Extremism In Defense of Election Integrity Is No Vice

Allow me to introduce you to the nation’s newest ‘domestic violent extremist’. The Republican Secretary of State of Louisiana issued directives to preserve 2020 election materials and to take the state out of ERIC, a Soros-funded voter roll maintenance operation which critics deride as a thinly disguised get-out-the-vote effort for Democrats.  This Secretary of State must now be considered a ‘domestic violent extremist’ under new guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security.  A DHS whistleblower leaked an agency bulletin telling agents people who talk about ‘government overreach’ and ‘election fraud’ are possible ‘domestic violent extremists’ and a threat to law enforcement.  You might call me a ‘domestic violent extremist’, too, because I’ve been talking about government overreach and election fraud since early Tea Party days, and I’m not going to stop, so come and get me.

There continue to be problems with our elections, and we in the grassroots are not going to stop on that front, either.

Mass mail-in voting causes chaos, as Jimmy Carter reported in 2005, but the practice will continue in some places in the 2022 elections.  You mail out ballots to everyone on dirty voter rolls – including dead people and duplicate registrations – and you end up with millions of missing ballots some of which get stolen and voted by bad actors.  Speaking of dirty voter rolls, a citizens group in Michigan found more than 22,000 active registrations for people who no longer live in the state and should be removed from the rolls.

Wisconsin lets anyone order an absentee ballot online, which is a recipe for fraud.  A citizen tester got permission from several people to order ballots in their name and elections officials sent all the ballots to his address, no ID needed.  It’s easy to see how this could be scaled up into major fraud.

Electronic voting machines failed a logic and accuracy test in a recent Colorado county recount.  An elections official falsified machine certification records before an election in New Mexico.  Certification problems have to be fairly common, because I know a grassroots activist who documented shady certification of electronic poll books in my state.

A poll challenger was thrown out of the big vote counting center in Detroit this month for asking too many questions and pointing out that various rules were not being followed. A similar problem occurred in the progressive prosecutor recall effort in Los Angeles this week.  Elections officials threw out 27 percent of the ballot petition signatures, causing the petition to fail, whereas only 20 percent of signatures were deemed invalid in the Gavin Newsom recall last year. So something’s fishy, but election officials wouldn’t allow anyone to observe the process.

Voter fraud continues to be caught and prosecuted, although to a very limited extent relative to the amount of fraud that’s out there.  South Carolina hasn’t had a voter fraud prosecution in 18 years, for example, but Wisconsin has 10 new cases for impersonating voters, voting twice in different states, and other fraudulent activities. A former police chief and a city councilman just pled guilty to buying votes in elections in Louisiana.  Hmm… I wonder if the judge who took the plea is a domestic violent extremist like the Secretary of State.

Finally, Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos squeaked by in his primary, then immediately fired the special counsel he had previously hired to investigate fraud in the 2020 election, bringing the investigation to an end.  The special counsel had found, among other indicia of fraud, up to 100 percent voter turnout in nursing homes, which would include people with dementia.  It’s too bad the investigation won’t be continuing because the Democrats have a long history of committing voter fraud in nursing homes and you can bet they’ll keep right on doing it in future elections in Wisconsin and probably your state, as well.

The Speaker in Wisconsin is Republican. The GOP establishment across the nation, for some strange reason, is just not interested in uncovering election fraud.  They must like losing.  They will tell you their focus is on future elections, not past elections. This is what you typically get out of RINOs, even though there’s no way to fix the problems with future elections unless you understand what went wrong in the past. But Liz Cheney’s crushing defeat should show them they are an endangered species.  My national RINO Hunt Team is on the case and we – and election integrity activists more generally – will not quit until we right the ship and restore free and fair elections in this country, whether the RINOs and the Democrats like it or not.  DHS can’t lock us all up.

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Woke Silliness at its Worst: A Non-Binary Joan of Arc

Queering the Maid of Orleans shows an impoverished imagination.

A new play about Joan of Arc, I, Joan, opens in London next week. After all the plays, poetry, novels, and biographies published since she was burned at the stake in 1431, it’s difficult to imagine that anything fresh can be said about the Maid of Orleans,

However, the Globe Theatre, a successor to Shakespeare’s theatre, believes that it has a new angle – a non-binary Joan. Instead of celebrating her holiness (she was canonised by the Catholic Church in 1920) or her martial prowess, the Globe is depicting her as “the essence of transgressive androgyny”.

I, Joan was written by Charlie Josephine, who identifies as non-binary. The play uses they/their pronouns instead of she/her, making a perusal of the publicity rather confusing. But the Globe sums up the play as follows: “Rebelling against the world’s expectations, questioning the gender binary, Joan finds their [her] power and their [her] belief spreads like fire.”

The play treats Joan’s life as a neglected chapter in trans history. “Joan is also part of a long and cross-cultural history of people who have experienced their gender nonconformity as spiritually motivated. Throughout their period in the military, and throughout their trial, Joan remained consistently clear that their gender nonconformity was at the command of God.”

Will anyone find this convincing? Perhaps. According to a survey reported in The Times, of London, the British are ignorant of their history: “A tenth thought Henry VIII had eight wives not six and the same ratio believed Joan of Arc was one of them. A third did not realise Henry established the Church of England, and 54 per cent had no idea William Shakespeare was alive in the Tudor period.”

So if ten percent of Brits believe that Joan of Arc was married to Henry VIII, why wouldn’t they believe that she was trans or non-binary or two-spirit or whatever?

The Globe is committed to a ShakesQueer view of drama. What the playwright and the director see in Joan is a person who was true to an inner voice which told her to be gender transgressive. Gender fluidity is the Globe’s religion. The notes for the play explain:

So when we read that Joan said, ‘It was necessary that I changed my clothes’, what if we were to take that at face value? Joan is telling us that for them, gender nonconformity felt necessary: like something they had to do. It seems clear that part of that necessity had to do with their [her] faith: their God had told them [her] to dress this way, and they [she] felt wholeheartedly bound to follow that command… But this is also a feeling that so many of us, whether we have a faith or not, can relate to: a sense that this next step in our lives is the right one, even if we can’t tell exactly why.

This is, according to the Globe, what makes I, Joan “alive, queer and full of hope”.

In fact, what made Joan’s life full of hope was something altogether different. The historical Joan would have been baffled by the idea of gender transgression. She was completely feminine and dressed in male attire only to protect herself amongst the rough soldiers of the French Army. She had made a vow of virginity and was uncompromisingly chaste and modest. Queer sexuality would have been abhorrent to her.

There’s no point in a literary work which is unable to account for the facts of her extraordinary character and instead makes them up. But in a back-handed way I, Joan may be a genuine homage to her simplicity, wisdom, leadership, and courage. Unfortunately, queering her strange life sheds no light upon these qualities at all.

Joan is one of the most astonishing figures in history. An illiterate 17-year-old peasant girl who inspired battle-hardened men, enabled the coronation of her king, and saved her country from English invaders. And as quickly as she appeared, two years later she disappeared — betrayed, tried on trumped-up charged and then burned at the stake.

The only coherent explanation for this is her unbending faith, not a bogus gender-fluidity. She believed that in obeying her conscience – which often went clean against her own feelings – she was obeying God. That is what gave her fortitude in all her tribulations.

And that is what gave her the peace of soul to bear the humiliation, betrayal, loneliness, lies, injustice, and agony of the second half of her career. She found a serenity in her deep Catholic faith that is simply unimaginable for the snowflakes of the LGBTQI+ movement.

The Globe justifies its bizarre production by asserting: “That is the role of theatre: to simply ask the question ‘imagine if?’” But queering Joan of Arc shows an impoverished imagination. The truly transgressive and imaginative question is: what if Joan really was a warrior for God?


Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia. More by Michael Cook.


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Tavistock Clinic fallout: What UK courts would consider in litigation by former transgender patients

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FBI’s ‘Election Crimes Coordinator’ worked with Far-Left ‘Democracy Fund’ on Election Administration

“Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly, without fear or favor. Under my watch, that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing.” That’s what Merrick Garland said on August 11. But the article below by J. Christian Adams was published on June 30, and it shows the FBI’s delightfully titled “Election Crimes Coordinator” (is she coordinating the election crimes?), Lindsay Capodilupo, coordinating with the far-Left Democracy Fund. Is the FBI’s “Election Crimes Coordinator” also working with some patriotic election integrity group? The chances of that are about zero minus eight degrees.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Lindsay Capodilupo several times during the FBI’s investigation of the Garland jihad attack on our free speech event. At that time I didn’t know that the FBI had actively aided the jihadis, done nothing to stop them, and didn’t even bother to inform us that they were coming. I don’t know if Lindsay Capodilupo knew all that at that time or not. She did, however, on more than one occasion demonstrate that she was abysmally ignorant of the ideological foundations, nature, and magnitude of the Islamic jihad threat, and had all the arrogant complacency of the miseducated. That’s your FBI today. On a good day.

Exclusive: FOIAs Reveal Progressive Money Fueling FBI, DOJ, Leftist Activist and Election Official Coordination–Michigan included

by J. Christian Adams, PJ Media:

A strange constellation has emerged through public records requests of coordination between progressive funders, federal authorities, corporations, state election officials, and leftist organizations.

Freedom of information requests have uncovered oddball and opaque relationships between some state election officials, federal officials, corporations, progressive activists, and those trying to influence the conduct of those same election officials. These relationships extend to junkets that include baseball games, travel, and even data exchanges between state officials and outside progressive groups.

The story begins with a series of freedom of information act requests aimed at a number of states to see if any election officials are tempted to apply for now-illegal money from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life. Such grants and the wild expenditures of these funds altered the course of the 2020 election. (Read The Real Kraken, What Really Happened to Donald Trump in the 2020 Election at PJ Media.)

The FOIAs were submitted by the Public Interest Legal Foundation—with which I am associated—and were aimed broadly at election officials across the United States.

While no election official in a state that now prohibits private funding of elections has applied for new funding, something stranger, and more dangerous has emerged from the public information requests.

