Don’t Believe the Fake News. Tax Cuts for Everyday Americans Are Real.

The left-leaning media would have you believe that the 2017 tax cuts were nothing of the sort. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., recently tweeted that average refunds are down, calling the president’s tax cut a “middle-class tax hike.”

This is simply the latest episode in a long-running campaign to demagogue tax cuts that let the vast majority of Americans keep more of their hard-earned money.

Some of the biggest cuts are actually being enjoyed by the lowest-income Americans. A typical family of four got a $2,917 tax cut this year.

So what’s the complaint about?

In an early sample of tax returns, the IRS has reported that average refunds are down $170 from last year and that they hadn’t changed much from 2017, the year before.

But this is not relevant, for two reasons.

First, the sample of tax returns cited by the IRS is very small, and some analysts expect refunds will actually go up this year.

But second, and more importantly, tax refunds have nothing to do with the size of anyone’s tax cut. A refund is what you get back if you’ve paid too much in taxes throughout the year. Your tax cut is the drop in total taxes you owed to Uncle Sam last year. The two are not connected.

Employers across the country already gave us our tax cuts by withholding less money from our paychecks every pay period. Americans saw a bump to their paychecks in February 2018.

Of course, withholding is never perfectly accurate, so your refund or tax payment at the end of the year is simply a last-minute adjustment. But that refund does not cancel out the overall bump in take-home pay due to the tax cut.

Do you remember when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the tax cuts “monumental, brazen theft,” or when former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers predicted the tax cuts would kill 10,000 people every year? This most recent round of hysteria is just more of the same.

Last year, The Heritage Foundation calculated what Americans across the country can expect from the tax cuts. The average household can expect about $26,000 more in take-home pay over the next 10 years thanks to the tax reform.

Americans benefit twice from the tax cuts—first, by paying less in taxes, and a second time from higher wages generated by a faster-growing economy.

At the end of 2018, workers saw some of the largest wage gains in over 10 years, and unemployment rates remain historically low. Over the next 10 years, because of a larger economy, the typical American will benefit from over $26,000 more in take-home pay, or $44,697 for a family of four.

The average American household can expect to pay about $1,400 less in taxes in 2018. But depending on where you live and how many kids you have, the numbers can look different.

In communities that had high tax bills last year, such as Palo Alto, California’s district (CA-18) represented in the House by Anna Eshoo, or one of New York City’s Manhattan districts (NY-12) represented by Carolyn Maloney, the average tax cut could be as much as $3,000.

Lower-income communities, such as areas near Phoenix, Arizona (AZ-7), represented in the House by Ruben Gallego, as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA-2), will see much larger cuts in their tax bills. In these communities, tax reform brought an average income tax cut of 18 percent or more.

And the tax cuts are especially good news for parents. A married couple filing jointly with two children will see their tax bills fall by $2,917.

In the coming years, the tax cuts will continue to raise wages, increase investment, and expand economic opportunities. They will also continue through 2025. 

Don’t let the misinformation about refunds throw you off. Middle-class and lower-income Americans are the biggest beneficiaries from the tax cuts.


Portrait of Adam Michel

Adam Michel

Adam Michel focuses on tax policy and the federal budget as a policy analyst in the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation. Twitter: @adamnmichel.

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VIDEO: How Democratic Party Lawyers Win Contested Elections

A fair and trustworthy vote accepted by all citizens is necessary for functioning democratic processes. The actions of the Democratic National Committee, Marc Elias, and George Soros have jeopardized that. What Elias has done in recounts is proof that we need strong election integrity laws, ones that partisans can’t overpower.

Watch our video on partisan election litigation here.

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Democrats Are Experts At Fear & Loathing

I am on the We Train Democrats email list. The National Democratic Training Committee is training their members to loath. They loath Republicans in general and President Donald J. Trump in particular.

Fear & Loathing

How do I know this? Because they are using loathing to fundraise.

National Democratic Training Committee

On Valentine’s Day 2019 I received the following from We Train Democrats in an email titled “💔 I hope you have a TERRIBLE day, from: Me.”

Folks, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be filled with love and affection. It’s a time when we tell those we care about how much they mean to us.

But we are so disgusted by Donald Trump that we decided to send him an Anti-Valentine’s Day card. So we can let him know JUST how much we loathe him.


Here’s the card:

Mr. President, I wanted you to know that while I spend my Valentine's Day thinking of my loved ones, that America LOATHES you. You are the worst President we have ever had and you have broken the heart of our Nation.  So I'm donating $3 today to send you this ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY CARD, so you know exactly how real Americans feel about you.

Loathing leads to fear. Loathing is visceral. Loathing leads to hate. Hate can lead to violence. Violence can lead to tyranny. Tyranny can lead to oppression.

The opposite of peace is not war. Rather the opposite of peace is fear.

One cannot be at peace if one is fearful of a person, policy or political party. One cannot be at peace if one fears losing their job, their healthcare, their benefits, their livelihood, their home, car, friends or family. Fear is a powerful force to bring out the best or worst in people. Fear can be good in that one learns to not walk down a dark alley at night for fear of being attacked. One learns fear in not sticking your hand in the jaws of an alligator.

The National Democratic Training Committee is focused on teaching their members to fear President Donald J. Trump. Why? because President Trump does not think like them. It’s not America that loathes the President, it’s the members of the NDTC. The NDTC is teaching fear and loathing.

The National Democratic Training Committee understands this all to well. They consistently use fear and loathing to raise money.

John 14:27 [KJV]

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Happy Valentines Day!

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EDITORS NOTE: The images in this column are courtesy of the NDTC. The featured image is by Pixabay.

Texas: ACLU Using Legal Intimidation Tactics to Stop Voter Roll Purge

As we reported here at the end of January, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asserted that as many as 95,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in the state.


The ACLU is now attempting to stop any purging of the list by filing lawsuits against the Texas Secretary of State, the Director of Elections and county officials!

From the Houston Chronicle,

Several civil rights and voting advocacy groups sued Texas officials and five county elections administrators on Monday over an advisory urging counties to review the citizenship status of thousands of voters flagged as possible non-citizens.

The ACLU of Texas, along with the Texas Civil Rights Project, Demos and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, filed the lawsuit against Texas Secretary of State David Whitley and Director of Elections Keith Ingram, alleging that their recommendations discriminate against naturalized citizens. Also named in the suit are the election administrators in Galveston, Blanco, Fayette, Caldwell, and Washington counties, who sent out notices threatening to cancel voter registrations based on the list. [This is the type of intimidation the ACLU relishes—going after local officials.—-ed]

In a Jan. 25 advisory, Whitley asked local elections offices to look into the citizenship of 95,000 people on the voter rolls. Since then, the list has been cut by nearly 20,000 names — registered voters who were identified as citizens.

This sounds very reasonable to me, but it sent the ACLU around the bend!

