PODCAST: Conservatives Fleeing to Florida to Be Free

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s (R) leadership throughout the pandemic has brought “pro-freedom conservatives” to the Sunshine State in droves as they flee “tyrannical blue states” in search of freedom, Florida Republican Party Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler said during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday.

From 2008 to the end of Obama’s presidency in 2016, Democrats went from nearly 700,000 more voters than Republicans to a little over 300,000, election data shows. By 2020, Democrats held slightly less than a 100,000-voter lead. Republicans are now roughly 4,000 votes ahead of Democrats — 5,118,357 to 5,114,039, according to data from the Florida Division of Elections.

Ziegler told host Matthew Boyle, Breitbart News’s Washington bureau chief, that the secret to the Florida GOP’s success was leaning into the “Trump/DeSantis wing of the party” and investing “a record amount of money” toward voter registration with the help of the governor.

“We’re excited in Florida, and a lot of that has to do with obviously Donald Trump coming in, people seeing that and starting to switch parties. He brought in a lot of southern Democrats, a lot of moderates, independents over to the Republican Party. And Ron DeSantis keeping businesses and schools open has really accelerated that,” Ziegler said. “His record plus his resources have now really paid off, and now we are a Republican state officially.”

When talking to homebuilders on the ground in South Florida, Ziegler said they mostly report that most people moving to Florida are from California, New York, and Illinois — “deep blue states.”

“You know, the initial worry, which I agree with people, is I do not want people coming from California and New York and Illinois with their voting records, with their voting history and preferences. I do not want blue voters coming to Florida and shaping our state,” Ziegler said. “But, when you take a step back and you really dive into the numbers and you dive into the feedback from the people moving here, what we’re seeing is people are fleeing these tyrannical blue states that have overextended government. They’re shutting down businesses, they’re shutting down schools, and they’re looking around the country and trying to figure out where to relocate.”

Ziegler specifically credited DeSantis’s leadership with bringing in new Florida residents, touting his pandemic policy of following the science, keeping businesses and schools open, and fighting against mask and vaccine mandates.

“So I think that we’re getting the movers, and the movers coming here are actually pro-freedom conservatives that were locked down in blue states, and now they are fleeing to Florida to be free,” he said.

DeSantis, who has championed involvement in local school board elections, is specifically drawing “20,30, 40-year-old females, moms, dads, that have never been involved in politics,” Ziegler said.

“But now they’re waking up and seeing what the school boards are doing locally to their kids. They’re getting frustrated, and they’re realizing that the Republican Party is standing with them in support of freedom,” he continued.

Keeping up that enthusiasm on the ground will be key to driving up further support for the party going into the 2022 midterm elections, in addition to continuing to prioritize voter registration, which Ziegler called “one of their greatest tools.” While Democrats are already rumored to view DeSantis as “unbeatable,” Ziegler said the Florida GOP is planning on giving his campaign “150 percent.” He noted that a Democrat like Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried or party flipper and former Gov. Charlie Crist would “change our state for the worst” overnight.

“Look, Ron DeSantis in my mind — we’re going to make the assumption that he’s ten points down. We’re going to work our tails off and make sure he gets elected. We’ll let the Democrat Party put money in here and decide if they want to waste it. The good thing is, if they waste it in Florida, they don’t have that money in other states that they might actually have a chance in,” he said. “I can guarantee you, there are going to be a lot of liberal dollars that come from liberal blue states from people that may not have ever been to Florida, and they’re going to try to beat Ron DeSantis because they look at him as a potential 2024 candidate or 2028, no matter how that shapes up. As a guy that could be president in the future, they are going to try to take him out early.”

©Christian Ziegler. All rights reserved.

Parents Upset As Schools Force Kids Nationwide To Undergo Mandatory Quarantines After Nearly Two Years Of COVID Precautions

Some parents from Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania told the Daily Caller that their children are forced to undergo mandatory quarantines with no virtual learning options, despite evidence that schools pose few transmission risks. Many parents expressed fatigue over the nearly two years of COVID-19 precautions in schools.

Brighton Area Schools, a district in suburban Detroit, is requiring students under the age of 12 to quarantine for 14 days if they are exposed to a COVID-positive student, according to a letter from the district’s superintendent obtained by the Daily Caller. Jennifer Smith, a mother with three children in the district, told the Daily Caller that there are no virtual learning options for children placed in mandatory quarantine.

On Nov. 1, Brighton Area Schools announced that they waived mandatory quarantines for most middle and high school students, though not for students in sixth grade or below. According to the district’s correspondence, deciding whether to waive quarantines for younger students will be contingent on “the availability of vaccines for the 5-11 year old population.”

Brighton Area Schools allow parents to choose whether their child wears a face mask or not, according to district policy, though mandatory quarantines for healthy children are still in place.

Smith told the Daily Caller that her nine-year-old child began a 28-day “healthy child quarantine” on Oct. 19. She received an email on Nov. 9 from Hornung Elementary School informing parents that all classes would go virtual on Nov. 10 due to “an unexplained rise in COVID-19 cases among students” following Halloween. The closure was suggested by the Livingston County Health Department.

CLICK HERE FOR: Screenshot/Email from Brighton Area Schools

According to a testimony from a Livingston County Health Department official, school districts make their own rules regarding quarantine, testing, and masking policies, though the county health department offers data and advice.

The Michigan mother said that her son went from Oct. 19 to Nov. 10 with no virtual school option, and was only offered virtual classes when the entire elementary school shut down. Smith said that she is “extremely upset” as she had “no choice” but to take off work and “go without pay.”

Brighton Area School District did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Parents nationwide told the Daily Caller that they are concerned about learning losses, and some are concerned about the effects learning loss will have on students of color or lower socio-economic status.

Data from 2020 bear out the points that schools are not driving infections and school closures or learning losses are disproportionately hurting minority students. A study of 4.4 million students found that test scores of black, Hispanic, and poor children took the biggest hit when students were not in school. A large study from Oct. 2020 found that schools aren’t large vectors of infection.

Mandatory quarantines — and their effects — are not specific to Michigan. Mother Nicole Eidson told the Daily Caller that quarantines are also taking place in the Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) in Arizona.

According to CUSD’s COVID policy, quarantining students is “required by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health” when a student comes in “close contact” with a student who is COVID-positive. The district’s website states that quarantined students receive “Google classroom assignments and/or activities,” though Eidson noted that children do not receive any teacher instruction during quarantine.

“There may be schools or teachers that are still teaching the quarantined kids, but there are some that are not as well,” Eidson said.

Chandler Unified School District did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Guidelines for K-12 quarantines in some states specifically target those who are unvaccinated. Washington State’s Department of Health guidelines for K-12 schools states that quarantines are only for those who are unvaccinated. This includes 5-11 year olds who are now eligible for a vaccine under the FDA’s emergency use authorization.

