Omarosa vs Trump: It’s All About The Mid-Term Elections

Candidly folks, I have not paid much attention to the Omarosa/Trump soap opera. For the past few weeks, my wife Mary and I have been in Arizona with the Conservative Campaign Committee intensely campaigning for Dr Kelli Ward for US Senate. August 28th is the primary election.

This may sound surprising coming from a black guy, but I do not care if Trump used the N-word. All I know is president Donald J Trump is doing an awesome job for my country. I think of that Bible verse that says “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” As I have stated in numerous articles, leftists freely use the N-word, including calling me a “stupid n*****” for simply loving my country and not viewing myself as a victim.

Sources say Trump is not the man he once was and has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. I am judging Trump by his deeds. This man has treated blacks far better than Obama. Even leftist blacks had to admit that blacks suffered and moved economically backwards under Obama

Trump has black unemployment at historic lows. Countless times, to no avail, I’ve tried to explain to black family members who viewed Obama has their Great Black Hope that Obama’s sole mission was to further the American left’s anti-God and anti-American agendas. His skin-color was only a weapon to silence anyone who opposed him ignoring our Constitution while implementing initiatives to punish America for being mostly white, extremely successful and the world power.

The Congressional Black caucus also betrayed blacks by selling its soul to the American left. This is why at the State of the Union, when Trump announced that black unemployment is at an historic low, not one black democrat in that hall stood or applauded. They sat on their hands wearing stone-cold faces. Their behavior told us all we need to know about their true agenda; not helping blacks –but furthering liberalism

This latest fake news media created firestorm featuring Omarosa is simply more of the American left desperately attempting to keep the public’s focus off Trump’s remarkable achievements for We the People thus far – to block his make America great agenda and remove him from office. This is the goal of every fake news media story 24/7.

From my vantage point outside of Washington DC in real America, all I see is a self-adsorbed selfish vindictive woman (Omarosa) screaming, “Look at me ! Look at me!” while relishing the media spotlight. Omarosa does not give a rat’s derriere about all the good Trump has achieved for her fellow black Americans. She is focused on bringing Trump down by branding him a racist and the American left is loving her for it.

The question is, Will the American left’s 24/7 Omarosa, Trump-is-racist-smear dupe enough voters to harm the GOP in the swiftly approaching mid-term elections?” Folks, life has taught me to always look for God’s blessing in every situation. There just might be a pony for us with the pile of horse-manure promoted by the American left. This Omarosa fake news media frenzy is really about helping the democrats regain control of the house and senate. This Omarosa madness could be a God-given wake-up call to all Americans who are fat and happy thinking Trump has turned things around so they can chill; turning a blind-eye to politics.

Every patriot who loves what Trump is doing should be extremely committed to becoming and staying engaged in the mid-term elections.

The American left is dragging out Omarosa’s smear against Trump, drip, drip, dripping more details daily. As I stated, I really do not care. My fellow brother and sister Americans, we must keep the GOP in control of congress to continue Trump’s restoration of America; an America where education, hard-work, risk-taking and character are honored. We reject leftists’ America in which everyone is a victim of something, government should bully us into embracing extreme behaviors against out religious faith and government should confiscate the hard earned stuff of risk-takers to give to lazy deadbeats.

Dr Kelli Ward is a strong Trump supporter because, like you and me, she believes in lower taxes, fewer regulations, personal responsibility and following the Constitution. These are principles which made America great – a beacon of hope for the world – a shining city on a hill.

Please get involved in the mid-term elections. Quoting my wife’s favorite comic, Larry the Cable Guy, “Let’s git er done!” for America.

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Trump Foes Assail Mexican Restaurant Chain After Jeff Sessions Eats There

A popular Mexican restaurant chain in Houston faced such a backlash for serving Attorney General Jeff Sessions that its owners disassociated themselves from Trump administration immigration policy and disabled all social media accounts.

Sessions ate Friday night at the family-owned El Tiempo’s Montrose location, one of eight in Houston.

That night, someone posted a photo on the restaurant chain’s official Facebook page showing executive chef Domenic Laurenzo with Sessions and captioned: “We had the honor to [serve] Mr. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.”

El Tiempo is owned by Roland Laurenzo and his son, Domenic, also the executive chef.

Soon after the photo with Sessions was uploaded on Facebook, a barrage of hateful comments and harassment directed at the Houston eatery began. The reaction prompted Roland Laurenzo to disable all social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, over the weekend.

In a later deleted follow-up post on Facebook, Roland Laurenzo wrote that El Tiempo served Sessions without “thinking about the political situations”:

El Tiempo does not in any way support the practice of separating children from parents or any other practices of the government relative to immigration. The posting of a photograph of the Attorney General at one of our restaurants does not represent us supporting his positions.

The secret service contacted us that a government official was coming to dinner at our establishment and his identity was not know until he walked through the door. The man came to dinner and he was served without us even thinking about the political situations. We were preoccupied with the secret service and catering to their wants and needs.

The only thing on our minds was serving great food and giving great customer service. It was posted without review or approval by ownership and this has lead [sic] to everyone jumping to conclusions that somehow we are involved in this political matter. We don’t approve of anyone separating parents and children.

Sessions was in town on government business, including a speech about violent crime and measures his Justice Department is taking to reduce gang violence, delivered to local law enforcement officials and federal prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., among others on the left, has urged those who disagree with Trump and his policies to confront his Cabinet officials in public places and cause disturbances.

“People are insulting us in such a dramatic fashion, and we feel like we don’t deserve it,” Laurenzo told KTRK-TV, the local ABC station. “At least temporarily I had it [social media accounts] taken down because I don’t want to be insulted, my children to be insulted, my family to be insulted.”

The backlash wasn’t limited to online. A small group of protesters targeted the restaurant’s Navigation location earlier this week. KTRK (ABC13) reported that fewer than 20 protesters stood outside.

A University of Houston law student, Jessica Lorena, organized the protest. She told Click2Houston: “What we’re trying to do is make sure that we make the people that are attending this restaurant, and its managers, and its owners, uncomfortable.”

One El Tiempo manager reported threats to employees and a suspicious dumpster fire.

Sarah Isgur Flores, Sessions’ public affairs director, declined to comment on the situation to The Daily Signal.

A silver lining for the restaurant chain: The outrage and calls for boycotts prompted folks across Texas to make a special stop at an El Tiempo restaurant, according to local news stations.

El Tiempo was not the only Mexican restaurant where the attorney general ate during his visit to Houston.

The general manager of La Mexicana, Zulema Gonzalez, confirmed that Sessions had a meal there and told the Houston Chronicle: “We treat everybody the same.”


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Ginny Montalbano

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Hundreds Of Media Outlets Make Trump’s Point Today

The media is a surprisingly self-unaware lot sometimes. And boy are they putting a fine point on that today.