The secretary of state can’t remove voters from the rolls, but county elections officials can. Whitley has instead recommended that counties send notices to the people they flagged as possible non-citizens, giving them 30 days to prove they’re eligible to vote by presenting a birth certificate, passport or certificate of naturalization. If they don’t respond, their registrations will be canceled by the county voter registrar.

Whitley’s list drew from documents people submitted to the Department of Public Safety when they were applying for drivers licenses. Non-citizens, such as temporary residents, asylum seekers and refugees, can get a Texas drivers license but can’t register to vote unless they become U.S. citizens.

Whitley said the list includes 58,000 people who have cast ballots in Texas elections.

More here.

As I have said on several previous occasions, if you are looking for something to do, get involved with your local board of elections and see how they are handling this issue of determining who is a citizen eligible to vote.  See if they are working to at least purge the dead people!

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals with images is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Element5 Digital on Unsplash.

New Study: Voter ID Laws Don’t Deter Turnout or Fraud

Yet another study has found that voter ID laws do not suppress voter turnout, but the study also asserted such laws have no clear effect on stopping voter fraud. 

The study was compiled by two professors, Vincent Pons of Harvard University Business School and Enrico Cantoni of the economics department at the University of Bologna in Italy. It was issued by the National Bureau of Economic Research, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

“For all the heated debates around strict voter ID laws, our analysis of their effects obtains mostly null results,” the study says, adding: 

First, the fears that strict ID requirements would disenfranchise disadvantaged populations have not materialized. Second, contrary to the argument used by the Supreme Court in the 2008 case Crawford v. Marion County to uphold the constitutionality of one of the early strict ID laws, we find no significant impact on fraud or public confidence in election integrity. This result weakens the case for adopting such laws in the first place.

In 2008, the Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter ID law in a 6-3 ruling in the case of Crawford v. Marion County Election Board. 

Typically, Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed voter ID laws as a measure to prevent voter fraud, while Democratic lawmakers have alleged that such laws are voter suppression. 

Past studies have drawn the same conclusion that voter ID laws do not deter voter turnout, but the new study is “totally wrong” to conclude ID laws don’t prevent voter fraud, said Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative at The Heritage Foundation. 

“How would you show it deters fraud if that’s something that didn’t happen because of voter ID laws?” von Spakovsky told The Daily Signal. “You have to look at convictions in absentee ballot fraud cases. In just four states, the voter ID laws apply the same to both in-person and absentee voting. So, it’s difficult to say.”

Currently, 17 states have photo ID laws at the polls, and 18 states have voter ID laws that do not require a photo, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures

Various studies in recent years done by professors at the University of Missouri, the University of Delaware, the University of Nebraska surveying elections from 2000 through 2016 found similar results that voter ID laws do not suppress voter turnout. 

Of those states, the National Conference of State Legislatures classifies 10 states as “strict,” meaning if a voter is without acceptable voter ID under that state’s law, most vote on a provisional ballot. Three of those “strict” states do not require photo ID. 

The National Bureau of Economic Research study’s researchers used data from Catalist, a company that provides data for progressive-leaning groups that target voter turnout. 

It looks at elections from 2008 through 2016 with a sampling across 30 states. 

The study stated: “Measuring voter fraud represents a challenge, as federal and state agencies vary in the extent they collect and share information on it.”

The research cited The Heritage Foundation voter fraud database that includes 1,177 proven cases of voter fraud. Of those, 1,019 cases ended in criminal conviction. 

The study also used data from News21, an investigative project funded by the Carnegie Corp. and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Through research of government documents, the project found 2,068 cases of suspected voter fraud reported from 2000 through 2012. 

The study does not claim to be the last word on the matter. 

“Because states adopted strict ID laws only two to 12 years ago, our results should be interpreted with caution: we find negative participation effects neither in the first election after the adoption of the laws nor in following ones, but cannot rule out that such effects will arise in the future,” the study says. 


Portrait of Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal and co-host of “The Right Side of History” podcast. Send an email to Fred. Twitter: @FredLucasWH

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Is the Party over for Dem Extremists?

Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kans.) isn’t the only one asking himself, “What’s happened to our nation when the president of the United States has to ask legislators to save babies from being murdered?” Overwhelming majorities of pro-choicers are just as startled as he is.

Too often over the past 46 years, the issue of abortion has been reduced to a political issue. Very little thought has gone into the coarsening of America’s collective conscience, which has brought us to this point today — where leaders not only look away, but advocate and defend infanticide. Fortunately, what we’ve seen in the last few weeks is that the hardening of our country’s heart hasn’t extended much beyond the party’s leaders and militant abortion activists.

When AUL and YouGov put the Democrats’ infanticide agenda before the public, Americans were universally horrified. Large majorities in the country already objected to third-trimester abortions (79 percent) and birth day abortions (80 percent) — but it was tough to find anyone who thought leaving newborns on a metal table to die was just another “personal decision” between a woman and her doctor. On the question of legal infanticide, 82 percent said absolutely not.

If those numbers don’t make Democrats cringe, maybe these will. Of “pro-choicers,” 77 percent agree with the Republicans’ push to protect abortion survivors. Another 66 percent percent aren’t on board with abortions in the third trimester, and 68 percent disagree with any law that destroy a baby on its due date. Throw in the taxpayer-funded part of these procedures — another piece of the Democratic platform — and the Left’s abortion agenda is a one-way ticket back to the political minority.

If you think I’m exaggerating, look at Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D-N.Y.) most recent approval ratings. After eight years of high marks, the bottom is falling out for the man who made the disastrous decision to put New Yorkers at the tip of the pink spear. In the weeks since he led the charge to kill babies at the moment of birth, Cuomo’s favorability rating has taken a beating, dropping to 43 percent from 50 — the lowest ever recorded since he took office in 2011. He also had an almost double-digit decline in his performance ratings, with only 35 percent now agreeing that he’s doing an “excellent” or “good job.”

Contrast that with President Trump, who, after doubling down on the culture of life, is enjoying the highest approval rating (52 percent) since 2017. One man embraced the outer limits of abortion extremism. The other used his most important speech of the year to passionately reject it. You do the math.

Making matters worse for the Left, every day that a Republican walks to the floor of the House and demands a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is a reminder of just how fanatical Democrats are. On Monday, they got another glimpse when Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) took his turn asking for unanimous consent on the bill. He, like three Republicans before him, was denied. And while most liberals aren’t exactly knocking down the doors of the press to talk about their wildly controversial stance, some Democrats are saying enough for everyone.

“There is zero place for politicians to be involved in these very complicated medical decisions, and they should only be made between a woman and her doctor — period, full stop,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) insisted. So that’s what killing is now? A “medical decision?” Listen, if Democrats want to get the government out of the health care business, conservatives are all for it. If there’s “zero place” for Congress in medicine, then by all means — let’s do away with Obamacare, insurance regulation, health care mandates, Medicare, and Medicaid. Personal decisions shouldn’t need public funding. But that’s the hypocrisy of the Left. Democrats don’t want taxpayers to have any input in health care — they just want them to foot the bill.

