Help Wanted: Law Enforcement Staffing Challenges at the Border

In May, FAIR wrote about a newly released report by the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security that raised red flags about the “unsustainable” methods of staffing at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and their impact on morale.  In response to that report, the House Committee on Oversight is holding a hearing Tuesday with the sole witness being the Inspector General.  The hearing will “examine the current management of law enforcement resources and highlight how the Biden Administration’s policies have catalyzed the crisis at the southern border.”

According to the Inspector General, the dramatic increases in border encounters, have magnified existing “staffing challenges” at CBP and ICE. The Inspector General, therefore, conducted an audit to determine: (1) whether CBP and ICE are properly managing law enforcement staffing resources; and (2) the turnover rates for CBP and ICE, and whether the agencies have an effective plan to replace departing officers.

Overall, the Inspector General found that CBP’s and ICE’s workloads “have outpaced their current staffing” and described the agencies’ current management of staffing needs as “unsustainable.”  The workload has grown tremendously, the IG wrote, yet despite the greater workloads, “staffing levels have remained the same.

The IG also pointed out that the flow of migrants and traffic into the U.S. has far outpaced the number of CBP and ICE agents, which has consistently hovered around the number authorized by Congress.

The IG warned that “[u]nless CBP and ICE assess and make strategic changes to how they manage staff at the border…heavier workloads and low morale may lead to higher turnover rates and earlier retirements among these employees.”  This could further worsen staffing challenges along the southern border and impede CBP’s and ICE’s ability to carry out their missions.

Sadly, many agents and officers also told the Inspector General that the priorities at work had changed.  Officers at six ports of entry told the IG that CBP leaders prioritized “maintaining the flow of traffic and minimizing wait times” over security.  Border patrol agents at two different stations told the IG that they felt pressure to process and release migrants as quickly as possible to move them out of the facilities.  Nearly half of CBP respondents and over half of ICE respondents said they had to take on additional work outside their traditional responsibilities.

In addition, 20 percent of CBP agents said they felt unable to perform their primary law enforcement duties of securing the border. One border patrol agent said that all of the manpower in his station was being delegated to do processing instead of deterring or apprehending illegal aliens.  A combined 24 percent of CBP and ICE respondents said they plan to leave their agency within the next year.

The IG also explained in detail how overtime was typically forced on agents, rather than being voluntary.  This resulted in many agents working double shifts and, over the course of a year, several extra weeks of work.  Some agents told the IG that they had reached the statutory limit for how much overtime they could submit early in the year.

Finally, the IG noted that the change in immigration policies during the Biden Administration has also hurt morale at the agencies.

“Since FY 2019, immigration policies have shifted significantly as the United States experienced the COVID-19 pandemic and transitioned from one administration to another….Our interviews and survey comments showed staff frustration and lower morale related to changing policies, especially when the respondents felt the changes were inconsistent with their law enforcement duties. In the view of some law enforcement personnel, these policies have made it difficult for them to enforce the laws and carry out their mission; one said they felt as if they were doing their job “with one hand tied behind [their] back.”

While the IG gave credit to the Department of Homeland Security for taking some proactive steps to mitigate the situation, the Inspector General made three recommendations.  The recommendations focused on better coordination with experts around staffing needs, reviewing actions to determine if efforts are working, and better communicating with frontline staff about duties and responsibilities.

The Biden Border Crisis is not only affecting families and communities from the border to the interior of the country, but it’s affecting the men and women who make sacrifices to protect the border and secure our nation. Today’s hearing is an opportunity for members of Congress to get at the bottom of the DHS workforce crisis, to ask the Inspector General more in-depth questions about his audit, and encourage accountability from the Secretary of Homeland Security.

*To watch the Committee on Oversight hearing, visit their website here.


Romanians Are Flooding The Border At Record Numbers And Committing Fraud Across The U.S.

  • Romanian migrants who are in the country illegally, some of whom are known to have crossed the southern border, are committing crimes in several areas of the country, according to law enforcement alerts obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • A surge of Romanian illegal migrants has been recorded at both the southern and northern borders of the U.S., many of whom were apprehended and found to have criminal histories, Border Patrol officials told the DCNF.
  • “They all claim asylum/credible fear, just like everyone else. Hoping that we’ll process them and release them to the NGOs,” one Border Patrol official told the DCNF.

Romanian migrants in the country illegally, some of whom are known to have crossed the southern border, are suspected of crimes across the country, according to internal law enforcement alerts obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The law enforcement alerts, which span from Florida to Pennsylvania and New York, warn of Romanians who have committed financial crimes and are known to be in the country illegally, and have deportation orders. Border Patrol recorded 5,895 encounters of Romanian migrants in fiscal year 2022 at the southern border, up from 4,029 in fiscal year 2021 and 266 in fiscal year 2020, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

When they have to report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Romanian migrants often give addresses of hotels or other temporary housing that make it impossible to track them, one agency official told the DCNF.

“Romanians are involved in a lot of fraud. To avoid detection, they tend to give temporary addresses and/or just quit reporting,” the ICE official, who is based on the west coast, said.

A local sheriff’s office in Florida sent out an alert in February seeking information on two suspects who crossed the southern border illegally from Romania, one of whom “completed a sleight of hand” by only paying for $3,600 of the $9,600 for the purchase of eight gold coins.

The two were later seen at another coin vendor in Florida.

“Subject crossed illegally through the southwest border and was subsequently apprehended by Border Patrol,” a note on the alert for the two suspects, who were both identified as Romanian, read.

