PODCAST: COVID-19 — The Fearmongering Must End

By FRC’s Ruth Moreno

Yesterday on Washington Watch, Tony Perkins sat down with Andrew Bostom, associate professor of family medicine at Brown University, to discuss the media’s politicization of the coronavirus.

It is no secret the media wants to use the pandemic as a club to wield against President Trump and the Republican Party going into the election, and one of their favorite tactics has been fearmongering. COVID is a serious disease, of course, but evidence is now surfacing that some governments, as well as the media have focused almost exclusively on the trends and numbers that paint a negative picture rather than a more balanced, honest look at the numbers.

“There’s lots of reassuring information they could be sharing in lieu of this fearmongering,” Bostom explained.

Florida, for example, was fully opened up by the end of September, and their hospitalization rate has remained low. There has also been little increase in positive tests, suggesting the lockdowns may not have as much of an impact on the virus as Democrats want them to. Nationwide, despite the steps taken toward reopening, only about two and half percent of hospital visits are for COVID-19, leading Bostom to conclude that “the broad picture for the United States is one of reassurance.”

Good epidemiologists agree that even amidst serious health crises, one thing you should never do is make people panic. President Trump and his administration have taken necessary precautions to slow the spread of the disease while still maintaining a positive outlook, even when the president himself was infected and hospitalized.

Bostom agreed that it’s been good for the country that President Trump has kept an even keel, calling the draconian lockdowns enforced by state governors “far worse than the disease itself.” And, as stated, they don’t seem to help very much even with the virus — all they do is block transmission for a short period of time. As soon as they are lifted, the virus spreads again.

None of this has stopped the media from painting the coronavirus as a death warrant for anybody infected.

The people who are really at risk from the coronavirus are, of course, the elderly. The old and sick must be protected. But keeping healthy people from the workplace is not helping anyone, especially the vulnerable. Hospitals must be kept running, and life, for most people, must go on.

Bostom went on to discuss the unfortunate fact that some governments are hiding their numbers regarding the coronavirus, preventing us from getting the true picture of what is going on. Bostom said he was “very disappointed” in his home state of Rhode Island, which has made it very hard to know how much the state has flattened the curve regarding hospitalization rates, death rates, and even infections.

Instead, as Bostom put it, “they will take any little uptick and stick that on the front of the web page. And I think this is being done all over the country.”

The media has hidden the truth about the coronavirus from the American people, but it is not too late to expose them for their politicization and fearmongering. People deserve to know the facts amidst this crisis, and the media should be ashamed that they are putting lives and livelihoods on the line for the sake of their left-wing agenda.


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WATCH: First Lady Melania Trump on substance abuse prevention

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and the entire Trump Administration are committed to a nationwide effort to break the hold of addiction.

“This month, we pause to remember the lives lost to addiction, and recommit to protecting all Americans—particularly our nation’s young people—from the devastating effects drugs can have on them and their loved ones,” the President wrote in his proclamation.

To fight opioid misuse, a growing epidemic when President Trump took office, the President declared a Public Health Emergency in 2017 and signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act into law. His Administration also strengthened the Drug‑Free Communities program, which offers grants to prevent youth substance abuse.

Amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, it is especially important to be aware of how prolonged isolation can affect mental health and result in the misuse of both legal and illegal substances. Through community-based efforts, the Trump Administration is strengthening the support systems that keep our young people free from drugs—including helping more school districts safely return students to the classroom.

Read the Proclamation on National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

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Four Newborns Die After Being Denied Heart Surgery because of COVID Travel Restrictions

Tragically, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a virtual laboratory for lessons in “unseen” evils that have resulted from pursuing “a present good.”

Four babies died in Adelaide, Australia over the last four weeks after being denied transport to Melbourne because of government COVID-19 restrictions, health officials say.

Adelaide, the capital city of the state of South Australia, doesn’t offer paediatric cardiac surgery. According to local news reports, this means about 100 babies are sent interstate for treatment annually, typically to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

Because of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, however, Melbourne no longer remains an option. Patients must be sent to Sydney instead.

The distance from Adelaide to Melbourne is about 725 kilometers, a flight of roughly 75 minutes, while the distance to Sydney is about 1,375 kilometers, a flight of nearly two hours. An extra 45 minutes might not sound like a lot of time, but when you’re talking about surgery on a vital organ in a sick infant, minutes matter.

The infants never left Adelaide, news reports indicate, presumably because doctors either determined they would not survive the lengthy trip or because Sydney’s Children’s Hospital at Westmead—the lone hospital available due to travel restrictions—lacked the capacity to treat them.

Whatever the case, because of the travel restrictions and the lack of a cardiac center in Adelaide, the infants failed to receive treatment that could have saved their lives.

Dr. John Svigos, an obstetrician and gynecologist, told Australian TV network 9 News that the four babies who died in Adelaide “almost certainly” would have benefited from on-site surgery. He noted that recent state restrictions on travel inhibited the hospital’s ability to get the infants treated at other facilities.

“Particularly in our current COVID situation where the usual process of referral to the Melbourne cardiac unit is no longer tenable and referral to Sydney is on a case-by-case basis,” said Svigos, who has operated a private practice at Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide since 1978. “I shall leave it to you to imagine the profound effect of these deaths on the parents, their families and the dedicated medical and nursing staff dealing with these tragedies.”

The story is tragic. It’s also frustrating, in part because we know there are countless scenarios like this happening every day around the world. It’s undeniable at this point: COVID-19 regulations designed to save people are costing lives.

The tragedy is compounded by the fact that it was so predictable. Any student of economics who has read the opening line of Bastiat’s great essay “That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen” could have predicted such outcomes.

“In the department of economy, an act, a habit, an institution, a law, gives birth not only to an effect, but to a series of effects,” wrote Bastiat.

The economist explained that every action comes not with a single consequence, but many consequences. Humans tend to focus on the immediate effects of an action (the seen) while ignoring the numerous other effects that go unseen. Bastiat warned that the economist must beware pursuing “a small present good, which will be followed by a great evil to come.”

In other words, we must look beyond the immediate effects of an action and consider the far-reaching unintended consequences.

Tragically, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a virtual laboratory for lessons in “unseen” evils that have resulted from pursuing “a present good.” By imposing mass lockdowns and sweeping bans on travel and other basic freedoms, governments may have increased social distancing, but they did so at costs we may never fully understand (but are now just beginning to).

We see the immediate, desired effects—less travel, businesses closed or limited in capacity, more children working on laptops and not in school—but we tend to overlook the many unseen, second-order evils. These include the cancer screenings people are not getting, the 100,000 US businesses that will never reopen, the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings people cannot attend, the rise in depression as people lose jobs, the millions of people slipping into poverty and extreme poverty, the rise in suicide, and yes—infants and other people denied surgeries that could have saved them.

Each of these effects will in turn trigger countless other effects, many of which will never be seen or written about.

The effort to protect individuals from the coronavirus through government fiat instead of individual action was akin to performing heart surgery with a broadsword—clumsy, foolish, and deadly.

“How many more deaths of babies and young children will the community and staff be forced to endure?” asked Svigos.

It’s a question every person suffering under inhumane lockdowns and other draconian government restrictions should be asking.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of FEE.org. His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times, MSN.com, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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VIDEO: Special Advisor to President Trump on Covid Policy Speaks Out

Freddie Sayers caught up with Dr. Scott Atlas, a healthcare policy academic from the Hoover Institute at Stanford, who has become the latest lightning rod for the controversy around Covid-19 policy and his support for a more targeted response.

