Chasing the China Virus Dragon!

Again I use a guest writer or two for you. The foreword by a very good friend and extremely knowledgeable former Federal Agency official. A true patriot. The second a link to a story from Israel on the ineffectiveness of the China Virus booster vaccinations. It makes interesting reading. Enjoy and share widely please using this blog. As always credits and links at bottom of this article.

1st Writer Pete A. Perhaps, it is because I come from a 15-year world of federal drug enforcement that I fall back on a truism that affects the drug junkie. It is called ‘chasing the dragon.’ Once the victim is ‘hooked’ on heroin, most never escape until they are stone-cold dead. Their addiction is a treadmill they can not get off – a race to attain that ever-greater high until they kill themselves. This is what I see going on, as described in the below article, with the great Covid injection genocide.
Isreal is the forerunner, leading the pack on this treadmill and there will be no getting off until the vaxed have taken their final fix. I have come to believe their bodies are now pumping out spike protein every time their immune system is challenged, which then actually infects them with the spike protein. Most importantly, the public has yet to fully understand that the injections have destroyed the vaxed innate immune systems and the ‘fix’ can do nothing more than forestall the inevitable.
There is hope for those who got the shot. It is now clear that this genocidal experiment was not uniformly administered across all populations. That is, not everyone was injected with the same concoction. The batches were numbered and controlled with different potions being administered across the populace. Therefore, there is a reason for hope, hope that if you received an injection it may have been inert or at least not of the life-threatening kind. What you need to take away as you enter the fall and winter flu season is to at least arm yourself with the commonly recognized therapeutics as if you were unvaccinated or not naturally immune from having had the Covid.

Israeli Researchers Can Confirm Only 12 Days of Protection From COVID-19 Virus with Booster Shot – by Shane Trejo.

Israeli researchers have only been able to demonstrate that the COVID-19 booster shot provides a proven 12 days of protection from the virus after being administered to people aged 60 or above.

However, the vaxx pushers and their captive propagandists in the media are spinning these findings as proof of vaccine efficacy.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the third Pfizer vaccine provides a ten-times boost of the immunity within individuals against individuals who have received only two vaccine shots. These findings, of course, presume that there was any real immunity boost given from the vaccines to begin with.

Thus far, nearly three million Israelis have received the third booster shot. Israel has emerged as the world leader in vaccine compliance, and their COVID-19 case totals keep shattering recordsas more Israelis line up to comply.

The authors claim that the study makes it “evident that booster vaccination is very effective at reducing the rate of both confirmed infection and severe illness.” Perhaps they came to these dubious conclusions after making considerations about preserving their budgets and maintaining their prestigious jobs.

Big League Politics has reportedabout how cases are surging in countries that have boasted the most compliance with the vaccine:

Many countries listed as a high travel risk by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have enforced vaccine compliance the best according to data from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) School of Medicine.

The nations of Malta, the United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Uruguay, Chile, Bahrain, Mongolia, Israel and Ireland are on the CDC’s list of Level 4 countries for COVID-19 risk. This is despite all of these countries vaccinating well over 50 percent of their population, with countries listed reaching as high as 78.8 percent compliance.

The data compiled by JHU omits Gibraltar, which also appears as a Level 4 country by the CDC. Gibraltar has boasted 99 percent rates of vaccine compliance, the highest of any country in the world, which has corresponded with a recent case spike and a renewal of crippling lockdown policies.

The CDC advises Americans to “avoid travel to these destinations,” adding that “if you must travel to these destinations, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel.” Of course, there is no guarantee that a fully-vaccinated traveler would be protected any more than the individuals in those countries where vaccination levels are high but cases continue to spike.

As the vaccines fail to contain the spread of the virus, pharmaceutical corporations that have already cashed out mightily due to the crisis get ready for their next fear-induced pay day.”

Despite the Big Pharma-owned public health establishment’s spin to the contrary, the vaccine is failing on all the metrics that the public was sold upon. The public must resist because this is only the beginning of a cruel technocracy that will feature unending invasive and nonsensical mandates.

<blockquote class=”wp-embedded-content”><a href=””>Israeli Researchers Can Confirm Only 12 Days of Protection From COVID-19 Virus with Booster Shot</a></blockquote>

Israeli Researchers Can Confirm Only 12 Days of Protection From COVID-19 Virus with Booster Shot

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Clinton Lawyer Indicted for Fabricating Conspiracy about President Trump

Indict! What the hell is going on?


By The Conservative Treehouse, September 18, 2021

U.S. Special Counsel John Durham has released an indictment [pdf here] of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to federal investigators in 2016 about the people and motives behind his FBI contact. He failed to tell them his intent was to spread a false Alfa Bank conspiracy theory on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Working for the Perkins Coie law firm, while under contract with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, partner Michael Sussmann contacted FBI Legal Counsel James Baker to pitch evidence that a Russian bank was in digital communications with servers in Trump Tower.  The Alfa Bank allegation was one of the key components for the ridiculous Trump-Russia narrative put together by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Sussmann wanted the FBI to investigate Donald Trump, so that Hillary Clinton could push a political fabrication about Donald Trump working with Russians to steal the presidential election.