A few months ago, the media went into circus hysterics when Sinclair Broadcast Group required all of the company’s television news anchors around the country to read a scripted editorial that pointed out the “troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country,” decried “fake stories” and lamented that “some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’…This is extremely dangerous to a democracy.”

The media responded theatrically about how “chilling” was this call to commit better journalism than is being done. Well, actually they were most upset at some corporate suits daring to tell journalists to commit to high standards. Sure, it may have been poor optics to recite the exact same verbiage on each station. The goal of the script, however, is something every media outlet says it aspires to and does (but doesn’t.)

Here is the dirty little secret. What Sinclair did is exactly what happens at newspapers across the country every day. An editorial board — in almost all newspapers made up entirely of leftists — determine what the opinion of the newspaper will be. Not the owner, not the suits, a group of leftists who largely all think alike. And those opinions across the country from paper to TV are as uniform as the Sinclair statement in terms of worldview, politics and agenda. And far more nefarious to America and the role of the media.

Today, in a self-unawareness zeitgeist, literally hundreds of newspapers across the nation are taking to their editorial pages — as one, a la Sinclair — to denounce and attack President Trump and his “media is the enemy” rhetoric. They pledged to all write editorials and publish them on this day, today — to recite a pro-media, anti-Trump message all at once. Just. Like. Sinclair…Self. Un. Aware.

Now frankly, they do this all the time anyway. This bit of publicity stunt was dreamt up by the relentlessly liberal Boston Globe to show the importance of journalists. Now mind you, they don’t really mean Breitbart or Fox or Daily Caller journalists. No, those aren’t real journalists. They’re the wrong kind of journalists because they have the wrong bias. Real journalists are biased from the left. Sure, they don’t see it in those terms, but it is undeniably true.

Of course, this is hyped up nonsense in pursuit of an agenda — exactly what Sinclair was rightly saying journalists shouldn’t be doing. How can I be so sure? President Trump has not lifted one finger to limit the expression of the journalists or cause them any harm while President Obama waged a veritable war against the friendly media and was arguably the most dangerous president to American media freedoms in the modern age.

Obama spied on AP reporters by seizing phone records of more than 100 journalists in a dragnet to scare off whistleblowers. It was thug intimidation of both journalists and whistleblowers. Obama also went after Fox News reporter James Rosen, and named him a “co-conspirator” to pursue criminal charges after he — get this — published leaked information. Obama also went after New York Times reporter James Risen to reveal his source of a leak. In fact, Obama used the arcane Espionage Act to pursue nine other reporters who reported leaks. Further, in one of his first acts in office, Obama dismissed AP photo so he could better control pictures of himself. And Obama’s Federal Communications Commission was actually planning to put government monitors in newsrooms to see how reporters gathered information. (They ultimately backed down.)

Now, how many reporters have been criminally pursued or monitored under President Trump for about 10 billion leaks? None that we are aware of. How many phone records seized? None. How many charged as co-conspirators for publishing leaks? None. And so on.

And yet here we are. Through all those Obama media assaults, there was never an organized editorial day to fight back against the dangerous usurpations of that administration. In fact, there was little more than perfunctory reporting. No outrage. Why? Because Obama was their guy. He represented their vision for the country and their agenda for getting there. In practice they were every bit as much his wingmen as Eric Holder. It’s what inevitably happens with a monolithically one-think media.

A few journalists saw it and still remember. They are worth highlighting because they are a rare species.

Here’s what the New York Times’ Risen wrote shortly after Trump’s election:

“If Donald J. Trump decides as president to throw a whistle-blower in jail for trying to talk to a reporter, or gets the F.B.I. to spy on a journalist, he will have one man to thank for bequeathing him such expansive power: Barack Obama.”

Chicago Tribune anti-Trump columnist Margaret Sullivan wrote in June:

“But what happened under Obama set an ominous tone for reporters who were trying to do their jobs of informing the public.”

This tiny handful of journalists saw the dramatic and real actions taken against reporters by Obama. But the media at large just yawned. Why? Because unlike Sinclair’s corporate statement on good journalism, the Globe, Times and all the rest hold a monolithically left to far-left and vehemently anti-Trump worldview.

The reason this is so much more telling than Sinclair’s, which was a one-time, generic statement promising good journalism, is that this reveals publicly, by the newspapers themselves, just how uniformly their worldview is anti-Trump. Trump’s statements of “enemy of the people” simply reflects him somewhat hyperbolically seeing himself as a representative of the people — which he, sort of, is electorally. Today’s antic puts in neon lights that they are certainly an enemy of Trump.

The media’s anti-Trumpism is the actual agenda Sinclair was decrying. Yet the self-unaware media only saw a chilling effect by Trump’s words while shrugging indifferently all the way through Obama’s literal attacks on the media — cheering themselves on now in pursuing their own journalistically ubiquitous, anti-elected President agenda.

So the very thing they decried as chilling when Sinclair did it in favor of good journalism, they are now doing to attack the President. They not only don’t see that, they see themselves on the side of the angels. The vast majority of America disagrees.


Trump: Newspapers are ‘in collusion’; fake news ‘an opposition party’ as 300 editorials protest

The Media’s Double Standard on Taking Relatives’ Views Seriously

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Revolutionary Act.

DNCC Co-Chair Ellison has ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ according to ex-girlfriend

Ms. Karen Monahan has accused DNCC Co-Chair, current Representative Keith Ellison, who is running for Attorney General in Minnesota, of suffering from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

According to the Mayo Clinic:

Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. People with narcissistic personality disorder may be generally unhappy and disappointed when they’re not given the special favors or admiration they believe they deserve. They may find their relationships unfulfilling, and others may not enjoy being around them.

Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder centers around talk therapy (psychotherapy).

On August 12, 2018 Ms. Karen Monahan released the following statement:

After a several years of being in a relationship with Keith Ellison, It became clear, I had survived narcissist abuse. Unless you have been through narcissist abuse, it is the most difficult form of abuse to articulate. It leaves survivors (if they survive) with serious health impacts, complex ptsd, depression and so many other devastating impacts. It is a slow insidious form of abuse. You don’t realize it is happening until it’s too late. Now that I understand it and have done so much healing, I can look back at certain moments and experiences in this relationship and they now make perfect sense. I or nobody else can diagnose a person with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). But I am well aware of the traits and I witnessed each one of them.

The complex PTSD started around 2014, I knew something wasn’t right but couldn’t put my finger on it. Every part of me began to change, including my health. I couldn’t remember things as well, my mind was slow at times and then it would race. By time I left the relationship in the middle of January 2017, my hair was falling out, I had severe pain in my neck, back and legs. My social life was suffering due to isolation, my work was slipping and it was all becoming noticeable. I became someone I didn’t recognize, on the inside or out.

