Australia: Tough on jihad Scott Morrison wins big in re-election, “shocks” media and pollsters

Yesterday, The Washington Post tried to set the stage in prepping for elections, using the same tired old tactics of attacking “populists“, levying accusations about the rise in tide of populists who are supposedly shifting ‘reasonable’, right-of-center folk to the so-called ‘far right’, and blaming the latter for “cultural conflict” (instead of blaming jihadists and their Leftist enablers for eroding democracy bit by bit). Then there was the inescapable Leftist compulsion to malign Trump as WaPo did….

Americans tend to think that our politics are unique and that President Trump has caused all our political disruption. That’s not true. The same patterns of populism, cultural conflict and the movement of well-off and educated center-right voters away from their traditional party are happening around the globe. Australia, which holds its national elections …is a case in point.

The article went on explaining that…”Nearly 30 percent of all Australians are foreign-born, and the number rises each year, and that “this has led to the rise of a new populist party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Hanson is a longtime anti-immigrant crusader who first rose to political influence in the mid-1990s. The recent influx of immigrants, combined with the increase in immigrants from Muslim countries, has given her a second moment in the sun.” WaPo also referenced Morrison as emerging as a compromise candidate, signifying its attempts to malign populism and dismiss Morrison as a possibility. Polls did indicate that he would lose, much like the Trump predictions right up to the ballot box.

The newly re-elected Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was humble in stating that “he had ‘always believed in miracles’ as partial results showed the Liberal-National Coalition close to a majority,” while mainstream media called the election results, “shocking”, perhaps in part because it is difficult to easily brand Morrison since he is seen as “center-right“.

For the out of touch mainstream media, there sure seems to be shock-waves, but there really shouldn’t be. There is a shift going on and although immigration issues are front and center, Leftist crass politicking and public manipulations have blurred lines of reasoning and thus, the sensible analysis of all possible outcomes.  It should be clear to anyone that citizens who have some clue about the state of domestic and world affairs (thanks to Islamization) should be at least interested in electing a leader who they can trust, one who represents their values, future well-being and confronts issues of pertinence like: securing borders (akin to putting locks on doors) against manifest dangers. They should also be concerned about a barbaric doctrine that has been seeping into Western borders and their homeland security as a result of it. They should be bothered about their children and grandchildren’s future in the event of rapid ‘Islamization’.  For ample clues about what that looks like, just observe the chaos in Sweden, Germany, France, and the UK etc. and while at it, observing the state of human rights in Islamic regimes might also be of use.

Australians have shown themselves to be more aware and reasonable than they are given credit for. Australians were studied in a recent poll, aimed to find out about their attitudes toward immigration.  Findings revealed that they were positive toward immigration, but are negative towards Islam. Why might that be? They are likely quite aware about the incompatibilities between Sharia tenets and Western constitutions, while at the same time, they are positive about “good” immigrants.

In an imagined scenario only for illustration: if Muslims will leave their political Islam at the door when they arrive in Western countries, they will be seen no differently than other faiths. Other faiths have not been the regular subject of news headlines and for good reason: they assimilate. Unfortunately, a troubling number of Muslims are not willing to park their sharia doctrines at the door.  Some Muslims practice their faith in peace and reject the parts about a Muslim’s jihadi duty to conquer infidels (via stealth taqiyya or violent jihad), deeming them to be antiquated. But far too many Islamic supremacist lobbies -acting as the voice and defenders of Islamic adherents–continue to bombard Westerners with demands for special privileges, and is in everybody’s face about “islamophobia”, just as Muslims abuse innocents wanton.   They also relentlessly attack free speech,  which is the cornerstone of democracy, and are well versed at manipulating democratic rights against Western countries, and at using anti-racism drives as a tool to benefit them.  They befriend far leftists who aid them with their victimology subterfuge, and cast aspersions on truth-tellers who highlight and warn about their global supremacist abuses and connections to foreign terrorist entities.

Scott Morrison has been refreshingly forthright in confronting the jihad problem in Australia, even though he is generally deemed by media to be “center-right“. He has been a reliable leader in protecting his citizens and democratic rule of law.  In so-doing, he has endured fierce condemnations.

Following a jihad attack by Hassan Khalif Shire Alithat, which left one man dead and two others injured last November, Morrison drew outrage from The Australian National Imams Council because of comments he made that linked Islam to a radical and dangerous ideology.” Morrison was in fact, rather gentle in delivering obvious statements. He stated that…

while he supported religious freedom, religious extremism must be called out.
“Radical, violent, extremist Islam that opposes our very way of life,” he said in a speech….Religious extremism takes many forms around the world and no religion is immune from it….But here in Australia, we would be kidding ourselves if we did not call out the fact that the greatest threat of religious extremism in this country is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremists.”

Morrison also faced attack for mulling a plan to strip jihadists of citizenship, and have them expelled from Australia–something every democratic country should be doing. Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Jason Wood reasoned at the time…

As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve put your hand up to say you uphold the rights and responsibility of Australian citizenship, but the next minute you want to talk jihad all day, it’s a breach of contract and you need to go.

Wood’s words were met with expected rage by the Muslim community which also lied that Morrison had suggested that all Muslims were culpable.

Morrison has also dismissed mental illness as an “excuse” for the “dangerous ideology of extremist Islam”.

And only two months ago, Morrison announced that he was considering breaking ties with Turkey over its leader Erdogan’s threats tied to the New Zealand massacre. Erdogan reportedly stated that “if Australians with anti-Islam views come to Turkey, we will send them back in caskets”.

The New York Times has summed up his win…

his coalition’s performance amounted to another swell in the wave of populist fervor that swept President Trump into office and set Britain on a path out of the European Union.

Morrison’s win has now led to the announcement that “his Labor opponent, Bill Shorten, will resign his party leadership.” Congrats to Morrison who has evidently advanced from center-right branding to populist.

As an aside, let’s hope that Australia switches back on Jihad Watch. Right before the election, major internet providers in Australia reportedly made Jihad Watch inaccessible (totalitarian style), along with other sites that warn about the global jihad and globalist mischief.

“2019 Australia election: Morrison celebrates ‘miracle’ win”, BBC, May 18, 2019:

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has thanked voters for re-electing his centre-right Coalition in a shock result at the federal polls.

He told supporters he had “always believed in miracles” as partial results showed the Liberal-National Coalition close to a majority.

Opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has announced he is resigning after accepting defeat.

Exit polls had suggested a narrow Labor win for the first time in six years.

The final result of the election may not be known for some hours, but with more than 70% of votes counted the Coalition has won, or is ahead in, 74 seats in its quest for a 76-seat majority, with Labor on just 66 seats.

The result nobody predicted

By Hywel Griffith, BBC Sydney correspondent

Try finding someone who says they saw this result coming.

For well over two years, the coalition has trailed behind Labor in the opinion polls, and the assumption had been it would be Labor’s turn to govern.

But somehow Scott Morrison managed to turn things around at the 11th hour – and he did it largely on his own…..

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission.

America’s Second Revolution — Trump and the Morality of Mankind

As George Washington was divinely inspired and protected to form this great nation, it is my belief that Donald Trump is divinely inspired and protected to resurrect America. Welcome to our miracle.

“We must not surrender to the false song of globalism”

I am asking you to believe in yourself again and I am asking you to believe in America. And if we do that then all together we will make America strong again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America safe again, and we will make America great again. God bless you!” – President Donald J. Trump

Global Deep State De-Class Has Begun

The global deep state de-class and take down is officially underway. What an absolutely incredible time to be alive at this precise moment in history. For more than two decades, I and others have been chastised and labeled conspiracy theorists when expressing what was evident to the intuitive and wise critical thinker, that being, that a “One World Government” objective, “Globalism”,  towards a tyrannical Godless police state, was real and wreaking havoc upon our existence and quest for peace, prosperity, good health and happiness. This is what the New World Order, the global ruling elite and their structured control centers were marching us all towards. That is until now, until TRUMP! They succeeded in dividing us. They will not succeed in conquering us. It’s time to unite.

No, I’m afraid, this is not a conspiracy theorist fantasy my fellow Americans and citizens of this trouble world, but rather a conspiracy fact and reality that the world is now waking up to. And to the friends, associates and family members who have distanced themselves from me, to say the least, I welcome you back with open arms and forgiveness. I did not fight to be right, I was right. I am right. What side of history will you be on? I express no apologies, but accept them for (“in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”), Orwell, 1984. Welcome to America’s Second Revolution, Trump and the morality of mankind.

America’s Second Revolution Trump and the Morality of Mankind

With the recent upset of the century, the global deep state and shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The globalists now tremble as Trump and this movement threaten their totalitarianism world government. Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution.

Oxford defines morality as the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior, a particular system of values and principles of conduct. The extent to which an action is right or wrong.

When you think about it, this is a powerful fundamental of which no one escapes. Psychopaths and Sociopaths playing God. Killing new born babies. Late term abortions. Pedophilia and child sex trafficking. Endless baseless useless wars. Digital debt based manipulated currency. Poisoned air, water and food. False Flags Ops. against innocent unsuspecting citizens of this world. “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and banks destroy the economy.” – Chris Hedges.

Go ahead and just look at what you see before you. Operate with honesty and integrity and refocus your moral compass. In short, with this great awakening within the human spirit, we will see significant turmoil and extraordinary dangers as evil is exposed and truth is revealed. This is what the global de-class reveals. The left wing lunatics and the heavily drugged, (this includes on-going drug laced customers that Big Pharma has created), and the severely brainwashed ignorant, I am afraid most of you will not come to see the light. You will have to deal with this later. It won’t be pleasant. But as for the rest of us, many are waking up. More will wake up. We must help them to see. We welcome you to reality, to the truth, the disruptive uncomfortable truths that you are now beginning to see.

What’s Your Story?

We all have our story. Here’s mine. What’s yours? Share it with me and with others. Share this post with others.

