Journalism Duo Offers Christian Alternative to Media’s Reporting on Trump

David Brody and Jenna Browder are hosts of the “Faith Nation” show on Christian Broadcasting Network and Brody recently published “The Faith of Donald J. Trump” with co-author Scott Lamb. Brody and Browder spoke to Daily Signal Editor-in-Chief Rob Bluey about what it’s like to cover President Trump, why they report the news from a biblical viewpoint, and how the media can regain Americans’ trust.

Rob Bluey: Both of you have had tremendous interactions with the Trump White House and the political scene in Washington, D.C. Let’s begin by talking about what it’s like to be members of the media in this incredible time in history. Almost every day, David and Jenna, we have some sort of major news development. How do you keep up with it all?

David Brody: Where do you begin? I guess you begin by over-the-counter medication, for sure Excedrin. It’s like living in a reality TV show. I mean, it really is. Trump is the reality TV president and we’re just contestants in it. It’s just intense, but intense in a good way.

CBN has been given great access, and I think that’s been exciting for us. And just to see Trump take evangelical Christians in a very serious way—to realize they have something to say and they have something to add to the conversation, whereas past presidents have said the same thing, but their actions haven’t necessarily followed.

It’s been pretty exciting to see this president do what he said he was going to do.

Jenna Browder: Absolutely. You just have to check Twitter to get a quick update. And I think the American people really like that. They like that they can go to Twitter and they can see exactly what the president is thinking at that given moment.

Like David said, the access has been incredible. While the president has lashed out against so much of the mainstream media, CBN News has been given incredible access.

David Brody and Jenna Browder of CBN News at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference earlier this month. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Bluey: That was one of the reasons that we started The Daily Signal. We felt that you no longer had to go through these other channels to share information. Whether you’re Donald Trump or any other politician, the fact that you have these platforms in which you can talk directly to the American people, it certainly has changed the dynamic. What’s it like covering Trump in a situation like that? When you’re trying to convey information to your audience, what is it that goes into the journalism and how you make those stories relevant on a day-to-day basis?

Brody: There’s so much that goes into it. Obviously, it starts with journalism 101—just make sure we’re getting the who, what, where, when, why, and all of that. But beyond that, I think it’s important that we look at things from not a conservative viewpoint or a progressive viewpoint, but from a biblical viewpoint—a biblical worldview—and I think that’s our prism every day. And a biblical worldview, especially on topics like immigration, that runs the gamut, especially with millennials.

When covering Trump, it’s important to understand that our coverage really reflects what that 81 percent of, and let’s be honest, white evangelicals—because that’s the number that we’re hearing—81 percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016. And so if Trump’s numbers started to go in the tank, our coverage would reflect a lot of the concerns that they have. But right now, they don’t really have many concerns. I mean, it has just been one victory after another, and I think our coverage has reflected that enthusiasm.

Now remember, it’s not us being enthusiastic about this president, but it’s them clearly being enthusiastic, so we’re just reporting what we see on the front lines. I know Jenna, obviously you were in North Carolina, she’s been to places. I just go to Jersey. That’s my hometown.

Browder: We kind of joke that my unofficial beat has become the heartland, or that “deplorable” voter, as Hillary Clinton would call them. And what we’re hearing, just so much enthusiasm out in middle America.

I was just in North Carolina just a couple of days ago in Granville County, this is a swing county that was historically blue. But in 2016, it went red. And we were just there talking to voters. A lot of people, they don’t really identify with either party, but by and large, love President Trump there. They love what he’s doing and they feel like he’s restoring our country to a different time, to values of a different age.

Brody: The real question, Rob, is then: Will these folks in Granville actually vote in the midterm elections for the Republican Party? They seem to like Trump, but Republicans, it’s kind of two different situations.

Browder: I was talking to one. There was this one truck driver. I was telling you about him, David. And he voted for Trump in 2016. He said he would vote for him again in 2020, very enthusiastically. So I said, “So what about 2018? Will you vote in these fall midterms?” And he looked at me like I was crazy, as if he was saying, “Why would I vote in 2018? Trump’s not on the ballot.” And you know, that could be the sentiment among a lot of voters, among a lot of Americans. That’s yet to be seen.

David Brody and Jenna Browder on the set of “Fox & Friends” in New York. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Bluey: Jenna, let me ask you a follow-up question on that. Why is it so important to get out of Washington, D.C., and talk to people who are living completely different lives than the reporters who are here in the nation’s capital?

Browder: That is America. We get out in the heartland and we tell the stories of real, everyday Americans. And I think that’s what the mainstream media, by and large, is really missing. They’re in New York. They’re in Los Angeles and Washington and these big cities. And they’re very out of touch with so many people in middle America and so many people with heartland values.

So we try to get out, we try to talk to these people, and I like to say, take the pulse of the people in Kansas and Colorado and North Carolina—places that they don’t think the way we think here in Washington or in New York. And that, I feel, is just so important and we don’t see enough of it in the mainstream media.

Bluey: I agree. David, you mentioned something earlier that I want to go back to. And that is how you approach the news, covering it from a biblical perspective. That’s the approach you take. I think you’ve established a loyal audience in that respect because there’s not a whole lot of other media outlets that do that. In that respect, though, the media habits of your audience have obviously changed. How have you and Jenna changed your approach to making sure that information is still relevant and top of mind, and they’re still getting it?

Brody: That’s a really good question, and I think it’s a daily occurrence. To a degree, it’s an hour-to-hour occurrence. We have to kind of figure out how to do this, not just on television, but online as well. And I think that’s key, quite frankly.

Jenna’s Twitter account is exploding. And here’s why: Because she and myself and others, we’re putting up relevant interviews. The other day, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, for example. This is the type of stuff that we’re bringing to our audience in a way that maybe others aren’t asking the same questions. And I think that’s the key.

A lot of times, what’s above the fold in The Washington Post and New York Times is not above the fold at CBN. It’s much different. The questions are different. But the questions are relevant, and so I think that’s important. Do they care about Russia? Let’s be honest. Evangelicals care about Russia and they care about Stormy Daniels, but here’s the thing …

Browder: To an extent.

Brody: To an extent, but they hear it all the time. The truth of the matter is, they are watching a bit of CNN, a bit, and other places. But they get it there, so we’ve got to show a little bit more than just those two stories, which of course, we do.

Bluey: Jenna, let’s talk about “Faith Nation.” What is it and why did you start it?

Browder: “Faith Nation,” it really kind of started out as a weekly show that we would do. But what we’ve found is that the audience has more of an appetite for 10 or 15 minute segments, so when news is happening, we are there on the “Faith Nation” set providing live analysis. A lot of the stuff we do is just maybe a Sarah Huckabee Sanders press conference. Those do really well. That has become kind of must-see TV in a lot ways.

Bluey: It certainly has.

Browder: So that’s an event we might do, or other big ones like the Billy Graham funeral, or events on any given day. It just depends. But we found a lot of success with that. That seems to be the appetite that most of our viewers have, are these shorter segments.

Brody: And a couple of those shorter segments, for example, Lila Rose and the story that Planned Parenthood had basically contributed to child sexual abuse by not reporting it to authorities. We had Lila Rose from Live Action on for a 10-minute segment. And Rick Klein from ABC News, the political director, talking about faith and the Democrats and the media and whether or not the Democrats are getting their message out because of Russia and Stormy Daniels. We’ll kind of like target specific areas, and it’s been pretty successful so far.

Browder: It’s the intersection of faith and politics—two forbidden areas to talk about. But, yeah, we’ve found a lot of success with it, and we just have fun doing it. It’s a really fun show.

