The Mindset of the Jihadist

The horrendous and barbaric slaughter of French teacher Samuel Paty in a Paris suburb by a zealous Chechen-born jihadist is once again shocking but not surprising.

This act of gruesome murder was carried out during the on-going trial of the terrorists behind the Islamist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which published cartoons depicting Islam’s prophet Mohammed.

Paty was teaching his students about “freedoms” during a civics class and showed the cartoons to his class. There are news report that says he told his Muslim students they could turn their heads away or leave the classroom to avoid being offended.

This latest horror happened in the wake of two recent incidents at the Charlie Hebdo offices, where two people were seriously injured in a knife attack. The assailant in this case told investigators he had been angered by the magazine’s decision to republish controversial cartoons to coincide with the ongoing trial of 14 alleged accomplices of the massacre at the magazine’s offices in January of 2015.

Do I like the cartoons and want to see them? No – they are quite obnoxious. From a secular perspective, I would say the cartoons can be seen as in bad taste.

However, as a practicing Muslim, what I find extremely repugnant and offensive is violence in the name of my faith. I believe in the freedom to offend and be offended.

Would I publish cartoons of religious icons? No, I wouldn’t because my moral and ethical teachings guide me not to make mockery of another person’s faith. Would I take this to another level and resort to violence in the name of protecting my faith?  No, because a faith cannot be defended or offended since it’s an idea.

So why do some Muslim zealots take it upon themselves to kill in the name of “protecting” their prophet?

Islamists are well known for justifying all their murderous actions, using any “offense” as an excuse. They are so warped and their minds so deranged that I recall a decade ago when the very same Islamists issued a fatwa against me for celebrating my prophet’s birthday!

According to a report from Qanat TV in Turkey as documented by MEMRI, Sheikh Ali Al-Yousuf of the International Union of Muslim Scholars said that from the perspective of Islamic law, one cannot say that the Chechen teen who beheaded Paty is guilty of a serious crime. Rather, he said, the teen’s transgression was that he took it upon himself to carry out the death penalty for insulting the Prophet Mohammed, while the sentence should be carried out by a sharia court in an Islamic state.

The madness does not end here. According to another documentation by MEMRI, Qatari sociologist Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari said in a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel that the beheading of Paty in Paris may have been a “fabrication” similar to how the 9/11 attacks had been “orchestrated” to distort the reputation of Islam.

He further said that the Chechen killer may have been paid to carry out this attack, and that Paty may have even been paid to insult the Prophet Mohammed. Al-Ansari added that while he condemns the murder, killings and stabbings are “normal reactions” to attacks against the prophet. He also said that Muslim ambassadors to France should be recalled and that French President Emmanuel Macron should be told that France’s freedom of speech laws are “stupid.”

Where does this dangerous trend of thinking and justification for violence come from?

There are two kinds of Muslims who migrate to the West or are brought up with a particular mindset in the West.

The first kind are those who fully embrace the freedoms offered by Western, liberal democracies. Some embrace Western cultural values fully while remaining committed to their faith. Others who come from totalitarian regimes want to shake off all excess baggage and become secular altogether.

The second kind are those who are mentally still in confusion about where they are (even though they are physically present in the Western world). Their minds are stuck in the 8th Century when Islam was a developing phenomenon. They can’t shake off that mindset when the only way to deal with dissent was to pick up a sword and behead the “other.”

These tribal values still resonate with these Muslims who also dream of creating a caliphate in the West where they can practice their archaic and centuries-old traditions of cutting off hands and heads plus other barbaric acts. These Muslims are easy prey for the Islamists who lure them towards a radical ideology by encouraging violence in the name of protecting Islam, just as the two scholars mentioned above.

This is the crux of the problem. But due to political correctness, neither   Muslim nor non-Muslim leaders discuss this issue. In fact, the news of the Paris beheading did not get front-page coverage in many mainstream media outlets. Are they simply scared, or are they also victims of political correctness?

France is a country that runs on the motto, “liberty, equality and fraternity.” In defiance of the ideology that resulted in Paty’s murder, two town halls in the Occitanie region — Montpellier and Toulouse, projected the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on the walls of a local government building.

Once again the Islamist’s were furious, but they must accept that France is not an Islamic country and prides itself on secularism and its resultant value of freedom of expression.

While some may disagree with this form of protest, these French cities have the right to do whatever they like. Moreover, this act shows us that Paty’s beheading was not just an attack on an individual. It was an attack on the values of freedom, enlightenment, dissent and critical thinking which we hold dear and near to us in the West.

Unless criminal acts are seen in the light of human rights and values of freedom; unless everyone speaks out in one voice regardless of faith, and politicians grasp the enormity of a dangerous ideology, incidents like the one in France will continue to take place. Tomorrow it will be another city, and we will continue yet again be confronted with horrific violence.


 Raheel Raza


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New Campaign by National Police Support Fund to Reach 800,000 Supporters

ALEXANDRIA, Va.Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With just a few weeks to go until the election, the National Police Support Fund is launching a new effort to make sure that everyone who wants to support police can cast their ballot this fall.

National Police Support Fund is contacting more than 800,000 supporters across the U.S. to urge them to get to the polls on November 3, or vote early if voting in-person is not an option. The goal of the campaign is to encourage as many people as possible to show their support for police and politicians who are committed to upholding and defending the rule of law.

“While we knew that this would be an extremely important election year, we have also faced many unprecedented political and social events this year,” said Executive Director Simon Lewis. “Police officers have been on the front lines in the midst of a global pandemic, been attacked and assaulted both on and off duty, and are currently facing riots and calls from activists to dismantle their departments.”

“With only a few weeks before the election, it is more important than ever to activate our pro-police supporters across the country,” continued Mr. Lewis. “National Police Support Fund will be engaging and activating hundreds of thousands of pro-police citizens in the coming weeks before the election on November 3rd.”

National Police Support Fund is a national political organization that brings together Americans from all walks of life united under the banner of respect and support of our nation’s law enforcement officers. National Police Support Fund is committed to promoting the interests and well-being of American police officers within the public policy process through grassroots political action. This grassroots movement is driven by everyday Americans who believe in supporting the rule of law and honoring the police officers who uphold and enforce it everyday.


