Be the Free Guy: Social-Proof Conformity Crumbles with Simple Action by One Person

A famous conformity experiment developed by Solomon Asch in the 1950s, provides stunning evidence of our willingness to follow the crowd — despite the evidence of our own eyes. Social proof, a powerful force in molding behavior, has become a political tool, amplified by social media, mainstream media and academia. But there’s a simple remedy also revealed in the Asch conformity experiments that requires action by only one person — you.

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ANALYSIS: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Hurts Working Class America The Most

  • President Joe Biden’s executive action requiring most U.S. workers to get vaccinated hurts working class Americans the most, according to polling and vaccination data.
  • “Unfortunately, this disproportionately harms people of lower socioeconomic groups,” Jeffrey Singer, a health policy expert at the Cato Institute, told the Daily Caller News Foundation when asked about Biden’s vaccine mandate. “A significant number of people who don’t want to get vaccinated are mainly of lower socioeconomic status.”
  • Just 66% of U.S. adults with less than a college degree have been vaccinated, significantly fewer than the 76% of total adults who have received a vaccination, according to a Sept. 10-13 Morning Consult poll.

President Joe Biden’s executive action requiring most U.S. workers to get vaccinated hurts working class Americans the most, according to polling and vaccination data.

Americans with lower levels of education are less likely to get and be more hesitant about COVID-19 vaccinations, according to survey data from the Census Bureau. Separate polling data showed that those Americans are also more likely to oppose vaccine mandates including Biden’s recent order requiring the jab for millions of workers.

“Unfortunately, this disproportionately harms people of lower socioeconomic groups,” Jeffrey Singer, a health policy expert at the Cato Institute, told the Daily Caller News Foundation when asked about Biden’s vaccine mandate. “A significant number of people who don’t want to get vaccinated are mainly of lower socioeconomic status.”

“At this point, I think it runs the risk of doing more harm than good,” Singer added.

Just 66% of U.S. adults with less than a college degree have been vaccinated, fewer than the 76% of total adults who have received a vaccination, according to a Sept. 10-13 Morning Consult poll. Meanwhile, 84% and 88% of adults with a bachelor’s degree and graduate degree respectively have been vaccinated.

About 11% of adults with some college education or an associate degree, 14% of adults with a high school diploma and 14.6% of those with less than a high school diploma reported being hesitant to get vaccinated, the Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey found. By comparison, 5% of those with at least a bachelor’s degree are hesitant.

Biden ordered the Department of Labor last week to issue a rule forcing businesses with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccinations at their workplace. The order, which applies to more than 81.1 million Americans, allows workers to choose to submit weekly tests to their employer instead of getting vaccinated.

The White House hasn’t clarified if private sector workers who choose not to be vaccinated will be expected to pay for the weekly tests. Some experts have predicted that employers will be allowed to choose whether to pay for the tests or not, The New York Times reported.

The Labor Department didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment on how weekly tests will be paid for.

Biden’s vaccine mandate for private sector workers doesn’t apply to those who work from home, according to the Miami Herald.

The president also issued executive orders requiring federal employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22, 2021, the White House said. There are an estimated 4.2 million full-time federal employees, according to the Congressional Research Service.

“Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective, and free,” Biden said during Sept. 9 remarks at the White House.

“We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin,” he added later in his speech.

Thirty-six percent of Americans with less than a college degree said they opposed Biden’s rule forcing private sector employees to get vaccinated, the recent Morning Consult poll showed. Those with a Bachelor’s degree and those with a graduate degree opposed it at a rate of 29% and 23% respectively.

On the question of vaccine mandates more broadly, 43% of adults with less than a college degree agreed that mandates violate the rights of Americans, according to the poll. Thirty-one percent of adults with a Bachelor’s degree and 25% with a graduate degree agreed.

Labor unions and trade groups representing working class Americans have come out in opposition to Biden’s vaccine mandate.

“These proposed requirements—however well-intentioned—threaten to cause further disruptions throughout the supply chain, impeding our nation’s COVID response efforts and putting the brakes on any economic revival,” American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear said in a statement.

“If these mandates are designed to protect Americans, then why the discriminatory 100-employee threshold, picking winners and losers for both employees and employers?” he continued.


Thomas Catenacci



Biden Administration Announces ‘New International Air Travel System’ With Vaccine, Testing Requirements

Small Business Group To Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

‘A Decision We Applaud’ — Big Business Endorses Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Arizona Becomes First State To Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandates

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Time Magazine Includes Jihad Terror Inciters Among 100 Most Influential People

Psy-op. This is how the left (Democrats) norm and mainstream the very worst in our society while smearing, mocking and slandering those of us fighting in defense of our freedoms.

Time includes terror supporters with Bennett among 100 most influential people

Notorious Palestinian terror supporters were listed alongside the Israeli prime minister in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of 2021.

