Congressman’s Impassioned Testimony Reveals the True Victims of Gun Control

Data show that every year, at least 200,000 women employ a firearm to defend themselves against sexual abuse.

Gun control advocates often claim the moral high ground. They accuse opponents of selfishly clinging to their guns and having cold hearts toward the victims of gun violence. That is exactly what happened on May 20 at a Congressional hearing on the issue.

But Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) wasn’t having it.

“We care about victims,” he said in his testimony. “I care about the victims of gun control.”

Massie then related how gun control victimized Nikki Goeser, one of his former staffers, who “watched her husband killed in front of her, because she followed the gun control laws, and her assailant—her stalker—did not. She left her concealed carry weapon in her car, because it was a gun-free zone.”

More than a decade ago, she and her husband Benjamin Goeser were operating their karaoke business at a restaurant in Tennessee when her longtime stalker confronted them.

“…I would usually carry my permitted concealed handgun with me,” she told Fox News, “But, at the time, Tennessee did not allow carrying in restaurants that served alcohol. While I obeyed the law, Ben’s murderer did not. He had no permit to carry, and he brought a gun into a gun-free zone.”

“In April 2009, the murderer shot my husband seven times in front of 50 witnesses. The whole attack was recorded by the restaurant’s security cameras.”

Ben Goeser was a victim of gun violence. But, he was also a victim of gun control. A gun control law prevented his law-abiding wife from saving his life from a law-flouting criminal.

In a tragic irony, his death contributed to gun violence statistics that are regularly used to argue for more gun control laws like the very one that sealed his fate.

Women are particularly vulnerable to being victimized by gun control. An estimated 1.9 million women are targeted and physically assaulted in the United States every year: a number of them by stalkers like the one who menaced Nikki Goeser and slew her husband.

Data show that every year, at least 200,000 women employ a firearm to defend themselves against sexual abuse. And studies have shown that armed women are highly effective in preventing rape and sexual assault with guns

With generally smaller frames and thus less capacity to fend off large attackers with their bodies alone, firearms provide women essential protection. As comedian Chris Rock has pointed out, guns are the great equalizer. “You got pecs? l got Tecs,” he quipped, referring to the Tec-9 automatic pistol.

This reality is too often lost on many who otherwise voice support for female empowerment and equality. By depriving them of essential protection, gun control disempowers, oppresses, and victimizes women on a vast scale.

The specific gun control measures discussed in the May 20 hearing would only victimize women even more.

Gun control advocates want to eliminate a provision in the 1994 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act that allows gun dealers to proceed with a sale if the buyer’s mandated background check has not been completed within three business days. They blame it for enabling Dylann Roof to obtain the gun he used in the 2015 Charleston church shooting. Thus, they call it “the Charleston loophole.”

But in his testimony, Massie explained that Roof would have passed the background check anyway, so eliminating the provision wouldn’t have hindered him.

Who would it hinder? Women in desperate need of a gun to defend themselves and their loved ones from abusers or stalkers and whose safety can’t afford a lengthy waiting period. For potential victims in such situations, time is of the essence.

Also discussed at the hearing were “safe storage laws,” which advocates claim would prevent accidental gun deaths and suicides. But as Massie pointed out in his testimony, there is no evidence backing this assumption. Instead, safe storage laws only impair and inhibit people’s ability to use their guns defensively… as in the case of a home invader.

A survey conducted by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that on average, Americans use guns to frighten away home intruders about 498,000 times per year, and in general, felons have reported that they avoid entering houses when people are at home because they fear being shot. If criminals know that guns are safely out of reach in locked storage, they will have less of a deterrent.

“One of the great mistakes,” the economist Milton Friedman once said, “is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

Another great mistake, explored by Henry Hazlitt in his classic book Economics in One Lesson, is to only consider a policy’s impacts on one group of people and ignore its impacts on other groups.

Gun control advocates are too often guilty of both errors. They dwell on their intentions and disregard the unintended consequences of gun control. And while accusing others of not caring about victims of guns, they themselves turn a blind eye to victims of gun control.


Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper is a professional actress and a Libertarian-Conservative writer. She’s an ambassador for PragerU and TurningPoint USA and content manager at Unwoke Narrative.

Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez is the Director of Content at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and the editor-in chief of

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PODCAST: Secretary Pompeo Sounds Off On Climate Alarmists

“Former Secretary Kerry is driving the central thesis of this administration’s foreign policy. Ours was America First, we were unambiguous. When I met with my counterparts around the world, it was pretty clear Mike Pompeo showed up to make sure Americans were more prosperous and more secure and safer. When when this administration has these conversations, if the other side will offer them a little bit of a carbon reduction, or, worse yet, a promise of some future carbon reduction—kind of like Wimpy’s “burger tomorrow,” these folks are willing to trade things that matter, the security interests that matter to the American people. So my comments were, we all want clean air, we all want safe drinking water, but to hand over the American economy to bust the American worker to get the Green New Deal done on the back of the American worker does indeed put America behind the interests of other countries.” — Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

In Episode 183 of District of Conservation, Gabriella exclusively teases a clip of her forthcoming interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropping Friday.

Secretary Pompeo discusses this viral tweet of his about climate change, thoughts on the Biden’s administration’s War on Energy, what sustainable clean energy options are, true conservation, firearms, the nomination of David Chipman for ATF Director, and public safety.

Follow Secretary Pompeo on Instagram and Twitter.