National Police Support Fund is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. Contributions made to National Police Support Fund are not tax-deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

©National Police Support Fund. All rights reserved.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Police Unable To Handle Philadelphia Looters As Businesses Get Ransacked

EDITORS NOTE: Philadelphia has not had a Republican mayor since 1952. The current Mayor is  Jim Kenney elected in January, 2016.

PHILADELPHIA — Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were unable to handle swarms of looters Tuesday evening as parts of the city devolved into unrest following an officer-related shooting Monday.

Walter Wallace Jr., 27, died Monday after police responded to a report of a man with a weapon. Wallace was shot multiple times after officers told him to drop a knife, according to reports. Protests and riots developed Monday in parts of Philadelphia following the death and continued for a second day Tuesday, journalists for the Caller reported from the ground.

The evening began with a large, peaceful protest in west Philadelphia’s Malcolm X park, just blocks away from where Wallace was shot. Protesters took turns giving speeches as others attended a memorial where the incident occurred, releasing blue and white balloons into the sky at one point.

Speeches turned to marching in the early evening, and west Philadelphia remained tense but largely peaceful, according to reporters on the ground. Bouts of infighting occasionally broke up the peace, and the marching group quickly split into two, with one crowd breaking off to head towards a police precinct. That crowd was soon met by a wall of police officers, and an hours-long standoff would ensue.


Meanwhile, just over 10 miles away within Philadelphia, mass unrest and looting overwhelmed police officers on a busy shopping street in the Port Richmond neighborhood. Reporters witnessed stores such as Walmart and Dollar Tree being broken into as clumps of police officers watched nearby, unable to adequately respond.

The situation proved dangerous and tense, and an “every-man-for-himself” attitude seemed to ensue as roughly 1,000 people sprinted across parking lots and through broken storefronts.

As looters ran through the aisles of Five Below, several targeted Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer, punching him repeatedly for filming the scene, footage from on the ground shows. Meanwhile, some people ran about, stealing some items and throwing others to the floor.


Inside the Dollar Tree, a few rioters simply opted for destruction, knocking over displays of mugs and eyeglasses. Police would occasionally speed through the parking lots with sirens on, crunching over the broken glass and flattening goods left behind amid the unrest.

The occasional police presence prompted the swarms of looters to sprint out of the stores en masse, often hopping into vehicles with getaway drivers waiting, engines always running — but the peace would never last long.

Several stores were looted again as officers left to respond to other incidents, with the crowd taking advantage of the intermittent police response. One policewoman indicated that they were extremely understaffed to respond to such a mass of people. Many looters were able to go up and down the busy road for hours.


The mass looting affected multiple businesses on Aramingo Avenue, with cars peeling in and out of strip mall parking lots after filling vehicles with stolen goods. Some people wheeled out entire shopping carts full of items, while others kept it small – one man appeared to opt for two grey pillows, a Caller reporter saw. Another man quickly wheeled a washing machine through one of the parking lots.

As the looting wore on, police began to respond in larger groups, shutting down parts of the street and returning to the storefronts after idling for a time in front of a gas station down the road. Reporters saw few interactions between police and looters, with looters almost always successfully fleeing the scene.

Philadelphia police commanders called the evening on Aramingo Avenue “a total loss,” according to CBS3 reporter Joe Holden. The National Guard, which was reportedly deployed earlier Tuesday in preparation for continuing unrest, was not spotted by reporters on the ground throughout the entire evening.

After looters fled the area for the last time Tuesday, large bouts of destruction would remain on Aramingo Avenue. Broken glass, empty shelves and knocked over goods served as leftovers from the unrest – as alarm systems continued to blare out late into the evening, with cop car lights finally serving as a backdrop.


As unrest ripped through Port Richmond, Wallace’s children remembered their father during a press conference Tuesday evening near the first protest scene.

“We always go places,” one child said Tuesday, according to Fox News. “He always teach [sic] me how to be a man. And these white racist cops got my own dad. And Black Lives still matter.”

Police would make arrests in west Philadelphia’s protest as the evening wore on, according to Robert Klemko, a reporter for The Washington Post. While the scene remained peaceful earlier in the evening, later hours experienced some “rock and brick throwers,” Klemko reported.


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FASCIST Facebook ‘Prepares’ for ‘ELECTION UNREST’


Here we go……left-elite imposing lockouts, suspensions, shadowbans, banning, etc to advance Democrat misinformation.

We want our day in court against these despot Democrats.

Facebook Prepares Measures for Possible Election Unrest

Tools include slowing the spread of certain posts and tweaking users’ news feeds

Facebook Inc. FB -2.02% teams have planned for the possibility of trying to calm election-related conflict in the U.S. by deploying internal tools designed for what it calls “at-risk” countries, according to people familiar with the matter.

The emergency measures include slowing the spread of viral content and lowering the bar for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts, the people said. Previously used in countries including Sri Lanka and Myanmar, they are part of a larger tool kit developed by Facebook to prepare for the U.S. election.

Facebook executives have said they would only deploy the tools in dire circumstances, such as election-related violence, but that the company needs to be prepared for all possibilities, said the people familiar with the planning.

The potential moves include an across-the-board slowing of the spread of posts as they start to go viral and tweaking the news feed to change what types of content users see, the people said. The company could also lower the threshold for detecting the types of content its software views as dangerous.

Deployed together, the tools could alter what tens of millions of Americans see when they log onto the platform, diminishing their exposure to sensationalism, incitements to violence and misinformation, said the people familiar with the measures. But slowing down the spread of popular content could suppress some good-faith political discussion, a prospect that makes some Facebook employees uneasy, some of the people said.

“We’ve spent years building for safer, more secure elections,” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said. “We’ve applied lessons from previous elections, hired experts, and built new teams with experience across different areas to prepare for various scenarios.”

Facebook already has critics from both political parties, and any widespread attempt to regulate content is likely to provoke further scrutiny.

Facebook earlier this month was criticized by many Republicans, including President Trump, after it slowed the spread of New York Post articles related to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The company said the action was in keeping with rules it announced last year to prevent election interference. Democrats have complained that Facebook hasn’t done enough to prevent misinformation from spreading and has been overly deferential to the right.

Facebook regularly makes changes to its algorithms to increase engagement and penalize bad actors; those moves are seldom announced unless the company deems they are in the public interest.

Facebook executives have previously said the company was preparing for a range of possibilities related to the election but haven’t detailed those plans.