In April, Florida law enforcement stopped a vehicle with two Romanian nationals they discovered were in the U.S. illegally who possessed “fraudulent passports, fraudulent credit cards, $4,000 in U.S. currency, covert cameras concealed to hide (for possible ATM PIN harvesting), (3) skimming devices, a thumb drive, and an ATM pin pad cling device,” an official alert stated.

A device seized from the vehicle possessed bank information of “thousands of victims.”

“Customs and Border Patrol placed an immigration detainer on the subjects and an FCIC/NCIC check confirmed that one of them has an active INTERPOL warrant out of Sweden for theft,” the alert states.

One senior Border Patrol official working along the southern border said many of them have criminal histories that mainly include theft, larceny, fraud, domestic violence and driving under the influence when they’re apprehended.

“They all have criminal records when they show up. Rarely single adults. They usually show up in family units, and it’s a pain in the ass too get approval for family separation, so that we can house, prosecute the offender,” the senior Border Patrol official told the DCNF.

“They all claim asylum/credible fear, just like everyone else. Hoping that we’ll process them and release them to the NGOs,” the official said.

A Border Patrol agent also working along the northern border, which has also experienced an uptick in Romanians illegally crossing, told the DCNF that many of them have “INTERPOL [International Criminal Police Organization] hits,” adding that those subjects are “removed.”

“Last one we caught had an asylum court date, but missed it because he decided to go back to Romania,” the agent said.

An international alert in February notified law enforcement of three Romanians with “open cases with ICE for deportation.” The three individuals were part of an operation to install “skimming devices” in Pennsylvania Walmart self-checkouts.

Yonkers Police arrested the group in New York, which also had “pawn records” showing they sold “numerous pieces of jewelry, to include a Rolex watch and gold coins,” the alert stated.



Investigative reporter.

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U.S. Birth Rate Falling Below Biden’s Migrant Invasion Numbers

This is the definition of replacement.

US birthrate is still flat compared to pre-pandemic levels: CDC

The total number of births in the United States remained flat in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC reported 3,661,220 provisional births in the United States in 2022, which is about 3,000 fewer births than in 2021 in what the CDC calls a “nonsignificant decline. The total number of births in 2022 also remained below pre-pandemic levels after the birthrate slightly rebounded in 2021 following the initial year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of births in dropped in 2020 from pre-pandemic levels in 2019, when the CDC recorded more than 3.7 million births. In 2020, that number dropped to 3,613,647 births before rebounding slightly in 2021 to 3,664,292 births, according to CDC data.

The CDC noted that the number of births from 2014 to 2020 was declining an average of 2 percent each year, which included a drop of 4 percent from 2019 to 2020. From 2020 to 2021, the birth rate rose about 1 percent, the CDC added.

While the total number of births in the U.S. remained flat from 2021 to 2022, birth rates among teenagers and young women hit a record low in 2022. The birth rate among 15- to 19-year-olds decreased by 3 percent to about 13.5 births per 1,000 women.

Read more.

US birth rates remain stubbornly low

The Associated Press leads off this report with the rather milquetoast observation that birth rates in the United States last year “didn’t return to pre-pandemic levels.” That’s true, but it obviously doesn’t tell the entire story. The birth rate in the United States had been steadily declining with only a few exceptions for well over a decade. A very slight increase was recorded in 2021, but it was largely attributed to couples who had decided to postpone pregnancies during the early, uncertain days of the pandemic in 2020 when a significant drop was registered. Over this same decade, there was also a very measurable shift in the demographics of age in terms of who is having children. And all of this could have serious, long-term consequences for the country.

U.S. births were flat last year, as the nation saw fewer babies born than it did before the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.

Births to moms 35 and older continued to rise, with the highest rates in that age group since the 1960s. But those gains were offset by record-low birth rates to moms in their teens and early 20s, the CDC found. Its report is based on a review of more than 99% of birth certificates issued last year.

A little under 3.7 million babies were born in the U.S. last year, about 3,000 fewer than the year before.

Simply looking at the raw number of successful births doesn’t tell the whole story. The reality is that the average number of births per woman in any society that’s required to maintain a stable population over the long run (known as the replacement rate) is roughly 2.1 births per woman. We have now dropped below 1.7. That’s not quite as bad as what we’re seeing in Japan, which is in the middle of an actual population crisis, but that’s the direction we appear to be heading in.

Read more.



Biden Cuts Off Health Care to Poor Women in Tennessee Because It Protects Babies From Abortions

Illegal Migrant Encounters at Southern Border Hit 1,000,000 Mark for FY 2023, Outpacing Prior Year

Record 2.4 million Migrants Illegally Crossed Border in FY2022, Almost 4 Million total Under Biden

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‘Invasion’: Trump Vows To End Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Immigrants

Former president and 2024 presidential contender Donald Trump pledged to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants in a video posted to Twitter Tuesday.

Trump vowed that on his first day in office, if he’s elected president, he will sign an executive order that the children of illegal immigrants won’t be eligible for citizenship, according to his social media video. A wave of illegal immigration began at the U.S.-Mexico border soon after Biden assumed the presidency, where federal authorities have recorded more than 5.3 million migrant encounters since January 2021.

“It’s things like this that bring millions of people to our country, and they enter our country illegally. My policy will choke off a major incentive for continued illegal immigration, deter more migrants from coming and encourage many of the aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully let into our country to go back to their home countries, they must go back, nobody could afford this, nobody could do this and even morally it’s so wrong,” Trump said.

