Democratic Leaders Call For New Investigation To Investigate The Investigators Investigating The Investigators

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After House Republicans formally called for an investigation into the investigators investigating the Trump campaign, congressional Democrats quickly responded by calling for a new investigation into the investigators investigating the original investigators.

The investigation will center around claims that the investigators assigned to investigate the investigators may show significant bias, with the new investigators investigating the investigation investigators attempting to determine if there has been any prejudice or corruption in the investigation investigation.

“We now know who will investigate the investigators, but who will investigate the investigators investigating the investigators?” Senator Chuck Schumer said in a press conference. “We must hold the investigators investigating the investigation accountable if we are to retain our faith in the justice system.”

At publishing time, Republican leadership had called for a fourth investigation to investigate the investigators who were tasked with investigating the investigators assigned to investigate the investigators.


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Pennsylvania: Case Study In Exploiting A Crisis

We have two America’s happening right now guided by two completely different ideologies.

States run by red Governors are largely working to open their states from the shutdown or have already done so. Western Journal reports, “15 days after restrictions started being lifted, (Georgia Gov. Brian) Kemp indicated on Twitter that the emerging evidence supports his decision and proves his critics wrong.

“Today marks the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide (1,203) since hospitals began reporting this data on April 8th,” he posted Saturday. “Today also marks the lowest total of ventilators in use (897 with 1,945 available). We will win this fight together!” he added.

On the blue side is the ongoing deterioration of the state of Pennsylvania, with its citizens suffering under dictatorial-like leadership. I mentioned previously how Gov. Tom Wolf was ignoring representative government traditions in dealing with the potential of a major health crisis and was dictating policies with no input from legislators or the private sector.

Wolf continues the same heavy hand, acting as if he is the Supreme Leader in Pennsylvania, answerable to none. He has no sense of urgency to help citizens regain lost time and revenue for business owners. Many counties in Pennsylvania have either not had a single case of COVID or 10 or less cases. But they’re all still shut down.

I spoke with Rep. David Zimmerman (R-District 99) concerning the overall handling of the COVID-19 situation in Pennsylvania. He told me that the lesson that must be learned is that Democrats cannot hold public office in this country. They do not respect representative government and defy the rule of law, with little or no consequences.

The Governor does have (questionable) power granted to him in health emergencies. Are we still in a health emergency? We are seeing data manipulated and used and some of it later exposed for being false.

The Republicans hold the majority in both the House and Senate in Pennsylvania. Rep. Bryan Cutler is the House leader and has reached out, without success, to have Wolf meet jointly in planning sessions on how to get Pennsylvania moving again. This has been Wolf’s way of “leading” throughout most of his two terms. Cutler is considering stopping payment on some of Wolf’s pet projects in order to force a conversation. Interestingly, before COVID-19, the state had close to a $1 billion surplus, $800 million of that is gone. Even more interesting, the money was directly appropriated by Wolf himself, entirely bypassing the legislation process. He just issued directives and spent it, with no accountability or balance of powers.

I asked Rep. Zimmerman where the money went. He listed human services projects and what appeared to be help for Wolf’s campaign. It’s unknown where large chunks went.

And still Wolf drags on the high-handed shutdown. On March 19, the state was put into a 90-day lockdown. The latest day of reopening is now June 4 — two days after the Pennsylvania primary.

In fact, as I reported here April 14, Wolf has used the crisis to try to cram down socialism that the people’s representatives would never go for.

And then there is the corruption side in the Wolf administration.

Zimmerman told me that he is in complete agreement that Health Secretary Rachel Levine should step down and face criminal charges. Levine, who is transgender, owns several retirement communities in Lancaster county. One of them in Ephrata, Fairmount Home, was ordered by the Department of State to take a patient from a hospital who had COVID-19. That is not the jurisdiction of the government. It’s a completely illegal demand and it never should have happened. Dr. Levine should be held accountable for this.

Zimmerman also supports Rep. Daryl Metcalfe’s call to impeach Wolf.

In a memorandum circulating to Pennsylvania House members to support a resolution of impeachment of Gov. Wolfe, Metcalf outlines the tyranny inflicted on the people of Pennsylvania and the need to impeach:

“Gov. Wolf’s orders in response to the COVID-19 outbreak have violated a number of our God-given rights affirmed in the United States Constitution. In particular, his order mandating the closure of physical locations of all businesses that he has deemed ‘non-life sustaining’ has violated our citizens’ rights in many devastating ways.

“His order constitutes a taking of property from business owners without just compensation. The lack of due process and judicial review permitted under his order also violates the Constitution. In addition, this order coupled with the stay-at-home order, has violated our rights to free speech and assembly.

“Another troubling aspect of his mandates is the utter lack of transparency demonstrated by the administration during this time, as agencies under his control have stopped responding to requests for records and his office has refused to provide vital information. The waiver process established under the Department of Community and Economic Development resulted in arbitrary and capricious decisions about which businesses may stay open.

“The public, press and General Assembly all have the right to know about these decisions and how they have been made. While the Wolf administration has finally slowly begun to release some of the relevant information regarding which businesses received waivers, they have yet to release any information about how or why these decisions were made. His delays and obfuscation have been, and continue to be, entirely unacceptable.

“His failure to adequately administer our unemployment compensation system has made it so that countless Pennsylvanians who have recently become unemployed due to his orders have been unable to collect the benefits they require to meet their basic needs.

“His focus on restraining business is particularly disturbing, as the majority of deaths due to the pandemic have been residents of long-term care facilities. The governor should have focused his attention there, but he has entirely failed to implement a comprehensive state plan to protect our most vulnerable citizens who reside in nursing homes, which have had inadequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment and testing kits throughout the outbreak.

“As Gov. Wolf has violated so many of our fundamental rights as citizens of the Commonwealth, I will be introducing a resolution impeaching the governor and exhibiting Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. His actions plainly constitute the misbehavior in office required for his impeachment under the Pennsylvania Constitution.

It is clear that this Governor intends to rule Pennsylvania as if he were Sovereign Lord. He is not. We are a representative government. All Americans need to know this and be aware, this can happen anywhere!

Some tips for being a proactive citizenry:

  • Take responsibility for your own liberty
  • Participate in peaceful, public demonstrations
  • Constantly write to leadership and tell them what is happening in your life as they take their time opening the state. Remind them that you vote!
  • Exercise your Constitutional rights. Learn what they are here.
  • Pray! “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turns it wherever he wills.” Proverbs 21:1



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Phase Two in the Battle to Reopen America

I was thrilled to hear that the Michigan militia said they will prevent police from enforcing wacko Gov. Whitmer’s unconstitutional demand that 77 year old Karl Manke close down his barber shop.

We the people finally rising up to say this is America and we’re not gonna take this crap makes me extremely proud to be an American. Thank God that we have not become a nation of metro-sexual wimps, allowing power-drunk Democrats to behave like our parents. They demand that we stay in our homes. When we ask why, their response is, “Because we said so!”

Several weeks ago when the national lock down began, I had a conversation with two political activist buddies. They were concerned that Democrats would force the lock-down to continue until election day in November. I said I could not imagine the American people putting up with it that long.

Seeing that Democrats are using covid-19 to implement their dream list of extreme leftist initiatives, many of you were frustrated that Trump appeared to surrender to Dr Fauci’s keep-America-closed recommendations. I told you guys to chill out, trust Trump and God. Trump is a master deal-maker in a crazy situation. While you were annoyed at Trump for listening to Dr Fauci, Democrats and fake news media continue to spread the lie that thousands have died and will die because Trump refuses to listen to Dr Fauci.

Weeks ago, a large chunk of the country believed fake news media and health-experts’ lie that covid-19 is the worst thing that ever hit the planet. They said 2 million would die if we did not close down the country. It would have been foolish for Trump to push against the tsunami of fear sweeping the country. Trump wisely waited for evidence to begin surfacing that the predicted doomsday numbers of deaths were proven false.

In April, Trump announced his plan to reopen America. As expected, Democrats and fake news media responded in outrage, hysterically claiming that over 100 thousand will die. Trump realizes a large percentage of Americans are over the fear and ready to begin living again. Dr Fauci wants the lock-down to continue. After expressing his respect for Dr Fauci, Trump said he will proceed forward in reopening America.

Now is the time for more Americans to step up and rebel big-time against power-drunk evil Democrats. My two political activist buddies played a major role in making the May 1st ReOpen California protest a huge success. But we can’t stop there. That was only phase one. Democrat governors continue to dig their long claws deep into the walls of their lock-down, implementing more absurd covid-19 restrictions. They will not loosen their chains around the necks of their constituents. They must be forced to let their people go.