David Brody and Jenna Browder on the set of their “Faith Nation” show. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Bluey: You have also had success with your interviews with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. What is it like to be in a setting like that with the vice president, David, which you’ve done a couple of times, or President Trump, which you did many times, including once for The Daily Signal when you were contributing here. What’s it like to be in that setting with them?

Brody: It’s very casual. As you might imagine, Trump is an impromptu-type guy who doesn’t get really caught up into protocol too much. And that’s what you find in these interviews. And Jenna and I have both been blessed. And that’s the word, blessed.

We like to call it crazy favor from God, for sure, to be in those settings, not just with interviews. I’ll let you take some of the behind-the-scenes stories that we’ve been at the White House for.

But in terms of the interviews, it’s very impromptu. I’ll give you an example. One time on the road during the campaign, we had everything all set up for him in terms of a side that he likes to be shot on and the whole thing, everything. Last moment, he says, “You know what, let’s do it this way,” and he switched and he went into my chair and I went into his chair. And he just wanted to do something different.

He’s kind of just going rogue a little bit. And we see that a lot in the interviews. And it’s just a lot of fun to kind of see how he operates and thinks. He talks quite a bit during those times. He’s a lot more pensive than people give him credit for.

Browder: We were at an off-the-record meeting at the White House a few weeks ago. And it was a group of people sitting in the Roosevelt Room. And in the middle of the meeting, the president stops everybody and says, “Hey, let’s go across the hallway to the Oval Office.” So he takes all of us into this beautiful Oval Office. He’s just impromptu like that. You never know what he’s going to do.

Brody: And he also asked people at the time, “Anybody been to the Oval Office?” A lot of people said, “No.” And he goes, “Come on. Let’s go.” And it was like a field trip, and so that was neat.

What I found out is that what he was telling us off the record in the Oval Office, which we of course can’t talk about, I also started hearing him talk about on television two days later. And that’s a bit of the charm of Donald Trump—off the record is really on the record with Trump. And that’s what makes him very authentic and why he got elected president.

Bluey: David, you and Scott Lamb wrote a book about the president and his faith, “The Faith of Donald J. Trump.” It’s not something you hear a whole lot about. Why did you write it?

Brody: This has nothing to with Donald Trump being a Boy Scout. I like to say it’s not the sainthood of Donald Trump, it’s the faith of Donald Trump. This is not apologetics book for Donald Trump at all. But he is the president of the United States, last time I checked. And so my co-author, Scott Lamb, and I felt we needed to have something on record, if you will, something in the historical record about Donald Trump and his faith, and it’s actually pretty interesting.

It’s a pretty deep dive. And Scott Lamb did a lot of this research, especially in the first part of the book, where we go back into his mother’s childhood, his father’s childhood, and where he gets some of that Scottish braveheart that we see quite often from Donald Trump today. He gets it from his mother’s side, and that Lutheranism from his father’s side, that hard work ethic.

So anyhow, a lot of interesting parts in the book, including the fact that he has a bit of viking blood in him, it turns out, which what a shock that he’s got some viking blood in him.

Browder: I think twice we’ve seen the vice president endorsing this book.

Brody: Saw it the other day.

Browder: Yeah, it was the Family Research Council, and he surprised this group of pastors. He’s up there giving this impromptu speech. And he just says, “And by the way, if you have time I’d recommend checking out David Brody’s new book, ‘The Faith of Donald Trump.’” A lot of people are speaking really highly of it.

Bluey: It’s another example of tackling a topic that very few in the media are willing to do. And that goes to the heart of my next question, which is, we’ve seen poll after poll come out where the Americans’ trust in media is at historic lows. And yet, I know there are people who write to us at The Daily Signal who are just so thankful and appreciative that there are alternative sources out there. David, you’ve worked alongside these people for a long time. What are they doing wrong to have lost this trust? And what can they do better?

Brody: It really is the $64,000 question. A couple things. First, they’re an echo chamber. They talk to themselves a lot. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich one time told me it’s the latte-sipping crowd, and that they actually sit around a table and discuss what, in essence, are the talking points for the next day. And I really mean that.

They literally do this, and so there’s a bit of a coordinated effort by the New York-Washington Acela corridor media, to in essence kind of come up with a game plan as to what the talking points will be for the next day. You see it on “Morning Joe” all the time. And so I think that’s part of it.

But remember, Donald Trump talks about the deep state a lot. The deep state, the way he views it, the way Steve Bannon views it, the media is part of it. And all that simply means is that the media have been in this town for a very long time, just like entrenched bureaucrats have been in this town for a very long time.

If you drink this Potomac water for long enough, you are going to get really poisoned. And I think that’s what we’ve seen. That’s a big part of it. They don’t understand another competing worldview. That’s part of the problem here, especially the Christian worldview.

Browder: After the election there seemed to be a moment where some of the outlets, The New York Times and different mainstream media outlets, were taking a step back and reflecting and saying, “Hmm. How did we go wrong? Why did we miss this?” And that was kind of refreshing to see. But that seemed to evaporate really quickly.

“They don’t understand the worldview of a lot of people in middle America and flyover country. And that’s the whole disconnect there.” —Jenna Browder

It’s a difference of a worldview, in that they don’t like the president’s worldview. They don’t like a lot of people, the worldview, or they don’t understand. They don’t understand the worldview of a lot of people in middle America and flyover country. And that’s the whole disconnect there. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s getting any better.

Brody: By the way, this whole fake news terminology, Donald Trump, he’s a master brander, so he’s great at that. But let’s be honest. We all knew for a long time that “fake news” was out there. We just called it the liberal mainstream media. We didn’t call it fake news, but Donald Trump takes it to a different level and is able to brand it very, very well.

Browder: That’s one of his strongest suits, his branding and marketing.

Brody: Greatest showman.

Browder: Everything, it sticks.

Brody: It does stick.

Browder: Lyin’ Ted.

Brody: Now it’s Punchy. Robert De Niro is now Punchy.

Browder: Right, exactly.

Bluey: It is truly fascinating to watch. What exciting things do you have on the horizon? What do you want to tell our listeners about that you’re doing at CBN?

Brody: There’s quite a bit.

Browder: You first, David.

Brody: Oh, thank you so much, Jenna.

We have Secretary of Energy Rick Perry joining us soon on “Faith Nation” in the next week or so, that’ll be exciting. There will be a lot more Cabinet members coming by CBN to talk about biblically-based issues, which is important.

Biblically-based issues, which will serve not just our audience, but quite frankly, society, to hear more of that traditional Judeo-Christian viewpoint from these Cabinet members because President Trump has surrounded himself with a lot of them. Watch for that coming soon.

Browder: Then also just getting on the road, going to the swing states and getting a pulse for the voters heading into these 2018 elections. One thing we have in the works is getting on the road with Ivanka Trump. We’ll be getting out with her and just going around and talking to the people of middle America.

Bluey: David, Jenna, thanks for speaking to The Daily Signal.

Browder: Thank you so much.

Brody: Thanks, Rob.


Portrait of Rob Bluey

Rob Bluey

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of David Brody and Jenna Browder who have made CBN News and their “Faith Nation” show a popular program for White House interviews. (Photo courtesy of CBN News)

Foundation grants $100,000 to Islamic Supremacists to force Islamic Law on American businesses

CAIR issued a news release titled CAIR-Massachusetts Receives $100,000 Cummings Foundation Grant.  The news release states in part:

The Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is one of 100 local nonprofits to receive grants of $100,000 each through Cummings Foundation’s “$100K for 100” program.

