2015: ISIS Militant Quietly Released after FBI Intervention Surfaces in Minimum Security Jail

An ISIS operative jailed in Chicago and mysteriously released after FBI intervention, has surfaced in a minimum security prison about 165 miles south of the Windy City. His name is Emad Karakrah, the ringleader of a sophisticated narco-terror operation, and in 2014 he was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase through Chicago streets with an ISIS flag waving from his car.

When police finally captured Karakrah, he told officers his car was rigged with explosives that would detonate if searched. Bomb disposal units secured the vehicle without incident, but Karakrah’s arrest helped expose a huge narco-terrorist network with roots and financing in El Paso, Texas. Karakrah also lived in New Mexico, the border state where authorities just raided an extremist Muslim compound that trained kids to commit school shootings.

Judicial Watch uncovered Karakrah’s terrorism record and has reported extensively on his extremist activities, including a 2009 plot to bomb talk-show host Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios and the iconic Sears Tower. Judicial Watch also produced an investigative documentary about the narco-terrorist cell that Karakrah and other jihadists—including two of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists (Jaber A. Elbaneh and Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah)—operated from El Paso.

Karakrah was a logistics and transportation operative for militant Islamists in the United States, according to high-level law enforcement sources. He moved people, weapons, explosives, drugs, money, and other materiel to terrorist cells operating in Chicago, Brooklyn, New York and Saddle Brook, New Jersey, among other locations across the U.S. More than a decade ago Karakrah smuggled drugs and weapons for the renowned Juárez drug cartel in Mexico.

At some point, Karakrah reportedly became a confidential informant for the FBI, but went rogue and broke contact with his bureau handlers. This appears to be the reason that the FBI got involved in his state case, which was veiled in secrecy. Legal proceedings against Karakrah in Chicago were delayed at least twice because of FBI “equities,” sources close to the case confirmed.

An FBI agent was present during Karakrah’s proceedings in Cook County Court and the agency facilitated his release in 2015, which was kept from the public record. Judicial Watch followed the case closely and verified that Karakrah was no longer in custody of Cook County Jail.

The Illinois Department of Corrections subsequently confirmed in writing that Karakrah was not in custody. Judicial Watch’s efforts to independently ascertain Karakrah’s whereabouts were unsuccessful until recently. Karakrah has surfaced at the Lincoln Correctional Center, a minimum security facility in a town of about 14,000 residents. Karakrah’s Illinois Department of Corrections profile lists his “projected discharge date” as July 13, 2020.

The pending release is frightening considering Karakrah’s disturbing history, criminal record and documented ties to some of the world’s most dangerous jihadists. The collaboration between Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists practiced by Karakrah and his cohorts has become a monstrous national security issue for the U.S. Judicial Watch has exposed a number of the enterprises as part of an ongoing investigation into the critical national security threats along the porous southern border.

Among the most distressing is that Islamic terrorists joined forces with the Juárez drug cartel years ago and the partnership has resulted in ISIS operating in a region controlled by the cartel, just a few miles from El Paso in a border area known as “Anapra” in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Other Mexican drug cartels have smuggled nationals of terrorist countries into the U.S. for years, records uncovered by Judicial Watch show.

In one operation exposed by Judicial Watch, drug cartels smuggled nationals of terrorist countries into a small Texas rural town near El Paso. To elude the Border Patrol, they used remote farm roads to reach stash areas in Acala, a rural crossroads located around 54 miles from El Paso.

Judicial Watch also uncovered State Department records confirming that “Arab extremists” are entering the U.S. through Mexico with the assistance of smuggling network “cells.” Among them was Karakrah’s partner, Shukrijumah, the Al Qaeda operative wanted by the FBI. Shukrijumah helped plan several U.S. attacks, including plots to bomb Oprah Winfrey’s studio and detonate nuclear devices in multiple American cities.

For years Shukrijumah appeared on the FBI’s most wanted list and, despite being sought by the agency, crossed back and forth into the U.S. from Mexico to meet fellow militant Islamists in Texas. In fact, as one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, Shukrijumah piloted an aircraft into the Cielo Dorado airfield in Anthony, New Mexico.

Just last week Judicial Watch reported that an Arab man living in Mexico smuggled six citizens of Yemen—an Al Qaeda hotbed—into the U.S. through the southern border. The feds say the smuggler, 31-year-old Moayad Heider Mohammad Aldairi, conspired with “others” to sneak the six Yemeni nationals across the Texas border for a fee.

America Needs A Border Wall Like Houses Need Insulation

Readers familiar with my writing know of my fondness for analogies to break down the, sometimes complex and always frustrating issues on U.S. immigration.  Today, I will use an analogy comparing the proposed border wall along the U.S./Mexican border to insulate America with the way that various forms of insulation are used in constructing buildings to save money and provide other benefits.

Properly constructed homes and buildings are weatherproofed and insulated to create barriers that keep out rain and to keep their interiors warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Various strategies and materials are used to achieve these essential goals. Insulation is installed inside outer walls and in the spaces under the roofs of the houses while double-pane windows, storm doors, and weatherstripping are used to seal up other vulnerable areas.

These measures are costly to install, but over the life of the building, these measures more than pay for themselves.  Depending on location, home heating and cooling costs can be significantly reduced when effective insulation prevents costly warm air from escaping from the house during the frigid days of winter, and by preventing hot air from leaking into our homes during the sweltering days of summer when the air conditioners are humming and devouring expensive electricity.

Simply stated –  effective insulation improves the environment in our homes and simultaneously saves homeowners considerable amounts of money.

Those homes are not hermetically sealed. However, their doors and windows can still open, just as America’s ports of entry permit easy access to lawful foreign visitors and commerce.

America’s sovereign borders are essential to protect Americans from a different sort of intrusion – the intrusion of international terrorists and transnational criminals and fugitives.  Our borders are also crucial in preventing the entry of foreign workers who would take jobs Americans need to support themselves and their families.

Finally, our borders are supposed to prevent contraband from being brought into the country.  That contraband includes unfathomable quantities of illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, meth, and others.  It includes counterfeit prescription drugs and counterfeit parts for cars, airplanes and other devices that may endanger lives.  The contraband may also include weapons and, indeed, among them weapons of mass destruction.

But our borders can only function as effective barriers if they are more than mere “lines in the sand.”

The preface of the official report, 9/11 and  Terrorist Travel begins with this clear and unequivocal statement:

It is perhaps obvious to state that terrorists cannot plan and carry out attacks in the United States if they are unable to enter the country. Yet prior to September 11, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the U.S. government thought of border security as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal. Indeed, even after 19 hijackers demonstrated the relative ease of obtaining a U.S. visa and gaining admission into the United States, border security still is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy. We believe, for reasons we discuss in the following pages, that it must be made one.​

Today I focus on the U.S./Mexican border, but it is essential to understand that our nation has 50 “border states” (any state that lies along our northern, as well as our southern borders, are border states as are those states that lie along America’s 95,000 miles of coastline.  Finally, any state that has an international airport is also a “border state”).

While the porous and dangerous U.S./Mexican border must be made secure and is my focus today, many other measures must be taken in this particularly dangerous era.  I have come to compare a border wall along that problematic border with a wing on an airplane.  Without its wings and airplane most certainly will not fly, however, a wing by itself won’t fly either!

This was the premise behind an article I wrote some time ago, Border Security and the Immigration Colander.

The lack of security on that approximately 2,000 mile border represents a vast, gaping hole in the immigration colander, yet the leadership of neither party appears to be genuinely determined to finally build a secure wall even though more than ten years ago Congress voted for the construction of a “border fence” that was never constructed.

In point of fact, a significant contingent of anarchist extremists in the Democratic Party has created “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States” and have called for dismantling our borders and ending immigration law enforcement altogether throughout the United States.

New York’s Governor Cuomo, in spite of the clear warnings of the 9/11 Commission, has now threatened to prosecute ICE agents for enforcing our nation’s immigration laws even though alien terrorists have repeatedly targeted new York in repeated deadly terror attacks.

President Trump has made it clear that he will take whatever measure(s) he must to finally have that wall constructed and has not ruled out shutting down the government because this issue is just that important.

In a July 31, 2018, Chicago Tribune report, Trump doubles-down on a government shutdown threat to build the wall:

“I don’t care what the political ramifications are, our immigration laws and border security have been a complete and total disaster for decades, and there is no way that the Democrats will allow it to be fixed without a Government Shutdown,” Trump said in a tweet Tuesday afternoon.​

“Border Security is National Security, and National Security is the long-term viability of our Country,” he added. “A Government Shutdown is a very small price to pay for a safe and Prosperous America!”​

Opponents of that wall have raised various objections to the wall including lamest of excuses, the cost of building it.

Candidate Donald Trump proclaimed that as President he would build the wall and that Mexico would pay for that wall.  It was no surprise when the current and previous Mexican presidents ridiculed President Trump and his assertions about forcing Mexico to pay for our wall.

The globalist media and globalist politicians refuse to acknowledge that Mexico would pay for the entire wall and its maintenance, without having to send a single dollar to the United States.

On July 3, 2018, Mexico News Daily reported on the flow of money from the United States to Mexico in the form of money wire transfers known as remittances as noted in the article’s title:

Remittance numbers took a big jump.

May’s record-high remittances clear US $3-billion mark

The figure is 17% higher than the previous record, set last October​

Remittances, massive as they are, do not account for all of the money that flows from the United States to Mexico and because they are legal and transparent are easy to quantify.

Money is often smuggled covertly out of the U.S. to other countries around the world. by illegal and hence opaque means. Sometimes the money is concealed in furniture, appliances or vehicles.  Sometimes the money is converted to gold or other precious metals to make it more portable. However, no matter how money leaves the United States, a wall would create a barrier against illegal alien workers who send their ill-gotten wages back to Mexico.

That wall could help stem the flow of dangerous narcotics into America – an act that destroys the lives of children and fuels the violence that plays out in towns and cities across the country.

