Pennsylvania Republicans Introduce Sweeping Election Reform Bill

Every state needs sweeping election integrity reform. This country is in the toilet because our elections are rife with fraud and chicanery.

Pennsylvania Republicans Introduce Sweeping Election Reform Bill

By Allen Zhong, The Epoch Times, June 12, 2021:

Pennsylvania Republicans proposed an overhaul of the state’s election system on Thursday with stricter voter identification requirements and mail ballot signature verification.

State Rep. Seth Grove—the chair of the House State Government Committee who acts as House Republicans’ point person for election legislation—introduced the Voting Rights Protection Act, House Bill 1300, after months of hearings by the House State Government Committee.

The legislation aims at transforming and improving Pennsylvania’s election process to restore the integrity of and trust in elections, according to a statement from Grove’s office.

The bill seems to embrace ideas from both the Republican and Democrat side and proposes comprehensive measures to change the rules for election including:

  • Allowing early in-person voting beginning in 2025.
  • Allowing unsigned or undated ballots to be corrected before 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
  • Giving counties the option to use secure mail-in ballot drop boxes during specific times at secure locations.
  • Allowing mail-in ballots to be counted five days before an election. Current law allows the count to begin no earlier than 7:00 a.m. on Election Day.
  • Requiring every voter to present a photo ID at the polls.
  • Requiring signature verification for mail ballots.
  • Eliminating the permanent mail-in voting list.
  • Establishing a Bureau of Election Audits under the state Auditor General’s office. The newly-established bureau will have subpoena power and will regularly conduct election audits.

Most of the proposed rules in House Bill 1300 are based on a report published by the State House Government Committee back on May 10.

The report (pdf)—titled “A Comprehensive Review of Pennsylvania’s Election Laws: How Pennsylvania Can Guarantee Rights and Integrity in Our Election System”—identifies 25 aspects of the election process that needs improvements.

The bill is intended to fix the issues listed in the report. “This responsible bill includes all aspects of issues brought before the committee and will propel Pennsylvania’s election into the 21st century, all while fixing fatal flaws and election security issues,” Grove said.

Pennsylvania House Speaker Bryan Cutler, a Republican, is supportive of the bill.

“House Republicans have consistently paved the way to more accessible, secure[,] and accurate elections,” he said. “Our caucus ensured the state tracked the impacts of our evolving election law in 2019 and 2020, and today we see those efforts brought to fruition in this important and thorough legislation by Chairman Grove. Pennsylvanians must have faith in their elections and this bill is another piece of restoring the public’s trust.”

The proposed bill will likely be blocked by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, though Republicans control both the House and Senate in the state legislature.

Wolf suggested earlier the week that he will veto any election bill from the Republican side.

“I will stand up for our freedom to vote. I will not allow bad actors to put up barriers to voting in Pennsylvania,” he said. “Not only will I veto any legislative efforts to roll back the freedoms Pennsylvanians right now have, I will continue to push for changes that expand our access to the polls.”

The Republicans may not have enough votes to override Wolf’s likely veto.

House Minority Leader Rep. Joanna E. McClinton told KDKA-TV that some parts of the bill may get bipartisan support but she denounced the idea of Bureau of Election Audits.

“We do not need a Bureau of Election Audits. One of the things I’m waiting for my colleagues across the aisle to do is end the big lie, which reeked so much terror and havoc and a deadly attack on our United States Capitol,” she said.

She also criticized that the Republicans cut off Democrats during the legislative process, saying the bill will reach an impasse at the executive branch.

“The thing that makes Democrats in the House relevant is that we have a Democratic governor. So in order for a bill to get signed, it’s best that we all collaborate,” McClinton said.

Wolf’s office and McClinton’s office didn’t respond immediately to requests for comments from The Epoch Times.

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MIT Data Scientist: Lockdowns Not Correlated With Fewer Deaths (But Are Correlated With More Unemployment)

Coming to grips with the failure of lockdowns is important for several reasons.

Dozens of studies show that lockdowns were an ineffective pandemic response. The list just got longer.

In May, Youyang Gu, an MIT-trained engineer and data scientist, released data showing that government restrictions were not correlated with lower COVID mortality in America. Government restrictions were correlated with higher unemployment, however.

“In the US, there is no correlation between Covid deaths & changes in unemployment rates. However, blue states are much more likely to have higher increases in unemployment,” wrote Gu, the creator of, a pandemic modeling site. “More restrictions in a state is NOT correlated with fewer COVID-19 deaths. However, more restrictions IS correlated with higher unemployment.”

The COVID-19 pandemic is finally winding down and more and more people are beginning to acknowledge some hard truths about the failures of the collective response to the virus.

George Orwell famously observed that during deceitful times telling the truth is a revolutionary act, so the fact that so many people are finally acknowledging hard truths appears to be a sign we are emerging from deceitful times.

For some, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, these truths are bitter medicine. As Hannah Cox recently observed, Fauci has been on the wrong side of numerous pandemic confrontations with Sen. Rand Paul—and has found himself on the losing end each time.

Yet facts are stubborn things. And 14 months after the pandemic’s arrival, we have an abundance of data that shows stay-at-home orders backfired and lockdowns were terribly ineffective at slowing the spread of the virus.

The harms of lockdowns, however, are undeniable: economic collapse, millions of jobs and businesses lost, rampant spending, surging debt and poverty, an explosion of drug overdosespoor mental health, and a collapse of health screenings (including cancer) that will result in hundreds of thousands of excess deaths in the coming years—if not millions.

It will not be easy to acknowledge this failure. As The New York Times noted in 2017, humans struggle mightily to admit we were wrong.

“Mistakes can be hard to digest, so sometimes we double down rather than face them. Our confirmation bias kicks in, causing us to seek out evidence to prove what we already believe,” wrote Kristin Wong. “The car you cut off has a small dent in its bumper, which obviously means that it is the other driver’s fault.”

There’s a name for this psychological phenomenon: cognitive dissonance.

“Cognitive dissonance is what we feel when the self-concept — I’m smart, I’m kind, I’m convinced this belief is true — is threatened by evidence that we did something that wasn’t smart, that we did something that hurt another person, that the belief isn’t true,” Carol Tavris, a co-author of the book Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me), told the Times.

Tavris added that cognitive dissonance poses a threat to our sense of self.

“To reduce dissonance, we have to modify the self-concept or accept the evidence,” Tavris said. “Guess which route people prefer?”

