Joe and Hunter Biden Selling U.S. Natural Gas and Drilling Assets to China

Rep. Comer recently obtained new documents that show Hunter and Joe Biden were working to sell American natural gas and drilling assets to Communist China.Rep. James Comer (R-KY) went on with John Solomon from Just the News on RAV on Thursday.

The Biden regime has banned energy for Americans. But plenty for their paymasters

Treason as policy.

From the Committee on  Oversight and Reform:

House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) today is pressing Department of the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for information about the Biden family selling American natural gas to China in 2017 and Joe Biden’s involvement. Documents and communications obtained by Committee Republicans reveal Joe Biden was involved in the arrangement as a business partner, had office space, and may have benefitted financially from his family’s transaction selling American energy to a Chinese business closely affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party. Ranking Member Comer is calling on Secretary Yellen to provide all suspicious activity reports for the Biden family’s transactions with Chinese entities.

“Documents obtained by Committee Republicans show that the Biden family received millions of dollars from a Chinese business closely affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, and therefore the Chinese government, to ship American natural gas to China. According to additional information provided by a whistleblower, Joe Biden was involved with this arrangement as a business partner, and documents reveal he even had office space to work on the deal. This comes to light at a time when the cost of natural gas is at a 14-year high and Americans struggle to pay their energy bills. The President has not only misled the American public about his past foreign business transactions, but he also failed to disclose that he played a critical role in arranging a business deal to sell American natural resources to the Chinese while planning to run for President,” wrote Ranking Member Comer. “We are concerned that the President may have compromised national security in his dealings with the country most adverse to U.S. interests—China.”

Under the Biden Administration, the Treasury Department changed its policy for releasing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)—a tool provided in the Bank Secrecy Act—to Congress. According to media reports, Hunter Biden and other Biden family members have racked up at least 150 SARs related to their foreign business deals. On May 25, 2022, Ranking Member Comer wrote to Secretary Yellen requesting all SARs generated for Hunter Biden and other Biden associates and family members’ financial transactions. He reiterated his request on July 6, 2022. In the Treasury Department’s September 2, 2022, letter to Committee Republicans, Treasury stated that SARs may be provided “upon a written request stating the particular information desired, the criminal, tax or regulatory purpose for which the information is sought, and the official need for the information.”

“Multiple whistleblowers have confirmed to Committee Republicans that from 2017 to 2021, the Biden family made promises to business associates that: (1) Joe Biden would run for President in 2020 and, (2) those who worked with the Bidens in 2017 onward would reap the rewards in a future Biden Administration. As America now struggles in an energy crisis, it is critical to understand why the Biden family was selling American energy reserves to the Chinese, if that is affecting President Biden’s decision making today, and why President Biden has never disclosed his relationship with the Chinese to the American public,” continued Ranking Member Comer. “If President Biden has worked to enrich not only himself but his family by promising, in exchange for millions of dollars, access or policy influence in a future Biden Administration, Congress and the American people are entitled to that information. Particularly since the Biden family promised business partners similar access to a future Biden Administration in other business deals, all while President Biden continues to deny any knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business dealings.”

The letter to Secretary Yellen and associated documents can be found here.



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GOP reps seek Treasury reports on ‘millions’ paid to Biden family by Chinese company

Biden Regime Pushing For NUCLEAR WAR

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Biden Admin To Continue Draining Oil From Strategic Reserves Through Election Day

The Biden administration announced Monday that it is auctioning 10 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) which it will deliver throughout November, according to a Department of Energy (DOE) notice of sale.

The DOE announced that it will extend the period in which it aims to sell 180 million barrels of crude oil by auctioning 10 million barrels from Sept. 19 to Sept. 27 and delivering the oil from Nov. 1. to Nov. 30, according to the notice. The deliveries of the reserves, which aim to bring down gas prices, will take place during the same month as the midterm elections that take place on Nov. 8.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Sept. 14 that gas prices had fallen for 90 straight days, touting Biden’s efforts to bring down prices at the pump after gas prices peaked at over $5 per gallon in June 2022. The White House is eager to continue lowering gas prices ahead of the midterm elections as it believes prices at the pump most directly affect voters’ everyday lives and their perception of the economy.

The average national gas price is $3.68 per gallon, which is 49 cents higher than it was in September 2021, according to AAA data. Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said on Sept. 8 that the administration may continue to auction off oil barrels from the SPR past October to ward off increasing fuel prices in late 2022.

Biden has released 155 million barrels of oil so far, and the November sale will bring the total to 165 million barrels out of the 180 million barrels that he sought to sell from March to October. The emergency reserve fell to its lowest level since Nov. 1984 on Sept. 6 after consistent monthly releases of crude, according to DOE data.

SPR oil is sold to the highest bidder, and some of the businesses entitled to make bids are foreign companies. Biden announced in late March that he would approve SPR sales to bring down gas prices and increase the global supply of oil that is being disrupted by “Putin’s price hike,” according to a White House press release.

The DOE did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.



Energy & Environmental Reporter.



TREASON: Joe and Hunter Biden Selling US Natural Gas and Drilling Assets to China

‘Playing With Fire’: Biden’s Energy Secretary Says Admin Considering Extending Oil Releases Past Election Day

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WARNING: Collapse of Energy, Food & Transportation Systems Prompt Calls for Government Nationalization of Industries

Echoes 1930s push for Great Reset style reforms!

The modus operandi of the Great Reset (a.k.a. Build Back Better) is to intentionally collapse the current system with policies designed to create a crisis, havoc, and shortages. … Once the inevitable societal chaos ensues, a huge coordinated push to promote nationalization or government takeover of the impacted industries ensues. It is always claimed that the “free market” failed, and now only government can come in and clean up the mess. The advocates of nationalization usually bill it as a “temporary” nationalization of the industries, much like “15 days to slow the spread” or “2 weeks to flatten the curve” were billed as temporary measures.

Stuart Chase, a key advisor to former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, envisioned an early version of the Great Reset in the 1930s and 1940s, complete with calls for government “control of energy sources—hydroelectric power, coal, petroleum, natural gas.; The control of transportation—railway, highway, airway, waterway; and the control of agricultural production.” Chase loved the idea of managing all aspects of society. He asked at the end of his 1932 book, A New Deal, “Why should the Soviets have all the fun remaking the world?” Chase’s lust for Soviet ideology could be updated to 2022 by replacing the “Soviets” for “China”.

Here is Chase’s 2022 proposed updated motto: “Why should China have all the fun remaking the world?”

Climate Depot Special Report

The continuing fallout from COVID lockdown policies — from the economic collapse to the supply chain issues, to energy, transportation, and food shortages — is reigniting calls and prompting the nationalization of industries in Europe, the U.SCanada, and Australia.

The modus operandi of the Great Reset (AKA Build Back Better) is to intentionally collapse the current system with policies designed to create a crisis, havoc, and shortages. And the world has descended into chaos since the COVID lockdowns of March of 2020.

See: Yahoo Finance: ‘Firewood is the new gold’ – prices & theft jump in Europe as Russia’s gas cutoff boosts wood demand ahead of winter – 1000% increase in EU energy prices

NYT: ‘Crippling’ energy bills force Europe’s factories to go dark

The Great Food Reset has arrived: Expect ‘real’ food shortages, Biden declares


California car ban: ‘This is the planned rationing of vehicles’ – ‘They have energy shortages, food shortages, now they want vehicle shortages’ – Calif. borrows Cuban & East German policies

Once the inevitable societal chaos ensues, a huge coordinated push to promote nationalization or government takeover of the impacted industries ensues. It is always claimed that the “free market” failed, and now only government can come in and clean up the mess. The advocates of nationalization usually bill it as a “temporary” nationalization of the industries, much like “15 days to slow the spread” or “2 weeks to flatten the curve” were billed as temporary measures. See: Salon mag in 2022 noted “the long American history of taking over industries during a time of national crisis” and claimed that “temporary nationalization helped get America through the crisis” of World War II. 

Stuart Chase, a key advisor to former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, envisioned an early version of the Great Reset in the 1930s and 1940s, complete with calls for government “control of energy sources—hydroelectric power, coal, petroleum, natural gas.; The control of transportation—railway, highway, airway, waterway; and the control of agricultural production.”

Chase loved the idea of managing all aspects of society. He asked at the end of his 1932 book, A New Deal, “Why should the Soviets have all the fun remaking the world?” Chase’s lust for Soviet ideology could be updated to 2022 by replacing the “Soviets” for “China”.