By: World Israel News, September 17, 2021

Palestinian terror supporters Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd have been included in TIME Magazine’s annual list of the 100 most-influential people in the world in 2021 — together with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The magazine’s blurb praising Bennett was written by Mansour Abbas, head of the Islamist Ra’am party that is part of the Israeli government coalition.

As for the El-Kurds, Honest Reporting notes, “Mohammed, in particular, has repeatedly disseminated baseless anti-Israel smears and clear-cut anti-Semitic tropes while inciting violence on social media. Mona, too, has posted undeniably anti-Semitic, terror-supporting content, including at least one image of Hitler.”

Furthermore, “Mohammed earlier this month rejoiced as six Palestinian terrorists broke out of Israel’s maximum-security Gilboa Prison. ‘I am going to bed with a smile on my face and dreaming of the day all prisons are abolished,’ he tweeted.”

New Israeli oil contract causes outrage in Lebanon

Mohammed claimed — without proof — that “Holocaust survivors” threw Molotov cocktails at his home and that a Hong Kong-based Jewish author is guilty of “ethnically cleansing” and “Kristallnachting” Palestinians, says Honest Reporting.

The watchdog also reports that in June, Mohammed praised the “eloquence” of black nationalist Kwame Ture, who in 1970 called Adolf Hitler a “genius” and the “greatest white man” in history.

Honest Reporting added other examples of the El-Kurds’ anti-Semitic activity, adding that “this is only a small selection of the slanderous content El-Kurd spreads on social media. There is much, much more…

“Which makes it so puzzling that Time could include him on its ‘Most Influential People’ list.”

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Nearly 400,000 Voter Identities Processed in Arizona have NO MATCH with Social Security Administration

Trump won. How do we remove the fraudulent regime?

Nearly 400,000 voter identities processed in Arizona have NO MATCH with Social Security Administration

By Vianca Rodriguez RSBN Network, September 21, 2021:

A shocking report from Arizona last week reveals that hundreds of thousands of new voter registrations had no match within the Social Security Administration database.

After the state recently cross-checked more than 673,000 voter applicants’ profiles with the Social Security Administration, it found that 393,017, or 58 percent, of credentials did not have matching records with the SSA, according to the Gateway Pundit.


Normally, the state of Arizona compares about 2,000 new voter identity applications with the SSA per month – that is, until July 2021, where that number jumped to more than 70,000 per week. The trend dropped back down to several hundred on September 10, the outlet reported.

Arizona’s weekly processing reportedly includes one of the highest non-match percentages in the country compared to other states, staggering around 50 to 65 percent, where the average ratio throughout the rest of the country lies low between 15 to 25 percent.

This shocking revelation comes as a combination of 269,493 “lost” and “ghost” votes were discovered within Maricopa County alone, irregularities that could have potentially shifted the electoral results within Arizona. The full release of Arizona election audit report findings is expected Friday, Sept. 24.

Raising questions about who exactly is applying to become a voter in Arizona, and how many names without SSA records may have slipped through the cracks in previous years, the report could inspire even lower confidence in Arizonans concerned about election integrity.


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VIDEO: Darkest Days In U.S. History – Mike Lindell On Where/How to Fight Back!

The southern border is under attack from within. Hundreds of thousands of illegals are decimating our civil society because the Marxist-Democrat machine is allowing them to attack and destroy our rule of law and our constitutional order. But it’s not just the border. Constitutional America is being attacked from within using COVID as the shiny object to cause fear and angst and anger and division while the swamp in DC purposefully runs up the national debt to crisis levels. Our history and culture are being decimated. And, then there’s the assault on our franchise; if we don’t fix voter fraud, then these internal attacks will ultimately destroy us.

Graham Ledger speaks with Mike Lindell about where and how to fight back against this growing Marxist tyranny in America.

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Iran Could Have The Bomb Inside A Month!

“The Impossible is for the unwilling.” – John Keats

That mentally challenged and totally incompetent usurper and fool that resides in a dark basement room in the people’s house, alias the WH, has, since he stole the election, made this world a far more dangerous place to live. His practically non existent foreign policy, put together by treasonous extremists from the New Socialist Democrat Party, has ensured our national security has been greatly diminished. Whether it be the southern border or the Middle East or their economic policies, their stirring up of racial hatred and their destruction of our MSM which are now just a puppet mouthpiece of the state enforced soviet type policies, our security and that of the world is in peril.

No more obvious an example I can give is Iran. Under the strong leadership of President Trump, Iran was practically bought to their knees. Their economy was pretty much destroyed. However that is now reversed since the Biden Administration came into power – illegally. Iran, the worlds largest sponsor of world terrorism is having a great time now. They are stirring up trouble in Syria and in other parts of the Middle East, especially concentrated against Israel. They have created a huge bank with China who is aiding and abetting Iran. This makes Gen. Milleys treasonous action on promising China, while Trump was CIC, that he would warn China of any prospective attack on it by America, even worse. He is a disgrace. He needs to be relieved of his command, fired, arrested and sentenced. His pension needs to be taken away. He should have no further advantage or wealth gathering from the American tax payer. He is a total scumbag. Do not even mention his “righteous” drone attack that killed 9 innocent Afghan citizens including children.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Iran. Information has come out from Israel who seems to have the only correct intelligence gathering organization on this globe!