“We need to be doing everything that we can to reduce the chances of violence or civil unrest in the wake of this election,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Axios last month. Facebook’s global head of communications and policy, Nick Clegg, told USA Today that the company created “break-glass tools” in the event of a crisis, though he declined to discuss them “because it will no doubt elicit greater sense of anxiety than we hope will be warranted.”

The company also developed levers it could use to better control content ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, including turning off recommendations for Facebook groups. Most of these potential measures, which people familiar with the matter say were less concrete than those discussed this year, weren’t deployed.

At a companywide conference call last week, Mr. Zuckerberg said the coming election and the coronavirus pandemic have already led Facebook to limit speech more than it would like, according to a person who heard the remarks. Citing polls showing Mr. Biden with a lead, Mr. Zuckerberg said a decisive victory for either candidate “could be helpful” in averting the risk of violence or civil unrest in the election’s wake.

His comments were first reported by BuzzFeed News.

Efforts to study and mitigate alleged negative societal impacts of Facebook’s products in major markets are controversial. The company shuttered or watered down a series of efforts meant to reduce polarization, The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, in part because of fear that such initiatives would be perceived as biased.

Since 2018, the company has been taking more aggressive measures overseas, where Facebook has generally faced pressure to do more.

The company formalized procedures for humanitarian interventions after the United Nations blamed the company’s inaction on hate speech and incitements to violence for fueling the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.


Do you think Facebook and other social-media companies are doing enough to reduce online disinformation surrounding the U.S. election? Why or why not? Join the conversation below.

The company pledged to do better and formed teams that evaluate countries based on geopolitical analysis including the likelihood of atrocities as well as internal data such as Facebook’s market penetration, according to people familiar with the matter.

“It’s not an automated solution. It requires people to say, ‘This is something we need to handle,’” said one person familiar with the tools’ past application.

One such example was Sri Lanka, where a Facebook human-rights consultant concluded that the company’s inaction on hate speech and false rumors set the stage for 2018 atrocities.

The consultant, Chloe Poynton, said in an interview that the experience led Facebook to rethink how to act when dangers are high or the rule of law is weak. “There’s some content that needs to be removed, and there’s some content that needs to not have access to the Facebook tools that create virality,” she said.


President Trump surges in swing states according to new polling

Mayor Wilhelm de Blasio VOWS to Punish NYPD Officers Caught Praising Trump

Seven British Muslims arrested after “attempted homicide” on officer outside Israel Embassy in Paris

BLOODY CHICAGO: 24+ People Shot, 6 DEAD over the Weekend in Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

29,000 Voters Received Incorrect Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania County

DEMOCRAT New Jersey Mayor Steals/Opens Trump Food Boxes, REMOVES President’s Letter, and Replaces It With His Own

Text Messages Show Joe and Jill Biden Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR CHILD

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The Trump Administration’s Geopolitical Hat Trick

Sudan has become the third Arab country to agree to normalize relations with Israel. The Palestinians are most unhappy: “Palestinians condemn ‘shameful’ Israel-Sudan accord,” by Khaled Abu Toameh and Celia Jean, Jerusalem Post, October 24, 2020:

The Palestinian Authority said on Friday that it “condemns and rejects” the normalization of relations between Arab countries and Israel.

A statement by the PA presidency in Ramallah said that normalization with Israel is in violation of the Arab summit resolutions and the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative….

Friday’s statement by the PA, however, did not accuse Sudan of betraying the Palestinians or stabbing the Palestinian people in the back, as was the case with the UAE and Bahrain.

Mahmoud Abbas has apparently figured out that the curses and insults that he and his cronies flung at the UAE and Bahrain when they normalized relations with Israel, did the Palestinians no good, but merely inflamed passions against them. With the Sudan, they’re trying a different, more-in-sorrow approach: How can you do this to us? Don’t you feel our pain?

“No one has the right to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian issue,” the statement added. “The path to a just and comprehensive peace should be based on international law and legitimacy so as to end the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine and achieve independence for the Palestinian people in their state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 borders. The Palestinian leadership will take the necessary decisions to protect the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”

But Sudan did not arrogate to itself the “right to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian issue.” It said nothing at all about the “Palestinians” in its agreement to normalize relations with Israel. It was only addressing, and promoting in two ways, its own national interest. First, to obtain this agreement, the U.S. has removed the Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. That will give it access to foreign investors, and to loans from the World Bank, the IMF, and other institutions. Second, Israel will be eager to prove to the Sudan that it made the right choice, by helping it where it most could use Israeli help: in agriculture. Israel is a world leader in drip irrigation, in wastewater management, and in solar energy, all of which could be of great help to Sudanese farmers.

While not in the official PA statement, Wasel Abu Youssef from the Palestinian Liberation Front, a small faction in the Palestinian Liberation Organization, said that Sudan joining “others who normalized ties with the state of the Israeli occupation represents a new stab in the back of the Palestinian people and a betrayal of the just Palestinian cause.”

“A new stab in the back”? Oh dear. It sounds as if Wasel Abu Youssef of the PLF did not get the memo from Mahmoud Abbas calling for a kinder, gentler approach to Sudan. This kind of charge only infuriated the UAE and Bahrain when it was made about them by the PA; the Sudanese are just as unlikely to be pleased to be described as back-stabbers. The Palestinians really ought to do a better job of coordinating their responses; this mixed-messaging will never do.

Abbas Zaki, a senior official of the ruling Fatah faction, said that Sudan would not gain anything from the normalization accord with Israel….

“Sudan would not gain anything from the normalization accord”? But Sudan has already gained something. It has been removed from the American list of state sponsors of terrorism; that removal will greatly improve Sudan’s ability to attract foreign investment, and will now enable Sudan to receive loans from the IMF, the World Bank, and other financial institutions that were previously impossible to obtain. And then there is the extensive Israeli aid that will be given to Sudanese farmers, just as soon as the agreement goes into effect. Abbas Zaki is whistling in the dark.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that the agreement was “not compatible with Sudan’s record of supporting the Palestinians.”