Indeed, a secure southern border could help to insulate America from terrorists operating in Latin America, an issue of grave concern that I wrote about in my recent article, Congresional Hearing: Iranian Sleeper Cells Threaten U.S.that included the testimony of one of the witnesses, Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies who said, in part:

In recent years, Hezbollah’s Latin American networks have also increasingly cooperated with violent drug cartels and criminal syndicates, often with the assistance of local corrupt political elites. Cooperation includes laundering of drug money; arranging multi-ton shipments of cocaine to the United States and Europe, and directly distributing and selling illicit substances to distant markets. Proceeds from these activities finance Hezbollah’s arms procurement; its terror activities overseas; its hold on Lebanon’s political system; and its efforts, both in Lebanon and overseas, to keep Shi’a communities loyal to its cause and complicit in its endeavors.

This toxic crime-terror nexus is fueling both global jihadism and the collapse of law and order across Latin America that is helping drive drugs and people northward into America. It is sustaining Hezbollah’s growing financial needs. It helps Iran and Hezbollah consolidate a local constituency in multiple countries across Latin America. It is facilitating their efforts to build safe havens for terrorists and a continent-wide terror infrastructure that they could use to strike U.S. targets.

Trump’s proposed wall would be a “win-win,” saving innocent American lives, reducing violent crime and protecting national security while bolstering the U.S. economy.

Opponents of the wall are true opponents of America and Americans.

We honestly cannot afford to not finally “build the wall.”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine.

Judge releases New Mexico jihadis on bail. Please send your email to express concern to judge.

Theblaze.com reports in part:  Breaking: Judge makes stunning decision in Muslim compound case after charges of racism

Judge Sarah Backus

In a hearing Monday, a New Mexico judge found that suspects in a bizarre child abuse case were not a danger to the public, and released them on bond.
Defense attorney blames Islamophobia

Two Muslim men and three women are charged with 11 counts of child abuse each after police raided their compound in New Mexico and discovered 11 malnourished children living in squalor.

Their lawyer argued that there was a double standard in the case because his clients were Muslims. He argued that if they had been Christian and white, “we might not be here today.”

Despite law enforcement authorities saying that they believe that the children were being trained to attack innocents, and that the adults were radicalized, Judge Sarah Backus released the suspects.

Prosecutors also said they obtained a letter from one of the suspects telling his brother to come to the compound and die like a martyr.

The lawyer for the suspects said that there was no evidence that they were planning any kind of attacks.

Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe testified that they found children holding boxes of ammunition, and that one child was found with a gun.

Robert Spencer at Jihadwatch.org reports:  New Mexico compound jihadis released on bond after charges of racism and “Islamophobia”

Their lawyer argued that there was a double standard in the case because his clients were Muslims. He argued that if they had been Christian and white, ‘we might not be here today.’”

Seriously? If they had been Christian and white, stockpiling weapons and plotting school shootings, with the ringleader being the son of one of the most respected Christian preachers in the country, there wouldn’t have been news coverage of anything else for weeks. There would have been feature stories in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. CNN and MSNBC would be running special reports on toxic Christianity and the crisis in the churches.

This incident, on the other hand, received very little coverage, and hardly any that touched on the Islamic aspects of the story. But Muslim claims of victimhood are so polished and reflexive by now, and the Leftist acceptance of them so matter-of-fact and instinctive, that Judge Sarah Backus fell right into line. We can only hope that no one dies because of her folly.

Tragically, New Mexico Judge Sarah Backus agreed with the defense counsels’ politicized false narrative that Islamophobia was at play.  If this truly had been “white Christians” planning to attack our schools the American media would have skewered them 24/7 and she would have followed leftist bias and denied bail. These Muslim jihadis got special treatment.

Judge Backus’ dreadful decision may embolden others to believe that American courts will not take them serious if they are caught before they kill innocent Americans and martyr themselves.

Judge Backus’ disastrous decision made political correctness the priority over public safety.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to express disappointment regarding Judge Sarah C. Backus‘ dreadful decision that made political correctness the priority over public safety.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send email to express your disappointment regarding Judge Sarah C. Backus’ dreadful decision to release jihadis.

Contact Information:

New Mexico Courts
Eighth District Court
Judge Sarah C Backus
Phone: 575-758-3173

The Earliest Signing of the NDAA in 40 Years Is a Giant Step in Rebuilding the Military

With President Donald Trump’s signature Monday at Fort Drum, New York, the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2019 will be the earliest a defense authorization bill has become law since 1978.

Forty years ago, the bill was 16 pages long and was called the “Department of Defense Appropriation Authorization Act, 1978.” This year’s NDAA is close to 800 pages. The early date is even more impressive considering that the last time that the NDAA was signed into law before the beginning of the fiscal year on Oct. 1 was in 1997.

The early passage of the 2019 NDAA represents a level of stability and predictability uncommon in the recent history of the Department of Defense, and it should be very helpful in the efforts to rebuild our military.

There are two important factors worth noting that contributed to the early timing of the 2019 NDAA: the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 and the shadow projected by the absence of Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The Bipartisan Budget Act has its flaws and represented the capitulation of substantial budgetary controls for 2018 and 2019; nonetheless, it brought a much-needed defense budget increase for both years. The 2019 defense base budget was set at $647 billion, of which a little over $639 billion was under the auspices of the NDAA.

The increased and certain budgetary number removed the biggest point of contention that lawmakers usually have with the NDAA. It enabled both the House and Senate to start working from a common top line and all but eliminated the debates on how to balance defense with other priorities in the budget.

Since late December, McCain has been in Arizona dealing with the effects of the treatment for his brain cancer. In his absence, Sen. James Inhofe, the second-ranking Republican on the committee, has been performing the duties of Armed Services Committee chairman. Still, Inhofe has expressed multiple times that the NDAA and the work of the committee were shaped by McCain.

Naming the NDAA after the absent chairman is a fitting recognition for the senator’s influence and role played in many consecutive bills. It recognizes the importance of his work, not only on the 2019 version of the bill, but in the defense community in general.

Despite all the positive signs that the Fort Drum signing ceremony brings, it is important to highlight that it does not mark the end of the effort to rebuild the military.

It took the military many years to get in a state of deteriorated readiness described by The Heritage Foundation’s Index of U.S. Military Strength. By the same token, it will take time to rebuild it. It is not a two-year effort.

When Secretary of Defense James Mattis was discussing the rebuilding efforts, he mentioned the need for sustained and increased funding at least until 2023 to be able to fully rebuild military capabilities.

The defense budget will require more resources if we are to build out those capabilities to face the threats described by the national defense strategy.

The Budget Control Act caps that limit how much the country can invest in its defense will return in 2020 and 2021. If the country were to observe those caps, it would represent a decrease of $71 billion over the 2019 base budget.

That will require sustained engagement with Congress and the American people to explain and make the case for the defense budget and the military rebuild.

Despite the successes in 2018 and 2019, the American people cannot and should not think that the job is done. It will still take time and resources to rebuild the military that America requires.


Portrait of Frederico Bartels

Frederico Bartels is a policy analyst for defense budgeting at The Heritage Foundation’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy. Twitter: .

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of President Donald Trump talking with U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Walter “Walt” Piatt, the commanding general of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum, as the president observes a demonstration with U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division troops and helicopters at Fort Drum, New York, on Aug. 13. (Photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters/Newscom)

President Trump to De-fund Over 100 Chinese Communist Party ‘Confucius Institutes’ in America

Grace Gottschling an investigative reporter for Campus Reform writes in an article titled “Trump to sign Confucius Institute funding ban“,

President Trump is about to sign the new National Defense Authorization Act, which will prohibit funding to Chinese-run Confucius Institutes on American campuses.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz added the key amendment to “The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019,” which also restricts funding to universities that host Confucius Institutes and requires them to provide a public record of any agreements or contracts they have with the program, which has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

“The Confucius Institutes are the velvet glove around the iron fist of their campaigns on our campuses.”   

Earlier this week, the White House confirmed that Trump plans to sign the bill during a visit to Fort Drum, New York, according to Fox-28.

In March, the Central Intelligence Agency issued a classified report labeling the institutes as a threat, according to an unclassified page of the document obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.

“The [Chinese Communist Party] provides ‘strings-attached’ funding to academic institutions and think tanks to deter research that casts it in a negative light,” the unclassified portion of the report reads. “It has used this tactic to reward pro-China viewpoints and coerce Western academic publications and conferences to self-censor. The CCP often denies visas to academics who criticize the regime, encouraging many China scholars to preemptively self-censor so they can maintain access to the country on which their research depends.”

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) in an April 9, 2018 article titled “How Many Confucius Institutes Are in the United States?” by Rachelle Peterson reports:

Image Credit: Kreeder13 CC BY-SA 4.0

Updated July 18, 2018. This list, originally published in March 2018, will be updated periodically. If you know of additional Confucius Institutes that have opened or closed, please let us know at contact@nas.org

Since 2004, the Chinese government has sponsored Confucius Institutes on college and university campuses around the world. An agency of the Chinese Ministry of Education, called the Hanban, provides teachers, textbooks, and operating funds.

In April 2017, the National Association of Scholars released Outsourced to China: Confucius Institutes and Soft Power in American Higher Education, a comprehensive report on the way the Chinese government infiltrates American colleges and universities to enhance its own image. At that time, we counted 103 Confucius Institutes in the United States.

As of July 2018, NAS counts a total of 107 Confucius Institutes in the United States. We identify 100 Confucius Institutes at American colleges and universities. We also identify 1 Confucius Institute at a private educational organization, the China Institute, and 6 Confucius Institutes at K-12 public school districts.*

Our count differs from that of the Hanban, which lists 110 Confucius Institutes in the US. However, the Hanban includes two Confucius Institutes that have since closed: Pfeiffer University, the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, and the University of West Florida. It also includes one that never opened: Dickinson State University. Finally, the Hanban’s list omits two Confucius Institutes that opened in 2017: Baruch University and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

*Most K-12 schools that partner with the Hanban have “Confucius Classrooms,” of which there are about 500 in the United States. However, the Hanban does designate these six school districts as home to Confucius Institutes as part of a collaboration between the Hanban and the College Board.