Florida, under guidance from Gov. Ron DeSantis, took a different approach. Students are no longer required to quarantine if they’re exposed to COVID-19 and are asymptomatic, according to NPR.

Some school districts are moving towards “Test to Stay” programs, wherein students who come in close contact with a COVID-positive peer can get consecutively tested to remain in school. Souderton Area School District in Pennsylvania is set to implement the program on Nov. 29, according to a local news outlet.

Superintendent Frank Gallagher said he is hopeful that the “Test to Stay” program will allow “exposed students to stay in school instead of quarantining at home.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is considering promoting similar “Test to Stay” programs, according to U.S. News.




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DeSantis blasts Biden, calls inflation a ‘huge problem,’ pledges gas tax relief

Nobody is fighting harder for the American people than Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is taking on the Biden Administration at every turn, as he prepares for a possible run at the presidency in 2024. If President Trump can’t run for POTUS in 2024, than Governor DeSantis is unquestionably our candidate. And the Democrats should be very concerned about Joe Biden sharing a debate stage with the great governor. #DeSantis2024!

DeSantis calls inflation a ‘huge problem,’ pledges gas tax relief

By Local10.com, November 22, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Monday that the state legislature will pursue gas tax relief for Florida residents, calling inflation a “huge problem.”

At a news conference Monday morning in Daytona Beach, accompanied by the state’s Department of Transportation Secretary Kevin J. Thibault, DeSantis placed the blame on “inflationary policies out of Washington.”

“The price of a Thanksgiving dinner is up over 20% just over last year,” DeSantis said. “I think what’s most dramatic, because it affects most people in their daily lives, is gas prices going up.”

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the state jumped 10 cents in the middle of last week to $3.36, according to the American Automobile Association, the highest price at any point since September 2014. It sat at $3.35 on Monday morning, six cents below the national average of $3.41.



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VIDEO: James O’Keefe Dissects NYT Inadvertent Error Excuse for Publishing of Veritas Attorney Privileged Docs


The New York Times publishes our attorney-client memos on the heels of the FBI raids that every other organization in our journalism industry, and outside of it, rallied against. We asked the trial court in New York State to require The New York Times to explain themselves. The trial court agreed and ordered The New York Times to stop spreading what they already published.  The New York Times appealed that decision and the Appellate Court, Friday, denied their appeal. The New York Times claimed the documents on their website were an, “inadvertent error.” They knew they messed up. The head of The New York Times then had the audacity to cite the Pentagon Papers, like there’s any comparison. The New York Times are leaking our attorney-client privileged documents, while being an ongoing defendant in that litigation, and that my friends, makes all the difference in the world.


Last year we published a video in Minnesota showing a Somali man, Liban Mohamed, filming himself on Snapchat in his car clearly committing voter fraud.


Numbers don’t lie.  Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full.  All these here are absentee ballots. Can’t you see? Look at all these. My car is full. My car is full.


We also published a video of a man named Osman Ali Dahquane bragging that he was breaking the law and bragging on-tape that he did not care.


We take money and we vote for you.


That is illegal? Isn’t it?


We don’t care illegal.


The New York Times does an article about the video, and in the first sentence of that article they call the video, “deceptive.” The New York Times also reports that we were “making claims without evidence,” and cited a Stanford study that said that the video was “probably part of a coordinated disinformation effort.” We sue the New York Times for defamation. The New York Times’ defense before the court is that the statement that the video was deceptive, in the first sentence of that article, was “an unverifiable expression of opinion.” The judge ruled that the dictionary definitions of deception provided by the defendants’ counsel certainly apply to Maggie Astor. That’s the reporter that wrote the video was deceptive.


After we won that Motion to Dismiss, Maggie Astor admitted in court documents filed in the answer to our defamation complaint that she is not an opinion writer for The New York Times. USA Today then did a fact-check on our video based upon The New York Times article, which again, The New York Times falsely said was just an opinion piece, and in-turn Facebook, which utilizes USA Today as a fact-checker, banned those videos of those men committing voter fraud in Minneapolis.


All based upon something The New York Times claimed was just an, “unverifiable expression of opinion.” Fast-forward, the FBI raids Project Veritas and my home. I make a statement and The New York Times misquotes our statement.


Project Veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner. We never published it. The New York Times reported, “He said that Project Veritas attempted to return the diary to the Justice Department.” Now, I gave a very clear statement with an accompanying transcript, and The New York Times couldn’t even get that correct. Only after we sent The New York Times reporter a letter to point out their mistake, did they correct what they wrote and they actually published a correction, which is at the bottom of that article.


A week after the raid, many journalists started to ask questions.  Ben Smith, who is actually a media columnist at The New York Times, said that journalists shouldn’t be “cheerleading” it.  A Politico reporter, who is the national political correspondent, said that the raids could have a “chilling” effect.  And Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, said it was worrying from a press freedom perspective. All that was November 10th.


The New York Times then publishes our attorney-client memos.  We ask the trial court in New York State to require The New York Times to explain themselves. “This motion concerns a shocking display of unscrupulous gamesmanship by Defendant, The New York Times. While the litigation between Project Veritas and The New York Times was ongoing, through moribund due to a stay of discovery entered by the Appellate Division at The New York Times’ request, as it appeals the denial of its motion to dismiss, the Times decided to circumvent both its own stay and the normal discovery channels, and to improperly acquire clearly attorney-client privileged memoranda written for Project Veritas by its counsel of record in this case. But, The New York Times did not stop there.  It then chose to further disregard and prejudice Project Veritas’ substantial rights as attorney-client confidences by disseminating those protected legal memoranda to the whole world in two separate online publications.”


Now, they can “amend” whatever article they want, but here are the facts. The page on which the content was supposedly inadvertently posted contains an advertising placement at the top indicating it was intended for the public view. The page on which the content was posted contained social media badges for easy sharing, indicating it was intended for the public’s view. The page on which these documents were posted contains a link to download the entire document as a PDF, which would have been unnecessary for the reporters working on the story. So, given the sensitivity of the material, it boggles the mind that the Times expects us to believe that the placement of the material on a server that was intended for the public display of content to the World Wide Web was not actually intended to be published.


The trial court in New York State ordered The New York Times to stop spreading what they already published. The New York Times appealed that decision and the Appellate court Friday denied their appeal.


Now, they’re doubling down. The New York Times is now claiming such an order is an unconstitutional prior restraint on speech. But this is not a prior restraint. Why? Let’s be clear. The Times already published the attorney-client memos. The New York Times knew the publication of these communications was wrong, evidenced by the fact that shortly after publishing them the Times removed the memos from its website, and admitted that they were only published due to a “technical error.” This would never be an issue if the Times were not a defendant in our defamation case, and if the memos were not drafted by the very attorneys who represent us in that case. In fact, New York law imposes on litigants, and especially their lawyers, obligations not to infringe the rights of an adverse party by obtaining, using, and publishing attorney-client communications.


