President Biden and Public Scandal

Fr. Gerald E. Murray on Biden and abortion: He needs to be told that his objectively sinful behavior constitutes a culpable offense for which he needs to seek pardon after repenting.

Should President Joseph Biden be admitted to Holy Communion when he attends Mass? The simple answer is, “No,” owing to his public and unwavering support for legalized abortion. Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law states: “Those. . .obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.” Abortion, the killing of innocent unborn children, is a grave sin, as is the legalization and promotion of this heinous practice. It’s a criminal violation of an unborn person’s right to life.

In the 2002 Doctrinal Note on some questions regarding the Participation of Catholics in Political Life, Cardinal Ratzinger, then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), stated: “John Paul II, continuing the constant teaching of the Church, has reiterated many times that those who are directly involved in lawmaking bodies have a ‘grave and clear obligation to oppose’ any law that attacks human life. For them, as for every Catholic, it is impossible to promote such laws or to vote for them.” (Emphasis added)

In the 2004 Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion: General Principles Ratzinger specifically instructed the U.S. bishops that a Catholic politician engages in formal cooperation with the sin of abortion when he consistently campaigns and votes for permissive abortion laws. President Biden obviously promotes the abortion license and has directed that taxpayers’ dollars pay for abortions. He’s an unapologetic and determined promoter of this immoral attack on human life. This is an indisputable fact. Just ask his supporters at Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

Ratzinger told the U.S. bishops that, dealing with such a politician, “his Pastor should meet with him, instructing him about the Church’s teaching, informing him that he is not to present himself for Holy Communion until he brings to an end the objective situation of sin, and warning him that he will otherwise be denied the Eucharist.” He also cited a 2002 Declaration from the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts: “When ‘these precautionary measures have not had their effect or in which they were not possible,’ and the person in question, with obstinate persistence, still presents himself to receive the Holy Eucharist, ‘the minster of Holy Communion must refuse to distribute it.’” (Emphasis added)

The Declaration explains: “The decision, properly speaking, is not a sanction or a penalty. Nor is the minister of Holy Communion passing judgment on the person’s subjective guilt, but rather is reacting to the person’s public unworthiness to receive Holy Communion due to an objective situation of sin.”

An objective situation of sin is scandalous in this case because such a Catholic politician who consistently promotes abortion by that very conduct actively encourages others to fall into the same sin. In Biden’s case, his well-known campaign promises to keep abortion legal and federally funded is clear evidence of his rejection of Catholic moral teaching. He plainly intended to convince other Catholics to join him in gravely sinful behavior. Such conduct renders him publicly unworthy to receive Holy Communion.

The facts, and the applicability of canon 915 to those facts, are indisputable.

For this reason, the recent Letter of the CDF Prefect, Cardinal Ladaria, to the American bishops is disappointing, even confounding. Remarkably, he never mentions canon 915. He calls for dialogue among the bishops “so that they could agree as a Conference that support of pro-choice legislation is not compatible with Catholic teaching.” But the matter is already beyond question. Any bishop who does not agree “that support of pro-choice legislation is not compatible with Catholic teaching” should change his mind or his job.

Ladaria then calls for dialogue with Catholic politicians “who adopt a pro-choice position. . .as a means of understanding their positions and their comprehension of Catholic teaching.” Really? After almost 50 years of legalized abortion, the “pro-choice” position needs no further study. Let alone “dialogue.” It is hard to imagine that President Biden and other Catholic advocates of legalized abortion are unaware of what the Church teaches about the sanctity of human life. They just don’t follow it.

Ladaria calls for further dialogue among the bishops, with other episcopal conferences, and further consultation with his office. How long would this process take? It’s a needless delay in tackling a major scandal.

The Church has a duty to teach God’s law and to sanction members who egregiously and continuously exempt themselves from obedience to that law – and encourage others to do the same. Depriving them of Holy Communion, we may hope, will jar them into reforming their conduct and their opposition to God’s binding law for all mankind.

Public defiance of God’s prohibition of unjust killing is an attack upon the faith and unity of the Church. The Church has a responsibility before God to lead the flock away from diabolical disobedience and into grace-filled obedience.

A Catholic who falls into immoral behavior, knowing that the Church has condemned it, should be presumed by his pastor to be imperiling his soul and the souls of those he is influencing. He needs to be told that his objectively sinful behavior constitutes a culpable offense for which he needs to seek pardon after repenting.

The American bishops should act as a group, and individually in their dioceses, to end the scandal of the continued administration of Our Lord’s Most Holy Body and Blood to the highest public official in our land. To fail to do so amounts to a refusal to uphold the Church’s canon law, to the grave harms of souls. It would be a negligent passivity, a failure to defend the sanctity of the Christ’s greatest gift to his Church.

And it would communicate to all the message that God may be mocked without consequence when an important Catholic public figure decides to support, not God’s law, but rather the gruesome linchpin of the sexual revolution, unfettered legal abortion.


Fr. Gerald E. Murray

The Rev. Gerald E. Murray, J.C.D. is a canon lawyer and the pastor of Holy Family Church in New York City.

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Florida’s Capital of Anti-Semitism

As Jews across the globe begin to celebrate the Feast of Weeks, when the Torah was Divinely given on Mount Sinai, and we watch aggrieved that our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land are attacked with missile explosions, filled with shrapnel to pierce young and old, I reflect as well on the anti-Semitism abounding in South Florida. In Florida’s capital of anti-Semitism, Manatee County, adjacent to Sarasota, not a single official has condemned decades of Jew-hatred. Not a single official has intervened in the years and years of vandalism on/near Jewish Holy Days that have left this yard ransacked and littered immediately next door to our Heritage Village West Condominium clubhouse, office, library, outdoor recreational center, and pool, where the criminal acts can be viewed directly anytime of the day or night.

Taking our case, fully-documented, to court reaps even more classic anti-Semitic accusations, because, like Israeli Jews, this Jewish family is condemned for defending itself. In classic anti-Semitic fashion, we are labeled as abusive, vindictive, frivolous, bizarre, and a long list of other pejorative terms.

For 13 years, the condemnations of this Jewish family have persisted unchecked to the point that our recent court hearing by Zoom, controlled by the court, blackened our faces entirely and precluded all presentations of our exhibits on the screen to the judge, opposing counsels, and the public, whose faces were not blackened. In Manatee County, the Jews are told by officials that swastikas on the entrance to a beautiful complex are not anti-Semitic crimes because they can be cleaned off.

Is there anyone in Florida’s capital of anti-Semitism unwilling to keep the code of silence that impugns this entire county and state?

Racist Graffiti Found in Manatee County Community Shows Swastikas, Racial Slurs


PUBLISHED 9:46 AM ET Nov. 05, 2019

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — Residents in the Del Tierra neighborhood in Bradenton woke up Monday to swastikas and racial slurs drawn on structures.