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Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the “District of Conservation” podcast and CFACT’s original YouTube series “Conservation Nation.” Learn more about her work at

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VIDEO: Survivor of Mao’s Communist China warns against Critical Race Theory

There is no more reliable witness than victims of left-wing oppression, persecution and mass murder.

VIDEO: Survivor of Mao’s Communist China warns against Critical Race Theory

By: American Military News, June 12, 2021:

A Chinese woman who survived Communist Chinese leader Mao Tse-Tung’s regime slammed Loudoun County’s School Board in Virginia for teaching Critical Race Theory in its schools, asserting the lessons are “very familiar…the only difference is [Communist China] used class instead of race.”

“I’ve been very alarmed by what’s going on in our schools. You are now training our children to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history,” the Chinese woman told the school board. “Growing up in Mao’s China, all of this seems very familiar. The Communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people; the only difference is they used class instead of race.”

“We were also encouraged to report on each other, just like the Student Equity Ambassador program and the Bias Reporting System,” she recalled, adding, “This is, indeed, the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The Critical Race Theory has its roots in cultural Marxism. It should have no place in our schools.”

According to WTOP, Loudoun County parents sued the school board on June 3, accusing the school district leaders of violating students’ freedom of speech.

“…basic principles like the First Amendment have not stopped the
Loudoun County School Board from prescribing exactly what shall be orthodox for its students. LCPS is all-in on a curricular framework that expects students to speak, act, and think in line with a particular ideology,” the lawsuit states. “Any dissent from that ideology can be labeled as ‘bias’ and anonymously reported to the speech police, a group of hand picked students who share the LCPS administration’s ideology, charged to pass judgment on those classmates that their peers turn in.”

The lawsuit says the school board has implemented racial distinctions between its students in the name of “dismantling systemic racism,” specifically noting the position of “Student Equity Ambassador,” which is appointed based on race and “discriminates against students on the basis of their viewpoint.”

“The Board has also implemented a viewpoint discriminatory ‘bias reporting system’ that chills students’ speech on matters of important public concern,” the lawsuit continues. “Each of these policies violates the Constitution’s guarantees of free speech and equality before the law.”

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Israeli Startups Smash Funding Records, Reel In $10.5B In Just Six Months

Israel is quite literally a miracle. What other country could withstand a daily barrage of attacks and smears, and still thrive and prosper as the Jewish state does? The world’s leading corporations can’t get enough of Israel’s groundbreaking technology. #BDSFail!

Israeli Startups Smash Funding Records, Reel In $10.5B In Just Six Months

By No Camels, June 10, 2021

Israel’s innovation technology sector broke another capital funding record this week and has now topped $10.5 billion since the start of the year – the same amount raised in all of 2020, according to Start-Up Nation Finder. This is the second major report to highlight 2021’s sizzling cash flow for blue-and-white startups in recent weeks.

“The market is clearly ‘red hot’ with a lot of money flowing into early and late-stage companies, some of which with valuations that don’t always make sense. Companies that raise now should manage their cash in a clever way, balancing between the desire to ‘push forward’ and gain a competitive edge while keeping some for a rainy day,” Lior Handelsman, General Partner at Grove Ventures, tells NoCamels.

Funding seems to be pouring into local startups especially in cybersecurity, fintech, and enterprise sectors, with companies in these spaces hauling in $6.2 billion or 60 percent of all investments.

The world demand for solutions in these fields — cybersecurity, fintech, and enterprise– are high in part due to the massive forward push of digitization in the wake of COVID-19.

“Part of that accelerated growth of course has to do with COVID-19, and continued low interest rates in the world, which is creating demand to invest in the tech sector,” Dekel Persi, co-founder and managing partner at TPY Capital, said in a statement.

According to the new report, Israel recorded an increase of 137 percent in funding growth for the first five months of 2021 compared to the first five months of 2020.

Most of the funding comes from foreign investors, according to the report. Investment performance worldwide stands at 89 percent, Europe has recorded an increase of 123 percent for the same period, the US has seen an increase of 91 percent and Asia has seen an increase of 69 percent, according to PitchBook data.


Israel elected to UN economic council for the first time

Israel: 2nd highest number of billionaires per capita in world

7 reasons why Israel has become an assembly line for tech unicorns 

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Turks Enraged as Reveals the Truth: Most of Them Are Greeks

My latest in PJ Media:

The Turkish DNA Project, an online endeavor to track Turkish genetics, is enraged at the popular genealogy site and has called for it to be boycotted for stating an inconvenient truth: many, and possibly most, modern Turks are the descendants of the Greeks who once formed the overwhelming majority of the population of the land that is now Turkey. In this as in so many other instances, the truth hurts, but that doesn’t make it any less the truth.

Greek City Times reported that the Turkish DNA Project tweeted: “AncestryDNA prioritizes to demonize the Turkish people and delegitimaze [sic] their presence in Turkey rather than giving information about the genetic structure of the relevant population.” The Turkish DNA Project called upon “all Turks to boycott this company: Ancestry.”

After Greek City Times called attention to the tweet, the Turkish DNA Project took it down, but it still has up a retweet calling for a boycott of, as well as a tweet fulminating with incandescent rage against Greek City Times’ Athens Bureau chief Paul Antopoulos, whom it calls a “white supremacist.” Very original line of attack you got there, guys.