Joe Wierzbicki, a true patriot, is president of the Conservative Campaign Committee. He posted this on Facebook.

Nevada’s disgraced Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak’s actions cause closure of famed Colorado Belle in Laughlin, NV. Another 400 jobs lost. Folks – we must RECALL these Democrat governors who are destroying our economy.”

Folks, this cruel insanity should make every American extremely angry. The Bible says, “Be angry, but sin not.” The Bible also speaks of “righteous anger”. Seeing Democrat tyrants punish and destroy peoples’ lives should make righteous Americans angry. Conservative Campaign Committee is laser-focused on helping Republicans take back the House.

Wicked Nancy Pelosi must be unseated from her role as House majority leader. From her illegal impeachment scheme to exploiting covid-19, she will use anything to remove Trump and dictate the behavior of the American people. She has zero compassion for U.S. citizens.

The Pelosi controlled House recently approved a new $3trillion covid-19 relief bill, polluted with funding for extreme leftist initiatives and give-a-ways to illegals. While 30 million Americans have lost their jobs, Pelosi’s bill allows illegal aliens to work. Pelosi’s bill also gifts illegals stimulus checks and amnesty.

Her bill includes huge tax cuts for rich liberal donors in Democrat controlled states.

Pelosi’s bill mentions cannabis 68 times while only mentioning jobs 52 times.

Taxpayers oppose funding abortion 55% to 29%. And yet, Pelosi’s relief bill includes taxpayer funded abortion. What the heck does abortion have to do with covid-19? Pelosi’s bill includes blocking voter identification laws even-though 80% of Americans want such laws. Again, what does voter ID have to do with covid-19? Pelosi’s bill includes $20 million for arts and humanities. Pelosi stuffed much more crazy evil leftist garbage into her bill calling it covid-19 relief.

In New York, police wrestled a woman with a toddler to the ground and arrested her for not wearing her mask properly. This is too much folks. There is something seriously wrong when one person can mandate brute force to implement their unconstitutional decrees. For this reason, we must never allow Democrats to ignore the Second Amendment to confiscate our guns.

Phase two of the battle to restore our constitutional freedoms require that we lawfully and rightfully push back. I would love to be a part of a national ReOpen America bus tour.

Similar to the Tea Party movement, the grassroots ReOpen America movement does not have one charismatic leader. It has numerous courageous lovers of freedom and America saying, “I will fight and suffer the consequences”. My mind flashed back to that scene in the movie, “Spartacus”. Soldiers came to arrest Spartacus, but did not know his identity. Each of his men boldly proclaimed, “I am Spartacus”. The soldiers crucified all of them. We have small business owners from beauty salons to gyms to restaurants and more, in essence, saying, “Take me, I am Spartacus.

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State Governors Flee In Terror As Hairstylists Wielding Shears Lead Mass Uprising

U.S.—Most people seemed to be pretty content just sitting in their homes watching their jobs disappear and having the government send them money every month, as long as more content keeps getting added to Netflix.

But hairstylists aren’t most people. They have begun what is being called the “Second American Revolution,” descending on state capitol buildings wielding scissors, shears, hairdryers, and curling irons. Governors of Democrat-controlled states fled in terror as the hairdressers, supported by barbers, bulked-up gym owners, and bizarrely strong Swedish masseuses, gathered to begin the fight for liberty.

“The hairstylists are here — run away!” cried California Governor Gavin Newsom as a woman charged him with a pair of swivel scissors. “The gun nuts don’t intimidate me, but these women — they scare me. Start the Prius!”

He leaped into his waiting hybrid, closing the door just in time as 17 different designer shears flew at him and stuck into the outside of the door.

“You may take our lives, but you’ll never take our salons! FREEDOM!” cried one woman wearing a blue face mask treatment and wearing a plaid skirt outside the Michigan state capitol in Lansing. “Chaaaaaarge!”

Governor Whitmer was forced to go into hiding but issued a statement saying any hairstylist who defies the crown and cuts hair will be drawn and quartered for treason, except, of course, her own hairstylist.


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States Urge People To Hit The Gym, Tanning Salon Before They Go To The Beach

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Michigan Governor: ‘Revolting Against A Tyrannical Government Is Simply Un-American’

DETROIT, MI—On Meet the Press Sunday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer reminded everyone that “revolutions and revolts are simply un-American.”

Whitmer called on the protesters in her state to stop their illegal assembling, reminding them that protesting so-called tyranny is a foreign idea to the history of the United States.

“Protesting and revolting against your wise rulers goes against everything America was built on,” she said. “It flies in the face of every American tradition. Revolting against tyranny has no place in this great country.”

Governor Whitmer then rattled off a long list of things that she also believes to be un-American:

  • Declaring independence from tyrants
  • Having a list of protected rights
  • Separation of powers
  • Democratically elected leaders
  • Freedom of religion, assembly, the press, protests, and speech.
  • Federalism
  • Apple pie
  • Baseball
  • America

“If you’re really Americans, you’ll stop with this dangerous revolutionary activity,” she concluded.


Press Horrified As Trump Begins Taking Shirt Off To Prove He’s Not Obese

Democrat Governors Warn If Lockdowns Are Lifted They Won’t Get Nearly As Much Time In The Spotlight

CNN Praises Governor Cuomo For Killing Off The Elderly Since They Probably Would Have Voted For Trump

Obamas Promise To Donate All Proceeds From Multimillion-Dollar Book, Netflix Deals To Combat Wealth Inequality

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[a] The Imperative to Annex; [b] The Irrelevance of Innocence

Preamble: The somewhat misleading headline

This week (May 17-23) provided a particularly rich array of fresh newsworthy topics on which to focus: The opening of PM Netanyahu’s unashamedly choreographed trial, the disruptive cyber-attack on the southern Iranian port, Shahid Rajaee, widely attributed to Israel; the formation of the outsized and grotesquely hybridized government that the Israeli electorate imposed upon itself, to name but a few.

However, as compelling as these and other matters might be, I had decided instead to set them aside and focus instead on two issues, with which I have dealt in some detail in the past. I did so because I believe they entail, perhaps, the farthest-reaching potential impact on the country in the long-run—the one in terms of its security, and the other, in terms of the resilience of its domestic fabric.

The former is the continuing burst of fragments of shrapnel still flying around the Israel-related political arena in the wake of the uproar that exploded with Daniel Pipe’s May 7th New York Times opinion piece opposing Israeli annexation of any territory in Judea-Samaria.

The latter was the profoundly perturbing conviction in the 2015 Duma arson case, which at least from a layman’s perspective, appears to fly in the face of all eye-witness accounts and the undeniable existence of reasonable doubt. Sadly however, once I began writing, I realized that I cannot do justice to both in a single Op-Ed—even a rather lengthy one. Accordingly, I will restrict this week’s discussion to the former and—subject to breaking news—leave for next week the analysis of the latter case, in which Israel’s legal establishment has once again shown that there is nothing so destructive to its own credibility than it itself.

But as I did not want to totally disregard the Duma episode, Ileft the headline in its original “double-barreled” twofer form—hence the reference to “somewhat misleading”.

(a) The imperative to annex—immediately. 

American Jews have an obligation to speak out against imposing a solution on the Palestinians as a matter not only of intellectual consistency, but also because to do so protects Israel’s long-term interests as well. A unilateral West Bank land grab would imperil Israel – Alan P. Solow, Former Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, in A unilateral West Bank land grab would imperil Israel, The Times of Israel, May 19, 2020. 

Israel needs to stop the threats of annexation and stop settlement activity because it will choke off any hope of peace –Democratic Party’s presumptive 2020 candidate for US President, former Vice President, Senator Joe Biden, Biden says he opposes Israel annexing territory, The Hill, May19, 2020. 

And what does annexation actually achieve? It is a symbolic move, a gesture…a self-indulgence that buoys the anti-Zionist cause and renders a resolution of the conflict more distant.”— Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum, and initiator of the Israel Victory Project, in “I believe in compromise… ”, The Times of Israel, May 12, 2020, (Telephonic interview). Also see here

I have no qualms in broaching this subject again, despite having just completed writing an extensive analysis of it barely a week ago. For, as the foregoing excerpts indicate, it has continued to simmer and bubble well after the publication of the original “offending” article, even making headlines late this week.

Entrapped in an Oslowian time-warp?

Thus, Alan Solow (see above) produced an article, written as if he was entrapped in an anachronistic Oslowian time-warp, where optimistic naivete still dominates the discourse and Palestinian-Arabs were still mistakenly viewed as prospective peace partners rather than implacable enemies.

