President Trump, All the Way Live!

Brother and sister Americans, we witnessed a new level of president Trump being himself at his remarkable energizing, inspiring and unifying rallies in Minnesota and Louisiana.

FULL TRUMP RALLY: Watch the full President Trump rally in Louisiana.

Democrats have had a lock on connecting with voters emotionally using their fake compassion; cruelly using people as props.

Republicans are sorely lacking in striking an emotional cord with voters. Remember the Dragnet TV show? Detective Friday would say, “Just the facts ma’am.” Republicans typically recite just the facts and figures.

Trump, like no Republican before him, is gifted with the ability to touch voters’ emotions while giving them logic and common sense reinforced with statistical data.

A huge difference between Democrats’ fake compassion and Trump is he is sincere. During his rallies in Minnesota and Louisiana, when Trump brought cops on stage to honor them and when he brought the kid’s baseball team on stage to celebrate them, Trump meant it. Everyone watching those amazingly powerful emotional moments knew Trump’s admiration and affection was real. Trump’s down-to-earth, honest, and straight-talk style is the magic; the secret to his connection; his bond with We the People. This guy is one of us.

Another brilliant thing about Trump’s Minnesota and Louisiana speeches was the way he explained in simple terms what Democrats, the deep state and fake news media are doing to undermine America and his presidency. Trump boldly called them out for their evil anti-American silent coup while interjecting humor, causing his audience to roar with laughter. I say again folks, Republicans never do that. Republicans typically politely say fake news media and Democrats either misspoke or are misinformed. Trump doesn’t sugarcoat it. He pushes back hard, calling them liars. We the People love it!

As I stated, Trump was more Trump at his Minnesota and Louisiana rallies than we have seen. My wife Mary commented that with Democrats and fake news media attempting to use blatant lies to impeach him, Trump must share more of himself with the American people while telling them the truth. Sadly, our remarkably successful president is still pretty much alone, fighting Washington DC corruption, Democrats and fake news media. Only a few Republicans are willing to go to microphones to express support for Trump and his America first agenda. That is shameful.

During Trump’s Minnesota rally, with my remote in hand, I briefly flipped to CNN’s LGBTQ Democrat Presidential Town-hall titled, “Equality in America.”

Talk about deception, whatever Democrats title an event or legislation is always the polar opposite. For example: Democrats’ “Equality Act” is about implementing inequality, especially against Christians. It is an unprecedented attempt to repeal Americans’ Constitutional right to free speech and religious liberty. Our patriot brother, Mat Staver, at Liberty Counsel is doing an amazing job fighting this deceptively named stealth attack on our freedom.

Why on earth did CNN conclude that there needed to be a special town-hall to discuss LGBTQ issues. People who identify as LGBTQ are a tiny percentage of the population, 3-5%. Statically, a town-hall discussing issues important to dwarfs would have made more sense.

One could not help notice the dramatic contrast between CNN’s LGBTQ town hall and Trump’s Minnesota and Louisiana rallies. The purpose of CNN’s LGBTQ town hall was to sell voters their standard depressing, everyone is a victim and America sucks lies.

In the awesome speeches at his rallies, President Trump talked about keeping our economy booming, the progress made on building the border wall; healthcare and various other issues vital to improving life for Americans and keeping America great. Trump’s audience laughed a lot, felt united and felt good about themselves as Americans. Trump’s audiences went home energized, eager to work to help our president keep America great.

During one of my flips to the CNN LGBTQ Democrat presidential town-hall, Beto O’Rourke said churches must lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same sex marriage.

In essence, O’Rourke said screw you Christians. If elected president, I will make you betray your God.

When I heard CNN ask the candidates an absurd weird question which combined LGBTQ and climate change, I said, “That’s it, I am out of here. These people are nuts.” CNN and Democrats are clueless regarding which issues truly matter to mainstream Americans. How many sleepless nights have you had pondering the life-threatening connection between LGBTQ and climate change?

To his rally audiences of tens of thousands, Trump exposed Joe Biden’s corruption which Democrats and fake news media are doing everything in their power to hide. President Trump has definitely gone all the way live. Mr President, We the People are with you.

VIDEO: The Vortex — How About a Simple Yes or No? That’s all anyone is asking.


I’m Michael Voris coming to you from Vatican City, where trying to get a straight answer from the right people is nearly as difficult as getting to Heaven.

Archbishop Viganò himself is now publicly stating that the Pope must personally deny the reports of Eugenio Scalfari claiming the Pope said Jesus was not divine when He was on earth.

The Vatican Press Office has denied it in a roundabout way when its earlier statement was seen as insufficient — forcing the follow-up.

So now, it’s come down to a question of: Who do you believe, the Vatican or Scalfari?

Since Rome has a very deft way of never allowing clarifying follow-up questions or getting specific and detailed, that latest statement raises another question.

How does the Vatican Press Office know Pope Francis didn’t say what Scalfari said he said?

To have any certitude in making any such formal declaration — certitude, which, granted, is in short supply in Rome these days, one would presume they went straight to the horse’s mouth.

Any good journalist worth his weight in experience would immediately ask, did the Holy Father tell you that personally and directly?

If he did, then why aren’t you screaming that from the rooftops? The statement should not be, “The Pope never said those things.”

The statement should be, “The Holy Father himself, personally and directly denies he ever made any such claims. And His Holiness re-affirms he believes that Jesus is now God and was God when he was present here on earth 2,000 years ago. Jesus has been at all times fully human and fully divine.”

And it is the Pope himself who should make it, and the cries for him to make that statement are increasing on social media.

That statement puts this whole episode to rest immediately. So why not just issue that statement? There’s only two reasons; One, it wouldn’t be true; or two, it is true, but they just don’t want to say it in such stark terms because the knock-on effect for the precious ecumenism agenda would be disastrous.

While the underlying supposition of everyone who covers the Vatican is that Rome believes Jesus is God, it’s actually something that just plays ever so quietly in the background.

It’s like the wallpaper. No one notices. No one draws attention to it. But this entire apparatus — the building, St. Peter’s, the Curia, the bureaucracy — rests entirely in that single truth, that Jesus Christ is divine and always was.

That’s why the refusal to just come out and say that, while denying what Scalfari insists the Pope said is just so mysterious.

