Waters by saying: “I’m a Trump supporter. I’m also a conservative journalist.”

Waters cut her off by saying: “Please come to my office and sit down with me.”

Loomer followed up by saying: “I just wanted to ask you: Where are conservatives allowed to go? Do we have to sit at the back of the bus? Where can we eat? Where can a conservative eat at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.?”

Waters responded while scurrying away: “Please come to my office and talk with me.”

Loomer then asked, “You’re talking about civility. Do you think it’s civil to call for the harassment of Trump officials?”

When Waters approached the elevator, she hit Loomer in the face with a bunch of papers. A burly man then got in Loomer’s face and pushed her away while repeatedly shouting: “Ma’am, it’s a members’ elevator!”

In the background, Waters is seen gloating and apparently sticking her tongue out as Loomer is pushed away from the elevator door.

Maxine Waters appears to tauntingly stick her tongue out at Laura Loomer, an American voter.

Waters — a 13-term Congresswoman — recently urged her supporters to gather a crowd, surround, and harass Trump aides to protest the longstanding immigration policy that she helped sign into law many years ago.

After Waters’ incitement of mob bullying, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her children were kicked out of Red Hen and stalked when they went across the street to eat at another restaurant.

Shortly afterward, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was surrounded, bullied and spit on by an angry mob at a movie theater.Maxine Waters said nothing when the Obama administration separated children from their illegal-immigrant parents and mass-deported illegals during his eight years in office.Waters has been a member of Congress for the past 27 years and said nothing about the issue until this month, when it became a Democratic talking point amid the flailing Mueller investigation.While Waters claims she’s a champion for minorities, in fact many members of her own community can’t stand her.As BizPac Review has reported, Waters’ career highlights include being rated one of the “most corrupt” members of Congress in 2005, 2006, and 2008 by the George Soros-funded liberal watchdog CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

In June 2017, Waters was slammed by a black female voter from her California district. The woman accused the 13-term Congresswoman of being a “black racist” whose rhetoric and inactions have caused African-Americans to lose jobs to illegal aliens.

The black Trump supporter said she’s disgusted that Waters constantly race-baits to win votes from black constituents and then callously ignores them after they re-elect her.

“You are a black racist! You hate blacks!” the woman said. “All the jobs went to illegals! You gave our jobs to illegals! We want you out!”

Army Gives Trans Training the Boot

Finally, the military is announcing a kind of transitioning we can support! For the first time since President Trump overturned Obama’s transgender military policy, the Army is shifting away from the focus on politically-correct topics like gender and back to the issues it should be concerned about — like combat.

In a message no one could mistake, the memo makes it clear: “Transgender training is complete across the total Army.” From now on, sensitivity classes and lessons on gender transitions will be 100 percent optional. “The move, Army leaders argue, is designed to relieve stress on the overburdened troop training regimen and refocus on soldiers’ ability to fight in combat.” In a nod to the hundreds of wasted hours spent on ridiculous topics like “male pregnancies” and “off-duty drag” the chief of the Army’s training program explained, “It was all the other [training] requirements that we levied on ourselves, or we had levied from other places” that took away from military readiness.

Like a lot of commanders, he told the Washington Times that the trainings Obama handed down as part of the integration of people who identify as transgender “served as barriers to maximizing time… to build readiness and lethality.” Of course, this is the argument that experts like FRC’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin had been making all along. The military is a fighting force, not a gender clinic. “Talk to any service member today and you will find that a majority of them will express great frustration with the amount of time that they spend in these lectures at the expense of preparing for war,” he argues. “They spent all their training time in classrooms listening to lectures on diversity, tolerance, and inclusion instead of the Military Code of Conduct.”

That’s time our military can never get back. Every hour (and dollar) our troops waste on the social engineering of the last administration is time they could have been on the range or practicing combat maneuvers. “When do you train for battle when you’re bogged down with these politically-correct mandates?” General Boykin asked. “You don’t. You go out and crash ships or get captured by Iranians, because you were never prepared for war.”