Coming to grips with the failure of lockdowns is important for several reasons.

For starters, the pandemic of 2020 will not be the last pandemic Americans face. If we’re to avoid the painful experience in the future, we’ll need to better understand how the unorthodox pandemic response came about and determine which public health policies worked and which did not.

But there’s an even larger lesson that can be learned. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, F.A. Hayek warned of the danger of mankind’s inability to recognize the limits of its knowledge and power.

“There is danger in the exuberant feeling of ever growing power which the advance of the physical sciences has engendered and which tempts man to try, “dizzy with success”, to use a characteristic phrase of early communism, to subject not only our natural but also our human environment to the control of a human will,” Hayek said.

Dizzy with success in this age of wonders, Hayek feared humans would be bewitched by their accomplishments and believe they could achieve anything if they could only control society—”a striving which makes him not only a tyrant over his fellows, but which may well make him the destroyer of a civilization which no brain has designed but which has grown from the free efforts of millions of individuals.”

We witnessed firsthand in 2020 the fruit borne from this effort to control society to save it. There’s an important lesson in humility there, if humans are wise enough to see it.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

A Look Into OnlyFans: Child Sexual Abuse Material and Trafficking

OnlyFans markets itself as a social media platform where “influencers” can sell their content to a subscriber base. However, it is no secret that the overwhelming majority of the content sold on OnlyFans is in fact pornography. OnlyFans has thus become the latest iteration of the commercial sex industry—and its popularity is rapidly escalating. What is perhaps most concerning is that OnlyFans is even growing in popularity amongst children.  

Recent news stories (also see stories herehere, and here) have highlighted cases of minors creating and selling sexually explicit content of themselves on OnlyFans. The child sexual abuse material (CSAM, the more apt term for “child pornography”) found on OnlyFans also includes instances where children are exploited by traffickers. 

Thus far, OnlyFans’ Age Verification systems have failed to detect and prevent these cases of CSAM. What’s more, their marketing strategies and attempts to normalize the commercial sex industry are contributing to the allure children feel towards webcamming through OnlyFans. 

Children Selling Self-Generated CSAM for “Easy Money”

A recent BBC article offers a very thorough investigation into the issue of minors creating and selling CSAM of themselves on OnlyFans. A common theme emerged among multiple cases: children are enticed by the promise of easy money, as well as the hope of growing in popularity and social influence.

As one 13-year-old said: “I know it’s not appropriate for kids my age to be doing this, but it’s an easy way to make money. . . Some of the girls have thousands of followers on Instagram and they must be raking it in—I wanna be just like them.” 

Another 16-year-old bragged to her school career advisor about the money she was making through OnlyFans, asking why she should listen to any career advice from her.  

OnlyFans’ marketing strategies are contributing to this dangerous allure for children. By branding themselves as an “influencer” platform, OnlyFans has helped fuel these children’s tragic notion that the way to become popular and influential is to sell their bodies. OnlyFans intentionally blurs the lines between the commercial sex industry and mainstream social media, saying, “As far as we’re concerned, if you use social media and produce your own content, you should be using OnlyFans.”

This serves to further normalize the commercial sex industry amongst young people, who likely don’t understand the extensive short and long-term harms and risks inherent in the industry. OnlyFans promises easy money to new and amateur “content creators” with their slogan: “Anyone can earn.” They declare on their website that earnings could be between $1,499 and $7,495 per month.  

Even if OnlyFans is not deliberately targeting children, or designing their market strategies with minors in mind, a dangerous consequence of their marketing has been to attract many minors into the commercial sex industry, many of whom likely would not have been attracted to the industry in other forms. 

Lesser Known Risks Associated with Webcamming

As the commercial sex industry becomes increasingly normalized in society, many adults—let alone children—may enter the industry without properly understanding the risks or harms involved. Webcamming in particular is often lauded as being harmless and especially empowering, and an increasing number of young people consider it to be normal

Research and anecdotal evidence from survivors shows that the webcamming sector of the commercial sex industry is still rife with potential psychological, socio-emotional, and physical harms.

Participants in studies have described webcamming as psychologically traumatic or distressing. For example, in one study a participant named Jessica describes sitting in a corner traumatized for the entire day after her first webcamming performance, while a participant named Ken says he did not leave his room for an entire week. This psychological trauma is a common theme in studies on all forms of prostitution; the online nature of webcamming does not appear to erase the trauma.  

There are also other risks and harms which are in fact heightened by the unique nature of the webcamming industry. For example, the online nature of webcamming leaves performers extremely vulnerable to doxxing, stalking, extortion, blackmail, and “capping” (ie. customers filming the webcammer’s private “shows” and posting them online without her consent). Webcammers in one study state that capping is “pretty much inevitable” and is “one of the risks you’ll have to come to terms with in this line of work”. Some researchers argue that the risks of stalking or other forms of harassment are heightened by the interactive nature of webcamming and the fact that webcammers are encouraged to communicate directly with subscribers. 

In addition, the ease with which anyone can start webcamming and the increased normalization and popularity of webcamming has turned it into a highly competitive industry, as it is flooded with content and content-creators. As a result, studies find that webcammers often must escalate to performing more and more dangerous, extreme, or degrading acts, to stay ahead of the competition. Finally, the risk of being trafficked is not eliminated in webcamming, as numerous studies show. Which brings us to the other form of CSAM found on OnlyFans: instances in which children are being exploited by traffickers. 

Cases of Trafficked Children on OnlyFans

While much of the CSAM on OnlyFans is a product of minors uploading their own self-produced content, police and child protection agencies are also uncovering cases of children being trafficked or exploited on the platform. 

For example, the Vice President of the National Centre on Missing and Exploited Children, Staca Shehan, states: “In 2019 there were around a dozen children known to be missing being linked with content on OnlyFans. Last year the number of those cases nearly tripled.”

Police forces have also received complaints from children who had others upload intimate images of them to OnlyFans without their consent. In another case, a minor had her face edited onto someone else’s body (i.e. “deepfake”), and the resulting pornographic content uploaded to OnlyFans. Yet another minor complained to the police that she was blackmailed into posting images on OnlyFans. 

Insufficient Age Verification Systems in Place

Although OnlyFans claims to have robust, constantly improving Age Verification systems to prevent CSAM from being uploaded to the site, these systems have failed in all of the aforementioned cases. 