CAIR-Massachusetts intends to use the funds to hire two legal fellows to assist with case management and to support its civil rights programming for the Massachusetts Muslim community.

Cummings Foundation has granted $100,000 to CAIR Massachusetts so that it can harass and sue businesses to force them to comply with certain provisions of Islamist Sharia law.  Many of the oppressive tenets of Sharia law are antithetical to the rights afforded all Americans by the United States Constitution.

CAIR has harassed companies in an attempt to force them to allow employees Salah times of prayer.  Requiring businesses to allow groups of employees to meet to pray five times a day results in making Islamic Salah times for Muslim prayer a priority over fairness to other employees and a company’s efficiency, profitability.  Example 1.  Example 2.  Example 3.  Example 4.  Example 5.

CAIR has harassed companies in an attempt to force them to allow employees to wear a hijab which exemplifies Islamist oppression towards women that is commanded by Sharia law and fatwas.  Pew Research reports that 57% of Muslim women in America do NOT wear a hijab.  The hijab is a symbol of the cruel creed that it represents.   The hijab was invented in the 1970s over 1300 years after the Quran was written.  The hijab is not derived from the Quran but is legislated by Islamist dictates and fatwas that oppress and dominate woman.   Strict Islamic law, Sharia and fatwa enforcement requiring women to wear the hijab started only within the last 50 years.  Today, women in Iran and Saudi Arabia are put in jail for protesting the hijab.   Click here for more info on hijab.  Example 1.  Example 2.  Example 3.  Example 4.

Numerous Council on American Islamic Relations’ officials have been sentenced to prison and/or deported for supporting terrorism.  CAIR officials have defended people convicted of terror activities in the United States.  CAIR is linked to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.  Click here for more info on CAIR.

Did Cummings Foundation officials know about CAIR’s terror linked history and its plans to use Cumming’s grant money to harass American businesses to comply with un-American Islamist Sharia law provisions before granting CAIR $100,000?

Here is a list of all of Cummings Properties real estate rental properties.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to express concern to Cummings Foundation officials regarding grant support for CAIR.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to express concern to Cummings Foundation officials regarding grant support for CAIR.

Click here for contact information.

Iran backed Hamas has fired more rockets into Israel in the last 24-hours than during the past 3-years

As of 8:00 PM, May 29, 2018 over 114  mortars and rockets have been launched by Hamas and Jihad both Iranian proxies into civilian areas in Israel. A kindergarten was targeted but fortunately the children had not yet arrived in school when it hit the play area.

The Western media wasn’t reluctant to blame Israel while protecting their border, but their silence is loud and clear with this massive attack against Israeli citizens.

CUFI Talking Points: More rockets fired into Israel over the past 24 hours than during past 3 years

As of right now, at least 70 mortars have been fired into Israel from Gaza in the last 24 hours and the situation continues to grow more serious.

The current mortar attack is the largest assault on Israeli civilians since the 2014 Gaza war.

Early this morning, as Israelis were just waking up and taking their children to school, they found themselves under attack by an initial barrage of more than 30 mortars fired into southern Israel from Gaza. Families had 15-30 seconds to get under cover after hearing the piercing Red Alert sirens warn of an incoming projectile.

Several homes and vehicles were hit by mortars as mothers tried to pull their screaming, confused babies into the closest safe room and shield the children with their bodies.

Minutes before crowds of Jewish children were scheduled to arrive, an Israeli kindergarten near the Gaza border was hit with pieces of shrapnel large enough to tear chunks of concrete out of the school’s walls and entrance doorway.

For some of the youngest Israeli children under four years old, the last 24 hours of constant Red Alert sirens and explosions nearby were the most traumatizing day of their lives. They are too young to remember the last time Israelis were besieged by such massive sustained rocket fire from Gaza, during the summer of 2014. For their parents, today brought back a familiar sense of terror as they spent the entire day within steps of the closest bomb shelter or huddled inside while the firestorm continued late into the night.

The Iranian-backed terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad issued a joint statement claiming “credit” for the attack on Israel, and continued to escalate by launching more sophisticated and dangerous rockets into Israel throughout the night.

During the last eight weeks of Hamas-led violent riots along the border with Gaza, Hamas has openly bragged on Arabic television that they would “tear down their fence just like we will tear out their [the Israeli’s] hearts from their chests.” The worldwide media ignored Israel’s evidence that the riots were largely carried out for the purpose of terrorism, but today’s assault on Israeli families and children in their homes and schools proves that Hamas is determined to murder innocent Israelis.

While the American media obsesses over a controversial sitcom as the biggest news of the day, millions of Israelis are sleeping in bomb shelters and praying the Red Alert sirens stay silent. Today was a somber reminder that Iran’s proxies are growing bolder and more aggressive in their provocations. As the ruling power in Gaza, Hamas is solely responsible for maintaining the peace by controlling its radical factions. If they cannot or will not prevent attacks on Israeli civilians, the IDF has every right to take whatever action necessary to protect the families trying to live peacefully in southern Israel.

Read more.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Palestinian members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, displaying Qassam home-made rockets during an anti-Israel military parade on August 21, 2016 in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

Security Camera Video Captures an Archangel?

Security camera photo image. Photo: Glen Thorman.

Connor Hansson from WPBN/WGTU in East Jordan, Michigan asks,

Do you believe in miracles?

A group of people in East Jordan believe they have come across one.

“I said ‘That’s an angel!’ And I was just blown away,” said Glen Thorman, whose security camera captured the image. “I couldn’t wait to send it to my wife and send it to Deneille. And I said ‘I got an angel, and my camera took a picture of an angel.'”

The above image appears to be an archangel. An Archangel has historically been depicted as having wings and carrying a sword, which is the word of God.

The featured image is of the Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael, also known as St. Michael the Archangel, serves on the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. The guardian angels serve under Archangel Michael. He is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance and his divine complement is Archeia Faith. In the Book of Daniel he is called “the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people.” Archangel Michael is the sponsor of police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Muller Appointment Letter & Transcript of Manafort Trial Testimony Leaked on Twitter

There have been multiple reports about U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III and his concerns about how the Office of the Special Council is using the trial of  American lobbyist, political consultant and lawyer Paul John Manafort Jr. as a political weapon.  One of the documents that Judge Ellis III demanded was the letter appointing Robert Mueller as a Special Council. The un-redacted appointment letter of Robert S. Mueller II and the testimony of the exchange between Judge Ellis III (The Court) and Mr. Dreeben, the Special Council’s prosecutor, have been leaked and posted on Twitter.

Here they are for review.

Special Council Appointment letter.

Note that the scope of the investigation is limited to, “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” Here is what 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a) reads:

§ 600.4 Jurisdiction.

(a) Original jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of a Special Counsel shall be established by the Attorney General. The Special Counsel will be provided with a specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated. The jurisdiction of a Special Counsel shall also include the authority to investigate and prosecute federal crimes committed in the course of, and with intent to interfere with, the Special Counsel’s investigation, such as perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and intimidation of witnesses; and to conduct appeals arising out of the matter being investigated and/or prosecuted.

Transcript of U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III and the prosecutor. 

The following transcript was posted on Twitter by Techno Fog who stated, “I got my hands on the May 4 transcript from the USA v. Manafort hearing in front of Judge Ellis. (Thanks to a close friend.)”

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EDITORS NOTE: The red boxes were added by Techno Fog.