Trump also seeks to end “birth tourism” where pregnant women wait out the end of their pregnancies on U.S. soil to “jump the line” for green cards and bring other family members to the U.S., Trump said, adding that he will require at least one parent to be a citizen or lawful resident.

“Joe Biden has launched an illegal foreign invasion of our country allowing a record number of illegal aliens to storm across our borders. From all over the world they came,” Trump said. “Under Biden’s current policies, even though these millions of illegal border crossers have entered the country unlawfully, all of their future children will become automatic U.S. citizens, can you imagine? They’ll be eligible for welfare, taxpayer-funded health care, the right to vote, chain migration and countless other government benefits, many of which will also profit the illegal alien parents.”



Investigative reporter.


Agenda47: President Donald J. Trump Announces “Salute To America 250” – A One-Year Celebration of 250 Years of American Independence at the Iowa State Fairgrounds

Migrants Once Excited By End Of Trump-Era Order Now Frustrated With Biden’s Policies

Authorities Arrest Driver Claiming To Have Explosive In Vehicle At Northern Border

The Biden Disaster That Gives Republicans A Winning Card For 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Cruz Leads Bicameral Republicans In Defending American Sovereignty, Protecting Second Amendment

Biden Justice Department Targets Cash Raised By Jan. 6 Rioters Amidst Mounting Donations

In the US election, will Ron DeSantis ‘Make America Florida’?

Chris Christie To Announce Presidential Bid Next Week

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Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz To Retire

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz will retire next month, according to an internal agency email obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Ortiz will retire from the federal government effective June 30, according to the email. The Border Patrol Chief has overseen the agency during record surges in illegal immigration, with Border Patrol agents recording more than 2.2 million illegal migrant encounters in fiscal year 2022 at the southern border, according to agency data.

“After a 32-year Border Patrol career spanning multiple Sectors, HQ tours, and overseas assignments in Afghanistan, I have decided to retire from federal service on June 30th,” Ortiz wrote in the email.

Multiple agents confirmed the authenticity of the email to the DCNF, and that Ortiz would step down June 30.

“Serving as your Chief has been one of the greatest honors and privileges I have had and please know I will always champion this agency, its mission, and the people who make the Border Patrol everything that it is,” Ortiz wrote.

So far in fiscal year 2023, agents have recorded more than 1.2 million encounters.

Border Patrol agents have also apprehended 196 individuals whose names appear on the terror watchlist between October 2021 and April 2023.

Amid the influx of migrants at the southern border, Ortiz testified that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) lacked “operational control” of the area, contradicting DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“Chief Ortiz has been a great leader of the men and women of the United States Border Patrol for the past two years, and at every level of the organization throughout his three decades of service. He embodies the core values of vigilance, service to country, and integrity, as well as the Border Patrol’s motto: honor first. His steady leadership and operational expertise have greatly benefited the agency, the Department, and the nation — and will continue to influence the Border Patrol well into the future,” Mayorkas said of Ortiz’s retirement in a statement shared with the DCNF.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.



Investigative reporter.


Biden Admin Sanctions Fentanyl Crisis ‘Enablers’ In China, Mexico

If you don’t think our government would willingly hurt us – look at these abominations

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The House Passed a Sweeping Border Bill to Stop ‘Invasion’ on May 11th, 2023. Where does it stand today?

Breitbart’s Ashley Oliver on May 11, 2023 published the following,

The House passed a comprehensive border package Thursday, the same day the Biden administration strips border officials of one of the last tools to stem waves of illegal migration.

The vote for H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023, passed 219 to 213 with no Democrat support. Two Republicans, Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and John Duarte (R-CA), defected.

“This bill secures the border from President Biden’s record crossings, record carelessness, and record chaos,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said at a press conference after the bill’s passage.

The legislation comes as the already overwhelmed southern border experiences heightened levels of disorder because of the looming end to Title 42, a Trump-era policy border officials relied on to quickly expel illegal migrants in the name of coronavirus.

The policy is expiring when the declared national public health emergency expires Thursday night.

“It’s going to be chaotic for a while,” Biden admitted in a press conference Tuesday, claiming the administration was doing all they could to address what is expected to be a rush of hundreds of thousands migrants who have been waiting in Mexico.

Read more. reports this about the status of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023:


Bills and resolutions are referred to committees which debate the bill before possibly sending it on to the whole chamber.

MAY 5, 2023
Text Published

Updated bill text was published as of Preprint (Rule).

MAY 11, 2023
Passed House (Senate next)

The bill was passed in a vote in the House. It goes to the Senate next.

So H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023 died in the Democrat controlled Senate.

What does this tell you? Who wants to protect our sovereignty? The party of the traitors or the party of the patriots?

Choose wisely who you put into office during the presidential election of 2024.

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

INSIDE LOOK: Photos From Inside ROW NYC Hotel Housing Up to 5,000 Illegal Immigrants in NYC

One only has to look to history to see the fatal course America has taken under the Democrats, the party of the modern day Barbarians and Vandals.