Which, by the way, we’re very proud of what’s in those memos, as the New York Post headline said, they included a “strategy of trying to avoid breaking federal law.” The comments from executive editor Dean Baquet at The New York Times decrying the court’s ruling is nothing more than an attempt to deflect from the resounding criticism they’ve received this week for publishing attorney-client communications. Perhaps Mr. Baquet could explain why his paper has not taken the First Amendment stance in regards to its coverage of the Department of Justice raids against Project Veritas. The New York Times needs to decide if it is in favor of press freedom for all, or only itself, because it can’t have it both ways.


The head of The New York Times then had the audacity to cite the Pentagon Papers, like there’s any comparison. Some are parroting The New York Times’ argument, The New York Times v. The United States, that these rulings are unconstitutional. Again, they would have to argue that both the Supreme Court of the State of New York and the Appellate Division of the State of New York are against the First Amendment, which is an extraordinary argument. What they fail to realize here is the difference in this particular case is that we are suing The New York Times for defamation and they are a defendant in that case. Oh, and by the way Mr. Dean Baquet, where was your citation to the Pentagon Papers and the First Amendment when the FBI raided my home and took my phones and my reporter notes. Or were you busy publishing our attorney-client memos? You said, “when a court silences journalism, it fails its citizens and undermines their right to know.” What do you think you did when your reporter called that video in Minneapolis “deceptive,” and then called it an opinion, like that’s a defense. See, that’s silencing journalism.  Defamation is silencing journalism.  You’re still reporting “unverified claims of voter fraud in Minnesota.” You all admitted that you got certain facts wrong about the law in Minnesota and you still haven’t corrected the article! What is that if not silencing journalism and harming the public’s right to know?


Your efforts, Mr. Baquet, at every step, have been to censor and gate-keep information. If your response to that is that we’re “not journalists,” well guess what, look at everyone in our industry except you at The New York Times. The New York Times lied to the American people about those videos in Minnesota and they are leaking our attorney-client privileged documents while being an ongoing defendant in that litigation, and that my friends, makes all the difference in the world.  Maybe they should focus on the principles of the First Amendment and the legal issues at-hand, not focus on their dislike of me personally and Project Veritas.

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

The Forgotten Victims of COVID-19: 7 Groups Punished by Lockdowns

The pandemic’s trail of destruction reaches far further than the death toll of the virus.

COVID-19 is the most deadly global pandemic since the 1918 influenza outbreak, claiming more than 5 million lives worldwide and counting. Well over 700,000 of these deaths occurred in the United States, which is comparable to the number of lives lost in the American Civil War.

Yet the pandemic’s trail of destruction reaches even further than this death toll. Millions of Americans have suffered as a result of lockdowns and other mitigation efforts. Here are some categories of forgotten victims, whose stories should also be heard.

The CDC found that by June 30, 2020, more than 40 percent of U.S. adults had avoided medical care due to concerns over COVID-19. In other cases, people who sought medical attention had their treatments postponed. Delayed treatment causes known conditions to worsen and prevents the discovery of new conditions. The Washington Post reports that a surge of advanced illnesses came to light in the spring of 2021, many of which developed due to inattention in 2020. Cancer screenings and treatments, for example, dramatically decreased during the pandemic. A study published in JCO Clinical Care Informatics found that “screenings for breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancers were lower by 85%, 75%, 74%, and 56%, respectively” in April 2020. The authors of the study conclude that these delays in treatment may “increase cancer morbidity and mortality for years to come.”

There were also over 93,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020, according to CDC data, a staggering 29.4 percent increase from 2019. Addiction Center explains that “[a]ddiction, often referred to as the disease of isolation, has been affected by strict social distancing guidelines, working from home, and other factors.” Alcohol abuse also sharply increased in 2020. A RAND Corporation study found that the frequency of heavy drinking among women rose 41 percent during the pandemic. Other researchers found that participants who reported high degrees of stress due to COVID-19 consumed “significantly more alcohol than participants who did not report these high levels of stress.”

Depression among US adults tripled during the pandemic, according to one study, skyrocketing from 8.5 percent to 27.8 percent of those surveyed. Census Bureau data likewise indicates an exploding mental health crisis, with 41.1 percent of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder in January 2021, compared to 11.0 percent before the pandemic. These numbers suggest that tens of millions of Americans acquired depression during and likely as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing lockdowns. More than 26 percent of adults reported having a trauma-and stressor-related disorder attributable to the pandemic, according to a CDC study. The same survey found that over a quarter of people ages 18-24 had seriously considered suicide in June 2020.

Domestic violence is being called a “pandemic within the COVID-19 pandemic,” with a systematic review of studies concluding that “[i]ncidents of domestic violence increased in response to stay-at-home/lockdown orders.” One study explains that “stay-at-home orders may create a worst-case scenario for individuals suffering from DV” as isolation “may expose or worsen vulnerabilities due to a lack of established social support systems.”

More than 20 million Americans lost their jobs during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, surging the unemployment rate to 14.7 percent, the highest rate since the Great Depression. Unemployment is steadily declining now, but nearly 200,000 businesses closed permanently due to the pandemic, according to an estimate from the Federal Reserve Board, and many laid-off Americans remain jobless.

Many nursing home residents were also separated from their spouses, families, and even co-residents for over a year. Extreme isolation leads to mental and physical degradation, which the Associated Press estimates resulted in more than 40,000 excess “neglect deaths” from March to November 2020.

When schools closed, online education largely failed to adequately replace in-person learning. Research from NWEA discovered that students in the 2020-21 school year fell behind 8-12 percentile points in math and 3-6 points in reading, compared to historical trends. They concluded, moreover, that “American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN), Black, and Latinx students, as well as students in high-poverty schools were disproportionately impacted.” Beyond a reduction in learning, another study found that school closures “contribute to stress in parents and children” and can “threaten child growth and development.”

The ways society has suffered from the pandemic go on and on. To name just a few more:

  • Mask wearing has further isolated millions of Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing and depend on lip-reading for communication.
  • Many homeless shelters cut their capacities while other charities serving the homeless population closed their doors. More people slept on the street as a result, and homeless deaths increased significantly.
  • Electronic device usage dramatically increased during the pandemic, causing a variety of health problems including sleep disturbances and vision problems.
  • Many prisons suspended all visitations, making life even harder for an often-overlooked vulnerable population.

Some of these costs were preventable; others may not have been. Some are short-term problems; others will have lasting effects. Many of them resulted from lockdowns, restrictions, and fear-inducing messaging, illustrating how the way we respond to outbreaks can cause additional problems.