As if oblivious to three decades of post-Oslowian Judeocidal rejectionism by the Palestinian-Arabs—despite gut-wrenching Israeli concessions—he pontificates: “No solution should be imposed on anyone or by anyone in the Israeli-Palestinian arena. [T]his sentiment has stood for decades as the one universally accepted principle undergirding the quest for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – that it must be reached through bilateral negotiations between the parties.”

Of course, while he may well be right that, overall, this was for decades, “the one universally accepted principle undergirding the quest for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, it was also one that proved universally false—one, whose attempted application brought only trauma and tragedy; death and destruction, not just to thousands of Israeli Jews, but to countless more Palestinian-Arabs.

So, persisting with this fatally flawed and failed formula is Solow’s panacea-like prescription? Really??

With almost breathtaking impudence (or perhaps, ignorance) Solow cautions menacingly: “Standing by while Israel uses its military and political power to declare ownership over whatever it wants is a dangerous precedent”. Indeed, it would be intriguing to know what parallel universe Solow inhabits.

You can’t make this stuff up

After all, you really couldn’t make this stuff up! 

Israel using its military and political power for taking over what it wants??

Yeah, right!  Like when it withdrew from all of Sinai, which it took over in a preemptive strike to foil a genocidal Egyptian onslaught? Or, when it unilaterally evacuated Gaza, only to see it metamorphize into a bastion of Islamist terror, with martial prowess unimaginable prior to evacuation? Or, when it “use[d]its military and political power” to ignominiously abandon South Lebanon to Hezbollah, allowing a terrorist nuisance to burgeon into a grave strategic threat to virtually every major Israeli population center? Or, by allowing armed militias to deploy within mortar range of the nation’s parliament?

This from the former Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, who with almost child-like naivety asks: “…what if the Palestinians and their allies gain the upper hand and are in a position to undertake their own annexation of Israeli territory?” I kid you not! You have to read to believe!

Could it be that Solow has missed the news for the last decade or so—regarding the events in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Cairo’s Tahrir Square? If not, he would surely know that “if the Palestinians and their allies gain the upper hand”, annexation would probably not be the first thing on Israelis’ minds. For them, figuring out how to prevent their heads being severed from their shoulders might be a matter of more immediate concern.

Biden butts in

The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President, Senator Joe Biden, has also recently offered his opposition to annexation, stating in a recent interview: “I do not support annexation”. He  added: “The fact is, I will reverse Trump’s undercutting of peace,” referring the Trump Peace to Prosperity plan, which earmarks certain tracts of territory in Judea-Samaria for annexation by Israel—irrespective of Palestinian-Arab consent.

Biden, whose continued viability as a political player is due perhaps only to the appalling lethargy and impotence of the Republicans, warned: “Israel needs to stop the threats of annexation and stop settlement activity because it will choke off any hope of peace.”

It is, of course, difficult to know whether to scoff or to scowl at a statement so wildly detached from reality as this.

After all, “threats” of annexation have only been politically pertinent in the last year. Prior to that, the absence of such threats was spectacularly ineffective in breathing life into “any hope of peace”.

In Gaza, the reverse is true. Not only did Israel not annex the Strip, but it evacuated it. Not only did it not persist in “settlement activity”, but it laid waste to every remnant of Jewish presence—without that providing any artificial respiration for “any hope of peace”.

So surely the key to understanding what is “choking the hope for peace” must be sought elsewhere.

Breaking the enemies’ will …by complying with it?

Lamentably, it is difficult not to discern strands of thought reminiscent of this perspective in Pipes’s NYT article, as well as in his replies to the criticism it ignited—strands that run curiously counter to the prima facie rationale of the Israel Victory Project.

Thus, in his May 10 rejoinder, he writes: “Israel must assert itself against the Palestinians; but any moves must align with the larger campaign to compel Palestinians to give up their goal of eliminating the Jewish state.” To do this, he urges Israel to: “consider…what steps will most advance the goal of breaking the Palestinian will to eliminate Israel” But then, he incongruously suggests: “Annexing the West Bank… has the opposite result,” warning that: “It buoys the anti-Zionist cause and hinders a resolution of the conflict.” 

Of course, common sense militates towards precisely the converse conclusion.

After all, annexation is something the Palestinian-Arabs oppose. So, if they and their allies can impose their will on Israel by compelling it to eschew annexation (a move widely supported in Israeli society), that hardly appears compatible with the spirit, which Pipes espouses. After all, it is not at all clear how one might break one’s antagonists’ will by complying with their will!!

Indeed, annexation (or “extension of sovereignty”, as semantic purists prefer) would, for all intents and purposes, make a tenable self-governing Palestinian-Arab entity (aka a Palestinian State) unattainable. It is difficult to conceive of any other measure that could do more than to bring home to the Palestinians that their hostile endeavor is futile.

Feigning defeat for fruits of victory

In his May 12 Times of Israel interview, Pipes proclaims: “I believe in compromise. But I also believe in convincing the Palestinians they’ve lost. I want to go for the jugular. I want to go for the kill.” This, of course, is a staggeringly self-contradictory expression of intent. After all, one can only puzzle over how one is to bring one’s adversaries to their knees by offering him a compromise acceptable them. But even assuming that such an arrangement is possible, there is another pitfall regarding the offer of compromise within the intellectual context that Pipes proposes.

After all, nothing is more liable to make feigning defeat to attain the fruits of victory as tantalizingly tempting than signaling the willingness for compromise.

After all, what is to prevent a duplicitous foe from faking surrender, accepting the rewards of the proffered compromise and then resuming hostilities, from greatly improved positions?

But, even assuming that Pipes believes that defeat will somehow bring about a yet-to-be specified compromise that the Palestinian-Arabs are willing to accept, and that Israel is willing to permit, how is this to be achieved? For despite his warning that annexation would “inflame the Palestinians”, he has in the past suggested the use of what are, arguably, far harsher, and no less internationally unacceptable measures, including a prescription to “ dismantle the PA’s security infrastructure…reduce and then shut off the water and electricity that Israel supplies.”

Clearly, if this is the stuff he is prepared to inflict on the Palestinians, it is difficult not to feel that his concern regarding international ire over annexation is strangely misplaced.

Inappropriate historical analogies

Indeed, in the past, Pipes wrote:“If [the] Germans and Japanese, no less fanatical and far more powerful, could be defeated in World War II and then turned into normal citizens, why not the Palestinians now?”

While this is factually true, these analogies are unlikely to be instructive for the Israel-Palestinian conflict, at least as far as post-victory policy design is concerned.

After all, it should be recalled that in these cases, the vanquished powers were not surrounded by, or adjacent to, countries with large populations of ethnic kin, or co-religionists, who could sustain resistance and incite unrest within their borders.

Thus, Germany was not surrounded by a swathe of Teutonic nations, nor Japan by a swathe of Nipponese nations, which could provide a constant stream of insurgents and armaments to undermine any arrangement or undercut any resolution the victorious powers wished to implement.

This, however, would definitely be the case in the Israeli/Palestinian situation, as was the case in Iraq and Afghanistan, where neighboring Islamic states constituted a virtually unending source of instability and incitement after initial victory.

Clearly, this is an element that has dramatic implications for post-victory policy—especially with regard to the prospect of relinquishing Israeli control over any territory to Palestinian rule—even after a crushing defeat has been inflicted. This is particularly true given the critical strategic importance of the territory, ear-marked for Palestinian self-rule in virtually any future configuration.

Bitter crucible of defeat?

Just over two years ago, Pipes asserted: “Palestinians will have to pass through the bitter crucible of defeat, with all its deprivation, destruction, and despair as they repudiate the filthy legacy of Amin al-Husseini and acknowledge their century-long error…there is no shortcut.”

While I might agree with that, it is difficult to conceive of what Pipes has in his mind’s eye as comprising that “[b]itter crucible of defeat–with all its deprivation, destruction, and despair”. 

Indeed, reverting to his Japanese/German analogy, is he condoning future carpet bombing of Gaza or Ramallah as in Berlin and Dresden? Is he open to submitting Palestinian-Arab population centers to what the Allies subjected Japanese population centers? If not, what is the point of referring to them. If he is, does he feel that world opinion would be more open to this scope of causalities than to annexation?

Would this displease the US administration less, infuriate the Democrats and the Europeans less, alienate Arab leaders less, inflame the Palestinians less, radicalize the Israeli left less, than annexation?

Of course, one, hardly expects that Pipes would endorse such horrendous carnage, as his preferred policy prescription. But this obviously raises the inexorable question of how to inflict the “bitter crucible of defeat” and what form it might plausibly take.

Miraculous metamorphosis?

As a somber reminder—and a very rough yardstick—in the 1948 War of Independence, Israel suffered over 6,000 fatalities and 15,000 wounded— around 1% and 2.5% respectively of the then-total Jewish population— without bringing about any thoughts of unconditional surrender.

