VIDEO: President Trump Vindicated

President Trump has been vindicated. The Mueller investigation failed to find any evidence to support the big lie that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government and failed miserably to prove any obstruction.

We’re pleased that Attorney General Barr saw through the 448-page smear of President Trump by highlighting the simple conclusion that there is no collusion and no obstruction.

Neither Mueller, the Obama FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department, nor the Deep State ever had a good-faith basis to pursue President Trump on Russia collusion. Russia collusion wasn’t just a hoax, it was criminal abuse, which is why Judicial Watch has fought and will continue to fight for Russiagate documents in federal court.

The targeting of President Trump served to protect Hillary Clinton and her enablers/co-conspirators in Obama administration from prosecution. Attorney General Barr can begin restoring the credibility of the Justice Department by finally initiating a thorough investigation of the Clinton email and related pay-to-play scandals and the abuses behind the targeting of President Trump.

We have long called for the shutdown of the Mueller special counsel operation and have pursued dozens of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits in connection with the illicit targeting and other abuses of President Trump. Judicial Watch FOIA litigation exposed, for example:

  • The Dossier-based Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications targeting President Trump
  • Eleven FBI payments to Christopher Steele
  • FBI firing of Steele
  • Extensive DOJ (Ohr) collusion w/Steele, Simpson, Fusion GPS
  • No court hearings by defrauded FISA courts before warrants were issued
  • Anti-Trump bias by Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann

You can be sure your Judicial Watch will continue to “investigate the investigators”! We already have over 40 FOIA lawsuits on Obama/Clinton/Deep State effort to illegally spy on and overthrow President Trump. This assault on our Republic is the worst corruption scandal in American history and Judicial Watch is on it – no matter what Congress or the Justice Department does.


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PODCAST: Mueller Report Proves Russian Collusion Claim Is a Hoax

The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky analyzes the redacted report about the findings from special counsel Robert Mueller, and why it’s time to investigate why President Donald Trump was ever suspected of collusion in the first place. Read the transcript, posted below, or listen to the interview in the podcast:

We also cover these stories:

  • Democrats are trying to get Mueller to testify in May.
  • North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill that protects the lives of abortion survivors.
  • New York City is actually losing residents for the first time in recent years.

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Kate Trinko: Joining us today to discuss the newly released Mueller Report is Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky, a legal expert. Hans, have you looked at the report? What are your takeaways?

Hans von Spakovsky: Yes, I’ve been skimming through it all day, putting my speed-reading lessons to work.

Trinko: It’s only 400 or so pages, right?

von Spakovsky: Right. The key thing that I get out of it is that, remember when the Attorney General William Barr sent his letter to Congress in which he basically gave what the conclusions of the report were? One, there was no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and two, there was no obstruction of justice.

There were a lot of claims by Democrats, including people like Jerry Nadler, who’s head of the Judiciary Committee, that, “Oh, well, we don’t believe you. We think you’re leaving things out.”

Well, reading through the report, it’s very clear that Barr was 100% accurate in his summary of it and that the two-volume report—half of which is the Russian collusion claim, the other half is the obstruction of justice claim.

No one can read that and come to any conclusion other than the whole Russian collusion claim was a hoax. There was just nothing to that at all. And none of the actions that were taken by the president could be considered obstruction of justice.

Now, it’s very clear when you read it, and you see they relate some of the internal conversations in meetings at the White House about this, it’s clear the president was very angry. But that is a sentiment that I think most people would share if they’ve been falsely accused of a crime and that’s exactly the situation here.

The key thing is that he took no official actions of any kind that could in any way actually be considered obstruction of justice.

Daniel Davis: Yeah. On that point, the report says that he gave orders to do things that were not obeyed, so Mueller says, quote, “The president’s efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the person declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests.”

So it’s kind of a moot point then because it didn’t happen, but is that even a crime if he tried to get them to break the law but they didn’t?

von Spakovsky: No, I don’t think so, particularly because, and this is something that General Barr and others have talked about, is that it’s very clear when you read the report that he had no corrupt intent.

And what I mean by that is it’s one thing if you act because you’re innocent and you don’t believe the government should be investigating you because you haven’t committed a crime. That’s very different from having a corrupt intent to interfere with an investigation because, in fact, you did commit a crime and you want to cover it up.

Davis: So legally there’s a distinction there?

von Spakovsky: There is a distinction and they talk about the fact that the president’s anger over this makes it clear to General Barr that there was no corrupt intent with any of his hot talk, if I can call it that, over what Bob Mueller and others were doing.

And again, key point there, remember there were no restrictions placed on Bob Mueller. He had all the resources he needed, he had 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, and he did a very comprehensive, wide-ranging investigation.

I’ve already heard some folks claiming, “Well, he didn’t have everything he needed to do a complete investigation.” Again, that’s just not correct.

Trinko: The report says that President Trump did try to remove Mueller, or presumably a special council, but that people didn’t follow his orders … it didn’t happen. Is that telling or significant?

von Spakovsky: I don’t think so when it comes down to the obstruction of justice charge. It didn’t happen and the investigation was completely and thoroughly done. So again, I just don’t see how you could bring an obstruction of justice charge and the attorney general agrees with that assessment.

Davis: The report also said that Trump was asked a lot of written questions by Mueller and that Mueller was sort of unsatisfied with those answers.

I’ll just read from the report here. Mueller says, “The President stated on more than 30 occasions that he does not recall or remember or have an independent recollection of information called for by the questions. Other answers were incomplete or imprecise.”

It sounds like maybe he just got good legal advice.

von Spakovsky: It could be, and so what that Mueller wasn’t satisfied with that? That’s just Mueller’s claim. He hasn’t proved in a court of law that somehow those answers were untruthful. So again, I don’t pay much attention to accusations by a prosecutor who in the end concludes there’s not enough evidence for a prosecution.

Trinko: Liberals are calling for Mueller to testify before Congress—

von Spakovsky: Right.

Trinko: … in May. Is that a good idea? Is that something he should do? What do you think?

von Spakovsky: Well, he can do it, but if Democrats think they’re going to somehow get something out of it more than they’ve already gotten in his report, I think they’re going to be sadly disappointed.

If they believe that Mueller’s going to come up with some kind of smoking gun that’s not in the report, I just don’t believe that. I think Mueller put everything he could into that report and they’re just not going to discover anything else.

Trinko: That’s a real problem for all the liberals with the Mueller tattoos and all that other stuff, there’s going to be no smoking gun.

Davis: But it seems like there’s enough in this report for both sides to really build a narrative. Trump clearly has the no collusion and no criminal charges, no indictment, but Democrats do have what seemed like the president potentially trying to undermine the investigation, although that didn’t happen. What do you think is the political fallout?

von Spakovsky: I actually don’t think, from the standpoint of an ordinary American, that there’s going to be much fallout because I think the ordinary American will look at what happened and say, “Boy, if I was falsely accused of a crime in my neighborhood or at my work, I would have been just as angry and just as frustrated as the president.” And I also probably would have wanted to tell off the prosecutor who was investigating me with no valid reason to do so.

Davis: In light of the fact that they found no collusion despite two years of efforts, a huge amount of manpower, and financial resources, frankly, applied this, they’re talking about looking into further the spying on the Trump campaign and how this whole thing began.

Do you think there needs to be much more of a investigation and why they even thought there was collusion to investigate in the first place?

von Spakovsky: The answer to that is yes, and the reason being that people should not forget that this did not start off as a regular law enforcement investigation, it started off as a counterintelligence operation. Because, in fact, what the FBI did is they went to the secret FISA Court. That’s the court set up by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

That’s the court that our intelligence agencies and the FBI go to when they suspect there’s a foreign spy in the United States and they want to, for example, initiate secret electronic surveillance.

There are certain evidentiary standards you have to meet to justify that and never before in the history of the United States has a counterintelligence operation been opened, sanctioned by a court against a presidential campaign.

And now that we know that in fact there was no basis for the claims that were being made and the claims that were used to open up the investigation, we need to find out: Was there actually a sufficient basis? Was there sufficient evidence for them to open up the investigation?

If there wasn’t, then people at the FBI and DOJ abused their law enforcement powers and not only do they need to be punished for that, but we need to be sure that never happens again.

Davis: As Sen. Lindsey Graham has pointed out, usually when those FISA investigations happen, it’s to protect the American entities and they will notify them and say, “Hey, these Russians or whoever are trying to spy on you,” but that never happens. So, it certainly allows for the possibility that there was some foul play.

von Spakovsky: Yeah. I have to say I heard the senator say that and I have to agree with him, that makes what happened highly suspicious to me.

If the FBI had knowledge that Russians were contacting the campaign, and as we now know in many efforts, there were many efforts where they were disguising themselves and trying to fool folks into not realizing they were Russian, why didn’t they go to the campaign and warn them about it?

Davis: Right. So how does this investigation into the FISA warrant happen? Does the attorney general now launch this or does Senator Graham have a special investigation?

von Spakovsky: Well, they both could happen at the same time because obviously the Senate and the House intelligence committees, and the judiciary committees, potentially, have jurisdiction over this.

But, in fact, if I was the attorney general, I would appoint a special inside task force. Not a special council, but a group of lawyers on the inside who can take a look at this and examine all the documents, interview the FBI agents and original DOJ lawyers involved, and find out did they actually have a real basis for opening up the investigation?

Trinko: Hans, thanks so much for making time and pulling away from the 400-page tome to talk to us today.

von Spakovsky: Sure, thanks for having me.


Katrina Trinko

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Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis is the commentary editor of The Daily Signal and co-host of The Daily Signal podcastSend an email to Daniel. Twitter: @JDaniel_Davis.


‘Russian Collusion’ a Giant Smokescreen to Obscure DNC Leaker?

Publisher of DCLeaks Contradicts the Mueller Report

Key Takeaways From the Mueller Report on Trump and Russia

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With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

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This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

We are looking for a select few conservatives to become a Heritage Foundation member. With your membership, you’ll qualify for all associated benefits and you’ll help keep our nation great for future generations.


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BREAKING: CRC Exposes Left-Wing Dark Money Network

As presidential candidates promise to refuse so-called “dark money” and Members of Congress decry the role of money in politics, a Special Report from CRC dispels one of the biggest myths in political discourse: the Left doesn’t use “dark money.”

CRC’s report by investigative researcher Hayden Ludwig, Big Money in Dark Shadows: Arabella Advisors’ Half-billion-dollar “Dark Money” Network, profiles four nonprofit organizations, all controlled by senior leaders at Arabella Advisors, a for-profit consultancy.

Read the full report here and find the executive summary of Big Money in Dark Shadows below.

Executive Summary

The political Left often criticizes—and the mainstream media frequently report on—the network of center-right nonprofits funded by billionaire entrepreneurs Charles and David Koch. But few politicos know of a left-wing leviathan in Washington, D.C., with a reach rivaling that of the Koch network.

This study by the Capital Research Center documents a shadowy web into which nearly $600 million flowed in 2017, the most recent year for which tax returns are available. Operating under the aegis of “philanthropy,” this network is housed in and staffed by a for-profit, privately held consultancy called Arabella Advisors, LLC.* Arabella manages four nonprofit entities—the New Venture FundSixteen Thirty FundWindward Fundand Hopewell Fund—each of which shares an address and interlocking officers with Arabella.

The Arabella Advisors network includes over 340 different entities/projects.

Philanthropic advising is lucrative for Arabella, in part because its clients are so wealthy: it claims its donors’ assets are worth more than $100 billion. Between 2007 and 2017, Arabella’s four nonprofit Funds paid a combined $76 million in management fees to Arabella Advisors. Some of the nation’s largest grantmaking institutions, including the Rockefeller, Packard, and Kellogg Foundations are donors to the funds managed by Arabella. It remains unclear why such large and powerful institutions seek outside philanthropic consulting, but presumably a significant part of Arabella’s appeal lies in its ability to obscure large financial transactions.