  • Racial slurs and swastikas on community’s front gate
  • Residents believe teenagers used mulch to draw on the walls
  • Neighbors helped clean up the vandalism

Some of the words were so offensive Spectrum Bay News 9 couldn’t show them on television.

Residents believe the person used mulch to draw hate symbols on the walls. They also have an idea of who they think may be responsible.

“Everyone’s mad. It’s a very…we’re under the impression it was probably teenagers,” Del Tierra resident Robin Nickel said. “I know it couldn’t possibly be an adult in my heart. I just can’t imagine that.”

The community does have security cameras, but neighbors said they weren’t working at the time. They plan to have them repaired to catch anyone on camera who plans to try something like this in the neighborhood again.

The neighbors stepped up to get the graffiti cleaned up.

According to our partners at the Bradenton Herald, the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t consider this vandalism because no damage was caused and the graffiti was cleaned up within five minutes of the discovery.

The members of the community want to clear up any misconceptions about the people who live here and what they will tolerate.

“It’s not indicative of our neighborhood. We are a very multicultural neighborhood. The thing that was really important to me was that the community acted immediately and cleaned it up themselves,” Nickel said.

A community determined to come together with images they say are meant to tear people apart.

©Beverly Newman. All rights reserved.

Muslim CNN Reporter: ‘The world today needs a Hitler’

Now deleted, but the screenshots are everywhere. Will CNN fire him? Or give him a promotion?


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Kamala Harris Starting To Worry Biden Will Fully Destroy America Before She Even Gets A Chance

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Vice President Kamala Harris has expressed her concern that she will never get a chance to destroy America, as Biden has lived much longer than expected and will ruin the entire country before she gets a crack at it.

“He’s lived through his first hundred days and already destroyed most of our institutions — there won’t be anything left for me to ruin,” said a nervous-looking Harris as she put her feet up on the Oval Office desk, as Biden was taking a nap. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Every time he destroys another industry, devalues the U.S. dollar, causes hyperinflation, or ruins the job economy, a little part of me dies inside — that little girl who wanted to be president and destroy everything — her dreams die.”

“Maybe we can pass some more constitutional amendments so I can destroy those? I don’t know. Whatever we need to do to ensure I still have things to break when he finally kicks the bucket.”

At publishing time, Harris had taken matters into her own hands and rubbed some barbecue sauce on Biden’s sleeping neck in hopes that Major Biden would take care of her little problem.


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Dr. Anthony S. Fauci: America’s Angel of Death

“That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain.”  –Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5 

Hollywood celebrities recently honored Dr. Fauci with an award for “courage” during a virtual gala for the AIDS Foundation. The glitterati heaped praises on the doctor, best summed up by actor Morgan Freeman who thanked him “for all of his efforts to keep as many of us alive as possible.”

So much for Hollywood virtue signalers. Now let’s do some fact-checking to determine exactly what we can thank Dr. Fauci for:

  • Funding outlawed gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology where fiendish scientists figured out how to make bat viruses “species-jump” to humans, and without which the pandemic of 2019-2020 would never have happened. Think about that. And see the recent article by Nicholas Wade.
  • Dictating the draconian lockdown of America, putting the public under virtual house arrest, destroying the livelihoods of millions of our citizens, and driving many to despair and some to suicide, while killing others via denial of normal medical care to “make room” for the millions of Covid hospitalizations that never materialized
  • Declaring Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) “ineffective”, thereby condemning thousands to death who never got this highly successful treatment
  • Pimping for Moderna and Pfizer experimental mRNA “vaccines” that have already resulted in thousands of deaths–3,848  listed in VAERS as of April 2021—and an additional 44,606 “adverse events”, including stroke and paralysis.


Interestingly, as the keynote speaker at Georgetown University’s forum on January 10th, 2017,  just days before Trump’s inauguration, Dr. Fauci chose as his topic: Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration. Here are a couple of quotes:

“There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases…but also there will be a surprise outbreak..”

“The thing we’re extraordinarily confident about is that we are going to see this [outbreak] in the next few years.”

Um…Tony… just curious: If this pandemic outbreak would come as a complete surprise to President Trump, how did you happen to know about in advance? That wouldn’t have anything to do with your agency’s sneaking around Congress to fund “gain-of-function” virus research in Communist China’s Wuhan bioweapons lab now, would it?


Remember how shocked we were watching videos of Wuhan—a city of over 8 million people—turned into an eerie, empty ghost-town on the orders of the CCP, as we breathed a collective sigh of relief to be living in America? When asked on January 23, 2020, if such a thing could happen in the US, Fauci himself said, “There’s no chance in the world that we could do that to Chicago or to New York or to San Francisco,” Then on March 8, he described China’s lockdown as a “draconian” measure that wouldn’t be “feasible” in America.

So far so good.

But a few days later Dr. Flip-Flop changed his tune: suddenly a nationwide 2-week shutdown seemed like a bright idea. And we all know how that went. Not only did the Fauch steal Christmas, he stole Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve as well as cancelling our weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, vacations, sporting events, concerts, theater, and even memorial services for loved ones we lost.


So how was Dr. Faustus able to smoothly pull off this diabolical turnaround from  a mere two weeks to the foreseeable future, and make it stick? Of course he had plenty of help from both our own subversive media, and that of the UK and others, in addition to Johns Hopkins’ phony baloney “Dashboard” tracking Covid “cases” and predicting a terrifying geometric progression of fatalities.

But Fast Tony did something very crafty on his own as well. He assured us that though we felt fine and had no symptoms and just plain weren’t sick, we were likely harboring this supposedly highly contagious pandemic virus. Overnight, We the People were christened as “asymptomatic carriers.” Therefore, we all had to submit to the very “draconian lockdown measures” he’d assured us would never be used in America. After all, we were “all in this together.”

So the premise underlying the whole government-driven agenda—over a year and counting—that upended our country and our lives, is asymptomatic contagion.

And what pray tell does Dr. Fauci have to say about this phenomenon? Prepare for a shocker: “In all the history of respiratory-borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person.”  Translation: Asymptomatic transmission is negligible! No one who’s not coughing and sneezing close to you can make you sick!

So what happened to “trust the science, Tony?” Because if we’d followed the science you just admitted to, there would have been no lockdowns, no quarantining of healthy people, no masks, no “social distancing,” no testing of healthy people—in short, no shutting down of America.


Remember also that Dr. Fauci, while scaring the daylights out of Americans, quietly co-authored an article in the highly esteemed New England Journal of Medicine opining that Covid-19 had the profile of a bad seasonal flu, no worse than what we’d seen dozens of times in the past. Here’s the “cya” (cover your arse) conclusion:

“If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza…” .

