DHS Warns ‘Violent Extremists’ Seeking to ‘Exploit’ Coronavirus, But Don’t Worry: ‘We’re Here’

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The Department of Homeland Security’s Counterterrorism Mission Center and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office has just sent out a memo warning law enforcement officials that “violent extremists probably are seeking to exploit public fears associated with the spread of COVID-19 to incite violence, intimidate targets and promote their ideologies, and we assess these efforts will intensify in the coming months.”

“Probably”? There isn’t any doubt about it. The Islamic State (ISIS) has even told Muslims that if they commit an act of jihad violence, it could prevent them from contracting the coronavirus. In the latest edition of its Al-Naba newsletter, ISIS stated that the coronavirus was a “plague” sent by Allah, causing “painful torment” to non-Muslims. In response to it, “The Muslims should not pity the disbelievers and apostates, but should use the current opportunities to continue working to free Muslim prisoners from the camps in which they face subjugation and disease.”

How could they work to free them? By means of jihad massacres. Taking this path would bring them great rewards: “They should also remember that obedience to God — the most beloved form of which is jihad — turns away the torment and wrath of God.”

The idea that Allah will punish the unrighteous in this world is in the Qur’an: “So if they repent, it is better for them; but if they turn away, Allah will punish them with a painful punishment in this world and the hereafter. And there will not be for them on earth any protector or helper.” (Qur’an 9:74) In line with this passage, ISIS even expresses the hope that Allah will make COVID-19 even more lethal than it already is, and to “increase their torment,” that is, the torment of non-Muslims, “and save the believers from all that.”

Meanwhile, if disobedience to Allah gets one “a painful punishment in this world and the hereafter,” then the immediate inference from this is that if one is righteous, one will prosper in this world as well as in the next. And the most righteous deed of all is jihad. A hadith has a Muslim asking Muhammad: “Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward).” Muhammad replied, “I do not find such a deed.” (Bukhari 4.52.44)

The DHS wants to reassure you, however, saying that it has “no information indicating any active plotting is underway.” FBI Director Chris Wray added: “With all the worry and uncertainty out there, we want the public to know that there are still things they can count on: We’re here, and we’re going to stay here, to protect them, no matter what. Because our criminal and national security adversaries sure aren’t going to take a day off — whether that’s for the coronavirus or, for that matter, anything else.”

“We’re here”? Great. That’s hardly reassuring. Even as ISIS is actively encouraging its followers to stage new jihad massacres in the West, the DHS, the FBI, and the rest of them are still institutionally committed to ignoring, downplaying, or denying the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism.

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Iran Sponsors Another Cartoon Contest, This One About the Supposed Coronavirus Conspiracy

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Cause and Infect: China’s Legacy of Lies

Some people won’t know the name Li Wenliang. Nor will they have a chance to thank him. He died in China on February 7th of the plague he warned was coming. The Wuhan ophthalmologist was just 34 when his heart stopped, a husband and father — with another baby on the way. “He wasn’t an idealistic whistleblower. He was not a dissident. He wasn’t even political,” one reporter mourned. “He was simply a doctor doing his job.” And for that, China silenced him. Permanently.

Dr. Wenliang was treating patients when Chinese officials arrested him. Furious that he’d sounded the alarm over the mysterious virus exploding through the region, they made him sign a statement to keep quiet. “We solemnly warn you: If you keep being stubborn, with such impertinence, and continue this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice — is that understood?” It was the beginning of a massive, regime-wide cover-up that’s claimed 19,000 lives and sent the global economy spiraling out of control.

Now, with the world in utter chaos and people dying faster than countries can bury them, the fury over China’s deadly conspiracy is white hot. Leaders like Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who are watching with horror as the infections ravage America, are determined to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible. “Since day one, [they] intentionally lied to the world about the origin of this pandemic.” He talked about the orders for laboratories to destroy samples and the persecution of doctors like Li. “It is time for an international investigation,” Hawley insisted. “…The Chinese Communist Party must be held to account for what the world is now suffering.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whose agency is getting frantic calls from Americans trying to get home, understands better than anyone the human toll of China’s actions. “Every day, every week matters in terms of how this information is transmitted around the world. That is, when you share this information, the best scientists around the world can begin to work on it. You can start all the processes, not only vaccines and things that mitigate, but you can begin to put in place the things that will cause the spread to be decreased. And it’s multiplicative — so every day that the Chinese Communist Party sat on this information and didn’t do the right thing… [they] increased the number of people who would be exposed, and thereby put all of us all around the world — the Chinese people as well — at unnecessary risk.”

Even now, he said on “Washington Watch” Tuesday, the disinformation campaign continues — not just in China but in Russia and Iran as well. “They’re talking about it coming from the U.S. Army, and they’re saying maybe it began in Italy — all things to deflect responsibility.” And yes, countries have more urgent problems on their hands right now, but “the world needs to understand what’s really going on,” the secretary insisted, “because it’s still important.”

If nothing is done, this culture of lies will continue to cost the world innocent human lives. “It’s still important to have transparency even today. This is an ongoing global crisis, and we need to make sure that every country today is being transparent sharing what’s really going on, so that the global community, the global health care, infectious disease community can begin to work on this in a holistic way. My concern,” Mike said frankly, “is that this cover-up, this disinformation that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in, is still denying the world the information it needs so that we can prevent further cases or something like this from recurring again.”

In Iran, where the government ignored the virus to keep turnout high for the February elections, the casualties have been astronomical. Now, of course, they’re lying to their people and trying to turn them against America because they know their grip on their regime is very tentative. If they can shift their focus away from themselves, the Iranians can hide what they knew and when they knew it. But, as Secretary Pompeo points out, “the people most harmed by the absence of transparency and good governance are the people of their own country.” And as much as Iran and China try to deceive them, the people know it.

So maybe, the secretary said, one of the best outcomes we can hope for in this catastrophe is that they see a country like America treating people with dignity and respect. “Those are the things that fundamentally separate us from regimes like… Iran and the Chinese Communist Party. And it’s why, when we move our way through this… as I know we will, the people all around the world will see that is our system — a republic where we have freedom and liberty and we know that our rights come from our Creator — these are the systems that will ultimately prove to be most effective at delivering good outcomes for every human being.”

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


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Live From New York, It’s the Coronavirus Jihad

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In light of the fact that the Qur’an says: “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers, merciful to one another” (48:29), it is no surprise that at least one Muslim has issued a call to weaponize the coronavirus against non-Muslims – and he is right here in the United States.

Bahgat Saber, a Muslim Brotherhood activist based in New York, recently said in a video [below] that “whoever has flu-like symptoms – cold, fever, sneezing – should pay a visit to his ‘friends’ who work for Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s government.”

Al-Sisi toppled the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt in 2013, and Saber sees the coronavirus as an opportunity for Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt to get revenge: “The moment you get flu-like symptoms like a cold or a fever, go to the public prosecution office that is closest to your house. Go to any building where they might illegally incarcerate people. If you can, go to a building of the Security Investigations Service, and if you can’t, just wait for them and sneeze on their cars when they pass by.”

