VIDEO: Cardinal Raymond Burke Resisting ‘Large-Scale Muslim Immigration’ is Patriotic


It’s a rare statement to hear in this era of politically correct conformity. And one in which Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations, at least in America, have been corrupted by cashing in on refugee resettlement for Muslim migrants.

ROME, May 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― Resisting “large-scale Muslim immigration” is “a responsible exercise of one’s patriotism,” Cardinal Raymond Burke said today.

The Cardinal made the remark at this afternoon’s Question and Answer session at the Rome Life Forum in Rome. The session immediately followed Burke’s address on filial piety and national patriotism.

Burke responded by saying that the Church’s teaching on immigration, which he had discussed in his speech, supported individuals who are “not able to find a way of living in their own country.”

“And this is not true of immigrants who are opportunists, in particular in the case of Islam, which by its definition believes itself to be destined to rule the world, coming in large numbers to countries,” he said.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what’s happened, for instance, in Europe, in countries like France and Germany and also here in Italy. And it’s also happening in the United States.”

Burke cited a book called No Go Zones which, he said, “records places in the United States where, in fact, Muslim immigrants have set up their own legal order.”

“In other words, they resist the legitimate authority of the state,” he continued.

These comments may sound surprising, but Cardinal Burke has made similar remarks in the past, as Hugh Fitzgerald had noted in 2016 right here at Jihad Watch.

The other day, a senior Cardinal in Rome, Raymond Burke, gave an astonishing interview to the Religion News Service. He stated that “there is no question that Islam wishes to govern the world” and “criticised Christian leaders who “simply think that Islam is a religion like the Catholic faith.” That is not true, Cardinal Burke insists, for if Muslims become a majority in any country they “have the religious obligation to govern that country.” Burke says there are already “little Muslim states” within France and Belgium that are no-go areas for the police and are run, essentially, by local Muslims for the local Muslim population. Burke insists that the only way for Europe to withstand the relentless onslaught of Islam is “to return to its Christian roots.”


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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with video is republished with permission.

Leaked Documents Make Clear Qatar’s Financing of Muslim Brotherhood Organizations in Canada

Posted on on 18 May 2019.

Filed by Islam ‘Azzam.

(Translated from the Arabic by Barry Webb)

The book Qatar Papers was recently published in France by the authors Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot.  This book contains documents that were leaked from a Qatari government office, and it nails down the names and dates and conclusion of the direct payments by Qatar to organizations connected with the international Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.  Moreover, the book also noted the existence of similar documents pertaining to North America.  So, this was the thread that Tom Quiggen, the Canadian researcher and author, grasped on to in order to be able to obtain a single copy of these documents.  And, according to what Quiggen affirmed to al-ahram, it is these documents that affirm the Qatari government’s payments to Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations in Canada and the United States.

In spite of the fact that Quiggen, so far, has refused to give the details about the names of the Canadian persons and entities connected with facilitating the arrival of these funds for the Brotherhood organizations in Canada, and these are organizations some of which the Canadian government had previously placed on lists of banned groups and organizations and which finance terrorist organization outside of Canada, nonetheless Quiggen agreed to grant al-ahram the right to publish some of the information which he obtained in the documents.

Quiggen affirmed from the beginning that the documents make it clear, with evidence, what he had previously gathered from his previous researches connected with eight organizations that are calling for “political Islam” in Canada.  Moreover, the documents affirm the involvement of nine prominent Canadian politicians in the facilitation of millions of dollars to enter Canada to finance organizations that publicly encourage violence.  The documents point out that the Canadian politicians embroiled in this belong to the three major political parties in Canada, and these are the Liberal Party, the opposition Conservative Party, and the Progressive Democratic Party.

As for the organizations that have obtained financing from Qatar, Quiggen affirmed that all of them are organizations specific to Islamic cultural centers, mosques, and Islamic schools in all of the Canadian provinces.  But the most important thing is that these organizations do not at all deny their relationship with political Islam both within Canada and overseas.  But what is most astonishing is that these organizations, via their official websites in the English language, are calling for “radical Islam” and encouraging the killing of non-Muslims, as well as domestic violence.  And, among these documents is a notorized document for financing in Canada one of the projects Yusuf al-Qaradhawi presented to the Qatari government.

In asking Quiggen as to the possibility of the Canadian government being aware of the existence of these documents, Quiggen answered that they most certainly do know about them.  So, it is sufficient to say that one of the political names involved in the facilitation of the entry of these monies into Canada is none other than a current minister in the Federal government.

When al-ahram asked Quiggen as to whether Canadian law does not prohibit the foreign financing of civilian organizations, Quiggen said that that is true, but it does prohibit the financing of extremist organizations, and it prohibits the financing of organization that might have some relationship with terrorism.

As for what Quiggen thought the Canadian government’s reaction would be after the documents are published, he expressed his belief that the preliminary response would be an attempt to discredit the allegations and cast doubt on the credibility of the documents, but after that they will have to admit to the fact that millions of dollars have entered Canada to finance extremism and terrorism.

He added that Canada is a Democratic country that holds in high esteem the value of personal freedoms for the enacting of laws for monitoring the financing of groups suspected of links to terrorism and extremism.  And, it is incumbent upon the government to take several measures for monitoring this financing and to identify their sources and to ban them if the matter requires it.  This is what the previous government did, but with the arrival of the current federal government four years ago these measures have been negated for unknown reasons.

Quiggen said that there was a law drafted to ban the financing of religious organizations by entities outside of Canada but the discussion of this law in Parliament was cancelled in spite of the fact that it was a logical matter and internationally acceptable.  For example, if Canada wanted to finance the construction of a mosque or a church in a country like Qatar, the Qatari law would prohibit that.