The line between philanthropy and political advocacy at Arabella is blurry indeed. Most of the projects hosted by the four Funds and financed by Arabella’s donors advocate for controversial positions on social issues, for the expansion of government—or both. Yet thanks to the unique financial arrangements of the network and the lack of donor disclosure, it is impossible to trace which organization pays for the various campaigns and political movements spawned by Arabella’s Funds.

According to the nonprofit organizations’ tax returns, between 2013 and 2017, the Arabella network received a staggering $1.6 billion in contributions, which it has used to advance its donors’ agendas through dozens of “front” groups and “astroturf” initiatives. The Arabella network of funds is also growing rapidly: from 2013 to 2017, the network’s revenues grew by an incredible 392 percent. Arabella’s network often plays host to highly influential groups on the Left. For example, the Democracy Alliance, a network of donors co-founded by billionaire George Soros, has used the New Venture Fund and Sixteen Thirty Fund to host at least eight projects that don’t disclose their original funders. While financial information for the 2018 election year has not been disclosed, the Arabella network will likely show continued steep revenue growth.

Revenues of the nonprofit entities managed by Arabella Advisors: New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Windward Fund, and Hopewell Fund. These organizations collected a combined $1.6 billion in revenue from 2013-2017. Between 2016 and 2017, revenues jumped 41 percent.

The mainstream media rarely mention any part of the Arabella empire, but in 2018 a Politico report on the Sixteen Thirty Fund—which is exempt under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code—described that portion of the empire as a “liberal secret-money network” in which nonprofit groups spend millions of dollars to shape elections and policy “even while criticizing ‘dark money’ and its effects on politics. . . . They have aired 6,885 broadcast TV ads [during the 2018 election campaign], according to Advertising Analytics, a TV tracking firm—more than the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and almost as many as [the Koch-supported] Americans for Prosperity, two of the five biggest nonprofit political advertisers focused on the House and Senate in the first half of this year.”

Despite the vast scope of Arabella’s influence, its “dark money” network goes largely ignored by media outlets. In the last year, mainstream outlets published 47 stories about Arabella Advisors or its four funding vehicles—most mentioning the network only in passing. In contrast, the Koch network appeared 189 times in the same outlets, and the coverage included much more thorough reporting than anything written on Arabella.**

The size and scope of the Arabella network of funds demonstrates that far more “dark money” exists on the left side of the political spectrum than has been previously admitted. Before left-of-center politicians and activists demand laws to increase government disclosure of donors who fund campaigns and public policy advocacy, they should consider voluntarily disclosing their own donors.


* “Arabella Advisors, LLC” is organized in Virginia and was originally named “Arabella Philanthropic Investment Advisors, LLC.” Despite the name change, as of April 1, 2019, the Certificate of Authority to do business in the District of Columbia is still under the original name. In addition, according to the online records of the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Arabella Advisors, LLC (under either name) does not have a general business license to conduct business in the District of Columbia, as is required by D.C. Code §47-2851.03d(a).

**  A LexisNexis search of the terms “Arabella Advisors,” “New Venture Fund,” “Sixteen Thirty Fund,” “Hopewell Fund,” and “Windward Fund” in major media outlets showed nine results when refined for duplicated content. Using LexisNexis to search “Koch” within three words of “network” of the same media outlets showed 189 stories with no obvious duplicate entries. Both searches were limited in time span from March 22, 2018, to March 22, 2019.

† This is the number of individual projects/campaigns CRC has been able to identify.

The New Venture Fund lists the number of its various projects here.

Unless otherwise noted, all revenue, expenditure, and growth figures come from Form 990’s filed with the IRS by the nonprofit organizations from 2013 to 2017.

Read the full report here.

Two Commentaries on Benedict XVI’s Letter

Note: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s brief letter to German priests, which was released last week, has generated a flood of commentary, both because it was unexpected from a figure who has maintained almost total silence since his resignation, and because it presented sharp observations about developments inside and outside the Church that led to the steep rise in sexual abuse. That text warrants extensive consideration, but for now two commentaries by TCT regulars: Fr. Gerald Murray, a theologian and canon lawyer; and Michael Pakaluk, a philosopher. – Robert Royal

God’s Absence Enabled the Offenses

Fr. Gerald E. Murray

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, in his surprise letter on the sexual abuse crisis in the Church, examines the root causes of the criminal immorality of an astounding number of Catholic clerics. He identifies as a prime factor the collapse of sound moral theology, the result of the rejection of natural law reasoning. Underlying this theological chaos is a deeper crisis, what Benedict calls “the absence of God.” He writes: “Only where faith no longer determines the actions of man are such offenses possible.”

This calls to mind Robert Cardinal Sarah’s book God or Nothing. When God ceases in fact to be the motive, the center and the hope of the Church’s teaching and activity, innovators very quickly create clever substitutes that in fact turn out to be nothing more than self-worship.

Benedict writes that, after the Council, “it was chiefly the hypothesis that morality was to be exclusively determined by the purposes of human action that prevailed.” Since each man determines his purposes, each man creates his own morality, making himself the determinant of right and wrong for himself, pushing God and His law aside.

Man is to be honored in place of God as the source of his own moral truth. This is the apostasy of the autonomous man of “conscience” who recognizes God’s law only when it is in agreement with what he has decided he already wants to do.
In the strange world of a Church without God at its center, what about other doctrines of the Faith? Benedict examines the loss of faith manifested by how many in the Church treat the Most Holy Eucharist: “Our handling of the Eucharist can only arouse concern.”

The generalized loss of a sense of awe and respect for Christ’s Real Presence is undeniable. Benedict writes: “What predominates is not a new reverence for the presence of Christ’s death and resurrection, but a way of dealing with Him that destroys the greatness of the Mystery.” His use of the word “destroy” is telling.

The new thinking about the Mass and the Eucharist that largely prevailed after the Second Vatican Council resulted in various changes that have diminished the reverence expressed by the average Mass goer:

  • Holy Communion is no longer received kneeling but standing, no longer on the tongue alone but now also in the hand;
  • the tabernacle was moved off of the main altar, and the priest now stands, or sits in a chair, in the location where the Blessed Sacrament was formerly reserved;
  • the tabernacle containing the sacramental presence of God made man is placed off center on a side altar or in some instances in a location not visible from the church pews;
  • silence in church before Mass has been replaced by casual banter in audible tones;
  • many, many parishioners no longer genuflect when entering or leaving the church;
  • venerable liturgical forms, the Latin language and sacred chant were cast out and replaced by generally inadequate and uninspiring replacements;
  • almost everyone at Mass goes to Communion, while very few people go to Confession, indicating that people no longer have a consciousness that one must not receive Communion is a state of mortal sin, because most people no longer think that mortal sin is still mortal sin.

Benedict identifies the signs of this breakdown of faith and worship:

  •  “The declining participation in the Sunday Eucharistic celebration shows how little we Christians of today still know about appreciating the greatness of the gift that consists in His Real Presence.
  •  “The Eucharist is devalued into a mere ceremonial gesture when it is taken for granted that courtesy requires Him to be offered at family celebrations or on occasions such as weddings and funerals to all those invited for family reasons.
  • “The way people often simply receive the Holy Sacrament in communion as a matter of course shows that many see communion as a purely ceremonial gesture.”

The temptation to make religion into a kind of folkloric experience celebrating man’s attempt to build a community of benevolence and good feeling is seen when a priest invites everyone at a Funeral Mass of Nuptial Mass to receive Holy Communion.

Why would a priest invite people who do not believe in the Real Presence to come forward to receive, saying to them ”The Body of Christ” in response to which the non-believers are asked to say “Amen,” signifying belief in what they do not believe?
Why would a priest communicate to non-practicing Catholics that they should feel free to receive Holy Communion without previous confession? How did we get to this point of treating the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ as a mere token of participation in a ritual?

Benedict calls us all to renewed faith: “what is required first and foremost is the renewal of the Faith in the Reality of Jesus Christ given to us in the Blessed Sacrament.”

It is obvious that a profound disorientation entered into the Church that has manifested itself in doctrinal confusion and an attitude of laxity regarding immorality and even criminal sexual abuse.
The remedy that Benedict indicates is to return to a deep appreciation of the Faith according to its true nature, which includes being ready to die for Christ as the price of fidelity to him.

The Rev. Gerald E. Murray, J.C.D. is a canon lawyer and the pastor of Holy Family Church in New York City. He is a frequent contributor on radio and television, including EWTN’s Papal Posse.

A Practical Way for Pastors – and Laity

Michael Pakaluk

Benedict was the universal pastor of the Church, but his essay on sex abuse and the crisis is written not as pope but as a priest, to priests, in Germany (specifically, to the journal Klerusblatt). Therefore, although it raises large questions in passing – and no one who publishes today can claim to be addressing only a restricted readership – it is valuable mainly as showing a practical way for pastors. In doing so, it also shows ordinary Catholics how humbly to serve the Church in these troubled times.

We see its limited purposes in its opening sentence: “The matter begins with the state-prescribed and supported introduction of children and youths into the nature of sexuality.” He is referring to how, in Germany in 1968, the Ministry of Health under Käte Strobel published a “sex atlas” (Sexualkundeatlas), and produced a movie called Helga, both ostensibly “educational,” but calculated to subvert the authority of local governments and churches over sexual mores.

One could raise deep and universal questions on this basis. Walker Percy, for instance, pleaded with us to consider how America almost overnight became a society in which people streamed to see a pornographic movie in their neighborhood theater. He meant Deep Throat (1972), which became the highest grossing movie of its time.

Or one might ask why libertinism gets introduced under the guise of objective science.

Or whether a sexually permissive society doesn’t, as a society, set itself against the welfare of children – abandoned in divorce, instrumentalized by in vitro conception, or killed by abortions.

But it’s clear that Benedict gives the example simply to appeal to the memories of his readers, mainly elderly German clerics, to shock them once again into seeing that “what is evil and destroys man has become a matter of course.”

Even his reference to Veritatis splendor has a limited purpose. It’s an open secret that Veritatis splendor is not a favorite reference source of the magisterium of Francis. In particular, Amoris Laetitia ignores it, while seeming, to many interpreters at least, to re-introduce all the errors that the encyclical rejected – the “fundamental option,” conscience as subjective not objective, the denial of intrinsically evil acts.


So how is it possible to refer to Veritatis splendor without at least asking whether any current hesitancy, today, in dealing firmly with sexual abuse, is a consequence of a dalliance among influential bishops in those old errors?

And yet Benedict, now devoted primarily to a life of prayer and contemplation, obviously avoids asking this. He does not even write in the manner of someone who thought to raise the question, but then thought better of it. In his essay, Veritatis splendor was important in putting an end to the Church’s vulnerability in teaching, in the face of the sexual revolution.

That vulnerability led to a collapse in seminary formation. Veritatis splendor proved a necessary piece in the reform of seminaries, which has mainly been successful. This again reflects the viewpoint of a priest, who wonders “how young people in this situation could approach the priesthood and accept it, with all its ramifications.”

I said that Benedict’s essay shows a humble path. So it is, here, in its engagement with Veritatis Splendor. He refers to just one teaching of the encyclical, “there [are] actions which [are] always and under all circumstances to be classified as evil.” His essay clearly assumes that that claim, although once controversial, is now taken for granted by everyone.

Why? Because everyone has come to judge, correctly, that sexual abuse of minors is intrinsically evil. Philosophy professors know that certain stock examples have always been able to confound relativists in the classroom: What about rape? What about dashing out the brains of infants?