Assuming that Israelis, then, were not less sensitive to loss of human lives than are the Palestinian-Arabs today, could Israel cause a commensurate number of Palestinian-Arab casualties—between 30,000-40,000 fatalities and over 100,000 wounded, depending on which demographic estimate one accepts—without incurring international censure and sanctions? Could Israel inflict such death and devastation without precipitating massive popular clamor for international—even military—intervention, across the Arab world and in other Islamic countries such as Turkey, Pakistan and Iran?

And if not, what kind of mythical and miraculous metamorphosis does Pipes (or Solow or Biden) envisage that will somehow convert Palestinian-Arabs—many, if not most, of whom been subjected to decades of Judeophobic indoctrination and Judeocidal incitement—into docile, peace-loving versions of their former selves?

Interestingly Pipes—perhaps inadvertently—hints at an approach by which to address this thorny conundrum—via the demographic perspective.

Diagnosing demographic danger

In his Times of Israel interview, Pipes expresses justified concern over Israel having to grant citizenship to thousands of Palestinian-Arabss living in the areas slated for annexation. “This is essentially a population that does not want to be part of the Jewish state.”

In his reply to his critics, he writes (correctly, in my view): “Annexation would likely make more Palestinians eligible to become citizens of Israel. That would be a profound mistake, since its Arab citizens constitute what I believe is the ultimate enemy of Israel’s status as a Jewish state.”

Some two decades ago, Pipes wrote, with incisive insight: “Israel is apparently faced with just two stark and awful alternatives-annexing the West Bank and Gaza or handing them over to the PLO. And each of these is worse than it first appears, for annexation leads either to a demographic crisis in Israel or forceful transfer of population; and empowering the PLO means enthroning a widely hostile state hard on Israel’s borders. The first spells disaster for Israel’s internal life; the second poses a wholly new external threat. Understandably, the majority of Israelis deem both these routes unacceptable” 

This was true then –and it is true today.

  • “One-State” type of solutions will inevitably result in the Lebanonization of Israeli society ‏and—eventually—the Islamization of the country.
  • “Two-State” type of solutions will inevitably generate a mega-Gaza on the fringes Tel Aviv, overlooking Ben-Gurion Airport and abutting the Trans-Israel highway.
  • The various versions of “hybrid” solutions, involving partial annexation, will result unavoidably in a tortuously long and contorted frontier up to a 1000 km in length (possibly even more), which would be impossible to demarcate or secure, making any concept of sovereignty ‏meaningless.

Clear conclusion & call for cooperation

The conclusion then is clear.

History has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the Palestinian-Arabs will not be swayed from their aggressive intent by any display of Israeli goodwill, generosity or concessions—however far-reaching.

If the calamitous casualties, necessary to convince the Palestinian-Arabs of final and durable defeat, are unacceptable and impracticable in the current international climate, the only “non-kinetic” policy paradigm that can effectively address Israel’s demographic and geographic imperatives, is a large-scale initiative for the incentivized emigration (evacuation-compensation) of the Palestinian-Arabs in Judea-Samaria (and eventually Gaza).

Here is not the place to discuss the political acceptability, the economic feasibility and the moral merits of the paradigm (which, however, can be shown to be distinctly more plausible than any competing alternative), but for Israel, it is essentially “Hobson’s Choice”—if it wishes to endure as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

The proposed annexation measures are an essential first step—and necessary pre-condition—in this direction.

I therefore, renew my call to Pipes for cooperation between his organization and mine, and to invest his considerable acumen and energy into helping to take the notion of “Incentivized Arab Emigration” from the realm of theoretical discussion to that of practical policy.

Before it is too late!

©All rights reserved.

New Created by Conservatives for Conservatives Supports Tampa Bay Conservatives

TAMPA, FL (May 21, 2020) – In an effort to support conservatives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, a consortium of like minded media people have banded together to disseminate conservative related news and opinion.  According to the founder, Tim Bryce of Palm Harbor, “There is no doubt the news media in our area has liberal inclinations.  Consequently, it is next to impossible to post any news or OpEd pieces pertaining to conservative values.  As such, we have started this coalition as a one-stop web site to support conservatives in the Bay area.  From it, we expect synergism to emerge by forming a network of cooperation.”

In addition to conservative related news, there is a calendar of events, along with direct connections to media contacts, such as podcasts from Willie Lawson, the conservative voice of Tampa Bay, and Dr. Rich Swier of Sarasota, who publishes a popular and respected e-Zine, with a stable of fine writers.  Also, K.P. Leonard’s “Senior Voice America” supports TBC representing a printed monthly  newspaper aimed at Tampa Bay seniors.  The Editor for the News section is Helena Nunn, long known in the area for her postings of conservative news links.

TBC also includes a research section to check information, a listing of conservative political clubs in the area, along with a section to register to vote in Florida.  Political surveys are included and a series of Zoom Town Hall meetings are planned.  A “Speakers Bureau” is also available listing conservative speakers available for talks.  There is even a “Funny Pages” section to list conservative related humor.

What makes this unique is the site is tailored to the needs of a specific community and ideology.  It is hoped this becomes a model for other metropolitan areas in the country.   The TBC site is free to use and participation is voluntary.  The site can be found at:


Freedom Versus Tyranny on Display

Dr. Richard Land once called our country, “the divided states of America.” How apt—especially when we survey the various responses to the coronavirus. They are lessons in liberty and lessons in tyranny.

To paraphrase what a friend of mine wrote me recently, “We have 50 real-world government examples of liberty or tyranny—50 real-time experiments in whether state governments moved towards liberty (as in Texas and South Dakota) or absolute control (as in California, Michigan, and New York).” As a resident, I would add: Florida’s leadership is doing a great job.

Nowhere can this contrast be better seen than in how the state authorities deal with churches versus how they deal with abortion, ordering churches closed while deeming Planned Parenthood and other abortionists “essential services.”

How fitting. In her classic book, Godless, Ann Coulter postulates that abortion is the left’s “sacrament.” The sacraments of the church are out. The left’s new sacrament is in. The most pro-abortion leaders are the ones who are most cracking down on real constitutional freedoms in their states. If a politician gets abortion wrong, they tend to get everything else wrong too.

This anti-religious spirit at work is exceedingly ironic because America was born as a religious nation. In the Mayflower Compact, the Pilgrims explained their reason for coming: “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

Our First Amendment declares our first freedom—freedom of religion. The founders stipulated there would be no national denomination and there would be no prohibition on the “free exercise” of religion. They didn’t add, “except in times of pestilence.”

Indeed, Attorney General William Barr sides with the churches (following social distancing guidelines, etc.) in this conflict. He said, “There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.”

But many of the left today have used the pandemic crisis to try and shut down a lot of religious services:

  • The mayor of Kansas City, Missouri was demanding that churches hand over a list of anyone who attended any of their services. When Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel threatened to sue, the city backed down.
  • The governor of Illinois postulated that church services may need to be banned for a year. This is the same governor who prohibited residents in his state from traveling—while apparently his wife vacationed in Florida.
  • Overzealous administrators have sought to ban churches even from holding “drive-in” church services, which follow the mandates to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

If your church parking lot permits, holding a drive-in service is a clever way to worship the Lord together. Usually, the pastor would preach to the congregation in their cars though a low frequency on the FM dial in such services.

But even in the Bible belt, such as in Kentucky and Mississippi, some overzealous administrators have tried to shut such services down. First Liberty Institute has threatened lawsuits, and the cities have relented.

The Wall Street Journal (5/12/20) had an editorial entitled, “Caesar, God and the Lockdowns,” in which they note, “A federal court ruling on religious liberty is a lesson to governors.”

The editorial talks about Maryville Baptist Church in Louisville, which held a modest Easter service—with some worshipers inside and others in the parking lot, hearing the service through a loudspeaker.

To harass the worshipers, notes the WSJ, “The police took down license-plate numbers. The church sued.”

A panel on the Sixth Circuit ruled in favor of the church: “It’s not always easy to decide what is Caesar’s and what is God’s—and that’s assuredly true in the context of a pandemic….Why is it safe to wait in a car for a liquor store to open but dangerous to wait in a car to hear morning prayers?”

A new report out of Chicago over the weekend shows the lengths to which the anti-God forces will go. Wirepoints (5/18/20) observes that the mayor sought to punish a church, Philadelphia Romanian Church, to prevent it from holding services. They stated, “On Sunday morning the tow trucks descended—not just on churchgoers, but on residents and everybody else, and on a private lot used by parishioners.”