Here is Chase’s 2022 proposed updated motto:

“Why should China have all the fun remaking the world?”

That updated motto could describe any number of current Chinese social credit style policies emanating from the World Economic Forum, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau, or from Australia, New Zealand, or U.S. COVID lockdown policies, particularly from blue states and cities.

Chase’s depression-era political vision now appears to be coming to fruition in 2022. Chase, a socialist economist, wrote the 1932 book A New Deal , which was the inspiration for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. Chase was a member of FDR’s “kitchen cabinet.” He promoted the “managerial revolution,” which he referred to as “System X” in his 1942 book, When the War Ends: The Road We Are Traveling 1914–1942.


Chase’s vision of the world sounded an awful lot like the WEF’s Great Reset. In his 1942 book When the War Ends, Chase outlined the key components of transforming “Free Enterprise into ‘X’”:

A strong, centralized government.

An executive arm growing at the expense of the legislative and judicial arms. . . .

The control of banking, credit and security exchanges by the government. . . .

The abandonment of gold in favor of managed currencies. . . .

The control of energy sources—hydroelectric power, coal, petroleum, natural gas.

The control of transportation—railway, highway, airway, waterway.

The control of agricultural production. . . .

Not much “taking over” of property or industries in the old socialistic sense. The formula appears to be control without ownership . . .

The state control of communications and propaganda.

Chase loved the idea of managing all aspects of society. As he asked at the end of A New Deal, “Why should the Soviets have all the fun remaking the world?”

Source: The Great Reset: Global Elites & The Permanent Lockdown – By Marc Morano

Fast forward to 2022, and the Great Reset is happening here and now. This is not circa 1990 when we were talking about a shadowy secretive vision of a New World Order. This is 2022 now, and we are seeing a ‘new normal’ being imposed upon the world.

  1. Our current energy system is being intentionally collapsed ;
  2. Our transportation system is being intentionally collapsed; (and our freedom of movement is being stripped away)
  3. Our First Amendment free speech rights are being collapsed by government & corporate collusion;
  4. Our high-yield agricultural system is being intentionally collapsed to create man-made food shortages and chaos; and
  5. The ability to eat meat is being banned to compel us to eat ‘lab-grown’ fake meat and eat insects. Artificially caused food shortages will create demand for insect eating.  And our betters are using our children as hand-picked little ministers of propaganda to promote insect eating and ‘pester’ adults to comply with the agenda. (See:The Great Food Reset has arrived: Expect ‘real’ food shortages, Biden declares – Meanwhile, Bill Gates & China buy up U.S. farmland &Great Reset By Marc Morano – Chapter 12 Excerpt: ‘COVID Lockdowns Morph to Climate Lockdowns’

And, right on cue, the implementation of nationalization and the calls for it grow. Here is a small sampling of how chaos is being used to impose nationalize key industries since COVID lockdowns crushed societies:

The Hill OPED: ‘Why we must nationalize Big Oil’


Germany nationalizes energy giant Uniper as Russia squeezes gas supplies


Green party calls for nationalization of UK’s big five energy firms as ‘solution to failed experiment with a market-based energy system’

The American Prospect: Nationalize the U.S. Fossil Fuel Industry to Save the Planet: “Turning the biggest oil companies over to public ownership would serve several goals at once, including climate resilience.”


Canada: Should We Nationalize the Oil Sands?

AP: Canada effectively nationalizing private payrolls amid virus

Australia’s Devastating Fires Make an Urgent Case for Nationalizing Fossil Fuels

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 12 of The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown – By Marc Morano

Page 36:


“Executive Arm Growing”

Socialist economist Stuart Chase’s 1932 book A New Deal was the inspiration for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. Chase was a member of FDR’s “kitchen cabinet.”3 He promoted the “managerial revolution,” which he referred to as “System X” in his 1942 book, When the War Ends: The Road We Are Traveling 1914–1942.

Chase’s vision of the world sounds an awful lot like the WEF’s Great Reset. In When the War Ends, Chase outlined the key components of transforming “Free Enterprise into ‘X’”:

A strong, centralized government.

An executive arm growing at the expense of the legislative and judicial arms. . . .

The control of banking, credit and security exchanges by the government. . . .

The abandonment of gold in favor of managed currencies. . . .

The control of energy sources—hydroelectric power, coal, petroleum, natural gas.

The control of transportation—railway, highway, airway, waterway.

The control of agricultural production. . . .

Not much “taking over” of property or industries in the old socialistic sense. The formula appears to be control without ownership . . .

The state control of communications and propaganda.

Chase loved the idea of managing all aspects of society. As he asked at the end of A New Deal, “Why should the Soviets have all the fun remaking the world?”

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New California Law Legalizes ‘Human Composting after Death’ to Combat Climate Change

What next, Gavin? Braised human hearts at your favorite bistro, French Laundry? Seriously, cannibalism is not far behind. Democrats are taking dehumanizing Nazi practices one step further.

California Will Allow Human Composting After Death to Combat Climate Change

By: Paul Bois, Breitbart, September 22, 2022:

The far-left state of California further embraced neo-paganism this week when Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law allowing the practice of composting dead human beings to better combat climate change.

Citing the high CO2 emissions associated with cremation, the bill will give people the option to give their dead remains over to a process known as natural organic reduction (NOR) should they not want to be buried or cremated.

“The process involves placing the body inside a long, reusable steel container along with wood chips and flowers to aerate it – allowing microbes and bacteria to break down the remains,” according to the Daily Mail. “One month later, the remains will fully decompose and be turned into soil.”

The act of cremation reportedly accounts for 360,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

California Democrat Assembly member Cristina Garcia, who authored the bill, praised NOR as a “more environmentally friendly” practice that will give people more options for their desired burial. She wrote:

With climate change and sea-level rise as very real threats to our environment, this is an alternative method of final disposition that won’t contribute emissions into our atmosphere. I look forward to continuing my legacy to fight for clean air by using my reduced remains to plant a tree.

The bill will make it illegal to combine human remains without permission or unless the two are related. It will also be illegal to sell the soil or use it for agricultural purposes.

The Catholic Church strongly opposes the practice of NOR, charging it was meant for livestock.

“NOR uses essentially the same process as a home gardening composting system,” Kathleen Domingo, executive director of the California Catholic Conference, told SFGATE. She added:

These methods of disposal were used to lessen the possibility of disease being transmitted by the dead carcass. Using these same methods for the ‘transformation’ of human remains can create an unfortunate spiritual, emotional and psychological distancing from the deceased.

The law will not take effect until 2027 and follows the states of Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.



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VIDEO: ‘Climate Emergency’ Is a Hoax, International Study Finds

Only a monumentally absurd hoax like ‘climate change’ could accommodate the irrational, destructive, obscenely costly policies the Democrats have unleashed on the besieged American people.

One commenter remarked, “I remember in early 70’s elementary school it was industrial pollution and the end of clean water. Then it was the ozone layer because of hairspray and refrigeration. After that I believe it became methane gas from cow flatulency in huge beef operations.”

‘Climate Emergency’ Is a Hoax, International Study Finds

By: Frank Bergman, Slay News, September 21, 2022:

Claims of a looming “climate change emergency” are a fearmongering hoax, according to a new international study.

Researchers in Italy concluded that there is “no evidence” to support warnings of a “climate emergency.”

The study’s authors reached the conclusion after analyzing data from heat waves, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and ecosystem productivity.

The results of the study were reported by Sky News Australia.

“While every fear-mongering greenie is saying we’ve never seen flooding like we have in recent years… the report found the opposite,” Sky News host Chris Smith reported.

Smith explains that the politically correct conversations in recent years have stated, without basis, that “whatever disaster” is happening, “we’ve never seen anything like this before.”

It’s always “unprecedented,” he said.

However, the research concluded that there’s “no evidence of a climate emergency in the record to date. No evidence,” he said.

He noted that none of the authors involved in the study are so-called “climate deniers.”

Rather, their recommendations are to prepare to make adjustments and changes.

altering the framework of priorities with negative effects that could prove deleterious to our ability to face the challenges of the future, squandering natural and human resources in an economically difficult context.”

Smith cited the billions of dollars that climate-change devotees are planning to spend on electric vehicles and projects, windmills, and more.