Greek City Times explained that the Turkish group was enraged “because correctly highlighted that many Turkish citizens are indeed mostly unrelated to Turkic peoples from Central Asia and are rather native Anatolian people that have been Turkified… highlighted that after the Ottoman conquest of Pontos in today’s Turkey’s southeastern Black Sea coast, the “Pontian Greeks adopted Turkish language and culture, and many converted to Islam in order to have greater opportunities in Turkish society. also highlighted that another round of Turkification of Pontian Greeks occurred after the second Russo-Turkish War (1828-29).”

This is not at all surprising, and nowhere even close to a false claim. Throughout history, when Muslims have conquered an area, they relegate the non-Muslims to second-class status, denying them numerous rights and mandating that they pay a tax, the jizya, for the privilege of practicing their religions without being killed. There is one easy way for the subjugated dhimmis to escape this state of humiliation and degradation: they can convert to Islam.

There is more. Read the rest here.



India: Member of Parliament Nusrat Jahan deceived a country of 1.3 billion for two years

Pakistan: Muslim mob of over 300 attacks Christian village after villager spills water on clothes of young Muslim

Virginia: Muslim school board member from jihad-linked mosque tells high school students to remember their ‘jihad’

Italy: Muslim migrant uncle of girl who disappeared after refusing arranged marriage says ‘we did the job well’

EU study finds incitement in Palestinian textbooks, but EU Commission hid it from the public

Nigeria: Chief Imam of major Islamic society says Islam supports child marriage

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Drain The Swamp


If they falsified the number of nursing home deaths in New York (Hogan et al., 2021), I wonder if they falsified the number of nursing home deaths in every state.  It is apparent to me that ‘drain the nursing homes’ attitudes among some liberal politicians were pre planned and premeditated before the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (, 2021).  Although the following series of events amount to mostly circumstantial evidence, a seven-year long series of circumstances and strange coincidences led me to ‘drain the nursing homes’ conclusions.

Pre Obamacare:

Between 2001 and 2005, a national health care organization headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas was sued out of existence under suspicious circumstances (Cockburn, 2016).  Beverly Enterprises was a long-term health care organization that provided nursing home services plus other healthcare services including skilled nursing facility (SNF), physical therapy, home health, and hospice services in 20+ states.  The last lawsuit against Beverly Enterprises was because of an Arkansas nursing home neglect issue.  It was rumored some of the same law firms that sued Beverly Enterprises later became some of the top campaign contributors to Senator Mark Pryor, D-AR 2004 election and were also donors to the Clintons.  Mark Pryor was the only Democrat candidate to win the U.S. Senate campaign in 2003).  Before Mark Pryor was elected U.S. Senator-D, AR, he was the Attorney General of Arkansas from 1999 to 2003.  He was directly involved with former prosecution of Beverly Enterprises.

By 2006, Beverly Enterprises was bought by the San Francisco, California based Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC.  Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC is a group with liberal-leaning board members and top investors known to have close ties to both Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons.  According to Jake (2011) from the RedState website, Nancy Pelosi was the first candidate who ran her campaign on the phrase ‘drain the swamp.’  The Fillmore Capital Partners purchased Beverly Enterprises for pennies on the dollar (Bos MSc et al., 2017) just before Obama became President in 2008 and the Affordable Care Act (2010).

I was one of the top three health insurance collectors for Golden Living from 2006 to 2011.  The first-year advertising campaign expense reported for Golden Living was reported as hundreds of billions of dollars, not millions.  I thought the advertising expense amount reported had to be a typo and became suspicious of the direction and corporate climate of Golden Living.  I resigned from my Account Receivable Analyst job at Golden Living to finish college.  One year after I left Golden Living, the company requested economic stimulus bailout money from U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  They may have received multiple bailouts from Nancy Pelosi.

Post Obamacare:

Most Americans do not realize the potential for healthcare and health insurance fraud that includes commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid increased under the Affordable Care Act (2010).  I think one factor that contributed to the potential for the increase of corruption was the number of politicians who appointed family members to health care ‘administrative’ board jobs in most large health care organizations in the U. S. such as Golden Living.  According to Steve Hilton in an Internet video, Steve Hilton (2017) exposes the political-healthcare administrative cronyism in large healthcare organizations.  As a result of the lack of ethical over-site under Obamacare, the reporting of insurance fraud was controlled from the inside because of the new healthcare bureaucracy.  The health care industry became so corrupt under Obamacare, I changed majors in college from a major in Healthcare Administration in 2013 to a major in Mass Communications and Journalism in 2014.  I believe the impact Obamacare on the U.S. healthcare system encouraged healthcare administrator to behave like Spanish Inquisitors.  Before Obamacare was law in 2010, it was not unusual to hear about a large healthcare organization being sued or fined for ethical misconduct.  After Obamacare, I have not heard of one significant healthcare ethics new story except one which is the current New York nursing home healthcare scandal.

However, in Hilton’s (Fox New, 2017) Swamp Watch, Hospitals report, he exposed a large healthcare system known as Ascension Health, based out of Saint Louis, Missouri.   Ascension Health began growing exponentially under Obamacare beginning in 2013 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Today, Ascension Health is one of the largest employers in the state of Missouri.  During my 2013 school year I wrote a report based on a Forbes (2011) article titled “Why Switzerland Has the World’s Best Healthcare” (Roy, 2011).  I explained in my essay why Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the strongest dissenting opinion against the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Justice Scalia expected ongoing constitutional challenges to Obamacare and addressed some of the potential challenge scenarios in his written decision.