Saber let his imagination run wild, thinking of ways Muslim Brotherhood members could weaponize the coronavirus: “If you want the state to care about coronavirus and start dealing with this disease, whoever among you suffers from influenza, fever, or cold, should just casually walk into a police station, or go to an office of the public prosecution, or to a courthouse. If you are a soldier, you can go into the defense ministry, and shake hands with all the generals of the military and the police. The same is true with the justice system. [People should target] the businessmen and actors who support Sisi. He should go to Media Production City. If there are people who oppose the military coup and work in Media Production City, and who have contracted anything – cold, fever, anything… They should go there and shake hands with everybody.…If you have contracted coronavirus, you should exact revenge! Avenge yourself, avenge the honor of your women, avenge the people who are in prison, and avenge the oppressed people. Go there. Why die alone? When you die, why die alone?”

Allah might take al-Sisi out himself, Saber acknowledged, but encouraged Muslims to give the deity some help: “Perhaps coronavirus will topple Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Our Lord is capable of doing anything. But you have to make proper use of this.”

Nor did he limit his call for murder-by-coronavirus to Egypt alone: “People who are outside of Egypt should go to any consulate or embassy. They are all licentious villains and sons of bitches….Exact revenge!…If you know someone [sick], send him on a visit. You’ll be doing him a favor.…When you talk to people, they say to you: ‘We don’t have machine guns, we don’t have F-16 plans, we don’t have this and that…’ But now you have the coronavirus culture.”

There is much more. Read the rest here.


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U.S. Finally Suspends Refugee Admissions


It’s surreal that major cities and states are being shut down, and people ordered to stay in their homes, but the stream of migrants keeps on coming. And there’s a push to have the bailout/stimulus bills include even more immigration.

Finally we’re suspending refugee processing.

The United States is putting a temporary pause on refugee admissions in light of the coronavirus pandemic, according to two sources familiar with a Trump administration call to refugee organizations Wednesday morning.

The move comes after the International Organization for Migration, which is in charge of booking refugees on their travel, and the UN refugee agency announced a temporary suspension of resettlement travel. The agencies shared concerns in a statement Tuesday, saying international travel “could increase the exposure of refugees to the virus.”

At least they’ve got their priorities in order. We wouldn’t want the next Tsarnaev brothers to catch some coronavirus from the infidels.

A State Department spokesperson confirmed the temporary suspension, saying that the pause is expected to be in place from March 19 through April 6. Wednesday is the last day for refugee arrivals.

It’s incomprehensible that we still have refugees coming in. But every single American be have their doorknobs welded shut, but the migrant flow must go on. The Democrats won’t be able to turn more states blue without it while destroying the country.


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Protecting America’s Borders Is Critical to Combating Coronavirus

In mid-March, President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador closed his country’s borders to foreigners. At that point, his country had zero confirmed cases of COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus.

Bukele closed down schools, temporarily shut down the international airport, and banned flights from Mexico when he believed the Mexican government allowed corona-positive passengers to board El Salvador-bound flights.

While these measures might seem extreme, to date El Salvador has only one confirmed case.

El Salvador’s actions demonstrate that borders play a key role in combating against the coronavirus.

In these trying times, we must turn to the greatest document in the history of the world to promise freedom and opportunity to its citizens for guidance. Find out more now >>

On Friday, the U.S. and Mexico announced a joint agreement to close their shared border for nonessential travel over the next 30 days.

This means that for the next month, the U.S. Border Patrol will immediately return illegal immigrants across the border instead of processing and holding them in immigration facilities. Points of entry across the border are operational only for trade and commerce.

Closing the border to nonessential travel while still allowing trade was the right move by President Donald Trump.

The U.S. and Mexico are each other’s largest trade partners and with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, there are safety guarantees to protect lawful cross-border trade. Americans should be confident that necessary supply chains like food and manufactured goods are well-protected.

More importantly, this travel restriction protects border agents from unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus and reduces the workload they are experiencing from the border crisis.

It is also a smart move as it allows Customs and Border Protection to redirect manpower and sanitary resources that would have gone to inadmissible migrants toward first responders and critical industries.

Border agents are at the front lines and put their lives at risk every day protecting the country. With the coronavirus, they are now unwittingly risking their family, friends, and Homeland Security co-workers. Trump was right to give them this momentary reprieve and, should the crisis continue, the travel restrictions should be extended.

A recent Politico article reported that “nearly 500 Homeland Security employees are quarantined because of the novel coronavirus, and at least 13 are confirmed or presumed COVID-19 positive.”

Despite what partisan pundits in the mainstream media want you to think, travel restrictions are not racist or xenophobic. Currently, 41 countries have implemented travel restrictions or border control policies.

It is important to note that Friday’s border action was a joint agreement with Mexico. Hopefully, the Trump administration is deepening cooperation with Mexico on their domestic efforts to counter the coronavirus.

As cases of the virus increase in Mexico, the Mexican government is seriously falling behind on developing and executing a plan.

The capital city has only prohibited events larger than 1,000 people and recently allowed a concert of 70,000 people to take place.

Flight restrictions from high-risk countries are not in place and President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador continues traveling around the country, hugging and kissing supporters.

Recently, around 400 Mexican businessmen chartered private planes to Vail, Colorado, for a skiing trip. Upon return, a few tested positive for COVID-19. The Jalisco government is looking for them and asking them to self-isolate.

Should Mexico’s lack of internal enforcement continue, the U.S. should also consider banning flights.

In the midst of a highly contagious global pandemic, definitions of normalcy are rewritten. Viruses do not respect borders or boundaries. What was extreme a month ago is now prudent and responsible.


Ana Quintana is a senior policy analyst for Latin America and the Western Hemisphere in The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies. Twitter: .

Lora Ries is a senior research fellow specializing in homeland security at The Heritage Foundation. Twitter: .


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This is a critical year in the history of our country. With the country polarized and divided on a number of issues and with roughly half of the country clamoring for increased government control—over health care, socialism, increased regulations, and open borders—we must turn to America’s founding for the answers on how best to proceed into the future.

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Moving Against China’s Military for Hacking U.S. Company

As if identity theft alone isn’t enough of a concern for Americans, the Equifax hacking indicates that China’s military wants to weaponize sensitive personal information to undermine U.S. national security.

Three members of China’s People’s Liberation Army have been indicted by the Justice Department in the 2017 data breach of Atlanta-based Equifax Inc., one of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies.

The charges include conspiracy to commit computer fraud, economic espionage, and wire fraud.

This was a data breach—a “release of personally sensitive, protected, and/or confidential data”—rather than a security breach, which refers only to the hacking of websites and applications without theft.

In these trying times, we must turn to the greatest document in the history of the world to promise freedom and opportunity to its citizens for guidance. Find out more now >>

And it was a large one, with the names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers of 145 million Americans.

These are not ordinary criminal hackers with a motive to sign up for credit cards using another person’s name. The accused are members of a foreign military branch—the People’s Liberation Army’s 54th Research Institute, which falls under the scrutiny of the Chinese army’s Strategic Support Force.