But imagine a press statement read aloud in the press office saying the Pope declares that Jesus Christ is fully human and fully divine and has been at all times.

The next question would be, well, may I ask how that impacts relations with Islam, which denies that?

Or, the ticking bomb of all questions, well, if that’s true, wouldn’t that mean that the Catholic Church was founded by God Himself and is, therefore, the only legitimate religion?

Those kinds of discussions simply cannot be allowed to break out in Rome because they would cause panic across the world as leaders scrambled to respond.

The New York Times would have in giant font, “Catholic Church Claims Itself Only Legit Religion.”

That truth of the Faith, as well as Jesus being God, is something various members of the hierarchy have been trying to hush up for decades.

That’s why everyone in Rome reaches for their antacid pills whenever the bothersome issue of the actual Faith comes up here.

Want to ramble on about integral-ecumenical-ecclesiological-eco-theology? The floor is all yours. But the Faith itself? Nope, too hot to handle.

In 2000, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — the CDF — under Cdl. Joseph Ratzinger issued the declaration Dominus Jesus, a strong assertion about the identity of Our Lord and the Catholic Church.

While largely aimed at non-Christians, it had the effect of angering not only non-Christians but also Protestants and liberal Catholics because of its clear language re-asserting Catholic truth.

The CDF considered the document was necessary to put straight certain misperceptions arising from the world, that all religions were pretty much the same.

That the modernist Catholic crowd was all upset with the document says all you need to know. “Catholic Exceptionalism” is not high on their list. In fact, they don’t believe it at all.

And given the trajectory of this papacy, the Vatican bureaucracy finds itself in a bind, trying to navigate between a faithful crowd growing larger and more vocal about the need to reassert orthodox Catholicism and a papacy trying to steer clear of it.

It’s interesting watching the assembled journalists in the Holy See press hall. Some of them are little else than sheer apologists for Pope Francis, steering clear of asking pressing questions.

Imagine if President Trump was reported to have made some incredible claim about an urgent constitutional matter?

The White House press corps would be peppering a thousand questions about why He Himself does not come out and deny the spurious claims.

But here in Rome, as long as some reporters feel Pope Francis is on their ideological wavelength, they cover for him.

And, the overriding issue, doesn’t the Vatican or specifically the Holy Father feel a duty to the sheep, his sons and daughters to simply jettison all doubt in their minds about what he believes?

He speaks freely for hours on his plane trips with reporters. Can he not spare 30 seconds for his hurting children?

One clear, precise statement; that’s all anyone is asking.

Coming to you from Vatican City.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

  • Cary Poarch, Who Works at CNN’s Washington DC Bureau, Says: “I Decided to Wear a Hidden Camera…to Expose the Bias”
  • Records Zucker’s 9AM Daily Rundown Calls
  • Zucker Emphatically States Fox News is “Beyond Destructive for America”
  • Zucker to Staffers: “Impeachment is the Story,” Ignore Other Stories
  • Employees Ordered by Zuckerto ‘Knock Off’ Their Friendliness Towards Lindsey Graham
  •  Nick Neville, CNN Media Coordinator: “Jeff Zucker…has a Personal Vendetta Against Trump,” “…Then You Get on the 9AM Call and the Big Boss, Jeff Zucker, F**king Tells What to Do”
  •  Neville: It’s About ‘Ratings,’ “…It’s, Like, They Pulled Names Out of a Hat and It’s Like We’re Watching the Gameshow Network”
  • CNN Floor Manager Mike Brevna: “It’s the Trump Network, Dog…They Sold Themselves to The Devil”
  • Brevna Recalls Colleagues ‘Sobbing,’ And Says The “Office Was Like a Funeral” After Trump Election Victory
  • CNN Media Coordinator, Christian Sierra, Confesses CNN Prepares ‘Softball Interviews’for Democrats Compared to Republicans, and Suggests “Anti-Trump Crusade” After 2016 Election
  • Top Network Executive David Chalian Says Republicans are ‘Delusional, Defiant, or Silent’ With Regards to Trump’s Impeachment Story
CNN Floor Director Hiram Gonzalez: “…We Created This Monster…Media Created the Trump Monster”

(Washington, D.C.) A brave CNN insider came to Project Veritas to expose anti-Trump bias at the cable giant. Cary Poarch, who works at CNN’s Washington D.C. Bureau, tells Project Veritas “I decided to wear a hidden camera…to expose the bias running rampant” at the network. Poarch documented CNN’s bias for months; recording undercover footage of numerous long-term employees, some of which talk about Jeff Zucker’s anti-Trump agenda. In the video are Nick Neville, Christian Sierra, Hiram Gonzalez, David Chalian, and Mike Brevna. These employee’s positions range from media coordinator to high-ranking executives. I decided to secretly record the 9:00 am rundown call meetings with senior management and executives, says Poarch. In the recordings, Zucker details his expectations for CNN’s coverage and very matter-of-factly states “impeachment is the story.”

Impeachment Push

Jeff Zucker has served as president of CNN Worldwide since 2013. In recordings of daily phone calls, Zucker directed staffers to push the impeachment narrative.

“I want to stay with this, our top, top – our own reporters, our own political analysts, the top, the top [unintelligible] we have. Okay, so make sure we’re doing thatAll these moves are moves towards impeachment. So, don’t – don’t lose sight of what the biggest story is.”

Attacks on Fox News and Republicans

In one 9AM rundown call, Zucker and another executive disparage Republicans about Trump and attack FoxNews:

I think what’s going on in America now is really fundamentally result of years of fake news, conspiracy nonsense from Fox News that has taken root in this country…”

Zucker continues, “The fake conspiracy nonsense that Fox has spread for years is now deeply embedded in American society and at the highest levels of the Republican elected officials as we’ve seen…and frankly that is beyond destructive for America…”

CNN’s Vice President & Political Director David Chalian on Republicans:

I think as big of a story as big of a story as what President Trump has done here is the Republican’s sort of either delusional or defiant or silent responses.” 

 Zucker: CNN Employees Must ‘Knock Off’ Friendliness Towards Graham

Yeah, so I just want to say on the Lindsey Graham front, I know that there’s a lot of people at CNN that are friendly with Lindsey Graham. It’s time to knock that off and it’s time to call him out.”