Minors have been able to cheat the Age Verification systems by using fake ID’s or ID’s owned by older relatives. In one case, a minor named Leah used a fake driving license to create an OnlyFans account and upload sexually explicit material. Leah’s age was anonymously reported to OnlyFans at a later date, but after reviewing the account, the company decided that it “appeared legitimate”, and no further action was taken. Leah’s age was also stated on numerous other social media sites; OnlyFans claims to check other social medias as part of the account verification process, but this evidently did not stop them from allowing Leah’s account. OnlyFans finally shut down Leah’s account after being contacted by BBC News, but by that time CSAM from her account had been downloaded and uploaded in numerous other places, all across the internet. 

OnlyFans claimed that Leah’s case, and others like it, happened during a transition “from one effective ID age verification system to a new exceptionally effective” system. However, BBC News tested this supposedly “new exceptionally effective” system in April, and succeeded in creating an OnlyFans account for a 17-year-old by using her 27-year-old sister’s passport. 

OnlyFans is putting children at risk with their lack of sufficient age verification and their dangerous influence on culture. That is why OnlyFans was named to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s 2021 Dirty Dozen List. We must work collectively to prevent platforms like OnlyFans from further normalizing sexual exploitation and causing harm to women and children.

EDITORS NOTE: This NCSE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

WE DO NOT HAVE A BORDER: A Report From Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio is located within Val Verde County which consists of approximately 3,200 square miles of mostly ranch land surrounding the man-made Amistad Reservoir, and across from the Mexican city of Acuna.

I arrived in Del Rio on June 3rd, with a fact-finding delegation organized by the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Border Security Coalition of which the Center is a member. The Border Patrol’s processing capacity is around 120 people – the day before 800 people were apprehended.

The total numbers are staggering.

CLICK HERE TO READ Shideler Border Report V1 – Optimize


Kyle Shideler

Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

EDITORS NOTE: This Center For Security Policy report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Phantom Voters, Election Integrity and Amazon Spying on You!

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK to canvass for Election Integrity! We have discovered millions of PHANTOM VOTERS across this country who not only voted in the last election, but some are also receiving STATE AND FEDERAL BENEFITS – yes your tax dollars are going who knows where…Let’s locate and expose all these phantoms and get them off our voter rolls!!

Please use this LINK to provide your contact information and location so that we can connect you with the right team.

Details will be given via text and email.

Thank you for stepping up and participating in Election Integrity!


National Election Integrity News

Pennsylvania and Georgia audits projected to begin in July. Those states as well as Nevada have toured Arizona audit facility with impressive references with regard to audit protocol.

Colorado Cleaning Voter Rolls.  The US Election Integrity Project are isolating data indicating fraudulently-registered voters.

Michigan:  A team in Michigan has been investigating and has found multiple jurisdictions in Michigan that had more registered voters in a locality, than adult residents.  This is an interesting development, and I encourage you to check your locality to see whether you have more registered voters than resident adults.

Citizens Initiatives.  Michigan has constitutional provisions that allow its citizens to play a larger role in passing statutes (without the governor’s approval), than many other states.  Article XII § 9 of the Michigan Constitution allows for these citizen petitions.

Colorado Elections Omnibus.  Colorado is working to pass an elections overhaul omnibus that includes many items that will make elections with integrity more difficult.  This includes effectively eliminating challenges to fraudulent ballots, and taking away the citizen’s ability to recall its leaders.

Texas Legislation.  Texas Senate passed SB7 — it’s omnibus election reform bill.

 Wisconsin Speaker Appoints Election Fraud Investigators.  Assembly Speaker Robin Vos hired an attorney and three retired investigators on behalf of Wisconsin Voters, to investigate the 2020 election.  They will be investigating the $6M given to the Wisconsin 5 from Zuckerberg-funded CTCL.  The investigators may also look into double-voting, and ballot curing by certain clerks.

Wisconsin Big Five Lawsuit.  Phill, Amistad and Wisconsin Voter Alliance filed the fifth lawsuit regarding Wisconsin’s big five cities allowing their elections to be run by outside left-leaning 501(c)’s.

 Fulton County, GA Audit Lawsuit.  Garland Favorito and Voter GA were supposed to be allowed to look at five pallets of absentee ballots in Atlanta last week.  The ballots were scanned at 200 DPI (Dots Per Inch), which wasn’t a high enough resolution for experts to make any determination.  So the judge was going to allow a re-scan at 600 DPI — a much higher resolution.  Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Fulton County attorneys filed a renewed motion to dismiss the case and prevent the audit from taking place.  Fulton is arguing that the plaintiffs haven’t complied with election contest legal requirements, and again asking for the case to be dismissed.

  Windham, New Hampshire Audit.  The most recent Windham, New Hampshire audit has come to an end on-site.  The audit team now has 45 days to issue its written report.  Remember a republican House candidate’s lead increased significantly after a hand recount of the November election results.  This led to the small town demanding an audit of the results that were off by hundreds of votes in favor of the democrat candidate.  Here are a few of the findings:

  • The most recent hand-count confirmed the first hand-count.  Meaning the hand-counts were accurate.
  • One of the three chosen auditors was Harri Hursti.  Hursti seems to believe that some of the votes counted for the democrat are because of where the ballots were folded, the machine interpreted folds on the democrat’s name, as filled in bubbles for the democrat candidate. Hursti also found that dust in the machines could have contributed to the machines miscounting…..
  • A Windham Selectmen and his supporters are still unsatisfied with the results of the audit.  He wants to know why the machines weren’t cleaned if this leads to the miscounting of votes.

 Maricopa County, Arizona Audit.  The Arizona Senate has increased its lease of the arena through the end of June.  The media onslaught mocking the audit is reaching a fever pitch.  They are now producing polls showing that a majority of Arizona residents oppose the audit.  With non-stop anti-audit coverage, the polls aren’t surprising. AZCentral is reporting that the Arizona Senate has now contracted with a California-based group called Citizens Oversight that will evaluate ballot images, on top of the Cyber Ninjas audit currently taking place.  As details come out, we will seek to update on this important audit.