Iran has enriched its huge uranium supply to 60% purity. This is only a small hop, skip and a jump away from producing enough fuel for a single bomb. This could happen inside 30 days. They could produce enough within the following three months for two more bombs.

The IAEA has provided evidence that Iran has actually reached 63%. Now – remember that under the nuclear deal they were only allowed to enrich their uranium supply to 3.67%. A total disregard to the agreement they signed and not of importance to the Biden administration. Now, Iran needs a delivery system and rocket development was never banned in the agreement. Iran has banned IAEA inspectors from their facilities for months now, again a middle finger to the world. European countries and the USA are not censoring or censuring Iran for these blatant violations.

So what does all this mean? Well, since President Trump was illegally removed from office Iran has flexed its ever growing muscles and is creating a very real threat to Israel. Their aim is the destruction and removal of Israel and Israelis from the globe. Thanks to President Trump Israel has many friends in surrounding countries as opposed to the contempt they are shown by the Democrats. Those new allies do not want a nuclear armed Iran.

Israel is looking like they will need to make a very strategic and surgical series of strikes sooner rather than later. They need to destroy the nuclear facilities where the research and work on the enrichment of the uranium and the missiles technology development is taking place. They need to turn all those facilities into glass along with all the scientists and experts working there on those programs. A lot of those facilities are deep underground in extremely secure concrete bunkers, however, Israel, thanks to President Trump, has the military hardware to do the job.

I pray that under Prime Minister Bennett Israel will find the strength to do what they know will be condemned by the United States and the EU. For their continued peace and security and for the security of the rest of the region this needs to happen.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

Devin Nunes: To Defeat Marxist Democrats, GOP Must Join Free Speech Tech Platforms

Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-District 22) delivers keynote address at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Townhall, September 18, 2021.

About Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes (born October 1, 1973) has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2003. He currently represents California’s 22nd congressional district, which is located in the San Joaquin Valley and includes portions of Tulare and Fresno Counties. He and his wife have three daughters.

Nunes is Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and a member of the Ways and Means Committee, currently Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health, having previously served as Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade. He is the author of the book Restoring the Republic, which was published in September 2010.

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WATCH! Pelosi Aggressively BOO’ed In UK: “TRUMP WON!” “THE WORLD KNOWS!” “YOU’RE A FRAUD!”

Tough moment for Nancy in London today.

Pelosi (aggressively) heckled by UK Patriots… Bloody Awesome…

Posted by Citizen Free Press on September 19, 2021

RELATED ARTICLE: Nazi Collaborator George Soros Funds The Bush-Clinton-Obama Group Pushing For Afghan Migrants

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Chasing the China Virus Dragon!

Again I use a guest writer or two for you. The foreword by a very good friend and extremely knowledgeable former Federal Agency official. A true patriot. The second a link to a story from Israel on the ineffectiveness of the China Virus booster vaccinations. It makes interesting reading. Enjoy and share widely please using this blog. As always credits and links at bottom of this article.

1st Writer Pete A. Perhaps, it is because I come from a 15-year world of federal drug enforcement that I fall back on a truism that affects the drug junkie. It is called ‘chasing the dragon.’ Once the victim is ‘hooked’ on heroin, most never escape until they are stone-cold dead. Their addiction is a treadmill they can not get off – a race to attain that ever-greater high until they kill themselves. This is what I see going on, as described in the below article, with the great Covid injection genocide.
Isreal is the forerunner, leading the pack on this treadmill and there will be no getting off until the vaxed have taken their final fix. I have come to believe their bodies are now pumping out spike protein every time their immune system is challenged, which then actually infects them with the spike protein. Most importantly, the public has yet to fully understand that the injections have destroyed the vaxed innate immune systems and the ‘fix’ can do nothing more than forestall the inevitable.
There is hope for those who got the shot. It is now clear that this genocidal experiment was not uniformly administered across all populations. That is, not everyone was injected with the same concoction. The batches were numbered and controlled with different potions being administered across the populace. Therefore, there is a reason for hope, hope that if you received an injection it may have been inert or at least not of the life-threatening kind. What you need to take away as you enter the fall and winter flu season is to at least arm yourself with the commonly recognized therapeutics as if you were unvaccinated or not naturally immune from having had the Covid.

Israeli Researchers Can Confirm Only 12 Days of Protection From COVID-19 Virus with Booster Shot – by Shane Trejo.

Israeli researchers have only been able to demonstrate that the COVID-19 booster shot provides a proven 12 days of protection from the virus after being administered to people aged 60 or above.