The Strategic Support Force works on information operations, such as cyberspying, to conduct a form of hybrid warfare that uses diverse elements such as propaganda, economics, and cyberattacks against its adversaries.

The Equifax hack provides the unit with personal financial information that can help the Chinese recruit spies within our national security sector, as well as influence key business and media figures.

Financial information can help intelligence operatives identify those who are susceptible to bribery or other economic pressure, such as former CIA officer Kevin Patrick Mallory, who provided secrets to the Chinese in exchange for money to pay off his mortgage and other debts.

The Chinese have used human intelligence—targets include military forces, defense industrial companies, national security decision-makers, and critical infrastructure entities—to undermine the U.S. strategically and economically.

The Equifax breach could have implications beyond identity theft. The information could be used to target individuals for espionage, bribe, or blackmail.

U.S. national security matters are at stake here. Both the U.S. government and private businesses must take stronger security measures against these acts of theft and espionage.


Lizandro Pieper is part of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation.

Riley Walters is a policy analyst in the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy at The Heritage Foundation.


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A Note for our Readers:

This is a critical year in the history of our country. With the country polarized and divided on a number of issues and with roughly half of the country clamoring for increased government control—over health care, socialism, increased regulations, and open borders—we must turn to America’s founding for the answers on how best to proceed into the future.

The Heritage Foundation has compiled input from more than 100 constitutional scholars and legal experts into the country’s most thorough and compelling review of the freedoms promised to us within the United States Constitution into a free digital guide called Heritage’s Guide to the Constitution.

They’re making this guide available to all readers of The Daily Signal for free today!


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MINNESOTA: Muslim migrant, former Mayo Clinic researcher, pledged allegiance to ISIS, plotted jihad massacres in U.S.

What’s that? A doctor? Why, how can that be? Everyone knows that poverty causes terrorism, right?

In reality, the idea that poverty causes terrorism, and that showering Muslim countries with money will end it, has been shown to be false again and again — although it is still a core assumption of U.S. foreign policy.

The New York Times reported in March 2016 that “not long after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001…Alan B. Krueger, the Princeton economist, tested the widespread assumption that poverty was a key factor in the making of a terrorist. Mr. Krueger’s analysis of economic figures, polls, and data on suicide bombers and hate groups found no link between economic distress and terrorism.”

CNS News noted in September 2013 that “according to a Rand Corporation report on counterterrorism, prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense in 2009, ‘Terrorists are not particularly impoverished, uneducated, or afflicted by mental disease. Demographically, their most important characteristic is normalcy (within their environment). Terrorist leaders actually tend to come from relatively privileged backgrounds.’ One of the authors of the RAND report, Darcy Noricks, also found that according to a number of academic studies, ‘Terrorists turn out to be more rather than less educated than the general population.’”

“Pakistani doctor arrested in Minnesota on terrorism charge,” by Amy Forliti, Associated Press, March 19, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

MINNEAPOLIS — A Pakistani doctor and former Mayo Clinic research coordinator was arrested Thursday in Minnesota on a terrorism charge, after prosecutors say he told paid FBI informants that he had pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State group and wanted to carry out lone wolf attacks in the United States.

Muhammad Masood, 28, was arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Thursday by FBI agents and was charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Prosecutors say Masood was in the U.S. on a work visa. They allege that starting in January, Masood made several statements to paid informants — whom he believed were members of the Islamic State group — pledging his allegiance to the group and its leader. He also allegedly expressed his desire to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS and a desire to carry out lone wolf attacks in the U.S.

At one point, Masood messaged an informant “there is so much I wanted to do here .. .lon wulf stuff you know … but I realized I should be on the ground helping brothers sisters kids,” according to an FBI affidavit.

Prosecutors say Masood bought a plane ticket on Feb. 21 to travel from Chicago to Amman, Jordan, and then planned to go to Syria from there. He had planned to leave at the end of March. But on March 16, he had to change his travel plans because Jordan closed its borders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Masood and one of the informants then developed a plan for him to fly from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to meet with that informant, whom Masood believed would help him travel in a cargo ship into Islamic State territory….

Court documents do not name the clinic where Masood worked, but a LinkedIn page for a man with the same name and work history says Masood has worked at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, since February of 2018, first as a research trainee, but has been a clinical research coordinator since May. A profile on researchgate.net says he has done research in cardiology; he was scheduled to present his research for the Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development in October 2018, according to an online calendar of the event.

Mayo Clinic spokeswoman Ginger Plumbo said Masood formerly worked at the medical center, but “was not employed by Mayo Clinic at the time of his arrest.”…

On Jan. 24, Masood contacted one of the informants on the encrypted platform and said he was a medical doctor with a Pakistani passport and wanted to travel to Syria, Iraq or the northern region of Iran stretching to Afghanistan “to fight on the frontline as well as help the wounded brothers,” the affidavit said.

He explained that he wanted to make the trip because he “hates smiling at the passing kuffar just to not make them suspicios.” The affidavit said kuffar is an Arabic term meaning nonbeliever or non-Muslim. Masood also allegedly told the informant he wanted help getting to the front lines. When the informant said Masood might have to kill people, Masood replied, “i want to kill and get killed … and kill and get killed.”…

Roughly three dozen Minnesotans — mostly men from the state’s large Somali community — have left Minnesota since 2007 to join al-Shabab in Somalia or militant groups in Syria, including the Islamic State group….


Muslim Priorities in a Dangerous Pandemic

UK: Chinese student treated poorly when wearing mask in public, donned niqab and got treated with respect

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India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, the coronavirus, and Muslim defiance

Iran torn between calls for social distancing, Khamenei’s lack of concern, and calls by mullahs to keep shrines open

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J Street Event Slams Israel by Andrew Harrod

“One people is dominating another, this is the essence of the problem” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, claimed Israeli Jew Rami Elhanan, co-general manager of Israel’s fringe Parents Circle—Families Forum (PCFF), on March 6 in Washington, DC. He addressed about 30 largely like-minded listeners in the shared offices of the New Israel Fund (NIF) and Americans for Peace Now (APN), at an Israel-bashing event cohosted by J Street, a supposedly “pro-Israel” Jewish-American leftist organization.

APN Communications and Public Engagement Director Ori Nir and Howard Sumka, a board member of PCFF’s American affiliate, introduced the panel, which included Elhanan and his fellow co-general manager, the Palestinian Bassam Aramin. A stray bullet from an Israeli police officer had killed Aramin’s ten-year old daughter Abir during Palestinian riots in 2007. Meanwhile, Jerusalem’s September 4, 1997, Ben Yehuda Street Hamas suicide bombing killed Elhanan’s 14-year old daughter Smadar. Thus the J Street panel moderator, Ruti Kadish, emphasized its theme of reconciliation through shared Israeli-Palestinian recognition of mutual conflict suffering, for “if we cannot see each other’s pain, we won’t be able to understand each other.”

