Homicides Skyrocket In Dozens Of Nation’s Largest Cities, Analysis Finds

Homicides in 50 of America’s largest cities rose by 24%, a new analysis found.

In total, 36 of 50 of America’s largest cities examined saw a double-digit rise in homicide rates, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. Austin and Chicago’s homicide rates have increased more than 50% in comparison to last year’s rates, according to the Journal.

Fort Worth’s homicide rate increased more than 25% while Dallas and San Jose both saw a less than 25% decrease in homicide rates in comparison to last year, the paper found.

Other crimes, such as robbery, decreased by 11% among 41 of America’s largest cities that provided robbery data, the Journal’s analysis showed.

Police say robbery, burglary and rape rates have gone down perhaps because of the coronavirus lockdowns, the analysis noted, adding that authorities have also attributed the rising homicide rates to rising gang violence.

Homicide rates are also up because criminals have grown bolder as institutions, including police, have stepped back because of police reform protests and the coronavirus, analysts and law-enforcement officials said, according to the analysis.

Protests calling for racial justice and police reform have been ongoing since George Floyd died in police custody. George Floyd died after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, according to video footage.

Although many in the Democratic Party don’t directly call to defund the police, many of them sympathize with the movement and some endorse it, the Daily Caller reported.

The WSJ analysis used individual police department reports on city crime and public information data. The analysis also used the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab for analysis completion and review.





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The Troubling Goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Politicians and various social justice groups have long used labels that have nothing to do with the real intent of legislation, or an organization, to dupe the public. But, to paraphrase Shakespeare, a rose by any other name is still a rose.

Numerous “civil rights” bills have been passed by Congress over the years that have nothing to do with civil rights, but how many members are brave enough to point that out and vote against them?

Which brings me to the Black Lives Matter movement. How many mainstream reporters have bothered to delve into the background and founding principles of the rapidly spreading organization to which even white CEOs are contributing gobs of money in what appears to be an attempt to protect themselves and their businesses from any potential charge of racism?

The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, which self-describes as “an ecumenical, nonprofit research organization that promotes the benefits of free enterprise to religious communities, business people, students and educators,” has exposed the ideology of Black Lives Matter.

How are socialists deluding a whole generation? Learn more now >>

According to Acton, the founding principles of BLM include a guaranteed minimum income for all black people, free health care, free schooling, free food, free real estate, gender reassignment surgery, and free abortion (already disproportionately high among African American women, “27.1 per 1,000 women compared with 10 per 1,000 for white women,” but apparently unborn black lives don’t matter to BLM).

Washington, D.C.’s local BLM chapter has even called for “no new jails” (which would likely guarantee an increase in crime, much of it perpetrated in black communities—see the District’s crime stats, see Chicago, see Los Angeles). BLM also demands reparations and wants to create a “global liberation movement” that will “overturn U.S. imperialism [and] capitalism.”

According to The New York Post, “Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are ‘trained Marxists.’”

Breitbart News, a conservative syndicated news website, reported that “Cullors, 36, was the protege of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview.”

Driving through what appeared to be a mostly white neighborhood in Washington, D.C., last weekend I was surprised, though I probably shouldn’t have been, to see quite a few “Black Lives Matter” signs on front lawns and on cars. A few friends have posted the BLM sign on their social media pages. I wonder if any of these people know the background and goals of the movement, or the radical ideology behind it.

There are a growing number, especially among the young, who have been “educated” in our once-great universities by some professors who support the BLM movement and promote similar or identical ideologies.

Part of what they are taught is that America began as a white, slave-owning patriarchy and that slaves actually built America. They quickly absorb this, then come home to tell their parents they are part of the problem.

This is a major reason school choice is important if the nation is to be preserved. It should also be obvious that parents must be more selective in where they allow—and in many cases pay for—their children to attend colleges and universities and choose one where their values are strengthened and the nation not undermined.

Black lives matter because like all lives, everyone is endowed with unalienable rights. But the BLM movement might be more harmful than helpful to African Americans.

BLM’s foundational principles and goals seem closer to those of China and the former Soviet Union. If more people understood that, they might wake up and realize that the United States, as Ronald Reagan used to say, is only one generation from losing it all.



Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist, author, broadcaster, and speaker with access to world leaders, U.S. presidents, celebrities, educators, and countless other notables. He has authored several books, including his latest, “America’s Expiration Date: The Fall of Empires and Superpowers and the Future of the United States.” Readers can email him at tcaeditors@tribpub.com. Twitter: .


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How are socialists deluding a whole generation? One of their most effective arguments is that “democratic socialism” is working in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway. They claim these countries are “proof” that socialism will work for America. But they’re wrong. And it’s easy to explain why.

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Our Decaying Civilization: What it looks like when a great nation commits suicide.

Last week, I received an email from a friend. As a former U.S. Army intelligence officer during the Cold War, he carried out clandestine collection operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency in Germany, and later worked as an international war correspondent for the Associated Press. He’s served on numerous corporate boards and is a military historian and lecturer. The email from him was to let me know that he’d just posted this on Facebook:

I have been in Denver for the past few days. I can tell you this once great and once beautiful city has become a leftist cesspool. With a Democrat mayor and governor, what else can you expect? Drug fueled tent encampments are all over the city with a major one just below the Capitol. Lots of graffiti and hateful anti-Trump racist Black Lives Matter slogans. Major government buildings are fenced off to prevent people from getting on the grounds or to prevent them from being attacked. Driving around, my main impression is this is a decaying civilization. If you are not strong enough to defend it from the barbarians, you are bound to lose it.

The rapidly decaying civilization my friend observed in Denver is nationwide in scope, and has been in a state of inexorable decline long before the recent race riots destroyed large sections of more than 140 U.S. cities, including the one where I live, Atlanta.

When I was a student at Georgia Tech in the mid-1960s, Atlanta was a clean, safe and truly beautiful city. Then along came a well-intended, but horribly misguided, war: the war on poverty.

Over the intervening half-century, Atlanta, like Denver, became an unsafe eyesore marked by urban blight, vagrants defecating on public sidewalks, boarded-up houses, vacant lots, abandoned buildings, rat-infested public housing, gang graffiti everywhere, inexcusably sorry schools, generational poverty and, of course, the inevitable offshoot of such wretched living conditions: chronic despair endured by millions of disadvantaged people in America’s rundown inner cities, crime infested urban war zones entirely unfit for human habitation.

After the bulk of $22 trillion in anti-poverty funding was siphoned off by blue state and blue city elected officials to expand their political empires with money intended to help lift the black underclass, urban America is in worse shape than ever, a humiliating national tragedy by any measure.

What happened to Atlanta and Denver also happened to virtually every Democrat-run city in America.