What Tom Quiggen said about the way the current Canadian government deals with organizations that support political Islam and calls for violence raises a lot of questions, especially given what we know about one of the big Canadian Engineering companies in the City of Montreal, namely the company implicated in the scandal of the Canadian prime minister being dragged into the investigation proceedings regarding corruption which the judiciary launched some months ago concerning the activities of this company when it sold one of its headquarters in a commercial neighborhood in the center of Montreal to the Canadian institute for Islamic culture in a deal completely financed by Qatar al-khairiyya (Qatar Charity) which is a Qatari government entity.  The value of the deal approached 11 million Canadian dollars.

Perhaps this matter is purely coincidental, but if we take into consideration that the company’s  activities depend upon its participation in numerous projects in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf area, then the matter stirs numerous suspicions regarding the current prime minister’s support for this specific company.

COMMENT:  Egypt’s state sponsored newspaper al-ahram was interested in this story because Egypt is trying to exterminate the Muslim Brotherhood both domestically and internationally.  Much of the monies that Qatar sends to MB affiliates in the U.S., Canada, and Europe end up financial illegal MB activities in Egypt.  As if to punctuate this fact, a tourist bus was bombed this weekend near the pyramids.

On the U.S. front, we can all hope that the Trump administration can use these documents proving that CAIR, ISNA, etc. are being financed by a foreign government as the smoking gun needed to shut them down.  As for Canada, as long as the Obama clone not so true dough is sitting in the PM office . . . lot’s of luck.

Alaskan Teen Amassing Weapons to ‘Beat Hitler’s Count’

An 18-year old from Alaska amassing weapons and silencers was arrested after declaring on social media “Let’s beat Hitler’s count” and referring to “shooting up” a synagogue, The Daily Beast reported.

In addition, the man, named as Michael Lee Graves, posted an image of a person with a massive head injury with the caption, “The perfect treatment for Muslims. Fixes them up good and new.”

Prosecutors in the case say the man showed all signs of a mass shooter preparing for a massacre.

The FBI had been following Graves since late April when they received a tip about his social media postings. The same day that tip came in, they were notified by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives about a package sent to Graves that contained an illegal device intended to convert a “semi-automatic Glock-type pistol into a machine gun.”

The package was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection addressed to Graves.

A further search of his apartment revealed he had collected 11 firearms as well as two homemade silencers. On one of the silencers was an image of a swastika along with the number 1488, a code known to be used by neo-Nazis as a sign of Hitler and Nazi ideology.

Crimes such as these, which are ever increasing in the U.S., fall under the FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism, which is categorized as:

[Crimes] perpetrated by individuals and/or groups inspired by or associated with primarily US-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature. [emphasis added]

Statistics about the quantity of those that ascribe to such extremist ideologies may be debatable, but the potential actions of these individuals are of the utmost concern because of their proven deadly outcomes.

President Trump said after the New Zealand mosque massacres, “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems.”

Possibly true, possibly not. More resources need to be put into the Department of Homeland Security along with the FBI to find out.

In the meantime, it’s time to call out white supremacist violence for what it is: terrorism, and treat it as such.


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U.S. Mainstream Media Shills for Brotherhood

Many mainstream media newspapers have joined The New York Times in shilling for the Muslim Brotherhood— claiming that the movement gave up violence years ago and such a designation stems merely from Islamophobia — yet few are looking at the Qatar connection. 

In a particularly disingenuous article, The Washington Post ran an op-ed authored by human rights lawyer and Muslim personality Arsalan Iftikhar titled “Calling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization will scapegoat all Muslims.” The article postulates that “Nearly 7 million American Muslims would become the primary domestic target of such a designation.”

Putting aside the fact that the Muslim population in the U.S. is about 3.5 million, this suggests that all American Muslims are somehow affiliated with or sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. Somehow, according to the logic of the article, any criticism or stain on the Brotherhood is condemning the entire American Muslim ummah and is therefore “Islamophobic.” 

“Many people believe that this Muslim Brotherhood designation is simply a political smokescreen to criminalize Muslim civic life,” writes Ifikhar.

Missing in this and the other articles that whitewash the Brotherhood is the influence and reach of the Brotherhood’s lobby in Washington and Britain.

Saudis and Qataris have long spent dizzying amounts of money on spreading Islamist ideologies to Muslim countries and the Muslim diaspora in the West through funding clerics, mosques and institutions and universities to carefully modulate perceptions and sway public opinion in their favor.

The lesser known and therefore perhaps more insidious of the two Arab meddlers is Qatar. For decades, Qatar has been the nexus of hard-line Islamism, with its support for jihadists groups from ISIS, the Taliban and al-Nusra (al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria) to Jamaat-e-Islami and Hamas. Most of all, Qatar is the very hub of the Muslim Brotherhood and its machinations which emanate to the rest of the world.

Qatar uses its vast wealth to wage “information warfare” by lavishly financing a colossal web of lobbyists, media outlets, think tanks and hackers.The sums of money involved in carefully manipulating perceptions and narratives are so vast that it is impossible to even know the true extent of Qatar’s meddling in U.S. policy and it’s influence on American public opinion.

Qatar has a surreptitious relationship with the Democratic Party. In 2016, Wikileaks revealed that both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are large donors to the Clinton Foundation. Both countries subscribe to the literal Wahhabi/Salafi interpretations of Islam. The Brotherhood has served to be a perfect way to export this ideology across the globe. According to The Wall Street Journal, Qatar targeted 250 Trump “influencers” to change U.S. policy and has quadrupled it’s spending on U.S. lobbying.  

Qatar further extends its tendrils of control over young minds by donating tens of millions to American and European schools, colleges and universities, making the rich country the largest foreign donor to American universities. 

So, is it a coincidence that just when Qatar quadruples its spending in America to control and influence public policy and popular opinion, that we’re seeing such blatantly pro-Brotherhood op-eds running in The Washington Post, The New York Times and other major media outlets?