In one email, we find that the Democracy Fund—a hyper-funded progressive money source—is organizing state officials and third parties to discuss election administration.

Participants in this Democracy Fund effort include:

Commissioner Ben Hovland on the United States Election Assistance Commission

United States Election Assistance Commission employee Tina Barton

Ebony West, a Democracy Fund employee tasked with “Voter-Centric Election Adminstration [sic], which focuses on equipping local election officials with the data, tools, and connections needed to ensure voters’ voices are heard.”

John Keller, a criminal prosecutor at the United States Department of Justice Public Integrity Section who has gone after Republicans like Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio

Matt Masterson, a former staffer for John Boehner and now “Director of Information Integrity” at Microsoft and leading their “Democracy Forward” team

Katherine Reisner a militant progressive working for the vote-fraud denier organization States United Democracy Center.

Craig Latimer, the Hillsborough Florida Supervisor of Elections who told us that his office refuses to make any election crimes referrals to county prosecutors

Kammi Foote, sometime wilderness photographer and United States Election Assistance Commission employee

Andrea Abbate of the ZuckBucks Mother Ship, the Center for Technology and Civic Life

Lindsay Capodilupo, the “Election Crimes Coordinator” at the FBI…



Photos, Videos: More Pictures and Videos from Huge ‘End the FBI’ Rallies Across the Country

Election Integrity vs Election Theft

Pre-Election Censorship

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The Gray Hair Deception

This issue has been bothering me for quite some time.

It began when out of the blue the majority of FOX NEWS male newscasters begin to display unjustifiable Gray Hair from one day to the next.

The most obvious was that the different newscasters each day displayed Gray Hair in different places and different quantities! As far as I know that is unnatural. Sometimes some younger newscasters also displayed different quantities of Gray Hair per day. I thought that I was getting crazy! This cannot be!

I found this very odd because FOX NEWS is a serious source of accurate information in the middle of so many dishonest and deceptive television networks. What is going on at FOX? I didn’t notice that the invasion of Gray Hair was affecting the other television stations.

After a while I realized that the Gray Hair oddity didn’t affect the females newscasters!

I am a firm believer in equality in relation to sex. I believe that women are an equal partner of men, should work in the same position and especially receive the same salaries.

I was very disappointed in 1967 when I came to America and got a job where other women in my same position and with more  experience and maybe more talent were receiving a lower salary just for being a woman.

So, based in my believe on equality I think that the female newscasters at FOX NEWS should also have the right to have Gray Hair. That disparity is not  democratic. So women at FOX you should demand equal rights about having Gray Hair!

However, I noticed that some male characters at FOX like the “Fair, Balanced & Unafraid” Bret Baier–which in my modest opinion he is neither–Mr. Baier don’t have any Gray Hair! As a matter of fact he has been in Fox News since 2007 and his hair is Jet Black. This oddity should be corrected. It’s just “Fair.” Why he should be exempt of that unusual wave of Gray Hair? After 15 years at FOX he should have some Gray Hair.  Otherwise there is no equality.

The other possibility should be if females at FOX should also have Gray Hair. I doubt their vanity will let them agree. I want to clarify that I do not blame them for refusing and they have my total support.

Now, I think this disparity about the changing daily quantities of Gray Hair on the male newscasters is due to the make up artists at FOX. I do not know their working conditions and pressures they are subjected every day to made up such a large troop of male and females. But I sincerely think that if the invasion of Gray Hair is exterminated from FOX, happiness will reign in the Make-Up Department.

After all, Gray Hair on newscasters who do not have it is a deceptive, cheap and actually a BIG LIE to the audience which is not as naive as they might think. The viewers of FOX are generally more educated and not easily fooled.

Quoting late great comedienne fired from FOX in 1987, Joan Rivers, “Oh grow up!”

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17 Benjamin Franklin Quotes on Tyranny, Liberty, and Rights

Benjamin Franklin was dubbed “The First American” for a reason.

Americans remember Benjamin Franklin as one of our founders. That is fitting because he was not just our most famous citizen at our country’s birth, but he was also so much a central part of that birth that he has been called “The First American.”

As a member of the Second Continental Congress, Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence. As a member of the Constitutional Convention, he helped draft the Constitution. Both documents bear his signature.

He also signed the Treaty of Alliance with France, bringing the colonies French aid against the British, and the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War and recognized the independence of the United States. He was the only person, in fact, to sign all those key documents.

However, Franklin’s role in our founding has been eclipsed in modern memory by his many other accomplishments. He was a prolific inventor, from his trademark bifocals to the Franklin Stove and artificial fertilizer. He ran his own paper and published Poor Richard’s Almanac. He even published the first political cartoon in the colonies. He founded the University of Pennsylvania, as well as America’s first public library and hospital. His discoveries went far beyond his famous kite experiment, including the identification of lead poisoning and the charting of ocean currents.

Unfortunately, attention to what Franklin said about American liberty has often been crowded out by his other accomplishments. On his January 17 birthday, we should remember some of those inspirational words.

  1. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” (proposed by Franklin for the motto of the Great Seal of the United States).
  2. “From a persuasion that equal liberty was originally the portion, it is still the birthright of all men.”
  3. “Every man…is, of common right, and by the laws of God, a freeman, and entitled to the free enjoyment of liberty.”
  4. “All the property that is necessary to a man for the conservation of the individual… is his natural right which none can justly deprive him of.”
  5. “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
  6. “Our cause is the cause of all mankind…we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own.”
  7. “[F]requent recurrence to fundamental principles…[is] absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty and keep a government free.”
  8. “The more the people are discontented with the oppression of taxes, the greater the need the prince has of money to distribute among his partisans and pay the troops that are to suppress all resistance and enable him to plunder at pleasure.”
  9. “Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.”
  10. “Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics…derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates.”
  11. “Sell not…liberty to purchase power.”
  12. “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
  13. “This Constitution…can only end in despotism…when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.”
  14. “I hope…that all mankind will at length…have reason and sense enough to settle their differences without cutting throats.”
  15. “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes!”
  16. “Ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation to the prejudice and oppression of another is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy…An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy.”
  17. Benjamin Franklin expressed the goal of America’s experiment in liberty when he said, “God grant that not only the love of liberty but a thorough knowledge of the rights of man may pervade all the nations of the earth, so that a philosopher may set his foot anywhere on its surface and say: This is my country.”

As we reflect on current political developments, we should consider how far we are from that goal and how to rekindle America’s liberty.


Gary M. Galles

Gary M. Galles is a Professor of Economics at Pepperdine University and a member of the Foundation for Economic Education faculty network. In addition to his new book, Pathways to Policy Failures (2020), his books include Lines of Liberty (2016), Faulty Premises, Faulty Policies (2014), and Apostle of Peace (2013).

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Is the FBI politicized? C’mon Man!

Good day Kahny,

I hope today finds you well at your desk, as the Executive Editor at that beacon of truthful reporting, the iconic NY Times. Wow, so much has transpired since we last spoke. I believe last time we spoke was around the 4th of July holiday. I know you’re not to big a fan of that one Kahny, as you are a big supporter of the CCP, as displayed by your publicity shots. You remember those right? You in your stocking feet, reading Pravda on your office floor, with your CCP coffee cup. I’m just curious, has anyone been fired yet for running with that idea…..ouch! I digress, last time we spoke, we were talking about the 1/6 reality show produced by Chardonnay Pelosi and company. Much has happened since then, let’s take a look.

The Mission is to Get Trump!

Personally, I agree with other liberals, as I don’t believe enough time and TAXPAYER money has been spent yet on prosecuting elected President Trump. I think he is getting off the hook rather lightly, wouldn’t you agree, stocking feet? I’m appalled at your tabloid though, because every once in a while there has been a negative article about Joey Bidenflation. We should be concentrating on putting out the usual 8-10 articles attacking President Trump; not attacking the greatest puppet, since Jimmy Carter. Has the radical right infiltrated your own newsroom Kahny! Or, is there a change in the works? We reached out to Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein to inquire about this but he was busy sailing off the coast of his Martha’s Vineyard estate. No wait, it might have been that he was surfing off his Hawaiian Island coastal estate. No, no I think he was just relaxing at his Washington mansion, with Michael (word is he gets his stock tips from Chardonnay and big Paulie Pelosi), hence the multiple mansions.
Anyway, we couldn’t reach the great unifier to see if the shift away from Brandon is in the works.

How Conservatives (and most people) See Things

Now back to President Trump. It appears Conservatives have a different take on things Kahny. It seems the latest attempt to get justice was to have the FBI raid his personal residence in Florida, and their decision to do so is just a little bit suspect. I believe the latest was something about him holding classified nuclear secrets (to work with Putin, of course). Seems reasonable right Kahny? We got him this time!

Propaganda at its Finest

Conservatives point out these facts : two bogus debunked impeachments, wasn’t enough. Nonstop propaganda for 6 years by such stalwarts of journalistic integrity like your tabloid Pravda, WAPO, CNN, MSNBC, ABC NBC, CBS and the like, wasn’t enough. How about the Russian collusion hoax for over 3 years, which led back to Hildabeast Clinton, that wasn’t enough. How about your former hero (and one time potential candidate for Democratic nomination to be president) Michael Avenatti and his client Stormy Daniels. That is the same Michael Avenatti who is currently serving time in prison. The censorship by social media to address Hunter Biden’s (former crack addict/energy expert, who is now a world famous artist) laptop. Claiming said laptop was Russian disinformation, which as we ALL know now was a lie, that wasn’t enough. The AG Billy Barr, sitting on this information, saying “he didn’t want to influence an election.“ Well Billy Boy you definitely did, you and Georgie Soros, Billy Gates, and some 2,000 mules.