The pastor of the church said, “The mayor is inciting hate against the church which is very sad. A lot of our members risked their lives to escape Communism, only to find it germinating in 2020 under Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago.” Lightfoot is so committed to abortion rights, she helped drive out of office one of the last Democrat, pro-life U. S. Congressmen.

Wirepoints adds, “It should also be a clarion call to the churches across the city as to how far the left will go to crush the faithful of all denominations.”

Freedom-loving Americans can look at a map of the country and see how those on the left versus those on the right are delicately handling the crisis. The abortion-loving, church-hating politicians stand in great contrast with their freedom-loving counterparts in the red states.

©All rights reserved.

New York’s Mayor Goes After Jewish Residents Again

For the second time since the COVID-19 pandemic became a daily battle between disease control and civil liberties, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken to Twitter to criticize the peaceful assembly of Jews in a city that boasts over a million Jewish residents.

This time, de Blasio specifically targeted children meeting at a yeshiva, an Orthodox Jewish elementary or secondary school.

Just a few weeks ago, the mayor slammed his city’s Jewish community for gathering to grieve at a large funeral for a beloved rabbi.

In these trying times, we must turn to the greatest document in the history of the world to promise freedom and opportunity to its citizens for guidance. Find out more now >>

Writing for The Daily Signal, I said de Blasio’s behavior was un-American and unconstitutional. His tweet Monday is not much different, and unfortunate on several fronts.

For starters, New York City was undoubtedly the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic and two boroughs with a significant Jewish population, Brooklyn and Queens, were the hardest hit by the disease.

When can America reopen? The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission, a project of The Heritage Foundation, is gathering America’s top thinkers together to figure that out. Learn more here.

Many of these devout religious people have suffered along with their loved ones, either from the coronavirus itself or months of strict quarantine, a difficulty in and of itself in a crowded city such as New York.

This is not to say that Jews or anyone else should defy shelter-in-place orders, only that religious believers have paid their proverbial pandemic dues while trying to balance their commitment to their faith, and that is admirable.

Even though city officials have extended stay-at-home orders until at least June 13, exasperated citizens have slowly pressed the boundaries of these executive orders.

On a nice sunny day, many groups, faith-based or not, enjoy themselves outside or at restaurants, or, as these young people were, studying Jewish texts at yeshiva.

As careful as people want to be and were, especially at the beginning, urban life is hardly conducive to an eternal quarantine and New York City is hardly a model of restraint: Residents simply were not going to be physically, mentally, or spiritually able or willing to be locked down forever.

Yet de Blasio fails to direct his ire at the crowds of young people gathering at a park or outside restaurants or in the city streets. Instead, the mayor consistently targets the Jewish people. It’s morally abhorrent, fiscally stupid, and still un-American.

How is a crowd of 60-plus young people studying Jewish texts at a school any more of a public nuisance than crowds at Prospect Park? The answer, of course, is that they are not.

But these are a people of devout faith and the subject of concentrated, increasing anti-Semitism and even violent anti-Semitic attacks, as this piece in The New York Times recounts in horrifying detail.

If de Blasio and other officials want to keep the city on lockdown for nearly another month, they are going to have to come to terms with the fact that there is little precedent for such a broad ban of civil liberties spanning several months.

De Blasio might want his New York to be a bastion of freedom, commerce, creativity, and success—as its reputation surely reflects—but he again has targeted some of his own residents for their faith.

These two things do not go hand in hand, especially for people who draw from their faith the strength, courage, and inspiration to make America creative and successful.

In the late 1800s, Americans of all faiths flocked to New York City to pursue their dreams. How unfortunate that this very city would come to reflect a particular religious bigotry and that people of faith there would need to shield themselves from verbal attacks on their faith by the city’s elected leaders.

Americans’ right to free exercise of their religion is basic to a foundation of other equal and powerful rights, including the right of assembly.

What’s worse is that de Blasio knows this and he casts it aside just as Brooklyn residents are shrugging off the newest quarantine extension.


Nicole Russell is a contributor to The Daily Signal. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, National Review, Politico, The Washington Times, The American Spectator, and Parents Magazine. Twitter: .


WHO Is a Mess, but America Can’t Reform It Alone

What’s the Real Data? A Look at the Relevant Statistics of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Legislators, Pro-life Advocates Denounce Planned Parenthood Receiving $80 Million in Coronavirus Funding

Scientists Are Studying Hydroxychloroquine as a Preventative Drug for COVID-19

A Note for our Readers:

This is a critical year in the history of our country. With the country polarized and divided on a number of issues and with roughly half of the country clamoring for increased government control—over health care, socialism, increased regulations, and open borders—we must turn to America’s founding for the answers on how best to proceed into the future.

The Heritage Foundation has compiled input from more than 100 constitutional scholars and legal experts into the country’s most thorough and compelling review of the freedoms promised to us within the United States Constitution into a free digital guide called Heritage’s Guide to the Constitution.

They’re making this guide available to all readers of The Daily Signal for free today!


EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Signal column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Vaccination and Domination [+Videos]

Billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corp., is called entrepreneur, normal guy, and Potential Savior of the World.  Gates’s raison d’etre, however, is his father’s globalism, to have one world under one master because most humans are superfluous “reckless breeders,” the concept behind Planned Parenthood, supported by Melinda Gates.  He believes in Lebensunwertes Lebens, life unworthy of life, the term I chose judiciously because of the Gateses’ eugenicist ideology of population control.  The family legacy is domination and control of the world’s systems, including technology, medicine, and agriculture.  The foundation has provided unbidden contraception to 120 million women across the globe, which is social engineering and authoritarian eugenicist thinking.  The basic premise is that it is easier to eliminate the poor and suffering than it is to eliminate the sources of poverty and suffering.  Click here for more on the notorious Gates family.

Much has been written about Common Core, the nationalization of American schools forced by the Obama administration, the United Nations, Bill Gates, and others for globalized education, which caused our academic disintegration.  The children’s reading skills were intentionally reduced, their math proficiency scores worst internationally, their creativity discouraged, and overall achievement degenerated.   They’ve been robbed of their pride in country, their individuality supplanted by a tribal mentality, the very young exposed to myriad sexual activities.  The essence of their femininity and masculinity is under constant attack, adding to depression and seriously increased incidence of suicide – an end to family life – population reduction.   And where G-d and religion have been disparaged and removed from daily life, Gates seized the reins.  The schools are collecting unprecedented data from the students for the total regimentation of human society, all linked to the globalist UN Agenda 21.

Bill Gates has admitted to his failed educational experiment, but his underlying goals remain unaltered.  He is undeterred from pursuing another treacherous scheme with impunity.  Not only has he new ideas for the next student generation, which academics already rated inferior, he has assumed a leading role in the coronavirus pandemic, with the ultimate goal of enforced vaccinations with properties that result in sterilization.

The Gates Foundation funds international consortia that influence vaccination policies and disseminate propaganda, despite Gates’s lack of medical background and expertise.  The effort to replace President Trump and capitalism with a new global economy and humanism is supported by the Vatican, George Soros, and Jeffrey Sachs, American economist and special advisor to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on the Sustainable Development Goals.  Their vision is to ensure population control through universal sexual and reproductive healthcare,” through family planning, abortions, gay marriage and sterilization.  The globalists are conducting a clandestine war, using misinformation and subterfuge to attain their goals.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman, Children’s Health Defense, nailed it in his article, “Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination,” dated April 9, 2020.  “Gates has many vaccine-related enterprises that give him dictatorial control over global health, all geared to increase pharmaceutical companies’ profits” (and reduce human life).  Funding $450 million alleged to eradicate polio in India enabled experimentation on 490,000 children who, as a result, became disabled by a Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis; he and his vaccine program were expelled. India’s Supreme Court is suing the foundation for ethical violations for their 2009 experimentation with HIV vaccines on 23,000 young girls, 1,200 of whom suffered severe side effects and seven died – poor health decreases population.  He has never acknowledged or apologized for his wrongdoing, and he continues to sow pain and death with his pseudo-scientific pursuits, encouraged by pharmaceutical corporations.

Italian Parliamentarian, Sara Cunial, accused Bill Gates of sterilizing millions of women in Africa, paralyzing hundreds of thousands of children in India, causing the coronavirus lockdown and isolation, and violating people’s free will and sovereignty.   She demanded his arrest for crimes against humanity.

In 2002, The Gates MenAfriVac campaign forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children, presumably against meningitis.  At least 40 of the 500 children were left paralyzed and suffering hallucinations and convulsions.  In 2010, the foundation funded a malaria vaccine trial on 5,949 children, ages 5-17 months; 151 African infants died and 1,048 had serious side effects.  A 2017 study showed that 500 African children were vaccinated with DTP vaccine, of which 50 developed paralysis.  Many such experiments are reported as failures from a medical view, but perhaps considered successes from the globalist-eugenicist’s perspective.