But that “record of supporting the Palestinians” took place under the long and terrible rule of Omar al-Bashir, the dictator of Sudan from 1989 to 2019. Bashir was an ardent supporter of Hamas, allowing it to operate freely in the country. Bashir also gave refuge to Osama bin Laden, who lived securely in the Sudan for four years. The new regime in Sudan wants to end any hint of the country’s previous connection to terrorists; it wants to reconnect with the West, attract investors, and build its economy, especially agriculture. It has gotten nothing from its “record of supporting the Palestinians” except being placed on the list of state sponsors of terror. Now, by normalizing relations with Israel, it has already been taken off that list, allowing it to attract investors, be again eligible for foreign aid, and be able to obtain loans from major financial institutions such as the IMF. Israel is ready to share with Sudanese farmers the benefits of its expertise and advances in at least three key areas – solar energy, drip irrigation, and wastewater management – where it is a world leader.

PIJ [Palestinian Islamic Jihad] spokesman Daoud Shehab accused Sudan of presenting Israel with a “free gift” in order to appease the US.

“This is a black day in the history of Sudan,” Shehab added. “The agreement jeopardizes Sudan’s future and identity and is a betrayal of the Arabs and Muslims.”

The PIJ official expressed confidence that the Sudanese people would not accept this “betrayal.”…

It is Israel that will be giving gifts to the Sudan, in the form of aid to its agricultural sector. As for Shehab’s claim that the normalization agreement “jeopardizes Sudan’s future and identity,” since when did the Palestinians become the judges as to the “Arab” identity of others? Because the Sudanese are black, is there possibly an attempt here to hint at doubt as to their “Arab” identity unless they fall back into line with what the Palestinians demand? And what exactly was the “betrayal” by the Sudan? Did it owe the Palestinians anything? Have the Palestinians ever done anything for the Sudan, other than land the country on the list of state sponsors of terrorism?

There is certainly domestic opposition in the Sudan to this new agreement. But the opponents of normalization surely know that the Sudanese quid for that significant American quo was Sudan’s agreeing to normalize relations with Israel. And if they are willing to “give peace a chance,” they will find the new connection with Israel will pay ample dividends, for the Israelis want to make sure that the “early adopters” of normalization realize economic benefits quickly. In the case of Sudan, as bears repeating, that means Israeli help to Sudanese farmers, mainly by sharing Israeli advances in drip irrigation, in waste water management, and in solar energy.

Commending the agreement from the Arab world was Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who tweeted that he welcomed the joint efforts of all three states involved in the agreement.

He added that he also values “all efforts aimed at achieving regional stability and peace.”…

El-Sisi has for a long time been cooperating with Israel on security matters, especially against Jihadis in the Sinai and, naturally, against the Muslim Brotherhood that is the sworn enemy of his regime. He previously praised both the UAE and Bahrain for their normalization agreements with Israel. It is not surprising, but is still heartening, that the most populous Arab state, and Sudan’s immediate northern neighbor, has come out foursquare for the agreement.

The Palestinian Arabs continue to believe that they should have a veto power over the policy toward Israel of all the other Arabs. They seek to deny the Arab states the possibility of making their own arrangements with Israel, arrangements that further their own national interests. The UAE and Bahrain dismissed the Palestinian objections, and went ahead in normalizing relations with the Jewish state. They have had only curses and insults heaped on them by the Palestinians, which only makes them more determined to promote both economic and people-to-people ties with the Israelis – “a warm peace.” Meanwhile, the entire nation of Israel seems ready to make sure their new Arab interlocutors benefit from such normalization; Israeli businessmen, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, and tourists have gone to the UAE and Bahrain, while Emiratis and Bahrainis are doing the same in the Jewish state. And now, to complete the Trump Administration’s geopolitical hat trick, Sudan has just become the third Arab state to announce its intention to normalize relations with Israel. Abbas rages in Ramallah, for he can do no other, and the caravan moves on.



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Colorado: Non-Muslims try to destroy Islam by ‘sugarcoating, watering it down, accept LGBT…HIYZ…music is okay’

Muslims from Mozambique screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ cross into Tanzania, behead 20 people

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Situation Report: Iran’s ‘Proud Boy’ False Flag Shows Danger of Media Bias

Iran utilized media bias in order to conduct a disinformation campaign aimed at the Trump campaign according to senior intelligence officials.

In a Justice Department press conference Wednesday evening, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted an attempt by the Islamic Republic of Iran to manipulate U.S. voters.

Using purloined voter registration lists, the Iranians allegedly sent intimidating emails to Democratic Party registered voters. The e-mails, sent from a fake e-mail address “” claimed that the Proud Boys would use violence against those who didn’t vote for Trump.

The Proud Boys, a right-wing group best known for its public clashes with Antifa at demonstrations around the country, were brought to national attention when former Vice President Joe Biden interjected the group’s name into the first debate, after moderator Chris Wallace demanded the President denounce white supremacist groups. The President urged the Proud Boys to “stand back” and let U.S. law enforcement respond to left-wing violence. Multiple media outlets later attempted to paint the President’s comments as somehow promoting Proud Boy activity.

The Iranian operation appears to have been intended to generate media buzz by utilizing the name of the Proud Boys, and multiple media agencies eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

Name checking the relatively small organization suggests the Iranian operation had a sophisticated understanding of the current political environment.

As a senior intelligence official told The Federalist, the “Media did exactly what Iran knew they would do. They assumed fake ‘Proud Boys’ e-mails were real, then used them to attack Trump.”

The Iranian operation creates further risk of election instability as left-wing Antifa-linked groups have claimed Trump would rely on “white supremacists” and “armed militias” to remain in power as justification for preparing massive post-election disruptions.

Since the 2016 election, media outlets have purported to emphasize detecting and preventing foreign disinformation campaigns. Yet through increasingly relentless partisanship, media behavior has become exceedingly predictable creating an easier environment for foreign states to insert disinformation.

As in the case of the Iranian “Proud Boys” false flag op, most disinformation efforts by foreign states around the election will be relatively small scale and lack significant impact absent media amplification. The successful and rapid exposure of this operation represents a rare but important win by the intelligence community in interdicting foreign active measures.


Kyle Shideler

Kyle Shideler is the Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy. Mr. Shideler specializes in Islamist groups operating in the United States, having spent over a decade researching and writing on their history, doctrine, and impact. Read his complete bio here. Follow Shideler on Twitter at @ShidelerK. View all posts by Kyle Shideler 

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Trump Announces that Sudan and Israel have Agreed to Normalization of Relations

As Hugh Fitzgerald discussed here yesterday, Sudan has become the latest majority-Muslim state to normalize relations with Israel, once again bypassing “Palestinian” jihadi intransigence.