Download the NAS chart of the current Confucius Institutes in the United States.

Download NAS chart of US-based Confucius Institutes that closed. 

EDITORS NOTE: Here are the Confucius Institutes in Florida.

University of South Florida
University FL President Judy Genshaft

Miami Dade College
Jiangsu Normal
University FL President Eduardo J. Padrón

University of North Florida
Shaanxi Normal
University FL President John Delaney


Scholars claim Asian Americans used to perpetuate racism in STEM

Researchers identify 31 types of anti-atheist microaggressions

Erdogan Locks Horns With Trump

By Ran Meir.

Here’s the latest wrap of what the Arabic-language media is saying about the United States. This time: the ongoing spat between Washington and Ankara; ISIS and the U.S. presence in Syria; and tension between the U.S. and Iran.

Trump and Erdogan – The Limits of Confrontation and the Limits of Interests – Annabaa (Iraq)

Tension between Turkey and the U.S. increased rapidly of late because of Washington’s support to Syrian Kurds with weapons and logistics, the U.S. embrace of Fethullah Gülen, the arrest of American priest Andrew Brunson, the sanctions imposed on the interior and justice ministers and other economic measures that damaged Turkey. The U.S. believes Turkey went a long way in opposing American policy – even crossing the point of no return, according to sources. Turkey continues to strengthen its relations with America’s rivals – top of the list are Russia, Iran and China. Turkey announced it rejected the American request that it join in sanctioning Iran. At the same time Turkey participated in the Sochi talks.

Erdogan to US: You’re Replacing Us With a Priest While We’re Allies?! Sabq (Saudi Arabia)

[Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan was talking at a gathering in Ordu on the Black Sea about the [imprisoned] American priest [Andrew Brunson] that led to an escalation in the diplomatic spat between the countries, both members of NATO. It also led to a drastic decline in the value of the Turkish lira. “It’s a mistake to try to bring Turkey to its knees by dishing out threats for the sake of a priest,” said Erdogan. “I say to those of you in America, once again, ‘Shame on you! Shame on you!’ You’re replacing your strategic NATO partner with a priest.”

The Return of the American Siege and the Iranian Market – Al Alam (Iran)

The measures of the siege that started on August 6 don’t really resemble those taken by the U.S. on Day One. Correctly, most of the world’s countries object to this American path. These measures against Iran come at a time when there are no anti-Iranian decisions at the U.N. All of the world’s countries are now in a dilemma as to whether to go down this American route or to reject it.

The End of ISIS Depends on America’s Exit From Syria – Al-Quds Al-Arabi (Saudi Arabia)

The U.S. has a military base and active forces in Tanaf, the area from which ISIS attacked As-Suwayda two weeks ago inflicting a terrible massacre on the people there. ISIS has many secret pockets in the area and they are being used as tools of America to implement its aggressive policy that supports the Zionist entity against Syria. These are simultaneously pressure tools on Russia  and Syria to impose Tel Aviv’s demands: the exit of Hezbollah forces from southern Syria and the departure of Iran from all other areas of Syria. America is the one that supports these ISIS pockets with weapons and equipment. It also gives ISIS intel about Syrian military movements to shock the Syrians with surprise moves or to attack civilians.


Trump Threatens Turkey if US Pastor Not Released

Arab Media: Will Trump Bring Iran into the Family of Nations

Arabic Media: US Must Outlaw Muslim Brotherhood

Arizona: Somali Refugee couple from China arrested, lied on refugee application, terror connection found

I first spotted this story at Arizona Central and my first thought was—-here we go again. Although labeled as “refugees,” are they going to tell us anything about the nationality of the lying husband and wife who got in to the US during the Obama Administration?

But after looking around at other stories about yesterday’s breaking news, I see we do have more information this time.  However, my big red flag question is this:

How did these alleged terrorist Africans (supposedly Ethiopians, but their names are Somali) get to Arizona via China?

I checked Wrapsnet and sure enough we do process a few refugees in to the U.S. from China!  How insane is that! With all the refugee fraud going on around the world, why would we trust anyone (Africans no less!) coming in via China?

First, here is the AZCentral story:

Tucson refugees accused of lying about terrorist ties to gain refugee status

A Tucson couple who had obtained refugee status were arrested Friday on charges of falsifying information on an application for permanent residency, including a question that asked about ties to known members of terrorist groups.

The couple, Mohamed Abdirahman Osman, 28, and Zeinab Abdirahman Mohamed, 25, were both living in Tucson at the time of their arrest Friday.

On Wednesday, they were indicted on 11 federal criminal counts involving “violations of false swearing in an immigration matter and false statements to a government agency,” said First Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Strange in a press release.

Osman was found to have used a false name and nationality on his application for permanent residency, Strange said. In addition, he falsely denied any association with members of a terrorist organization, Strange said.

While living in China, the couple applied for and were granted refugee status in 2014 and entered the United States, living in Tucson since, Strange said.

In June 2015, Osman and Mohamed submitted applications for Legal Permanent Residence Status to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Strange said.

According to the indictment filed against the couple, the “material submitted in support of their refugee applications and their applications for Legal Permanent Residence Status contained false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements,” Strange said.

Officials did not specify what terrorist group may have been involved and provided no further details.

But another story, here, does:

Man living in Tucson was member of Somalian terrorist group, feds say…

TUCSON, AZ – Federal authorities say an Ethiopian man using a fake identity while living in Tucson was a member of a terrorist group.


Muslim members of al-Shabaab Islamic jihad group.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Friday that Mohamed Abdirahman Osman was indicted in federal court on eight counts of making false statements to immigration authorities. Authorities allege his wife, Zeinab Abdirahman Mohamed, also hid his identity. She faces three charges.

An indictment filed this week shows that Osman used a fake Somalian passport to get to the U.S.

He told authorities he sustained injuries in a terrorist attack in Somalia but had actually been hurt while handling explosives, according to the indictment. Police believe Osman was a member of al-Shabaab, a Somali militant group responsible for major attacks that have left hundreds killed.

Gee, maybe Trump has a point about how refugees have NOT been thoroughly vetted as the refugee industry constantly insists they have been.

See a post I wrote in 2016 listing other terrorists and violent criminals who got in to the U.S. as refugees or asylum seekers.


Islamic terrorist used refugee program to enter U.S., arrested in Tucson

Sick of the media screwing with the facts! Obama’s 110,000 refugees myth!

Have you no shame John McCullough

Canadians apparently not as ‘welcoming’ as their Prime Minister

Bowling Green, KY not getting enough Muslim refugees says refugee contractor

Germany frets, Soros lurks, as Spanish Socialists welcome African migrants

Evangelical ‘leaders’ out of touch with their flocks on refugee admissions

Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing

Massive dereliction of duty in a major city In America.

The failure of the Portland’s Democrat left wing mayor and his police department’s decision to withhold protection for innocent citizens from lawless violent offenders for political reasons is reminiscent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts attacks on Jews in Germany in the 1930’s while police watched.

Dereliction of duty by law enforcement is serious but intentional dereliction of duty by a mayor and police department is far more serious.

The Mayor of Portland and its police chief should be removed from office for endangering the lives of citizens they are sworn to protect and violating their oath of office. Failure to do so sends a message to other officials that it is OK to violate their oath of office and the Constitution of the United States. The citizens of Portland and all Americans should be alarmed.

It is based on an anti-Trump pathology to protect the lawless.

Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing

A vicious mob targeted the ICE office and even a food cart. The police followed orders to do nothing.

By Andy Ngo
Aug. 3, 2018 5:24 p.m. ET

Along the trolley tracks behind the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office, a biohazard cleanup crew works under police protection. It finds used needles and buckets of human waste simmering in nearly 100-degree heat. The smell of urine and feces fills the block. For more than five weeks, as many as 200 people had occupied the site to demand ICE’s immediate abolition. They’re gone now, but a community is left reeling. Thirty-eight days of government-sanctioned anarchy will do that.

A mob surrounded ICE’s office in Southwest Portland June 19. They barricaded the exits and blocked the driveway. They sent “guards” to patrol the doors, trapping workers inside. At night they laid on the street, stopping traffic at a critical junction near a hospital. Police stayed away. “At this time I am denying your request for additional resources,” the Portland Police Bureau’s deputy chief, Robert Day, wrote to federal officers pleading for help. Hours later, the remaining ICE workers were finally evacuated by a small federal police team. The facility shut down for more than a week.

Signs called ICE employees “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” Others accused them of running a “concentration camp,” and demanded open borders and prosecution of ICE agents. Along a wall, vandals wrote the names of ICE staff, encouraging others to publish their private information online.

Federal workers were defenseless. An ICE officer, who asked that his name not be published, told me one of his colleagues was trailed in a car and confronted when he went to pick up his daughter from summer camp. Later people showed up at his house. Another had his name and photo plastered on flyers outside his home accusing him of being part of the “Gestapo.”

Read more.

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VIDEO: The Media Thinks You’re Stupid

“Leading the pack of unhinged self-obsessed camera hogs is CNN’s Jim Acosta, who let’s not forget made clear in an interview that the big problem with ‘Trump vs. the press’ is that the American people are too stupid to know the press is right.” —Dana Loesch

The ‘Greatest Generation vs. Pelosi’s ‘Delusional Generation’

When Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941, America’s leaders took responsibility for defending the country’s borders and destroying its enemies once they realized – quickly- the existential threat posed by the Axis Powers.  This fearless leadership and commitment  to protecting the American people came to define, in part,  those preserving during that period as  “The Greatest Generation.”

In just 44 months, America and its allies planned,  built, and then rushed into battle,  fleets of new airplanes, fighter aircraft, and bombers.  And in just 44 months, fleets of ships were launched.  Nuclear weapons were, for the first time devised, created, tested and successfully deployed.

But America’s leaders today, with few exceptions, would hardly qualify for any title except, perhaps, the most delusional or most corrupt generation.

Nancy Pelosi and her political cohorts provide ample evidence of just how far our nation has fallen.

On September 11, 2001, nineteen alien terrorists inflicted more casualties on the United States than did the entire Japanese fleet on, the day that as President Roosevelt declared, would “live in infamy.”