I went to the Dr.. as soon as I left the relationship. I was told I was anemic, my red blood cells were very low. My magnesium was low, central nervous system was out of balance and much more. Part of dealing with the aftermath of narcissist abuse is dealing with healing your brain as well. Due to sleeping around with more than one person at the same time as me, I was scared of the possible health impacts. My time, financial cost, lost days just living life daily, my work, family, friendships, mental and physical health and much more, took a toll for a very long time. But I survived and now I am a stronger person than I ever was, even before the abuse.

Throughout the relationship he would say and do things and then gaslight me when I would ask what was going on.. He would make me think I was crazy for suspecting things I had heard or had seen. Come to find out, everything that I would bring up was actually true. The more I would see and hear things, the more I would bring it up. The anger and rage were ramping up. He would say and do things to manipulate me, so I wouldn’t bring certain issue up. A few examples of using power and control, cancel trips, tell me to move on a regular basis and would tell me I made him do it because I wouldn’t stop arguing. Basically, the things I would hear and suspect, which were true, I wasn’t allowed to mention or I would deal with some ramification It got worse as time went on.. The pathological lying, cheating, smearing my name and seeking validation and sympathy from the various females he was preying on, kept getting more and more frequent. He would word certain text where he there was plausible deniability but with everything else, it was so clear. After the relationship, others confirmed various things I was suspect to. That is part of the crazy making with narcissist abuse. One night I confronted him very calm about a lie he had just told me straight to my face. What happened next was a rage that I had never witnessed to that magnitude. He was becoming a person I had never seen before. The next morning, he came into the room I was sleeping in. I was laying across the bed with my headphones on, listening to podcast on my phone. He said he was about to leave town for the weekend and told me to take the trash out. Given the explosive outrage that occurred the night before, I just should shook my head yes. I didn’t look up at him or saying anything. That is when he tried to drag me off the bed by my legs and feet, screaming “bitch you answer when I am talking to you. I said take out the trash, your a bad guest (even though we were living in the same place). He kept trying to drag me off the bed, telling me to get the fuck out of his house, over and over. I froze. He had to leave and get on the plane. He knocked the shoe off my foot and told me I better be gone when he gets back (which was in two days). This happened in 2016. The gaslighting, manipulation, name calling and cheating started in 2014. By time the physical abuse occurred, I was dealing with the PTSD full blown. I secured an apartment within those two days. I borrowed the money I needed and spent that whole weekend searching for an apartment until I found one. I couldn’t move in until a couple months. During the waiting period he asked me several times to please not move out, he would reimburse me for the deposit. In my gut, I knew it was the right thing to do and said “no”.

I saw him morph into a totally different person and was still worried about him. I told him I would go with him if he wanted to get help. There were statements he made that had me afraid for him. We discussed working on our issues and just living in separate spaces. At that moment I was open to that. Things were happening so fast and I still didn’t realize I was dealing with PTSD and had no idea what narcissist abuse was.

He would ask me to stay at his house (most of my stuff was still there) he would come home. The behavior became more irrational and I was truly worried. We were suppose to work on the issues that were occurring in the relationship but more and more odd behavior and texting to various women continued.

Toward the end, I discovered he would have me stay the night and the next night have one of the females he had been cheating on me withal, stay the night.

I needed answers (I am dealing with complex PTSD so nothing seems clear). The last night I stayed the night, ever, I got up in the middle of the night, found one of the ladies scarf and a grocery bag with her name on it. I looked at his text and saw a mountain of lies after lies. Not just to me, but to each of the females. He would send us all the same text in a row. He would lie to one of the women about why he couldn’t see her or go to a movie, etc. but invited me over to go to a movie. That is one example of several. There is much more that I could share but I Won’t at this time. I couldn’t believe this was the person I had been involved with. I was in shock. It was a totally different person. I told him he was lying to not only me but these other women. He wasn’t allowing any of to make a choice with the most sacred parts of who we are. After I found out, there was no remorse. In fact, he continued the lies. He victim shamed me, said I had responsibility in his choices. This is still what he says to this day. About a few days later, the sent me a message stating that if I missed him, we could work it out. That blew me away. For a year and half after I left the relationship for good, he would send text telling me he missed me, he loved me and regretted me leaving. He told me, I would probably regret losing you for the rest of my life. I knew I would never go back. When I would mention what he did or refuse to take him back, I would receive heartless, mean messages or long periods of silence. It took me six months to finally get all my belongings from his place. The silent periods, changing plans, his schedule, needs, etc. left me connected to the trauma for six more months.

When I confronted him about all the lies and texts I saw, he first said I was crazy. I hung up the phone after he made that statement and began sending the screen shots to him. I was met with a cold response, he had no remorse. That was the day I ended it for good . In fact, Given everything that happened, he had the nerve to blame for invading his privacy because I was looking at his text. Invading his privacy and invading his secrecy are two different things in my book. These secrets have serious implications for a person’s health and overall life.

The blaming, taking no responsibility, victim shaming, cruel behavior each time I confronted him, with several attempts to get me to come back to the relationship, lasted this past year and half..

When I mentioned writing about this experience in my memoir, he tried to intimidate and threaten me. After those threats, I would call a couple friends, for about a month after he made them, everytime I left my place, just in case something were to happen to me. I was still dealing with the trauma and aftermath at this time.

I couldn’t silence my gut, in spite of what was happening to me as a result of the gaslighting, constant ups and downs with his moods (which began my ups and downs), the possibility of actually finding something that would end the relationship, I couldn’t ignore the voice inside, telling me something isn’t right. When things were slowly being revealed, he asked me why I wouldn’t stop asking him for the truth. I was met with pushback, circular conversation, manipulation or the silent treatment, each time I would bring it up, then blame me for bringing things up.

I was not the only person impacted by this situation. My kids were also impacted. I tried to hide it from them for several months. They knew something wasn’t right with me when they came to visit but were not quite sure. I told them I was just dealing with depression, that I would be ok. That is until they were using my computer and found substantial evidence showing that I was in an abusive relationship. Imagine how your own children would feel if they found out someone abused their mother. I could barely care for myself much less deal with their pain. They wanted to confront him and ask him why, they wanted to make it public and I had to plead with them and tell them it wouldn’t be good for me, if they did that. They did sent him a text stating they knew what he did to their mom and few other words. I couldn’t stop them from doing that. They also were in shock to watch friends and people who they knew who were part of the political world, sit back and be silent. They watched people who were aware, never reach out, ask if it was true, there were even people willing to find dirt and smear me, all to protect him. That is cruel to do to anu human. Regardless of what a person has or has not done, doesn’t mean they deserve abuse. We see this happen in our criminal justice system everyday. Watching all this, was a wake up call for them, as far as politics and the real world. When things like this happen to a person and family, the last thing they are thinking about is a political party or who is using their pain for political points.

I have offered him restorative justice and for him to seek some sort of help for over a year and half. He would not take me up on it. I told him I have not lost sight of his humanity and he deserved to take that time for himself to heal. I told him time and time again, I didn’t want to share my story publicly, it was more important for healing and restoration to occur with this situation. I told him not only he deserved it, but his family and constituents deserve it as well. For me, that alone would have been justice as far as my situation. But no matter how many times I offered, he wouldnt take me up on it.