And let’s keep in mind that in 2020, as a top advisor on the Covid Task Force under VP Judas Pence, Dr. Faustus singlehandedly discredited the highly effective cure for Covid-19: Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc and Z-pack, which have been used successfully around the world. Yet, no doubt to make Trump look bad, as well as deflecting attention back to Big Pharma’s vaccine juggernaut just around the corner, Fauci assured the nation that HCQ was unproven and unsafe—thereby costing thousands of Americans their lives. And in case you’re entertaining the idea that Fauci made an honest mistake, allow me to disabuse you of that notion. The Fauci-led National Institutes of Health had published research in August of 2005 in their own Virology Journal entitled,  “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

Perhaps you can tell us, Herr Doktor, why you were so terribly cautious over the salutary use of HCQ in an emergency situation when it had been shown in the field to be saving lives, but so reckless in brazenly promoting experimental gene-modifying “vaccines” to the entire American population? Not enough studies on hydroxychloroquine to suit you? So where are the “randomized placebo controlled” long-term studies of the Pfizer and Moderna concoctions, Tony?


Why haven’t we been warned that people who get these mRNA vaccines at present are guinea pigs participating in an experimental trial of a new and apparently dangerous medical intervention? Well, some brave and honest souls have been sounding the alarm. Let’s see what a few of them have to say.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been in the forefront of medical researchers studying the Covid inoculations with their novel mRNA delivery system, which she describes as a “very well-designed killing machine”. She refuses to even call the Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson shots “vaccines”, since they are altogether different in concept and delivery from any vaccine heretofore given, and are so dangerous, Dr. Tenpenny has discovered no fewer than twenty “mechanisms of injury” these injections are likely to cause.  

Dr. Peter McCullough, renowned in his field of cardiology and internal medicine, professor, and editor of two medical journals, has this to say: “If COVID-19 had been treated early with out-patient, successful therapies (e.g., HCQ, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies), 85% of hospitalizations and deaths could have been prevented.”  This is astounding—and utterly damning. It means that 85% of the Covid deaths and hospitalizations, as well as the shutting down of our country with all the attendant misery, can be laid at Feckless Fauci’s door. Depending on whether we use the “died from Covid” or “died with Covid” numbers, that’s tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of needless deaths—far surpassing the record of Tony’s buddy Andrew Cuomo, responsible as he is for some 8,000 deaths of frail elderly in nursing homes—the very people we shut down the country to protect.

And here’s McCullough on immunity: “People who develop COVID have complete and durable immunity. And (that’s) a very important principle: complete and durable. You can’t beat natural immunity. You can’t vaccinate on top of it and make it better. There’s no scientific, clinical or safety rationale for ever vaccinating a COVID-recovered patient. There’s no rationale for ever testing a COVID-recovered patient.”

Dr. Michael Yeadon, formerly one of Pfizer’s top scientists, goes further: “I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the worlds populationI have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products.”

He elaborates: “For example, if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it. It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this [Covid inoculations] will be used for massive-scale depopulation.”


It is the bitterest of ironies that the March of the Living, an organization that honors the memory of the 6 millions Jews who perished under the Third Reich, chose to bestow its “Moral Courage in Medicine” award on this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day to none other than Dr. Anthony Mengele Fauci—the man arguably most responsible for shutting down America, annihilating small businesses, gut-punching the working and middle classes, discrediting proven cures for Covid—and thereby effectively sentencing thousands of patients to death—and last but not least, pushing the experimental, non-FDA-approved, genetically manipulating “vaccine” onto millions of unsuspecting human guinea pigs, thousands of whom have already died in just the first few months of these inoculations.


As culpable as Fauci may be, he’s not the head of this snake. There are extremely powerful players behind him, as we can deduce from the nearly worldwide censorship that keeps the game-changing facts about Covid, the “plandemic,” and the dangers of the gene-altering vaccines out of sight in the conspiratorial mainstream media.

Add to that the censoring of whistleblowers by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., the daily dose of fear-mongering on the one hand, and pro-vaccine  propaganda on the other from CNN et al., and we can understand how millions of Americans have been duped into getting a jab of “protection” that they may come to regret as long as they survive, which may not be long at all.

Speaking of snakes, we can find Fauci’s pal Bill Gates’ fingerprints in every aspect of the Covid histoire, from sponsoring Event 201 that “predicted” the plandemic a couple of months before it occurred, to funding Moderna’s first ever “vaccine” project brought to market, and more. Vaccines are a massive money-maker for Gates, and not bad for Fauci either, whose agency owns many patents and reaps enormous financial rewards from Big Pharma.

In fact, when Gates launched his “Decade of Vaccines” in January, 2010, along with the usual suspects: the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNICEF, guess who else jumped right onto this warped bandwagon: none other than Dr.Tony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Since Fauci’s NIAID is so intertwined with Gates’ mass vaccination program, we may be forgiven for wondering whether the doctor, in his insistence on vaccination for all, has been merely following orders, or is driven by the prospect of his conflict-of-interest vaccine royalties. Then again, he might simply be intoxicated by his newfound power and celebrity status.  My best guess is all of the above, plus an added bonus: duper’s delight—the telltale smile of one who knows he’s got you fooled. I’ll wager he enjoyed that bit of theater where he got “vaccinated” in public with, I’m guessing, a syringe full of harmless saline.


But there may be another agenda at work here as well, as suggested by Dr. Yeadon above. Let’s not forget that Gates, like a number of billionaire elites, is a big fan of “depopulation”—decreasing the human population to, you know, lower carbon emissions and save the planet. Could this be why Gates, Ted Turner and other pooh-bahs in the New World Order club, give millions to the U.N., which is the front for this agenda, aka Agenda 2030? Here’s one of earlier U.N. documents on this subject, from 1992:

“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary”. Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER.

We should also recall that the Luciferian globalist elites always subtly announce their intentions, perhaps believing this increases the potency of their nefarious plans. I’ve also read that when there’s no massive protest, they take it to mean We the People have consented! Keep this in mind as you ponder the mysterious Georgia Guidestones monument—an eerie Stonehenge-like structure erected in Elbert County, GA, in 1980, inscribed with what seems to be a parody of the Ten Commandments. The first of these “guiding” statements should concern us most: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Considering that the world population today is nearing eight billion, this means that over six-billion people would need to be exterminated to fulfill what may well be the Cabal’s plan. And it doesn’t look like they intend to wait to gently curb population over the next 200 years.

So no, Dr. Evil, We the People don’t condone your getting an award for “morality” any more than we condone Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy for committing the mass murder of helpless elderly people in New York under his watch by forcing nursing homes to take sick, contagious people back from hospitals, rather than sheltering them on the capacious, fully equipped Navy hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, that President Trump sent to New York, or using the Javits Center or empty hotels—all of which would have saved many thousands of lives. And don’t forget that Fauci praised Cuomo’s response to Covid-19; these two are birds of a feather. Birds of prey.