Leftists Own Every Propaganda Tool — Yet Cannot Win Over Americans

It’s stunning how thoroughly the American Left dominates every lever that moves the American culture, that shapes the broad narrative and forms public opinion — and yet it does not dominate in either the elections or in polls on self-identification.

While it is amazing Republicans can ever win in such an environment of dominant cultural institutions being leftist and Democratic, this is actually wildly good news.

It means, unbelievable enough, that Americans are still strongly resistant to the kind of collectivist, subservient mindset that is rampant in an ever-diminishing Europe. It means that while Americans are not exactly of the hearty 19th century settler style anymore, we still value our individualism and liberties and recognize America truly is an exceptional nation.

This is the only conclusion given the level of propaganda being waged.

The traditional and still dominant news media, virtually every college campus, public schools, Hollywood and the music industry are all hardcore Leftist institutions and have been for many decades. Their propaganda has driven enormously damaging trends in the country and the acceptance of self-harming activities as normal.

But even with this tsunami of public movers, Leftist core ideals seem unable to ratchet off course the basic metal of the average American. Consider, at this moment, the President of the United States is Republican, the U.S. Senate is Republican, the U.S. House is Republican, 32 state legislatures are Republican and 33 governors are Republican. At every level of government, Republicans have majorities. They may not be all that conservatives want, but they are the only party representing traditional American values and norms.

Now, however, with new technologies, another wave of Leftist inculcation of the masses is apparent in the big social media conglomerates. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have all been more and more openly putting their fingers on the scales to favor liberal content creators. And, much more actively and effectively as a propaganda tool, they are suppressing opposing views of conservative creators.

For instance, YouTube last year began the adpocolypse, demonetizing conservative sites so no ads would show, and further, restricting their viewing. This included such mainstream conservative sites as PragerU, which is suing the giant video-sharing platform. Now, however, YouTube has gone further by actually closing accounts, in the beginning of what looks like a purge. These have been mostly alt right accounts, but they also suspended generally conservative sites, such as Steven Crowder’s.

This activity by the social media giants all falls under the rubric of “offensive speech” policies. These policies are heavily tilted toward liberal speech only. Anything anti-Muslim is offensive speech, anything anti-Christian is free speech. Opposition to normalizing gender confusion is offensive speech, pro gender confusion is free speech. You get it. Needless to say, liberal accounts are largely unaffected, which is the point of these policies.

Twitter has been doing it longer. Facebook was caught cooking its “trending” list into liberal trending, and now they and others are trying to clamp down on “fake news.” Of course, fake news is almost totally subjective. So they are using liberal dominated organizations such as Politifact, Snopes and the extremist leftist organization Southern Poverty Law Center (which considers organizations with traditional Christian beliefs as hate groups) to determine what is fake news.

And despite this smothering level of propaganda, at every level of influence on American life, the party most closely aligned traditional, conservative ideals is dominant right now? Surely there will be a swing back toward Democrats because that is the history of the United States. But considering all, how is this even possible?

The only answer is that a strong vein of our founding truths still runs through most Americans.

Patriotic and Christian movies consistently do very well, despite being constrained by lack of capital, advertising and screen showings. American patriotism — at its best representing the unique goodness that is America, even with all her flaws — still thrives. Christianity has not yet gone the way of Europe and remains a mighty force in American life. Individual American generosity (not government grants) remains unparalleled in the world. The desire for freedom, for Americans and for others remains so strong it can lead us down wrong paths, such as nation-building. But the impetus is uniquely American, and good.

Things may yet change for the worse. As the great philosopher Yoda said, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” Yet it should be an encouragement to all who understand America, her foundations and her significance to the welfare of the world, that all has not been lost in this liberal onslaught on the culture.

Americans remain a unique people in an exceptional nation.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Revolutionary Act. Our Revolutionary YouTube Channel

The Game Plan of C-Span

C-Span has a dedicated propagandist program that reaches millions of viewers.  It works on the basis of having the viewing audience call in, vilifying Israel or world Jewry, for all the world to hear, while the host broadcasters remain silent and blameless.  The accusations go unopposed, the lies unchallenged, the slander uncensored, and the audience has digested a full dose of uninterrupted, unexpurgated hate speech against Israel, with defamation of the US for our friendship with the sole middle-eastern democracy that shares our values.  So Islam and the left, the enemies of Jews and Christians worldwide, have their own kind of Lord Haw-Haw, the Fascist mouthpiece of World War II, protected from all censure.  The callers should be screened out and the hosts should be ethical and better informed to disallow the vilification and falsehoods.

Here are just a few of about one hundred damaging comments by callers in 2017, to which the journalists were either silent, ineffective or in agreement.

  • 12/23, “Israel attacked the USS Liberty to get the US into a war with Egypt; I really don’t think that it is a really good ally.  Who knows whether they (Israel) coaxed us into war with Iraq and Syria.”  This is a persistent false accusation.  Numerous inquiries and reports have concluded that the Israelis could not properly identify the ship in international waters and had reason to fear an Egyptian attack.  It was human error.  Israel apologized for the harm, and paid millions in compensation to the US government, as well as to the wounded and to families of the men killed.
  • 12/06, “Truman took the European Jews and set them right on top of the Palestinians, now that is our problem today.”  The historical connection and legal rights, by international law, of the Jewish people in all of Palestine were defined in 1922 by the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, the name used by the Romans.  The identification, “Palestinians,” was fabricated in 1967 after the Arabs lost their aggressive war against Israel; the myth of an ancient Arab link to the land was created to undermine Israel and is part of their world jihad, holy war, and al-hijrah, conquest by migration.
  • 11/09, “The best way to stop terrorism [in the world] is to get control of Israel.”  Islamic terrorism is mandated in their scriptures and terrorists have carried out more than 32,651 deadly terror attacks since 9/11 to date, March ’18.  The persecution and killing of Muslims by other Muslims is a severe problem throughout the world.  Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Muslims live in peace and thrive, and this caller has given voice to making Israel the problem.
  • 05/10, “Basically what we’re doing over there in the Middle East is taking care of Israel – we are in like a proactive war for Israel. They do absolutely nothing as far as the Coalition is concerned and we give them money and arms and they still don’t help us.”  America does not protect Israel; the annual aid helps Israel purchase weaponry for its own defense, much made in America, keeping our manufacturing humming and our workers paid, and it is far less costly than deploying US troops to protect other US allies.  Considered the “policeman of the world,” Israel provides us with invaluable intelligence to fight terrorism, combat-tests weapons and makes beneficial modifications. We benefit from their superior innovation and creativity, frontline of defense, cutting-edge technology in agriculture, cyber-security, medicine, military, and in water technology to Third-world countries and California; they deal with Islamic countries so we can concentrate on North Korea.  Israel’s First Responders helped us track the Boston Marathon bombers; helped with California and Texas floods, Mexico and Haiti after their earthquakes, Japan after their tsunami, and provided post-trauma training to Parkland community members.  Our biggest high-tech companies depend on a strong, independent Israel.
  • 04/20, “Hamas, Hezbollah, these are the people who are Palestinians just trying to get their country back. It’s not a difficult situation at all.  My opinion is – it is not Israel, it’s occupied Palestine. China has North Korea.  Russia has Syria. We have Israel.”   There is/was no “occupied” or “country” of “Palestine”; it was a pejorative name given by the Romans against the Jews. There was never a government, constitution, monetary system, language, culture, art, architecture or literature unique to Palestinian people. The Arabs identified as The Arabs identified as southern Syrians until they assumed the name Palestinians after losing their aggressive war in 1967, to create for themselves a bond to the land. A Jewish kingdom existed in the land between 1050 and 930 BCE and a Jewish presence for 3,000 years.  The Balfour Declaration (1917), San Remo Conference (1920), the League of Nations (1920), carved out the Palestine Mandate for the Jewish homeland; Israel was established as the Jewish state (1948) with Jewish majority on purchased, settled land, with full civil, political and cultural rights to all its minorities.
  • 04/07, “But the United States didn’t have any problem with Israel killing 3,000 people in Gaza. I mean, we have also to look at our own government where we’re poisoning our own people in Michigan.”  Where are the bodies to support this outrageous statement?  These are blatant lies and defamation against Israel and America, said out of sheer ignorance, with no one to refute the malicious condemnations.
  • 03/04, “I am strongly opposed to Israeli policy towards Palestinians.  Why is it I am constantly labeled as anti-Semitic?”  Palestinians who live peacefully within Israel are treated equally to other Israeli citizens under the law, but Palestinians are teaching hate of Jews; encouraging stabbing and throwing stones and bombs at Israeli targets; demanding land to which they have no DNA connection, archaeological or historical evidence of attachment as have the Jews.  Palestinians, like other Arabs, are pursuing jihad just as Muslims are overtaking many of Europe’s countries.  The caller is justly labeled anti-Semitic for demonizing and delegitimizing Jews within their own country, but not condemning the Muslims who are invading and attacking the people of other countries.
  • 03/03, “[Israel’s Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu hated President Obama. I don’t think it was because of him being President. It was because of his color. That is one thing we have to deal with.”  Israel is home to Jews of every country of origin and color skin, from Africa, China, and more.  Israel rescued dark-skinned Ethiopian Jews to Israel, in Operation Solomon.

