Truth Comes Out About Kansas City Super Bowl Chief’s Victory Parade Shooting — The Shooters are Black!

Two black teenagers shooting at each other charged with the murder of Radio DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan and of 22 others, 11 of which were children.

This is reason we’ve heard little about this mass shooting except for more cries for Gun Control by Marxist Democrats. This shooting doesn’t help their gun control messaging.

Every mass shooting over last several decades have been done by mentally deranged or gang member teenagers with guns obtained illegally and/or Islamic terrorists; and/or transgenders out for revenge and/or someone identified on social media as a sociopath but ignored by law enforcement and school officials and/or some combination of these factors but never a law abiding conservative/Trump supporter.

The left continues to blame guns and push gun control despite all the evidence that the cause is not guns but deranged, evil, demons behind the guns. With the most draconian gun control they would still obtain guns illegally.

In the unlikely circumstance they couldn’t obtain guns illegally, they would most likely use some other means to kill like explosives, knives, vehicles running over people or car bombs, et. al.

WATCH: Moment Two Minor Teens Get Into Heated Exchange Before Shooting Up Kansas City Chiefs Parade


This story disappeared quickly.

Two minor [black] teens were arrested and charged last week in connection with a fatal shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs parade.

“Two [black] juveniles were charged on Thursday, February 15, 2024, by the Office of the Juvenile Officer related to the incident at the Chiefs’ rally on February 14, 2024,” the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri said on Friday.

One woman was killed and 22 others were injured. At least 11 children were injured.

TMZ obtained video of the two minor teens who got into a heated exchange before shooting up the Kansas City Chiefs parade.

Video via TMZ:

Read full article.

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Dem Senate Candidate And Gun Control Advocate Has Shelled Out Thousands For His Own Private Security

Democratic Rep. Colin Allred of Texas, who is challenging Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in 2024, has given thousands to a private armed security company despite his history of supporting gun control.

The Senate candidate is a vocal critic of the Second Amendment, supports firearm regulation and has backed anti-police measures in Congress. Allred’s campaigns have disbursed thousands to Eagle Protective Group, which offers private armed security, as well as hundreds more to individuals who appear to be police officers for security, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data.

In 2023, Allred’s Senate campaign doled out over $2,500 to the private armed security company, according to FEC filings. Another $900 was given to Daniel Ramirez, Jorge Cardenas and Beatriz Diaz, all of whom appear to be deputy constables for the county of El Paso.

Allred’s congressional campaign has given $14,496.89 to Eagle Protective Group since its 2018 launch, FEC data shows. The campaign also paid a combined $2,040 for “event security” to two other individuals.

Despite his payments to the private armed security company and to individuals who appear to be police officers, Allred has voiced opposition to the right to bear arms, voted for various forms of gun control and against provisions to support law enforcement.

In 2018, the Democrat said it would’ve been “better” if the Second Amendment “hadn’t been written.” Allred has also been critical of the National Rifle Association (NRA), to which over 400,000 Texas belong.

Allred supported the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order of 2021, a red flag gun law, and voted for the failed Assault Weapons Ban of 2022. The congressman opposed a provision that would’ve made it easier for victims of domestic violence to purchase a firearm.

The congressman also opposed a 2020 measure that would’ve required Washington, D.C., to provide “adequate and continued funding” to the police as the city saw a surge in crime. The congressman voted against condemning the Defund the Police movement in 2021.

Cruz is one of the most vulnerable incumbent Senate Republicans running for reelection in 2024. His seat is currently characterized by The Cook Political Report as in the “Lean R” column along with Florida Sen. Rick Scott.

A National Public Affairs survey released on Feb. 9 found Cruz and Allred tied at 44%, with 12% of Texas general election voters remaining undecided. Other polling for a potential matchup indicates Cruz is largely favored to retain the seat, with the Republican leading Allred anywhere from one to 16 points, according to FiveThirtyEight’s compilation.

Texas went for former President Donald Trump in both 2020 and 2016. The former president is likely to be on the ballot in November against President Joe Biden, who the RealClearPolitics average shows Trump is beating by nearly nine points in the Lone Star State.

Allred’s campaign did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





Democrat Running Against Ted Cruz Bankrolled By Donors Who Want To Defund The Police

Joe Manchin Reveals Whether He Will Run For President

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Whistleblowers Allege ATF Is Drafting Rule That Could Effectively Ban Private Firearm Sales

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is working on a rule that could effectively ban the sale of firearms between private individuals, agency whistleblowers told a watchdog group.

Empower Oversight, a nonpartisan watchdog representing one of the Hunter Biden Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers, says that ATF whistleblowers informed it of a 1,300-page document being drafted by the agency that would require background checks for all firearm sales, including those between two private individuals. The new rule would “effectively ban private sales of firearms from one citizen to another,” according to a press release from Empower Oversight.

Empower Oversight submitted a records request to the Department of Justice seeking more information about the rule.

The rule would “violate the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,” according to Empower Oversight President Tristan Leavitt. Leavitt also said the rule would “circumvent the separation of powers in the Constitution.”

Empower Oversight points out that the ATF’s rule could redefine individuals who occasionally sell guns as being “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms,” thus requiring them to acquire a Federal Firearms Licensee and run background checks on whoever they’re selling to.

In the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986, Congress established that the term “engaged in the business” of selling guns “shall not include a person who makes occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby.”

Leavitt pointed out that the courts would likely strike down the rule and argued that it is likely a ploy to fire up the Democratic base during an election year.

Private background checks are popular with voters, according to polling data.

A poll conducted by Morning Consult and Politico in 2022 found that 81% of registered voters supported background checks at gun shows and for private transfers.

Support for background checks is lower among Republicans than among Democrats. A 2021 Morning Consult and Politico poll found that 77% of Democrats supported background checks for all gun purchases, compared to just 53% of Republicans.

While Americans are open to background checks, banning certain kinds of firearms is unpopular among Americans.

Only 27% of Americans supported banning handgun ownership as of October 2023, according to Gallup. An April 2023 poll conducted by Monmouth University found that more Americans opposed an “assault weapons” ban than supported it.

The Biden administration has consistently pushed for stricter gun laws.

President Joe Biden pushed a rule that forced people who owned pistols with arm braces to register them as short-barreled rifles, Politico reported. Pistol braces remain legal as states and gun rights groups sue the ATF over the rule.

Registering a short-barreled rifle with the ATF carries a cost of $200. The National Firearms Act, the law requiring the registration of short-barreled rifles, was last updated in 1986.

Short-barreled rifles are illegal in some states.

Biden also banned the sale of firearm parts lacking serial numbers, which can be used to construct “ghost guns,” and has continuously pushed for a so-called assault weapons ban, according to Fox News Digital.

Some gun rights groups are ready to fight the ATF’s rule should it come to fruition.

“The records of these sales will eventually end up in the ATF’s firearm registry database,” director of federal affairs for Gun Owners of America (GOA) Aidan Johnston told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The ATF maintains a registry of firearms sales, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Johnston said GOA is “actively preparing to take legal action if and when Joe Biden’s administration releases their rule change.”

Empower Oversight and the ATF did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.





Federal Court Strikes Down Pennsylvania Law That Hamstrung Young Gun Owners

EXCLUSIVE: Nearly 75 House Republicans Demand Mike Johnson Oppose Reauthorization Of Gun Control Law

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Dem-Backed Bill Would Force Gun Owners To Buy ‘Liability’ Insurance In Washington State

Legislation pending in the Washington state legislature would force gun owners to purchase insurance.

Democratic State Sens. Patty Kuderer and Javier Valdez of Washington introduced SB5963, which would force insurance companies to ask prospective customers if they own firearms, and to then advise them of the state requirement to own liability insurance, according to the text of the legislation. The legislation did not specify any penalties for those who do not have insurance, nor does it require any specific level of coverage.

“By setting this requirement, Washington attempts to reduce the risk and subsequent cost of hardships of gun accidents,” Kuderer claimed during testimony on the legislation at a Monday hearing of the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee, according to local newspaper The Olympian. “This bill achieves these goals and reallocates costs without compromising any Second Amendment rights. This is true because this requirement does not regulate, limit or control the manner or method in which people may keep or bear arms. Instead, it simply says you must have liability insurance.”

Kuderer claimed during her remarks that deaths and injuries from firearms cost Washington state $169 million a year during her remarks, saying the bill “provides financial incentive for responsible arms carrying.”

A similar proposal was passed by the city of San Jose, California in 2022, while Los Angeles County enacted a similar requirement in February 2023 after a mass shooting. Democrats in the United States House of Representatives proposed a similar bill in 2013 following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, but it did not become law.

Yakima County Commissioner Amanda McKinney ripped the legislation, calling it an attack on Second Amendment rights.