What is happening here, if it can be sustained, could be world-historical.


Hamas-linked CAIR does victory lap as Oakland police end partnership with Joint Terrorism Task Force

Sweden: Teacher says violent attacks on free speech ‘can happen here too,’ from ‘Islamists or right-wing extremists’

UK: Minister at church targeted by man who tore down cross expresses sympathy for the vandal

France: Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ threatens to murder police officers

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Feds say Iran was behind ‘Proud Boys’ threats sent to Democratic voters

How much does the Islamic Republic of Iran want the Obama-Biden regime back? This much.

“Feds: Iran Behind ‘Proud Boys’ Email Attacks on Democratic Voters,” by Elizabeth Montalbano, ThreatPost, October 22, 2020:

Messages that threaten people to ‘vote for Trump or else’ are part of foreign adversaries’ attempts to interfere with the Nov. 3 election, according to feds.

Federal officials claim that Iranian threat actors are behind two separate email campaigns that assailed Democratic voters this week with threats to “vote for Trump or else.” The campaigns claimed to be from violent extremist group Proud Boys.

Two specific email campaigns — one on Tuesday Oct. 20 and one on Wednesday, Oct. 21 — threatened Democratic voters in Alaska, Arizona and Florida that attackers accessed “all of your information.” They warned that there would be dire repercussions if voters didn’t cast their ballot for President Trump in the upcoming election, according to a Wednesday Proofpoint report. The research came on the heels of a report from WUFT in Florida that the FBI was investigating threatening emails sent to Democratic voters in the state.

The emails of both campaigns were sent from addresses linked to the far-right, male-only group Proud Boys — “Proud Boys <info[@]officialproudboys[.]com>” on Oct. 20 messages and “Proud Boys <info[@]proudboysusa[.]com>” on Oct. 21 messages. However, federal officials claimed in a press conference late Wednesday that Iran had obtained some voter registration information and was actually behind the attack.

“We have already seen Iran sending spoofed emails designed to intimidate voters, incite voters and damage President Trump,” Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said in the briefing.

Iran also is distributing other content to mislead voters, including a video that implies that individuals can cast fraudulent ballots, even from overseas, Ratcliffe said. “These videos are not true,” he said, calling the actions of Iran to interfere with the election “desperate attempts by desperate adversaries.”

Of note, Reuters has reported that governments sources say, while U.S. officials suspect the Iranian government was involved, concrete evidence remains inconclusive. Meanwhile, others in the security research community told ZDNet that they could not confirm the attribution to Iran….


US universities fail to report $6,500,000,000 in foreign gifts, including money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar

UK: “I Stopped Wearing My Hijab Because I Was Scared for My Life”

Nigeria: Muslims ambush Christians, hack one of them to death with machetes

France: Seven Muslims from UK attempt jihad murder of cop outside Israeli embassy

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VIDEO: Antifa Exposed – Former Extremists Talk

Violence cannot be the answer. Anti-fascist must also mean anti-violence. History has proven that anti-fascists like Stalin and Chairman Mao have led to obsessive violence and caused huge losses of life against their own people. Is this what Marxists inspired Antifa aspires to be?

Antifa purports to be a civil rights movement, but unlike Martin Luther King and Gandhi before him, Antifa has sought to use violence as an alternative to dialogue.

In this episode of our new video series, Former Extremists Talk, we examine the violent tactics of Antifa.

The ADL is quoted as saying, “Most established civil rights organizations criticize Antifa tactics as dangerous and counterproductive.” The ADL criticized Antifa for its use of “unacceptable tactics,” such as violence, and warned that such tactics provided a powerful propaganda and recruitment tool to right-wing extremists.

Even the SPLC begrudgingly admitted that Antifa was involved in crime.

The name Antifa is short for “anti-fascist,” according to its members. By definition, anti-fascist must also mean anti-violence. But history has proven that anti-fascists like Stalin and Chairman Mao led to obsessive violence and caused the murders of millions of their own people. Is this what Marxist-inspired Antifa aspires to be?

Watch our video and learn more.

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FBI: Russia and Iran Have Obtained U.S. Voter Information, are Attempting to Intimidate Voters

Both Russia and Iran have separately obtained some U.S. voter registration information and are attempting to use it to intimidate voters, the FBI announced in a Wednesday press conference.


FBI Director Christopher Wray made the announcement alongside Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe in an  press conference Wednesday evening. Ratcliffe said Iran has already been found to be sending emails using the obtained registration information to intimidate U.S. citizens into not voting.

Wray took the stage following Ratcliffe’s announcement to say the FBI is confident America’s democratic processes remain unmolested, urging voters to ignore and not share any threatening emails they receive regarding voting.

Wray and Ratcliffe say Russia and Iran were behind recent spoof emails reportedly from the Proud Boys group that sought to threaten voters into voting for Trump.

The announcement comes more than a month after the DNI’s office released a report saying the U.S. was aware that Iran, Russia, and China were all seeking to interfere in the U.S. election for different ends. The announcement at the time said Russia sought to support Trump against Biden while Iran and China preferred Trump to lose.

“We assess that Russia is using a range of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia ‘establishment,’” William Evanina, Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, wrote at the time. “This is consistent with Moscow’s public criticism of him when he was Vice President for his role in the Obama Administration’s policies on Ukraine and its support for the anti-Putin opposition inside Russia.”



White House correspondent.


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NYPD Officer Arrested For Spying For China. Naturalization provided him with the ‘keys to the kingdom.’

On February 21, 2020 the Department of Justice issued a press release, New York City Police Department Officer Charged with Acting As an Illegal Agent of the People’s Republic of China.  That press release went on to report, The Defendant Reported to Officials with the PRC Consulate About the Activities of Chinese Citizens in the New York Area and Assessed Potential Intelligence Sources for the PRC Within the Tibetan Community in New York and Elsewhere.

The Justice Department press release also provided the Complaint And Affidavit In Support Of Arrest Warrant pertaining to the defendant in this case, Baimadajie Angwang, a member of the New York City Police Department who is also a member of U.S. Army Reserves.