When, months from now, we witness the carnage these “vaccines” are likely to cause, it may be time for a new version of the Nuremburg Trials, and I, for one, nominate Dr. Anthony Fauci to be tried as one of the chief perpetrators of this new genocide, along with Bill Gates, and the NWO Great Reset honchos–George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the rest of the psychopathic global “Elites” who insist on playing God while doing the devil’s work.

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Biden’s Kakistocracy: A Government Led by the Least Competent



  1. government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.

“the danger is that this will reduce us to kakistocracy”

a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.

It is now clear that the Biden administration is a Kakistocracy. Daily we are seeing the ineptness of the Biden cabinet and those appointed by Biden to key government positions.

This incompetence is being felt by American citizens in the following areas:

  1. The economy.
  2. Foreign policy.
  3. Border security.
  4. National security.
  5. Cyber security.
  6. Inflation.
  7. Growing national debt.
  8. Out of control spending.
  9. Lack of moral leadership.
  10. Healthcare malfeasance.
  11. The focus on undoing everything and anything that serves the best interests of legal American citizens.
  12. Election fraud.
  13. Voter fraud.

The policies of the Biden administration are rapidly destroying America and the Constitutional rights of each and every citizen.

When ever one sees this level of government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state one must scratch their collect heads and wonder how did we get here.

The answer is simple. The 2020 election was stolen and is now The Big Lie. Biden, his administration, those in the big social media platforms, the fake news and corporations are promoting the big lie.

Worse these collectivists are not holding Biden and his administration to task, as they did for the Trump administration, for its blatantly failed policies.

Because of this failure to hold Biden accountable we have officially become a Kakistocracy. The blind are leading the blind, encouraged on by media, the Democrat Party, social media and woke corporations.

God help us all.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Biden Continues Rollback Of Trump Policies Like Peace In The Middle East

WASHINGTON, D.C.—A spokeswoman for President Biden said Wednesday that he remains committed to rolling back all of former President Donald Trump’s policies, including peace in the Middle East. Palestinians in the West Bank voiced their collective approval by launching celebratory rockets into Israel.

“Everything President Trump did was completely wrong, so the opposite of what he did must be right,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. “Thus, the Biden administration remains committed to doing the opposite of everything Donald Trump did in the Middle East as well.”

Psaki said the administration’s new Middle East policy calls for as much violence as it takes to completely eradicate the peace brought about by Donald Trump. “The people of this region lost many good years of violence and bloodshed,” Psaki noted. “We’re going to make that up to them, even if it takes decades of war to do so.”

A reporter asked if peace in the Middle East was actually a good thing no matter which president brought it about, but Psaki rejected that notion outright. “Let’s not lose sight of the most important factor here, which is orange man bad,” she said.

Psaki then noted that the Biden administration is committed to rolling back many other Trump policies such as affordable gasoline, low unemployment rates, and general economic prosperity. “We’re going to do the opposite,” Psaki said. “All that stuff has got to go.”


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Tensions Rise In Middle East As One Side Wants To Kill Jews And The Other Side Are Jews Who Don’t Want To Die And Neither Will Compromise

Psaki Reassures: ‘Inflation Completely Under Control Outside Of Food, Gas, And Housing’

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Et tu, Ahmad—The illusion of Arab loyalty

The situation that has arisen can no longer be seen as one centering on the question of individual rights but of collective survival—and it must be treated as such.

… A person who, with intent to assist an enemy in war against Israel, commits an act calculated to assist [that enemy] is liable to the death penalty or to imprisonment for life—Clause 99(a), Israel’s Penal Code, on Treason.

I admit. I was totally mistaken.

Although I have long been skeptical as to the much-vaunted “loyalty” of Israel’s Arab citizens to the Jewish state, believing that, by and large, they harbored a latent yet smoldering disloyalty, that one day would erupt, I recently have been on the cusp of changing my mind.

Misplaced optimism

I began to believe that a certain awareness of the tremendous advantages they enjoyed living in Israel, rather than in one of the neighboring countries, was beginning to percolate into their collective consciousness. There seemed to be growing signs of this, both in the sphere of my own personal experience, where I have day-to-day interaction with Israeli Arabs; and in the sphere of the public discourse, where the term “the growing Israelization of Israeli-Arabs” became an increasingly common term in the media coverage of the Arab sector in the country.

I live between two Arab villages, one relatively prosperous, the other not so much, residents of both villages work in my community, with whom I converse frequently. In the nearby shopping mall, much of both the staff, who are efficient and polite, and the clientele, are from Arab villages in the area. In my contacts with my Arab neighbors, I got the impression that they were undergoing a growing integration into Israeli society which I seem to have mistaken for a growing identification with Israeli society. Perhaps what was misleading is that today, in many ways, Israeli Arabs look more like Israeli Jews—except, of course, for those (Arabs or Jews) who don religious attire (Islamic or Ultra-Orthodox). In their meticulous personal grooming, the brands of their clothing, their choice of footwear, the cars they drive, their leisure activity all created a false sense of similarity and diminishing differences between “them” and “us”.

A rude awakening

However, the riots, the ambushes, the stoning, and near lynchings of Jews by Arabs provided a rude awaking from the nascent illusion of increasingly harmonious coexistence—as did the ransacking and torching of a synagogue!

Indeed, it was mayhem not born of socioeconomic grievances but inimical ethno-nationalistic affiliation with Israel’s foes, bent on eradicating it as a Jewish nation-state.

It was not socio-economic despair that drove the Arab mobs to tear down the Israeli flag and replace it with that of the enemy, under whom their socio-economic plight would be considerably worse—by orders of magnitude.

Indeed, the socio-economic predicament of Israeli Arab society is a poor explanation for the widespread violence that pervades it. After all, the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox society is also afflicted with a similarly low socio-economic status. Indeed, both occupy the bottom rungs of the socio-economic ladder in Israel. However, in both societies, it is their own cultural mores—large families, a single breadwinner—rather than systematic discrimination that accounts for much of the depressed economic levels in both societies. Yet, among the Ultra-Orthodox, one does not encounter anything approaching the intra-communal violence or the amassing of deadly weapons that one finds among Israeli Arabs.

Accordingly, if socio-economic conditions in the Ultra-Orthodox community are not caused by structural bias against it, nor have they produced the same rampant crime, why should this be assumed to be the case among the Israeli Arabs??

Perfidy paraded?

Indeed, over time there have been repeated examples of the reticence—indeed refusal—of Arab citizens of Israel, no matter how preeminent their standing in society, to accept—never mind respect—the symbols of Jewish sovereignty.