SECOND WOMAN Accuses Democrat Keith Ellison of Abuse — Police 911 Report Confirms Incident!

Record of Keith Ellison 911 Assault Call Released

Ellison wins Minnesota AG primary amid late domestic violence allegations

Hypocrites: #MeToo Dems Silent as Vice Chair Ellison Accused of Brutal Sex Assault

The Boston Globe calls for Journalistic Jihad against Trump

Last Friday (Aug 10th), the Boston Globe called on the American news media to produce editorials tomorrow (Thurs, Aug 16th) denouncing what they describe as President Trump’s “dirty war against the free press.” The Globe claims they have already recruited dozens of major metropolitan dailies, as well as several smaller weeklies. Locally, I’m sure our Tampa Bay Times is chomping on the bit for this one.

I am confident tomorrow’s papers will be loaded with aspersions against the president, who will be cast as a Nazi dictator trying to suppress the news media. There will be a lot of whining, cat-calling, and some rather unfortunate comments made. In the end, the press will have finally come out of the closet and shown its true colors as to their feelings about the president. It won’t be pretty. Now, instead of random attacks against the president, it will be an orchestrated effort, which will finally be put on display for all to see.

In the end, this temper tantrum is going to hurt the press as they will lose further credibility with their readers and cause them to lose more subscribers. By forcing a confrontation, the press is ultimately asking the public to choose sides, thereby further dividing the country, for in the end, people will be asked to determine if the press is “the enemy of the people” or if it is Mr. Trump, and I’m afraid they are not going to like the answer they receive.

Here are some realities:

First, the news media has already lost the trust of the people, which has been eroding over the last few years. People realize news is important in order to be good and responsible citizens. A new Knight-Gallup survey shows Americans believe the media has an important role to play, but they do not see that role being fulfilled.

Second, the public understands money drives the press, thereby making it sensational. As such, it appears the press is shooting itself in the foot as newspapers continue to close, subscriptions plummet, and TV viewership declines. As a recent Pew poll reports:

  • The average audience for the evening newscasts for ABC, CBS and NBC decreased by 7% in 2017, down to 5.2 million, compared with 5.6 million in 2016.
  • The average audience for morning news programs from ABC, CBS and NBC also declined over the past year, down 10% in 2017, to about 3 million.
  • The average audience for the four news magazine shows aired by the networks – ABC’s 20/20, CBS’s 60 Minutes and 48 Hours, and NBC’s Dateline – declined in 2017, down 12% from 2016.

All of this means, they are losing the trust of the American people.

As an aside, Pew also reports the news media is more trusted in Europe than it is in the United States.

More importantly, Pew reports 78% of Americans say the news media should never favor one political party over another. Yet, this is precisely what has become of the American news media.

And third, look for a major push back from the Trump administration following the August 16th editorials. I’m sure the president will Tweet his displeasure but look for some other major changes, such as:

  • The White House could distribute news through written press announcements only. After all, if the press is not honest with the White House and often misinterprets the news secretary, why bend over backwards for the press?
  • The White House could insist on granting press credentials only to those who belong to The Constitution First Amendment Press Association (CFAPA). This pledge is a sort of Hippocratic oath as applied to journalists. The CFAPA pledge means they will conform to ethical standards.
  • We must remember the press has no “rights” to be in the White House, that it is a a privilege instead. This could result in some changes being made, such as holding a press briefing outdoors, not in the comfort of an indoor facility.

There might also be some possible libel lawsuits or other drastic measures. One thing is for sure, if they want to fight him, Mr. Trump will not let the challenge go unchecked.

Bottom-line, the news media is playing with fire and will likely earn a black-eye as a result of their editorials on Thursday. By announcing their intentions publicly, they only confirm what a lot of people already know, that the press is out to get President Trump at all costs. Their timing couldn’t be any more obvious, just before the midterm elections. What they do not realize though with this president, he is not afraid to do battle with them.

So, is there a war on the news media? Yes, definitely, just as there is a war against President Trump. While other presidents have taken the abuse, Mr. Trump has elected to fight back, and the press doesn’t like it one bit.

Anybody who believes the press is fair and impartial is taking it in the arm. Journalistic integrity is a myth. The rhetoric is already so vicious by the liberal press that drastic measures are likely in the offing. Since the press is not honest with the White House and often misinterprets the news secretary, why bend over backwards for someone whose mission is to destroy the president?

The one sad thing about all of this is that honest and professional journalists will be hurt in the process.

It will be interesting to see how the press fires upon Fort Sumter tomorrow. Expect cannonade in return, certainly not a flag of truce.

Keep the Faith!

EDITORS NOTE: All trademarks both marked and unmarked belong to their respective companies. Copyright © 2018 by Tim Bryce. All rights reserved.

Black Refutes Omarosa’s Trump-is-Racist Lie

My fellow Americans, I am so weary of people on the national stage willing to sacrifice the best interest of our country and people to serve their egos and personal vendettas. Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman is the latest to show her true colors. Omarosa was fired. Now she is claiming she heard Trump use the N-word.

President Trump has been awesome for minorities; sending black and Hispanic unemployment to historic lows. So what good does Omarosa’s unsubstantiated claim do for anyone other than feed the American left’s lie that Trump is racist? Clearly, Omarosa is another ego and power driven person making it all about her. The American left will treat Omarosa’s claim like manna-from-heaven; promoting it 24/7. The American left is so obsessed with blocking Trump from making America great again that they will use any and every despicable evil low-life tactic necessary.

The American left claims to be outraged over the possibility of Trump using the N-word. Meanwhile, their operatives freely use the N-word and racial slurs to trash patriotic blacks. For years, leftists have called me a “stupid n*****” for loving my country. The American left did not have a problem with Bill Clinton saying this about Obama, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” The American left was not particularly outraged when former KKK member Democrat Senator Robert Byrd said, “I’ve seen a lot of white niggers in my time…”

When black Republican Michael Steele ran for U.S. Senate, a leftist defaced Steele’s photo to depict him in black face. The caption with the racist photo said, “Simple Sambo wants to move to the big house.”

The American left had no problem with the N-word when cartoonist Ted Nall declared black Secretary of State Condolezza Rice Bush’s “house nigga”.

Years ago, I attended a party in which white guys were freely using the N-word, quoting lines from Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” movie. It was as though the movie made it cool. I was taken aback. In my day, if a white person disrespected you by using the N-word in your presence, as a black person, you were obligated to kick their butt. But somehow, the leftist movie director using the N-word made it okay – even cool. Tarantino’s movies obsessively use the N-word; 110 times in “Django Unchained” and 65 times in “The Hateful Eight”. The American left says, hey it is acceptable because Tarantino is one of us (leftist).

White kids think it is okay to spout the N-word when they are quoting rap songs. Anyone caught criticizing black rappers for using the N-word is deemed racist by the American left for not understanding black culture.