CNN Media Coordinator Details How Zucker Runs the Network; Describes ‘Gameshow’ 

Nick Neville, a CNN Media Coordinator, also opened up to our insider. Neville tells our insider who really controls CNN’s programming, and how much top-down control Zucker exerts:

Like, there are a lot of people who are out here trying to play like, just do what they think is the best journalistic integrity. Then you get on the 9am call and the big boss, Jeff Zucker, f**king tells what to do….”

“Jeff Zucker- basically president of CNN has a personal vendetta against Trump. Your own biases are gonna be there. They’re going to seep into what you think, they’re gonna seep into what you say, so if Jeff Zucker like blatantly hates Trump, and he runs CNN (which he does), it’s not gonna be positive (for you guys)…no I mean it’s not gonna be positive for Trump. He hates him. It’s gonna be negative!”

The CNN Media Coordinator goes on to lament his own network’s debate preparation format, connecting it to their push to prioritize ratings:

“But then you have higher up executives, like Zucker and other people, who are saying, “Well, we gotta make profits.” So, you end up with things like- I don’t know if you heard this, but this week they had like a fucking gameshow to, like, decide what dates they’re, it’s gonna be this debate.”

CNN Floor Manager Describes Election Night Despair at CNN

Mike Brevna, Floor Manager, CNN: “The election- Yeah, I came in at about ten or eleven o’clock that night…. And as I started walking towards this person, as I got closer, I could hear her sobbing …. People were like, in shock.”

CNN Floor Director Shares His Perspective on the Cause of Trump’s Political Ascension

Hiram Gonzalez, Floor Director, CNN: “Between you and I, we created this monster and now we’re eating him full plate every single day. Media created the Trump monster.”

CNN Media Coordinator Confesses to Network Bias

Christian Sierra, a CNN Media Coordinator, describes the mood inside CNN after Trump’s election victory:

“That day, man, when I came in, everyone was silent. Nobody wanted to talk. I’m like, like the mood was just so sour the whole day…It was a f**king dreary day. I bet at Fox it was like euphoria.”

When questioned about how the CNN anchors feel about Trump, Sierra unloads: “Cooper hates him;” “Don Lemon hates him;” “Cuomo doesn’t like him;” and Tapper “doesn’t like him either.”

Sierra goes on to admit to our insider that:

“…MSNBC is tougher on Republicans, and we’re tough on the Republicans too. More than so than the Democrats. Our Democratic interviews are like softballs, compared to the Republicans… if you notice like every time, we ask questions to Republicans, like it’s always a little tougher than when we do get the Democrats.”

Project Veritas intends to continue its investigation into corruption in the Mainstream Media. We encourage brave insiders at these organizations to come forward with any information they have, so that the public knows what is really going on within these media companies.

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas investigative report with video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

Florida: Illegal Alien Steals Car, Leaves Handicapped Dog to Die

You may have seen the sad news, but I wanted to be sure I had it archived here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

From the Sun-Sentinel:

He stole a car and left a disabled dog to die in the back seat, authorities say

A 19-year-old man has been arrested in the death of a disabled dog after police say he stole a Volvo and left the beloved canine trapped inside the car to die of heat stroke.

Jephthe Jeanfrancois [some news accounts split this name making it Jean Francois.—-ed] was arrested on 15 charges including multiple counts of burglary, grand theft and causing suffering and death to an animal, records show.

Jeanfrancois appeared in court Thursday representing himself and declining the services of a public defender. Assistant State Attorney Eric Linder said in court Thursday that when Jean Francois broke into the car, the handicapped dog was in the back seat.

“He stole the vehicle, he discarded the vehicle, leaving this dog stranded to its own devices locked in the car,” he said. “When the car was later found, the dog was found unfortunately deceased and what I can only imagine greatly suffered.”


Linder said when Jeanfrancois was caught, his GPS monitor — from previous charges from a separate case — placed him at the parking lot when the car was stolen.

Wanda Dushan Ferrari said her dog, Zorra, went missing Oct. 3 from a shopping plaza in Oakland Park off North Andrews Avenue. She said Zorra was a 13-year-old Husky-Shepherd mix weighing 45 pounds. Because of hip ailments, the dog was paralyzed in her rear legs, and used a pink dog wheelchair.


Ferrari said she had run inside a Dollar Tree to get cash because a nearby gas station’s card reader was broken. The windows were down and the engine was running, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. Her faithful companion since the dog was 2 months old was patiently waiting. When she returned after 10 minutes, the car — and her dog — were gone.

“Zorra was my world, my heart, my soul. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her.”

“I can’t take this,” she said crying.

More here.  See how the police caught him after a string of burglaries and additional car thefts.

The Illegal Alien Crime Reporter has identified the creep as an illegal alien from Haiti as do other news stories.

Open Borders, Inc. loves to tell heart wrenching stories about migrants at the border suffering at the hands of our President because they want to reach uninformed Americans through their emotions.  We really need to do a much better job of telling stories like this one and many many others I’ve posted here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

In fact, if I were the President, I would tell a couple of stories like this one at every rally he holds and showcase some of the dreadful people who are among us thanks to groups like Church World Service demanding access to America for every creep in the world.


Mexican National Guard Stopped, Turned Back Migrant Caravan Headed For US

Drownings Triple Along Dangerous Section Of Border, Where Number Of Rescues Increases By 1000%: Report

Felons Voting While In Prison In D.C.

The Elite Hates The Trump Doctrine Because It Puts America First

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Trevor Loudon — Exposing The Enemies Within The Church

Author and film producer Trevor Loudon speaks about the enemies within the church. This presentation is groundbreaking in that he exposes who Pope Francis really is and why he is doing what he is doing.

Michael Voris reported on the Pope Francis-Eugenio Scalfari interview about whether Jesus was, in fact, divine — God.

Watch this important video:


Trevor Loudon is a New Zealander, internationally known blogger, writer, and researcher exposing communists within our own government. His writings have been cited by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Paul Kengor, Aaron Klein, and Jerome Corsi. He is the author of Barack Obama and Enemies Within. He has also produced the documentaries ” America Under Siege: Soviet Islam”, “The Enemies Within”, and “America Under Siege: Antifa”.

EDITORS NOTE: This America – The Truth video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

Amazon Worker Strike in California Inspires Another Minnesota Worker Strike

Hey, I am just reporting the news. Don’t assume I am in any way feeling bad for Amazon!   See my previous posts on Somali workers protesting in Minnesota.