I do not say that as a partisan swipe. I say it because it is true. Decades of progressive rule has bred a snake’s nest of dysfunctional cities: Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Cleveland, Baltimore, Newark, New York City, the nation’s capitol, and on and on and on.

  • Dysfunctional cities where mayors do fist-pumps as Americans taught to hate their country burn U.S. flags and tear down statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Francis Scott Key, composer of the National Anthem.
  • Dysfunctional cities where mayors order police departments to stand down to clear the way for rioting and looting carried out by violent Marxist revolutionaries hiding behind the noble cause of racial justice.
  • Dysfunctional cities where mayors look the other way as masked anarchists attack police with guns, knives, two-by-fours, metal pipes, explosives spiked with nails, smoke bombs, rocks, bricks, bottles of frozen water, spray paint, bleach, spit and who knows what else. Federal agents sent to Portland to prevent destruction of a U.S. District Court may have beenpermanently blindedby anarchists who beamed laser light at their eyes. Please click here to see a sampling of the raging anarchy that’s been going on in Portland for nearly ten straight weeks, all while the city’s Democrat mayor and the state’s Democrat governor watched as portions of the city were methodically reduced to burned-out rubble.
  • Dysfunctional cities where mayors give a wink and a nod to rioting and looting in rare instances when police wrongfully kill a black person, but remain stone silent as black on black homicides in the cities they run leave thousands of African Americans dead each year, including dozens of young black children caught in the crossfire. Althoughnearly 450 people—450!—have been murdered in Chicago so far this year, the city’s Democrat mayor mockingly rebuffed President Trump’s offer to send federal law enforcement officers to help quell the carnage. Only after 15 people were recently shot outside a Chicago funeral home did she appear to begrudgingly change her mind.
  • Dysfunctional cities where mayors refuse to enforce their nation’s immigration laws, and now demand that big chunks of police department budgets be handed over to them so they will have even more money with which to further entrench the uninterrupted Democrat rule that bears sole responsibility for having run urban America into the ground.

A great country committing suicide, city by city by city. What a shame.

To understand how thoroughly Democrats have unilaterally decimated America’s once-thriving cities, check out the video below to see what four Chicago ex-offenders had to say in 2014, when President Obama was still in office.

Chicago Unchained: Black Activists Slam Democrat Plantation

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A UK Perspective – The pre-cursor to a Cashless Society. The Wearing of Masks?

These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.

God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

On July 24th, 2020, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, enforced a rule, with a few exceptions, that mask wearing in all shops in the UK was now a mandatory requirement.

Together with various members of the Conservative Party, who have publicly ripped up their membership cards in disagreement with the ruling, many other people across the country have seriously questioned the decision on why this requirement would be enforced now, in the middle of summer, and four months after the initial lockdown?

Mask wearing, according to Mr Johnson, and numerous media outlets, and biased talk show debaters, have stressed it will stem the spread of infection and give more confidence to shoppers!  Some now hold the upper ground in responsibility by believing that only the selfish would not wear a mask, and according to police chief Cressida Dick, those who don’t wear a mask should be ‘shamed’ by shop owners.

Division can be a wonderful thing in a country which keeps promoting the ‘all in it together’ rhetoric.

A Room with a View

This week from my office window, I have observed some wonderful, and yet very bittersweet sights.

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

The Designer mask:  Usually floral or leopard print and colour co-ordinated to the outfit.

The Sports mask:  Depicting your favourite sport or team.

The Bandana:  Tough, casual, slightly rebellious, but does the job.

The Face Shield:  Perspex windscreen minus the wash and wipers.

The Ultimate Survivor:   Tight fit, quality mask with temperature gauge and air filters.

The Whatever:   Those who wear them under their chin, hanging from their ear, or worse, the rear-view mirror in their car.

“Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes” (a quote from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden)

And then there are those who seriously struggle. They have bright red faces and are obviously breathless, with sad weary eyes.   Some are elderly, or lonely, and have no friendly smile or conversation to great them.

However, aside from genuine people with health and disability issues which are being cruelly overlooked by police chief Cressida Dick and the recruited vigilantes, there could be much more serious consequences to consider apart from your own particular views on the wearing of a mask against a coronavirus.

Whose orders you follow, whether it is via your conscience, the laws enforced by a government, or by God, if you are a believer, can have serious consequences as well.

The organized church who have been told their congregations must wear masks in church, could be complicit in promoting some ‘pre-conditioning programming’ which is required for not being able to buy or sell as indicated in the book of Revelation which states:

It causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. (Revelation 13:17-17)

Is mask wearing the precursor to programming us to not being able to buy or sell at a later date into readily accept a vaccination which will free us from the bondage of our muzzles?

Or, is ‘mandatory’ mask wearing, despite its inefficiency reported by many other experts in the health field, a means to preventing the spread of a virus?

They are points to consider, most especially if you are a preacher leading people to their Creator, whilst standing in front of a congregation of mask wearers staring back at you.

As a friend pointed out.   We do not look for the signs and wonders to prove Gods existence, but the signs of good which is God, and evil which is hell; is all around us.   They do not hide.

The Creator of Confusion

The person of faith of course believes we have an enemy which comes to kill, steal and destroy.   There is a spirit of darkness which is always attempting to build its own kingdom on this earth.

One of its calling cards is usually ‘confusion’ and you can be sure if there is confusion or mayhem in any given situation, there is a source of darkness which is usually at play.

Life out there, after our initial summer holiday at home is now officially miserable if you look at the faces of those who are currently trying to live, shop, travel or work in a state of chaos which has incorporated misleading information, mandated draconian rules, and enforced silencing of speech via different methods of suppression against innocent and healthy people.

As predicted, people are now avoiding their once pleasurable pastime of shopping.   This will close down even more of the small businesses.

Who will you allow to bring in the order which has been systematically been broken down over the years?

Navigating your way through the minefield of confusion minus the rose-coloured plastic face shield requires a common sense and simplistic approach.   It requires an uncompromising stance on boundaries and the suppression against your freedom to breath, work and speak how you choose, whilst still observing obvious health issues to both yourself and others.

We are not alone in our fight against ‘the virus’ Speak up,

The very wonderful Lloyd Marcus who sadly passed away recently wrote:

God instructed Pharaoh, “Let my people go.”

God instructs us ,“Let my people know.” Spread truth.

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EXCLUSIVE: Here Is The Full Witness List For The Congressional Hearing On Antifa Violence

A subcommittee in the Senate is holding a congressional hearing on the violence caused by Antifa and will hear from a number of witnesses whose names have first been obtained by the Daily Caller.

The Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, which is chaired by Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, will hold the hearing Tuesday titled “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.” The hearing will reportedly detail Antifa’s role in riots and more.