I began questioning things as a child. I began researching and discovering uncomfortable truths over two decades ago. I then embarked upon sharing these disruptive uncomfortable truths with those in my life. First in conversation, then via songwriting back in the mid-late 1990’s. In 2009, I began speaking before groups and have since covered eight states and three countries. I also launched the Save America Foundation a 501(c)(4) and held large scale conventions in two states. I expressed my voice and views as a radio talk show host, the show was titled, “Freedom It’s Up To Us”. Then in 2013 while living in Asia, I co-authored my first book, “Surviving Global Governance”. From 2013 to present, I have written a total of eight books. My new book will be published in March of 2020 with pre-order discounts and perks to be announced. In 2015, I launched my word press blog website and have since authored over 400 articles. Today, I write books and articles. I speak before politically active groups supportive of President Trump. I am the Chairman and leader of the group Sarasota Patriots for Trump and I am a news commentator being interviewed on radio, TV and internet based platforms. I am but one voice for our times.

Great Awakening

There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. What we do right here, right now, will determine how we live out the rest of our lives and beyond. The human race and the universe itself are becoming more and more conscious of itself. This is a good thing as we are a culture and civilization in serious decline, a planet in peril. A full course correction was needed which has now begun and soon the masses will see this. In this, there is hope. You can’t change people. They change themselves by their own decisions. You can influence them and guide them. Do this. The door is opening. Soon they will see. This has already begun all across the globe. Follow Q.

I’ve been so moved by what I’ve seen and heard along the way in life. So much so it has inspired me, and I feel as if I must respond to the questions asked or not yet asked by those more intimately in my life, those I have met in life, and now to you – the reader – and to anyone who will take the time and challenge that presents itself to look at life in a new way. The blissfully ignorant go along as though it were business as usual. It is not business as usual, I can assure you of this. I can assure you of this.

It is my hope and desire that our collective voice will inspire others to make the necessary changes resulting in a better life and a better world. That it may help us through what will prove to be some very dark and challenging days ahead. In the end, I am a long-term optimist but a short-term realist, and in the long run, I believe we will restore dignity, love, and peace to the human race. Changing the morality of mankind. I am a short-term realist and thus these efforts are put forth in my work.

I believe we are living in extraordinary and challenging times. My mission is to awaken, inspire, and to motivate people. However, only individuals themselves can become awakened, inspired, and motivated while other people can be the conduit or trigger point. I am not telling anyone how to think, for who am I, or anyone for that matter, to do such a thing? I am merely asking you to look, observe, do some due diligence, and question what you see before you and to think for yourself. Fair enough?

We must stop and take a look around us to re-asses ourselves, others, life, living, and the systems and structures that make this world go round. If you are tired of spinning around in the hamster wheel called your life, then it’s time to look at who is spinning that wheel and what you can do to stop this circular insanity. A raised understanding is needed as to the realization that a major paradigm shift is under way and that we have been living in a web of deceitful lies designed to entrap us and move us away from the spirit and more towards vanity and worldly possessions as we march blindly like useless idiots down the road to serfdom. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. So, choose love. As you obtain more and more truths, then take the correct steps in implementing change, the fear subsides.

Many of us have become a part of what I call the robotic hypnotic flock. Ignorant followers, so to speak. Now, being a follower is a good thing as most of us are not leaders, yet we rely on leadership. When being a follower, be a wise and discerning one and not an ignorant one. Be aware of who or what ideology you are following and ask yourself if this is pro-survival with the greatest benefit to the many without hurting the one. Then proceed. We now have the leadership, the brave and brilliant leadership of President Donald J. Trump. Don’t squander this miraculous opportunity because it may seem unpopular. We are indeed living in the age of an increasing number of smarter phones and an increasing number of dumbed-down people. Isaac Asimov once said, “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” By and large, his quote is so true today.

Optimist – Realist – Pessimist

Ultimately, I am a long-term optimist but a short-term realist. I believe that love conquers all and the light will shine, expose the evil, and overcome the darkness. However, I also feel we are living in a time where being a flippant, eternal optimist or the doom and gloom pessimist is not the most effective position to take. And there is not time for ignorance. Not now. WTF up! In fact, I believe that being a flippant optimist in the face of the harsh realities of the day can get you, and perhaps others around you, killed. In times like these there is nothing smart nor cool about being a short- term optimist; don’t buy it. Neither is denial or burying our heads in the sand. We might consider starting out by being a realist. Observe the obvious, trust but verify, practice critical thinking, question authority, question everything, and think for yourself. But observe the obvious. Surround yourself with people of like-mind who do indeed truly understand the times in which we live and expand those circles of relationships.

Being a realist can be challenging as one must first be able to recognize truth from something other than truth and this can be difficult as we are living in a bubble, a falsely created reality, a contrived and controlled world, strewn with lie after lie, concealed truths, half-truths and biased vested interest for selfish gain and to assert control over the free-will of others. I mean, after all, they take our space and make it small, they stamp out free-will, and keep us tied and bound. They direct our attention and control our minds for their evil deeds. Well, a new day has come and so this shall perish from the earth. You are not alone. We are never alone.


The challenges we all face are enormous but the scales are tipping. This is our time; we have a chance. The time for action is now. You are nothing more than an accomplice should you stand by idly as the culture and planet declines rapidly into a very, very unpleasant condition. This is now changing. The proverbial pendulum has indeed shifted with Team Trump. Get with the program. It is my hope that we begin to come to realize these misconceptions and begin the much needed course corrections, both personally and collectively. Peace and love shines bright in the light. Let’s brighten this light all around the world while there is still a chance to do so. Won’t you join us?

There are three things that cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. So when your children and grand children as you – “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the collective throat of America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us! Get with the program. WWG1WGA

Polls: Trump Popularity Soars to Highest Level, Trust In Media Tanks To Lowest

The events in the above headline are not unrelated.

Once the literally “no news” two-year news cycle of Trump-Russia collusion ended with the thump of the Mueller report finding no collusion and not recommending any obstruction of justice charges, it turns out Americans are OK with President Trump. More than OK.

The Zogby Poll has Trump’s job approval at 51%, 3 points above Obama’s in the same poll at the same point in his first term.

Again, it cannot be said enough, this is after two years of media hyperventilating over something that did not happen.

Maybe more interesting: A majority of Millennials approve of Trump’s performance as President, which has been a huge GOP fear — that Trump would turn off young voters to conservatism for a generation. This may not end that worry, but it sure tamps it down. Further, Trump is winning back Hispanic, Independent, college educated and urban voters.

Rasmussen polls have already placed Trump above Obama at the same time in his term for awhile now.

This is astonishing considering the very friendly, to put it mildly, coverage of President Obama and the nakedly partisan coverage of Trump.

On that point, Trump’s approval ratings are giant leaps ahead of the media’s trust ratings. Maybe not apples to apples, but close. The Columbia Journalism Review, the most prestigious publication for and about the media, reports with surprisingly little verbiage (I think we know why) just how bad the problem is through a commissioned Reuters poll.

Here’s what they found: The media led all institutions for which the public has the lowest confidence. Nobody’s lower. And of all demographic groups, only Democrats expressed a positive confidence in the press. Gosh, I wonder why?

Here are the numbers, which an honest media look at and admit they have a severe bias problem: 42 percent of Democrats believe the media isn’t biased. But only 10 percent of Republicans said the same.

Reagan used to talk about going over the head of the media and talking directly to the American people. Because even then, the media bias was pronounced, albeit nothing like today. Now, it looks like the American people are going over the head of the media directly to reality.

All of this means that the attempt to bring down Trump through what is now demonstrably “fake news” has backfired magnificently. The media as constituted probably cannot recover legitimacy from it’s past 10 years combined of covering for Obama and making it up over Trump. Which is a shame, and shame on them, because the Fourth Estate is an important part of America.

EDITORS NOTE: This Revolutionary Act column is republished with permission.

VIDEO: The Vortex — They’re Coming for You


The Left is coming for you, giving a modern day context to the quote misattributed to Marxist Leon Trotsky, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

Ah, yes, war is always interested in you — the war the Left has unleashed on Western civilization through the civilization’s institutions.

And what exactly is the Left using the war to get of yours? Very simple: your soul. Only with the understanding of war — war for your soul, meaning spiritual warfare played out in the daily decisions of a society — does any of the current madness make sense.

Men pretending to themselves that they are women, competing in female sports and shattering records; corporations saying they will no longer accept the understanding of a so-called “binary world” where there are just two sexes; social media giants blowing up the accounts of virtually any person willing to challenge the lunacy of the Left — this is all being done to force a new world down everyone’s throats. And don’t think this isn’t coming, indeed, hasn’t already started to come to a neighborhood near you.

Take, for example, the recent defeat of the Religious Freedom Law in Texas. That law would have protected business owners with publicly stated religious opinions from adverse government action.

The proposed law, House Bill 3172, got the nickname the “Chick-fil-A Bill” because when the fast food company wanted to open some more stores in San Antonio city airports, the city council refused to grant the necessary permits because of the business owners strongly held and stated opinions about homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

The bill was killed not on its merits, but by parliamentary lobbying tactics by the state’s homosexual lobby group. There was a justified uproar about the case once it became wider known and Texas lawmakers said it was the perfect example of why the law was necessary so that governments could not penalize businesses because of their political or moral or religious views.

But that understanding of fairness only seems to apply to the Left — at least as far as the Left is concerned. Could you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would on the Left occur if the shoe was on the other foot?

And for the record, although you probably could already guess, the Texas Catholic Conference, the state’s bishops, had nothing to say on the matter. Yep, the Catholic conference, in what seems like it should have been a “no-brainer” was completely dumb-struck on the issue of religious freedom.

The Left is relentless and shameless. And they will not stop until they have either converted you or eradicated you — and if not you, then your children.

These are not just political policy-type considerations or prudential societal decisions, these are, at their very core, spiritual matters which determine a person’s eternal destiny.