If you thought that Qatar’s influence over the media was out in the open after The Washington Post admitted how murdered writer Jamal Khashoggi’s articles that the paper published were commissioned by the Qatar Foundation International, think again.

As for The New York Times, just before the recent onslaught of more than 700 rockets sent by the terror organization Hamas to murder Israeli civilians in a 72-hour period, the Time’s famous Sunday magazine ran a cover story that amounted to a hit piece on Israel. It was later revealed that the author of the piece works for an organization whose major donor is Qatar. Qatar holds the distinctions of being the largest state funder of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s arm in the Gaza Strip.

Connecting these dots reveals where loyalties lie in the media and what kind of narratives are sold to Americans and why.


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U.S. Congress Surrenders to Jihad

The U.S. Congress has taken two actions this week which indicates that they have become Muslim Brotherhood (MB) occupied territory.  Not that the MB and/or its offshoots like ISIS and al-Qaeda are sitting in the Congressional chambers aiming their AK-47’s at the honorable members.  No, that is not really needed—not when the members themselves or so willing to do the jihad’s bidding on their own accord.

The first piece of idiocy was the discussion about bringing Libyan General Khalifa Haftar to the States to try him as a war criminal.

Their alleged justification for exercising U.S. jurisdiction on a General on the other side of the planet is based on the belief that Haftar might somehow hold U.S. citizenship.

Why do they think General Haftar is a war criminal?  Because the Muslim Brotherhood/Qatar told them so (via al-Jazeera and the Washington Post, which takes dictation from al-Jazeera on Middle East issues).

What is happening is that while General Haftar’s forces are bombing and shelling legitimate military targets, civilians are being killed.  Did we not kill a few civilians during WWII?  War is dirty.  But it is even dirtier now in the Middle East.  Here is why:

Ever notice why the Israelis are accused of war crimes every time they try to defend themselves against Hamas attacks?  This is because Hamas stashes all of their weapons in schools, hospitals, etc., and fire their missiles from heavily populated areas.  They’ve even been known to round up children and force them to gather around obvious targets, such as missile launching mechanisms.  Then, when the Israelis strike the offending legitimate military target, the brave Hamas “fighters” film it on their cellphones as the children are being blown apart.  They then upload these images to the internet.  Al-jazeera blast it all over the world, then CNN, Washington Post, New York Times and the usual suspects here in the states dutifully do the rest.

The Houthis have been doing the same thing in Yemen causing world public opinion to come down on the Saudis for “war crimes.”


The city in Libya that general Haftar is attacking is controlled by radical Islamist militias composed of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Ansar ash-Shari’a personnel.  Does anyone seriously think that they aren’t doing the same thing that the Houthis and Hamas do in terms of making sure that there are plenty of civilian casualties for al-Jazeera to show the world?

General Haftar brought his troops up to Tripoli from eastern Libya precisely because of the terrorist militias that control the place.  We should be rooting him on and even offering him help—even though our spineless European friends kid themselves into believing that the figure-head Sirraaj “government” in Tripoli is actually worth preserving.

The July 2018 issue of the “close to MI6” British magazine, Eye Spy, has also noted that “Analyst warn that he (Sirraaj) remains largely a figurehead with little control over militias” (page 13).

The same issue of the same magazine wrote that even though former dictator Qadhafi halted his nuclear program in 2003 (when he saw what the U.S. did to his buddy Saddam Hussein), he failed to eliminate his weapons grade yellow cake.

As for Libya, the general consensus of the intelligence community is that a great many nuclear materials have not been fully recovered in Libya” (Eye Spy, p. 13).

To sum up, General Hafter is not only trying to liberate the citizens of Tripoli from the criminal grips of the terrorist gangs, he is also trying to prevent any of these militia groups from getting their hands on Qadhafi’s left over nuclear materials.

So, by our beloved and erudite members of Congress talking about shutting Haftar down over “war crimes,” they are essentially voting to let al-Qaeda and the like have at those nuclear materials, as well as the Uranium mines that the Iranians were trying to get their fingers into as early as 2015 (Eye Spy, p. 12).


The other bit of Shari’a compliance our honorable never-take-any-payments-from-Qatar members of Congress exhibited this week was when they invited Jamal Khashoqji’s fiancé to come and testify before the Democrat-dominated House Foreign Affairs committee.

I have reported before that the Democrats were going to try every trick in the book to use Trump’s cordial relations with Saudi Arabia and his lack of over-bearing enthusiasm for terrorism sponsor Qatar as a possible tool with which to pummel Trump, if not to bring him down, now that their long-hoped for Mueller report has fizzled out.  This most recent stunt has to be seen in that light.

Khashoqji, a high school best buddies with Usama bin Laden, was ten times more dangerous.  The two believed in the same goals, Shari’a for all, and exterminate the Jews.  They just followed different paths with Khashoqji’s path being far more subtle, hence the greater danger.

The fact that he was working for Qatari intelligence as well as Turkish intelligence and the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood should have been enough to warrant him the same consideration  we gave to his buddy Usama bin Laden.

The Saudis, who felt threatened by Khashoqji’s ambitions for regime change, certainly thought so.  So they took him out.  We took out Usama bin Laden.  At least the Saudis did it on what amounted to Saudi national territory (Embassies and Consulates are considered to be the actual soil of the country running the embassy or consulate).

The only people making a big deal out of the Khashoqji affair are the #1 and #3 top state sponsors of terrorism, Turkey and Qatar, terrorist group MB, al-Jazeera, and their puppets in the West (MSM).

The Congress persons wasting Congressional time and taxpayers funds for this circus should be exposed and censored.