Here Are The Witnesses For The Hearing:

  • Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli
  • U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and co-head of the Department of Justice Task Force on Violent Anti-Government Extremists Erin Nealy Cox
  • Journalist Andy Ngo
  • Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy Kyle Shideler
  • George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley
  • Brennan Center Fellow Michael German
  • President and CEO of the Urban League of Portland Nkenge Harmon Johnson

This comes as riots continue across the country with a number of statues destroyed and defaced by rioters. Federal buildings and police offices have also been vandalized.

Many lawmakers have been calling out the violence caused by Antifa, while others like Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler have called it “a myth.”



Senior Congressional correspondent. Follow Henry Rodgers On Twitter

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Portland Recorded More Homicides In July Than Any Month Over Last 30 Years

‘Shouldn’t You Have Known By Then?’: Chris Wallace Presses Karen Bass On 2016 Castro Statement

NELLIGAN: There’s One Tactic For Getting Ahead In The Swamp That Everyone Should Practice

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Vandalism Is Violence: Destructive Riots Are Not ‘Just Property Damage’

Chaos is consuming Portland, Oregon.

Local police declared a riot on Saturday evening after rioters once again tried to burn down a federal courthouse and launched mortars and fireworks at police officers, several of whom sustained injuries. Similarly destructive unrest has unfolded each night in the city for weeks now, with rampant vandalism, arson, graffiti, and more becoming commonplace as protests over the death of George Floyd morphed into riots over President Trump’s controversial decision to send federal officers to Portland.

Yet Portland is by no means the only city gripped by unrest and violence.

Riots have also rocked cities such as Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington. In Seattle over the weekend rioters reportedly set fires, vandalized businesses, smashed car windows, and assaulted a court building. NPR reports that 21 police officers were injured while trying to contain the chaos.

And this is just the most recent wave. In May and early June, rioting broke out in cities from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Dallas, Texas.

We’re witnessing a breakdown in the rule of law. In many cases, city officials have enabled or encouraged rioting while law enforcement stands down and allows wanton property destruction. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler even joined rioters and participated in the same demonstrations that were spiraling out of control.

Meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin encouraged and lauded the self-described anarchists who declared an “autonomous zone” in the middle of the city. The mayor called the no-go zone a “block party” amid a “summer of love” despite rampant destruction and seizure of property. Only after weeks of skyrocketing crime rates and multiple shootings (including one that killed a teenager) did she finally order law enforcement to clear the city’s insurrectionists.

And in many of the other protests-turned-riots around the country, law enforcement stood down and watched as private property was destroyed and their city was rocked by rioters.

So how can anyone justify this madness?

Well, many left-wing journalists, activists, and commentators who are politically sympathetic to the rioters have argued that rampant destruction isn’t really a problem, because it’s “just” destruction of property, not violence against people.

One person who makes this argument is Oakland-based “racial justice organizer” Cat Brooks, who was interviewed by the New York Times.

“I don’t consider property destruction violence,” Brooks said in defense of the rioting and vandalism in her city. “Violence is when you attack a person or another living, breathing creature on this planet. Windows don’t cry and they can’t die.”

Meanwhile, New York Times writer Hannah Nicole-Jones, founder of the controversial “1619 Project,” has also defended the destruction of property and argued that it doesn’t constitute violence.

“Violence is when an agent of the state kneels on a man’s neck until all of the life is leached out of his body,” she said. “Destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence. To use the same language to describe those two things is not moral.”

An op-ed published in the Times titled “What kind of society values property over black life?” made a similar point. Several other left-wing media outlets have also promoted this argument.

For example, one recent article in The Nation headlined “In Defense of Destroying Property” drew viral attention for openly arguing in defense of vandalism.

“People are not objects; broken windows and burnt cars are simply not commensurate with the violence of state-sanctioned murder,” wrote Columbia University Ph.D. R.H. Lossin. “Plateglass windows don’t bleed. They don’t die and leave loved ones grieving. They don’t contribute to the collective trauma and terror experienced by their communities. They just break, and then, at some point, they are replaced by identical sheets of glass.”

“Disavowing property destruction and even theft because of a spurious attachment to a reified notion of nonviolence is a mistake,” Lossin concluded.

similar piece in the left-wing journal Current Affairs likewise argued that “Destroying property is not in and of itself a violent act.”

“The word ‘violence’ should be reserved for harm done to people,” editor Nathan J. Robinson wrote. “Otherwise, we risk making the term conceptually incoherent and—much more importantly—conflating acts that do very serious physical harm to people with acts that have not physically harmed anyone.”

It is, of course, true that a rioter smashing a window is not morally equivalent to a police officer standing on an innocent man’s throat, but this is a strawman argument. (No serious person ever suggested otherwise). Moreover, these arguments rely on a false distinction between grave acts of vandalism and violence.

In reality, destruction of property does real harm to innocent people. And if allowed to continue, the collapse of rule of law that started with property destruction begets a cycle of lawlessness that will inevitably descend into bloodshed. Indeed, it has already. As famed Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises put it, “It is in the nature of every application of violence that it tends toward a transgression of the limit within which it is tolerated and viewed as legitimate.”

Not convinced yet? Just consider the sad news reports detailing how police officers found the remains of a burned body in a Minneapolis pawnshop that was torched during riots as demonstrators cheered. Vandals may have thought what they were doing was “just property damage”—in reality, it was murder.

Sadly, this isn’t a one-off example. During the riots in the wake of Floyd’s death, at least 15 people were killed. How? What started as merely “broken windows” and “torched cars” escalated into mass violence that left police officers, private security guards, and peaceful protesters dead.

It’s simply impossible to keep a collapse of the rule of law constrained to “just property damage.” Moreover, it is deeply immoral and intellectually bankrupt to suggest that property destruction does not constitute “harm done to people.” Vandalism is also itself a violent act that violates human rights.

And remember, it wasn’t just big corporations or CEOs whose properties were destroyed in these riots. Many of the post-Floyd riots destroyed minority-owned small businesses.

Former firefighter KB Balla used his life savings to open a sports bar in Minneapolis. With the grand opening initially delayed by COVID-19 shutdowns, his dream was left in tatters after rioters looted, vandalized, and destroyed the property. Something tells me Balla—and the thousands like him whose livelihoods were destroyed in riots—wouldn’t accept the naive argument that property crime doesn’t hurt anyone.

It’s not just the owners of the property themselves who are impacted by wanton vandalism. Consider the way one African American woman broke down on camera while asked about the destruction in her community.

“They went straight to OfficeMax, the Dollar Store, and every store over here that I go to,” she said through tears. “I have nowhere to go now. I have no way to get [to other stores] because the buses aren’t running.”