Speaking from inside the White House, where he is now Senior advisor to the President and a member of the Coronavirus task force, he does not hold back. He tells us that he is disgusted and dismayed at the media and public policy establishment, sad that it has come to this, cynical about their intentions, and angry that lockdown policies have been allowed to go on so long.



Why him?

I’m a healthcare policy person — I have a background in medical science, but my role really is to translate medial science into public policy. That’s very different from being an epidemiologist or a virologist with a single, limited view on things.

Dr. Fauci

He’s just one person on the task force — there are several people on the task force. His background is virology, immunology and infectious disease. It’s a very different background, it’s a more limited approach, and I don’t speak for him.

Herd immunity policy?

No. It’s a repeated distortion, lie, or whatever you want to call it… What they mean by ‘herd immunity strategy’ is survival of the fittest, let the infection spread through the community and develop a population immunity. That’s never been the policy that I have advised. It’s never even been discussed inside the White House, not even for a single minute. And that’s never been the policy of the President of the United States or anybody else here. I’ve said that many many times… and yet it persists like so many other things, hence the term that the President is fond of using called fake news.

On herd immunity

Population immunity is a biological phenomenon that occurs. It’s sort of like if you’re building something in your basement: it’s down on the ground because gravity puts it there. It’s not a ‘strategy’ to say that herd immunity exists — it is obtained when a certain percentage of the population becomes resistant or immune to an infection, whether that is by getting infected or getting a vaccine or by a combination of both. In fact, if you don’t that believe herd immunity exists as a way to block the pathways to the vulnerable in an infection, then you would never advocate or believe in giving widespread vaccination — that’s the whole point of it… I’ve explained it to people who seemingly didn’t understand it; I’ve mentioned this radioactive word called herd immunity. But that’s not a strategy that anyone is pursuing.

What is his and President Trump’s policy?

My advice is exactly this. It’s a three-pronged strategy. Number one: aggressive protection of high risk individuals and the vulnerable (typically the elderly and those with co-morbidities). Number two: allocate resources so that we prevent hospital overcrowding, so that people can be treated for this virus and get the other serious medical care that is needed. Number three: open schools, society and businesses because keeping them closed is enormously harmful — in fact it kills people.

Effect of lockdowns

We must open up because we’re killing people. In the US, 46% of the six most common cancers were not diagnosed during the shutdown… These are people who will present to the hospital or their doctor with later stage disease — many of these people will die. 650,000 Americans are on chemotherapy ­— half of them didn’t come in for their chemo because they were afraid. Two-thirds of screenings for cancer were not done; half of childhood immunisations did not get done; 85% of living organ transplants did not get done. And then we see the other harms: 200,000 cases plus of child abuse in the US during the two months of spring school closures were not reported because schools are the number one agency where abuse is noticed; we have one out of four American young adults, college age, who thought of killing themselves in the month of June…

All of these harms are massive for the working class and the lower socioeconomic groups. The people who are upper class, who can work from home, the people who can sip their latte and complain that their children are underfoot or that they have to come up with extra money to hire a tutor privately — these are people who are not impacted by the lockdowns.

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On the Nature of Complicity

Randall Smith: In the future, will America’s bishops renounce their failure to condemn politicians who support abortion as German bishops have recently done for their former support of Nazism?

In a column last year titled “Politicizing the Eucharist?” I pointed out that no one now claims that when Archbishop Rummel of New Orleans excommunicated three Catholics for publically encouraging people to defy his order to de-segregate the Catholic schools, he was “politicizing the Eucharist.”  Rather, Rummel is now praised highly for his singular courage, especially since his condemnation was so contrary to the more “accommodating” views of many of his fellow southern Catholics.

I also mentioned Cardinal Adolf Bertram, the ex-officio head of the German episcopate in the 1930s, who ordered Church bells rung in celebration of Nazi Germany’s victories over Poland and France and who sent greetings to Hitler on his 50th birthday in the name of all German Catholics, an act that angered his fellow bishops Konrad von Preysing and August von Galen.

The subject of whether the bishops should speak out publically against the treatment of the Jews arose at a 1942 meeting of the German bishops at Fulda. The consensus was “to give up heroic action in favor of small successes.”  In the 1933 Reichskonkordat between the Holy See and the German government, Church leaders pledged to refrain from speaking out on issues not directly related to the Church.  Repeated violations of the Konkordat on the part of the government, including closing churches and church schools, did not change their minds. And it also didn’t keep bishops like Bertram from endorsing government actions they favored, such as opposition to communism and the subjugation of Poland.

If you imagine I am being too tough on these German bishops, then perhaps you should read the twenty-three-page report made public last May by Germany’s Council of Catholic Bishops in which they admitted “complicity” by their predecessors who did not do enough to oppose the rise of Nazi regime and its mistreatment of Jews.

In eighty or ninety years, will future U.S. bishops be submitting a similar document of their own, confessing the “complicity” of their predecessors who did not do enough to oppose the abortion regime?  Will Catholics of that time be as baffled about our present bishops and prominent Catholic politicians as we are about the accommodationist Catholics of Nazi Germany?

How could Catholics of that time have failed to understand the evil staring them in the face? And why did they “accommodate” a regime that had labeled Christianity, and Catholics in particular, as “enemies of the state”?  Was it perhaps because so many leaders of the regime had been raised Catholic and some were still rosary-carrying church-goers?

Who, in retrospect, would not look back in shame at a German bishop who called questioning the Catholic commitments of Catholic Nazi leaders “offensive because they constitute an assault on the meaning of what it is to be Catholic.” Because “being Catholic means loving the Church; being Catholic means participating in the sacramental life of the church; being a Catholic means trying to transform the world by the light of the Gospel”?

And yet those are the words of our own Bishop McElroy of San Diego about those who question Joe Biden’s Catholicism.

And we transform the world in the light of the Gospel how?  Is it not by opposing the killing of innocent human beings?

In retrospect, we would suspect that a bishop who had said about the treatment of Jews, as Bishop McElroy has about abortion, that “To reduce that magnificent, multidimensional gift of God’s love to a single question of public policy is repugnant and should have no place in public discourse” had little or no serious concern for the lives being lost.  “Sure, abortion is bad, but what about global warming!”  “Sure the ill-treatment of Jews is unfortunate, but what about the future of Europe!” Wouldn’t we consider that to be repugnant?

What would anyone say now about a Catholic politician as prominent as Mario Cuomo if, during the 1930s in Germany, he had said:  “I accept the Church’s teaching about Jews, but must I insist others do so?  Our public morality. . .the moral standards we maintain for everyone, not just the ones we insist on in our private lives – depends on a consensus view of right and wrong.  The values derived from religious belief will not and should not be accepted as part of the public morality unless they are shared by the pluralistic community at large by consensus.” That statement would have worked equally well for Catholic segregationists in the American South.

If that Catholic politician in 1930s Germany had available to him the “seamless garment” argument used by Mr. Cuomo, he might have said, “I grant that the treatment of Jews may have a unique significance but not a preemptive significance.”  “The Jewish question is an important issue for Catholics, but so is the question of the injustice of the reparation payments we have been forced to make along with all the resulting hunger and homelessness and joblessness, all the forces diminishing human life and threatening to destroy it.”

All the forces diminishing human life and threatening to destroy it?  Like . . . oh, I don’t know . . . abortion?

Who, in retrospect now, wouldn’t find such a “Catholic” politician either an obvious liar or a delusional hack?