THE CHINA TRADE WAR: National Security On The Line

Add the trade war with China to a long list of crises driven by greed and globalism that President Trump inherited from a series of prior administrations, from both political parties

Since President Trump declared that, unlike previous U.S. Presidents, he would no longer permit China to ride roughshod over the United States, Wall Street whined about how a trade war with China would be costly to America and Americans by causing products from China to cost more; and likely diminish American exports to China as China retaliated by increasing tariffs on those U.S.  goods.

For Wall Street, the bottom line is the bottom line.  This is a very short-sighted and dangerous example of myopia, focusing on profits while ignoring threats to U.S. national security.

First and foremost, China is ruled by a totalitarian communist regime that is guilty of reprehensible human rights violations against its own citizens and is clearly working rapidly to expand its reach around the world by building its military capabilities.

Earlier this year I wrote about Chinese Aggression Against The U.S.A.  As President Trump has noted, China has not only taken economic advantage against the United States but has engaged in widespread intellectual property theft (also known as industrial espionage).  Indeed, China has also engaged in committing widespread espionage where our military technology is concerned and, incomprehensibly, the United States has admitted hundreds of thousands of Chinese STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students and provided them with world-class education at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.  Such students then become eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training that enables them to be gainfully employed by U.S. companies, including companies that develop technology of our military.

This provides access to U.S. companies that then become the targets of Chinese espionage.

China is also notorious for hacking computers in the United States that belong to our government, our military, corporations and even U.S. citizens.

On May 9, 2019 the U.S. Department of Justice issued a press release that announced, Member of Sophisticated China-Based Hacking Group Indicted for Series of Computer Intrusions, Including 2015 Data Breach of Health Insurer Anthem Inc. Affecting Over 78 Million People.

Here are several excerpts from the press release:

A federal grand jury returned an indictment unsealed today in Indianapolis, Indiana, charging a Chinese national as part of an extremely sophisticated hacking group operating in China and targeting large businesses in the United States, including a computer intrusion and data breach of Indianapolis-based health insurer Anthem Inc. (Anthem).

The four-count indictment alleges that Fujie Wang (王 福 杰 in Chinese Hanzi), 32, and other members of the hacking group, including another individual charged as John Doe, conducted a campaign of intrusions into U.S.-based computer systems.  The indictment alleges that the defendants gained entry to the computer systems of Anthem and three other U.S. businesses.

“The allegations in the indictment unsealed today outline the activities of a brazen China-based computer hacking group that committed one of the worst data breaches in history,” said Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski.  “These defendants allegedly attacked U.S. businesses operating in four distinct industry sectors, and violated the privacy of over 78 million people by stealing their PII.

The indictment further alleges that the defendants then collected files and other information from the compromised computers and then stole this data.  As part of the computer intrusion and data breach of Anthem, the defendants identified and ultimately stole data concerning approximately 78.8 million persons from Anthem’s computer network, including names, health identification numbers, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, employment information and income data, according to the indictment.

On April 9, 2019 CNN reported, Woman accused of illegal entry to Mar-a-Lago had numerous electronic devices, thousands in cash.

What was all but ignored by a series of reports about this woman, a citizen of China, Yujing Zhang, is how she was able to enter the United States with a visa but may have lied on her application for the visa in order to enter the United States; and then seek to gain entry to President Trump’s resort in Florida by deception to potentially carry out espionage.

And then, there is the huge issue of China flooding the United States with fentanyl.

On April 28, 2019 CBS News’ 60 minutes reported, Deadly fentanyl bought online from China being shipped through the mail. 

In addition to Chinese fentanyl being smuggled into the United States across the borders of the United States Chinese companies now ship fentanyl to the United States, relying in the U.S. Postal Service to deliver this deadly illegal drug and others, such as Carfentanyl to addresses in the United States.  In reality, it has become a chemical weapon of mass destruction.

For this report, one of the people interviewed by CBS Correspondent Scott Pelley was the United States Attorney for Cleveland, Ohio, Justin Herdman.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Justin Herdman: Carfentanyl is another 100 times more potent than fentanyl. Here you’ve got 300 grams of powder that could deliver a fatal dose to 150,000 people. Here you’ve got only five grams of powder which could deliver a fatal dose to over 250,000 people.

Scott Pelley: So if you touch this stuff, it could kill you?

Justin Herdman:  Yeah.

Scott Pelley: Just touch it–

Justin Herdman: There’s a reason we have a medic standing by, Scott, and that’s because– an overdose is– unfortunately it’s something that we have to be prepared for, even–even dealing with it in an evidence bag.

Herdman showed us pills that look like prescription opioids but are dangerous counterfeits.

Pelley then asked the obvious question:

Scott Pelley: Where did all this stuff come from?

Justin Herdman: It’s from China. It’s manufactured in China. These are all related to cases that involve the mail or the use of the postal system. So this, somebody  put this into a box, sealed it up and sent it through the postal system.

The United States Postal System has been, for many years, the most reliable way to smuggle drugs from China to the U.S.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Cronin, the prosecutor whose case against a Chinese smuggler served as the predication for the 60 Minutes report was also interviewed.

Here is the segment of his interview that underscores China’s complicity in the poisoning of America:

Matt Cronin: It is a fact that the People’s Republic of China is the source for the vast majority of synthetic opioids that are flooding the streets of the United States and western democracies.  It is a fact that these synthetic opioids are responsible for the overwhelming increase in overdose deaths in the United States. And it is a fact that if the People’s Republic of China wanted to shut down the synthetic opioid industry they could do so in a day.

Last year my article Google vs. Border Security was predicated on a CNN report about how  Google opposes President Trump’s efforts to secure our borders and has refused to help the U.S. military but is happy to work with the Chinese government to launch a search app in China that would block sensitive websites and search terms to comply with Chinese government censorship.

Decisions by corporate and government leaders must be based on two fundamental concerns: survival and morality!

EDITORS NOTE: This FrontPage Magazine column is republished with permission.