Let’s Plan some Anarchy

Let’s look at some other events. How about, “mostly peaceful riots,” in Democratic bastions for a year straight leading up to the 2020 election, to project anarchy. Funny, huh Kahny, no outrage or disharmony since the Liar-in-Chief was installed………simply amazing. Look at all the money Georgie Soros has saved, by not having to recruit protestors, good for him. How about “Dr.” Fraudci and and the well orchestrated plandemic, and mandated “vaccine.” Remember Kahny, there is no autoimmunity, social distancing, masks, the “plandemic of the unvaccinated.” All now debunked. But it sure did facilitate the very trustworthy mail in voting agenda. Even the vegetable occupying the White House has gotten it…..TWICE, and this buffoon had both shots and 2 boosters. I‘m surprised Joey didn’t just take Covid behind the gym and beat the hell out of it. Don’t you just love Joey’s little fairytales Kahny?

Andy Cuomo: A Heart of Gold

Let’s not forget Democratic cities extended shutdowns to cripple the economy and kill small businesses. You know, like Andy “I sexually harass women, because I’m Italian” Cuomo did. This of course was when he wasn’t busy sending seniors to their deaths instead of using a Navy hospital ship—you know, just to spite President Trump. Ah, what’s a few old people dying in order spite Trump, oh I don’t know, some estimate 15,000. But ole Andy said he wouldn’t put his dear sweet Mother Matilda in senior facilities due to the virus, saying this 2 MONTHS before his March 2020 directive barring said places from turning away infected hospital patients from being admitted to these facilities. What a sweet conscientious son little Andy is, brings a tear to my eye. We all know now that these extended shutdowns did nothing, except try and portray a nation in turmoil in an election year.

A Special Shout Out to Pravda (NY Times)

It all seemed like a well thought out coordinated attack. Most Americans believe these are the kinds of coordinated attacks that would come from our enemies……..not from our OWN country. Evidently, a majority of American people have found out they’ve been wrong. Conservatives point out that the media played a major part in where we are today stocking feet Kahn, so I would guess AG Sulzberger (your publisher at Pravda) owes you a big bonus for your objective, unbiased and apolitical (wink, wink) reporting. Such journalistic integrity! Always remember, President Trump is a racist!

The White House does it’s Best Sgt. Shultz: “I Know Nothing”

But, we have a whole new chapter to add to this disgrace of a regime under the installed puppet. We now have brown shirts, I’m sorry the FBI raiding a former Presidents house over a year and a half after he left office. Apparently, the White House knew nothing of this raid. I’m back Kahny, I had to take a break to clean the coffee off my floor, after it came shooting out of my nose, due to laughing. Conservatives want to know, if this installed administration thinks the American people are as mentally addled as the sock puppet Brandon? Just wait until they add those 87,000 ARMED IRS agents.

“Dr.” Jilly Bean Expands her Wardrobe

What was it again classified nuclear secrets? Too, too funny. What are they worried about, General “treason is my game” Milley will give a heads up to China (Joey’s pals) or any other enemies for that matter. Or, was that only in place when elected President Trump was in office and now rescinded under the houseplant installed in the White House. Rumor is they raided Melania’s wardrobe, so they could get “Dr.” Jilly bean some tasteful dresses. She has been getting flak for dressing up in Thanksgiving tablecloths. Word on the street is Target and Kohls are running low ahead of the holidays due to her constant demand.

So, you can see Kahny, why America is a tad suspect about this latest charade….just a tad. Well, we’ll have to see what the brown shirts (sorry, I keep doing that), the FBI plant, I mean find, in these boxes. Early reports are one of the larger boxes contained Jimmy Hoffa, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. I always knew it had to be President Trump, I just knew it. Word is Jeffery Toobin formally of CNN was rushing there to confirm, but was busy right now on a zoom call.

The Possibilities are Endless

This story will have to do until Chardonnay’s kangaroo court starts up again next month. Wow, right before the midterms, incredible timing, huh (wink, wink). This was losing steam anyway Kahny, hence the raid ordered by Mary Garland, and the warrant signed off on by highly reputable (Barry/Barack Hussein supporter/donator) “Judge” Reinhardt. I don’t know what we’ll do if this last coup fails. What can we blame him for next—the Brinks job, Patty Hearst kidnapping, the Manson murders, the Hindenburg, the Titanic? Ya see stocking feet Kahn, the possibilities are endless. Who says the DOJ and the FBI, are being politicized and weaponized……….that is just crazy talk!

Well, Kahny some of these things do seem to be ridiculous accusations…..sort of like your NY Times reporting style. What was that again, “printing all the news fit to print,” the mantra of your tabloid…..you know Kahny, that may be the funniest and most ridiculous statement in this entire letter. Talk to you soon buddy.

Oh, one more tidbit: Brandon says inflation is now 0%. Financial networks and economists still have it at 8.5%. Oh that Joey and his fables, isn’t he precious. Funny no mention of this ridiculous glaring gaffe (lie) in your tabloid………..shocking!


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

The People’s Cube is 17-years old (and we still don’t know its gender)!

As the People’s Cube turns 17 years old today, let us wish it success in denouncing and canceling enemies of world progress, luck in not being canceled in the process, and heroic compliance with government mandates that are only going to increase exponentially.

As everyone turning 17 should know, it is the exciting time when one must start being extra cautious about what one posts on social media. From now on, anything you say, post, film, and leave on a laptop that you forget to pick up from a repair shop in Delaware, can be used against you by people whose laptops haven’t been discovered yet.

It is also time you finally picked your gender, preferably different from the one assigned to you at birth, so that you can successfully sue your obstetrician of misgendering you 17 years ago and use that money to pay for college and start your adult life in style as defined for you by designated thought leaders.

That said, we would like to appeal to all of our members’ sense of progressivism, requesting a voluntary gender reassignment to any of the 72 genders as long as it’s not what you are currently known by. Voluntary compliance shall be strictly monitored.

Don’t worry about pronouns. We are already addressing one another as comrades, which is the best gender-neutral pronoun one can think of. Forget the confusing “they” or “them.” In the Glorious World of Next Tuesday, all gender-biased pronouns will be replaced with “comrade.”

Furthermore, your inner comrades must also undergo a corresponding inventory and gender reassignment. Those of you in possession of multiple inner comrades will be offered free consultations at the Karl Marx Treatment Center.

It is our hope that the Cube’s gender reveal party will be forthcoming!


Liz Cheney receives the coveted Al Franken endorsement

Notable/Quotable: Nancy explains the Inflation Reduction Act

The People’s News #163, August 13

California sheriffs raid Batmobile manufacturer in Indiana!

Breaking News: Salman Rushdie attacked by a white supremacist

The People’s News #162, August 12

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Red Square on The Peoples Cube is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Media Tries to Report on Salman Rushdie Stabbing Without Mentioning ‘Islam’

Author Salman Rushdie, who was forced to spend a chunk of his life in hiding because his book, The Satanic Verses, offended Islamic religious authorities in Iran who imposed a murder fatwa on him, was stabbed in the neck and had to be airlifted to a hospital when he was attacked on stage.

 Author Salman Rushdie, being stabbed at an event in New York State on Friday, suffered “10 to 15” blows in the attack, eyewitnesses said. One of them said she thought it was “a stunt” at first.

“This guy ran on to platform and started pounding on Mr Rushdie,” said Rabbi Charles Savenor, who was in the audience for the lecture at Chautauqua Institution, about 100 km from the city.

A reporter from AP said the attacker “punched or stabbed Mr Rushdie 10 to 15 times”.

“At first you’re like, ‘What’s going on?’ And then it became abundantly clear in a few seconds that he was being beaten,” Mr Savenor told the news agency. He said the attack lasted about 20 seconds.

The media, at least in this country, has wrapped itself in knots to avoid using the “I” word.

Back when Rushdie wrote The Satanic Verses, it was controversial. Today, any kind of criticism of Mohammed is considered hate speech and censored to such a degree that the media would not even report what an Indian elected official said about Mohammed’s pedophilic tendencies, only to denounce it as hurtful and hateful to Muslims.

Today, a new author could never publish something like that. And the media is uncomfortable even discussing what it is that Rushdie wrote.

The various condemnations likewise don’t mention Islam, Islamic terrorism or any beyond generic concepts like “freedom of expression.”

Long before this attack, the sharia censorship that Iran wanted to impose on Americans had already been achieved.



Rushdie stabber’s Facebook page featured images of Khamenei, Khomeini, Soleimani

Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, Oberlin’s ‘Professor of Peace,’ defends Rushdie death fatwa

Iran: ‘I don’t know Salman Rushdie, but I am happy to hear that he was attacked since he insulted Islam’

New Mexico: Sunni Muslim suspected of murdering Shi’ites is well-known in Muslim community

UK: Muslim stabs his wife in the neck 27 times in front of their children

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Kentucky Teen’s Cardiac Arrest NOT Due to Flooding, Says Cardiologist

An AP article featured on Yahoo blamed flooding for a cardiac arrest of a teen who helped clean-up after the flooding. He was “officially added to the list of those who died as a result of the flooding.”

This is media misinformation as they fail to report cardiology findings, says Richard Ruhling, a retired MD who had a Fellowship in Cardiology, citing the American Heart Association’s journal:

“We conclude that the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.” Stephen Gundry, MD, Circulation (November 16, 2021 Vol 144, Issue Suppl_1)

Since Biden gave the media $1 Billion to promote the shot, we do not have a free press that gives truth on this topic. A nursing home healthcare worker reported seeing 32 patients die after the shot, but it didn’t make the evening news—it didn’t fit what they wanted to say, but it’s also a silent warning posted by the FDA in 2020.

Death is one of the adverse events. Biden’s mandate of the shot is a mandate for death and poetic justice could see him die before his term is up for the millions of lives he has disrupted in collusion with a lying pharma, CDC and Fauci. Here are examples:

Marcia Angell, MD was an editor of the New England journal of medicine.  She authored the book, The Truth About the Drug Companies; How They Deceive Us. The CDC the CDC makes billions from the patents they own on vaccines and their recommendations for little children to get so many shots when there’s little or no risk, but greed is in the details, says Ruhling, citing “Top Scientists Eviscerate Fauci and Daszak for ‘Silencing Debate’.

Ruhling cites Bill Gates who said a worse pandemic is coming this fall and the gov is pushing shots again. Ruhling claims worse is coming because the mRNA vaccine has ruined the natural immune system for millions who may die this coming winter, and he offers three tips to help immunity.