Like Rome, our downfall is a very much a result of catastrophic failures:

  • In Rome, invasions by Barbarian tribes. In America, invasion at the border.
  • In Rome, Economic troubles and overreliance on slave labor. In America, economic trouble and the over reliance on Chinese slave labor.
  • In Rome, the rise of the Eastern Empire, In America, the rise of China.
  • In Rome, overexpansion and military overspending, In America, endless foreign wars, foreign spending and the debt.
  • In Rome, government corruption and political instability. In America, government corruption and political instability.
  • In Rome, Christianity and the loss of traditional values. In America, godlessness and the loss of traditional values

INSIDE LOOK: Photos from the inside of the ROW NYC, a hotel housing up to 5,000 illegal immigrants in NYC.




Soros Funded A Biden Center Report On Letting More Refugees Into The US. Some Of Its Authors Now Work For Biden

NYC Mayor: Nearly 50% of NYC Hotel Rooms Filled by Migrants

New York City to Turn Historic Roosevelt Hotel into Asylum-Seeker Center For Migrants

Court Blocks Biden Admin Policy of Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into US Without Court Dates

BIDEN BORDER CRISIS: Migrants Storm The Border As Fears of Rioting Escalate

WATCH: Preparing for New Onslaught, Biden Regime CUTTING NEW PATHS For Migrants To Enter USA

Illegal Migrants Waiting to Come to USA Set Fire to Mattresses, Killing 40

WATCH Thousands of Migrants Storm Border in El Paso, Texas

OH, THE IRONY: Mayor Eric Adams Complains Sanctuary Cities Must Take Illegal Immigrants

Biden Regime Launches App Allowing Migrants To Book Asylum Appointments BEFORE THEY CROSS THE BORDER

Migrants are ‘Drinking All Day,’ ‘Having Sex in the Stairs’ in Taxpayer-Funded Luxury New York Hotels: Whistleblower

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Watch as an Illegal Alien says, ‘F**k the people of the United States!’

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) posted the below video interview with illegal aliens and commentary. One illegal says, “F**k the people of the United States!”


Congress is considering raising the debt ceiling beyond the current obsene 32 trillion to give more money to Biden Harris to further wreck America!

Don’t believe the Democrat hype about turning off food stamps & social security checks, as that would not happen until 2024, nor never depending on how the money is handled.

You can help us today by calling every GOP lawmaker you can (Contact Info Here) to say…

Shut Down the Biden Harris failed government! Demand Democrats stop the invasion before any debt deal.”

And you can share the political cartoon at the top of this email alert that says it all with ease by email and social media using the links we provide.

Special thanks to our ALIPAC supporters who are backing our renewed efforts on Twitter. Here is a video we spotted and shared this morning of an interview with an illegal alien invader who says “F (Bleep) the people of the US

You can also see on our Twitter account that the illegal alien who rammed the White House barricades while sporting a nazi flag with a swastika on it has had his charges reduced. Please join, monitor, and share our content at…ttps://

Please visit often and post there, too to stay informed.


©2023. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. All rights reserved.



Another Illegal Immigrant Protected by Local Sanctuary Laws Charged with Violent Crimes

In yet another disturbing example of the devastation caused by open border policies, an illegal immigrant who entered the U.S. as a child a decade ago has been charged with first-degree rape, kidnapping and armed robbery in a county that proudly offers migrants sanctuary. The 20-year-old, Jose Roberto Hernandez-Penal, is accused of raping a woman and robbing her friend this month at a Maryland park after threatening the women with a machete. Days earlier police say he raped a 15-year-old girl at the same park in Montgomery County, which has long protected illegal aliens from federal authorities.

The illegal immigrant lives in Hyattsville, which sits in another Maryland county—Prince George’s—famous for its sanctuary policies. The measures protect illegal aliens by, among other things, releasing even the most dangerous criminals from jail to shield them from deportation. Hernandez-Penal, a native of El Salvador, entered the country illegally in 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told a local media outlet, and was “ordered removed in absentia by an immigration judge” about a year later and again approximately seven months after that. Nevertheless, he remained in the country and committed heinous crimes against unsuspecting residents. Police say at approximately 2:40 p.m. on May 16 Hernandez-Penal approached two adult females on the Northwest Brach Trail of Burnt Mills East Special Park, displayed a machete, stole their property and sexually assaulted one of the victims. Upon leaving the scene, the illegal immigrant assaulted an adult male. Officials told several local news outlets that Hernandez-Penal is also suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl on the same trail of the two-acre facility a week earlier. The park is one of hundreds operated by Montgomery County along with other recreational facilities such as basketball courts, campsites, tennis courts and playgrounds.

Detectives handling the case for the Montgomery County Police Department believe there may be additional victims of sexual assault by Hernandez-Penal that have not contacted authorities. The agency reveals that the illegal immigrant “made statements of involvement” during interviews with detectives after his recent arrest. He was then transported to the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit where he was charged with first degree rape, first degree assault, second degree assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, and weapons-related crimes. In its news release detectives urge anyone who may have been a victim of Hernandez-Penal to contact the agency’s Special Victims Investigations Division (SVID).

It is important to note that this is the same law enforcement agency that regularly releases dangerous criminals like Hernandez-Penal from jail to protect them from federal authorities. For example, a few years ago an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who raped a seven-year-old girl multiple times was released because under Montgomery County’s sanctuary law police is banned from cooperating with the feds. Rather than honor a detainer issued by ICE under a partnership known as 287(g) that notifies the federal agency of inmates in the country illegally so that they can be deported, local officials freed the child rapist on bond. Not surprisingly, the rapist vanished. Prince George’s County, where Hernandez-Penal lives, practices the same sanctuary measures. In fact, ICE has resorted to unconventional methods to capture criminals in both jurisdictions. In one instance the agency preempted Montgomery and Prince George’s counties’ imminent release of a batch of illegal immigrant offenders by publicly disclosing their identity, complete with mug shots. Most were incarcerated for sexual crimes involving children, including rape and serious physical abuse that resulted in death. A couple were jailed for murder and assault.