Not unlike an onion that has numerous layers, we will peel the layers off of this report to help illustrate how alleged and apparent failures of the immigration system go to the foundation of all that which is alleged to have occurred.

The reason that I am referencing failures of the immigration system is because, to begin with, the defendant in this case is a naturalized United States citizen who apparently committed serial immigration fraud.  U.S. citizenship was a prerequisite for his becoming of member of the NYPD.

The New York Times news report, N.Y.P.D. Officer Is Accused of Spying on Tibetans for China was also published on September 21, 2020 and provided additional details about NYPD Officer Angwang and how he entered the United States and ultimately became a United States citizen in this excerpt from that New York Times report:

Mr. Angwang first traveled from China to the United States on a cultural exchange visa, the complaint said. He later sought asylum, claiming that he had been arrested and tortured in mainland China because of his Tibetan ethnicity.

But prosecutors suggested in a court filing that Mr. Angwang secured his American citizenship under false pretenses, noting that he had traveled back to China after being granted asylum.

“These are not the actions of an individual who fears torture or persecution,” prosecutors wrote, arguing against bail. Mr. Angwang’s parents and brother still live in mainland China. His parents are members of the Communist Party, and his father is a retired member of the Chinese military, the complaint said.

The New York Times report also noted:

He also is accused of inviting a Chinese official to N.Y.P.D. events, offering potential access to senior police officials, prosecutors said.

The allegations raised serious questions about how much visibility Chinese government officials had inside the country’s largest police department and about the extent of Chinese efforts to conduct covert surveillance of Tibetan Americans.

It is particularly egregious that Angwang is alleged to have sought to legally enter the United States under the auspices of a cultural exchange program and then reported applied for political asylum supposedly seeking the protection of the United States.

The fact Mr. Angwang he had returned to China after having been granted asylum should have set off alarm bells, but apparently no action was taken.

We saw a similar situation with the Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the deadly terror attack at the Boston Marathon in 2013.  They had previously voluntarily traveled back to their native Russia after they filed for and were granted political asylum.

There is an obvious lack of resources dedicated to the effective enforcement of our immigration laws. to track the movements of such individuals.

There is also an apparent lack of resources available to do effective background investigations for immigration benefits and for the granting of security clearances.

These deficiencies create vulnerabilities that can and have been exploited repeatedly by foreign terrorists and spies alike.

Having succeeded in this strategy Angwang then, allegedly, obtained United States citizenship to acquire security clearances in both the U.S. military and the NYPD to provide him with opportunities to not only betray his adopted country but his former countrymen and women by spying on them all the while appearing in the camouflage of a police officer’s uniform, officially accorded him by the NYPD, the position of ultimate trust within local communities.

Ironically, he was, in fact, assigned as the community affairs officer in the 111th precinct in Queens, New York.

You have to wonder how many Tibetan-Americans, allegedly identified by Angwang, who were pressured in the United States, by the Chinese government who could have threatened harm to their family members back home.

Additionally, Angwang was also given a Secret Clearance by the U.S. Army as the alleged consequence of his having successfully concealed his covert work with the Chinese government in the United States.

Stop and consider what we must consider- if true, Mr. Angwang was able to game a variety of official government vetting processes to obtain a visa to enter the United States, to be able to game the asylum process- and thus to ultimately be eligible to apply for and receive United States citizenship through the naturalization process.

Thus far there is no mention of any effort to prosecute him for committing immigration fraud.  However, if found guilty of the crimes for which he is accused, he could and should be charged with immigration fraud.  This would set the stage for stripping him of his U.S. citizenship and leave him vulnerable to being removed (deported) back to his native China.

He is being charged with lying in his application for security clearances and could, likely, be prosecuted by local prosecutors if he lied in his application to become a member of the NYPD.  However, given the infuriating “Sanctuary” policies of New York City, I am not holding my breath about this possibility.

In this case such local prosecution would be redundant, in any event.

Immigration fraud is a major vulnerability that was identified by the 9/11 Commission, to which I provided testimony, as having played a major role in the ability of many international terrorists to enter the United States and embed themselves, concealing their deadly preparations.

In point of fact, some time ago I wrote an extensive article on this very issue, Immigration Fraud: Lies That Kill – 9/11 Commission identified immigration fraud as a key embedding tactic of terrorists.

China has, for many years, sought to exploit multiple vulnerabilities in the immigration system in order to infiltrate huge numbers of their spies into the United States to steal a wide array of intelligence and technology- not just where national security is concerned but where industrial secretes are concerned to the great detriment of America, Americans and American companies.

Back in May of this year, in fact, I wrote an article about this very danger, Chinese Espionage Made Possible By Immigration Failures.

President Trump has been the first U.S. President, in many decades to take on the hostile acts of China.

Meanwhile, Democrat Presidential candidates Biden and Harris have joined their Democrat Party colleagues on insisting that they would seek to provide lawful status to millions of illegal aliens who entered the United States surreptitiously.  There is absolutely no ability to interview these illegal aliens.  There is no ability to conduct field investigations of these individuals.

The process by which such a massive amnesty program would be carried out would leave the door wide open to massive fraud and with that fraud, irreparable harm to our national security and public safety.

As I noted some time ago, Terrorists Value U.S. Citizenship More Than Our Politicians Do.

We are living in a dangerous era with threats confronting our nation and our fellow Americans emanating from multiple sources.

While it is not likely that any of the journalists who will participate in the upcoming Presidential Debates will ask about immigration, we must keep that issue firmly in minds as we make our decisions.

Our nation’s borders and our ability to fairly and effectively enforce our immigration laws are our first line of defense and our last line of defense.

Sometime ago when I testified before a Congressional hearing on the issue of national security and immigration I noted that most sensible people live their lives with the principle of “Safety first” guiding their decisions.

With stakes this high, we must demand no less of those who seek elected office- especially the Presidency of the United States.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Retiring Police Officer Gives His Badge to honor President Donald J. Trump

The police and their unions across America support President Donald J. Trump. He is the law and order President for all Americans.


©All rights reserved.