The Awood Center helped organize the walkout.

From The Verge:

Amazon workers in Minnesota walk out in protest over part-time work

A day after The Verge reported on Sacramento Amazon workers protesting Amazon’s strict time-off rules, more than 60 Amazon workers in similar roles in an Eagan, Minnesota, warehouse walked off the job. During the two-and-a-half-hour protest, workers demanded the lifting of the 30-hour-per-week cap, a more respectful work environment, and a less strenuous workload.

The Sacramento and Eagan employees work in Amazon delivery stations, which are smaller warehouses that sort packages for delivery routes. Delivery stations are staffed almost entirely by part-time employees who receive no medical insurance and can be fired for taking more than 20 hours off without pay per quarter.

“We are not allowed to work more than 30 hours per week, even though there’s more work,” said a worker in a video of the walkout posted by Workday Minnesota. Amazon would be required to offer employees who work more than 30 hours a week medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The worker went on to say that they must lift heavy boxes and take time off without pay if they get injured. “We have no value here, they treat us like we are not human.”  [Golly! Was Obamacare just a way to let the big guys like Amazon avoid paying medical insurance?—ed]

Nimo Omar, an organizer with the Awood Center, a nonprofit focused on East African workers that has been active in organizing Minnesota Amazon employees, attended last night’s walkout. Omar said the workers demanded a more respectful work environment and complained of heavy workloads and close monitoring, including managers knocking on the door if they spent more than several minutes in the bathroom. Like the Sacramento workers, they also felt Amazon’s unpaid time-off policy was inflexible and demanded the option to work more than 30 hours a week.

The Eagan delivery center and nearby fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota, have emerged as hotbeds of worker activism within Amazon’s distribution system. Many of the workers are Muslim immigrants from Somalia and elsewhere in East Africa, and in the summer of 2018, they began protesting that the pace of work and time-off system made it difficult to observe Ramadan. Amazon met with the organizers, but workers say the company didn’t address their concerns. They staged a strike during Prime Day this year over the increasing pace of work and other issues.


Before the Eagan workers walked out, the Awood Center posted a message to Facebook saying workers in Minnesota were dealing with the same issues as those in Sacramento.

Shortly after 9PM, more than 60 workers walked off the job. According to the Awood Center, the employees agreed to return to work two and a half hours later when the manager on site agreed to talk to his boss about their demands.

The Awood Center said in a Facebook post that all truck deliveries for the night were canceled due to the backlog created by the walkout.

Will Amazon eventually cave to demands? We will be watching!

Just so you know, most Somalis in the US today are here through the US Refugee Admissions Program and federally-funded refugee resettlement contractors like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service placed them in Minnesota

.I’m so glad to have RRW back!  Here is a post I wrote in 2011 explaining how Minneapolis became Little Mogadishu.


Feds Bust 18 International Gang Members Stealing Millions Via ATM Skimmers

United Nations Running Out of Money!

Michelle Malkin on the SPLC/CAIR and Media Lemmings

NBA Proves That Corporate Social Activism Is All About the Dollars

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The Frightened Old Woman with Her Trump 2020 Flag

Scouting a location to shoot a promotional video for my Trump Train 2020 song, my wife Mary and I spotted a lovely home with a huge Trump 2020 flag waving in the breeze on a flagpole. After knocking on the front door and introducing myself, I assured the elderly white homeowner that we would not show her address in our video.

Still, she declined our request to allow Mary to shoot video of me with her Trump 2020 flag in the background. She was terrified of being persecuted by Trump haters. It is outrageous that citizens are afraid to publicly express support for the president of the United States. The atrocious reality is Democrats and fake news media continue to instigate hate and violence against Trump voters.

Folks, we are in the process of losing our country right now, not somewhere down the road. Democrats are aggressively repealing your Constitutional right to free speech. New York City will fine you $250,000 for saying “illegal alien”.

The only thing standing between Democrats and fake news media implementing their insane job-killing, anti-American, Socialistic and anti-Christian agenda nationwide is Donald J Trump in the White House.

Fake News Media and Democrats’ hate-driven obsession with removing Trump from office is so over-the-top that it has literally become an episode of the “Twilight Zone.” Irrefutable proof that Trump did not pressure the Ukraine president to interfere in our election is being ignored. Democrats are moving forward with impeaching Trump based solely on Adam Schiff’s easily proven lies about what Trump said to the president of Ukraine.

Democrats have put all their eggs to win the presidency in 2020 in their Impeach-Trump basket. Their game plan is to sell voters their absurd lie that Trump is so corrupt that they had to impeach him.

The truth is Trump has done nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, Trump is determined to restore power, written in the Constitution, back to We the People. He has built an unprecedented long list of remarkable achievements for America. If Trump is not reelected, Democrats will begin reversing his achievements, repeal your individual liberties, and abandoning Trump’s America first agenda.

This is why my Trump Train 2020 song is so important. It is not just an ordinary nice song. I sincerely believe it was divinely inspired for such a crucial time as this. My Trump Train 2020 song will inspire, encourage and embolden you. The song lets people know the great things Trump has done and is doing to save and restore our beloved country. Keeping his promises, Trump truly is making America great again.

Here is a bit of insider info about the recording session of the Trump Train 2020 song. My music producer and I had trouble finding Maryland singers and a recording studio willing to record a song supportive of Trump. We eventually found a recording studio. Singers from various states responded to my clarion call. We had singers black and white, old and young. Fourteen year old Justice, whose mom brought her all the way to Maryland from Florida, did a great job belting out her solo line, “Can you hear the whistle sound!” I love this kid.

After our awesome recording session which felt like a family reunion, the owner of the recording studio emailed me. He raved about how much fun he had and how it was a pleasure working with such a great group of nice people. Clearly, we Trump supporters were not the deplorable racist haters characterized by fake news media and Democrats.

Patriots, I cannot express upon you how important it is that we counter fake news media and Democrats’ relentless 24/7 flooding the airwaves with lies designed to deceive, intimidate and dispirit Trump and his supporters. To win in 2020, Democrats and fake news media hope to destroy Trump’s character in the minds of a majority of voters.