Human beings are not merely bodies subject to viral infection, but social and spiritual beings, dependent on established ways of life and vulnerable to fear and isolation. Culture and society evolved to fulfill the many physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the population, and huge changes to this way of life cause unintended effects across the entire ecosystem. The past twenty months have demonstrated this more than ever.

As the virus continues to spread around the world, we must do what we can to protect people from all of the present dangers, including the immediate health risks of COVID-19 and as many of the problems compiled above as possible.

May our eyes recognize all the victims of this pandemic, our hearts break for them, our minds learn from their stories, and, most importantly, our actions prevent future disasters of this scale.


Nathan Mech

Nathan Mech is the Program Outreach Project Manager for the Acton Institute.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Former Architect of American Abortion Industry Speaks Out Against It

One-time notorious abortion doctor and key architect of the abortion movement, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, is speaking from the grave. His message: Embrace life.

Over the weekend, author Terry Beatley spoke at a local right-to-life event here in South Florida. Beatley had met with Nathanson in 2009 (about a year before he died), and he gave her a charge to continue spreading the pro-life message. He told her, “teach the strategy of how I deceived America” to accept abortion.

Nathanson’s message is most relevant these days, as the U. S. Supreme Court is possibly rethinking its infamous abortion decision from 1973, Roe v. Wade.

Bernard Nathanson, M.D. performed or oversaw some 75,000 abortions. After his conversion to the pro-life side—initially as an atheist, then later as a Catholic—he wrote the book, Aborting America, and made the film, “The Silent Scream.”

The recent 2021 film, Roe v. Wade, told the story of the push for abortion from Nathanson’s point of view. I saw a sneak peek of the entire film— watching the whole thing at my desk for two hours, mesmerized.

Nathanson was the “abortion king.” He was the architect of the abortion industry. He co-founded NARAL, which initially was called the National Association to Repeal Abortion Laws (now, National Abortion Rights Action League).

When Beatley met with Nathanson in his New York City home, it changed the trajectory of her life. He basically asked her to tell America how they sold abortion to us through a series of deceptions. She has since created the “Hosea Initiative,” based on the Bible verse in which God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

Beatley tells the story in her 2016 book, What If We’ve Been Wrong? Keeping My Promise to America’s “Abortion King.” Dr. Richard Land, president emeritus of Southern Evangelical Seminary, notes, “Dr. Bernard Nathanson left a very important mission for Terry Beatley.”

I interviewed Beatley on my radio show, exploring what Nathanson relayed to her.

She told me: “Dr. Bernard Nathanson is not just one of many former abortionists. I think one of the main things we should know is that he’s the father of the abortion industry in America. The idea of ambulatory, in-out, same-day service surgery abortions. That was a fairly new concept that he master-minded. This idea of having these so-called ’clinics‘ set up all across the United States.”

Beatley goes on, “After he initiated eight points of propaganda to deceive Americans and the courts of our land, Dr. Nathanson ended up becoming 100 percent, unequivocally pro-life. That was as an atheist, and later he became a child of God on December 8, 1996…It’s a story that every American should know.” Nathanson was baptized without fanfare at St. Patrick’s Cathedral after his conversion.

In his book, The Abortion Papers (1983), Nathanson wrote, “I believe that an America which permits a junta of moral thugs to foist an evil of incalculable dimensions upon it, and continues to permit that evil to flower, creates for itself a deadly legacy: a millennium of shame.”

Beatley relates the main points of Nathanson’s erstwhile strategy to deceive America, the first being: “They framed the debate, and they framed it around the word ‘choose.’” The use of euphemism, concealing the killing of a child under the positive word “choice,” was highly effective.

She continues with other points of Nathanson’s strategy: “They used the complicit media because Nathanson was quick to realize that most of the reporters were young and female, and he would tell them almost anything…and they would believe anything he’d tell them.”

And what did he tell them? “He’d tell them fabricated facts, i.e., lies. He would say that a million women a year were having back alley abortions. And 5,000-10,000 women a year were dying due to complications. Those were bald-faced lies.”

How else did Nathanson, by his own account, deceive America into accepting baby-killing? “Dr. Nathanson would say that 60 percent of Americans wanted abortion on demand legalized….The real percentage was one-tenth of one percent.”

Other parts of the strategy included:

  • Repeating the lies again and again so they become accepted as true.
  • Working to decriminalize abortion since many people assume something is acceptable if it is legal.
  • Implementing what they called “the Catholic strategy.” The overall goal was to neutralize and divide a major foe of the abortion industry–including massive support for “pro-choice Catholic” politicians.

Many of these lies are still with us. America has been sold a bill of goods by the abortion industry. We must admit, sadly, that too many Americans have unthinkingly bought them.

Beatley says Nathanson’s final charge was: “Love one another. Abortion is not love. Stop the killing. The world needs more love.” This story reminds me of the line: A lie travels half-way around the world, while truth is still putting on its boots.

©Jerry Newcombe. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Operation Freedom of Choice Gathers at Florida Capitol as Special Legislative Session Begins

The Florida special legislative session begins and activist gathered at the Florida State Capitol on Monday, November 15th, to voice their support for the legislation being discussed. One America’s Stefan Kleinhenz with more.

WATCH: Operation Freedom of Choice in Tallahassee, Florida.

©OANN. All rights reserved.

OSHA & The Power To Mandate Vaccines.

Todays blog comes courtesy of a dear friend and true patriot, KrisAnne Hall. Many of you will know her and the work she does teaching the constitution nationally. She was an active member of the SAF and many patriot groups. Enjoy! Learn! Share! Comment!

OSHA And The Power to Mandate Vaccines

Recently the United States Federal Court for the 5th Circuit held that the federal agency, Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), cannot lawfully mandate vaccines on American businesses while a trial concerning the matter is pending.  The majority opinion establishes that this mandate is “staggeringly overbroad” and the “loss of constitutional freedoms ‘for even minimal periods of time…unquestionably constitutes irreparable injury.’”

What The Court’s Opinion Means for The Rest of America?

During the Trump Administration, the Senate confirmed federal judges for the 5th Circuit making that circuit one of the most “conservative” courts in the federal court system.  The 5th Circuit was the perfect court, from a constitutional perspective, to hear this issue.  Other circuits, namely the 9th Circuit, would likely find, under the same conditions, a completely different result.

The federal court system is divided into twelve circuits that divide the States into twelve legal districts.  Each federal district court holds a binding authority in federal issues over the lower federal courts of that district.  Under normal circumstances, the 5th Circuit opinion would put a halt to OSHA enforcing the mandate in every district, so as to act in the abundance of caution; but, we are not operating under normal circumstances.  Since this presidential administration is already refusing to comply with court orders it doesn’t agree with, there should be no surprise when they treat this order with the same contempt.  Additionally, the main objective of this administration has not been to uphold the Constitution, but to force this vaccine on as many people as they can convince or bully into taking before the Supreme Court legal hammer falls. Because the 5th Circuit opinion is only legally binding in the 5th Circuit courts, OSHA could legally continue to enforce the mandate within the States located in the other districts.