“This is yet one more way that Olympia has seen fit to put a cost at simply existing,” McKinney told The Olympian. “And in this case, putting a cost to exercise their constitutional right to simply protect themselves.”

The legislation is scheduled for a vote Tuesday. If passed, the full Washington state House of Representatives will take the bill up for consideration, according to The Olympian.

“The NRA strongly opposes Senate Bill 5963, misguided legislation that unfairly burdens law-abiding gun owners with unnecessary insurance mandates,” NRA Washington Director Aoibheann Cline told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “This bill not only infringes on Second Amendment rights but also exacerbates housing affordability issues, potentially making home ownership unattainable for many.”

SB 5963 fails to address crime and broadly impacts all gun owners, including those ineligible for the required policies. It’s an intrusive measure that risks increasing insurance costs and disproportionately affects low and middle-class gun owners,” Cline added. “The NRA stands with gun owners in rejecting this bill and urges strong opposition to protect our constitutional rights.”

Kuderer did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.




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Pentagon’s Special Ops Office Holds Book Talk On ‘Far-Right’ Domestic Terrorism

  • A Department of Defense office overseeing special operations invited two terrorism experts to discuss their new book on far-right terrorism in the U.S., screenshots obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show.
  • The invitation appeared to go out via email to “all” staff of SO/LIC, the acronym for the Pentagon’s office overseeing special operations and irregular warfare.
  • “Serious acts of terrorism have erupted from violent American far-right extremists in recent years, including the 2015 mass murder at a historic Black church in Charleston and the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol,” the book’s synopsis, which was also included in the email, reads.

A Department of Defense (DOD) office invited two experts to discuss their new book on far-right terrorism in the U.S. as part of a new series featuring guest speakers, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The invitation appeared to go out via email to “all” staff of SO/LIC, the acronym for the Pentagon’s office overseeing special operations and irregular warfare, according to screenshots obtained exclusively by the DCNF. Bruce Hoffman, a professor at Georgetown University and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Jacob Ware, a research fellow at CFR, were scheduled Tuesday to present their book, which traces right-wing domestic terrorism through U.S history, including the Ku Klux Klan and groups involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots seeking to reverse the 2020 election. 

“Reminder to please join us at 1200 tomorrow morning via Teams (link below) for this virtual brown bag book talk event — renowned terrorism scholars Dr. Bruce Hoffman and Jacob Ware. Their new book, God, Guns, and Sedition: Far-Right Terrorism in America was released earlier this month,” the invitation, dated Jan. 29 at 9:51 a.m., reads.

“This is the first of what we hope will be a series of brown bag events featuring internal and external speakers,” it said, and was signed by the “FO Team.”

The reminder included a brief description of the book and links to the author’s biographies in documents on the internal office drive.

“Serious acts of terrorism have erupted from violent American far-right extremists in recent years, including the 2015 mass murder at a historic Black church in Charleston and the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol,” the book synopsis, which was also included in the email, read.

“They are the latest flashpoints in a process that has been unfolding for decades, in which vast conspiracy theories and radical ideologies such as white supremacism, racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, and hostility to government converge into a deadly threat to democracy,” it said. “This talk, derived from the speakers’ new book, God, Guns, and Sedition (Columbia Univ. Press) discusses the rise of far-right terrorism in the United States, the impact of U.S. domestic terrorism on our foreign policy and our allies, and policy recommendations to counter far-right terrorism.”

The email did not explain why domestic terrorism, a problem outside of the DOD’s purview, was selected as the topic for the first book talk or who approved it. The DOD didn’t respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

Hoffman and Ware have engaged in presentations and other media to promote their recent release, according to a DCNF review.

The Pentagon initiated a stand-down after the Jan. 6 riots and ordered a review of extremism present within the ranks of U.S. military personnel. Fewer than 100 service members were identified as having participated in extremist activities, but the Pentagon’s focus on right-wing views may have worsened a polarization problem.

Despite two years of work, the Pentagon failed to understand domestic extremism and may have inflated the issue, to the possible detriment of cohesion within the ranks, according to a DOD-funded study released in December.

“God, Guns and Terrorism” opens with a description of an anti-government group in 2020 advocating for the overthrow of the U.S. government, spurred by former President Donald Trump’s social media incitement, a sample of the book on shows. It then describes the “accelerationist” ideology, which the authors say motivates many right-wing anti-government groups, as a “white power strategy to foment violence and chaos as a means to seize power.”

The two recently co-authored an editorial arguing that far-right threats of violence in support of the MAGA agenda is splintering the Republican party. GOP support for Trump could inspire a repeat of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, they said.

“The violent far-right extremist movement is neither loyal to the GOP nor concerned about protecting its own candidates or elected officials. It is an anti-government underground fueled by election denialism and driven by the worst authoritarian impulses,” they wrote.

Ware and Hoffman didn’t respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.



Investigative reporter, defense.

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Personal Self-Defense with Rabbi Cary Kozberg on DISSENT Television

Rabbi Cary Kozberg has served as a pulpit rabbi, campus rabbi, and long-term care chaplain.

Rabbi Kozberg is a Certified Healthcare Chaplain with the National Association of Jewish Chaplains.

Rabbi Kozberg has been interested in personal self-defense for over four decades and has extensive training in the use of small firearms.

He recently completed the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy’s handgun qualification test with a perfect score.

Please watch our wide ranging discussion with Rabbi Kozberg on why Jews and Americans must arm themselves, now more the ever, to protect our families, neighborhoods, community and Constitutional Republic.

©2024. DISSENT Television with host Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Code 20 Explained

The distribution of this information is protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. You have a First Amendment right to read and share this, or to not read it.


We are in troubling times that may be moving towards a violent conflict. President Trump was robbed of his 2020 re-election; the Communist Biden/Harris/Obama cabal are working to enslave us; both Islam (Islam is an ideology, not a race) and Communism are mortal existential threats along with the People’s Republic of China. The Deep State is real. They’re accountable to NOBODY and they’re hellbent on ERASING your rights and enslaving you.

We Americans have been so tolerant that we tolerate those who will not tolerate us! This must end.

OATH: At one time or another, most of us have sworn a sacred oath that included language to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Protecting that Constitution is our main mission. The Democratic Communist Socialist Party (DCSP) government have forsaken that oath – have opted to be traitors. All traitors should face the harshest of mortal consequences for being turncoats.

CODE 20: A decorated former Marine Corps battle planner coined this idea. He fought in Vietnam where Marines successfully used special team tactics against the Communists. He coined CODE 20 as a modern movement to take on anti-Americans in government, in society, in our nation who hate you, your First Amendment guaranteed free speech rights, and the guarantor of free speech, the Second Amendment.

The “CODE 20” refers to a desired number of active patriotic activists in a Zip Code. A CODE 20 does not mean that a group must have exactly 20-members. A group can have as little as three or more than 50 members.

We are a secret society. Large secret societies are NOT secret because, in America, the haters of liberty and freedom will infiltrate such a secret society, plant agents’ provocateur to lure members into doing things that are unwise or illegal so that they (the FBI, DOJ, etc.) can jail them. That’s what happened on January 6, 2021.

CODE 20 are stand-alone operations, unattached to any entity.

The haters are determined to make our great America into a third world banana republic ruled by corrupt criminal racketeers and politicians and those who fund and support them. They pulled the rug out from under more than 75-million American voters in 2020. This cannot be tolerated. We know who our enemies are. [The 2020 election hijacking was perpetrated on we-the-American-people by criminals.]. [To quote Biden: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization.”] Of the more than 75,000,000 Trump voters are many Democrats and 40+% are minority voters (anti-Trump Republicans and RINOS voted for Biden).

CODE 20 does not have a traditional Command and Control structure. It would be too easy for our enemies, the freedom hating corrupt criminals (the swamp) in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere, and their instruments of terror to identify and take action against us. By being small independent groups focused on legitimate pro-American goals and objectives of our own choosing we can remain anonymous and be incredibly effective and influential.

From Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida and in the territories, there are thousands of zip codes. Within a given zip code, teams of about twenty+- patriots (thus, CODE-20) can self-organize to form powerful independent cells or several cells in highly populated zip codes. Independent cells can act against evil and corrupt politicians, Communists, the lying information media (the Main Stream Pravda), social media oligarchs such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, corrupt civil servants, groups, companies, even so-called religious groups (such as Islam), unions, and much more.

CODE 20’s are powerful, determined, skilled, imaginative and capable activists of all stripes united to defeat the enemies of the American Republic. Strong, smart, tough men and women built this nation and strong, smart, tough women and men will preserve it. We are mostly very nice people – but we must be just as un-nice when necessary.