With his self-proclaimed vision of saving the world, Gates is collaborating with the government of Bangladesh to establish a means whereby all who are vaccinated are free to return to an active world, their private information held by the globalists; but those who are not immune to disease are penalized, ostracized from society. Bangladesh is hardly technologically equal to an enormously wealthy globalist with authoritarian tendencies. The end game of Gates’s vaccination plan is total power over population size.  More than immunity, “the infamous ID2020” is an electronic identification program using vaccination as a platform for digital identity.  With his history, and fully supported by the UN and civil society, it could carry elements that are destructive to health and the reproductive system.

Closer to home, Gates is partnering with the City of Austin (Texas), working with their vulnerable homeless and 3,000 refugees from the International Rescue Committee in Thailand who are receiving treatment for chronic conditions.  They fall outside the purview of America’s regulations over ethical and safe procedures, and are prey to the ID2020 experimentation.

The Global Vaccine Action Plan (announced in 2010) was the discovery, development and delivery of lifesaving vaccines to the most vulnerable populations in the poorest countries, as agreed by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Dr. Anthony Fauci, director), George Soros, David Rockefeller, Dr. Deborah Birx, Bill Gates’s father, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – globalists all – who would conspire to peddle vaccines worldwide.  How does one define “lifesaving” when the purpose is population reduction and siphoning riches into the globalists’ coffers?

Consider Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which has been used in high dosage on millions of patients worldwide since its FDA approval in 1934 and 1955, with an excellent success rate.  Dr. Vladimir Zelenko used HCQ with Azithromycin, a $20 treatment, on 669 patients, with a 100 percent success rate, their breathing restored within 3 to 4 hours.  When eighty patients and staff members came down with the Coronavirus at a Texas nursing home, HCQ was used for treatment and all but one patient survived (patients were debilitated from other conditions).  Why are Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx reluctant to admit that an inexpensive drug is successful, and advocating instead for something with the potential of generating enormous wealth for the patent holders?

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, woman’s health specialist,  revealed that healthcare workers in several countries are using HCQ prophylactically when dealing with infected patients – which negates the need for expensive preventive vaccinations.  Where HCQ is used worldwide, there is a high patient success rate.  Before this pandemic, “the WHO ranked HCQ as among the safest and most effective medicines in our arsenal!”  The media’s unprecedented fear mongering is against common sense, except that globalists may be testing and preparing for more fears and greater acquiescence, and that HCQ’s replacement will produce greater profits.

Despite obvious HCQ successes reported, Dr. Fauci repeatedly urged extreme caution, until he had to walk back his skepticism.  He would rather wait months or years to develop another vaccine or recommend Remdesivir, at a cost of $4,460 per ten-day course of medication, with a mere 52% success rate, but of greater financial gain to hospitals.  Project Veritas investigated News York’s higher illness and death statistics and reported that physicians were told to write COVID as cause of death even if it was the secondary condition. Such protocols yield Big Pharma more federal dollars, and Bill Gates had already begun discussing his mandatory digital-tracking implants.  The power and freedom of the individual is relentlessly being leeched into the globalists’ camp.

Dr. Deborah L. Birx, American physician and diplomat, serving as the Coronavirus response coordinator for the White House, explained that whenever someone dies of any cause but also has COVID19, cause of death must be listed as COVID19.  Many doctors’ objections were overruled.  This deceptive tactic, combined with quarantine, will have fearful people begging for Gates’s vaccinations.

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, virologist, has clarified that people do not die WITH, but FROM, an infection.  The deceptive death certificates are financially beneficial to hospitals.  She exposed Dr. Fauci and President Obama as the chief financiers and benefactors of Wuhan’s labs (confirmed by Mayor Giuliani); the virus was lab-manipulated.  Fauci had unethically appropriated Mikovits’s work, delayed testing her findings, thereby killing millions of HIV victims since 1984.  Dr. Fauci has become the trusted voice of medical wisdom; he merits close examination.

In 2006, Mikovits cofounded and developed the first neuroimmune disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, originally dismissed as feminine hypochondria. She later discovered that vaccines were being tested on mouse brains, and were uncontrollably contagious, causing an alarming national health crisis, including cancers and women having children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Fauci silenced her and confiscated her computers and notebooks.  He abused his power, misused his office, and removed her funding, which resulted in hundreds of millions of Americans’ being inoculated with the injurious vaccines.

Dr. Mikovits says Hydroxychloroquine, used with azithromycin, has proven to cure coronavirus victims at ~50 cents per treatment, but came under attack by the manufacturer of a competing, higher priced drug, Remdesevir.  President Trump recommends HCQ to help victims immediately, which Dr. Fauci strongly opposes and recommends Remdesevir, patented by Gilead Sciences.  Gilead, George Soros and Unitaid are working to penetrate China’s closed pharmaceutical market for enormous royalties.

Leo Hohmann reminds us that the compliance of governors, mayors, church leaders, the richest foundations, and leftist mainstream media, have censored those who would speak against the damage being done to our air traffic system, automobile traffic, food chain, healthcare system, school system, our once-bustling cities – the foundation of our entire society.  Bill Gates and his corrupt associates at the United Nations – World Health Organization medical-industrial complex are responsible for engineering the Great Panic of 2020.

If all the previous information doesn’t alarm, consider this: once we accept the enforced vaccination, the slide into population enslavement will be precipitous and impossible to reverse.  It is becoming more evident that vaccinations are being linked to identification in order to constrain and control human activity.  People who comply with the digital implants will be able to get financing, secure jobs, purchase products, participate in democracy, etc.; those who do not will be pariahs of the state and have their freedoms rescinded. Thus, world population will be subjugated to the globalist elite, and too many in authority are already wilting before the globalists who are making the most of this crisis to further their agenda.

The damage to the health of countless thousands has been a crime against humanity but the proposed ownership of millions by a few wealthy, influential people will be a crime against heaven.  It must not be permitted, ever.

©All rights reserved.


Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet “The War on Today’s Pandemic” via America Newscape.

Top Doc Says “Dr Fauci has Failed”, 3043.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich

Shortly after World War II ended, Americans were in shock as the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed. But they also took comfort from the fact that nothing like that could ever happen here. Or could it?

The plethora of new and ever-changing dictatorial edicts in many states today strikes me as eerily reminiscent of the Nazi’s series of escalating mandates that targeted the Jewish population. However, in our own case, we’re all the targets.

Consider the new piece of legislation proposed by congressional Democrat Bobby Rush, H.R. 6666. If you’ve read the Bible, you may blanch at the number of this bill, as well as at its content.

The bill calls for the creation of a civilian army of “contact tracers” to spy on American citizens, to determine whether any of us test positive for Covid-19—a flu virus so mild that most people have no idea they’ve contracted it. However, it can provoke serious, life-threatening illness in people in their 80s and 90s, especially those in nursing homes—and one would want to make sure anyone entering a nursing home is virus-free.

But that’s as far as this insane idea should go.

In case you needed another tip-off that the tracing program is good for the bad guys and bad for the rest of us: Bill Gates, George Soros, the Clintons, Governors Cuomo and Newsom, among others, are pushing it as hard as they can. A play-along Health Department official in Ventura County, while singing the praises of this unprecedented and astonishingly creepy plan, let the cat out of the bag: the “contact tracers” will come to your home, insist on testing you and your family, and may also insist on carting off any person who tests positive if you have “only one bathroom” in your home. As Dave Barry was wont to say, I am not making this up. The state could conceivably abscond with your 6-year-old child, or your spouse, taking them to a “safe” place for “quarantine.”

Never mind that in America, no one has the right to enter your home without your permission, unless he has a warrant—and no warrant is to be issued without “probable cause.” So the question comes down to this: are we, in fact, still in America?

This Stasi-style spying program, guaranteed to create informers, accusers, and snitches-in–waiting, is a thinly veiled persecution of our citizens. The crime? Being suspected of having been exposed to someone who was exposed to someone else who may possibly have had a cold—I mean virus. Here’s the kicker: any healthy person, even one with natural antibodies to Covid-19, and/or a robust immune system that could easily fight the virus off, is now at the mercy of the State, since he or she might “test positive.” Then all bets are off.

The devil, as usual, is in the details: the “best test,” the PCR, is not even a diagnostic test! Its usefulness, according to the Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, who invented it, is restricted to research. Maybe that’s why it’s producing 80% false positives, as noted in a recent Chinese study. Yet your future may depend on a toss of the PCR dice.