C-Span has repeatedly aired events that denigrate America and Israel, such as Noura Erakat of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in September, known Louis Farrakhan in November, and propagandist Salam Al-Marayati of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in December. They primarily concentrate on resistance to Jews in Israel and the West Bank (Judea, Samaria), and the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their historic homeland.  The Cable-Satellite network continues to air Palestinian propaganda films as factual, and hosted Palestinian panelists who spread anti-Israel propaganda.

C-Span is wreaking harm against Israel and America by providing the venue for the fueling of hate against these keepers of the world’s moral clarity and tricking the uninformed to support the aspirations of totalitarianism to their own detriment.  How does such an organization take it upon itself to work against the very survival of democracy and their own descendants!  If C-Span and Time Warner Cable cannot stop their unprofessionalism and hate mongering and police themselves, perhaps it is time for Congress to step in.

What Transgenders can Learn from Women about the Dangers of Hormone Therapy

Planned Parenthood has entered into the hormone therapy business. There is a new growth industry, turning little boys into little girls and vice versa.

Hormone therapy is not new. What is new is using it to change a person’s gender identity artificially. 

Women have for decades practiced menopausal hormone therapy. According to the National Cancer Institute (NIH):

Menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) is a treatment that doctors may recommend to relieve common symptoms of menopause and to address long-term biological changes, such as bone loss, that result from declining levels of the natural hormones estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body during and after the completion of menopause.

The NIH website sites two major studies on the positive and negative effects of hormone therapy. According to the NIH the most comprehensive evidence about risks and benefits of MHT comes from two randomized clinical trials that were sponsored by the National Institutes of Health as part of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI):

  • The WHI Estrogen-plus-Progestin Study, in which women with a uterus were randomly assigned to receive either a hormone medication containing both estrogen and progestin (Prempro™) or a placebo.
  • The WHI Estrogen-Alone Study, in which women without a uterus were randomly assigned to receive either a hormone medication containing estrogen alone (Premarin™) or a placebo.

Women’s Health Initiative notes, “More than 27,000 healthy women who were 50 to 79 years of age at the time of enrollment took part in the two trials. Although both trials were stopped early (in 2002 and 2004, respectively) when it was determined that both types of therapy were associated with specific health risks, longer-term follow-up of the participants continues to provide new information about the health effects of MHT.”

The positives for women are:

  • One-third fewer hip and vertebral fractures than women taking the placebo. In absolute terms, this meant 10 fractures per 10,000 women per year who took hormone therapy compared with 15 fractures per 10,000 women per year who took the placebo (1).
  • One-third lower risk of colorectal cancer than women taking the placebo. In absolute terms, this meant 10 cases of colorectal cancer per 10,000 women per year who took hormone therapy compared with 16 cases of colorectal cancer per 10,000 women per year who took the placebo (1).

The negatives for women are:

  • Urinary incontinence. Use of estrogen plus progestin increased the risk of urinary incontinence (1).
  • Dementia. Use of estrogen plus progestin doubled the risk of developing dementia among postmenopausal women age 65 and older (5).
  • Stroke, blood clots, and heart attack. Women who took either combined hormone therapy or estrogen alone had an increased risk of stroke, blood clots, and heart attack (13). For women in both groups, however, this risk returned to normal levels after they stopped taking the medication (24).
  • Breast cancer. Women who took estrogen plus progestin were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer (6). The breast cancers in these women were larger and more likely to have spread to the lymph nodes by the time they were diagnosed (6). The number of breast cancers in this group of women increased with the length of time that they took the hormones and decreased after they stopped taking the hormones (7).

For little boy wanting to become little girls the risks far outweigh any benefits.

Little boys don’t have breasts and their bodies are not like that of a female. So the positives of these two studies do not apply to boys. However, using hormone therapy on boys, according to these two studies, will lead to dementia, stroke, blood clots, urinary incontinence and heart attack.

The SottoPelle website warns:

Large scientific studies conducted over the past two decades overwhelmingly show that synthetic and animal-derived hormone substitutes are dangerous and risky. Warning labels on these drugs make that abundantly clear. Their molecular formulas differ from hormones made in the human body, making them patentable but incapable of communicating with many receptor cells needed to carry out important work throughout the body.

Pick your poison as the saying goes.

RELATED VIDEO: Benefits and Risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Kushner Clearance Pales Compared to Ben Rhodes’ Denied Clearance

The media is intent on urgently reporting and discussing the importance of the temporarily reduced security clearance of Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

But when Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes was actually denied security clearance in 2008, the media yawned. Actually, it never even reported something this newsworthy and, apparently, if the media doesn’t report it, it doesn’t happen.

Recall that Rhodes was not only a high-level advisor to Obama, but he was the architect of the now-infamous Iran nukes deal involving cases of cash flown on a plane to Tehran while creating a pathway for nukes to the repressive, terrorist, Islamist regime. Further, he was the one who misled Congress and the public on the terms of the agreement.

Yet it was not until January 2017, days before Obama was out of office, that the Washington Free Beacon reported:

Ben Rhodes, a White House deputy national security adviser who led the administration’s efforts to mislead Congress about the terms of the Iran nuclear agreement, is under scrutiny in the wake of disclosures he was declined interim clearance status by the FBI in 2008, when the administration was moving into the White House.

The Washington Times followed up with a report and the Free Beacon did some follow-up stories on the congressional inquiry. Google does not show any mainstream media coverage of this story, even once Congress was looking into it and the issue was fully public.

This context is hugely important. Because people may think that Jared Kushner not getting his security clearance is not only important, but showing a pattern of chaos, disruption and disreputable characters in the White House. But does it? No, at least not when we look in light of what has happened in previous administrations, even if they were not reported or barely reported.

We reported on this problem previously by comparing Trump’s personal peccadillos to presidents of the past, which were barely reported or not reported until historic biographies told the stories.