Patriots in America are under attack:

Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning: Our Country Is ‘Changing Faster Than It Ever Has, But Not Through Democratic Means’

Our First Amendment (dreaded by tyrants) rights of free speech and assembly are under attack; and our rights to own and bear arms are under attack. Social media Haters are blocking us so that we cannot freely talk to one-another. We are overcoming this.

Action can take many forms such as attending public meetings and calling out corruption in venues such as school boards and teacher unions, neighborhoods, city (planning commission, city council), county, and even statewide entities. We can learn how to effectively approach and influence political leaders:

Here’s another one,

We absolutely must, take both conventional and unconventional steps to preserve and protect our fragile Republic. One very important thing is to get going now to be INFLUENCERS and activists. Become election poll workers and volunteers to make certain that vote tallying is not messed with. Get rid of tallying machines built and/or controlled by outsiders. We must participate as workers and observers to ensure that every legal ballot is counted – once; that no phony ballots sneak into the counting process in the dark of night; that vote counting machines are not doctored so as to cancel votes or switch votes. Ideally, all foreign made machines should be scrapped – tossed out. Use ballots that we certify and manually count or visible hard ballots, either paper or punch cards that can be verified by individual voters or truly non-partisan monitors throughout the process. Everything must be tabulated in an open, transparent process (no black boxes) that does not employ any computerized gadgetry vulnerable to hacking or manipulation.

Our voting/tabulating machines must be:

  • American made.
  • Transparent – Visible.
  • Stand alone with no external wires or power supply cords.
  • Battery powered.
  • Tempest protected.
  • Shielded from the full spectrum of RF interference.
  • Tamper proof.

Everybody with functioning brain cells must rain again and again on any and all officials involved in any way and every way to get the above done, to restore viability, integrity, efficiency, TRUST. This must be done before the next national elections take place.

Influencers gather contact information on officials and leaders in their community such as Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, politicians, church and community leaders, etc., and send information that these officials may not otherwise receive; about crooked officials, about enemy ideologies such as the Marxists, the Communists, Moslem Brotherhood, Antifa, BLM, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, anarchists etc. Influencers can do it anonymously or put their name on what you send. Sending by postal mail is most effective. You can use latex gloves to keep your fingerprints from papers and envelopes that you don’t lick.

Public activism is good. Peaceful activism is good. There may be times where less peaceful means may be useful to protect ourselves, to get appropriate attention and action. Patriots stand up for America and do it in a way that commands respect, or even causes great fear among enemies; taken to disable or to cause physical damage, or even something more extreme. We cannot officially condone any deadly actions by a CODE 20 group, team, or individual. Neither will we condemn such actions if carried out in the spirit of protecting our Republic, our Constitution, our culture. This is why this is a self-managed but awesomely powerful movement that the haters of our country cannot use to identify other CODE 20 groups, etc.

CODE 20 will be the STORM!

Most of us may from time to time feel a need for a guideline or set of procedures to help us. Self-education or self-training is essential along with self-governance, and one such tool that has been used successfully by domestic terrorists is the book by Saul Alinsky titled: RULES FOR RADICALS. This is available by special order in bookstores like BARNES and NOBLE, etc., along with other guidelines that can actually be used to help and protect you as you destroy the haters. While it is a tool of the haters there is much valuable information that you can use in your CODE 20 groups.

Being a meaningful or effective political activist is not for the faint of heart: We are warriors, not necessarily combatants, but activists in bringing the haters down. Each CODE 20 group needs all types of people: writers, public speakers, researchers & investigators, fundraisers, computer geeks, logicians, attorneys, performers, everything, and, yes, militant people willing and capable of getting physical if or when necessary. Carrying out acts overtly as well as covertly need to be carefully managed to protect ourselves and team members. We make bad government quake in fear!


Within days of BiDung being installed in your White House, some haters called for interning All Republicans/Conservatives (you and I) in camps. Some haterts have openly called for the extermination of Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, etc. One Main Stream Ptalking head suggested using killer drones to hunt us down and to kill us. They can get away with declaring or supporting such on TV, MSN outlets, social media, etc. if we let them. When they do, we can sit on our backsides, contact the FBI and file a whiny complaint about being threatened; or track them down and cause them to seriously regret threatening us. Some Patriots are reciprocating, calling for the extermination of liberals. All is fair in war. Disable their cars, fires, whatever! Scare their families like they are doing to us.

We have a moral and ethical right to discuss or even apply vigilantism when our government, our federal, state, county, city and local courts and law enforcement refuse or are unable to serve we-the-people. When our civil and legal rights are breached, we rightfully lose confidence in a system that is presently increasingly hostile to every day citizens. (example: The January 6 mistreatment of many innocent demonstrators at the U.S. capitol).

According to the dictionary, being a full fledged vigilante involves becoming armed and possibly using weapons to enforce laws and deal with criminals. For the purpose of the CODE 20 movement, we can consider being a vigilant MILITIA going after and working to influence, punish, or otherwise deal harshly with delinquent or hateful officials and authorities with letter writing campaigns, contacting news media and publishing stories, using phones, the internet, posters, and more, etc., including organizing uprisings.

Possible militia actions: demonstrations, boycotts, vandalize the haters’ property, damage Communist Chinese (mainland, not Taiwan) goods in stores (just damaged packages can cause a product to be gotten rid of). Don’t buy or consume anything from Islamist or Communist countries from hater supporters such as COSTCO, Starbucks, Amazon, Target, etc. Raise hell about your tax dollars being sent abroad to fund terrorists determined to eliminate us (Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Communist China, etc.).

Finding good quality candidates that can run in local elections, where often the turnout is less than 10% isn’t hard . . . but it is vital. We need good guys on planning commissions, school boards, community boards, city councils, everywhere.

In the 2022 elections note that the Democratic movement had thousands of local and national Political Action Committees to raise billions of dollars to fund their operations and candidates. They did well.

Each CODE 20 group can/should establish one or more Political Action Committee/s (PACs) to raise funds both for operations and fund/support political and related programs in support of winning elections. Make up a list of targets and needs. List them in priority order, take action. Apply every tactic to the haters that they use against you. Do it! Attack everything they treasure. Discourage them. Frighten them. More.

We can start identifying haters, Communist/Marxist, and Sharia compliant Islamic Jihadi operatives and enterprises at the local level. Disrupt them in any and every way possible. Expose them for what they are in the local community. Nearly every city has one or more Democratic party headquarters. Ruin them, and when they repair, mess them up again. The same with Moslem Forward Operating Bases (FOB), i.e. Mosques, Madrassas, Islamic centers, etc. They’ve been doing it to us. Reciprocate…..

Political Islam (the Moslem Brotherhood, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Moslem Student Unions, etc.) are mortal existential enemies of the American Republic, of moral, ethical civilization. Never forget this and know that they may come after you, I, and every decent citizen in our nation. Islamic entities are very subtle at times but they are a major part and parcel of our enemies. They have Mosques (Forward Operating Bases), Madrassas (Islamic schools), stores, and many other tools working against us. At every opportunity damage their signs, property, etc. When they have their month of fasting or other holidays, set up bar-b-q grills (with “CODE-20 MILITIA” signs and posters) nearby and cook pork. It will drive them nuts. On every 9/11 anniversary drive by their Mosques at prayer time and make noise using horns, sirens, fireworks, etc.

Note that just about every mosque has a secret armory (hidden) stocked with weapons, poisons, explosives, and chemicals, etc. The armory is often called a RABAT, and if not hidden in the Mosque itself, it is nearby and is where they plot and prepare against us and even commit honor murdering (no longer in the news because they took this practice underground to avoid unpleasant publicity) of their rebellious women and girls, and others who greatly displease them.

Moslems are active participants with the BLM movement, Antifa, and other anarchist movements. They are to be exposed, opposed, and obstructed at every opportunity. Work to get Moslem Student Unions expelled from high schools, colleges, universities.

Keep track of their local activities. Learn when they buy property and start planning to build a mosque or other facility. They lie to Planning Commissions. Go and call them (and their supporters and fellow travelers, such as Interfaith groups) out. Explain to decision makers that trash will accumulate in streets, sewage lines can become overwhelmed, traffic congestion will occur, that they will park illegally, that Mosques are places where criminal plans are formed, weapons are stashed; they will build minarets and blast out (at over 200db) their five-times daily calls to prayer, and more. We can make it work in our favor. I was a leader in a small city where we blocked/cancelled a proposed 44,000 square foot mega-mosque. I have advised others in how to mess successfully with mosque projects. Do all that you can to make their lives miserable.

Venturing into places like the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is taking a step into ENEMY TERRITORY. Be careful.