Cops In Portland Set Overtime Pay Record In June Amid Riots, 15 Officers Made Over $200,000

Joe Biden Supporter Allegedly Fires Shotgun At Two Republicans Driving By House

Free Speech Rally Organizer Loses Two Teeth After Getting Punched By Counter-Protester

Montgomery County Council Members To Introduce Bill To Remove School Resource Officers

At Least 4 Teens Among The 35 People Shot In Bloody Chicago Weekend That Left 6 Dead

NYC POGROM: De Blasio’s Inspectors Flood Jewish Neighborhoods, Every Jewish School Visited

Dozens of schools were harassed by de Wilhelm Blasio’s jackboots, circa Berlin 1930s.

If inspectors were unable to access the building, the yeshivas were given a summons for a court appearance along with a $15,000 fine.


YWN has been inundated with reports of inspectors flooding the Flatbush and Boro Park “red zones” on Monday.

By: Yeshiva Today, October 19, 2020:

By 11:30AM, inspectors from the NYC Department of Buildings had already visited nearly two dozen Mosdos Hatorah.

Initial reports state that inspectors are asking to enter the buildings, and if denied, they are given a summons for a court appearance in a few months along with a $15,000 fine.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that the inspectors were provided a list from the State that has the names and addresses of every single Yeshiva, and were hoping to visit each one today.

YWN had no information if any Yeshivas were even open.

YWN has been inundated with reports of inspectors flooding the Flatbush and Boro Park “red zones” on Monday.

By 11:30AM, inspectors from the NYC Department of Buildings had already visited nearly two dozen Mosdos Hatorah.

Initial reports state that inspectors are asking to enter the buildings, and if denied, they are given a summons for a court appearance in a few months along with a $15,000 fine.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that the inspectors were provided a list from the State that has the names and addresses of every single Yeshiva, and were hoping to visit each one today.

YWN had no information if any Yeshivas were even open.


Report: Shocking Photos of Underage Girls in Biden’s Laptop, Incl. Relative — and He Was in Some of the Photos WITH HER

WATCH: President Donald Trump holding ‘Make America Great Again!’ rally in Erie, Pa. Tuesday

President Trump, Dozens of House GOPers Seek Special Counsel Probe of Hunter, Joe Biden

French Minister Demands Mosque Be Shut Down After Inciting To Murder

Cop BEAT BLOODY in Brutal Attack Livestreamed on Facebook

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

France Reeling From Beheading of Schoolteacher Educating About Free Speech

EDITORS NOTE: In an attack that sent France reeling, on Friday afternoon, October 16, in broad daylight, a French schoolteacher was beheaded on a suburban street for teaching his students a required lesson about free speech. Samuel Paty, 47, was murdered close to the school where he taught by an 18-year-old Chechen immigrant (identified only as Abdoulakh A.) who had come to France as a child refugee.

Abdoulakh then posted images of Paty’s severed head on his Twitter account along with insults aimed at French President Emmanuel Macron and French “infidels” and “dogs.” 

Witnesses reported hearing Abdoulakh shout “Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest)!” during the attack. Abdoulakh had been waiting for Paty before attacking him with a knife and inflicting him with multiple head wounds.

The attacker was killed by police after firing at them with an airgun.

Paty was a history and geography teacher, who had been threatened many times after educating his students in light of the ongoing Charlie Hebdo trial and showing them cartoons from the satirical magazine depicting Islam’s prophet Mohammed (he advised Muslim students to look away if they were offended).

In 2015, 14 Islamist extremists murdered 17 people in a killing spree that started at the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo. The magazine had published “Mohammed cartoons” that triggered a violent assault, turning their newsroom into a scene of carnage, blood and gunpowder.

Abdoulakh, who lived 62 miles away from the school, waited for Paty outside the school, asked students to point out Paty and followed him on foot.

Macron said the attack was consistent with an “Islamist terrorist attack” and that Paty had been killed because he “taught freedom of expression.”

France announced it will hold a national tribute for Paty. The hashtag #JeSuisSamuel (I am Samuel) began trending on social media shortly after the attack, reminiscent of the #JeSuisCharlie call for solidarity after the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Since the trial began, there have been two terror attacks with two people wounded outside the magazine’s former offices.

On Friday after the attack, Charlie Hebdo tweeted, “Intolerance just reached a new threshold and seems to stop at nothing to impose terror in our country.”

The Threat of Political Islam

In the space of five years, France’s President Emmanuel Macron has performed a gradual and now complete volte-face on the threat that political Islam poses to France.

In a 2015 speech before he became president, he declared that France’s colonial past was partly responsible for the emergence of jihad in the homeland.

At a press conference in April 2019 in which he announced measures he planned to take in response to the civil unrest that was sweeping the nation, he spoke about the emergence of what he termed “communitarianism” (a euphemism for political Islam) that would eventually lead certain parts of the country to secede from the French Republic.

The only concrete measure he proposed was to ban foreign funding of mosques and Islamist NGOs that were driving political Islam and putting national cohesion at risk.

Over the past 18 months, a policy speech has been eagerly awaited by the media and public, but Macron has a tendency to shy away from this explosive topic, and the pandemic that paralyzed the country in March 2020 enabled him to kick the can down the road.

That policy speech materialized on October 2, when Macron finally stopped beating around the bush and declared radical Islam to be a clear and present danger to France that needs to be tackled urgently.

He stated that Islamist separatists had put in place an orchestrated plan and network to create a parallel social order within the French Republic, which he defined as a nation of citizens forming an “indivisible bloc” that is “one and plural,” echoing the United States motto E pluribus unum.

The ultimate goal of the Islamist ideologists is to take full control of French society.

Macron announced a draft law designed to combat Islamist separatism will be presented to the cabinet on December 9 that will include the following measures:

  1. Schooling will be compulsory for children from the age of three and exemptions will only be granted for medical reasons. Macron revealed that over 50,000 children are currently homeschooled and that many of them are attending bunker-type institutions where they are taught by women in niqabs and learn only how to pray.
  2. Mayors who are pressured by Islamist organizations to introduce religious menus in school canteens or allow gender-segregated use of public swimming pools will see their decisions annulled by the local préfet, a state-appointed official tasked with ensuring compliance with the law and national interest.
  3. Powers to dissolve NGOs will be extended to include those that violate personal dignity and exert psychological or physical pressure. This measure is intended to target the network of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist organizations that have mushroomed throughout the country in the past three decades. All NGOs receiving public funds will be required to sign a secular charter and refund the money if the charter is not respected.
  4. The ELCO program will be terminated. This program was introduced in the 1970s to enable children of Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian immigrants to learn the language and culture of their parents’ home country. The teachers are hired, paid and supervised by the countries concerned. In reality, the ELCO program was a pipeline for the indoctrination of Muslim children, as the study of Arabic was restricted to reading religious texts. ELCO will be replaced by an alternative system controlled by the French Ministry of Education.
  5. Religious neutrality, which is already legally required in the public sector workplace, will also apply to public services that are sub-contracted to private entities, such as transport companies.
  6. Funding of mosques will be subject to stricter control and measures will be taken to prevent Salafists from taking over mosques and using them to propagate extremism.
  7. The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) will be required to certify imams and ensure they respect a charter of values compliant with those of the French Republic. Foreign imams (of which there are currently around 300 from Algeria, Morocco and Turkey) will not be allowed to preach in French mosques.
  8. The state will donate $12 million to the Foundation for French Islam to set up a scientific institute for the study of Islam and additional research posts will be created in French universities.