Elhanan stressed his unlikely friendship with Aramin, a man who had spent seven years in Israeli jails for having attempted to attack Israeli soldiers. “This Palestinian terrorist,” Elhanan said, “my dear brother Bassam,” is the “closest person to me on Earth. He is much closer to me than many of my own people, than many of my own family.” With language that has become a trite trope in Israel’s enduring battle against terrorists, Elhanan presented himself as an example of being able to “break once and for all this endless cycle of violence of revenge and retaliation.”

Despite all such talk of conflict equally victimizing Arabs and Jews, Elhanan and Aramin forthrightly promoted the one-sided canard, in Aramin’s words, that “Israeli occupation” is the “source of violence.” Yet Arabs such as Aramin have fought with consistently brutal means including terrorism to destroy a Jewish national home, even during the Zionist settlement preceding Israel’s existence, as in the 1936-1939 Arab revolt. This Zionist existential fight for survival long predated Israeli “occupation” over an Arab population that emerged after Israel in self-defense liberated historic Jewish national home territories from Egyptian and Jordanian occupation in 1967.

Yet the murder of Elhanan’s daughter only prompted him to wallow in self-guilt. “What can cause someone to be that angry, that mad, that desperate and hopeless that he is willing to blow himself up with a 14-year old little girl? Do you have some kind of connection or responsibility yourself?” he asked. He excused continuing Palestinian rejection of Israel’s existence, for their “anger is horrible. There is an anti-normalization movement, which is very powerful, and it is completely understandable. When someone beats you, you need to rise up.”

His wife Nurit Peled-Elhanan, a self-described “left to far-left” academic at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University (HUJ), who has slandered Israeli textbooks as racist, had expressed similar sentiments in the days following Smadar’s murder. Her mother had called the suicide bombers “desperate, insanely desperate, people” and considered them, along with her daughter, equally victims of Israeli policies. The Elhanans had even welcomed a Palestinian Authority (PA) envoy to their mourning home, even though the Israeli government had condemned PA abetting of terrorism.

Unsurprisingly, Nurit Peled-Elhanan is the sister of the internationally notorious anti-Zionist and self-hating Israeli Jew Miko Peled, and his brother-in-law Elhanan was hardly less radical in Washington, DC. He condemned as a “crime against humanity” that “these two crazy nations of ours are massacring each other every day.” For this “proud Jew…ruling and oppressing and humiliating and occupying millions and millions of people for so many years without any democratic right is not Jewish” and opposition “is not antisemitism.”

Aramin concurred with Elhanan, for “Israelis will never feel free until we feel free.” Aramin decried that America’s pro-Israel policies “support the only occupation in the Middle East,” as if no other conflicts outside of Israel existed here. He used Israeli strength as an excuse to downplay Israeli security fears, for Israel is a “nuclear power now, you are strong; you don’t need to be scared from a group of people who don’t have salaries” in the PA.

Elhanan agreed with audience questioner Steve France from the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, a regular in the local Washington, DC-area Israel-hating scene, who reiterated his demonizing comparison of Israel with American racism. This Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)-supporting Episcopalian analogized Israeli Jews to the “American South or all of white America” vis-à-vis blacks, with “privilege for one community and no privilege for the other.” Thus Israeli Jews rejected peace with Palestinians because then supposedly exploitative Jews, under whose rule Palestinians have actually greatly benefitted, would have “to really change my whole life.”

Other local anti-Israel Episcopalians joined France in the audience, such as Tom Getman, a former World Vision executive for its Palestinian operations, his wife Karen, and Mary Nesnick (?). She falsely asserted that Palestinians suffer media demonization. “Conditioned fear,” a “product to keep the hate alive…is actively harvested” by American “websites that demonize Muslims or Palestinians or fundamentalism here that also would look to Israel as a savior,” she said.

Elhanan accepted the tenor of such comments and absurdly accused that willful ignorance of Palestinians made a vigorously democratic “Israeli society…blocked…brainwashed.” The Palestinian “other side” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “was viciously hidden from me from the day I was born,” he stated without the slightest evidence. After Nazi genocide in World War II, Israeli Jews such as Elhanan’s father, an “Auschwitz graduate,” became the “ultimate victim. No one else is allowed to be victim.”

By contrast, Elhanan believed to have found enlightened self-consciousness in utopian post-national universalism, analogous to John Lennon’s Imagine lyrics. Elhanan had no attachment to a Jewish nation-state, for a “state is not something sacred” but merely a “technical tool” for fulfilling social welfare needs including education. Any need for self-defense, particularly given historic threats to Jews such as Nazis and jihadists, left him unimpressed, for “you don’t kill anymore and you don’t die anymore for your country,” unlike in World War I.

Thus Elhanan naively embraced the vision of a binational Arab-Jewish state in which Jews could supposedly live securely irrespective of demographic strength and the grisly history of anti-Jewish violence by Arabs such as Aramin. Elhanan proclaimed of his colleague that the “happiest moment of my life will be when this man will be my prime minister, my emperor, or whatever.” Responding to an audience question by Foundation for Middle East Peace board member Mike Van Dusen, Elhanan similarly cited “one Palestinian in jail who is a potential leader,” namely Marwan Barghouti. This Fatah terrorist mastermind is currently serving five Israeli life sentences for having organized terrorist attacks that murdered five Israelis.

Aramin himself inspired no confidence in Elhanan’s multicultural ideal of politically interchangeable Arabs and Jews as Aramin discussed first discovering the Holocaust while watching a film in Israeli jail. Most Muslims “don’t believe in the Holocaust,” he accurately noted; particularly Palestinians “think it is a big lie” and reject “paying a price for this event that never happened,” genocide denial that exposes Palestinian societal fanaticism. Yet this illiberalism, shared precisely by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, amazed one woman in the Pollyannaish audience, who professed her astounding ignorance of these facts even after 12 years of Hebrew schools and subsequent HUJ studies.

Unconvincing to critical American observers, PCFF peaceniks find even less favor with their target audience of Arabs and Jews. “We are facing two angry societies,” Elhanan stated, and compared PCFF school presentations amidst protesting Israeli parents to “walking into the open mouth of an active volcano.” Indicative of mainstream Israeli rejection of PCFF, one person in an Israeli school considered it a “pity that I wasn’t blown up with my daughter.”

Elhanan meanwhile recounted how a Palestinian school headmaster told students not to listen during one PCFF presentation, lest their will to fight Israel weaken. This only further emphasized Aramin’s statement that both Israelis and Palestinians “respect their fighters,” a gross equivalence between terrorists revered by Palestinian society and Israeli soldiers defending their homeland. While Elhanan condemned President Donald “Trump’s stupidity” in his recent peace plan (Kadish denigrated it as a “peace jam”), the plan’s “Israel Victory” outlook is far more realistic than PCFF hopes for a Palestinian “kumbaya moment.”

Elhanan bewailed the “huge effect” of the Trump administration in 2019 cutting $300,000 in PCFF aid, but this measure is thoroughly justified. Despite PCFF’s pretensions of impartiality (between victim and aggressor?), PCFF’s party line immorally inverts Israel’s longstanding defense against implacable threats into aggression against hapless Palestinians. Outside of ideologues at leftist organizations such as APN, NIF, and the fraudulently “pro-Israel” J Street, it is obvious that PCFF rightly enrages Israelis while doing nothing to wean Palestinians from jihad.