Thus, an Arab Supreme Court justice refused to sing the national anthem at official events, claiming that the words, underscoring the Jewish nature of the state, were inappropriate for an Arab citizen. Recently, at the swearing-in of the current Knesset, several Arab members made a show of the difficulty they have in pledging their allegiance to Israel and to its laws.

In recent years, one Arab Knesset member after another has been more than brazen in expressing the overt identification with a chilling range of Israel’s enemies—from Assad’s regime in Syria, through the Hezbollah in Lebanon, to the terror organizations in Gaza and Judea-Samaria—with one being imprisoned for aiding and abetting convicted terrorists and another being forced to flee the country for aiding Hezbollah in times of war—see here for a partial catalog.)

Murderous “martyrs”

Such display of alienation—indeed, aversion—to their own state, is not confined to select elites within the Israeli-Arab society. Indeed, when Israeli Arabs perpetrated lethal acts of terror, they were feted as heroes by their kinfolk—who collaborated in hiding them from Israeli authorities. When two of them were eventually located and killed, they were given huge funerals, where they were enthusiastically eulogized by approving mass processions—and lauded as “martyrs for Al-Aqsa” for gunning down two Israeli policemen (from the Druze community) at the Temple Mount.

The unavoidable conclusion from this dismal record is that Israel has been enormously—and ill-advisedly—tolerant with Israeli Arabs, allowing blatant and barefaced displays not only of disloyalty but of equally brazen identification with Israel’s enemies—even in times of ongoing hostilities.

Seen in this context, the current revolt is clearly aimed at changing the very essence of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, annulling the very foundation for its establishment and transforming the rationale for its continued existence.

Accordingly, the situation can no longer be seen as one of centering on the question of individual rights but of collective survival—and it must be treated as such.

It cannot, and must not, be sugarcoated!

Time for a sea-change 

The well-known dictum that “Democracy is not a suicide pact” may not be new, but it was never more apt than it is for Israel today.

No democracy can survive a situation where an entire sector of the population not only rejects the basis for its inception and existence, but significant segments thereof embrace those seeking its destruction. Indeed, almost the entire Arab electorate voted for parties that overtly reject Israel as a Jewish state—with many of its elected leaders cavorting with vehemently inimical regimes.

It is time for an abrupt sea change.  It is time to apply the full weight of existing Israeli law against recalcitrant citizens, who chose to collaborate with the country’s foes and imperil the national security of the state and the personal safety of its people.

The existing penal code in Israel prescribes the most severe penalties for the actions that are being openly committed by thousands of Israel’s Arab citizens -see introductory excerpt.

And while many may balk at the prospect of wholesale executions and life-long imprisonment as current law prescribes, there should be scant inhibition for the imposition of lesser punishments—such as stripping rebellious Israeli Arabs of the citizenship they do not respect or deporting them from a country with which they do not identify—preferably to one of the egalitarian and non-discriminatory states in the immediate region.

Any perception of wavering or weakness will be interpreted as a license for further turmoil.

Indeed,  one thing is beyond doubt: If the Jews do not arise and exert their sovereignty over their land, they will lose both their sovereignty and their land.

©Martin Sherman. All rights reserved.

WATCH: Hero DeSantis Pardons Couple Arrested For Keeping Gym Open, Then Pardons Anyone Arrested For Not Masking Or Social Distancing

Once again, Governor DeSantis is the best governor in the nation. DeSantis has not subscribed (despite enormous pressure) to the pandemic policies of the Left. Policies that have devastated New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and California. Today, Florida is open, free, prosperous, and safe. That is why millions of Americans are moving to the Sunshine State. #DeSantis2024.

WATCH: DeSantis Pardons Couple Arrested For Keeping Gym Open, Then Pardons Anyone Arrested For Not Masking Or Social Distancing

By Daily Wire, May 13, 2021

On Tuesday night, appearing on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” with host Laura Ingraham and her guests, a husband and wife who had been arrested in their county for keeping their gym open during the coronavirus pandemic, Florida Governor DeSantis announced live on national television that he would make sure they were pardoned, then added that he would make sure pardons were issued “for any Floridian that may have outstanding infractions for things like masks and social distancing.”

As far back as last September DeSantis had stated, “All outstanding fines and penalties that have been applied against individuals are suspended. I think we need to get away from trying to penalize people for social distancing and just work with people constructively.”

But some counties still punished residents for refusing to wear masks or countenancing such behavior; in Broward County, Mike and Jillian Carnevale, gym owners from Plantation, Florida, were repeatedly arrested for refusing to enforce a mask mandate.

GoFundMe page set up by supporters of the Carnevales provides the following timeline of their case:

In direct retaliation to a lawsuit filed on July 26, 2020, Broward County began harassing Mike and Jillian Carnevale at the gym they owned. Taking a stand for the health and freedom of his community and country, Mike Carnevale was arrested on July 27th, August 6th, and August 7th for not enforcing facial coverings during strenuous exercise.  Jillian Carnevale was also arrested on August 7th. On October 15th 2020, Broward county attacked freedom and wellness yet again by leveraging them out of our business and closing their community gym for good.  This has left Mike and Jillian Carnevale in a state of shock and financial devastation, but this was not satisfactory for Broward County.  On February 10th, 2021, Judge Robert Diaz offered a plea deal of 10 days in Jail and a diversion program to Mike Carnevale for the crime of “Violation of Disaster Preparedness Emergency Management.”

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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The Pathology of Liberalism

Bottom line, the entire world is now witnessing a regime of fixated Liberal-Leftist-Progressive children trying to run the most powerful country on earth, when what they really need is psychotropic medication, behavioral therapy, and a Congress without The Pathology of Liberalism. 

From the inception of psychology about 140 years ago, medical conditions such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissism, Tourette’s syndrome, even stuttering, were thought to be psychological in origin—and with enough therapy, enough blaming inadequate parenting, enough talk, enough delving into “feelings,” the sufferer could be treated successfully or even cured.

We now know—thanks to tools like PET scans and pharmaceutical advances—that these conditions are largely biological in nature, more receptive to medications, augmented with behavioral-therapy techniques, than to any of the other “therapies” that were utilized so ineffectually on multimillions of people over the past many decades.

These scans, in fact, have revealed the specific areas of the brain that show increased activity during anger,  revenge, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, stuttering, pathological lying, cheating, manipulation, obsessive-compulsive behavior, depressive disorders, even cravings for chocolate!


How do we know these conditions are for the most part biological? Because in addition to the fact that medications have treated them successfully—for example, Haldol for psychoses, Lithium for bipolar disorder, Lexapro for depression, Xanax for anxiety, et al—they have identical symptoms—albeit some more severe than others—in people raised in luxury high-rises in Buenos Aires, slums in Los Angeles, kibbutzim in Israel, huts in rain forests, and penthouses in Manhattan. And also in people raised in both harmonious and dysfunctional homes.