The study continues: “Although evidence of an increase in total annual precipitation is observed on a global level, corresponding evidence for increases in flooding remains elusive and a long list of studies shows little or no evidence of increased flood magnitudes with some studies finding more evidence of decreases than increases.”



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Remember What Renowned Author of ‘Jurassic Park’ Michael Crichton Really Thought About Climate Change?

“Today, one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists.” — Michael Crichton

In a speech he delivered to the Commonwealth Club of California, author, screenwriter, and director Michael Crichton lamented the removal of science from environmentalism. The speech given in September 2003 remains highly relevant as climate change and the impact of humans on their environment continues to be a highly politicized subject.

Crichton felt that environmentalism had become a religion and is now predominated by fundamentalists—individuals who are not open to reason or opposing ideas.

Best known for his works of fiction, including State of Fear, which tells the story of eco-terrorists creating seemingly “natural” disasters to mimic climate change.

Below is the full transcript of Crichton’s remarks.

Environmentalism Is a Religion: Speech to the Commonwealth Club, September 15th, 2003

I have been asked to talk about what I consider the most important challenge facing mankind, and I have a fundamental answer.

The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda.

Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance.

We must daily decide whether the threats we face are real, whether the solutions we are offered will do any good, whether the problems we’re told exist are in fact real problems or non-problems.

Every one of us has a sense of the world, and we all know that this sense is in part given to us by what other people and society tell us; in part generated by our emotional state, which we project outward; and in part by our genuine perceptions of reality. In short, our struggle to determine what is true is the struggle to decide which of our perceptions are genuine, and which are false because they are handed down, or sold to us, or generated by our own hopes and fears.

As an example of this challenge, I want to talk today about environmentalism.

And in order not to be misunderstood, I want it perfectly clear that I believe it is incumbent on us to conduct our lives in a way that takes into account all the consequences of our actions, including the consequences to other people, and the consequences to the environment.

I believe it is important to act in ways that are sympathetic to the environment, and I believe this will always be a need, carrying into the future. I believe the world has genuine problems and I believe it can and should be improved. But I also think that deciding what constitutes responsible action is immensely difficult, and the consequences of our actions are often difficult to know in advance.

I think our past record of environmental action is discouraging, to put it mildly, because even our best-intended efforts often go awry. But I think we do not recognize our past failures and face them squarely. And I think I know why.

I studied anthropology in college, and one of the things I learned was that certain human social structures always reappear. They can’t be eliminated from society. One of those structures is religion.

Today it is said we live in a secular society in which many people—the best people, the most enlightened people—do not believe in any religion. But I think that you cannot eliminate religion from the psyche of mankind. If you suppress it in one form, it merely re-emerges in another form.

You can not believe in God, but you still have to believe in something that gives meaning to your life, and shapes your sense of the world. Such a belief is religious.

Today, one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism.

Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists.

Why do I say it’s a religion?

Well, just look at the beliefs. If you look carefully, you see that environmentalism is in fact a perfect 21st century remapping of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and myths.

There’s an initial Eden, a paradise, a state of grace and unity with nature, there’s a fall from grace into a state of pollution as a result of eating from the tree of knowledge, and as a result of our actions there is a judgment day coming for us all.

We are all energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability.

Sustainability is salvation in the church of the environment. Just as organic food is its communion, that pesticide-free wafer that the right people with the right beliefs, imbibe.

Eden, the fall of man, the loss of grace, the coming doomsday—these are deeply held mythic structures. They are profoundly conservative beliefs. They may even be hard-wired in the brain, for all I know. I certainly don’t want to talk anybody out of them, as I don’t want to talk anybody out of a belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God who rose from the dead. But the reason I don’t want to talk anybody out of these beliefs is that I know that I can’t talk anybody out of them.

These are not facts that can be argued. These are issues of faith.

And so it is, sadly, with environmentalism.

For more of Crichton’s thoughts on environmentalism as a new religion see his comments in this C-SPAN clip.

Increasingly it seems facts aren’t necessary, because the tenets of environmentalism are all about belief.

It’s about whether you are going to be a sinner, or saved. Whether you are going to be one of the people on the side of salvation, or on the side of doom. Whether you are going to be one of us, or one of them.

Am I exaggerating to make a point?

I am afraid not.

Because we know a lot more about the world than we did forty or fifty years ago. And what we know now is not so supportive of certain core environmental myths, yet the myths do not die.

Let’s examine some of those beliefs.

There is no Eden. There never was.

What was that Eden of the wonderful mythic past? Is it the time when infant mortality was 80%, when four children in five died of disease before the age of five? When one woman in six died in childbirth? When the average lifespan was 40, as it was in America a century ago. When plagues swept across the planet, killing millions in a stroke. Was it when millions starved to death? Is that when it was Eden?

And what about indigenous peoples, living in a state of harmony with the Eden-like environment? Well, they never did. On this continent, the newly arrived people who crossed the land bridge almost immediately set about wiping out hundreds of species of large animals, and they did this several thousand years before the white man showed up, to accelerate the process.

And what was the condition of life? Loving, peaceful, harmonious? Hardly: the early peoples of the New World lived in a state of constant warfare. Generations of hatred, tribal hatreds, constant battles. The warlike tribes of this continent are famous: the Comanche, Sioux, Apache, Mohawk, Aztecs, Toltec, Incas. Some of them practiced infanticide, and human sacrifice. And those tribes that were not fiercely warlike were exterminated, or learned to build their villages high in the cliffs to attain some measure of safety.

How about the human condition in the rest of the world? The Maori of New Zealand committed massacres regularly. The dyaks of Borneo were headhunters. The Polynesians, living in an environment as close to paradise as one can imagine, fought constantly, and created a society so hideously restrictive that you could lose your life if you stepped in the footprint of a chief. It was the Polynesians who gave us the very concept of taboo, as well as the word itself. The noble savage is a fantasy, and it was never true. That anyone still believes it, 200 years after Rousseau, shows the tenacity of religious myths, their ability to hang on in the face of centuries of factual contradiction.

There was even an academic movement, during the latter 20th century, that claimed that cannibalism was a white man’s invention to demonize the indigenous peoples—only academics could fight such a battle. It was some thirty years before professors finally agreed that yes, cannibalism does indeed occur among human beings.

Meanwhile, all during this time New Guinea highlanders in the 20th century continued to eat the brains of their enemies until they were finally made to understand that they risked kuru, a fatal neurological disease, when they did so.

More recently still the gentle Tasaday of the Philippines turned out to be a publicity stunt, a nonexistent tribe. And African pygmies have one of the highest murder rates on the planet.

In short, the romantic view of the natural world as a blissful Eden is only held by people who have no actual experience of nature.

People who live in nature are not romantic about it at all. They may hold spiritual beliefs about the world around them, they may have a sense of the unity of nature or the aliveness of all things, but they still kill the animals and uproot the plants in order to eat, to live. If they don’t, they will die.

And if you, even now, put yourself in nature even for a matter of days, you will quickly be disabused of all your romantic fantasies.

Take a trek through the jungles of Borneo, and in short order you will have festering sores on your skin, you’ll have bugs all over your body, biting in your hair, crawling up your nose and into your ears, you’ll have infections and sickness and if you’re not with somebody who knows what they’re doing, you’ll quickly starve to death. But chances are that even in the jungles of Borneo you won’t experience nature so directly, because you will have covered your entire body with DEET and you will be doing everything you can to keep those bugs off you.

The truth is, almost nobody wants to experience real nature. What people want is to spend a week or two in a cabin in the woods, with screens on the windows.

They want a simplified life for a while, without all their stuff, or a nice river rafting trip for a few days, with somebody else doing the cooking.

Nobody wants to go back to nature in any real way, and nobody does.

It’s all talk-and as the years go on, and the world population grows increasingly urban, it’s uninformed talk. Farmers know what they’re talking about. City people don’t. It’s all fantasy.

One way to measure the prevalence of fantasy is to note the number of people who die because they haven’t the least knowledge of how nature really is. They stand beside wild animals, like buffalo, for a picture and get trampled to death; they climb a mountain in dicey weather without proper gear, and freeze to death. They drown in the surf on holiday because they can’t conceive the real power of what we blithely call “the force of nature.” They have seen the ocean. But they haven’t been in it.

The television generation expects nature to act the way they want it to be. They think all life experiences can be Tivo-ed.

The notion that the natural world obeys its own rules and doesn’t give a damn about your expectations comes as a massive shock.