According to the indictment, Sussmann failed to tell the FBI that he was giving them this information on behalf of the Clinton campaign.  The FBI investigated the claims and found nothing; however, it was the appearance of the investigation that Clinton needed in order to leak/push the Trump-Russia story to the media and stir up the controversy…

With the indictment now public, The New York Times also now admits Michael Sussmann was their source for stories they wrote about Alfa bank…

(read more)

(Indictment pdf Source)

Perkins Coie is “law firm-1”.  Mark Elias is “campaign lawyer 1”.   The “US Investigative Firm” is Fusion GPS.   “Tech Executive-1” is likely Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike…

In March 2016, Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie to discuss potential engagement in the development of opposition research on Donald Trump…

In April 2016, Perkins Coie retained Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Towards the end of the month, on April 29, Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann contacted Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike Services…

Before June 14, 2016, Sussmann, CrowdStrike Services and the Democratic National Committee carefully crafted a damage control story with regards to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, which Dmitri Alperovitch and Shawn Henry released to Ellen Nakashima at The Washington Post.

On June 14, 2016, Nakashima…published the article “Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump” in The Washington Post

In…July 2016, a member of the…organisation, known by the alias “Tea Leaves”, discovered potential malware moving from the Alfa Bank server to the Trump Organization server. The information…was then circulated among his colleagues…

October 31, 2016, Franklin Foer published the article, “Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?”, in Slate. This article was then retweeted by Hillary Clinton in a tweet which read: “It’s time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia.”…

Fusion GPS then passed Steele’s reports to Marc Elias at Perkins Coie.

The rest, as they say, is history….

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COVID Vaccines: The Dog Is Chasing Its Tail.

Today’s blog comes from a friend Chris Wright and I found it interesting, as well as relevant and I wanted to share it with you – my readers! It is well written and you may see more of his writing as the time goes on. There are many links that are worth your time hitting as you read. As always please share from here and share far and wide!! In liberty. Fred B!

The Story of Ivermectin:

Hi all,

I have questioned the integrity of public health officials concerning their pronouncements on COVID many times in previous commentaries.  I have asserted the whole subject has become completely politicized and we’re not getting the straight story.  I’ve given you story after story about how the number of COVID cases is being overstated.  I’ve questioned why authorities continue to push masks when masks have not been shown to be of much use.  I’ve talked about the now over 14,000 deaths in the U.S. from adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.  With respect to the latter, I’ve been accused of misusing the data and spreading misinformation, but I wrote a rebuttal to my accusers [Daily Skirmish – 9/1/21] and nobody on a health policy listserv or my other accusers answered.  As of this moment, my rebuttal stands unrebutted.

And so it is I have concluded we’re not getting the straight story about the vaccines, either.  In the first place, there are recent reports immunity from vaccines can wear off after six months.  When they said ‘get vaccinated and you can go back to a normal life’, they didn’t say, ‘and, oh by the way, it’s just for six months,’ did they?  Secondly, a published medical doctor is sounding the alarm about “vaccine chasing”, the idea that mass vaccination causes new variants to emerge, just like the overuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic-resistant strains to emerge.

Dr. Richard Fleming writes there is “no statistically significant difference in the number of people who died who were un-vaccinated compared with those who received the vaccines.”  Then, in discussing breakthrough cases after vaccination, “there was no statistical difference in the number of people who were diagnosed with COVID independent of whether they were vaccinated or not.”  This is true for Pfizer and Moderna.  Johnson & Johnson did a little better, but the comparatively good results shown at 14 days disappeared by 28 days after vaccination.

For all that trouble, in 33 countries – notably Israel and the U.K. – Delta and other new variants emerged after mass vaccination.  As a result, the overall number of cases did not decrease in any of those countries despite mass vaccination  So, mass vaccination is basically a failure.  Not only that, Fleming writes, there are concerns the vaccines are causing vascular disease and neurological symptoms.  Then comes the kicker:   “There is of course also the mounting number of deaths associated with the use of these Drug Vaccine Biologics,” Fleming writes, referring to the same government data for which my detractors came after me.

Fleming sums it up this way:  “As we continue the Mass Vaccination program of using these Drug Vaccine Biologics, that according to the EUA data itself fail to show a statistical reduction in COVID-19 cases or death, with an increasing number of adverse events including death; we are simultaneously producing a Pressure Selection of Variants that will produce what appears to be a never ending cycle of Pressure Selection-Vaccination.”

A never-ending cycle, like a dog chasing its tail.  The more we vaccinate, the more variants we get.  The more variants we get, the more vaccines we need.  Meanwhile, the people pushing the party line on vaccines are getting rich, careers are being made, and public health authorities get to feel oh, so important.

And now you want to tie me down, stick a needle in my arm, and tell me I can’t work or travel out of state if I don’t comply?  Stop this train, I want to get off.

Dr. Fleming discussed his work further on Secure Freedom Radio on 9/16/21.