Trump Seeks to Unify GOP Around Immigration Goals

President Donald Trump hopes to unite Republicans behind new immigration goals that focus on border security and a merit-based system that keeps legal immigration at current levels.

The president is set to deliver a Rose Garden address on the plan at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

Trump wants more people coming to the country to fill new jobs in the expanding economy, and is concerned that Democrat lawmakers routinely stick together, especially in the Senate.

Senior administration officials contend Trump’s plan will make legal immigration more fair and is in the national interest. They contend that it will bring in, and keep, the best and the brightest legal immigrants.

The number brought in because of family already here—so-called chain migration—is expected to decline under the plan.

Senior administration officials noted Wednesday that Democrats already have come to the table with their non-negotiables, while Republicans still have several points of disagreement.

The president aims to find points that almost all Republican lawmakers can agree on.

The officials estimated that the merit-based changes would shift the immigration population from 13% employment-based to almost 60% employment-based.

Three categories would focus on “extraordinary talent” visas and vocation visas, and on keeping “extraordinary students” from abroad after they graduate from U.S. colleges.

The visas would be issued on a point-based system, more in line with Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and other countries, officials said.

While moving immigration policy toward a meritocracy, the plan still would prioritize spouses and children to achieve family reunification. But, senior administration officials said, the plan would not give an immigrant an unfair advantage to enter the United States simply because he or she has a relative already here.

Because the immigration-neutral, merit-based plan is aimed at uniting the president’s party, it doesn’t include language about the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or about a guest worker program.

Republicans have been divided on both issues.

The White House hopes to push Democrat opponents of the plan either to negotiate or argue for the status quo.

The border security portion of the plan includes a border wall and closing loopholes to end the policy known as catch and release.

Trump is frustrated with the current system, which releases hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers pending a hearing because of a shortage of federal immigration judges.


Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal and co-host of “The Right Side of History” podcast. Send an email to Fred. Twitter: @FredLucasWH.


Lindsey Graham Proposes to Tighten Asylum, Immigration Procedures to Relieve Border

Ex-ICE Chief on 3 Things Trump Can Do Now to Secure the Border

Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

We are looking for a select few conservatives to become a Heritage Foundation member. With your membership, you’ll qualify for all associated benefits and you’ll help keep our nation great for future generations.


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Democrats are allowing Rashida Talib’s Anti-Semitism to become Public Policy

Nancy Pelosi–Where are you?

When will Jews wake up to the fact that the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives is covering up antisemitism among its Democratic members. Recently the Democratic House of Representatives has downplayed Rashida Talib’s most recent antisemitic remarks claiming they were mischaracterized by Republicans. Then how they explain the fact that almost every Jewish organization is upset with Talib’s antisemitic remarks even though they know most Jews vote for Democrats? The Democratic leaders also know these Anti-Semites use their antisemitism to raise funds following their outrageous remarks.

The Democrats are covering up antisemitism within their ranks rather than addressing it.They are enablers. Covering up antisemitism encourages more of it and  makes it socially acceptable.  The difference between outspoken Anti-Semites and enabler’s is that enablers practice their antisemitism in secret.

Tlaib’s Morbid Fantasies of a “Safe Haven” For Jews

By Joseph Klein

Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., is standing by her latest hate-filled statement, which is based on a monstrous falsehood. She said that she has a “kind of calming feeling” when she thinks about the Holocaust because her Palestinian “ancestors” tried “to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time.” In the same interview by hosts Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman, Rep. Tlaib complained, according to her one-sided Palestinian victimhood narrative, “that it was my ancestors, Palestinians, who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways…”

Rep. Tlaib’s Palestinian “ancestors” were in fact amongst the enthusiastic boosters of the Nazi genocide machine during World War II. Palestinian leaders sought to carry on the plan to exterminate as many of the Jews as possible who had managed to escape the Holocaust and reach the Holy Land following the war. Instead of accepting the original two-state solution proposed by the United Nations more than seven decades ago under which the Palestinians could have been living in their own independent state all this time, their leadership rejected the idea of a Jewish state existing side by side in peace with a Palestinian state.

President Trump correctly admonished Rep. Tlaib, tweeting “Democrat Rep. Tlaib is being slammed for her horrible and highly insensitive statement on the Holocaust. She obviously has tremendous hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.” Bernie Sanders rushed to her defense. Senator Sanders tweeted that President Trump should apologize for “taking Rep. @RashidaTlaib’s comments out of context.” This is the same man who said the Boston Marathon terrorist bomber should have the “right” to vote from jail.


Virginia: Somali Uber Driver Accused of War Crimes

It is all over the news so I’m sure you’ve seen it, but what struck me was a CNN cable news report this morning (you know I watch them for a little bit every day) and a female reporter asked Yusuf Abdi Ali“Do you deserve to live here?” 

Wow!  CNN actually asked that question a couple of times (of course he didn’t answer).  What is going on with CNN?  The lengthy report actually tells us how he came to be living in the US and it involves fraud in the US refugee program.

As I said on several previous occasions, if you want to find a topic to satisfy a yen to write a blog, write a blog and call it New American Somali Watch?’

 Material is available on a daily basis!
From CNN,

Accused of War Crimes and Torture, Uber and Lyft Hired Him

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Where does an alleged war criminal accused of torture and directing mass executions look for work while living in the United States? For Yusuf Abdi Ali, there was an easy answer: Uber and Lyft.

Within a couple of days of applying to be a ride-share driver, Ali said he was approved to shuttle passengers from place to place. He’s been doing it for more than 18 months, according to his Uber profile.

“I do this full time,” said Ali, who drives in suburban Virginia. He explained that he prefers to drive during weekends because “that’s where the money is.”When CNNreporters recently caught a ride from Ali, the former Somali military commander was listed on Uber’s app as an “Uber Pro Diamond” driver with a 4.89 rating.