If you find my comparison between the Catholics who enabled the Nazis and modern Catholics who enable abortion troubling, perhaps you should read Anne Applebaum’s article in The Atlantic titled “History Will Judge the Complicit.” Take out all the tendentious stuff about the numbers at Trump’s inauguration and a phone call with the Ukrainian ambassador and replace it with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden’s support for abortion and for policies that result in the closure of faithful Catholic institutions, and then change the title to “On the Nature of Complicity: Abortion’s Catholic Enablers and the Judgment of History.”

That judgment is unlikely to be any kinder to them than it has been to their German predecessors.


Randall Smith

Randall B. Smith is a tenured Full Professor of Theology. His book Reading the Sermons of Thomas Aquinas: A Guidebook for Beginners is available from Emmaus Press. And his book Aquinas, Bonaventure, and the Scholastic Culture at Paris: Preaching, Prologues, and Biblical Commentary is due out from Cambridge University Press in the fall.

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10 Counties With Most COVID-19 Deaths Account for 22% of Fatalities but 11% of Population

As Heritage Foundation researchers have demonstrated throughout the pandemic, the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. has been heavily concentrated in a small number of states—and among a small number of counties within those states.

Heritage’s interactive graphic allows individuals to see more detail on these concentrations of COVID-19 among the counties with the most deaths as well as those with the fewest.

For instance, the graphic allows users to select data from the five counties with the most coronavirus-related deaths all the way up to the 50 counties with the most such deaths. It also allows visitors to select data from counties with zero deaths to counties with 10 deaths or fewer.

As of Oct. 12, the 10 counties with the most COVID-19 deaths account for 22.3% of all related deaths in the U.S. but only 11.2% of the population. The 30 counties with the most coronavirus deaths account for 37.4% of the related deaths in the U.S. and only 19.6% of the U.S. population.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? Learn more now >>

Three of the five counties of New York City, one of the hardest-hit areas in the early stages of the pandemic, still account for three of the five U.S. counties with the most coronavirus deaths. New York City still has a disproportionate effect on the perceived COVID-19 experience in the U.S.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York City has a coronavirus death rate of 284 per 100,000; the rest of the state has a rate of 81 per 100,000. The average COVID-19 death rate for the entirety of the U.S. is roughly 65 per 100,000. (For more on how New York City skews COVID-19 data in the U.S., see this Heritage Backgrounder.)

This evidence suggests that as new locations in the U.S. experienced surges in COVID-19 cases throughout this pandemic, death rates remained lower.

Ultimately, several items could be at play, including a different, younger population being infected in many locations, such as Florida, during a surge in the disease. Additionally, better treatment and lessons learned from coping with the pandemic could be part of the lower death rates, including lessons learned in limiting exposure in vulnerable populations, such as the elderly.

Although still tragic, the outlook has improved over the past month.

As of Sept. 4, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s model projected that the U.S. would have 400,000 deaths from COVID-19 by Jan. 1, 2021. But as of now, the model has lowered its worst-case scenario to 338,735 deaths by Jan. 1, with its current projection 7% lower at 316,935 deaths.

Even so, to reach that new number by Jan. 1, the average daily death rate from COVID-19 would have to be roughly 1,300. The seven- and 14-day average death rates for the U.S. have not been that high since May 20.

The worst day prior to May 20 saw an average of roughly 2,200 deaths, a figure that falls to 1,659 if New York City is excluded. The worst day since May 20 was a seven-day average of 1,215 on Aug. 1.

Now that COVID-19 testing has increased dramatically and many state and local governments have relaxed stay-at-home orders, it is even more critical to study the trends in deaths along with cases.

To make studying these trends easier, The Heritage Foundation now has two interactive COVID-19 trackers. One tracks trends in cases, the other tracks trends in deaths.

The trackers describe whether the trend of cases—or deaths—is increasing or decreasing over the prior 14 days. They also provide a visual depiction of new cases—or deaths—during this time period.

These tools help put the concentrated nature of the pandemic in perspective with county-level data. They show just how difficult it can be to use only one metric to gauge whether a county—or state—is doing well.

Readers are invited to explore the information in the tracker and check back frequently for updates, as well as to explore the other visual tools on Heritage’s COVID-19 resources page.


Drew Gonshorowski focuses his research and writing on the nation’s new health care law, including the repercussions for Medicare and Medicaid, as a policy analyst in the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation. He also studies economic mobility and the Austrian school of economics.

Norbert Michel studies and writes about housing finance, including the reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as The Heritage Foundation’s research fellow in financial regulations. Read his research. Twitter: .

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A Note for our Readers:

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For years, “Democratic Socialists” have been growing a crop of followers that include students and young professionals. America’s future will be in their hands.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? One of their most effective arguments is that “democratic socialism” is working in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway. They claim these countries are “proof” that socialism will work for America. But they’re wrong. And it’s easy to explain why.

Our friends at The Heritage Foundation just published a new guide that provides three irrefutable facts that debunks these myths. For a limited time, they’re offering it to readers of The Daily Signal for free.

Get your free copy of “Why Democratic Socialists Can’t Legitimately Claim Sweden and Denmark as Success Stories” today and equip yourself with the facts you need to debunk these myths once and for all.


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FLORIDA: Lee County School Board Withdraws LGBT History Resolution under Pressure

Last week the Lee County (FL) School Board planned to pass a resolution proclaiming October as LGBT History Month throughout the school district.

Florida Citizens Alliance responded by notifying the school board that the moment they approved the resolution every student in Lee County would become eligible for a Hope Scholarship. Many families believe such a resolution creates an intimidating, harassing, bullying and threatening school environment. Any one of those factors creates a Hope Scholarship qualifying incident under Florida law.

Further the Hope Scholarship law assigns the school board an affirmative duty to notify parents of their Hope Scholarship opportunities. By approving the resolution they would have created an intimidating, harassing, bullying and threatening environment for students whose parents have sincerely held convictions regarding the LGBT agenda.  The law then requires the school district to notify any and all parents that the State of Florida provides a scholarship that will help them transfer their child to a safer school environment.

Fortunately, in this case, the school board pulled the resolution from their agenda. Apparently, they did not want a massive number of students to transfer out of Lee public schools.

What remains is the Hope Scholarship.

Florida Citizens Alliance continues to remind parents that when their child encounters an intimidating, harassing, bullying or threatening school environment, that child immediately becomes eligible for a Hope Scholarship. Further the offense can originate in instructional materials, a book in the media center, an action by a school staff or faculty member, student behavior or any other source.

The Hope Scholarship is a gift to Florida parents to empower them to find a safer school environment for their children. We encourage them to know and exercise their scholarship opportunities.

Keith Flaugh
Managing Director
Florida Citizens Alliance


Florida Citizens’ Alliance, Inc. (FLCA) is a 501c (3) grassroots organization working to educate parents, families, and community influencers regarding current activities of great concern in Florida public schools.  These efforts include pursuing legislative policies that promote universal school choice, supporting knowledge-based learning, encouraging the best K-12 standards and curriculum, stopping political, religious and pornographic indoctrination and encouraging financial transparency/best practices to improve student learning.

©Florida Citizens’ Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: WHO Reverses Course, Now Advises Against Use of ‘Punishing’ Lockdowns

Even as the WHO calls on nations to refrain from imposing lockdowns, many governments continue to use this strategy.