  1. Citing Colin Campbell, PhD, that whole foods, plant-based diet is best for immunity and could help most people who take prescription drugs to reduce their toxic levels. Those prescriptions are a significant reason why patients with diabetes high blood pressure and cholesterol have a higher mortality rate with covid, reported by the UK with 90% of people dying from covid are fully vaccinated. Similar figures for Israel, but the US is hiding the truth behind Biden’s billion to media.
  2. Not only do drugs and animal products lower immunity, but sugar is why the flu season hits after the holidays. If we get sick, fasting is helpful as it enhances white blood cell hunger for germs.
  3. Alternate hot and cold showers increase the white blood cells in circulation. Ruhling has finished his showers with 5-10 seconds of cold for 65 years since a high school coach recommended it. Extra Vitamin C can help if coming down with flu.

Ruhling says, Why wait for Biden to die—he should be impeached for pushing the shot when he knows so little of the above facts.

Classic Misinformation on from Media.

This short video could also be instructive to churches that are accepting government mandates.

©Richard Ruhling, MD. All rights reserved.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago like that of a ‘Banana Republic’

Governor Ron DeSantis sent out the following statement on the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago:

The FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago is yet another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Why didn’t the FBI ever raid Hillary Clinton’s house after she laundered classified information through a private server and then deleted 30,000 emails that were under subpoena?

The federal Regime is targeting those it dislikes for disfavored treatment. They are demanding we get in line or face the consequences.

Now, the Regime is getting another 87,000 IRS agents to wield against its adversaries. With this addition, the agency is now larger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined, and BILLIONS of dollars are now being directed to fund these new hires. Democrats are not simply expanding an agency. They are growing their army of Biden Regime soldiers standing ready to execute any order by the D.C. Swamp.

The fact that the Left is turning taxpayer-funded government agencies into extensions of the Democrat Machine to do their political bidding right before our eyes should be alarming to every American. These are not actions indicative of leaders in a free republic. This mirrors a Banana Republic.

As your Governor, I have always been clear that the power belongs to the People — not politicians. This blatant overreach by the federal government is an attack on our democracy and the American people.

It is past time that elected representatives in Washington, D.C. stand up against this abuse of power by using the constitutional power of Congress to hold these agencies accountable. For too long these agencies have been on autopilot with no accountability. Let’s make sure they stand up for our rights. No excuses! – Stand with me


Ron DeSantis


Growing IRS is Biggest Police State Expansion in History

Here is The Warrant and Property Receipt from Mar-a-Lago Raid: Nothing More Than Fishing Expedition

‘Got Way Ahead Of Themselves’: Trump Tears Into Raid After Merrick Garland Speech


HART: We Each Commit Three Felonies A Day. Deep State Lying In Wait for Trump


©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

COVID Quacks and Liars

The CDC dropped its recommendations for social distancing and quarantining, citing the fact most Americans have acquired some form of immunity to COVID-19.  The CDC might actually have gotten something right for once, but even a stuck clock is right twice a day.  Otherwise, it’s been pure quackery and lies from our public health authorities since the pandemic began.

Presidential advisor Dr. Birx admitted in her book to making things up and to lying to President Trump and to the public about COVID recommendations.  ‘Two weeks to stop the spread’ was completely made up, not based on science, and she immediately set out to see how lockdowns could be extended.  Social distancing was made up, too, as she had originally wanted 10 feet.  She also admitted she knew the vaccines would not protect against COVID infection.  They overplayed the vaccines, she said.  Now they tell us, after 30,000 people may have been killed by the vaccines.

It’s not just Birx. The CDC was caught cooking the books, overstating the COVID mortality rate among children in order to push childhood vaccination.  Moreover, when the CDC was asked to substantiate its claim COVID vaccines don’t cause variants to develop, it couldn’t do so.  Small wonder.  In country after country, new COVID variants appeared after mass vaccination began.

These quacks and liars were wrong about everything, but they possess the soul of a tyrant.  Last month, L.A. public health authorities were talking up COVID mandates again acting like it was a crisis, even though doctors there said: “Only 10% of our COVID positive admissions are admitted due to COVID. Virtually none of them go to the ICU, and when they do go to the ICU it is not for pneumonia. They are not intubated… we have not seen one of those since February.”  Some crisis.

They were wrong about masks.  A recent study found masks are germ factories, some dangerous like staph.  It also found the longer masks are worn, the greater the problems with bacteria and fungus become.

They were wrong about natural immunity.  Another recent study found immunity from vaccines wears off quickly and natural immunity is better.

They were wrong about vaccine efficacy.  Research from Harvard and Yale shows people who were not boosted did better than people who were.  In Canada, four out of five people who died from COVID since February were vaccinated.  Seventy percent of those were triple-vaccinated.

They were wrong about lockdowns.  The lockdowns prevented children from building up immunity to common childhood infections.  School closures had devastating impacts on education and did not reduce COVID infection rates. [more here at p. 20]

Our public health authorities are quacks and liars – case closed.  And they want our trust?  I’ve said many times, you are better off doing your own research and making your own decisions.  But here’s what gets me:  After all this insanity, there are still people out there who want more government.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why.

Visit The Daily Skirmish and Watch Eagle Headline News – 7:30am ET Weekdays

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

The Night of the Murdered Poets: Remembering One of Stalin’s Forgotten Killing Sprees

The ghastly event happened 70 years ago today, and teaches an important and timeless lesson.

Power kills. Absolute power kills too many to count. Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin spoke with personal authority on the subject when he famously said, “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

To write about any one or more massacres for which Stalin was responsible, one must first answer the question, “Which ones?” There are many. The slaughter of the kulaks during his collectivization campaigns of the 1930s. The Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932-33. The Great Purge of 1937. The killing of 22,000 Polish military officers and prisoners of war in the Katyn Forest in 1940. The mass deportations of various nationalities, accompanied by countless deaths, that he orchestrated throughout his 30 years in power. On and on. “Uncle Joe,” as Franklin Roosevelt called him, ranks as one of the top five mass murderers of the millennium.

One of Uncle Joe’s almost forgotten killing sprees took place on August 12, 1952 and is known in the history books as the Night of the Murdered Poets. On its 70th anniversary, let us remember both the victims and the larger lesson, namely, that concentrated and unrestrained power is ghastly, criminal business.

Here’s the story…

When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Stalin suddenly became an ally of Britain and the US in the fight against the Nazis. Everybody knows that much, but too many people forget that Stalin connived with Hitler to start World War II in the first place. He signed a secret agreement with Germany in August 1939 by which the two powers agreed to invade and divide Poland. Stalin used the opportunity to attack the Baltic states and Finland as well.

As Nazi forces rolled toward Moscow, Russian Jews knew their lives were on the line for more reasons than one. A few—actor Solomon Mikhoels and poet Itzik Fefer being among the more prominent ones—formed the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) to raise funds and international support for the Soviet war effort. After Hitler’s defeat, the JAC turned its attention to rebuilding Jewish communities and culture inside the Soviet Union. To Stalin, such activity represented a challenge. Absolute power hates even a whiff of competition.

Beginning in 1948, JAC leaders and activists were targeted for arrest, and worse. Mikhoels was killed in a hit-and-run car “accident” on Stalin’s orders, Soviet archives revealed years later. The others were subjected to torture and brutal interrogations and ultimately charged with “counterrevolutionary crimes.” This went on for years before 15 survivors were hauled into court in May and June 1952.

The so-called “trial” lasted six weeks. It was a farce from the start, its outcome pre-determined. Authors Rubenstein, Naumov and Wolfson in their book, Stalin’s Secret Pogrom, described it as “nothing less than terror masquerading as law.” The Jewish defendants—most of whom were poets and literary figures for whom the JAC was a cause, not a full-time profession—were denied defense attorneys. Even the presiding military judge, Alexander Cheptsov, complained about the dearth of evidence but he was overruled by the higher-ups in the Communist power structure. All were found guilty. The rule of law was trampled by the law of the ruler.

During the night of August 12-13, 1952, thirteen of the prisoners were executed in Moscow’s notorious Lubyanka Prison. Another escaped death only because he collapsed, fell into a coma, and died months later. The 15th, a noted biochemist named Lina Stern, was regarded as too vital “to the State” so she got off with just 3-1/2 years in prison followed by five years in exile in Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Stalin busied himself preparing more fake accusations. In what became known later as the Doctors’ Plot, he set up a number of Jewish doctors to face charges of conspiring against the State. The stage was set for another “Poets”-style trial. The lives of the doctors were saved when Stalin died and his ultimate successor, Nikita Khrushchev, announced that the whole thing was one big lie.

Khrushchev revealed that Stalin—the very same man who once ordered Khrushchev to stoke antisemitism in Ukraine in these chilling terms: “The good workers at the factory should be given clubs so they can beat the hell out of those Jews”—had given instructions to “beat, beat and beat again” until the doctors confessed.

If you are tempted to dismiss the Night of the Murdered Poets or the Doctors’ Plot or any other massacre of history’s innocents as interesting facts made largely irrelevant by the passage of time, please think again. Not by a long shot are they irrelevant.

Ghastly spasms of violence are tools of the trade for history’s tyrannies. And tyrannies, of one variety or another, are what most human beings have lived under. Tyranny is the reason we who claim to be “free” should cherish such principles as separation of powers; checks and balances; due process; habeas corpus; the rule of law; the right to vote; respect for individual rights; freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and religion; indeed, of a written Constitution itself.

Those time-honored notions for which so many brave souls sacrificed everything distinguish civilization from barbarity. From anyone who cares little about them, the rest of us should run for our very lives. We should demand an answer to this question from every elected official: What, if elected, will you do to stop and reverse the concentration of power?

As we note this awful moment in history, let us remember that such awful moments are too numerous to ever count, as are their victims. Let us reflect on the principles we know in our hearts are precious and indispensable in preventing future awful moments.