Those 19 hijacker-terrorists turned passenger airliners into de facto cruise missiles –  creating horrors and carnage that will be forever etched in the minds and hearts of those who lived through those attacks on our nation.

On July 27, 2018, Nancy Pelosi uttered jaw-dropping description of the terror attacks of 9/11 as the “9/11 incident.

How could anyone of sound mind and possessing a firm grip on reality, describe the worst terror attack ever committed on U.S. soil as a merely “incident?”

Pelosi then went on to chastise the Republicans for failing to support border security claiming that the Democrats were far more committed to securing our borders and following the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

The harsh reality is that the globalist leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties have repeatedly and steadfastly refused to secure America’s borders and indeed enforce our immigration laws effectively.  There is ample evidence that the leaders of both parties have refused to adequately address the multitude of failures and vulnerabilities of the immigration system.

The leadership of both parties is determined to ram a massive DACA amnesty down our throats even though the 9/11 Commission identified immigration fraud as the critical method of entry and embedding of terrorists.

I addressed this concern in my article, DACA Solution Must Heed 9/11 Commission Findings.

Now the Trump administration is contemplating shutting down the government, to protect America and Americans by finally getting the funds to construct a border wall.

However, first and foremost, let us not forget, that the “leaders” of the Democratic Party have led demonstrations demanding that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) be disbanded and that interior enforcement of the immigration laws is terminated.

Let us not forget Pelosi herself has outrageously repeatedly accused ICE agents of terrorizing immigrant communities.

Just months ago, on February 28, 2018, Nancy posted the following press release on her official Congressional website. The title of her press release was, Pelosi Statement on Trump Administration ICE Raids Targeting the San Francisco Bay Area:

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Trump Administration conducted sweeping raids across Northern California that resulted in the arrest of more than 150 men and women, at least half of whom did not have a criminal record:

“The Trump Administration’s raids were a shocking abuse of law enforcement power.  Again, the White House has reached into our communities to detain scores of hard-working, law-abiding immigrants indiscriminately.

“Fully half of those swept up in the ICE raids have no criminal record.  This raid was intended solely to terrorize innocent immigrant families and instill fear in the hearts of our communities – not to keep Americans safe.  Parents will now be torn from their children, and spouses ripped away from their loved ones.

“The Administration continues to brazenly target the cities that refuse to bow to its blatantly bigoted anti-immigrant and mass deportation agenda.  The people of the San Francisco Bay Area will continue to oppose these cowardly attacks, and we will remain open to the patriotic immigrants who are the constant reinvigoration of America.”

Worksite investigations are an element of the interior enforcement of our immigration laws, an aspect, I might add, that the 9/11 Commission directly addressed.

In point of fact, the day before a terrorist carries out a terror attack he/she is likely hiding in plain sight at work.

Consider my recent article: Congressional Hearing: Iranian Sleeper Cells Threaten U.S.

Work-site investigations are primarily conducted to liberate jobs stolen by illegal aliens that American and lawful immigrant workers desperately need so they can support themselves and their families.

Sleeper agents are so named because they maintain a shallow profile and seek to avoid calling attention to themselves.  While they may violate our immigration laws, they are fastidiously careful never to get arrested.  They quietly wait for the day they are called to action.

The official report, 9/11 and  Terrorist Travel referenced interior enforcement of our immigration laws repeatedly,  Consider this example:

Thus, abuse of the immigration system and a lack of interior immigration enforcement were unwittingly working together to support terrorist activity. It would remain mostly unknown since no agency of the United States government analyzed terrorist travel patterns until after 9/11. This lack of attention meant that critical opportunities to disrupt terrorist travel and, therefore, deadly terrorist operations were missed.
The aliens arrested during these field investigations that Pelosi railed against, were not taken into custody to “terrorize immigrant communities” but to seek the removal (deportation) of aliens who violate our nation’s borders and violate our laws.  This is also done to deter other aspiring illegal aliens, from around the world, from coming to the United States illegally or with the intention of violating the terms of their lawful admission into the United States.

I can also tell you that when I was an INS agent, I located numerous alien fugitives during routine worksite investigations.  These aliens had committed serious crimes, including murder and rape.

In one particularly memorable case, I encountered a citizen of Belize working in a glass factory in Brooklyn, New York.  He had no ID but claimed that he had become a naturalized citizen.

The owner of the factory swore that the guy was the most trustworthy employee he had ever hired.  He told me that he even trusted him to open the factory in the morning and close it at night if he was away from the factory and he frequently had dinner at the owner’s home with his wife and kids.

Long story short, when no records were found to corroborate his claims about being a naturalized citizen, my colleagues and I took him into custody.

It turned out that he lied about his identity and circumstances.  He was indeed from Belize; however, he had never become a naturalized citizen.

He had, however, been previously deported from the U.S. after he completed his prison sentence following his conviction for manslaughter.

He had re-entered the U.S. illegally, had been located, arrested by INS agents and prosecuted for that unlawful reentry.  He subsequently escaped from a federal correctional facility and ultimately found work in that factory where we saw him.  He was a fugitive.

His boss nearly went into cardiac arrest when he learned of these extraordinary circumstances concerning his “most trusted employee!”

Meanwhile, Pelosi defamed courageous federal agents and used inflammatory language in accusing ICE agents of staging “cowardly attacks” on “law-abiding” and “patriotic immigrants.”

It would appear she was attempting to incite violence against ICE agents.  Should any agent be attacked, perhaps they or their families should consider suing Pelosi personally for inciting hostility by abusing her authority as a leader of the United States House of Representatives.

Law enforcement officers are indeed made accountable, why shouldn’t our elected “representatives” also be made responsible?

Furthermore, contrary to Pelosi’s lies, aliens who violate our immigration laws are, by definition, not law-abiding!

The ICE agents who took the immigration law violators into custody did not do so not out of bigotry or hatred, but because of the oaths, they made when they entered on duty with the federal government to uphold the Constitution and enforce our nation’s laws.

Our immigration laws have nothing to do with race, religion or ethnicity.

Title 8, United States Code, Section 1182 enumerates the categories of aliens excluded.  Among these classes:  aliens with dangerous communicable, diseases, convicted felons, human rights violators, war criminals, terrorists, spies, and other usual suspects.

The term patriotic has been defined, in part as “having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country.”

How on earth is an individual who violates the sovereign borders of a country in which he/she is not a citizen demonstrating patriotism?

Perhaps the issue of patriotism should be reviewed in examining the conduct of Ms. Pelosi, whose words and exhortations undermine the dangerous and vital work of America’s immigration law enforcement officers.  We should, therefore, ask if her conduct is a demonstration of patriotism or, more appropriately, of treason.

Motorists who drive erratically are likely to be pulled over by police officers to make sure that they are not operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs and also to make sure that they possess valid driver’s licenses.

Pelosi’s rhetoric and evident detachment from reality cause me to wonder if when she made that statement was suffering the effects of psychedelic drugs or had too much to drink.

Other possibilities include that she is senile or suffers from an abject inability to discern reality from a fantasy world she has created within the realm that lies between her ears.

Or perhaps,  she knows what she must say to get campaign contributions from her globalist campaign contributors.

Drunk drivers are said to be driving under the influence (DUI).  Perhaps Ms. Pelosi is guilty of GUI (Governing Under the Influence).

I provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission.  As an INS agent, I investigated and arrested many international terrorists.  About three years ago I wrote an extensive article, The 9/11 Commission Report, and Immigration: An Assessment, Fourteen Years after the Attacks.

Pelosi and her colleagues should be required to read it along with, the 9/11 Commission Report and 9/11 and Terrorist Travel.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine.

Failed American Intelligence

Offence is the best defense—this was the slogan and policy of the Soviet apparatchiks taught by Stalin. Never admit the crime committed, but accuse the opposition in that exact crime. We, the former Soviet citizens, knew the policy very well watching it for many years. This policy helped the Soviet system to survive for a hundred years, and under Putin’s leadership the current apparatchiks are flourishing in Russia today. Yes, nothing substantial has changed in Russia. The KGB is still running the country with a crony capitalism instead of failed socialism. That’s it. The agenda is still the same—One World Government Under Kremlin’s rule and for Putin to be a President of the world…

The Democrat Party is the No. 1 Enemy of America

The weeks after the Helsinki Trump/Putin Summit were full of Trump criticism, yet I decided not to participate in the hysteria but wait. Then I saw a vocal Trump critic, Brennon, tweet and it became clear to me: the former CIA Director was manipulating Americans through the politics of fear—a typical policy of the Soviet apparatchiks, a coordinated attack against President Trump, accusing him guilty of treason—offence is the best defense. It was a familiar to me hateful, vicious response of the Soviet apparatchiks guilty of that exact crime, accusing the leader of opposition in treason in the best traditions of Stalinist personal destruction. Judge for yourself:

“Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you?”  11:52 AM – Jul 16, 2018  Addressing Republicans he is taking a position of the Democrats, who are outraged with Trump behavior… Please, pay attention to the hateful and vicious manner of speech—it is not only Soviet tactics; it is also Soviet handwriting and script.