Fortunately, the Army is putting an end to two years of this P.C. nonsense. “One of the things this [change has done] is reinforce to commanders out in the field that you have the authority and responsibility to ensure your units are as highly trained as humanly possible” to carry out combat operations,” Colonel John O’Grady said. And sexual politics aren’t the only thing getting the boot. Branch leaders are also paring down on other non-essential trainings. It’s about time, say most troops, who were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea anyway. With the growing number of global threats, we need our servicemen and women focused on what matters: making America safe again.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


Speech Righters: SCOTUS Sides with Pregnancy Centers

Schools Give Permission the Slip on Sex Ed

Journalism Duo Offers Christian Alternative to Media’s Reporting on Trump

David Brody and Jenna Browder are hosts of the “Faith Nation” show on Christian Broadcasting Network and Brody recently published “The Faith of Donald J. Trump” with co-author Scott Lamb. Brody and Browder spoke to Daily Signal Editor-in-Chief Rob Bluey about what it’s like to cover President Trump, why they report the news from a biblical viewpoint, and how the media can regain Americans’ trust.

Rob Bluey: Both of you have had tremendous interactions with the Trump White House and the political scene in Washington, D.C. Let’s begin by talking about what it’s like to be members of the media in this incredible time in history. Almost every day, David and Jenna, we have some sort of major news development. How do you keep up with it all?

David Brody: Where do you begin? I guess you begin by over-the-counter medication, for sure Excedrin. It’s like living in a reality TV show. I mean, it really is. Trump is the reality TV president and we’re just contestants in it. It’s just intense, but intense in a good way.

CBN has been given great access, and I think that’s been exciting for us. And just to see Trump take evangelical Christians in a very serious way—to realize they have something to say and they have something to add to the conversation, whereas past presidents have said the same thing, but their actions haven’t necessarily followed.

It’s been pretty exciting to see this president do what he said he was going to do.

Jenna Browder: Absolutely. You just have to check Twitter to get a quick update. And I think the American people really like that. They like that they can go to Twitter and they can see exactly what the president is thinking at that given moment.

Like David said, the access has been incredible. While the president has lashed out against so much of the mainstream media, CBN News has been given incredible access.

David Brody and Jenna Browder of CBN News at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference earlier this month. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Bluey: That was one of the reasons that we started The Daily Signal. We felt that you no longer had to go through these other channels to share information. Whether you’re Donald Trump or any other politician, the fact that you have these platforms in which you can talk directly to the American people, it certainly has changed the dynamic. What’s it like covering Trump in a situation like that? When you’re trying to convey information to your audience, what is it that goes into the journalism and how you make those stories relevant on a day-to-day basis?

Brody: There’s so much that goes into it. Obviously, it starts with journalism 101—just make sure we’re getting the who, what, where, when, why, and all of that. But beyond that, I think it’s important that we look at things from not a conservative viewpoint or a progressive viewpoint, but from a biblical viewpoint—a biblical worldview—and I think that’s our prism every day. And a biblical worldview, especially on topics like immigration, that runs the gamut, especially with millennials.

When covering Trump, it’s important to understand that our coverage really reflects what that 81 percent of, and let’s be honest, white evangelicals—because that’s the number that we’re hearing—81 percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016. And so if Trump’s numbers started to go in the tank, our coverage would reflect a lot of the concerns that they have. But right now, they don’t really have many concerns. I mean, it has just been one victory after another, and I think our coverage has reflected that enthusiasm.

Now remember, it’s not us being enthusiastic about this president, but it’s them clearly being enthusiastic, so we’re just reporting what we see on the front lines. I know Jenna, obviously you were in North Carolina, she’s been to places. I just go to Jersey. That’s my hometown.

Browder: We kind of joke that my unofficial beat has become the heartland, or that “deplorable” voter, as Hillary Clinton would call them. And what we’re hearing, just so much enthusiasm out in middle America.