However, the vaxx pushers and their captive propagandists in the media are spinning these findings as proof of vaccine efficacy.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the third Pfizer vaccine provides a ten-times boost of the immunity within individuals against individuals who have received only two vaccine shots. These findings, of course, presume that there was any real immunity boost given from the vaccines to begin with.

Thus far, nearly three million Israelis have received the third booster shot. Israel has emerged as the world leader in vaccine compliance, and their COVID-19 case totals keep shattering recordsas more Israelis line up to comply.

The authors claim that the study makes it “evident that booster vaccination is very effective at reducing the rate of both confirmed infection and severe illness.” Perhaps they came to these dubious conclusions after making considerations about preserving their budgets and maintaining their prestigious jobs.

Big League Politics has reportedabout how cases are surging in countries that have boasted the most compliance with the vaccine:

Many countries listed as a high travel risk by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have enforced vaccine compliance the best according to data from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) School of Medicine.

The nations of Malta, the United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Uruguay, Chile, Bahrain, Mongolia, Israel and Ireland are on the CDC’s list of Level 4 countries for COVID-19 risk. This is despite all of these countries vaccinating well over 50 percent of their population, with countries listed reaching as high as 78.8 percent compliance.

The data compiled by JHU omits Gibraltar, which also appears as a Level 4 country by the CDC. Gibraltar has boasted 99 percent rates of vaccine compliance, the highest of any country in the world, which has corresponded with a recent case spike and a renewal of crippling lockdown policies.

The CDC advises Americans to “avoid travel to these destinations,” adding that “if you must travel to these destinations, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel.” Of course, there is no guarantee that a fully-vaccinated traveler would be protected any more than the individuals in those countries where vaccination levels are high but cases continue to spike.

As the vaccines fail to contain the spread of the virus, pharmaceutical corporations that have already cashed out mightily due to the crisis get ready for their next fear-induced pay day.”

Despite the Big Pharma-owned public health establishment’s spin to the contrary, the vaccine is failing on all the metrics that the public was sold upon. The public must resist because this is only the beginning of a cruel technocracy that will feature unending invasive and nonsensical mandates.

<blockquote class=”wp-embedded-content”><a href=””>Israeli Researchers Can Confirm Only 12 Days of Protection From COVID-19 Virus with Booster Shot</a></blockquote>

Israeli Researchers Can Confirm Only 12 Days of Protection From COVID-19 Virus with Booster Shot

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AWED Newsletter: Covering COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections

Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

Note 1: Each issue now has a link, so it’s simple to share on social media. We’re also hoping that the new Newsletter format makes it easier to read.

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— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —

COVID-19 — Therapies, Ivermectin:

Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19 when used early. Analysis of 64 studies

Directories of US Physicians who may prescribe Ivermectin: here, here and here.

US Pharmacies that will fulfill an Ivermectin prescription: here and here.

I-MASK Early Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19

Short video: Joe Rogan and Ivermectin: Should COVID-19 Be Politicized?

Study: Ivermectin: a drug with indicated efficacy against COVID-19

The Truth About Ivermectin

Time for an Honest Dialogue about Treating COVID-19

India’s Ivermectin Blackout – Part III

India Announces State is COVID-19 Free Using Ivermectin

Ivermectin, ‘Noble Lies,’ and Whom Do We Trust?

Video: Indian Bar Association vs WHO

COVID-19 — Therapies, Misc:

‘Get Sicker’: Anatomy Of A Failed Policy

Doctor Warns: Feds May Ration Monoclonal Antibodies

Pfizer is testing a drug to treat COVID-19 infections

COVID-19 — Vaccines, General:

Medical Boards’ Message to Physicians: Keep Quiet on Vaccine or Risk Loss of License

Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – COVID Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’

COVID-19 vaccine boosters unnecessary, say FDA advisers resigning over issue

FDA panel deals massive blow to Pfizer’s COVID booster vaccine

Why Don’t They Believe Us?

Short video: Use common sense to do a COVID Data Comparison in 3 countries

COVID-19 — Vaccine Adverse Health Effects:

Exclusive Summary: COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

Red Cross warning: COVID-vaccinated humans are INELIGIBLE for donating plasma

CDC Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Hit New Highs

News Station’s Appeal For Stories About COVID Deaths Gets an Unexpected Response

Doctor reports a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients

COVID-19 — Some mRNA Vaccine Concerns:

Long-Term Dangers Of Experimental MRNA Shots

Study: Some effects of mRNA vaccine on immune system

Report: DNA/RNA Vaccines: “Can They Alter Our Own Genetic Codes”

COVID-19 — Vaccine Mandate:

Biden announces vaccine requirements, impacting tens of millions of Americans

Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

The Totalitarian Roots of Vaccine Mandates

MD Report: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Now Pointless

NY Hospital stops delivering babies due to mandate resignations

Hospital staff must swear off Tylenol, Tums to get religious vaccine exemption

Video: How Are Forced Covid Vaccinations Different From The Mark Of The Beast?