Notice the American left’s glaring hypocrisy regarding who is allowed to use the N-word.

The entire Trump-is-racist-narrative is rooted in smoke, mirrors, lies and spin. On numerous occasions I’ve asked fellow blacks to name one thing Trump has done to confirm he is racist. They cannot. They simply believe Trump is racist because fake news media says he is. In desperation to prove me wrong, they parrot leftists’ absurd lie that make America great again is code for turning back the clock on freedom for blacks and women.

I find it extraordinary that the American left has successfully made Trump saying he wants to make America great again deemed racist in the minds of many. For crying out loud, we live here. This is our country. Isn’t it common sense that every American should want their homeland made great? And yet, leftists call the statement “hate-speech” and are physically attacking Americans wearing “Make America Great Again” caps and t-shirts.

Along with 63 million Americans, I knew presidential candidate Trump had a heart for his country. This is why I am the singer/songwriter of the “Trump Train” music video. In a remarkable short amount of time, Trump has brought back jobs; putting Americans back to work. Our economy is booming. Trump has put the world on notice that they can no long undermine the US and expect us to shower them with money. Trump truly is a new sheriff in town standing up for America’s best interest.

Omarosa obviously cares more about destroying Trump than she cares about the good he is doing for her fellow blacks and fellow Americans. It is time we tell these petty all-about-me people to go away.

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VIDEO: Former Obama Supporter Explains Why She Chose to #WalkAway

A former Obama supporter says she joined the “#WalkAway Campaign,” a movement that highlights stories of why people walk away from leftist ideology, because she could no longer subscribe to what the Democrat Party aligned itself to.

“I did vote for our current president and I will vote for him again in 2020, and just seeing how the left has become or is extremely dehumanizing. They are not into logic; it is all about your emotions, it is all about, ‘I feel like this, so therefore, it is fact,’” a YouTube user whose handle is Tumi Yukii said in a video posted July 10 to the video-based site.

Yukii said she grew up in a left-leaning household, attended the first presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, and was in Washington, D.C., to celebrate his second inauguration.

She said her political convictions began changing when she saw the party’s inconsistencies.

“I was raised a Democrat, I was raised to believe that, you know, Republicans, conservatives, who are old school, right-wing, racist[s] who wanted to keep America like the 1940s or the slavery times,” Yukii said. “You know, I was brought to different political events as a kid, all that kinda stuff.”

“I got off the Democrat plantation,” Yukii said. “And I noticed that there is a quote that says if you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, that’s insanity, so voting for these Democrats over and over and over and over and [then] they’re doing nothing for inner cities, they’re doing nothing for black people.”

The WalkAway Campaign Facebook page, which has over 60,000 likes, advertises on its wall the “WalkAway Campaign” Facebook group, which includes over 151,000 members and is a place for members to share their story of why they are no longer part of the left.

The movement was founded by Brandon Straka, a former liberal, and is a “video campaign movement, dedicated to sharing the stories of people who can no longer accept the current ideology of liberalism and what the Democratic Party has become,” according to the campaign’s website.

Yukii said the 2016 presidential election showed her how the left demonizes those who it does not agree with.

“Everybody loved Donald Trump, black people included,” Yukii said. “He was an idol to a lot of black people, rappers would make songs about him. Rappers and all different types of people would hang out with him until he became a candidate for the 2016 election cycle, not running as a Democrat. Then everybody said he was a racist, he was so sexist … everybody was coming out of the woodwork with an evil story to tell.”

The liberal-turned-conservative said that many liberals today aren’t even able to come to terms with the history of their party.

“When you try to hit them with the facts, even basic facts like the history of their own party, like Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood … she spoke to women in the KKK and said we don’t want word to get out that we are actually trying to exterminate the Negro race,” Yukii said. “She was into eugenics, she was into sterilizing black women, which she did, giving black women hysterectomies, and Hillary Clinton said that Margaret Sanger was her idol.”

Yukii said that folks like Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who recently called on supporters to harass members of Trump’s administration, are on the wrong side of public discourse.

“I was just in shock because what is she doing; she shouldn’t be running around telling people to hurt Trump supporters, she should go and fix what she is supposed to fix, but she is not,” Yukii said.

“I don’t see myself ever returning to the Democrat Party,” Yukii said.

This video where Yukii details her story, titled “Why I Chose to #WalkAway, My Story!,” has received well over 100,000 hits.

Other videos Yukii has published on her channel have received anywhere from 28 views (“How to Write A Book In Three Months, Part Two”) to a couple hundred views (“Why You’re In the Wilderness”) to a few thousand views (“Candace Owens, Alex Jones, and Liberal Hate”).


Portrait of Rachel del Guidice

Rachel del Guidice

Rachel del Guidice is a reporter for The Daily Signal. She is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Forge Leadership Network, and The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program. Send an email to Rachel. Twitter: @LRacheldG.

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Is Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) Planning to Blame the Russians When He Loses in November 2018? Looks like it!

Florida Senator Bill Nelson unequivocally stated to the Tampa Bay Times,

“They [the Russians] have already penetrated certain counties in the state [of Florida] and they now have free rein to move about.”

Senator Nelson is up for reelection. Making such a statement demands proof in order to protect Florida’s voting systems. Attempts by various news outlets to get the proof have been fruitless.

Miami’s WPLG Local 10 released the following report on YouTube:

Senator Nelson, by his own admission, is vulnerable in Florida. Why would Nelson make such a statement then not at least provide information to Governor Scott and local election officials? Doesn’t Senator Nelson want Florida’s election systems to be safe from hacks by any foreign or domestic entity?

Is Senator Nelson planning to blame the Russians for the loss of his U.S. Senate seat, like the Democrats did in November 2016?

It sure looks like it.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of Senate Aging Committee Chairman Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. listening on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014, during the committee’s hearing to examine older Americans and student loan debt. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

COLLUSION: 100 Newspapers Declare War Against The President of The United States

100 Newspapers have declare war against the President of The United States — while at the same time saying they are not the enemies of the American people!

The Boston Globe has been contacting newspaper editorial boards and proposing a “coordinated response” to President Trump’s description of fake news as the “enemy of the people.”

In a Pew Research Center study by Michel Barthel and Amy Mitchell found that “Democrats are 47 points more likely than Republicans to support news media’s watchdog role.”

Pew did not ask those surveyed if they fully support the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution does not protect the presses’ watchdog role. It protects freedom of the press. How the press conducts itself determines if it is printing the truth and not opinion. Given the way the question was asked different people have different views.

The faulty Pew Research report titled “Americans’ Attitudes About the News Media Deeply Divided Along Partisan Lines” found:

Democrats and Republicans, who already tend to place their trust in different news sources and rely on different outlets for political news, now disagree more than ever on a fundamental issue of the news media’s role in society: whether news organizations’ criticism of political leaders primarily keeps them from doing things they shouldn’t – or keeps them from doing their job.