To her credit, at least Gillibrand will cop to her radicalism. Others in the increasingly crowded 2020 field refuse to even talk about abortion. But they don’t have to. The Democratic platform says it all.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


How House Conservatives Are Planning to Force a Vote on Protecting Abortion Survivors

Fence and Sensibility

2018 Headlines, 2019 High Stakes

EDITORS NOTE: This FRC column with images is republished with permission.

The Furies in Congress

In ancient Greek mythology the Furies are the three goddesses of Vengeance, Jealousy, and Anger. They are the daughters of Mother Earth Gaia and her son Father Sky Uranus.

The Furies are infamous for taking vengeance on men and punishing all crimes including breaking the rules of society by striking the offenders with madness.

The Furies in ancient mythology dispensed vigilante justice and were the “guardians of the law when the state had not yet intervened or did not exist, or when the crime was a crime of ethics and not actual law.” Here is the problem – we don’t live in ancient Greece and we are not characters in a mythological story. We live in the United States of America, the greatest experiment in liberty and individual freedom the world has ever known.

For 242 years our Constitution has been the supreme law of the land that provides the national frame of government and rules of society to guide American life. Our Founding Fathers envisioned ordered liberty based on individualism, personal responsibility, and the meritocracy. Their economic principles included property rights, free markets, and sound money.

In the last several decades the radical left has engaged in a culture war against the United States that seeks to undermine the Constitution and replace it with a “living document” that would support collectivism aka socialism.

The Furies in Congress Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar are the spawn of the radical leftist narrative that embraces liberalism’s dogmatic tenets of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism. These three women were elected by a segment of the American electorate who embrace radical leftism’s orthodoxy.

The new secular religion Leftism embraces the antisemitism of Islamic sharia law, the Marxist hatred of American capitalism, and the misandry (hatred of men) of the ancient Greek Furies. The Leftists in Washington have common cause to collapse America’s representative republic but what are they offering to replace it? This is where the Leftist alliance collapses.

The Furies are divided!

The secular radical leftists want to replace our Constitution with socialism. The sharia compliant Muslims want to replace our Constitution with religious sharia law. 

If Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar, the anti-American Furies who represent the leftist Democrat party, successfully implement their anti-American, pro-socialist, antisemitic, pro-Muslim policies what will happen in the future? There is no place for non-Muslim socialists in supremacist Islamic sharia law. The multiculturalism of the Left is pure fiction – the left is a house divided. 

The Leftists and the Islamists are too arrogant to recognize that the globalist elites are pulling their strings and using the Furies and their foolish supporters to create the social chaos necessary to make America ungovernable and to overthrow President Trump. For globalists, socialism is not the endgame – it is a stepping stone toward one world government. Socialism is the necessary transitional infrastructure required to impose an internationalized new world order that the globalist elite intend to rule under the auspices of the corrupt United Nations.

The ancient Greeks understood madness and so do the globalist elites who are doubling down and coordinating their efforts to drive the public toward madness by indoctrinating them to accept the fiction that collectivism will provide the social justice and income equality they promise. 

Only a child or someone completely out of touch with objective reality could continue to believe the disingenuous claims that socialism provides income equality. A rational adult looks at the disaster that is Venezuela.

Only a child or someone completely out of touch with objective reality could continue to believe that sharia law provides social justice. A rational adult looks at the totalitarian regimes that rule Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The Furies in Congress symbolize the effectiveness of the Leftist culture war on America. They are the goddesses of Vengeance, Jealousy, and Anger that provide the foundation for the collectivism that robs the public of its wealth, ordered liberty, and its Constitutional freedoms. Socialism is secular collectivism where the government rejects the meritocracy and has the power to rob some citizens and reward others at will. Islamism is religious totalitarianism – both are a return to feudalism where the government has complete power over its enslaved serfs.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
Photo: Facebook

The radical Left was seriously emboldened by Obama’s two terms in office. His personal assault on the Constitution continues with his seditious resistance movement, the emboldened Furies in Congress, and their aging swamp leader Nancy Pelosi. In a shocking display of female servitude during President Trump’s State of the Union address the white-clad Stepford wives of Nancy Pelosi rose up when she lifted her fingers and sat down when she lowered them.

Is this what Women’s Lib has become? Women zombies who do the bidding of a woman instead of a man?

It was a disgusting demonstration by women who apparently have lost all sense of humanity and do not recognize that late term abortion especially during or after birth is MURDER!! The leftist Dems have redefined infanticide just as they have redefined honor killings – they deny that both are murder. There is no honor in murdering infants or in murdering women who disobey men. Why would any woman in America see these pathetic lackeys as role models?

It is absolute insanity for Americans to relinquish the extraordinary freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution in exchange for the empty promises of Leftism. Free stuff is never free and freedom is not a part of supremacist Islamic sharia law. Equality rejects being a master and being a slave equally.

Equality rejects the madness of the Furies and their Congressional offerings of socialism and sharia law. Equality rejects the vigilante justice offered by radical leftist social justice warriors and sharia police.

Equality demands that America’s silent majority no longer remain silent. The majority of Americans who embrace ordered liberty and the freedoms of our Constitution must protect and defend it so that America never becomes a socialist country or an Islamic republic. 

Let freedom continue to ring!

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Goudsmit Pundicity. The featured image is by Pixabay.

VIDEO: President Trump’s Rally in El Paso Texas

The following is the full rally by President Donald J. Trump in El Paso, Texas as recorded by the Fox News Channel on YouTube. NOTE: President Trump comes on stage at 45:23 into the video.

According to Fox News:

President Trump begins his 2020 campaign with his first rally of the year in El Paso, Texas. Trump is expected to reiterate his demand for a border wall as Democrat Beto O’Rourke leads a protest against it at the same time.


FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 16 years and according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured video is by Fox News Channel on YouTube. The featured image is by Pixabay.

Send an Email To Congressional Democrats! Ask Them To Criticize Rep. Ilhan Omar for her virulent anti-Semitic diatribes.

Congressional Democrats need to do more than criticize Rep Ilhan Omar for her virulent anti-Semitic diatribes against Israel.

Click here to send your email to House Democrat Leaders. 

  This email is prepared this way because the House of Representative Leaders are blocking normal form emails sent through the Florida Family Association email server.   If the above link does not open in your email browser or if the email is returned to you please prepare an email using the suggested subject line, content and email addresses provided below. Please feel free to change the wording.

Congressional Democrats need to do more than criticize Rep Ilhan Omar for her virulent anti-Semitic diatribes against Israel.   They need to support the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act that includes anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) of Israel provisions.

Somali Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continues to spew anti-Semitic rhetoric.  Rep. Eliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs, criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar for her controversial comments accusing pro-Israel groups of bribing American lawmakers.  