COVID-19 — Vaccine Mandate Lawsuits:

NY Health Workers Get Federal Court Relief from Compulsory Covid Vaccines

NY Health Care Heroes File Lawsuit Against Shot Mandate

Judge refuses to temporarily block state’s COVID vaccine mandate

Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Must Be Opposed Through Every Legal Means Available

Republicans Threaten Lawsuits Against Biden Vaccine Mandate

COVID-19 — Models and Data:

Statistics and Research: Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) [Our World in Data]

Excellent: Six COVID-19 facts we’re in danger of forgetting

Open Letter from Healthcare Professionals

130+ UK Doctors: Failed COVID Policies Caused ‘Massive’ Harm

Every death caused by COVID-19 vaccines will be blamed on COVID-19

Public Health Scotland COVID-19 Statistical Report

Oregon Senators File Petition Calling for Investigation into CDC’s Willful Misconduct

Want to see what COVID strain you have? The government says no

New NIH Study: Analysis of the Effects of COVID-19 Mask Mandates

Infobank on Masks

COVID-19 — Misc:

Report: Scientific Observations about the Medical Establishment’s Handling of COVID-19

How the Pandemic Is Changing the Norms of Science

A simple strategy for defeating the COVID narrative

Senator Paul says new Wuhan documents show Fauci lied

The biomedical security state is determined to reduce every human to a QR code

Gaslighting Ivermectin, vaccines and the pandemic for profit

26 out of the 27 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that COVID leaked from a Chinese lab have links to Wuhan researchers

Short video: Australian Police Bash and Pepper spray 70-year old woman

Greed Energy Economics:

Energy Prices in Europe Hit Records After Wind Stops Blowing

We cannot afford to stop and start society based on the wind blowing

The High Cost of Wind, Solar and Battery Systems in North East US

UK electricity prices now most expensive in Europe (largely due to renewables)

Greenflation: Household bills to soar by more than £1,500 a year, analysts warn

Solar Project Sale Reveals Green Energy Sorcery

Renewable Energy Health and Ecosystem Consequences:

Report: Rise of the Eco-Right

Missouri’s largest wind farm isn’t running at night for fear of killing endangered bats

Wind industry faces its own green dilemma: landfills

EV Battery Fires Won’t Keep Pols from Putting You in Them

Wind Energy:

Wind turbine nuisance test case starts in Australian Supreme court

Oregon farmers allege violations at wind turbine project

Nuclear Energy:

Small Nuclear Reactors Will Power Our Future

China prepares to test thorium-fueled nuclear reactor

Nuclear Fusion: U.S. and China race to build world’s first commercial plant

Fossil Fuel Energy:

Companies lying about going to 100% renewables

Goodbye to Coal? Not So Fast!

California’s Grid Operator Asks Feds To Burn More Fossil Fuels To Avert Blackouts

Australia rebuffs Biden, Boris and the UN; vows to keep mining coal

Oil and Gas Industry Targeted by Democrats Out to Destroy It

Misc Energy:

Video: Blue Hydrogen. The greatest fossil fuel scam in history?

Environmentalism as Religion: Unpacking the Congregation

World’s biggest battery sidelined after “overheating incident”

EV Battery Fires do not bode well for projected sales

The Major Problem With EVs No One Is Talking About

China Making Itself An Energy Superpower As Biden Cowers

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:

Does China Really Believe in ‘Climate Change’?

Meteorologist: Media Writes “Climate Click-Bait” Stories Using Well-Known Formula

A recent Climate “fact-check” article makes multiple false and misleading claims

The Media Is Lying About Greenland and Climate Change

15 Years On, Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ has Proved to be Largely Inaccurate Tripe

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:

The Deep Optimism Manifesto

COP26 And Carbon Imperialism: A Showdown Looming

The climate debate in 15 minutes

Scientists “Statistically Significant” Cooling Trend Over Entire Continental Antarctic

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

Real Progress Is Not What Progressives Have in Mind

Dems make it impossible for Sen. Manchin to support H.R. 4

Manchin’s election bill would nationalize no-excuse absentee mail-in ballots

Dark money gives top Dem lawyer ‘nearly unlimited funding’ for election lawsuits

Short Video: What You Didn’t Know About Mail-In Ballots

US Election — Arizona:

Arizona Audit To Be Released Sept 24th

Maricopa County and AZ Senate reach agreement

Election Fraud in Arizona

US Election — Other State Issues:

Texas Gov. Abbott signs election integrity bill, SB1, into law

California’s Audit-Proof Scheme to Steal Elections

NY Democrats Set to Gerrymander the GOP Out of Existence in the State

Mesa County (CO) Report #1 with Forensic Examination and Analysis

Other US Politics and Related:

Superior Short Video: Don’t Take The Bait

Short Video: What Radical Islam and the Woke Have In Common

Report: The $3.5T Spending Mistake

Clinton lawyer’s indictment reveals ‘bag of tricks’

We Are in a War for America’s Soul

Large Sections of the Border Wall Have Been REMOVED

NY Democrats Set to Gerrymander the GOP Out of Existence in the State

Virtue-Signaling Pastors On The Left And The Rapid Rise Of Communism

Education Related:

My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology — So Today I Quit

University Professor Resigns, says School is a ‘Social Justice Factory’

Why Free Community College Solves The Wrong Problem

Australians All Let Us Deplore

Science and Misc Matters:

Scientific Pretense vs. Democracy

Short video: Science Of Persuasion

Report: The Facebook Files

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Clinton Lawyer Indicted for Fabricating Conspiracy about President Trump

Indict! What the hell is going on?


By The Conservative Treehouse, September 18, 2021

U.S. Special Counsel John Durham has released an indictment [pdf here] of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to federal investigators in 2016 about the people and motives behind his FBI contact. He failed to tell them his intent was to spread a false Alfa Bank conspiracy theory on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Working for the Perkins Coie law firm, while under contract with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, partner Michael Sussmann contacted FBI Legal Counsel James Baker to pitch evidence that a Russian bank was in digital communications with servers in Trump Tower.  The Alfa Bank allegation was one of the key components for the ridiculous Trump-Russia narrative put together by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Sussmann wanted the FBI to investigate Donald Trump, so that Hillary Clinton could push a political fabrication about Donald Trump working with Russians to steal the presidential election.

According to the indictment, Sussmann failed to tell the FBI that he was giving them this information on behalf of the Clinton campaign.  The FBI investigated the claims and found nothing; however, it was the appearance of the investigation that Clinton needed in order to leak/push the Trump-Russia story to the media and stir up the controversy…

With the indictment now public, The New York Times also now admits Michael Sussmann was their source for stories they wrote about Alfa bank…

(read more)

(Indictment pdf Source)

Perkins Coie is “law firm-1”.  Mark Elias is “campaign lawyer 1”.   The “US Investigative Firm” is Fusion GPS.   “Tech Executive-1” is likely Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike…

In March 2016, Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie to discuss potential engagement in the development of opposition research on Donald Trump…

In April 2016, Perkins Coie retained Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Towards the end of the month, on April 29, Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann contacted Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike Services…

Before June 14, 2016, Sussmann, CrowdStrike Services and the Democratic National Committee carefully crafted a damage control story with regards to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, which Dmitri Alperovitch and Shawn Henry released to Ellen Nakashima at The Washington Post.

On June 14, 2016, Nakashima…published the article “Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump” in The Washington Post

In…July 2016, a member of the…organisation, known by the alias “Tea Leaves”, discovered potential malware moving from the Alfa Bank server to the Trump Organization server. The information…was then circulated among his colleagues…

October 31, 2016, Franklin Foer published the article, “Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?”, in Slate. This article was then retweeted by Hillary Clinton in a tweet which read: “It’s time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia.”…

Fusion GPS then passed Steele’s reports to Marc Elias at Perkins Coie.

The rest, as they say, is history….

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COVID Vaccines: The Dog Is Chasing Its Tail.

Today’s blog comes from a friend Chris Wright and I found it interesting, as well as relevant and I wanted to share it with you – my readers! It is well written and you may see more of his writing as the time goes on. There are many links that are worth your time hitting as you read. As always please share from here and share far and wide!! In liberty. Fred B!

The Story of Ivermectin:

Hi all,

I have questioned the integrity of public health officials concerning their pronouncements on COVID many times in previous commentaries.  I have asserted the whole subject has become completely politicized and we’re not getting the straight story.  I’ve given you story after story about how the number of COVID cases is being overstated.  I’ve questioned why authorities continue to push masks when masks have not been shown to be of much use.  I’ve talked about the now over 14,000 deaths in the U.S. from adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.  With respect to the latter, I’ve been accused of misusing the data and spreading misinformation, but I wrote a rebuttal to my accusers [Daily Skirmish – 9/1/21] and nobody on a health policy listserv or my other accusers answered.  As of this moment, my rebuttal stands unrebutted.

And so it is I have concluded we’re not getting the straight story about the vaccines, either.  In the first place, there are recent reports immunity from vaccines can wear off after six months.  When they said ‘get vaccinated and you can go back to a normal life’, they didn’t say, ‘and, oh by the way, it’s just for six months,’ did they?  Secondly, a published medical doctor is sounding the alarm about “vaccine chasing”, the idea that mass vaccination causes new variants to emerge, just like the overuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic-resistant strains to emerge.