This is why all of this, no matter the arena, no matter the matter, must be fully vetted and placed under a microscope — a spiritual microscope.

In the end, it’s all about spirituality, spiritual truth, meaning whether a soul is saved or damned. Yep, day by day, they are coming for you, and to date, your spiritual fathers have offered little by way of defense, and in frequent cases, they have sold you out, owing to their own perversions or willful neglect.

What Catholics need to come to terms with is that many of the bishops are actually supportive of the Democratic Party’s worldview.

And since that worldview is diametrically opposed to Christ, well, now you see the disaster which has befallen the Church.

We need to all see and understand and tell our loved ones that the Left wants your children, and you, out of the picture. And given the current rate of success of the Left since this plan was rolled out, it would appear around just another five years or so until they have almost completely won.

Will everyday Catholics step up and save civilization?

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission.

Marxist Democrats Delete God from House Proceedings

“Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism. Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” – Vladimir Lenin

“The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization.  It must be destroyed.” –   Karl Marx

“Communism is a religion that is inspired, directed and motivated by the Devil himself who has declared war against Almighty God.” – Billy Graham

The campaign and election of President Donald Trump has proven to be the ultimate expose of the Democratic Party’s long ago shift to Marxism.  For decades they’ve hidden their true globalist goals by using euphemistic terms and double speak to lull the citizenry.  A prime example is the “Affordable Care Act,” which is not at all affordable for the middle class when insurance deductibles have risen into multiple thousands.

The Leftists that were hounded into hiding by the 1950’s “Red Scare” have rebounded with a vengeance and heavily impacted American society.  The demise of God is their main target.  Over a half-century (many believe much longer), the socialists ended up taking over the universities, media, and cultural institutions and permeated them with their “Cultural Marxist totalitarian” ways.  They have become effective “anti-anti-Communists,” whose chief weapon is character assassination.

The actions and demands of the left mimic their desired communist society.  The “Rule of Law” no longer applies. As in communist countries, the corrupt go free to write books and become even more famous, while the innocent either die in prison or are financially broken with ruined reputations.

Democrats Delete God

The socialism of the Democrat Party violates at least three of the Ten Commandments. It turns government into God, it legalizes thievery and it elevates covetousness. But the real core of communism is the hatred of God.

The majority party in the House of Representatives has removed God.  It has deleted the Almighty from as many Congressional proceedings as possible, including the swearing in of witnesses.

When Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA) raised a point of parliamentary inquiry as to why witnesses did not say, “so help me God” during their swearing in, Rep. Johnson asked Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) to please have the witnesses do it again including the “so help me God.” Cohen said, “I don’t think it’s necessary and I don’t want to assert my will over other people.”  Then Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) pipes up with, “If any witness objects, he should not be asked to identify himself.  We do not have religious tests for office or for anything else and we should let it go at that.”

Well, excuse the daylights out of me Reps. Cohen and Nadler, but we have used this swearing in for over 200 years.  As Rep. Johnson said, “It goes back to our founding history and it’s been part of our tradition for more than two centuries, and I don’t know that we should abandon it now.”  Watch the two-minute video.

VIDEO: Final Thoughts: Democrats Delete God.

Communists Destroy Religious Freedom

In Communist Red China, they’re closing churches, toppling crosses and even rewriting scripture.  Pictures of Jesus are forcibly replaced with pictures of Xi Jinping.

The official believed to be behind the forcible removal of 1,700 crosses from churches in eastern China has been promoted by the communist government, and it’s feared this move signals that the heightened Christian persecution of China’s 60 million Christians might carry on.

But the anti-Judeo-Christian culture and worship of God is not just in Communist Red China; it’s throughout Europe and America.  Here is a partial list of religious removals across America.  Atheists are the antagonists, but the Democratic Party has become the communist anti-God movement.

In 1962, the Warren Supreme Court removed prayer from school.  Few realized how that decision monumentally influenced our society.

Compare that to the fact that kindergarten students in Communist Red China are forced to sign away their religious beliefs.  The Education Bureau of the Chinese district of Lishan has launched a campaign to eradicate religious belief in kindergartens, which includes having the schoolchildren sign a commitment statement promising to avoid religious activities, an actual atheist manifesto.  The commitment statement includes the declaration: “I will adhere to the correct political direction, advocate science, promote atheism, and oppose theism.”  Minors are not allowed into churches, even with their parents.  God is verboten in a communist society.

The Politics of Hate

Elected officials are leading the nation’s youth in the hatred of Jews, Christians and the unborn. Speaker Pelosi actually invited an anti-Israel Imam to lead prayer in our US Congress.  In the past, this same Imam had praised Hamas martyrs, and compared Jews to Nazis.

One need only look at the filth spewed by Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) who recently disgorged her venom against Israel, Jews and the Holocaust.  Her vilification was directed against Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and America’s President Trump.  It was Tlaib’s reference to a “calming feeling” in relation to the Holocaust’s aftermath that has drawn the most ire and upset.  She defended her support of abolishing Israel with a one-state solution by falsely painting Palestinians as saviors of Jewish refugees.  Here’s the story and reaction.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) referred to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, as a day in which “some people did something” during her keynote address at a private fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of Greater Los Angeles last March. Please read Muslim Mafia by Chris Gaubatz’ father.

Omar and Tlaib have found themselves embroiled in at least half a dozen scandals, including laughing about al Qaeda on camera, lying that Israelis “occupy” the Hamas-controlled Gaza, following a flagrantly anti-Semitic Instagram account, and hanging out with pro-Palestinian Linda Sarsour and members of CAIR which is a designated terror organization in the United Arab Emirates. Link

With Omar’s continued anti-Semitic verbiage, prominent House Democrats negotiated with party leaders to enact some sort of measure against her remarks. Pelosi settled on watering down her critique of anti-Semitism as much as possible. The resolution listed “Jews” seventh in their condemnation of racism, right in between “other people of color” and “Muslims.”

Then there’s the homosexual pro-abortion member of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives, Brian Sims, who posted a self-incriminating video showing himself verbally assaulting an elderly Catholic woman praying the rosary in a peaceful protest outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in his district, calling her an “old white lady” who was doing something “disgusting.”

She was simply advocating for the lives of preborn human beings and women who are considering abortion. He also attempted doxing of teenagers for doing the same and it took the internet by storm.

Who in Pennsylvania elected this man who feels he can get in the faces of those who believe life is precious and are fighting for the unborn babies who feel the pain of their own murder every time one of them is aborted?

At least a thousand pro-life protestors gathered on the spot where state representative Brian Sims filmed himself harassing a peaceful woman praying outside the clinic to save the lives of unborn babies.  Link

China’s Dying Rooms

The Dying Rooms of China are no different than the dying rooms of America where our unborn children are murdered daily by the thousands, but the reality is we’ve moved into the same Chinese infanticide where we will murder children who have been born alive after abortions, letting them die alone in closed rooms.  When Obama was in the Illinois legislature, he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) several times.  He preferred these babies died alone in back rooms after they survived murder by their mothers.  The same is in China, and we’re moving into that ungodly, evil realm.

The transcript from the 1995 BBC television documentary tells the story.  Those infants who were about one year old, or even younger, were tied to beds at night to die. Once, an infant’s fingers and hand were eaten by rats. You can see how those children suffered.

Producers/directors Brian Woods and Kate Blewett uncovered the systematic neglect of abandoned babies in Chinese state-run orphanages. They found “dark rooms” where the weakest and least liked children are left to die. These are known as “The Dying Rooms.” China’s one-child policy, now they’re allowing two, created a race where most families desired boys and therefore parents were forced to abandon their babies. Their unfortunate and tragic lives are left at the mercy of these orphanages where their sad fate is ultimately decided by the staff and ignored by the government.  No one can watch these documentaries and tell me this ungodly evil is not coming quickly to America.

Marx and Satan

The late Reverend Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years as a prisoner of Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist government in Romania, where he was persecuted for his faith in Jesus Christ.  His wife Sabina also spent years in communist prisons.  Finally released, he researched Karl Marx and the Communist doctrines he developed.

While communism portrays itself as a noble endeavor for the good of mankind, and claims an atheistic view, the Pastor exposes its true roots, revealing that Karl Marx and the fathers of the modern Communist/Socialist movements were inspired by the powers of darkness.  Wurmbrand demonstrates how the “prince of darkness” gave these men the “sword” by which they have terrorized the nations. The Pastor proves that this movement is not simply the work of greedy men, hungry for wealth and power, but is “after the working of Satan” with the intent of destroying mankind.

One comment of his book said there are numerous similarities between the rhetoric of feminists, social justice warriors, communists/Marxists, atheists, “regressives,” liberals and the satanic agenda.  She pegged it!

Richard Wurmbrand’s 1986 book, Marx and Satan, gives all the proof, including the infiltration of liberation theology into both Christian churches and synagogues.  Those of us who worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the targets of the “evil one.”

Wurmbrand’s Senate Testimony

In 1966, before the U.S. Senate, 89th Congress, Pastor Wurmbrand testified about the torture he and his fellow Christians received in communist Romania prisons.  I would urge everyone who believes in the Almighty to read the transcript.  The Pastor had been in America for only a month when he appeared before the Senate, and he could never again wear shoes because of the beatings on the bottom of his feet.  He bared his back and showed the multiple scars from brutality.

He told the Senators that he could not tell the full details of what was done to believers because they would run screaming from the room.  Please read the transcript.  He tells that in the prison of Piteshti, the Communists would force a very religious prisoner to be “baptized” daily by putting his head into the barrel in which his fellow sufferers had fulfilled their necessities, meanwhile, obliging the other prisoners to sing the baptismal service.  And priests and pastors were compelled in the Romanian prison of Piteshti to say Mass over excrement and urine. Why? Wurmbrand asks, were Christians tortured into taking Communion with these as the elements? Why such an obscene mockery of religions?