Another DNC Smash and Grab:

In another DNC ‘smash and grab’ of a large organization, President Obama and ‘friends’ (Madison, 2018) purchased the University of Phoenix.  The same school I graduated from in 2016 majoring in Mass Communications/Journalism.  The UOPX would not officially give me my diploma in Journalism until 2019.  While in school at UOPX, I would get phone calls out of the blue for temporary health administrative job offers.  Most of the job offers came from one health care organization, St. John of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Every time I made a negative comment about Obamacare in my home, I was let go from a job.  I began to realize I was being stalked by some of the D.C. Swamp for holding conservative political views.  The stalking continued in Kansas and Missouri while I was working for other employers.  While I was finishing school, I researched various world views on healthcare, I did come across an article about the U.S Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act.  Justices Antonin Scalia stated in his dissenting decision why he thought the Affordable Care Act (2010) could be challenged in another court case at a later date.

Other Important Facts:

In 2013 the Ascension Group purchased the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based St John healthcare organization.  President Obama and other Swamp Members became involved with the merger of Ascension, St John, St Francis, and CommunityCare of Oklahoma because of its ability to provide confidentiality.  This created an unprecedented potential from conflict of interest and corruption.  When I went to work for CommunityCare of Oklahoma, they were in the process of downsizing.  CommunityCare had been contracted with every hospital in Tulsa until they dropped their contract with Hillcrest and went through major downsizing twice since 2019.  This liberated the Tulsa healthcare organization from the D.C. Swamp.

In 2016, my children, John Lee, Jr and Rachel Lee were attending Tulsa Community College at the Southeast Campus.  Just before the 2016 election on September 21, Terence Crutcher, another student at the same campus, was reported as shot and killed by Tulsa Police Officers (Jaschik, 2016).  After finding out how much money Obama and Company dumped in the city of Tulsa to fit an election narrative, it was obvious to me others that this student was targeted.

In 2018, someone from the District of Columbia purchases the new apartment my family just moved into 4240 S 109th E Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The same people had trouble purchasing all the apartment complexes on 109th E. Street. I also begin receiving threatening phone calls from people stating I would be arrested for bank fraud and money laundering.  I immediately reported the occurrence to the FBI.  I do believe everything that The did in the Ukraine, they were doing here, only on a much larger scale.
In 2019, The Walt Disney Company purchased 21st Century Fox.  It was not an accident former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, currently sits on the board of The Walt Disney Company and Fox News.  I believe the current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi was referring to Paul Ryan and friends when she stated Obamacare had bipartisan congressional support when it was passed into law (Berry, 2017), even though not one member of the GOP voted for Obamacare.

In 2019, two former state Senators died under suspicious circumstances within days of each other while investigating child sex trafficking rings in their states (Hayek, 2019).  The two ex-legislators were Linda Collins-Smith, a former senator from Arkansas and Jonathan Nichols, a former senator from Oklahoma.

In 2019, Tulsa City Officials tell the City of Springfield, Kansas City, and other cities that they do not want me to leave Tulsa, Oklahoma because I am under investigation for being a witch and for Medicaid fraud.  Both are false.  However, I did notice Ivanka Trump and Bill Barr was reported ‘visiting’ Kansas City before, during, and after the time we were working outside the city.  I also noticed the Bank of Oklahoma Financial (very personal friends of President Obama) opened multiple branches in the greater Kansas City area between 2019 and 2020.   My son, John Lee, Jr and I would see City of Tulsa officials and the Tulsa Sheriff in the hotels we stayed in while we were working temporary jobs.  This happened in Kansas City and Saint Louis, Missouri.  We worked light industrial jobs in order not to work clerical jobs that would give us access to any electronic information.
In 2020, I begin filing FBI and Tulsa City Police reports because of internet stalking for myself and my family.  I told the FBI and Tulsa City Police that it was obvious to me that some GOP politicians including Governor Stitt, Senator Lankford, and others were grooming and targeting my daughter for sex trafficking via the internet.  Although my daughter has attended Tulsa Community College for four years, the college administration keep making excused why she does not have her degree.  Governor Stitt stated I would not leave Oklahoma without both kids.

During the 2020 U. S. Covid-19 quarantine, Governor Cuomo of New York demanded President Trump donate an unprecedented number of ventilators to hospitals for medical treatments (Hicks & Hogan, 2020).  The New York hospitals that received the Covid-19 patients from nursing homes, then up-coded the patients treatment charges an estimated 1000% after placing them on ventilators. It is common knowledge in the medical community only around two percent of patients placed on ventilators in hospitals recover from treatments.  I believe there needs to be an investigation into the New York hospitals to see if this was a Swamp connected agreement Ascension headquartered in Saint Louis, and others.

In 2020, an unprecedented U. S. Supreme Court decision declares Tulsa, Oklahoma an American Indian Reservation.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg knows this decision means I cannot be prosecuted by the City of Tulsa or the State of Oklahoma because I am a decedent of a native American Indian from Oklahoma.  While I was working for CommunityCare of Oklahoma, the Board of Directors researches which native American tribe I am a descendant from and informs my biological brother.  Later, Senator Mitch McConnel immediately attempts to have the U. S. Supreme Count decision altered so that Tulsa Police and others can arrest and prosecute native American Indians again, fearing multiple lawsuits.
During the 2020 Covid-19 U.S. quarantine, President Trump gave an unprecedented amount of PPP money to U.S. religious organizations headquarter in Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Five of the top ten top payouts to religious organizations went to either churches my family attended regularly or was planning to visit during the 2020 quarantine (Roys, 2020).