Today, in the early days of the Trump administration, roughly nine-in-ten Democrats (89%) say news media criticism keeps leaders in line (sometimes called the news media’s “watchdog role”), while only about four-in-ten Republicans (42%) say the same. That is a 47-percentage-point gap, according to a new online survey conducted March 13-27, 2017, among 4,151 U.S. adults who are members of Pew Research Center’s nationally representative American Trends Panel. The gap stands in sharp contrast to January-February 2016, when Americans were asked the same question. Then, in the midst of the presidential primary season, nearly the same share of Democrats (74%) and Republicans (77%) supported the watchdog role. [Emphasis added]

It appears, lead by the Boston Globe, that Newspapers are now colluding to keep political leaders from doing their jobs. The President of the United States, members of Congress and the Supreme Court each have a role to play, a job to do.

When any newspaper, social media site, radio or television station engages in keeping America’s elected officials from doing their jobs then it’s not being a watchdog, rather they are now lapdogs.


Newspaper Industry Seeks Character Assassination of President As Antifa Wants to Kill Him

On News Reports

Son Accuses DNCC Co-Chairman Keith Ellison of Assaulting his Mother

Austin Aslim Monahan on Saturday, August 11, 2018, posted the following on Facebook:

Austin Aslim Monahan with his mother Karen.

Please read, if you care about my mother please share.
I love you momma, you wont have to stand alone
Keith Ellison Keith Ellison for Attorney General Jason Sole Shvonne L Johnson Will Moore @Shiranthi Goonathilaka Stephen Davis Kiree Jamar Robinson Kendra Weiland Deanna Casablanca Valentine F Ndi Justin Monahan Pioneer Press Lindsey Port Erin Maye QuadeDebra Hilstrom Matt Pelikan Hosie Thurmond III

My name is Austin Monahan and I am writing this letter on behalf of me and my brother. My brother and I watched our mom come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship with Keith Ellison. For several months we knew something wasn’t right and couldn’t figure it out. When we asked our mom if everything was ok, she told us she was dealing with some stress and would be ok.
In the middle of 2017, I was using my moms computer trying to download something and I clicked on a file, I found over 100 text and twitters messages and video almost 2 min long that showed Keith Ellison dragging my mama off the bed by her feet, screaming and calling her a “fucking bitch” and telling her to get the fuck out of his house. The messages I found, were mixed with him consistently telling my mom he wanted her back, he missed her, he knew he fucked up and we wished he could do things different, he would victim shaming, bully her, and threaten her if she went public. I text him and told him I know what you did to my mama and a few other things.
I met up with my mom that night and asked her what happened. She said nothing happened until I told her I saw a video and hell of a lot of messages saying something different. She finally talked. My brother and I were so angry and hurt for our mom. We were ready to go public but our mom begged us not to and she along with others convinced us it wasn’t in our moms best interest.

I saw message after message through out all that time, where my mom was telling him she wasn’t going back to him but still saw his humanity and offered restorative justice. I honestly don’t see how she would offer him that, but thats her choice.

Sitting all this time, watching what our mom went through and not being able to say or do anything was hard as hell. None of you know the hell our family has gone through. I don’t think half of you would even care. We watched her so called political friends stand by say or do nothing. People had an idea what happened and never reached out to my mom. The same people who are posting about social justice are ready to smear my mom, protect a person who abused her and broke the law. You think we give a shit about a politics when we saw what our mom went through? She may not matter to none of you, but she is our mom, our kids grandmother and she is actually someone. There is a lot more he has done to my mom and others that we saw in the text but our mom can decide if and when she wants to tell the world that part.

Whether we saw the video or read all those messages, we still would have believed her if she had told us. #Ibelieveher

My mom has always tried to protect me and my brother. She doesn’t have to protect us anymore and we aren’t letting her stand alone. When we found out our mom was planning on sharing her story, that is all we needed to hear for us to share ours and stand with our mom. You want to smear someone, try to lie about a person who didn’t do shit to deserve the ongoing emotional, physical abuse, smear me and my brother.

I use to believe the Democrats were the ones who would stand by a person who went through this kind of abuse, now I know both Democrats and Republicans could care less when it comes to violence toward women and girls.

I have learned a lot about how patriarchy has shaped me as a 25 year old through all this. I just became a father and I am working on how patriarchy influenced thoughts ad decisions I have made as a young man so I can teach my son better. I am starting today by standing with my mom, my sons grandma. It is not just on women and girls to speak out, it is on men to do some of the emotional work. I’m not here to prove shit to anyone, I’m just stating facts. You can take it or leave it.

Mom, I am sure you are getting contacted about this post. Just know we love you and we are standing by you.

Austin Monahan
#Ibelieveher #wearemanenough #Timesup


Keith Ellison Facing Violent Domestic Abuse Allegations Less Than a Week Before Minnesota Primaries

Democratic Congressman and DNC Chair Keith Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) violently BEAT girlfriend

#Hypocrisy Alert: Anti-NRA Protest Has Armed Security, Police For Protection

David Hogg and other anti-NRA, anti-Second Amendment activists showed up to NRA headquarters this weekend. As reported at, they were a) trolled by the NRA, b) protesting an empty building, and c) protected by armed police and security.

They also had some real classy support. Therese Okoumou, the immigration activist who climbed the Statue of Liberty last month and later called America “fascist” and “KKK” when appearing in court, showed upRadical abortion supporter Alyssa Milano likewise made an appearance.

The best part about these protests is that they highlight the intellectual incoherence which is part and parcel of anti-Second Amendment efforts. For just a few examples:

  1. The facts show that self-defense gun use is far more common than is admitted by these misled activists.
  2. These activists are often the same ones who claim they want police to have less power/do less. If police have less power and/or do less, and law-abiding citizens can’t defend themselves, then who will be ready and able to stop dangerous criminals? (Hint: Nobody…)
  3. Being protected by armed police and armed security while protesting law-abiding firearm ownership is completely hypocritical.
  4. Gun control advocates frequently have no idea what kinds of weapons they are talking about. It was true after the Orlando shooting, and the NRA’s trolling interviews show it continues to be true today.

The fact is that the Second Amendment exists to allow self-protection for citizens. The NRA supports these rights. These misinformed activists who are clearly funded by liberal activist organizations should stop interfering with their fellow citizens’ God-given, constitutional rights to self-defense.

When The News Becomes The News

I had the opportunity to attend the Trump rally in Tampa Florida on July 31, 2018, wow! If you have never attended a Trump rally I strongly suggest you do. The camaraderie, energy and love with nearly 20,000 people waiting for and listening to President Trump is extraordinary.

The dangers and risks to this movement are real and present but the pendulum has shifted, we are winning.

Thanks to a friend and fellow activist, my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America”, at this event in Tampa, was placed in the hands of Eric Trump. This spawned a book campaign meeting on Saturday that will lead to major inroads for 2019 and beyond that may contribute to our movement to MAGA.