Nevada Senate Votes to Codify Ballot Harvesting.  The Nevada Senate voted for Assembly Bill 321 that would legalize ballot harvesting, and all other COVID-related changes.  This is a very bad bill.  Here are some of the items it contains.
  • Ballot Harvesting: “at the request of a voter whose mail ballot has been prepared by or on behalf of the voter, a person authorized by the voter may return the mail ballot on behalf of the voter by mail or personal delivery to the county clerk, or any ballot drop box established in the county, pursuant to section of this act.” (Sec. 9.1)
  • Universal Mail-in balloting: “the county clerk shall prepare and distribute to each active registered voter in the county and each person who registers to vote or updates his or her voter registration information not later than the 14 days before the election a mail ballot for every election.” (Sec. 3.1)
  • Discourages Accountability: “a person shall not willfully: (a) Impede, obstruct, prevent or interfere with the return of a voter’s mail ballot; (b) Deny a voter the right to return the voter’s mail ballot; or (c)If the person receives the voter’s mail ballot and authorization to return the mail ballot on behalf of the voter by mail or personal delivery, fail to return the mail ballot” …. In other words, you can’t challenge ballots going into a drop box.  (Sec. 9). 
  • Signature Comparison: A clerk’s office can’t deny that a signature matches, unless:
    • The signature is compared to EVERY signature on file for that voter — past and present; AND — TWO employees agree the signatures don’t match; 
    • What cannot be used as grounds for denial of a signature that doesn’t match? Change of initials, last name, change in punctuation, abbreviations, use of nicknames, or “slight dissimilarities”….
  • Partisan Absentee Counting Board.  The clerk appoints a central absentee counting board, and board members can’t all be of one political party but there is no requirement for any sort of parity.  There is no number limit, and this seems to be within discretion of the clerk.  It appears that appointing a board of 9 democrats and 1 green party representative would fulfill the requirements of the board under the statute. There is no language about appointing a person from the “two major political parties” or from “both parties appearing on the ballot.”  (Sec. 12)
  • Counting Votes Weeks Before the Election.  The absent Counting Board must count all mail-in ballots 15 days before the election and be completed with this counting 7 days before the election. (Sec. 13).
  • Centralized Election Tabulating.  The absentee count must be reported to the clerk for each precinct.  The clerk then notifies each precinct of these numbers, and the precinct adds them together.  In other words, the local precinct has no control over the mail-in numbers given to them by the partisan absentee counting board. (Sec. 15).


Listen to General Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne talk about The America Project.

 Join Defend Our Union in supporting


On June 8, Amazon will activate Amazon Sidewalk, a mass wireless sharing network. Users of all Amazon smart devices will be automatically enrolled, without consent, unless they opt out by disabling the network settings. The Amazon Sidewalk network will allow shared internet use up to within about a half-mile radius of the Amazon device. In effect, this network is part of the creation of “smart cities.” Amazon Sidewalk includes a “Community Finding” feature that allows people outside of your home to connect with Amazon’s servers through your Alexa, Echo, Ring and related smart devices.

Violation of privacy, personal data and safety

Most people have no idea the network will be activated on June 8, or that they will be automatically connected without consent. Even fewer understand the full implications. Being part of the Amazon “smart” networks increases the chances devices and information will be hacked, as “smart” wireless devices are prone to hacking. Amazon has been sued by Ring users whose devices were hacked — some received ransom demands.

How to opt out and disable settings 

Anyone who doesn’t want to be automatically enrolled in Amazon Sidewalk on June 8 can opt out by disabling the network on their Amazon devices. Here’s how:

Open the Alexa app:

  1. Open “more” and select “settings.”
  2. Select “account settings.”
  3. Select “Amazon Sidewalk.”
  4. Turn Amazon Sidewalk “off.”

Customers with Echo devices can update their Amazon Sidewalk preferences anytime from “settings” in the Alexa app. If users have linked Ring and Amazon accounts, their Sidewalk preferences on either the Alexa or Ring app will apply to eligible Echo and Ring devices.

Amazon is banking on millions of customers who aren’t aware of this upcoming activation on June 8. Share this information, including the health risks and violation of privacy and safety online, with your neighbors, family and friends. Encourage them to opt out and to share this article.

Full Article: 

COVID “Vaccine” – Tell the FDA to STOP BIG Pharma from Killing us!

WE the PEOPLE need to enter our comments in the government FDA site. Unfortunately, as of now there are more comments in favor of the COVID injections than those calling for caution, asking for further studies and time to prove safety. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

We now have 5,165 DEATHS reported from these injections. NEVER in our history have we allowed this many deaths ( not counting injuries) to continued be pushed to our population, let alone those who are pregnant and children as well.

Click this link to add your comment: Please type in your comment asking that the Food and Drug Administration not approve the experimental injection that is causing so many deaths. After typing your comment, click the drop down arrow to choose a “Comment Category” and select “Drug Association D0012”

Enter your information and be sure to SUBMIT your comment.

This is the SFE’s link along with the agenda: 

I hope to see you there!

©Defend Florida. All rights reserved.

Antrim County Attorney DePerno Claims County Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into – Decertifies Entire Antrim Election

The whole 2020 Presidential election requires a forensic audit and rigged electronic voting machines must be abolished. We need a national commission. What’s GOP leadership doing? Hiding under their desks. The GOP is out of step and obsolete. We are at war – we need wartime leadership.

Antrim County Attorney DePerno Releases BOMBSHELL Report – Claims County Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into – Decertifies Entire Antrim Election

By: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, June 9, 2021:

Michigan Attorney Matthew DePerno released new information from his investigation into the Antrim County 2020 election.

In May DePerno broke the news that the Antrim County tabulator machines can be reopened after the election. The machines can then run more ballots through the tabulator, print off a new tabulator tape with new ballots, and then backdate that tape to November 3rd.

On Tuesday Matt DePerno dropped another bomb that he says should disqualify the 2020 Antrim County election.

According to DePerno the Dominion Voting Machines were accessed from the outside and remotely logged into after the election.

DePerno contends this should decertify the county’s election results.
And Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson should resign or be removed from office after alleging remote access was not possible with the Michigan machines.

Via Attorney Matthew DePerno on Twitter:

1. We have been lied to.

The Antrim County election management system (EMS) was REMOTELY and successfully logged into anonymously on 11/05/2020 at 5:55 PM and again on 11/17/2020 at 5:16 PM.

Yes, that is correct… REMOTELY

2. Those dates are significant because they correspond directly to the dates the county and SOS were trying to correct the intentional computer problems that subverted the election.

These logons appear to have escalated privileges at the time of logon.