Moreover, the entire Socialist Mafia and media executed the same play-book, warning us a by hundred different voices about the treason committed by President Trump. We have two Socialists: a Trojan Horse Bernie Sanders and a new big mouth Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Both are very well drilled. The collaboration of the media and Socialist mafia doesn’t surprise me—the Soviet media has always promoted the Socialist ideology, it was a requirement of the Soviet Socialist Law. I hope you have already read my column describing Socialist Mafia in America. If not, you can read it now.  I am not alone thinking this way. Listen to a former CIA station Chief Daniel Hoffman:

“A former CIA station chief says that former CIA Director John Brennan “is doing Putin’s bidding” by publicly attacking and speculating about President Donald Trump. In an article at Cipher Brief, a national security website, CIA veteran Daniel Hoffman says that Brennan’s recent remarks play right into Putin’s hands. As a former KGB officer and director of its successor, the FSB, Putin’s weapons of choice for this covert campaign are espionage, and influence operations that target our political differences to weaken and divide us,” writes Hoffman. He argues that Putin “knows what makes our society tick” and understands that “the best way to spoil our democratic process is to link it with a touch of conspiracy, i.e. to the Kremlin.” BRENNAN IS ‘DOING PUTIN’S BIDDING’ WITH ANTI-TRUMP RHETORIC, SAYS FORMER CIA STATION CHIEF, The Daily Caller, Chuck Ross 04/05/2018

I trust this knowledgeable officer, who spent five years working in Moscow. I don’t trust American media and Socialist Mafia that coordinated vicious attacks against President Trump—it is too similar to the brainwashing policy of Soviet fascism—accusing Trump in treason while the crime was committed by another party—offence is the best defense. Perhaps, President Trump made a mistake confusing the DNC hacking and Russian meddling in the 2016 election—it has been his mistake that was exaggerated by the opposition to Pearl Harbor, Christel Night, and 9/11, making Trump the enemy of America. In reality, it is another party, the Democrat Party, which is the No. One enemy of America that collaborated with Russia for decades.

President Trump insisted he has been tough on Russia, describing former President Barack Obama as a “patsy” for the Kremlin. “Obama didn’t do it,” Trump told CNBC in an interview at the White House. “Obama was a patsy for Russia. A total patsy.”  “There’s been no president ever as tough as I have been on Russia.” He said and he is right: his actions and policy are louder than words. I don’t know whether the word “patsy” identifies completely the reality, I’d like to call a spade a spade—Stalin’s Socialism in America, which I named Soviet Fascism, the ideology that the Democrats’ leadership now adhere to.

Do you remember Obama’s open transformation of America’s political system left to us by our Founding Fathers to Socialism? Obamacare was a carbon copy of the socialist medicine implemented to destroy our medical system and create a chaos in the country, if not a total bankruptcy of the American Republic. President Trump is serving our country much better than his predecessor, who with the help of Socialist Mafia was implementing Socialism on our soil by deceiving Americans and marketing a cosmetic version of Socialism to fool you.  Obama is lying in the best traditions of Stalinist Political Correctness, covering up the horror of the real Communism/Socialism, vividly described by myself and Dr. Kengor:

“Too many young Americans are supporting communism. Millennials prefer socialism to capitalism, and 25 percent have a positive view of Lenin. One in four Americans believe that George W. Bush killed more people than Josef Stalin. And 69 percent of Millennials would vote for a socialist for president. They ought to know better. Communism is the most dangerous idea in world history, producing dire poverty, repression, and carnage wherever it has been tried. And no wonder—because communism flatly denies morality, human nature, and basic facts. But it’s always going to be different this time.” The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism by Dr. Paul Kengor, 2017.

I agree, it is going to be different this time, because we have President Trump and brave and knowledgeable Republicans like Rep. Davin Nunes, Bob Goodlatte, and other Republicans who are bringing the Truth to the surface. The Truth was buried by Obama in cahoots with the weaponized top of American Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies, now under investigation. It was buried to cover-up the crime committed by the “criminal cabal” of the Obama admin. When speaking about upcoming November election and the Democrats, Rep .Nunes correctly said: “One-hundred percent, they are putting all their chips on the Republicans losing the House and all these investigations will shut down.” He is right.

As I repeated many times—Knowledge is Power and unfortunately, knowledge of Russia and its Intel is dangerously low among Republicans like Paul Ryan to confront the “criminal cabal” sufficiently and effectively. How does Ryan know that the actions of Rod J. Rosenstein don’t match High Crime & Misdemeanors? I have just the opposite opinion. Paul Ryan undermined the Republicans in the House. They also failed to go on offence and expose the Democrats for what they really are. And now we are dealing with the united forces of the Democrat leadership and Putin’s KGB confronting the Trump administration, President Trump personally, and his entire family. The Democrats are really the enemy of the American Republic, left to us by our Founding Fathers…

Failed American Intelligence

Our Intel had been paralyzed for several decades.  Writing about the destruction of our Intelligence and Security Apparatus for many years, I also repeated those main ideas, giving you a free functioning anti-American Socialist Mafia in the column published in this e-magazine on July 13, 2018, three days before the Trump/Putin press conference in Helsinki.  Russian interference is not a matter of dispute, it has been going on for a hundred years. That is the reason I am focusing on the anti-American Socialist Mafia that has been coordinated by the KGB since 1969. I am writing about that interference for thirty years and I know that the FBI blocked information about my writings for this particular reason to prevent the public to know the Truth. The absence of the Truth benefits only the Russian interest not the American one. And that fact once more confirms the successful KGB’s information-operation currently intact in America…

I completely agree with President Donald Trump and his assessment of the Obama weaponized Intelligence. He said that he respected the intelligence agencies but not the former prominent figures who made their careers by criticizing his presidency and continue defending it by accusing Trump of the exact crime they themselves committed.

“It’s been terrible,” Trump told CBS anchor Jeff Glor, citing the names of former CIA director John Brennan, former director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, Former Director of the National Security Agency Michael Hayden, former FBI director James Comey, as well as prominent FBI agents Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok.

The president responded to a question from Glor about whether or not he felt that former intelligence agents were “out to get him.” Trump said that he had difficulty trusting their judgement, as they stood vehemently against him. Donald Trump: No Confidence in Intelligence Led by Brennan, Clapper, Comey, BritBart, 18 Jul 2018

I was glad that President Trump mentioned the name of Michael Hayden—he is the man responsible for President George W. Bush seeing the soul in Putin’s eyes. Putin’s soul? It doesn’t exist. What a shame for the Intel! Yet, it is important to preserve the history of the shame to be able to learn from it.  Unfortunately, not only Intel was suffering a lack of knowledge pertaining to Russia. Look at the Senate Democrats, some of them remind me the Soviet “gorlopans,” people who have big mouths and little grey matter. Listening to Senators Warren, Gillibrand, and Blumenthal, I wonder how they got to the US. Senate, what do they know about Russia? I know how Mark Warner did it, skillfully crafted the similarity of his name to the well-known former Republican Senator John Warner, a knowledgeable and smart Senator. Socialists are inextricably connected to Fraud.

The other Soviet “gorlopan,” who defends Obama’s administration is New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. She was fooling you for many years in New York. When Gillibrand had to face a more conservative electorate, she claimed she opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants and held an A+ rating from the establishment gun group, the National Rifle Association. But now she has declared that the first thing Democrats should do if they take back Congress is abolish ICE. Do you remember the agenda of Soviet Socialism, I named Soviet fascism—destruction of the American Republic. Abolishing ICE is a direct road to achieving that. Please remember: all Socialists are deceiving you to have your votes, they are all inextricably connected to Fraud. Read my columns and books, educate yourself about Socialism. Alan West counted seventy Socialist in our Congress, I believe there are more than that.

There are Socialists in the House: Keith Ellison, a Muslim Representative from Minnesota and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, chastised Amazon for allowing “hateful merchandise” to be sold on its website. Though he specified concerns about “neo-nazis and white nationalist writers,” his opening paragraph referring to SPLC-designated “hate groups” should be cause for alarm. “The second in command of the Democratic National Committee wants Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to allow the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify “hate speech!” Ellison boldly endorses the SPLC as a “reliable, unbiased arbiter of what is and isn’t a hate group.” However, the SPLC is being challenged in court for tagging groups with broad support such as the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council with the “hate group” label. This is due to those groups’ opposition to abortion, advocacy for traditional marriage, and other conservative causes.” Deputy Chairman of DNC Wants Amazon to Ban “Hate Crime” Books – But Not Muslim Brotherhood, American Liberty Report. July 2018

Please, read the recent founding of the Daily Caller:

The FBI has an ongoing relationship with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported.

The SPLC once placed HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list,” before backing down and removing him four months later.

The SPLC also works with Amazon, Twitter, Google and Facebook in their efforts to police their platforms.

The SPLC’s work has been plagued by inaccuracies and the group paid out a $3.3 million settlement in April. Peter Hansen reported, 7-28-2018.

Another fraud is just before your eyes. We know today that there were three versions of the Trump/Dossier from three different sources. It is possible, but it doesn’t change the essence and fraudulent concept of the Dossier. When I saw it in 2017, it took me only a couple of seconds to recognize a Russian Fallshivka—a fraud and typical KGB fake product. I reacted to the Dossier immediately, writing and analyzing my impression. The word Dossier is coming from Napoleonic Code of the Russian Law. I can repeat my conclusion testifying under the oath or to the lie detector. Any former Soviet citizens will recognized the Trump/Dossier as the KGB product at once. Read my analyses of the Trump/Dossier: The Global Spy Ring, January 1, 2018, “So we now find out that it was indeed the unverified and Fake Dirty Dossier that was paid for by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC, that was knowingly & falsely submitted to FISA and which was responsible for starting the totally conflicted and discredited Mueller Witch Hunt!” 6:30 AM – Jul 23, 2018  I would insist—the Trump/Dossier is the Russian Fallshivka, a product of the KGB.  No experts of our Intel identified the fraud, moreover, the FBI used it as a legitimate document, spying against President Trump. What a shame! Using the term KGB, I mean the entire Russian Intel—it is a collective image, the reason for that is those three letters are familiar to vast majority of Americans.

The Andropov Legacy in America

Yuri Andropov

The recent action of our Law Enforcement reminded me even more of the Soviet Government: President Donald Trump blasted the federal government and one of his former attorneys Saturday morning for using “perhaps illegal” means to delegitimize his presidency. “Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer’s office (early in the morning) – almost unheard of. Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client – totally unheard of & perhaps illegal,” Trump wrote in a tweet. And Trump is right again: it is his private life years prior to his presidency. What had happened is a typical KGB information-operation on American land–Obama’s socialist legacy where private life belongs to the State.