Congresswoman Omar’s anti-Semitic comments targeted the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act mostly in part because the legislation provides support for state legislation that prohibits state vendors from supporting the Hamas backed Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against Israel.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) strongly supports the Hamas backed Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.  Therefore, CAIR opposes the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act.   CAIR issued a press release on February 5, 2019 titled “CAIR Condemns Senate’s Passage of Unconstitutional Anti-BDS Bill, Urges U.S. House to Oppose.”   

CAIR supports Somali Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic rants.  CAIR issued a press release on February 11, 2019 titled:  “Anti-Semitism is real.”  The news release stated in part:  “CAIR applauds Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib for their courage in speaking the truth about Israel’s racial, religious and ethnic segregation.”  

Democrats in the United States House of Representatives need to do more than say a few words of criticism regarding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic rants.   Democrats in the House of Representatives need to pass the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act like the United States Senate recently did with a vote of 77-23.  The Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act strengthens opposition to the anti-Semitic inspired Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage Democratic House of Representative Leadership to do more than just talk against anti-Semitism among its ranks.

Click here to send your email to House Democrat Leaders

(For Gmail, Yahoo and other email clients that require comma separation of addresses.)  YAHOO works best in Yahoo Mobile App, not so well with internet browser.

Click here to send your email to House Democrat Leaders.  

(For Outlook and other email clients that require semicolon separation of addresses.)

This email will open in your email browser unlike regular email campaigns.  This email is prepared this way because the House of Representative Leaders are blocking normal form emails sent through the Florida Family Association email server.   If the above link does not open in your email browser or if the email is returned to you please prepare an email using the suggested subject line, content and email addresses provided below. Please feel free to change the wording.

Suggested subject line:

Congressional Democrats need to do more than criticize Rep Ilhan Omar for anti-Semitic attacks.

Suggested content:

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Rep Hoyer, Rep Clyburn and Rep Jeffries,

I hope that the Democrats in Congress will do more than just utter words of criticism regarding the anti-Semitic diatribes Rep Ilhan Omar leveled against Israel.

The House of Representatives needs to pass the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act that was approved with bipartisan support by the United States Senate.

Please support and move for a vote the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act.

Email String separated by commas,,,,

Email String separated by semicolons;;;;

Contact information:

Speaker of the House of Representatives
Representative Nancy Pelosi
Chief of Staff: Robert Edmonson

Majority Leader
Representative Steny Hoyer
Chief of Staff: Alexis Covey-Brandt

Majority Whip
Representative James Clyburn

Democratic Caucus Chairman
Representative Hakeem Jeffries

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Facebook page.

The State of the Black Union

During the month of February in America we celebrate Black History Month. As we celebrate the achievements of Blacks in the making of this great country, I can’t help but think about the state of the Black community in 2019.

The state of our Black union is depressing!

We, as a community, must stop asking others to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves. We have more education than our parents and grandparents; yet have a lower quality of life. We have more opportunities than our parents and grandparents yet have less to show for them.

We have more Blacks in elected political offices than ever before, yet our economic indices in cities run by Blacks are horrible, i.e.: Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Atlanta to name a few.

Hardly a week passes by without a Black person having some deadly encounter with law enforcement.

How did we, in the Black community, get to where it seems to be open season on our people by law enforcement? Yes, racism still exists, but racism is not the cause of the condition of our community.

According to the Centers for Disease control and Prevention, over 70% of Black babies are born to unwed mothers. It is estimated that since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in 1973, that over 16 million Black babies have been murdered — 55 million babies in total.

In New York City every year, more Black babies are aborted than are born. Yes, you heard right. According to their Health Department, between 2012 and 2016, 136,426 Black babies were aborted versus 118,127 babies born. Blacks are the only group in America that have more babies aborted than born!

If Black lives matter, does that include their babies?

The solution to this culture of death in the Black community specifically, and America in general, is very simple. We need to reconstitute the family unit; meaning mother, father and children. These perverted variations of the traditional family unit will not restore our traditional values back to our community or our society.

Study after study has shown that if you graduate high school, get married, and then have children, you are almost guaranteed not to live in poverty.

The traditional family unit is the solution to all the ills facing the Black community and America.

But yet, the media appointed Black leaders and their radical liberal groups spend all of their time promoting homosexuality, amnesty for illegals, and Planned Parenthood.

When have you ever heard the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, or the National Urban League talking about the traditional family unit is key to righting the ship in the Black community?

When Bill Cosby gave his famous “Pound Cake” speech, he was eviscerated by the Black liberal elites.

When have you ever heard Al Sharpton, President of the National Action Network, Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP, or Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League talk about the family unit; or telling girls to keep their damn legs closed if they cannot financially afford to care for a child?

How did the Black community allow the homosexuals to hijack our fight for Civil Rights? Their issue has absolutely nothing to do with Civil Rights.

How did we allow George Soros, Bill Gates, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Mark Zuckerberg to get media-appointed Blacks to put illegals ahead of their own community? Can you imagine willingly training someone who is going to take your job and agreeing with them that they have a right to take your job.

According to Planned Parenthood’s 2017 annual report, they had total revenue of $1.3 billion, $555 million from the federal government. They made a profit of $77 million. Yes, they get paid to kill.

They also have spent over $38 million in political campaigns between 2012-2016. Yes, they buy Black, Democrat politicians!

To paraphrase Jay-Z, “Blacks folks got 99 problems, but homosexuality, amnesty, and Planned Parenthood should not be one.”

We survived slavery, overcame segregation, and fought discrimination and are still standing.

But, in order to restore the Black community, we must turn away from the media-appointed Black leaders. They have sold us out at every chance.

Just imagine if we put the same amount of energy fighting for our own people and causes like we do for other groups.

Just imagine if we took the energy we put into hating President Donald Trump and Republicans [put it] into getting young girls to stop having babies before marriage; getting Black entertainers and athletes to hire Black C.P.A.s, publicists, lawyers, managers, etc.; getting Black churches to stop caving in to the radical homosexual agenda; and creating more Black entrepreneurs.

We don’t need a law to make any of the above reality; but what we do need is leaders who cannot be bought off by those who have no concern for the Black community.

The state of our union can be brighter, but you can’t have union without “u” “n” “i.”

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article do not reflect the official policy or position of or the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

EDITORS NOTE: This Black Press USA column is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Victor Grabarczyk on Unsplash.

The First-Ever Woke Democratic Primary Is Going To Be Awesome!

Let’s be straight, if not for a certain dementia setting in deep within the Democratic Party, Republican chances for a successful 2020 election would not be looking great.

But hallelujah (maybe) we do have the Democratic Party racing at warp speed lurch to the jaw-droppingly radical left. When it comes to the competing nonsense of intersectional politics, grievance structures, getting rid of air travel, special interest slices and a festival of pandering, the scene for the next 16 months will be one gigantic display of neon insanity.