The economic and emotional costs imposed by the destruction of property are borne by real people—and the reason why is quite clear. Influenced by the work of John Locke, economist Murray Rothbard explained why property rights are human rights:

Much is heard these days of the distinction between human rights and property rights, and many who claim to champion the one turn with scorn upon any defender of the other. They fail to see that property rights, far from being in conflict, are in fact the most basic of all human rights.

The human right of every man to his own life implies the right to find and transform resources: to produce that which sustains and advances life. That product is a man’s property. That is why prop­erty rights are foremost among human rights and why any loss of one endangers the others. (Emphasis mine)

What Rothbard meant was that lives depend on livelihoods—and livelihoods depend on property. Property is necessary for life itself and for survival. A mother cannot feed her child without property rights that protect her income. An entrepreneur and father cannot shield his children from homelessness if his business is torched to the ground.

The open assault on property taking place in cities across the country is clearly a campaign of violence. After all, a standard dictionary definition of violence is “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” That’s right, not just “someone,” but “something” too. That’s not just some technicality: it’s what people generally mean when they use the word “violence.” The term has long encompassed things like burning someone’s house down. Leftist commentators are basically trying to redefine “violence” as a synonym of “assault.”

Why the word games? It could very well be for political ends. After all, much of the hard left is heavily influenced by Marxism. And one of the tenets of Marxism is the rejection of private property rights in favor of communal (in practice, state-) ownership of the means of production. By excluding the seizure and destruction of private property from the meaning of “violence,” they are able to smuggle a key Marxist presumption into our very language.

This is an ominous path. The track record of Marxism is a litany of tyranny, famine, and murder, precisely because of its hostility toward private property.

Property rights are human rights, and we discard them at our own peril.


Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a libertarian-conservative journalist and the Eugene S. Thorpe Writing Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education. He was previously a Media and Journalism Fellow at the Washington Examiner and an editor at the libertarian media nonprofit Young Voices. His work has appeared in outlets such as USA Today, National Review, the Daily Beast, and the Boston Globe, and he has also appeared on Fox News and Fox Business.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Real History of Antifa

The dark history of the radical Left’s enforcement arm.

With riots and civil unrest metastasizing across the United States, the president declared he intends to designate Antifa as a terrorist group. Predictably, the talking heads rushed out to declare that Antifa doesn’t really exist, and even if it did the president couldn’t possibly target it using that legal designation. They argue Antifa is an amorphous blob of discontents, not a functioning organization, and certainly not one which could be designated and targeted for concentrated counterterrorism enforcement.

As usual, the Twitterati don’t know what they are talking about. Reality is both simpler and more complex.

To begin at the beginning: Antifa—real name: Antifaschisitsche Aktion—was born during the street-fights of the 1932 Weimar Republic. It was founded by the Stalinist Communist Party of Germany (KPD), although various Communist “anti-fascist defense” units were associated with the KPD much earlier.

Anti-fascist Action’s sole purpose was to help the KPD combat other political parties for control of the streets in the revolutionary politics of the rapidly failing Weimar Republic.

And yes, they fought the Nazis.

But they also fought liberal parties, conservative parties, and anyone and everyone who got in their way. While these early antecedents were short-lived, it is useful to view Antifa in this context. More than anything, Antifa exists to serve as a tool of revolutionary politics in a failed (or failing) state.

Antifa would reestablish itself in the early 1980s, also in Germany, out of Autonomism. Autonomism is an anti-authoritarian anarcho-Marxist ideology associated with the Communist urban guerilla organizations of 1970s and ’80s Europe like Red Army Faction and the Red Brigade. Autonomism would find a home among the young punks of Germany’s squatters’ rights movement. Around this time, Antifa tactics like the “black block,” where large numbers of rioters dress in black and move together in formation as part of a larger protest, were developed.

Coming to America

Antifa would form in a similar fashion in the United States, but under a different name.

According to Antifa lore, an effort by young punks to expel neo-Nazis and white supremacists from the music scene led to the formation of Anti-Racist Action (ARA), beginning in the Midwest and then spreading outward. As chapters formed in various cities, regional councils and networks were formed, such as the Midwest Anti-Fascist Network (MAFN) in 1995.

But present at the birth of ARA were members of America’s long-time revolutionary clique, with roots going all the way back to the domestic terror group Weather Underground. Consulting the young anti-racist punks in the formation of ARA were members of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee (JBAKC). Several separate ARAs would go on to form one of the largest Antifa networks in the country, Torch Antifa, whose website was registered by a former JBAKC member.

JBAKC was formed as a front for the May 19th Communist Organization (MCO), itself founded out of the remnants of the Weather Underground, Black Liberation Army, the FALN and other terrorist groups of the ’60s and ’70s. (May 19 was chosen since it was the birthday of both Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh.)

Following a split in the Weather Underground leadership over whether to emphasize class or racial struggle, the MCO emphasized working for “black liberation.” Members of the MCO were responsible for several bombings and robberies in the 1980s, including the infamous 1981 Brinks Armored Car Robbery.

JBAKC used its newsletter “Death to the Klan!” to highlight street fighting with Klansmen, accuse Reagan officials of white supremacy, endorse MCO bank robberies as “expropriation,” and promote communist insurgencies taking place in Nicaragua and El Salvador. It is important, again, to keep in mind that this was all done under the guise of “fighting white supremacy.”

The logic of JBAKC and the May 19th Communist Organization, and the same ideology which drives Antifa today, was that at its core the United States was founded on white supremacy, and therefore needs to be destroyed. Their “Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand” slogan suggests there is no distinction between neo-Nazis and America’s institutions.

Antifa Today

Of course, in the age of the 1619 Project, such positions are no longer held just by members of underground Communist terror organizations. They are de rigueur in newsrooms, faculty lounges, and among the staff of mayors’ and attorneys general’s offices.

The modern Antifa movement advances the robust legacy infrastructure of the revolutionary Left through a belief in the efficacy of loose organization. The basic building block of direct-action organizing is the “affinity group,” which is exactly what it sounds like: a group of like-minded people who share a common objective. Pro-Antifa website CrimethInc notes:

This leaderless format has proven effective for guerrilla activities of all kinds, as well as what the RAND Corporation calls “swarming” tactics in which many unpredictable autonomous groups overwhelm a centralized adversary. You should go to every demonstration in an affinity group, with a shared sense of your goals and capabilities. If you are in an affinity group that has experience taking action together, you will be much better prepared to deal with emergencies and make the most of unexpected opportunities.

Multiple affinity groups can organize into what are described as “clusters” of affinity groups. Members of individual affinity groups may be members of other radical Left organizations and call upon them for assistance. Antifa members are likely to have ties to political organizations with Antifa support committees such as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), The International Workers of the World (Wobblies), the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), or any number of other local and regional radical Left organizations or collectives. Antifa draws resources and recruits from them all.