From JFK’s stream of prostitutes and drugs into the White House far exceeding anything even in Trump’s past, let alone in his White House, to LBJ’s wild racism and infatuation with telling people about his manly package, to Bill Clinton, Trump comes off looking pretty mild. But you wouldn’t know that by consuming only the traditional media because they are covering Trump differently and thereby misleading the American people.

This continually manifests itself in the hysterically funny claim by many Democrats that the Obama administration was the most corruption-free administration in modern American history. This is so easy to debunk — but not if you only get news from the traditional media. Here we report five scandals from the Obama years that could legitimately require a special counsel and that the media had no real interest in pursuing.

This lack of context due to media reporting double standards pops up everywhere.

I was on an ABC panel last night discussing this and other issues with a Florida Democratic Party Chairman and a Tampa Bay Times political correspondent along with the ABC moderator. None of the three of them had heard anything about this Rhodes story. But they knew all about Jared Kushner.

This, of course, goes to the alternate universe that has grown in the wake of the media’s abdication of any journalistic responsibility. Taking sides as the media did clearly during the Obama years, and then did on steroids since Trump’s election, has resulted in two competing narratives of every story out there. This is a prime example and explains why so much on social media appears to be people talking from different planets.

Censorship by Twitter and Facebook using Snopes and other leftist organizations will hardly fix “fake news” in this sense. It will, however magnify the alternate universe paradigm.

And that means that virtually every new eruption from the media on the Trump White House requires the understanding that this may or may not be much of anything. And that requires some truthful context.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act. Please visit The Revolutionary Act’s YouTube Channel

Axios Survey: Public Wants Big Tech Regulated

A new poll shows that Americans, by and large, would like to see tighter regulations on the technology industry.


Americans don’t think Silicon Valley is trustworthy enough to self-monitor and do the right thing.

Americans want more regulations on companies like YouTube, Twitter and Google.

Specifically, Americans look at stories like the Russia meddling of U.S. elections and the proliferation of so-called “fake news,” and say: We need government to control this stuff.

Axios has the story:

A majority of Americans are now concerned that the government won’t do enough to regulate how U.S. technology companies operate, according to an Axios-SurveyMonkey poll. Across the board, concern about government inaction is up significantly — 15 percentage points — in the past three months.

Why it matters: That’s a seismic shift in the public’s perception of Silicon Valley over a short period of time. It shows how worried Americans are about Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but it also reflects a growing anxiety about the potentially addictive nature of some of the tech companies’ products, as well as the relentless spread of fake news on their platforms.

What’s changed: In a previous Axios-SurveyMonkey poll in November, just after Facebook, Google and Twitter testified before Congress, only about four in 10 Americans were concerned that the government wouldn’t do enough to regulate the tech companies.

Now that number has jumped to 55%. Notably, 45% of Republicans — who are usually skeptical about government regulation — share the concern that government won’t do enough. Independents showed the biggest shift with an increase of 20 percentage points.

There’s other bad news for the tech companies, too:

More than eight in 10 — including big majorities across party lines — blame the technology companies for not doing more to safeguard their platforms against election interference.

When asked whether social media does more to help promote democracy and free speech or does more to hurt democracy and free speech, most Americans (55%) now say social media does more to hurt democracy and free speech than it helps.

The good news: There’s no letup in the widespread public sentiment that technology has had a positive effect on society. More than seven out of 10 Americans share that view. And 82% say the success of U.S. tech companies has been good for the economy.

The big picture: In response to growing scrutiny in Washington, major tech firms are leaning heavily on the consistent positive views of the tech industry. They often tout the fact that consumers love their free, innovative products that have become staples of every day life.

But these numbers show that more people are trying to square their affinity for the companies’ services with the downsides that have become so much more visible in the past year. As those concerns bubble up to policy makers, regulation of some sort — even in narrowly tailored areas — seems like less of a long shot than it did at the end of 2017.

Methodology: The online survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey from February 21-23, 2018 among 3,574 adults in the United States. They were selected from the nearly 3 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. The modeled error estimate for the full sample is 2.5 percentage points. Crosstabs available here.


YouTube’s New Moderators “Mistakenly” Pull Right-Wing Channels

Russia Uses Facebook to Undermine Dakota Access Pipeline, Other U.S. Energy Projects

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report. Pamela Geller’s shocking new book, “FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA” is now available on Amazon. It’s Geller’s tell all, her story – and it’s every story – it’s what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

EXPOSED: Dick’s Sporting Goods’ history of using dead school kids to promote their brand name

Social media is alive with reports of how Dick’s Sporting Goods announcement of banning the sales of AR-15 rifles is deja vu all over again.

CNN reporter Susan Candiotti in a December 18, 2012 article titled Sporting goods chain suspends sale of certain semi-automatic after shooting wrote:

Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world, says it has removed all guns from its store nearest to Newtown, Connecticut, and is suspending the sale of certain kinds of semi-automatic rifles from its chains nationwide.

Dick’s did this after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. But it appears that taking these rifles off of their shelves didn’t last very long.

Here’s the problem, Dick’s continues to sell AR-15 rifles in one of its franchises.

Forbes reporter 

Dick’s, the country’s largest outdoor sports retailer, responded to the [Sandy Hook Elementary] tragedy by pulling semi-automatic guns – ‘modern sporting rifles’, in industry parlance – off shelves in their 500-plus stores “out of respect for the victims and their families,” per a December statement.

[ … ]

Dick’s has kept its word, though: a search of its website shows semi-automatics like the Bushmaster remain off the menu. The outdoor giant (2012 revenues: $5.89 billion) is, however, selling these modern sporting rifles at its brand new offshoot, Field & Stream. The first of these specialty hunting and fishing stores opened in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania this past weekend, with Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson on hand to sign autographs.

Gun news site The Firearm Blog first posited that AR-15 rifles like the kind Lanza used would be available at Field & Stream despite the Dick’s ban on these weapons in a post earlier this month. The team at social news outlet Vocativ attended Friday’s grand opening in Pennsylvania to see for themselves:

We weren’t the only ones looking for an AR-15. The line to purchase these firearms was so long that customers were required to take numbers. And the selection was excellent! So excellent, in fact, that we decided to take pictures. The guns for sale included the Remington AR-15s, S&W AR-15s as well as Stag and DPMS AR-15s. Oh, and don’t forget the Bushmaster used by Lanza.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has now used two school shootings to promote its brand name. You would think they would have learned from their first failure.

As O’Conner reported, “Industry experts say Dick’s has to sell these weapons at its new spinoff to remain competitive. “I’m not surprised,” said James Chartier, an analyst at Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co., Inc who covers Dick’s Sporting Goods and competitors like Cabela’s. “If you want to be authentic to the customer, you have to sell that product. You can’t be seen as caving in to political pressure.”

We expect this Dick’s ban will fade away as soon as do the headlines on the Parkland shooting. Can you say crocodile tears?

Important Free Speech Case Filed: Jared Taylor v. Twitter

And, it all started when Twitter banned Jared Taylor and American Renaissance from its platform.

Breitbart has a long report on the case.  I think Taylor has a good case, but you know how our court system has become (too often these days) the place where Leftwing ideology has found its home and Constitutional protections are lost, so I won’t dare to predict how this could turn out.

Here is Ian Mason writing at Breitbart about the case filed last week in California:

A group of free-speech lawyers filed the most serious legal challenge yet to Twitter’s censorship policies Tuesday in San Francisco County Superior Court, seeking a ruling preventing Twitter from banning users purely on the basis of their views and political associations.

Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor

The 29-page complaint contends that, under a California legal doctrine that recognizes some private facilities as “public forums,” Twitter may not discriminate against speech on their platform based purely on viewpoint. If successful, it would be the first extension of that doctrine to internet social media platforms and could transform the way free speech is treated online. The suit became all the more relevant Wednesday as Twitter stood accused of locking out thousands of conservatives under the guise of cracking down on “Russian bots.”

The genesis of the suit is Twitter’s November 2017 announcement that they would start banning and sanctioning users based on their offline behavior and associations.

On December 18, 2017, Twitter, five years after their top British executive described the company as “the free speech wing of the free speech party,” made good on this threat, “purging” hundreds of mostly right-wing users. Twitter’s new policy refers to association with “violent extremist groups,” and a company blog post claimed, “If an account’s profile information includes a violent threat or multiple slurs, epithets, racist or sexist tropes, incites fear, or reduces someone to less than human, it will be permanently suspended.”

One of those purged is Jared Taylor, founder and editor of “American Renaissance,” a fringe-right journal on race and immigration. He is frequently described as an “extremist” and a “white supremacist” by left-wing groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the latter of which sits on Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council,” the largely leftist group of activists and non-profits Twitter assembled in 2016 to help decide which speech to censor.

Taylor is a graduate of Yale University and Paris’s Sciences Po, the former West Coast editor of PC Magazine, and author of several books. He describes himself as a “white advocate” or “race realist” and condemns Nazism and antisemitism.

According to the complaint, in his more than six years on Twitter, Taylor never made threats, harassed anyone, or otherwise came under scrutiny for his behavior on the platform. Even the SPLC notes Taylor “scrupulously avoided racist epithets [and] employed the language of academic journals” in his writings, and Taylor once wrote an article urging people to be more civil on Twitter.


Yet both Taylor’s personal account and that of American Renaissance were permanently banned. The only explanation Twitter gave was that the accounts were “affiliated with a violent extremist group.” Twitter refused to offer Taylor any further details including to which “violent extremist group” he was affiliated.

There is much more here.

The SPLC and me….

You might also want to know that the SPLC has gone on another of its media hit campaigns.  See that the Baltimore Sun has listed me as a “hate group” (taking the SPLC’s word for it!) without ever checking to find out that I am a journalist blogger and have no group!

How many more one-person ‘groups’ are on SPLC’s “hate group” list?

LOL! The Sun says Maryland hate groups are “on the rise” as Maryland gains one “hate group” since the SPLC’s list last year.

The SPLC aimed its big-money guns at me after the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society directed them to my work. Of course HIAS didn’t like anyone questioning their federal funding and their refugee resettlement program.


Australia: Iranian refugees charged in major drug bust, so much for gratitude

Catholic Charities can’t have cake and eat it too in Lesbian adoption case, or….

Israel set to deport African economic migrants, Canada says wait (they want more)

Two Shadows in the Valley

Do all the men of the universe a favor and wear your hair like that for the rest of your life.

In the rolling, wooded hills of Hamilton, Georgia, it was a cold Monday in December 2007. As the three sisters scurried around the house getting ready for Emma’s wedding, the letter arrived postmarked November 21, obviously sent from a mail collection point near a combat outpost in Iraq.

The handwritten message where a stamp normally would have been was apparent: Free mail, Go Gators!

On the other side of the envelope where the flap was, another handwritten message:

Axis of Evil: Iran, N. Korea, Auburn, LSU, Georgia.

Capt. Adam Paulson Snyder (1981-2007)

As the mail was delivered, the busy house stood still to read the contents of this particular letter. Anyone under roof who took one look could instantly identify the envelope as an RSVP to Emma’s wedding from none other than sister Kathryn’s unspoken love, Florida Gator Superfan Capt. Adam Snyder of Fort Campbell’s 101st Airborne Division.

Three years earlier, it was probably one of the toughest days of Ranger School for Adam. Instead of being in the mountains of Dahlonega with his brothers, he was held back for an accidental discharge of weapon, an infraction he knew he did not commit.

A close friend with rank, found out about it and went to bat for him, demanding to speak to the Brigade Commander on his behalf.

“Can you attest to this Lieutenant’s character and integrity?” the Commander asked.

“I’d put my rank on the line,” said the friend.

The Commander agreed to have Lt. Snyder take a polygraph test to determine if he was lying about the accidental discharge.

The interrogating agent asked whether he had ever done anything bad and seemed to be pleased when Snyder answered yes.

“Once, McDonalds gave me an extra hamburger in my bag and I didn’t pay for it.”

The agent became extremely angry and continued to press Adam with intimidating questions, only to find out that he had never lied about anything, most especially misfiring his weapon.

So that Monday of December 2007, there was a hush in the room as Emma’s RSVP was opened.  It read:

Mr. and Mrs. Hill,

Thank you for sending me Emma’s wedding invitation. Unfortunately, President Bush has me on a great mission against terror and I cannot attend. Please send me an email on how I can get them a wedding gift.—Adam.

Though it was supposed to be the most joyous of times, tears filled the eyes of everyone in the room, but most especially Kathryn. Adam had been killed in action five days earlier.

She remembered his words when she had once enclosed a picture of herself in a letter. Do all the men of the universe a favor and wear your hair like that for the rest of your life.

Kathryn attended Adam’s funeral where the the hero was laid to rest with the picture she sent tucked close to his heart, underneath full military accoutrement. Within a few hours of the funeral, she stood as Emma’s Maid of Honor. One sister’s happiest day was another’s saddest, but Kathryn was a tower of strength.

Life has a funny way of creating new pathways when we least expect it. After Adam’s death, Kathryn did what few would have the courage to do when she finished Adam’s mission of service and enlisted in the Air Force.

Shortly after her return, God sent her a Boaz. A simple and pure love, down on one knee on Santa Rosa Beach, “Will you marry me?” he said. And her life began as she knows it today.

She is happily married with a husband who adores her, three precious children, and a lot of memories behind her, but there is rarely time to look back. Kathryn’s life journey has inspired many who have also endured the unexpected storms of life. Challenged to learn a little more about how God works, her example proves the loving nature of a God who restores and never leaves us alone. It was a testimony to everyone she knew that there are always two shadows in the valley of death.

In loving memory, Capt. Adam Paulson Snyder (1981-2007), for his faithful sacrifice to God and country.

101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), 1st Brigade Combat Team (Bastogne), 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Platoon, A-Company.

Fake News and Real Consequences

What should Christians do in a world of fake news? It’s a question I’ve heard frequently from listeners to my radio show “Washington Watch.” Media distortion is a real and present danger, as President Donald Trump knows better than anyone. But in the last several months, the problem has ballooned well beyond the White House gates. The relationship between Americans and the press is rockier than ever — and not just for conservatives.

As Harvard points out, the skepticism surrounding what used to be one of the country’s most respected institution is at an all-time high. A whopping 65 percent of Americans think the mainstream media is full of fake news, including 53 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of independents. An astounding 84 percent of voters said it’s hard to know what to believe online. Over the past two years, Gallup has clocked similar numbers across the country, pointing out that more people have “very little” confidence in newspapers. According to Gallup these are the lowest levels of confidence they’ve ever recorded in the 45 years.

This agenda of intentional deception is raising serious questions about the media — but the rising skepticism from the public doesn’t seem to be prompting the kind of soul-searching that’s necessary to snap the press back to respectability. Instead, the media often seems to be digging in deeper, casting its net of deception even wider. Two weeks ago, I was caught up in a headline war of my own when a 45-minute podcast was reduced to a five-word soundbite taken completely out of context. It was sensational and controversial, which is what the media intended when it took a comment I made in a broader conversation and turned it into a national caption that Christians excuse sin.