As a former Soviet defense attorney, I can testify that even in the Soviet Union the attorney/client privilege had existed: it did not guarantee you winning of the case, yet I tried and won some cases. But… in America a lawyer taping a private conversation with a client and now the entire world can see it and get involved!? I called it Sovietization of America and had given you many other examples of ideological similarity with the Soviets in my books and columns. Yet, there is a menacing sign of this similarity–Lanny Davis as a Cohen lawyer. Lanny Davis has been a member of the Clinton Mafia for a long time. Please remember my identification of the Controlled Opposition, I have learned it being a Soviet attorney within the legal community at the time of Yuri Andropov as the KGB Chairman. Controlled Opposition means having a spy who is acting within the real opposition party, who behaves as the forces controlling him command. Considering this, I expect that Mr. Cohen will be a toy in the hand of the Socialist Mafia and Democrat’s leadership to attack President Trump. Knowledge is Power.

Being a former Soviet attorney, I know the corrupt Soviet Socialist System and the methods and tricks it operates on. Living in and learning my adapted country, America, it became obvious to me where the social changes were coming from. Yes, all of that has begun in 1969 by the Andropov/Clinton conspiracy, which continued by Obama/Putin Alliance before your eyes during the last decade. I dedicated many pages to Yuri Andropov, the KGB Chairman 1967-1982. Those fifteen years of his tenure, I served as a defense attorney within the legal community that discussed Andropov all those years. I know Yuri Andropov better than any other chairmen of the KGB and consider him the third ideologue after Lenin and Stalin. It was Andropov who thought globally, and glued the ideology to the Russian Intelligence forever. He is the person who designed the massive infiltration of the KGB agents to the American soil. Here is a description of Andropov’s personality by another KGB General:

“In 1972 the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S. As KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov told me a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America that could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter the United States. No one within the American/Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feel safe.  (“Russian Footprints,” by Ion Mihai Pacepa, National Review Online, August 24, 2008.)

General Pacepa wrote in the same article: “According to Andropov… the Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Their illiterate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and her master, American Zionism, would flow naturally from the Muslims’ religious fervor, Andropov sermonized.” What can better confirm my term Soviet Fascism than those words? They summarized my entire writings. Now you have Andropov’s portrait and I remind you again that under him the infiltration into Western civilization had tripled or quadrupled. Under his watch occurred the bloodiest terrorists’ attacks in the world, from the Munich murder of Israelis in the Olympic Village to the Johnstown tragedy in America.

I called Andropov a conduit between Stalin and Vladimir Putin—who is a devoted disciple of both. Andropov came to power in 1967 and without the truth about Andropov/Clinton conspiracy we have never exposed the crime committed against the American Republic by the “criminal cabal” of our security apparatus and Democrats. If Stalin had the ideas to destroy America, Andropov worked out the strategy and tactics for the KGB of how to achieve that destruction. He had a monumental plan, designed and aimed at the destruction of American capitalism totally through infiltration of the American Media and the security apparatus, transforming both from within into something resembling the Soviet media and KGB, subordinated to the top ideological leadership. Recall now, how our coordinated mainstream media attacked in unison Trump and how often Obama spoke against Law Enforcement to make it obedient to his ideology of Socialism. Andropov’s design has “achieved” a great deal…

For the last nine years, I was writing about Obama/Putin Alliance and the attempt to implement the corrupt system of Soviet Socialism in America, which I named Soviet Fascism. There is no need to repeat the deeds of Obama/Putin Alliance, and remind you about some bad actors, they were described in Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016. The current book of Jerome Corsi Killing the Deep State is continuing to expose the Obama/Putin Alliance and those bad actors. Look for the recent book by Gregg Jarrett The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump. I would call the current Witch Hunt of President Trump the Russia Hoax as well. The mandate to investigate Russia’s meddling in the 2018 election gradually turned into a dirty laundry exposure against our President. Only Russia is interested in what is going on in America, to divide and paralyze the entire country …

Despite very thoughtful analyses by Gregg Jarrett, the media and some White House reporters have been pushing the Trump-Russia Collusion narrative for two years now, and many of them are not willing to let it go despite the fact that there’s still no “there there.” And I am repeating again: Knowledge is Power! Today the Trump/Russian collusion story has become a destructive narrative in Washington D.C. that overwhelms and prevents the normal functioning of the government and diverts attention from an actually serious foreign threat. Obama’s FBI is a hotbed of anti-Trump so-called conspiracies, it’s where the Obama/Putin Alliance launched their campaign to undermine Donald Trump, putting our country at great risk. Yet, Obama/Putin Alliance of the Democrat Party could only prevail on the prior foundation of the Andropov/Clinton conspiracy of the Democrat Party. To understand that it is necessary to go back and analyze the events and Clinton’s behavior in Oxford in 1969. Read my column Origin of the Washington Spy-Ring and the Swamp, March 31, 2018. I don’t know for how many years our Intel had been sleeping and missing an elephant in the “criminal cabal” –Bill Clinton. And the Clinton Mafia was growing into an international force, corrupting our political system from within…

When the FBI applied for the FISA warrant, the Bureau did not disclose that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee. This is another fraud, which is connecting all bad actors of the “criminal cabal.” Despite an overwhelming fraud, the media desperately tries to keep the Trump/ Russia collusion ‘narrative’ alive, even as evidence fades and bad actors have been exposed. Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea of the massive, deep, and ubiquitous infiltration by the KGB into American institutions. They do not know that two U.S. Presidents had been chosen for them by the KGB.

America has two types of people committing betrayals: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers and are trying to transform it– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America the Beautiful, and those people who haven’t a clue about the KGB infiltrations, hence becoming their accomplices. Current security people won’t be able to identify them without reading my books and columns. One thing history as taught us that we cannot let up until the enemy is completely defeated.

August is a dangerous month—WW1 started by the Serbian Intel in August 1914. Today is a very dangerous time for the American Republic. We are witnessing the result of an incredible abuse and corruption within the weaponized FBI, CIA, and DOJ by the preceding administrations. In my opinion we are dealing today with a huge international conspiracy to oust President Trump. Moreover, this conspiracy is coordinated and run by the Russian Intelligence. The Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the accusation that Trump colluded with them, is the KGB’s maneuvering trick to cover-up their real collaboration with the Democrat Party for decades. It is not a coincidence that 20-30 of my latest columns described the KGB and its Chairman Yuri Andropov. We are witnessing the disastrous result of failed American Intelligence in August 2018…


First: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” was manufactured and organized by Russian Intel through Democrats’ leadership and the Clinton Mafia.

Second: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” consists of two groups: the leadership of the Deep State and the leadership of the Clinton Mafia. Today, Rod J. Rosenstein of the DOJ is a connective link of the two groups.

Third: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” is run by three individuals: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Vladimir Putin. The three are working together for decades…

Forth: Investigation of this huge case of international espionage and treason requires deep knowledge of Russia and its Intel. The current FBI Director, Christopher Wray did not read my books, he doesn’t know that it took Stalin twenty-nine years to create and establish the Chinese Communist State. The structure, agenda, and ideology were identical in Russia and China. The two National Intelligence Agencies executed the same strategy, tactics, methods, and tricks, working as a hand and glove. Yet, there is a difference today: a billion hardworking Chinese people have achieved substantially more than the alcoholic and drug addled Russians…

Knowledge Is Power!   Good luck America!

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To be continued   www.simonapipko1.com   www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

IMMIGRATION LUNACY: NYC Enlists Shop Keepers, not ICE, to combat Transnational Gangs!

Today we will examine a confluence of events and connect the dots to expose hypocrisy and dispel the myths and lies spewed by immigration anarchists.

Let’s begin with a July 18, 2018 report from the NY Post newspaper stating that the state of New York is suing the Justice Department over immigration laws. According to this report both the City of New York and the State of New York are suing the U.S. Justice Department to stop the DOJ from blocking four million dollars in federal funds for not complying with regulations that require that the city and other recipients of federal grants provide notice to the Department of Homeland Security at least 48 hours in advance of the date and time of any inmate for whom the DHS had requested such an advance notice, and to provide DHS with access to inmates in city-maintained detention facilitates when DHS deems them to be “persons of interest.”

U.S. News & World Report also published an Associated Press news report about the same story but also noting that in addition to New York City and New York State, five other states, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, Massachusetts and Virginia had also filed lawsuits on July 18, 2018 in the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan.

The total amount of money being withheld by the DOJ is twenty-five million dollars of which four million would go to New York City.

The news report included this excerpt which quoted New York City’s mayor:

“Our message is clear: the Trump Administration’s actions are illegal and morally bankrupt,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a release.

“We have proven, time and again, that welcoming immigrants has helped make this the safest big city in the country. Any attempt to jeopardize the trust between our local law enforcement and immigrant New Yorkers will fail,” de Blasio added.

Since when is it “illegal and morally bankrupt” to seek the deportation of aliens who evade the inspections process at ports of entry and/or commit other violation of our immigration laws, which were enacted to protect national security, public health, public safety and the livelihoods of American workers?

Since when is following the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission that called for enhanced border security and enhanced enforcement of immigration laws from within the interior of the United States “illegal and morally bankrupt?”

De Blasio may be playing the “compassion card” but in reality, sanctuary cities protect crooked employers and human traffickers.

Notwithstanding that New York City has the largest and most sophisticated police department, New York City is a hub for the deadly drug trade, likely because of its sanctuary policies. Furthermore, victims of transnational gangs are more often than not, the immigrants and Americans who live in the same ethnic immigrant communities as the criminal aliens.

This is true of every ethnic immigrant community consisting of residents from all over the world. Human nature is human nature.  Just as all humans bleed red all humans, for better or for worse, all people have the same character traits.

The lie being propagated by de Blasio and other immigration anarchists is that immigrants need to be shielded against evil immigration law enforcement officers.  In the real world, immigrants who abide by our laws have absolutely nothing to fear from ICE agents, the same way that law abiding motorists have nothing to fear if they encounter a sobriety checkpoint.

However, unlicensed motorists, motorists who are operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs and motorists who have outstanding warrants are likely to be taken into custody, not because the police officers are evil, but because they swore to enforce our laws and protect the public.

Meanwhile, even as this lawsuit to impede immigration law enforcement was being filed in lower Manhattan, 12 alleged members of the extremely violent transnational gang, the Trinitarios, that traces its origins back to the Dominican Republic, were being arraigned in the Bronx, for the unfathomably violent murder of a 15 year old boy, Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, affectionately known as Junior.  He was dragged out of a Bronx bodega and stabbed and slashed with machetes last month.