Where necessary, multiple clusters planning large actions may utilize “spokes-councils” to coordinate. Each affinity group or cluster may send spokespersons to negotiate on the general goals of the action. These methods are no less organized for being non-hierarchical and help Antifa avoid police and law enforcement investigations, as well as preserve the above-ground support structures from facing criminal consequences for the acts they enable.

Antifa is in many ways an improved iteration of prior militant leftist guerilla organizations. While the Weather Underground wrote high-profile manifestos and their members became household names, they were also forced into hiding by aggressive, but largely traditional, law enforcement methods. In part, they failed because they misjudged how ready society was for their message, banked everything on militant action, and gave up mass organizing. Antifa, with its anarchist outer structure and plausible deniability, allows the radical Left to have their cake and eat it too.

And now, with the successful promulgation of the radical message of America as bastion of white supremacy by presidential candidates, cable news anchors, and generations of tenured professors, Antifa is unlikely to lack for recruits and support—rhetorical or otherwise—any time in the near future.

In all turbulent periods of revolutionary politics, whether the 1930s, 1970s, or today, the ability to project force on the streets to punish enemies is a valuable asset. For the Left today, Antifa is that force.


Kyle Shideler

Kyle Shideler is the director and senior analyst for homeland security and counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy. Twitter:  @ShidelerK

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VIDEO: Trump is Right to Suspect Voter Fraud

President Trump was right when he tweeted out the dangers of mail-in ballots on Friday morning. As usual, he triggered the left-stream media – and for good cause.

In my column from The Epoch Times this morning, I explain why mail-in ballots are not the same as absentee ballots (a canard the media loves to repeat). But even more importantly, I sketch out additional vulnerabilities of our election system that I expose in my new book, The Election Heist.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you pre-order the book from Amazon. Otherwise, they are guaranteed to run out on August 11, the day the book will be released (and shipped to everyone who has pre-ordered it).

Amazon has a track record of ordering just enough books from conservative authors to cover the initial demand – unless they are flooded with hundreds or thousands of pre-orders. So make sure you reserve your copy today.

I am very worried about November. The Election Heist lays out what I am convinced will be the Democrats’ playbook to steal the election. It includes Antifa rioting, widespread challenges to the election results, and nation-wide protests.

An educated public can prevent the theft of our democracy. Learn about the Democrats playbook – and enjoy a great read – with The Election Heist.

WATCH my interview with NewsmaxTV host Chris Salcedo. My segment starts at 20’30” into the show.

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PHILADELPHIA: NAACP Chief’s Mosque calls Jews ‘Satan,’ says Muslims should ‘pick up a stone’ when Jews are spotted

The bit about “you are not a Jew…you are Satan” is adapted from the New Testament: “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” (Revelation 2:9)

The stone of truth that is thrown is reminiscent of Allah’s boast in the Qur’an: “We dash the truth against falsehood, and it destroys it, and thereupon it departs.” (Qur’an 21:18)

The stone here is identified as “the stone of Truth,” but there is also the notorious genocidal hadith states: “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (Sahih Muslim 6985)

Anyway, here yet again we see the close alignment between Leftist and Islamic supremacist perspectives and goals.

“Philadelphia NAACP head apologizes for anti-Semitic image, not his mosque’s anti-Semitic Facebook page,” by Stewart Ain, Forward, July 30, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Philadelphia president of the NACCP will not be resigning—at least for now.

Despite calls for the resignation of Rodney Muhammad for posting an anti-Semitic meme on Facebook, the national NAACP said it has decided with him to “meet with community leaders and faith leaders to open a dialogue” and to also launch “national conversations to further understanding.”

Meanwhile, the Facebook page of the mosque where Muhammed is minister is still filled with anti-Semitic posts.

“Those of you who say that you are Jews, I will not give you the honor of calling you a Jew; you are not a Jew! You’re So-Called [a Jew], you are Satan and it is my job now to pull the cover off of Satan so that every Muslim, when he sees Satan, [will/should] pick up a stone,” reads a recent post of Muhammed’s Mosque No. 12 in Philadelphia.

In its statement, the national NAACP did not address these additional posts. It said that when Muhammad posted the meme last Friday, he was unaware that it “has a history of anti-Semitic propaganda. Upon realizing his mistake, he immediately took down the post, as well as the associated caption. He also acknowledged and apologized for his error in judgment.”

The meme is a drawing of an anti-Semitic caricature – a smiling, bearded Jewish man wearing a yarmulke – rubbing his hands together while a large hand below him presses down on several people huddled together. Above it are color photos of rapper and actor Ice Cube, Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson and actor and television host Nick Cannon. All three men are prominent African Americans who have come under heavy criticism for recent anti-Semitic comments or sharing anti-Semitic social media posts.

The cartoon also included the caption, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” It was attributed to the French philosopher Voltaire, but it actually is said to have been uttered by a neo-Nazi white supremacist. The Anti-Defamation League said the drawing itself is the favorite anti-Semitic meme of white supremacists, who it said have created a nearly endless series of images and variants featuring what is called the “Happy Merchant.”…


Muslim plotter in 1993 NYC jihad bombing set for release despite repeated assaults of prison officials

Boris Johnson’s migration policy could leave Britain open to 660 million migrants

Saudi Arabia’s call for UN to embrace ‘Islamophobia’ as racism threatens global religious freedom

Turkey ‘expanding its footprint across the Arab world, using force more than diplomacy’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

‘Long-Held Dream’: Honest Elections Project Director Says Mandated Mail-In Voting Has Little To Do With The Pandemic

Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, joined the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to discuss the push for mandatory voting by mail.

During the interview, Snead warned of the risks associated with rushing vote by mail months before a presidential election.

He also called out Democrats for pushing the effort, saying that it’s more about politics than the coronavirus pandemic.

“I actually think that a lot of the policies they are proposing have very little to do with responding to the pandemic and everything to do with trying to accomplish a long-held dream that they have had to fundamentally reshape our elections,” Snead said.

The Honest Elections Project says it supports efforts to expand the use of absentee voting during the pandemic, but only if the changes are “adopted in a planned, rational manner protected with appropriate election integrity measures.”



Video columnist.


Trump Explains Tweet Suggesting Election Delay, Says He Doesn’t Want Date Change.

Every NHL Player Stands For The National Anthem During First Game Back

‘It’s Not Just Inexcusable, It’s Genocidal’: PBS Host Says A ‘Real’ AG Would Investigate Trump’s COVID Response

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved. The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

HONOR, RESPECT, SUBMISSION: The Contemporary Moral Confusion

The Macmillan Dictionary defines the verb to “honor” (spelled “honour” in Britain and Canada) as “to show your respect or admiration for someone, especially by giving them a prize or title, or by praising them publicly.”