I was just in North Carolina just a couple of days ago in Granville County, this is a swing county that was historically blue. But in 2016, it went red. And we were just there talking to voters. A lot of people, they don’t really identify with either party, but by and large, love President Trump there. They love what he’s doing and they feel like he’s restoring our country to a different time, to values of a different age.

Brody: The real question, Rob, is then: Will these folks in Granville actually vote in the midterm elections for the Republican Party? They seem to like Trump, but Republicans, it’s kind of two different situations.

Browder: I was talking to one. There was this one truck driver. I was telling you about him, David. And he voted for Trump in 2016. He said he would vote for him again in 2020, very enthusiastically. So I said, “So what about 2018? Will you vote in these fall midterms?” And he looked at me like I was crazy, as if he was saying, “Why would I vote in 2018? Trump’s not on the ballot.” And you know, that could be the sentiment among a lot of voters, among a lot of Americans. That’s yet to be seen.

David Brody and Jenna Browder on the set of “Fox & Friends” in New York. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Bluey: Jenna, let me ask you a follow-up question on that. Why is it so important to get out of Washington, D.C., and talk to people who are living completely different lives than the reporters who are here in the nation’s capital?

Browder: That is America. We get out in the heartland and we tell the stories of real, everyday Americans. And I think that’s what the mainstream media, by and large, is really missing. They’re in New York. They’re in Los Angeles and Washington and these big cities. And they’re very out of touch with so many people in middle America and so many people with heartland values.

So we try to get out, we try to talk to these people, and I like to say, take the pulse of the people in Kansas and Colorado and North Carolina—places that they don’t think the way we think here in Washington or in New York. And that, I feel, is just so important and we don’t see enough of it in the mainstream media.

Bluey: I agree. David, you mentioned something earlier that I want to go back to. And that is how you approach the news, covering it from a biblical perspective. That’s the approach you take. I think you’ve established a loyal audience in that respect because there’s not a whole lot of other media outlets that do that. In that respect, though, the media habits of your audience have obviously changed. How have you and Jenna changed your approach to making sure that information is still relevant and top of mind, and they’re still getting it?

Brody: That’s a really good question, and I think it’s a daily occurrence. To a degree, it’s an hour-to-hour occurrence. We have to kind of figure out how to do this, not just on television, but online as well. And I think that’s key, quite frankly.

Jenna’s Twitter account is exploding. And here’s why: Because she and myself and others, we’re putting up relevant interviews. The other day, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, for example. This is the type of stuff that we’re bringing to our audience in a way that maybe others aren’t asking the same questions. And I think that’s the key.

A lot of times, what’s above the fold in The Washington Post and New York Times is not above the fold at CBN. It’s much different. The questions are different. But the questions are relevant, and so I think that’s important. Do they care about Russia? Let’s be honest. Evangelicals care about Russia and they care about Stormy Daniels, but here’s the thing …

Browder: To an extent.

Brody: To an extent, but they hear it all the time. The truth of the matter is, they are watching a bit of CNN, a bit, and other places. But they get it there, so we’ve got to show a little bit more than just those two stories, which of course, we do.

Bluey: Jenna, let’s talk about “Faith Nation.” What is it and why did you start it?

Browder: “Faith Nation,” it really kind of started out as a weekly show that we would do. But what we’ve found is that the audience has more of an appetite for 10 or 15 minute segments, so when news is happening, we are there on the “Faith Nation” set providing live analysis. A lot of the stuff we do is just maybe a Sarah Huckabee Sanders press conference. Those do really well. That has become kind of must-see TV in a lot ways.

Bluey: It certainly has.

Browder: So that’s an event we might do, or other big ones like the Billy Graham funeral, or events on any given day. It just depends. But we found a lot of success with that. That seems to be the appetite that most of our viewers have, are these shorter segments.