Well, what about sexual abuse of minors? For Benedict it’s a secondary point that that logic has not, yet, been universally extended to other intrinsically wrong sexual acts, such as sodomy.

That he is writing humbly, for priests, is shown in the Eucharist’s being the focal point of the essay. John Paul II used to write a humble letter to priests, as a fellow priest, on Holy Thursday. Benedict does something similar just before Holy Week.
Benedict gives a wonderful précis of the gospel: the universe is meaningless without God; but a loving God would reveal himself; and he showed the depth of his love by taking on our nature.

Just as the source of evil is flight from God, so the remedy for evil is found in the presence of God. “Let us consider this with regard to a central issue,” he next says, “the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Our handling of the Eucharist can only arouse concern.”

Note the “our”: he means priests. It’s within the power of any parish priest to address the abuse crisis just here.

The letter closes, “I would like to thank Pope Francis for everything he does to show us, again and again, the light of God, which has not disappeared, even today.” Here, too, is an example of great humility, since it is clear from Benedict’s essay that, the differences noted above notwithstanding, he has allowed himself to be influenced by Francis.

Consider that a couple of paragraphs in the essay are on the theme of the devil as the great accuser. That was not a big theme of Benedict’s pontificate but it has been for Francis, long before Viganò.

Or the theme that, although it’s good to foster communities of Christian life, the Church catches up the good and bad in its dragnet.

The most beautiful paragraphs in the essay perhaps those on martyrdom, “Today God also has His witnesses (martyres) in the world. We just have to be vigilant in order to see and hear them.”

Benedict, I think, means Francis and the martyrs Francis has noticed for us. Read Francis’ homily at a Mass for Martyrs of the 20th and 21st centuries to get the point. And of course, he encourages us to be witnesses ourselves.

Michael Pakaluk, an Aristotle scholar and Ordinarius of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas, is acting dean of the Busch School of Business at the Catholic University of America. He lives in Hyattsville, MD with his wife Catherine, also a professor at the Busch School, and their eight children. His latest book, on the Gospel of Mark, The Memoirs of St Peter, is coming out from Regnery Gateway in March 2019.

The Catholic Thing

EDITORS NOTE: This Catholic Thing column is republished with permission. The Catholic Thing is a forum for intelligent Catholic commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own. Like us on Facebook and Twitter. © 2019 The Catholic Thing. All rights reserved. For reprint rights, write to: The Catholic Thing is a forum for intelligent Catholic commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own.

Pro-Abortion Snobbery

David Carlin: What factors divide pro-life from pro-choice Americans? Mostly, it’s the difference between humility and arrogance.

This column is about abortion, but it will take a moment or two to get to the point.  Please bear with me.

If ever there was an obvious example of fallacious reasoning, it’s this: “I am rich, and you are not.  Therefore I’m right, and you’re wrong.”

What could be more stupid than an argument along these lines?  And yet this is precisely the reasoning that has been used, century after century, by those in the higher classes to dismiss complaints made by persons from the lower classes.  This is the reasoning that permitted lords of the manor to dismiss complaints by serfs, slaveholders to dismiss complaints by slaves, mill-owners to dismiss complaints by factory hands, etc.

In a society that places great value on wealth (and what society does not place great value on wealth?), rich people cannot help but feel that they are superior people: not just superior in wealth, but superior in almost every way.  And if you are superior in almost every way, then you must be superior in judgment.

If it happens, then, that a person from the lower classes disagrees with you, it becomes obvious – does it not? – that you must be right and the other must be wrong.

Your rightness and his wrongness are so obvious, in fact, that there really is no need for you (the rich person) to examine the other fellow’s case.  Save yourself time and trouble by dismissing it from the get-go as unworthy of consideration.

And don’t waste a lot of time trying to explain to the other fellow why he’s wrong. Out of a noblesse oblige kind of courtesy, you might offer him a brief explanation; but when you see (as you soon will) that he doesn’t buy it, move on to something else.

And now to abortion.  Considered on purely intellectual merits, the anti-abortion argument is vastly superior to the pro-abortion argument.  The anti-abortion or pro-life side argues that the entity that gets killed in an abortion is a human being, a tiny human being that grows less tiny every day.

And what else could it be if not a human being?  It is not a dog or a monkey or a fish or an elm tree.  The pro-abortion side has no counter-argument that comes even close to refuting the anti-abortion case.  The best the pro-abortion side can come up with are mindless slogans like “a woman’s right to choose” or “a woman’s right to control her own body” or “if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.”


This last is my favorite stupid argument.  It is strictly parallel to, “If you don’t like slavery, don’t own a slave.”

And yet, despite the obvious superiority of the anti-abortion argument, hardly ever is a pro-abortion person persuaded.  Why is this?

The answer, I think, can be found in the social class differences between pro-life and pro-abortion people.  The heart of the pro-abortion movement is found among men and women of the upper-middle classes: people who have (or soon will have when they finish college and get a few years older) good educations, good jobs, good cars, good houses, good food, good wine, high incomes, millions in assets, many important social and political connections, a cosmopolitan outlook, etc.

Given contemporary American standards, they are superior people.  They may not be superior according to the standards that prevailed in Plato’s Academy, or in ancient Sparta, or in the monasteries of St. Benedict, or in the Shaker communities. But they are without question “superior” according to present-day American standards.

By contrast, the heart of the pro-life movement is found among women from the lower-middle classes: persons with educations and incomes that are barely adequate in today’s high-price society; persons who lack the millions, the high culture, the good connections, etc.

These women tend to be religious; they tend to have more children than does the average American woman (and certainly more than does the typical pro-abortion activist); they tend to be sexually un-liberated – so much so that many of them (and this is truly shocking from a contemporary point of view) have had sexual relations with only one man, their husband.  According to present-day standards, these women are definitely inferior.

It will be pointed out that my ideas of the typical pro-life and pro-abortion person are stereotypes.  Of course. But stereotypes are often enough more or less accurate.

In any case, the typical pro-abortion activist, instead of taking seriously the arguments presented by the pro-life movement, says to herself or himself: “I am rich and well-educated, I own a handsome house or condo and a fine automobile, I am thin and athletic, and I am blessed with excellent taste when it comes to coffee, wine, food, furniture, music, movies, works of art, etc.  In short, I am a superior person.  The world is fortunate to have people like me in it.”

“And so, that anti-choice woman standing over there – whose education is limited, whose income is modest, whose house is small and unattractive and in the wrong neighborhood, whose body is unshapely and somewhat overweight, whose taste is appallingly vulgar – when she tells me that I am wrong about abortion, I would laugh at her if I didn’t pity her.  What could be more preposterous than to think that an inferior person like her might be right and a superior person like myself might be wrong?”

These “superior” people, let us remember, are the people who control the “command posts” of American culture. Which is to say that they are dominant in a number of our leading institutions: the mainstream journalistic media, the entertainment industry, our best colleges and universities, and one of our two great political parties.

They shape the public mind, especially the mind of younger generations.  If they won’t listen to reason (which they won’t), do we have any grounds to be hopeful for the long-run success of the pro-life movement?

Yes.  But I’ve run out of time (and space) today. More to come next time.


David Carlin

David Carlin is a professor of sociology and philosophy at the Community College of Rhode Island, and the author of The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America.

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ICE Field Operation Liberated Hundreds of Jobs — Interior enforcement of immigration laws helps American workers.

On April 3, 2019, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) posted a news release: ICE executes federal criminal search warrant in North Texas which announced the administrative arrest of more than 280 aliens who were found to be working illegally at CVE Technology Group Inc. and four of CVE’s staffing companies.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) is the division of ICE that conducted this highly effective field investigation which constitutes an element of the interior enforcement mission of our immigration laws.

The news release included this excerpt:

HSI is the federal law enforcement agency responsible for upholding the laws established by the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), which requires employers to verify the identity and work eligibility of individuals they hire.

These laws help protect jobs for U.S. citizens and lawful U.S. residents, eliminate unfair competitive advantages for companies that unlawfully hire an illegal workforce, and strengthen public safety and national security.

Unauthorized workers often use stolen identities of legal U.S. workers, which can profoundly damage for years the identity-theft victim’s credit, medical records and other aspects of their everyday life.

HSI’s worksite enforcement investigators help combat worker exploitation, illegal wages, child labor and other illegal practices. Work site enforcement investigations often involve additional criminal activity, such as alien smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, document fraud, worker exploitation and/or substandard wage and working conditions.

Immigration anarchists frequently justify their opposition to the enforcement of our immigration laws by making emotional appeals about how illegal immigration is all about desperate people who simply want to be able to live better lives. They often even raise the oxymoronic notion of enabling illegal aliens to achieve “the American dream.”

Indeed, the DREAM Act was actually an acronym for “Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act.”

Compassion, however, is never a consideration for hapless American and lawful immigrant workers who lose their jobs to illegal aliens or suffer wage suppression because of the massive influx of illegal alien workers.

The rhetoric about how immigrants (actually illegal aliens) do the work Americans won’t do leaves out the second half of that sentence, that Americans won’t do those jobs for substandard wages under dangerous substandard conditions.

It is infuriating that the “American Dream” has become ever more elusive for Americans and lawful immigrants, particularly among America’s minority communities, while political con artists have the chutzpah to invoke the imagery of the “American Dream” to create the DREAM Act.

When the DREAM Act scam was properly voted down by Congress, President Obama created the sequel to the DREAM Act, DACA: Deferred Action Childhood Arrival, by Obama’s capricious executive caveat.

Employers who intentionally hire illegal aliens do so not out of compassion but a desire to exploit vulnerable workers, paying them substandard wages under conditions that are often so substandard as to be illegally dangerous.

There is nothing compassionate about exploitation!

Furthermore, as the ICE news release reported, many aliens who work illegally not only violate our immigration laws and take the jobs Americans need, but frequently engage in identity theft and commit other crimes.

Anyone who has ever fallen victim to identity theft can attest to how profoundly this crime has deleteriously impacted their lives.

Illegal immigration is anything but a “victimless crime.”

Economists are always concerned about unemployment rates and with the number of jobs that are created or lost by the American economy but omit the critical issues of whether American workers are gaining or losing jobs and how their wages are increasing or stagnating.

Political candidates on all levels of government frequently claim that if elected they would help new companies to create more jobs. Creating new jobs can be a risky and time-consuming proposition.

However, just as it is said that “A penny saved is a penny earned,” I would argue that a job that is liberated is no different from a job that is created. Effective enforcement of our immigration laws can result in jobs being liberated — that is to say, freed up by removing aliens who are working illegally thereby immediately providing Americans and lawful immigrants with those jobs.

Investigations into the willful employment of illegal aliens is known as “Worksite Investigations” and can help to put Americans to work and enable them to support themselves and their families.

To put this specific case into proper perspective, the HSI agents who participated in this field investigation liberated at least 280 jobs, making them immediately available for American and lawful immigrant workers.

Radical Democrats who have created “Sanctuary Cities” and demonize immigration law enforcement officers are now calling for the removal of any criminal penalties provided in the Immigration and Nationality Act for aliens who enter the United States without inspection, even though Senator Schumer has proposed legislation that would have made trespassing on critical infrastructure and national landmarks a federal crime with a five-year prison sentence to deter trespassing.

Cheap labor is anything but cheap, as I noted in my recent article, “Open Borders Facilitate America’s Race To The Bottom.”

Not only is there no compassion in exploitation of foreign workers, there is certainly no compassion in acting against the interests of American workers and their families.

Today more foreign workers enter the United States each year than the number of new jobs that are created. America’s generous immigration policies permit more than one million lawful immigrants to enter the United States each year. Additionally a human tsunami of illegal aliens enter the United States, as exemplified by the crisis on our southern border. Finally, hundreds of thousands of aliens who are lawfully admitted into the United States as non-immigrants violate the terms of the admission, not only by remaining in the United States after their authorized period of admission has expired, but by otherwise violating their terms of admission, frequently involving their illegal employment in the United States.