In other words, awesome.

Get the popcorn, pop up the recliner footrest and watch how a party led by a 29-year-old bartender seeks to remake the most successful economy in world history — all while devouring its own members in a delicious internecine display.

(Unless of course, they actually win the House, Senate and Presidency, in which case civilization is doomed.)

But let’s focus on the pure entertainment value of the next year and a half — in case it’s all that is left — and start with the most recent unprecedented wackiness: eliminating planes and cow farts in 10 years.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the notorious AOC, the bubbly, pretty, likable young ignorant whackadoodle now holding sway in the Democratic Party, thanks to a wildly irresponsible media, has proposed the Green New Deal, which is a sumptuous combination of an 8th grade Marxist class that just watched Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Let’s just tap the high points: In order to deal with the threat of climate change that will end the world in 12 years (AOC’s words) the United States must lead the salvation of humanity by giving everybody free healthcare, free college, affordable/free housing, healthy food, well-paying jobs, and economic security for those unable or unwilling to work.

To accomplish this, Green New Deal says the United States need to eliminate all fossil fuels, including natural gas, in 10 years. Eliminate all nuclear plants in 10 years (yes, they are the only efficient clean energy we have, but nothing in this plan is remotely sane, so don’t draw the line there.) Eliminate all cars that run on gasoline in 10 years. Eliminate all planes and replace travel with high-speed rail. (No word from the Hawaii delegation on this point.) And naturally, we will need to upgrade or replace every building in America. Every. Building.

This is an exquisitely laughable proposal. The only challenge serious people have had in critiquing it is running out of adjectives to describe its utter madness.

The spin cover run by the media on this plan is quite amazing — honestly, almost impressive. It’s obviously indefensible by even the most partisan media (which is pretty much all of the media.) So here’s the media operatives’ spin: Republicans are hyper-focused on the details, but the goal of the plan, you see, is to get the conversation started. Republicans are missing the point. We need to have a conversation about this peril and this starts it.

First, have we not been talking about climate change? Seems to me I recall a convo or two on this point. Second, not sure we need to have a conversation on getting rid of planes and cow farts. But that could be just me.

The next example of the unprecedented absurdities facing Democrats is the self-decapitation of the Democratic leadership in Virginia.Unbeknownst to many Americans, apparently dressing in blackface was a thing in Virginia in the 1980s.

Photos of Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam from his college yearbook show him in blackface (or worse, possibly a KKK outfit replete with pointed hood.) If he falls, second in line is Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who as soon as Northam’s apparent fate became nationally known has been beset by accusations of sexual assault by two women, which seem more credible than the one who accused now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If Fairfax also falls, next in line is Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring. And like clockwork, he confessed that he, too, dressed in blackface several years ago. Fourth in line? The conservative Republican Speaker of the Virginia House.

We know how this ends. If Democrats were held to the standards they have created for Republicans and others, all three would be gone by now. As of this writing, all three remain in office and apparently are planning to stay there. So much for blackface and #metoo when it comes to Democratic politicians. So much for #believeallwomen if you are talking about Democratic politicians in office.

Republicans should be like kids in a candy store for the 2020 races, pushing every Democrat on whether they support eliminating planes or the death of the planet; and whether they #believeallwoman and compare their answer against their statements during the Kavanaugh hearing. This is a rich vein to mine. (Not by the media, of course. They’ll ignore it. But by Republican opponents.)

By way of comparison, photos of the Republican Florida Secretary of State surfaced recently of him in blackface at a Halloween Party several years ago. He resigned in hours. It’s not clear any Democrats will resign, which makes sense. I mean to put a fine point on it, they were the Party of slavery, of Jim Crow laws, of Bull Connor, of herding black Americans into tenements and locking them into welfare, and which still use race unabashedly to further their own political ends on a pretty much nonstop basis. It’s in the DNA of the Democratic Party.

Speaking of DNA in their veins, the Democratic Party now openly supports infanticide. I’ve avoided this term for decades during the abortion debate, although I do think that given the humanity of the resident in womb, it is just that. But the aforementioned Gov. Northam said a baby meant for abortion that is born alive and living outside the womb can still be killed by the “choice” of the mother. Sorry all, that’s infanticide.

This came days after the New York legislature erupted in applause after passing a bill allowing for abortion up to the literal moment of birth at 40 weeks. Further, the bill stated that a pregnant woman who is assaulted and that assault kills the baby — even if she is full term and on her way to the delivery room — authorities are banned from charging the attacker with murder. Only assault on the mother. The baby is simply non-existent to the Democratic Party. Standing applause.

More unprecedented insanity: AOC proposed a 70 percent tax rate before she unveiled her junior high plan to remake American civilization. But one of her radical compadres in Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar, saw her 70 percent and raised her to 90 percent. Within days, the New York Times ran a column calling for the abolishment of millionaires and, voila!, #abolishbillionaires was trending on the Democratic left. This is how fast the most astonishingly un-American ideas travel to the radical cliff on the left, and Democrat politicians are flummoxed in how to deal with them.

And we’ll wrap up this circus of absurdities with the combination of Medicare for All and open borders. Medicare for All, which is single-payer universal government health care, is estimated to cost $33 trillion over 10 years — nearly doubling the federal budget on an annual basis. Of course, it will cost more than that. Combine that with free college for all and assured housing and a $15 minimum wage (although why stop there?) and open borders in which literally millions of unskilled, uneducated immigrants who don’t even speak the language can roll on in, and you have a pretty massive national financial collapse racing toward us.

And this does not even reach the actual politics of the presidential campaign in which it is likely no Democratic contender ever will be able to survive the gauntlet of ever-changing political correctness standards and the viciousness of their own base. Meanwhile, every conceivable real and imagined kitchen sink has been thrown at President Trump and he just hit 50 percent approval in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll.

So enjoy the spectacle. It’ll be awesome! (Except for the whole future-of-civilization part.)

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act. It is republished with permission. Click here for the definition of “Woke.”

How ‘Justice Democrats’ Plan on Taking Total Control of the Their Party

I have been saying at speaking engagements that there is a new crop of elected members of Congress who are a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republican form of government. These newly elected members of the U.S. Congress include: Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Palestinian Rashida Tlaib and Islamist Ilhan Omar. They call themselves “Justice Democrats.”

Justice Democrats was co-founded on January 23, 2017 by Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. According to Wikipedia:

The organization formed as a result of the 2016 United States presidential election and has a stated goal of reforming the Democratic Party by running “a unified campaign to replace every corporate-backed member of Congress and rebuild the Democratic Party from “scratch” starting in the 2018 congressional midterm elections.

The Justice Democrats Party considers the above members of Congress as those who will work to rebuild the Democratic Party from “scratch.”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was recruited by the Justice Democrats and is featured in the below video in the effort to recruit more Justice Democrats and increase their coalition within the Democratic Party. According to the Justice Democrats website:

We’re focused on recruiting candidates to run in districts where the incumbent Democrat is demographically and ideologically out-of-touch with the voters of the district.