Ali said he has driven for Lyft, too, but he prefers working for Uber. His white Nissan Altima had only an Uber sticker on it. Asked if the application process was difficult, Ali replied that it was a breeze.

“They just want your background check, that’s it,” said Ali, who was unaware that undercover CNN reporters were riding with him and recording the trip on video. “If you apply tonight maybe after two days it will come, you know, everything.”

Ali’s work as a ride-share driver raises new questions about the thoroughness of Uber and Lyft’s background check process and the ease with which some people with controversial pasts can get approved to drive.


Ali has not been convicted of a crime, but a basic internet search of his name turns up numerous documents and news accounts alleging he committed various atrocities while serving as a military commander during Somalia’s civil war in the 1980s.

His past was detailed in a documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that featured eyewitnesses in northern Somalia who described killings allegedly committed under the direction of Ali, also known as “Colonel Tukeh.”


Uber and Lyft’s background checks are mostly performed by a separate company called Checkr, which uses applicants’ names and Social Security numbers to search for information in a national sex offender database, federal and local court records and databases used to flag suspected terrorists and others, representatives from the companies said.

A Checkr spokesperson told CNN that its background checks “rely on public criminal records that have been adjudicated in a court of law rather than unverified sources like Google search results. Similarly, most employers don’t request background checks that include pending civil litigation due to its subjective nature.”

This week, Ali is defending himself against a civil suit filed in federal court in Virginia by a man who claims he was one of Ali’s victims in 1988. Farhan Mohamoud Tani Warfaa alleged in court documents that Ali tortured and shot him and ordered bodyguards to bury his body. The guards recognized that Warfaa, a farmer, had not died and accepted a bribe from his family to release him, according to documents.

Now here is what I was most interested in—how did he come to be living among us as a ‘new American?’

According to public accounts, Ali moved to Canada after the Somali military regime he worked under collapsed in 1991. He was deported after news about his alleged war crimes in Somalia became public through that CBC documentary.

Ali entered the United States on a visa through his Somali wife who became a US citizen. In 2006, his wife was found guilty of naturalization fraud for claiming she was a refugee from the very Somali clan that Ali is accused of torturing.

There is much more, continue reading here.

What I would like to know is where is the wife?  If she was convicted of naturalization fraud 13 years ago, did we deport her?  I bet not!

It is even worse! Only a few years ago Ali worked as a security guard at Dulles International Airport


New York State Luring Refugees to Populate Dying Cities

Jayda Fransen Found Guilty Of Speech “Stirring Up Hatred”

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Facebook accused of auto-generating jihadist propaganda, creating page for al-Qaeda with 4,400 likes

Facebook has put enormous efforts into launching  witch-hunts against those who fight for democratic freedoms–like Milo, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, going so far as to reference them as “dangerous individuals”, right alongside the truly dangerous, violent-minded, anti-Semitic, racist nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who has actually called openly for 10,000 men to murder white policemen, using a Baptist Church platform.

Facebook also banned Tommy Robinson, threatened and suspended the Voice of Europe for criticizing mass migration, and shut down a Danish news outlet for the same reason. The list goes on.

The obvious unmatched, biggest threat today is jihad terror, yet Facebook does not see fit to put resources into tackling that threat.  Facebook has recently allowed a platform to a genocidal anti-Christian Muslim cleric and in fact, consulted with Hamas-linked CAIR over who gets banned from its platforms. Now Facebook stands accused of “automatically generating celebratory jihadist videos and promoting terrorist business pages.”  Cracking down on jihad terror and murder is just not important enough to Facebook higher ups. They would rather torment and damage those who battle against this grave evil. Facebook is in effect continuing to aid and abet jihad terrorists.

A business page generated by Facebook for al-Qaeda received over 4400 “likes” and provided the group with “valuable data” to use when recruiting new followers

“Facebook accused of auto-generating terrorist propaganda, creating page for al-Qaeda”, by Fatima Olumee, 9 News,  May 10, 2019:

Social network Facebook has been accused of automatically generating celebratory jihadist videos and promoting terrorist business pages.

The videos were uncovered by an anonymous whistleblower who filed a complaint with a US regulator, accusing Facebook of misleading investors on its efforts to clean up the platform.

A five-month study of more than 3000 accounts found Facebook’s artificial intelligence algorithms were creating ‘memories’ and video celebrations for active users, including accounts of extremist organisations such as al-Qaeda, white supremacist groups, and self-identified Nazis.

A business page generated by Facebook for al-Qaeda received over 4400 “likes” and provided the group with “valuable data” to use when recruiting new followers, according to the complaint.

Islamic State and al-Qaeda terrorists are also openly networking on Facebook’s website, according to the whistleblower’s research.

The confidential complaint, supported by the US National Whistleblower Centre (NWC)……

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PODCAST: Michigan’s Muslim Mafia Calls the Shots

“CAIR and [its Executive Director] Dawud Walid are the new kingmakers in this part of Michigan and everyone knows it. If you incur Walid’s wrath by standing up for Christians against Muslims, you can kiss your political career goodbye.” – Leo Hohmann

Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor, an ambitious GOP Marxist, is more than willing to side with the Muslim Brotherhood on mosque construction and throw Christians under the bus.  As well as break the law, by throwing out the current laws for zoning and planning in that location that the City Council followed in denying the build.  Mayor Taylor submitted to Islam and the lawfare that CAIR practices against anyone who challenges Islam’s refusal to live under state and local laws!  Islam can NOT live under current regulatory laws, followers can ONLY live under Sharia… and that means they will NOT assimilate, will NOT recognize the “law of the land”, and they WILL put fear into those that stand in their way!

“There is no political force like CAIR organized on behalf of Chaldean Catholics. And the media only gets its dander up in Michigan when a politician incurs the wrath of CAIR and the Muslims, so the decision for Taylor was likely an easy one: Side with the Muslims and keep the pathway cleared for future opportunities, whether they be in politics or business.”