The Immigration and Nationality Act, as it now exists, would provide strong tools to combat illegal employment of aliens in the United States. However, what is lacking is an adequate number of ICE agents to actually enforce these important laws, resulting in Immigration Failures By Design.

Sanctuary Cities further encourage illegal immigration and hobble efforts to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

Today there are roughly 6,000 ICE agents for the entire United States of America and more than half of their time is not dedicated to the enforcement of our immigration laws but customs laws and other non-immigration laws.

So, while mandatory E-Verify would be helpful to end the employment of illegal aliens, without an adequate number of ICE agents to conduct field investigations, unscrupulous employers will easily game the system by hiring illegal aliens “off the books” or otherwise defraud the immigration system.

Advocates for “Immigration Reform” are determined to undermine any efforts or resources to enforce our immigration laws and/or secure our borders.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine and is republished with permission.

I Take This Woman . . .

The internet provides everything you’d want to know about courtships, weddings, married life, but few of them include the instructions on wife-beating.  There is a brief but enlightening film, produced by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and posted on Jihad Watch, of a Muslim sociologist who demonstrates the “proper” wife-beating technique.  Of course, the sociologist assures his audience that Islam is merciful, and that the man, the head of the household, should not have to beat his wife every day, and to do so lightly, never to hit her face or head, bruise, break bones or cause blood to flow (m10:12, Reliance of the Traveller, A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law – ROTT).  But the cautionary statement rings hollow when the wife’s bruises will never be seen because she must be covered from head to toe.  And, should she become inured to the discipline’s sameness, there are other means of control and punishment available to him, all sanctioned by The Religion of Peace.

When is it necessary to beat one’s wife?  The sociologist did posit that there are women who prefer domineering, authoritative, and even violent husbands.  For the most part, however, beatings are needed when the wife has disobeyed him and the strict Islamic rules of marriage.  She may have refused to wear a hijab (m:2:7-8, ROTT) or the finery he chose for her; or fancied attending school with the hope of one day having a career and earning a wage.  She may have wanted to leave the house unaccompanied or without her husband’s permission; she is literally under house arrest.

The Shari’a marriage contract contains her virginity status, the dowry amount, and grants sexual intercourse rights to the male, giving him total control over his wife or wives.  Should she refuse his advances, be too ill or too young to have sex, or if she engaged in sex with another man or was raped,  he could stop her daily (financial) maintenance.  The woman is considered a she-devil, equal to a domestic animal, harmful and with crooked character.  Therefore, he may disallow her to sleep in his bed; or lock her in a room, naked, and without food.  Should he choose to enact a simple divorce by repeating “I divorce you” three times – she may receive no more than three months’ maintenance and could lose her children older than age seven.

The Muslim husband has the right to accuse her of adultery, in which case he might gather his friends and neighbors together to bury her almost up to her shoulders and stone her to death.  The film, The Stoning of Soraya M, portrays the true story of Soraya, in Iran, whose husband Ali convinced their two sons and the townsfolk that she was committing adultery so that he could marry a 14-year-old girl.  The Internet has an actual film of a Syrian woman being stoned to death by ISIS.  About four women per day are murdered in “stove bursts” in Pakistan, by husbands or in-laws who claim the wives’ scarves caught fire while they were cooking.

We are assured, however, that the discipline of beating, although necessary, is done out of love and once that’s done, life can move on.  But from where does this sociologist get the concept of love?  Surely, not from the Qur’an, which clearly stipulates that women are inferior and may be taken by force or bought from her parents.  There is no Western-style courtship – no dating, no music or dancing under the stars, and no dining in a candlelit café.  In fact, there is no courtship whatsoever. Rather, a shari’a marriage is a document, usually signed at the home of the future bride, that grants sexual intercourse rights to the male with complete control over his wife or wives.  Revered Muslim theologian, Imam Ghazali (1058-1111) defined, “Marriage is a form of slavery.  The woman is the man’s slave, and her duty therefore is absolute obedience to the husband in all that he asks of her person.”

Interestingly, the marriage contract provides four blank spaces to be completed over time.  Below the signature of wife number one, there are three more signature lines for future wives, numbers two, three, and four.  The  realization that there could be three more wives with whom she would share her husband and home immediately negates love and devotion; the religious sanction of polygamy destroys the possibility of fidelity between one man and one woman, while also increasing rivalry, conflict and stress.  The message is unambiguous: “You can be replaced.”  Not only does the man have the divine right to four wives, but also to “pleasure marriages.” Only he, not she, has the right to such dalliances, and only he, not she, has the right to divorce.  He may even rid himself of the four he has and begin anew, with four wives plus “slave wives.”

The Islamic woman is among the poorest and most oppressed in the world, and regardless of her financial station, she is caged for life.  She cannot be rescued when beaten and her husband has the right to not provide an explanation to anyone for beating her, for the Prophet has said, “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife.”  Sunan Abu Dawad 11:2142.  This must be reassuring.

Muslim societies are based on enslavement – the enslavement of society to the state/ideology and women to men.  The Saudi woman is always guilty, even if he breaks her ribs during a beating, and she is so victimized that denial of her situation is her only comfort.  Muslim women are imprisoned for sexual crimes done by men, yet Islam insists it honors women.  The indemnity for the death or injury of a woman is one-half the indemnity paid for a man. (o4.9, ROTT).

In a Muslim society, the woman’s virginity is the basis of the family’s honor, and honor killings  are acts of vengeance executed by likeminded family members against the female family member, for reasons such as becoming “too westernized,” refusing an arranged marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault, seeking a divorce, or (allegedly) committing adultery.  The mere perception that a woman has behaved in a “dishonorable” way is sufficient reason for murder; methods include stoning, stabbing, beating,  mutilation, burning, beheading, hanging, throat slashing, lethal acid attacks, shooting and strangulation.  Women’s advocacy groups suspect that more than 20,000 women are killed worldwide each year. The UK recorded 2,823 such crimes in 2010.

Sex for the male in Islam is a plenteous buffet of alternatives, and he need never be indicted for adultery, pederasty, infant or youth pedophilia, rape, or honor killings. He even has permission to engage in sex with his wife’s cadaver within seven hours of her death.  During a televised show in Egypt,  Professor Sheikh Sabri Abdul Raeuf, of the Islamic world’s most prestigious madrasa, was asked if it is permissible for a husband to penetrate his wife after death (necrophilia).  He replied, “It is not favorable in Islam; however Islamic law considers it as halal,” it is permissible, not a crime or sin deserving of punishment in the here or hereafter.

Men, particularly “courageous” jihadis, are rewarded with sex with perpetually exquisite virgin women, so that women are not just in competition and threatened by other women (wives) on earth, but also by supermodels in the afterlife.  The Religion of Peace offers no peace to women at any time – not in infancy, not when they are genitally mutilated in childhood or married off against their will, not in their adulthood, and not even after their death.    We must never allow Shari’a laws to overtake our American laws.

Acknowledgment: Cruel and Usual Punishment, The terrifying global implications of Islamic Lawby Nonie Darwish

PODCAST: Julian Assange There Are No Coincidences

Julian Assange was arrested last Thursday [April 11, 2019] in London and faces a charge in the United States of conspiring to hack into a Pentagon computer network in 2010. He has been holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in Britain to avoid capture as the U.S. unseals the hacking conspiracy Indictment.

Coincidence or Part of the Plan?

So do you think it is by accident, by mere coincidence that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested? I believe not. It is part of the plan as the de-classification has begun. The investigators are being investigated. The deep state is in panic mode. Julian Assange is being sought after for the alleged conspiring with Bradley (Chelsea) Manning in the hacking of government computers. Some consider Assange to be guilty of espionage and many others, including Ron Paul, consider Assange to be a hero. I am in the hero camp.

We have begun to witness many events rapidly unfolding since the Comey collusion delusion hoax has proven to be a failed treasonous coupe d’ etat attempt against this great and duly elected President Donald Trump. One such event, is the arrest of Julian Assange, which will prove to be a monumental event. Why? Because once under oath in the United States, Assange will reveal and confirm what we have known all along. Assange has the goods. Assange has the e-mails, the source files, the evidence and he will reveal all we need to know under oath.

Will we hear under oath and review such documents surrounding uranium one? Russia and the dems? The revelation of the e-mails? Will we come to learn just who put the hit on Seth Rich? Seems to me Assange being returned to the U.S courts is in line with what the President is doing as a multi-faceted de-class mission. Even if Assange is somehow found guilty (he may not be), in the court of law, as I understand it, the sentence for this act could be five years. If this is the outcome, I would suspect that President Trump will pardon him. Again, time will tell. Stay tuned. It’s just begun.


Assange Dumps All Wikileaks Files As Stated During Arrest – Here They Are!

Finally, Assange Will Face the Legal Cases Against Him

Stalinist Style Show Trials in the U.S. House of Representatives

As Attorney General Barr confirmed “Spying did occur.” I can add to his statement that it was a foreign force that did the spying. ”There is a special espionage operation going on today in America. Read my column The Chronology of Treason to be ready for the 2020 election. Here is a link to it. This is my twitter to the former CIA man, declaring the absence of such event, March 30th. And he is not alone. This is the actual reason, I’ve been writing about Russia for the last thirty years. it is my endless love for this country and the existential threat that the American Republic faces. As events are progressing, fortunately there are more people who feel as I do, and they are speaking and fearlessly acting. I can sign every word written below:

“The Enemies Within zooms in on the best kept secret of modern politics. Almost no one is aware of the fact that fewer than 20,000 U.S. communists, socialists and extreme progressives are able to influence the politicians, and even write the laws that control the lives of over 300 million Americans.” – The Enemies Within.

Don’t you see where this existential threat is coming from? My warning for you about the Dems is that, in fact, they are a Socialist Party and using the title to mask their real nature—a typical Socialist trick, handwriting with fraudulent intent. I also constantly warned you about thousands of the KGB’s operatives are working with the Dems on our soil. Using the term KGB, I mean the entire Russian Intelligence Service–a collective image of several Intel agencies. Those three letters are familiar to the vast majority of Americans and they really represent the Soviet Gestapo, the mighty vehicle harming us and dispersing globally the ideology of Soviet Socialism.

There is another respectful source presenting the Dems as the culprit, which is giving an ideological implication to the matter and a specific connotation to the issue in this e-magazine—it is the column by its publisher Rich Swier:

The Democratic Party has become the party of “cultural Marxism.” Urban Dictionary defines cultural Marxism as:

A social and political movement that promotes unreason and irrationality through the guise of various ’causes’, often promoted by so-called ‘social justice warriors’. These causes and their proponents are often contradictory and are almost never rooted in fact. Indeed, true argument or discussion with proponents of these causes is almost impossible, as most attempts at discourse descend quickly into shouting, name-calling and the chanting of slogans. Ten Policies That Prove the Democratic Party is the Party of Cultural Marxism, April 2, 2019

Nobody living and watching current politics in America can argue with this statement. Our culture has been changed dramatically during the last 2-3 decades and is becoming unrecognizable. Of course, we can hold the Dems responsible for those incredible cultural changes, bringing “Cultural Marxism” in America. I am in agreement with the column written by Rich Swier, yet, as a former Soviet defense attorney, I’d like to add some other information. Marxism alone couldn’t achieve this dramatic cultural transformation, the actual unified forces on the ground could. My books and columns are providing you with the knowledge of that unified force on the ground, working daily against the American Republic…

The Democrat Party: No. 1 Enemy of America

As you know Marx’s idea was only a theory. The real and materialized idea of Socialism came with the victory of the 1917 Socialist Revolution in Russia, and hence we have only Soviet Socialism in reality. And that exact idea of Soviet Socialism has been spread throughout the world. This idea was articulated later for America and brought into action by the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov. The idea was a simple one—to dismantle and destroy the American Republic from within by infiltrating the intelligence apparatus of the government, the media, and other specific democratic institutions to stop capitalist mobility and cripple any American innovations…

If you read my books and columns you know that I was always stunned by the cultural events in America that are strikingly resembled to the events I  experienced in Russia: the revision and attacks on this nation’s history and its heroes, destruction of historic monuments and buildings, constant government lies and fraud. You are the witnesses of all Socialist ideas offered by the Dems: The Democrat Party morphs into the party of “Abolish ICE,” “open the borders,” “give away healthcare,” “give away college,” “guarantee everyone a green job,” and “voting at 16.” This is a direct path to a Socialist agenda to demolish and destroy the American Republic: plus also consider already functioning Obamacare, copied from the Soviet medical system, provided by the Russian Academy of Science to Obama’s administration.