Dr. Richard Fleming writes there is “no statistically significant difference in the number of people who died who were un-vaccinated compared with those who received the vaccines.”  Then, in discussing breakthrough cases after vaccination, “there was no statistical difference in the number of people who were diagnosed with COVID independent of whether they were vaccinated or not.”  This is true for Pfizer and Moderna.  Johnson & Johnson did a little better, but the comparatively good results shown at 14 days disappeared by 28 days after vaccination.

For all that trouble, in 33 countries – notably Israel and the U.K. – Delta and other new variants emerged after mass vaccination.  As a result, the overall number of cases did not decrease in any of those countries despite mass vaccination  So, mass vaccination is basically a failure.  Not only that, Fleming writes, there are concerns the vaccines are causing vascular disease and neurological symptoms.  Then comes the kicker:   “There is of course also the mounting number of deaths associated with the use of these Drug Vaccine Biologics,” Fleming writes, referring to the same government data for which my detractors came after me.

Fleming sums it up this way:  “As we continue the Mass Vaccination program of using these Drug Vaccine Biologics, that according to the EUA data itself fail to show a statistical reduction in COVID-19 cases or death, with an increasing number of adverse events including death; we are simultaneously producing a Pressure Selection of Variants that will produce what appears to be a never ending cycle of Pressure Selection-Vaccination.”

A never-ending cycle, like a dog chasing its tail.  The more we vaccinate, the more variants we get.  The more variants we get, the more vaccines we need.  Meanwhile, the people pushing the party line on vaccines are getting rich, careers are being made, and public health authorities get to feel oh, so important.

And now you want to tie me down, stick a needle in my arm, and tell me I can’t work or travel out of state if I don’t comply?  Stop this train, I want to get off.

Dr. Fleming discussed his work further on Secure Freedom Radio on 9/16/21.

Visit The Daily Skirmish

Best wishes,

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

Pelosi Says Capitalism Has Not Helped U.S. Economy, Argues ‘We Have To Correct That’

This is a communist coup on America.

Ayn Rand on Capitalism, 

“Capitalism did not create poverty — it inherited it.” For much of human history, the vast majority of the population was mired in poverty. All too often, the average individual lived in unimaginably wretched conditions. It was only in the nineteenth century, and then only in the West, that the masses started to enjoy prosperity because of capitalism.

“The nineteenth century was the ultimate product and expression of the intellectual trend of the Renaissance and the Age of Reason, which means: of a predominantly Aristotelian philosophy. And, for the first time in history, it created a new economic system, the necessary corollary of political freedom, a system of free trade on a free market: capitalism.”

“No, it was not a full, perfect, unregulated, totally laissez-faire capitalism—as it should have been. Various degrees of government interference and control still remained, even in America—and this is what led to the eventual destruction of capitalism. But the extent to which certain countries were free was the exact extent of their economic progress. America, the freest, achieved the most.”

“Never mind the low wages and the harsh living conditions of the early years of capitalism. They were all that the national economies of the time could afford. Capitalism did not create poverty—it inherited it. Compared to the centuries of precapitalist starvation, the living conditions of the poor in the early years of capitalism were the first chance the poor had ever had to survive. As proof—the enormous growth of the European population during the nineteenth century, a growth of over 300 per cent, as compared to the previous growth of something like 3 per cent per century.”

“The flood of misinformation, misrepresentation, distortion, and outright falsehood about capitalism is such that the young people of today have no idea (and virtually no way of discovering any idea) of its actual nature. While archeologists are rummaging through the ruins of millennia for scraps of pottery and bits of bones, from which to reconstruct some information about prehistorical existence—the events of less than a century ago are hidden under a mound more impenetrable than the geological debris of winds, floods, and earthquakes: a mound of silence.”

“Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.”

“The recognition of individual rights entails the banishment of physical force from human relationships: basically, rights can be violated only by means of force. In a capitalist society, no man or group may initiate the use of physical force against others. The only function of the government, in such a society, is the task of protecting man’s rights, i.e., the task of protecting him from physical force; the government acts as the agent of man’s right of self-defense, and may use force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use; thus the government is the means of placing the retaliatory use of force under objective control.”

“The moral justification of capitalism lies in the fact that it is the only system consonant with man’s rational nature, that it protects man’s survival qua man, and that its ruling principle is: justice.”

“In a capitalist society, all human relationships are voluntary. Men are free to cooperate or not, to deal with one another or not, as their own individual judgments, convictions, and interests dictate. They can deal with one another only in terms of and by means of reason, i.e., by means of discussion, persuasion, and contractual agreement, by voluntary choice to mutual benefit. The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial. It is the institution of private property that protects and implements the right to disagree—and thus keeps the road open to man’s most valuable attribute (valuable personally, socially, and objectively): the creative mind.”