The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception and Infiltration by Paul Kengor

The Night of the Murdered Poets (video)

Stalin Killed Millions: Was It Genocide? by Cynthia Haven

Stalin’s Genocides by Norman M. Naimark

How Malka Lee Took a Stand Against Stalin After the Night of the Murdered Poets (video)

Stalin’s Secret Pogrom: The Post-War Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee by Joshua Rubenstein, Vladimir P. Naumov, and Laura E. Wolfson

Why FDR Loved Uncle Joe by Ralph Raico


Lawrence W. Reed

Lawrence W. Reed is FEE’s President Emeritus, Humphreys Family Senior Fellow, and Ron Manners Global Ambassador for Liberty, having served for nearly 11 years as FEE’s president (2008-2019). He is author of the 2020 book, Was Jesus a Socialist? as well as Real Heroes: Incredible True Stories of Courage, Character, and Conviction and Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of Progressivism. Follow on LinkedIn and Like his public figure page on Facebook. His website is www.lawrencewreed.com.

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‘You know a nation is in trouble when its security services are raiding the residence of a former president’

Banana Republic U.S.A.

The Mar-a-Lago raid is a dangerous moment for America

by Tom Slater, Spiked, August 11, 2022

You know a nation is in trouble when its security services are raiding the residence of a former president. Doubly so when said nation’s supposedly liberal intelligentsia seem tickled pink about this unprecedented development, without a whiff of concern or scepticism about what the feds are up to. That’s where the United States is at the moment, in the wake of the FBI’s search of former president Donald Trump ’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida on Monday, reportedly over a dispute about missing official documents.

There’s still much we don’t know about this bizarrely explosive dispute between Trump and the National Archives. But what we do know is puzzling, to put it lightly. According to the New York Times, officials had been after Trump for months over official and potentially classified materials he still had in his possession. After archivists retrieved 15 boxes of documents, including some sensitive material, the US Department of Justice was called in. A grand jury was convened. Federal investigators, including counterintelligence officers, were deployed. And, unsatisfied with what had been retrieved, officers then secured a search warrant.

Why this couldn’t have been handled in a somewhat more discrete fashion, without armed agents and everything, is not yet clear. Think back to Hillary Clinton’s notorious email server and you see allegations like this are not unprecedented, but this raid certainly is. Former spooks on liberal cable-news networks have reassured Americans that everything must have been on the up and up, because the raid would have required the sign-off of a judge, FBI head Christopher Wray and attorney general Merrick Garland. ‘They wouldn’t do this unless they had the goods’ is the line being trotted out across corporate media.

To at least half of America, of course, this is about as reassuring as Joe Biden insisting he remembers where he parked the car. As left-wing journalist Matt Taibbi notes, similar reassurances were offered over and over again during the ludicrous Russiagate scandal, to justify official investigations, insane claims and even the surveillance of Trump advisers. In the end, of course, the idea that Trump was Putin’s puppet turned out to be an elite conspiracy theory. Still, the FBI and its newfound liberal cheerleaders are now hoping to rely on a level of blind public trust that no longer exists, if it ever existed at all….



Nancy Pelosi calls China one of the ‘freest’ societies in the world

Hispanic lesbian paper company wanted: Princeton introduces ‘diversity’ filter for vendors

France: Muslim migrant rapes American woman in public toilet

NYC Pro-Gaza rally: ‘We don’t want no two states, we want all of it!’

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TX Gov. Abbott to NYC’s Adams: ‘Go Ahead Mayor, Make My Day’

Wednesday on FNC’s The Faulkner Focus, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said that New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ threat to bring buses of New Yorkers to campaign against him would “make his day.”

Tuesday, while responding to Abbott busing migrants from Texas to New York City, Adams said, “I already called all of my friends in Texas and told them how to on cast their vote. And I am deeply contemplating taking a busload of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned door knocking. For the good of America, we need to get him out of office.”

Host Harris Faulkner said, “Your reaction to that latest threat from Mayor Adams in New York City?”

Abbott said, “I kind of feel like Clint Eastwood. Go ahead, Mayor, make my day. There could hardly be anything better to aid my campaign against [gun confiscation enthusiast Robert Francis] ‘Beto’ O’Rourke than to have Beto O’Rourke’s campaign aided by a bunch of New Yorkers. That will not be viewed very positively in the state of Texas.”

He added, “This race is about Texans, and Texans are fed up with what the Biden administration has done on our border, the chaos that it’s has caused, the damage that it’s caused in the state of Texas, and that is exactly why we’re sending these illegal immigrants to places like Washington, D.C. and New York City.”

Eric Adams

10 Known Connections

During a press conference in late July 2022, Adams told his constituents that it was their civic duty to welcome the fact that their schools, hospitals, roads, and neighborhoods were being inundated with the many illegal aliens who were settling in New York City, as in many other cities, during the Biden administration. Among the mayor’s remarks were the following:

  • “Number one, this is an opportunity for New Yorkers to move away from ‘Not In My Backyard.’ We all must share the crisis. Our approach has been to divide up the homeless issue even prior to the asylum seekers by councilmanic districts. Now with this influx of people seeking asylum and support, now we have to go beyond that. We’re looking at the potential for emergency shelters in hotels and other facilities … If there was ever an all-hands-on-deck moment, this is it … [O]ur system was inundated with those who were seeking shelter because of the callousness of those other states that were pushing them out.”
  • “We’re here, we’re receiving them, and everyone is going to have to be on board. And we can’t have the historical ‘I believe people should be housed but just don’t house them on my block.’ Everyone’s block is going to be impacted by this. And so we have to add our advocacy with our ability to help our neighbors. We need everyone on board with this.”
  • “As I said last week, our schools are going to be impacted, our healthcare system is going to be impacted, our infrastructure is going to be impacted … we’re going to need all New Yorkers to be with us on this.”

To learn more about Eric Adams, click here.

EDITORS NOTE: This Discover the Networks column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

A Tribute to WWII Veteran and Merchant Mariner Lee Franklin Spitzer 1907-1999

The following is taken from the handwritten memoir of Lee Franklin Spitzer, a WWII veteran who served in the Merchant Marines. It is republished with the permission of his loving daughter Joan. 

Click here to view of photo of WWII veterans (left to right) Lee, Carol and Paul Spitzer

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, we were on a farm of I believe 92 acres and I worked in town at the furniture factory.  A law was passed by the U.S. Congress that anyone who had control of as much as 85 acres must farm them to the best possible and not work in industry.  We had only about 40 acres of good low land plus the rest was high land with a shale base.  Not very productive.  We had I think 6 milk cows and produced milk for Hershey Creamery in Pennsylvania, we were in Maryland just about 3 or 4 miles south of the Pennsylvania border.

We were not able to obtain enough income on our anchorage.  One evening a friend who was on the draft board came and told me Lee, we have placed you on as A1 subject to immediate call up.  We had four children and my wife and I talked about this for a few days.  Realizing my brother was in Merchant Marine and could come home after each trip we decided I too could join that service.  So, wife and I went to Baltimore, and I enlisted.  Wife returned and I was shipped to Shepheard Bay New York.  This was on long Island in NY City.

There I spent 3 or 4 months in training.  Then was sent to Baltimore to board a ship.  US James Shield a Liberty Ship.  I signed aboard as carpenter.  When I went aboard, I discovered she was being loaded with bombs.  I went ashore in Baltimore. To visit an aunt who lived there.  She gave me a box of candy bars and box of Wrigley gum.  She said I was to give it to the kids in Europe.

We sailed on Christmas morning 1943 not knowing where to or what routes.  Went out into the Atlantic alone.  Up the coast at night to New York harbor anchored a few days.  Then ordered out into Atlantic again and form into a place in a forming convoy.  Our place was on the outside column and the last ship in the column because we were loaded with explosives.

While in New York harbor a man came aboard to measure us for insulated suits.  Scuttlebutt immediately was we were headed for Murmansk, Russia.  The tale was not many ships returned from that trip.

This first trip across the north Atlantic was quite an experience for me.  Heavy seas broke aboard, constantly.  We had much freight lashed upon upper decks.

The chief mate called me out for an emergency.  The waves had torn louse 4 or 5 jeep that had been lashed to bollard welded on deck.

Chips you must get a few seamen as many as you think you will need.  I called 4 seamen out on deck, and we first tried by main man power to slide them into place.  They were sliding fore and aft or from port to starboard as the waves and roll of the ship guided.  I went aboard one of them and steered to advantage until we got 1 in position.  We anchored that one with steel cable and turn buckles.  Until finally all were secure.  We all 5 were soaked by near freezing, salt water and then a glorious hot shower.

So, on we went until we were off Northern Ireland.  We received orders to leave the convoy.  Sail into Irish Sea and on south to Swansea Whales.  England was short of bombs too.   There we unloaded our entire cargo.  It was necessary to anchor offshore until hi tide for the hi tide was about 30 ft higher than low tide.  We went through a high wall at high tide and the gates were closed.

We experienced no air raids there, so we were given shore leave almost every day.  I walked up a highland into a area of small homes.  Since I had some candy and gum in my pockets, as I walked also the weather was not real cold.  I saw a small pale faced boy looking out the window.  I began to talk to him and offered him a bar of candy.  He refused to touch it and asked what it is.  I said candy.  He replied candy, at that time his mother appeared.  She said hello and I responded to her greeting and told her who I was.  Oh my, she said, sweets.  He has never seen sweets.  Thank you so much.

A bit further on I came to school.  Children were playing on the ground one came close to me; I offered him a stick of gum.  He grasped it ad with a loud thank you.  He yelled “gum”.  Instantly I was mauled.  So, I broke each stick in half and pasted it out until I had none left.

Each day we went ashore, and I found a restaurant that had fish and chips.  Every time I went ashore, I asked for fish and chips.  After a while one waitress as soon as I entered sounded out fish and chips coming up.

We finely were unloaded, and our deck was full of damage mahogany lumber, had been used to secure the bombs.  They refused to receive it for they had no official orders to remove it.  Some beautiful clear mahogany, so we were required to secure it and then when out at sea dumped overboard.  I sure could have used that fine lumber.  But shows the wastefulness of war.