It is infuriating that Democrats’ resistance to Trump has become so deranged that the elderly white woman with the Trump 2020 flag was afraid to risk her home being seen in my video.

I shot my one-minute promotional video for the Trump Train 2020 song at the beautiful Potomac river in West Virginia.

To be reelected, president Trump desperately needs and truly appreciates the support of everyone who loves America.

The Growing Number of Women Taking Concealed Carry Classes

Women can be just as interested in guns as men. After all, there is no label on guns that says they are only suitable for men. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of women taking concealed carry classes. Although these classes are mainly dominated by men, women are getting more and more interested in them.

This doesn’t really come off as a surprise, given that many times, women feel unsafe while on the street, and don’t know how to protect themselves by force. This is one reason why the number of women obtaining concealed carry permits has surpassed the number of men getting the same permits.

Why Do Women Take Concealed Carry Classes?

Women are mainly interested in concealed carry classes because they want to learn how to protect themselves when facing a dangerous situation. Since people have the right to own a gun in the U.S., many want to use this right – women included. Owning the gun itself is not enough, though, as guns require careful maneuvering, and if you haven’t used a gun before, the chances are that you’re unaware of how to use it properly.

So, the number of women who want to use guns is increasing because they want to learn how to protect themselves, without having to depend on someone else for their safety. Many females feel that a gun offers them a sense of safety, especially after certain events that have been occurring in the U.S.

Many times, people tend to wait until the last minute to take steps for protecting themselves. Until a tragedy happens, some people don’t even think they will ever need to use that kind of protection. So, tragedies have been a steer in the right direction.

Also, women who want to learn how to shoot should have the proper mental capability of doing it. If you don’t think you should use the gun and hesitate for a moment, you risk having the gun used against you by a potential attacker. This is why so many shooters say that you need to be ready to shoot whenever you aim the gun, or otherwise you shouldn’t do it.

Conversely, there are women who want to learn more about gun laws, and a gun instructor is the best person to learn from. Concealed carry classes will lead to the woman being able to apply for a concealed carry permit, and thus carry a gun with her when needed.

The Increase in the Number of Concealed Carry Permits

Over the years, more and more people have decided to use their right to own a gun. Basically, over a period of 10 years, the number of permits for handguns has had an increase of 256%. Therefore, more than 16.36 million permits have been granted.

This led to the study reporting the amount of concealed carry permits by gender in 2016, and thus it revealed that 36% of permit holders were women, in 14 of the states. Also, in 8 states, the number of permits increased by 22% for men and 93% for women.

According to studies, the number of women who obtained permits has grown due to shooting events taking place. Of course, people put themselves in the victims’ shoes, so they think they may one day be unsafe themselves.

Because of that, statistics show that more concealed carry courses have been taken ever since the Parkland, Florida shooting. The number went up by 24% after the incident occurred, being the highest increase since July/August of 2016.

So, the chances are that more women will consider applying for concealed carry permits as time goes by and they feel the need to protect themselves.

The Response of the Firearm Industry

Since they saw how many women decided to pick up guns, the firearm industry worked to adapt firearms for women. Basically, since 2005, there has been an increase in the number of high caliber guns with greater lethality. Also, since 0.380 guns have had a production boost too, they opened the door towards more-concealable weapons – perfect for women.

With this in mind, the firearm production has started working on stronger, yet more concealable weapons. Given that women want something that can be easily used while hidden properly, this is an amazing thing. Now, women have access to a series of handguns meant for them, and they aren’t too big or heavy to carry.

Also, the public relations director for the NSSF (the National Shooting Sports Foundation), Michael Bazinet, has made a confirmation regarding SHOT Show. It seems that more exhibitors at this show are making guns for women. So, things are looking bright for women who want to get a concealed carry.

Also, the US Concealed Carry Association Expo of the NRA Show is offering quite a nice sight too. More and more weapons for women have been presented in 2018, showing the increase in demand for women.

Women who want to learn more about guns and see the newer handguns created for them can attend SHOT Show and interact with professional female shooters. There will be many great lessons to learn from them, as well as a confidence boost when you see you are not alone in this game.

Final Thoughts

If you want to assert your right and take concealed carry classes as a woman, you have the chance to pick the best handgun. For instance, a Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield 2.0 is perfect for concealed carry and is only suitable to use under most female clothing. Having a short grip and slim profile, you cannot go wrong with a handgun like this.

Women have decided to take the initiative and go to concealed carry classes either to learn more about gun laws or protection or to learn how to shoot and protect themselves. So, if you’re a lady who wants to go to such classes, you aren’t alone – therefore, there’s no need to hesitate.

A New Dark Age: California’s Blackouts Are Self-Inflicted

California, the richest state in the nation—and one that’s often portrayed as the progressive harbinger of the future for the rest of the country—has been hit with its latest Third World-style disaster.

On top of high poverty rates, skyrocketing homelessness, rising crime, and the return of medieval-sounding diseases, the state—specifically, the San Francisco Bay Area—has been hit with a mass blackout.

About 1 million people in one of the most densely populated parts of the country have had their power shut off by the utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric.

The local utility, PG&E, initiated the blackout in an effort to limit the potential for mass wildfires, which ravaged the state in 2018 and bankrupted the company. Exposed power lines and infrastructure make the likelihood of sparking fires much greater in places where there is ample dry fuel (more on that later). Still, the fires are back this year.

The blackout, which has hit cities throughout Northern California, is causing chaos: businesses have to shut down, people can’t go to work, and in some blacked-out areas, curfews have been put in place to prevent crime.

It’s a mess.

Much of the blame for the blackout has been hurled at the utility, with some even turning to vandalizing PG&E offices and shooting at its trucks.

Though it’s easy to criticize PG&E, which hardly looks good in this whole mess, there is a lot of blame to go around—and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with “climate change.”

Poor land management has been a major contributing factor to the uptick in massive wildfires in the West and around the country. California is particularly susceptible.

Fires need heat, and they need fuel. At certain times of the year in California, the state is hot as dry winds blow in from Nevada, a combustible environment for fire. That’s hardly a new situation in the Golden State.

Unfortunately, there’s now far more fuel in our forests that has built up over decades because of a change in forest management strategy.

Former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who now lives in Texas, has done a great job of highlighting this issue and explaining how the blackout crisis was largely caused by politicians.