For months, an overwhelming majority of the planet’s population has been subject to cruel and unnerving lockdowns: businesses closed, travel restricted, and social gatherings kept to a minimum.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have sunk our economies, kept loved ones apart, derailed funerals, and made personal and economic liberty a casualty as much as our health. One report states it could cost us $82 trillion globally over the next five years – roughly the same as our yearly global GDP.

Many of these initial lockdowns were justified by policy recommendations by the World Health Organization.

The WHO’s director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, writing in a strategy update in April, called on nations to continue lockdowns until the disease was under control.

But now, more than six months since lockdowns became a favored political tool of global governments, the WHO is calling for their swift end.

Dr. David Nabarro, the WHO’s Special Envoy on COVID-19, told Spectator UK’s Andrew Neil last week that politicians have been wrong in using lockdowns as the “primary control method” to combat COVID-19.

“Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” said Nabarro.

Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, offered a similar sentiment.

“What we want to try to avoid – and sometimes it’s unavoidable and we accept that – but what we want to try and avoid is these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society and to everything else,” said Dr. Ryan, speaking at a briefing in Geneva.

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VIDEO Exposé: Kamala Harris’ Support of Selling Baby Parts by Planned Parenthood

This is a 5:00 minute video I recommend all should watch Kamala Harris and her abuse of power as California District Attorney defending illegal activities of Planned Parenthood!

I know I’m preaching to the choir but here are the Conclusions:

  1. Harris used her office as CA DA to defend PP against fetal trafficking of body parts.
  2. She is a huge threat to our 1st Amendment rights and civil liberties if she becomes V.P. and inevitably President if Biden wins & turns totally senile.
  3. If we don’t work hard enough to re-elect POTUS Trump, Harris will use her POWER to abuse and punish anyone with different views other than her own radical Marxist views.

Thanks to www.conservativewomensforum.com for this video.

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

Trump Tests Positive for Fearlessness

He meant it as an insult, but when Chris Rock mentioned the president’s condition on “Saturday Night Live” and said, “my heart goes out to COVID,” the White House probably chuckled in agreement. If there’s one person the virus probably regrets infecting, it’s a fighter like Donald Trump. From the minute he announced his diagnosis to every upbeat video since, the president isn’t flinching in the face of this test. He’s doing what he’s done since the very beginning: confronting the virus head-on.

Other men might have hidden behind their doctors’ assessments. President Trump has not. He’s taken every opportunity to reassure the American people. “We’re getting great reports,” he said, looking a little more like his old self on Sunday. “It’s been an interesting journey,” he admitted. “I learned a lot about COVID. I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school. This isn’t the let’s-read-the-books school. And I get it. And I understand it.”

To the millions of Americans who’ve struggled with this virus or lost a loved one to it, that understanding matters. But it does not mean, as the president told Rudy Giuliani over the weekend, that our country should shrink back in fear and stop living. “I am the president of the United States,” he said, “I can’t lock myself in a room… I had to confront [the virus] so the American people stopped being afraid of it — so we could deal with it responsibly.” And the world needs to know, he went on, “we have made tremendous progress on treating this disease. Fatality rates are very low compared to [the beginning]. I’m going to beat this,” he vowed. “Then I will be able to show people we can deal with this disease responsibly, but we shouldn’t be afraid of it.”

While the other side is trying to push Americans back into their caves, President Trump refuses to believe that the solution is hiding out until the virus has passed. He made the decision long ago that the business of the country must go on, even choosing — to the horror of liberals and their friends in the media — to host a Rose Garden ceremony for the nomination his Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett. Now, days later, as the country pours over the photo from that event, dissecting who was and wasn’t masked, there’s plenty of finger-pointing and speculation about who might have been exposed. But in the end, that’s all it is: speculation. The reality is, no one knows where and when the president was infected.

Some people have noticed that I was in the photo too, sitting just a few seats away from former Governor Chris Christie. I wasn’t wearing a mask, because I’ve already had coronavirus. And those of us who have the antibodies need to be out and about, because we become part of the process that stops the spread. But if we hide in our homes, waiting for a vaccine, we’ll never reach herd immunity. And in the meantime, we’ll destroy our economy, drive up societal pathologies because of isolation and stress, and leave hurting people — thanks to shuttered churches — without a single place to turn.

That’s not healthy — not for America and not for all of us. The second and third effects of the fear of the virus is a greater threat to our nation than the actual virus itself. It’s one of the reasons FRC has been so adamant about reopening churches. We can take precautions, protect those at risk and still live our lives. As a country, it’s time to stand up to this idea that Christians should be worshiping in isolation far removed from their fellow believers from which they draw community. This Sunday, October 11, FRC will be hosting a special event in conjunction with California’s Calvary Chapel Chino Hills to speak out about the church’s scriptural and constitutional authority to meet this fear head on. We’re calling it Freedom Sunday 2020, and you’re invited. Join us — either in person or for the livestream — at 8:00 p.m. (ET)/5:00 p.m. (PT) and help us take a stand for religious freedom in this country.

We all need to take our cue from this president and stare down these challenges with boldness. “His push to reopen the economy, get people back to their jobs… were exactly the kinds of things a president must do to rally the nation during a crisis,” Michael Goodwin applauded. “While many on the Left have help up Biden’s hermit-like behavior as a model of safety, it is impossible to govern that way. No president can remain isolated and appear frightened and still command the respect and trust of the public. To his everlasting credit, Trump never stopped being president out of fear of getting sick.”

I am standing with President Trump. We cannot allow fear of anything to stop us from meeting as a body of believers “Let us consider,” Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.


Tweetstorm Floods Voters with Contrast

Democrats Try to Expand the Affordable Abortion Care Act

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Do Not Be Afraid of Covid.

EDITORS NOTE: Sky News states, at the end of the above video, there have been 1 million Covid deaths world wide, a death rate of 1.2%, and 200,000 in the U.S., a death rate of .0006%. According to the CDC there are 2,813,503 deaths in America from a variety of causes, a death rate of .008%. The top three causes of death in America are:

  • Heart disease: 647,457
  • Cancer: 599,108
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936

In another dramatic day for the President of the United States and presidential politics, President Donald Trump left Walter Reed Hospital Monday under his own power and sporting a confident stride.  The departure capped a stunning turn of events that gripped the nation, for better and for worse, with millions expressing their affections for the President and some from the left wishing for his death.  In the end, however, the President found himself nestled back in the White House, in what can be described as a miraculous recovery.

Upon arriving at the White House on Monday evening, the President had a message for Americans that will stand out as one of his hallmarks.  “Don’t be afraid of Covid,” he tweeted, a message meant not only as a rallying cry for Americans generally, but also as a very personalized one for those suffering from the contagion and those overtaken with the fear of contracting it.

Later, in a video from the White House, the President said, “Don’t let it dominate you,” referring to COVID.  “Don’t be afraid of it.  You’re going to beat it.  We have the best medical equipment.  We have the best medicines, all developed recently.  And you’re going to beat it.” His words, his resolve, and his personal experience are not only symbols of hope, but they have placed him in a unique position to lead a beleaguered nation through the rest of this pandemic.

Unquestionably, President Trump will need that resolve moving forward.  The spiteful attacks against him have intensified as the left continues to be besieged by amazing successful performances, in politics and in health, from a man with whose hatred it has become intoxicated.  President Trump’s return to the White House, although triumphant, will also be a challenging one as he meets up with a staff that itself has been riddled by a localized outbreak.  And of course, there is the campaign, which has long entered a critical phase where any mistake can be lethal.