Again . . . REMOTELY

3. But we were told there was no internet connection.

In an accredited system, an anonymous user should not be authorized by the accreditation authority, but would instead be required to enter a specific user name and password to utilize the system.

4. We were told there was no internet connection. We were told there was no remote access. We were told this was human error. All lies.

This is fraud. This decertifies the Antrim County election.

SOS Benson should resign or be impeached.

Cann Con released a video on Wednesday morning explaining these latest developments in Michigan.

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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Fargo, North Dakota: “Man” Attacks Skateboarder in Deadly Knife Assault

Video images show Arthur Prince Kollie slashed Jupiter Paulsen a 14-year old girl for 25 minutes in a random attack, not in a big crime-infested coastal city, but in Fargo, North Dakota.  She was stabbed 25 times before he attempted to strangle her and left her for dead.

Her family took her off life support on Tuesday.

Of course the “man” who looks an awful lot like a West African immigrant to me is never identified anywhere as an immigrant.    I could be wrong, he may be born and bred American trash, move along, just a drifter on drugs.  But, if anyone out there knows more, let me know!

Otherwise, as Ann Coulter has taught us, in cases like this, one has to get out a “secret decoder ring” to figure out where someone (the “man”) is from when the perpetrator of a crime appears to be an immigrant.  Again, I don’t know that he is, or is not, a ‘new American’!

But, by the way, the last name Kollie is a widely used family name in Liberia We have thousands upon thousands of Liberians in the US who got here through Temporary Protected Status, a ‘temporary’ (ha! ha!) refugee program Trump attempted to rein-in.

Here is the dreadful story from Valley News Live.

You might be interested to know that I wrote about refugees in Fargo less than two weeks ago at RRW and cited an interview at Valley News Live.  See that post. Fargo has been a controversial refugee resettlement hot spot for years as Leftists work to diversify America.

Fargo, North Dakota: Deputy Mayor Surprised to Learn Refugees Still Arriving

Valley News Live on Monday:

Records: Suspect says he was high on meth during brutal stabbing of teen girl

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Official documents have been filed against the man who police say strangled and brutally stabbed a 14-year-old girl last Friday near a Fargo strip mall.

23-year-old Arthur Prince Kollie is charged with the attempted murder of Jupiter Paulsen, robbery and aggravated assault.

Fargo Police say they were called to 4340 13th Ave. S. after documents say a garbage man was driving through the parking lot and witnessed Kollie leaning over the victim. The witness stated Kollie had one hand on the teenage victim’s nose and the other hand on her throat. Documents say video surveillance shows Kollie spent around 25 minutes assaulting the victim before running off.

Documents say Jupiter had suffered approximated 25 stab wounds, among other injuries. The victim was intubated and required surgery. On Monday morning, Jupiter’s father told Valley News Live that Jupiter is ‘too far gone,’ and likely won’t make it.

Investigators later learned from the Jupiter’s parents that both her cell phone and backpack were missing.

Documents say officers were later called to Walmart on 13th Ave. S. where Kollie had entered with no shirt and black pants on. Security cameras show Kollie taking new clothing, entering a room and later came out wearing new clothing. Officers say they found discarded black pants with what appeared to be blood on them inside the room Kollie went into. Documents say investigators also found shoes with what appeared to be blood on them in the same room.

Police say Kollie was later located in downtown Fargo.

Documents say Kollie told investigators that he suffers from anxiety, depression and multiple personality disorder and is currently living at Stepping Stones Resource Center. Kollie stated he used meth on the afternoon before and had not slept since using.

There is more including information on Kollie’s previous run-ins with the law.

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Post-Election Survey of U.S. Election Officials Finds Funding Shortages, Partisan Pressure, and Disinformation Campaigns as Key Concerns at the Local Level

WASHINGTON, D.C. /PRNewswire/ — Protect Our Election, a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to strengthening democratic institutions at the state and local level, today released the results of its 2020 Local Election Official Research Survey. The survey is the first public study of county-level election administrators’ opinions conducted after the events of the 2020 presidential election and the January 6, 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol.

The 122-question survey was sent to over 4,600 local election officials (LEOs) in all 50 states, and covered topics ranging from election security and funding to COVID-19 preparations and voter communication efforts. Key findings include:

  • The 2020 election cycle impacted the way LEOs feel about their role in our democracy, with nearly a third of respondents saying they are considering a career change;
  • Significant numbers of LEOs reported feeling “inappropriate partisan pressure” from voters, party organizers, elected officials, and even law enforcement;
  • Roughly half of our LEOs lack the time and resources to effectively engage in proactive voter communications on digital platforms;
  • 73% of LEOs who responded received public funds via the 2020 CARES Act, while 43% received grant money from non-governmental sources;
  • Opinions are mixed on election reform efforts currently underway at the state and federal level, with most LEOs preferring collaborative action from all levels of government.

“It is no secret that our local election officials are underappreciated, underpaid, and under attack in the wake of the 2020 election cycle,” said Steve Wanczyk, executive director of Protect Our Election. “They are an irreplaceable national resource, and their experiences on the ground must be part of the narrative around democracy and electoral reform going forward.”

The results of the survey have helped inform actionable next steps in Protect Our Election’s mission to rebuild civic relationships and repair the damage done to American democracy in 2020. The non-profit is teaming up with like-minded partner organizations, local election administrators around the country, voters, and volunteers to address resource gaps identified in the study via a suite of pro bono services scheduled for launch later this summer.

The survey report and media kit are available at Protect Our Election’s website.

Protect Our Election’s

Protect Our Election  is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded and supported by American citizens who value democracy and the rule of law above all else. The group does not advocate for or against any given candidate – only that our elections must be fair, we must allow all eligible citizens the vote, and we must push back against the forces working to undermine our traditions and institutions.

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Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Foreign Influence Bills, Blasts ‘Communist Party of China’

No one is fighting harder for the American people than Governor DeSantis. As POTUS, DeSantis will take the fight to China. CCP officials will not push DeSantis around as they do President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken.

Gov. DeSantis signs foreign influence bills, blasts ‘Communist Party of China’

By Florida Politics, June 7, 2021

‘We’ve got to start fighting back.’

With the phrase “Stop CCP Influence” displayed in bold letters across his podium, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed two bills Friday to thwart foreign meddling in Florida’s government and education system.

The bills (HB 1523) and (HB 7017) mark the Republican Governor’s latest jab against China, which he described Monday as an “adversary,” and other communist countries.