What we also understand is that most intractable mental conditions seem to be genetically driven, rooted in centers of the brain that are still not fully understood. Perhaps this is why political affiliation—with exceptions, of course—seems to run in families.

It is also true, as Linda Goudsmit—author of The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’—points out, that both biology (genetics) and the physical environment (epigenetics)—including foods, chemicals, air, water, and EMF pollution—have profound effects on human pathology.

Whatever school—genes or environment or both—a person subscribes to, the symptoms displayed by liberals-leftists-progressives—whatever they’re calling themselves today—are obvious to even the casual observer.


Liberals are uniformly glum, both in their grim demeanors and bleak outlooks.

This is because their worldview is invariably negative. When things are good, they see only the bad and reach back decades to invoke the Misery Index cited routinely by Democrat President Jimmy Carter and resurrected not only by the dour wannabe-president—and today an alleged traitor—John Kerry in 2004, but in one way or another by every Democrat presidential, congressional, and local candidate to this day.

With liberals, the glass is always half empty, the sky is always falling. When things could be better, they see only that things could be worse.

  • In the stellar economy that President Trump created—with the GDP, employment, housing sales, and consumer confidence at peak levels: inflation, the trade deficit, and crude oil down; employment of blacks, Hispanics, women and youth sky high, and America achieving energy independence for the first time in history—the liberals among us were inconsolably miserable.
  • In measurable and quite astounding educational successes of blacks through Eva Moskowitz’s 47 Charter schools in NY City, liberals see only “too much testing” and a threat to a huge source of their power and income—unions!
  • In the face of 3,000 lives being exterminated by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001, and escalating Islamic terrorist attacks around the world since then, leftists only see the miniscule if non-existent threat of white supremacists.
  • Worse, they see that all of our country’s problems, according to Mary Eberstadt of The Wall St. Journal, are the fault of—ta da—America!


  • Liberals are emotional children—no matter their educational pedigrees, fancy credentials, lofty titles, prestigious positions, or economic well-being. That is why they believe in and defend and work for and donate money to and teach their children that there is nothing quite as benevolent and important as Big Government!

Proof is Joe Biden’s “American Families Plan” to provide—Venezuela-style—federal entitlements including two years of free universal prekindergarten, free childcare for all, paid family and medical leave, two years of community college, on and on and on.

While liberals pretend to fight for the “little guy,” those poor, oppressed illegal aliens, and “people of color,” et al., it is they themselves who feel needy and scared and inadequate and so project their desires to be taken care of onto people they believe have the same infantile needs.

Given their failure to grow up, it is almost predictable—as a Pew Research Center survey in March 2020 found—that white liberals were “significantly more likely than other racial and ideological groups to be diagnosed with a mental health condition.”

The survey was inspired by an Evie Magazine article on the possible “scientific correlation” between progressive ideas and mental illness, and it noted that liberal ideology often “forces its followers to wallow in feelings of helplessness and victimhood,” as opposed to “building resiliency against hardship…”

PJ O'Rourke, Liberalism


Liberals, like the children they are, live in a world of utopian dreaminess, clinging to an imagined reality and believing that if everyone would just be nice to each other, all the noisy death threats and pesky suicide bombings would go away, and all those grumpy grownups in Republican and especially Conservative circles would see the light.

And so they do what children do when they’re angry at grownups. They call names and have temper tantrums.

  • Who but an adult with a child’s mentality could participate in the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration and think that wearing tasteless, cringe-producing pussy hats and spewing vulgarities in front of the entire world—and their own daughters!—would inspire even one person on earth to admire them, emulate them, and want to join their ranks?
  • Who but an adult with an angry child’s lack of self-control would rip up a historical document—President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech—as did Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the quintessentially inappropriate temper tantrum of our century?


To understand the left’s treasonous rage, it is important to understand that the most cherished value in the life of children (read liberals) is to be “liked” by their peers, a theory that Judith Rich Harris has exhaustively documented in her best-selling and revolutionary book, The Nurture Assumption.

According to the evangelical religion of leftism, if America were not so strong, so powerful, so rich, so successful—so enviable to the rest of the world—things would be better. This is because liberals hate strength and power and wealth and success, except, that is, when they are the beneficiaries! It is significant to note that the richest politicians in Congress are Democrats!

This fantasy flourishes, says Evan Sayet, author of THE WOKE SUPREMACY: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto, because liberals are “wedded to the childish philosophy of—multiculturalism’ … the fantasy that all cultures are equally good. It is why they “believe we should—celebrate diversity,’ as if all differences—say freedom of religion and massacring all infidels—are equally worthy of celebration.”

“We laugh at the stupidity of the Democrats who go after cartoon skunks, plastic potatoes and pancake syrups,” Sayet continues, “wondering if anything is too small for them not to be outraged about. The answer is no. Totalitarian means total—right down to the tiniest things. It’s the way it was in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, and every other Leftist regime. It’s the way it is with the Woke Supremacist movement of today.”

The entire world, in fact, had a close-up view of this ugly trait while witnessing the four years of uncontrolled rage, fury, acting-out, and widespread criminal acts after the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016. This was the behavior of poor losers.

But even in the flush of electoral victories, liberals are unable to conceal their endemic rage and inevitably reveal themselves as sore winners! Even today, six months after the, ahem, election of Democrat Joe Biden, they’ve been unable to recover from President Donald J. Trump! No surprise….they still haven’t recovered from George W. Bush’s defeat of Al Gore in 2000!


Nothing is quite as potent as the second-most powerful emotion on earth—jealousy! (The first, of course is fear, as the recent pandemic proved beyond a shadow of a doubt).

The Cancel Culture that liberals created is really about not being able to win arguments about political policy and philosophy with objective, empirical evidence and being so envious of their rivals that they resort to eliminating, annihilating, guillotining every vestige of opposition they face, or, as writer Larry Greenfield documents, “bullying, boycotting, pressuring, and punishing” anyone who disagrees with them. It’s also about:

  • Tearing down historically important statues, including those of black heroes,
  • Burning books, the greatest offenders being Dr. Seuss and Huckleberry Finn,
  • Using athletes like Colin Kaepernick to take a knee  and LeBron James to threaten a heroic policeman—both of them, as my diplomatic late mother used to say, “not overburdened with brains.”
  • Applauding and encouraging criminals from Antifa and Black Lives Matter to continue to commit arson, theft, assault and murder to further their cause.