Leo Hohmann has written about this and tells us where a current court case stands.  He’s written much about it and the latest article can be found here.

Also, consider ordering a signed copy of his book: Stealth Invasion by going here.

Be sure to keep up with Leo’s reporting at his website here, and his Facebook page here.

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House Democrats Are Shortchanging the Military

House appropriators have now released their budget top lines for every government agency, and their number for the Department of Defense shows they acknowledge the defense budget needs an increase.

But that increase still isn’t enough, as it falls short of the president’s budget request and of what the military needs to continue its rebuild.

The numbers released by Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, shows $622 billion for the base defense discretionary budget. That would be a 2.3% increase over the 2019 enacted budget.

It’s a good initial step that highlights a bipartisan understanding on the need to properly fund our national defense and make sure that our military has the necessary tools to engage in the great power competition outlined by the National Defense Strategy.

It is directionally correct, but Congress and the nation need to be more ambitious.

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, have expressed multiple times that the Department of Defense requires between 3% and 5% real growth in the coming years in order to keep pace with the current threats facing our nation.

Meanwhile, the president’s budget request asks Congress for an increase of 4.8%. The president’s budget could still improve, but his defense budget top line is more in line with the challenges that our military faces.

As the Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index of U.S. Military Strength shows, the military has seen improvement in its readiness, capacity, and capabilities because of the extra resources dedicated to it over the past two budget cycles.

Nonetheless, these gains need to be consolidated over time with continuous investments and improvement. The current emphasis on readiness recovery is especially fragile, because we’re dealing with human beings that need constant practice to keep their skills updated and sharp.

Furthermore, many of the investments in new platforms will take years to come to fruition.

For instance, an aircraft carrier contracted in January 2019 has a delivery date of March 2028. Or take the controversial F-15X. The Air Force wants to purchase eight of them in 2020, and the first two have a delivery date of June 2022. Even the Army is aiming to reach its readiness goals by 2022 and then focus on actualizing its modernization efforts.

These efforts will take time and persistent attention.

The military will not be fully ready in a couple of years and then everyone can go to Florida to relax on the beach. It requires a long-term vision and perspective.

One only needs to look at China, our pacing military threat, to get a better understanding of the time horizon of the challenge. The goal of the Chinese Communist Party is to have a modern military force capable of operating jointly in every domain of warfare by 2049. Talk about a long game.

If the United States wants to be able to counter Chinese ambitions, it needs to make sure we’re doing today what will help make us ready in the future.

That starts with recognizing the need to properly fund our military—and to do it.


Frederico Bartels

Frederico Bartels is a policy analyst for defense budgeting at The Heritage Foundation’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy. Twitter: .

Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

We are looking for a select few conservatives to become a Heritage Foundation member. With your membership, you’ll qualify for all associated benefits and you’ll help keep our nation great for future generations.


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Arabs have everything to gain from normalization with Israel, while Israel has little to gain

As an Arab activist and writer, I call on the Arab world to normalize relations with Israel, a move that would be almost entirely to our benefit alone. Israel will gain very little from this in practical terms, while Arabs stand to gain tremendously. The state of Israel is stronger and more stable than the Arab states on almost all fronts. If all borders were wide open in Arab states,  few if any Israelis at all would flee Tel Aviv for Arab cities, but you would certainly see a flow of people in the opposite direction for the very same reason that multitudes of Arabs seek to emigrate to Europe.

The conflict over land must be put into perspective. The land which officially became the State of Israel was originally  Jewish territory, one that was later controlled by a series of conquerors, including Arab-Muslims. The latter are the true occupiers, and they are fighting to reverse the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty. Any sane person knows—or should know–that the Jews are not colonialists in this region, but rather an indigenous people. But we Arabs have grown arrogant to the point of denying all historical records of Jewish sovereignty preceding Arab-Muslim rule in the Middle East. The Hebrew language alone is evidence enough of  long Jewish history in the land of Israel.

Even in my country of Jordan, which is officially at peace with Israel, we still hear the term “resistance to normalization” with the hated “Zionist enemy.” My people don’t understand that Israel is actually our friend, and that if we followed the Jewish state’s example then we, too, would become prosperous like America and Europe.  Instead, we remain under the influence of an Islamic colonization that keeps us living a backward and primitive existence. Some examples: take a look at Israel’s universities compared to ours, its hospitals compared to ours, Israel’s technology compared to ours (if you can find any).

Israeli scientific research is often ahead of what’s coming out of Europe and America, while we Arabs wallow in the dark ages.Despite all our hostility, Israel still wants to live in peace with the Arabs. Can we really blame Jews for returning to a land from which they were forcibly expelled?

The real reason Arab countries resist normalization with Israel is that they reject Western civilization. The State of Israel is a civilized, democratic country, like those of Europe; sometimes even more so. The Arab world has been raised to detest this brand of civilization. What we find in the end is that those calling to resist normalization with Israel often do not truly understand what they are protesting. They want the benefits of European and Israeli civilization, but then spurn the genuine example of it right next door to us.

I note that what is now “European” civilization is largely built upon Judeo-Christian civilization, which originated with the Jews of the Middle East.

Our region is really the home of the Jewish, Aramaic and Syriac cultures. The Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula and they colonized and obliterated those indigenous cultures. Over time, those original peoples began to forget and abandon their cultures and assimilate into Arab civilization.

The Arabs are the original occupiers, and have no right to deny the return of the Jewish nation. And that is why I call for normalization: for the recognition of the right of the Jews to exercise sovereignty in their ancestral lands. We Arabs came from the Hijaz, Najd and Yemen. We occupied this land and made it Arab. Some of the Syriac and Aramaic words we still use today, as well as the recorded names of settlements uncovered in archaeological digs. This demonstrates the proof that we are not the original inhabitants here. It is time to solve this conflict, and that begins with us, the Arabs, accepting the Jewish people’s true historical connection to this land. We have everything to gain from so doing.