In 2020, my son was told by Kelly Services in Lees Summit that the criminal background checking agency they use stated someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma was using his social security number to get a job.  Because we receive no permanent job offers we return to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and file for temporary unemployment and find out someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma used John Lee, Jr social security number to file for unemployment benefits and they could not verify my son’s identity until after a lengthy investigation.  I did report this information to Tulsa City Police and the FBI.

In 2020, President Obama and friends donated to Ozark Technical Community College and Ozark University, the very school my children were planning on finishing school.


Other important facts include the death of President Obama’s mother before he ran for Illinois state senator, and the death of President’s Obama’s grandmother just before he was elected U. S. President.  I do not believe draconian quarentines for healthy people and people not in a high-risk catagory because it creates a potential for health care corruption.  My husband, John Lee, Sr, lost his mother and father the same week of December 7, 2020, which was the same week of his birthday. According to the AARP (2021) web site, the Public Policy Instritute reported as of April 2021, Oklahoma had a higher Covid 19 nursing homes infection rate than New York in a four week period.  I believe this was a Christmas message from President Obama and ‘friends.’ in a form of retaliation for our stand against the handeling for the Covid 19 virus and other political issues.  Fortunately, the D.C. Swamp did not use the same smash and grab tactics to get control of all health care organizations in the United States yet.


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How can climate alarmists explain away ancient megadroughts? They can’t

As reported by Fox News, a 2015 study published in the journal Nature Climate Change compared 117 computer model projections during the 1990s with the amount of warming that actually occurred. Of the 117 projections, only three were roughly accurate. On average, the computer models predicted twice as much warming as that which actually occurred. The projections wildly overestimated global warming, so much so that it’s hard not to suspect that something fishy may have been behind the lopsided results.

Amid a relentless drumbeat of global warming hysteria dating to the early 1980s, NASA data showed that the period Feb. 2016 – Feb. 2018 was the greatest two-year cooling event of the last 100 years. So at least for that two-year period, apocalyptic forecasts of climate doom weren’t just wide of the plate; they weren’t even in the ball park.

Another indication that global warming forecasts have been embarrassingly off base was reported in the UK Express, which ran a story in 2018 with the headline “Climate change is ‘not as bad as we thought’ say scientists,” followed by the subheadline “Climate change is likely to be markedly less severe than forecast, study claims.”

For four decades and running, a virtually endless trail of horrifying predictions of imminent climate collapse has been trumpeted by an unquestioning western media. But despite the alarm bells, not one of those Chicken Little predictions has been on target, which brings me to the dire prediction described below.

“Risk of megadrought in southwestern U.S. could exceed 99%”

In 2015, California and much of the southwestern U.S. was in the final stage of a severe four-year drought. The same year, a terrifying study published in Science Advances forecast that man-caused climate change is making a catastrophic megadrought in the region a virtual certainty before the end of the century.

According to the study’s authors, the risk of a megadrought could exceed 99 percent. “This will be worse than anything seen during the last 2,000 years and would pose unprecedented challenges to water resources in the region,” said Toby Ault, a professor of earth sciences at Cornell University and one of the authors of the study. He continued, “As we add greenhouse gases into the atmosphere—and we haven’t put the brakes on stopping this—we are weighting the dice for megadrought conditions.”

I have a question for Professor Ault. But first, here’s an inconvenient piece of climate history which those who incite fear about droughts hope and pray voters will never discover:

Studies of tree rings, sediment and other natural evidence have documented multiple extreme droughts in the southwestern U.S. over the last 1,000+ years, including several which lasted more than twenty years—that’s FIVE TIMES longer than the relatively puny 4-year drought that hit California and other parts of the Desert Southwest in 2012-15.

Twenty years is a long time, but some past droughts in what is now the southwestern U.S. lasted even longer. Much longer.

One that began in the year 850 AD crawled on for a mind-boggling 240 years, and that megadrought occurred more than a thousand years before the climate fear industry dreamed up the man-made global warming theory in the early 1980s. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the drought of 850 was so severe that it led to the demise of an entire civilization—the Mayan Empire. And that drought wasn’t alone. Fifty years before it began, another megadrought, one which lasted 180 years, was just winding down.

With that bit of climate history in mind, here’s my question for Professor Ault: What caused  those megadroughts?

The professor and his co-authors know the answer, but don’t want you to know. They certainly can’t blame megadroughts of the last 1,000 years on the Industrial Revolution, which didn’t begin in earnest until the 1800s, a full millennium after those severe droughts wreaked havoc on what is now the southwestern U.S. and parts of what is now Mexico. Since they can’t scapegoat man’s use of fossil fuels for having caused those ancient environmental calamities, how do they and their allies in the climate fear industry hope to frighten you with the specter of an “unprecedented” megadrought that could be “99% certain”? They pray you will never learn about Earth’s climate history, that’s how.

Earth’s climate history is no friend of global warming fearmongers

Absent historical context, extreme weather can be overhyped in ways that lead the uninformed to conclude that unpleasant things like severe droughts never happened before humans began using fossil fuels. In fact, extreme climate events have occurred with monotonous regularity for a long, long time.