Junior belonged to the NYPD Explorer program and aspired to become an NYPD detective.  Tragically, that dream died when he was viciously slaughtered.

Since Junior’s vicious murder the 12 suspects were hunted down by members of the NYPD.  Understandably, the case sparked a level of outrage seldom seen even in a city like New York.

The media has come to refer to the investigation and arrests as “Justice for Junior.”

On July 16, 2018 the Daily News reported on a vicious assault apparently related to the murder investigation (EXCLUSIVE: Feds fighting to keep accused Trinitarios gang member involved in Bronx River Parkway beatdown behind bars). Here is an excerpt:

Federal prosecutors are fighting to make sure a Trinitarios gang member stays locked up while awaiting trial on charges related to a broad-daylight beatdown linked to the murder of Bronx teen Lesandro (Junior) Guzman-Feliz.

Ramon Paulino, 21, is accused of bashing a 14-year-old boy with a log in the median of the Bronx River Parkway on June 18. Video shows 11 others joined Paulino in the vicious attack that left the young victim with stab wounds so severe he went into cardiac arrest. The teen barely survived.

On July 18, 2018 ABC News in New York City posted a report about the case under the title, “Justice for Junior: 12 suspects appear in court in teen’s murder.”

Thus far no news reports have provided any information about the citizenship and/or immigration status of any of the 12 suspects.  However, the reports do connect them to that Dominican-linked transnational gang.  Perhaps the fact that NYC is a “Sanctuary City” enticed those thugs to set up shop in the Bronx.

The final three paragraphs of the ABC New report are worth considering:

The murder happened outside a bodega on East 183rd Street and Bathgate Avenue in the Tremont section just after 11:30 p.m. on June 20. Junior, who had hopes of becoming an NYPD detective, tried to run to St. Barnabas Hospital a block away but collapsed on the sidewalk.

Martinez-Estrella, who has a prior arrest for robbing and beating a 14-year-old with a golf club in 2016, was identified by police as the one who sliced the victim’s neck. Authorities say the men are all members of the Trinitarios gang.

The tragedy is also spurring changes to keep young people safe. Several lawmakers say they’re rolling out a Safe Haven initiative in response to Junior’s murder that would require small businesses to be a safe haven for teens who are seeking help.

That final paragraph is outrageous beyond belief — while NYC law makers are supportive of illegal sanitary policies, they are now calling on shop keepers to protect innocent victims like Junior under the auspices of the “Safe Haven Initiative.”

This takes my breath away!  Are unarmed shop keepers now supposed to jump into action to get between victims and a mob of armed thugs?  (Let’s remember how difficult if not impossible it would be for a store owner to have a licensed firearm.)

Who will pay the hospital bills for well-intentioned good samaritan shop keepers who are injured?  Who will pay their funeral expenses or support the families of those who might be brave enough to step up to protect innocent victims?

The most effective solution would be to have ICE agents work in close cooperation with the NYPD to develop informants in the immigration communities and use the combined federal as well as state law enforcement authority provided to federal agents and local cops to hammer transnational gang members.

I am not speaking from the position of conjecture but real-world experience.  What de Blasio and his immigration anarchist buddies won’t tell you is that aliens, including aliens who are illegally present in the United States may be provide with temporary or even permanent lawful immigration status in the  United States when they provide significant actionable intelligence to law enforcement authorities.

I spent four years as the first INS special agent assigned to the Unified Intelligence Division for he DEA in New York City and then was promoted to the position of Senior Special Agent and assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force. In both positions I worked intimately, on a day-to-day basis with other federal law enforcement agencies as well as with members of local and state police, including the NYPD, to identify and investigate major drug trafficking organizations in the New York area ultimately leading to the arrest of its members.

One of my key areas of responsibility was to use my authority as an INS agent to cultivate informants.

I also brought to bear my statutory authority to arrest and prosecute criminal aliens to facilitate drug investigations.  For example, under federal law, an illegal alien in possession of a firearm or even just ammunition commits a felony that has a ten year maximum penalty.  Aliens who are deported and unlawfully reenter the United States face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Immigration anarchists like de Blasio, however, would apparently rather that endangered children seek help from unarmed shop keepers.

Fortunately the Trump administration sees things much differently.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in FrontPage Magazine. The featured image is of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

VISA Overstays make up 2/3rds of the Annual Increase of Illegal Aliens

Florida politicians have promised to implement e-Verify statewide. They have not. A recent study shows that Florida ranks third in the number of VISA overstays. Mandating e-Verify in the sunshine state would help solve this problem by eliminating the job magnate, which leads to the largest annual increase of illegal aliens.

In a study titled “The 2,000 Mile Wall in Search of a Purpose: Since 2007 Visa Overstays have Outnumbered Undocumented Border Crossers by a Half Million” Robert Warren
and Donald Kerwin from the Center for Migration Studies found:

  • In 2014, about 4.5 million US residents, or 42 percent of the total undocumented population, were overstays.
  • Overstays accounted for about two-thirds (66 percent) of those who arrived (i.e., joined the undocumented population) in 2014.
  • Overstays have exceeded EWIs [entries without inspection] every year since 2007, and 600,000 more overstays than EWIs have arrived since 2007.
  • Mexico is the leading country for both overstays and EWIs; about one-third of undocumented arrivals from Mexico in 2014 were overstays.
  • California has the largest number of overstays (890,000), followed by New York (520,000), Texas (475,000), and Florida (435,000).
  • Two states had 47 percent of the 6.4 million EWIs in 2014: California (1.7 million) and Texas (1.3 million).
  • The percentage of overstays varies widely by state: more than two-thirds of the undocumented who live in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania are overstays. By contrast, the undocumented population in Kansas, Arkansas, and New Mexico consists of fewer than 25 percent overstays. [Emphasis added]

Download the full study.

In a Washington Post article titled “Most immigrants who enter the country do so legally, federal data shows” Christopher Ingraham reports:

September 2017 Office of Immigration Statistics data brief estimated that in fiscal year 2016, the latest year for which complete data is available, there were 170,000 successful illegal border crossings occurring outside of authorized ports of entry. That’s down roughly 90 percent since 2000, and it’s about one-seventh of the roughly 1.2 million immigrants who obtained lawful permanent resident status via a green card, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The number of successful border crossings doesn’t include illegal entries that happened via border checkpoints (people smuggled in via vehicles, for instance) or over sea. That number is not available for 2016, but in previous years it added anywhere from 10 to 20 percent to the total number of illegal entries, according to a 2016 Institute for Defense Analyses report commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Florida legislature and Florida’s Congressional delegation must take seriously the use of VISA overstays. They need to understand that, while a border wall is necessary, so to is the need to pass legislation to deport those who overstay their VISAs.

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I’ve seen what Open Borders can do. Stop them at any cost!

The noise coming out of the Presidents Trump-Putin Singapore summit, and the furor—both real and manufactured—about family separation, has pushed aside critical debate that will determine our country’s future.  The pressures moving us toward the brink, however, have not stopped; and that must change.

A recent Fox News show explored whether the “abolish ICE” movement is becoming mainstream Democratic Party policy.  Partisans from both sides of the debate weighed in, and while the Democrat activist pushed back on that notion, he just as vehemently opposed ICE’s border enforcement activities.  I wished the moderator asked him if, as his arguments implied, he and others believe that those who came to this country illegally have a legitimate role here, including the right to vote; and that any activity by the United States to prevent others from coming here illegally would be morally wrong and outside the scope of our rights; because this is in fact the effect of the positions he and other Democrats are taking.

As someone who has seen the impact of open borders and lack of border enforcement, I can state unequivocally that nothing less than our national integrity is at stake.  Anyone who favors the sort of open border policies that find excuses for individual incursions in the name of some false human rights claim needs to come on my next mission along India’s borders with Nepal and Bangladesh.  And I should know about human rights as I have been placing my personal safety on the line for them since the turn of the century.  Anyone who believes that policies abetting open borders are not a dagger in our national heart should see the damage they caused and the international conflicts that they enable.

My education began in February 2008.  I was in Panitanki, a small village on the Indian side of the India-Nepal border, less than 50 miles south of Darjeeling—where they grow the famous tea.  I was taking a much needed break from my fight to stop the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh; and my local associates brought me there so I could see India’s challenges firsthand.  Not unlike streets in border towns elsewhere, those in Panitanki were lined with small shops and itinerant peddlers hawking every sort of ware, legal and otherwise.  One shop was selling a plastic tote bag with the words Mazel Tov in Hebrew.  How it got there is anyone’s guess since I was probably the only Jew ever to visit the town.  Panitanki’s main road ends in a bridge over the Mechi River, which forms the border between India and Nepal.  As we got closer, the goods got more expensive, and the incoming traffic got more transparent.  A steady stream of trucks, covered wagons, and men carrying large packages on their heads crossed freely into India.  My Bengali colleagues would point to one and say “Arms,” to another and say “Drugs.”  “That other one,” they‘d say, “has counterfeit banknotes.  A big smuggling business.”  We were in the Chicken’s Neck, a 15 mile wide strip of Indian territory, bordered by Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.  The area is notorious for the sort of smuggling we observed, and it is a known entry point for Islamist and Communist terrorists into India.

The illegal activity is so open that it did not raise so much as an eyebrow among the armed members of India’s Border Security Force—until, that is, they saw me with my video camera.  As we passed a pile of sandbags, two soldiers emerged brandishing their rifles.  “Put away your camera,” they ordered, and said they were confiscating it.  But I refused, asking them what they were afraid I would find.  We went back and forth for a time, knowing that they did not want this to end up on CNN or on the Foreign Minister’s desk; and we eventually worked out a deal.  They agreed not to take my camera, and I agreed not to take any more pictures.  We moved toward the bridge, but there was a problem.  Indians and other South Asians passed freely across the border but as an American, I needed a visa from the Nepalese government.  So the soldiers refused to let me pass, though third country nationals frequently take rickshaws or other conveyances across the border without any difficulty.  A discussion ensued, and we established that the border was in the exact center of the bridge and that if I kept my camera packed and did not go “even one millimeter” into Nepal; we could proceed.  But the soldiers made sure to tell me that if I violated either of those conditions, they would arrest me and confiscate my camera.