When we were unloaded, they placed aboard about 1300 tons of ballast.  Mine refuse.  We should have had 1500 tons.  So, we were light in the water for north Atlantic crossing in February.  It was a very rough trip.

We left the port of Swansea and sailed to Milford Haven a bay in north Ireland there we waited several days for a convoy to form

Sailed from there on about the 1st of February and out into North Atlantic.  There was a man in Germany who called himself, Lord, Ha Ha.  We often listened to him on the evening radio.  Late that evening the radio was on in the mess hall and LHH was on and stated that the convoy that left Milford Haven has been contacted by our submarines and out of a convoy of 60 ships we have sunk or damaged 30+ and sunk, 1 aircraft carrier.  We all looked at each other and then began to laugh when we realized we were that convoy.  But within the hour we stopped laughing we were in the midst of subs.

The Canadian Corvettes began rushing all about the convoy.  Ash cans were exploding below water and the results were of such that we were well aware subs were about.  If you would like to experience such sounds as our empty ship repeated.  Climb into a steel drum and have a couple of guys beat upon it with sledgehammers.  The Corvettes scattered the subs, and we were able to escape that evening.  Next morning the carrier sent up a plane an they were able to force the subs to stay under water all day we were pretty sure we were free of them.  The next am the Corvettes discovered they were on our tail again.  They had surfaced during the night and had overhauled us.

So that night about midnight I was almost thrown out of my bunk.  The convoy had changed course 90 degree and the ship rolled very far over 45 degrees.  Captain said next day we had rolled 48 degree.  We were now sailing south instead of west.  We lost the subs.

The day after our first contact with the subs, the anchor cane scupper was leaking.  Chief mate called to duty; your chain scupper is taking water you will have to fix it.  Take a man with you and go up forward and plug it.  This was my fault for I did not close it properly.  Not realizing the force of the tons of water that came upon the deck when the bow went under a giant wave.  The sailor and I took whatever we thought could keep water out.  Rushed behind the main mast.  Until the sea rushed to the stern then rushed behind the foremast until the next sea rushed a stern.  Then to the chain scupper did a bit of work and held on for the next sea ad continued until we had sealed the scupper then back to strip and a hot shower.  The water over the side about 30 – 36 degrees.

We continued without problems until we entered port.  I think it was Baltimore.  About 30 days later I received orders to report for duty. Was assigned to a ship at Norfolk, Virginia.

1944 March 20—The Peter J. McGuire, and I went aboard.  The only person aboard was the 2nd mate.  As soon as I reported to him, he said Chips she is all yours.  I am going ashore and will not be back.  But in a couple hours the new Chief Mate came aboard.

We were loaded with mixed cargo of many supplies including 500 troops who slept in between decks and cooked and ate in #3 between decks.  Very close quarters.  We were part of a large convoy almost horizon to horizon. The second or third day out we ran into a high sea.  Waves of great size began breaking over the ship.  One of my duties was especially important.  Sound the Bilges.  Some from the top deck which required a long line to reach to the bottom of the ship.  We would keep the metal on the round. Dry coat it with chalk.  Open the scupper and drop if water was upon the sinker (about 10 inches long).  It was then necessary to bring it out dry it up and try again.  Sometimes it took a bit of time.

The aft part of the ship was easier.  One could go down into engine room follow the shaft alley from there to the stern.  Sounding Bilges as one went.

During this storm those poor troops in the tween decks became seasick in those close quarters and as it was necessary to check there too.  You can well imagine the stench of that space, and no one could leave to the deck because of the danger of being washed overboard.

In a day or so that storm subsided and as we sailed along, we were ordered into single file.  Looking ahead some mountain peaks were seen.  We broke into single file in the Atlantic and our ship the Peter J seemed to lag behind, suddenly a navy destroyer came alongside and an officer with megaphone called “Captain if you cannot keep up, I will be forced to sink you.  Almost instantly the throb of the engine increased.  We entered the Mediterranean Sea on Easter Sunday.  We entered the Bay of Merce El Kasher and dropped anchor.  This being the coast of North Africa.

Just forward of our anchorage, anchored a large tanker.  We were allowed to float our motorboat and visit them.  After unloading their cargo from us they were torpedoed by a sub.  A large hole

I was in the forward tank on the port side.  They had been anchored there for about 4 or 5 months and was used for storage as other tankers arrived from U.S.

We took our motorboat through that hole and sailed around inside that tank.  The crew was so anxious to go on home.  They were tired of just anchored.

From there we went to Oran, North Africa and discharged our troops and cargo all but emergency supplies which included clothing, food, medical supplies, ammunition and may things we could not identify.  From there we sailed around a mountain to Azure a small port over the mountain.  There we waited further orders.  We loaded 500 South African Ubangis.  Vicious looking tattooed faces and bodies, with French officers.  Most of these fellows sat about deck with one leg straight out unbent.

But while we were discharging the cargo it was a Muslim Holy time.  No Muslim was permitted to either eat or drink from sunrise to sunset.  We were told that a Holy man determined sunset by a small open box like a shoe box that had 3 threads from end to end. 2 white and 1 black or the reverse.  (This was for cloudy days.)  When he could not tell the difference of the colors it was officially sundown.  We heard a sound, loud sound, like a cannon shot and everybody immediately quit work.  If a cargo net with cargo was in the air that is where it was left.

We needed to be alert at the time for the winches was powered with steam, as that steam collected the pressure dissipated and down went the load.  We hurried to return it to the deck or back into the hole.

These people seemed to be anything but honest as I walked the hole at one time, I saw a man grab a nice new white sheet and quickly deftly wrap it under his turban.  That evening after the sunset signal I pointed him out to the armed guard.  He motioned him aside with his gun and called another guard who came and began to pat about his body.  Finally, about his middle and under his turban 4 or 5 sheets appeared.

Ashore we could from time to time see women covered with white sheets only 1 eye exposed and stamped U.S. Army or U.S. Navy.

I discovered the reason later.  I saw one reach into what seemed to be a side pants pocket and pull out a long thin blade about 21″/2 feet long.  He began to sharpen it there on deck.  When loaded we found a small convoy to sail to Corsica.  An Island where Napoleon was banished to after his defeat in Europe.  There we discharged the troops and from there went to Naples Italy.  On the way we anchored for a couple of days at Sicily.  Sicily we were in sight of the mountain of Etna.  Frequently active mission.  Then through the Messina straits, up the coast – West Coast of Italy through the Capri straight to Naples. There we anchored off the coast until there was room for us at the dock.

We were at Anchor for several days and could not dump any garbage overboard.  So, by the time we entered the harbor there were large numbers of large garbage cans full on the stern.  When we entered the harbor there were many sunken ships of all sizes from large liners to destroyers and freighters and very many small ships.  Some large ones were used as docks for they lay there with bottoms up.

We were fortunate to be tied up at the cleared dock.  Even where houses had been destroyed.  Just a lot of men, dropped the gangplank and a large crowd of men rushed aboard.  Each one seemed to have a can or bucket of some kind and they rushed astern.  A short time later a lot of noise came from the stern and when I went aft there were those men pushing and shoving and growling at each other like animals fighting to get a share of the garbage.

They ate all that garbage from every can.  All that was needed was to wash and rinse them out.   That was truly hunger.

This was the port where I was ordered to rig both heavy booms.  I began to break out the deck crew.  I asked myself what will I do now.  I did not know the procedure.  So when they gathered about I said you have done this many times so turn to and get the job done.  Start with 50 ton first, they looked at each other for a moment and began to run to various positions.  Some to windless, some topside, some starboard, some port.

In a couple hours both booms were rigged as I stood and watched.  then reported to Chief mate all rigged.  The next day the captain called me in to his office and handed me a letter of commendation to read, which stated that was the quickest they had ever had 1 boom rigged let alone 2.  I received a Thank you from the captain.

Then Cargo began to come aboard rapidly.  A very mixed cargo.  After the lower holes of 2 & 3 were full we closed them, and 500 troops came aboard.  They told us they were replacement troops for the front lines.  But soon the order to batten down hatches was called out and while we were doing this, 55 gal drums began to come aboard, all were full.  Some oil and some gas.  They were all over the deck.  When hole H-2 to 4 were battened down a landing craft were placed upon them.

After working most of the night we left the port of Naples as the sun was rising behind Mount Vesuvius and on up the West Coast of Italy.  That evening as we began to enter the harbor of Anzio.  The antiaircraft guns began to fire.  Our first right of aerial warfare.  We proceeded to anchorage in shallow 5 miles off the shore.  Boats were waiting for us and all the troops were quickly shipped to shore.  The two landing crafts also were quickly afloat.

We all went to chow and then to bed.  I was asleep pretty quick.  About 10pm General alarm sounded, and everyone quickly dressed, took our emergency gear and rushed on deck.  My emergency status, was aft of the radio shack.   1 deck above the main deck.  The Bosun was at the same location.  The window was open to the radio shack, and I heard sparks say these words “Another wave of bandits over Rome heading south”.   I turned to the Bosom and said that must be at least 2.  It wasn’t very long until everything seemed to explode, Shore batteries ship guns our 3 ½ inch cannon our 5 inch gun and all our many 50 caliber machine guns.  Most firing tracers the sky was lit up like a Christmas tree, but it was not Christmas.  Then the scream of falling bombs high pitched shrill whistle becoming more piercing as they came closer and BAMB the explosions one hears very little for the rest of that hour.  After the actions ended, we were told 50 plus planes had attacked from 3 groups and each group made two passes over us.  Our 3 ½ inch gun received credit for downing one plane.  I do not know how many bombs were dropped over our ship.  They dropped a perhaps 25 or 50 large bombs at one time.

Not one bomb hit our ship.  One large bomb hit just off the bow exploded in the water.  The Bow arose into the air and the stern struct the bottom of the harbor.  At least twice I saw bomb straddle the ship, many dropped along each side.  After Bombs exploded, I would tremble uncontrollably and then more whistle of falling ones and I would stiffen up until explosion.  After the action ended, I stood on deck thinking here we were more than 50 planes had tried to sink us.  Surely some of those airmen were experienced.  Our deck was full of 55 gal barrels of oil and gas.  We were not hit.  This seemed to me a miracle, even a small incidental bomb on that deck and I would not be alive.  Then I knew someone was praying for me.  God only could accomplish what had transpired.  Thank you, Lord.  So often that prayers were offered in the last 47 years.  Thank you, Lord.