According to the Nature Education Knowledge Project, Earth has had a climate going all the way back to the Archean Eon, from 3.9 billion to 2.5 billion years ago. Only God knows how many megadroughts occurred over that time. But whatever the number, it has to be off the chart. When the next one arrives—and one most certainly will—Professor Ault will have been right about one thing: its cause will be Earth’s ever-changing climate, the same vexing culprit which caused the megadrought of 850 AD and 100% of the multitude of other seemingly endless droughts which have plagued the planet since time immemorial. Professor Ault’s prediction that greenhouse gases will be to blame for the next one is speculation based on what likely will be yet another in a long line of dire “studies” that left egg on the face of its authors.

In my Canada Free Press article “Green is the new Red,’ I explain why I believe beyond a shadow of doubt that global warming alarmism is the most brazen scientific hoax the world has ever seen.

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VIDEO: 40k to 400k Americans DEAD from Covid Vaccines

The VAERS reporting system lists 4100 dead by Coivd-19 vaccines. That number is only a small fraction of the total number of dead. So, while Joe Biden attempts to shame tens of millions of Americans into getting a vaccine or be forced to wear a scarlet letter mask and while Dr. Fauci continues to cover-up the truth about how and where the coronavirus originated, the American people are being denied the facts about these medical devise vaccines. Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Bryan Ardis of Ardis Labs about what Dr. Fauci is hiding, the actual VAERS numbers, and WHEN we might start to see some of these long-term, adverse effects from the vaccines, like sterilization and autoimmune disease.


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VIDEO: Vaccine Remorse — Got the Shot? Judy Mikovits On What to Do About It

So, you’ve received one of the covid “vaccines” but now have buyer’s remorse because you now understand reality. These are not vaccines at all; this is a giant, unprecedented biological experiment that could have many, crippling and/or deadly side-effects. Graham Ledger talks with scientist Judy Mikovits about what the vaccinated can do now to inoculate from this experimental inoculation.


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VIDEO: Tiny Bistro In Very Blue State Standing-up to Government Tyranny

The Marxist Governor of California is lying and bragging simultaneously about a phony, rosy economic picture in the once Golden State. Gavin Newsom has crushed business and only a few Constitutional Americans have had the guts to say “no” to his unconstitutional attacks.

Graham Ledger speaks with the owner/operator of the Apple Bistro, Jennette Waldow, in Placerville, CA. about the price one restaurant is paying for standing up to a tyrannical government.


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15 States Are Moving to Curb Public Health Agency Powers Following Lockdown Carnage

Mike Fratantuono grew up in a restaurant. Literally.

For decades, Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie, Maryland, was the family business. Over the years, he’d done seemingly every job imaginable: busboy, bartender, and butcher; prep cook and plumber; handyman and manager.

Fratantuono says that’s what made it so hard to watch the family’s legacy become a COVID casualty in 2020.

“It kills me. We were supposed to be getting ready to celebrate our 60th anniversary this year, and instead we’re packing up and closing at the end of this month,” Fratantuono told the Washington Post last year. “I try not to get too sentimental about it, because it won’t change a damn thing, but sometimes the stress hits me and my heart starts going like crazy. I get frustrated. It makes me angry.”

Fratantuono is just one of the countless business owners across America who saw their dreams vanish before their eyes in the wake of government lockdowns that crushed their businesses. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, states across the country are advancing legislation to curb the powers of public health departments following one of the most destructive and contentious years in American history.

In May, the Network for Public Health Law published a report showing that in recent months no fewer than 15 state legislatures have passed or are considering passing measures that would restrict the legal authority of public health departments.

Among the provisions passed or considered are the following:

  • Prohibitions on requiring citizens to wear masks;
  • Prohibiting health agencies from closing businesses or schools;
  • Banning the use of quarantines for people who have not been shown to be sick;
  • Preventing state hospitals and universities from requiring vaccinations for employees and students;
  • Preventing local governments from exercising emergency powers that are inconsistent with state health department guidelines;

Earlier this year, for example, North Dakota passed legislation making it unlawful for state officials to force citizens to wear masks—just one of a growing number of states to place restrictions on mask orders. In March, Kansas’s legislature passed legislation that removes the governor’s ability to shut down businesses during a public health emergency.

Meanwhile, more than 40 states passed legislation that made it unlawful for health departments to mandate COVID-19 vaccination.

A Serious Threat to Life?

The report concludes that opposition to “reasonable” public health measures poses serious dangers to life and health.

“Legislation to stop expert public health agencies from leading the response to health emergencies creates unforeseen, serious risks to life and health,” the report states. “These laws could make it harder to advance health equity during a pandemic that has disproportionately sickened and killed Black, Hispanic and Latino, and Indigenous Americans.”

Not mentioned in the report, however, are the unintended consequences of the actions taken by public health agencies across the country in 2020. The collateral damage of lockdowns included business closures, job losses, supply disruptions, mass protests, surging violence, increased mental health problems, unprecedented drug overdoses, and a collapse in cancer screenings.

Public health agencies, meanwhile, proved incapable of taming the coronavirus through the use of lockdowns. And these struggles were not confined to the United States.

“A new study by German scientists claims to have found evidence that lockdowns may have had little effect on controlling the coronavirus pandemic,” The Telegraph reported last week. “Statisticians at Munich University found ‘no direct connection’ between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in the country.”

The devastating impact of lockdowns, combined with their failure to slow the spread of the virus, demonstrates why states are right to curb the powers of public health agencies.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the danger of unchecked executive power. Using emergency powers, governors and public health bureaucrats across the country took unilateral, sweeping, and indefinite measures that massively damaged livelihoods and infringed on the rights of millions of Americans. People were fined and arrested for simply gathering privately or exercising outside, walking a pet, paddling a boat on the water (alone), or taking a child to the park—even though most transmissions took place in homes and the coronavirus is rarely transmitted outdoors.