The depths of satanic depravity were evident. If, in fact, true Marxism and Communism deny both heaven and hell, why in Romanian and Soviet Union prisons were nuns who would not deny their faith, raped anally, and Baptist girls had oral sex forced on them. Using Luciferian techniques, the communists made martyrs die blaspheming because of the delirium provoked by torture.


As George Washington said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

Jewish immigrant from Poland, Haym Solomon, who converted French loans to cash to finance the American Revolution.  He raised $20,000 for the Continental Army on request from General Washington, and he personally supported members of the Continental Congress such as James Madison.  He died a pauper at age 45 and he was never repaid by the new government he supported, although it was indebted to him.  He was a Jewish American patriot whose invaluable support of the new nation of freedom and liberty was the goal of this Godly man.  I believe this Jewish man helped to save our Republic.

John Adams said, “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom.” No, America’s children haven’t a clue.  We must stand for liberty.

It is our responsibility to once again save our Representative Republic from the democratic socialists and communists who hate the God both Jews and Christians worship.  Lord hear our prayers.

PODCAST: Should Incarcerated Prisoners & Terrorists Vote?

The short answer is simple, No. Let us not forget that in the beginning of our Republic, only land owners could vote in elections. The premise here was that only RESPONSIBLE people should vote as they would do what was best for the country overall. This was expanded over the years to all citizens, including former slaves, women, and younger people (when the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1972). Nonetheless, it was assumed these people would vote RESPONSIBLY, but this hasn’t proven to be the case as we have a relatively poor turnout during elections, and many of those who vote are misinformed about history, current events, and how our government works.

Then along comes radical socialists like presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders who, in a recent CNN Town Hall meeting, insists convicted prisoners and terrorists, like the Boston Marathon bomber, should have the right to vote from prison. He said, “Yes, even for terrible people, because once you start chipping away and you say, ‘Well, that guy committed a terrible crime, not going to let him vote. Well, that person did that. Not going to let that person vote,’ you’re running down a slippery slope.”

The fact people are incarcerated means they are a danger to society and, as such, forfeits their rights, such as freedom, owning a gun, and, Yes, voting. Consider this, will the imprisoned terrorist or prisoner vote as RESPONSIBLY as the hard working person who pays taxes, obeys the law, and supports his/her family, not to mention their community? Come on, honestly, who would vote with the best interests of the community and country in mind? It’s a no-brainer.

Let’s be clear about something, if a person has served his/her time and is released free and clear (no probation or supervision), then I personally see no problem returning to society and allowed to vote.

Are the Democrats so desperate for votes, they would give convicts and terrorists the same voting privileges as everyone else? Unfortunately, Yes. In fact, their ultimate voting scenario would be to allow illegal immigrants to vote, prisoners to vote, and 16 year olds to vote. What’s next, voters who have died but somehow manage to mysteriously cast votes? Oh, yea, that’s already been done. Sorry. All of this is designed to rig elections, not to do what is fair and RESPONSIBLE for the country.

From my perspective, we already have too many IRRESPONSIBLE voters, people who couldn’t pass a simple civics test if their life depended on it. I am still convinced people should pass such a test to be allowed to vote. (It wouldn’t hurt if they were land owners as well.)

So, should incarcerated terrorists and convicted prisoners be allowed to vote? Of course not. We all know it is a silly question. Only someone wanting to undermine our country would insist on it.

Keep the Faith!

EDITORS NOTE: This Bryce is Right podcast is republished with permission. All trademarks both marked and unmarked belong to their respective companies.

6 Things to Know About the Prosecutor Investigating Spying on Trump Campaign

John Durham, known for prosecuting FBI agents connected to infamous mobster James “Whitey” Bulger, is now a fourth attorney general’s pick to lead a special investigation into suspected government misconduct.

The Justice Department confirmed to media outlets that Attorney General William Barr named Durham, now U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut, to look into why and how department and FBI officials began investigating associates of President Donald Trump before the 2016 election.

Durham’s resume includes investigating the mafia and crooked politicians.

Attorneys general from the Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama administrations all previously appointed Durham to lead special investigations.

The liberal Left continue to push their radical agenda against American values. The good news is there is a solution. Find out more >>

Barr reportedly selected him to head the probe weeks ago, as the FBI came under intensified scrutiny for spying on one Trump campaign adviser and sending a confidential informant to talk to another.

In the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report clearing the Trump campaign of conspiracy with Russia to influence the election, many Republican lawmakers called for an investigation into how the probe of Trump and his team commenced.

Two known incidents loom large: The FBI obtained a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to put Trump campaign aide Carter Page under surveillance. The FBI also sent a confidential informant to talk to George Papadopoulos, another Trump campaign aide, in a bar. The woman told Papadopoulos that her name was Azra Turk, and he later described her as “flirtatious.”

Here are six things to know about the prosecutor picked by Barr.

1. Career Prosecutor

Durham, 68, began his career as a Connecticut state prosecutor working from 1978 to 1982 in the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office.

A registered Republican, he next served in nonpolitical positions through 35 years in the U.S. District of Connecticut, based in New Haven.

From 1982 to 1989, Durham supervised the New Haven field office of the Boston Strike Force in the Justice Department’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Section. For the next five years, he was chief of the criminal division for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Haven.

From 1994 through 2008, he served as deputy U.S. attorney, and then, through 2017, as counsel to the U.S. attorney.  

Trump’s first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, appointed Durham as acting U.S. attorney for Connecticut in October 2017, and Trump nominated him for the post the next month. He took office in February 2018.

2. Busting Mafia-FBI Connection

In 1999, then-Attorney General Janet Reno appointed Durham to investigate corruption in federal law enforcement in Boston.

He examined whether two Boston mob figures, Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, had corrupted the FBI agents whom they served as informants.

Durham’s investigation led to a 10-year prison sentence for retired FBI agent John Connolly Jr., found guilty of helping the two gangsters avoid prosecution.

As part of this investigation, Durham produced documents showing four men had been framed by FBI agents and convicted of murder in the 1960s. Two died in prison, but two others won a $100 million civil judgment against the Justice Department.

3. Special Probes of CIA and Terror Detainees

In 2008, then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey appointed Durham as a special prosecutor to conduct what turned into a three-year probe of the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes. He didn’t recommend any prosecutions.

In an overlapping probe, then-Attorney General Eric Holder named him as a special prosecutor to investigate alleged mistreatment of terror suspects by CIA interrogators and government contractors.

The second probe came after the Justice Department released a report noting possible past abuse by CIA interrogators. Durham concluded by closing most of the cases, but called for continued inquiries into the deaths of two prisoners.

4. Devoted Catholic, Red Sox Fan

Despite handling high-profile cases, Durham typically keeps a low profile.

Earlier this year, according to The Day newspaper in New London, Connecticut Deputy Chief State’s Attorney Leonard C. Boyle noted the only reason that Durham would make a public speech to a crowd at the University of St. Joseph, a Roman Catholic school in West Hartford, Connecticut.

“Other than an overwhelming commitment to the cause of justice, the two great devotions of John’s life are his Catholic faith and his family,” Boyle said of Durham.

Durham and his wife Susan have four sons and eight grandchildren. He reportedly is a big Boston Red Sox fan.

The New Republic, a liberal magazine, wrote of Durham in 2011 that he “earned a nonpartisan, camera-shy, ‘white knight’ reputation.”

5. Public Corruption

Durham led some of the biggest public corruption cases in Connecticut.

Among them was the case of Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland, a Republican who resigned in 2004 after federal prosecutors found he illegally took gifts from state contractors. Rowland pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year in prison for offenses committed as governor.

Durham also led an investigation of Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, a Democrat, who was convicted on racketeering and bribery charges in 2003. Ganim spent six years in prison.

6. Lauded by Democrats

Democrats recently excoriated Barr for even using the word “spy” to talk about actions by the Obama administration’s FBI and Justice Department against the Trump campaign before the presidential election in November 2016.

However, Democrats could have a difficult time in attacking Durham.

Confirmed as U.S. attorney in February 2018 by a voice vote in the Senate, he had gained praise from Democrats when Trump nominated him.

Among these admirers were two of Trump’s biggest critics, Connecticut’s two Democratic senators—Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy. The two men had recommended Durham to serve as U.S. attorney.

“John Durham has earned immense respect as a no-nonsense, fierce and fair prosecutor, and we are pleased that the White House has agreed with our recommendation that he serve as United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut,” a joint statement by Blumenthal and Murphy said. “As an Assistant United States Attorney, John Durham has proven himself time and time again in some of the most challenging and sensitive cases.”

It looks like Barr has found just such another case for Durham.


Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal and co-host of “The Right Side of History” podcast. Send an email to Fred. Twitter: @FredLucasWH.

Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

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TAKE ACTION: Ask Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Implement E-Verify Statewide

Over 4 million Floridians for Ron DeSantis for governor. Thousands voted for now Governor DeSantis based on his promise to implement E-Verify. During this session the Florida state legislature failed to bring E-Verify to the floor for a vote. It is time for Governor DeSantis to take action to implement E-Verify statewide.

Governor DeSantis said during his inaugural address:

We will stand for the rule of law. We won’t allow sanctuary cities. And we will stop incentivizing illegal immigration, which is unfair to our legal immigrants, promotes lawlessness and reduces wages for our blue-collar workers. [Emphasis added]

Having illegal aliens fill jobs that can, should and would be filled by legal Florida citizens is wrong. Implementing E-Verify will eliminate the incentive to come to Florida.

Please take immediate action to correct this most important problem for our Great President and the American citizens to Make America Great Again.

CLICK HERE TO Email Governor DeSantis @

If you wish send the information to your state Senator and Representative.

Mark Levin Exposes the ‘Democrat Cabal’ Working to Overturn the 2016 Election on Hannity

In my column The Gang of Five and the Pseudo Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump I discussed those key figures in Congress working to undermine the Trump administration. I wrote about the Gang of Five stating:

Five powerful Congressional Chairmen and Chairwomen who control the Democratic Caucus, (3) from California ,(1) from New York and (1) from Maryland all from Democrat ‘safe’ Districts who received a total of approximately one million votes will decide whether to impeach and try to remove President Trump from office, a duly elected President that received approximately sixty three million votes.