Despite these challenges, one thing remains certain.  Through his ability to persevere, President Trump has positioned himself to be remembered as the President who conquered coronavirus.  The President now joins Prime Minister Boris Johnson and a small group of others who have been able to take on the virus and prevail.  For Mr. Johnson, who took on the virus earlier in the pandemic, his plight was private and marked by sheer will.  For President Trump, the struggle was as public as any President could make it, and his success a testament to the incredible progress made in the medicine’s fight against the virus.


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The Decay of Societal Decorum

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” –  Isaiah 5:20

“A society is in decay, final or transitional when common sense becomes uncommon.” – G. K. Chesterton

“Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.” –  George Washington

When we heard that our historic president and his wife had both tested positive for Covid, the first thing many of us thought was that someone with the virus deliberately got close to him to make him ill.  Whether or not that’s true, the hatred for this wonderful leader of the “free world” has been acrimonious and venomous.  Now I’m hearing from many other friends; they believe our president’s contracting of this virus could have been purposeful because everyone who comes into contact with him is tested before they get near him.

Like seasonal flu, the incubation time of the Wuhan virus can be two to five days, which makes one wonder if the debate was the place the virus was transmitted.  We’ll never know, but President Trump has been mistreated, maligned and impugned from the minute he and his beautiful wife walked down the escalator to announce that he was running for president.  We now have to wait for the seven to ten-day mark to make sure our president is well. President Trump tweeted a video in his first comments since the Wuhan virus diagnosis and said, “I think I’m doing very well.”

When we later learned that our president was being taken to Walter Reed on Marine One…the attacks escalated, as did our prayers.  On Saturday, Dr. Sean Conley, President Trump’s physician, gave an update from Walter Reed regarding the President’s health and said he’s been without fever for 24 hours.

Here is the state-of-the-art treatment deployed for our president.  I am praying and believing he will recover with no residual effects. Why wasn’t the President on Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative?  Why isn’t he on it now with Azithromycin and zinc?

President Trump sent Mark Meadows to Hand Out Chocolates to Supporters outside of Walter Reed!  Isn’t he the best!

Malicious Media Assaults

The minute we learned that America’s President and his wife had tested positive, the vitriol started on social media.  One claimed that the president got what he deserved for not wearing a mask.  Right, as if mask wearing prevents viruses from spreading.  Buy a box of masks and read what the box says, “Will not prevent viruses.”  Masks are purely for subjugation and separation of the citizenry and the creation of “Mask Nazis” who believe they are morally superior because they don the face diaper every time they exit their abodes.  Link, Link, Link

Lou Dobbs October 2nd, 2020 program featured pulmonologist physician Dr. Qanta Ahmed.  She said, “We are worried about two things with the president, certainly he’s in his 70s and we know that as we become older the virus does pose more of a risk, and we also know from the letters his doctors have published earlier in May that he’s 6’3” and weighs 244 pounds which puts him in class one of obesity.”

Now every mainstream media democrat pundit is repeating the statement that our president is obese.  Another noxious attack on our president’s wellbeing and physique.

Many wrote on social media (and it was not removed for offensive conduct) that they hoped the president and his wife would both die.  And an hour after the news broke of President Trump’s diagnosis, WaPo published, “Imagine What It Will be Like to Never Have to Think About Trump Again.”  The lack of refinement, breeding and deportment is evident when these leftist rags promote more savage and venomous hatred for the blue-collar billionaire who was elected by America’s middleclass.

Bob Woodward had a recording of Trump stating that he wasn’t worried about contracting the virus even though seven million people in America have had Covid. He claims in his new book that Trump is assassinating the presidency by not telling the people the full dangers of the virus, but didn’t Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Dr. Redfield do just that and spread fear far and wide.  It was our president who tried to allay fears and eliminate panic.

Seven million Americans who had Covid is miniscule compared to the 2018-2019 flu season where it is estimated that 35,520,883 citizens caught the flu despite the yearly flu vaccine.  Trump was right to think his chances were minimal, and once again, I believe like so many others that he was purposely exposed.  The malignant statements against the president and his wife have continued.

Society’s Cultural Rot

Disparaging conservatives and republicans didn’t just start with the Trump presidency.  It’s been around a long time, but it escalated when Obama took office in 2008, and he ultimately set it on fire in a January 5th, 2017 Oval Office meeting.  Newly declassified documents, including an FD-302 FBI witness report, revealed that on Jan. 5, 2017, Yates, Comey, Biden, then-CIA Director John Brennan and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, along with National Security Adviser Susan Rice and other members of the National Security Council, attended the Oval Office meeting.

Mollie Hemingway wrote in the Federalist, that the “Obama, Biden Oval Office Meeting on January 5th, was Key To Entire Anti-Trump Operation.”  Fox News reported, “Information released in the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case it brought against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn confirms the significance of a Jan. 5, 2017, meeting at the Obama White House.”

“It was at this meeting that Obama gave guidance to key officials who would be tasked with protecting his administration’s utilization of secretly funded Clinton campaign research, which alleged Trump was involved in a treasonous plot to collude with Russia, from being discovered or stopped by the incoming administration.”

And that dear readers, is what set aflame the democrats’ verbal abuse and personal attacks against anyone who supported President Donald J. Trump.

California Congresswoman, Maxine Waters told a crowd of supporters, “If you see anyone from that Cabinet (Trump’s) in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore anywhere.”

Massachusetts Squad member Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley said, “There needs to be unrest in the streets.”

California Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said, “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country.  Maybe there will be.”

California Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris stated, “Protesters should not let up.”

They certainly don’t sound like they want law and order.  They vomit and foment hatred for our president, for members of his administration and for his supporters, called “Deplorables” by Hillary.  Now it has reached a crescendo.

Societal Hatreds

Just as Bill Clinton taught young people that fellatio was not sex, despite the stain on Monica’s blue dress, the leaders in Congress are teaching everyone in America that it is acceptable to aggressively attack those they disagree with, both verbally and physically.  Tolerance preached by the left is a hoax.  The Democratic Socialists tolerate every indecent act, even those against our Judeo-Christian culture and American history, but if you’re a supporter of the man who left comfort to save his country from the totalitarian character of Soviet socialism and Mao Zedong’s communist armies, hostility will come your way. And it started immediately and has progressively gotten worse.  I’ve had this experience in spades.

The couple across the street from me are democrats and our same age.  I never said a word to them when I knew they voted for Clinton and Obama as propriety and etiquette were long ingrained by my dear mother, but my neighbor has felt from day one of Trump’s election that she can vilify me with statements about our president.  We’ve always been cordial to them and have gotten along until Trump was elected, and we have always exchanged baked goods at Christmas.

Close to Thanksgiving in 2017, they had a loss in their family, and they were having a gathering at their house.  So, I took over bottles of wine and extra goodies early and told her how I knew it was painful to lose a loved one at a holiday.  She remarked that she and her husband were miserably depressed because of the “sexual pervert” in our White House.  I could have mentioned Clinton, but I kept my mouth shut.

Several other attacks have been forthcoming since that time, and a few months ago she walked over to me while I was getting our mail and told me she thought our president was a racist.  Obviously, CNN is her favorite channel and she easily regurgitates their propaganda.

I told my neighbor about how Donald Trump upset the applecart of racism in Palm Beach 30 years ago when he opened Mar-a-Lago.  He wanted his club opened to Jewish and black folks. He has waged successful battles against anti-Semitism and racism over the decades. He challenged Palm Beach society by using the legal system to overturn institutional discrimination when he purchased Mar-a-Lago and he changed Palm Beach society and their clubs.