There is also a constant reminder of Soviet Socialism and its KGB in America today. In fact, Fake News is the enemy of the people, because Fake News is nothing else, but the old KGB “Operation Disinformation” exercised by the KGB for several decades through the media-mob. It is one of a thousand KGB methods and tricks aimed at subverting capitalism: they have different forms, sizes, and colors, always using lies, intimidation, fraud or threat, and all have the same agenda of dismantling our free market economic system and transform it to market control by the government. The execution of this transformation has been going on for the last several decades, now it is in its final stage of preparation for the Socialist revolution in America. The main doer is the Socialist Mafia in collaboration with the KGB’s political operatives on our soil. There is a logical cohesion in their united actions aimed at destruction of the unique political system left to us by our Founding Fathers.

The Socialist mafia has somehow succeeded in achieving permanent help from American media, as Andropov has designed it—remember his statement “information is the most precious commodity in politics.” Would it surprise you to know that some journalists have been working in cahoots with the Democrat Party in America? They are not independent. The episode with the NBC journalist working on behalf of DNC is not an accident. Don’t be surprised that American journalists are working with DNC. Do you remember the rate of negative information about President Trump in 2018? It was 93%! And again it is a logical coherence created by Andropov’s design between the media, the Dems, and our corrupt, dysfunctional intelligence that had missed all of the crimes committed by the Dems! Don’t you think that a new Special Counsel should be appointed to investigate the Democrats?

By Andropov’s design, the media was built as a political force acting in collaboration with a political party in America. Look at how the Democrats and media work together to fool and deceive you. Here’s, how fake-news CNN put it:

Democrats are selling a softer socialism, leaning on government as the solution to soaring health care costs, widening inequality, and a new and more dangerous existential threat – climate change – that many fear is literally killing the earth.” Part of the citation-climate change is a fraud, inculcated by the KGB to fight capitalism. It is a myth or hoax. To grasp where a term climate change is coming from, please read Baltic Winds: Testimony of Soviet Attorney, Xlibris, 2002.

The Dems agenda and their ideological program are clear to me: they want to change America’s future development, and stop the social mobility afforded by of capitalism. Just look at the “Green New Deal” –a colossal fraud aimed at stopping the social mobility of Trump’s capitalism, which has already shown the enormous ability of a free market economy to resurrect our nation from Obama’s Socialism. Charlatans in the Democrat Party are the No.1 enemy of the American Republic and Americans! Their methods are easily recognizable: lies, fraud, deceit, cheating, and alike identifying as charlatans who are fooling, deceiving, corrupting, and inculcating decent people.

I am not the only one thinking this way. A famous Russian Olympic Champion Larisa Latynina criticizing AOC and her ”Green New Deal” compared the deal to the Soviet Constitution of 1936. She is right, the Soviet Constitution was full of false promises and, for your information, political prosecutions, Stalinist Show Trials, Purges, deportation of the scientists and clergy began in 1937, a year after the Constitution was adopted. Stalin executed a total politicization and criminalization of the opposite party. Please, read my book: What is Happening to America? The first chapter of my book titled—1937—A Year of Infamy… Reading the chapter you’ll grasp the real meaning of Socialism.

A Global Spy Ring

By the way, Socialist mafia has “achieved” a great deal in changing our culture and lowing our moral standards. The recent College admissions scandal is very familiar to former Soviet citizens—we had a carbon copy national scandal in the 1970s. Everybody in the Soviet Union knew that bribing was the only way to achieve your plans—a bribery was a standard procedure from the top echelon to bottom in the country—it was called–Blat. Please, read a description of the scenes, my buying vegetables and meat in the country under Soviet Socialism, pp. 168-171 Baltic Winds: Testimony of a Soviet Attorney, Xlibris, 2002.

The release of the Mueller Report promised us a peaceful conclusion, but…The ongoing false narrative that Trump is a foreign agent is still alive and well. Now the Democrats want to see Trump’s tax return for six years. The Socialist mafia will not stop running that narrative until we expose, prosecute, defeat, and convict the enemies of the  Trump presidency. Get serious, because it is even worse than Rush Limbaugh described it recently. Rush acknowledged the three main reasons the Dems will never surrender. I believe there is a fourth and more crucial one—The Dems have to cover-up the treason their leadership had committed during the last 3-4 decades. The treason, I have been describing in my books and columns all that time.

Today we have heard about indictment of Greg Craig, a member of Obama’s Deep State. Former Obama Administration Lawyer Greg Craig Was Charged With Lying About His Work For Ukraine, by Zoe Tillman, Buzz Feed News, April 11, 2019. For me Greg Craig was an open book after he orchestrated an attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan, using a mentally ill individual in 1981. It was a typical KGB method to trick a mentally ill person, to create a legend and teach a sick man how to commit crime. For your information all shooting in the schools by the mentally ill persons had been orchestrated by the KGB in coordination with the agents on the ground…

Julian Assange was arrested today as well. I don’t know about his connection with Russia, but I know his actual connection with the Dems, Clinton mafia, and Tony Podesta. AG Barr has his hands full—the past history of treason carried out by the Dems in our very presence—he should identify the enemy within and my columns are the only remedy for that… The 2020 election is around the corner, we have less than two years. To win, we must identify the people of Socialist mafia who collaborate with the KGB’s operatives. In my opinion, we are dealing with an attempt to oust the U.S. President and overthrow the U.S. government, a political system left to us by our founding Fathers by transforming America to Socialism—a continuation of Obama’s and Bernie’s design…

The first time I heard the term Democratic-Socialist from Trojan Horse Bernie–millionaire in 2015. He was an open book for me—a typical Soviet provocateur. I reacted immediately writing my disagreement in the letter to a reader, Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016:

“The recent election campaign for the U.S, presidency is a misleading enterprise from both sides: The Republicans and the Democrats. Just look at Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist. The term itself is an oxymoron—a democrat can’t be a socialist, a socialist can’t be democratic. The term reveals a total absence of the knowledge of socialist policy and agenda. Socialism means a totalitarian dictatorship in a struggle to end individual liberty and private property, which is the opposite of democracy. Yet the incompetent and timid Republican establishment doesn’t even attempt to argue and reject the fraud.”

My opinion has not changed since, but just look at our media, no one even criticizes the term and our Intel and Academic Institutions are silent as usual allowing the Dems to perpetuate the fraud! Now the Andropov design is coming to fruition: the structure of the Democrat Party has been rebuilt comprised of the Socialist mafia, Islamists, and progressives working for decades with the KGB. What a tremendous fiasco of the entire American Intelligence system! And for nearly three years our country has been put through hell investigating President Trump? Why we are spending billions on our Intelligence apparatus? And this is not the end of their fiasco. Putin’s KGB is running with the ball! Blaming Trump for obstruction is laughable, yet he very successfully has obstructed the Witch Hunt and maybe the entire special espionage operation.


There is an International Law in coherence with the American Law on immigration. Only a person who receives a permission or asylum to enter a foreign country can be called Immigrant. Period! We do not have illegal immigrants, we have illegal aliens, migrants, or foreign-nationals, who have violated American Law. Words matter, they deliver the meaning, which Obama violated by separating children with the families, making foreign nationals’ children legitimate. The language should be corrected, dealing with the parent-felons. Moreover, then Obama created the order to send those children to the State of Senators Shelby and Session (both Republicans). To grasp how the KGB use children, you should read my column about the children of the Spanish-war 1936-1939, brought by Stalin to the Soviet Union and twenty years later used them to infiltrate the Central and South America.

Sixty years later Obama used children to fight his Republican political adversaries and undermine the American Republic. As a result, the flow on the Southern border has doubled, overwhelming human facilities and our courts. Now to stop this surge, we need extreme measures, perhaps even Martial Law. Then in 2015, after the Muslim invasion in Europe, our Intel should’ve known the KGB’s criminal design for Western civilization and America, and the methods the KGB using inside and outside our country to fight Western civilization and capitalism … Knowledge is Power!

After writing for thirty years about Russia and its Intelligence Services, I am constantly repeating a refrain; Knowledge of Russia is a Must! In my writings, I am explaining the reasons why this knowledge is a must. One of them is that the KGB is using any illegal opportunity to enter our county and harm us. Today, I’ll give you an example of KGB’s illegal activities and why the knowledge of Russia is a Must.

Europe was shocked by real Invasion of the Muslims in 2015. Do you know that now any criticism of Islam in Europe is treated as a form of racism, and “Islamophobia” is considered a crime or a sign of mental illness? “Europe has renounced force, so to many, it appears weak, vulnerable and easily able to be overpowered.” Muslim Invasion of Europe, by Guy Millière, October 22, 2015.

I am giving you this paragraph, because we are at war with the forces that manufactured Muslim Invasion of Europe. It was orchestrated by Russia and its Intelligence apparatus. Read my columns to learn how it was designed and prosecuted. I have been writing about an asymmetrical war against Western civilization for the last thirty years, I called it WW III. The highly publicized Caravan is a carbon copy of the Invasion of Europe that was orchestrated and well-organized by the same forces. Both cases are the examples of an asymmetrical war against the West. Anti-Trump war is a part of this war. It is a carbon copy of its war waged against Nixon by the Soviet Intelligence machine–the history of treason has very deep roots. But this topic requires a separate column. I don’t want to repeat many other reasons why Knowledge of Russia is a Must! Believe me it is!

Knowledge is Power!

Knowing the Russian methods, agenda, and its proclivity to mold Soviet style charlatan-leaders around the world to engineer cadres of fifth columnists, I believe there are two types of people committing betrayals: Those who do not like the political system established by our Founding Fathers and are trying to transform it– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy the country, and those people who haven’t a clue about the KGB infiltrations, hence becoming their unwitting accomplices. Both groups constitute a huge help to President Putin, who is continued running the anti-Trump show… “

Unfortunately, some in the Fox News channel have not read my books and columns, so they often make mistakes, interviewing KGB agents as the source of the events, confusing their audience…Juan Williams and Shepard Smith have not read them yet, but it is not their fault, because it was a corrupt FBI that submitted my name to the FISA Court to make me a foreign agent and banned my writings in 2002. Applying logic, I would say that the crime against me had been done for the interests of Russia not for the interests of the American Republic. Think about that. Who could’ve done that to deprive Americans to know the Truth about Russia to prevent the waste of billions, tons of human energy, and precious time stolen from you?