The Supreme Court Will Have to Settle The Issue

Now that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has been assigned the task of resolving the other suits against OSHA, the Supreme Court will ultimately be tasked with settling any disputes or hearing any appeals. The OSHA vaccine mandate question will have to be answered by the Supreme Court to have finality and possibly the respect of this administration.  The question then becomes, “How will this particular Supreme Court decide this case?”

The issue of an OSHA vaccine mandate will definitely test the so called “conservative” justices; this will likely be a 5-4 split opinion — the only question being, in which direction?  In my opinion we can almost guarantee which way several of the justices will cast their vote.  If past opinions dictate future trends, we can be guaranteed that Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer will cast their vote in favor of any government mandate issued by the Biden Administration.  If past opinions dictate future trends, I believe we can be equally guaranteed that Neil Gorsuch will vote against this mandate.  That leaves the justices that many believe to be “conservatives:” Roberts, Kavanaugh, Barrett, Thomas, and Alito.

If I had to make a prediction based upon experience, I would say that Roberts is more likely to side with the liberals than with Gorsuch.  Not necessarily because he is a liberal in disguise (and he is), but because Roberts is a corporate courtier; he almost always sides with the big money.  I also believe, in spite of Thomas’s occasional tendency toward the police powers of government, that Thomas will side with Gorsuch.  I believe that Thomas will feel a greater pull to his Constitutional tendencies than his “security over liberty” leanings.  Justice Alito’s tendency is to follow either Thomas or Gorsuch.  Since I am predicting that Thomas and Gorsuch will be on the same side, I will put Alito in the group that will vote against the mandate.  That leaves just Kavanaugh and Barrett.  What made be unknown to many conservatives in America, unless they were watching my podcast during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh is NOT a consistent constitutionalist.  During the confirmation hearings I warned that Kavanaugh is most aptly described as “Kennedy 2.0” and he has lived up to that title so far.  He is a moderate at best who leans conservative on some issues and liberal on others.  In this case I will, with hesitancy, predict that Kavanaugh will lean conservative.  With these predictions we now have a 4-4 court that leaves only Barrett to break the tie.

Many conservatives would be overjoyed with that conclusion, believing that Barrett is not only a conservative, but someone who would choose the Constitutional and Religious Liberty option to deny the mandate.  Unfortunately, nothing in Barrett’s term of service in the Supreme Court or her previous legal experience supports that conclusion.  During Barrett’s confirmation hearing, the American people were told that Barrett was a constitutional, religious liberty nominee.  Other than being a devout educated Catholic, nothing in Barrett’s history establishes that she is either constitutional or religious liberty minded.  Barrett is a slave to precedent.  She will mindlessly adhere to whatever the court has established in the past, right or wrong.  Since she has become a Supreme Court Justice, Barrett has sided with the liberal justices on some of the most important cases.  I am not comfortable with Barrett being the tie breaker on what could be the most important Supreme Court issue of my lifetime.  Will she side with the errantly portrayed precedent of Jacobsen?  Or will she side with the Constitution and the rights of the people?

What Is the Most Certain Solution To This OSHA Overreach?

The uncertainty and the tendency of the courts to be personally biased in their opinions is the reason why the courts are not the ultimate or final check and balance of federal gourmandizing of power.  Those who ratified our Constitution and designed our Constitutional Republic were repulsed by the notion that the federal government itself would be its only check and balance.  The designed ultimate and final check on the federal government exercise of authority is and always has been the people through their States.  Thomas Jefferson (18120 explained it this way:

…when all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the centre of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another…If the States look with apathy on this silent descent of their government into the gulf which is to swallow all, we have only to weep over the human character formed uncontrollable but by a rod of iron…

The design of our Constitutional Republic created a most powerful check on the federal authority through the power of the State to refuse to comply with unlawful federal laws, regulations, and executive orders.  Proponents of the Constitution made multiple arguments regarding the authority of the States to be the ultimate limit upon the federal government when that government steps outside the specifically enumerated and delegated powers of the Constitution.  Hamilton’s explanation may have been one of the most influential since he was the one arguing for federal power, yet explaining that even the power he proposed was limited by the Constitution to be enforced by the States.  Alexander Hamilton expressed the basis for this check by the States in Federalist 78:

There is no position which depends on clearer principles, than that every act of a delegated authority, contrary to the tenor of the commission under which it is exercised, is void.  No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid.

Hamilton’s explanation is a direct reference to Article 6 clause 2 of the Constitution that declares that when the federal government makes laws that are inconsistent with the Constitution, “the judges of the State” are not bound to them.  When the judges of the States are not bound, no one in the State is bound; those laws, regulations, and executive orders are “null and void.”  There is no authority delegated to the federal government to exercise an Occupational Safety and Health Association within the boundaries of the States.  Without a specifically enumerated delegation of power to do so, the federal government’s assertion of power is invalid.

Florida is exercising this State authority to check and balance unconstitutional federal power as it begins to separate the State from federal OSHA authority altogether.  Florida is making moves to refuse OSHA authority and regulations and create their own State agency that will fill that gap.  There are some in the federal government who profess, like political activist lawyer Ron Coleman, that it is outside Florida’s authority to deny OSHA in their State.  For people like Coleman, that errant understanding of State authority and professed unlimited power of the federal government is the product of one hundred eighty-eight years of bad education sparked by federal supremacists and certain political activist Supreme Court Justices.  People like Coleman have decided to set aside the true design of the Constitution and the facts regarding its proper application as dictated by those who actually wrote the document, in favor of an ideology that the federal government itself is its only limit to power, and the courts can alter and expand federal power through judicial opinions contrary to Article V of the Constitution.  This progressive ideology flies in the face of every agreement made to ratify the Constitution, every limit to power designed by the Constitution, and the very principles of separation of powers instituted to ensure that the people are the governors over government and not subjects to rogue federal agencies.  Coleman’s assertion, and those who agree with him, that the “commerce clause” is some kind of boilerplate phrase that endows upon the federal government the authority to create for itself unlimited authority over every aspect of life as long as they can somehow bootstrap a “money” argument to it cannot find any justification in the Constitution or the writings of those who created that Compact.  No to mention Coleman’s argument was brilliantly defeated by James Madison in 1792 (see the Cod Fisher Debate, also see Federalist #45).

The only sure solution to ending federal vaccine mandates will be when the States decide to exercise the powers reserved to them as enshrined in the Tenth Amendment.  That will mean that the people in the States must get educated and demand that our States start behaving more like the “independent sovereign governments” the Supreme Court in NFIB v. Sebelius recognized them to be and less like the subservient colonies that Coleman and his political and educational aristocrats want them to be.