Americans may disagree on the precise role public health departments should play in society today. But the pandemic reminded us why checks and balances on concentrated power are so important.

The American constitutional system was deliberately designed to avoid concentrated power because the Framers feared it above all else.

“The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty,” wrote John Adams.

The authors of the Network for Public Health Law report express concern that public health agencies are being stripped of the power to act by dangerous radicals. The truth is that dangerously radical government agencies are being put in check.

Ohio, for example, passed a law in March that limits the length of a public health emergency order to 90 days unless it’s extended by the legislature. The same month, lawmakers in Utah passed legislation allowing the state legislature to override state health agency orders during public health emergencies. Missouri, meanwhile, has proposed a law that limits lockdowns to 15 days, after which extensions must be approved by legislative bodies.

These reforms are not radical. They are both reasonable and sensible. They do not represent an attack on science—which tells us what is, not what we ought to do—but are prudent checks on power from lawmakers acting within their rightful province.

“It is necessary to curb the power of government,” the economist Ludwig von Mises noted in Human Action. “This is the task of all constitutions, bills of rights and laws. This is the meaning of all struggles which men have fought for liberty.”

The preservation of liberty, protected by separating and checking power, is the ideal on which the American system was founded. Following a year that saw Americans’ rights, dreams, and health trampled by central planners wielding vast power with little restraint and few checks, it’s a vision Americans are right to rekindle.

Just ask Mike Fratantuono and the millions of other Americans whose lives were derailed in 2020.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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Half of COVID-19 Stimulus Money May Have Been Stolen

12 Truth Bombs from Milton Friedman

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CDC labels racism a ‘serious threat’ to public health, vows to address ‘centuries of discrimination’

Ugh. No agency or government office is safe from weaponization.

“Through COVID funding, the CDC plans to expand investments in racial and ethnic minority communities…..” This is systemic racism.

CDC labels racism a ‘serious threat’ to public health, vows to address ‘centuries of discrimination’

By:, Springfield, Mass. | Apr 10, 2021 |

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday said that racism in the United States is “serious threat” that structurally impacts racial and ethnic groups, including where they live, work and gather in a community.

“Confronting the impact of racism will not be easy,” Director of the CDC and Peabody native Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a statement. “I know that we can meet this challenge. I know that we can create an America where all people have the opportunity to live a healthy life. I know that we can do this if we work together. ”

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC labeled racism an epidemic.

The pandemic thus far has disproportionately affected communities of color. Those communities have experienced higher numbers of infections and deaths linked to the virus.

“The disparities seen over the past year were not a result of COVID-19,” Walensky said. “Instead, the pandemic illuminated inequities that have existed for generations and revealed for all of America a known, but often unaddressed, epidemic impacting public health: racism.”

CDC expanded the definition of racism beyond discrimination but said it also included the structural affects it has on communities. The CDC said over generations systemic inequities have resulted in “stark racial and ethnic health disparities.”

“Confronting the impact of racism will not be easy,” Walensky said. “We must recognize that we are working to overcome centuries of discrimination. We will only be successful in undoing the entrenched systemic and structural barriers if we work in collaboration with our public health partners, and deeply within our communities, across the country.”

In addressing racism, the CDC shared an interactive map created by the American Public Health Association that depicts communities in the United States that have declared racism a public health crisis or emergency. Currently, there are 170 declarations nationwide, including 19 in Massachusetts.

Only California with 27 and Ohio with 25 have more declarations within a state.

The CDC plans to address the crisis in a number of ways.

The agency plans to continue studying the impact of social determinants on public health and share the evidence on how racism affects pubic health.

Through COVID funding, the CDC plans to expand investments in racial and ethnic minority communities that are disproportionately affected by COVID or other health conditions.

The agency also is expanding its efforts to foster greater diversity within the CDC.

Finally, the federal agency is launching a web portal called “Racism and Health,” to serve as a catalyst for public and scientific discourse around racism and health……….

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VIDEO: YouTube Removes Glazov Gang’s Episode on Fauci’s Emails

YouTube has once again removed one of our episodes – which they say violates their “community standards.”.

This time it is our recent program with Jeff Crouere, author of America’s Last Chance, on Fauci Emails, Lies & Alarm Bells, which reveals The sordid Covid cover-up – and the storm ahead.

Watch it HERE:

The first “strike” was our show with Pastor Greg Locke in which we discussed Covid, the lockdowns and the reality of Jesus Christ.

It remains a mystery what exactly was said in these two episodes that is false, but it is transparently clear that because The Glazov Gang is dedicated to exposing the Great Reset agenda, why YouTube finds it of the utmost importance to suffocate our voice – and the voice of our expert guests.

That explains why our interview with Dr. Carrie Madej on The Real Goals of The Great Reset, just magically disappeared from our YouTube channel without a word from YouTube to us.

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Facebook Now Allows Claims That COVID Was Engineered

How many people had their “reach” throttled down to nothing, or had their groups cancelled, or were banished altogether from Facebook, for stating what initially was taboo, then was controversial, and now is a likely fact: COVID-19 is an engineered “gain of function” virus, not found in nature.