I even asked her if she’d ever seen the Gregory Peck movie, “Gentlemen’s Agreement,” where Peck played a journalist assigned to write a series of articles on anti-Semitism. Searching for an angle, he finally decides to pose as a Jew, and soon discovers what it is like to be a victim of religious intolerance.  She hadn’t seen it…

And isn’t it interesting that black leaders never thought to call Trump a racist or bigot when he was supporting and funding their organizations, and when he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor with Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali for patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity for those who made it their mission to share with the less fortunate.

My neighbor walked away from me and said, “I still think he’s a racist.”  The proof is in the pudding, but she can’t and won’t see it…Trump hasn’t a racist bone in his body.

I even told her about the Three Strikes Rule introduced by then-President Bill Clinton, that has long been criticized for exploding U.S. prison populations and the prison system costs, while being an ineffective way to combat crime.  President Trump’s, “The First Step Act,” overhauled the country’s criminal justice sentencing for the first time in a generation and supported rehabilitation efforts for federal prisoners and allowed judges to exercise more discretion when sentencing nonviolent offenders, particularly for drug offenses.  I told her about Alice Johnson’s pardon. Still, that didn’t move her.

Trump 2020

Here we are in the 2020 race, and I put out two Trump signs close to the house because in 2016, two of my Trump signs at the street were stolen until her husband saw me putting a camera in the tree to catch the thief. Stealing lawn signs is a felony. That stopped any further theft.  My neighbor then put up a Hillary sign and left it out for six months after Hillary lost.  Now the Trump signs are close to the house so they can’t be stolen but they face her house.

She has a Biden/Harris sign on her front lawn, but she also put out two hand painted signs that state, “200,000 LIES, 200,000 DIED,” and “HE LIED, THEY DIED.”  She doesn’t have a clue about Fauci and Dr. Tedros of WHO as they were the men who set this entire nightmare into action.  As I’ve mentioned before, Tedros is a mouthpiece for his Chinese friend Xi Jinping, and Hillary-loving Fauci is Tedros’ good friend.  They set up this entire nightmare, and the democratic governors of five states put Covid patients in nursing and elder care homes. Those deaths accounted for more than 40 percent of virus fatalities or 80,000 elderly patients with comorbidities.

Talking to my neighbor is like talking to a sausage…she’s brainwashed with propaganda from the mainstream media, the right arm of the Socialist Democrat Party.  I would guess that the first words out of her mouth when Trump was diagnosed were, “I hope he dies.”


I love our president.  He is like us, he says what he thinks and he talks to us in plain language, none of the double speak of lifelong political charlatans.  He tells us what he wants to do and then he sets about getting it done.  He calls the mainstream media exactly what they are…fake news. There’s no coverup, no deceit, and no hidden agenda.  Everything is transparent in Donald Trump’s presidency.

When the system fails, righteous men rise up, and that’s what Donald Trump has done.  Our president gave up a life of luxury, a life where he could have doubled or tripled his riches, a life of work that he loved, a family who adores him, and a beautiful bride by his side.

He spent his own money to run for high office in order to save America…he wants the America he grew up in, with the God given freedoms and liberties guaranteed in America’s Constitution, with opportunities for everyone, with patriotism and love of country, with honor and hard work that will build good families and great lives.  And he wants it for everyone.  All Americans are precious in President Donald Trump’s sight.  America needs this man.

Pray for our president and his entire family. Pray for his health, that God will touch and heal him quickly of this virus.  Pray for his strength to return.  And pray for his reelection.  We desperately need to keep Donald Trump in our White House for another four years.

©Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

Abortion and Other Socialist Plans to Destroy America

We have been subjected to so many lies, deceptions, disinformation and fraud by agitators and provocateurs for years that most people are disoriented and puzzled. Who is doing that to us? The answer is America’s Socialist Party through its Socialist Charlatans. They are preaching hate to cover-up the crime they have committed for several decades. They are accusing Trump of all sorts of things to divert your attention from the crime they had committed. They have followed Stalin’s postulate: Never admit crime committed, instead accuse the adversary in that exact crime.

You can also answer the question by remembering my definition of Stalinist Political Correctness made in 2017: “… Political correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by a political agenda, a skillfully crafted design of a quintessential system of lies, fraud, and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization to create a One World Socialist Government under the Kremlin’s rule.”  Stalinist Political Correctness is a mechanism of preventing the Truth from getting out. It is aimed at hiding or masking the Truth. Trump’s negative attitude to PC locked me in as his supporter, because I knew PC and had written about it even before Trump’s presidency. Political Correctness is a monumental weapon to destroy successful capitalism and the political system left to us by the Founding Fathers. America’s Socialist Party (Democrats) has used PC against the American Republic and conservative Republicans for decades…

Abortions: Political Correctness and the Pro-Choice Fraud

It is painful to see how Stalinist Political Correctness continues deceiving and misleading the American public in the 21st century. Abortion is an issue that divides our country and a vivid example of the Dems’ work, armed with Stalinist PC. Their policy has a long history, going back to the 60s. The pro-choice/pro-life framework overlooked the many hidden ways in which the law impacts women’s reproductive freedom. What the abortion debate left out was logic: Yes, logic and the knowledge of Stalinist Political Correctness.

 In my articles written in 2010-2013, I gave several examples of the PC machinery that infiltrated all spheres of our society: politics, culture, art, education, and so on. Those columns have been deleted by the corrupt Obama FBI. Hence, I will present this example in the application of PC exercised by Socialist Charlatans. Abortion is the real issue that divides America, especially the women of America. I had several abortions in my past life in the USSR and it is hard to describe the awful feelings I had after each experience. Besides excruciating physical pain (a surgery without anesthesia), I felt a psychological doom, a combination of grief, guilt, and a black hole in my entire existence. In America, I also found a description of women’s feelings, but it was much softer than mine.

“Many women with unplanned pregnancies believe abortion is their only option. This is what their boyfriends, family, and culture tell them. In moments of vulnerability and confusion, they end up making a choice they never wanted.” What’s a human life worth? Townhall.com Nov. 9, 2015. It is a very true description of some pregnant women’s lives—confusion and vulnerability. I felt that way exactly… Don’t forget—a pregnant woman feels confusion and vulnerability in any culture and country she lives due to the pregnancy, which is changing the chemistry of her entire body and mind, regardless of her race and nationality.

The Mechanism That Fraudulent Political Correctness Operates

The cure is truth, spoken boldly. Yes, and you are the witnesses of the system of incredible lies promoted by the followers of Stalin’s PC. Let’s go to the Truth and analyze the mechanism of Stalinist precepts: They are:

  1. Establishment of a false premise for a future theory or action.
  2. Usage of the false premise as a foundation of the theory or action.

While introducing Stalin in my books, among other epithets, I called him a charlatan of a highest class. Today, I’d like to show you the dreadful harm, which has been brought to the world by Stalinism and his PC. Please, look at the real definition of the word ‘Premise’ in the Dictionary:




a previous statement or proposition from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion.

“if the premise is true, then the conclusion must be true”



base an argument, theory, or undertaking on.

“the reforms were premised on our findings”

The first example I bring is a misleading meaning to the term “pro-choice,” inculcated by the intimidating power of political correctness used by the Marxist/Socialists. The issue has a long history which grew as a snow ball to the gigantic cultural fraud due to PC. The premise is clear—prevention of pregnancy. Be attentive to the premise—prevention of pregnancy. The Charlatans just moved the time span one bit further and the Republicans, as usual, swallowed the fraudulent hook.