And so, George Floyd, whose adult life was spent in years of crime and jail sentences and in impregnating and then abandoning 5 different women, and participating in an armed home invasion where he held a gun to the pregnant belly of a woman victim, has been honored in the United States.

Important people came to his funeral, young people have his photo on t-shirts. The most bizarre tribute was the launching of an anti-American, Marxist, anti-Semitic movement calling itself “Black Lives Matter”. However, some analysis shows that the movement was not to indicate that Black lives matter as much as all other lives, but that Black lives and Black grievances and Black rights, matter more than other lives. And so an American academic was disciplined for writing a sympathetic email in which she stated that “all lives matter”. Then, a 27 year old mother was shot dead for saying “all lives matter” as some Black Lives Matter violent radicals passed by who refused to submit to the supposed indignity of being thereby placed equal to other people. It seems the goal of equality is now less than the goal of getting whites to submit to this enhanced form of Black Power based on submission to any of their demands.

An estimate of the crowds at the protests and the violent riots that have gone on for many weeks, show that whites compose the majority of protesters, both peaceful and violent. The sad death of Mr. Floyd by an out-of-control cop (who apparently knew Mr. Floyd as they were once co-workers in security for a bar), must surely be condemned but does Floyd deserve to be “honored” which implies, as noted above, “respect” and “admiration?”

The more that whites are induced to acknowledge historical or current systemic racism in America, the greater the amount of power that accrues to Blacks. In his 2006 book, White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of Civil Rights, Shelby Steele, a conservative black academic, criticizes “white guilt” saying that it is nothing more than an alternative interpretation of the concept of “black power”:

“Whites (and American institutions) must acknowledge historical racism to show themselves redeemed by it, but once they acknowledge it, they lose moral authority over everything having to do with race, equality, social justice, poverty and so on. […] The authority they lose transfers to the ‘victims’ of historical racism and becomes their great power in society. This is why white guilt is quite literally the same thing as Black power.”

The columnist George Will wrote: “[White guilt is] a form of self-congratulation, where whites initiate ‘compassionate policies’ toward people of color, to showcase their innocence to racism.”

This white guilt is, then, often related to what is called “virtue signalling”: This is the term meaning, according to Dictionary.com, “the sharing of one’s point of view on a social or political issue, often on social media, in order to garner praise or acknowledgment of one’s righteousness from others who share that point of view, or to passively rebuke those who do not”. It also is said to mean the act of accusing someone of “trying to win praise for showing support for a social cause without actually doing anything meaningful to advance it. This charge is often used against people for being self-righteously “woke” on social media.” The Oxford Dictionary terms it a “pejorative neologism for the conspicuous expression of moral values”, suggesting that it is most often used pejoratively outside of academia.

And so American culture, which gave up so many civil war military deaths to free black slaves, which attempted a Reconstruction, that underwent a Civil Rights Movement (where Jews, now subject to anti-Semitism from Black Lives Matter, marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr., and other black leaders) and a long term affirmative action movement in universities and in corporation, seems receptive to being told it is fundamentally racist and that there is systemic racism. Moreover there seems some consensus among the Left that American athletes and entertainers and politicians should kneel before every event to acknowledge the supposed systemic racism. Moreover, at a recent Women’s NBA game, the players got up and walked around during the playing of the national anthem to emphasize their contempt for the country that allows them to be so richly compensated for playing a game.

It becomes clear, upon a review of the figures, that poor Blacks have more to fear from other blacks than they do policemen. But the video of Floyd’s slow death under the policeman’s knee, that has been seen millions of times, is now a symbol. A symbol doesn’t have to be logical or based on facts, and that is often its strength and utility: Symbolism, said Alfred North Whitehead “is no mere idle fancy or corrupt degeneration; it is inherent in the very texture of human life.”

Symbols are sometimes chosen by the inarticulate, because what articulate person with a confidence that his well-articulated arguments will be heard, would instead choose symbolism? Antifa adopts black clothing and masks and obscene graffiti as its symbols of choice. And the burning of American flags and the shunning of the American anthem are meant to be a symbols of disgust and absolute rejection of traditional America at the hands of those seeking its fundamental transformation.

And, given the acute cultural chaos, the choice of who we honor or respect is very telling. Our cultural chaos is in part based on cultural and moral relativism, so that we are prevented from making expressions of judgment on any group, no matter how immoral that group might be according to traditional standards of the Judeo-Christian ethics. “Respect”, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities ar achievements.”

This points to the foundation of our problem. We are told to respect all people. Hillary Clinton once infamously advocated that America should adopt what she termed “Smart Power” – “showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand, and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

Black Lives Matter or George Floyd should not be honored or respected. Nor should the Muslim Brotherhood or any Islamist organization. Their conduct is more important than their words or the symbolic uses to which they are put. The bottom line is we should not have a feeling of “deep admiration” for “their abilities, qualities or achievements.”

It seems that the West has learned little from the genocidal, racist, homophobic, anti-woman, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-freedom Islamists. In a bizarre form of the Stockholm Syndrome, our culture has been giving respect to the worst of the Islamists. Black Lives Matter can be said to have learned that the more violent one becomes the more “respect” one gets: Barack Obama shall forever be known for his “apology tour” to the Muslim world, right after his inauguration where he said: “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and the Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect (my emphasis)… “shar(ing) common principles – principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

And so, Obama gave respect to the Islamists and the Democratic Party gives respect to the Black Lives Matters radicals; in both cases American media, academia, and Democratic Party leaders, all give respect to bad people with bad values. Once you make a habit of that cultural relativism, it is all too easy to lose your bearings and think that your enemy, whether domestic or international, shares the same view of acceptable qualities and achievements. And if that is so, how can you refuse to submit to those groups, when allegations of racism are in the air?

America saw nothing wrong with its Secretary of State Hillary Clinton having as her principal assistant, Huma Abedin, a Saudi operative of the Muslim Brotherhood. And if that is the case, we should not be surprised that more Blacks than ever are giving an ear to the anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan.

Major Doctor Hassan the terrorist murderer at Fort Hood, was said by Obama to be an example of “workplace violence” not terrorism. And so Islamists seeking to impose a world-wide caliphate by violent jihad and the adoption of Sharia Law), are welcomed into Congress, even onto the foreign affairs committee (as was Ilhan Omar) and into our universities that have now submitted to the Palestinian obsession with destroying Israel as part of paving the way for eventual Islamist rule.

Submission is made inevitable when the education system has been captured by the Islamists and the Black Lives Matter crowd. As to the latter, one element of submission is to the demand that Black students be exempted from the grammar used in traditional white, educated circles. Educational administrators are seriously discussing whether the rules of grammar are part of the systemic racism against Blacks.