But as journalist and author Parker Beauregard writes: “If all blacks are oppressed, how did we get a black president? Twice, for that matter? A black female vice president? How come Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Patrisse Cullors, and Ben Crump are millionaires while waging war in the supposed white supremacist legal system? Oprah and LeBron are worth billions. Throw in a few hundred-thousand other examples, and suddenly the BLM contrivance is absurdly debunked.

“The message by the fraudulent, deceptive, and ultimately murderous black hustlers like Obama and LeBron,” Beauregard continues, “is that the rest of black America is poor and helpless, and need the—better’ blacks to lift them out.”  How has that been going for the past half century?

“Instead of selling oppression, what these morally bereft people should be packaging is the message that—If I can do it, you can do it too – and here’s how.’ How hard would it be for black leaders to exhort other blacks to follow their lead of hard work, perseverance, and goal orientation?’”


In their childlike eyes, liberals consider just about everyone—and often anything—as both needy and helpless, including a three-inch-long delta smelt in California which inspired the insane leftist Democrats who run that state to lock down billions of gallons of water to its citizens for years to “protect”—instead of relocate—this teeny tiny plankton-eating minnow!

But they don’t stop there! There is not a gay or black or Hispanic or female or Muslim or illegal or criminal who liberals don’t consider victims. It’s an industry with them, revile as they do the majority of Americans who value accountability, independent problem solving, and the central role of law and order in society instead of Big Government dependency.

To paraphrase poet Kim Addonizio, it’s as if liberals encourage the people they consider victims to “sew rhinestones on their traumas so they can wear them to a pain festival.”

This is because suffering, or perceived suffering, animates them, makes them feel useful, like saviors, and, of course, virtuous.


Liberals entertain the conceit that they are quite evolved and superior, both morally and intellectually. In their childlike minds, they are “good” and the people who set limits, demand accountability, expect empirical results, fight their enemies and also make judgments about what is good and bad and right and wrong are “bad.”

They also socialize with like-minded people and rely on the same “experts” to guide their thinking and of course feelings.

“Follow the science,” liberals bleat when anyone challenges the lies they tell themselves and others about man-made global warming—which has no science behind it and which writer Guy K. Mitchell calls the biggest scientific fraud in history!

In fact, it is why the editors at write of “the smug arrogance of the—science’ crowd and say that “in reality, they are the Party of Science Fiction,” and the reason they close down dialogue is because “they know their ideas are empty of substance and therefore need to shout down, cancel, and indict those who dare think differently.”

“Listen to the experts,” liberals angrily dictate, when anyone challenges the advice about the corona virus given by the World Health Organization (WHO)—which has admitted its erroneous pronouncements, or of the horrible choice of Dr. Anthony Fauci—who is almost always wrong—to be the major spokesman and “expert” about the Wuhan-generated pandemic, as journalist Roger L. Simon spells out.

“It says in the NY Times,” liberals pronounce with full intellectual pretense, and yet author Bob Kohn has exploded the myth of this newspaper’s integrity and accuracy in his blockbuster book, Journalistic Fraud: How the New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted.

Yet these snooty children in adult clothing continue to harbor the conceit that—in between their temper tantrums—they are the embodiment of integrity and righteousness. This comes, of course, with the infantile proclivity for fooling oneself.


“Since Trump was elected, my childhood best friend—going back 45 years—won’t talk to me,” a friend confided. Others report that even once-close family members sound more like CNN sound bites than blood relatives. This is because children do not know how to compromise or tolerate dissenting opinions.

Not only do liberals call names, spew insults and stamp their feet at any dissent, they also line up allies in the leftist media, leftwing think tanks, and Big Tech to crush any dissent to their fantastical lies.

Much worse, they’ve aligned themselves with America’s mortal enemies, as the Biden regime has just done with Iran.


Happily, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just turn to any of the network or cable news channels—with the exceptions of Fox, OANN, and Newsmax—and simply observe their commentators and anchors and other talking heads display their rather sinister pathology close up.

Observe the symptoms I’ve mentioned. Note the anger, the pessimism, the negativity, the name-calling, the bursts of rage, the gratuitous insults, the desire to present an image of “goodness,” the transparent attempt to be liked, the willingness to change an opinion if the old one isn’t polling well, and the eagerness to placate our enemies, the better to avoid a fight so those enemies will “like” us.

Bottom line, the entire world is now witnessing a regime of fixated Liberal-Leftist-Progressive children trying to run the most powerful country on earth, when what they really need is psychotropic medication, behavioral therapy, and a Congress with enough backbone to banish Voter Fraud forever!

©Joan Swirsky. All rights reserved.

Biden Thankful For Gas Crisis To Distract From Inflation Crisis, Unemployment Crisis, And Border Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In the days following the Colonial Pipeline hack, gas stations have begun to run out of fuel, creating a panic for many. As for the President of the United States, this has come as a relief when considering all the other crises that have been nagging his presidency.

“Finally, a distraction!” said Biden letting out a sigh of relief. “It was either ‘inflation crisis’ this, or ‘unemployment crisis’ that, and I don’t even want to hear the words ‘border crisis’ again. I was like– would you just shut up man?!”

Biden explained that all of this negative coverage was starting to make him look bad. He said that things like his wild federal spending, paying people not to work, and soft border policies have nothing to do with the current state of the country. “Hopefully, a good old-fashioned gas price hike and shortage will finally give me a quieter news cycle.”

“People keep directing the blame at me like I’m supposed to do something about this. But c’mon man — that ain’t the President’s job. It’s up to the American people to come together, and unify to solve this stuff,” Biden continued. “And anyway, everyone should just pony up and drive a Tesla. Get with the times, and save the planet, Jack. It’s common sense.”

At publishing time, Biden tried to sign some executive orders to increase our national cybersecurity and resume construction of the Keystone pipeline, but his pen was out of ink from all the other orders he’d signed.


Biden Worried Gas Shortages May Hurt Carter’s Chances Against Reagan

Keystone XL Pipeline To Be Repurposed To Transport Chick-Fil-A Sauce

Tebow, Kaepernick To Compete In Epic Kneeling Contest For Spot On NFL Team

White House Reminds Nation That Permission Slips To Eat A Hot Dog On The 4th Of July Are Due By Friday

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden Proposes $2 Trillion Bill To Study What’s Causing Inflation Rates To Rise

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Biden proposed a $2 trillion spending bill Monday for the purpose of determining the cause of rising inflation. This is Biden’s fourth proposed $2 trillion bill in as many months.

“The cause of inflation is a major concern for all Americans,” Biden told reporters. “Rest assured, your government is committed to spending however much taxpayer money it takes to get to the bottom of this malarkey!”

According to Biden, the cause of the rapid increase in inflation has been baffling his economic experts for weeks. “All we know is that some mysterious event happened around January 20th which caused inflation to skyrocket out of control,” Biden said. “We don’t know what that event was exactly, but we do suspect President Trump was involved somehow. And maybe Russia.”