Belgium: Government orders surgical masks for center for asylum-seekers, not for Belgians

Toronto: Hammer-wielding Muslim who killed 64-year-old woman made statements about the Islamic State

Jordanian Islamic Scholar: Don’t Worry About the Coronavirus, Worry About the Jews

Germany: AfD leader demands Turkey be thrown out of NATO for “migrant aggression”

Germany: Widow of rapper turned Islamic State jihadi charged with war crimes against humanity

Muslim hardliners refusing medical help may expose non-Muslims to COVID-19 for their beliefs

Muslim cleric: Time to establish caliphate, conquer Jerusalem, Rome, US, Russia, and the world, impose Sharia

Iran: Closure of Shiite pilgrimage sites over coronavirus prompts sit-ins and protests

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Because of the Coronavirus, Borders Suddenly Matter: New York State even establishes internal borders.

There is a Yiddish expression that translated states, “Man makes plans and God laughs.”  In other words, for all of the hubris of the human species, things do not always go as planned.  Circumstances beyond human control can easily obliterate the best laid plans.

Scientists currently believe that the mighty dinosaurs that inhabited the earth for millions of years were suddenly rendered extinct when an asteroid slammed into what is now the Yucatan Peninsula, roughly 65 million years ago.

Literally overnight the world changed and the mighty dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the earth.  Some disappeared entirely and others, it is believed, morphed into other creatures such as birds.

The stage was thus set for the rise of the mammals and, ultimately the human species.

We can hope that today another drastic event, the sudden appearance of the coronavirus (COVID-19)  will lead to the extinction of another species- the globalists and lead to a resurgence of leaders who, not unlike President Trump, believe in the value of national sovereignty, not just for the United States but all countries.

Greed-driven globalists have, for decades, demanded a borderless world insisting, “Borders, we don’t need no stinking borders” (slightly misquoting the famous line from the old film “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.”)

The globalists, driven by greed and unbridled hunger for power concluded that in a world without borders, workers could be moved around the world, not unlike chess pieces on a huge chessboard to drive down wages.  Merchandise could be moved around the world without tariffs, without any obstructions and as a consequence, the super wealthy could become even wealthier while the middle class would be relegated to museums that display extinct species.

Proponents of this transformation claimed it would lead to “The New World Order.”

In reality it would lead to nothing short of tyranny.

Borders are our nation’s first line of defense and last line of defense, yet you would never know it if you listened to the speeches and accusation hurled with rancor by the globalists.  The Democrats who used to support immigration law enforcement and the securing of America’s borders against the illegal and un-inspected entry of cargo and people have done a total reversal and now call for the end of immigration law enforcement.

In my previous article for FrontPage Magazine, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should be Renamed the “Overwhelm America Act” I provided a direct quote from Bernie Sanders who, in 2007 proclaimed:

I think as you’ve heard today, sanctions against employers who employ illegal immigrants is virtually nonexistent. Our border is very porous.”And I think at a time when the middle class is shrinking, the last thing we need is to bring over in a period of years, millions of people into this country who are prepared to lower wages for American workers.

None of the “journalists” who are covering the Democratic presidential primaries, who have become the masters of ambush or “gotcha” interviews, have ever confronted Sanders about his reversal on this extremely critical issue.

Did Bernie simply accept bribes from his “campaign contributors” who want the end of border and immigration law enforcement?  Alternatively, and more likely, has he and his Communist fellow traveler Democrats decided that the destruction of America’s middle class would propel millions of desperate Americans to the Left to seek financial assistance as they lose their jobs to foreign workers or, at a minimum, face massive wage suppression or even wage reduction making ever increasing numbers of Americans dependent on government subsidies offered by the increasingly radicalized Democratic Party?

Perhaps it is a combination of both.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has come to vilify ICE (Immigration and Customs Agents), referring to them as thugs.  New York State recently enacted the “Green Light Law” that blocks federal immigration law enforcement agencies from having access to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) databases.

As I noted in my recent article, this lunacy is a gift to criminals and terrorists that would keep on giving while undermining public safety and national security.

The purpose for imprisoning law violators is to punish those who commit crimes, to deter others who might consider committing similar crimes and to protect potential victims of criminals.  In essence, you could say that prisons quarantine sociopaths from society.

Increasingly, however, the Left has sought to turn criminals into the victims and have enacted measures that result in violent thugs and gang members being turned loose and back onto the street where they can continue to ply their criminal “trades.”

As a consequence innocent people have been injured and killed in the name of “Social Justice.”

Deportation of criminal aliens can help to address the perennial problem of recidivism when prisons fail to live up to their lofty and optimistic goals of being “correctional institutions.”

However “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States” refuse to cooperate with ICE and infuriatingly, innocent people have again paid the price, all too often, the ultimate price, for this lunacy.

Now, however, in the wake of the emergence of the coronavirus countries around the world are suddenly attempting to secure their borders to prevent infected people from entering.  Following President Trump’s lead countries around the world are imposing entry restrictions on aliens who seek entry but have recently been in countries where the coronavirus is present.

While it is likely that the coronavirus will move around the world whether or not such measures are imposed, the idea is to slow the spread of the virus so that hospitals and medical resources can deal with the onslaught of patients without being overwhelmed in a short period of time.

This sensible strategy can, and hopefully, will save many lives around the world.

What is truly incredible, is that because of the virus, New York’s Governor Cuomo has established a Containment Zone around hard-hit New Rochelle in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading outward from this community.  In essence, he has established a border around this town in an effort to quarantine the residents who live here.

It is also worth noting that as I wrote in an earlier article, The Coronavirus and China’s Travel Ban:

Indeed, on January 24, 2020, New Jersey Senator Bob Melendez posted a news release on his official website, “Booker, Menendez demand coronavirus screenings at Newark airport as illness spreads.”

The inspections process is conducted at ports of entry by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to prevent the entry of aliens who pose a threat to public health, public safety, national security and the hence the lives and livelihoods of American and lawful immigrants.

A section of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S. Code § 1182 enumerates the categories of aliens who are statutorily ineligible to enter the United States and makes it clear that our immigration laws have nothing to do with bigotry, racism and xenophobia, but everything to do with protecting America and Americans.

Yet Cuomo and other radical Democrats are determined to undermine and thwart the efforts ICE and CBP, two component agencies of the Department of Homeland Security, to protect America and Americans.

Sanctuary policies and the obstruction of immigration law enforcement must suffer the fate of the dinosaurs and be rendered extinct- the sooner the better.


RELATED ARTICLE: Due to Coronavirus, Trump to Change Mexico Border Controls

EDITORS NOTE: This FrontPage Magazine column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Muslim Stabs Four Random People. But Relax, Cops Say ‘Zero Evidence’ It’s Terror-Related

It’s funny how so many Muslims with “mental health issues” go on stabbing sprees, but shhhh – you’re not supposed to notice that. My latest in FrontPage:

It is insufficiently understood how much Leftist willful ignorance regarding the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat deform our response to it; a recent incident in Australia shows yet again how dangerous this denial really is. The Age reported Thursday that a man named Mohammad Ibrahim “stabbed four people, killing two, in random, ‘senseless’ attacks across the city’s inner-east.” But there’s nothing whatsoever to be concerned about: “Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir said there was ‘zero evidence’ to suggest the attacks were terrorism related. Ibrahim had no criminal history and was estranged from the mother of his child.”