Our Skipper told a group of us the next day, no one is allowed to go ashore here but I never see what is ongoing on those amphibians running from us to shore.

When I arrived ashore there was about a 10-acre field near the edge of town that had a huge pile of enemy arms and ammunition piled 10 or 12-feet high.  I began to look for souvenirs and found a German Rifle in a box wrapped in cloth covered with a kind of greasy material.  I carried it back to the ship, cleaned it thoroughly and asked the Chief mate to put it into Ships stores.

So many of the crew obtained rifles also.  Plenty of ammo was laying on the ground in large quantities.  These crew members began to throw bottles into the water and use them as marks to shoot at.  Shells would ricochet from the water and even travel over the shore after some hours of this firing, the shore ordered it to cease.

The crew continued to fire from time to time.  The next day the army sent a search company aboard and shook down the ship, all military articles were confiscated.  Including the one I had in Ships Stores.

I went to shore again.  At this time the Germans had been driven out of Rome.  I met a army truck driver and he invited me to his Bivouac.  I accepted and we drove a mile or so out of town.

The town was almost completely destroyed.  I did not see any buildings that were undamaged.  Destruction, no people only military.

At the Bivouac the soldier received orders to load his truck at a supply depo.  And then we returned to camp for evening chores.  We left about 1PM for Rome.  Arrived the next AM about sunup.  Drove past the ancient Colosseum and on to the place to unload.  We left Rome in the evening traveled for a few miles over the Appian Way.  Then toward Anzio we received a radio report that the road would be stopped within minutes.  We left the road and when the planes came with machine guns blazing, we were under the truck.  When we returned to Anzio my soldier friend took me to the Beach and the Peter J was still anchored.

We soon received our orders to proceed to Civitavecchia which is the part of Rome we anchored and received some 5 to 6 hundred German prisoners.  Each day we received a few more and soon we were ordered back to Naples.

Those prisoners were mostly teen aged boys or elderly men.  The teens were mean and swore at us in German and other tongues.  The older men were anxious to talk, one especially was interesting to me.  He spoke English.

I asked how a man his age came to be in combat?  He replied and I took the first opportunity to surrender.  I asked why.  After WW1 if it were not for food packages from America our family would have starved.  I sure did not wish to fire my riffle at any American.  I might have hit a member of the family who had saved our lives!!

A gift of about 20 years was repaid with Thanks.  We then were returned to Naples there we were loaded with much ammo and food supplies.  Here again when we had #2 and #3 lower holes filled. They were closed and left for troops in between decks.  And on top of the opening of H2 and 4 aft two landings.  Craft were secured.  First there came aboard almost 200 army Stevedores to unload and another 500 troops we were ordered out to anchorage.  No further information was given us at this time.  I had not received any mail from home for many weeks.  But one day a mail call.  I was handed a package of letters more than 20 and was excused from duty.  Among those letters was one with a cold shock.  Earl, Howard, and Terry had polio.  I desperately need some ash.  We are quarantined.  I made a b line to the Skipper and showed him the letter.  He at once said this ship is sealed no one can go ashore no one can come aboard.  But you go to the Purser and draw all the money you can.  But you can only have ½ of the pay due you until you return home.

I will send you ashore with the Chief Mate to the Red Cross and send all you can.  I was able to draw $220 plus dollars.  When we reached the Red Cross, he refused to cable the funds.  He said you are a civilian.  I can only do this for military people.  No way could we get any help from Red Cross.

We then went to the fleet Post Office they could only allow a money order of $100.00 to be sent.  It was necessary to send $100.00 go out, return, and send another. After the cost of the 2 transactions, I had only a few dollars left.  Since that time, I have not given to the Red Cross.

We were anchored for about 30 days and finally received orders to sail then scuttlebutt said to Southern France.  I cannot give the date when we anchored in the Bay of St Tropez amid the den?  of an invasion that began the night before.

I saw a formation of German Bombers that seemed to be coming at us.  But I lost sight of them. I the discharge of troops and the gunfire of our own ship.

Then a German shore battery began to drop some shells about us and we were ordered out of the Bay.  When we turned seaward a cruiser was firing at some aircraft which appeared to me to be exploding.  I guess every Gun was firing.  That ship was firing so many glowing projectiles that I thought it was exploding.  We later were able to approach shore and discharge cargo.

From there we went to Marseille.  There I went ashore and met a man who had lived in New York for some years, and he invited my shipmate and I to dinner at a hotel.  There we had a vegetable dinner no meat or fish, only hard dark brown bread.  When we were served, he from his coat pocket produced a package wrapped in brown paper.  Opened it and it was part of a loaf of white bread.  He broke it into 3 pieces.  All the while blowing some insects from its surface.  This was a very special gift

There had not been any white bread baked in all of Europe for several years.  We ate it with thanksgiving for as he broke it, he said I have been saving this for a special occasion.  We were greatly honored.

There was a massive cathedral in this city well known all over the world.  I cannot call the name, but it was quite a large and massive church.  From here we railed further east along the coast to Joulon, France where there was a large French Navy base.  Here I went ashore at the base and prowled about bombed out buildings and salvaged many nuts and bolts of small sizes as I was out of these in my carpenter shop aboard.  When I attempted to put them with my store, I discovered they were metric sizes instead of our standard sized.

One of the things I noted almost all the buildings had just a large hole in the roof.  They had been bombed very effectively.

Here we unloaded all of the remaining cargo and here we left to…we thought to leave the Mediterranean.  But when a small convoy had formed the commander of the escorts ordered all ships full speed of 10 knots.  Our captain ordered engine room more speed and we could feel the vibration of the over speed of the engine.  We could not keep up. Our bollards was to full of dirt and shell.  We were ordered out of the convoy and into the port of Oran, North Africa from which we had twice sailed.

On our way it was discovered that someone had failed to remove a quantity of large artillery shells from #2 Hole.  I was ordered to take all the men I needed and secure those shells.  When we entered the lower hole, 70+ shells were jammed between the ribs of the ship and the planking that usually kept cargo from the side of the ship.

I asked our Chief how to get them down.  He replied break them loose and let them slide down.  They have no detonators in them.  I tried that with a about 8-feet up the wall and down it come with a clatter.  With that one of the men rushed back up the ladder swearing as they went.  But we soon had all of them corralled and left the hole and that was the last we saw of those shells.

So, we tied up in Oran North Africa and begin to load material from the battle of North Africa.  They continued to load until we were full and then anchored to wait for a slow convoy.

Finally came the wonderful news we were going home.  I had received little news from home and was much concerned about our 3 boys.  One letter I had received stated Earl was still in the hospital but the others two were some better.  I had no positive info until we docked in Baltimore, and I called mother and was relieved to find that Howard and Terry were without visible problems, but Terry had poor vision.  Elsie wanted to come to Baltimore and accompany me home.  We were to be paid off the next day so the next evening she and our 3-year-old daughter arrived.  The first thing my 3-year-old said to me “You are not my daddy” But mother did recognize me.  Mother reminded me that I was dressed in a different uniform.  I no longer wore the monkey suit of the training period.  That was the only photo Joan had ever seen of her daddy.


We took a bus across the new Chesapeake Bridge to Eastern shore of md and on down to ferry over the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and on to Norfolk and Portsmouth.

There I received a 6 month leave to help with the boys.  I received a job in the Norfolk Navy yard for the 6 months.  That job revealed to me how the Government was controlled by big business.  I was placed on a crew that was building Engine boxes for aircraft engines.  All were working with hand tools, driving screws by hand.  After a day or 2 I asked about an electric drill, one of men told me to ask at the tool room.  I asked and received one and used a broken screwdriver and began to drive screws about ten times faster.

After a while a big shot of some kind walked up and said here man, we don’t do that that way.  He took the electric tool back to the tool room, handed me a hand screwdriver.

The next day I was transferred to a repair job in an outside yard quite at the back of a large storage yard.  I worked with an older man.  I complained about the way they worked in the other plant where I was transferred from.  His answer this is a cos plus contract, the more it cost the more profit for the contractor.  People fighting in need of supplies and here (cost plus contract).  Two of us with only a very few boxes to repair.  I complained to our boss who came by every day or so.  His reply was that was all we had to do so just keep working don’t let any lead man see you loafing (cost plus).

Not a very rewarding job.  After being absent from my family for so long it was a difficult period of adjustment, but the boys seemed to improve especially Howard and Terry.  Earl had much adjustment because of continued physical impairment.  We adjusted as best we could.  But many problems had crept into our relationships.

Earl became rebellious and found it difficult to adjust to his physical and social situation.  He told us he was leaving and going on his own.  We talked to his doctor, and he advised to let him go.  The next we heard of him was a call from South Carolina police.  I don’t remember what city.  I asked the policeman over the phone has he broken any laws?  His answer was no but a 14-year-old cannot be let loose in our land.  I replied then “let him go free”.  I received a pretty complete dressing down and not pleasant words.  But I did not change my mind.  He was set free.  The next report was a phone call from some place (I believe in Pennsylvania) Earl himself was on the line.  He said Daddy can I come home?  I said sure and he said I will be there as soon as I can.  As I remember in about 2days he came home tired, hungry and needing the Love and Concern of the family.

At the end of 6 months, I received orders to report for assignment to a ship.  One of the Navy officers told me he could have me attached to the base for the duration of the war, but I chose to go back to sea.

I went for the series of shots and sent was sent to a new ship that was ready for its first voyage.  The Jean Ribaut? I went aboard June 8, 1945.  When I went aboard the only person aboard was the 3rd mate.  He said we were 2 shots short in our starboard anchor chain, then said Chips I am going ashore, and I won’t be back.  She is all yours.  It was not long before the Chief Mate came aboard, and I gave him the message of the short anchor chain.  More about that later in the voyage.