Renewable energy has been prioritized over reliable infrastructure, DeVore recently wrote in The Federalist, while there has been an uptick of vulnerable power lines to connect distant wind farms to urban centers.

PG&E shifted its priority to the overpriced renewables at the behest of politicians, The Wall Street Journal explained in an article aptly titled “California’s Dark Ages.”

For years, the utility skimped on safety upgrades and repairs while pumping billions into green energy and electric-car subsidies to please its overlords in Sacramento. Credit Suisse has estimated that long-term contracts with developers of renewables cost the utility $2.2 billion annually more than current market power rates.

Now, in large parts of California, if you want to keep the lights on during the blackouts, you better have a flashlight or a gas lamp. Twenty-first century green dreams have led to 19th-century realities.

The Dark Ages indeed.

Worse than the misguided green energy push and poor infrastructure, of course, has been the shifting forest management strategy—mostly the result of misguided environmentalist ideology—that turned large swaths of the state into a tinderbox.

“With a decline in the harvest came a decline in the allied efforts to clear brush, build and maintain access roads and firebreaks,” DeVore wrote in The Federalist. “This led inexorably to a decades’ long build-up in the fuel load. Federal funds set aside for increasingly unpopular forest-management efforts were instead shifted to fire-suppression expenses.”

One failure led to another as poor forest management has necessitated vastly increased budgets for putting out the fires, which will undoubtedly continue to be a threat.

Further, DeVore noted, these fires pose more danger to people than ever before as middle-class Californians flee the state’s expensive urban areas to the more affordable, but also more at-risk parts of the state.

So, the current blackouts are ultimately the result of short-term reality and long-term dysfunctional governance.

California is a wealthy state with vast natural advantages and near-limitless potential for growth. It’s why so many Americans have moved there over the past century.

Despite those attributes, California’s future success looks, well, a whole lot darker due to political dysfunction and the inability to address the growing problems facing the state.

Let us all hope that America’s future is a lot brighter than California’s.


Jarrett Stepman is a contributor to The Daily Signal and co-host of The Right Side of History podcast. Send an email to Jarrett. He is also the author of the soon-to-be released book, “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past.” Twitter: .


What Do Rolling Blackouts And Sky-High Gas Prices Mean For Gov Newsom’s Job As Governor?

Pump Price Over $4 a Gallon Gives Californians Gas Pains

The Evilness of Modern China

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A Note for our Readers:

In the wake of every tragic mass shooting or high-profile incident involving gun violence, we hear the same narrative: To stop these horrible atrocities from happening, we must crack down on gun laws.

But is the answer really to create more laws around gun control, or is this just an opportunity to limit your Constitutional right to bear arms?

The researchers at The Heritage Foundation have put together a guide to help you better understand the 8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America.

They’re making this guide available to all readers of The Daily Signal for free today!

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VIDEO: Tom Trento — The Death of Israel, The Death of the West.

Tom Trento, Director, The United West presents, The Death of Israel, the Death of the West at the Sarasota, Florida America the Truth Conference, September 21, 2019.

EDITORS NOTE: This America – The Truth video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

The Truth Is Chasing Down The Great Liars Of Russian Collusion

In Winston Churchill’s famous words, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

There’s never been a time when that is more true. But eventually, the truth does get its pants on. And then, look out. Because fully clothed, the truth is fixing to bestride the world through the efforts of a cleaned up U.S. Department of Justice.

In our era, the Great Lie that went around the world repeatedly before the truth found its pants was that Donald Trump or his team colluded with Russia to steal the election. Two and a half years of lying theater later, spun around the world by a discredited media in literally thousands of stories, the truth got its trousers on with the Mueller Report. No collusion. The lie crashed and burned.

There is a high level of confidence that the truth will be coming out through the efforts of Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his report on the origins of the Great Lie, and the efforts of the U.S. Justice Department (no longer working to undermine the President) and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Horowitz has limited powers, including being reduced to only being able to interview current government employees. Of course most of the reprobates in the Department of Justice and FBI have either been fired or resigned and Horowitz can no longer get to them.

But they and their misdeeds are not out of trouble. The DOJ and Durham have no such limitations. They can go anywhere and they can subpoena anyone. And they are doing so.

And so it was a fearful day for Democrats and their media partnership when Fox News reported that Durham had greatly expanded his investigation. It was previously reported that Durham would be reviewing only the days leading up to the 2016 election and through the inauguration.

“However, based on what he has been finding, Durham has expanded his investigation adding agents and resources, the senior administration officials said. The timeline has grown from the beginning of the probe through the election and now has included a post-election timeline through the spring of 2017, up to when Robert Mueller was named special counsel.”

Barr and Durham have interviewed people in Great Britain and Australia regarding the origins of the Trump-Russia hoax. And the two men traveled to Italy most recently to talk to law enforcement officials there, suggesting a new avenue of investigation.

Now, as the lying machine is propelled by the Democratic Media Establishment, the story of what is happening with Horowitz, Durham and Barr is barely reported at all. After being all collusion all the time, with endless leaks, then all racism all the time, now it is all impeachment all the time. All of this was not about truth, but about taking down a U.S. President.

The New York Times leads the way as Executive Editor Dean Baquet has explained in a leaked video. The newspaper built its newsroom around covering the Trump-Russia collusion non-story and ran perhaps thousands of stories.

After the Mueller report cleared Trump of collusion, the Times repurposed its newsroom around racism, starting with their 1619 project and specifically aimed at Trump and Trump supporters as the new vanguard of white supremacy. It’s laughable, but they’re selling it anyway. “We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well,” Baquet said (with no apparent irony.) “Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.”

But before the racism attack could get its feet, the newspaper is shifting again because of a more tangible attack line on Trump of impeachment over Ukraine.

The Times and its media compadres are clearly not purveyors of truth, but of politically partisan narratives. They send those lies and half-truths mixed in with some truths — the most deceitful mix — around the world and many people accept them as all true.

But now that the full force of a cleaned up U.S. Department of Justice and FBI are actually seeking truth, the lies may not get away. And it’s likely substantial amounts of the truth will come out in 2020.

Make your voice heard! Tell the NBA what you think!