In addition to the sad mis-use of honor and respect, I have written about the way that tolerance has been hi-jacked into the arsenal of the cultural relativists. I have termed excessive tolerance of the intolerant and illiberal the ideology of Tolerism. (see Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed, Mantua Books) and I discuss in depth the ways in which this Tolerism, and undeserved honor and repect have encouraged our submission to the enemy in The ideological Path to Submission … and what we can do about it (Mantua Books).

©All rights reserved.

CENSORED VIDEO: America’s Frontline Doctors Speak Out about COVID-19

LIVE from the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. America’s Frontline Doctors – Physicians from around the country address the American people about Covid-19 and the importance of reopening schools and our society.

America’s Frontline Doctors address the big tech censorship and double down on their experience with hydroxychloroquine.


©All rights reserved.

Nearly Half Of Young Americans Say It’s Okay To Fire People Who Support Trump (Sounds Like Hitler Youth)

The left succeeded in the long march through the institutions, a term coined by Communist student activist Rudi Dutschke (inspired by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci) to describe the strategy for establishing the conditions for revolution: subverting society by infiltrating institutions such as the academia, media, entertainment et al.

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

Discarded like an old pair of shoes.

This surely sounds like Hitler-Jugend.

Nearly Half Of Young Americans Say It’s Okay To Fire People Who Support Trump

By Glenn T. Stanton, The Federalist, July 31, 2020

The Cato Institute just released a new report showing that 62 percent of Americans are inclined to self-censor what they say politically “because others might find them offensive.” Even moderate leftists report they feel increased fear of offending the offendable, while only the most “staunch liberals,” as Cato described them, feel free to speak their minds. The “very conservative” have been pushed deepest in the closet: they are most likely to refrain from saying what they think politically, at nearly twice the rate of the “very liberal.”

Buried deeper in the report, however, is a stunning data point that might be one of the most troubling current cultural indicators. Forty-four percent of Americans younger than age 30 believe a company is correct in firing an executive because he or she personally donated to President Trump’s reelection campaign.

The companion finding was also disturbing. Twenty-seven percent of people under 30 said they were fine with an executive being fired because he or she donated to the Joe Biden campaign. The means that of Americans under 30 years old, 73 percent think it would be wrong to fire an executive from a company for donating to the Biden campaign, while only 56 percent believe it would be wrong to do so for a Trump donation.

While this problem is most pronounced among those under 30, it isn’t exclusive to young people. Across all age ranges, 78 percent said it would be wrong to fire an executive for making a personal donation to Biden, while only 69 percent believe it’s wrong to fire one simply for being a Trump donor.

This means a remarkably high number of fellow citizens believe it’s virtuous to punish you for your personal political beliefs, even if you express them merely through one private political donation, with the loss of your family’s livelihood.

People throw the word “fascist” around today much too carelessly for it to be useful. If that word can be applied to an everyday person, however, someone who believes you should lose your job based on who you vote for is a pretty sturdy working definition. Of course, this has less to do with the names of the 2020 candidates and more to do with how an alarming number of Americans today seem to know precious little about what it means to live in a representative democracy.

This brings us to the second most disturbing revelation of this report: the declining cognitive and logical rigor of today’s youth. Would these findings have been any different if the question had been, “Would you support firing a business executive solely for holding political beliefs you disagree with?”

There is only one right answer among decent people. “Yes” and “It depends” are unacceptable. But a disturbingly high number of Americans think such a firing would be perfectly fine when triggered by specific politicians’ names.

To consider just how troubling this turn is, let’s improve the polling question to see if it sounds any better: “Would you support an employer, without any threat of job loss, trying to reason with and persuade by way of facts and data why executives should vote for one candidate over another?” It’s scary to think what the polling numbers for this might be.

It was not all that long ago that the liberal clarion value was the misattributed Voltairean principle, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Today that seems to have been replaced with the brutally authoritarian, “I disagree with what you believe, and I will make sure you lose your livelihood because I went digging and found out you made a private campaign contribution to someone I think is evil.”

If, God forbid, the autopsy of the American experiment is ever written, this growing expectation that political submission be a condition of one’s employment will certainly be noted as a significant stage in its demise. It demonstrates that the world’s most hopeful self-government is moving in a very bad direction, and that should profoundly bother us all.

Ghislaine Maxwell Documents RELEASED! Bill Clinton Was on Lolita Island and Epstein, Maxwell with “2 Young Girls”, Sexy Orgies “Regular Occurrence”

FBI Had Evidence of Crimes for Years.

We are just beginning to go through the documents – stay tuned.

Documents related to Ghislaine Maxwell’s dealings with Jeffrey Epstein are unsealed (Reuters)

Materials covered by Preska’s July 23 order included flight logs from Epstein’s private jets; and police reports from Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein had a home, among other documents.

The source of Maxwell’s wealth is coming under scrutiny. Prosecutors said there were large sums of unexplained wealth. and the cash purchase of the mansion where she was arrested was notable.

Federal prosecutors say that Maxwell toured the property under the pseudonym Jen Marshall, saying she was a journalist looking for privacy, and her name didn’t appear on any of the documents connected to the sale, according to someone with knowledge of the transaction. (more)

Gateway reports:

The documents also reveal the Mueller and then Comey FBI knew about these crimes for years and held evidence at the bureau.

The FBI even had copies of the infamous Prince Andrew photo with the young Ghislaine Maxwell victim…..

Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Unsealed – Bill Clinton Was on Epstein Island with Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell and “2 Young Girls”

By Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit, July 30, 2020:

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers tried to keep x-rated evidence related to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from going public, but a judge denied the appeal and released damning docs on Thursday evening.

Epstein’s pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in federal custody awaiting trial.

A witness interview revealed Bill Clinton was at Epstein’s pedophile island with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and “2 young girls.”

Portion of the interview with a witness:

“When you say you asked him why is Bill Clinton here, where was here?”

V: On the island

JS: When you were present with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton on the island, who else was there?”

V: Ghislaine, Emmy, and there were 2 young girls that I could identify. I never really knew them well anyways. It was just 2 girls from New York.”

JS: And were all of you staying at Jeffrey’s house on the island including Bill Clinton?”

V: That’s correct. He had about 4 or 5 different villas on his island separate from the main house, and we all stayed in the villas.”

JS: “Were sexual orgies a regular occurrence on the island at Jeffrey’s house?”

V: “Yes”

We reported in 2016 before the election that Bill Clinton took numerous trips on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ to Epstein’s private “Orgy Island” where underage girls as young as 14 were prostituted for Epstein’s rich and famous clients like Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew.

Clinton’s claim that his Secret Service were with him every during every trip is bogus because according to reports he simply ditched his security detail in order to stealth travel with Epstein.