Well-to-do, educated people in an urban environment experience the ability to fashion their daily lives as they wish. They buy clothes that suit their taste, and decorate their apartments as they wish. Within limits, they can contrive a daily urban world that pleases them.

But the natural world is not so malleable. On the contrary, it will demand that you adapt to it-and if you don’t, you die. It is a harsh, powerful, and unforgiving world, that most urban westerners have never experienced.

Many years ago I was trekking in the Karakorum mountains of northern Pakistan, when my group came to a river that we had to cross. It was a glacial river, freezing cold, and it was running very fast, but it wasn’t deep—maybe three feet at most.

My guide set out ropes for people to hold as they crossed the river, and everybody proceeded, one at a time, with extreme care.

I asked the guide what was the big deal about crossing a three-foot river.

He said, “Well, supposing you fell and suffered a compound fracture. We were now four days trek from the last big town, where there was a radio. Even if the guide went back double time to get help, it’d still be at least three days before he could return with a helicopter. If a helicopter were available at all. And in three days, I’d probably be dead from my injuries. So that was why everybody was crossing carefully. Because out in nature a little slip could be deadly.”

But let’s return to religion.

If Eden is a fantasy that never existed, and mankind wasn’t ever noble and kind and loving, if we didn’t fall from grace, then what about the rest of the religious tenets?

What about salvation, sustainability, and judgment day?

What about the coming environmental doom from fossil fuels and global warming, if we all don’t get down on our knees and conserve every day?

Well, it’s interesting.

You may have noticed that something has been left off the doomsday list, lately. Although the preachers of environmentalism have been yelling about population for fifty years, over the last decade world population seems to be taking an unexpected turn. Fertility rates are falling almost everywhere. As a result, over the course of my lifetime the thoughtful predictions for total world population have gone from a high of 20 billion, to 15 billion, to 11 billion (which was the UN estimate around 1990) to now 9 billion, and soon, perhaps less.

There are some who think that world population will peak in 2050 and then start to decline. There are some who predict we will have fewer people in 2100 than we do today. Is this a reason to rejoice, to say halleluiah? Certainly not.

Without a pause, we now hear about the coming crisis of world economy from a shrinking population. We hear about the impending crisis of an aging population. Nobody anywhere will say that the core fears expressed for most of my life have turned out not to be true. As we have moved into the future, these doomsday visions vanished, like a mirage in the desert. They were never there—though they still appear, in the future, as mirages do.

Okay, so, the preachers made a mistake. They got one prediction wrong; they’re human. So what?

Unfortunately, it’s not just one prediction. It’s a whole slew of them.

We are running out of oil.

We are running out of all natural resources, Paul Ehrlich, 60 million Americans will die of starvation in the 1980s, forty thousand species become extinct every year, half of all species on the planet will be extinct by 2000. And on and on and on.

With so many past failures, you might think that environmental predictions would become more cautious.

But not if it’s a religion.

Remember, the nut on the sidewalk carrying the placard that predicts the end of the world doesn’t quit when the world doesn’t end on the day he expects. He just changes his placard, sets a new doomsday date, and goes back to walking the streets.

One of the defining features of religion is that your beliefs are not troubled by facts, because they have nothing to do with facts.

So I can tell you some facts.

I know you haven’t read any of what I am about to tell you in the newspaper, because newspapers literally don’t report them.

I can tell you that DDT is not a carcinogen and did not cause birds to die and should never have been banned. I can tell you that the people who banned it knew that it wasn’t carcinogenic and banned it anyway. I can tell you that the DDT ban has caused the deaths of tens of millions of poor people, mostly children, whose deaths are directly attributable to a callous, technologically advanced western society that promoted the new cause of environmentalism by pushing a fantasy about a pesticide, and thus irrevocably harmed the third world. Banning DDT is one of the most disgraceful episodes in the twentieth century history of America. We knew better, and we did it anyway, and we let people around the world die and didn’t give a damn.

I can tell you that second hand smoke is not a health hazard to anyone and never was, and the EPA has always known it.

I can tell you that the evidence for global warming is far weaker than its proponents would ever admit.

I can tell you the percentage the US land area that is taken by urbanization, including cities and roads, is 5%.

I can tell you that the Sahara desert is shrinking, and the total ice of Antarctica is increasing.

I can tell you that a blue-ribbon panel in Science magazine concluded that there is no known technology that will enable us to halt the rise of carbon dioxide in the 21st century. Not wind, not solar, not even nuclear. The panel concluded a totally new technology-like nuclear fusion-was necessary, otherwise nothing could be done and in the meantime all efforts would be a waste of time. They said that when the UN IPCC reports stated alternative technologies existed that could control greenhouse gases, the UN was wrong.

I can, with a lot of time, give you the factual basis for these views, and I can cite the appropriate journal articles not in whacko magazines, but in the most prestigious science journals, such as Science and Nature. But such references probably won’t impact more than a handful of you, because the beliefs of a religion are not dependent on facts, but rather are matters of faith—unshakeable belief.

Most of us have had some experience interacting with religious fundamentalists, and we understand that one of the problems with fundamentalists is that they have no perspective on themselves. They never recognize that their way of thinking is just one of many other possible ways of thinking, which may be equally useful or good. On the contrary, they believe their way is the right way, everyone else is wrong; they are in the business of salvation, and they want to help you to see things the right way. They want to help you be saved. They are totally rigid and totally uninterested in opposing points of view.

In our modern complex world, fundamentalism is dangerous because of its rigidity and its imperviousness to other ideas.

I want to argue that it is now time for us to make a major shift in our thinking about the environment, similar to the shift that occurred around the first Earth Day in 1970, when this awareness was first heightened.

But this time around, we need to get environmentalism out of the sphere of religion. We need to stop the mythic fantasies, and we need to stop the doomsday predictions. We need to start doing hard science instead.

There are two reasons why I think we all need to get rid of the religion of environmentalism.

First, we need an environmental movement, and such a movement is not very effective if it is conducted as a religion. We know from history that religions tend to kill people, and environmentalism has already killed somewhere between 10 to 30 million people since the 1970s. It’s not a good record.

Environmentalism needs to be absolutely based in objective and verifiable science, it needs to be rational, and it needs to be flexible. And it needs to be apolitical.

To mix environmental concerns with the frantic fantasies that people have about one political party or another is to miss the cold truth—that there is very little difference between the parties, except a difference in pandering rhetoric.

The effort to promote effective legislation for the environment is not helped by thinking that the Democrats will save us and the Republicans won’t. Political history is more complicated than that.

Never forget which president started the EPA. Richard Nixon. And never forget which president sold federal oil leases, allowing oil drilling in Santa Barbara. Lyndon Johnson.

So get politics out of your thinking about the environment.

The second reason to abandon environmental religion is more pressing.

Religions think they know it all, but the unhappy truth of the environment is that we are dealing with incredibly complex, evolving systems, and we usually are not certain how best to proceed. Those who are certain are demonstrating their personality type, or their belief system, not the state of their knowledge.

Our record in the past, for example managing national parks, is humiliating. Our fifty-year effort at forest-fire suppression is a well-intentioned disaster from which our forests will never recover.

We need to be humble, deeply humble, in the face of what we are trying to accomplish.

We need to be trying various methods of accomplishing things.

We need to be open-minded about assessing results of our efforts, and we need to be flexible about balancing needs. Religions are good at none of these things.

How will we manage to get environmentalism out of the clutches of religion, and back to a scientific discipline?

There’s a simple answer. We must institute far more stringent requirements for what constitutes knowledge in the environmental realm.

I am thoroughly sick of politicized so-called facts that simply aren’t true. It isn’t that these “facts” are exaggerations of an underlying truth. Nor is it that certain organizations are spinning their case to present it in the strongest way. Not at all—what more and more groups are doing is putting out is lies, pure and simple. Falsehoods that they know to be false.

This trend began with the DDT campaign, and it persists to this day.

At this moment, the EPA is hopelessly politicized.

In the wake of Carol Browner, it is probably better to shut it down and start over.

What we need is a new organization much closer to the FDA.

We need an organization that will be ruthless about acquiring verifiable results, that will fund identical research projects to more than one group, and that will make everybody in this field get honest fast.

Because in the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the dark ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices, transmitted to people who don’t know any better.

That’s not a good future for the human race. That’s our past. So it’s time to abandon the religion of environmentalism, and return to the science of environmentalism, and base our public policy decisions firmly on that.

Thank you very much.