Macron reiterated his accusation that France was partly to blame for the emergence of Islamist separatism because of its failure to integrate Muslim immigrants and their offspring. He also wheeled out the role played by France’s colonial past.

These arguments can be easily refuted as France’s colonial past in Vietnam has not prevented the total integration of the Vietnamese immigrants who arrived in the 1970s.

There is nothing new in the proposals outlined by Macron, most of which are drawn from The Islamist Factory, a 2018 report by Hakim El Karoui of the Montaigne Institute think tank.

The measures are unlikely to make a dent in the inroads that have already been made in French society by the advocates of political Islam, and the growing numbers of French Muslims who are hostile to French society are unlikely to be dissuaded from their determination to live separately from the rest of the French population.

Macron’s stated goal of building “an Islam in France that can be an Islam of the Enlightenment” shows the extent to which he has failed to understand the nature of political Islam or take the measure of the threat it poses to France.

Political Islam is incompatible with the Enlightenment values upon which the French Republic was founded and therein lies the dilemma facing both the French Muslim community and the politicians seeking to defuse the threat they pose to the nation.

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Biden: Muslims Will Serve ‘At Every Level’ of His Administration

The sparse attendance and conspicuous lack of enthusiasm at Joe Biden’s rallies seems to have led old Joe’s handlers, despite his 10,000-point lead in the polls, to decide that another round of Islamopandering might be just the shot in the arm their campaign needs. After all, hard-Leftists such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Linda Sarsour are all Muslims, and all were firmly in the Bernie Sanders camp before the Democratic National Committee shivved their man yet again. Their support for Biden has been decidedly tepid. And so it was time to send them some love.

On Wednesday, Biden released a video message to Muslim Advocates, the association of Muslim lawyers that bears the primary responsibility for demanding, back in 2010, that the Obama administration remove all mention of Islam and jihad from counterterror training. Obama, of course, immediately complied, despite the fact that this would hamstring the ability of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to understand, and defeat, jihadists. And now Joe is working hard to show them that he will be just as solicitous.

“Today,” Biden declared, “trust is ebbing; hope seems elusive. Instead of healing, we’re being ripped apart.” That’s actually true, Joe, but whose fault is it, really? Biden continued: “And I refuse to let that happen. We have too bright a future to leave it shipwrecked on the shoals of anger and division.” After that poetic flight, Biden got to the point: “As president, I’ll work with you to rip the poison of hate from our society, honour your contributions and seek your ideas. My administration will look like America, Muslim Americans serving at every level.”

Let’s see. Muslims make up around one percent of America’s population. So if the administration of President Biden (or President Harris, or President Pelosi) is actually going to “look like America,” it will feature one Muslim appointee for every ninety-nine non-Muslim appointees.

Of course, the Democrats are unlikely to be that rigorous. Biden needs the support of the hard-Left, including not only Muslims such as Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour and their Muslim supporters, but their non-Muslim supporters as well, who are likely thrilled that Biden will be “inclusive” enough to place large numbers of Muslims in positions of power and influence. And in doing so, the Biden/Harris/Pelosi administration is unlikely to make any effort whatsoever to rule Sharia supremacists, Muslim Brotherhood operatives, and enemies of the freedom of speech out of consideration. Why, that would be “Islamophobic.”

And if there is anything Biden doesn’t want to appear to be at this point, it’s “Islamophobic.” At his town hall Tuesday, where George Stephanopoulos and Co. fawned over him for an hour and a half, Biden once again repudiated what he called the “New Green Deal,” despite the fact that his website still affirms support for it. The far-Left is increasingly dominant in the Democratic Party, and doesn’t take kindly to the candidate’s repeatedly throwing them under the bus. And so look! He said “Inshallah”! And now he wants Muslims at “every level” of his administration!

Will the far-Left be fooled by this? Probably not, as they’re more evil than they are stupid, but they don’t really have any other place to go. The notorious anti-Semite and former Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour signaled last July that she was keeping Biden on a short leash, stating “I choose Biden” and then immediately emphasizing that her support was decidedly conditional: “But I choose him as my opponent in the White House. I want him to defeat Trump so we can mobilize our movements to hold him accountable and push him to do and be better. We can’t do that with Trump.”

Bernie Sanders, said Sarsour, “earned our votes & we need Biden to continue to do the same.” She elaborated: “When Joe Biden does the right thing, you better believe Linda Sarsour’s going to say, ‘You know what? Thank you so much President Joe Biden for doing the right thing.’ And when President Joe Biden doesn’t do the right thing our community needs to come together and hold him accountable.”

Even Biden’s latest pledge isn’t going to make this problem go away. The only thing that will mollify the Omar/Tlaib/Sarsour (and AOC) wing of his party will be for him to embrace, wholeheartedly and without reservation, their entire socialist, internationalist, pro-migration, anti-counterterror agenda. Anything short of that, and the hard-Left will stay home, and then so will Joe, with nowhere to go but his basement even on January 20. Joe’s people will be working very hard in the next two weeks stave off that possibility, and so expect him to engage in even more Islamopandering.


‘Jihad jihad jihad’ — Azeris demonstrate in Washington, DC

Muslim Beheads Man on French Street, and Here We Go Again

France: Muslim who beheaded man over Muhammad cartoons arrived in country when he was six to seek asylum

France: Muslim filmed himself beheading teacher for showing Muhammad cartoons, posted video online

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