The following are the votes counts for these five Congressmen and Congresswomen:

Pelosi 275,000 votes
Cummings 202,000 votes
Shiff 196,000 votes
Walters 152,000 votes
Nadler 192,000 vote

President Trump’s 63,000,000 voters could be disenfranchised by five powerful Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen. Even if they are unable to convict the President they could bring the wheels of government to a halt. Their threats and spurious investigations have to a great extent already done this.

Mark Levin has the same view about what is really happening.

Sean Hannity talked to Mark Levin on Fox News on May 9 2019. Levin calls for a special council and that grand juries be impaneled to investigate the “Democrat cabal” working to negate the 2016 election of President Donald J. Trump.

Wall Street Journal in a column titled “The Pseudo-Impeachment” wrote:

Democrats hold show trials rather than vote to oust the President.

House Democrats are escalating their campaign against the Trump Administration with complaints that its resistance to Congressional requests for documents is a threat to democracy. It’s more accurate to say that Democrats are performing what amounts to a pseudo-impeachment so they don’t have to undertake a real one.

Democrats are agonizing over impeachment because while they’re itching to do it, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report blew up their Russian collusion hopes. He also took no position on obstruction of justice while reporting a highly critical “analysis” of President Trump’s actions. Democrats now find themselves caught between a left-wing base that says they’ll abdicate their duty if they don’t impeach and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cold-blooded calculation that it could cost their majority in 2020.

What to do? Democrats have decided to act out a pseudo-impeachment that claims Mr. Trump and his Administration are committing offenses against the Constitution without daring to open a formal impeachment inquiry. The split-level goal is to appease the left while sparing the swing-district Democrats who delivered the 2018 majority from ever having to vote on articles of impeachment.

Read more.

It appears Mark Levin and I are on the same sheet of music.

New York Times May Have Broken Law by Publishing Trump’s Tax Returns

The New York Times no doubt considers it quite a coup to have obtained and published President Donald Trump’s tax return information from 1985 to 1994. But doing so violated Trump’s right under federal law to the confidentiality of his tax returns.

The Times—which reported that Trump’s businesses lost $1.17 billion during the 10-year period—has no more right to Trump’s tax returns than it has to mine or those of any of you reading these words.

Confidentiality, as the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held in 1991 in U.S. v. Richey, is essential to “maintaining a workable tax system.”

Taxpayer privacy is “fundamental to a tax system that relies on self-reporting” since it protects “sensitive or otherwise personal information,” said then-Judge (now Supreme Court Justice) Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1986 in another case when she served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Federal law—26 U.S.C. §7213(a)(1)—makes it a felony for any federal employee to disclose tax returns or “return information.” Infractions are punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine as high as $250,000 under the Alternative Fines Act (18 U.S.C. §3571).

Regardless of the accuracy or inaccuracy of The New York Times story, tax returns themselves, as well as tax return information such as these IRS transcripts (which are a summary of the tax returns), are protected from disclosure by federal law. And this provision applies to private individuals as well as government employees, a fact that should be considered by the New York Times’ source.

According to the newspaper, it did not actually obtain Trump’s tax returns but “printouts from his official Internal Revenue Service tax transcripts, with the figures from his federal tax form, the 1040, from someone who had legal access to them.”

The Times quotes a lawyer for the president, Charles J. Harder, as saying that the tax information in the story is “demonstrably false” and that IRS transcripts, particularly from the days before electronic filing, are “notoriously inaccurate.” However, that claim is disputed by a former IRS employee now at the liberal Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

The president tweeted Wednesday in response to the Times story: “Real estate developers in the 1980’s & 1990’s, more than 30 years ago, were entitled to massive write offs and depreciation which would, if one was actively building, show losses and tax losses in almost all cases. Much was non monetary. Sometimes considered ‘tax shelter,’ … you would get it by building, or even buying. You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes….almost all real estate developers did – and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport. Additionally, the very old information put out is a highly inaccurate Fake News hit job!

Regardless of the accuracy or inaccuracy of The New York Times story, tax returns themselves, as well as tax return information such as these IRS transcripts (which are a summary of the tax returns), are protected from disclosure by federal law. If the newspaper obtained this information from an employee of the IRS, that employee will be in big trouble if he or she is identified.

Could the editors and reporters at The New York Times be prosecuted for publishing this information?

Section (a)(3) of the law makes it a felony for any person who receives an illegally disclosed tax return or return information to publish that return or that information. But it’s unknown if the bar on publication by a media organization could survive a First Amendment challenge.

What we do know is that in previous incidents, the government did not attempt to prosecute the publisher of tax return information. In 2014, the IRS agreed to pay the National Organization for Marriage $50,000 to settle a lawsuit after an IRS clerk illegally disclosed the organization’s tax return.

The clerk gave the tax return to Matthew Meisel, a former employee of Bain & Company, who gave it to the Human Rights Campaign (a political opponent of the National Organization for Marriage). The tax return was then posted on the Human Rights Campaign website and published by The Huffington Post.

Although the IRS paid to settle the lawsuit, none of the individuals or organizations involved in the illegal disclosure and publication were prosecuted.

If such a prosecution were attempted, there is no doubt that a First Amendment challenge would be filed.

The courts would then have to answer an important question: Are the interests of the government in an effective tax system and that of citizens in maintaining the confidentiality of their financial information outweighed by the First Amendment right of the press, and by and the public’s interest in obtaining financial information on elected officials?

In the midst of this illegal disclosure to The New York Times, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced Monday that he would not comply with a demand by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., to provide the committee with copies of tax returns filed by Trump and eight of his companies for the last six years.

Mnuchin sent a letter to Neal telling him that “the Supreme Court has held that the Constitution requires that congressional information demands must reasonably serve a legitimate legislative purpose.”

The treasury secretary is correct. Numerous court decisions hold that legislative investigations must have a legitimate legislative purpose. Mnuchin says that Neal’s request “lacks” such a legitimate purpose.

The court decisions supporting Mnuchin’s decision include the 1957 decision in Watkins v. U.S., in which the Supreme Court told the House Un-American Activities Committee that “there is no congressional power to expose for the sake of exposure” the “private affairs of individuals.”

Neal has claimed that the legislative purpose of getting the Trump tax returns is to examine how the IRS audits presidents. But as Trump’s legal counsel has pointed out, Neal didn’t ask for the tax returns of any other presidents and hasn’t asked any questions of any kind about IRS policy and procedures for such audits.

Mnuchin tells Neal in his letter that he is willing to provide the congressman with complete information on “how the IRS conducts mandatory examinations of Presidents, as provided by the Internal Revenue Manual.”

If examining how the IRS audits presidents is really Neal’s legislative purpose—as opposed to simply wanting to expose anything embarrassing the committee finds in Trump’s tax returns—IRS information on its policies and procedures would be the only information the House committee would need.

So the Treasury Department has put House Democrats in check for now. It will probably be up to the courts to see who achieves checkmate when it comes to the Trump tax returns.

Now the interests of protecting the privacy of taxpayers warrants the opening of a government investigation to find the leaker who provided the Trump tax information to The New York Times.

The IRS and the Justice Department should investigate how this disclosure happened, find out who did it, and prosecute anyone who violated the law.


Hans von Spakovsky

Hans von Spakovsky is an authority on a wide range of issues—including civil rights, civil justice, the First Amendment, immigration, the rule of law and government reform—as a senior legal fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies and manager of the think tank’s Election Law Reform Initiative. Read his research.Twitter:  .

Dear Readers:

With the recent conservative victories related to tax cuts, the Supreme Court, and other major issues, it is easy to become complacent.

However, the liberal Left is not backing down. They are rallying supporters to advance their agenda, moving this nation further from the vision of our founding fathers.

If we are to continue to bring this nation back to our founding principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism, we need to come together as a group of likeminded conservatives.

This is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. We want to continue to develop and present conservative solutions to the nation’s toughest problems. And we cannot do this alone.

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The Gang of Five and the Pseudo Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

The Gang of five.

Five powerful Congressional Chairmen and Chairwomen who control the Democratic Caucus, (3) from California ,(1) from New York and (1) from Maryland all from Democrat ‘safe’ Districts who received a total of approximately one million votes will decide whether to impeach and try to remove President Trump from office, a duly elected President that received approximately sixty three million votes.

The following are the votes counts for these five Congressmen and Congresswomen:

Pelosi 275,000 votes
Cummings 202,000 votes
Shiff 196,000 votes
Walters 152,000 votes
Nadler 192,000 vote

President Trump’s 63,000,000 voters could be disenfranchised by five powerful Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen. Even if they are unable to convict the President they could bring the wheels of government to a halt. Their threats and spurious investigations have to a great extent already done this.

In 2018 Republican and Democratic voters gave the Democrats control of the House of Representatives believing that a Democrat controlled House would address America’s real issues. They were sent there to resolve issues that affect every man, woman and child in America.

The Tyranny of the Gang of Five

The gang of five consists of the following four House Chairmen and Women and the Speaker who come from ‘safe Democratic seats’: Pelosi, Cummings, Shiff, Nadler and Walters. These five people literally control the Democratic caucus and thus control the total agenda of Congress. Instead of doing the business of the voters they are proceeding with a Pseudo Impeachment because they have no evidence of any ‘high crime or misdemeanor’ by Trump. For these five it is a matter of power and control — the voters business be damned.

They are like five angry pit-bulls who can’t give up the bone. The tyranny is that the Gang of Five together got about 1 million votes out of a total Presidential vote of approximately 123 million votes (less than 1%) and they have the power and audacity to conduct a Pseudo Impeachment or possibly a real Impeachment in the future without regard for the voters or the country. In drafting our Constitution our forefathers never contemplated that five ‘professional’ politicians with less than (1%) of the vote could stymie the will of all voters. But that is what is happening.