Visit The Daily Skirmish

Best wishes,

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Tipping Point – Daniel Horowitz on Vaccine Mandates [Video]

Rumble — Daniel Horowitz on Vaccine Mandates.

©OANN – Tipping Point. All rights reserved.

RELATED VIDEO: RNC ad shows Fauci flip-flopping on vaccine mandates.

Did Trump make a mistake endorsing Luna?!

Today’s blog is not something I saw myself ever writing or posting. During the last election cycle I supported Anna Paulina Luna. Financially and other ways. She was a stated veteran and true conservative I thought. I attended some of her rallies, had her yard signs, spoke with her several times. Promoted her candidacy.

I read the story I am posting here and it seemed like dejavue all over again. Was this yet another swamp creature raising its head? Was it all lies? Did I really misjudge her so badly? Maybe….You judge. You tell me. I mean – look at her campaign photo from a magazine cover!

You read this story and understand that it is because we are too trusting in people’s claims that we do not do due diligence before supporting and voting for candidates whose ethics and story may not be what we understood them to be.

This article is by Roger Stone, a friend and confidante of President Trump for over 40 years. His research seems accurate from what I have looked into. Read this now and understand why we need to do due diligence every time we vote. Our Constitutional Republic depends on it. Become informed voters.

Opinion Roger Stone: Trump Endorsement Of Luna Questionable.

I noticed this morning ( September 15th ) that former President Donald Trump, a friend and client of mine for some 40 years, has endorsed Anna Paulina Luna for Congress for the seat vacated by former Governor Charlie Crist so he can run for Governor.

It’s an odd choice particularly since ‘Luna” as she now calls herself did not run a particularly strong race, losing badly by 30,000 votes, running 5 points behind Trump who only lost the district by 1% while Luna lost by 6%.

As someone who has great loyalty and affection for the President and both knows and understands him and also has a keen understanding of the dynamics surrounding the process in which these endorsement decisions are made,

I can now confidently predict that the President will ultimately withdraw his endorsement long before the Republican Congressional Primary next year. I really doubt that the President has any understanding of Anna Meyerhoffer, the California Democrat who supported Barrack Obama while living in California (where she listed ethnicity on her driver’s license as ‘Caucasian” rather than Hispanic.

There is surely no way President Trump, my friend of 40 years, is aware of her abuse of the Judicial System and her (Luna) habitual filing of restraining orders against her political opponents or anyone who gets in her ambitious way. She filed a restraining order against a member of her own family when he had the audacity to come forward and point out that her entire biography is a fraud.

Luna also filed a restraining order against a woman in Fort Walton Beach which just happens to be in the Matt Gaetz district -when Luna was working at a Gentleman’s club as a dancer. Luna’s denial that she was a dancer and her insistence she was a cocktail waitress is debunked in sworn affidavits from the club owner and two employees. Dancer. Stripper. Read ” Stone’s Rules. No amount of cash to Peter Scorsch Is going to change the facts.

Let me state up front that I have no professional involvement in this congressional race; Matt Tito, a US Marine combat veteran who is going to make a bid for the congressional nomination, is a friend of mine. Unlike Luna who was never deployed outside the country during her time in the Air Force and never saw combat. Matt Tito is a genuine American hero. Matt came to my attention when he made a valiant bid for a Florida State House in an overwhelmingly Democrat district and ran 18% ahead of the President in 2020.

When I was in Tampa, Tito posted a picture of us together on INSTAGRAM. Suddenly my e-mail box blew up with anonymous e-mails attacking Matt Tito, accusing him of a host of unsubstantiated crimes and misdeeds – none of which were accurate or true. Only weeks later an Editor at El American asked me if I would write an OP-ED for July 4th.

When my piece was posted I learned that “Luna”, who has some affiliation with El American, demanded the editors take my piece down because I “tried to poison her.”

I have never met this woman but her nutty claim forced me to dig into who she really is. By the way, I have two sworn affidavits from people working for El American as to this exact course of events because I now know “Luna’s” pattern when confronted with her unhinged unbalanced behavior; she lies and plays the victim.

The statement by the President calling Matt Tito a RINO just adds to the mountain of lies that Luna has told, many of them under oath particularly in the recent contrived publicity stunt in which she accused Matt Tito and her other opponents of plotting together to murder her. In fact, the released Presidential Statement came on the exact day Luna and one of her henchwomen perjured themselves repeatedly as Luna’s ‘Murder Plot PR stunt” began to unravel in a court-ordered deposition.

I can’t imagine who might have urged the President to endorse such a person and wonder if he knows what happens when someone hasn’t told the President the whole truth leading to an action- where he might get embarrassed for not knowing all the facts.

What will the President do when he learns that Anna Paulina Luna is not even her real name and that she has not an iota of Hispanic heritage? What happens when he learns that she used campaign photos of herself in fatigues holding military-grade weapons to imply that she has served her country in combat when she was never deployed; such a claim is stolen valor and illegal in the state of Florida.