Three years ago, the National Basketball Association (NBA) caved to LGBT extremists who wanted to force North Carolina’s businesses, schools, and local governments to allow men into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. The NBA All-Star Game was supposed to be held in North Carolina that year. Thanks to the NBA’s lack of courage, it didn’t take place in North Carolina until 2019…after HB 2, which protected women’s rights, was repealed.

Now, the NBA is caving again – this time to Communist China. Via CNBC:

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tried Sunday to defuse the rapidly growing international fallout over his deleted tweet that showed support for Hong Kong anti-government protesters, saying he did not intend to offend any of the team’s Chinese fans or sponsors.

Morey apologized on Twitter over a now-deleted tweet that spoke in support of the Hong Kong protests, after his remarks were attacked by the Chinese Consulate-General in Houston and the Chinese Basketball Association.

Morey’s sin was to support the pro-freedom Hong Kong protesters who are under literal and figurative assault as they protest for freedom. The NBA has issued its own apology as part of an effort to keep its Chinese business partners and audience happy.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer suggested, the protestors should have waved dollar bills instead of American flags if they wanted to get attention from the NBA. America is supposed to be the leading light of liberty, yet the association is refusing to stand with Hong Kong protesters.

2ndVote has long ranked the NBA poorly on religious liberty. Now we know where they stand on appeasing autocratic governments overseas as well as domestically.

The silver lining here is that the NBA’s statement makes it clear that they will fold on just about any issue with enough pressure. Therefore, we urge 2ndVote Americans to take a strong stance. First, send an email to the NBA urging them to stop supporting Communist China and allowing men in women’s restrooms. Then post on social media. Finally, make sure your friends and family know of the NBA’s cowardice on protecting freedoms domestically and abroad.

We can make a difference, but it’s going to take all of us, so let’s get started!


NBA Proves That Corporate Social Activism Is All About the Dollars

The Evilness of Modern China

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There is no Whistle Blower and there is Nothing to Whistle Blow

I had an on air discussion with a regurgitating, four AM talking point, BHO appointed Ambassador, Dr. Susan Johnson Cook. I re-directed the narrative to help bring us closer to the truth. Check out the RT interview link below.

This impeachment farce is a sham and will prove to be yet another failed illegal coup against President Trump and we the people. The deep state, Dems. and its operatives in the media, are panicking and they are all going down soon. This is the narrative. Why? Because IG II will release FISA and FISA will bring down the house. In my view, we may very well see Comey, Schiff, Page, Strzok, Brenna, McCabe and others as the first notable names to be indicted and charged. When you may ask? Very, very soon. This may possibly occur in a matter of a couple of weeks. Will Biden, Clinton and Obama be implicated? Of course they will, in due time ass timing is everything. And later, they too will be held accountable.

Watch This Clip John Enters at about 8:26

There is no Whistle Blower and there is Nothing to Whistle Blow

There is no whistle-blower and there is nothing to whistle blow. Trump released the transcript. End of story. Yet another failed coup. DOA!

A third party anonymous source. A parody from pencil neck shifty Schiff, Boom! Busted! Trump releases the phone transcript. Now Pelosi and the Democrats are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. This is not an impeachment process at all. It is a contrived coup and attempt to unseat a duly elected President.

Why now? Because they know that AG Barr, Durham and team Trump are coming after them with IG II report. They are panicking and resorting to a blatant coup. If they actually have a formal true inquiry, then a vote in the House, this opens them up to team Trump and the Senate to issues subpoenas to defend and fight back. That brings down the house of cards against them. Pelosi and the rest of them do not want this to happen.

As we are getting down to the wire, perhaps but a few weeks away, we can expect a hard coup, false flags and assassination attempts against the President. This is all they have left. This is why the marines have been activated to protect civilians and to protect the President. According to numerous sources including the official website of the US Marines, United States Marine Corps reserve units via MARADMINS number 550/19, signed on Oct. 3, 2019, authorized by Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy, “MARINES ARE ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES.”

Offense In Motion

The offensive strategy has just begun. Have you noticed President Trump’s change in demeanor? He is holding nothing back. The strategy is to drip out investigative findings, facts and intel daily and this has been happening putting the deep state and media into a panic, death by a thousand lashes. The offense is now in motion. With Tom Fitton of Judicial watch, Lyndsey Graham, Rudy Giuliani, AG Barr, John Durham, and now Trey Gowdy aboard as well and many others, the hammer of justice will make its entry into the news cycle. Mark my words.


And the President at this explosive rally in Minnesota, went on the attack. These are but a few of the issues and hard attacks made by President Trump to nearly 20,000 people in the arena in a speech that went on for nearly two hours.

* Omar is a fraud including her illegal entry into the US

* AOC in serious violation of campaign finance laws

* Strzok, Page the Russian Hoax and insurance policy

* Rigged polls no different than rigged media

* “Biden’s only a good VP because he understood how to kiss Obama’s ass” – DT

* Where’s Hunter? Silent media

* Minnesota transformed by influx of Somalian Muslims by BHO and its devastating impact on the state of MN

* First amendment assault, censorship – erasing our voice and our future

Time has virtually run out for the deep state, the Dems. and the fake news media. They are all going down. Pray for our President and his family. We are at war. Stay the course. Trust the plan and remember, freedom, it’s up to U.S.


Schiff Says Congress May Not Need To Interview Whistleblower After All

Details Of EU Ambassador’s Planned Testimony About Quid Pro Quo Have Leaked

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The 2020 Presidential Election is all about preserving Obama’s legacy — the rise of the ‘Obamanauts’

For those few of us who are watching the various and sundry debates and forums in which the media puts on, and in which the Democrat Party candidates gladly participate, there are some revelations. Revelations like President Trump being labeled a “white supremacist” during the third Democrat presidential debate. Name calling is the soup du jour for Democrats.

To date these debates and forums have included but are not limited to:

There have been many statements and promises made by the various Democrats running for president at each of the above events. What is most revealing is that each candidate puts forth policies that are reminiscent of those implemented under former President Barrack Obama. Some might even say that some of the policies put forth by Dem candidates are Obama on steroids such as: Medicare for all (Obamacare on steroids), New Green Deal (Paris Accord on steroids) and LGBTQ agenda (pseudo equality on steroids).

What defines these candidates? Who is their political mentor? What do they want for the American people? Are they progressives or regressives?

What’s the Democrat Common Denominator?

The common denominator among all of the Democrats running for president (including Hillary Clinton should she jump in) is to reclaim Obama’s legacy.