Brody: And a couple of those shorter segments, for example, Lila Rose and the story that Planned Parenthood had basically contributed to child sexual abuse by not reporting it to authorities. We had Lila Rose from Live Action on for a 10-minute segment. And Rick Klein from ABC News, the political director, talking about faith and the Democrats and the media and whether or not the Democrats are getting their message out because of Russia and Stormy Daniels. We’ll kind of like target specific areas, and it’s been pretty successful so far.

Browder: It’s the intersection of faith and politics—two forbidden areas to talk about. But, yeah, we’ve found a lot of success with it, and we just have fun doing it. It’s a really fun show.

David Brody and Jenna Browder on the set of their “Faith Nation” show. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Bluey: You have also had success with your interviews with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. What is it like to be in a setting like that with the vice president, David, which you’ve done a couple of times, or President Trump, which you did many times, including once for The Daily Signal when you were contributing here. What’s it like to be in that setting with them?

Brody: It’s very casual. As you might imagine, Trump is an impromptu-type guy who doesn’t get really caught up into protocol too much. And that’s what you find in these interviews. And Jenna and I have both been blessed. And that’s the word, blessed.

We like to call it crazy favor from God, for sure, to be in those settings, not just with interviews. I’ll let you take some of the behind-the-scenes stories that we’ve been at the White House for.

But in terms of the interviews, it’s very impromptu. I’ll give you an example. One time on the road during the campaign, we had everything all set up for him in terms of a side that he likes to be shot on and the whole thing, everything. Last moment, he says, “You know what, let’s do it this way,” and he switched and he went into my chair and I went into his chair. And he just wanted to do something different.

He’s kind of just going rogue a little bit. And we see that a lot in the interviews. And it’s just a lot of fun to kind of see how he operates and thinks. He talks quite a bit during those times. He’s a lot more pensive than people give him credit for.

Browder: We were at an off-the-record meeting at the White House a few weeks ago. And it was a group of people sitting in the Roosevelt Room. And in the middle of the meeting, the president stops everybody and says, “Hey, let’s go across the hallway to the Oval Office.” So he takes all of us into this beautiful Oval Office. He’s just impromptu like that. You never know what he’s going to do.

Brody: And he also asked people at the time, “Anybody been to the Oval Office?” A lot of people said, “No.” And he goes, “Come on. Let’s go.” And it was like a field trip, and so that was neat.

What I found out is that what he was telling us off the record in the Oval Office, which we of course can’t talk about, I also started hearing him talk about on television two days later. And that’s a bit of the charm of Donald Trump—off the record is really on the record with Trump. And that’s what makes him very authentic and why he got elected president.

Bluey: David, you and Scott Lamb wrote a book about the president and his faith, “The Faith of Donald J. Trump.” It’s not something you hear a whole lot about. Why did you write it?

Brody: This has nothing to with Donald Trump being a Boy Scout. I like to say it’s not the sainthood of Donald Trump, it’s the faith of Donald Trump. This is not apologetics book for Donald Trump at all. But he is the president of the United States, last time I checked. And so my co-author, Scott Lamb, and I felt we needed to have something on record, if you will, something in the historical record about Donald Trump and his faith, and it’s actually pretty interesting.

It’s a pretty deep dive. And Scott Lamb did a lot of this research, especially in the first part of the book, where we go back into his mother’s childhood, his father’s childhood, and where he gets some of that Scottish braveheart that we see quite often from Donald Trump today. He gets it from his mother’s side, and that Lutheranism from his father’s side, that hard work ethic.

So anyhow, a lot of interesting parts in the book, including the fact that he has a bit of viking blood in him, it turns out, which what a shock that he’s got some viking blood in him.

Browder: I think twice we’ve seen the vice president endorsing this book.

Brody: Saw it the other day.

Browder: Yeah, it was the Family Research Council, and he surprised this group of pastors. He’s up there giving this impromptu speech. And he just says, “And by the way, if you have time I’d recommend checking out David Brody’s new book, ‘The Faith of Donald Trump.’” A lot of people are speaking really highly of it.