Here is a place where one can find a Congressional friends and foes list: From this you can identify your Communist, Moslem, Democrat, Socialist, RINO, and swamp dwelling haters and also decent leaders as regards who support liberty during contested elections. Find the names of enemy congress people and senators near you. Get their local office addresses and go there with a handful of fingerprint free notices to hang on car windows in their parking lots where you can hang something like: ATTENTION, personal vehicles in this area are subject to being damaged because you share parking spaces with (for example – Congressman Schiff). Do it a couple of times per year and that staff will find themselves harassed and even afraid – a successful militia/guerilla activity. This tactic can be used against enemies of the Republic at county, city, and other levels.

Use your many skills, talents, abilities, and imagination to devise whatever will work. Support that which is good.

Protect your identity. Use cryptonyms (pseudonyms) within your CODE 20 group so that you cannot be outed using your real name. Nobody should maintain a list of real names together with their cryptonyms. If the FBI/enemy captured it the whole group would be compromised. You could in some instances use a Democratic politician’s surname when going to public political meetings, etc. to challenge the haters.

Don’t trust DHS, the BATF, IRS, FBI or DOJ, etc. They are underhanded and badly compromised. As the world we once knew is increasingly hostile to citizens and patriots who care, be wary.

The Democrats, political Islam, Antifa, and BLM thugs and anarchists are the equivalent of Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs and they may even get information fed to them by traitorous elements within the government. Remember always that the FBI, DOJ, and others are colluding with and protecting traitors such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barak Hussein Obama, John Kerry, Kamal-a Harris, the Joe Biden crime syndicate, Eric Swalwell, etc.

Use only cash or untraceable gift cards for purchases in connection with your CODE 20 activities.

Get armed up. Learn and apply gun safety. Learn how to stash your guns & ammo away from intrusive cops and ground penetrating radar (Obama put down looking radar in a chopper in every county). Check this out: Guns, Gun confiscation, Gun Control, Gun Politics and Ammo & Guns: Protect Them. Ghost guns are not illegal.

Make copies of this and hand distribute them in your community, within your zip code, in neighboring zip codes. Email this to others, post it on social media, make copies and mail them; blast it all over the country.

SECURITY: We have many enemies. Beware of imposters. Meet with your members in person, never repeating regularly at the same location. Do not communicate electronically (email, messenger, phone, zoom, etc. unless encrypted). Letter (snail) mail is an incredible tool. You can go to this site and download a PDF on Insurrection

“Good Germans” in Hitler’s Germany did nothing to offend the regime. Neither did they do anything to protect or to save decent, innocent people from extermination. Know where you stand.

A good read written by General Mike Flynn:

To gain an insight into what seems to be coming our (your) way (and to get some points on how to proceed as mayhem sets in):

God Bless!

©2024. Jim Horn. All rights reserved.

‘Before all hell breaks loose’

It’s time for American Jews to put their scruples aside and learn the responsible use of firearms.

As I write this, Israel continues to mourn its deaths and fight its enemies. At the same time, the full extent of Hamas’s savagery has been revealed.

Some of the world supports and empathizes with Israel, but much of it continues to demonize Israel and all Jews. Meanwhile, the so-called “social justice warriors”— both Jewish and non-Jewish – are rightfully being chastised for their unfathomable moral obtuseness.

Recently, the president of a Detroit synagogue was murdered, possibly by a “lone wolf” Muslim terrorist. Violent anti-Israel protests have taken place in Brooklyn and Rhode Island. Muslim children in Philadelphia are chanting, “We will chop off their heads!” Absurdly, the White House press secretary’s answer to a question about rising antisemitism mainly focused on the safety of Muslims.

Clearly, Jews have been put on notice. We are experiencing what the Passover Haggadah warned us of: In every generation, there are those who seek our destruction.

The question is: How will this generation respond? Of course, it will respond with official outrage, sermons from the pulpit, letters to legislators, vigils, rallies, renewed calls for educational programs and dialogue with our foes.

But there is one way to respond that American Jews have avoided. They should avoid it no longer.

The time has come for American Jews to learn and become proficient in the defensive use of firearms.

For 2,000 years, armed resistance against antisemitic violence was not possible. Jews responded to it mostly by calling upon God to redeem them. But at the same time, they believed that their suffering was the consequence of their own covenantal unfaithfulness.

With the birth of modern Zionism, this changed. Zionism advocated replacing the mindset of passive victimhood with pro-active, optimistic self-redemption.

Given the violent Jew hatred of the time, Jews learned that self-redemption included the need to learn self-defense. After almost two millennia, there was a renewed focus on the Talmudic dictum, “When someone comes to kill you, rise up to kill him first.”The world once again saw the phenomenon of “the armed Jew.” This Jew understood that, in a world seeking to annihilate him, self-determination meant the necessary, albeit regrettable, use of weapons.

Today, self-defense is virtually tattooed on to Israel’s psyche, a sine qua non of its survival. This concept of Jewishself-defense was gloriously realized in 1967. It inspired the slogan “Never Again” and has been invoked often over the past 75 years, especially during recent events. Following the 1973 Yom Kippur War, singer/author Kinky Friedman composed a song with the unforgettable refrain: “They ain’t a-makin’ Jews like Jesus anymore/We don’t turn the other cheek the way we done before.”

Yet many American Jews who shep naches at the sight of Jews with guns in Israel have been the very people who believe that Jews “packing heat” in synagogue is anathema.

What accounts for this disconnect? Why is a community that honors the warrior King David and prays for the arrival of his descendant, the Messiah, crippled by an acute case of hoplophobia (fear of weapons)? Why do Jews who celebrate Hannukah, commemorating an armed rebellion that ensured the survival of Judaism, have attitudes about the use of force that are so at odds with those of the Maccabees?

One explanation is that American Jews do not see guns as tools for self-preservation but as a source of goyishe naches (what makes gentiles happy) or an a priori evil. Perhaps these are vestiges of a “morally virtuous” Diaspora victim mindset.

Another explanation is politics. Most American Jews still vote “left of center” and many if not most have assimilated the left’s attitudes about guns and gun ownership.

Perhaps both explanations are accurate.

But if the synagogue attacks in Pittsburgh, Poway and Colleyville and the violence against individual Jews in northeastern cities didn’t change their minds, surely the events of the past couple of weeks—and what may yet occur in this country—should be the “wake up call” for American Jews. The time has come to abandon the “virtue” of noble victimhood and join our Israeli brothers and sisters in embracing the lesson that when someone comes to kill you, kill him first.

Fortunately, many American Jews are doing just that. The scales have fallen from their eyes since Oct. 7. They believed their goodhearted friends and all goodhearted people would naturally side with Israel. They now feel betrayed by many of those “friends” who have embraced “moral equivalence” or deafening silence. Jews who had been adamantly “anti-gun” are now realizing that “hope and good will” is not a plan. They are beginning to understand that learning how to protect themselves with force is necessary, if regrettable.

In cities all over the country, Jews are purchasing firearms and learning how to use them responsibly. In the Jewish communities of Chicago and Los Angeles, there are long-standing organizations that not only work with law enforcement to provide security for Jewish institutions, but also train individual Jews in situational awareness and responsible firearm use. In other cities, Jews have formed “gun clubs,” emphasizing self-defense as a mitzvah. One organization made up largely of Orthodox Jews is known as “Group 1441,” taking its name from Psalm 144:1: “Blessed is the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for war.”

Nonetheless, encouraging responsible firearm training remains a “hard sell” in American Jewish institutions. Focusing on the protection offered by law enforcement, rabbis and lay leaders remain doubtful and skittish about laypeople bringing guns into their venues. They are clearly wrong. Given what we are witnessing daily, Jewish communal organizations must concentrate on ways to help individual Jews become more proactive in protecting themselves.

Jewish institutions, synagogues and Jewish federations need to provide programs and classes on basic self-defense to their constituents, including situational awareness, martial arts, “stop-the- bleed” and firearms training classes. Taking a cue from the rabbinic dictum that children should be taught how to swim lest they drown, the time has come for Jewish schools to make it possible for their older students to learn defensive gun use so they don’t “drown.”

In another song, Kinky Friedman sings: “Now it’s time for the chosen ones to choose/Before all hell breaks loose.”

Israelis have made their choice. What will we in the Diaspora choose “before all hell breaks loose”?

This column originally appeared in the Jewish News Syndicate.

©2024. Rabbi Cary Kozberg. All rights reserved.

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Learning to Shoot and Not Drown

In the Talmud, Tractate Kiddushin (29a), we learn: “The father is bound in respect of his son to circumcise, redeem (if the son is a first-born), teach him Torah, marry him off, and teach him a craft. There are those who say: to also teach him to swim. Why “teach him to swim”? The commentator Rashi explains that this is in case he is ever on a ship that is sinking, he will be in less danger of drowning.