The real pregnancy comes to life by the sexual act and the actual choice is the prevention of that sexual act. The partners, especially a woman, have a choice before a sexual act. It is action taken before the sexual act that prevents pregnancy and not actions after the fact. Using PC, Democrat-Charlatans just reprogrammed the human mind, moving the time span and making the choice after the sexual act, which is a fraud. The abortion issue has become a tool for the Democrats to undermine our traditional culture, and our set of values. Just count the disproportional murder of black fetuses and fatherless black families to see the enormous cultural implications of this leftist fraud.  Unfortunately, this fraud has affected all ethnic groups in America. You see it today–eighteen percent of pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) ended in abortion in 2017.

The issue of abortion is quite complicated one. Besides politics, it is the actual application of medicine mixed with three participants or subjects: the fetus, the woman’s will and the action of a doctor directed to abort the fetus. It doesn’t matter how you see a fetus, an alive child or not—the fetus is there, an integral part of the abortion procedure itself. The scandal revealing Planned Parenthood being related to the sale of babies’ body parts just confirms my point. A woman has a choice, a free choice in America when she is facing and intending to have a sexual encounter. Yes, it is her body… Morally, she ought to decide before the sexual act—THAT is the real choice for any women…

Now, please, combine the previous topic of a fraudulent time issue and abortion, spread nationwide for four decades in America to see an extremely negative cultural implication domestically, created and supported by the Democrats. More than 58 million babies have been aborted in America since 1973, more than 17 million of those were black babies. These are the awful numbers. They testify to the dramatic changes in our culture and moral slide if not outright degradation of our value system successfully created by the Democrat-Charlatans’ fraud. America still has not found the solution…What a shame!

Other Frauds Perpetrated by Socialist Charlatans in America

Abortion is only one of the numerous frauds of different forms and shapes executed by Socialist Charlatans in America. Illegal harvesting of the ballets is one of the most arrogant of them. Yet, it is being allowed in different states. The racial division created by Obama is unprecedented, he politicized the entire society, dividing even the medical community. You saw it. At the time of threat of Chinese coronavirus we become defenseless, as different groups of “experts” couldn’t produce one professional decision. Moreover, some C.D.C. workers are now political activists: Socialist Charlatans are playing with numbers to confuse you.

Socialism’s corruption brought to America’s soil has implemented its modus operandi, which is: lies, deception disinformation and fraud. A fraud in the media is no less haughty and dangerous than in the medical community. Progressive Insurance has advertised the Progressive-Dems on all channels, including cable for years. The show 60 minutes has contrived advertising Progressive Insurance twice during their one hour show and nobody noticed it. What an obnoxious arrogant fraud! The Biden/Harris ticket is the focal point and apogee of that fraud and deserves a separate column… Watch the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and learn about Democrats–Socialist Charlatans.

Knowledge of Russia, her Security Services, and Socialist Charlatans in America is a must. They are not only the Radical Left—they are Socialist Charlatans. I have warned you with this refrain for the last thirty-five years, because I know the importance of this topic. Today, it is not only the Stalinist PC, lies, deception, disinformation and fraud confronting our values and our exceptional political system. We had six Democrat-candidates, vetted and sponsored by the Russian Security Services competing for the U.S. Presidency—they were arrogantly talking about the shape of our democracy! You can see all six on the display when Biden accepted his nomination. Our dysfunctional FBI have not vetted Dems’ candidates, as a result we may be on the path to elect the third America’s Manchurian President! It is a reality in America today… Alas, Sen. Tom Cotton is not the FBI Director…

Our corrupt-dysfunctional FBI and CIA in both Democrat and Republican administrations slept during the collapse of Socialism in the Soviet Union and allowed an abysmal Socialist fraud to become a legitimate issue in America: America’s Socialist mafia and its Socialist Charlatans created a Socialist movement in the heart of America’s Congress—the House of Representatives. You saw the result: how, in militant hatred to Trump’s SOTU speech, it was been ripped up—with criminal intent to confront our unique political system, left to us by our Founding Fathers.

My fellow Americans!

Enough is enough! The momentum in America’s history has come to get in behind President Donald J Trump and defend the exceptionalism of America and our system of government from enemies foreign and domestic. And Mighty God will help us!!!

To be continued www.simonapipko1.com or at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

Film ‘Climate Hustle 2’ Targets Hollywood’s Green Hypocrisy, Double Standards

Politicians, media figures, and Hollywood elites who maintain lavish lifestyles while advocating restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions are on full display in a new documentary.

Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy” is a sequel to the 2016 documentary film “Climate Hustle,” which questioned the premise of theories linking human activity with potentially catastrophic climate change.

“Climate Hustle 2” is not in theaters because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but was scheduled to be streamed as of  8 p.m. Thursday and available for replay through Sunday.

The new film builds on the findings of the first one while taking a deeper dive into motivations behind climate change initiatives such as the congressional resolutions called the Green New Deal and the United Nations’ Paris climate agreement, which the Trump administration has exited.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? Learn more now >>

Actor Kevin Sorbo is narrator of the new documentary. In opening scenes, Sorbo cites “an increasing number of scientists who are becoming skeptical” about “overhyped claims made about severe weather events, temperatures, rising sea levels, and even disappearing polar bears.”

Sorbo then asks some questions in arguing that science has shifted against alarmist claims.

“Why would those claiming a global warming catastrophe spread a false narrative?” he asks, adding:

What would motivate them? Why would they try to hustle you? Are they trying to control the climate, or you? …

At its core, the motivations are as old as mankind itself.  They revolve around money, power, ideology, and control. …

Stopping climate change is … about climate elites trying to convince us to accept a future where they call all the shots, plan our lives, and regulate how we should live our lives. They want to create, in essence, a climate monarchy.

“Climate Hustle 2” is a project of the Washington-based nonprofit Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, or CFACT, which describes itself as promoting “a much-needed, positive, alternative voice on issues of environment and development.”

Marc Morano, the organization’s communications director and editor of  its Climate Depot blog, provides the film’s reporting and interviews key figures on both sides of the climate debate.

Featured climate scientists and researchers include Patrick Moore, co-founder of the environmental group Greenpeace; Richard Lindzen, an atmospheric physicist and professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Willie Soon, an astrophysicist and geoscientist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Robert Giegengack, a geologist who chaired the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at University of Pennsylvania; and David Legates, a climatologist and geology professor at the University of Delaware.

Morano appears in front of the Palace of Versailles, just outside Paris, to establish some major themes of the film. The palace, he says, was “designed to show the supremacy of the state and the ruling class over the common man.”

“Today, like the nobility of old, world leaders, celebrity activists, and Western environmentalists also enjoy a lavish lifestyle and have no problem with multiple homes, endless airline flights, and luxuries galore,” Morano says.

The action moves to Sicily, Italy, where celebrities such as actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, singer Katy Perry, and Prince Harry attend what E! News describes as a “billionaires’ summer party” to discuss climate change. The program’s host comments on gas-guzzling private jets and yachts used by attendees.

Conservative commentator Mark Steyn, who makes multiple appearances in “Climate Hustle 2,” weighs in on motivations he says are behind climate activism.

“Al Gore and John Kerry and the prince of Wales, they want to return us to an Age of Kings in which they fly around from one climate conference to another and the rest of us are just contained within our carbon allowance—which if we’re lucky will enable us to take a long weekend for a fishing trip somewhere once a year,” Steyn says.