So we moved forward under the soldiers’ watchful eyes, which were decidedly more concerned with us than with the open flow of contraband into their country.  As we did, it became clear why they were, and also why the soldiers did not want me taking pictures.  The flow of dangerous contraband across the border was heavy, continuous, and apparent to anyone with eyes, as was their lack of response to it.  It was also the dry season, and from the middle of the bridge, I saw people crossing the dried river bed on either side of the bridge, most carrying large parcels with them.  They were in no hurry and did not seem to fear any official intervention.

But what I saw in Panitanki is only the tip of the iceberg.  When I first started coming to West Bengal, the ruling party was the Left Front, or the Communist Party of India.  Its heavy-handed administration of the state’s economic life had been progressively crushing it for three decades—so badly that it ignored the threat from Bangladesh.  There were very few effective control points along the more than 2,500 mile border, and I should know because I tested it myself.  In 2011, the people of West Bengal ended thirty years of communist rule, electing the Trinamol Congress Party (TMC) and its strongwoman, Mamata Banerjee, who continues as the state’s undisputed leader today.

But if anything, matters on the border with Bangladesh grew worse.  A significant element in Mamata’s coalition is the Muslim vote, including illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.  For the past seven years, the TMC has protected that vote bank by preventing effective action on the border and enabling large numbers of Bangladeshis to settle in India.  I have been shown a hotel in downtown Kolkata, the state’s capital, where new illegal migrants are brought to rest a few days before receiving their “assignment.”  I have watched while illegals cross the border both day and night, often with the connivance of local police; and talked with small voluntary organizations whose missions have been overwhelmed by the lawlessness these policies have made routine.

I have watched villages that had been inhabited by Hindus and Muslims for decades now become devoid of Hindus who were forced out or merely “convinced” to leave.  Every year, as I made my rounds through the villages, I would see more Temples closed and Hindu residents exiting.  I have been in areas like Deganga, where Hindus were victims of sustained violence; and I spent time at the last Hindu home in the Diamond Harbor area, where a lone young woman and her disabled brother fight both attackers and the West Bengal authorities.  In the past three years, I have seen ersatz ISIS headquarters in Kolkata; and the radical religious party, Jamaat e’Islami, from Bangladesh now operates openly in Kolkata and even can boast that none other than Mamata Banerjee has appeared publicly to support it.

Further north in the Indian state of Assam, Bodo tribesman prepare for battle against Bangladeshi “infiltrators,” who they claim have degraded the natural environment, created a black market, and helped drive their children from the area.  Bodos also described skirmishes over the past several years that started with attacks on their people by illegal immigrants.

In fact, anti-Hindu violence has become a regular feature of life in these states that abandoned any attempt to control their international borders.  Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has told them to expect more.

India’s physical integrity suffers from a deadly combination of poor laws that create an open border, and massive corruption that makes pretty much everything possible for those who aim to undermine that nation.  The India-Nepal border is a conduit for illicit activity, including arms and drug smuggling, illegal and impoverished Nepalese immigrants, “mules” for the smuggling enterprises, and for terrorist infiltration.   Bangladeshi terrorists and illegal immigrants have changed the demographics and way of life in northeast India.  And not unlike our own situation here in the United States, illegals have become a political force that one party caters to as its own.

I do not sit with those who are concerned that our country might become “less white” or culturally different from what we were.  It’s always been that way, and is part of who we are.  Even Members of Congress raised both those fears a century ago as they tried to stop (legal) immigration from Eastern and Southern European; a wave that brought people who in fact changed the definition of culturally who was an American; a change for the better.  I do, however, stand to defend our territorial integrity, the rule of law, and our right to enforce it; which the eastern Indian states seem to have abandoned to their existential detriment.

Americans need to look at what open borders have done to India before it’s too late and we awake to wonder when we lost our country.

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Wind Turbines, the Military, National Security and Sausages

There’s a well-known observation that close inspection of how legislation is made, is very much like watching sausage being created. In both cases it’s very unappetizing.

This process was on display recently with the machinations going on with the annual federal legislation for our military: the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). To understand the missed opportunity here, one needs to have a bit of background as to how we got to where we are today.

It would be nice to be able to convey this whole story in a single sound-byte sentence, but that’s not possible. If you care about our national security, it is important to understand some related information. Let me summarize it as simply as I can, by identifying the key points, in approximate chronological order…

#1: There has been several years of conflict between military operations (in the US and elsewhere) and industrial wind energy. There have been multiple conflicts, ranging from tall structures obstructing low-level flight paths, to weather and navigation radar interferences, to specialized cases (like deteriorating the important ROTHR facility).

#2: Initially the COs of affected military facilities simply voiced their objections, and in most cases the proposed offending wind project was not approved.

#3: This was unacceptable to the powerful wind industry, and some of their well-connected allies. Their plan was to get military base COs basically out of the equation — while simultaneously giving the public the impression that military concerns were being fully addressed. That might seem like a tall order, but we’re dealing with expert marketers here. Their end result was to create the DoD Wind Siting Clearinghouse (2011: during the Obama administration).

#4: The Clearinghouse was all about expanding US industrial wind energy, not protecting our military or our national security. The rules and regulations for the Clearinghouse were written to assist the wind industry. If that wasn’t enough, the initial people in charge of the Clearinghouse were unabashed wind energy promoters. (Upon retiring, the first head-person was quickly hired as a wind energy lobbyist!)

#5: Not surprisingly, numerous conflicts continue to exist between wind energy and our military. The public has little awareness of these issues, due to classified agreements, carefully enmeshed in bureaucratic double-speak. The wind industry repeatedly trumpeted that everything was just peachy. For those who didn’t bother to closely look behind the curtain, things may well have seemed to be OK.

#6: Effectively what happened was that military defenders had to now look for some protection from state level legislation.  Of course the wind lobby has infiltrated state politics as well, so this was no easy solution. That said there have been some major victories — e.g. Texas passing S277, and North Carolina passing a two year statewide moratorium (see here, Part XIII) while they did an investigation of the wind energy military interference issue.

#7: Ultimately the defense of our military, and our national security, is a federal matter. Towards that end, in early 2017 I sent to some key legislators an outline of this problem, which included three simple but effective solutions to this serious matter to be incorporated into the current year NDAA: a) substitute a better word for “mitigate” (like “remediate”) as this can result in no meaningful change being made,  b) require that the developer pay for all costs incurred [not the taxpayer, which is the case now], and c) broaden the allowable reasons for denying a permit — e.g. to include if the lives of military personnel were put at risk.

#8: Both the 2018 House and Senate bills actually did endorse a part of the third (“c”) recommendation. The Clearinghouse rules basically say that to reject a proposed wind project, that there has to be substantial proof that it is an “unacceptable risk to national security.” (How that is defined has evolved, and is still subject to interpretation.) This has to be then endorsed by the DoD Secretary, etc. In other words, the bar was purposefully set very high, so that it was almost impossible to turn down a proposed wind project. (Reference: only one project out of over 15,000 has been so terminated via the Clearinghouse process over many years now.)

#9: One of my three recommendations was to reasonably expand the allowable reasons to deny a wind project. For example, if a wind project could be shown to threaten the lives of our military personnel, that this (by itself) would be an acceptable justification to deny it a permit to be built. The 2018 NDAA (see section 311) improved the wording in this regard from the original 2011 legislation, but further clarification and more conditions are recommended. [For example, military lives could be at risk due to the deterioration of the ROTHR signal from wind energy interference, and the current words do not seem to address that.] In this session both the House and Senate NDAA bills, approved improving the Clearinghouse rules, to add some words to that effect.

#10: In later July 2018, this change was removed from the NDAA conference legislation (see page 1951 of 2019 NDAA). An experienced DC lobbyist told me that he could not recall a single case, where an important bill provision agreed to by both House and Senate, was then eliminated from the final conference legislation. What is of even more concern, is that during all this research and negotiation, that neither of the other two important deficiencies of the Clearinghouse (see #7 above), were fixed.

#11: As an apparent compromise, our legislators added a new last-minute provision to the NDAA: Section 318 (page 179). Basically it authorizes the DoD to engage the National Weather Service (NWS) to do a study about the impact of wind turbines on weather radars and military operations. It seems like the intent here is to convey the impression that legislators are serious about our military safety, and national security.

#12: Of course the devil is in the details. From all appearances, this provision amounts to more delays. Furthermore, nothing in the study will be about protecting the lives of pilots from wind turbine obstructions. Nothing in the study will be about assessing the impact of wind turbines on navigation radar. Nothing in the study will be about protecting the exceptionally important ROTHR facility or the military lives impacted by it. Lastly, who knows what will happen when the study is finished? In the meantime our military and national security is being compromised.

#13: What’s disappointing is that several good reports have already been generated on this issue. For example, here is a detailed NWS explanation of the problem. For example, earlier this year the NWS wrote a blistering report about how wind development in upstate NY was compromising FIVE (5) different important NEXRAD radar facilities! For example, Fort Drum issued this official statement about wind energy interference. What else do legislators need to know? Oh, they want more pertinent studies? How about: this, this, this, this, this, this, and this. We already have solid studies. We already know what the problems are and what some good solutions are.

#14: The reason we are procrastinating, is that the wind industry has done a superior job in creating the deception that wind energy is a good thing (i.e. a societal benefit). However, the fact is that industrial wind energy is a technical, economic and environmental net liability. Once that understanding is fully absorbed, no reasonable legislator would agree to allow such a detriment to interfere with our military, or national security.

#15: The bottom line here is that the protection of our military (and our national security) is being compromised by powerful special-interest lobbyists — who have undue influence on the government, and our lives. (For more info on that, see here.)

Please contact your federal legislator and insist that the Clearinghouse wind energy siting rules be fully and properly fixed (via the NDAA or otherwise):