What happens when the president learns that Luna, who was a registered Democrat who supported Obama when she lived in California and where she listed her ethnicity as non-Hispanic in her voting records? Or when he learns “Luna” used “LUNA- TRUMP” on her yard signs in the Republican primary but distancing herself from the President switching to ‘LUNA- INDEPENDENT LEADERSHIP yard signs for her dismal general election campaign.

What happens when the President learns that Luna’s campaign operatives illegally recorded telephone conversations with political opponents; a felony for which individuals are regularly prosecuted in Florida and for which Luna’s henchwoman will ultimately be prosecuted herself?

Then there is the police report filed with the Saint Petersburg police in which Luna accused her opponents of “plotting her murder.

By law a police complaint must be cosigned by two witnesses. In this case, Anna  Paulina Luna’s complaint was cosigned by her husband “Brian Luna.” There is no such person. Filing a police complaint under a false name is a felony. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

I have no doubt that the rigors of a primary campaign will demonstrate that Anna Paulina Luna is mentally unbalanced and a congenital liar whose entire background is essentially falsified. My next move? I am taking out a restraining order to ensure that certified, nut job Diva, Anna Paulina Meyerhoffer, and the camp followers she surrounds herself with stay away from me.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

Californians Desperate To Escape Cling To Landing Gear Of Last Jet Leaving LAX

LOS ANGELES, CA—One day after Governor Newsom fended off recall and secured the continuation of his reign, swarms of Californians descended upon Los Angeles International Airport desperate to escape. As planes filled and people began getting turned away, mothers attempted to pass their babies over the fence of the tarmac, and others clung to the landing gear of the last departing planes.

Timothy Sawchuck of Pomona, who released his grip on the landing gear just before it became too late, said, “Grabbing the landing gear is what you do when you’re fleeing an authoritarian regime, right?  I’m pretty sure I saw that on TV recently.” When asked why he felt such urgency to get out of California, he explained: “Newsom has been playing it cool during the recall, but now all bets are off. There’s going to be lockdowns, water rationing, power outages—all that third-world stuff California has become famous for.”

Rebecca Anderson of Encino agreed: “Fire season is coming. From what I’ve seen, Newsom spent all his time preparing for that by calling Larry Elder a white supremacist and claiming that he was running against Donald Trump. Not sure how that’s going to thin out the dead trees and brush. I have to get out of here before the rest of the state goes up in flames!”

Those lucky enough to make it out are being transported to military bases around the country to await relocation to one of the remaining states that have not been completely run into the ground.


CDC Cautions Against Taking The Red Pill

General Milley: ‘I Had To Commit Treason To Prevent Trump From Committing Treason’

Nation’s Productivity Down 97% As Everyone Binge-Watching Norm Macdonald Clips All Day

Sirens Blaring At Democratic Headquarters As Black Woman Expresses Unapproved Opinion

‘Jeopardy!’ To Be Hosted By Whoever Is Found Worthy To Wield Mjölnir

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VIDEO: Biden Isn’t Joe-King with Mandate

Attorneys general in 24 states sent a letter to President Biden yesterday, threatening legal action if he follows through on his threat to mandate private companies with more than 100 employees to require their employees either take the coronavirus vaccine, submit to weekly testing, or be fired. One of those attorneys general, Dave Yost of Ohio, explained further on “Washington Watch.”

“What the president said he wanted to do,” said Yost, “seems clearly beyond his authority.” President Biden plans to define coronavirus as an occupational safety hazard to be enforced by the Department of Labor, a step clearly outside the intended purpose of the law, the letter argued.

“Congress writes the laws, not the president. He doesn’t get to govern by dictate,” said Yost. “The difference between a democracy and a monarchy or a dictatorship is that in a democracy laws have to be written by a representative body, a congress or a parliament. In a monarchy or a dictatorship, one executive decides what the rules are and they enforce them. That is just fundamentally opposite our constitutional order.”

Not only is President Biden circumventing Congress’ authority to write laws, said Yost, but he is interfering with health issues which are properly considered “part of the police power that belongs to the states.” (Thus, to date, the CDC has issued only recommended guidelines, which state health departments have adopted, modified, or rejected. Mask mandates and lockdowns were widely issued by state governors, but the federal government only issued a mask mandate covering areas of federal jurisdiction, like federal property and air travel.)

Everyone, even the Biden administration, understands the president lacks the authority for such a mandate. “They know they don’t have the legal authority,” Yost explained, “but they do it knowing it’ll be in the courts forever.” President Biden’s strategy seems strikingly similar to one he employed only weeks ago, when he unilaterally extended an illegal moratorium on evictions, in direct violation of a Supreme Court ruling. Then, Biden admitted his action was illegal, but he was simply buying time for his policies. He said he sought the “ability to, if we have to appeal, to keep this going for a month at least. I hope longer.”

In striking down Biden’s eviction moratorium, the Supreme Court stated clearly that the Constitution “does not permit agencies to act unlawfully even in pursuit of desirable ends.” They added, “we expect Congress to speak clearly when authorizing an agency to exercise powers of ‘vast economic and political significance.'” It seems President Biden is simply calculating he can force many businesses to comply with his diktat before the Supreme Court obliterates it.