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Biden’s Trans. Sec. Buttigieg Wants NATIONWIDE Ban on Gas Cars

These irrational, evil morons hate everything good, great and productive. Ayn Rand foresaw it all: The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution. Read it. 

At the dawn of the climate movement, back in the 1960s, they called this environ-mentalism ‘ecology’.

Ayn Rand said:

Ecology as a social principle . . . condemns cities, culture, industry, technology, the intellect, and advocates men’s return to “nature,” to the state of grunting sub animals digging the soil with their bare hands.”

“The dinosaur and its fellow-creatures vanished from this earth long before there were any industrialists or any men . . . . But this did not end life on earth. Contrary to the ecologists, nature does not stand still and does not maintain the kind of “equilibrium” that guarantees the survival of any particular species—least of all the survival of her greatest and most fragile product: man.””


“Now observe that in all the propaganda of the ecologists—amidst all their appeals to nature and pleas for “harmony with nature”—there is no discussion of man’s needs and the requirements of his survival. Man is treated as if he were an unnatural phenomenon. Man cannot survive in the kind of state of nature that the ecologists envision—i.e., on the level of sea urchins or polar bears . . . .

In order to survive, man has to discover and produce everything he needs, which means that he has to alter his background and adapt it to his needs. Nature has not equipped him for adapting himself to his background in the manner of animals. From the most primitive cultures to the most advanced civilizations, man has had to manufacture things; his well-being depends on his success at production. The lowest human tribe cannot survive without that alleged source of pollution: fire. It is not merely symbolic that fire was the property of the gods which Prometheus brought to man. The ecologists are the new vultures swarming to extinguish that fire.”

If anyone predicted then what the democrats are doing now, they would have been Baker acted, involuntarily institutionalized.

Biden’s Transportation secretary wants feds to ban gas cars nationwide ASAP

‘We’ve got to make sure that this happens quickly enough to beat climate change’

By: Art Moore, WND, September 14, 2022:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg hopes the federal government will follow California’s lead in approving a regulation that will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles.

“It’s interesting to see how the states are trying to go above and beyond what we’re doing at the federal level,” Buttigieg said in a podcast interview with KTTV-TV in Los Angeles, the Western Journal reported. Buttigieg said he’s “really interested to follow these developments, while we continue to set a national policy that’s the baseline for all of this.”

“We need to move in the direction of electric vehicles, and look, industry is already there — at least one major automaker says they’re not even planning to make gas cars past 2035 – but we’ve got to make sure that this happens quickly enough to help us be climate change,” he said.

The reference was to General Motors, which said last year it hopes to end sales of gas and diesel engine vehicles by 2035. California’s Air Resources Board followed suit in August with its approval of a regulation banning the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035.

Buttigieg said it’s important to make sure the transition “happens affordably enough, that it’s not just wealthy people, but low-income people who are the ones who most need those gas savings if they can afford the EVs in the first place.”

Last month, however, amid a heat wave, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office urged Californians not to charge their electric cars during peak hours.

About 16% of new car sales in the Golden State are electric vehicles, which raises the question of whether or not the power grid will be able to handle load less than 13 years from now.

Further, electric vehicles – the ones that are now in production – are not “zero-emission,” as about 80% of the electricity used to charge the batteries comes from coal, natural gas and nuclear power. And there are numerous environmental and ethical costs to manufacturing the batteries.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s ‘Lie & Deny’ Agenda is Destroying America’s Peace, Prosperity & Health

“Lie and deny are the Biden, Harris and Democrat Party’s mantras leading into the 2022 midterms and beyond.” — Dr. Rich Swier

We have decided to do an exposé on the Democrat’s plan to destroy our peace, prosperity and health, and healthcare, for everyone in the United States of America.

Many have called what their doing by different names: woke, cultural war, anti-American, semi-fascist, Communist, socialist, red-green-rainbow alliance and traitorous.

The fundamental agenda of Democrats is to lie and then deny.

Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said,

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

The Democrat Party and their leaders, i.e. Biden and Harris, are telling big lies and repeating them over and over again.

Biden, Harris and the White House have been lying and denying on issues like:

  1. Kamala Harris repeatedly stating that there is no border crisis.
  2. Biden, Kamala Harris, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes, Al Gore and the Department of Energy believing that mankind can control the weather and climate by changing they’re behaviors, i.e. going green, buying all electric cars, stop all fossil fuels, stop eating meat, etc.
  3. Biden’s policies that male and female are inter-changeable and one can choose their personal pronouns and gender at will.
  4. Biden and his Department of Education believing that it is the governments duty to teach underaged children, K-3, about sex and any parent who speaks out against this is designated as a domestic terrorists by Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland.
  5. Being queer (LGBTQ+) is a healthy behavior and life choice that must be encouraged, promoted, funded and even mandated.
  6. Taking Covid vaccines is the only right thing to do. Not to get vaxxed is a form of fascism.

Let’s look at these and other issues that the Democrats from the school house to the White House are promoting.


Since taking office we have seen the world respect for America disappear. Today, under Biden, we have morphed from  a peaceful world under President Trump, e.g. the Abraham Accords, into a global war with our sworn enemies: Russia, Iran, China and North Korea.

It all began with the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan showed the incompetence and weaknesses in Biden and his administration including Biden’s Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley.

In 2017 President Donald J. Trump warned that any hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan would be disastrous. Watch:

Trump made the following key points that upon taking office Biden ignored:

  1. First, our nation must seek an honorable and enduring outcome worthy of the tremendous sacrifices that have been made, especially the sacrifices of lives.
  2. Second, the consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable.  9/11, the worst terrorist attack in our history, was planned and directed from Afghanistan because that country was ruled by a government that gave comfort and shelter to terrorists.
  3. We must address the reality of the world as it exists right now — the threats we face, and the confronting of all of the problems of today, and extremely predictable consequences of a hasty withdrawal.

Next came Biden’s rush to war with Russia. Here are just a few of the key columns we published about Biden, his administration and the consequences of U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine War:

  1. Biden Threatened Ex-Ukraine President Poroshenko With Assassination If He Cooperated With Trump
  2. United States D.O.D issued a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before COVID-19 officially existed
  3. Biden Sent Baby Formula to Ukraine After He Learned About U.S. Shortage
  4. Russia Looking Forward To Picking Up $40 Billion In New Equipment After U.S. Abandons Ukraine
  5. Biden’s Weakness on the Ukraine-Russia War is a Threat to America
  6. Biden Regime Tells Underpaid U.S. Troops Struggling To Feed Their Families To Apply for Welfare While Giving Ukraine’s Military Billions

We now understand that Biden’s priority and our peace is being forfeited in order to support the Ukrainians, Ukraine’s military and the war rather than taking care of American citizens and our military families.

The Ukraine War is bringing hell upon every American citizen!


Again, Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Gobbles said,

“What you get, you don’t want, and what you want, you don’t get.”

This short sentence explains what Americans are facing. What we want is being taken away and what we’re getting is clearly something none of us ever wanted.

Lie and deny is rampant in the Biden White House down to Democrats in Congress when it comes to the American economy.

Some examples of Biden lying and denying on the U.S. economy include:

  1. Saying there is no inflation. Biden in a statement released Thursday, July 28th, 2022 said, “Coming off of last year’s historic economic growth — and regaining all the private sector jobs lost during the pandemic crisis — it’s no surprise that the economy is slowing down as the Federal Reserve acts to bring down inflation.” In 2021 there was no historic economic growth. The Federal Reserve just warned that the economy will get worse, not better.
  2. America’s gross domestic product fell by 0.9% on an annualized basis from April through June 2022 according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. It is commonly understood that to be in a recession there must be two consecutive quarters of the country’s gross domestic product shrinking. The Business Cycle Dating Committee officially defines when the U.S. economy is in a recession, and they define a recession as involving “a significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and lasts more than a few months.” In other words America is in a recession.

WATCH: This September 2nd, 2022 video titled What If The U.S. Economy CRASHES to understand where our economy is at.


Mothers have said since time immemorial that if you have your health you have everything.

QUESTION: Who is truly in control of your healthcare and thereby your health?

In our September 11th, 2022 column titled How Electronic Heath Records Have Destroyed Doctor Patient Confidentiality we reported,

There was a time because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) of 1996 when every American’s health record was kept secret. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention website reads,

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. 

Medical information confidentiality was the one thing that doctors and patients could depend upon. HIPPA was designed specifically to insure “nothing” would be shared without the “patient’s consent.”