“There is no single entity that exercises a more pervasive, nefarious influence across a wide range of American industries and institution than the Communist Party of China,” DeSantis said.

Sponsored by Republican Rep. Mike Beltran, one measure (HB 1523) creates the crime of “trafficking in trade secrets” and enhances criminal penalties if the secrets are stolen and provided to a foreign government.

The other (HB 7017), sponsored by Republican Rep. Erin Grall, aims to curb foreign influence in the state’s academic research institutions.

Among other provisions, the legislation prohibits agreements between a handful of mostly communist countries and requires “thorough screening” of foreign applicants for research positions.

It would also force state agencies, local governments and colleges and universities to disclose donations and grants from those countries worth $50,000 or more.

Some of the seven prohibited countries include China, Cuba, Russia, North Korea and Venezuela.

“Enough is enough,” DeSantis said while speaking at a National Guard armory with military vehicles in the background. “We’ve got to start fighting back.”

The Republican Governor also blasted Hollywood, the media, Big Tech and “woke corporations.” They are part of the problem, he argued.

“If you’re somebody that will light your hair on fire because Georgia is requiring voter ID but yet you’re lining your pocket with money from China and not a peep about the slave labor that’s going on over there, you my friend are a hypocrite,” DeSantis said.

While critics lambast the bill as a political stunt, proponents point to China’s history of meddling in state and local affairs.

In February, for example, federal authorities indicted a University of Florida researcher who created a company in China that would profit from his taxpayer-funded UF research.

The researcher and Chinese resident, Lin Yang, reportedly concealed support from the Chinese government.

Yang traveled to China in August 2019 and has yet to return to the United States, according to the Department of Justice.

In recent years, the University of Central Florida in Orlando and the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa have also fallen victim to foreign interference.

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FLORIDA: Muslim Inmates Beat Guard Unconscious for Trying to Search Their Qur’an for Contraband

They have evidently thoroughly imbibed the Qur’an’s teachings of peace.

Flager County officials would do well to investigate the possibility that there is heavy Islamic proselytizing and jihad recruitment going on in their jail. But they almost certainly will not do so.

2 Flagler jail inmates attack guard who tried to search Quran for contraband, release says

by Frank Fernandez, Daytona Beach News-Journal, June 6, 2021:

A Flagler County Sheriff’s Office detention deputy was beaten unconscious by a pair of inmates after he tried, as is standard practice, to check the Quran belonging to one of the inmates for contraband or weapons, according to a press release.

Inmates Carlos Dupree and Marion Leo Gavins Jr. were accused of attacking the corrections deputy on Friday, according to the release.

Gavins and Dupree were each already charged with serious crimes even before they attacked the detention deputy, according to reports.

Gavins, 20, was charged with first-degree murder in the 2019 killing of 18-year-old Curtis Gray in the parking lot of a Palm Coast shopping center. Gray had attended Matanzas High School for 3½ years and played on the school’s football team for three seasons. In January 2019, he transferred to Flagler Palm Coast High School to join the Bulldogs’ track team.

Dupree, 34, had been in jail since December 2020 related to a home invasion robbery in which he was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, home invasion with a firearm, wearing a mask while committing a felony, and resisting without violence.

Dupree and Gavins were additionally charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and depriving an officer of means of protection or communication in the attack on the detention deputy….

Dupree and Gavins were being prepared on Friday for a meeting and requested to bring along their prayer items, a request which was approved.

The detention deputy then proceeded to search them as he was instructed to do for safety reasons because inmates are “well-known” to try to hide weapons and contraband in hollowed-out books, the release said.

The surveillance footage shows the detention deputy search Gavins’ items without issue.

But when he tries to search Dupree’s items, Dupree tells him he cannot search his Quran, the release said.

The deputy tells him he needs to search the Quran for him to bring it with him and then tries to reach for it.

Dupree violently shoves the deputy away, according to the release. The detention deputy then tries to detain Dupree. But the other inmate, Gavins, approaches from the deputy’s right and violently shoves the deputy into a wall.

Then both Gavins and Dupree attack the detention deputy, the release stated. Security video shows the inmates repeatedly punching the deputy in the head until he loses consciousness….

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Biden: The ‘Capitalist’ Who Isn’t

Does anyone really think that Joe Biden, who is not a capitalist but a lifelong politician, knows “the right way to invest” $6 trillion?

On May 27, during a speech in Ohio, President Joe Biden told listeners, “I’m a capitalist,” but “the basic bargain in this country has been broken.” “Since 1979,” he said, “productivity has grown four times faster than pay has grown.” It used to be that

if you work hard and contribute to the success of enterprise, you get to share in the success—that’s not the case anymore. That’s how it works in healthy capitalist economies. But along the way, we started seeing the stock market and corporate profits and executive pay as the sole measure of our economic success.

Further, “CEOs used to get paid 35, 36 times to [sic] the average employee, and they should get paid. Now it’s over 370 times more than the average employee. As my mother would say, ‘Who died and left them boss?’”

Government can and should fix salary disparities, Biden said, by strategically investing our tax dollars and instituting policies in ways that will create “good jobs—American jobs that deliver good wages and dignity.” So, he aims to provide preschool and community college, rebuild America’s highway system, increase access to high-speed internet, fund NIH research on Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes, and more. “My plan is the right way to invest,” he said, “spreading key investments over time so we limit the price pressure.” All told, Biden’s proposals would cost taxpayers some $6 trillion, which he plans to raise by increasing taxes for corporations and wealthy individuals.

This raises several questions. Among them, does anyone really think that Joe Biden, who is not a capitalist but a lifelong politician, knows “the right way to invest” $6 trillion? Notably, in 2009, CBS estimated Biden’s net worth to be less than $30,000—making him the poorest administration figure—despite the fact that, since 1991, taxpayers had been giving him an annual salary of more than $100,000.

Except where government privilege is involved, wealthy entrepreneurs and executives become wealthy in large part because they know how to use money and resources to create more money and resources. By contrast, as history has shown repeatedly, bureaucrats can spend our money, but they have no expertise in profitably investing it.

Another question: Should we want bureaucrats who are skilled in—and eager to—“invest” our tax dollars? The purpose of government is not to manage our wealth but to protect our rights. Just as we evaluate cardiac surgeons based on how well they perform triple bypasses, not root canals, so we ought to evaluate politicians on how well (and efficiently) they protect our rights, not on whether they know “the right way to invest.” For investment expertise, we turn to CEOs, for whom we vote by buying stock in companies and participating in shareholder meetings.