“Capitalism demands the best of every man—his rationality—and rewards him accordingly. It leaves every man free to choose the work he likes, to specialize in it, to trade his product for the products of others, and to go as far on the road of achievement as his ability and ambition will carry him. His success depends on the objective value of his work and on the rationality of those who recognize that value. When men are free to trade, with reason and reality as their only arbiter, when no man may use physical force to extort the consent of another, it is the best product and the best judgment that win in every field of human endeavor, and raise the standard of living—and of thought—ever higher for all those who take part in mankind’s productive activity.” 

Pelosi Says Capitalism Has Not Helped US Economy ‘As Well As It Should,’ Argues ‘We Have To Correct That’

By Brianna Lyman, Daily Caller, September 17, 2021:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Friday capitalism “has not served our economy as well as it should” but insisted it is a system to improve rather than abandon.

“In America, capitalism is our system, it is our economic system, but it has not served our economy as well as it should,” Pelosi said at a Chatham House event in the United Kingdom, according to Reuters. “So what we want to do is not depart from that, but to improve it.”

Pelosi said “stakeholder capitalism” has historically been beneficial to the states as it has allowed both workers’ wages and management’s to rise as productivity increases, according to The Washington Post. Pelosi, however, criticized “shareholder capitalism” which she says causes employees’ salaries to remain the same despite a growth in productivity.

“You cannot have a system where the success of some springs from the exploitation of the workers and springs from the exploitation of the environment and the rest, and we have to correct that.”

Pelosi has remained steadfast in her commitment to capitalism, albeit with some adjustments to the system.

When asked by a left-leaning student in 2017 whether Democrats should move farther left with “a more stark contrast to right-wing economics,” Pelosi immediately clarified Democrats are capitalists.

“I have to say, we’re capitalists, that’s just the way it is,” she responded, according to NYU Local. “However, we do think that capitalism is not necessarily meeting the needs with the income inequality that we have in our country.”

“We’re a capitalist system. The free market is – is a place that can do good things.”


Top Senate Republican Grills Biden EPA Nominee Over ‘Resist Capitalism’ Tweet

With Multiple Crisis’ Looming, Bloody Biden Takes a Long Weekend Vacation

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Florida Republicans Closing in on Florida Democrats’ Voter Rolls

I’ve got some great news and a fun article to share (if you too bask in the demise of the Democrat Party) – The Republican Party is on the verge of surpassing the Democrat Party in registration for the FIRST TIME in the history of Florida!

Shockingly, even though the Republican Party has crushed the Democrat Party in statewide victories over the past couple of decades, Democrats have always maintained a voter registration lead over Republicans…but…we are approaching the flip point…and it could happen within the next couple of WEEKS!

Check out the historical voter registration gap (posted below) and read the article at the bottom of this email for some reactions by leading Democrats.

Lastly – Thank you to every single County Republican Party, Volunteer, and Voter who has helped us get to this point! We’re not done yet and we aren’t gonna stop once we surpass the Democrats in registration, so please keep up all the great work in your local county. And if you are a voter reading this and looking to get involved, please contact your county Republican Party ASAP to help us reach this historical and incredible accomplishment (Click here to contact your local GOP).


(Democrat voter registration advantage over Republican)

  • 1952: 1,030,000
  • 1972: 1,419,000
  • 1980: 1,658,000
  • 1992: 646,000
  • 2008: 658,000
  • 2012: 535,000
  • 2014: 457,000
  • 2016: 327,000
  • 2020: 134,000
  • TODAY: 23,055

‘All-hands-on-deck crisis’: Florida Democrats on verge on losing voter registration advantage


TALLAHASSEE — Democrats in Florida are facing a five alarm political fire headed into the 2022 midterms. They’ve known about it for years, but have been unable to extinguish the blaze.

Republicans have nearly entirely eroded Democrat’s long standing voter registration advantage, which at its peak was 700,000 when President Barack Obama won Florida in 2008. At the beginning of 2021, the lead for Democrats was down to roughly 100,000. That advantage has further narrowed to 23,055 over the past eight months, according to August numbers posted Friday.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz conceded the party’s registration infrastructure has faced “years of neglect,” but after months of buildup the party started its 2022 registration push this month. He says Democrats have registered 20,000 voters so far in September, he told POLITICO in an interview.

Read more.

©Christian Ziegler, Florida GOP Vice Chairman. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Red States Wake Up! What Happened in California Will Not Stay in CA!

The Marxist-Democrat machine stole the 2020 presidential election by focusing on a few key precincts in a few key counties in a few key states. The Marxist-Democrat playbook has been for many years now to focus on key counties in once Red States in order to “flip” those once GOP strongholds Blue. Virginia is a great (and horrible) example of this nefarious attack plan producing politically abundant results. It’s all about the numbers.

And, that brings us to California and the recall attempt of governor Gavin Newsom: it never had a chance. Why? Answer: the numbers.

Graham Ledger talks with recall gubernatorial candidate Sam Gallucci about the root of the Marxist problem in California and how to guard against this cancerous, anti-constitutional threat spreading into Red States.

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