That consent has now been compromised.

Today there is a new weapon that is being used to destroy doctor patient confidentiality—Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

QUESTION: Why are EHRs a threat to Doctor—Patient Confidentiality?

ANSWER: EHRs are a ball and chain to physicians and patients alike.

The Destruction of Doctor Patient Confidentiality

There are three issues that are key to understand why doctor patient confidentiality is a myth.

  1. Doctors who use EHR are monitored.
  2. Patients don’t know who is looking at their medical records.
  3. Neither a patient nor his or her doctors have any say on protecting confidential medical information.

EMRs are now widely used.

Click here to view a chart titled Trends in EHR adoption show increasing use of advanced functionality.

As Mobius.MD’s Remy Franklin states, “This quickly evolving [EHR] industry is still finding solutions to key challenges like interoperability and security, but the inevitable era of EHRs has arrived.

Here is one glaring example of what happens today with EHRs. In his Newsletter Steve Kirsch wrote an article titled Why doctors aren’t speaking out. Steve wrote about how we are headed for a perfect storm with escalating health needs and a shortage of doctors because of how we treat them. One doctor wrote to Steve and stated,

Dear Steve,

You ask why doctors are silent. The electronic medical records (EMRs) are a ball and chain to physicians. We are tracked through them. When I wrote a prescription for Ivermectin for a patient, with informed consent (she was vaccinated), I received 5 letters threatening my medical license, my hospital privileges, and my insurance contracts. I would not have received 5 letters if I killed someone in negligence or malpractice. If I have my license pulled, I will no longer be able to help my patients.

I speak to patients on a one-on-one basis, but speaking out would destroy my family. I have children.

Today, EMRs are being used to attack doctors who don’t comply with political practices of keeping patients from getting the treatments, in this case the use of Ivermectin, to prevent the flu.

Never have we seen doctors, nurses, hospitals so afraid to speak out against government medical mandates.

We went to a pulmonologist recently and all of the office and professional staff and patients were required to wear a mask even though there is study after study reporting that masks don’t work to prevent the spread of the Covid flu. When I asked why, as experts in lung issues, they still required wearing masks they were silent.

Why, because, like the doctor above, they are afraid of standing against the “statist medical-government complex.”

The Bottom Line

On September 17th, 2022 wrote,

In another troubling sign the Biden administration views distrusting American citizens as dangerous and subversive, the public learned this week the FBI has been reading private Facebook posts, and labeling the writer a domestic terrorist threat, if you questioned the 2020 presidential election. Those comments then earned the Facebook user his or her own investigation by their own disapproving government.

In an exclusive story published this week, The New York Post quotes Department of Justice whistleblowers who describe a 19-month operation in which a Facebook employee secretly sent online messages to the FBI if the author complained about their government – specifically if they questioned if Joe Biden legally defeated Donald Trump. [Emphasis added]

Read more.

The fundamental issue is whomever controls our peace, prosperity and health, and healthcare controls the individual.

The U.S. Constitution was created to give power over our lives, liberties and happiness to we the people and limit the role of the federal government. The founding fathers established a Constitutional Republican form of governance. Not a democracy.

Biden’s “lying & denying” agenda is designed to grow the powers of the federal government to the point that today our individual ability to control our peace, prosperity and health, and healthcare is quickly approaching zero.

In the dystopian novel 1984 O’Brien, the grand inquisitor of the totalitarian regime in Orwell’s novel, says, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

Today we have a new Grand Inquisitor of the Democrat’s totalitarian regime—Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

But he is just a figurehead. It’s the dystopian bureaucracy that is our true enemy.

The dystopian bureaucracy began establishing it’s totalitarian regime on January 6th, 2021 by arresting peaceful protestors in Washington D.C., which ultimately lead to the armed raid and ransacking of the personal residence of a former president of these United States named Mar-a-Lago.

We are fast approaching that time when the federal government’s boot will be stomping on each and everyone of our faces—for ever.

Don’t believe this? Then just look at how the FBI is arresting Biden and the Democrats political opponents en masse. If you believe in making and keeping America great you are an enemy of the state and are sent to their federal gulags for reprogramming.

Lie and Deny we are believe that War is Peace—Freedom is Slavery—Ignorance is Strength.

It is only be a matter of time before they come for us.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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Climate Change and the Globalist Agenda

‘Climate Change’, originally called ‘Global Warming’, seems to be the ‘topic du jour’ in today’s news. Every day, some portion of the MSM news carries one or more segments dedicated to the continuation of the fear-mongering connected to “Climate Change”.

Some part of these segments offer ‘science pundits’, whom I would hardly consider to be experts (consider Greta Thunberg) in climate and weather patterns, who offer what they call ‘scientific proof’ of the causes and dangers of climate change and freely provide glimpses into the future they say will result from ‘Climate Change’.

God’s Creation Provided a Perfect Environment

When God was working on the earth’s renovation, He clearly stated thus: And God said, Let there be a *firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven” (Genesis 1:6-8 KJV).

The word ‘firmament’ is the Hebrew word Raqiya, pronounced raw-kee’-ah, (Strong’s 7549) and it means ‘an expanse’, or as we would call it, heaven, or ‘the heavens’. Notice that the *firmament, or the ‘expanse’, was placed by God “in the midst of the waters”.  *How did God create a ‘firmament’ “in the midst” of the waters that covered the entire earth? Just as He did with all the other things He created, He ‘spoke it into existence’, indicating that there was no ’firmament/expanse (breathable air)” before He spoke. In His wisdom, and His love for the man that He would create in a few days, He made sure there was air to breathe ahead of time.

The waters mentioned in Genesis 1:2 and 1:6 were in total darkness and covered the earth when God began His recreation, but when He spoke, the waters ‘separated’ into the waters ‘above the firmament’ (the expanse) and those ‘under the firmament’ (the expanse). This expanse is the place we see as we look upward above the earth from the horizon all the way to the lights (stars and moon) we see above and it includes the air we breathe on the surface of the earth.

The waters ‘under the firmament’, God further separated into the seas (Genesis 1:9-10 KJV) causing the dry land to appear.

I have heard it explained that the waters above the firmament formed a complete ‘spherical shield’ at some distance above the earth, and the shield, besides protecting all life from the dangerous rays of the sun, also dispersed the light from the sun and the moon so perfectly proportionate over the entire earth that there was little to no deviation in temperature anywhere on the planet. This thought makes perfect sense due to the spherical shape of the earth and the harmful rays of the radiation from the sun would have been rendered harmless due to the filtering action of the waters above the firmament and the air would have been heated equally all over the planet. Such a light dispersion would likely have made the entire planet a perfect environment for all living creatures.

The ‘firmaments’ described in the Book of Genesis gives us a little insight into the perfect environment given to the human race.

Climate Change on a Cursed Earth

If real, we should assume that this perfect environment lasted until the flood of Noah, detailed in Genesis 6 and 7 KJV. We are told that God “saw “that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. As a result of the sinful condition of mankind, God decided to destroy all mankind and animals from the earth. So in effect the sins of man were the cause of the flood that totally destroyed the perfect environment that man had inherited.

“But Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord”

God, in His great mercy, having found in Noah, a man who was perfect in his ’generations’ instructed him (Genesis 6:13-22 KJV) to build an ark to God’s perfect dimensions and equip it to last through the coming flood.

After this God again spoke: “And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female. Of fowls also of the air by sevens, the male and the female; to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth. For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. And Noah did according unto all that the Lord commanded him”.

Climate Change After the Flood

After Noah and his family were entered into the ark we are told that “the fountains of the great deep” were ‘broken up’” and the “windows of heaven” were opened allowing the waters that God had separated under and above the firmament to drop onto the earth thereby destroying all life on earth except those who were sealed into the ark.

We are not told anywhere in the Bible that those waters were returned to their previous place and that begs a question: If the waters “above the firmament” which were placed there to provide a perfect environment for all earthly creatures did not return to their original place, could this not have had a serious impact on the climate of the whole earth?

No one alive today knows just how perfect and beautiful the earth was when God finished His (Re)creation, detailed in Genesis 1-2. For those who are believers in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Saviour of the world, the knowledge we now have of what once was a perfect environment, knowledge gleaned from from reading, studying and understanding God’s word, is as close as we will get to experiencing it in this cursed world on a cursed earth.