If you would like to understand the principles of limited federal power and the State check and balance as the founders created them, please consider joining LibertyFirstSociety.com and learn from the founders themselves instead of activist professors.

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Nazi Science Still Used by the CIA Against Americans.

“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.” – Ralph Ellison

After the Second World War, as Germany was being divided up and the Nazi war machine was being dismantled, the American spies were thick on the ground. They were the early version of a department that would be called the CIA. The CIA was created and actually signed into place by President Truman on July 26, 1947. From the day they were created they have never been the friend or savior of the American people. They have done so many evil jobs around the world, performed unspeakable crimes all in the name of security and safety. Two words Americans seem unable to provide themselves. The CIA is a civilian foreign intelligence organization- apparently. It is supposed to gather human intelligence around the world and then provide that information as intelligence to the President of the United States. It has tactical divisions such as the Special Activities Center. This division is the one used to exert political influence in foreign countries. Trust me, like their work in Africa, they are not working for good but evil.

It trains countries in torture methods, it provides money to terror groups and affects violent changes of government supposedly to complement American political ideologies at that time in history. A shining example was the destruction of strong pro western governments in Africa, like Zimbabwe, that are now communist or Marxist hellholes whose citizens are now living lives that cannot be worse than Hell.

Planned assassinations of world leaders are subject to their operational status. If you think that they were not involved somehow in Kennedys assassination, you are surely misled.

One of their first jobs after being created was to investigate the Nazi propaganda machine and also the scientific experiments being carried out by evil Nazi scientists. ( They also offered a home to the Nazi scientists involved in rocket development as their technology was well ahead of our own. )

One of these experiments that Nazi Germany was very much world leaders in was brain washing – best described by Wikipedia as:- Brainwashing (also known as mind controlmenticidecoercive persuasionthought controlthought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subjects’ ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds, as well as to change their attitudes, values and beliefs.

Hmmmmm…..Any of that seem familiar?

Now, America gathered up all the Nazi scientists involved in this program, and under the CIA quietly bought them to the United States. Here, under the direction of the CIA, they perfected the science and the ability to brainwash a nation. (They also bought evil criminal Nazi scientists and professors over here who were experts in propaganda.)

One way the CIA put their now tame scientists to work was that they used the techniques through their secret department in Hollywood, Ca. Here their agents had the film companies to submit their future movies, scripts, lists of actors and also ensured the strengthened grip of the Actors Union. A communist organization.

These scripts and films were edited and brainwashing techniques added. Propaganda that was relevant to the political agenda of the left was also added. Therefore, every movie, TV Show, documentary and many books were filled with indoctrination and propaganda and our nation began its slide into the abyss of ignorance and our acceptance of everything that up to them was foreign and wrong to everyday Americans.

The CIA also used these techniques to alter the minds of our young by using the same brainwashing techniques in music. This was seen in particular in the 1960’s where minds, music, morals, ethics etc. were now controlled by the CIA special teams appointed to do this terrible work. A book I highly recommend is : “Weird scenes inside the Canyon – Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream” written by David McGowan. All your favorite musicians from that era have ties unknown previously to the CIA and the military. The book is available from Amazon for $21.61 and should be a must read to understand the depths of depravity the CIA has always sunk to and the methods of brainwashing and propaganda they have used as a weapon against we, the people.

Their strength and budget has increased dramatically since 9/11 where they failed us. Their budget is secret but is north of $62.8 Billion plus their secret parts that perform work unknown to us but most likely dangerous for freedom and liberty get another secret budget north of $20.7 Billion.

Now America – that is a short synopsis of why Americans were so easy to control during Covid. The unconstitutional orders and mandates, some issued by the CDC or OSHA and therefore unconstitutional as Congress didn’t make some of the laws, that were sucked up by the majority of non critical thinking sheep. Those that wore stupid masks, stayed locked down, shuttered their businesses, went bankrupt, watched hours of brainwashing TV shows, listened to traitors and Devil worshippers like Dr Fauci and his ilk as he lied and lied. Listened to round the clock 24/7 propaganda spewed out by the tame puppets of this Administrations MSM as they lied and lied. The basis of this is if the same lie is told often enough they would be believed. And they were.

Critical thinking and common sense were other targets of these special units of the CIA. They have abolished both from school curriculum nationwide through the Education Department and School teachers unions. Many Americans are totally unable to think for themselves, research, work out what makes sense and what doesn’t. It was also destroyed in higher education facilities where our youth were indoctrinated fully and trained to be good little serfs of a dictatorial tyrannical government warned against by our Founding Fathers.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: The Left Continues to Embrace Fear and Ignore Science

It’s been two months since the Biden administration announced plans to require 100 million American workers to get the COVID-19 shot, and three months since the administration handed down mandates for all federal employees and military personnel. Yet in all that time, the administration still has not bothered to address the elephant in the room: Why trample on the constitutional and privacy rights of Americans to force a shot for a virus with an over 98 percent survival rate and to which nearly half of all Americans have natural immunity?

As it turns out, this question is just one in a packed room full of elephants left unaddressed by the administration. With yesterday’s announcement from Pfizer stating that they have developed an antiviral COVID pill which could cut hospitalizations and deaths by almost 90 percent, another elephant has now been squeezed into the room.

Dr. Andrew Bostom, Clinical Trialist and Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Brown University, joined “Washington Watch” yesterday and pointed out that the targeted approach that was used to test the new pill should have been the strategy used for the COVID vaccine to begin with.

“They [the COVID pill researchers] didn’t willy nilly start treating people at very low risk for severe consequences from COVID,” Dr. Bostom said. “They went right to the high-risk groups.”

He went on to note that, just as there are many unanswered questions about the long-term health effects of the COVID vaccine, questions remain about how the new antiviral pill might affect healthy cells. “The point is, it’s very different than these mass vaccination programs,” he said. “And remember, we never developed a successful vaccine for HIV. We work more along [the new COVID pill testing] kind of model and made it a very, very manageable disease. I think there’s a lesson to be learned here.”

All of this underscores a key concept that the Left and the mainstream media have been ignoring since the beginning of the entire COVID vaccine debate: let’s follow the science. Instead, the Biden administration has embraced — with the media cheerleading — a bizarre and dangerous approach: dictate first, ask questions later.

As Dr. Bostom made clear, this approach was wrongheaded from the very beginning. “The whole idea of treatment of COVID — and it should have applied to vaccination — should have always been to target those at high risk. The vast preponderance of the population is at risk for a relatively mild and self-limited flu-like syndrome, or even a cold in very immune kids. And so the development of either the vaccines or the drug should always have focused on [those at] the highest risk.”

Instead, Americans are now faced with a one-size-fits-all mandate that not only ignores scientific precedent and common sense, as Dr. Bostom elucidated, but more importantly ignores the Constitution, with 27 states filing suit against the Biden administration’s mandate.