This is no joking matter.

The issue of Trump ‘collusion’ with Russia and then “obstruction of justice’ were to be resolved by the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation. No collusion and no obstruction was found. Instead of moving on the Democrats continue to rehash a closed investigation and are continuing with a Pseudo Impeachment against President Trump and now a Contempt Order against Attorney General Bar. In the case of AG Barr they have found him in contempt of Congress for failing to make public a limited amount of redactions, which he is not permitted to release to the public by law.

Nevertheless at an interview Speaker Pelosi said to interviewer Costa…(Transcript) “How far can you go on that front, Speaker Pelosi? Could you hold the Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin in contempt? Some Democrats have even raised the prospect of arresting the Treasury secretary if he does not comply with congressional demands?”

PELOSI: “Well, let me just say that we — (Applause) — we do have a jail down in the basement of the Capitol. (Laughter) But if we were arresting all of the people in the administration — (Laughter) — we would have overcrowded jail situation, and I’m not for that. But I think again, getting to the committee, Richie Neal, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, he has a path — again all of this is so low and precedent-based to do the right thing as we go forward. And there are several options. One of them is to go directly to court.”

COSTA: “So it’s probably going to be settled in court?” [crosstalk]

PELOSI: “We will see what the chairman announces because that’s the way we do it.”

Read what the Wall Street Journal says:

The Pseudo-Impeachment

Democrats hold show trials rather than vote to oust the President.

House Democrats are escalating their campaign against the Trump Administration with complaints that its resistance to Congressional requests for documents is a threat to democracy. It’s more accurate to say that Democrats are performing what amounts to a pseudo-impeachment so they don’t have to undertake a real one.

Democrats are agonizing over impeachment because while they’re itching to do it, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report blew up their Russian collusion hopes. He also took no position on obstruction of justice while reporting a highly critical “analysis” of President Trump’s actions. Democrats now find themselves caught between a left-wing base that says they’ll abdicate their duty if they don’t impeach and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cold-blooded calculation that it could cost their majority in 2020.

What to do? Democrats have decided to act out a pseudo-impeachment that claims Mr. Trump and his Administration are committing offenses against the Constitution without daring to open a formal impeachment inquiry. The split-level goal is to appease the left while sparing the swing-district Democrats who delivered the 2018 majority from ever having to vote on articles of impeachment.

Read more.


Democrats Talk Impeachment as They Vote to Hold Attorney General in Contempt

House Democrats Show Their Contempt for Constitution, Rule of Law

The Injustice of the Left’s Fury Against Barr

Nancy Pelosi’s Equality Act Would Undo Trump’s Most Significant Achievements

Back in October, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told an audience at Harvard University that if the Democrats retook the House, one of her top legislative priorities would be to pass the misnamed Equality Act, a bill that would impose radical sexual ideology on the nation.

Democrats took the House, and Pelosi wasn’t bluffing. She’s now pushing a bill that would undo some of the most significant achievements of the Trump administration. Here’s how.

The Equality Act adds the phrase “sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity)” to our nation’s civil rights laws that ban discrimination on the basis of race. This means the law would suddenly treat people as racists if they dare to dissent from the left’s ideology on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Here are the major Trump victories that the Equality Act would undo.

1. The Equality Act would force employers to cover abortion, and medical professionals to perform or assist in performing abortions.

When the Obama administration tried to force this same policy in its very last months in office, a federal judge declared it unlawful. When the Trump administration came into office, the Trump Justice Department agreed with that judge and did not appeal his ruling, which placed a 50-state injunction on that regulation.

Should the Equality Act become law, this abortion policy would become the law of the land, undermining President Donald Trump’s significant pro-life record.

2. The Equality Act would force employers to pay for sex “reassignment” procedures in their health insurance plans, and require medical professionals to perform them.

Think Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor, but only worse. If a health care plan covers mastectomies in the case of cancer, but not in the case of “reassignment,” the Equality Act would deem this illegal “discrimination.” So, too, if a doctor chooses to perform mastectomies in the case of cancer but not for sex “reassignment” purposes. That doctor would be guilty of illegal “discrimination.”

Thankfully, when the Obama administration attempted to impose this mandate, a federal judge struck it down, and the Trump administration agreed with the judge and did not appeal the ruling. Should the Equality Act become law, it would undo Trump’s policy of protecting the freedom of medical doctors to not perform “reassignment” procedures if they deem them bad medicine.

3. The Equality Act would force all schools and businesses to open their women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sports teams to boys who “identify as” girls and to men who “identify as” women.

The Obama administration imposed this transgender mandate on schools in all 50 states, and thankfully the Trump administration reversed the misguided policy during its first weeks of office. But, should the Equality Act become law, it would override the Trump policy and would threaten the privacy, safety, and equality of women and girls across the country.

4. The Equality Act could be used to force the military to pay for “reassignment” procedures and force the military to accept recruits suffering from gender dysphoria who are not combat-ready.

The Trump administration has implemented a careful, nuanced policy that allows people who identify as transgender to serve in the military—provided they no longer suffer from gender dysphoria and serve in accordance with their biological sex. But should the Equality Act become law, this Trump policy could be deemed “discrimination.”

5. The Equality Act would force faith-based adoption agencies to either violate their conviction that every child deserves both a mother and a father or to stop serving children in need altogether.

Thankfully, the Trump administration has taken initial steps to protect adoption agencies from these misguided policies. Additional steps are needed. But if the Equality Act became law, it would force all adoption agencies in all 50 states to either violate their convictions or close their doors.

6. The Equality Act would force a variety of small business owners to violate their beliefs about marriage, sexuality, and gender.

At the state level, this has happened to bakers, florists, photographers, and even funeral home owners.

Thankfully the Trump administration has supported these small business owners as their cases proceeded through the court system. But should the Equality Act become law, it would bring the full force of the federal government against these small business owners, treating them as violators of federal civil rights law.

7. The Equality Act, in general, threatens the freedom of speech, freedom of association, and free exercise of religion rights of countless people.

Anyone who believes we are created male and female, and that male and female are created for each other, will be at risk. This means Orthodox Jews, Roman Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Latter-day Saints, Muslims, and people of no particular faith tradition but who take science seriously will be on the wrong side of federal civil rights law.

Thankfully, the Trump administration has championed freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, and the rights of conscience. All of this would be at risk should the Equality Act become law.


Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., is the William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation, where he researches and writes about marriage, bioethics, religious liberty and political philosophy. Anderson is the author of several books and his research has been cited by two U.S. Supreme Court justices in two separate cases. Read his Heritage research. Twitter: .


A Pediatrician Explains How ‘Dangerous’ Equality Act Would Force Doctors to ‘Do Harm’

Equality Act Is About Civil Tyranny, Not Civil Rights

Discrimination Isn’t the Only Thing Causing Inequality

Why Sen. Cory Booker’s Gun-Licensing Program Would Be Ineffective

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Judgment Day Coming for Democrats

Democrat Sen Mazie Hirono verbally brutalized AG William Barr during the Judiciary Committee hearing. Sen Hirono’s abuse of AG William Barr and disrespect for our president was condescending and breathtakingly evil. Her request for Barr to resign was rooted in spin and lies. She venomously denounced president Trump as a “grifter and liar”.

Can you imagine the American lefts’ response to a Republican calling Obama a grifter and liar? That Republican would be declared a racist; high-tech beaten and stoned to death in the public square. All standards of decency have been thrown out the window in leftists’ mission to stop Trump from restoring America’s greatness and to remove him from office. Vitriolic disrespect for Trump and his family and even death threats are acceptable.

Wicked Democrat Nancy Pelosi outrageously claimed Barr lied and committed a crime during the hearing. Pelosi knows fake news media will promote her absurd charge against Barr as the truth.

On my car radio, I heard ABC news report that the Mueller report concluded that Trump did try to collude and obstruct justice. I thought, “That is not what the Mueller report concluded.” My relatives who pay little attention to politics hear fake news media lies and believe them. Most of my black relatives believe Trump is racist, hates women, blacks and Mexicans. These are absurd strategic lies promoted by evil Democrats and their evil fake news media minions.

Due to fake news media hiding the truth while promoting Democrat lies, my black relatives have no idea that Trump is doing an amazing job for America, blacks and women. Black unemployment has reached historic lows. Women and Hispanics are also thriving in Trump’s economy

By rolling back a ton of Obama’s overreaching absurd government regulations, America is experiencing a remarkable wave of prosperity. Unemployment is at 3.6%, the lowest since 1969. In essence, everyone seeking a job has one. The private sector average hourly wage is $27.77. Despicably, fake news media is hiding the great job Trump is doing for the American people. Fake news media is demonically obsessed with spreading lies about Trump 24/7.

But folks, what really turned my stomach was watching Democrats Mazie Hirono, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris’ arrogant attitude of superiority at the hearing as they spewed evil hateful lies. Clearly, they will destroy whomever necessary to undermine Trump’s remarkably successful presidency. My sense of justice and fair-play hates to see Hirono, Pelosi and their fellow Democrat minions get away with it.

The Bible says they will not get away with it.

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaks lies shall perish.” Proverbs19:9

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Exodus 20:16

Democrats are insidiously bearing false witness; lying to the American people, in total contradiction of the Mueller report which did not find Trump guilty of collusion or obstruction. And yet, Democrats with the help of their minions in fake news media persist in keeping their Trump colluded and obstructed lie going.

A day of reckoning is coming for Democrats and their fellow treasonous anti-Trump/anti-America resisters.

Democrats and fake news media still do not know how to defeat Donald J Trump, the new sheriff in town in Washington DC. Like the sheriff in the classic movie, “High Noon”, Trump is courageously fighting alone. Unlike most Republicans, Trump stays on offense rather than cowering in fear in response to political attacks.