In May 2016 FOX News reported that Bill Clinton traveled with Jeffrey Epstein on his famous “Lolita Express” at least 26 times and frequently ditched his secret service detail.



Biden promises to allow terrorists in country if he’s president

NFL Tells Players They Can’t Attend Church

‘Disaster’: CBS mail-in voting experiment reveals massive problems

President Trump Issues Executive Order on Big Tech Censorship

EXCELSIOR! Missouri AG intervenes in case against St. Louis couple who defended their home with guns

Video: Biden, at campaign event, again forgets where he is

Chicago Tribune demotes journalist who denounces George Soros role for the violence in Chicago and elsewhere

Twitter Defends BLOCKING Trump’s Tweets on HCQ But Allows Iran’s Supreme Leader Call for Jewish GENOCIDE

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

24 People Have Died Since Violence Erupted Following George Floyd’s Death

During two months of protests and rioting over the death of George Floyd, 24 people have been killed.

Most recently, protests and riots in Portland have escalated in violence, with attacks directed at the courthouse and fires being lit, with officers responding by using tear gas and pepper bullets along with other crown control munitions.

Many cities are reporting crime surges, including Minneapolis, which is experiencing an increase in gun violence in the area where Floyd died.

These are the people who’ve died as of July 30.

David Dorn, 77, died June 2 while trying to protect Lee’s Pawn Jewelry from looters. He served 38 years at the St. Louis Police Department before retiring. He died in the middle of a street after being shot in the torso by suspected rioters, according to the police incident report. The slaying was caught on Facebook Live, according to the St.Louis Dispatch.

Barry Perkins, 29, died after getting stuck on the converter dolly between a FedEx truck’s trailers while the driver of the truck pulled away. The driver, who was rerouted because of the protests, said he didn’t know the man was there. People began “removing items” from the truck and two men standing on the passenger side showed the driver they had guns, so the driver feared for his life, honked the horn and started driving until he was stopped by police. By the time police stopped the truck, Perkins had gotten caught by the trailer tire and was run over, according to KSDK.

David McAtee, 53, the owner of a barbecue restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, was killed June 1 after police and National Guard members opened fire at a protest. The National Guard was sent to disperse a crowd and said they were shot at, which prompted them to return fire. McAtee’s sister told WAVE 3 News that the crowd gathered at the scene of the shooting did not relate to the protests, and was there meeting at his restaurant.

Dorian Murrell, 18, was shot and killed May 31 by Tyler Newby, 29, in Indianapolis. Newby and his friend told police that they were walking around Downtown after the protests, found a gas canister on the ground and picked it up. They said after doing so, they were approached by a group of about 10 males who asked them what they found. Newby said he was pushed to the ground, pulled out his gun and shot the person standing over him. Murrell’s family member at the scene said there was no physical altercation, according to Indy Star.

Marquis M. Tousant, 23, was shot and killed June 1in Davenport, Iowa after police responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle, before their car was fired upon multiple times, according to WQAD. Police found a semi-automatic handgun underneath Tousant’s body and multiple shell casings surrounding his body. Tousant was also seen on video with a gun at a shooting outside a jewelry store that night. It’s unclear whose weapon fired the shot that killed him, according to QC Times.

Calvin L. Horton Jr., 43, was fatally shot near the police department’s Third Precinct in Minneapolis in what is believed to be the first killing since the protests began according to Minnesota’s CBS affiliate.

James Scurlock, 22, was fatally shot by a bar owner during a fight with several people May 30 in Omaha, Nebraska, amid protests, according to Buzzfeed News. Charges weren’t brought against the shooter, Jake Gardner, who was determined to have acted in self-defense. Gardner’s father had pushed several protesters when asking them to leave the bar.

Victor Cazares, 27, was shot and killed in Chicago during rioting, which was ruled a homicide by the Cook County medical examiner’s office. The town spokesperson said the shootings were caused by “outside agitators who were driving through Cicero seeking to cause trouble,” according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Patrick Underwood, 53, was an officer in the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service who was gunned down May 29 as he stood guard outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Oakland, Calif. amid protesting.  A second federal officer was shot with him but was not killed. Oakland police chief said the shooting was most likely deliberately targeting uniformed officers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Jorge Gomez, 25, was shot and killed by Las Vegas police during June 1 protests near the federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas. Gomez was wearing body armor and armed with three weapons during the protests, and raised his weapon toward officers, LVMPD said according to News 3 Las Vegas.

Tyler Gerth, 27, was allegedly shot and killed by Steven Lopez, 23, a frequent participant in the protests in Louisville. Lopez allegedly shot into the crowd at a protest and killed Gerth, who was a vocal supporter of the protests, according to USA Today.

Summer Taylor, 24, was killed by a man who drove his car into a closed Seattle freeway into a crowd of protesters July 4.

Robert Forbes, 55, died June 6 after being struck by a car while protesting in California City.

Jose Gutierrez, 28, was an innocent bystander allegedly killed by Zion Haygood, who was involved in the widespread looting that was taking place in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

John Tiggs, 32, was shot and killed in Chicago while walking into a Metro PCS May 31 to pay a bill during widespread looting. Someone in the store opened fire, killing Tiggs.

Marvin Francois, 50, was shot and killed May 31 while picking up one of his sons from a protest when 3 carjackers tried to steal his car in Kansas City.

Antonio Mays Jr., 16, was shot and killed in a shooting near the Seattle Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) June 30. Mays was shot after driving his Jeep Cherokee near the barriers of the CHOP, where witnesses said they saw several people begin to fire into the vehicle, according to the NY Post.

Secoriea Turner, 8-year-old girl: Turner was shot and killed on the Fourth of July after at least two people in a crowd opened fire on the car she was in with her mother and her mother’s friend near the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed and became a site of protest in Atlanta.

Garrett Foster, 28, shot and killed July 25 in downtown Austin after allegedly approaching a car that turned onto a street where protesters were gathered while holding an assault rifle. The driver fired multiple shots out of his window after Foster pointed the rifle at him, according to Austin Police Chief Brian Manley.

Not yet named: 29-year-old Chicago man was shot and killed in what was ruled a homicide and attributed to “outside agitators” during the riots.

Not yet named: Unidentified male in his 20s was shot and killed by the owner of a gun store in Philadelphia while trying to loot his store.

Not yet namedPhiladelphia man tried to blow up an ATM to loot it and was killed, according to a CBS Philadelphia affiliate.

Not yet named: Detroit man was shot and killed during protests, and police are searching for a woman identified as a person of interest.

To collate this list, the Daily Caller searched public news reports of deaths that occurred following the eruption of violence during protests, which included shootings and looting that were linked to mass unrest.



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