CEO pay reflects the high demand for people with rare and valuable skills. Today, there are more enterprises competing for such talent than ever before, which explains, at least in part, the continued upward trajectory of CEO pay that displeases the likes of Biden. Although the quantity (and perhaps quality) of skilled executives has grown over the past fifty years, so has demand, job complexity, the potential earnings of companies, and the recognition of the CEO’s role in actualizing that potential. And, with respect to this last, if we compare living conditions today to those fifty years ago, it’s clear that CEOs generally have been doing their jobs superbly, supplying us with life-enhancing products and services at ever-falling prices.

But how well have politicians been doing their job of protecting rights? Among many striking and suggestive graphs that might help us explain worker wage stagnation are those tracking the growth of the Federal Register, the record of all federal laws, along with those tracking the growth of the welfare state.

Curiously, at around the same time that inflation-adjusted wage growth for workers began to flatten, our politicians began expanding both the number of regulations and the size of the welfare state. Beginning in the 1960s, Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” vastly increased the size and scope of America’s schemes for wealth redistribution. Then, in 1969, Richard Nixon raised taxes on businesses and established a host of agencies charged with regulating what they may and may not do, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If we dig into the nature of this massive growth of government, we see that it violates rights while pitting some groups against others, incentivizing those groups to plead for this or that special interest. As Michael Dahlen aptly observes:

The vast growth of the regulatory-entitlement state led to the vast growth of lobbying and campaign spending. Why? The more government intervenes in the economy—restricting the freedom of corporations, mandating what they must and must not do, imposing onerous compliance costs—the more incentive corporations have to influence how it intervenes. A government that heavily redistributes wealth, moreover, favoring some at the expense of others, foments an interest-group society: Privileged groups will lobby to protect their loot, some victims will lobby to become a privileged group, and other victims will lobby to protect their rights. As the great French political economist Frédéric Bastiat wrote in 1850, when law is “diverted from its true purpose—that it may violate property instead of protecting it—then everyone will want to participate in making the law, either to protect himself against plunder or to use it for plunder.”

If, as Biden says, so-called middle-class workers once shared in their companies’ successes, is it all surprising that they would share in their companies’ increasing regulatory and tax burdens as well? Should we be shocked that wages would stagnate as companies spend more time and resources navigating the ever-thickening forest of red tape? And what do we suppose will happen when Biden realizes, as one reporter put it, his “ambition to restore the federal government to the role it played during the New Deal and Great Society.”

If we want higher wages—and who doesn’t—then instead of further “divert[ing] law from its true purpose” and cultivating a war zone of competing interest groups, we might begin by reversing course toward a government limited to its proper function of protecting our rights. This—the wellspring of American success—is the essence of capitalism. And Biden, the self-styled “capitalist,” has been “invested” in destroying it for the last fifty years.


Jon Hersey

Jon Hersey is managing editor of The Objective Standard, fellow and instructor at Objective Standard Institute, and Hazlitt fellow at Foundation for Economic Education.

EDITORS NOTE: The FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

CDC labels racism a ‘serious threat’ to public health, vows to address ‘centuries of discrimination’

Ugh. No agency or government office is safe from weaponization.

“Through COVID funding, the CDC plans to expand investments in racial and ethnic minority communities…..” This is systemic racism.

CDC labels racism a ‘serious threat’ to public health, vows to address ‘centuries of discrimination’

By:, Springfield, Mass. | Apr 10, 2021 |

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday said that racism in the United States is “serious threat” that structurally impacts racial and ethnic groups, including where they live, work and gather in a community.

“Confronting the impact of racism will not be easy,” Director of the CDC and Peabody native Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a statement. “I know that we can meet this challenge. I know that we can create an America where all people have the opportunity to live a healthy life. I know that we can do this if we work together. ”

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC labeled racism an epidemic.

The pandemic thus far has disproportionately affected communities of color. Those communities have experienced higher numbers of infections and deaths linked to the virus.

“The disparities seen over the past year were not a result of COVID-19,” Walensky said. “Instead, the pandemic illuminated inequities that have existed for generations and revealed for all of America a known, but often unaddressed, epidemic impacting public health: racism.”

CDC expanded the definition of racism beyond discrimination but said it also included the structural affects it has on communities. The CDC said over generations systemic inequities have resulted in “stark racial and ethnic health disparities.”

“Confronting the impact of racism will not be easy,” Walensky said. “We must recognize that we are working to overcome centuries of discrimination. We will only be successful in undoing the entrenched systemic and structural barriers if we work in collaboration with our public health partners, and deeply within our communities, across the country.”

In addressing racism, the CDC shared an interactive map created by the American Public Health Association that depicts communities in the United States that have declared racism a public health crisis or emergency. Currently, there are 170 declarations nationwide, including 19 in Massachusetts.

Only California with 27 and Ohio with 25 have more declarations within a state.

The CDC plans to address the crisis in a number of ways.

The agency plans to continue studying the impact of social determinants on public health and share the evidence on how racism affects pubic health.

Through COVID funding, the CDC plans to expand investments in racial and ethnic minority communities that are disproportionately affected by COVID or other health conditions.

The agency also is expanding its efforts to foster greater diversity within the CDC.

Finally, the federal agency is launching a web portal called “Racism and Health,” to serve as a catalyst for public and scientific discourse around racism and health……….

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Zuckerberg RESPONDS to Veritas’ Facebook Investigation


Project Veritas released a new video today obtained from a Facebook Insider showing the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a top executive by the name of Heidi Swartz discussing former Facebook employee Morgan Kahmann and the actions being taken to root out whistleblowers that come to Veritas.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Heidi Swartz, Facebook VP, Deputy General Counsel, Employment Law and Investigations: “Project Veritas released a video last week alleging that they had uncovered a new effort to censor vaccine concerns globally. It was based on leaked documents about a health integrity program that we have in place that combats vaccine hesitancy by taking a hard stance against vaccine information — misinformation. This isn’t a new effort. This is a program we’ve proudly spoken about publicly in our blog.”
  • Swartz: “They [leakers] threatened our open culture, as Mark [Zuckerberg] said, they make it harder for us to achieve our goals. They generally encourage more leaks…I know some people here feel that there are good leaks and there are bad leaks, but they’re all damaging. They’re not the right way to bring about change, especially at a company like this.”
  • Swartz: “When we find leakers, which we often do, we have zero tolerance. So that means we fire them…We’re also continuing to investigate additional potential leakers, and we plan to take action there too. We’re also working on continuing to ramp up our investigative techniques as our company grows.”
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO: “You know — when people leak stuff, do we find them? I’ve been clear that we have a number of efforts to find people and we terminate people and pursue the recourse that we have when we identify them. In this [Project Veritas] case, we did find them.”
  • Zuckerberg: “We also need to be very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff. You know, I think over the last year there’ve been more leaks than I think all of us would have wanted, but we also find a lot of the folks and terminate them.”