As a parent and grandparent, I’m certainly in the company of “those who say”. But in light of the violence targeting Jews in Europe and now here in the States, as well as the continuing tirades against Jews spewed by radicals on both sides of the political and religious spectrums, I am also in the company of “those who say” that the responsibility to teach survival skills to our children should be expanded. I would amend the text to read: “And some say to also teach a child both armed and unarmed self-defense skills.” The accompanying commentary would read: “to also teach a child both armed and unarmed self-defense skills. Lest he/she be in a place where his/her life is suddenly in mortal danger from a violent person. With this in mind, our Sages have taught: ‘if someone comes to kill you, kill him first’ (Sanhedrin 72a).”

Over 28,000 deaths and myriads of wounded due to wars and ongoing terrorist attacks have taught the citizens of Israel the tragic truth of this lesson. Decades before the State was founded, Jews living in Eretz Yisrael realized that self-defense was a sine qua non to their existence. After the State was founded, this affirmation was fueled by the memory of the ashes of Auschwitz, which were still warm in 1948. Through the years, Holocaust awareness created the slogan “Never Again”—now part of contemporary Jewish jargon. But for Israeli Jews, it’s not just a slogan. Rather, it is the existential “equal” sign in the equation “self-defense=existence”. Without ambivalence, they know: if we don’t fight back, we die.

But despite the lessons Israel’s experience should have taught us, “ambivalence” aptly describes how much of the American Jewish Community still feels about Jews fighting back against those who wish to harm us. With a 13% increase in violent anti-Semitic incidents worldwide and 100 of these in the US alone (including 13 American Jews dead so far this year), American Jews may be united in declaring “never again”, but we are far from united in how to insure that those words remain a certainty. Indeed, the American Jews who nod in approval upon seeing young Israelis shlepping rifles around the streets of Jerusalem even when dressed in civilian clothes are often the very same Jews who recoil from the very idea of American Jews “packing heat”, especially in synagogue.

What accounts for this “disconnect”? Why does learning to protect ourselves from our enemies cause such unease in a community that honors the warrior king David and prays for the messianic coming of his descendant? How is it that Jews who annually celebrate Hannukah, commemorating an armed rebellion that insured the survival of Judaism, have attitudes so at odds with those of that rebellion’s leader–the priest Mattathias– who chided his fellow Jews that they must fight to defend themselves, even on the Sabbath? How is it that we reverently recall the heroism of the Warsaw Ghetto defenders on Holocaust Remembrance Day, yet can opine that today’s Nazi-imitating attackers are not evil, but merely maladjusted or ignorant? And why do we believe that our heart-felt pronouncements of “love trumps hate”—expressed most recently this past Yom Hashoa and in the aftermath of Pittsburgh and Poway– will alone protect us?

This last question is part of the problem itself. It was once said that the Holocaust was supposed to end Jew-hatred. Seven decades later, it has not disappeared, but has morphed into new virulent forms. Public statements, op-ed pieces, and interfaith vigils are all well-meaning and necessary. But they are clearly not enough.

Another reason for this “disconnect” is how American Jews generally view guns: that they are a priori evil. Despite the opinion of experts that signs prohibiting guns make worship venues more vulnerable to shooters who look for soft targets, these Jews prefer that synagogues still post such signs,. There are also those who may not view guns as evil per se, but still see them as an example of what was once called “goyishe naches”– things that only gentiles enjoy. And for Jews who lean left politically (as so many do), these attitudes are strengthened when guns are associated with political attitudes that they hold as anathema.

It often follows then that, should the community need the protection of armed security, it is better to leave it exclusively to “the professionals”. Rather than promote self-defense in our own ranks like our Israeli brethren, the conventional wisdom is: better to leave it to mercenaries (!) so we don’t get our own hands shmutzik (dirty).

But, invoking again the phrase “there are others who say”: without a robust approach to self-protection to supplement educational and diplomatic efforts, sentiments of goodwill toward others will ultimately be just bromides.

Think of fire safety. No one disagrees that knowledge of fire safety and fire prevention is a necessity even though statistically, fires rarely occur. But should a fire suddenly break out, knowledge of prevention is no longer the point: it won’t prevent the fire itself from spreading. Between the time the fire department is called and the time it arrives, the fire will need to be contained by “non-professionals” in whatever ways available. In such emergencies (think Pittsburgh and Poway), the persons who are present need to know how to effectively respond. The first responders may be minutes away, but it’s the seconds that count.

Those who advocate that synagogue security be left exclusively to “the professionals” forget that the professionals are not superheroes– just humans like the rest of us. Every law enforcement officer who carries a firearm had to be trained and is required to maintain competence with that firearm. It is part of their “continuing education”. Why should competence with firearms not be part of our Jewish “continuing education”, if only because it is immoral to expect others to risk their lives for our safety, if we are not prepared to take any risk at all?

But there is another compelling reason why wherever it is legally possible, Jews should learn responsible firearms use. Why does the Talmud teach “if someone comes to kill you, kill him first”? Because our lives are sacred. We are their stewards, and therefore have a responsibility to their Owner to protect them. The commandment hee-shamair l’kha u’shmor et nafsh’kha/take utmost care and guard yourselves (Deut. 4:9) makes use of a firearm in self-defense or in defense of others indeed a sacred act. Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein understood this—which is why he made sure a gun and a responsible person were ready…just in case. How many more lives would have been lost had that not been the case?

However, more Jews are coming around to this way of thinking. Individuals are seeking proper training and groups like Guns n’Moses, Glocks and Bagels, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership can be found on social media. Resonating with the biblical teaching “a living dog is better than a dead lion” (Ecclesiastes 9:4), these Jews believe that living their lives is better than others delivering eulogies about their lives.

In the Book of Exodus, the Israelites find themselves between Pharaoh’s chariots and the sea. They cry to Moses that it would have been better to remain slaves than to die, as they believe they will. Moses responds by telling them to stand by and watch G-d’s deliverance. G-d responds: “Why do you cry out to Me? Tell the Israelites to go forward!”

It is a good bet that we will not experience the sort of dramatic rescue our ancestors experienced. But like them, a question and a risk confronts us: will we Jews in the Diaspora stand by and wait, or will we jump in? Will we avoid the water and possibly let others drown us? Or will we move forward?

Kinky Friedman once observed, “it’s time for the chosen ones to choose”. Our Israeli brothers and sisters have made their choice. How will we in the Diaspora choose?

This column originally appeared in The Times of Israel.

©2024. Rabbi Cary Kozberg. All rights reserved.

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FBI Gun Background Check Database Contains Nearly 14 Million Entries For Illegal Immigrants

UPDATE: FBI: Illegal Aliens Tried Nearly 48,000 Times to Purchase Firearms Over Past 25 Years.

The FBI possesses over 13.9 million records tied to illegal aliens in a database used to run background checks on individuals seeking to purchase firearms, the bureau told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The FBI maintains what is known as the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which is a database of records of individuals who are disqualified from purchasing a firearm. As of October 31, there were 13,925,469 records in NICS Indices of illegal/unlawful aliens, the bureau told the DCNF.

The more than 13.9 million indices involving illegal aliens in the NICS database represent unique prohibiting events, such as an arrest, conviction or a commitment to a mental institution, and not unique individuals, the FBI said.

“The NICS Indices contain descriptive information of individuals identified as being prohibited from receiving a firearm-related permit based on federal or state firearm prohibitions,” the FBI told DCNF.

“An individual is entered into the NICS indices based on each prohibiting event. If there is more than one prohibiting event, then a person could have multiple entries in the NICS Indices,” said the FBI.

“A new entry into the NICS Indices,” the FBI said, “is triggered by a prohibiting event, which, depending on the jurisdiction, could be an arrest, a conviction, the issuance of a disqualifying protection order, an involuntary commitment to a mental institution, etc.”

Between November 1988 and November 2023, there were 47,930 denials of firearms purchases to illegal/unlawful aliens involving the NICS database, according to data published by the FBI.

ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) contribute 99.5% of the information on the records of illegal aliens in NICS, the FBI said. Others can come from state and local agencies.

A 2018 Government Accountability Report noted that “making false written statements on” an ATF firearms-purchase background check form is “a felony under federal law.” However, the same report indicated that in cases where individuals were denied a firearm, “few” have faced prosecution. In fiscal year 2017, NICS checks resulted in roughly 112,000 denials, which only led to 12 prosecutions by June 2018.

“Federal and selected state law enforcement agencies that process firearm-related background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) collectively investigate and prosecute a small percentage of individuals who falsify information on a firearms form (e.g., do not disclose a felony conviction) and are denied a purchase,” the GAO reported.

The number of illegal immigrants entering the country through the southern border has hit record levels in recent years, according to federal data. Border Patrol recorded more than 2.2 million migrant encounters in fiscal year 2022 at the U.S.-Mexico border and more than 2 million in fiscal year 2023.