Bluey: It’s another example of tackling a topic that very few in the media are willing to do. And that goes to the heart of my next question, which is, we’ve seen poll after poll come out where the Americans’ trust in media is at historic lows. And yet, I know there are people who write to us at The Daily Signal who are just so thankful and appreciative that there are alternative sources out there. David, you’ve worked alongside these people for a long time. What are they doing wrong to have lost this trust? And what can they do better?

Brody: It really is the $64,000 question. A couple things. First, they’re an echo chamber. They talk to themselves a lot. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich one time told me it’s the latte-sipping crowd, and that they actually sit around a table and discuss what, in essence, are the talking points for the next day. And I really mean that.

They literally do this, and so there’s a bit of a coordinated effort by the New York-Washington Acela corridor media, to in essence kind of come up with a game plan as to what the talking points will be for the next day. You see it on “Morning Joe” all the time. And so I think that’s part of it.

But remember, Donald Trump talks about the deep state a lot. The deep state, the way he views it, the way Steve Bannon views it, the media is part of it. And all that simply means is that the media have been in this town for a very long time, just like entrenched bureaucrats have been in this town for a very long time.

If you drink this Potomac water for long enough, you are going to get really poisoned. And I think that’s what we’ve seen. That’s a big part of it. They don’t understand another competing worldview. That’s part of the problem here, especially the Christian worldview.

Browder: After the election there seemed to be a moment where some of the outlets, The New York Times and different mainstream media outlets, were taking a step back and reflecting and saying, “Hmm. How did we go wrong? Why did we miss this?” And that was kind of refreshing to see. But that seemed to evaporate really quickly.

“They don’t understand the worldview of a lot of people in middle America and flyover country. And that’s the whole disconnect there.” —Jenna Browder

It’s a difference of a worldview, in that they don’t like the president’s worldview. They don’t like a lot of people, the worldview, or they don’t understand. They don’t understand the worldview of a lot of people in middle America and flyover country. And that’s the whole disconnect there. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s getting any better.

Brody: By the way, this whole fake news terminology, Donald Trump, he’s a master brander, so he’s great at that. But let’s be honest. We all knew for a long time that “fake news” was out there. We just called it the liberal mainstream media. We didn’t call it fake news, but Donald Trump takes it to a different level and is able to brand it very, very well.

Browder: That’s one of his strongest suits, his branding and marketing.

Brody: Greatest showman.

Browder: Everything, it sticks.

Brody: It does stick.

Browder: Lyin’ Ted.

Brody: Now it’s Punchy. Robert De Niro is now Punchy.

Browder: Right, exactly.

Bluey: It is truly fascinating to watch. What exciting things do you have on the horizon? What do you want to tell our listeners about that you’re doing at CBN?

Brody: There’s quite a bit.

Browder: You first, David.

Brody: Oh, thank you so much, Jenna.

We have Secretary of Energy Rick Perry joining us soon on “Faith Nation” in the next week or so, that’ll be exciting. There will be a lot more Cabinet members coming by CBN to talk about biblically-based issues, which is important.

Biblically-based issues, which will serve not just our audience, but quite frankly, society, to hear more of that traditional Judeo-Christian viewpoint from these Cabinet members because President Trump has surrounded himself with a lot of them. Watch for that coming soon.

Browder: Then also just getting on the road, going to the swing states and getting a pulse for the voters heading into these 2018 elections. One thing we have in the works is getting on the road with Ivanka Trump. We’ll be getting out with her and just going around and talking to the people of middle America.

Bluey: David, Jenna, thanks for speaking to The Daily Signal.

Browder: Thank you so much.

Brody: Thanks, Rob.


Portrait of Rob Bluey

Rob Bluey

Rob Bluey is editor-in-chief of The Daily Signal, the multimedia news organization of The Heritage Foundation. Send an email to Rob. Twitter: @RobertBluey.