He clearly had all things totally under His control and had not sin entered, all things would still be under control; Climate Change, other than the normal temperature changes we see in the seasons now would not exist.

The Current State of Climate Change

Mankind has existed in a state of rebelliousness since sin first entered; being cast out of the Garden of Eden was due to the rebellious nature that caused Eve, then Adam, to listen to a snake, a mouthpiece for Satan, known nowadays as a “politician”, rather than to the words of God. When they ‘knew good and evil” after eating the forbidden fruit, that rebellious nature overcame any control that God had over them and they had to depart from His perfect place to live on their own, from the place of perfection to a much more hostile environment. It became ever more hostile when the authority over that environment was handed over to Satan. Had it not been for God’s extraordinary mercy and grace, mankind would not have survived to this day.

Man had been given enough of God’s nature to want to improve his lot and change the curse into a blessing, all on his own, and he has been trying to make that work ever since, mostly without much success.

Reading through the Book of Genesis, again, I was struck by the chronological order of God’s recreation. The various stars, moon and sun, all the animals, all the vegetation, all the fish and creeping things were made in the first five days and, on the last day of His work, God created man, afterward, placing him in the midst of His perfect environment.

Knowing as I do that God’s timing is always perfect, and His manner of, and reason for, doing things is also perfect, it occurred to me that He finished all His creation BEFORE He made man.  Personally, I believe He did this knowing that, had he created the man first, the man would have insisted on “helping God” with the rest of His creation, and that would have been an utter disaster. God didn’t need man’s help to accomplish any of His creation and He doesn’t need it now.  What God truly desires is for man to acknowledge what God has done and give HIM all the glory for it, refusing to take any for himself.

But man being the consummate rebel, who insists that he can do what God has done, wants to be equal with the Creator, seemingly believing that he can do it better, even to the point of denying God’s very existence. Until he realizes that, any effort on the part of any man to “take over God’s authority and improve on God’s work” is futile, and only makes everything worse, climate change will not get better.

Frank Sinatra, the late singer/actor, recorded a hit song in 1968 titled “My Way”. Paul Anka, another star singer/songwriter of that time, who was a huge fan of Sinatra, wrote the lyrics to the song as a kind of tribute to Sinatra who was known to have lived his life doing it “his way”. In essence, the song is more of a tribute to man’s pride and defiance against any control over his life. Most of the musical critics who have studied both Sinatra and that song, consider it to be a “self-determination anthem”. Man’s refusal to follow the explicit instructions of His creator, and determine his own pathway was possibly the worst decision ever made and all men are still paying the price for it.

Climate Change and the Globalists Agenda of “World Control”

Then U.S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, *addressing graduates at Southwest Texas State University in May 1962, stated that the US Congress was considering the possibility of launching “weather satellites”  that could potentially determine the world’s cloud layers and eventually, the weather. He stated, “And he who controls the weather, controls the world”.

The idea of having the ability to determine the weather in any given area, thus producing drought, flood or any of a variety of adverse weather conditions seemed rather far-fetched, in the 1960s but NOW, through geo-engineering, we are seeing that very phenomenon on a daily basis.  All one needs to do is gaze at the sky on any given day to see the proof of these weather control chem trails and then watch the daily news of torrential rains that produce 100, or 500 year floods, or witness scorching heat in many areas that dry up the ground and all rivers, streams and lakes, torching millions of acres of forests, creating the inevitability of landslides and mudslides in mountainous areas and and making the production of crops in farming areas nearly impossible.

Johnson who became POTUS after the 1963 assassination of President John F Kenney President Lyndon B. Johnson would go on to authorize ‘weather warfare’ over Vietnam.

Operation Popeye  first came to public light in March 1971, when reporter and newspaper columnist, Jack Anderson, published a story based on a secret 1967 memo from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson. The memo read:

“Laos operations – Continue as at present plus Pop Eye to reduce the trafficability [sic] along infiltration routes & Authorization requested to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successfully tested and evaluated in some area”.  (US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 26 July 1972; p. 5).

The far-fetched idea of ‘weather control’ actually became reality during the Vietnam war in 1967 on a top secret basis with ‘Operation Popeye’ using the rather antiquated process of dropping silver iodide and lead iodide into cloud formations over Laos to increase the rain potential from them. The excessive rain made it difficult for the enemy forces to move men and equipment from one location to another, making it “weather warfare”. VP Johnson announced the intention of  using weather control in 1962 and approved its use as POTUS several years later.

‘Weather Control’ Which Equals Climate Change Today

Fast forward to the present and witness the utter devastation seen from weather modification/geoengineering producing some of the strangest weather ever seen on earth, especially over the west coast of the US and the midwestern states of the US where massive amounts of food products are normally grown, feeding millions of Americans as well as millions of others around the world.

The proof of the success of geoengineering and weather modification/control must have the world’s elite globalists leaping with joy as they now see the possibility of world domination coming to fruition.

There is always the danger of being deceived into believing lies when the truth is right in front of us. The globalists have been working their deception agenda for many decades and have been successful in bringing into their fold many who are in positions of power in various governments, corporations academia and the entertainment arenas. For the most part, there people see themselves as ‘influencers’ over the minds and thoughts of ordinary people, many of who have been deceived and are fully convinced that the weather patterns we now see are the result of man’s current actions, and the production of carbon dioxide, and who will willingly follow all the mandates of these evil globalists.

We ae living in the days spoken of by Paul the Apostle who said, But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived”. While multitudes now believe the world should ‘transition to ‘clean/green energy’, reducing our demand on fossil fuels, they are becoming willing and useful idiots for Satan’s depopulation plans.

But the truth is that the weather patterns we see, and yes, they Are indeed unusual and strange, so was the flood of Noah, causes entirely by man’s sin and denial of God’s authority that reduced the population of the world to eight human beings.

Man’s own actions, having nothing to do with carbon dioxide production and pollution, but rather being caused by his own sinful nature and denial of God has now created the environment we are forced to live with, at least until the Lord returns to establish a righteous kingdom over the earth.

Unless a miracle occurs that would stop all geoengineering and further attempts at weather control, millions of people worldwide will die from starvation, floods and storms. Since those who espouse the use of any means necessary to further their satanic grab for world power and their ultimate goal total control over the world’s population have already stated that the world is overpopulated and that seven plus billions of ‘useless eaters’ must be eliminated, it might be wise to take them and their agenda at face value.

If the Church cannot get its act together and reach out to God, praying for that miracle, the only option left is to prepare as much as possible for the coming devastation and chaos that will surely result from man’s insane desire to do things “his way”.

Maranatha……and Blessings!

©Bud Hancock. All rights reserved.

UK Abandons Net-Zero Energy Policies for Energy Security

“I’m ending the short-term thinking on energy once and for all. I’m acting now so people and businesses are supported with a new Energy Price Guarantee. I will tackle the root cause of the issue by boosting domestic energy supply to ensure we’re not in this position ever again.” —UK Prime Minister Liz Truss

In Episode 300 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a development from the United Kingdom and the nation’s decision to repeal its 2019 fracking ban amid soaring energy costs. Tune in to learn how this will impact European – and  U.S. – energy policies.

Listen on Apple Podcasts


PM Liz Truss tweets

BBC: Fracking ban in England lifted in bid to boost UK gas supply

NPR: Households across the U.K. are about to experience an 80% jump in energy costs

Sky News: Ban on fracking to be lifted as part of Liz Truss’s energy plan

Guardian: Fracking halted in England in major government U-turn

Newsweek: Putin Is Funding Green Groups to Discredit Natural Gas Fracking

Conservation Nation: Fracking Report Part 1

Conservation Nation: Fracking Report Part 2


Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the “District of Conservation” podcast and CFACT’s original YouTube series “Conservation Nation.” Learn more about her work at

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Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry’s Carbon Footprint is 300 Times That of the Average American

“In his role as President Joe Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry has flown more than 180,000 miles—flights that emitted more than 9.5 million pounds of carbon.” — Washington Free Beacon

The whole climate ruse is a hoax, of course. But the point here is clearly those hawking it don’t believe it either. But they do believe in the money and power it gives them.