Now let’s take a big step back: isn’t “herd immunity” what ends flu epidemics? Don’t we want people under 65 to get the virus, which is often asymptomatic, so we reach herd immunity and the virus peters out? In other words, isn’t testing positive a good thing? Or have the “experts” once again changed the narrative…

First it was all about “flattening the curve”—but the catastrophic “curve” turned out to be a mirage, projected by the UK’s disgraced Neil Ferguson and his Imperial College group’s wacko computer modeling. Well, anyone can make a mistake, right? Then it was our desperate need for ventilators—but we’ve since learned that ventilators are the wrong treatment for serious cases and tend to damage patients’ lungs, raising mortality rates rather than saving patients’ lives.

And why oh why must we continue to hear from the relentless Dr. Fauci, who singlehandedly depresses an entire nation, and when challenged, masterfully weasels out of his own public statements. Isn’t it about time for President Trump to snap out of the Faucian trance he seems to be in? No, Mr. President, we don’t need millions of dicey tests any more than we needed huge hospital ships or millions of ventilators for the millions of emergency Covid-patients who never materialized. And we especially don’t need a Fauci-touted, Bill Gates-funded vaccine. Thanks anyway. And whoever is advising you to green-light all this—fire ‘em!

If we’d done what we always do when a new viral epidemic strikes—that is, go on with our lives as usual—no masks, no “social distancing,” and no draconian “lockdowns,” renowned epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski says the virus would have likely peaked and ended within four weeks due to natural herd immunity. Yes, four weeks! Surely it must be clear to everyone by now that the virus is the least of our worries.

In fact, a far greater worry may commence as the “tracing” efforts begin. Imagine living in dread that anyone you meet may name you as a “contact” if they test positive. How’s that for restoring faith in community and normal social interaction?

Although PCR testing is useless for diagnosing Covid-19, it’s assuredly a powerful tool for terrorizing the public—especially if it is used as the basis to lock up those who defy the State. (And by “State” I do not mean the Trump administration, but the Deep State and assorted America-hating, globalist, One World Government/New World Order types.) Think for a moment how easy it would be, in this era of high-tech surveillance, for the powers-that-be to single out those they view as potential troublemakers: i.e., conservatives, patriots, Christians, NRA members, Republicans, Jews, libertarians, and truth-tellers of all stripes. Lo and behold, they all test “positive!”

And as we’ve seen with the ever-changing diktats from on high, the “only one bathroom” rationale may quickly morph into “only one kitchen,” etc., thus enabling the state to round up its targeted enemies for lengthy “quarantine”—perhaps in those FEMA camps citizen journalists have been warning us about for years. Just imagine the interrogations: Are you now or have you ever been infected with Covid-19? Guilty as charged. Now rat on your friends.

In a recent video conference, Bill Clinton and Gavin Newsom, with barely concealed glee, congratulated each other on their enthusiastic support for unleashing an army of newly minted Brownshirts, aka “contact tracers,” to hound American citizens and coerce us into being “tested.” Let me remind you that, in addition to their being worthless diagnostically, thousands of these tests given only a month or so ago were actually contaminated with the virus! No wonder so many were testing positive and getting sick! Accidents do happen.

Governor Newsom’s statement from that video is worth quoting: “The predicate for getting back to some semblance of normalcy is our ability to identify individuals through testing, to be able to trace their contacts, to isolate individuals that either have been exposed, or quarantine people that have tested positive. And that’s just going to require an army of folks, and the capacity of consideration from individuals to allow for their privacy to be impacted by that kind of acuity of attention based upon where they’ve been and who they’ve talked to.”

Gotta love “capacity of consideration” and “that kind of acuity of attention.” These phrases take Orwellian doublespeak to a whole new level. Bravo, Gavin! Let’s translate this poisonous prose into English: Gruesome Newsom, the self-appointed dictator of California, plans to send an army of cretins and thugs out to barge into your homes, to spit upon your privacy, your rights, your families, and your friends, or else. I doubt, however, that the tracers will be focusing said “acuity of attention” on the Newsom family.

Of course if this horrifically oppressive system were put into place, in spite of being utterly unconstitutional and an affront to the dignity, privacy, and independence of the American people, everyone would quickly come to loathe and fear it.

The answer? Ah, ask Mr. Gates.

Just a simple jab in the hand or arm. A Gates-funded, Fauci-backed, rushed-to-market, highly lucrative experimental vaccine! But don’t forget the Part B: Gates’ other dream come true: ID2020. That’s the end game. Get the vaccine and the chip permanently installed in your body, and you become chattel owned by the globalist elites who are behind this entire satanic program for which the virus was merely the ruse chosen to set it all in motion. Why now? Because they knew they had no one to beat Trump in November, and four more years of prosperity and nationalism might just derail their glorious, globalist New World Dystopia plan for good.

Think this can’t happen?

Think we’re still in America?

Think we should succumb to the social distancing—meaning no assembling for protests or for prayer, let alone for weddings, funerals, or summer barbecues? Wanna keep wearing masks as if we were living in a hospital instead of a country? Think we should just shrug our shoulders and accept the tracking, tracing, testing, sheltering in place, lockdowns, shutdowns, mandatory vaccinations, and mandatory ID2020—coincidentally reminiscent of the biblical “Mark of the Beast,” without which “no man may buy or sell”?

Are you figuring out why liberty matters?

It’s looking more and more like some of the wild conspiracy theories circulating on the Web for decades may be true. We’re surely at a tipping point, teetering on the edge of the totalitarian abyss. Yanking the country back from that cliff is our only hope. We rescue our nation, or we lose it.

As to the question so often asked after WWII: Can it happen here? We have already lived part way into the answer. The difference is that in our case, there’s no safe haven for us to flee to. America is the last stop.

© Cherie Zaslawsky

The ACLU Loses Its Way

The American Civil Liberties Union used to be a great institution.

Founded in January 1920, the ACLU sought to become, in its own words, “the nation’s premier defender of the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.” Over the decades, the organization fought for civil liberties even when no one else would.

The ACLU fought against the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. It fought against racial segregation. And it fought for the free speech rights of students protesting the Vietnam War.

The ACLU’s commitment to the Constitution defied politics, and it defended even the most unpopular people if its unshakable principles demanded it.

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For example, the American Civil Liberties Union defended the First Amendment rights of a Ku Klux Klan leader, a group of Nazis, and members of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church because of its “unwavering commitment to principle.”

Over its 100-year history, the ACLU has—to its credit—vexed both sides of the political aisle because it refused to compromise the principles of its “civil libertarianism.”

Sadly, that is no longer the case. In recent years, the group has retreated from its principles when they clash with trendy left-wing priorities.

By now, the ACLU’s retreat from the First Amendment is well documented. It will not defend the First Amendment rights of pro-life pregnancy centers or small religious businesses. It no longer defends religious freedom, although it once did. And in a leaked internal memo, the ACLU takes the position that free speech denigrating “marginalized groups” should not be defended.

Sadder yet, however, is the ACLU’s recent abandonment of the right to due process. For a group founded to help the powerless, this is a repudiation of its founding ideals.

Consider the new Title IX rules designed to restore the due process rights of those accused of sexual harassment on college campuses. The rules are meant to restore protections that were erased under the Obama regime.

Under the old rules (which remain in effect until August), colleges may expel students based on nothing more than the word of their accuser or even the word of a third party who witnessed nothing. The accused often is denied the right to cross examine, the right to counsel, the right to see the evidence against him or her, and the right to present exculpatory evidence.

It’s so bad that in one case, after two students got drunk and had sex, one of them rushed to report his sexual partner to the Title IX officer simply because he was worried that she would report him first.  Because he got there first, she was found guilty of sexual assault and suspended.

The new rules restore some due process protections. The American Civil Liberties Union should be happy. In fact, the ACLU ought to have been fighting for them.

After all, it was only two years ago that the ACLU opposed a victims’ rights bill because it would “undermin[e] a bedrock principle of our legal system—the presumption of innocence.”

Instead, the ACLU is suing to block the new rules. It claims that they “dramatically undermine students’ civil rights.”

The ACLU’s logic is as backward as are its priorities.

The organization says it is concerned that the new rules—in particular a requirement that victims report assaults to a Title IX official before an investigation may begin—would “inflict significant harm on students who experience sexual harassment or assault.”

The lawsuit does not clearly explain why that is so, but asserts that the new rules would interfere with students’ right to “equal educational opportunities,” especially for students of color, LGBTQ students, and other minority groups.

Never mind that under the old rules men of color are accused and suspended or expelled with alarming frequency.

There is no way for the ACLU to explain its decision to fight against due process, except that it has abandoned its principles to advance the trendy partisan agenda of the day.

If the American Civil Liberties Union means to become a litigation boutique for such causes, so be it. But it should be prepared to surrender the goodwill that its long and storied history of integrity has earned it.