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Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of David Brody and Jenna Browder who have made CBN News and their “Faith Nation” show a popular program for White House interviews. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Foundation grants $100,000 to Islamic Supremacists to force Islamic Law on American businesses

CAIR issued a news release titled CAIR-Massachusetts Receives $100,000 Cummings Foundation Grant.  The news release states in part:

The Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is one of 100 local nonprofits to receive grants of $100,000 each through Cummings Foundation’s “$100K for 100” program.

CAIR-Massachusetts intends to use the funds to hire two legal fellows to assist with case management and to support its civil rights programming for the Massachusetts Muslim community.

Cummings Foundation has granted $100,000 to CAIR Massachusetts so that it can harass and sue businesses to force them to comply with certain provisions of Islamist Sharia law.  Many of the oppressive tenets of Sharia law are antithetical to the rights afforded all Americans by the United States Constitution.

CAIR has harassed companies in an attempt to force them to allow employees Salah times of prayer.  Requiring businesses to allow groups of employees to meet to pray five times a day results in making Islamic Salah times for Muslim prayer a priority over fairness to other employees and a company’s efficiency, profitability.  Example 1.  Example 2.  Example 3.  Example 4.  Example 5.

CAIR has harassed companies in an attempt to force them to allow employees to wear a hijab which exemplifies Islamist oppression towards women that is commanded by Sharia law and fatwas.  Pew Research reports that 57% of Muslim women in America do NOT wear a hijab.  The hijab is a symbol of the cruel creed that it represents.   The hijab was invented in the 1970s over 1300 years after the Quran was written.  The hijab is not derived from the Quran but is legislated by Islamist dictates and fatwas that oppress and dominate woman.   Strict Islamic law, Sharia and fatwa enforcement requiring women to wear the hijab started only within the last 50 years.  Today, women in Iran and Saudi Arabia are put in jail for protesting the hijab.   Click here for more info on hijab.  Example 1.  Example 2.  Example 3.  Example 4.

Numerous Council on American Islamic Relations’ officials have been sentenced to prison and/or deported for supporting terrorism.  CAIR officials have defended people convicted of terror activities in the United States.  CAIR is linked to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.  Click here for more info on CAIR.

Did Cummings Foundation officials know about CAIR’s terror linked history and its plans to use Cumming’s grant money to harass American businesses to comply with un-American Islamist Sharia law provisions before granting CAIR $100,000?

Here is a list of all of Cummings Properties real estate rental properties.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to express concern to Cummings Foundation officials regarding grant support for CAIR.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to express concern to Cummings Foundation officials regarding grant support for CAIR.

Click here for contact information.

Iran backed Hamas has fired more rockets into Israel in the last 24-hours than during the past 3-years

As of 8:00 PM, May 29, 2018 over 114  mortars and rockets have been launched by Hamas and Jihad both Iranian proxies into civilian areas in Israel. A kindergarten was targeted but fortunately the children had not yet arrived in school when it hit the play area.

The Western media wasn’t reluctant to blame Israel while protecting their border, but their silence is loud and clear with this massive attack against Israeli citizens.

CUFI Talking Points: More rockets fired into Israel over the past 24 hours than during past 3 years

As of right now, at least 70 mortars have been fired into Israel from Gaza in the last 24 hours and the situation continues to grow more serious.

The current mortar attack is the largest assault on Israeli civilians since the 2014 Gaza war.

Early this morning, as Israelis were just waking up and taking their children to school, they found themselves under attack by an initial barrage of more than 30 mortars fired into southern Israel from Gaza. Families had 15-30 seconds to get under cover after hearing the piercing Red Alert sirens warn of an incoming projectile.

Several homes and vehicles were hit by mortars as mothers tried to pull their screaming, confused babies into the closest safe room and shield the children with their bodies.

Minutes before crowds of Jewish children were scheduled to arrive, an Israeli kindergarten near the Gaza border was hit with pieces of shrapnel large enough to tear chunks of concrete out of the school’s walls and entrance doorway.