Watch this video to see how they recruited Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Here is what the Justice Democrats are looking for:

  1. BOLD LEADERS who will represent and mobilize their communities to fight for the Justice Democrats platform, from Medicare for All to the Green New Deal and ending mass incarceration.
  2. GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGNERS who will run on Big Organizing over Big Money — inspiring thousands of grassroots volunteers across the district, and rejecting all corporate PAC and lobbyist donations.
  3. MOVEMENT BUILDERS who will work with Justice Democrats in Congress and across the country to build the Democratic Party into a progressive force that truly represents all Americans.

Watch this Secular Talk video hosted by Kyle Kulinski on the organization he co-founded:

This movement has made inroads into the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of JFK. It is no longer the Party of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. It is now the party of a coalition of Socialists and Islamists bent on fundamentally transforming the Democratic Party from the ground up. These are the new lions who are putting forward a bold agenda embodied in the Green New Deal Resolution put forward by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. It is just the beginning.

I say again, the Justice Democrat movement is a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republican form of government.


California’s High-Speed Rail Failure Shows the Insanity of Green New Deal

Green New Deal More Proof Left Intends to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ US

Muslim Ilhan Omar lawmaker ‘excited’ to spark anti-Semitic debate

Is a Virginia County Inviting Non-Citizens to Vote?

Sure looks like it.  Big League Politics posted a story yesterday with a photo that may have been taken down, but was up until the 2018 Midterm elections, they say.

Sheesh, Virginia is for crooks and cheats!

Vote Virginia

If you have not heard of Big League Politics, an on-line news site that says it is much tougher than Breitbart, you need to learn about it.

Big League Politics is responsible for breaking the news about the hypocrites and the alleged sexual aggressor leading Virginia’s present-day Democrat Party.

Read what the New York Times has to say about the site. They charge BLP with promoting “conspiracy theories”—a favorite line of attack by the mainstream media against on-line conservative media.

Truth be told, it is sites like this that could ultimately finish the big newspapers.

Now here is a story from yesterday,

EXCLUSIVE: Sign At Virginia Election Office Says, ‘Responsibility Has No Borders. Vote’

A sign at the Arlington County Department of Voter Registration and Elections office in Virginia gives immigrants a clear message: “Responsibility has no Borders. Vote.”

The sign is in a public area of the office, visible to people at the counter as they are registering to vote or voting absentee. The photo is from 2016, but it was still up in the office during the 2018 midterm election. Our tipster inquired about it and was told that it’s part of a “historical display,” whereas other authorities just ignored it and said there’s nothing that can be done about Arlington County, which describes itself as a “welcoming” but not a “sanctuary” jurisdiction for illegal immigrants.

“I’m an Arlington county election officer. Arlington County VA is essentially a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants/noncitizens. These signs are posted at the Arlington County election office. Voter fraud is more likely to take place at the time of registration rather than at the polls, in my opinion,” our tipster told Big League Politics.

More here

Then be sure to visit BLP for more information including this below.

It is rare to see a site that so prominently appeals for hot news tips.

Screenshot (870)
This screenshot is at the end of the voter fraud story.  You need to go to the site for the hotlinks

What do you do?  Go around the mainstream media and tell your friends to do the same. Read as much as you can on sites like Big League Politics!  And, don’t rely on cable news!

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals with images is republished with permission. The edited featured image is by Pixabay.

The Heinous Crime of “Blackface”

The Heinous Crime of “Blackface”

Is anyone besides this writer tired of the Media/Left dictating what is moral and immoral to the rest of the country? Since most among their ranks seem to have rejected the Ten Commandments (note the recent attempt of at least one newly-minted Democratic Committee Chairmen to remove “so help you God” from his swearing-in ceremony),[1] they clearly feel the need to replace the Directives from Mt. Sinai with something more in vogue by today’s “standards.” Let’s have a look.

We can start with the apparent gravest sin of all time: Racism. Aside from the fact that the Left’s fixation on this issue is completely one-sided (only White Conservatives are or can be racist), and accepting what every good and decent human being already knows (except, of course, the deplorable “Trump” supporters with their racially-charged MAGA ball caps) without being bludgeoned with the new revelation, on a daily basis, by the high priests in the Media, this grievous sin now undeniably trumps even the murder of the innocent. (Only the truly uninformed will fail to recognize my reference to both the newly-celebrated New York Legislature’s license-to-kill-up-to-the-moment-of-birth law, and the Pediatric Neurologist Governor of Virginia’s “comfortable” acknowledgement that his own state’s version would extend even beyond an actual delivery – his indignant protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.)

We witnessed the public confirmation of this by the Democrats in Congress twice in this past week. First in the refusal of 183 of 188 House Democrats[2] to support a bill prohibiting the abhorrent practice of either killing or “allowing to die” any child who survives an attempted abortion. (Five voted “Yes,” in support of the bill, one voted “Present,” while five other Democrats and three Republicans did not cast a vote – i.e., did not support the all-important bill.) Second in the refusal of virtually every Democratic woman  – deceitfully decked out in once-virtuous white during the State of the Union – and the majority of their male counterparts, to stand or applaud the President’s denunciation of the New York bill and its failed sister bill in Virginia. We witnessed the same reaction to his call for a bill that would end all third-trimester abortions – including wanton partial-birth abortions – as well.

But let’s put this all in perspective….

Not only did the New York bill and the Virginia Governor’s sordid and calloused description of what would happen if a child should unexpectedly (and inconveniently) survive a last-minute, last-ditch effort to prevent him or her from being born alive fail to receive any serious backlash from the Media or from Democrats at large, it was barely noticed (much less objected to). Then, of course, we learned of a far more despicable (and apparently unforgivable) sin on the part of the Governor, from not last week, but from decades ago, while he was still in med school. He had actually dressed up and (unimaginably) been photographed in “blackface”!

Now before I’m excoriated for not mentioning the hooded Klansman also seen in the Governor’s yearbook picture – which was originally thought to have possibly been the governor (but subsequently noted to be too short to have been he) – I will point out that the question of which of the the two pictured had been he, had never been a concern in the midst of the universal media outcry. In other words, whichever person in the picture – the Klansman or the jacketed “blackface” – the governor may have been was irrelevant. Each was despicable…and apparently equally so!

But the story didn’t end there. Yes, there was the also-Democrat Virginia Lieutenant Governor, who was slated to take the reins once the disgraced current head of state was forced to resign. The presumed replacement was also-inconveniently charged with sexual assault. That was no big deal, however, according to “Spartacus” himself, also-Presidential hopeful Corey Booker (another recent #MeToo casualty) – or at least not worthy of taking questions about, much less focusing on.