It was only two months ago that Facebook announced they would “crack down on groups that break its rules.” As if they haven’t been cracking down ever since 2016. When Facebook has a CEO that’s willing to personally spend nearly a half-billion dollars to buy the presidency of the United States – and they do, his name is Mark Zuckerberg – you may rest assured that Facebook “cracking down” on unwanted political sentiments is an ongoing phenomenon.

Perhaps it’s fair to give Facebook credit for being flexible. Or maybe they’re just recalibrating their political agenda: When the overriding goal was to destroy the reelection chances of Donald Trump, it was important to claim anything Trump said must be false, but once Trump was out of office, it was safe to permit speculation as to the origins of COVID-19.

The news media sure played up the reversal. It made the headlines on CNNPoliticoReuters, the Washington PostUSA TodayYahoo, and countless other media properties. The Washington Post, predictably enough, had to put a leftist spin on the news, with a headline warning that “Facebook’s reversal on banning claims that covid-19 is man-made could unleash more anti-Asian sentiment.”

Is it possible that Americans will ever manage a collective puke at this infantile, destructive propaganda? At what point do we all dare again to identify the sources of potentially existential threats, even when they aren’t the work of wicked White people?

There are now dozens of alternative platforms big enough to host millions of users, free of censorship. But Facebook hosts 2.6 billion users. YouTube, for that matter, hosts 2.0 billion users. No other platforms come anywhere close to this sort of reach. When it comes to social networks, Facebook is a monopoly. When it comes to online video, YouTube is a monopoly.

This is why political activists have to work in both worlds – they operate on the monopoly platforms like Facebook, because of its unique potential to get their message in front of millions, while at the same time they migrate as many people as they can to their accounts on alternative platforms. That way, on the day that Facebook – without any accountability whatsoever – vaporizes their account, their lists, their content, all their years of work, they aren’t completely destroyed.

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REPORT: High-Ranking Chinese Defector Working With DIA Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of China’s Bioweapons Program—and It’s Very Bad

Chinese scientists said a third world war would be fought with biological weapons, while Democrat communists stand in solidarity with this totalitarian enemy, banning the term China virus.

Make no mistake: this is war. Failure to recognize reality will be brutal.

REPORT: High-Ranking Chinese Defector Working With DIA Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of China’s Bioweapons Program—and It’s Very Bad

By: Paula Bolyard, PJM, June 4, 2021:

In an exclusive story at RedState, Jen Van Laar reports that sources inside the intelligence community say a high-ranking defector from China has been working for months with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). According to Van Laar’s confidential sources, that high-ranking defector claims to have knowledge of special weapons programs in China—that include bioweapons.

Adam Housley first reported via Twitter on Thursday that “the increased pressure on China in recent days is due to a defector with intimate knowledge” of the program. According to Housley, FBI director Christopher Wray “didn’t know right away because they wanted to make sure they got all they needed before telling him.”

In fact, Wray was “ambushed” with the information, according to Van Laar’s sources, as was the CIA. “Sources say DIA leadership kept the defector within their Clandestine Services network to prevent Langley and the State Department from accessing the person, whose existence was kept from other agencies because DIA leadership believes there are Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and several other federal agencies,” according to the report.

Why was the defector so important that he had to be kept under wraps?

Housley says it’s because the defector has information on the origins of the Wuhan virus: “China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that coronavirus originally came from a lab.” He later clarified: “US intelligence has a Chinese defector with Wuhan info. AND China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that coronavirus originally came from a lab.”

According to RedState’s sources, “the defector has been with the DIA for three months” and has provided “an extensive, technically detailed debrief to US officials.”

“In DIA’s assessment, the information provided by the defector is legitimate,” wrote Van Laar. “Sources say the level of confidence in the defector’s information is what has led to a sudden crisis of confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci, adding that U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) personnel detailed to DIA have corroborated very technical details of information provided by the defector.”

All of this raises many questions. Why, “suddenly,” did the U.S. legacy media en masse turn-tail and start pointing fingers at China and doubting Fauci?  Why did left-wing outlets like the Washington Post and BuzzFeed “suddenly” decide it was the right time to drop Fauci’s emails—just days after the lab-leak story was “suddenly” no longer verboten on social media? Fauci’s emails revealed what we’ve been reporting here at PJ Media for months (mostly behind the paywall for our VIP subscribers to avoid the Gestapo social-media censors): that Fauci was working with a Chinese scientist from the Wuhan lab; that he asked Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to help with COVID messaging; and that he signed off on funding for dangerous gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

One gets the sense that a dam the size of Three Gorges on the Yangtze River is about to blow. The question will be, as it almost is when political figures are caught in a coverup: What did they know and when did they know it? And who knew what was really going on?

If any of this turns out to be true—particularly the suggestion that China may have intentionally unleashed the most deadly bioweapon in world history—you might want to begin thinking about where you’re going to spend the U.S.-Sino War. If, as Housley claims, the FBI, CIA, and other federal agencies are swarming with Chinese spies, it would constitute the biggest national security failure in U.S. history—and the most deadly.

The implications are terrifying.


VIRUS WARFARE: Documents Reveal China Plan to WEAPONIZE Coronaviruses Prior to Pandemic

Wuhan Lab Leak Illuminates Why U.S. Corporate Media Amplify Communist Propaganda

Newly leaked documents reveal how China LIED, COVERED UP, bungled COVID-19’s early days

Scientists Believe Signs of ‘Human Intervention’ are in Coronavirus Strain Cultured to Attack Human Cells

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