Gore, the former U.S. vice president and long-time crusader for limiting carbon emissions to prevent global warming, again comes under scrutiny for the large “carbon footprint” associated with his Tennessee residence and his travel arrangements.

DiCaprio and other Hollywood celebrities who have pledged to “live a green lifestyle” also come under criticism for lifestyles that don’t square with their rhetoric. DiCaprio owns multiple homes and makes frequent use of private jets and yachts, the documentary notes. Singer-actress Barbra Streisand has flown her dogs to London to watch her perform, it adds.

Morano then discusses what science actually says about carbon dioxide.

“If these global leaders and activists really think we face a man-made climate apocalypse, why have they not changed their ways and cut back on their CO2 emissions and overall excess?” Morano asks. “Is there something they’re not telling us about the science?”

Some answers come from scientists, researchers, and academics in the documentary who set out to dismantle alarmist claims that don’t fit with rigorous scientific research.

“Carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life,” Moore, the Greenpeace co-founder, says in a “Fox & Friends” interview used in the film. “In fact, the whole climate crisis as they call it is not only fake news, it’s fake science. There is no climate crisis.”

Giegengack, the geologist, is equally dismissive.

“You don’t find strong empiric support for the idea that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are the primary drivers of atmospheric temperature and global climate, and there are so many other variables that are much more likely to have been responsible for that,” Giegengack says in the film.

Legates, the climatologist, warns that carbon rationing proposals, such as those advocated by liberals in Congress, ultimately could lead to human beings lacking the “basic necessities of life” such as “food, clothing, shelter, and security.”

Near the film’s close, Sorbo asks viewers to resist the political agenda of climate activism.

“We have the gift of freedom,” he says. “Don’t let it slip away. Don’t let them establish a climate monarchy.”

For details on viewing or purchasing “Climate Hustle” and “Climate Hustle 2,” go here.


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Democratic Socialists say, “America should be more like socialist countries such as Sweden and Denmark.” And millions of young people believe them…

For years, “Democratic Socialists” have been growing a crop of followers that include students and young professionals. America’s future will be in their hands.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? One of their most effective arguments is that “democratic socialism” is working in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway. They claim these countries are “proof” that socialism will work for America. But they’re wrong. And it’s easy to explain why.

Our friends at The Heritage Foundation just published a new guide that provides three irrefutable facts that debunks these myths. For a limited time, they’re offering it to readers of The Daily Signal for free.

Get your free copy of “Why Democratic Socialists Can’t Legitimately Claim Sweden and Denmark as Success Stories” today and equip yourself with the facts you need to debunk these myths once and for all.


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Just 1% of U.S. Counties Have Had Nearly Half of All COVID-19 Deaths

As Heritage Foundation researchers have demonstrated throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. has been heavily concentrated in a small number of states—and among a small number of counties within those states.

As our research has pointed out, state-level figures do not adequately describe the concentrated nature of the spread of COVID-19.

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Moreover, even though the U.S. saw a rapid rise in cases during the summer, the overall levels of concentration have remained fairly consistent.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? Learn more now >>

For instance, as of Sept. 15, the 30 counties with the most COVID-19 deaths accounted for 26% of all the cases in the U.S. and 40% of all deaths, much greater than those counties’ share of the population (18.4%). That is, just 1% of the counties in the U.S., representing just over 18% of the population, are responsible for almost half of the country’s COVID-19 deaths.

The Heritage Foundation’s newest interactive graphic allows individuals to see more detail on these concentrations among the counties with the most deaths as well as those with the fewest.

For instance, the graphic allows users to select data from the five counties with the most deaths, all the way up to the 50 counties with the most deaths. It also allows visitors to select data from counties with no deaths, all the way up to counties with 10 or fewer.

Once a category is selected, the graphic provides the percentage of counties represented by that category, the percentage of the population contained in those counties, and the percentage of all U.S. COVID-19 deaths in those counties.

For example, as of Sept. 15, 60.6% of all counties are reporting 10 or fewer deaths. These counties represent 13.1% of the population, and account for only 2.7% of total COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.

In contrast, the five counties with the most COVID-19 deaths represent just 0.2% of all counties, but they account for 16% of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., nearly three times their population share of 6.5%.

A list of the 50 counties with the most deaths is also provided, and that list has not changed very much since April. New York, for instance, recorded 32,745 deaths as of Sept. 15.

In fact, New York City has exerted an outsized influence on the national COVID-19-related death rate. Removing New York City’s deaths moves the U.S. from eighth place in the world in deaths per million to 13th place.

The New York City metropolitan statistical area even has an outsized influence on the overall statistics for the state of New York.

Removing counties in the New York City metropolitan statistical area from the state’s totals drops the death rate for New York state to 348 per million, nearly 80% lower than the state’s rate when the New York City metropolitan statistical area is included (1,674).

That’s well below the national average and would move New York state from second place to 23rd place in deaths per million.

The same exercise with COVID-19 cases in the New York City area has a similar effect on the state’s totals.

Specifically, when withholding the New York City metropolitan statistical area cases, the overall case rate for New York state plummets by 71% (from 22,065 to 6,505), a level that is well below the national average.

Removing the New York City metropolitan statistical area moves the state of New York from sixth in case rate among U.S. states to 42nd place.

As new Heritage Foundation research shows, as of Aug. 22, the death rate of 2,196 per million residents recorded in the New York City metropolitan statistical area is almost twice that of its nearest rival, Detroit, at 1,177.

Furthermore, the gap between New York City’s COVID-19-related death rate and those of cities that have experienced more recent outbreaks is even more pronounced. The New York City metropolitan statistical area’s death rate is more than triple those of Phoenix and Miami—two cities that have recorded higher rates of infection than New York. It is four and a half times that of Los Angeles and nearly six times that of Houston.

Now that COVID-19 testing has increased dramatically and many state and local governments have relaxed stay-at-home orders, it’s even more critical to study the trends in deaths along with cases.

To make studying these trends easier, The Heritage Foundation now has two interactive COVID-19 trackers. One tracks trends in cases; the other tracks trends in deaths.

The trackers describe whether the trend of cases—or deaths—is increasing or decreasing over the prior 14 days, and provides a visual depiction of new cases—or deaths—during that time period.

These tools help put the concentrated nature of the pandemic in perspective with county-level data. They show just how difficult it can be to use only one metric to gauge whether a county—or state—is doing well. Readers are invited to explore the information in the tracker and check back frequently for updates, as well as to explore the other visual tools on Heritage’s COVID-19 resources page.


Drew Gonshorowski focuses his research and writing on the nation’s new health care law, including the repercussions for Medicare and Medicaid, as a policy analyst in the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation. He also studies economic mobility and the Austrian school of economics.

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A Note for our Readers:

Democratic Socialists say, “America should be more like socialist countries such as Sweden and Denmark.” And millions of young people believe them…

For years, “Democratic Socialists” have been growing a crop of followers that include students and young professionals. America’s future will be in their hands.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? One of their most effective arguments is that “democratic socialism” is working in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway. They claim these countries are “proof” that socialism will work for America. But they’re wrong. And it’s easy to explain why.

Our friends at The Heritage Foundation just published a new guide that provides three irrefutable facts that debunks these myths. For a limited time, they’re offering it to readers of The Daily Signal for free.

Get your free copy of “Why Democratic Socialists Can’t Legitimately Claim Sweden and Denmark as Success Stories” today and equip yourself with the facts you need to debunk these myths once and for all.


EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Signal column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.