Rami Dabbas

Rami Dabbas is a Jordanian-born journalist, activist, writer and a political lobbyist promoting pro-Israel politicians and candidates.

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VIDEO: Border Patrol Chief Explains our Immigration Crisis in 6 Minutes

The White House in an email released the following statement and May 9th video on the growing border crisis:

Border Patrol chief: Our national security is at risk

If there was ever a moment for a sense of urgency from Washington about America’s border crisis, that time is now.

“As of Sunday, only seven months into the year, we have now surpassed the total southwest border apprehensions of every fiscal year since 2009,” U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost told members of a U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee yesterday.

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost Testifies About the Border Crisis:

The White House email notes:

Because of dangerous loopholes in American immigration laws, today “family units” and unaccompanied children account for 64 percent of all apprehensions at the southern border. Illegal immigrants and human smugglers “have received the message loud and clear,” Provost says.

“Bring a child—you will be released.”

That policy creates an unmitigated humanitarian and security disaster. One problem is that illegal immigration is dangerous and often relies on criminal smugglers to breach the border. Bringing young children along in that journey puts them at grave risk.

An even more pressing danger comes from “fake families”—a growing phenomenon where children are unwillingly paired with nonparent adults to game U.S. asylum laws. Once entry is granted, those children become expendable, sometimes being appallingly “recycled” back across the border for use by another asylum-seeker.

Congress needs to take action—and that doesn’t simply mean building more temporary facilities, Provost said. “It’s like holding a bucket under a faucet. It doesn’t matter how many buckets you give me if we can’t turn off the flow.”

Pompeo is right to warn Iran — Don’t target Americans

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelled a scheduled visit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday to make an unplanned stopover in Baghdad, where he delivered a dramatic message to the Iraqi government about the need to protect Americans on Iraqi soil.

Citing recent intelligence that Iran was planning “imminent” attacks on U.S. persons or U.S. assets in Iraq, Pompeo said that Iranian forces in the country were “escalating their activity” and that the U.S. had “very specific” intelligence indicating that Iran was planning attacks on Americans in the very near future.

It’s rare for the U.S. government to cite recent intelligence information, but in this case the intelligence appears to have been so specific and the threats so imminent that our senior most national security officials felt confident in tipping their hand to the Iranians.

Because they knew that the Iranians already suspected the worst.

On April 19, a respected Iranian internet news agency reported that Iran’s Supreme Leader had just fired the intelligence chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) after “classified documents and information leaked to Israel and the U.S. regarding Iran’s nuclear program and secret missile bases.”

The fired intelligence chief, Brig. Gen. Ali Nasiri, was said to have taken refuge in a U.S. embassy or consulate in a nearby Persian Gulf state, where he turned over sensitive documents and intelligence information to the Americans.

Nasiri is arguably the highest-ranking IRGC official ever to have defected to the West or Israel. As intelligence chief, he had access to the darkest secrets of Iran’s nuclear weapons development program. He knows where the long-rumored secret uranium enrichment facilities were located, because his men were in charge of guarding them.

He may also know the whereabouts of former FBI Agent Bob Levinson, who was kidnapped by the IRGC while visiting Kish island on March 9, 2007 and is long-rumored to be held in a secret IRGC prison in Iran or possibly Afghanistan.

Just days after Nasiri’s defection became public, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad-Zarif traveled to the United States and announced that he had been instructed by the regime to negotiate a “prisoner swap” with the United States, exchanging the four known Americans held in Iran for Iranians jailed in the United States for violating U.S. export control laws.

Nasiri also knows about covert IRGC networks in Iraq, and about Quds Force operational plans to target U.S. persons and facilities in Iraq and the Persian Gulf more generally.

However, the United States has a checkered track record of exploiting intelligence from Iranian defectors.

In early 2007, an activist affiliated with my organization, the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, played a role in helping Brig. Gen. Alireza Asgari defect from Turkey to the United States.

Asgari had helped set up Iran’s military and intelligence networks in Lebanon during the 1980s and retired as a deputy defense minister, where he had access to many of Iran’s nuclear secrets.

By all accounts, Asgari was the source of dramatic new information about Iran’s nuclear program that the CIA claimed compelled it to make last-minute alterations on a December 2007 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran.

The NIE asserted that based on the defector’s information, the CIA now believed that Iran had shut down key parts of its nuclear weapons program in 2003. But that is not what Asgari actually told the CIA.

Asgari’s information, which was immediately classified by the CIA, was kept so close hold that even staffers on the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee at the time were not allowed access to it.

That lack of access prompted them to write a counter-report, pointing to many failures in the NIE assessment that Iran had shuttered its nuclear weapons program.

But we know what Asgari actually told the CIA from two sources: first, from the Iranian activist who helped him to defect in 2007, who I remained in close contact with; second from another Iranian defector, Hamid Reza Zakeri, who was told by a handler in the French intelligence service that Asgari’s information was so sensitive it had been personally briefed to then-President Nicolas Sarkozy, prompting him to call for enhanced United Nations sanctions on Iran.

National Security Adviser John Bolton has a long history of dealing with intelligence reports that have been falsified or skewed by politically-motivated analysts.

His confirmation as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations was derailed in 2006 because of his skepticism of State Department intelligence analysts who downplayed other U.S. intelligence relating to Cuba’s biological weapons development.

Thankfully, with Bolton at the White House and Pompeo at the State Department, the Trump administration has been able to capitalize on in-time intelligence threat reporting from this latest defector from Iran.

Their approach undoubtedly has saved U.S. lives in Iraq and perhaps elsewhere in the region.

EDITORS NOTE: This Fox News Channel column is republished with permission of the author.