With that, there’s concern migrants coming to the U.S. illegally could still get their hands on a gun through a licensed firearms dealer, Peter Forcelli, a retired Deputy Assistant Director from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), told the DCNF.

If there’s no record of an illegal alien in the NICS database, a firearm could be sold if the individual lies about their immigration status on their application, which is a felony, and/or may possess an ID from a state that allows noncitizens to obtain driver’s licenses, he said.

“As long as [you] have a license and no history, you can buy guns. This is really an open door for terrorists and those wishing to do us harm to be able to acquire firearms,” said Forcelli, who blew the whistle on the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious in which the federal government allowed criminals to purchase firearms in Arizona in a failed effort to track the guns to criminal organizations in Mexico.



Investigative reporter.


ICE Nabs Fugitive Wanted For Assaulting Child Who Was Previously Released By Border Patrol

Cops Arrest Man With Brick, Knife And Machete In Front Of U.S. Capitol

CULTURAL ROT: The Left’s War Against Guns But Not Criminals

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Pope Francis Wants Everyone Except the Men Protecting Him to Give Up Their Weapons

“Rome will be conquered in the near future, Allah willing.”

Great. It’s time for another call for “peace” that will be achieved by giving up all our weapons.

Pope Francis on Monday blasted the weapons industry and its “instruments of death” that fuel wars as he made a Christmas Day appeal for peace in the world and in particular between Israel and the Palestinians…

“It should be talked about and written about, so as to bring to light the interests and the profits that move the puppet strings of war,” he said. “And how can we even speak of peace, when arms production, sales and trade are on the rise?”

If he’s going to give up weapons, maybe start with telling the Swiss Guard to give up its “instruments of death”?

“For their protection and guard functions, the guards are equipped with Glock 19 and 26 automatic pistols, SIG 550 assault rifle (Stgw 90 ) and SIG 552 assault rifle (Commando), both in 5.56 mm x 45 caliber, OC-Spray and destabilizing devices (Taser X2). modernization of the already aging Stgw 90 (which was donated by the Swiss Army at the time), currently B&T APC 556 assault rifles and B&T APC 9 submachine guns are used.”

Beyond these, the only reason Vatican City isn’t overrun by guys with machine guns mounted on pickup trucks howling, “Allahu Akbar” is because there still is an Italian military, under the Lateran Treaty, such as it is, armed with some of those “instruments of death”.

Beyond it there’s the larger European community, NATO and the United States and all their instruments of death which serve as a guarantor of the security of the Vatican.

This is not a theoretical question.

Jihadists are obsessed with the idea of invading and conquering Rome to fulfill some of the genocidal prophecies of their cult.

On January 17, 2020, a video was uploaded to the Internet of an event at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on the anniversary of the 1453 AD capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire. The event was held by Hizb ut-Tahrir. Palestinian preacher Nidhal “Abu Ibrahim” Siam spoke before the crowd and said that the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople brings tidings that Rome will be conquered in the near future.

Nidhal Siam: “Oh Muslims, the anniversary of the conquest of Constantinople brings tidings of things to come. It brings tiding that Rome will be conquered in the near future, Allah willing.

Samir Zaqout, the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Political Bureau in Gaza, said in a June 8, 2023 show on Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad – Gaza) the Muslims will conquer Rome and Europe as the Prophet Muhammad foretold in the Hadith.” He said that this will happen “at its destined time.”

In a Friday sermon that aired on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV on April 11, 2008, Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal said: “Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesized by our Prophet Muhammad. Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs [i.e., the Jews] in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam – this capital of theirs will be an advance post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.

While Pope Francis encourages the Muslim migrants swarming into Europe to complete these genocidal “prophecies”, the only thing standing between Vatican City and an invasion are brave men armed with some of those “instruments of death.”


EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden DOJ Taps Group Funded By Deep-Pocketed Left-Wing Orgs To Guide Gun Violence Reduction Efforts

  • President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice released a roadmap for addressing violent crime Monday based on priorities identified by the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ), a think tank with ties to liberal nonprofits.
  • CCJ is funded by left-of-center charitable ventures like the Ford Foundation and Pew Charitable Trusts, groups that have supported embedding racial justice initiatives in the criminal justice system.
  • “Our policy task forces are established by our team, and funders have no opportunity to influence their findings or recommendations,” CCJ President Adam Gelb told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Biden administration is utilizing a think tank funded by left-wing charitable foundations to guide its national gun violence reduction strategy.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) released its Violent Crime Reduction Roadmap Monday, a collection of resources meant to “assist local jurisdictions in developing, implementing, and evaluating the right set of strategies to prevent, intervene in, and respond to acts of community gun violence.” The DOJ said the strategies presented in the roadmap are based on a report produced by the “nonpartisan” Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ), a think tank that received around $3 million from left-of-center organizations like the Ford FoundationArnold VenturesThe Pew Charitable Trusts, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Just Trust and the David Rockefeller Fund between 2020 and 2022, according to tax filings.

The DOJ produced the roadmap in response to what it called “substantial increases in community gun violence” occurring across the country.

While violent crime has declined modestly since the initial spike that followed the George Floyd-inspired racial justice movement, rates remain above pre-pandemic levels in many Democrat-run cities, according to a CCJ study.

Homicide rates remained 24% higher in 2023 than they were in 2019 across the 30 cities that reported data to CCJ. Some crimes, like motor vehicle theft and drug use, increased further in 2023 according to the study.

The DOJ roadmap is based on actions recommended by the CCJ such as heightened community engagementtargeted investments to reduce crime and implementing diversity initiatives in police forces to improve retention, among other things.

“As murder and other violent crimes spiked in 2021, we assembled a nonpartisan group of police leaders and community violence experts to examine what was driving the trend and how best to address it,” CCJ President Adam Gelb told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They produced a comprehensive 10-point strategy for enforcement and prevention that can help reduce bloodshed in American communities.”

Some of the organizations that fund the CCJ promote initiatives to embed racial justice in the criminal justice system, shorten the amount of time criminals spend in jail and reduce the number of people put in jails after committing crimes.

“We are grateful for the support we have received from organizations and individuals across the ideological spectrum who are committed to evidence-based approaches to improving safety and justice,” Gelb told the DCNF. “Our policy task forces are established by our team, and funders have no opportunity to influence their findings or recommendations.”

A spokesperson for the MacArthur Foundation echoed the CCJ, telling the DCNF that it is “not involved in decisions or recommendations its experts make.”

Not all of the organizations that fund CCJ are liberal. CCJ received $185,000 in support from The Charles Koch Institute in 2021, which is generally seen as libertarian-leaning.

CCJ got at least $1.3 million from left-of-center sources in 2021, making up 20.3% of all grants received by the organization that year, according to its 2021 tax forms.

Some of the recommendations and resources offered in the DOJ’s report reflect the priorities of CCJ’s left-wing foundation donors.

One such resource provided by the DOJ was a 2023 report on improving retention for law enforcement agencies. The report recommends that law enforcement “recruit for diversity” and to “address diversity, equity and inclusion” to improve performance.

Specifically, the report advises agencies to commit to having 30% of their recruits be female by 2030, to “ensure the skill sets possessed by officers from diverse backgrounds are considered as part of the promotional process” and address policies “that may erect barriers to establishing a culture of equity and inclusion.”

The DOJ also recommends law enforcement “emphasize healing with trauma-informed approaches” to address violent crime, directing law enforcement agencies to the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention, a “network builds and connects violence intervention programs and promotes equity for victims of violence,” to help them achieve this action.

Health Alliance for Violence says “racism is a public health crisis and a root cause of community violence” and promises to work toward “enacting policies and practices that advance equity, eliminate structural racism, and return power and resources to people of color.”

The DOJ also touted the recent availability of grant funding to improve racial equity through prosecutorial reform. Some grants highlighted by the DOJ intended to help prosecutors “reduce crime and increase public safety” by developing tools to increase racial equity in the criminal justice process.

Not every recommendation issued by the DOJ had to do with racial justice or diversity.

The DOJ also recommended that law enforcement agencies “invest in anti-violence workforce development,” “engage key people with empathy and accountability” and “set aside funding for new stakeholders and strategies,” among other things.

CCJ’s funders have supported racial justice initiatives similar to those found in the DOJs roadmap.

Arnold Ventures, a for-profit philanthropy outfit and one of the largest funders of the CCJ, donated $175,075 to the Bail Project between 2018 and 2019, according to its grant database. It also  gave more than $2.3 million to CCJ between 2020 and 2024.

The Bail Project is a group that bonds people out of jail. The organization’s Indianapolis chapter bailed out a man with an extensive criminal history who went on to commit a homicide in 2021, Fox 59 reported.