It may be that these attacks were not terrorism related. But the fact that Ibrahim had no criminal history establishes nothing. There was a point in every jihad terrorist’s life when he had no criminal history.

Likewise, the fact that Ibrahim was estranged from the mother of his child also establishes nothing about whether or not his attacks were terrorism related. Many men are estranged from the mothers of their children and yet do not go on stabbing sprees of random people. Some men also are jihad terrorists and are simultaneously estranged from the mothers of their children.

The perspicacious Commissioner Weir continued: “There’s nothing to indicate at this early stage that this is anything other than a random act of senseless violence.”

Maybe there isn’t. But the Islamic State issued this call in September 2014: “So O muwahhid, do not let this battle pass you by wherever you may be. You must strike the soldiers, patrons, and troops of the tawaghit. Strike their police, security, and intelligence members, as well as their treacherous agents. Destroy their beds. Embitter their lives for them and busy them with themselves. If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be….If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.”

Now Commissioner Weir may be right: that call or something like may not have had anything to do with Ibrahim’s actions. But what if it did? In that case, how would what he did look any different from a “random act of senseless violence”? If his stabbings of random people were an act of jihad, as we have seen so very many times before, Ibrahim wouldn’t be carrying an ISIS membership card. He need not have had contact with any ISIS members to have heard about that call and decided to heed it.

The Age added: “Police revealed Ibrahim spoke to them in 2018 about his concerns that IS operatives from Mildura were out to kill him. He wasn’t taken in for an assessment at the time but was flagged on the police system as potentially having a mental health issue.”

Maybe Mohammad Ibrahim does have a mental health issue. But the fact that he thought that the Islamic State was out to get him does not in itself prove that he is some “moderate” who would never undertake violent jihad himself. And no one ever seems to ponder why it is that so many Muslims with mental health issues somehow get the idea that stabbing random non-Muslims on the street is the thing to do. To consider such a question, of course, would be “Islamophobic” on its face, and “Islamophobia” is the one vice that law enforcement and intelligence officials are determined to avoid at all costs.

Has the whole world lost the ability to think clearly? Will this incident be investigated properly, with examination of all contingencies? Almost certainly not. Today’s political and cultural climate, not just in Australia but all over what has up until recently been known as the “free world,” makes that virtually impossible.


“Nigeria has fully become a killing field of defenseless Christians”: Muslims murder 350 in first months of 2020

Iran: Islamic scholar says coronavirus is man-made weapon “against the Shi’ites, the Muslims, and the Iranians”

Hindu pilgrims from Pakistan refuse to go back, seek Indian citizenship under CAA

Fiction in a Time of Lies

Mulling the End of Iran’s Mullahcracy

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House Democrats: Let Convicted Terrorists Work for the TSA!

My latest in PJ Media:

This was utterly predictable in today’s atmosphere of leftist insanity, but it’s appalling nonetheless. As the sage Joe Biden would say, Look, Fat, look, here’s the deal: I’ve been warning for years that it would sooner or later become “Islamophobic” to offer even the mildest opposition to jihad violence and that the “Islamophobia” mongers would become increasingly open about their support for jihad terrorists, and here we are. On Thursday, 174 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against an amendment to the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act that would prevent the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from hiring convicted terrorists.

Yes, that’s right: if these House Democrats had gotten their way, on your next flight, you could have gotten a pat-down from a TSA agent who previously conspired to down the airplane you were planning to fly on. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) explained that the amendment “was pulled back by leadership because the socialist wing of the party did not want to have that amendment go forward on this bill. When it was offered, overwhelmingly the majority of the House would like to see the TSA not hire terrorists or those who have been convicted of sexual misconduct with minors and others. But the socialist wing of the party, that controls now the Democratic Party, said that that could not be offered.”

However, as these prospective TSA employees might have said, Allahu akbar! The whole thing exploded in their faces: enough Republicans and renegade Democrats voted for the amendment to pass it. But among the luminaries who thought it so important to avoid even the appearance of “Islamophobia” that they opposed an amendment barring terrorists from pawing through your belongings as you made your way through security were the infamous “Squad,” Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D, Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.), and Ayanna Pressley (D., Mass.), along with the supposedly sane and responsible House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D., Md.).

The TSA has always been more security theatre than actual security, but that’s beside the point here: AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and the 171 other House Democrats who opposed this measure didn’t vote against it because it would be ineffective, but clearly because it would offend a key portion of their constituency, which for most, if not all, Democrats today consists of people who believe that terrorists are victims, that American imperialism is the real problem, and that Donald Trump is “racist” for wanting to protect Americans from jihad terror attacks by foreign nationals coming from the countries included in his travel ban and from violent crimes by illegal aliens coming into the country from Mexico.

There is much more. Read the rest here.


New York: Muslima stole over $150,000 to support the Islamic State, tried to join

Islamic State issues “Sharia” advisory telling Muslims not to travel to Europe because of coronavirus

UK: Muslim rape gang causes “severe psychological harm” to 15-year-old non-Muslim girl with multiple rapes

India: Four Muslims returning from Dubai refuse coronavirus tests, say Islam does not permit such tests

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VIDEO: BDS or Coronavirus? Israel Leads Way for Vaccine.

As Israel leads the way in developing a coronavirus vaccine, the question is: Will the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement supporters turn their backs on the vaccine if it is developed in Israel?

It’s a question that looms in the air as presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted that any coronavirus vaccine should be free.

While Sanders does not claim to support the BDS movement, many of his surrogates and Muslim supporters do — including Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (who was recently photographed wearing a T-shirt that wipes Israel off the map) and Linda Sarour.

Presumably Sanders’ newly appointed campaign adviser Philliip Agnew supports BDS as well, since he is on record as denouncing Zionism as “racist” and rejected former President Obama’s comments justifying the Jewish nation.

Shockingly, House Democrats blocked a bill proposed last week that would have prohibited U.S. support for the BDS movement, including prohibiting U.S. support for foreign boycotts of Israel from groups including the European Union and the U.N. Human Rights Council.

(The bill did not interfere with a person’s First Amendment rights to free speech as it explicitly stated it did not prohibit “a person’s noncommercial speech or other noncommercial expressive activity.”)

The BDS movement against Israel aims to strangle the Jewish state economically while at the same time calls for the flooding of Palestinians into Israel to destroy the Jewish character of the state.

According to the definition of anti-Semitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which has been officially adopted by the U.S. (and 31 other nations), the BDS movement has been deemed at its core anti-Semitic.

This is fundamentally because the movement “[applies] double standards by requiring of [Israel] a behavior not expected or demanded of by any other democratic nation.”

For example, there are at least 100 land disputes across the globe that are not subject to “BDS” movements.