My books and columns provide you with the Truth about the constant collaboration of the Democrat Party and its members with Russia, about Clinton’s Foundation, which is the eyes and ears of the KGB, about the Obama/Putin Conspiracy, and attempts to undermine Trump’s presidency, attacking him personally for the last three years. As a former Soviet attorney, I know the real reason the Dems are constantly creating crises—“Offense is the best defense” as Stalin’s teaching and this is the only way for the Dems to survive. They have to cover up their criminal conduct over the last several decades, to save their own skin and the mere existence of the Democrat Party…

I want to give you my personal research of Obama/Putin Conspiracy and please, remember that Greg Graig was Obama’s advisor. Here is a list of military collaboration under Obama/Putin Conspiracy during all eight years of Obama’s presidency:

  1. Killing of bin-Laden
  2. Invasion of Libya, conspiracy of Obama, Putin, and French President Sarkozy.
  3. Benghazi, murder of the U.S. ambassador Stevens.
  4. “On 6 August 2011, a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopter was shot down while transporting a quick reaction force attempting to reinforce an engaged unit of Army Rangers in Wardak province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan. The resulting crash killed all 38 people on board—25 American specialists … Fifteen of the Navy SEALs that were killed were members of the Naval… “
  5. The return of deserter Bergdahl from Afghanistan to release five Taliban’s commanders.

If you read my columns, you will find a detailed description of all five events. This information tells me about a close collaboration between Obama and Putin, which I called a special espionage operation, or a Global Spy Ring. I don’t know whether Robert Mueller was a part of the “criminal cabal” I have been writing during the last three years. The Witch Hunt against President Trump was arranged before the Mueller investigation, it was manufactured by a Global Spy Ring, run by Putin’s KGB.

“Do you remember when he (Trump) was still a candidate and he accused Obama of spying on him? The entire international media ridiculed him ad nauseam. Then, we found that it was really happening. The sitting President of the United States [Obama] was abusing his position to spy on a political opponent. Then, he lied about it. That sounds a lot like Nixon.” WATCH: Lindsey Graham Blasts Lack of Investigation into Dems: ‘Those Days are Over.’ I would add Sen. Graham’s statement: the Witch Hunt has begun by the Dems in collaboration with Putin’s KGB long prior to the Mueller Report. The current Dems events prove it completely:

Two virulent anti-Trump lawmakers Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, headlined a rally outside of the White House on Thursday to demand that the Department of Justice release the Mueller report in its entirety, claiming that it will reveal whether President Donald Trump has “abused his office.” “The protest, staged by leftist groups like, People for the American Way, Public Citizen, the Women’s March, and the Center for American Progress, drew a couple of hundred people carrying anti-Trump and “release the report” signs.“

Just look for the participants of the rally, this is the unified force on the ground: Socialist Mafia in cooperation with some KGB ground forces sponsored by Soros. For many years, I am introducing George Soros as the KGB’s agent. Now you can see for yourself the integral parts of the Democrat Party—Socialist mafia and the KGB. It is not getting the Truth out—it is continuing covering-up. The Dems were committing crime for several decades being soft on the Soviets and now they are putting finger of blame to the Republican opposition and particular to President Trump, like Stalin taught them. Here is an additional information for you:

According to a new report, a major media source for “hate crime” reports is financially backed by none other than George Soros. The 2017 tax forms for one of Soros’ foundations show significant contributions to ProPublica, a journalism nonprofit that launched a project called “Documenting Hate” in the same year. Report: George Soros funded creation of ‘hate crime’ database, March 28, 2019 by Jerry McCormick. Patriot News Alerts. Now we finally know where all these anti-Trump stories have been originated.

I am repeating again that the KGB is feeling free to harm us by acting in all corners within the American Republic from promoting Marijuana and constantly suing the Boy Scout organizations to a hundred of Smollett and other Soviet style provocateurs. The major battle is being executed in our Congress, where Dems’ Socialist Mafia, Islamists and radical Progressives are offering abolishing Electoral College, to dismantle completely the system left to us by our Founding Fathers. A Global Spy Ring is also threatening us military—“The Pentagon is scrambling to protect America’s power grid and nuclear facilities amid fears of imminent attack by Russia.”

“Fifty years ago an American patriot, Whittaker Chambers, had defined both culprits, the Communist Party and the KGB: ‘I became convinced that it was evil and a threat to Western civilization.’ …The Evil Empire may be dead, but not the evil that drove it—the Soviet mafia. Until this evil is exposed, there won’t be stability on our planet.” My book The Russian Factor; from Cold War to Global Terrorism, Xlibris, 2006, p. 149.

Fifty years later “The Mueller Report is an unmitigated disaster for the American press and the ‘expert’ class that it promotes” Lee Smith, System Fail, March 27, 2019. Lee Smith is correct, because $30 million are wasted without any needed results—we didn’t learn yet. One Show Trial ends, the other started in the Congress by the Dems. As I have repeated many times: knowledge of Russia and its Security Apparatus is a Must for all politicians and especially for members of Trump’s administration to win the 2020 election. DHS Secretary Nielsen did not have it and the outcome is obvious.

New CBS Poll: 57% voters think the Russia investigation was a hoax. My suggestion is to read my books and columns, to learn Andropov’s legacy and dismantle the consequences of it by the appointment of a Special Council with knowledge of Russia and its Security Apparatus.

Now, reading this column, you at least, have answers to two questions:

  1. Why I am lately renaming Soviet Socialism to Soviet Fascism.
  2. Why the corrupt FBI has been banning my writings since 2002.

My fellow Americans! God gave us this last chance to save our county—President Donald J. Trump! Don’t allow Soviet Socialism to take over the American Republic. Now you can recognize all candidates for 2020 presidency, the Trojan Horse Bernie, AOC, Beto, other Soviet Socialists, and their leader Tom Perez. They are lying, fooling and deceiving you for decades. The Mueller Report has confirmed that. Be vigilant! Some of them are sponsored by the KGB. Fight the ideology of Soviet Socialism and save the legacy of our Founding Fathers and the American Republic!

Knowledge is Power! Good Luck my beloved America the Beautiful!

To be continued

Ukrainian Prosecutor Reopens Corruption Case Involving Biden

The chief prosecutor in Ukraine recently revealed that he’s reopening a corruption probe into Ukraine’s largest private gas company that could have profound implications for the presidential aspirations of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The company, Burisma Holdings, appointed Biden’s son, Hunter, to its board of directors in 2014, and reportedly paid him more than $3 million during a 14-month period to head its legal team.

Burisma was then facing a state investigation over allegations that company Chairman Nikolai Zlochevskiy had used his official position as Minister of Environment in the pro-Russian government of Viktor Yanukovych to award the company lucrative oil and gas permits.

While the probe was underway, then-Vice President Biden made more than a dozen trips to Ukraine, ostensibly to support the new government of Petro Poroshenko. But during one of those trips in 2016, the vice president threatened to withdraw U.S. aid if Poroshenko didn’t fire the prosecutor general in charge of the Burisma probe.

Biden boasted of his success in getting Poroshenko to fire the prosecutor in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in January 2018, a year after leaving office.

“And I went over, I guess, the 12th, 13th time to Kiev. And I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee,” Biden said. When Poroshenko refused to fire the prosecutor, Biden said he had authority from President Barack Obama to pull the loan guarantee.

“I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ … He got fired.”

Current Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko told The Hill’s John Solomon that he was reopening the investigation his office had closed after Biden succeeded in convincing the Ukrainian president to remove his predecessor, Viktor Shokin.

Shokin himself confirmed in written answers to questions from Solomon that before he was fired, he was planning to conduct “interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the [Burisma] executive board, including Hunter Biden.”

Biden’s staff and, indeed, the Democratic National Committee leadership should have seen this coming. It’s not as if Hunter Biden’s appointment to the Burisma board was a secret, nor the fact that he got paid large sums of money for his services, at the same time that his powerful father was intervening in the company’s favor with the president of Ukraine.

This is no skeleton in Uncle Joe’s closet. It’s a raw cadaver, and it stinks to high heaven, despite the mounds of dirt piled on top of it by the national media.

The Wall Street Journal first announced Hunter Biden’s appointment to the Burisma board in May 2014 in a Page 4 item; one columnist in The Washington Post called Hunter Biden’s behavior “nefarious.”

But when asked by a reporter around the time of the appointment to comment, then-White House press secretary Jay Carney said the White House saw no problem with the younger Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.

“Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family are obviously private citizens, and where they work does not reflect an endorsement by the administration or by the vice president or president,” Carney said.

Following that White House comment, the media obediently buried Joe Biden’s gross conflict of interest until 2018, when Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, detailed the allegations in a book titled “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.”

“The bottom line is, Joe Biden was the Obama administration’s point-person on policy towards Ukraine,” Schweizer said on April 2. “He steered $1.8 billion in aid to that government, and while he was doing so, his son got a sweetheart deal with this energy company—that we’ve been able to trace over just a 14-month period—paid $3.1 million into an account where Hunter Biden was getting paid.”

Schweizer supported his allegation that the payments amounted to a sweetheart deal by noting that Hunter Biden had “no background in Ukraine” and “no background in energy policy.”

“There’s really no legitimate explanation as to why he got this deal with the energy company, other than the fact his father was responsible for doling out money in Ukraine itself,” Schweizer said.

The Ukrainian prosecutor general promises to turn over investigative files to the U.S. Department of Justice, so Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal could just be getting started.

A source close to the prosecutor said last week that he was also investigating a corrupt intervention by Ukrainian authorities in the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton, when they leaked the so-called “black ledger” of the pro-Russian Party of Regions to U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yavonovitch, an Obama appointee who remains on the job today.

They also leaked the ledger to The New York Times, which ran a front-page story alleging that the ledger included $12.7 million in payments to then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, leading candidate Trump to fire Manafort from the campaign.

Joe Biden might soon be looking back on the inappropriate touching allegations with regret. Not regret for his actions, but regret that public attention so quickly drifted off to other, more damaging scandals.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Epoch Times and is republished with permission.

ACLU Attacks Florida Legislature’s Effort to Ban Sanctuary Cities

Florida Senator Joe Gruters (R-District 23) has sponsored Senate Bill 168 to ban sanctuary cities in the Sunshine State. SB 168 reads,

Federal Immigration Enforcement; Prohibiting sanctuary policies; requiring state entities, local governmental entities, and law enforcement agencies to use best efforts to support the enforcement of federal immigration law; authorizing a law enforcement agency to transport an alien unlawfully present in the United States under certain circumstances; prohibiting discrimination on specified grounds, etc.

The bill is moving forward in the Florida legislature. Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing the legislature to get the bill to his desk for signing.

There is an effort by the ACLU to demonize those who support the bill, including Senator Gruters. In an email to constituents Senator Gruters wrote:

The ACLU is on the attack against my efforts to ban sanctuary cities & counties (click to read tweet) and many have asked me to comment on their rhetoric. (Scroll down to read an article covering their attack).

My take: At best, the ACLU simply doesn’t get it. At worst, they are disingenuously engaging in fear tactics in an effort to defeat my legislation banning sanctuary cities.

Let me be clear… Florida is always open to law abiding people – no matter their country of origin or skin color – and once my legislation passes, the only thing that will change in our state is that we will be closed to criminal illegal aliens!

Also – casually tossing around or alluding to me, or anyone else who supports cracking down on criminal illegal aliens, as being “racist” isn’t just getting old, it’s giving cover to real racists.

The people see right through the ACLU’s crazy rhetoric and it’s not going to stop me from working my tail off to ban sanctuary cities in Florida!


ARTICLE: ACLU Issues Florida Travel Advisory for ‘Immigrants and People of Color’

The same old canard of racism is being thrown around once again to protect MS13 gang members, human trafficking, drug dealers and those in Florida who are here illegally.

Illegal aliens harm Floridians in many ways. It is estimated that Florida annually spends $5 billion to educate, incarcerate and medicate illegal aliens. That is $5 billion dollars that could be returned to legal citizens of the Sunshine State.