Bail funds across the country have released individuals who later went on to commit violent crimes.

Arnold Ventures has also poured millions into other efforts promoting racial equity in the criminal justice system, according to its grant database.

The organization, for example, gave $512,500 to the University of Pittsburgh in 2022 to “support the advancement of racially equitable policies and practicies [sic] in prosecutors’ offices.” One of the grants Arnold Ventures gave to the CCJ was to aid it in “identifying reforms that can safely reduce incarceration and racial disparities.”

The Ford Foundation, another major supporter of the CCJ, has been working to reduce the number of people sent to prison in light of “the disproportionate and brutal impact of the criminal justice system on poor, Black and Latinx communities.” The foundation doesn’t focus on reducing the number of crimes committed but rather on reducing the number of convicts sentenced to prison, according to its website.

The Ford Foundation gave the CCJ $200,000 in 2021 “for research and communications … to simultaneously reduce racial and ethnic disparities and correctional populations,” according to the organization’s tax filing.

Pew Charitable Trusts, another of the CCJ’s backers, boasts about working on “reducing admissions to and the length of time people spend in jail” and “identifying and reforming policies and practices that contribute to disparities based on gender, race, class, ability, and ethnicity.”

The MacArthur Foundation, similarly, funded a program dedicated to reducing jail populations across the country by 50% by 2025. Cities that received funding to reduce their incarcerated populations saw significant increases in violent crime.

The DOJ, Pew Charitable Trusts, the David Rockefeller Fund, the Ford Foundation, Just Trust and Arnold Ventures did not respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.





UC Berkeley Gave Hundreds Of Thousands To Left-Wing Charity That Has Funded Groups Trying To Empty Prisons

Al Gore: Ban Free Speech, Just Like Guns, to Save the Planet

VIDEO: Kerry Slone on guns, liberty, and the absolute right to self defence

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Al Gore: Ban Free Speech, Just Like Guns, to Save the Planet

“They ought to be banned, they really ought to be banned.” — Al Gore

While most people forgot about Al Gore a decade ago, the 75-year-old environmental tycoon with a net worth in the hundreds of millions (also a former vice president) has doubled down on his flavor of green fascism in the name of saving the planet from everyone but himself.

Gore is making $2 million a month from his “green investment firm” which has been having some problems. Its assets fell from $39 billion to $30 billion and its biggest fund suffered a 28% decline. And investors may be rethinking whether a firm that pays Gore $2 million a month so it can claim it’s saving the planet by buying Microsoft, Amazon and Adidas stocks is worth it.

But Gore is keeping busy. At COP28, the UN climate summit, he demanded that voting rules be changed so that a majority of countries, rather than a full consensus of nations, could impose mandates on the United States and oil-producing nations. That means a bunch of third world countries would have veto power over our entire economy. Good for them, really bad for us.

Fresh off insulting the Saudis and the UAE ($100 million of Gore’s money came from Qatar, a foe of both, linked to Hamas which used his failed leftist cable network, Current TV, as a springboard for its failed terrorist cable network, Al Jazeera America), he decided to also go to war against freedom of speech and the internet.

Despite inventing the internet, Gore showed up to a Bloomberg Green event to rant about “algorithms”. Algorithms are not, despite what some Gore fans (all 12 of them) think, named after him, and it was pretty clear that the elderly belligerent massage enthusiast was not too clear about what they were either. But in the traditional fashion of leftists wanting to ban something by comparing it to Hitler or AR-15s, he went with the assault algorithm analogy.

“If you have social media that is dominated by algorithms that pull people down these rabbit holes that are a bit like pitcher plants, these algorithms, they are the digital equivalent of AR-15s,” Gore ranted. “They ought to be banned, they really ought to be banned. It’s an abuse of the public forum.”

(But not the kind of rabbit holes that convince people that the planet is going to blow up unless they invest a lot of money in Al Gore’s fund to save the planet by buying Amazon stocks.)

Gore was blathering about algorithms because they provide a legal argument for censorship. Conservatives are concerned about social media algorithms censoring them while leftists complain that social media algorithms aren’t doing enough censoring. When taking Chinese money during his vice presidency, Gore had claimed that there was “no controlling legal authority”, but like most leftists, he’d like there to be a controlling legal authority for speech.

Toward the end of his spiel, the old tobacco salesman turned planet-saver got to his real point.

“These devices are the enemies of self-government, and they’re the enemies of democracy. We need reforms for both democracy and capitalism, both sets of reforms are possible,” he said.

Leftists have spent 7 years howling that democracy is under threat. Everything they do is in defense of democracy. When they rig elections, criminalize political dissent and terrorize opponents, it’s because they’re trying to save democracy from “authoritarianism”.

(And sometimes you have to ‘authoritarianize’ the global village in order to democratize it.)

On stage at a forum funded by a billionaire and to an audience of like-minded elites, Al Gore argued that democracy, like capitalism, needs to be reformed. There’s something wrong with democracy, much as there is with capitalism, and the thing that’s wrong with it is that there’s too much of the wrong kind of speech. The First Amendment needs to go, just like the Second Amendment, because we can’t just have people owning AR-15s or opening their mouths.

Al Gore’s fortune came from promising to reform capitalism by making it “sustainable”. What he actually did was be a very well compensated frontman for an ex-Goldman Sachs exec named David Blood (he has joked about naming the firm ‘Blood and Gore’, but that might have been too much on the money in more ways than one) to put a green label on noted environmental stocks like Microsoft and Amazon. Instead of people just buying whatever stocks they wanted, they would invest in an ESG fund that would promise the stocks are politically the ‘right kind’.

Speech works the same way. Making speech sustainable will require ending this anarchic situation where anyone can say whatever they think. There will be guidelines and an approved list of things you can say. Perhaps there may be a 7 day waiting period for some kinds of controversial speech. The really dangerous forms of “assault speech” will have to be banned for the good of the public and the planet. The Founding Fathers had never owned an AR-15 or had access to the internet and so the 1st and 2nd amendments were never meant to apply to them.

If people are free to say whatever they want, they might recollect the time that the noted doomsday prophet for profit warned that “there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.”

That was in 2009.

Al Gore may have a poor grasp of ice and the internet, but he does understand crisis. The power to denounce something as dangerous invents a crisis that allows the government to step in, gate it off and limit access to the right sorts of people. Like Al Gore and his political allies.

And there’s nothing Al Gore knows better than how to pound the podium and declare a crisis.

The ‘Al-gore-rithms’ that Al Gore would like to see imposed would replace the AR-15s of free speech with the water guns of approved speech, and the pollution of popular speech for the unpopular sustainable green speech certified by the experts and the elites of the ruling class.

Free speech is the enemy of self-government and democracy, Gore claims. And so the  salvation of self-government and democracy must be totalitarianism. We can’t have democracy or self-government with free speech. Only when the emissions from our mouths are as closely regulated as Gore would like to regulate the emissions from our kitchens and our cars will our self-government be saved from our selves and our democracy from the ‘demos’.

Al Gore wants to save democracy the way he saved the planet. But who will save free speech and the planet from totalitarians who promise to save the things that they want to control?


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VIDEO: Kerry Slone on guns, liberty, and the absolute right to self defence

“I absolutely believe that there is no reason under any circumstances, any human being should be denied the human right of self-defense that we have in the United States guaranteed to us under the Second Amendment.” — Kerry Slone

In a powerful and moving interview with RAIR Foundation USA, domestic violence survivor, human rights advocate, and founder of ‘We the Female,’ Kerry Slone shares her harrowing experience and her subsequent journey towards advocating for Second Amendment rights and self-defense.”

WATCH: A Survivor’s Stand: Kerry Slone on the Unassailable Right to Self-Defense

Approximately 13 years ago, Kerry Slone endured her final episode of domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. This incident led to his arrest, but the subsequent legal process brought further dismay. Kerry recounts sitting beside a female prosecutor who, to her shock, reduced her ex-husband’s felony domestic assault charge to a Class C misdemeanor and offered him a diversion agreement. Despite her willingness to testify and visible injuries, this decision highlighted a legal system seemingly indifferent to her plight.

Her ordeal didn’t end there. Post-arraignment, law enforcement advised her to hide for a few days, anticipating a high risk of further violence. This suggestion starkly contrasted with empowering her through self-defense, exemplifying the system’s failure to protect victims effectively.

This experience marked a turning point for Kerry, as she realized the inadequacy of the legal system in protecting victims. Reflecting on this, she states, “This restraining order that was just issued to him means nothing. And even the law enforcement officers knew that it meant nothing.”