Yost said the attorneys general would likely ask for a temporary restraining order — when the administration actually produces a regulation. “Right now, it’s not in effect.” (Some private companies have begun requiring vaccination as a condition of employment, but that is their own decision.)

The silver lining of President Biden’s brazen lawlessness is that it serves to highlight the checks and balances of America’s federal system. When you don’t live in a monarchy ruled by King Joseph the First. When 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue overreaches, it triggers a reaction across town at the Supreme Court. But it also triggers a larger wave of resistance from those governments outside the Washington beltway that actually listen to the American people.


Joshua Arnold

Media Coordinator. As media coordinator, Joshua serves under the Vice President of Communications in a number of ways, including coordinating interview requests, editing op-eds and press releases, and assisting in various capacities with the Washington Watch radio show.

Joshua hails from Clemson, South Carolina, where he was homeschooled with his five siblings. He graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and a special emphasis in American Politics and Policy. He later attended the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy and graduated as valedictorian with a Master’s in Public Policy, emphasizing Economics and American Policy. Before joining Family Research Council, Joshua also worked for the National Pro-Life Alliance and, as well as interning in the White House Office of Speechwriting.

Joshua is passionate about policy research and analysis, specifically about developing innovative solutions to the day’s greatest policy challenges from a biblical perspective. He enjoys participating in the life of his local church and exploring a variety of nerdy hobbies ranging from strategy board games to sci-fi television and book series.

EDITORS NOTE: This FRC-Action video and column are republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Gen. Milley: BLM Riots Causing $1 Billion in Damage Were Trivial

Traitorous Gen. Mark Milley reportedly suggested the 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots, which caused an estimated one billion dollars in damage, were trivial, according to authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa in the book Peril.

“Mr. President, they are not burning it down,” Milley told former President Trump about the riots sparked by George Floyd’s death. “We’re a country of 330 million people. You’ve got these penny packet protests,” Milley reportedly said, using a phrase for something trivial. “They used spray paint, Mr. President, that’s not an insurrection.”

One billion dollars of damage, not to mention the dozens of lives lost, including law enforcement officers, is not a “penny packet protest.” It is revolution.

According to the New York Post, Milley reportedly told Trump the U.S. military should not be involved in the 2020 riots because the “protests were understandable given systemic racism,” which he claimed was “pent up in communities that have been experiencing what they perceive to be police brutality.”

Milley, you may recall, is the same general who told the House Armed Services Committee, “I want to understand White rage. And I’m White. I’ve read Mao Zedong. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist. So what is wrong with understanding… the country which we are here to defend?”

Milley is not here to defend this country. He is here to subvert it.

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

130 Known Connections

Founder of BLM Utah Chapter Says American Flag Is “Symbol of Hatred”

In a July 4, 2021 Facebook post, Lex Scott, the founder of Utah’s Black Lives Matter chapter, wrote:

“When we Black Americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around. When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist. When we see this flag we know that the person flying it lives in a different America than we do. When we see this flag, we question your intelligence. We know to avoid you. It is a symbol of hatred.”

Ms. Scott subsequently told Fox News:

“Ever since we put up the post, our page has been flooded with hatred from people who fly the flag. And we want to thank those people for proving our point.” When asked how she would respond to people who say the American flag represents all Americans, Scott replied: “I would ask those people if they ever showed outrage when the Ku Klux Klan marched down the street holding that flag, if they ever showed outrage last week when Patriot Front, a White supremacist group, was marching through Philadelphia holding that flag, if they feel outraged that the Three Percenters have co-opted their flag, that the Proud Boys have co-opted their flag. If they have never shown outrage when hate groups use their symbol for hatred, then they need to not come to us – they need to go directly to those groups. When you allow a hate group to fly that flag in the name of hatred, and you say nothing, and you do nothing, you send a message to us that you agree with their messaging. You agree with that hate, and you condone it.”

To learn more about Black Lives Matter, click here.

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Nation Cheers As Democrats Will Remain In California

SACRAMENTO, CA—The nation is cheering this morning after Gavin Newsom defeated a recall election, ensuring that the Democrat Newsom fans who live there will stay put.

“We were getting ready to escape the state if a black man had been elected governor,” said one local insane Communist Democrat Newsom fan while taking his morning poop on the sidewalk. “But now that our favorite progressive governor is safe, we know we can stay!”

Experts are warning that some Democrats may still leave the state in spite of having a progressive governor, in search of things like food, water, electricity, shelter, and jobs. Several states are preparing for the potential onslaught of California refugees by building tall border walls to keep escaping Democrats out.

Still, many believe that keeping Gavin Newsom as governor will result in many Democrats staying in California where they belong.

“This is sad news for California, but wonderful news for the rest of us!” said Texas Governor Greg Abbot. “Stay put in California, Libs! Say ‘hi’ to Newsom for me! Yee Haw!”