According to News-Press contributor Christopher Crowley,

Illegal immigration is a serious problem facing the United States and Florida. Illegal immigrants take jobs from lower-skilled American workers as well as depress overall wages. In 2017, the Center for Immigration Studies reported a disproportionate number of illegal immigrants committed federal crimes. Data regarding illegal immigrants in Florida State Courts simply does not exist. However, as a former state prosecutor and current criminal trial attorney for twenty years in Southwest, Florida, I personally witnessed thousands of illegal aliens appear in felony Court on a host of serious criminal charges.

Watch this One America News Network video titled “The Cost of Illegal Immigration.”

The Democrats and the ACLU are no longer helping Americans and Floridians. They are enabling law breakers.

RELATED VIDEO: Eliseo Medina Speaks on Immigrants for Progressive Votes.

Man Claims NYC Officials are Abetting Neighbor’s Theft of His Property

A man’s home is supposed to be his castle. But this is no longer the case in New York City, according to a Brooklyn man who says that Big Apple officials are aiding and abetting a next-door neighbor’s attempt to steal his property.

It has been a long ordeal for John Hockenjos, 62, and his wife Irina, one whose twists and turns include a false arrest by the NYPD. The problems started in 2009, they say, when the couple Argo and Elen Paumere “purchased the home next to them with plans for an ambitious overhaul. According to the Hockenjoses, red flags flew fast when they were approached to sign documents turning over a two-foot easement to their new neighbor,” as Bklyner reported in 2013.

I spoke to the Hockenjos recently on the phone, and Irina told me their suspicions were borne out. After refusing to sign the documents, the Hockenjoses say that Argo Paumere “went and created a fraudulent land survey that marked a chunk of the driveway as theirs,” as Bklyner put it. The kicker?

The city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) approved it, the Hockenjoses report — and they’ve been battling the Paumeres and City Hall ever since.

It’s a battle that has cost the Hockenjoses their jobs, their health and more than $150,000 in legal fees, they say. But the real shock came in February 2012 when John, a former Metropolitan Transit Authority engineer, was falsely arrested by 61st Precinct police.

That dark day was Feb. 5 of that year. The police arrived at the Hockenjoses’ property, in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay section, after being called by Paumere, according to NY’s Daily News. The incident culminated in John’s arrest and felony charges being brought after he was accused of driving at a “high rate of speed, causing an officer “to jump out of the way,” the News reports. But the police had a problem.

No such thing ever happened.

John had video surveillance footage to prove it, too, which showed “the Brooklyn man slowly pulling into his driveway and the cop not even flinching,” to quote the News again.

In fact, so egregious was the police frame-up that Officer Diego Palacios, who was involved in the arrest, resigned from the NYPD and was indicted by a grand jury “on five kinds of illegal lying, one of them a felony,” reported The New York Times in 2012.

Palacios pled guilty in exchange for a sentence of just four days in prison — just one day longer than John spent in jail after his arrest — but ended up serving only one night. Call it Kim Foxx justice.

Oh, had Palacios’ frame-up been successful, John would have faced seven years behind bars.

As for the land dispute, the Hockenjoses told me they know of other NYC residents in their shoes, people who face what’s essentially the theft of their property due to DOB corruption or incompetence. If this sounds fanciful, consider the comments of former Queens-based state senator Tony Avella, who was a staunch critic of the DOB.

“It’s something that’s a bottom line issue with the DOB where an applicant just presents an application and they never really check it to see if the size of the property is correct, or whether they own the property or not,” he told Sheepshead Bites (now part of Bklyner) in 2013.”

“The builder says they own part of the property that’s actually the neighbor’s, and the DOB approves it,” he continued. “It’s a very serious issue. Anyone can submit a false application, fraudulent documents and fraudulent land surveys, and no one checks it.”

And once this happens…well, go fight City Hall. As Bklyner also tells us, “According to both Avella and the Hockenjoses, the DOB’s modus operandi when they receive complaints about fraudulent documents is to wash its hands of the problem and declare it a property dispute to be handled in civil court.”

“That comes with its own set of problems,” Bklyner further informs. “The Hockenjoses have gone through lawyer after lawyer, some of which [sic] they say took their money and never did any work. Others have refused to take the case because it appears to exist in a sort of legal no-man’s-land.”

“‘They’re saying I’m not going to take this case because it’s not a real estate case, it’s not a property dispute case, it’s a criminal case,’” Irina told Bklyner (this echoes what she related to me). “‘And we go to criminal attorneys and they tell us we need to go to prosecutors. And the prosecutors say it’s a civil case.’”

The bottom line is that the Hockenjoses have spent a good part of the last decade in court, all due, they say, to a neighbor who’s quite a malevolent character. In fact, Irina told me that shortly after the Paumeres moved in, Argo Paumere said bluntly, “I’m going to take your property from you.” After being informed that it wasn’t for sale, he made known that this didn’t matter, Irina states.

And aside from the false arrest, the Hockenjoses say that the Paumeres have continually made false charges against them, resulting in actions by city inspectors that the couple has had to fight. The stress has been overwhelming, they state.

The Hockenjoses also believe that more than just garden-variety bureaucratic incompetence is at work: They suspect that Argo Paumere has connections with city officials. The false arrest certainly lends this theory credence, of course. Whatever the case, it’s a very strange story — and one many Americans wouldn’t expect to hear in these United States.

It’s a continuing story, too, as the Hockenjoses fight on. Hopefully, they’ll get the help they deserve, somewhere, and justice will finally be done.

Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on Gab (preferably) or Twitter or log on to

State Department Sued for Obama Ambassador Nuland’s Communications Related to the Anti-Trump Dossier

Ambassador Nuland reportedly initially connected the author of the anti-Trump dossier, Christopher Steele, to the FBI.

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State for communications between Obama Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Ambassador Victoria Nuland and employees of Fusion GPS, as well as top ranking Department of Justice, FBI, and State Department officials.

Nuland served as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs from September 2013 until January 2017.

Judicial Watch filed the suit after the State Department failed to respond to a November 1, 2018, FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:19-cv-00574)). Judicial Watch seeks:

Any and all records of communication between Ambassador Victoria Nuland and any of the following individuals between January 1, 2016 and January 25, 2017:

Professor Joseph Mifsud

Mr. Christopher Steele

Mr. Glenn Simpson

Mrs. Nellie Ohr

Former CIA Director John Brennan

Former Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

Former Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General George Toscas

Former DOJ Official David Laufman

Former Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco

Former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr

Former FBI Director James Comey

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok

FBI Attorney Lisa Page

FBI Attorney James Baker

Former FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki

FBI Assistant Director Edward William Priestap

Former FBI Agent John Giacalone

Former FBI Agent Michael Steinbach

Former FBI Agent Josh Campbell

The author of the anti-Trump dossier, Christopher Steele, reportedly had developed long-standing relationships with senior State Department officials including Ambassador Victoria Nuland, “Between 2014 and 2016, Steele authored more than a hundred reports on Russia and Ukraine. These were written for a private client but shared widely within the State Department and sent up to Secretary of State John Kerry and to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who was in charge of the U.S. response to the Ukraine crisis.”

On February 4, 2018, in an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation, Nuland stated that she had been given details of the anti-Trump dossier directly from Christopher Steele, which she then referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

[Steele] passed two to four pages of short points of what he was finding. And our immediate reaction to that was, this is not in our purview. This needs to go to the FBI if there is any concern here that one candidate or the election as a whole might be influenced by the Russian Federation. That’s something for the FBI to investigate. And that was our reaction when we saw this. It’s not our – our – we can’t evaluate this.

Nuland reportedly “green lit” the initial meeting about the anti-Trump dossier between Christopher Steele and FBI agent Michael Gaeta. Quoting from David Corn and Michael Isikoff’s book Russian Roulette, “The FBI checked with Victoria Nuland’s office at the State Department: Do you support this meeting? Nuland, having found Steele’s reports on Ukraine to have been generally credible, gave the green light.”

“We intend to find out how far the Deep State was willing to go in their effort to discredit then-candidate Donald Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It seems the Obama administration engaged in a no-holds-barred attempt to clear the path for Hillary Clinton. Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuits have already shown the Obama State Department was corruptly targeting President Trump.”

Judicial Watch earlier released 42 pages of heavily redacted State Department documents containing classified information that was provided to Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump. The documents show Russian political interference in elections and politics in countries across Europe.

Judicial Watch also released two sets of heavily redacted State Department documents, 38 pages and 48 pages, showing classified information was disseminated to multiple U.S. Senators by the Obama administration immediately prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The documents reveal that among those receiving the classified documents were Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Sen. Robert Corker (R-TN).

On the Southern Poverty Law Center, Too Late for Tina, Send in the IRS

The question isn’t what went wrong at the SPLC; it is why it took so long for the rest of the country to learn what local reporters already knew.” – (Jim Tharpe, former managing editor of the Montgomery Advertiser)

The problems at the Southern Poverty Law Center could be bigger than discomfort by staff about racism and sexism in the internal office culture says the former managing editor of the Montgomery Advertiser who penned an op-ed in the Washington Post last week entitled,

Something strange is going on at this civil rights institution. It must be investigated.

Editor:  It is important that all of you, all fair-minded people! especially those who have been targets of the SPLC’s infamous hate lists, keep all of the unfolding news about the SPLC ‘s frauds in the public eye.  Tina is Tina Tchen Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff brought in by the board to help clean up the mess. She will be working to downplay information like this!

Author Jim Tharpe, a retired journalist who lives in Atlanta and was a former managing editor of the Montgomery Advertiser, says federal investigators need to investigate the finances of this massive ‘non-profit’ group.

Here is some of Tharpe’s thesis at the Washington Post,

(Emphasis is mine.)

There’s something strange afoot at the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the nation’s richest civil and human rights charities. In March, the center abruptly fired legendary co-founder Morris Dees. Dees’s biography was quickly scrubbed from the center’s website, and the SPLC announced this week that Karen Baynes-Dunning would serve as interim president and CEO, giving the civil rights organization its first black female leader.

In confirming Dees’s departure, then-President Richard Cohen emphasized the center’s values of “truth, justice, equity, and inclusion,” and said vaguely, “When one of our own fails to meet those standards, no matter his or her role in the organization, we take it seriously and must take appropriate action.”

Subsequent news reports pointed to allegations of racial discrimination and sexual harassment inside an organization that had raised hundreds of millions of dollars from donors to fight just that type of injustice.

Dees has said little about why he was shown the door after 48 years at the organization he had come to define. But to those of us familiar with the SPLC and its inner workings, the allegations swirling around the latest drama were familiar. The question isn’t what went wrong at the SPLC; it is why it took so long for the rest of the country to learn what local reporters already knew. It will probably take a federal investigation to fully unravel this deep-South mystery and provide a credible, long-term fix.

Twenty five years ago an investigation first revealed the problems at the SPLC and nothing was ever done about it.

In February 1994, after three years of research, the Advertiserpublished an eight-part series titled “Rising Fortunes: Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center” that found a litany of problems and questionable practices at the SPLC, including a deeply troubled history with its relatively few black employees, some of whom reported hearing the use of racial slurs by the organization’s staff and others who “likened the center to a plantation”; misleading donors with aggressive direct-mail tactics; exaggerating its accomplishments; spending most of its money not on programs but on raising more money; and paying its top staffers (including Dees and Cohen) lavish salaries.

Dees and Cohen vigorously denied its findings. And the SPLC mounted an aggressive campaign against the series when it was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize — it was a 1995 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory journalism.

Too late for Tina, says Tharpe. Bring in the IRS and the Civil Rights Division at DOJ!

Cohen, before he announced his own departure, said the center would bring in well-regarded lawyer Tina Tchen to conduct an investigation. It’s too late for that.

The Internal Revenue Service, which grants the SPLC tax-exempt status, and the civil rights division of the Justice Department would be the best bets to really figure out what’s up at the center.