Slone’s path toward advocacy gained momentum five years ago when she publicly opposed Washington State’s I-1639 gun control initiative, potentially limiting firearm purchases based on medical records. Her firm stance on the universal right to self-defense was encapsulated in her assertion, “I absolutely believe that there is no reason under any circumstances, any human being should be denied the human right of self-defense that we have in the United States guaranteed to us under the Second Amendment.”

This advocacy led to the creation of ‘We The Female,’ a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women in self-defense and fostering a sense of confidence in their right to protect themselves. Slone’s efforts go beyond mere advocacy for gun rights; they represent a broader endeavor to shift societal attitudes from victimhood to empowerment and self-defense stating, “It’s our responsibility to be better trained than those that wish to do us harm, period.”

Slone firmly believes in the absolute right to self-defense as enshrined in the Second Amendment, challenging the conventional expectations of a domestic violence survivor. She critiques red flag laws and restrictions on firearm ownership for convicted felons, emphasizing the need for better training and a reformed justice system over restrictive gun laws. Her stance is clear: the right to bear arms is a human right, crucial for self-defense, especially for those who have faced abuse.

Furthermore, Slone criticizes how the media and cultural narratives often use domestic abuse survivors and children to further gun control agendas. Instead, she advocates for a change in approach, emphasizing the empowerment of potential victims through self-defense capabilities.

The work of ‘We The Female’ is critical, as it operates on donations and proceeds from firearm training sessions, providing essential resources to women, particularly single mothers and domestic violence survivors. Slone’s unwavering commitment to this cause has her traveling across the country to educate and train women in self-defense.

Kerry Slone’s story is a powerful testament to both bravery and resilience. Her journey from surviving domestic abuse to becoming a vocal advocate for Second Amendment rights and self-defense rights challenges conventional views and calls for a reevaluation of the justice system and societal attitudes.

Support ‘We the Female’ – Empowerment Through Action

In the United States, the statistics on intimate partner violence are deeply concerning, painting a picture of a widespread issue that affects countless lives. In this challenging landscape, ‘We the Female’ emerges as a beacon of hope and a driving force for change. This organization, founded by Kerry Slone, plays a crucial role in empowering those affected by such violence, offering education, support, and training in self-defense.

As ‘We the Female’ continues to expand its outreach, the necessity for resources grows in tandem. Every contribution plays a significant role in sustaining and growing their vital program. Contributions, which are tax-deductible, help them empower individuals on their journey toward personal security.


I am domestic violence survivor and I have experienced this personally. 13 years ago I was beaten so badly by my ex-husband that when I was finally able to call 911 after he left my home, he was charged with felony assault and DUI. After I finally got the chance to call for help, it took 10 minutes for the police to arrive at my home, even though there was a police station 5 minutes away. I’m lucky to be alive today. The Emergency Room Doctor who treated my injuries told me that I would die if I had any further contact with this man.

I made a decision to not be quiet. I decided to fight.

I did not want to live as a victim. I met with the FEMALE prosecutor assigned to the case, and told her I was willing to testify against him. She looked at me shocked and asked “Are you sure?”  Most domestic violence victims don’t want to do that. I looked her straight in her eyes and said “I most certainly will; I refuse to stay quiet.”

Those Felony Domestic Assault charges were eventually dropped to a misdemeanor. Why? Because he didn’t actually use a weapon to assault me.

Because of these charges being lowered, he was given a diversion program…a slap on the wrist …even with a violent criminal charge and a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, they let him go.

Fueled by his anger, he used this freedom and took a part-time job delivering pizzas in the evening so that he could stalk me.

The system that was supposed to protect me had failed. Just like it has failed countless other domestic violence victims all over the country.

I’m fortunate enough to be alive, to stand here to speak for those that can’t because they are still hiding from their assailants, or are dead because the system failed them.

To support ‘We the Female,’ donate through PayPalVenmo, or GoFundMe.

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Is The DOJ’s ATF Insuring Illegal Aliens Can’t Buy a Gun?

The Department of Homeland Security has reported that terrorists are entering the United States via our porous borders. There is also know human trafficking of underaged children happening.

QUESTION: What is Biden doing about this?

ANSWER: Biden has ordered DHS special agents, who were investigating child trafficking, and is forcing them to make sandwiches for illegal aliens!

A reader of our is very concerned about these illegal aliens, the drug cartels, military aged Chinese and Islamic terrorists from being allowed to arm themselves against we the people once in the United States.

QUESTION: Is The DOJ’s ATF Insuring Illegal Aliens Can’t Buying Guns?

ANSWER: We don’t know.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms they cannot.

The U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Firearms Transaction Record, OMB No. 1140-0020 has the following Yes/No questions:

a. Are you the actual transferee/buyer of all of the firearm(s) listed on this form and any continuation sheet(s) (ATF Form 5300.9A)? Warning: You are not the actual transferee/buyer if you are acquiring any of the firearm(s) on behalf of another person. If you are not the actual transferee/buyer, the licensee cannot transfer any of the firearm(s) to you. Exception: If you are only picking up a repaired firearm(s) for another person, you are not required to answer 21.a. and may proceed to question 21.b.

b. Do you intend to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm listed on this form and any continuation sheet(s) in furtherance of any felony or other offense punishable by imprisonment for a term of more than one year, a Federal crime of terrorism, or a drug trafficking offense?

c. Are you under indictment or information in any court for a felony, or any other crime for which the judge could imprison you for more than one year, or are you a current member of the military who has been charged with violation(s) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and whose charge(s) have been referred to a general court-martial?

d. Have you ever been convicted in any court, including a military court, of a felony, or any other crime for which the judge could have imprisoned you for more than one year, even if you received a shorter sentence including probation?

e. Are you a fugitive from justice?

f. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.

g. Have you ever been adjudicated as a mental defective OR have you ever been committed to a mental institution?

h. Have you ever been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions?

i. Are you subject to a court order, including a Military Protection Order issued by a military judge or magistrate, restraining you from
harassing, stalking, or threatening your child or an intimate partner or child of such partner?

j. Have you ever been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, or are you or have you ever been a member of the military and been convicted of a crime that included, as an element, the use of force against a person as identified in the instructions?

k. Have you ever renounced your United States citizenship?

l. Are you an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States?

m.1. Are you an alien who has been admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa? NOTE: The definition of a Non-Immigrant Visa on the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website is: Nonimmigrant visas are issued to foreign nationals seeking to enter the United States on a temporary basis for tourism, business, medical treatment and certain types of temporary work. The type of nonimmigrant visa needed is defined by immigration law, and related to the purpose of the travel. Generally, an individual applies directly to the U.S. consulate or embassy abroad for a tourist (B-2) or business nonimmigrant (B-1) visa. However, foreign nationals seeking to enter the United States to study or work may require certain authorization and documentation prior to applying for a nonimmigrant visa. For an alphabetical listing all of the nonimmigrant visa classifications and specific requirements refer to the USCIS website. or the U.S. Department of State website. Issuance of a visa does not guarantee entry to the United States. A visa simply indicates that a U.S. consular officer at an American embassy or consulate has reviewed the application and that officer has determined that the individual is eligible to enter the country for a specific purpose. The CBP Officer at the port-of-entry will conduct an inspection to determine if the individual is eligible for admission under U.S. immigration law.

m.2. If you answered “Yes” to question 21.m.1, do you fall within any of the exceptions stated in the instructions?

n. Do you intend to sell or dispose of any firearm(s) listed on this form or any continuation sheet(s) to any person described in questions 21(b)-(l) or to a person described in question 21.m.1 who does not fall within a nonimmigrant alien exception?

The Bottom Line

All illegal aliens are forbidden to legally purchase any fire arm. It would also be illegal to purchase a fire are for any illegal alien.

Here are the key reasons according to the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives:

  • d. Have you ever been convicted in any court, including a military court, of a felony, or any other crime for which the judge could have imprisoned you for more than one year, even if you received a shorter sentence including probation? Many illegal aliens have been released from prison by various South and Central American countries.
  • f. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside. Think drug cartel members.
  • j. Have you ever been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, or are you or have you ever been a member of the military and been convicted of a crime that included, as an element, the use of force against a person as identified in the instructions? Some illegal aliens are members of terrorist groups including drug cartels, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, ISIS, Chines Communists, Iran IRGC.
  • l. Are you an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States? The answer is obvious but would an illegal alien lie on the form?

The problem is under Biden no one is taking the names of those crossing our borders, they are not doing background checks, there are those on the terrorist watchlist that are slipping thru, and there are, since Biden took office, approximately 200,000 military ages Communist Chinese who have entered the United States.

This border crisis so bad that we could be allowing an army of illegals into our nation who could get weapons illegally and use them against we the people.

In a 1592 book titled “A Notable Discovery of Coosnage” Robert Greene wrote, “Forewarned, forearmed: burnt children dread the fire.”

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