News about the new COVID pill is just one of many reasons why the American people are more concerned about inflation and the economy than they are about COVID. It is now becoming increasingly clear that never-ending mask and vaccine mandates is a losing strategy for Democrats.

Even so, the Left will probably continue to try to make fear the central component of their political agenda — fear of COVID, fear of capitalism, fear of parents, fear of unplanned pregnancies, fear of biological sex, fear of border enforcement, fear of climate change, etc. But as the November elections demonstrated, the American people are tired of being afraid.


Dan Hart


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Climate Czar John Kerry: the U.S. ‘Won’t Have Coal’ by 2030

Globe-trotting private jet enthusiast and Vietnam-era traitor John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s so-called “climate envoy,” said in an interview with Bloomberg at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, that there would be no coal in the United States by the end of the decade.

“By 2030 in the United States, we won’t have coal,” Kerry stated. He went on to say, “We’re saying we are going to be carbon-free in the power sector by 2035. I think that’s leadership. I think that’s indicative of what we can do.”

It’s not leadership. It’s part of the Biden administration’s goal to commit national energy suicide. By contrast, the power-mad Chinese regime has no intention of sacrificing any its energy infrastructure for the sake of the planet.

Kerry is the first Biden official to publicly comment on the administration’s environmental policy since the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that contained numerous sections dedicated to climate change passed Congress. His aspiration to rid the country of its coal by 2030 aligns with Biden’s deadlines for lowering greenhouse gasses by the same year.

According to the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA), coal accounted for 10% of our nation’s total energy consumption in 2020.

John Kerry

207 Known Connections


During an interview aired on the October 27, 2021 edition of Bloomberg’s Leaders with Lacqua, host Francine Lacqua asked Kerry: “Secretary, have you changed anything in your lifestyle to actually help the cause against climate change?”

Kerry answered: “Indeed, I have. I have a solar system for my home. I drive an electric car now. I still have the one internal combustion engine vehicle, which is being traded for another electric car, and we’re making more conscious decisions about our use of energy within the house. I mean, I’ve become a flagrant light switch-chaser whenever I walk through a room or a building. Yes, I think there’s a new consciousness. Am I doing everything that I should be or could be? Probably not. But I’m super conscious of the need to try to all of us do what we can to make a contribution here. The biggest thing I’m doing in my lifestyle is traveling around the world, trying to do diplomacy and help make a larger decision in the context of Glasgow that could reduce a lot of the anxiety that we’re all living with today about where we’re headed.”

To learn more about John Kerry, click here.

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Doctor Diagnosed Patient With ‘Climate Change’ in Canada

Here we go…..

Climate change is the greatest political fraud of our time – the earth has been warming for millions of years. It’s the very definition of the emperors new clothes. But it provides the left with a hammer.

The ‘boogie man” is about to get the COVID clampdown treatment.

Doctor blames asthma suffered by patient on ‘climate change’ after historic heat wave killed 500 in Canada

  • A British Columbia emergency room doctor diagnosed a patient with ‘climate change’ after believing his asthma worsened as a result of a historic heat wave
  • He said his patient’s health was also exacerbated by poor air quality linked to forest fires in the province during the summer
  • Nearly 500 Canadians were killed, mostly in British Columbia, during a five-day heat wave as temperatures surged past 121F
    Climate change will kill 250,000 per year between 2030 and 2050 from malnutrition, malaria, and heat stress, the World Health Organization says

By Michelle Thompson For Dailymail.Com, 7 November 2021

A Canadian doctor pointed to ‘climate change’ as the cause for a patient’s asthma after finding that an unprecedented heat wave and poor air quality contributed to the person’s deteriorating health.

Dr. Kyle Merritt, who works at a Nelson, British Columbia hospital, said the environmental hazards prompted him to make his first ‘climate change’ clinical diagnosis after treating the patient who came in struggling to breathe.

‘If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms, we’re just gonna keep falling further and further behind,’ the emergency room doctor told Glacier Media.

‘It’s me trying to just… process what I’m seeing.’

The diagnosis came shortly after a historic heat wave in June killed nearly 500 Canadians during a five-day period as temperatures surged past 121F.

When the heat wave passed, it was replaced by another health threat as thick smoke from wildfires compromised air quality.

‘We’re in the emergency department, we look after everybody, from the most privileged to the most vulnerable, from cradle to grave, we see everybody. And it’s hard to see people, especially the most vulnerable people in our society, being affected. It’s frustrating,’ he said.

Merritt also spoke about a patient in her 70s whose ailments were exacerbated during the heat wave.

‘She has diabetes. She has some heart failure. … She lives in a trailer, no air conditioning,’ he told the outlet. ‘All of her health problems have all been worsened. And she’s really struggling to stay hydrated.’

The observations made by Merritt and other doctors throughout the western Canadian province promoted the colleagues to launch Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health.

The healthcare professionals are using the group to advocate for better health by protecting the environment, they said on the website.

‘We are deeply concerned about the climate crisis and its impact on health,’ the group’s website says. ‘This summer, our patients experienced extreme weather events of heat dome, drought, and severe wildfires. Record-breaking temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius in June and air pollution from wildfires reached 43 times the amount of safe levels throughout July and August. ‘

Read the rest…

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Nuclear Attack On Freedom

Over the past two years, freedom around the world has been attacked. Even in the United States. And not a single shot in anger was fired. No missile attacks. No drone strikes. No war. None of this was needed to devastate freedom.

Instead two non military things were used to attack our freedom. A virus known popularly as COVID-19 and FEAR.

Yes, COVID was the conventional weapon used followed by the nuclear weapon of fear. The combination was deadly to freedom.

Nation’s that thought they were basically free woke up one day to oppression and authoritarian rule. Countries all over the world told you that you could not work, provide for yourself or your family. Even in the United States we were put on an unprecedented “lock down”.

At first this was due to ignorance. Nobody really knew or understood what COVID-19 was. Nobody really knew the damage it could do. Governments all around the world used this ignorance to institute policy that they could never get by the people at any other time.

Then when governments saw how easily their populations would comply with a virus mandate, they began to institute fear. Even as we began to figure out COVID was not as deadly as first thought, governments mandated things based on fear. They promoted that fear. They demanded we all bow to that fear.

Then vaccines against COVID started rolling out to various populations around the world. At first we were told this would be the end of the pandemic. COVID had met its match. Freedom would be re-instituted soon.

Sadly that return of freedom did not happen. In fact, many governments doubled down on the fear. Kept mask mandates in place. Demanded and mandated people get the vaccine even if they did not need nor want it.

In some cases, governments like Australia actually began to lock up people who refused to get the shot or protested against the mandate. Yes, in Australia it became illegal to protest. Sounds more like China or North Korea or Cuba. Australia also continued to ban most travel in and out of the country. Again, sounds more like a communist nation.