Like so many news outlets, Politico is desperately trying to understand evangelicals’ strong support for the president — who’s made good on his promises but carries plenty of moral baggage. In a lengthy interview, which lasted about 45 minutes, I made the point that Christians weren’t rationalizing or excusing bad behavior. Here’s the transcript from that conversation. I want you to see the raw transcript from the portion of the interview that other media outlets crafted narratives and headlines from that aren’t even close to what I said in this very straight forward podcast with Edward-Isaac Dovere:

Dovere: You know, we have a situation in which it seems this woman is claiming from an interview she did years ago, that she had sex with the president – well, not then the president, but with Donald Trump, three months after his son was born. So he’s married and with a porn star, that just seems like what would be a huge problem…

Perkins: Well, it’s not — I would not say it’s not a problem. But I would say… I think it’s important to understand is that evangelicals did not vote for Donald Trump based on his moral qualifications but based upon what he said he was going to do and who he was surrounding himself with. Now, that was in the context of a general election.

Dovere: Right.

Perkins: When you had Hillary Clinton – who, you know, embraces abortion and the whole homosexual agenda — and herself does not have a pristine background with some of the stuff between her and Bill. So, that’s the context, you’ve got to put it in that context.

Dovere: That’s totally fair. I guess you know well that’s 2016 and you get the decisions that were made in 2016. Now it’s 2018. Does this give you pause at all?

Perkins: Well… I think he’s maturing as president — and back to what we said earlier, I think from a human being standpoint and a spiritual being standpoint, I think he is maturing as well because of the people he’s been around and the influences that he has brought into his life. Again, evangelical support is not unconditional. If the president were to all of the sudden revert back to some of that behavior as president, evangelical support will not be there. So it’s basically, we gave him a mulligan. You know, you get a do-over. You can start —

Dovere: A mulligan for 70 years of his life?

Perkins: I mean the guy — I mean this is what he’s committed to. And as long as he commits to that and continues on that, he will have the support of evangelicals.

Dovere: There are people who are not evangelicals who would say this — and there are some people who are evangelicals but whose politics don’t line up with yours who would say — it’s hypocritical to say that you believe in all the things you believe and–

Perkins: But what’s the option?

Dovere: Yeah.

Perkins: What’s the option? That’s what I would ask, what are the options I have? Is one of the options to sit at home and allow Hillary Clinton to —

Dovere: No, no, no but in 2018 —

Perkins: OK, but why should I not support him now when he’s actually doing the things that I asked him to do? I mean I say me, but I mean we —

Dovere: Right, right.

Perkins: I mean, he’s done more to restore religious freedom given the background over the last eight years than any president we have ever had. He is actually doing what he said: he is keeping his promise. So I have no reason to say, ‘Alright, well, 10 years ago you said this, so I am going to drop my support.’ Again, it’s not unconditional, this President keeps his commitment and his promise to the evangelicals that supported him, and he continues to you know walk this straight and narrow if you will…”

I went on to explain how evangelicals could come to the point of supporting Mr. Trump, I told the reporter that we — of all people — understand grace and new beginnings. That message never made it to the majority of Americans. Instead, they opened their web browsers and Twitter feeds to outright lies. “Evangelicals trumpet morality while condoning the rankest sin,” was the lead from the Daily Kos. “It’s unlikely,” Salon scoffed, “that after a lifetime of disingenuousness Tony Perkins and other leaders of the Christian right will admit that their entire crusade was never about ‘values.'” The fake controversy exploded, with the New York Times fanning the flames: “Christian conservatives may believe strongly in their own righteousness. But from the outside, it looks as if their movement was never really about morality at all.” “Rank hypocrites,” cried the Washington Post. The viciousness dripped from the Left’s megaphones, CNN and MSNBC, to print outlets like the New Orleans Times Picayune with a creative license usually reserved for fiction.

The debate raged on this week in editorial pages like USA Today. Fortunately, I had the chance to counter the spin in my own response. Evangelicals, I warned, are not offering blind allegiance.

You have to understand the motive behind these headlines. It’s not to uphold a biblical standard of morality. Instead, it’s designed to accomplish two objectives in the pursuit of snuffing out the flame of conservative, constitutional governance. The first objective is to discredit evangelicals and try to brand them with the Left’s scarlet letter H — hypocrite. That facilitates their second objective, which is to drive a wedge between the president and evangelical voters so that they don’t turn out in record numbers and vote with unity, like they did in 2016. Suppressing the evangelical vote would enable the Left to retake Congress, impeach the president, and pick up where Barack Obama left off with his pro-abortion, anti-Christian policies.

Thankfully, FRC has its own ways of cutting through the media’s lies and misrepresentations. Through this publication, along with my daily radio show, we were able to show the intentional distortion of the media. But this episode certainly underscores a lot of things, including the vigilance Christians need to have when they take in today’s headlines. It’s not enough to know the fake news is out there. As disciples of truth, we have to practice real discernment. Who can you trust? The Update and “Washington Watch” are two daily, reliable options for getting the news you care about from a Christian perspective. If you know people searching for credible commentary, share it! Click here for a station listing and Update sign-up.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


Businesses, Bathrooms, and Bermuda

The Dawn of a New Budget

CNN on Top in Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’

CNN won four out of 11 “Fake News Awards” on Wednesday night, while The New York Times captured two of the dishonors hyped for weeks by President Donald Trump, but actually given in the end by the Republican National Committee.

The “awards” to the cable network and other media organizations cited reports darkly predicting an economic collapse under Trump, detailing the Russia investigation, and mistakenly asserting that the new president had removed a bust of civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office.

The White House had kept details close, but at 8 p.m. Trump tweeted a link to a Republican National Committee webpage showcasing “The Highly Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards.”

Trump also conceded the existence of “many great reporters” while noting his administration’s accomplishments after one year:

However, traffic was so heavy that the page crashed. It later was restored.

The Republican National Committee announced the prizes for questionable journalism shortly after two former Obama administration lawyers warned against the involvement of White House staff in deciding the “winners.”

Such activity would constitute an ethics violation because it would involve government time and money devoted to helping or hurting a private corporation, they said.

The “winners” are:

—The long-running “Russia collusion” story, of which the RNC asserted, echoing Trump: “There is no collusion.”

—CNN’s report that the Trump campaign and Donald Trump Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

—A CNN report suggesting Trump overfed fish during a visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

—CNN’s report, later retracted, claiming short-term White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci had ties to Russia.

—A CNN report that fired FBI Director James Comey would dispute Trump’s claim that Comey told the president he was not under investigation. (Comey actually confirmed this point.)

—The New York Times’ report that the Trump administration concealed a climate change study.

—An assertion by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, an economist, that financial markets “never” would recover from Trump’s 2016 election victory.

—Washington Post columnist Dave Weigel’s tweet saying a Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida, was sparsely attended before many in the crowd had shown up.

The Republican National Committee also noted:

—An incident in which “ABC News’ Brian Ross CHOKES and sends markets in a downward spiral with a false report,” referring to Ross’ later retracted story about former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.

ABC News suspended Ross for reporting that Flynn would tell prosecutors that Trump directed him to contact the Russian government.

—A reporter for Time mistakenly asserted in a pool report that Trump had removed a bust of King from the Oval Office.

—Newsweek incorrectly reported that Polish first lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda didn’t shake Trump’s hand during his visit to Poland.

Portrait of Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal. Send an email to Fred. Twitter: @FredLucasWH.

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