Democrats and the deep state are panicked because President Trump is about to declassify details of their silent coup to destroy his presidency. As the Bible says, those who bear false witness will be punished. Praise God!

Socialist Ideology—the Enemy of Humanity

If you are unconvinced about members of the Deep State—the “criminal cabal”, just read this column and you will want to see them in handcuffs. Yes, the ideology of Socialism is the enemy of humanity, its agenda is directed at the destruction of capitalism. That is the crux of the matter. The ideology has a thousand methods and tricks aimed at subverting capitalism: they have different forms, sizes, and colors, always using lies, intimidation, fraud or threat, and all have the same agenda of dismantling our free market economic system and transform it to Socialism. As a former Soviet attorney with some experience in these matters, I would say there is a special international espionage operation going on today in America. Read my column The Chronology of Treason to learn more.

The US must contest this foreign operation. To be effective we must know its methods, devices, ideology, and agenda. I’ve promulgated the information in my books and columns. I’m not alone in this task, please read the words of a former KGB member about Russia and terror. “Russia and Islam are not Separate: Why Russia backs Al-Qaeda” by Konstantin Preobrazhensky:

“A key distinction between Russian and American attitudes towards Islamic terrorism is that while, for America, terrorism is largely seen as an exterior menace, Russia uses terrorism… as a tool of the state for manipulation in and outside the home country. Islamic terrorism is only part of the world of terrorism. Long before Islamic terrorism became a global threat, the KGB had used terrorism to facilitate the victory of world Communism.”

I’ve written the same, identifying the fact that Socialism/Communism and terrorism are inseparable, they intertwined by Stalinist history of the enormous level of violence and terror executed against the people of the opposition in Russia. People are brought under socialism via the big lie…you will have a better life under that system. Once power is consolidated they are kept under a regime of authoritarianism and terror. He says “the KGB had used terrorism to facilitate the victory of world Communism.” All known to you terror groups had been initiated and established by the Russian Intel to conduct the war against capitalism. Today, in May 2019 that exact war is going on in our Congress with investigative overreach mirroring interrogation by the Soviet KGB. You are watching a so-called preemptive strike by the Dems’ House against Republican AG William P. Barr, because he has already started investigation of the real Russia collusion–Obama/Putin Conspiracy against the American Republic, which began years ago.

The Deep State or the International Spy Ring

You were warned about the coup-de-etat’ against President Trump for the last three years, it has started at the moment Trump announced his candidacy for presidency on the escalator. We are dealing with the same war against capitalism. This was written a year ago: “The GOP is missing the elephant in the room: the Dems’ reason of hateful resistance to the GOP is not only to revenge a losing election, the main reason of resistance is to cover-up the sinister crime of TREASON that they have committed over several decades. This crime of the Dems, committed by the DNC leadership and Socialist mafia should be a major topic in the midterm election on November 6, 2018.”

Unfortunately, Republicans did not discuss this major topic before the midterm election and for this and many other reasons they lost. The loss was global, as we are dealing with an aggressor fighting Western civilization for the last hundred years—it is complicated history described in my books and columns. The erroneous American foreign policy and incompetent Intel gave the aggressor an opportunity to spread the ideology of Socialism throughout the world, including America. We will see the usual Socialist lies, deceit, fraud, provocations, and a lot of killings, assassinations, and terror.

Sunday, April 21, 2019 was a special and wonderful day to celebrate Easter for Christians and Passover for Jews globally… Alas, the ideology of the aggressor and Evil-terrorists darkened the day by killing more than 300 Christians in Sri Lanka. They were multi-faceted, well organized and calculated military attacks, probably by ISIS…Remember the words of Konstantin Preobrazhensky: “the KGB had used terrorism to facilitate the victory of world Communism.”

The shooting in Sri Lanka was followed in the San Diego synagogue with one killed and three injured. It was the second shooting in 6 months after killings in the Pittsburg synagogue. And Terror Reins. The terror in Sri Lanka has continued, and the result has been more tragic deaths. Fifteen people, including 6 children, were killed in the Asian island country on Friday night when three terrorists detonated suicide vests. Many more were injured in the bombings. Sri Lanka has become the new hot-spot for terror attacks.

On Easter weekend in Colombo, more than 200 people were killed, and hundreds more injured. Then, on Friday night, in the town of Kalmunai, which is about 200 miles from the capital, suicide bombers took more lives. Meanwhile, tensions are on the rise in the nation, as residents are pointing to Muslims to place the blame. Patriot News Alerts, April 27, 2019 by Jerry McCormick.

A couple of weeks prior to that Europe was stunned by the fire in Paris… Melissa Mackenzie, publisher of the American Spectator, wrote, “The images from the burning of Notre Dame provoke the same sort of heart-heavy dread as the 9/11 images. … It feels like we’re witnessing the end of Christianity and Western civilization. Notre Dame is irreplaceable. No tower can be built in its stead. There will only be a time before and after Notre Dame.” And Jihadists were celebrating the burning of Notre Dame and warning vaguely, “Wait for the next…”

Christian Houses of Worships are constantly being attacked around the world. There are systematic patterns of targeting Judeo-Christian believers and Christianity. I remember how every December, we had attacks on the Christmas holidays in different parts on the world, including America. Now it is Easter and Passover. We called attackers differently: Extreme Muslims, Radical Islamists, Radical Islam, and so on. Yet, all attacks on Christmas had been done by Muslim terrorists. Where did they come from? Please, listen again to a conversation of two KGB Generals, Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking KGB officer ever to defect to the U.S, with Yuri Andropov the KGB Chairman:

“In 1972 the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S. As KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov told me a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America that could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter the United States. No one within the American/Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feel safe.  (“Russian Footprints,” by Ion Mihai Pacepa, National Review Online, August 24, 2008.)

General Pacepa wrote in the same article: “According to Andropov… the Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Their illiterate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and her master, American Zionism, would flow naturally from the Muslims’ religious fervor, Andropov sermonized.” When you are reading these words, please see those who are tearing apart America today, dividing Americans and sabotaging our political system. In my opinion, we are dealing with the united force of the KGB in cahoots with the leadership of the Democrat Party—they are executing a special international espionage operation against the American Republic.

Ship-America is not sinking, however the irony and paradox of the predicament is obvious: there is Russia hysteria in America, millions are discussing Russia, yet only a few are really aware of Russia and its security apparatus… The KGB Operation Disinformation has a complex structure, with different fences, colors and forms and its main purpose is to divert attention from the real criminals; in America it is “the criminal cabal”. For thirty years, I have written about Russia and repeated the same refrain “knowledge of Russia and its Intel is a MUST.” I have to show you why I am convinced that knowledge is the major means to save the world…

The History of Socialism’s Crimes Against Humanity

The ideology of Socialism is a fraudulent Utopian concept. It is even worse than that. Our First Lady, by raising the danger of drugs, is doing it at just the proper historical moment: Melania Trump: Media should focus less on gossip, more on opioid epidemic, Conservative Institute, April 25, 2019. The First Lady is right and history can explain both subjects: incompetent media and therefore a spread of drugs. History is the Mother of all sciences and the constant attack of different drugs throughout the world has a political history. Only awareness of this history and the knowledge of the aggressor’s socialist regime can stop these crimes against humanity…

It is for a reason, my latest 20-25 columns revealing the real face of the KGB, as a global terrorist agency. Nothing has changed in Russia and I am using the term KGB, uniting the images of all Soviet/Russian agencies—as the term is familiar to Americans. The entire Russian Intel is a para-military apparatus under a military Doctrine. While researching Soviet Socialism, I read a book Red Cocaine the Drugging of America, by Joseph Douglas, St. Martin Press, 1990. It was an incredibly interesting and unique book, giving me indispensable information on the sinister history of the Soviet’s attempt to drug the world, showing me the real fascist’s intention to conquer the world using this and other criminal activities.

The Soviet Academy of Science researched the effect of drugs on the human body and mind for many years and the conclusions were that drug trafficking would be extremely effective and the most vulnerable countries would be the United States, Canada, France, and West Germany. This study was approved in 1955 by the Soviet Defense Council. It was the first formal Soviet decision of the Soviet government to launch narcotics trafficking against the bourgeoisie and especially against the American capitalists:

“Soviet strategy for revolutionary war is a global strategy… narcotics strategy is a sub-component of this global strategy. First was the increased training of leaders for the revolutionary movements—the civilian, military, and intelligence cadres.”  You can read in my books the entire document to see the nefarious design of the Soviet Defense Council in 1955.

Moreover, the criminals had “cadres” to implement the decision by using Spanish-speaking children, brought by Stalin after the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. Twenty years later the target has been chosen: Central and South America, speaking Spanish and Spanish children had been drilled to execute the design… Obviously, Cuba was targeted for the same reason—language is the means of communication to inculcate, infiltrate and corrupt… The agenda is the same—destruction of capitalism and transformation to Socialism. Guess, who is running drug-cartel in Mexico?

There is a motivating and fascinating third and fourth steps of the mentioned document: “The third step was international drug and narcotics trafficking. Drugs were incorporated into the revolutionary war strategy as a political and intelligence weapon to use against the bourgeois society and as a mechanism for recruiting agents of influence around the world.” I have been writing about this mechanism recruiting agents of influence for many years…The fourth step was “to infiltrate organized crime and, further, to establish Soviet Bloc sponsored and controlled organized crime syndicates throughout the world.” A great deal to implement this decision by the Soviet Defense Council was accomplished by a famous KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov…                      

The Criminal Alliance with the KGB

I wrote a lot of pages about the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov 1967-1982, and his menacing plan to infiltrate the American security apparatus and social media simultaneously, the way the Soviets did it in Europe. My work within legal community coincided with Andropov’s tenure. I know his design and I believed that Watergate had been orchestrated by the KGB, where Carl Bernstein was an obedient toy in the arms of the agency. Today, the resurrection of John Dean in politics did not surprise me—the KGB toys of the Watergate have been used again with the same methods and techniques. The anti-Trump campaign is orchestrated again by the KGB. Please read: The Ideological Battlefield in Washington D.C. May 27, 2018.