You know we are winning when the news becomes the news. Thank you President Trump. You told us at the RNC that “I am Your Voice“, well indeed you have spoken for us, thank you sir. Let’s touch on When The News Becomes The News, shall we?

Jim “The Cry Baby” Acosta

Trump has played the media like a fiddle from day one when Megan Kelly (before she crashed and burned after going after Trump), asked Trump the kick off question at that debate that led Donald Trump to answer by saying, “Only Rosie O’Donnell”. Donald Trump continues daily to antagonize the Fake News media at his rallies, interviews and tweets by simply calling select media outlets and individuals for what they are, Fake News.

While at the rally before President Trump took to the stage (what a night), Jim Acosta went live on CNN and the entire arena welcomed him by crowding the media platform and chanting in unison “CNN SUCKS“. What a wonderful thing. You see there is a common observable fact, that many who are dealing with darkness and lies who go after this great, amazing, brilliant and brave president end up crashing and burning. Kathy Griffin, Megan Kelly, MSNBC, CNN, Hollywood and so on. You get the picture. So cry baby Jim Acosta gets his head handed to him not only at the rally, but also by Sarah Sanders when he addresses Trumps’ view of the Fake News.

We are winning and the battle has just begun. Get out and vet, then vote the for the right Republicans supportive of President Trump’s agenda in this primary and mid-term. The president is relying on you and me. And remember when your children and grand children ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom it’s up to us. Vote. Volunteer. Get some skin in the game. Let us not waste this miraculous opportunity to save America. Everything depends upon what we do right here, right now.

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Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel: Endorsing Trump ‘represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt no matter what anyone said!’

Kanye West appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Here is the interview:

Excerpts from the Jimmy Kimmel interview with Kanye West:

“As a musician, African-American, guy out in Hollywood, all these different things, everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me.”

“And then told me every time I said I liked Trump that I couldn’t say it out loud or my career would be over, I’d get kicked out of the black community — because blacks, we’re supposed to have a monolithic thought … we can only be Democrats and all.”

“[Endorsing Trump] represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt no matter what anyone said and saying you can’t bully me — liberals can’t bully me, news can’t bully me, the hip-hop community, they can’t bully me — because at that point if I’m not free to be me, I’m no longer Ye.”

“We get too caught up in the past and what everyone’s saying and what everyone’s tweeting. And sometimes you just have to be fearless enough to break the f**king simulation.”

“When I see people just even … go at the president, it’s like, why not try love?”

“For one person to stand up against all odds and just hug somebody the way that Alice Johnson [whom Trump granted clemency] hugged her family when she got out of jail. That one by one by one, we can defuse this nuclear bomb of hate that we’re in as a society by thinking of everyone as our family.”

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo illustration is by Lyne Lucein/The Daily Beast.

Trump Derangement Syndrome: A Prelude to Anarchy

The election of President Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the emotional stability of those living in subjective reality because they cannot tolerate the threat of objective reality that President Trump represents. The clash between subjective reality and objective reality has launched what is now known as Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDR) or more recently Trump Anxiety Disorder (TAD). The incursion of objective reality is so threatening to anti-Trumpers that they break down psychologically and require medication and psychological services.

In times of severe emotional stress such as death, divorce, loss of a job, it is not uncommon for individuals to have a period of adjustment when they need time to come to terms with the reality of their new situation. In extreme cases of traumatic stress individuals may even withdraw from reality until they are strong enough to deal with the facts of their new situation. What is different about anti-Trumpers is that their coping mechanisms are so underdeveloped that they are traumatized by election outcomes and refuse to accept the loss of their preferred candidate. What happens? They suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDR).

Mark Alexander posted an article he wrote 8.1.18 titled, “Therapists Rebrand ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’” exploring the subject:

“The pop culture Urban Dictionary defines Trump Derangement Syndrome as “a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason. Symptoms for this condition can be very diverse, ranging from hysterical outbursts to a complete mental break. . . I would suggest that the increasing frequency and intensity of hysterics associated with TDR is greatly exacerbated by the unmitigated, constant consumption of hateful Democrat/mainstream media propaganda, 24/7/365. The result is a mass movement of those so intent on undermining Trump that they are now far off the reality reservation and utterly obsessed with defeating peace and prosperity.”

Anti-Trumpers were groomed to become global citizens in the mythical land of income equality and social justice. They believed the myth of collectivism because it made them FEEL good – no mention of failed socialism – no talk of Venezuela – until President Trump.

Objective reality is the world of facts – subjective reality is the world of feelings. The United States of America was founded on the principles of ordered liberty articulated in our Constitution and supported by objective reality. The Culture War that is attacking America is an attack on ordered liberty, the Constitution, and objective reality. The Culture War is supported by subjective reality and its world of feelings. This is how it works.

In a stunning case involving Bill C-16, the Transgender Rights Bill in Canada, a transwoman called Joshua who still had male genitalia filed a human rights complaint against a female Windsor aesthetician, called Suzanne, and her at-home women only spa for refusing to give Joshua a Brazilian wax. Barbara Kay wrote an article in The Post Millennial discussing the elements of the case and how Suzanne is effectively being forced by the state into the subjective reality of Joshua. Barbara Kay rightly points out that, “a transwoman’s right to demand services meant for women only ends with a woman being compelled to touch – or even see – Joshua’s exposed male genitalia.”

Joshua expects Suzanne to accept him as a woman because Joshua “feels” like a woman regardless of the fact that he has a penis and is demonstrably a man. The left/Joshua expects society/Suzanne to accept their insanity as sanity, their feelings as facts, and their subjective reality as objective reality. The metric for assessing mental health used to be the degree to which a person lives in objective reality. Conversely, the degree to which an individual lives in subjective reality was a measurement of his dysfunction. So, in 1950 a man with a penis who says he is a woman would be considered psychotic – insane. Today, the left wants you to believe that Joshua is a woman if he says he is a woman.

The left is trying to drive you crazy – why?? Because the overwhelming anxiety that is produced when people are being pushed into insanity makes them vulnerable. The intolerable anxiety experienced when human beings hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time is called cognitive dissonance. An example would be the feelings experienced by individuals pressured to accept George Orwell’s doublespeak “war is peace or slavery is freedom.” People will do anything to stop the anxiety including accepting the unacceptable – and that is the end game of this leftist political campaign. The left wants you to willingly surrender to their subjective reality and accept a man with a penis as a woman because he “feels” like a woman.

The left is pressuring society to accept Orwellian doublespeak. They want you to accept feelings as facts, subjective reality as objective reality, and insanity as sanity.

Ordered liberty in America requires consensus on what is real. The divisiveness in America has escalated far beyond racial, ethnic, religious, socio-economic, sexual, or political divides. The divisiveness in America has surpassed internationalism, globalism, nationalism, and Americanism – the divisiveness in America is now a war over reality. The country is divided between those living in objective reality and those living in subjective reality.