You can watch the video here:

Swartz, who is Facebook’s Deputy General Counsel focusing on Employment Law and Investigations, downplayed the leaked documents Project Veritas released last week claiming it was already public information.

“Project Veritas released a video last week alleging that they had uncovered a new effort to sensor vaccine concerns globally,” Swartz said. “It was based on leaked documents about a health integrity program that we have in place that combats vaccine hesitancy by taking a hard stance against vaccine information — misinformation. This isn’t a new effort. This is a program we’ve proudly spoken about publicly in our blog.”

Swartz’s statement is simply not true. Project Veritas showed that Facebook had secret plans to “tier” its users and was willing to censor comments that were “actually true events or facts” when it came to vaccines.

Facebook’s own internal documents showed their goal was to stop the vaccine debate, and not to stop solely “vaccine misinformation.” These crucial parts of the leaked documents were not listed publicly by Facebook, as Swartz affirmed in this video.

Swartz also struck a harsh tone when addressing Facebook’s policy towards “leakers.” She said they make it harder for the company to do what they want to do by inviting public scrutiny.

Swartz said, “They [leakers] threatened our open culture, as Mark [Zuckerberg] said, they make it harder for us to achieve our goals. They generally encourage more leaks…I know some people here feel that there are good leaks and there are bad leaks, but they’re all damaging. They’re not the right way to bring about change, especially at a company like this.”

She continued, “When we find leakers, which we often do, we have zero tolerance. So that means we fire them…We’re also continuing to investigate additional potential leakers, and we plan to take action there too. We’re also working on continuing to ramp up our investigative techniques as our company grows.”

Zuckerberg took a similar position to Swartz and criticized brave whistleblowers.

“You know — when people leak stuff, do we find them? I’ve been clear that we have a number of efforts to find people and we terminate people and pursue the recourse that we have when we identify them. In this [Project Veritas] case, we did find them,” Zuckerberg said.

“We also need to be very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff. You know, I think over the last year there’ve been more leaks than I think all of us would have wanted, but we also find a lot of the folks and terminate them,” he concluded.

Project Veritas encourages anyone who is witnessing corruption inside Facebook or other Big Tech companies and is willing to provide documents and/or videos, to send an encrypted message on Signal: 914-653-3110 or email Be Brave. Do Something.


Be Brave. Do Something.

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VIDEO: Fauci, Lies and the Wuhan Lab

Checkmate approaching on the Covid-19 czar?

Dr. Fauci Unmasked: The haunting evidence of Fauci’s possible role in the spread of Covid-19.

The Real Story of Anthony Fauci: The disturbing track record of Biden’s top dog in fighting the “pandemic”.



‘Leaked Emails are Shocking’: Fauci Email Dump BOMBSHELLS, HE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING, Told China They’d “Get Through It Together”

FRAUD Fauci’s Forthcoming Book Removed By Amazon, Barnes and Noble

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Is JBS Hack a Russian Ransomeware Attack or Something More?

When the news broke yesterday that the meat giant JBS (sometimes known by its previous name Swift) had been hit with a ransomeware attack that shut down meat processing in one of the largest meat processors in the world, my first thought was that if they have financial trouble I don’t care.

For over a decade I have reported, at my other blog Refugee Resettlement Watch, how Big Meat and Big Poultry are changing America’s heartland by being one of the largest drivers of the US Refugee Resettlement Program.

The work is dirty, wages low and turnover high so they need a never-ending supply of migrant laborers of all stripes including large numbers of Somali ‘refugees.’

Think about it!  A Brazilian-owned company is changing the demographic make-up of the United States!  And, when you buy their meat, you support changing America by changing the people.

And if that isn’t bad enough, since wages are so low, you also fund the social safety net that refugee workers are permitted to tap into.

Did you know that Smithfield Foods is owned by the Chinese?

Is that meat you enjoy worth it?  If you can’t live without beef, pork and chicken, I recommend finding a local source!

Here is the superficial story about what is going on, from Yahoo News:

JBS: Cyber-attack hits world’s largest meat supplier

The world’s largest meat processing company has been targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack.

Computer networks at JBS were hacked, temporarily shutting down some operations in Australia, Canada and the US, with thousands of workers affected.

The company believes the ransomware attack originated from a criminal group likely based in Russia, the White House said.

The attack could lead to shortages of meat or raise prices for consumers.


  • JBS is the world’s largest meat supplier with more than 150 plants in 15 countries
  • It was founded in Brazil in 1953 as a slaughtering business by rancher José Batista Sobrinho
  • The company now has more than 150,000 employees worldwide
  • Its customers include supermarkets and fast food outlet McDonald’s
  • In the US, JBS processes nearly one quarter of the country’s beef and one-fifth of its pork


JBS’s five biggest beef plants are in the US, and the shutdowns have halted a fifth of meat production there, according to Bloomberg.


Last month, fuel delivery in the south east of the US was crippled for several days after a ransomware attack targeted the Colonial Pipeline. Investigators say that attack was also linked to a group with ties to Russia.

Colonial Pipeline has confirmed it paid a $4.4m (£3.1m) ransom to the cyber-criminal gang responsible.

So that is the story for mainstream media consumption—Russian bad boys, just being bad boys—but is something else happening?

Knowing of my interest in meatpacking and  my interest in being prepared (or attempting to being better prepared!), Leo Hohmann directed me to this discussion yesterday at Ice Age Farmer.

It was just posted yesterday and is up to 37,000 views already:

Cyberpandemic Meets Food Supply

Watch it and consider the possibilities presented.  You shouldn’t be surprised as we have just experienced the Chinese Virus ‘crisis’ and how globalists have used it to disrupt the entire globe.

Is the food supply next?

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