When Community Initiatives Don’t Wait Around for Government Intervention

Homes for Heroes announced their intention to continue their enterprise of providing homes for modern-day heroes. These heroes include the likes of the American war veterans who come back to American soil with a bit more on their minds than merely kicking off their boots and soaking up the glory of heroism. Only 66% of war veterans receive employment resources, which means it requires a powerful ally to stand in the gap for them. Homes for Heroes provides more than just a glimmer of hope, they provide the keys to a new home.

A New Beginning

There are a number of reasons military veterans may need additional assistance when they come back home. Instead of merely just facing challenges, these veterans can look forward to ongoing support in the form of rehabilitation thanks to funding initiatives. When Homes for Heroes isn’t busy scoping out new plots for homes for their heroes, they’re funding initiatives to help returning soldiers with rehabilitation, both physical and emotional. Injured soldiers such as Air Force Capt. Nathan Nelson can now enjoy a comfortable home specifically designed around his unique injuries. Capt. Nelson suffered severe injuries that left him immobile from the waist down and also the limited use of his hands. Not only did a specialized team design the perfect layout to accommodate his injuries, but the property is entirely mortgage free.

More Than Just the Occasional Free Home

Homes for Heroes strives to raise fundsto assist all wounded heroes not only get the help they need to deal with their trauma, but also have a home of their own. Military personnel, emergency response technicians, healthcare professionals, teachers, and more are on this list of heroes. The project receives its funding from generous donors but also raises capital through its home-buying initiative. With it, these heroes can apply for mortgages and enjoy massive savings that will allow them to better afford a home of their own. These heroes will then also help other heroes get back on their feet without even lifting a finger.

Veterans make up around 12% of the homeless population in America and one of the biggest reasons is their struggle to integrate with others. With the right support from families, communities, and organizations that recognize these needs. Support programs are vital during this phase and families of soldiers are encouraged to support them during this period. For a hero, the ability to walk through a door that now belongs to their very own home is more than just a roof over their heads. It’s also a token of a nation rallying behind them and reminding them that their sacrifices were not in vain.

These men and women stand on the front line to protect the freedom of the nation and on their return, communities should rally together and welcome them back into the fold. With each act of kindness towards these heroes, it’s another life saved or another family restored. Those are the things these heroes strive to protect.

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