The Maryland cases are part of a national crises generated by local governments around the country that offer violent illegal immigrants sanctuary. Under 287(g), ICE is notified of jail inmates in the country illegally so that they can be deported after serving time for state crimes or making bail. Unfortunately, a growing number of city and county law enforcement agencies are instead releasing the illegal aliens—many with serious convictions such as child sex offenses, rape and murder—rather than turn them over to federal authorities for removal.


‘Demonic’ MS-13 gangster who decapitated Uber Eats driver stabbed victim ‘35 times’

Judicial Watch Sues National Archives for Biden Family Business Records

Judicial Watch Sues Treasury Department for Records on Communications with Failed Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank

Lack of high-profile prosecutions in Durham probe leaves Republicans fuming

Judicial Watch: Pentagon IG Concludes Naval Academy Superintendent Made False Statements in Effort to End Career of Midshipman


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Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Non-Citizens PLAGUE Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona’s Maricopa County, Texas Voter Rolls

Without election reform, it’s over. Nothing else matters.

The Democrats blew up our election system. But we are expected to participate in the Democrat media’s prevaricated election show for the next 18 months when the rigged election is already in the bag.

Report: Thousands of non-citizens PLAGUE PA voter rolls

By Summer Lane, RSBN,  May 22, 2023:

A new report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has found that tens of thousands of non-citizen voters have been potentially identified in several counties across the country, casting further doubt on the already tarnished election processes in America today, Just the News reported.

The outlet revealed that in 2017, a Philadelphia city commissioner told a Pennsylvania Senate committee that there were more than 100,000 voter registration matches to Pennsylvania driver’s license numbers that included indicators for the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Even worse, non-citizens have been found on the voter rolls in North Carolina, Arizona’s Maricopa County, and Texas.

As reported by RSBN, Pennsylvania recently settled a lawsuit with constitutional watchdog group Judicial Watch, after finding 178,258 “ineligible” voter registrations. The state agreed to settle the case and pay $15,000 to Judicial Watch with the agreement that they would remove all erroneous voter registrations identified in the suit.

Per Just the News, most of the non-citizens on the Pennsylvania voter rolls are “motor voter registrations,” which means these individuals signed up to vote when they were submitting their driver’s license applications.[…]

In the Keystone State, election processes have become increasingly muddied over the past few years, as mail-in ballots have added a new level of complexity to vote counting. In November 2022, President Trump slammed the long-winded vote-counting process in the midterms, when then-Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz was running for office.

Keep reading.


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Democrat Asks Biden to Send Illegal Immigrants to Every Town in America

Republicans and one of the nation’s most prominent Democrats agree on one issue: America’s open border with Mexico has created a humanitarian crisis that has stretched multiple cities’ resources to the breaking point. Yet while Republicans focus on increased border security, at least one Democrat wants the Biden administration to adopt a comprehensive plan to settle illegal immigrants in every city, town, and village in the United States.

Historically unprecedented levels of illegal immigration since Joe Biden took office have created a humanitarian crisis for the most vulnerable people. Administration officials admitted last month that they had lost track of 85,000 children, roughly one of every three children who entered the U.S. illegally. “It horrifies me to think of the conditions that they possibly have been thrust into, sold into and have been distributed” into sex slavery, Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.), a member of the House Border Security Caucus, told “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” on Monday.

“That is not humane. That is not compassionate.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has said the uncontrolled border has drained the Big Apple’s finances to the core. Adams anticipates the sanctuary city will spend $1.4 billion on illegal immigrants this fiscal year. When asked, Adams expressed no gratitude for $30 million in federal funding provided by the Biden administration. “When you look at the price tag, $30 million comes nowhere near what the city is paying for a national problem,” Adams told “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

The city’s shelters and hotels became so overfilled that Adams began placing illegal immigrants in seven NYC public school gyms — while students were in the classrooms.

It is “unfair to the city of New York and [other] cities to carry the burden of a national problem,” Adams said — leaving critics to charge him with hypocrisy.

“For the past two years, Texas has been Ground Zero for the unprecedented surge of illegal immigration unleashed by the Biden administration that has strained resources in border communities to the breaking point,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). “Even with the efforts of Gov. Greg Abbott to move migrants away from the border, Texas is getting slammed to the tune of $13.4 billion for costs associated with illegal immigration.” Florida, led by Governor Ron DeSantis (R), pays more than $8 billion annually on programs for illegal immigrants or their children, according to a recent FAIR report that calculated the cost imposed on states.

Americans nationwide bear an ever-mounting cost for the uncontrolled border. “It’s costing [U.S.] taxpayers $150 billion a year,” said Rosendale. “Now, the cities that are starting to have this same economic impact pushed upon them are starting to recognize, yes, there is a problem.”

Adams has called on Biden to make the problem the nation’s problem by evenly distributing illegal immigrants nationwide.

“We have 108,000 cities, villages, towns. If everyone takes a small portion of that, and if it’s coordinated at the border to ensure that those who are coming here to this country in a lawful manner is actually moved throughout the entire country, it is not a burden on one city,” said Adams.