Biden noted that his willingness to spend trillions to study the problem shows just how seriously he takes the threat of inflation. “I can’t remember the last time anyone proposed a $2 trillion spending bill to Congress,” he stated. “I mean that honestly: I can’t remember. Say, what were we talking about again?”

In the meantime, officials from the US Treasury as well as the CDC have advised the public to start carrying double wallets to protect their money and help slow the spread of inflation.


With Birthing Person’s Day Over, Families Prepare For Lawnmowing Person’s Day

To Honor Willie Mays, Nancy Pelosi Accidentally Shares Image Of Carl From The Simpsons

Bounty On Groot Skyrockets Due To Spike In Lumber Prices

Tired of Your Perfect Marriage?

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Shocking Study Finds Paying People Not To Work Makes People Not Want To Work

U.S.—A surprising new study released Friday found that paying people not to work made people not want to work.

Amid shockingly low job numbers released today, the study suggested that some of that low unemployment was due to the government sending everyone more money than they would have made out working a job. Some smart expert analysts are seeing a connection between incentivizing people to stay home and them staying home.

“It’s really bizarre — telling people to stay home and watch Netflix while we send them money makes people just stay home and watch Netflix while we send them money,” said one government official. “It seems that when you just send people checks they don’t really see a point to going to work.”

“We could not possibly have foreseen this.”

At publishing time, experts had recommended raising the minimum wage to $1,000,000 an hour to incentivize people to go back to work, foreseeing no negative consequences from this course of action.


Forget Yo Momma Jokes — Here Are 7 Hilarious Yo Birthing Person Jokes

SNL Cast Getting Stage Fright As They’re Not Used To Having People Tune In To Watch Them

CNN Praises Biden For Efficiently Liberating Thousands From Wage Slavery In First 100 Days In Office

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

In New Cut Of Empire Strikes Back, Vader Will Now Say ‘I Am Your Non-Birthing Person!’

BURBANK, CA—Disney confirmed today that all releases of The Empire Strikes Back will be rereleased with Darth Vader delivering his iconic line “No — I am your father!” as “No — I am your non-birthing person!”

The change will be more inclusive to non-binary people, who all love Star Wars, though most of them have only seen The Last Jedi. But Disney is hopeful this will get these new loyal fans to watch the rest of the movies and buy more merchandise.

“Think about all the trans people who have had to watch Empire and suffer in silence as Vader uses the word ‘father,'” said Kathleen Kennedy. “We all know that the main thing people love about Star Wars is the love, inclusion, and… harmony? I think harmony is in Star Wars. Also dinosaurs. I’m not sure, I’ve never watched a Star War. But that is what I am told.”

Not to be outdone, Warner Bros. will release a new Inclusive Cut of the Director’s Cut of Batman vs. Superman, where Batperson is stunned to find out that Superperson’s birthing person’s name is also Martha.


Liberals Replace Offensive Term ‘Woman’ With ‘Child Factory Who Bleeds’

Chinese Rocket Breaks Apart Revealing Inspirational Fortune Inside

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Dangerous God: A Defense of Transcendent Truth

New English Review Press is pleased to announce the publication of our thirty-seventh title, Dangerous God: A Defense of Transcendent Truth by Albert Norton Jr. We believe this is one of the most significant books we have ever published. The books are in and we’d be happy to send you one.

You may be asking yourself why the world is so crazy. We seem to have lost the ability to agree on fundamental truths. Everyone seems to be running toward something, but could it be that we are running away from something greater? In Dangerous God: A Defense of Transcendent Truth, Albert Norton makes the case that confronting the reality of God in the postmodern world is a dangerous proposition. Dangerous to our most cherished notions of reality. Dangerous to our comfortable worldview and how we see ourselves. To find out why this postmodern turn has come to pass, Norton insists we must ask ourselves Pilate’s age-old question: What is truth?

It could be that in the postmodern age we don’t merely disagree about whether something is true, but that we disagree about how truth and values are formed in the first place. To begin to understand this, we really must start with how we think and form value judgments in general. We share an orientation to objective truth, in our thinking, and we build on rational processes of binary differentiation. This should lead us to an objective and real hierarchy of ideals, rather than a subjective or socially-produced narrative.

To understand this, a history of truth formation is presented, distinguishing the medieval to modern periods, and then the modern to postmodern, highlighting the thinking of Descartes, Rousseau, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Marx, Nietzsche, William James, and John Dewey, among many others. This leads to a discussion of truth at the hands of postmodernists such as Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, and Richard Rorty. The purpose is to trace the intellectual movements shaping the determination of truth and values, from individualism to collectivism, correspondence theory to pragmatism, anxiety about meaning as expressed in existentialism, and Marxism re-worked for cultural application—the “woke” movement.

The author concludes: Truth exists as a real and extant feature of the universe. It is objective and unchanging and “out there.” It resides in and emanates from and is personified in God, the ideal of the ideals; the pinnacle of the hierarchy of values that we perceive, rather than create.

Advance Praise:

This is a refreshing reassertion of the answerability of the God argument without unnecessary elaboration or extravagant claims, and a learned but never recondite reminder that it is not so difficult to be sensible and morally confident without being unphilosophical or hidebound: an informative, often delightful read. —Conrad Black, author of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom, A President Like No Other: Donald J. Trump and the Restoring of America, and Flight of the Eagle, a Strategic History of the United States.

In Dangerous God, Albert Norton has written an essential philosophical defense of transcendence. In clear and accessible language, Norton logically and methodically demonstrates the reality of transcendent being and in the process undertakes a full-scale demolition of modern and postmodern epistemologies, including reductionist materialism and the ontological denialism of postmodernism. In the process, he shows how collectivism and the denial of God go hand in hand as collectivism serves a means for the individual to hide from the greatest challenge one can possibly face: the confrontation with the divine transcendent. —Michael Rectenwald, author of Springtime for Snowflakes, Beyond Woke, and Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom.

Whatever your philosophical or religious standpoint, Mr. Norton is sure to challenge it in a constructive and thought-provoking way. His dissection of our current philosophical impasse and its consequences is forthright and illuminating. —Theodore Dalrymple, author of The Terror of Existence, Threats of Pain and Ruin, and Grief and Other Stories.

ALBERT NORTON, JR. is a writer and attorney working in the American South. He is author of Dangerous God: A Defense of Transcendent Truth (2021) concerning formation of truth and values in a postmodern age; and Intuition of Significance, a 2020 work weighing the merits of theism against materialism. He is also the author of several award-winning short stories, and two novels: Another Like Me (2015) and Rough Water Baptism (2017), on themes of navigating reality in a post-Christian world.

Copyright © 2021 New English Review Press, All rights reserved.