Homeless Spell Out ‘Congrats, Gavin Newsom’ In Poo On The Streets Of California

Gavin Newsom Named U-Haul Salesperson Of The Year

Beautiful: AOC Donates Her ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress To Help Abuela Patch The Holes In Her Roof

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Indian Bar Association Sues WHO Scientist Over Ivermectin!

Today’s blog comes from an article from India. It is about the Indian Bar Association suing the WHO ( World Health Organization ) for lying about the ineffectiveness of Ivermectin.

It is an interesting take and a strong step other states, countries and governments need to be taking. As I keep mentioning this whole china virus thing is about money, power, enslaving and more money and power. Making citizens around the world dependent on the government and to destroy all vestiges of liberty and freedom including freedom of choice. You will belong to the government from cradle to grave.

They will decide your job, religion, healthcare and every other aspect including what media you listen to and your freedom to choose for your kids will be removed. Read this story posted below and feel free to share this blog far and wide.

Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin – by Justus R. Hope, MD. (Updated September 08.)

The Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin.

Point 56 states, “That your misleading tweet on May 10, 2021, against the use of Ivermectin had the effect of the State of Tamil Nadu withdrawing Ivermectin from the protocol on May 11, 2021, just a day after the Tamil Nadu government had indicated the same for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.”

Advocate Dipali Ojha, lead attorney for the Indian Bar Association, threatened criminal prosecution against Dr.  Swaminathan “for each death” caused by her acts of commission and omission. The brief accused Swaminathan of misconduct by using her position as a health authority to further the agenda of special interests to maintain an EUA for the lucrative vaccine industry.

Specific charges included the running of a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin and issuing statements in social and mainstream media to wrongfully influence the public against the use of Ivermectin despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data showing its profound effectiveness in both prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

In particular, the Indian Bar brief referenced the peer-reviewed publications and evidence compiled by the ten-member Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) group and the 65-member British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) panel headed by WHO consultant and meta-analysis expert Dr. Tess Lawrie.

The brief cited US Attorney Ralph C. Lorigo’s hospital cases in New York where court orders were required for dying COVID patients to receive the Ivermectin. In multiple instances of such comatose patients, following the court-ordered Ivermectin, the patients recovered. In addition, the Indian Bar Association cited previous articles published in this forum, The Desert Review.

Advocate Ojha accused the WHO and Dr. Swaminathan in Points 60 and 61 as having misled and misguided the Indian people throughout the pandemic from mask wear to exonerating China as to the virus’s origins.

“The world is gradually waking up to your absurd, arbitrary and fallacious approach in presenting concocted facts as ‘scientific approach.’ While the WHO flaunts itself like a ‘know it all,’ it is akin to the vain Emperor in new clothes while the entire world has realized by now, the Emperor has no clothes at all.”

The brief accused the WHO of being complicit in a vast disinformation campaign. Point 61 states, “The FLCCC and the BIRD have shown exemplary courage in building a formidable force to tackle the challenge of disinformation, resistance, and rebuke from pharma lobbies and powerful health interests like WHO, NIH, CDC, and regulators like the US FDA.”

Dr. Swaminathan was called out for her malfeasance in discrediting Ivermectin to preserve the EUA for the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry. Point 52 reads,  “It seems you have deliberately opted for deaths of people to achieve your ulterior goals, and this is sufficient grounds for criminal prosecution against you.”

The Indian Bar Association posted an update on their website June 5, 2021, noting that Dr. Swaminathan had deleted her now-infamous tweet. They wrote, “However, deleting the tweet will not save Dr. Soumya Swaminathan and her associates from the criminal prosecution which is to be launched by the citizens with active support from the Indian Bar Association.”

In this update, Advocate Dipali Ojha clarified the nature of the planned action,

“The Indian Bar Association has warned action under section 302 etc. of the Indian Penal Code against Dr. Soumya Swaminathan and others, for murder of each person dying due to obstruction in treatment of COVID-19 patient effectively by Ivermectin. Punishment under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code is death penalty or life imprisonment.”

He further wrote, “After receiving the said notice, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan went on the back foot and deleted her tweet. This has proved the hollowness of the WHO’s recommendation against Ivermectin for COVID-19. The dishonesty of  WHO and the act of Dr. Soumya Swaminathan in deleting her contentious tweet was witnessed by citizens across the world, as the news got a wide coverage on social media. By deleting the tweet, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan has proved her mala fide intentions.”

The entire world witnessed the effectiveness of Ivermectin against India’s deadly second surge as the locations that adopted it saw their outbreaks quickly extinguished in stark contrast to those states that did not.

Among the most prominent examples include the Ivermectin areas of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Goa where cases dropped 98%, 97%, 94%, and 86%, respectively. By contrast, Tamil Nadu opted out of Ivermectin. As a result, their cases skyrocketed and rose to the highest in India. Tamil Nadu deaths increased ten-fold.