So, with global and U.S. markets crashing and the entirety of Italy on lockdown, what will the anti-Semites say if Israel successfully develops a vaccine against coronavirus?


Top Arab Figures From 15 Countries Meet to Say ‘No’ to BDS

Bernie Sanders Proposes Taking Money From Israel, Giving it to Hamas

Linda Sarsour Is Now Bernie Sander’s Campaign Surrogate

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Fatal Dependence

INTRODUCTION: In order to continue the Islamic war against Israel and the Jews, no libel, no matter how mythical, may be abandoned.  No matter the passage of 14 centuries, his followers are mindlessly bound to suffer Mohammed’s dream of world conquest.

Fernando Alcoforado’s dissertation, “Radicalism Palestinian not justify genocide in Gaza,” was published on Academia.com despite its numerous inaccuracies.  I am not surprised.  Whether devoid of ethics or in support of a political agenda, their published material can be fallacious and unreliable.

The writer’s title alone revisits the Palestinians’ false accusations of genocide by Israelis.  Substantial documentation produced by Doctors Without Borders has shown that massacres, as in Jenin, were staged with corpses exhumed from nearby cemeteries.   We know that UNRWA’s schools teach hate and violence against Jews and Israel, Palestinian women and children are used as human shields at rocket-launching sites, and children are used to ignite and float explosive balloons and for constructing terror tunnels  – dangerous and deadly activities.  This is not genocide, but child abuse and human sacrifice, where leadership and families weaponize their children for an interminable war.  And when the children are martyred, their parents are paid handsomely by Hamas/PA.

Alcoforado shrewdly inserted that Gaza has existed since Antiquity, insinuating that the Palestinians did likewise. Although the landmass has certainly existed since Ancient times, there was never a Palestinian state, people, government, monetary system, or culture until 1967.  After Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon attacked Israel and lost the war, those caught in the crossfire and trapped in Gaza were barred from returning to their native homelands.  They fabricated this attachment to the land, but the indigenous people of Israel are the Jews, also known as Hebrews and Israelites.

Our academic bemoans the Gazans’ suffering from a dearth of industry and a chronic water shortage.  We agree, but the reason lies firmly with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and can be characterized in one word, Dependence.   The PA receives, arguably, the highest level of aid in all the world, $540 million for 5 million people including succeeding generations, compared with, say, $113 million for Burundi’s 10 million people, or $304 million for Cameroon’s 23 million people.   Funds meant for providing enough electricity and infrastructure to run Gaza’s sewage system, water purification, construction, agriculture, healthcare delivery and essential medical supplies, are filtered through the fingers of the corrupt PA.  An unemployed population serves as the endless, expendable live ammunition in its war against Israel, but also as PA’s milch cow, so that their leadership may continue to live in grandeur.

The Jews were never tempted with dependence on others.  Notwithstanding overwhelming obstacles, Israel’s pioneers battled malaria to drain the swamps of Galilee, which then exposed the toxic peat beneath, resulting in the death of wildlife.  It took tenacity and commitment to nature and science for the Israelis to make the desert blossom again, and blossom it did.  The Arabs chose another course.

Despite its being 60% desert with a tenfold population increase since its founding, Israel has become a superpower in water management and conservation.  Their technology is now used 150+ countries, and they export $2.2 billion annually in water-related technology and water-intensive produce.  Because Israeli citizens are educated on conserving water, use desalinated sea water for drip irrigation, and treat and recycle nearly all sewage for crops, they are able to provide large amounts of water from their own supplies to Palestinians and the Kingdom of Jordan.

Surely, this could also be done in Gaza, but Palestinian leadership refuses to invest any of the massive aid to develop its own water infrastructure or repair its antiquated system, leading to enormous waste.  When Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israel damage Gaza’s pipes, Israel’s water authority makes the repairs. Israel supplies less water to Israeli communities in the disputed territories than is stipulated in the Oslo Accords and transfers the remaining quota to the Palestinians – who merely balk and bask in their victimhood, using the drought as an accusation to discredit Israel to the UN.

When Gaza was under Hamas rule, only 10 percent of the West Bank had modern plumbing in June 1967, but today 96 percent of West Bank Palestinians have clean, safe water piped to their homes in Israel.  Contrarily, Gaza’s water crisis continues because Hamas uses the international funding for its war against Israel.  If Israel were to withdraw from the West Bank as Alcoforado suggests, it would leave Israel in far more peril.  After 1400 years of violence and bloodshed, it would be insanity to believe that Muslims would live in peace based on this researcher’s recommendations.

Our scholar rues the overcrowded conditions in Gaza, one of the most populace places on the map, blaming Israelis, when their countries of origin – Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria – should have accepted their return instead of leaving them hostage.  Their cultures keep them imbued with resentment and hate, without incentive for making improvements.   Is this inevitable in overcrowded societies?

Consider Brooklyn, New York, the most populous borough, second-most populous county in the US, and a thriving hub of entrepreneurship and high technology start-up firms – a sign of happy lives with no children primed for suicide missions.  The differences are largely a matter of choice and culture.  Israel has held the honors of 5th through 11th happiest nation over the years; none of the tyrannical 57 Islamic member states even remotely qualifies for the list. Alcoforado joins the PA’s futile efforts to delegitimize Israel while the biased UN continues to fund $1.3 billion and train Palestinians to pursue legal advocacy against the one UN member, Israel.

Whether deceived or brazenly deceitful, Alcoforado states that Palestine, “a British protectorate [until 1948], began to have a growing Jewish population.”  He flouts the 3,000 years of continuous Jewish presence in Israel, one of the few ancient peoples to survive into modern times, and Judaism being among the world’s oldest living religions.  He omits the history of the Jews who bought neglected, uncultivated swampland or sand dunes from absentee Arab landowners in the mid-1800s to create agricultural colonies,  undeterred by backbreaking work and illnesses – as reported to the League of Nations in 1921.

The critic conveniently reports half-truths, asserting that the establishment of a free Jewish state resulted in growing populations of Jews only, failing to mention the Christians, Muslims, and other groups that flourished simultaneously.  Israelis developed thriving farms and urban life, industry, power plants, social institutions, universities and the Palestine Orchestra that became the Israeli Philharmonic. They restored their ancient language, Hebrew, and a rich culture.  They restored their national independence and welcomed and absorbed the successive waves of returning immigrants and refugees (many fleeing Arab countries).  Arabs in Israel appreciated the development and higher standard of living until Haj Amin al-Husseini began fomenting riots (1929),  committing massacres and rapes, beheadings, torture and mutilation.  It is fair and honest to say that Arabs live better in Israel than in any Islamic country and, when offered the choice of Israeli or Palestinian citizenship, they invariable choose the former.

Alcoforado vaguely observes, ,“There were clashes between Arabs and Jews,” but the attackers were Arabs.   Likewise, he added, “Both Israelis and Palestinians claimed this share of the land based on history, religion, and culture,” but Jewish history, religion and culture go back more than 3,000 years, whereas the Palestinians appeared in 1967, and their tenuous Islamic attachment goes back no further than the 7th century of Mohammed.  Even the Koran attests that the land was given to the Jews forever (5:21).