For some of the youngest Israeli children under four years old, the last 24 hours of constant Red Alert sirens and explosions nearby were the most traumatizing day of their lives. They are too young to remember the last time Israelis were besieged by such massive sustained rocket fire from Gaza, during the summer of 2014. For their parents, today brought back a familiar sense of terror as they spent the entire day within steps of the closest bomb shelter or huddled inside while the firestorm continued late into the night.

The Iranian-backed terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad issued a joint statement claiming “credit” for the attack on Israel, and continued to escalate by launching more sophisticated and dangerous rockets into Israel throughout the night.

During the last eight weeks of Hamas-led violent riots along the border with Gaza, Hamas has openly bragged on Arabic television that they would “tear down their fence just like we will tear out their [the Israeli’s] hearts from their chests.” The worldwide media ignored Israel’s evidence that the riots were largely carried out for the purpose of terrorism, but today’s assault on Israeli families and children in their homes and schools proves that Hamas is determined to murder innocent Israelis.

While the American media obsesses over a controversial sitcom as the biggest news of the day, millions of Israelis are sleeping in bomb shelters and praying the Red Alert sirens stay silent. Today was a somber reminder that Iran’s proxies are growing bolder and more aggressive in their provocations. As the ruling power in Gaza, Hamas is solely responsible for maintaining the peace by controlling its radical factions. If they cannot or will not prevent attacks on Israeli civilians, the IDF has every right to take whatever action necessary to protect the families trying to live peacefully in southern Israel.

Read more.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Palestinian members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, displaying Qassam home-made rockets during an anti-Israel military parade on August 21, 2016 in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

Security Camera Video Captures an Archangel?

Security camera photo image. Photo: Glen Thorman.

Connor Hansson from WPBN/WGTU in East Jordan, Michigan asks,

Do you believe in miracles?

A group of people in East Jordan believe they have come across one.

“I said ‘That’s an angel!’ And I was just blown away,” said Glen Thorman, whose security camera captured the image. “I couldn’t wait to send it to my wife and send it to Deneille. And I said ‘I got an angel, and my camera took a picture of an angel.'”

The above image appears to be an archangel. An Archangel has historically been depicted as having wings and carrying a sword, which is the word of God.

The featured image is of the Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael, also known as St. Michael the Archangel, serves on the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. The guardian angels serve under Archangel Michael. He is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance and his divine complement is Archeia Faith. In the Book of Daniel he is called “the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people.” Archangel Michael is the sponsor of police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Muller Appointment Letter & Transcript of Manafort Trial Testimony Leaked on Twitter

There have been multiple reports about U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III and his concerns about how the Office of the Special Council is using the trial of  American lobbyist, political consultant and lawyer Paul John Manafort Jr. as a political weapon.  One of the documents that Judge Ellis III demanded was the letter appointing Robert Mueller as a Special Council. The un-redacted appointment letter of Robert S. Mueller II and the testimony of the exchange between Judge Ellis III (The Court) and Mr. Dreeben, the Special Council’s prosecutor, have been leaked and posted on Twitter.

Here they are for review.

Special Council Appointment letter.

Note that the scope of the investigation is limited to, “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” Here is what 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a) reads:

§ 600.4 Jurisdiction.

(a) Original jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of a Special Counsel shall be established by the Attorney General. The Special Counsel will be provided with a specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated. The jurisdiction of a Special Counsel shall also include the authority to investigate and prosecute federal crimes committed in the course of, and with intent to interfere with, the Special Counsel’s investigation, such as perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and intimidation of witnesses; and to conduct appeals arising out of the matter being investigated and/or prosecuted.

Transcript of U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III and the prosecutor. 

The following transcript was posted on Twitter by Techno Fog who stated, “I got my hands on the May 4 transcript from the USA v. Manafort hearing in front of Judge Ellis. (Thanks to a close friend.)”