Now we get to the meat of the story. The third in line, Virginia’s State Attorney General (yet another Democrat), after enthusiastically (if not disinterestedly) piling on the Governor for his appalling youthful “Kodak moment,” had himself hurriedly confessed soon thereafter that he too had been photographed in “blackface” – not in drag (that would simply have been a matter of his now-sacrosanct “sexual preference”) – but in a far worse offense, the apparent Crime-of-Crimes, “blackface?! Both stunning and outrageous!

But wait, there’s more…. He wasn’t attempting to portray a black slave or plantation worker. An ABC affiliate in New Orleans fills us in:[3]

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring admitted Wednesday that he appeared in blackface at a 1980 party, further plunging Richmond into chaos as Democrats here struggle to overcome a trio of scandals rocking their three top statewide elected officials.

Herring said Wednesday that he wore blackface as a 19-year-old to dress up as a rapper at a party. The admission comes days after the Virginia Democrat called on Gov. Ralph Northam to resign after he admitted a racist photo in his medical school yearbook featured him, a charge Northam later denied.

“In 1980, when I was a 19-year-old undergraduate in college, some friends suggested we attend a party dressed like rappers we listened to at the time, like Kurtis Blow, and perform a song,” Herring said in a statement. “It sounds ridiculous even now writing it. But because of our ignorance and glib attitudes — and because we did not have an appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of others — we dressed up and put on wigs and brown makeup.”

He added: “This was a onetime occurrence and I accept full responsibility for my conduct. That conduct clearly shows that, as a young man, I had a callous and inexcusable lack of awareness and insensitivity to the pain my behavior could inflict on others. It was really a minimization of both people of color, and a minimization of a horrific history I knew well even then.” [Emphasis added.]

So the youthful AG (not yet twenty, and just shy of thirty years ago), unimaginably decided to imitate a Black rapper, Kurtis Blow, whom he and his friends “listened to” and ostensibly liked; and he is now compelled to say that at that time in his young life he “had a callous and inexcusable lack of awareness and insensitivity to the pain my behavior could inflict on others. It was really a minimization of both people of color, and a minimization of a horrific history I knew well even then.” I’m sure.

So in the wake of the heroic rise to stardom of the likes of Joe Lewis and Jackie Robinson; followed by the adoration and idolization of Willie Mays and Hank Aaron by an entire generation of American youth (Black AND White), during my own boyhood; and then the near-deification of Michael Jordan, and now LeBron James – by boys and even girls (as well as adults) of all ages and races, while purchasing and wearing their jerseys and exorbitantly-priced footwear; doing their best to imitate them both on and off the court, we’re supposed to simply shut up and accept the idea that imitating any Black athlete or entertainer is both “callous” and “insensitive.”

Sorry, but I’m not buying it!

When I was perhaps eight or nine years old, Roy Rogers was my personal hero. I still recall going into our bathroom, and scrunching up my forehead to make it wrinkle like Roy’s did; then putting soap on it, and nervously waiting for my skin to dry; thus – I hoped – freezing in place my version of the revered cowboy’s cooler-than-cool look. How “calloused” and “insensitive” I must have been! Seriously?! What was that whole thing about “imitation [being] the sincerest form of flattery”?

This whole thing – while I can obviously see that some (though by no means all) forms of the dreaded “blackface,” could be insulting – reminds me of the virulent concern (only shared by those on the Left) over offending the hypersensitive with a careless and thoughtless “Merry Christmas!” Those that might, in fact, be offended represent such a minuscule number as to be statistically nonexistent; while the remainder of the vast population is mindlessly subjected to the absurd and insulting (not to mention oppressive) requirement of not mentioning, by name at least, the holiday which we are all celebrating – across the entire country and much of the rest of the world – and have been now for more than two millennia!

There are, of course, a few who truly are offended by the calloused expression (“Merry Christmas!”), but they, in fact, live to be offended; so go ahead, and make their day! Meanwhile, while the killing of the most innocent among us is no longer even objectionable in the “polite company” of the Left, best not to try to imitate your favorite athlete or entertainer by doing your level best to look like them. That, as it turns out, is the “Sin of Sins” – and utterly unforgivable… no matter when, or at what age, you might have done it!





EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Julien Mériot on Unsplash.

INTO THE FRAY: Unilateral concessions — The latent agenda for the April elections

Despite claims to the contrary, the Palestinian-Arabs, territory and the fate of the Jewish settlements will permeate the agenda of the April elections, lurking below and hovering above all other issues. 

Almost inevitably, elections in Israel revolve—one way or another—around one issue…even when everyone insists they don’t. This is the “Palestinian problem” and its unavoidable derivative, the fate of the Jewish communities across the Green Line.

The Palestinian Problem: Hovering above, lurking below

Take for example the previous elections, in 2015, in which there was widespread consensus among pundits that the conflict with the Palestinian-Arabs was largely a non-issue. Indeed, barely a week before polling began, a Reuters report on the electoral campaign, headlined, “As Israeli election nears, peace earns barely a mention”, noted: “While social issues and the economy were grappled over at length, the conflict with the Palestinians and efforts to forge a two-state solution to the crisis … drew little…comment or insight.”  

However, despite this apparent marginalization of the Palestinian issue, in broad brush strokes, the parties left in opposition—arguably, with the perverse exception of Liberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu—all embraced, as matter of political preference, the idea of territorial withdrawal and Palestinian statehood.

By contrast, all the parties, who comprised the coalition, were parties with a political aversion to territorial withdrawal and the prospect of a Palestinian state, being ready to express grudging acceptance of the idea only with great reluctance—and subject to unrealistic and unattainable provisos.

Indeed, even Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial statement about the “Arabs heading in drove for the polling stations” had clear connotations as to their collective sentiments of affiliation with their kinfolk across the 1967 “Green Line” and identification with their political aspirations for statehood.

The underlying bone of contention

Moreover, even the dissolution of the previous coalition, that precipitated the 2015 election, took place over a dispute between Netanyahu and two proponents of “two-states” in his government, Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid.

Although several other reasons were cited for the breakup, they were all in the final analysis, an upshot of inherent differences over the underlying bone of contention, the Palestinian issue—and the eagerness of Livni and Lapid to push for “separation” from the Palestinians—i.e. to concede territory for a self-governing Palestinian entity. Thus, “Time” cited one source of Netanyahu’s ire at Linvi as being due to her meeting with Palestinian Authority chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, despite his explicit instructions not to.

Moreover, although Lapid has made perceptible efforts to downplay the Left-wing image that he cultivated before entering politics, when he even endorsed the division of Jerusalem, predicting that “the Palestinian flag will fly on public buildings in East Jerusalem”, he was still stridently at odds with Netanyahu on the Palestinian issue.