Tamil Nadu publicly relied upon Dr. Swaminathan’s advice in revoking their initial choice of Ivermectin the day after she recommended against it in her May 10 tweet on social media. As a direct result, Tamil Nadu experienced a surge in COVID death and sickness that continues to this day.

The Indian Bar Association dared to initiate a landmark court case against a Public Health Authority (PHA) to call out corruption and to save lives. As the courts in the United States proved to be the life-saving force to ensure a patient’s right to receive Ivermectin, a court in India is now doing the same.

Criminal prosecution of public health officials will send a powerful signal that disinformation campaigns resulting in death carry consequences. Perhaps this pathway will ultimately break the disinformation and censorship stranglehold around repurposed drug use to save lives. Maybe we will witness other countries following India’s example, both in medicine and in law.

Signed, Justus R. Hope, MD

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Fight Racism, Not Jews. The UN and the Durban Deceit.

Please watch this video entitled “Fight Racism, not Israel. The United Nations & Durban Deceit.”

The 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action, will be held on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, at the UN Headquarters in New York under the shadow of the iniquitous “Zionism is Racism” slander adopted in Durban1 which stained the United Nations for 17 years until it was removed.

There is little hope that the 20th anniversary memorial will be any better.

That is why countries of good conscience have resolved to not participate in the event.

The nations boycotting Durban IV include:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

It is a disgrace that Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Estonia, Russia, all the Scandinavian and South American countries so far intend to participate, as are the so-called moderate Muslim countries that signed normalization agreements with Israel.

I will be posting other links of relevance and information below.

©Barry Shaw. All rights reserved.


New IPhone 13 Will Require Vaccination To Unlock Screen

CUPERTINO, CA—During the much-anticipated unveiling of the new iPhone 13 at this year’s Apple Event, CEO Tim Cook revealed that the newest model and iOS will ask users to confirm vaccination status before unlocking the screen.

“We here at Apple are doing our part to keep you safe by keeping our sacred products out of the hands of the filthy unvaccinated,” said Cook as he paced the stage. “That’s why starting with the iPhone 13, all Apple users will be required to scan their vaccination card in order to unlock their iPhones.”

The crowd stood to their feet and cheered at the brilliant idea.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea,” said Apple fan Mavis Bimbasquelch as he walked out of the event. “If those stupid dumb anti-vaxxers don’t want to get vaccinated, they can build their own computer company. Also, I hope they die.”

Tim Cook confirmed he has software engineers and Chinese Uyghur slaves working overtime to ensure the “vax-verify” technology is ready for primetime.

“We vow to bar the unvaccinated from connecting with the world,” said Cook. “It’s the moral thing to do.”


Trump Wows Met Gala Crowd In ‘Rigged Election’ Dress

Powerful: AOC Writes ‘Tax The Rich’ In The Sky With Her Private Jet

Touching: Celebrities Invite Migrant Children To Met Gala To Participate In Hunger Games Tournament

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

SecDef Austin Refuses to Testify on Afghanistan Debacle

Both Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, including chairman Bob Menendez, expressed mounting frustration Tuesday with the Biden administration after Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin refused to appear before the Committee to answer questions about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to Breitbart News.

“I’m very disappointed that Secretary Austin declined our request to testify today. A full accounting of the U.S. response to this crisis is not complete without the Pentagon, especially when it comes to the complete collapse of the U.S.-trained and funded Afghan military,” said Menendez.

The Pentagon issued a statement Tuesday claiming that Austin wanted to attend the hearings but was busy with other “commitments.”

“I expect the secretary will avail himself to the committee in the near future, and if he does not I may consider use of committee subpoena power to compel him and others over the course of these last 20 years to testify,” Menendez warned.

“There’s questions that we really need to have answered, and it’s disheartening that they declined to testify,” added Sen. James Risch (R-ID), ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee.

It’s more than disheartening; it’s suspicious. Considering the magnitude of the Biden administration’s foreign policy debacle in Afghanistan, Austin’s evasion speaks volumes.

Lloyd Austin

26 Known Connections

Addressing the Matter of “Racists and Extremists” in the Military

During that same confirmation hearing, Austin vowed to rid the U.S. military of the many “racists and extremists” that allegedly had infiltrated its ranks. “The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies,” he said. “But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.” Austin made those remarks with reference to the infamous January 6, 2021 incident where hundreds of unarmed people, claiming to be supporters of President Trump, had temporarily occupied the U.S. Capitol building in Washington to protest what they viewed as a stolen presidential election. Austin and his allies in the Biden Administration voiced concern regarding the fact that about 50 of those individuals were, as CBS News reported, “current or former military members.” But that seemingly ominous statistic was not nearly as significant as it may first have appeared, because only one of the 50 was an active-duty service member at the time, and just four were current part-time troops in the Army Reserve or National Guard.

On February 3, 2021, Austin began to make good on his promise to crack down on “racists and extremists” in the military when he announced a 60-day staggered pause and review – known in the military as a “stand down” – during which commanders and leaders across every branch of the Armed Services could search for evidence of domestic “extremism” among uniformed personnel. This process would include interviews with every service member vis-à-vis their experience with, and their observations of, extremist ideology and behavior among their peers.