The United States decided at first that government could not mandate a vaccine. They sited the US Constitution as the roadblock. But that did not stop them for long. It only delayed what they wanted to do. Governments from the local level to the Federal level decided that the Constitution was not going to stop them from mandating anything on the people. After all, here in the USA, we were “used to” a mandate. Obamacare.

To double down on this, our governments decided that if you didn’t do what they said, you would be prevented from enjoying life to its fullest by not being able to participate in any public activities such as going to live plays, concerts or other public events. You wouldn’t be able to go out to eat in a restaurant. And you were even threatened with not being able to shop in person, even for food. And last but not least, some of our governments actually went after your job. Your main source of income.

All because they continued this nuclear attack of fear. Even as the actual numbers of deaths did not materialize as they said they would, as we found out that greater than 99.8% of those who get COVID would survive and recover, our government kept telling us how deadly and dangerous this virus is.

They even talked about how you did not have a right or freedom to not be inoculated because you didn’t have the right to spread the virus to others.

I guess you could say that about anything including the common cold.

And of course if you push back even a little bit…if you question the officials even a little bit, they respond with anger. Total anger. They often reply “just do as you are told”.

When governments believe they can do or say anything to you, then you have lost your freedom. When governments can dictate what you can and cannot do with or to your own body, then you have lost your freedom. When governments determine who can provide for themselves and who cannot, then you have lost your freedom.

Now these same people in our governments want to dictate to you what your children learn in school. They want to dictate to parents that your child, even as young as 5 years old, will get the COVID-19 vaccine. They want to take your rights as a parent away from you. Another freedom nuked.

At this point there is not a single freedom that out of these people’s cross-hairs. They are targeting every remaining freedom you have. And if you refuse to comply, they will use the full weight and authority of the government to make you comply or they will take away all your freedom by locking you up.

This sort of thing, freedom attack, used to be limited to conspiracy nut jobs.

But just like in the movie Conspiracy Theory, the “nut jobs” got one conspiracy right. And its effect is devastating.

The only way out is to use a Patriot Missile against fear nukes. Take authoritarians out at the ballot box. Attend local town meetings. Demand that governmental officials provide full disclosure, and I mean FULL disclosure, on why they are doing what they are doing. Don’t let them take your freedom without a fight.

If you don’t, YOU will be the mythical generation that sits in your rocking chair when you are old telling stories to your grandchildren about a time when you lived in a free nation.

Just be prepared to explain and answer when those grandchildren ask you why you let freedom slip through your fingers.

Is that an explanation you are willing to give?

©Rod Eccles. All rights reserved. Please visit www.RodEccles.Net.

Brown University Researcher: ‘Instead of fighting a war on terror, U.S. should be mobilizing to combat climate change’

“In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion; the more intelligent, the less sane.” ― George Orwell, 1984

Heidi Peltier is a “senior researcher at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University and director of programs for the Costs of War Project.” For all her skills as a researcher, however, she doesn’t appear to be aware that the Obama administration ended the war on terror in 2012. What’s more, the waste she decries in the war on terror is largely derived from the fact that it was wrongly conceived from the beginning, and wrongly executed all the way through.

In any case, she wants an end to Wilsonian messianic interventionism, and that would indeed be a good thing. But she wants the resources of the U.S. government to be devoted instead to fighting “climate change,” apparently unaware of the fact that such a fight will be just as empty and fruitless as the “war on terror,” if not even more so. It is, to say the least, unproven that human activity has caused climate change, and even more unproven that human activity can fix the climate. What’s more, the activities proposed are all being undertaken by the U.S. and Western Europe, while China ignores the problem and benefits economically from the West’s self-abnegation.

She says: “Climate-related disasters have killed more Americans from flooding and wildfires than the 2,996 people who died in the 9/11 attacks.” That may be, but again, there is no proof that this was the result of something human beings did. There have been floods and wildfires throughout history. Nor is it certain that ending the use of the internal combustion engine etc. will solve the problem.

It’s time to shift from the ‘war on terror’ to a war on climate change

by Heidi Peltier, Guardian, November 7, 2021:

Large government bureaucracies are often slow to adapt to changing realities, such as the catastrophic threats we face in a warming world. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is no exception. New research from Brown University’s Costs of War Project shows that the DHS has been overly focused on foreign and foreign-inspired terrorism, while violent attacks in the US have more often come from domestic sources. A combination of willful ignorance and institutional inertia caused the agency to miss the rise in white supremacy and domestic terrorism that led to the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol.

The new data from Dr Erik Dahl, Associate Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School, show that just one of the 46 failed terror plots in the US from 2018 through 2020 was directed by a foreign organization. In contrast, 29 plots were planned or carried out by domestic groups. In 2019, DHS finally acknowledged the growing threat of targeted violence and domestic terrorism borne mainly of far-right ideology and white supremacy and issued its first strategy document identifying these threats.

While we know now that the threat of violent attacks from domestic sources outnumber those from foreign sources, a bigger source of insecurity still is that of climate change. On October 21, the DHS released its first-ever “Strategic Framework for Addressing Climate Change,” acknowledging the importance of climate as a source of disruption and threat to security. As the COP26 UN climate meetings start this week, it’s time for a recognition that climate change is in fact a more expensive, more deadly, and more real threat to lives and to the US economy than the threat of what we call terrorism.

The “War on Terror” – a phrase born in the George W Bush administration – needs to be retired both as an action and a concept. The word “terrorism” instills a sense of fear and gives carte blanche for the US government to intervene around the globe….

Instead of wasting trillions of dollars and millions of lives fighting a war on terror, the US should be mobilizing to combat climate change….

Climate-related disasters have killed more Americans from flooding and wildfires than the 2,996 people who died in the 9/11 attacks….

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VIDEO: Florida Covid Summit with Dr. Brian Tyson ‘Successfully Treating 6,000 Covid-19 Patients’

On November 6, 2021, leading physicians from all over the world gathered to talk about their recent Physicians’ Declaration update, which includes their commitment to fighting authoritarian public health measures, such as:

  1. Forced child vaccination,
  2. Mandatory vaccination of the COVID recovered, and
  3. Questionable interference with physician practices, such as early intervention.

Hosted by Florida physician Dr. John Littell, speakers and panelists included Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Heather Gessling, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Brian Tyson, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Dr. Mollie James, Dr. Paul E. Alexander and Dr. Peter McCullough.

©Florida Covid Summit 2021. All rights reserved.



Dr. Richard Urso Discusses the Challenges and Obstacles to Early Treatment

Dr. Mollie James Asks: What Do You Want from Your Doctor?

Dr. Pierre Kory Discusses the Suppression of Early Treatment Options

Dr. Ryan Cole Argues Natural COVID Immunity is the Best Defense

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