Soon a Captain Berger came aboard, and the rest of the crew were soon in place, and we were busy checking our jobs.  I discovered that all the deck bollards were froze up from the trip from west coast.  I found a gallon of liquid wrench and after a few days with the help of steam winches had them free.

Soon we were ordered to a coal dock.  There we were loaded with 8500 tons of coal in about 6 hours.  Ready to sail that evening.  You can well imagine the condition of that ship.  Hugh containers that held 2 carloads of coal, each rushed up the top then the bottom opened, and the coal rushed into the hole through huge slots. Coal dust flying.

That evening we left dock and sailed out into the Atlantic that night by AM we had formed into a loose convoy.  By the afternoon the ship was sea shape with pump working and sea water washing everything.

About a day or two later the engine of our ship began to have bearing trouble and we had to slow down and dropped out of convoy.  We were adrift in the middle of the Atlantic while the crew opened the shaft bearing and the shaft was 12 inches in diameter and they put a new shaft housing or whatever they did.  We were adrift for almost 2 days and finally it was repaired, and we preceded alone.  Of course, the war with Germany had been ended. I do not have the date that the war with Germany came officially to an end.

We sailed on and the next stop was a port in Eastern England across the strait between England and France.  We anchored for a short time in an English port.  I have forgotten the name.  From there we went to the mouth of a river in Germany. Went up it a short distance to the Keel Canal through it to the Baltic Sea at Keel Germany.  There we followed a mine sweeper toward Copenhagen Denmark.

During this time there was 2 or 3 columns of ships, and we came to a sudden blanket of fog that came upon us in just a few minutes.  I was at mess and heard the fog horns of several ships and was ordered at once to the anchor windless?  When I rushed out, I could not see the bow of the ship.  When I got to anchor windlass the Chief mate was there and we waited for orders to drop anchor.  We could hear many ships fog horns, some close some faintly.

Suddenly out of the fog came the bow of another ship.  It came so close that the men aft could have reached it with a 10-foot pole.  In just a few minutes we were ordered drop the anchor St 2 shots.  We did and secured for the night.

The next AM we discovered we were only about 10 miles from Copenhagen where we were to unload.  We then learned the channel to the port was only 26 feet deep and our ship needed 27feet 6 inches of water.  That was Captain Burgers 1st mistake.  He had failed to check the charts he was to follow.

Then we had to go out of Bearing Sea through a passage into the Atlantic and go all around Denmark back through the passage between Denmark and Norway to the harbor.  A 3-day trip because it was not safe to sail at night because of so many mines in the water.  The mine sweepers went before us.  They were German ships with German crew and English officers.

Finally, we were at a dock in Copenhagen.  Their power plant was almost out of fuel and sure needed the coal.  Copenhagen, the cleanest city I ever saw.  No loose paper, dirt, or filth of any kind.  One of my shipmates went ashore and he lit a cigarette.  As we waited for streetcar and as it stopped, he dropped his cigarette and put his foot upon it.  A lady beside him tapped him on the shoulder and said “ni ni ni ni” He picked up the cigarette and put it in his pocket.  High apartment houses had flower boxes at every window with blooming flowers.

We saw the entrance to the underground bomb shelter and all about that entrance was grass growing.  In Germany, France, England and Italy and everywhere else we had been the dirt that had been excavated just lay about in unsightly piles.  In this country everything was clean and in order.  We discovered that the first action of housewives was to scrub the walk and the side walk every am.  A truly clean city and country.

I do not remember how long it took to unload.  From there we were ordered to go first a channel between the sea and Norway.  A peninsula of Norway that protruded far out into Bearing Sea.  A very narrow pass.  We had a pilot boat with us.  At the end of the canal pilot boat left us.  Through a few miles of open water, we met a pilot boat with another pilot.  Our Captain refused the pilot saying, “I have charts”.    Then we came to a few rocky islands which became more and more numerous until our Captain was lost.  So, he began to use ships horn to blow for a Pilot.  We were thankful for calm water for it took about 2 hours for a pilot boat to reach us.  The new pilot came aboard in vile temper, and I did not understand his language but I am sure it was not complementary.  Captain’s 2nd mistake.  We then proceed up the coast of Sweden to a river at Sundsvall Sweden.  There it was necessary to back stern into dock to load paper pulp.

So, it was necessary to move upriver a certain distance drop starboard anchor and back down river.  So, when we were at the proper position to drop starboard anchor, we did so with orders to drop 3 shots.  After drifting back to chain strain.  Captain Berger cried out more chain on Starboard A.  We continued to give him chain until we had no more.  The Captain said more chain on starboard A .  Chief Mate talking to him on bow telephone replied we have no more.  Captain replied by megaphone I said more chain on Starboard A.  The mate replied I told you we have no more.  The papers call for more chain the locker.  I said give me more chain.  As a result, the captain came down himself with flashlight to look for himself.  He found the chain locker empty.  All Chain out.  So, it was necessary to heave up

that anchor, drift down river drop port or have tug tow u upriver drop starboard A in 2 shot closer place and then have stern toward back to be secured at port side dock.

We loaded affront half of our space with paper pulp and next day cast off for further north to another paper mill on a river.  Here we were getting pretty far north.  Looking at a map I am not sure which river we entered to finish our load.  There were two rivers Lulean and Umea.  I am not sure which one we entered to a paper mill dock.  I believe it was the southern one.  We tied up and they began loading.  Next the people told us tomorrow was circus day at the town.  Some of us decided to see the circus.  It reminded me some of the first one I had ever seen but more primitive.  No motorized equipment only horse drawn vehicles.  It was very interesting.

Back aboard there were no duties for me.  Just loafing with the off-duty crew.  That evening about 11:00 I decided to leave the crew on the stern and go to bed.  The sun was still shining on the horizon just behind the mountain.  I walked along the starboard side and leaning over the side felt a few drops of warmth on my face.  Immediately I knew what it was.  Rushing to below decks ladder called the engineer and yelled you are pumping oil over the side.  With an oath action began below.  The fuel oil we used when cold was so thick pump could not pump it.  Needed to be heated in order to transfer from one tank to another.  The engineer was and thought he was filling his fuel tank.  The wrong valve was opened, and he was pumping overside.  That oil was smeared through all the machinery.

We learned 300 barrels were pumped out.  Later we heard it cost the shipping company $20,000 to pay for cleaning that mill.  When we were loaded a tug alongside asked if we needed help to turn about.  The captain called back no thank you I can handle this.   Another Mistake….

Before we were clean of the dock, he had pulled a large bollard completely.  Pulled off the dock and our new 3 ½ inch howitzer was stretched so tight we could not bend it to coil it on deck.  It was laid along the rail from starboard to port until the stretched part was on deck.

Then down the river we went back to Sundsvall.  I do not know why there.  Maybe we needed to make clearance for all the damage to the papermill.

There I needed a haircut for I had not had one for about 6 weeks.  Going ashore to a barber.  I entered a shop with many barbers and plenty customers.  When I sat in the chair the barbers held up the clippers and said? Machine.  I nodded yes so, he started back on my neck and right up over my head to the brow.  Then I realized what he meant.  It was too late to yell no, so I let him finish.  When I returned to the ship the crew started laughing and cried Chips you found some American Indians over here?  You are scalped.

But finally, we were permitted to leave but only with a pilot.

We were going home and so out in the North Atlantic we sailed.  It took a couple of days to hit the Atlantic out of the North Sea and past the Shetland Islands through the then calm.

September 2, 1945


When we heard the news about Japanese Surrender on the radio, one of our shipmates said war is over I quit.  I’m going ashore.  He went out on deck but here was no land in sight.

That was the date my war record ended according to my papers.  But we were about 3000 miles from home.  I do not have any record of when we arrived at the port of Newport News Virginia.  Then to home in Portsmouth.

There was another period of adjustment to my family.  I obtained a job with a furniture factory that was just getting organized.  I worked for a few days and the foreman of the plant resigned and I was asked to take his place.

I worked for a few weeks and the finances seemed to diminish.  Mother and I had talked about California and so I started for California.  Hitchhiked from Portsmouth and after a few days arrived at Abilene Texas. BROKE.


Mom and I met dad in Baltimore.   He was dressed in a Black Commissioned uniform, and I was used to seeing him in a white sailor uniform so I would not accept him.  I kept screaming “you aren’t my daddy” We went to Peoples Drug store, and I saw a Teddy Bear but still would not let Dad touch me and just kept screaming.  I finally fell asleep and when I woke up Dad dressed me and took me to People Drug Store and bought me the Teddy Bear. So, we became friends.

Dad was on 6 months leave so we lived in an apartment in Portsmouth, Virginia while Mom worked in Navy yard as an Electric Welder in the dry dock Navy Shipyard. This is when she lost part of her finger.  She had a hand injury in shipyard which became infected requiring half of middle finger to be amputated.

She worked on the Aircraft Carriers: USS Lake Champlain which was commissioned in June of 1945 and USS Shangri-La was Commissioned September 1944.  Last of 24 Essex class A carriers.  Shangri-La was used in the pacific Theater of Operations in WWII and earned two battle stars and then served in Vietnam.  Lake Champlain was used to carry troops home from WWII combat theaters. Later served in Korea and helped blockade Cuba during Cuban Missile Crisis.

Both have been scrapped Lake Champlain was decommissioned in 1969 and sold for scrap 1972.  Shangri-La was decommissioned in 1971 and sold for scrap after 11 years used for parts.

I was the first child to come to Virginia.  Mom had been working in the ship yard and all of the kids were with relatives in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Not sure where the boys were, but I stayed with Aunt Gladys and Uncle Clarence. After the boys came to Virginia folks bought a house and some furniture.  First purchases were Sofa and bed.

Dad was on 6 months leave because Howard and Earl had polio.  He also worked in Navy yard but then was called and had to go back to sea.  His first trip was to Germany with a load of coal and he was gone for 2 years.  War was over while he was in the middle of the ocean and he did not get any credit for the last 2 years of service.  After dad went back to service, mom and kids stayed in Portsmouth.

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