These are the tactics of an old KGB formula being used against President Trump that had been used against President Nixon in the Watergate days—a corrupt security apparatus in cahoots with the social media of the day. A good example is the September 16, 2018, the CNN show, GPS, hosted by Zachariah, interviewing Bob Woodward. As usual, it was a one-sided conversation on behalf of the Dems and against Republicans. Woodward was talking about confidential sources in the past. There was not one word about the involvement of the KGB in both cases, as if it didn’t exist… In that show we saw the transformation—media becoming an extension of the DNC—it was Andropov’s design, a plan in action. I watched it in reality.

This is another part of Andropov’s design: the mechanism of recruitment agents of influence. Andropov had known how to use it. I dedicated many pages to Bill Clinton and described in details the manner in which he was recruited, talking about the KGB Romeo Department and the women trained in the Department. There are hundreds of them on our soil today, besides the agent Maria Butina, involved in her scheme to infiltrate GOP political circles. They are all working for the Dems against Republicans, the way Bill Clinton was established it and promoted. I have already described both American Manchurian Presidents; the damage they inflicted to the American Republic, to the people of the country, our culture, and the system left to us by our Founding Fathers we will feel for many years to come…

President Trump is in the process of repairing this gigantic damage–this is the reason the aggressor against him. It is no coincidence that the social media-mob works in cahoots with FBI’s dirty and corrupt top-leadership; Andropov designed the process to work in that exact way, and not once, but several times resulting in giving America two Manchurian Presidents. I was writing about Greg Craig for a reason; for me both George Soros and Greg Craig are KGB agents, recruited according to the third step of the 1955 Document’s designed projection… The war has been going on ever since and today the KGB is preparing for us the third American Manchurian President. The way the Deep State weaponized the FBI and CIA, that exact way the KGB has weaponized the entire leadership of the Democrat Party…

Rush Limbaugh is right “…she (Hillary) needs to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail, and any of her co-conspirators in this whole sordid affair, which amounted to nothing more than a silent coup to overturn the election results of 2016.” I agree with Rush only partially. Hillary is a mediocre woman with a great lust for power. She is also a very misfortunate woman, being married to a scoundrel-traitor. It was her husband who directed and coordinated every step in her entire career. For many years, I was following the Clinton mafia, identifying the Clinton Foundation as “the eyes and ears of the KGB.” It was the Clinton mafia that provided China with America’s brains in the 1990s and the KGB has always supported the Clintons… History of his treason can shed light on certain people within the current predicament in America…

The Challenges Facing Attorney General Barr

History is the Mother of all sciences and history can help to find the Truth. To bring the truth you have to first call a spade a spade—the real Socialist ideology is the ideology of Soviet Fascism, about which I have warned you for the last three decades. Glenn Beck is also talking about the significance of history: “And the history that’s happening right now, you’re a problem if you’re a conservative or a Christian. You are now a problem on the left, if you disagree and fall out of line at all. This is becoming a fascistic party. And you know what a fascist is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican or an independent. If you believe it’s my way or the highway, if you believe that people don’t have a right to their opinion or don’t have a right to their own life — you could be a fascist.”

I am glad Beck uses term fascist. It is crucial to recognize a proper term in politics. I was describing Soviet Socialism in all my books and columns. It is time to proper identification of the aggressor as the ideology of Soviet Fascism in America. Just look at the cartoons in the New York Times, it is a typical repetition of Nazis and the Soviets methods of propaganda against opposition’s leader. Similar cartoon about Churchill was published by Goebbels in Nazi Germany. I remember Stalinist cartoon and book: A Bloody Murderer about President Tito of Yugoslavia. History shows us that fascism in different countries has identical features. Just learn history–Anti-Semitism is one of that exact common feature for fascist regimes. As a Russian Jew, I can testify to that and I would say that today’s war against Republicans in America is run by Putin’s KGB as well…

Look at the Democrat Party in our Congress. It consists of three major parts: members of Socialist mafia, Progressives that collaborated with the KGB for decades (read my columns), and a new faction, the Islamists. If you remember the words of a former KGB member, mentioned in the beginning of my column, you will know who the new Islamists are, especially Rep. Omar. Watch Dems’ 2020 candidates for president. All of them have one thing in common: Their ideas are aimed at destroying the pillars that keep our country thriving. They are at war with a political system designed and established by our Founding Fathers, they are thinking of centralization of the government and acting like Soviet Socialists. We cannot let our country fall into the hands of America’s Socialist Mafia.

The Progressives are the bulk of the Deep State, using all the methods of Soviet Fascism, including lies, deceit, and fraud. Every hour you can see an advertisement of Progressive Insurance in your TV. The ads are exclusively positive and benevolent, showing Progressives as a kind and gentle people. The word insurance is written with very small print. In fact it is a fraudulent advertisement of the Democrat Party globally to fool and deceive you as usual… Attorney General William P. Barr should be aware of the ideology of Soviet Fascism, while investigating the Investigators.

The term Fascism and fascist is not coincidental in politics, some Dems called President Trump-fascist, because he is nationalist. Those people do not know or refuse to know the difference between a nationalist and national-socialist. National-Socialists means an abbreviation, which is Nazis, it was a fascist regime in Hitler’s Germany with Gestapo activities against the personal liberty of the population. The same regime was established by Stalin with the KGB and activities totally against the personal liberty and freedom of the people. The notion of Show Trails and Stalinist purges should be known to people of the world and all children to prevent the repetition of the history. Investigative overreach in the current House reminds me the KGB’s obstructive interrogations in Russia. The long collaboration with the KGB has provided the Dems with the methods and tricks of the ideology of Soviet Fascism, turning American system of Justice upside-down…

There is an information that during the 2016 election the U.K. reportedly spied on the Trump campaign and passed the info to the Obama administration, where it was then used by Trump-hating officials. Working with any foreign powers to influence a U.S. election is a treasonous crime, I warned you daily. Even worse. According to a New York Times article, Hillary’s campaign colluded with Russian officials in order to put together the Steele dossier– a faulty piece of opposition research that was unlawfully used to launch the Mueller investigation. I categorically insist: the faulty piece is definitely KGB’s production-a weapon against capitalist-Trump. I believe it was a predicate, the beginning of huge international operation against the American Republic, a preparation for the 2020 election against President Trump…

Jerome Corsi charges Robert Mueller investigation with prosecutorial misconduct, April 29, 2019 and we soon know whether Mr. Mueller was a part of the anti-Trump “Criminal cabal” or not. I can see the investigation as a part of the war waged by the Dems’ Deep State against Republicans in preparation for the 2020 election in America. This information is for the Attorney General: this special international espionage operation is even bigger than I suspected, it is definitely run and coordinated by Putin’s KGB… Putin loves to fish in a murky waters, the Dems will keep the Russian story alive, therefore don’t expect any discussion on real substance: it will be multi-faceted attacks on you and Republicans to divert attention from the criminals of Dems’ leadership—one of the methods of the Operation Disinformation

There is alarming information on Chinese military achievements and even more, concerning our Intel. “The Chinese government is actively working to recruit radicals within the U.S. intelligence community – radicals whose purpose is to resist and obstruct President Trump.” Patriotic viral news stories, April 29, 2019. I believe this is true. However, we can’t ignore the existence in reality of “The Axis of Evil,” which represents an Association of the governments under Russian umbrella, adhering to the ideology of Socialism, I renamed Soviet Fascism. The North Korean dictator is not acting independently, Putin prevented his meeting with President Trump. There is no independent leaders within The Axis of Evil, Putin’s KGB runs it.

You have evidence of socialism’s cost in Venezuela, where Cuba, Russia, China, and Iran are running the show, defending the Socialist dictator Maduro. The explanation is very simple: As a devoted disciple of Stalin and Andropov, Putin has continued an expansionist policy of Soviet Fascism. If you read my latest columns, you will see that same Russian policy expended in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and the Middle East as a whole. The agenda stays the same, left by Stalin and Andropov—a war against Western civilization and capitalism by all means, methods, and tricks possible. We have been dealing with the [known to me] KGB Disinformation Campaign responsible for holding us hostage by a Trump/Dossier fraudulent KGB’s production for three years. It is a very sophisticated KGB international operation against American President and against the American Republic …

Vladimir Putin was very successful vis-à-vis Democratic administrations during last thirty years. He and his KGB have deceived, fooled, and infiltrated our government, social media, and many democratic institutions. Don’t be surprised: China just repeated the procedure, taught by the Russian KGB and learned by them through the ideology of Soviet Fascism, like stealing the intellectual property—all of that is the KGB’s schooling. Don’t be also surprised by the death of Truman’s Party and the birth of America’s Socialist Party, infiltrated by the KGB, which has been freely acting on our soil and across the world for the last thirty years.

To be continued or

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Can 5 Members of Congress with a total of 1 Million votes disenfranchise 63 Million Trump Voters?

Five powerful Congressional Chairmen and Chairwomen who control the Democratic Caucus, (3) from California ,(1) from New York and (1) from Maryland all from Democrat ‘safe’ Districts who received a total of approximately one million votes will decide whether to impeach and try to remove President Trump from office, a duly elected President that received approximately sixty three million votes.

The following are the votes counts for these five Congressmen and Congresswomen:

Pelosi 275,000 votes
Cummings 202,000 votes
Shiff 196,000 votes
Walters 152,000 votes
Nadler 192,000 vote

President Trump’s 63,000,000 voters could be disenfranchised by five powerful Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen. Even if they are unable to convict the President they could bring the wheels of government to a halt. Their threats and spurious investigations have to a great extent already done this.

Can you think of one important piece of legislation the Democratic controlled House of Representatives have done since 2016?

This is the sad state of affairs in America today.