“You will find very clearly,” says Sheik Dr Muhammad Al-Husseini, “that the traditional commenters from the eighth and ninth century onward have uniformly interpreted the Koran to say explicitly that Eretz Yisrael has been given by God to the Jewish people as a perpetual covenant.  There is no Islamic counterclaim to the land anywhere in the traditional corpus of commentary.”   The term, “Palestinian” was an insulting term conferred by the Romans on a Roman Empire outpost to which the Judean Jews were exiled.

Today’s Palestinians have no culture inimitable to them before 1967.  Their governance was the Ottomans.  Their monetary system, established by the 1994 Paris Protocol, is tied to the rates of Jordan, the US, and Israel.  There are no discoveries of ancient artifacts to verify any but the Hebrews’ existence.  Their religion is Islam, their common language Arabic with some French.  Their own music emerged after 1948.  Their “traditional dress,” not traceable beyond 1922, may be attributed to the Arab or Bedouin.

Continually troubled by the “mass migration of Jews from various countries to Palestine,” Alcoforado excludes the context of their return to their Biblical native land and that many had been first fleeced before their expulsion from surrounding Arab countries.

On the other hand, Arab migration is a fulfillment of hegira, “departure,” the migration or journey that fulfills Mohammed’s example of “civilizational jihad.”  Mohammed migrated with intent to establish a new base of operations from which to conquer and rule; today’s jihadis do so with intent of populating and dominating new lands.  Where they cannot advance with weaponry, they can colonize and transform the society, by stealth or violence, to change the demographics, legal systems and governments of their objective – global submission to sharia and the reestablishment of a caliphate to rule accordingly.  Fifty-seven Islamic states have succumbed; Israel, Europe, and the United States are obviously on the Islamic agenda. President Obama assured us of such a fundamental transformation.

If Alcoforado sincerely believes there can be peace with Palestinians, he is gravely under informed and ill-informed.  If he speaks on behalf of the Palestinians, as his surname suggests, he has written pure deception, taqiyyah, and it should not be peddled as academic.

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Feds Streamline Immigration Fraud Reporting Procedure

NumbersUSA alerted its members last week to a new system at the USCIS for citizens to report fraud.  Thanks to reader Michael for telling me about it.

USCIS Launches New Online Form for Reporting Fraud

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has launched a new online tip form to help the public provide the agency with information about immigration fraud. The new online form, available on the USCIS public website, prompts the user for the information that the USCIS’ fraud investigators need to investigate allegations of immigration benefit fraud or abuse.

See that USCIS had previously provided e-mail addresses to report fraud, but will be phasing those out.

The new online tip form collects information related to the relevant fraud, identifies the type of benefit in question and provides space for the user to describe the alleged fraud or abuse in additional detail.

This online form streamlines fraud reporting by replacing three email boxes USCIS now uses for fraud and abuse reporting. The tip form will make the tip process more effective and efficient. Every day, well-intentioned people try to report immigration fraud or abuse to USCIS, but our USCIS’s internal procedures did not allow for a consistent and timely way to respond.

More here.

Marriage fraud, such as I reported in my previous post today, would be something you could report through this new system.  See USCIS list.


Whistleblowers Earn Millions Turning in Medicare/Medicaid Scammers

New Jersey: Woman Sentenced to Prison for Enslaving Foreign National for a Decade

Lewiston, ME: The Back Story on the Election of a CAIR-candidate for City Council

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National Security Adviser Blames China for Swift Spread of Wuhan Coronavirus

China’s government initially “covered up” the new coronavirus and delayed global response to the disease by at least two months, White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien said Wednesday.

O’Brien’s remarks come as the communist Chinese government has tried to deny the disease’s origins in the city of Wuhan and pushed internet rumors that the United States created it.

“This virus did not originate in the United States. It originated in the Wuhan, in the Hubei province in China,” O’Brien said in an appearance at The Heritage Foundation.

“It originated some time ago. Unfortunately, rather than using best practices, this outbreak in Wuhan was covered up.”

As of early Wednesday, officials had confirmed 938 cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, across 38 states. There were a total of 29 deaths, all but a few in Washington state.

“There is a lot of open-source reporting from China, from Chinese nationals, from doctors involved [who] were either silenced or put into isolation or that sort of thing, so the report of this virus did not get out,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien, who is President Donald Trump’s top adviser on foreign affairs and national security matters, said the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could have assisted China in early containment and treatment before the outbreak. He said:

It probably cost the world community two months to respond. And in those two months, if we had those and had the cooperation of the Chinese, and a WHO team been on the ground and a CDC team—which we had offered them on the ground—I think we could have dramatically curtailed what happened in China and what is now happening across the world.

In a recent example, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, said March 4: “Some in the media say this coronavirus is a China virus. This is extremely irresponsible and we firmly oppose that. We are still tracing the origin of the virus and there is no conclusion yet.”

Other Chinese diplomats denied the disease’s origins in China and took offense to references of “Wuhan” in describing the virus.

More than just dodging responsibility, the Chinese government reportedly has pushed propaganda that the United States created  the virus.

O’Brien spoke well of the Trump administration’s response in assembling a task force and closing off travel to the U.S. from China.

“Pandemics and epidemics are some of the greatest challenges we face as a country. I think we’ve done a good job responding to it,” O’Brien said. “But look, the way this started out in China from the outset was not right. It should have been handled differently. But we are where we are right now. We are doing our best to work with the Chinese.”

O’Brien, who replaced John Bolton in the key White House post, also spoke about reforms to the National Security Council.

He announced plans in October to streamline the 174-member staff to fewer than 120. This has prompted controversy as Trump has demonstrated distrust of some in the government bureaucracy after the impeachment battle.

“We brought the size down, but we’ve done it for the most part through attrition and holding off on hiring,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien said he was following the model of President George H.W. Bush’s national security adviser Brent Scowcroft by having a leaner staff. He also noted that he has met with his predecessors, both Republican and Democrat.

A high profile removal was Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who had testified during the House impeachment inquiry that aspects of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president were inappropriate.

Vindman, who was in charge of European affairs, was sent back to work in the Pentagon last month, causing an uproar among Democrats.

“I think that some people decided the NSC was going to be a career for them and they were going to stay there as long they could. And I think there were people who felt they knew better how to conduct the foreign policy of the United States than the elected president of the United States,” O’Brien said, without mentioning any names or specifying the impeachment inquiry.

He added:

If you’re on the president’s staff and you don’t agree with the president, and you can’t put your disagreement aside, and you can’t get on board with the president’s policy, then you’re probably better served and the country’s probably better served if you’re back at an agency doing something where you’re not trying to make policy or create policy or thwart policy or resist policy. Or you’re better off going to run for Congress or state Senate or Senate, where you can be a policymaker. …

We are there to staff the president and make sure he gets the best advice on policy possible and to make sure his policies are implemented. If you’ve got a different view of what you should be doing, the NSC is probably not the best place for you to be serving.

Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal and co-host of “The Right Side of History” podcast. Lucas is also the author of “Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections.” Send an email to Fred. Twitter: @FredLucasWH.


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