To learn more about Lloyd Austin, click here.

EDITORS NOTE: This Discover the Networks column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

North Dakota: Somali Refugee Charged with Murder of Young Mother

Such a sick, sick story on many fronts.

North Dakota has been roiled with refugee tensions over the years as I reported extensively at my other blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch.

I visited the state in 2016 to get a feeling for the situation there mostly a result of Minnesota Somalis spilling across the border into the state, but some refugees have been directly placed there by a Lutheran resettlement agency.

And, as you read this news, keep in the back of your mind that Biden will this month be making the decision on the refugee ceiling for the new fiscal year that begins on October first.  Among the 125,000 he has so far indicated would be arriving, thousands of Somalis will be among them.

But, that isn’t all.

The refugee industry is pushing for the number to be 200,000.  Those tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees beginning to arrive may end up being in addition to 200,000 from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East—all will be needy people looking for the generosity of the US taxpayer!

Here is the bare bones news story from Valley News Live:

Manslaughter charge amended to Murder in Grand Forks shooting

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Grand Forks Police have identified the victim of a weekend shooting as 28-year-old Megan Lea Gustafson.

The manslaughter charge originally filed against 26-year-old Ahmen Mohamed Abdullahi has been amended to Murder.

Abdullahi is also charged with one count of unlawful possession of a firearm and theft of property.

Grand Forks Police say the shooting happened just after 1:30 Sunday morning at a home in the 1300 block of 8th Avenue North. Officers responded to a report of a suspicious man in the area, they knocked on an apartment door and talked to Megan Gustafson.

Officers walked away and shortly after, they heard an argument coming from inside the apartment.

Court documents say officers saw the door open; Gustafson was standing in the doorway with her back toward the street and Abdullahi was facing her.

Officers heard a single gunshot, heard Gustafson scream, and then saw her run into the lawn and fall to the ground.

Abdullahi walked out of the apartment holding a handgun, according to court documents. Officers were able to detain Abdullahi without incident.

Police say Gustafson had a gunshot wound in the chin/neck area.

They tried to save her, but she later died at Altru Hospital.

Court documents also say the handgun found at the scene was reported stolen from a vehicle in Grand Forks in September 2020. Abdullahi is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm due to a felony terrorizing conviction in Grand Forks County in March 2021.

Diversity is not beautiful!

As I have said here on many occasions, more young women might be alive if the mainstream media wasn’t chicken to publish stories like this one!

You will see, this won’t go beyond the local news.

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission. ®All rights reserved.

Ted Cruz Slams Blinken over Afghan Child Brides: ‘You Brought A Crisis to America’

Watch Senator Ted Cruz grill the incompetent Secretary of State Antony Blinken over America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Ted Cruz slams Blinken over Afghan child brides: ‘You brought a crisis to America’

By New York, Post, September 14, 2021

Sen. Ted Cruz confronted Secretary of State Antony Blinken about child brides being brought to the United States from Afghanistan amid the chaotic withdrawal by the Biden administration, demanding to know what guidance the State Department has been provided to rescue minors among the evacuees that have been victims of sexual abuse.

The Texas Republican argued that the Biden administration has failed to properly vet Afghans who were evacuated and brought to the United States following the fall of the country’s government to the Taliban, potentially bringing “a humanitarian crisis to America.”

“Not only did you fail to evacuate Americans and green card holders who were there, but you also brought in tens of thousands of Afghans who had wholly inadequate vetting, bringing many of them to the United States.,” Cruz charged during an often heated Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing Tuesday.

“And one of the things that has done is that has brought in a humanitarian crisis to America. Child marriage and domestic abuse tragically are widespread in Afghanistan,” he said.

Cruz noted that the World Health Organization reports that more than half of the women in Afghanistan are married as child brides, and 90 percent of women are subject to domestic abuse.

“On Aug. 27, according to public reports, you distributed internal documentation, highlighting numerous instances and intake centers of sexual abuse, in which much older grown Afghan males appeared with children, young children, claimed they were their brides, claimed they were their wives. And the documents said the State Department urgently requested guidance.”

Cruz then demanded answers on whether the State Department had received the requested guidance or could provide information on whether there was a plan to prevent the sexual abuse of minors.

“My question is as follows: Did you receive that urgent guidance? How many children have been subject to sexual abuse? What have you done to rescue young children from illegal and abusive relationships after being brought to America by the State Department?” Cruz said.

Blinked said he was unaware of the “specific guidance you’re referring to,” but “happy to look at it,” adding that the officers are looking into cases of concern.

“Across the entire government, everyone involved in the evacuation effort whether it’s at a transit point, in one of the countries that we negotiated with, whether it’s here in the United States at Dulles, or Philadelphia, or the military bases, we have all of our officers at extreme vigilance to look for and to deal with any cases or concerns that arise,” Blinken replied.

Cruz went on to press Blinken on the level of urgency the State Department had toward addressing the matter and the number of cases it was aware of.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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