English aristocrat Lord Bertrand Russell described the deliberateness of the effort to push the population into subjective reality in his 1952 classic The Impact of Science on Society. Russell states unapologetically that the purpose of pushing the population into subjective reality is social control and it begins with the children. He details the cognitive dissonance required to convince children that snow is black and how driving an individual into subjective reality means driving that person insane. Here is a quote from Bertrand Russell:

“Education should aim at destroying free will so that pupils thus schooled, will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished . . . Influences of the home are obstructive; and in order to condition students, verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective . . . If is for future a scientist to make these maxims precise and to discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

The leftist Culture War against America was articulated by Bertrand Russell in 1952. For decades the left has infiltrated public and private schools until today we find ourselves at a tipping point of anti-American curricula that foments American self-loathing, reverse discrimination, and an anti-individualism, pro-collectivist, pro-socialist, pro-communist agenda.

Our elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities have been politicized by educators and administrators who embrace the Marxist doctrines of collectivism lauded by our enemies. Political correctness, moral relativity, and historical revisionism are the tenets of the new religion of leftist liberalism that has replaced traditional religions and traditional education in America. Obama’s “resistance” movement is an anti-American coalition of groups who identify as marginalized and victimized – they are a coalition of identity politics who refuse to accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. They refuse to accept objective reality.

In 1950 the goal of parenting was to help your child become a self-sufficient adult. In the 60s the goal of parenting shifted from self-reliance to insuring your child’s happiness. Schools adopted the shift in the 70s and 80s and continue to be the agents of social change. Schools abandoned individualism and the meritocracy and replaced them with collectivism and the happiness standard. Schools abandoned facts and adopted “feelings” as the standard and every student became a butterfly. From the time they were in elementary school students were pressured to live in subjective reality so their feelings would not be hurt. They were lied to and told they were all butterflies – not true – some kids are smarter than others. They were lied to and told that they could do anything – not true – some kids do not have the aptitude or physical strength to do what they wanted to do.

We are now watching these butterflies come undone at the university. It is not surprising that they refuse to accept the outcome of the election – they still live in subjective reality and lack the coping skills to absorb disappointment. They are so fragile and so emotionally underdeveloped they need Play-Doh and safe spaces to protect themselves from unwelcome ideas on campus including unwelcome election outcomes. We are witnessing a generational failure to mature – the unwillingness to accept facts – the student anti-Trumpers refuse to accept objective reality.

Instead, their subjective reality has fostered a dangerous feeling of righteousness about lawlessness, lack of civility, and violence. These butterflies actually believe they are justified in destroying the duly elected President of the United States simply because they don’t like him. They still live in a world where feelings are more important than facts. Since they feel the President is illegitimate they act as if he is illegitimate and can justify any behavior including violence and anarchy.

These anti-Trumpers were raised to believe that they are more important than they are, that they have more skills than they possess, that their happiness is primary, and that becoming self-sufficient is unnecessary. They believe it is the government’s responsibility to care for them from cradle to grave and to protect their fragile selves. They do not believe in adulthood – they aspire to eternal childhood. These anti-Trumpers are too arrogant to realize that they are participating in their own destruction.

Anti-Trumpers are currently being shocked with objective reality by President Trump who is telling them that socialism is a failure and Venezuela is a disaster – even the president of Venezuela admits socialism has failed – but anti-Trumpers refuse to accept facts. They prefer the fiction of the mythical land of social justice and income equality they were promised – they prefer subjective reality.

Independence requires living in objective reality and dealing with facts not feelings. For anti-Trumpers this is a catastrophic threat to their emotional stability. They are slowly realizing that everyone is not a butterfly like they were told and that their happiness doesn’t matter to an employer. Their fictitious world of subjective reality is being shattered by President Trump’s unapologetic demand for objective reality and the outcome for many anti-Trumpers is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Objective reality is an existential threat to those living in subjective reality. Subjective reality is an existential threat to the stability and future of the United States of America. As President Trump exposes the fiction of subjective reality his enemies are getting more and more desperate to stop him. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a prelude to anarchy.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on the Goudsmit Pundicity.

VIDEO: How Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS were Plotting a ‘Soft Coup’ against President Trump

Recently, Republican lawmakers indicated that Bruce Ohr, the former Associate Deputy Attorney General, is becoming more central to their investigation of the soft coup against President Trump. Moreover, newly released emails and memos show that Ohr continued to receive information from former British spy Christopher Steele in 2017 after the FBI had supposedly terminated its relationship with Steele in 2016 for leaking to the media.

In fact, as I describe below, it was another Judicial Watch lawsuit that just uncovered FBI document showing that Steele was deemed unsuitable as a “Confidential Human Source” in November, 2016. But that was no impediment to Ohr’s continuing to use him nor the FBI continuing to receive “information” from Steele through Ohr! Talk about corruption!

So, we’re in the thick of it. We just filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for all communications from the offices of the Deputy Attorney General and the office of the Director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force related to Bruce G. Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, and Fusion GPS (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-01854)).

Bruce Ohr remains Organized Crime Task Force Director. Until his dossier-related demotion, he was the fourth-ranked official at DOJ. The House Intelligence Committee memo released by Chairman Devin Nunes on February 2 says that Nellie Ohr was “employed by Fusion GPS to assist in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump” and that Bruce Ohr passed along the results of that research, which was paid for by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the FBI. The “salacious and unverified” dossier was used to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) surveillance warrant to spy on Carter Page.

We sued after the Justice Department failed to respond to our May 29, 2018, FOIA request for:

  • All records from the Office of the Deputy Attorney General relating to Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr and/or British national Christopher Steele, including but not limited to all records of communications about and with Fusion GPS officials, Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele.
  • All records from the office of former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce G. Ohr relating to Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr and/or British national Christopher Steele, including but not limited to all records of communications (including those of former Associate Deputy Attorney General Ohr) about and with Fusion GPS officials, Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele.
  • All records from the office of the Director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force relating to Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr and/or British national Christopher Steele, including but not limited to all records of communications (including those of former Organized Crime Task Force Director Bruce Ohr) about and with Fusion GPS officials, Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele.

In December 2017, Bruce Ohr was removed from his position as U.S. Associate Deputy Attorney General after it was revealed that he conducted undisclosed meetings with anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steel and Glenn Simpson, principal of Fusion GPS.

In March, we filed two lawsuits seeking records about the Ohrs’ involvement in the anti-Trump dossier. In June, the DOJ was ordered to begin searching and producing Fusion GPS records to Judicial Watch.

As this sordid scandal continues to unfold, it is increasingly clear that top DOJ official Bruce Ohr – working in conjunction with his wife and other Clinton-connected Fusion GPS actors – played a key role in laundering false information from Russia about Donald J. Trump. The DOJ must stop the stonewalling and release these documents, as the law requires.

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