Any investigation should take a close look at the SPLC’s finances. It should look at what the center has told donors in its mail solicitations over the years. And it should take a close look at how that donor money has been spent.

Investigators should also look at how SPLC staffers have been treated over the years. Where was the center’s board when this mistreatment was going on? And why did no one step up sooner?


The feds owe that to the young progressives who work at the SPLC. And they certainly owe that to the donors who have put their own first-class stamps on the checks they mailed to Montgomery.

More here(I know it may be behind a paywall, I was able to read it on my first visit.)

Follow the money!

I don’t know that the feds owe anything to “young progressives” who naively work at the SPLC, but investigating a politically motivated ‘non-profit’ group for possible financial wrong-doing sure is a good idea.

And, to answer Tharpe’s question about why it took so long for the rest of the country to learn the truth about the SPLC, it is because the mainstream media protected and coddled the SPLC because the mainstream media wanted to believe that America was filled with hatersbeing exposed by the good and pure-minded staffers struggling for the little guy!  (And, I include Fox News in that bunch of protectors!)

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Fox stopped bringing on certain guests after calls from the SPLC!

Your job is to continue to post news like this about the SPLC to your social networks! Do not let Tina and Karen sweep the dirt under a rug!

I’ve got another post if I get to it today about malfeasance with non-profit groups — many are run by frauds and crooks (with do-nothing boards of directors).

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals is republished with permission.

The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred of Trump Supporters

He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander is a fool.  Proverbs 10:18 KJV

Hatred, in the course of time, kills the unhappy wretch who delights in nursing it in his bosom. – Giacomo Casanova

God’s truth judges created things out of love, and Satan’s truth judges them out of envy and hatred. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

When I look at the Democratic Party and main stream media (MSM), all I see is control by demonic powers and a satanic hatred of truth. The party was started in January 1828 by Andrew Jackson, our 7th President, and Martin Van Buren, our 8th President.  Less than 200 years later, the Democratic Party has become the party of Karl Marx.

Those presidents of the 19th Century would never believe media would promote a 29 year old socialist on the cover of Time Magazine as it has with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Neither would they believe that anti-Semite Islamist, Ilhan Omar was featured on the cover of Time as the first congresswoman from Somalia.  Our third President, Thomas Jefferson, fought the Muslim Barbary pirates and defeated them and then the United Kingdom again in the War of 1812.  But today the media is silenced.

In my previous article, I discussed the NYTs v. Sullivan Supreme Court decision of 1964 which allows media to lie about public figures.  As such, great advantage of this decision was used not only in trying to destroy our President with a false narrative of Russian collusion by the DNC, but also the destruction via Special Counsel Robert Mueller of the men who supported and worked for Donald Trump.

Several of the nation’s largest and most influential news outlets had spread an explosive but completely false news story to millions of people about our President and his supporters.  The lies told by media have ruined a number of good men, and the majority of those lies were fundamentally false. Link  As Diane West says in her book, The Red Thread, look for the “Reds” responsible for this coup against our President and his supporters.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth,” was the law of propaganda often attributed to the virulent anti-Semitic Nazi, Joseph Goebbels.  Media learned well.

Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn

The Flynn brothers in 2011 with their now late mother Helen.

General Flynn, a 33-year dedicated military veteran and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration was one of the first to endorse Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He was named during the transition to head up the national security apparatus in the White House.  The General was President Trump’s wisest choice.  He knows more about military intelligence, China, Iran, Islam, and the corrupt Department of Justice and the FBI than anyone in President Trump’s administration. In 2010 he co-authored Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan.

In a recent PJ Media article, Michael Ledeen explains that General Flynn changed the way we did intelligence against the likes of Zarqawi, bin Laden, the Taliban, and their allies.  He saw that our battlefield intelligence was too slow and made it light years faster.  Ledeen said, “This earned him a following among some who worked for or with him, but it also gained him the enmity of those who had been cut out of ‘the chain of command.’”

A Marine buddy’s brother served under General Flynn and he said, “Mike Flynn walks on water, and he doesn’t even get his shoes wet.”  That’s how much they loved him.

The Obama/Clinton cabal knew they had to stop General Flynn.  They knew he was dangerous to their corrupt apparatus, so they set him up.  Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, organized the surveillance apparatus.  Dr. Evelyn Farkas, former Obama deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia and Ukraine, before she left in 2015, urged her former colleagues to, “get as much information as you can…get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration.”  Link

General Flynn long ago became the target and the truth is, he never lied to anyone.  Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, Sally Yates, the FBI and Obama were responsible for eliminating him from the Trump administration. The establishment and Deep State joined together to destroy the man who endangered their corrupt cabal. Unfortunately, our President did not have the foresight and political discernment to comprehend why they wanted Flynn gone.  He should never have allowed it.

The General was the only person in the administration who was capable of dismantling and destroying the corrupt and weaponized intelligence community, and they all knew it.

The standard modus operandi was used.  Exculpatory Russia evidence about the General was kept secret by the intel community.  Link  Both FBI agents, Strzok and Pientka who did the sneak attack interview on the General said he didn’t lie about anything.  Yet, Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo that they were never allowed to interview Joe Pientka.  Congressman Nunes believes the General plead guilty because he was out of money and Bartiromo mentioned that Mueller’s modus operandi was to threaten the General’s son. Link

And now, Russian historian Svetlana Lokhova is speaking out.  Watch the latest video at Fox News with Tucker Carlson.  Svetlana is exposing the Obama Deep State apparatus and the accompanying involvement of Stefan Halper, a well-known CIA operative and the FBI informant who monitored the Trump campaign.  The DOJ and FBI’s highly inflammatory and, at best, misleading claims that they made to try to prevent Halper’s identity from being reported are extremely troubling.

Bring Back Flynn!

There are many Mueller and Obama agents still in the FBI and FBI Director Christopher Wray is promoting the cabal again.  David P. Goldman says, “To Stop the Deep State, Bring Back Mike Flynn.”

General Flynn was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012 when the DIA blew the whistle on CIA backing for Sunni Islamists fighting the Assad regime during the then-raging Syrian civil war.  Trump was right when he said the Obama administration created ISIS.

Goldman wrote, “President Trump should pardon Gen. Flynn right now and summon him back to Washington. Mueller forced Flynn to plead guilty to an invented charge of lying to FBI agents, even though the FBI agents who interviewed him about Russian contacts said that they thought he was telling the truth. Now that the Mueller investigation has come up with nothing, the frame-up of Gen. Flynn appears all the more heinous. The Deep State feared Mike Flynn, with good reason. Trump should reappoint him to a top job, and really terrify his opponents.”

Please help the General defray millions in legal costs by donating to his legal defense fund, and ask President Trump to immediately dismiss these false charges against Mike Flynn.

Paul Manafort

Mr. Manafort worked only a short time for candidate Trump as his campaign chairman.  He has paid a high price for the few months he advised Donald Trump, including nearly nine months in solitary confinement, a draconian punishment which did not fit the crime.  He has plead guilty to charges.

Ten years ago, Manafort was allegedly investigated for the same crimes and there was a decision not to move forward.  Allegedly, according to Judge Napolitano, the man who exonerated and dropped the charges was Rod Rosenstein.

Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy writes in National Review that there are no guarantees it won’t or can’t be revisited:

“…the closing of an investigation does not come with a guarantee that the investigation will never be reopened. Nothing prevented the Justice Department itself from reviving the Ukrainian case against Manafort.

If Manafort’s tie to the Trump campaign convinced Rosenstein that the Trump Justice Department would have a conflict of interest in any criminal investigation involving Manafort, Rosenstein could properly have assigned the reopened Ukrainian case to a special counsel in the first instance — i.e., as part of Mueller’s original jurisdiction.

The unredacted part of Rosenstein’s August 2nd, 2017 memo authorizes Mueller to investigate allegations that Paul Manafort, as Trump’s Campaign Manager, “committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials” and “committed a crime or crimes arising out of payments he received from the Ukrainian government before and during the tenure of President Viktor Yanukovych.”

Much of the August 2nd memo is redacted, until the end, where Rosenstein tells Mueller, “You therefore have authority to continue and complete the investigation of those matters…”

As Fox News noted, Rosenstein’s August 2nd memorandum specifically authorizing Mueller to investigate Paul Manafort’s financial dealings came one week after the FBI’s July 26, 2019 predawn raid on Manafort’s home, where the FBI reportedly seized Manafort’s bank records and tax documents.

Paul Manafort will probably die in prison for having worked for Donald Trump, whether or not he’s guilty of charges that would not have been revisited had he not been a Trump employee.  In January of 2018, Mueller said that Manafort should not get credit for cooperating.

The MSM has condemned this man as a white-collar criminal and has lied about him while extoling the virtues of Rick Gates who has fully “cooperated with Mueller” and is also charged with financial fraud and lying to the FBI.  Manafort did do things improperly and illegally, but had he never worked for Donald Trump, it is highly unlikely he would be paying this exorbitant price.

Of course, the Podesta brothers have done much the same, but have never been charged.  Manafort worked for John and Tony Podesta, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and assisted in gaining Russian benefits via influence over State Department policy.  But Bob Mueller is also connected to Manafort’s business partners in the Ukraine – the Podesta Brothers – who are connected to Hillary Clinton – and a Russian “foundation” in the Ukraine labeled the Party of Regions.

Why isn’t Robert Mueller investigated?

Roger Stone is a 40-year friend of Donald Trump and one who early on in the campaign advised him.  Now he’s being charged with obstruction, lying to Congress and witness tampering.  Instead of the Mueller investigation requesting Stone’s lawyer to have Stone turn himself in, they made a public display with a group of heavily armed FBI agents storming Roger Stone’s Florida home on a January morning in 2019, as seen in a dramatic CNN video.

Twenty-nine FBI agents in bullet proof protective gear and armed with submachine guns showed up pre-dawn at Roger Stone’s home.  There were seventeen vehicles, two of which were armored, two boats behind Roger’s home and one helicopter was circling overhead. Link  Only twelve Navy Seals were dispatched to eliminate Osama bin Laden.

Law enforcement vehicles with flashing lights, but without sirens, are seen parked nearby Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home shortly after 6 a.m. ET, CNN reports. The network has aired the footage multiple times. Stone was accused by a federal grand jury of lying about the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to Robert Mueller.

FBI raids are not broadcast to the media, but this one was by one of Mueller’s boys. Beirut-born Assyrian-American George Piro, Special Agent in Charge Miami, most likely authorized the raid and leaked the information to CNN.

Roger Stone also has a legal defense fund for donations.  Please help.

Papadopoulos and Cohen

Ex-Donald Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos was released from prison after serving 12 days for lying. As part of his sentence, Papadopoulos will serve 12 months of probation.

Former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen even plead to charges that are not crimes and will serve three years in jail for charges of financial fraud and campaign finance violations.  Department of Housing and Urban Development official, Lynne Patton, a long time Trump family associate and Cohen friend, appeared when Cohen gave his rehearsed testimony to Congress.  She claimed there was another reason for Cohen’s betrayal—that his wife was being threatened with jail time unless he “turned on” Trump. Do I believe this?  Absolutely, it’s the Mueller gang modus operandi.


The Rule of Law is the principle that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced. It has become only too obvious those connected to the Democrat Party never suffer for their crimes.  Enemies of the establishment will suffer for any perceived crime or for no crime at all, but their friends like Jussie Smollet go free, despite being charged with 16 felony counts.

It’s time for truth to be restored to the public discourse, the 1964 NYTs v. Sullivan Supreme Court decision needs to be overturned. Actual truth regarding the whole fraudulent Russia collusion has never been seen on MSM.  They continue to spew their poisonous lies.

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