As Biden’s Climate Czar, John Kerry Has Flown More Than 180,000 Miles, Emitting 9.5 Million Pounds of Carbon

Other prominent climate activists have given up flying to combat climate change, which Kerry has called an ‘existential crisis’

 • September 8, 2022 12:00 pm

In his role as President Joe Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry has flown more than 180,000 miles—flights that emitted more than 9.5 million pounds of carbon, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

The Free Beacon reviewed 75 of Kerry’s official travel announcements from March 2021 to July 2022, which show Kerry has flown roughly 180,100 miles—the equivalent of traveling around the world more than seven times—to discuss climate change with various world leaders. Planes on average produce 53.3 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile traveled, according to carbon emissions modeling website BlueSkyModel, meaning Kerry’s flights have produced 9.54 million pounds, or 4,772 tons, of carbon—roughly 300 times the average American’s carbon footprint for an entire year. From May 13, 2021, to May 19, 2021, for example, Kerry traveled to Rome, London, and Berlin before returning stateside. Those flights total roughly 10,100 miles and 538,000 pounds of carbon.

It’s unclear how many miles Kerry will have to fly to solve climate change, an issue he’s called an “existential … crisis.” It’s also unclear exactly how Kerry flies to each location to perform his official duties as climate czar. His office told Fox News that he flies “commercially or via military air in his role as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate,” but Kerry’s press releases do not reveal which option is utilized for each individual trip. The top Biden official’s government Twitter account has posted photos of Kerry using electric buses and scooters but has not shared snapshots of his plane travel.

Read more.


RELATED VIDEO: Bill Gates and his gas-guzzling helicopter.


China’s Coal Power Boom: Beijing is building more coal-fired capacity than the rest of the world combined, U.S. climate lectures notwithstanding.

Britain’s New PM Lifts Ban on Fracking

Biden Regime Announces Another Massive $$$$ Package for Ukraine Bringing Total up to $15 Billion

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

New Hampshire Can Blaze The Trail To Plentiful Carbon-Free Energy

As energy prices continue to crush families and businesses, the future looks bleak for northern New England and its heavy reliance on carbon-belching fossil fuels.

But there’s a bright spot up ahead. This summer, Governor Chris Sununu signed into law House Bill 543, an act “establishing a commission to study nuclear power and nuclear reactor technology in New Hampshire.” That culminated a multi-year effort on the part of local New Hampshire citizens, activists, and elected officials to meet the state’s challenges in energy security and environmental stewardship.

Given the plights of neighboring Vermont and Maine, which shut down their nuclear plants and have no major carbon-free energy solutions in sight, the commission’s work could make the Granite State a net exporter of clean electricity.

The initiative has support across the spectrum, from environmentalists who see nuclear energy as a vital bridge toward more sustainable alternatives in the future, to political conservatives.

Valerie Gardner, co-founder of the California based Climate Coalition and Managing Partner of Nucleation Capital, said “the wording of NH HB 543 is very smart, direct and no-nonsense and it should be a model for every state in the nation!”

Karen Testerman of Franklin, who is challenging Sununu from the right in the September primary, worked with Grafton County Commissioner Omer Ahern Jr., to bring nuclear energy experts to the state. Their goals: to explore both the necessity of keeping Seabrook Station, northern New England’s last nuclear power plant and the largest generator in the six-state electrical grid, operating for its entire useful life; and to explore next generation nuclear technology to go online well before Seabrook’s license expires in the year 2050.

Those experts included Steve Curtis and Tom Dolan, who traveled throughout the state to brief citizens and leaders about the economic and national security benefits of nuclear power and the need for America to embrace spent nuclear fuel as a new sustainable source of energy. They stirred interest in the promising concept of recycling spent nuclear fuel in next-generation fast reactors – for which America has a domestic supply equivalent to 250 years of clean, carbon-free power – sitting unused on reactor sites nationwide, including at Seabrook, and in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont.

“As a grassroots state, we in New Hampshire realize we can’t wait for others to take care of our challenges,” said Testerman.  “By presenting the issue to the House Science and Technology Committee members, and through radio outreach on New Hampshire’s Common Sense radio program, we became the catalyst to initiating the potential pathway to energy independence,” she said.

The initiative could supply everyone on the New Hampshire grid with clean electricity and make the state a major exporter of planet-friendly power to its neighbors.

The primary sponsor of the legislation was Representative Keith Ammon. His legislative approach received applause by advocates of clean energy nationwide.

Gardner, of the Climate Coalition, explained that New Hampshire is not alone in studying the benefits of nuclear for clean energy. “Michigan is already there, and WY, IN, WV, AL, WI, IL and CT have already repealed bans and/or passed pro-SMR” bills,” she wrote, referring to state-level actions meant to explore the next generation nuclear revolution.

With the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington slow-walking recommendations to embrace a carbon-free future with next-generation reactors and recycled spent nuclear fuel, New Hampshire’s new commission has the potential to make a historic difference for the state and the nation.


Tommy Waller

Executive Vice President, Center for Security Policy.

RELATED VIDEO: Mark Meadows: We went from energy dominance to energy beggars


Tommy Waller joins WSHO radio to discuss electric grid vulnerabilities, what must be done

60 Minutes highlights vulnerabilities of the electric grid and Biden administration inaction

Tommy Waller: Electrical grid security is national security

EDITORS NOTE: This Center for Security Policy column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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Any given day you’ll catch CFACT’s team on TV, the web, social media, radio, movies… you name it.

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Unrelenting is a fine word to describe CFACT.

Watch Marc Morano, the force behind our award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, take to the screen to debunk myths about EV’s and China on Centerpoint TV.

Hear me take on Biden’s outrageous “30×30” land grab on VCY America Radio.

Listen to Gabriella Hoffman expose the absurdity of banning Canadian imports of game birds on her District of Conservation Podcast.

Check out the crowd that gathered to watch CFACT’s feature film Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy in Dallas!

In August, CFACT went over 50 million monthly viewers on social media!

CFACT has been warning about radical attempts to wreck America’s energy economy since 1985.  Sadly, our words have proven all too prophetic.

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Amazon Takes Solar Rooftops Offline Following Major Fires, Electrical Explosions

Grids going down, Rolling blackouts, EVs that can’t be charged – “green ain’t green but it is an epic failure.

Another Green Disaster: Amazon Took Solar Rooftops Offline Following Major Fires, Electrical Explosions

By: Breitbat News, September 7, 2022:

A new report from CNBC reveals that Amazon powered down all of its solar rooftops in the U.S. last year following a series of major fires at facilities throughout the country.

CNBC reports that over a year, at least six Amazon fulfillment centers caught fire or experienced electrical explosions due to failures with their solar energy rooftop systems. Internal documents obtained by CNBC reveal that between April 2020 and June 2021 Amazon experienced “critical fire or arc flash events” in at least six of its 47 North American sites with solar installations.
Workers install solar panels on the roof of factory buildings at a small and medium-sized enterprises park on July 5, 2022 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province of China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

Workers install solar panels on the roof of a factory building (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

In the internal reports, an Amazon employee wrote: “The rate of dangerous incidents is unacceptable, and above industry averages.” In June of last year, Amazon took all of its U.S. solar facilities offline temporarily to ensure its systems were designed and installed properly for continuing their use any further.

An Amazon spokesperson told CNBC that the incidents involved systems run by partners and that the company responded by voluntarily turning off its solar-powered roofs. “Out of an abundance of caution, following a small number of isolated incidents with onsite solar systems owned and operated by third parties, Amazon proactively powered off our onsite solar installations in North America, and took immediate steps to re-inspect each installation by a leading solar technical expert firm,” the spokesperson said.

However, those details were absent in Amazon’s 100-page sustainability report for 2021, in which it stated that solar was powering 115 of its fulfillment centers across the globe by the end of 2021. “Many of our fulfillment facilities throughout the U.S., Europe, and India are powered by on-site solar, where a rooftop installation can power up to 80% of the facility’s energy use,” the report said.

“As inspections are completed, our onsite solar systems are being powered back on,” the Amazon spokesperson said. “Amazon also built a team of dedicated solar experts overseeing the construction, operations, and maintenance of our systems in-house to ensure the safety of our systems.”

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Amazon has blamed third-party partners and vendors for most of the significant problems with its solar systems. “Over the past five years, solar malfunctions have been caused by improper installation techniques, improper commissioning of a new system, inadequate system maintenance and equipment malfunction,” the documents said.



GREEN DISASTER: California Activates 4 Gas Generators for the First Time as Electric Grid Suffers Major Defeat

Gov. Glenn Youngkin vows to stop ‘ridiculous’ state ban on gas vehicles

Dutch Farmers Topple Agriculture Minister Leading Climate Agenda

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.