Dissent Magazine published an article titled The Obamanauts: What is the defining achievement of Barack Obama? written by Corey Robin. Robin writes:

[N]ot only do the Obamanauts wish to salvage Obama’s legacy from Donald Trump; they also believe Obama’s legacy can save us from Donald Trump.

Democrats are committed to going back to the future by undoing everything that President Trump has done to undo everything Obama did during his 8-years as president.

Robin notes:

What is the defining achievement of Barack Obama? For a time, it seemed it would be his foreign policy: the Paris Agreement, diplomatic relations with Cuba, and getting Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program. When Trump got elected and those deals got undone, it seemed it would be the Affordable Care Act. But after plummeting for several years, the uninsured rate among adults has begun to creep back up. Obama did avert a second Great Depression, but history is not kind to averters: with time, what didn’t happen tends to get eclipsed by what did. And what did happen under Obama is a recovery that was slow and weak. Black homeownership rates, which took a major hit during the financial crisis, are the lowest they’ve ever been.

What is interesting is that the media and some Democrats are trying to cause a recession in order to defeat President Trump. Various Democrats running for president have called pullout from the Paris Climate Accord and Iran Nuclear deal mistakes. Some Democrats, and even Republicans, have called President Trump’s pull back of some forces in Syria reckless. Democrats are running a “free-stuff primary” including: canceling all student debt held by the government, giving everyone a federal job under the New Green Deal, and promising voters free housing and a free education.

Are the Democrats running for president Obamanauts?

The Public Policy Red-lines are Crystal Clear

In January 16, 2016 published a article titled 10 huge differences between Democratic and Republican platforms by who wrote:

It’s hard to say you don’t have a clear choice this [2016] presidential election year. The Democratic and Republican platforms show views of world 180 degrees apart.

Salant’s words echo today even more so than in January of 2016. Here are the 10 huge differences that Salant listed:

  1. Abortion
  2. Same Sex Marriage
  3. Immigration
  4. Climate Change
  5. Medicare
  6. Wall Street
  7. Iran
  8. Israel
  9. Money in Politics
  10. Voting Rights

These are the same issues in 2020. With the addition of: eliminate the Electoral College, Supreme Court appointments and impeachment.

The only differences are that Democrats have become more extremist in each of these policy categories.

  1. Abortion has now become infanticide and the harvesting of body parts from live fetuses for profit.
  2. Same sex marriage has become a full frontal assault on religious liberty under the First Amendment.
  3. National security, national sovereignty and immigration are front and center with building the wall and the Trump administration’s efforts to enforce immigration laws over the objections of Democrats and Democrat appointed judges.
  4. Climate Change has morphed into the Green New Deal, which expands government control as never seen before.
  5. Medicare for all is the war cry of Democrats, including, as they all raised their hands, providing Medicare for illegal aliens (a term that can get you find $250,000 if used in a derogatory way in New York City).
  6. Wall Street is panicked that if Elizabeth Warren becomes the nominee free markets will disappear.
  7. Iran is threatening the world with violence and conducting terrorist acts globally at an ever increasing rate.
  8. Israel has been boycotted, divested and sanctioned by the Democrats who have become the party of anti-Semitism.
  9. There is more dark money in politics now than every before.
  10. And finally Democrats want voting rights given to illegal aliens, felons and every other non-citizen, without question.

The 2020 election is a repeat of the same issues, but these issues have been radicalized by the Democrat Party.

The 2020 election is about choosing between a Marxist form of totalitarianism or a keeping our Constitutional Republican form of government.

Choose wisely.

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Film JEXI — Time to throw away your smart phone before it becomes too smart?

I went to see the CBS Films, Entertainment One film JEXI. Here’s the trailer.

JEXI is the next edition of the smart phone that is programmed to “make your life better.” But does it?

The film struck me in several ways.

First, it portrays a young man Phil (brilliantly played by Adam DeVine) who is disconnected from the real world and lives solely in the digital world of his new smart phone named JEXI whose voice is played by Rose Byrne.

Second, it shows the dangers of smart phones that become too smart, a.k.a. JEXI, for our own good.

Thirdly, the film could have been made PG if it weren’t for the extreme foul language and unnecessary sexual content, i.e. Phil has smart phone sex with JEXI! WARING: Don’t take you children to see this film.

I want everyone, especially our youth, mothers and fathers, to see this film. It shows the real and present dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Digital (BD).

I grew up before we had portable phones. In high school I read one of the greatest books about the dangers of robotics and AI – I Robot by Issac Asimov. JEXI reminded me of how robotics and AI must at all cost have a “moral set of rules” that puts the human being above the machine. Here is a video of Asimov explaining The Three Laws of Robotics.

Here is how JEXI violates the three laws of robotics in the film:

  1. robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. JEXI tries to run down Phil using a self-driving car and narrowly misses killing him. JEXI actively works to destroy Phil’s life and livelihood after he rejects her in favor of Alexandra Shipp a real woman played by Cate Finnegan.
  2. robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. JEXI continually refuses to accept commands from Phil throughout the film in multiple, often times hilarious, ways.
  3. robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. JEXI protects her own existence while consistently violating the First and Second laws.

Perhaps the most frightening part of JEXI is how AI works to control the individual, in this case Phil. But we are all becoming Phils and Phyllises aren’t we? Locked in a Digital Gulag where we become our own prison guards.

In his book Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom Michael Rectenwald writes:

Although Big Digital does use censorship and bias to achieve governmental ends, the constraints are also technological and the technology itself is intrinsically political. Political ideology is not merely a subsidiary feature of Big Digital. Ideology is coded into its very DNA, which is replicated in every organizational offshoot and new technology. Big Digital’s ideology circulates through the deep neural networks of cyberspace and other digital spheres. It is intrinsic to the foundations of the Internet, the cloud, algorithms, apps, AI bots, social media services, web navigation tracking software systems, virtual assistants, and more.

JEXI is a perfect product of Big Digital. Get your new smart phone and while you get connected and become a slave to Big Digital. You, like Phil, become a prisoner in a prison of your own design.

Scary, isn’t it?

Oh, BTW. JEXI is filmed in the city of San Francisco, California. The producers and director do everything they can to make the city look beautiful and clean. But we know better don’t we!

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