The mayor has tried to implement the process by sending illegal immigrants who arrive in his city to other locations statewide, and even to Canada. New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) has been “a real partner” in helping Adams “find space throughout the state,” he said. “We believe the entire state should participate in a decompression strategy.”

Others were less pleased. Canadian MP Christine Fréchette learned of Adams’ “surprising” decision to bus illegal immigrants to the Canadian border in February. A month later, President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hammered out an agreement for Canada to allow 15,000 asylum-seekers to enter from the United States.

Aside from the economist cost, “the people of my city, are watching this city being transformed … the same people I protected for 22 years as a police officer,” Adams said. Illegal immigration has transformed North America, with Canada admitting three migrants for every birth and the U.S. adding three migrants for every four native American births in 2022.

All parties agree the size and scope of illegal border crossings is without parallel in U.S. history. There have been 5,429,144 illegal border encounters since February 2021, the first full month of the Biden-Harris administration, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). That number does not include nearly one million (989,155) gotaways, who successfully eluded Border Patrol, according to an inspector general report on how “Intensifying Conditions at the Southwest Border Are Negatively Impacting CBP and ICE Employees’ Health and Morale.” The number of total encounters at the southern border has increased 245% and gotaways increased 303% since the fiscal year 2019, the IG report found.

Altogether, border encounters and gotaways under the Biden-Harris administration totaled 6,418,299 — more than the population of the state of Missouri. Adams may have a population deficit to make up; nearly half-a-million people (468,200) moved out of New York City between April 2020 and last July — 5.3% of the city’s total population, according to U.S. Census data released last Thursday.

Adams blamed the crisis on the GOP, alleging that “Republicans have blocked comprehensive immigration reform,” by which he meant partial or full amnesty granting U.S. citizenship. Yet previous spikes in illegal immigration in 1986 and 2000 coincided with fulfilled or anticipated amnesty plans.

New York City has long touted its status as a sanctuary city. Mayor Ed Koch (D), whom The New York Times revealed as a “closeted gay man,” established New York City as a sanctuary city through Executive Order 124 on August 7, 1989. Subsequent mayors Michael Bloomberg (a Republican-turned-independent) and Bill DeBlasio (D) liberalized the categories of illegal immigrants whom the city would not turn over to the federal government for deportation.

Adams personally greeted a busload of illegal immigrants sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) last August. Adams proposed sending illegal immigrants to community college at taxpayer expense — in Sullivan County, more than 100 miles north — and he supported a city council measure allowing illegal immigrants to vote in citywide elections. The voting law was struck down by the New York Supreme Court of Richmond County last June.

Citizens in other parts of New York state have indicated they want nothing to do with Adams’ plan to relocate his illegal population. Suffolk County hired a lawyer to prevent Adams from sending illegal immigrants to their area.

Adams also reversed himself on gyms after parents expressed concerns about their children roaming the halls with unvetted adults.

But parents and communities will not receive relief until the president gets serious about border security, said Rosendale.

“We know what to do,” he said. Washington must start “completing the border wall security system — the sensing devices, the cameras, the lighting, the road that would parallel the wall. That would be a huge, huge help.”

D.C. must also reform the oft-abused asylum process, he said. “We know that by implementing the stricter standards on asylum and making sure that people really do have a threat to their lives,” rather than merely coming as economic migrants. “That’s why they’re fleeing, and they’re only coming across one border in order to gain that asylum status.”

They must also reinstate President Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) policies. “While they had to wait in Mexico,” 75% of alleged asylum-seekers “went back to their country of origin,” casting serious doubt on their stories that they feared for their lives.

These policies can again “slow down the flow of people that are fleeing, trying to get into our country dramatically.”


Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand.

RELATED VIDEO: ANYWHERE BUT HERE: Adams Says No More Migrants in NYC, Says Spread Them All Over Country

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NYC Mayor: Nearly 50% of NYC Hotel Rooms Filled by Migrants

Things don’t just happen, they are made to happen. This is all by design by the Democrat party of destruction. Adams campaigned on this.


June 2, 2021: Every single one of the eight Democrats running for mayor vowed to protect illegal immigrants from deportation, solidifying the Big Apple’s often infamous status as a “sanctuary city.”

The mayoral wannabes doubled down on current Mayor de Blasio’s approach of barring local authorities from reporting the immigration status of residents to federal authorities during their second televised debate on WABC-TV Channel 7 Wednesday.

Mayor Eric Adams: Nearly Half of NYC Hotel Rooms Now Filled with Migrants


Nearly half of hotel rooms in New York City today are filled with newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens, living rent-free at the expense of local taxpayers, Mayor Eric Adams (D) says.

Since the spring of last year, nearly 70,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in the sanctuary city of New York City — many bused from Texas by Gov. Greg Abbott (R). The figure represents a fraction of the millions of border crossers and illegal aliens who have been released into the United States interior or successfully crossed the border.

For months, Adams has been giving out lucrative contracts to the city’s powerful real estate industry which is housing tens of thousands of migrants in hotels. Most recently, for example, New Yorkers are set to foot an annual $75 million bill to put up border crossers and illegal aliens in Manhattan’s iconic Roosevelt Hotel.

This week, Adams said nearly half of the city’s hotel rooms are now filled with border crossers and illegal aliens, calling waves of illegal immigration an “onslaught” that officials are struggling to deal with and demanding President Joe Biden spread out new arrivals to towns and cities across the U.S.