Thus, as Finance Minister in Netanyahu’s government, Lapid asserted that Israel should make every effort to bring about two states for two peoples, warning that if a Palestinian state was not established, this would spell “the end of Zionism.” He reiterated this position several months after the election, in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, in which he urged: “What we need to do is separate from the Palestinians ”– i.e. withdraw from territory and hand over its control to the Palestinian-Arabs.

Summing up the mounting tension within the coalition between Netanyahu and his recalcitrant pro-withdrawal adversaries, “Time” quoted one expert on Israeli politics as remarking: “Netanyahu didn’t want this government in the first place, and he prefers what he calls, his ‘natural allies ’”–-i.e. those not bent on “separation”, a.k.a. “withdrawal”.

“The Palestinians, peace talks, & settlements seem irrelevant…”

A similar situation might well be emerging in the run up to the 2019 April election, in which the Palestinian issue is widely considered, at best, marginal to the competing factions.

Reflecting this view, the Jerusalem Post wrote in a recent piece headlined, “Does Peace With The Palestinians Matter This Israeli Election?”: The Palestinians, peace talks, and settlements seem to be almost entirely irrelevant to this election season”.

However, this may prove to be as deceptive as it was in the past. For indeed, as in past, the real divide between the rivalrous political alignments in the parliament is still likely to be shaped by the differing attitudes of the various factions to the Palestinian-Arabs, the territories in Judea-Samaria, and the fate of the Jewish settlements there, rather than by differences on any other issues such as education, transport or health services.

Moreover, even if the term “peace” has become somewhat discredited, its erstwhile devotees, who once insisted that withdrawal from territory and transferal of its control to a Palestinian-Arab regime would usher in the yearned-for “peace”, today –despite disproven hopes—they persist in prescribing the very same measures as before!! However this time, no longer for the sake of unfashionable “peace,” but for the sake of a new false deity, “separation”.

In this regard, careful attention should be paid to things being said—or rather blurted out—by the new rising star on the April electoral horizon, former IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. (res.) Benny Gantz.

Gantz is widely seen as the leading challenger to Netanyahu, and to the incumbent alignment comprising his “natural allies”—and as a potential leader of an anti-Netanyahu alignment that has a tangible chance of wresting power from it.

Ominously reminiscent ring

In this regard there appear, to be much room for concern regarding Gantz’s political predilections.

For after soon breaking his long—and exasperating—silence, he has come out with public statements in which he used language disturbingly reminiscent of a “plan” (for want of a better word) being aggressively promoted by two copiously funded civil society organizations: the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and Commanders for Israel’s Security (CIS).

Sadly, it is a “plan” that is borderline moronic in its underlying assumptions, hopelessly myopic in its strategic vision and callously malevolent in its attitude to tens of thousands of Israeli citizens, (indeed up to 150,000 by some estimates), resident in communities beyond the security barrier in Judea-Samaria.

Adding to this sense of unease is Gantz’s long standing association with these two organizations and/or with many of their prominent members. Indeed, at the time of writing this column, Gantz was still registered as part of the INSS team and is even reported to have been involved in the formulation of its currently proposed “plan”.

In broad outline, the “plan” is based on the idea of unilateral Israeli “initiatives” (read “concessions”) to keep the increasingly discredited two-state formula on life support, including renouncing Israeli claims to sovereignty over any territory beyond the security barrier, freezing all construction in, and funding of, Jewish communities in that territory, but, allegedly to avoid the errors of the 2005 disengagement from Gaza, keep the IDF deployed there.

Eerie echoes

In a recent interview on the widely viewed Hebrew site, Ynet, Gantz made remarks that eerily echoed the “rationale” of the INSS-CIS “plan” and which were widely interpreted as being favorable to the 2005 Gaza disengagement—and as endorsing the implementation of additional unilateral measures, involving withdrawal and evacuation of Jewish communities.

According to Gantz: “The disengagement was carried out with Israel’s political considerations in mind”. He added that “we must find the way in which we don’t have control over others…we need to take the lessons [of the Gaza disengagement] and implement them elsewhere.”

Although it is difficult to misconstrue these words, Gantz did try to walk them back later –but to little avail.

Indeed, a later clarification, after the interview, from his party that “under a Gantz government there not will be any unilateral measures regarding evacuation of settlements” is hardly reassuring. After all, while the INSS-CIS plan does not call for the unilateral evacuation of settlements, it does recommend stifling and strangling them, until they wither away and are abandoned.

But if Gantz’s benign perspective of past debacles is troubling enough, his apparent endorsement of a future fiascos is even more so—and casts a heavy shadow over his judgment.

Foreseeable foregone fiasco

After all, the “plan” advanced by INSS-CIS is an almost certain formula for disaster.

For, it will unavoidably:

– Replicate the conditions that prevailed in South Lebanon prior to 2000—on the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv

– Entrap the IDF in open-ended occupation, whose duration is dependent exclusively on Palestinian-Arabs

– Culminate in unilateral withdrawal without any agreement

None of this is difficult for foresee.

Clearly, by advocating renunciation of claims to sovereignty over all of Judea-Samaria beyond the security barrier, on the one hand; with the continued deployment of the IDF in that territory, on the other, the INSS-CIS “plan” is in effect, calling for replicating precisely the conditions that prevailed in South Lebanon until the hasty unilateral IDF retreat in 2000.

The “plan” envisions this IDF deployment continuing until some acceptable arrangement with the Palestinian-Arabs can be reached. But what if no such agreement materializes?

Obviously then, this formula for deploying the IDF for an indeterminate period, in territory over which Israel lays no sovereign claim—and hence, by implication, acknowledges that others have such claims—creates an unsustainable political configuration.

Indeed, all the Palestinian-Arabs need to do to ensnare the IDF in an open-ended “occupation” is… well, nothing.

All they need to do is wait for the IDF to become caught up in what will inevitably become an ongoing guerrilla campaign — an easy target for attacks by a hostile population, backed by armed Palestinian security services (which neither INSS nor CIS recommends dismantling).

Unilateral withdrawal in slow motion

Soon, a combination of mounting domestic and international pressure will build up for the IDF to withdraw—similar to that which precipitated the IDF pullout from South Lebanon.

On the domestic front, recurring IDF casualties in a “foreign land” will result in incessant calls to “bring our boys back home”.

On the international front, increasing impatience with open-ended “occupation” will create growing demands for the removal of Israeli troops.

Eventually, continued IDF deployment will no longer be tenable and evacuation will become inevitable—without any adequate political settlement or sustainable security arrangements.

Just like in South Lebanon.

This then, is the inevitable chain of events that will result from adopting the INSS-CIS plan.

Given the troubling evidence, there seems a definite chance that, if elected Prime Minister, Gantz may well embark on the course charted by INSS-CIS.

Accordingly, whether raised explicitly during the campaign or not, support or opposition for it will be the latent agenda in the April election—and voters ought to be aware of what they are really voting for—or against.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from Israeli Prime Minisiter Benjamin Netanyahu’s Facebook page.