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EDITORS NOTE: The red boxes were added by Techno Fog.

Leftists Own Every Propaganda Tool — Yet Cannot Win Over Americans

It’s stunning how thoroughly the American Left dominates every lever that moves the American culture, that shapes the broad narrative and forms public opinion — and yet it does not dominate in either the elections or in polls on self-identification.

While it is amazing Republicans can ever win in such an environment of dominant cultural institutions being leftist and Democratic, this is actually wildly good news.

It means, unbelievable enough, that Americans are still strongly resistant to the kind of collectivist, subservient mindset that is rampant in an ever-diminishing Europe. It means that while Americans are not exactly of the hearty 19th century settler style anymore, we still value our individualism and liberties and recognize America truly is an exceptional nation.

This is the only conclusion given the level of propaganda being waged.

The traditional and still dominant news media, virtually every college campus, public schools, Hollywood and the music industry are all hardcore Leftist institutions and have been for many decades. Their propaganda has driven enormously damaging trends in the country and the acceptance of self-harming activities as normal.

But even with this tsunami of public movers, Leftist core ideals seem unable to ratchet off course the basic metal of the average American. Consider, at this moment, the President of the United States is Republican, the U.S. Senate is Republican, the U.S. House is Republican, 32 state legislatures are Republican and 33 governors are Republican. At every level of government, Republicans have majorities. They may not be all that conservatives want, but they are the only party representing traditional American values and norms.

Now, however, with new technologies, another wave of Leftist inculcation of the masses is apparent in the big social media conglomerates. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have all been more and more openly putting their fingers on the scales to favor liberal content creators. And, much more actively and effectively as a propaganda tool, they are suppressing opposing views of conservative creators.

For instance, YouTube last year began the adpocolypse, demonetizing conservative sites so no ads would show, and further, restricting their viewing. This included such mainstream conservative sites as PragerU, which is suing the giant video-sharing platform. Now, however, YouTube has gone further by actually closing accounts, in the beginning of what looks like a purge. These have been mostly alt right accounts, but they also suspended generally conservative sites, such as Steven Crowder’s.

This activity by the social media giants all falls under the rubric of “offensive speech” policies. These policies are heavily tilted toward liberal speech only. Anything anti-Muslim is offensive speech, anything anti-Christian is free speech. Opposition to normalizing gender confusion is offensive speech, pro gender confusion is free speech. You get it. Needless to say, liberal accounts are largely unaffected, which is the point of these policies.

Twitter has been doing it longer. Facebook was caught cooking its “trending” list into liberal trending, and now they and others are trying to clamp down on “fake news.” Of course, fake news is almost totally subjective. So they are using liberal dominated organizations such as Politifact, Snopes and the extremist leftist organization Southern Poverty Law Center (which considers organizations with traditional Christian beliefs as hate groups) to determine what is fake news.

And despite this smothering level of propaganda, at every level of influence on American life, the party most closely aligned traditional, conservative ideals is dominant right now? Surely there will be a swing back toward Democrats because that is the history of the United States. But considering all, how is this even possible?

The only answer is that a strong vein of our founding truths still runs through most Americans.

Patriotic and Christian movies consistently do very well, despite being constrained by lack of capital, advertising and screen showings. American patriotism — at its best representing the unique goodness that is America, even with all her flaws — still thrives. Christianity has not yet gone the way of Europe and remains a mighty force in American life. Individual American generosity (not government grants) remains unparalleled in the world. The desire for freedom, for Americans and for others remains so strong it can lead us down wrong paths, such as nation-building. But the impetus is uniquely American, and good.

Things may yet change for the worse. As the great philosopher Yoda said, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” Yet it should be an encouragement to all who understand America, her foundations and her significance to the welfare of the world, that all has not been lost in this liberal onslaught on the culture.

Americans remain a unique people in an exceptional nation.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Revolutionary Act. Our Revolutionary YouTube Channel