“Almost 50 percent of those hotel rooms are taken up by migrant asylum seekers that we are paying for,” Adams said. “So instead of monies coming from people who are visiting us and spending in our tourism, in our Broadway plays, instead of them using those hotels, we are using those hotels.”

Read more.



10 of the Largest Sanctuary Cities in the United States

NYC: Subway Eyewitnesses Defend Marine Veteran in Self-Defense Scandal

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

New Border Numbers Show Biden’s Shell Game Isn’t Working

There’s no “90% drop in illegal immigration” in sight, as the latest border numbers from April show.  At the Southern border alone, over 211,000 illegal aliens were arrested or expelled in April.  This not only represents the second-highest total ever recorded for the month of April (after April 2022), but it also marks four months of steady increases.  Indeed, as these data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) demonstrate, illegal crossings at the Southwest border are climbing back towards the record high seen in December 2022.


This four-month increase comes despite the Biden Administration’s plan to hide the disastrous border situation from the public through its illegal parole programs. Since January, the Biden Administration has been flying aliens without visas from four countries (Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela) directly into the interior of the U.S. and granting them parole to avoid them from being counted at the southern border.

This program has failed to hold back the tide, however.  As the data show, the number of Haitians arrested at the border in April is 42 percent higher since December – the month before the program began.  Meanwhile, the number of Venezuelans arrested at the southern border since December is up a whopping 330 percent.  Clearly, the magnet created by a weak border still overpowers any shell game the Administration implements to hide the numbers.

Other disturbing figures have also emerged from the April numbers release. Overall arrests of suspected terrorists are sharply up at the border. The 16 suspected terrorists arrested trying to sneak into the U.S. at the Southern border last month are more than the entire total of the previous administration.

In addition, a new front has opened up in border insecurity. The number of people crossing the Northern border illegally, normally a few thousand monthly, has been consistently over 10,000 monthly for the past year and continues to reach record highs. As the Biden administration focuses its resources on the disaster it has created at the Southern border, new opportunities for dangerous human smuggling are emerging in the North.

The Biden administration needs to come to grips with what Ponzi scheme operators have known for decades. Numbers can be easy to manipulate at first, but if the facts on the ground don’t change, the whole house of cards will always come tumbling down.


Michael Capuano

Michael Capuano joined FAIR in 2022. As a researcher and staff writer, he contributes to the work behind FAIR’s long-form research publications as well as topical content responding to immigration-related issues as they happen.

Before joining FAIR, Michael worked in the Enforcement and Removal Operations Law Division at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during law school at George Washington University and then as an immigration attorney at a Spanish-speaking law firm. Having grown up in Southern California and with experience on both sides of the issue, he is acutely conscious of the importance of the immigration issue to everyday life and the necessity of FAIR’s vision for reform.

Michael’s background before law school was in Urban Studies/Planning at the University of California, San Diego, informing a deep concern for the environment and good urban design, two issues very relevant to the current immigration crisis.

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR column is republished with permission. © Copyright 2023 Federation for American Immigration Reform, All Rights Reserved.

VIDEO: Watch as Biden Uses Buses To Transport Illegal Aliens Into America

We have been writing about Biden’s not only opening the border but now we have video of buses being used in the dead of night to transport illegals into our nation by DHS.

WATCH: Biden’s Border Invasion.

Historian and Opinion Editor for the Daily Caller Michele Gama Sosa in an article titled The GOP Is Clueless To The Dems’ Sinister Immigration Agenda — And It Has Nothing To Do With Elections wrote,

The GOP has been very good at diagnosing the problems we will face from the illegal migrant invasion following the end of Title 42. Americans will pay more taxes while seeing cartel activity, gang violence, and other crime skyrocket. Housing and healthcare will become scarcer and more expensive, and the labor market will worsen as a larger labor supply suppresses American wages.

Republicans have mostly attacked the Democrats’ plan to create a “permanent majority” or accused them of enabling crime. Ultimately, this short-sighted approach focuses on the short-term electoral game. As usual, the Democrats and their handlers hide their true intentions, and the GOP is none the wiser.

The final Democrat goal is to turn America into a communist state in which Washington and its mega-corporate partners control every aspect of life. But Americans increasingly realize they are better off controlling their own affairs. So what is Uncle Sam to do?

Enter a pair of 60s radicals from Columbia University. Professors Richard Cloward and Frances Piven taught at the Ivy League university during Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty and Great Society. In 1966, they argued that Johnson’s welfare program was not going far enough because most welfare was the purview of state and local authorities. In order to get everyone on the federal teat, a crisis had to be created to give the feds the excuse to step in. Their proposal was to have massive numbers of poor people overwhelm local and state governments that they would beg Uncle Sam for help.

This general idea is the long-term strategy behind mass immigration.

If the Democrats cannot get Americans to accept a neo-communist, technocratic, oligarchic state run by billionaires and their political marionettes, they will import those who will. And the masses of impoverished foreigners, who are already accustomed to socialism and heavy-handed government, are the perfect trojan horse.

AOC may be dumb, but the people behind her aren’t. They want to overwhelm their own cities – and then everywhere else. They know that if NYC and Chicago can’t handle migrants, then the rural counties these cities are shipping migrants to definitely won’t – let alone the 750 million people who want to come here. The only entity left to pick up the tab is the federal government (in practice, this means you), which will use demographic chaos, poverty, and declining standards of living as a pretext to “save” the day. Coincidentally, Eric Adams has called for just that.

Read more.