GianCarlo Canaparo is a legal fellow in the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation. Twitter: .

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Trump’s Baptism Scene

While the Corleone family of Godfather fame was the embodiment of mob life and the acquisition of money, power and prestige through criminal activity, the Trump family––in stark contrast––embodies the nose-to-the-grindstone, upward-mobility glory of the American Dream.

Nevertheless, when I think of the fanatical, maniacal and relentless persecution, accusations, vilification, and sabotage that President Trump has experienced for the past four years at the hands of crazed Democrats––both in and out of office––the infamously stunning Baptism Scene at the end of Godfather One comes immediately to mind.

In that scene, Michael Corleone––who attended Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he met his future wife Kay, and who then left college to join the U.S. Marines after the attack on Pearl Harbor––is featured in the baptism ceremony where he has been asked to be the godfather of Michael Rizzi, the infant son of his sister Connie and her husband Carlo Rizzi, in 1955.

The solemn ritual takes place in the splendiferous Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral––built in 1809––a Roman Catholic Church on Mulberry Street in New York City. It is held shortly after the funeral of Michael’s father, the powerful Don, Vito Corleone.

Before Don Vito’s death, however, he and Michael––the ordained heir to his father’s mafia fiefdom––concoct a complex plan to vanquish all their enemies.

As Michael’s wife Kay holds the infant––who is bedecked in a lace-embroidered baptismal gown handed down through generations––the ceremony begins, with the priest intoning in both Latin and English––Let us pray, mercifully hear our prayers, we beseech Thee, O Lord; Oremus: Preces nostras, quaesumus, Domine, clementer exaudi––and then sprinkling the baby’s head with the Holy Water that symbolizes purification and his admission to the Christian Church.

As the organ music builds, Michael says “I do” to renouncing Satan, to renouncing his sins, and to becoming the infant’s godfather. In each renunciation––there are five of them––he reaffirms his commitment to be worthy of this honor.

And with each surge of music in which the priest sprinkles Holy Water on the infant’s brow and Michael affirms that he has renounced his sins, the audience sees Don Vito’s and Michael’s master plan being executed with balletic precision.

The Godfather: Baptism Scene


It took years––of intrigue, treachery, heartache––for Michael Corleone to exact revenge on the Corleone family’s enemies, just as it has taken years for the truth of the betrayal of President Trump to be revealed.

But in D.C., the bad guys are usually not shot down in elevators or in a hooker’s bed. Rather, justice is worked through an Attorney General, a special prosecutor, and a handful of honest politicians.

In this case, as it turned out, “the best and the brightest” of the Obama regime and the “best and the brightest” of the leftist media were no match for the singular brilliance of President Trump. His political enemies should have known that for the man who dealt for half a century with the union sharks and cutthroat politicians in New York City, as well as mob bosses on which the fictional Godfather dons were based, the D.C. swamp denizens were small potatoes.

Fuggedabout the fact that these slithery creatures are not honest, moral, ethical, or trustworthy––they are simply not that smart.

It is now clear that President Trump has beaten the Obama regime and the leftist media decisively. Over the next several months, we will see these reptilian putative criminals brought to justice.

FICTIONAL CROOKS                               ALLEGED CROOKS

Mob boss Victor Stracci                                 James Comey, former director of Obama’s FBI.

Mob boss Emilio Barzini                                John Brennan, former director of Obama’s CIA.

Mobster Moe Greene                                      James Clapper, former DNI for Obama.

Mob boss Philip Tattaglia                               Leftist shill, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Traitor Salvatore Tessio                                 Hillary Clinton, former Sec. of State for Obama.

Traitor Carlo Rizzi                                          Barack Obama!

And that is not to omit the 35 bottom-dwellers involved in the Russian-collusion hoax, the roles of whom Willis L. Krumholz spells out in sordid detail, including Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Joseph Pientka, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, Loretta Lynch, Victoria Nuland, Glenn Simpson, on an on––all in obsequious service to the Obama regime.

Not to forget Samantha Power, Obama’s Ambassador to the rancid United Nations, who former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said was “the largest unmasker of U.S. persons in our country’s history”––and her ignominious and possibly criminal role in asking that the identity of Gen. Michael Flynn be revealed in classified intelligence reports seven times between Election Day 2016 and the inauguration of President Trump on Jan. 20, 2017, although she testified later of having “no recollection” of the requests, as reported by Miranda Devine in the NY Post.

Let us remember that the fish always stinks from the head. It now appears that this dishonorable cabal was led by Barack Obama and those who financed his own peculiar––indeed fishy––rise to power. And those who participated in the crashingly failed attempts to destroy the Trump presidency––the Russian-collusion hoax, the Stormy Daniels hoax, the Ukraine hoax, the impeachment hoax, the leaking, the lying, the spying, and the media whores who to this day cover for Obama’s many failures and scandals––including this one, Obamagate––are now on the threshold of paying the piper, so to speak.

It may be true that the wheels of justice move slowly. But right now they are moving in the right direction, in the direction of identifying and hopefully indicting and imprisoning the already-disgraced people who participated for the past four years in undermining and trying to destroy a duly elected President of the United States.

Gitmo, anyone!

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Biden Campaign Hires Interpreter To Translate His Speeches Into English

U.S.—The Biden campaign is facing a real communication problem as Joe Biden’s speeches are growing more and more nonsensical. In order to overcome this challenge, aides have hired an interpreter to translate everything he says into normal, human-style English.

“My fellow Americans, pickle hamster meatloaf. The thing. Potato!” Biden began.

“My fellow Americans, thank you for being here this evening,” the interpreter translated.

Biden continued: “This pandemic has cost us more than 85,000 jobs as of today. Lives of millions of people. Millions of people. Millions of jobs.” He then nodded at the translator to interpret that into something resembling plain English.

“Uh… the, uh, pandemic has cost us tens of millions of jobs, and 85,000 have tragically lost their lives,” she interpreted frantically.

But she struggled to keep up as his speech got less and less coherent.

“Peanut butter M&Ms and my fellow U.S. Americans in the Iraq. Platypus!” was translated as “We must make sure Donald Trump does not continue to rob America of its future,” while “Farley farley farley farley farley hufaaaaaaaar!” was translated as “I am the best choice to beat Donald Trump.”

As Biden’s speech concluded, he said farewell: “Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG. Zoom-Boing. Z’ nourrwringmm!”

“God bless you, and God bless America.”


Trump Appoints Angry Honey Badger As New Press Secretary

Governor Newsom Orders Ballots To Be Sent To Every Cemetery In State

Reminder: Adolf Hitler Also Wanted To Go Outside And Do Things

Democrats Promise To Chew Up Cash, Tenderly Regurgitate It Into Mouths Of Voters

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CNN Buries the Trump Lead

Election polling is big-time news these days. Unless the media doesn’t like the results. Then, apparently, it’s not news at all. Take CNN, NRO’s Kyle Smith says. They just spent a pile of money to ask voters what they think of President Trump. Believe it or not, his approval ratings have never been higher — not that viewers would know it, since CNN virtually ignored the numbers altogether.

It took RealClearPolitics to break the story on CNN’s poll, since the network decided that a Target shopper without a mask was of more national consequence than the president making a statistical comeback. Only digging under dozens of other headlines did Kyle Smith find a single reference to the results.

“CNN seemed oddly unenthused about its own poll. And the story to which the homepage linked doesn’t even mention that Trump had never scored higher in a CNN poll… But the single most surprising and newsworthy detail of the poll was that Trump holds a seven-point lead over Biden in 15 battleground states.”

And here’s where it gets truly comical. The outlet is so desperate to downplay Trump’s surge that it draws attention to the “small sample size” and insists that “it’s difficult to determine… whether the movement is significant or a fluke…” Funny, CNN didn’t seem to think any of its Biden-leaning polls were a coincidence. Yet now, when the president has an advantage, the results must suddenly be wrong. Is it any wonder Americans have such little confidence in the mainstream media? Agendas like this one only fuel the country’s distrust.

Unfortunately for the liberal media, the president’s numbers aren’t just improving overall, they’re suggesting a stark contrast on issues that matter the most. Asked who they trusted to handle the economy, 54 percent of voters said Donald Trump. Far fewer — 42 percent — said the same about Biden.

Obviously, this polling — or any polling — isn’t the end-all, be-all for Trump. There are plenty of obstacles for the White House to overcome, including a crisis environment where even a sneeze in the wrong direction can mean a full news cycle of blame. As anyone who paid attention in 2016 knows, surveys only tell one part of the story. A lot like the mainstream media, it appears.

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


To Teach His Own: The Rise of Homeschooling

Colorado’s Signature Issue

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