These illegals are now being bussed across America and filling up our cities, causing a crisis which Biden and his administration will then declare a national emergency and take over the care of these illegals all at our expense. This will not only increase the national debt but will cause services for legal citizens to decline and even be denied. We are already seeing how this is impacting America’s veterans.

The invasion will continue so long as Biden is in office. The Republicans have yet to effectively stop it. The question is why?

The key question in the 2024 GOP presidential primary is: Which candidate can and will stop and reverse this?

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion

You Won’t Believe What Biden’s Doing at the Border Now – Watch


As Dems Ignore the Border, Cries of ‘Do Something’ Grow

Maybe President Joe Biden isn’t the only one with cognitive deficits. At a fundraising event in Atlanta Friday, his “border czar,” Vice President Kamala Harris, insisted that everything on the border is “going rather smoothly” — an absurd assessment for a country that just watched more migrants cross the border last week than fits in Dallas’s AT&T Stadium (83,000). While our country is overrun by terror suspects and drug smugglers, the crisis earned barely a shrug from the two leaders, who spent their weekends either lounging by the beach or raising money for the party defending this lawlessness.

Since Biden’s czar has obviously lost touch with the situation, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) decided to send a special Lone Star wake-up call. To remind Harris what border states are facing, he bussed dozens more migrants to the vice president’s residence and let them loose. As for other area accommodations, a local ABC station says that the D.C. hotels and shelters housing illegal immigrants are already at capacity. “There will be more coming,” Abbott warned leftist leaders, floating more drop-offs in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

“Pray that our country will survive” was all that Rev. Franklin Graham could say.

Meanwhile, the tsunami of migrants — which included an Afghan on the America’s terror watch list — is not a catastrophe, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas argued on CNN Sunday. “I would disagree [that we have fallen short],” the beleaguered Biden official said. “We have surged resources, asylum officers, Border Patrol agents, processing coordinators to do the data entry work so our Border Patrol agents can be out in the field. We’ve expanded our holding capacity in Border Patrol stations. … We’re setting up regional processing centers now. It’s extraordinary what we’ve done over the past 18 months or so.”

“Extraordinary,” yes. An extraordinary failure. Even NBC’s Savannah Guthrie didn’t hold back with Mayorkas, demanding to know why, after they’ve had “two years to prepare for this,” there’s so much “chaos and confusion” at the border. Like Biden, the secretary blames Congress. “We are operating with the constraints of a broken immigration system.”

A system, Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) points out, that House Republicans have tried to fix — as recently as last week. This “absolutely” could have been avoided, he told “Washington Watch” guest host Jody Hice. “And what you’re seeing now is the actual policies that would keep this from taking place — the [ones] that were initiated under the Trump administration — we saw that tide of humanity slowed to a little trickle. It was policies, not money, being thrown at the border,” he explained.

“… The Remain in Mexico Policy, which I tried to get into statute two years ago and introduced a bill to do just that, says, ‘Okay, if you come to the American border and you’re going to claim asylum status, you can make that claim, but you’re not released into the United States until you await your hearing date to find out if you’re eligible. You wait in Mexico until that hearing date.’ And just by that one simple thing alone, we were able to have 75% of the people who claimed asylum status returned to their country of origin.” Solutions like that were “contained in H.R. 2 … [which the House passed Thursday]. It’s going to the Senate. And now we’re going to find out how many people are truly interested in securing the United States’s sovereignty.”

Biden, of course, is just fine with the status quo. As he said to reporters during his bike ride, throwing open the doors to America has gone “much better than you all expected.” That’s because, Rosendale pointed out, this has been the Democrats’ goal all along. They want the country to be to be invaded by foreigners who are dependent on the government and the party who let them in.

“If you go back in time and you play the quote from Secretary Mayorkas from two years ago, he said at that time, ‘We have a plan. Please allow us to carry our plan out.’ And he has, [because] his plan has been to allow as many people into our country illegally as he possibly can under this administration. … He has absolutely no intention of trying to even slow down the flow of humanity that’s coming into our country. And it’s really unfortunate, because there is a lot of suffering that is taking place [with] all of those people.”

He, like former Congressman Hice, has visited the border multiple times and witnessed the turmoil up close. “They’ve got — what is it — I think up to 85,000 children now [who] are unaccounted for that have been released into the country. Where are they located? Where have they been sent? What kind of conditions are they living in? Have they been sold into slavery? There are so many terrible things that are happening to people that are coming up into this country.”

And the expense to taxpaying Americans is astronomical. The preferential treatment Biden is giving illegal immigrants — over our own veterans, who are being booted out of shelters to house them — comes with a massive price tag. “I’ve heard estimates as much as $150 billion a year in order for us to house, Medicaid, and educate all of the illegals that are coming in.” And because of their status, Rosendale points out, “they’re not allowed to work legally. So that means they become dependent upon our entire system. So we are creating a permanent underclass. And this is not humane. And the way that these folks are treated on the way traveling here is not humane.”

As for the surge being a non-event, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) could only shake his head at the Democrats’ apathy. “Remember,” he told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on Monday’s “Washington Watch,” “President Obama declared it a humanitarian crisis when we were apprehending about 2,000 people a day. … It’s been averaging over 8,000 people a day. … [T]his is an enormous disaster that has been caused by the Biden administration. We [had] pretty well gotten the border under control [under Trump]. We shut down the flow of unaccompanied children, of family units abusing our asylum laws. But Biden blew that open. This is completely his fault. This is his crisis.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2023 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.